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hey guys whats going on Inception here,and welcome to another video ladies and,gentlemen today we have the Nick Pope,card to review uh this card is gonna be,an interesting one because last year he,had a card and I forget what it was I,think it was like a player moments or,something and he wasnt that great right,we even showed the review and from,people trying to melt in regular,gameplay there was really nothing,special about the car now obviously in,FIFA if you work high percentage strikes,as much as possible youll pretty much,score most of those opportunities right,but we always try out different angles,when it comes to goal scoring so were,gonna see what hes gonna be like uh,just gonna be playing against GUI and,just trying out certain shot angles ball,roll touches that kind of stuff uh to,see how the goalie kind of reacts to,each situation right so,um player traits in gaming has rushes,out of goal comes for crosses saves with,feet so to be fair those are all very,good traits right sometimes it saves the,feet trait is not always amazing the,reason being for this because sometimes,a goalie will go for that animation,which actually doesnt help them in,certain situations like saves the feet,Trey was a very overpowered trait when,the driven shop meta back in the day was,more prevalent right so because it was,more prevalence and people kept on using,it a player like Dava dehea was an,absolute monster because he had that,saves with feet trade but because people,use different types of shots you know,heres the thing uh about the saves the,feed trade though Im saying this but at,the same time there is that shot where,if you barely touch the shoot button,right in regards to like just putting,less power and then the shot turns into,a driven shot,thats a very effective way of scoring,so a goalie like this could be very,helpful against that uh in-game,attributes this card will be on a basic,Chemistry Style,so with the basic Chemistry Style this,is what hes going to look like,um basic chemistry style uh is gonna,look like this right so hes gonna have,90 diving 92 for reflexes 91 for,handling acceleration at a 60 53 for,spring speed 90 for positioning and then,85 for kicking so yeah were gonna be,trying him out with all of those things,uh just gonna wait for you to do the,card and then well be doing the review,against them,yeah,so those are the regular opportunities,were going to keep trying a few of them,managing to beat him if I hear,yep,those are like the higher percentage,ones so you would kind of expect to,score those a very large majority of the,times,okay so thats to the top left corner,okay,find an angle a little bit higher,so he Dives like a log on that one,trying to see the replay of this one,actually,lets just see it for a second,yeah so kind of facing it more away,okay,lets try a week for strike with shiny,here,yeah,okay so lets try,lets try 45 kind of upwards,and lets try it from here,so thats a save coming close,try out a lower percent strike like here,well thats Korea Korea still a beast he,does the falling over like a log,animation there still,right here,he saves that one,it saves that one thats a really poor,strike though to be fair,lower cross body saves that okay,Lionel Messi has turned its a regular,finesse shot that doesnt come off that,great hes supposed to save,he falls over like a log for that one,too,you score that one too,Im gonna try the ones more from the,bottom like here,there and then shoot that,saves that,okay just lower right there,okay,not a great animation for those ones,its lower again,saves that one,poor strike though,outside foot very effective against most,goalkeepers doesnt save that,okay thats a low percentage strike is,kind of like in the middle of the goal,there,was a really good strike I wasnt gonna,get to that though,cross could be useful so by default he,does go and collect that whats I think,most goalkeepers would in that situation,yeah so thats just a really good strike,to be fair Korea actually has like very,good direct power strikes,okay it saves that one,yeah that one didnt come off properly,for the outside foot but should be,saving that regardless,yeah so thats a 45 upwards,if the shot doesnt come off like super,direct like that one with Messi uh its,its hard to explain like it needs the,shots need to come off way more direct,thats a finesse shot its a good strike,to be fair I dont think most,goalkeepers Are Gonna Save that,oh that ones not great so guys just,remember that when it comes to,goalkeeper reviews Im just showing you,the animation choices that a goalie will,make its not to say the goalie is bad,or good,uh because higher percent strikes they,do end up going into the back of the,Nets the ones that seem to be low,percentage as of right now where the,ball is either like flopped up or,theyre not super direct like obviously,um hes not really saving,that one theres no animation to go and,save the side kind of just like stays,there in a way,Im gonna try from here again saves that,yeah so every lower percentage like,these these shots that Im taking that,are bad like he is saving them,that one was actually a pretty decent,dive,put it in,yeah like these are just higher,percentage like they just go into the,back of the Nets right its always hard,to kind of like judge those ones,yeah all higher percentage okay,okay so regular Finance Charlie saves,that,the next shot a good one he ends up,scoring against Pope,all roll finesse,and thats a poor finesse shot as well,thats a direct uh outside foot so most,goalkeepers should be saving that,trouble here I was trying out the heel,to heal which is effective against,goalkeepers,ball roll,and as he slides to the floor,s saves it,yeah outside foot goes in though these,are all good strikes though I think most,goalkeepers wouldnt save these,its a good strike those are direct ones,so I expect most goalkeepers to not save,those,Ness,its a driven one as well,ribbon,okay so thats the saves the feet right,there,if Im here and I do a driven,doesnt save that one drivens are,actually like very effective theyre,like a very underrated strike to take by,the ways because theyre pretty accurate,actually,okay,my distance,the bad strike way too far,driven shot he saves,directly at the goalkeeper should be,saving,driven shot he saves again,yeah close to the goalkeeper he saves,its a good save to be fair,yeah so tip shot he puts it to the side,I like these ones the most like the,pressure situations,moving into the advanced position yeah,so poor finesse saves it,near pole strike end up scoring it,yes our strike is a goal,okay near Post strike there goalkeeper,doesnt save those like I said most of,the high percentage strikes hes not,saving right there is one middle strike,that I took uh that I feel like he could,have probably choosing a different,animation for but,thank you,I say for that one again you can see,that when its like the floppy shots,like hes gonna save those right but,its if its more direct,probably not,green time doesnt save its a good its,a good strike again,right to the middle,yeah if its like straight to the middle,like hes obviously Gonna Save those two,oh nice save from the power strike,can he find the right pass,oh so thats a middle strike there see,this one,strike,thats a save animation for that,power strike again good save,yeah so those are the looped ones he did,Miss though so theres no real animation,for that and if it was on Target and I,scored its not horrible that he can,seize that because its a very effective,shot in this game,power strikes Palms it away,oh Koreas got some crazy direct strikes,oh my goodness,his positioning is really weird on some,of these strikes though like this long,distance like its so far to the left on,that one so weird,yeah should be saving those too,contribute easy save,yeah thats a direct strike the direct,strike he saves,thats the looped one so I dont expect,him to save those ones,without him he saves,yeah thats a saves the feet tray right,t

Inception – Movie Review by Chris Stuckmann

I saw inception,so lets just face it we are in a year,of crap 2010 has had some very good,movies shutter island Toy Story 3 and,even some surprises The Karate Kid no,one expected that movie to be good but,overall this year has been disappointing,to the point where I just keep leaving,the theater like why you know like I go,to see a movie Im like this ones gonna,be it,never mind I was like last airbender you,can do it sham lon nothing Robin Hood,its gonna be great,boring Im gonna be the point where Im,like why why am i doing this why am I,going to these movies enter inception,directed by Christopher Nolan director,of following memento insomnia Batman,Begins The Prestige The Dark Knight his,new movie is called inception its this,grand original story Inception takes,place in a futuristic world where people,are able to transmit themselves into,peoples dreams to extract information,from those dreams no spoilers so enjoy,this review because no spoilers I never,do that theres one big job that,Leonardo DiCaprio who is known as the,extractor has to take in order to get,his life back so him Joseph,gordon-levitt Ellen Page Ken Watanabe,Killian Murphy whats that guys name,but hes the awesome in it as I,explained the plot to you Im trying,very hard to withhold something and what,that is this is one of the greatest,always have ever seen in my entire life,it is most definitely the best movie,Ive seen so far this year and,Christopher Nolan has finally finally,made a movie that delivered peoples,expectations and exceeded them I have,been seeing so many movies this year Im,just like oh my gosh why am I going to,movies like this this movie reminds me,why I go to movies that this movie just,has everything the acting in this film,is excellent Leonardo DiCaprio as usual,who is very underrated in my opinion is,so so good in this movie Im telling you,guys Ive told you this before Ive said,this before Joseph gordon-levitt is the,next big thing the dude is awesome 500,days of summer was,right and this movie proves that he has,in a whole nother side to him an action,hero sense to him that I just dug like,so intensely in this movie I was geeking,out during this movie Im not gonna give,you any spoilers but there was a scene,in this movie where I was seeing the,theater and I was just like how I wanted,to go like ah but I knew that everyone,around me would be like dude whats your,problem,I just been seeing so many movies this,year where Im just so disappointed,finally one is coming out its good and,its so good I need to calm down,I cant I,Ive liked every single movie,Christopher Nolan has directed I had not,seen following but Ive stayed memento,through now inception every single one,of them is good the guy is a beast he is,pretty much the greatest filmmaker,working nowadays Steven Spielberg is,amazing he is fantastic however hes,still my favorite director because,simply because Steven Spielberg has been,making movies for like three decades or,something for decades and Christopher,Nolan has yet to make a bad movie,besides the point everything about this,movie works the writing is just,brilliant it is one of the most original,movies Ive ever seen in my life finally,a movie where from scene to scene I,dont know whats gonna happen Im its,just boom there it is Im gonna expect,that at all Im telling you now,inception finally delivers it some you,know I mean weve all been looking,forward to a movie and this is the kind,of movie that can break a person spirits,because Ive told myself this movie,stinks I dont know what Im gonna do,Im seated like I dont know Im just so,happy to tell you that everything in,this movie works the score Hans Zimmer,oh hes so good this movie is going to,be a science fiction classic 20 years,from now theyre going to be like,Inception that movie is a classic a lot,of people are saying this think of a,matrix James Bond whips together and,made better,I dont over hype this but Im I suggest,that all of you see inception now just,make plans today to see it and then go,see it again because youre going to,want to see it again,not because its too confusing because,that is something that critics are,complaining whether saying oh its too,confusing blah blah blah you know what,if your professional paid movie critic,you should know better you should know,that when youre seeing in a movie,theater youre supposed to pay attention,to movies youre not supposed to just,sit there and have it all just spread,Fred threw you through like an IV or,something all this and critics they go,to movies that are predictable and they,complain about the fact that its,predictable now they see inception logo,its confusing owners there but you know,what maybe you should look at that,paycheck next time you get it because I,dont get paychecks for this and I,understood this movie seriously any,critic who says this movie is bad I,dont trust you anymore,fury the film fan had a quote on his,Facebook he said Inception is the movie,thats going to bring out the trolls and,I completely agree with them inception,is the kind of movie that its going to,bring out critics who should not be,getting paid for what they do or,somebody whos just a troll like Arman,white of course did not like Inception,as usual what do you know Id never,dragged the visuals are stunning they,are absolutely stunning its like,Christopher Nolans sat down and when,you know what I think this scene is very,good but it needs to have something more,how about we have them floating in,mid-air yes thats the ticket thats the,spot right there what having floating,and thatll make it better because,thats what the people if I ever meet,Christopher Nolan Im just going to give,him like a humungous man hug with all,good intentions of course because the,man can make a movie Im telling you now,go see inception so good the best movie,of the year four out of four stars if I,had a higher rating it would get,inception meets all expectations exceeds,expectations everything about this movie,is amazing it has classic written all,over an Academy Im telling you if you,dont nominate this movie like you,didnt nominate the Dark Knight I am,never watching the Academy Awards again

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Inception movie review

dude finally inception Im a big,believer in no spoiler so Im not,spoiling for you alright so,inception already looks really cool but,its a summer movie season went on and,started to be about as appealing as a,donkey show featuring Bea Arthur lets,face it we were craving something good,like something really good and really,smart you know to renew our faith in,cinema luckily this is the weekend you,get it like Inception I dont even use,the term brilliant cuz Im not British,but it was brilliant like to call,inception a summer movie or an action,movies like calling the Dark Knight a,comic book movie it just severely,undercuts it this movie is as fulfilling,as a psychological thriller as it is a,drama action movie in a mystery yeah,its all those things I really dont,think theres a person alive who wont,at least find this movie interesting,because it deals with something that we,all do dream dream manipulation you know,you like that just be honest with,yourself like Inception is really deep,on how dreams work and the mechanics of,it all which is really cool to see these,people talk about it in the movie and it,was really cool to see how things in the,real world affect the dreams badass and,the performances in this movie were all,top-notch mean everybody brought their,a-game to the table whens the last time,you can say that about a movie I mean,honestly I honestly think the only,problem people might have with this,movie is that it takes a lot of,brainpower to keep up with its very,involved inception just has layers upon,layers otherwise known as the makings of,a good movie but I mean lets face it,with the movies weve had lately we,havent had our brains exercised in,cinema its like eating a lot of junk,food for months and then suddenly,working out one day so brush up on that,brain Age I mean honestly Christopher,Nolan makes the workings of the,subconscious so realistic in this movie,you swear to God he has like a PhD in,psychology I dont know if he does I,would not be surprised and if the movie,is all and the subconscious,doesnt even work like that,well youd be asked his way through just,fine and I bought it and so will you I,mean honestly I never even thought that,a movie primarily taken place in a dream,otherwise known as not the real world,could be so damn intense you have fun,biting your nails off in this movie Ive,heard some people compare inception to,the matrix and I do see why they do that,but honestly inception makes the matrix,look like it was written and directed by,an eight-year-old and I like the matrix,the first one but Im just saying is,inception better than the Dark Knight,thats kind of tough I might be a little,biased on that because the Joker is like,my favorite character ever however I,will say that inception is a lot more,complex and involved in the Dark Knight,Ill definitely say that this is a good,contender for best picture of the year,so far,I will phrase it like this on,eighth day God created Christopher Nolan,and on the ninth day Nolan started,making movies this movie will meet if,not surpass your expectations as,Christopher Nolan movies do because you,go in there thinking youre prepared but,youre not prepared this is the coolest,movie Ive seen all year long in the,most involved movie Ive seen in years I,noticed they cant wait to see what kind,of dreams I have tonight because that,shits gonna be crazy so to all you,people out there with no imagination who,will call inception boring overrated or,lame go ahead and go watch your,transformers to slash GI Joe movie,double feature and just be content for,the rest of you go watch inception like,right now seriously why are you still,here go watch it but if you like what,youve seen here and you want to see,more than click right here to see more,then go watch inception,[Music]

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Inception: Ending Explained

How we understand the ending of,Christopher Nolans Inception,has everything to do with this spinning top.,Were told the top is Dom Cobbs totem,,it helps him differentiate dreams from reality.,If hes in a dream it spins endlessly.,But if hes in reality,,the laws of physics make it topple over.,As the film comes to an end,,we think Cobb has resurfaced,,back up through the many onion layers of,dreams weve witnessed, to reality.,But then…,[The camera moves over to the spinning top],[and just before the spinning top],[appears to be wobbling theres a cut to black…],Nolan deliberately cuts to black,before we can tell if the tops about to stop.,So lets look at all of the evidence and theories,out there to finally decide,whether Cobb is still dreaming or not,,and how much it really matters.,Before we go on, if youre new here,,be sure to subscribe and click the bell,to get notified about all of our new videos.,To determine whether theyre awake or in a dream,,Cobbs team uses small,,charm-like objects – totems.,[You need a small object, potentially heavy,],[something you can have on you all the time],[that no one else knows.],Cobbs totem is different in some key ways,from other peoples totems,,and this is one reason,unpacking the ending,based on the top gets so complicated.,Most totems — like Arthurs loaded die,and Ariadnes bishop — have an irregularity,,so they are unique in reality,,but turn ordinary in dreams.,The point of having an abnormal totem,is that if youre trapped in someone elses dream,,the objects normalcy will be a giveaway to you,,but the person in control of the dream,wont know it.,Cobbs spinning top is the opposite –,its unique in dreams,,and ordinary in reality.,And this is problematic –,because if hes in someones dream,,theyd assume a top spins normally too,,so that means he could be in a dream,controlled by someone else without ever knowing it.,Even if the top does fall over right over,after we cut to black, then,,its still not conclusive proof,that Cobbs not in somebody elses dream.,And theres another key way in which Cobbs totem,is different from the others.,The features of the totem arent supposed,to be shared with anyone.,[I cant let you touch it,],[that would defeat the purpose –],[see, only I know the balance],[and the weight of this particular loaded die.],[That way when you look at your totem,],[you know beyond a doubt],[that youre not in someone elses dream.],So it should raise our suspicions,that both Ariadne and Cobbs late wife, Mal,,know how his totem works.,The top actually belonged to Mal first.,[This one was hers.],[Shed spin it in a dream],[and it would never topple.],[Just spin and spin.],So theoretically, Dom could be trapped,in Ariadnes or Mals dreams.,But that would mean,either that Ariadne betrayed Dom,,or that Mal isnt really dead –,and the scene where she killed herself,actually took place in a dream state.,Some argue that if the top,originally belonged to Mal,,it cant be Cobbs totem,because a totem can only belong to one person.,But while were left to wonder,what Cobbs totem was before Mal died,,were never told that taking the totem,of someone who has died is a problem.,Hes not sharing it with another living person.,According to one theory,,the top spins endlessly in dreams,because Cobb forces it to,,by concentrating on it.,So even if it is about to topple in the last scene,,it could be just that he‘s looked away from it,and isnt concentrating on it anymore -,so again he could still be in a dream.,And then, theres a fan theory,that Cobbs real totem isnt the top at all,,but his wedding ring.,Cobb only wears his ring,in dreams and not in real life –,from what we see of other totems,,they seem to move with the owner,between waking and dreaming life,,although hypothetically theres nothing to say,a totem cant only appear in dreams.,Wearing his ring only in dreams is still important,,because it symbolizes,that hes close to Mal in dreams,and distant from her in reality.,In the final scene,,we dont get a clear shot,or close-up of Cobbs hand,,but we can see that hes not wearing the ring,when he goes through,airport security on his way home.,So even if the ring isnt his totem,,its absence does support the argument,that hes back in reality.,Overall, given all these evidence and diverse theorizing,it seems likely,that the top is Cobbs real totem –,the way Nolan talks about the movie,makes it seem like hes thinking of,the top as the totem as well.,[But at the end of the film,],[theres a spinning top thats spinning,],[if it falls, or doesnt fall,],[is the key idea,],[is it a dream or is it the reality.],And in the final shot,it does look like the top is starting to slow down,,about to eventually fall over.,So all of this is all slightly,in favor of its being reality.,At least theres not enough evidence,to declare otherwise.,But Nolan intentionally cuts out,before we see if the top falls,because he does not want to give us that answer.,So for a better more full answer,we have to look around at all of the other evidence,,besides the totem.,One reason people believe,Cobbs in a dream is that theres some confusion,about how exactly people get out of limbo.,During the Fischer inception job,,Ariadne resurfaces from limbo to reality,dream layer by dream layer.,But in flashbacks Cobb and Mal,seem to go straight from limbo to reality.,So this could be an indication,that Cobb and Mal only go one layer up,from limbo and Cobbs,been in a dream this whole time.,But the difference may well be,that Ariadne is just riding a kick –,that is that shes triggering the falling feeling,which will wake her up in the next dream layer.,While Cobb and Mal actually kill themselves in limbo,,which whisks them straight back up to the real world.,Some viewers are also suspicious,of the Mombasa chase scene,,where the walls close in on Cobb,in a way that just couldnt happen in reality,,as well as how characters repeat certain lines:,[Im an old man.],[Filled with regret,],[waiting to die alone.],So its hard to know if Nolan,is just toying with us or if all this craziness,is a sign that Cobb really is in a dream.,At the end of the film,,Cobb studies his home to make sure,that everything is as it should be,,and he doesnt notice any,physical signs that somethings off.,We have a solid understanding,of how Cobb wound up back home,,while people in dreams are usually confused,about the lead up to an event.,[How did you get here?],[Were dreaming?],We know that each detail of a dream has to be perfect,,right down to the carpeting,,[Stained and frayed in such distinctive ways.],[But very definitely made of wool.],[Right now…,Im lying on polyester.],The dream world also isnt stable –,it has giveaways like spontaneous explosions,,warped terrain, and bizarre weather.,[Strange weather, isnt it?],Anything that happens in the dreaming persons,physical reality will disrupt the dream.,So if a person is airborne on one dream level,,their dream self on another level defies gravity.,Overall, the lack of these signs,and the peace and normalcy of the films final scene,point to it being reality.,And of course the biggest disrupter,of the dream world is a persons subconscious.,[Mind telling your subconscious to take it easy?],[Its my subconscious –],[remember, I cant control it.],The projection of Cobbs subconscious guilt,is usually Mal.,She constantly appears in dreams,and sabotages his work.,[Your guilt defines her.],[Its what powers her.],But in this last scene,,shes nowhere to be found.,So this indicates again,that theres no reason to believe,he is in a dream.,Likewise, if he were asleep,and someone were trying to perform inception,or extraction on Cobb,,wed probably see signs of his subconscious,trying to attack that person,,like in the Fischer inception job.,[Fischers had an extractor teach his subconscious],[to defend itself so his subconscious is militarized.],[It should have shown in the research.],But we see no evidence,that theres anything to attack.,Theres als

Why Inception is a Masterpiece (My Favourite Film)

so last year I made a video about how,whiplash my all-time favorite film,changed my life and why I think its,such a masterpiece I really enjoyed,doing that video and people seem to like,it so I thought why not keep going so I,think from now on once a year Ill make,a video where I go really really,in-depth about a film that I love and a,film that has affected me personally,outside of filmmaking and a film that,had it been struck from existence I,would be a very different person as a,result so today I want to talk about,Christopher Nolans inception and why it,changed my life lets break it down now,Christopher Nolan is without question,one of the most celebrated and,influential filmmakers of this century,not only are his stories highly praised,and celebrated his work has inspired,many to become filmmakers themselves the,style of directing that we see in,Inception does genuinely feel like an,amalgamation of everything he had done,before because what inception really is,is a high concept art house film shown,through the lenses of a big-budget,sci-fi action epic that is a combination,that few directors on the planet are,trusted to pull off and even fewer,possess the ambition to do so when we,look at the way inception is made there,are elements of Nolans early work from,following memento and insomnia,character-driven pieces that really,delve into the psyche of the protagonist,allowing us into their minds and in this,case literally bringing us into his mind,but what you also have is the stuff that,he learnt with the first two Dark Knight,films and even the prestige to a certain,degree which is this ability to balance,so many characters in such an intricate,plot giving them all arcs giving them,all purpose whilst constantly,maintaining a forward trajectory for the,story the sheer level of focus required,to do this as a writer and a director I,think is really impressive on a visual,level when we look at all of Nolans,films they are often a little substance,over style lets say thats just my,opinion,his films especially the ones shot by,Roy pista have a rather ground,in realistic look and feel a more muted,color palette which of course may be,attributed to Nolans colorblindness but,I guess the best example of this idea is,the way Nolan films Batman versus the,way Zack Snyder films Batman this is a,stunning shot but its also very much,grounded in a more tangible reality,whereas this is much more heightened and,comic accurate the reason I say this is,because I think Inception is where Nolan,and Pfister were really able to be a,little more bold and a little more,surreal with their visuals take the,opening set piece for example Nolan has,always expressed his love for Bond films,and this whole segment definitely feels,like his attempt at that theres a sense,of style from the costumes to the set to,the lighting that feels a little bit,more stylish I mean look at this shot in,comparison to this right there are,certain similarities and theyre,definitely comparable the smooth camera,moves the minimal use of handheld which,Nolan does enjoy every now and then it,really all comes together to create what,I think is a more aesthetically dynamic,experience we get these extreme,close-ups contrasted with these extreme,wide shots which you know have been a,little bit more limited in his previous,films and so inception really is a step,up in that sense the production design,is also terrific with sets that not only,look and feel more interesting than some,of the stuff weve had in the past but,sets of locations that really play a,role in the story the choices of,location make it really easy to separate,the different layers of the dream and in,a way almost represent different genres,of films the action driven heist film,the suspenseful character driven,thriller and then an all-out sort of,David Lean s grand epic this is truly,one of those films that will age so well,because of the minimal use of CGI,everything that could be done for real,was done for real from the rotating,corridor the collapsing mansion the snow,fortress because all these,larger-than-life things were all,captured on camera with real effects it,makes inception that much more timeless,from a,making point of view Lee Smiths editing,as well plays such an important role in,this film all of Nolans films I think,are more reliant than most when it comes,to the piecing together of different,scenes and timelines and the final 20,minutes of Inception is an editor firing,on all cylinders truly working at the,top of his game now I dont know much,about film music in composing but what I,can say is that you cannot talk about,inception without talking about Hans,Zimmers score it is in my opinion the,perfect balance of cool and stylish with,genuine raw human emotion and many of,the pieces in the film are a great,representation of why I love the medium,of cinema they enhance the images on,screen and the combination of the two,create what I think is movie magic aside,from the Lord of the Rings,I think Inception score is probably my,all-time favorite with time being my,single favorite piece of music from any,film I think I also want to touch on the,tone because throughout Nolans career,hes often been criticized for his films,taking themselves way too seriously and,then feeling pretentious and cold as a,result although I personally disagree,with this I can understand what those,people coming from and once again,inception is very much a step up in that,department with the inclusion of,characters like EBEs the film becomes,significantly more playful and the,moments of levity do a great job of,complementing the more serious stuff,without taking away from its weight of,course creating a more well-rounded an,accessible film as a result which is,great especially when the story is so,ridiculously complex in terms of story,and characters I think Inception is,almost the polar opposite to whiplash,and that is perhaps why I love them both,so much where one is a focused character,driven narrative that is tight and dense,with two primary characters the other is,this sprawling quest driven adventure,with a vibrant ensemble whilst also,maintaining that sense of intimacy at,heart the story and the world,established in the film is very complex,Ive heard a lot of people say that,inception is a film that requires,multiple viewings to fully understand I,think that inception is a film that,requires multiple viewings to fully,appreciate the detail on every frame and,every cut in every line is something to,behold unlike so many other masterpieces,that slowly ease you into the world,Inception definitely differentiates from,them as it drops you right in and almost,pushes you to follow everything it does,not expect the audience to be lazy,viewers but it respects their,intelligence from an intellectual point,of view there is this confidence in the,screenplay not found in too many films,and Nolan evens this out with the,emotional side the emotional way,provided by his actors as to not make,the film feel too pretentious or,superior shall we say the reason I think,Dom Cobb is such a great protagonist is,that like take Andrew Neiman this is a,person who has a very clear want and,establishes very early on that he will,do almost anything and everything,humanly possible to get what he wants,that alone gone is the respect of the,audience I think in the same way that,someone with that mentality in the real,world would have the admiration of most,people its not so much the desperation,but the ambition and the willingness to,go to the ends of the earth for what you,love that makes that character that,makes Dom Cobb one of Nolans stronger,characters another thing that I think,makes the character so compelling is,that he is running to and from something,he needs to get back to his children of,course but he also needs to come to,terms with the death of his wife which,is an internal conflict that becomes,brilliantly visualized in the dream but,also during the real-world part

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The Brilliant Deception of Inception – Wisecrack Edition

Hey guys, this is Jared-creator here at Wisecrack. Today we’re talking about a film that seems,to raise more questions than answers– Christopher Nolan’s Inception. You’re probably thinking,this film has been analyzed to death, and you’d be right: the internet has scrutinized,every element of the film’s plot- from infographics that chronicle each dream level to videos,that break down visual cues with excruciating attention to detail- all with the aim of answering,the pivotal question: Does Cobb make it back to reality at the end? Or was it all a dream?,Although some convincing arguments have been made, truth is, we may never be able to answer,this question with any real authority. I mean, the final shot makes it pretty clear that,Nolan wanted it to be inconclusive. But what if we’re focusing on the wrong things? What,if the answer to the film doesn’t lie in the plot, but in the construction of the film,itself? What if we’ll never be able to draw a clear distinction between dream and reality,because films themselves are dream-like in nature?,For those of you that are fans of our show Earthling Cinema, you may remember we touched,on this briefly, but we felt like it warranted a more detailed explanation. Welcome to this,special episode on Christopher Nolan’s Inception- are films dreams?,One of the biggest criticisms we hear leveled at Inception is that the film has WAY too,much exposition; the incessant use of not-so-subtle dialogue to prime the audience on what’s,going on.,Some have even sarcastically started referring to the film as “Exposition”. And I suppose,that’s not unwarranted- it takes over 30 minutes of explaining the rules of the world,before the story really gets rolling. Most of this information is funneled to the audience,through Ellen Page’s character Ariadne- named after the mythological character who,helps Theseus through the labyrinth in the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.,Certainly some may decry the fact that the only female protagonist in the film is nothing,more than a passive surrogate for the audience to learn how the logic of the world works.,But considered through a certain lens, our identification with Ariadne makes for some,of the most interesting insights of the film.,During her training, we see Cobb and Ariadne drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe. The scene,unfolds like a scene in any other movie until Ariadne realizes:,This isn’t just a revelation for Ariadne, but for the audience as well. We were also,unaware that it was a dream. We don’t see them go jack in to their dream-machine things,,so how would we know otherwise? Cobb goes on to explain how it is that she’s been tricked:,What Nolan is really highlighting here is that like a dream, a scene in a movie will,often start in the middle in the action- not at the beginning.,We didn’t see them arrive at the cafe, sit down, and order their overpriced percolated,drip coffee- because that’s not how movies work. A film can jump forward in time without,any explanation of how or why the characters are there and we as an audience ACCEPT it.,We ACCEPT narrative ellipsis. Just as we can believe our dreams are real even though we,start in the middle of the action, we ALSO become engrossed in a film even though we’re,constantly thrown in to the middle of a new scene.,Why is it that movies, these collections of moving images mashed together, are able to,immerse us in a kind of reality- one that we’re so heavily invested in? Nolan isn’t,the first one to suggest that the way we dream is similar to the way we experience films.,In the book, “In the Blink of an Eye,” legendary film editor Walter Murch suggests,that the reason films work is because we’ve been trained by our dreams to be invested,in this kind of disjointed storytelling. He says “we accept the cut because it resembles,the way images are juxtaposed in our dreams… in the darkness of the theater, we say to,ourselves, in effect “this looks like reality, but it cannot be reality because it is so,visually discontinuous; therefore, it must be a dream.”,Throughout Inception, Nolan is constantly drawing a comparison between the logic of,cinema and the logic of dreams. Like dreams, films affect us on a subconscious level.,Let’s take a look at when Cobb meets Eames in Mombasa.We are brought in to the scene,in the same way we’re brought in to many scenes- with an establishing shot. We cut,from a conversation between Cobb and Arthur to an aerial shot of Mombasa. We have no idea,how much time has passed or if Cobb had gone down a dream level- we just start in the middle,of the action. One may be tempted to say “Aha! Then it must be a dream. Just like Cobb said”,But then again… that’s just how movies function.,Later, when Cobb is being chased through the city streets, he gets stuck in an alleyway,that narrows to a point. Now I know absolutely nothing about Mombasa city planning, but this,does seem to be pretty strange and … Really unsafe. There are two ways we can interpret,this. 1- as an indication that it’s all a dream. Claustrophobia, after all, is a common,anxiety found in dreams. OR 2- this can simply be cinematic technique that heightens the,tension of the scene. Bizarre and unexplained structures find their ways in to movies all,the time for the sake of conveniently allowing the scene more suspense and excitement- like,the archetyptal plate of glass being carried through the streets. Yet we don’t necessarily,dismiss those scenes as dreams within the narrative.,Then, Saito all the sudden shows up in his limo. What is he doing there? Seems like one,of the wealthiest men in the world could have sent someone else. And more importantly, how,did he show up at EXACTLY the right time that Cobb needed him? Seems pretty convenient.,Perhaps this is an indication that Cobb is dreaming. Certainly such wish fulfillment,occurs within dreams. But on the other hand, these coincidences happen in movies ALL THE,TIME.,If dreams can captivate us in to believing the most far-fetched, illogical, nonsensical,scenarios, then Nolan seems to be making the point that cinema can as well.,One of the most critical examples of this is during Mal’s death scene. Cobb walks,in to see Mal sitting on the edge of a window in a neighboring building. Yet, all the furniture,has been upturned in the room Cobb is in. Are we to believe that Mal went ape-shit on,the furnishings, then rented a room in a neighboring building and sat on the windowsill waiting,for her husband to come home? Maybe this is a clue that the whole thing is a dream.,Or perhaps, this is just deliberate cinematic technique.,The physical distance between them heightens the tension of the scene and reflects the,disagreement between them that’s at the center of the conflict- Mal insists they’re,dreaming and Cobb thinks its reality… So once again we are forced to ask ourselves:,Does the implausibility of the scene mean it’s a dream? Or is it just another filmmaking,technique?,It’s quite common for directors to manipulate spatial orientation for dramatic effect- even,if it doesn’t make logical sense. In The Shining, for example, the geography of The,Overlook Hotel features some spatial impossibilities that are well… impossible. If these are,windows leading outside, then where are these people coming from? But in the case of The,Shining, this is consciously done to give the hotel a creepy, otherworldly feeling.,With Inception, however, Nolan adds an extra layer of obscurity to his already utterly,ambiguous work. You tricky little devil, you.,If we’re watching a movie about dreams, and the logic of movies works like the logic,of dreams, then how the hell are we supposed to know what’s real and what’s a dream?,That’s the brilliance of Inception- we can’t., ,The other major criticism we often hear is that for a film about exploring the subconscious,,the “dreams” feel more like generic action,film settings than the psychedelic absurdities we often associate with dreams.,While some more some experimental

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