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[Music],hey guys its finito welcome back to my,channel Im gonna start saying that cuz,but a good 80% of you dont know my name,is penny so yeah Im back with another,video today were gonna be testing out,Indian wedding saris calm I decided I,like put a little twist on it cuz as I,was scrolling through the site I wanted,to do a more like heavy Linga because,they had a lot of like pretty heavy,lenses and just like not do like,embroidered easier stuff that Ive been,kind of doing on some other sites so I,dived into like the more expensive or,range of things I guess so about like,$200 ish was arranged for like an,embellished Lego which translates to,around twelve thousand rupees in India,but as I was going through the site,looking at these heavier lankas I saw a,lot of bridal link those like full-on,bridal lingas that like were for the,same amount of money but were just so,heavy and just so Bridal and I was like,well if Im gonna test out like heavy,embellish stuff why not try a bridal,Linga if its like the same price as one,of these heavier you know party wear,Langas so thats what I did today I,ordered a wedding dress or a wedding,linka off of Indian wedding sized combo,were gonna see how it goes,I may have sneaked a peek already so I,already know how I feel about it,but Im gonna show you guys what it,looks like I just like could not handle,it was like the package came and I was,like 10 pounds so I can like contain,myself and I opened it already so were,gonna get started and definitely thumbs,up this video if you like this series so,I know to keep doing more and subscribe,to my channel so you dont miss out on,any more and that lets just get started,with a video so I paid two hundred and,one dollars with shipping taxes and,stitching for this langa Im gonna put a,screenshot on the screen of the like,lenga that I bought Ive been doing more,and more online Indian shopping I find,it really important to look at the,descriptions because they will tell you,what exactly,going on so some in the bridal Incas,didnt have stonework written on the,description and I wanted to find,something that had stonework because,that meant it probably had a little bit,more like sparkle and stuff to it really,common for them to have sari and thread,work and stuff like that but I wanted to,stone work so I found one that was stone,work and it was 201 dollars after the,coupon and the stitching and everything,and they asked me a lot of stitching,questions guys anyways I know you guys,are probably dying to see it that is I,believe in the middle of January and it,came February like first or January 31st,which is pretty good for a bridal Linga,that was stitched like to my,customization and everything so Im,gonna show you guys it but this is the,blouse interested in my measurements I,will definitely put them in the,description box down below because this,one had a lot of measurements so thats,the top and then that is a stonework and,stuff which I know is not maybe like the,most intricate but to be honest like a,lot of bridal and lingas like have this,type of work on them so I think the work,is pretty dang good and then the back,looks like this and the back is all like,that as well and then it has the two,dangly things here and theyre pretty,cute they have theyre pretty cute as,well yeah thats the top then this is,the decor stuff,its net and I didnt unfold it yet but,it looks pretty good the work is pretty,similar to what was on the tongue I know,a lot of people like not heavy thick but,does like cuz youre usually like,wearing it as a veil on top of your head,so yeah I appreciate that too but,hitting like Im actually gonna wear,this and Im not getting married so yeah,okay,dont like ready to this this,the actual Linga so its really have you,want to say that this is like five,pounds so if you can see all of all the,work is like pretty good work in my,opinion and then the bottom is all the,bottom is all done to me and honestly if,youre wearing the red leg now like if I,wanted a red leg now on my wedding day,this is pretty it nice and traditional,but like still it doesnt look like,tacky or overly traditional or something,like that this is seriously an arm,workout I helped plan a wedding for,someone really close to me in the past,and she I like was with her throughout,her whole like dress shopping experience,and she and her Linga she actually,bought – so she had two wedding lingas,and she didnt like the first one and we,were like on the hunt to find another,one so we went to somebody in like their,garage or something she had great,reviews and stuff like that,she was definitely more affordable,portable than like the brick-and-mortar,stores for sure but Ill put a picture,Im not gonna show her face just for,privacy reasons but Ill put a picture,of her Linga and that lingo was $3,000,after shipping stitching because it was,custom made from India and shipped here,so after everything that lingo was,$3,000 and in my opinion this one is,just as good and if not a little bit,nicer with an intricate like obviously,she wanted a specific color and like her,style and thats totally fine and she,looked beautiful in it but in my opinion,that this one is like really really,pretty and if I were to recommend,someone Id recommend this one over that,one and its just only $200 but when I,was thinking about doing this video I,was like Im gonna look like a,bride and like I dont know if I want to,look like a bride before my wedding day,but then I was like people do photo,shoots and like this is like absolutely,not even close to what Im gonna wear on,my wedding day I dont know what Im,gonna do I havent thought about that,yet but like I dont think Im gonna,look like this so its okay but were,gonna try this on Im not gonna put a,bunch of jewelry or do anything crazy in,my hair cuz I still want it to be pretty,casual and not look like Im not my,wedding day because you know Im gonna,those pictures are gonna be lit and you,well see it but when you see it it will,be way down the road and yeah so thats,just me eventing about like my personal,hesitation to putting on a wedding dress,prematurely but anyways lets just get,into this okay guys so this is its on,the different days right there I have it,put that on and Ive been just kind of,freaked out ever since I put this on,just cuz I dont know,excuse me its weird I kind of like the,way its conservative um this is,probably like the most I would ever show,at like my own wedding like in a church,or anything like that its like I said,like I think originally like they were,supposed to make it like that but if it,was like my wedding like I was saying I,would want it to be a little more,concerned because sick weddings are in,Agoura but yeah I i like-like-like,backed up I guess I dont chose but it,fits really really well though I have to,say like maybe I would say to get it,like tight in there on here so that is,the whole manga so the late night itself,is really like heavy but not like,uncomfortable um II just like just like,heavy but like good good quality heavy,so Im going to show you guys like it,also has it has this thing that comes,with like the little shape giving huge,thing that they put under Langas which,looks really good and gives it like a,lot of shape the material is coming up a,lot more shiny on camera than it,actually is,yeah the whole thing around the back,creepy you guys have no idea like how,creepy odd I am looking in the,viewfinder and the,in like my mirror I just feel all weird,being in a wedding dress it just feels,so weird because I love weddings and,like Im not somebody whos you,necessarily dreamed in my wedding my,whole life I felt like Im just more,into like the fashion of it but I dont,know its just weird but yeah this is,just you know just so I guess thats the,full look the the but just coming off,like a little its coming off a little,darker red but its not its the same,color its definitely the same color,overall it definitely looks really good,and you just kind of


hi guys welcome to my channel my name is,simon gill,and um today i will be reviewing some,indian clothing so,if youre interested in that just keep,on watching,okay so today what i will be reviewing,is,i okay i really dont know how to,pronounce it i think its,maori uh so its like a new clothing,site,um i guess its all online and,so what i bought was like one,salar suit and a one linga,and um and the other one its not like,an inaudible its kind of like a mix,its like its like was like widely it,just comes like wide leg pants,so yeah lets get into,this the first thing i will be talking,about was like,the weird and nautically shadows thing,um so i really like it i really like how,simple it is,um it has like you know embroidery,like ah like on you know the side which,i think is really cute,and then obviously along the ends of it,um but its like you know just super,simple and then theres embroidery on,the bottom,but um yeah other than that its not,like,see-through like the top is not,see-through or anything its actually,well lined,i would say um and i got these like,all of them like customized to my,stitching because the day i,ordered it um it was like womans day,and,um they had free like customized,stitching so i was able to get it in,like,you know like my actual size so oh also,one more thing,theres a little bit of red but its so,hard to see,well thats why we have this you know,red journey that goes with it,um but theres just very little red i,wish there was a little bit more so it,makes sense like,you really out when it i saw the red,jimmy i was just like,what is it doing here like wheres the,red but then i saw there was just like,very little embroidery of red,but i really like the chimney its not,heavy or anything its pretty light,um it doesnt feel cheap or anything you,know,at all which is a good thing and so this,is the pant so its like you know,what really wide legged um which i,really like,yeah and it feels like its like kind of,like,not like its like silky smooth it feels,really smooth which is really nice,yeah and then it has like elastic band,on top,okay so now im gonna get into the,negatives of this,uh so this pant is like you know like,really like,see-through um it does fit really nice,um,you know which is a good thing um and,the negatives about this,was that when i was uh doing my,customized stitching thing it said,like it gives you an option to write,like what do you want like what other,things they could do,so i wanted kind of like a deep back,um you know like thats how i like my,suits and stuff,but um they didnt do that which i was,like okay,but like i did request that you know and,i imagine that like if it wasnt,like womens day like we have to pay for,it so like would you have paid for your,customized stitching and you wanted like,something certain would they have not,done it like i i probably think they,wouldnt have,and then they also really weird thing is,so this is the back um,i cant tell if you guys can tell like,the color difference but this material,is literally a different material,than this and thats on your back side,and its weird because,um because if you go to like the front,side where the embroidery is,like back here that material they,literally just put it here,and i was like what the hell because it,looks weird its like its i dont know,if you can see in camera but in person,it is a totally different material and a,totally different color,which i do not like because its like um,i paid like 82 for this and its just,like,damn you know what i mean like thats,what i get,um yeah other than that i really dont,have any other negatives about this,the first one um,you know i really like embroidery and,everything,like i said if its like nice but it is,obviously a little loose,um i do like my suits like you know like,super tight,um but they did say that theyre gonna,at least have like two three inch wiggle,room and you know what this i feel like,its fine because,you know obviously theres no zipper or,anything so itd be like really hard to,take it off,uh this is the chimney and everything,i feel like it looks really nice and i,really like,you know the simplicity of it okay so,the other one,is the slovak this isnt blue,because i really like how blue suits,look on me and everything,i think they make me pop um,but the one thing about this like i i,was like,so looking forward to this because like,these are like my favorite,type of indian clothing or like,savarkamis and um,it was just the worst one,ever i i was super pretty sad and like,you know like pissed because its just,like if youre paying like for this i,think i paid like 92 dollars and its,like youre paying like a hundred bucks,like i expect it to be good but this,was just extreme so what i really,like,about this is like you know the top its,really pretty,it looks nice um,you know once again i did ask for a deep,back,and they did not do that which is,whatever,um the arms i did not want the arms this,long,um on the side itself the arms are not,this long,but you know they did call me like a,couple days later and said that like,well,you know like i wanted like my arms to,be like maybe right here,and they called me a couple days later,said that like well the embroidery,we need to fit all the embroidery and,im like okay like then just do whatever,it is,i just thought maybe the arms would go,to like elbow length but,it has full arms which kind of gives it,like,you know like an old booty style but,its whatever,but its super cute i really like you,know,all of the embroidery on it really nice,um and its kind of like a velvety kind,of thing,um so its like its heavy you know like,its,its like the type that you could wear,on a cold day and youll be fine,um yeah other than that i really like i,really like this top,it looks like really nice but yeah,and then so this is the bottom,of it um it is,made so poorly i was just in shock,because usually,you know like if you have a suit with,the top material is the bottom material,so i expected this to be like velvety um,no,absolutely not like you know obviously,this is how they look and youre,supposed to tie them and they,obviously look different um it is like,just some,see-through cheap material,um this is the juni can we just,talk about this like the color,is not even a light blue first of all,second of all this to me,is super super,cheap like it feels cheap its just mesh,like its just disgustingly cheap,um and then the embroidery border,is nothing like the embroidery its so,this,is a suits embroidery right it has,little,like gems and stuff on it and then this,is our chinese embroidery super,different,oh this is obviously the second suit,um i literally feel so disappointed,wearing this i like i honestly like,these are like my favorite type of suits,and,just the fact that like i was looking so,forward to this and this is what i got,is so disappointing,um i wonder if i can you know,see this and like all together probably,on camera it doesnt look that weird,but oh my god in person it feels like,youre like that eight-year-old again,and your mom just kind of threw whatever,on you and youre like okay lets go i,feel so cute,um obviously the silvar is like,super super cheap um and you know about,outside so disappointed because i really,like this color,um yeah last thing we have is this linga,so this linga is like a green linga,its like a green linga um it was,super like cute on the site i was like,yes you know so obviously,it is the full length um,you get this to tie in your waist and,then theres a zipper on the side which,i appreciate oh yeah one more thing like,none of the suits have zippers or,anything on them,so its just like super disappointing,you know yeah well at least this has a,zipper on the side,um yeah and so this is how it looks,you know fully um i,i dont hate this but i dont love this,because on the inside,there is uh nothing besides this,usually there is a little bit more to,like you know fill it in and not make it,feel weird,um this is so,cardboa

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My First Online Shopping Experience for Bollywood Style Saree/Anarkali Suit at Indian Wedding Saree

hi everyone and sixteen welcome back to,my channel after a long day after day,Im sitting like this to do a doctor,video and Im really happy so from the,title you must know Master Li topic is,and Im really excited for this listen,Lee I did some online shopping here in,USA for like Diwali and Luka puja and I,thought to share my experience on that,usually what happens whenever I go to,India I got all my Indian worse from,there for me for my husband even for the,ones now additionally I got few but as I,mean a witness journey my switching my,dogs and my blouses are very loose and,hearing you say the iteration cost is,more expensive so I thought lets try,some online shopping and this is for the,first time and being if it Western where,Im like very confused like whether it,comes sometimes its small its perfect,for me sometimes mediums are perfect for,me,but for like makeup and household,product Im really good on that and when,it comes to Indian clothing its really,difficult you have to get lots of,measurement for this so but for the,first time I tried it and lets see you,how was my experience so without any,further delay lets continue with the,video and the first thing I want to,discuss here is I placed my order on,20th September 2018 and I got it on a,9th of October so it took around 20 days,and the first thing I ordered is this,sari,the sari looked like this you can see,here Im going to put the link in the,description box for both if you want you,can check out and this cost me like its,eighty six point four zero so again I,have added a blouse teaching so $15 plus,Ive added a prestige,sari with practicode so again plus 20 so,it cost me around $121,and another anarkali suit is this one,and,it cost me eighty-eight point point five,five is and again I have added the,stitching charge its $15 so it cost me,around 103 so total I have to pay like,around two 24.95 the first thing I want,to say about online shopping is,measurement this is the most important,thing you have to take care while,ordering online so this is my,measurement for my Anarkali suit so here,you can see they are asking you lots of,measurement so you have to give,everything perfectly and accurately so,here you can see all the measurements,for mine salwar kameez and the next one,this one is for my sari,so for sorry also they are asking you,like lots of measure and specially for,the blouse so yeah for blouse and even,for the petticoat everything you have to,keep the perfect measurement so this is,the most important thing for a online,shopping the first thing I want to show,you is the sari and let me talk a little,bit about the fabric and the product,detest this is your satin silk sari and,what each border am to ideally at 3/8,and cherry and the color family each a,gold pink and magenta and the occasion,is party were sorry and what instruction,is drying was and sorry dimension and,also they have mentioned in the flowers,left so this is the sari look like this,is the Palio this is a golden golden of,color and whole body is this kind of,pink color so for the first time I have,order please teach petticoat and Im,going to show you in a bit of ironing so,before that lets see about the the,design and everything or if they have,mentioned the unlike border work is,going on everywhere on the bottom and,they have like this kind of design its,like jury thrilled work and,and brutally as they mentioned and in,the bottom you can see this kind of gold,and this kind of thing so this is not,like a liqu totally ready-to-wear sorry,when it comes to sorry shopping the most,important thing comes to is the flowers,for me I think like this is a most,important thing,so I are not s Ts plow so this is the,plows and I have also instruct them to,add a like this kind of nutkin or this,kind of thing for me me and I like order,for a backside hook they have so many,oxygen you can go for and this is the,blouse looks like its a nice pink color,and the work is everywhere you can see,its look really pretty so this is the,plows and you can select different,design from there and everything so I,have selected this one as soon on their,picture let me wear this saree and Ill,show you how it looks on me this is a,sari I have ordered like this is the,flower design,the blouse is also very profit see the,fitting its come perfectly and and the,backside also you can see its comes very,perfectly no need to any alterations,really powerful so this is the bottom,part of the sorry as you can see I love,the design everything and for the first,time I went for like this kind of pre,speeds petticoat with sorry which is,like a jelly or something I havent like,this is for the first time I have tried,and Im really satisfied see the,finishing is really good like if you are,very warm like me and if you dont have,time if you dont want to spend much,time on like pleating and everything,then definitely I say go for this kind,of study you are going to love this just,you have to learn like a petticoat and,thats it done and yeah the design and,everything is looking forward for me the,next thing I ordered is Anarkali source,so this is the novelist suit the fabric,is georgette and the work is again,embroidery and sequence three cherry,color family is red maroon but its,mostly like a dark purple just like my,hot dog and the style is abaya and near,Anarkali the occasion is Polly and the,washing instruction is Jayas so this is,the Anarkali source like this is the,bottom part and the top part is like,this and I just ordered a full length,sleep and a backside they have provided,with a cheap and its a very simple,Anarkali,this is a very see-through material but,they have provided a leaner with that,this one is and it comes with life at,the PATA and this one is the,or to me and its like both sides are,the happy border is there this one is,looking like heavy participated I to it,and the work is like as they have,mentioned its like three you Jerry bar,it sequence and golden thread work and,both in sorry and an artery they have,provided this kind of stool like what,kind of color is this this one is like,kind of rose gold stone,it comes with a bottom but I dont think,I need to wear this one because its a,full-length Anarkali so this is the,material look like for the water and,yeah this is the Anarkali suit I have,more direct and on the back slide also,it looks perfectly fine and if I come to,this design you can see this one is,really good and I have ordered a full,land sleep but its little loose I feel,like but its comfortable one if it yeah,it should be like this right no its,perfect one I think so and now theyve,provided with the Jeep on the backside,this is a dress its perfectly fine,a book a bell put the depart – then,well put it at the time its looked,like this,and its little loose but its okay it,will stay inside but its for friend of,the batteries also very soft and this is,the sort I really liked it – part of the,Anarkali you can see its looking really,offered and they have provided a good,amount of cloth inside like this who go,for alteration and yeah this is the,another source looks like only one thing,Im feeling like this part its like,this thing is missing on this part,otherwise everything is good and effect,so this is my first time online Indian,clothing shopping experience and if I,come to my review Im really happy with,everything the first thing I want to,mention is the material and the quality,its really good and the next thing is,the design the details about Issa on the,society and other Anarkali its exactly,same they have shown on their website,and the next most important thing is the,stitching this bob fact its perfect I,wish I have ordered a little long for,this blouse few inches one or two inches,long for my blouse purposes for the,first time I have tried and maybe Ill,collect this one on my next purchase,but the stitching you can see its like,perfect the design the material,everything is really good and you can,customize according to your interests,you cl

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so,todays video is going to be another,Tryon video were gonna be trying out a,new site called Indian cloth store which,Ive never heard of before but when I,went on the site it was huge and I was,like oh its very interesting cuz,everything was super cheap and that,either means its a gem and we found,something thats super affordable and,amazing and dirt cheap kind of like when,you like what you can get in India or,its a scam so Im here to test it out,for you guys didnt know who I was I,just placed an order so its gonna be,really interesting um todays video I,ordered I did two separate orders for,this site so the first order really do,today is going to be Bollywood replicas,with a buy one and get three free offer,which is mind-blowing because you would,think that okay maybe that one thing,youre paying for is supermarket up but,it was $99 so I paid $100 for for,Langas which means each leg that was,twenty-five dollars which is crazy cheap,keep in mind though I did pay ten,dollars stitching for each linga so yeah,I dont know it kind of ended up being,not a hundred but more like 140 Im,still a little sick which is why it,might sound a little nasal and congested,but I hope you guys are into the video,make sure to like it if you do so I know,how to keep doing these videos yeah if,you want to see what this turned out,like then just keep on watching because,I havent opened anything yet so Im,really intrigued its gonna be grabbing,stuff so this is the first one and lets,pull up my order so this looks like it,is a Deepika Padukone knockoff of,whatever she was wearing in this picture,called the brown embroider designer,Linga chole it is originally 99,apparently the dressing Mouse Mulenga is,now sold out but it looks like they,still have the the buy three get one or,buy one get three free and they also,have free shipping over $1.99 and they,have 80% off the whole store so theyve,got a ton of crazy outlandish coupons,going on so lets try this,so it looks like this is the top so Im,glad to see that everything is stitched,this is a back this is the front,definitely very like plane Im really,intrigued by what this is that look like,uh definitely super cheap looking me I,dont know how to describe it but it,looks like this would be like not even,like two dollars,lets keep moving um this is my feather,but does not bad so we have booth what,does actually nice we have like a velvet,border we have these sequined Brown,flowers,this looks pretty similar to what she,has over her head and it runs all,throughout and then it gets heavier on,this side so just so you guys can see,what looks actually nice its stretchy,which Ive never really seen that,stretch but its not like you know the,the one I always refer to the Mara one,where it was just like a wreck net that,was just like crinkly and yeah I mean,definitely actually not about the but,that and I guess these are the bottoms,so this is the actual langa not terrible,honestly for 20 bucks I totally think I,could even wear this and then the bottom,looks like this it really doesnt look,okay maybe it looks like 20 bucks but,like 20 bucks in India I feel like if,you bought this here in America I would,be a hundred bucks so lets try it on,and see what we think so this is the,first one and Im going to say Im,pretty blown away this would never in my,mind be like 25 bucks like I would never,look at this and be like oh that was 25,bucks I would say at least even if you,got it on a deal like 60 bucks like it,actually looks really nice the skirt is,actually perfectly stitch I will say,that this is probably some abhi and I,could standard and I think I gave my a,like my cup size I mean my length Ill,leave the details down below but its,actually really really nice its,probably one of the best reviews so far,were starting off,um that Ive done and I think we found a,jam I think you guys if youre in need,of a lengthe I definitely think this,looks really guys isnt the most unique,thing in the world is it the most like,wow thing no but it actually still looks,really nice it looks kind of a lot,expensive it but it actually is and the,college actually really out here I was,kind of worried about the colors because,I was like a brown tan and yeah but the,stitching is actually really well done,so the back looks like next one it looks,like I am now trying to be okay you guys,gonna kill me,I actually dont know who this is maybe,so nut jaitley as always lets start,with the top this is actually really,huge so this is the front its develop it,and then the back is all shear and its,sequin I just wonder how these are gonna,fit because I guess they might fit well,so looks like this actually really,really nice tube like that um we have a,nice fake velvet border with these,little gems in it the net so its like a,greyish bluish purple we kind of color,and yeah the next good but thats,totally useful in the photos I do not,think Im gonna go look as good as she,did in this but its not my style thats,not about the style its about the,quality so these are the bottoms the,velvet is actually nice its not like I,dont know I mean obviously could be,better but were working with $25 here,so it definitely feels like it has some,substance to it it stop please its got,the color right I would say these are,actually not complete fails because they,did do an actually a decent job of,knocking off what the person was wearing,and like this looks almost exactly like,what shes wearing except her top is way,higher than mine and yeah Im actually,really intrigued to see how this turns,out but guys this is actually writing,to be pretty good knockoff probably the,best knockoff site weve had and it,being the most like cheap so this is,very interesting so lets try the next,oh you guys so this is the next one Im,blown away blown away by these like this,is by far the best a company has done as,far as delivering what they advertise,especially since theyre not even using,the advertised photos like up there I,think these are a little outdated but,they still look really good like I,wouldnt be mad if I would have to wear,this to a party like I really dont hate,it if I have to wear something purple,this is the back I dont know how nobody,has ever talked about this and how I,even stumbled upon it but Im so glad I,did so you guys need to see that like,this company is actually super amazing,and just reinforcing Im nothing to do,with them um yeah they dont know Im,making this video Im they havent,reached out to me they dont know I,exist,I was just a regular customer and I am,shook at this not even order it under a,different name so dont try to come at,me with that but yeah I am just shocked,this is like really impressive so this,next one Im supposed to be Priyanka,Chopra this looks like an old picture of,hers but its a blue Gorge a design her,leg actually with heavy lace work,originally 99 you grow about it for 25,so lets try this and see how it goes,this is how it came okay so this is the,top I was impressed by this cuz this,actually looks really nice like if this,Im not a fan of these sleeves oh but,that is the style that was in the,picture but I would totally like think,this is 20 bucks if the sleeves were,not there like thats not bad this looks,kind of ruin it for me but just so you,guys get a close-up of the work the,dangly thing on the back looks like that,so lets try that and then the reflector,I cant the [ __ ] does like the material,is actually really nice on all of these,so its a vibrant pink just like the,image its got a border Kyle like that,and weve got little sequined things,running throughout material could be,better it definitely feels very not very,to be honest it looks flows and you,would never be able to tell anything,about the material but Im feeling it,and it could be softer but again 25,bucks what do I care because it looks,just as good as the stuff thats like a,hundred fifty bucks in my closet okay so,the bottoms are really planed they kind,of loo



hey guys welcome back to my channel so,todays video is really exciting its,the long-awaited Indiana slash Pakistani,Instagram booty call I have been trying,to do this video since June I remember,starting to contact people on like,message them and get my orders and and,stuff honestly everybody was pretty,timely it was just like I would like,somebody else would follow me like Im,insane but you can maybe look cool maybe,I can like incorporate them and,incorporate them and it was just like,its kind of stretched out a bit so,everything actually came maybe Im gonna,say like three weeks ago but life has,just been a little crazy I had some like,I had some clinical stuff I had to do,and then I had an exam but I got back I,was just really hectic so Im really,excited finally I can film this I think,I had one two three four five outfits,which is pretty good Im gonna be,listing the prices for all of them and,Im gonna trying them on obviously but,yeah Im really really excited for this,video it was a lot of effort to put,together put together,it was a lot of effort to put together,so please please please give me a thumbs,up down below it really helps me out a,lot,and make sure you leave a comment down,below letting me know what 20 years your,favorite and I actually havent tried,some of these on believe it or not,because you guys know how eager I,usually get but I havent tried some of,these on so Im really excited so lets,get started and try mine,okay so this first one its 550 and this,is from the luxurious 7-6 8-6 who is run,by Miriam she was really good to work,with granny and I did use my actual,account but she was just such a,sweetheart I have nothing bad to say but,yeah it was really timely everything was,really well we started off with the,pricing and then I sent it via PayPal,and then what else and then I gave her,my measurements and yeah she was pretty,timely I got ended up getting my,package so I got my package on August,24th and our first discussion was in,June 20 on June 25th so it took about,two months which is pretty decent,honestly for a timing it was like a less,than little bit less than two months so,yeah everything came packaged really,well so lets try on this outfit Ill,put up the picture of what the outfit,looks like all right guys so this is,number one um just for a reference I did,ask for no lining I know you can get rid,lining through the sleeves through the,stomach I asked for ninety because I,thought it was a cute effect but shes,very like friendly as far as,accommodations but Ive actually never,tried this one on and like I am in so,this isnt like I said I just 555 maybe,something like that I need so good so,worth your money the embellishment is,like actual embellishment its not like,cheap at all like cheap thread its,actually like I dont know it actually,looks detailed and intricate and,beautiful you can see its very sparkly,super girly I did purposefully keep the,neckline higher I know you cant go over,but I just thought it was super classy,like this the back is just a little,scoop neck so just to show you guys this,is like a sari blouse almost it comes,separately so its detached and then,this goes over it and it is so so pretty,Ill show you guys the bottom in a,second I just wanted to give you a,little detailed view of the top whole,bottom part is tulle its so so stunning,its really flowy its super,beautiful cat just super gorgeous not,over-the-top so the bunt down looks like,this its not playing which I really,like its got little pearls running its,got little pearls running throughout it,so its super curly again and just,really cute honestly Im literally,obsessed with this isnt even see like,the good iek mesh work that I absolutely,love and adore and its not like crazy,heavy it just feels really good like,good quality its got these beautiful,pearls its just super stunning like I,like this looks exactly like the picture,and its so sparkly and its so cute and,its not over the top like I think this,is beautiful beautiful beautiful and if,I could get into more colors I would and,the quality is again like perfect so,this fits from your boutique is 100%,approved I love it and Im definitely or,anymore yeah Im a huge huge fan of this,so this next one is by purple pink and,tour they also have an Instagram,boutique her name is Saddam shes super,sweet again someone was super awesome to,work with this is the outfit so the back,is kind of like this showstopper,its completely like lace up and the,best time you can see it has these,sequins all throughout in then its got,ton of sequins your hands got this Ram,its not happy at all like to feeling,but it looks really pretty you can see,the top fits me really really well the,fitting on all of these,good gorilla is like this shiny fabric,its so pretty but again Im not wearing,a bra and it shapes everything really,well,its got like internal padding a little,bit to protect from any wardrobe,malfunctions yeah cuz it brought would,that be feasible at the back like that,so its super pretty and understated,again some under the first one and not,its not doing you too much but it still,looks really pretty this is this yeah I,really like the color of this one a lot,I like the way it feels of the color,combo is really cute shoes at time Keith,the dolphin her site is a little bit,more she was like Im a separate site or,you can actually purchase stuff too so,its not just solely through Instagram,shes like a like a checkout type,Society Ill link it down below,um but yeah this one is super cute – let,me know what you guys think you guys so,this next outfit is by re by sim also an,Instagram boutique as far as I know but,let me double check,shes pretty small compared to everybody,else in the hall I would say like shes,the smallest one but I love her stuff so,so cute and I literally love all of her,stuff,this one really stood out to me Sbarros,liked the work and the skirt its like,very modern I dont know like modern,desi girl its just this beautiful like,beige kind of skirt and then the what,dies like you know its kind of more,like a shawl type scarf thing its,really classy and pretty and its unlike,anything I have the tops embroidery is,super beautiful you can see just how,its velvet this is beautiful velvet,material and its completely done all,the way through the back its stunning,it sparkles its super girly its just,literally gorgeous so this one retails,for about 490 US dollars or around 390,pounds so super super cute,nothing on under Id really like telling,you guys that sometimes because you kind,of can ensure that everythings being,covered and everything fits well youve,been without a bra so this one fits,great without a bra I literally like I,dont have any wiggle room but it,doesnt feel super tight and its just a,really pretty balloon skirt I could,probably still get away with wearing,this too like in an american-type,function because its like kind of cross,in between its really really gorgeous,and I hope that her page Rose because,she definitely deserves it and shes,such a sweet person and I yeah she was,very actually she was the fastest out of,all of them especially since this was,custom the next two or not as custom as,all these three ones were these were all,custom with my measurements and she I,think was the fastest one so that is,definitely awesome and they were all,under the same price point but they all,are very different and yeah this one is,definitely probably the most modern out,of the bunch and the most I dont know,its I dont know its just I definitely,love this I think I think i draped it,flipped over and it actually looked,really pretty because I have taken this,side and put it like here so I ended up,doing this really cute look factors in,all of the jewels and then I did,something like that I think it was,really pretty because like you can see,the jewels just kind of like fall,throughout its really really gorgeous I,really like this one a lot and yeah you,wear this one like super multifunctional,the n

Step by Step Diwali Makeup Tutorial 2018 | Diwali Makeup Tips | Indian Wedding Saree

hey friends being a festival season we,are going to learn some the public make,up look this time,[Music],that concealer on the face nose bridge,under the eye cheeks chin upper lips,forehead nose eyes to neutralize,discoloration for brown spot use orange,color for pink spot use green and peachy,color to be used for very dark brown,spots,[Music],that base of foundation on the face and,neck and swipe it,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],to identify the correct base for your,skintone apply a little base on the,forehead and identify the correct base,which disappears with your skin tone,blend the foundation evenly with the,help of foundation brush or fingertips,we can use light pre base before,applying eye shadow for enhancement,[Music],apply eye shadow start applying new,trade on the entire eye,[Music],[Music],the exceed of your tire here we have,taken pink shade and apply it,[Music],[Music],[Music],apply back shade on the outer corner of,the eye it is advisable to apply lighter,color on the inner corner and darker,shade on the outer,[Music],[Music],use gel liner or liquid liner by,starting with thinner to take a line on,the entire lash line,[Music],[Music],apply Karcher either the jetliner or,casual pencil,[Music],apply countering powder on the cheeks,[Music],for eyeshadow take an eyebrow pencil,start from inside and go to the left,[Music],[Music],follow the natural arch of the brow till,detail for natural look use the brown,color and a black color can be used for,prominent,[Music],rush mascara from base to tips of lashes,gently press the wand against the roots,of the lashes,[Music],[Music],line lips with lip liner if I make up is,gaudy apply a lighter shade and vice,versa we have used pink shade you can,wear color match into your attire use a,matte finish tip stick for a,long-lasting effect over the entire lips,glossy and creamy base lipstick doesnt,stay long we have used pink shade you,can be a color matching to your toil and,your Diwali makeup look is ready to go,[Music]


[Music],hello and welcome back to a brand new,video,happy Diwali it is October it is,actually what time is it,it is 1053 10:53 the night before Diwali,Diwali is tomorrow Sunday October 27 so,this is a youth South Utah fashion,unboxing video dont look um address,unboxing video,Utah fashion not sponsored the online,store that sells Indian clothing I dont,know if its great or not they have,better selection than some other,websites I saw Indian menswear is very,hard to find,Utah fashion had some great things I,only bought one outfit this year last,year I think about 5 or about six,outfits all at once,this year only about one because Im on,a budget this year so lets do this,unboxing video because I need to make,this a tax write-off and Im wearing,this tomorrow so I have to make this,video so we learn our safety first I,dont know anybody that uses scissors,Ive always used the knife to unbox,things because,okay please do not watch me cut this,this is not safe at all,oh wow,landfill okay this is the Box utside,fashions ooh la la,good you have good Sal wow you know what,at this point it doesnt matter okay so,if you dont know what this is called,this is called a kurta pyjama which is,good top Adama okay its a shirt and,pants this is what it looks like youd,sell fashion and that we love you Tavi,Yousefi this could be a giant sponsored,video and nobody would know so this one,has a vest I am NOT a person that likes,to wear vests record the pajamas because,I just I just dont like the look of,just like the jacket Beth I didnt not,my style but I bought one and I was like,a message to them and I can I have it,without it and theyre like no comes,this one set so makeup,oh thats the best,I dont wear this they literally just,got some extra material founded,somewhere just stuffed in and pocket was,like hankerchief this is the pattern,first of all this is not the color I,wanted okay so this is what it looks,like its a floral print good stuff,pajama,that was supposed to be way thicker in,material I dont like then but yeah Im,very picky with my clothes and very,picky about this color not supposed to,be that theyre this materials not,supposed to be that thin this supposed,to have a lining in the middle in the,inside,I dont wear kurta pajamas I dont have,lining on the inside then literally,waste all that money,the shipment their duties and taxes,custom fees and waited like a whole,month I love this like beginning of,October and I was waiting for this,unboxing video for visit opening then,okay so I wanted a great okay let me,just look lets just clear the air,I wanted a gray colored good papadum I,like gray color okay like the clouds,like the sky like depression right great,and this one is green last time I,checked green and gray is not the same,maybe the lighting I dont want a green,one I want a gray 100 that was a whole,reason I bought this I was like oh Im,gonna wear this because I want a gray,colored and I dont have these are the,Pens because nobody ever looks at the,pants am I gonna wear tomorrow I kinda,have to should I wear no am I gonna wear,those probably cuz its new – well weird,for one day like never wear it again I,dont mind the florals,like it looks like a grandmothers,wallpaper and you know what Im like,really into that right now I dont think,this is gonna fit I think this is one,size too small,should I go wear it oh my god lets go,try this out boom okay it was actually,my fault I was shipping out it was its,not green its actually great I dont,know why when Im sitting here I see,green I dont know what you see on that,end it might be green it might be great,well see how the editing will go,Ill see what this camera captures in,the washroom it looks great and then I,got satisfied so right now its green,I look like a wallpaper I like the,tackiest wallpaper you know what lets,wear this vest okay there I do that look,like I just came out of the temple and,then I put on the vest and I was like I,have to go to work about to change my,uniform,I dont know its a little tight no I,just got a little fat,Ive been eating non-stop this was,interesting this is an outfit Ive never,owned before I may have worn a kurta,pyjama I have lots but Ive never had an,experience like like okay if the,material is so thin that you can see,your arm through like thats theres a,problem there it has to be pink you know,it gotta be like a little warmth do you,know what Im just gonna wear this for,one thing its for tomorrow Im never,gonna wear this anybody wants to buy,this off me just let me know because I,really dont want it the vest is,throwing me off man like what what is,that its like do you work at an,electrical company everything do you,also want to and anyway so then youre,like oh let me just one of my work best,and then go to work,I mean I dont mind the wallpaper,looking you know like we love the kids,just why I am too fat in this you know,what this is the end of this video oh,this is the pajama Im not wearing pants,anyways I mean youre like short shorts,thank you guys so much for watching this,has been a mistake,that didnt really turn out to be a,mistake and then its a mistake again,man I dont know whatever its a tax,write-off now okay you know I have to,wear this all day tomorrow its probably,already tomorrow okay I got like 50,minutes until its tomorrow so this,would have to wear suits of fashions,its not as described is it a,disappointment yes am i proud of it,no am i okay with it yeah pretty much,Im okay with it it is what it is this,is why I dont like online shopping when,it comes to clothes because you never,know what it looks like you dont know,what it feels like you dont know what,the material is specifically when you,touch it you dont know you know like is,there a lining in it or not but I mean,how does it actually fit the,certain spot of your body you know like,you gotta figure out those things in,real life and this this would be my last,purchase from yourself and thank you so,much this has been a great review its,an honest review why dont you keep,things honest I dont like those you to,be great oh my god I love this like you,know we all know you dont like it just,Im gonna get my moneys worth though,you know what Im gonna wear this at,some parties oh I have to get my moneys,worth,thank you guys so much for watching,happy Diwali to all of you guys to your,families and friends thanks so much for,watching this video happy to early have,a great night

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