1. The 2022 Infiniti Q50 AWD Sensory Is A Likable & Flawed Premium Sports Sedan
  2. 2021 Infiniti Q50: These Are The 5 Things I LOVE — And 5 Things That Drive Me Nuts!
  4. 2018 Infiniti Q50 – Review & Road Test
  5. 2023 Infiniti Q50 — DM Review
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  7. Should You Buy an INFINITI Q50? (Test Drive & Review)

The 2022 Infiniti Q50 AWD Sensory Is A Likable & Flawed Premium Sports Sedan

nearly 20 years ago infiniti introduced,a compact luxury sports sedan called the,g35 the g35 was so successful it quickly,gathered a reputation for being the,japanese bmw and enthusiasts loved it,sales took off and it really set the,benchmark in the compact luxury sports,sedan segment unfortunately that was,then and this is now and as you can see,this week im driving the latest version,of that car spiritual successor this is,the 2022 infiniti q50 sensory now as you,can see from the design it hasnt really,changed much since infiniti introduced,this model back in 2014 however under,the hood we do have one of the more,potent engine offerings as standard,equipment a three liter twin turbo v6,offering 300 horsepower and a starting,price that well undercuts most of its,european and japanese rivals so this,week were going to live with the latest,q50 and were going to find out does,infinity still offer a sports sedan,thatll appeal to some enthusiasts out,there stay tuned to find out,[Music],now back in the day the infiniti g35,really started the horsepower wars in,this segment and when the q50 came out,infiniti kind of continued that,tradition as you can see today it still,kind of sets that tone because under the,hood what you find is a three liter twin,turbocharged v6 that is the standard,engine and infiniti essentially offers,two different tune outputs of that of,this engine they used to offer a hybrid,they used to offer a two liter four,cylinder turbo from mercedes but that,has been discontinued i believe since,2019. so the output here on this sensory,trim is 300 horsepower and 295,pound-feet of torque thats about 100,horsepower less versus the same motor,that you find in the red sport version,of this car which also is the same motor,that you find in the new 2023 nissan z,which i just had a chance to drive the,sad thing about the q50 is you cannot,get a manual on this car it only comes,with the companys kind of antiquated,seven speed automatic transmission where,they do have a new nine speed in the,newer nissan products its still not,under the hood of this vehicle now you,can take your pick between either rear,wheel drive or intelligent all-wheel,drive that my tester has for two,thousand dollars with all-wheel drive it,gets around 19 in the city and 27 on the,highway premium gas is recommended and,in terms of the curb weight this is a,relatively heavy luxury sports hand at,just under 4 000 pounds well go ahead,and well test out the zero to 60 which,i know the red sport will do it in,around four and a half seconds i suspect,this car should be around a second,slower with around 100 less horsepower,lets go ahead and shut the hood and,talk about the styling now this,particular model here is painted in,grand blue its an extra charge for the,paint for around 600 and its a,beautiful dark blue that i think goes,well with the lines of this car its,just a very curvaceous looking design,which really hasnt changed much over,the years i think the car,looked really good when it first came,out but now its starting to look a,little bit dated it looks a little bit,like a design that came out almost a,decade ago you can see a lot of curves,in the hood that kind of are accentuated,in the grille design of this car where,the grille itself you can see has a lot,of bright chrome i believe you can get a,blacked out version of this grille,on the red sport it should be slightly,darker,or you can also get it from the dealer,as an accessory the emblem there the,infinity emblem you can also get it a,package where it actually will light it,up at night which happens to look very,nice and you can see here the headlights,are full leds you have led daytime,running lights led low and low and high,beams it looks like and then you have an,led turn signal there and led fog lights,i do like the front bumper i think its,still a very attractive looking design,but overall let me know what you guys,think of the look of this car let me,know if you think its aged pretty well,with this car when it first came out,was one of the larger vehicles in the,segment but because its so old a lot of,the other competitors have basically,become this large at around 189 inches,long overall its got a 112.2 inch long,wheelbase remember this is built off of,the fm platform so its a front engine,midship rear wheel drive uh layout so,the engine itself is placed pretty far,behind the front axle now looking at the,wheels you can see the sensory trim for,an extra 5 700 includes these 19-inch,wheels along with the sport bumper,youve got basically square size 245,with tires all around 245 40 r19 tires,if you guys go for a red sport with rear,wheel drive youll actually have a,fatter 265 tire,in the back theres really no indication,from the front or the side that this,model here is all-wheel drive and then,infiniti used to put a badge there that,would say three liter t or two liter t,or 3.7 when this car first came out but,theyve removed that badge because all,of them now come with a three liter twin,turbo v6 now looking at the side mirrors,you can see,theyre body colored and they have an,led turn signal indicator and you can,see sunroof is included on this trim,just a standard sunroof no paint or roof,you can see theres a lot of chrome here,in the body works and then the lines you,can see are a little bit more,distinctive along the side profile i,dont really like the way this is shaped,here along the d-pillar its just a,weird shape it doesnt really do it for,me i think the front of this vehicle was,more attractive when i first saw it and,then at the rear you can see the red,sport model definitely makes it look a,lot sportier theres no integrated deck,lid spoiler on this car you can see,theres some chrome along here the led,tail lights are full led,which i believe they were slightly,refreshed back in 2016,but everythings still pretty much the,same here is your one indication that,your car is all-wheel drive from the,little badge there and then the exhaust,you can see the red sport has a little,bit larger exhaust tip which ive shown,you on the new z this is just the,standard dual chrome outlet,it just looks very tasteful very,purposeful and its still a relatively,attractive looking design from certain,angles now opening up the trunk the q50,offers around 13 cubic feet of space the,seats themselves they do fold down it,looks like in a 60 40 manner with a,center pass-through which is nice the,trunk is very usable,and in terms of under floor storage here,its a little bit hard to actually lift,up this storage area but you can see,once you do that,there is a,looks like an area where there could be,a spare but this one doesnt have it,no underfloor storage but overall its a,usable trunk,so infiniti hasnt made very many,changes to the exterior styling of this,car over the years but what about the,interior now before we get inside let me,show you guys the key fob you can see,this is actually the newest infinity key,its a variation of the old key which is,a variation of the old nissan key but,its a good size it has features like,unlock lock panic and you also have,remote start on the actual fob im not,entirely sure you can use the infiniti,connect app and remote start this car i,dont have access to it obviously,because its a press car but at least,its nice how you get remote start on,the actual fob and its also not a very,large fob now the grand blue exterior of,my tester is complemented by a black,interior with real leather with a,contrasting white stitching i believe,infiniti also offers like a white,colored leather if you guys go for,different colors ive seen it on the red,sport model but this interior is kind of,like a more classic design the seats you,can see are nicely padded well bolstered,you have a an eight-way power adjustment,on the drivers side same thing on the,passenger side and you also have two,person memory the seats themselves are,just heated however infinity does not,offer cooled seats on this car which i,think is a

2021 Infiniti Q50: These Are The 5 Things I LOVE — And 5 Things That Drive Me Nuts!

howdy folks nathan here with the fast,lane car and that is a 2021,infiniti q50 a vehicle that has been,around for a,long time there are a couple updates,this year and coming up,im going to give you the top five what,i love and what i,dislove or should i say hate nah how,about,what i dont like,[Music],what you might be looking at here could,be the future,i know its a little vague we have an,upcoming z car,right its right around the corner and,rumor has it that,this engine or version of this vr three,liter v6,will find its way into that z car,nothings been exactly confirmed yet but,think about it this puts out 300,horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque,this one is hooked up to,a 7-speed automatic transmission which,has been around for a while,but i love this powertrain,this is by the way hooked up to an,all-wheel drive system,so it could be rear drive in this case,its all-wheel drive,thats really good because this thing,takes off like a bat out of hell,all in all this powertrain is sweet,and its not overpowered i know that,sounds ridiculous but,for what you get for the money this,thing,puts out great performance and it,doesnt feel like its breathing heavy,when its doing it you know what im,saying,so im really excited to see what nissan,will do with this powertrain,in the new z if indeed they use it,yeah this design has been around for a,while but its a good looking design,its one of my favorite parts of this,vehicle i really do think theyre,attractive,especially from the profile now new for,this year,2021 there are a couple little tiny,things here and there that have been,lifted and tucked the grill is different,and you can get,different little things on different,levels of,infinity but the thing is it basically,looks the same,i dont mind so much because just look,at this from the side and this color,is outstanding what a beautiful blue,its kind of like,an alfa romeo that is a little bit more,reliable i know that sounds mean but im,quite serious about that by the way,one thing i really do like and this is,one of the things that kind of looks,like an alfa romeo,is the way they designed the rear once,again very subtle,but with these big ass pipes im loving,it,another thing i love about this vehicle,its overall handling,allow me to show you let me tell you,what im talking about,so lets go around this corner here im,accelerating ah,sticks like glue absolutely great,handling i love,the way they managed to sort of mix in a,good luxurious ride,with just the right amount of grip,and stiffness it really works well its,a great trade-off and i love throwing,this car around corners,i cant do too much because i dont want,the cameraman to yak on me,another thing about this vehicle that i,really do like is the fact that it is,affordable for a luxury performance,sedan,i know its not cheap this one comes in,im holding it right here,fifty two thousand eight hundred dollars,now that is for,the signature edition all-wheel drive,that means that it is,extremely well loaded it has all-wheel,drive but its not the very top,monster version that red one which were,not talking about today,still for the money youre getting a lot,of car and heres the great part,if you dont need all-wheel drive and if,you dont need all of these luxury,goodies,you can get well into the lower 40s with,one of these,[Music],this next one im not trying to be,cerebral im not trying to be,intellectual because you know im not,but,this car flies under the radar and its,something that i actually,kind of appreciate its not a boy racer,its not overdone,i actually know people who have these,who,are fairly well to do but really dont,want to show it but they want a,comfortable,fast daily driver and thats exactly,what this is,im actually really impressed with it,but i want to shift to something else,because,there are a few things about this,vehicle i dont like,all right guys let me introduce you,to what i like to call the backpack of,the car because its certainly not much,of a trunk,between 13.2 and 13.5 cubic feet of,cargo space is,not a lot in this class,its its just not okay i cant put a,body in there,now i did talk about the fact that i,like the looks and the fact that its,under the radar but unfortunately,theres a reality and that is,theyve had this car around for an awful,long time without any major changes and,that is a real issue,for the buying public bottom line is,that they dont sell a lot of these one,of the reasons why,because it looks an awful lot like oh,last years and the years before in the,year before in the year before in the,year before,this vehicle is old and its time for a,change,rumor has it theyre going to have one,real soon,front seats not bad but there is,something i wanted to point out to you,guys,this interior design were just talking,about the design mind you,is a bit dated if you check out the,gauges and the center,display that alone is enough to say hmm,everybody else is doing full digital,i dont mind this per se but i am saying,that the overall design of the interior,all of this although i think it looks,decent is,very dated and that is an issue and that,leads to my next issue,something that they are working on but,they havent done yet,and thats this the infotainment setup,this dual,screen layout is ancient,not only that but its not very user,friendly let me point out what we got,going on up here with the navigation,in order to use this properly you have,to use this knob here right,look at the graphics on that i have,an apple 2c buried somewhere in my,garage from high school,that actually has comparable graphics,this,whole layout down here while useful,i mean this is great right well not so,great,because youre not really able to do,much with touching the screen or,anything it doesnt really,want to do much with you right thats an,issue and then down here,aside from the fact that infinity,probably doesnt want me,playing rage against the machine the,bottom line here is this is a tiny,screen,my iphone in all honesty,okay is almost the same size screen,thats just not enough so nowadays,people have,a one-piece much larger screen much more,user-friendly,easier to use altogether and better,graphics,and those are the three issues with this,whole system,at the same time despite the great,handling,one of my biggest issues is steering,feel,man i dont understand where nissan and,infinity,are going with their steering i,sincerely hope the z doesnt suffer from,this,because its a real lack of feel now im,not talking about the super high-tech,steering systems that are available,im talking about even the regular,system like this one,its really detached and when im going,around the corner,i dont really feel the heft that im,hoping to feel,theres not a how do i put it,theres not enough bmw in this car,im sorry but there it is bmw still has,a really good sense of heft and,feel with their steering but in this,case this car is,so competitive in so many ways that the,lack of feel,it makes me sad it takes my smile and,makes it into it for him,there it is so what does it all boil,down to it boils down to this for me,i still think the q50 is an excellent,car very athletic a lot of fun to drive,and very comfortable up front however,there are competitors out there now,especially from genesis who build,really good cars for less money that in,many cases beat this vehicle,would i buy one not unless i had a,manual transmission but i still,really love the way this vehicle handles,i hope you enjoyed this video for the,fastlane car this is nathan,ill see you next time

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infinitis q50,is a compact executive saloon that,focuses primarily on luxury,and technology in its efforts to offer,buyers in this segment something,genuinely different recent improvements,have made a big difference to this cars,drivability,with changes to the steering and,suspension that make it more engaging on,the move,the result is an often overlooked,contender that might just surprise you,the compact executive saloon well think,of this kind of car and you think of,bmws 3,series audis a4 or the mercedes c-class,maybe also jaguars xe these four models,dominate that segment but do so in such,a way that,choosing one of them has become,something of a lazy predictable choice,so what if you like that kind of car but,you want a stylishly different,alternative,something like this the infiniti q50,there are of course other options in the,segment if you want to go your own way,but they usually come with caveats,attached,a volvo s60 isnt quite classy enough an,alfa romeo julia has,uncertain residuals and alexis is cant,be ordered as a diesel,this q50 model in contrast seems well at,first glance at least,to offer a more credible alternative to,mainstream mundanity,its attractive its beautifully made,extremely well equipped and its built,with mercedes engineering,interested yet well infiniti hopes you,will be and,interested enough to overcome any,uncertainties that might be created by,the prospect of aligning yourself with,an,unfamiliar brand with a tiny dealer,network,the q50 was the companys first really,credible european offering,launched in 2013 and then significantly,updated three years later to create the,car that were going to look at here,its certainly not lacking technology,take the clever direct adaptive steering,system you can have on plusher models,the worlds first digital steering,system and are set up here upgraded with,second generation developments,it effectively allows the car to control,itself while also offering an,unprecedented number of ways to,tailor the response you get at the wheel,more segment unique features are found,in pricier petrol models,things like v6 hybrid power with the,option of all-wheel drive,and a dynamic digital suspension system,that aims to set,new standards for adaptive damping all,of this,is indicative of just how far infinity,is prepared to go to establish itself,against the premium,european brands so just how good,is this car and just how much should you,want one,were going to try the diesel version,that most people will buy and attempt to,find out,[Music],now an affinity may be nissans luxury,brand but the engineering here is,anything but,mainstream its not only that this 2.2,litre diesel variant borrows its engine,from mercedes,its also that some of the technology,potentially available in this car,is genuinely cutting edge take the,steering system,its the thing people have talked most,about when it comes to the drive,dynamics of this car,and thats because this model was first,launched with the option of what,infiniti calls direct adaptive steering,or das,the first drive by wire system to steer,a car,now using this setup your intentions,arent transmitted to the wheel via the,usual steering column,although curiously one is still provided,instead,inputs on the steering wheel are,processed via electronics,and then motors replicate your commands,at the wheels,the advantages of this system lie in the,fact that steering inputs,should be quicker plus steering kickback,and vibration should be all but,eradicated,it took infinity over 15 years to,develop this setup,and the brand apparently used f1 world,champion sebastian vettel to try and,finesse it,now to be frank we think that sebs,attention must have been elsewhere,because,the kind of steering feedback any keen,driver would be looking for,was conspicuously lacking from direct,adaptive steering,in the form that was first presented in,this car,undaunted infinity has tried again and,for the updated q50 launched in 2016,announced a second generation system,designed to improve things a good deal,with a more,natural feel whats never changed about,das are its advantages,particularly the lack of kickback and,vibration i just mentioned,try a really rough section of road,youre familiar with when you test drive,a q50,the wheel judging you get in other cars,has here been eradicated to a quite,astonishing extent,its this infinitive party piece,direct adaptive steering isnt just,about feel and feedback though its,designed to work with,infinitys clever alc active lane,control system,so that over 35 miles an hour the q50,can steer itself to stay in lane on a,major road,on other models in this class so-called,lane keeping assist systems can,nudge you back into line if the car,unintentionally veers over a lane,marking its speed,this setup though is altogether more,sophisticated than that,actively keeping this infinity in the,center of its lane without the need for,any driver assistance,uh the position of the steered front,wheels being automatically adjusted,combined with icc intelligent cruise,control which uses a,forward radar to speed and slow the q50,automatically,to suit the traffic conditions you,really do end up with a car that can,pretty much drive itself during longer,distance highway trips,we shouldnt spend too long on direct,adaptive steering though,of one thing most ordinary q50 variants,dont have it,and for another theres plenty else to,talk about with this car,mode selections for example there are a,vast,number suggestive of complexity which is,harder to get your head around on paper,than it is when you actually get to,grips with the car,like most models of this sort this,infinity provides,selectable settings that alter steering,feel throttle response,stability control thresholds and on,automatic models,gear change timings in this case the,setups operable via a drive,mode selector rocker switch just below,the gear stick here and offers a range,of options that were broadened,to include six choices as part of the,updates for the 216 model year,these being standard eco snow,sport sport plus and personal,going for the personal setting allows,you to get more specific about the way,you want your q50 to feel,select it and you get a further menu of,configurable options,the engine transmission can work via,sport standard or snow settings,meanwhile,you can vary the steering in terms of,either of effort,via heavy light or standard options or,response,via default dynamic and dynamic plus,settings,a lot of options then but its very,satisfying when you find the ideal,tailored combination and get the car,working exactly the way you want it to,on to engines at the beginning we,mentioned the technology share with,mercedes that has resulted in volume,versions of this car using the same 2.2,liter,170ps diesel originally used by fourth,generation versions of the stuttgart,brands,c-class model now its not the quietest,engine of its kind,although extra sound proofing here,delivers slightly,higher standards of refinement than you,would get in a c220d,but it is not short of pulling power 400,newton meters of torque delivers,decent in-gear acceleration and,facilitates a rest of 62 miles an hour,time,of 8.7 seconds on route to 144 miles an,hour,or 8.5 seconds if you go for the,automatic transmission,that most people will want aside from,this single diesel variant all q50,models have to be ordered,with that auto gearbox infiniti has,provided a manual gearbox and a token,diesel engine in this car because,it couldnt sell the q15 in any numbers,in europe without it,the brands volume focus though remains,in us,chinese and middle eastern markets which,explains,why so much of the q50 model lineup is,based around the,powerful petrol units and auto self,shifters that those countries want,on these shores there are three engine,options all infinity zone the first,being a 215 ps,2 liter turbocharged unit thats capable,of 62 miles an hour in 7.2 seconds,which to give you some perspective is,the same as a bmw 3

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2018 Infiniti Q50 – Review & Road Test

How do you prove you succeeded in life? Simple, monocle. Failing that, buy a luxury,car like this Infiniti Q50. Sure you could buy another, a more predictable,small luxury sedan like the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Cenz C-Class, Audi A4 or Lexus,IS, but there are reasons to choose Infiniti. Style is one with its handsome,sharply pinned design the Q50 looks like nothing else.,Interior accommodations are another highlight. Its soft yet sporty with,supremely comfortable seats, a pleasantly shaped steering wheel, and nicely,positioned arm rests. This when you have to reach. Four normal humans fit fine up,front, but rear seat passengers fare well as well. Knee clearance is good for,myself seated behind myself though foot clearance and headroom might be tight,for taller occupants. Elsewhere this bulkhead slightly intrudes on the,drivers right leg. Interior cargo storage is limited and look, an,old-school foot brake. Quaint for hauling gear theres more than 13-cubic feet of,trunk space. Choose the Q50 Hybrid and that number shrinks to a cozy 9.4-,cubic feet thanks to its lithium-ion battery pack. Hybrid models,also lack a 60/40 split folding seat. Strangely split fold seats are optional,on the Lux trim and simply unavailable on the roughly $36,000 2.0T Pure trim.,What the Pure trim does offer are dual zone automatic climate control, LED,lights all around, passive entry with push-button start where instead of just,grabbing the handle you semi annoyingly have to push this button to unlock the,car, and an infotainment system with eight-inch upper and seven-inch lower,touch screens. With navigation, climate and entertainment responsibilities,spread among two screens a controller and a few random buttons operation may,not be intuitive for all drivers or I might just be stupid.,Either way time should smooth any digital confusion. A bigger challenge is,the lack of modern smartphone integration. Infiniti does have plans to,add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the future, but until that happens Im,just gonna wait right over here with my arms folded impatiently.,For us impatient types the Infiniti Q50 comes in a racy rendition called the Red,Sport 400. That 400 refers to the 3-liter turbocharged V6s output, and youll be,shocked to learn its ferociously quick. Thanks to a standard sport-tuned,suspension, the Red Sport 400 rides firm even with the adaptive suspension in,normal mode. Nonetheless it corners tenaciously. The brakes deliver confident,deceleration and the 7-speed automatic transmission included on every Q50 model,knocks out assertive yet refined shifts.,Our tester also came equipped with Infinitis high-tech direct adaptive,steering system with zero mechanical connection between the front tires and,the steering wheel. This digital steer-by-wire system,provides a range of steering ratios and efforts depending on driving conditions,,and the drive mode selected. In an SUV the systems unnatural feel is apparent,but in offensive but in a sports sedan. Nope,,this is not better than a physical connection. The optional Pro Active,package bundles direct adaptive steering with full-speed dynamic cruise control,,lane departure prevention, and other goodies, but I personally skip all that,for normal steering feel. If the roughly $52,000 Red Sport 400 is too rich or,racy for your blood there are cheaper smoother riding Q50s to chose from. A,less powerful version of the Reds 3-litre V6 can be had in both Luxe and,Sport guises. Theres a spunky and reasonably efficient 2-liter,turbocharged four-cylinder, and theres the previously mentioned hybrid whose,3.5-liter V6 electric motor and lithium-ion battery pack generate 360,net horsepower along with a modest bump in fuel economy.,Heads up, the hybrid has a lofty $51,000 asking price, but it comes pretty well,loaded with a 360-degree camera system, a 16-speaker Bose audio system, and leather,seats that are heated but not ventilated. I sure do love that ventilation.,Regardless of trim rear-wheel drive comes standard with the all-weather,attraction of all-wheel-drive available for an extra $2,000. Base,prices for the Infiniti FQ50 Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series land within a stones throw,of $36,000 including destination charges. Meanwhile the Mercedes-Benz C-Class,though lovely tops $41,000 in cheapest form. If youre shopping for,luxury sedans then you probably want the sedan, but I will mention that the,stylish Infiniti QX50 is a roomier way to luxuriate and it only cost $1,300 or,so more than the Q50. Of course where a luxury is concerned image reign supreme,and for many image starts and ends with the badge.,If all you want is an instantly recognizable bauble to project your,affluence feel free to scuttle off to one of those German marques. They gone?,For everyone else the Infiniti Q50 encases comfort performance technology and,value and a tantalizing package. Its not perfect but the beautiful things rarely are., ,

2023 Infiniti Q50 — DM Review

hey everybody its Chris and Charlie,here with daily motor and today we are,not driving the new Toyota Tundra we,were actually well we were driving it,but we will no longer be driving it,because as soon as this Chevy Sonic goes,by we are driving the 2022 Infiniti Q50,now I was under the impression that we,were getting a qx50 which is also a,vehicle that Infiniti makes but its a,small crossover so when I saw this,coming down the road I was quite excited,so um shall we go over to it soon its a,bit blustery it is freezing I just want,to soak it in for a bit longer before we,get accosted oh that is the luxury color,its got brown interior also it looks,like or maybe beige okay if it is beige,then then metallic gray on beige is like,if you asked a six-year-old to draw a,luxury sedan oh because they wouldnt,know this but if you asked a 20 20 year,old yeah it would be that what do you,think about the black Grille it actually,kind of works for me yeah usually it,looks a bit like a mustache now doesnt,it it does kind of see this is why,people come to us because were starting,the review,to an Infinity we we give them the most,amount of vehicles reviewed in any one,review that is true actually we cover,the most the most different cars also,were being polite because they arent,they dont have wind noise right now,well yeah because unlike other channels,that actually do things like proper mic,placement or things like that oh yeah,Im just filming a tundra yeah all right,well lets lets make our way over there,cool thing is I get to drive first,because youre filming oh right,its actually not too bad out here,Charlie wont tell you this but he is a,big Infinity Enthusiast because he used,to have one I kind of like the wait what,are these,those could be drls or blinkers or its,got double fog lights oh the interior is,quite pretty oh I like that it looks,like coffee,coffee with a lot of milk coffee so I,dont know Ive driven a non-read,s Q50 yeah what engines in the four,cylinder No it should be a V6 how sure,are you theres no badge on the side,that says engine size which usually,Infinity gives you there might be a,sheet of paper that gives us uh its,snowing on me the trunk Chris we have a,protocol oh you like this youre a Nets,Enthusiast I am why is it snowing at me,right here because of the roof and,gravity okay,this has got to be a dealer accessory,but it looks quite nice yeah oh but hold,on we have to see if theres a spare,no spare a lot of foam though yeah,youre probably option a spare first aid,kit nice yeah and velcro to the side oh,wait no you have a little a little pouch,place to put your milk,and you can oh look at these grocery bag,holders oh they look fabulous really,nice okay so proper driver buy an,Infiniti Q5 that puts the seats down,yeah,I mean look at this Chris,no power Ed,oh look at the the design on the doors,too theres like a swoopy loop oh it,smells good in here,oh and look at the contrast stitching on,the dash with the brown,oh and this is brown I quite like that,thats very Porsche it is very Porsche,thats probably why I like it you know,what also is very porsche-esque is this,interior color its very much natural,Brown yeah which is the color that you,have on your portion yes,leather is pretty soft not as soft as,Lexus leather but its almost there,weve got some nice wood here metal and,as Charlie said pretty cool design here,in our leather it is a bit cramped back,here an a that means it should have Auto,down Infinities have done that from,like it wasnt 2008. but one thing,theyve always done well and maintained,is providing little luxury features that,you either you are just kind of common,sense I feel like sure in a luxury car,things like power adjusted steering,columns things like automatic windows on,everything Tesla kind of does that too,which is interesting and people,attribute it to oh these are luxury,features its like yeah and that means,when you get in a car that doesnt have,those things at this price point you,kind of shake your head like what yeah,kind of like how Im noticing it doesnt,look like we have cooled seats we do,have Bose 3D though yeah and it should,be a decent sound system check the link,in the description for a review on that,yeah I think the last one got an eight,probably another Q60 yeah the Acoustics,will be different in here black,headliner which I like thats a crisp,thing and uh nope those are not LED but,thats okay well you know these are,important for Infinity drivers yeah,this one oh yeah to hang your suits on,thats right I had a friend in,elementary school in fact hes still my,friend I just dont really see him,anymore,and his dad,all the way growing up always had,Infinities he would just he would lease,Infinities and you always have a new one,and he would my um his parents and my,parents would alternate who would pick,us up from school okay so half the week,Id get to ride home in a new Infinity I,thought it was the coolest thing ever so,that is kind of like my fond childhood,memory of this car and I mean it looks,exactly the same as it did I mean this,is this was like his car I mean it was,just like I think I think it was a G37,and then it switched to a Q50 after that,so fun fact for a little while there,they made a q40 which was the G-Class,yeah so it was when the Q50 came out,they still wanted to make the job lets,see I see right right but they were,switching to a new namish game so they,made a q40 which was still just the G,just the G37 yeah C back pockets hard,plastic thats okay anything here no,nothing right here but there were cup,holders down there USA and C ANC thats,nice I want to even list the wattage,that attention to detail I have never,seen in a vehicle before its because,they knew that uh you were gonna buy one,of these because you like Infinities,well seriously like all jokes aside,why does that matter yeah well thats,what I was going to ask you I think its,I dont even know what it means exactly,I think 98 of people leasing Infinity,are gonna have no idea,well,for Micro Center employees and there you,go theres your thumbnail text a car for,Micro Center employees yeah lets pop,the hood okay are you gonna try to tell,the size of the motor yep,well you know if its a V6 then its,going to be a 3.5,why do I know that because Infinity,doesnt make any other v6s there you go,oh its a turbo V6 thats good but they,do have four cylinder one of these dont,they I dont think so they used to maybe,they used to but then they realized why,would they get rid of the four cylinder,its I mean these are probably as cheap,for them to make as four cylinders at,this point because theyve made this,engine for you I like that engine cover,okay thats enough,black mirror caps nice journalist spec,oh,this this does it for me,that I just I I see you driving one of,these,you look at me,this is just,yeah is it fitting its a little bit,fitting,fun fact if you ever see Bos,performance series its sort of their,their opportunity its like the Lincoln,of Bose and there theres standards that,they have to meet like they have to have,fancy grill covers and things like that,oh okay lets guess the price of this,car and we probably theres actually,probably know Monroe no theres not one,online either yeah never mind well lets,make up a price,is 56 230 yeah yeah okay decent price,for the car like this yeah,the power adjust steering column,obviously Infinity,did your M Series have that yes yeah,what are you are you trying to figure,out how to use both screen,simultaneously Im glad that thats in,the infotainment thats in a good spot,where are the heated seats oh right here,one setting,that cant be,what do you mean no you click through,the settings oh I see okay Im Auto,heated see I miss bro oh lets try that,yeah so it should blast your butt there,for a little while and then it should,calm down cigarette enthusiasts our,grapes are clean oh,thats good,I hate when my grapes get dirty,Charlie Speck climate control here not,the difference between you and me

Infiniti Q50 saloon 2014 review – Carbuyer

last year infinity sold just 386,cars in the uk so thats little more,than just one a day on the plus side,that does mean that an infinity is more,exclusive than an aston martin because,they sold almost a thousand cars however,infinity reckons this new q50 will give,them a proper foothold in the british,market,actually ive got proper seat hold here,this the design of this light actually,makes it a great perch,there are lots of other sharp angles on,the rest of the car which create a,distinctly japanese design to lure,people away from the more predictable,german compact executive cars,meanwhile inside the wraparound cockpit,helps make the car feel sporty yet dont,worry practicality hasnt been,sacrificed infinity claims that the q50,has more rear leg room than any of its,rivals and ive got the drivers seat my,usual position and as you can see ive,got loads of knee room but imagine that,your driver is actually a giant well,ive put the passenger seat as far back,as it will go and look at this when i,shimmy across,im still just about okay,so to headroom thats okay as well,although i should point out that the,large transmission tunnel and this,raised middle seat doesnt mean that,yeah the q50 isnt great for carrying,three adults abreast in the back but,then,neither of any of its rivals really,as well as a spacious cabin the q50 has,a big boot you can get it with a ski,hatch but if you have a snowboard you,can also fold down the rear seats,the starting price of the q50 range is,actually slightly more expensive than,its german rivals but when you actually,dig into the detail and compare engines,and specifications it actually works out,a lot better value and as ever you can,see all the most up-to-date prices here,on the car buyer website in fact if you,click here on my ipad,itll take you straight there to the,price listings,in fact the infinitis standard kit is,very impressive you get two infotainment,screens the lower of which feels like an,ipad mini to use and comes with various,in-car apps,all cars also get sat nav and a,rear-view camera while mid-level models,add to this leather and heated seats,now id like to tell you about,infinitys reliability record but,unfortunately out of the 46 000 people,who took part in the 2013 driver power,owner satisfaction survey only seven and,an infinity and thats too small a,sample for any reliable data,so im gonna have to do a quick test,well yeah as far as i can tell the q50,seems pretty well screwed together and,if you own infinity you can click here,to be the eighth infinity owner to take,part in the driver power.co.uk owner,satisfaction survey,you can get the q50 with the v6 petrol,electric hybrid which can go from nor to,62 miles an hour in just 5.1 seconds it,returns 46 miles per gallon however the,big seller in the uk will be the 2.2,litre diesel which can hit 62 miles an,hour in under 9 seconds and can do over,60 miles per gallon,the q50 is a very good car for long,distance commuting because its very,comfy traveling youve got hardly any,wind noise entering the cabin it feels,nice and comfortable youve also got,special sound cancelling software that,comes with the speakers to help,neutralize the engine noise and its a,bit like those the systems that you get,for headphones on airplanes and the,suspension does a good job of dealing,with bumps in the road youve also got,pretty decent handling and yeah youve,got lots of grip and hardly any body,roll through,corners combine this with a rear drive,chassis and the fact that four-time,formula one champ sebastian vettel,helped hone the cars driving,characteristics and you should have a,car which is as much fun as a bmw 3,series,sadly,no it its just not in fact its its,nowhere near actually you know and the,main reason for that is the steering,which is just,and how do i best describe this the,steering is horrible,the reason for that is that,basically,i know that if i turn the steering wheel,left the car will go left and if i turn,it right it will go right but im never,sure by how much i turn it,itll actually make the car turn it just,seems so random and as a result when,youre going through a long sweeping,corner you find yourself constantly,having to make lots of little,corrections there like that a bit like,sebastian vettel does in his formula one,car and of course hes traveling on the,limits of grip and usually at a million,miles an hour and im,yeah im doing im doing 50.,if you want you can make the steering,worse by going for the optional steer by,wire system lets alter the weight and,respond to the steering but sadly you,will never find a setting which feels,natural,then there are a few problems specific,to the diesel model,sorry infinity but the gearbox the,manual gearbox oh no,its just so horrible and springy and it,kind of feels like youre just stirring,some cake mix and i dont like the,clutch either its,just so yeah it feels like its goo its,almost like youve got the cake mix that,youve been stirring with the gear stick,and then just shoved it all in the,and clutch when youre done driving and,you pull up and if youve not got the,stop start mode engaged you notice the,engine is actually pretty rough and you,can feel the vibrations coming through,into the cabin and you know kind of,wobbling your jiggly bits and you can,actually notice it down here i mean look,at that,oh,actually i think i quite like that other,minor problems include some cheap,feeling switches and the fact that while,there are good door bins up front there,are none in the back,door,still the q50 is definitely infinitys,most relevant product yet for uk buyers,and it should see the company see an,increase in its sales here in britain,but should you take a punch on one of,these or go with something a little bit,more mainstream such as the bmw 3 series,which you can check out our review by,clicking up here or the lexus is which,you can see by clicking our review down,here and dont forget as well to click,on our logo to subscribe to the car,buyer youtube channel

Should You Buy an INFINITI Q50? (Test Drive & Review)

all right guys hows it going welcome,back,are you in the market for a small,compact saloon car but you dont fancy a,3 series an a4,alexis is a c-class a kia optima,a mazda 6 a alpha julia,the list is endless isnt it but if you,want something a little bit different,then you might be interested in todays,video because today im in a 2016,infiniti q50 quite a rare car here in,the uk,before we get onto the car itself i,think we need some background,information,if youve never heard of infinity dont,feel bad because lots of people in,europe havent,thats been the brands biggest issue,infiniti are the luxury arm of nissan,just like lexuss to toyota about 12 or,13 years ago infinity tried to break,into the very lucrative european market,but it wasnt a fruitful conquest just,as they entered adolescence they,realized it wasnt working so they,stormed off in a teenager style huff,slamming the bedroom door behind them,probably as far as i can work out and,this is heavily based on my opinion,rather than fact,infinity failed in the uk for one main,reason we are a nation of badger snubs,were just too superficial im using the,royal we there rather than me personally,i just think nobody wants to spend 35,000 pounds on a new luxury car,and then not impress anyone by it sad i,know but true,generally speaking if we spend thousands,of pounds on a new luxury car we want,the neighbors neck curtains to twitch,we want to impress people in the pub car,park as we drive in,we want to impress people that we dont,like you dont want to say to somebody,in the pub,oh yeah ive just bought a new infinity,and them say oh what,ive never heard of him and then your,only retort is something like well its,like a japanese bmw or,well its got a mercedes engine,its just not what people want whereas,everybody knows even if youre a,blithering idiot,that a kidney grill or a three-pointed,star comes with a big price tag,your average brit just doesnt recognize,the infinity badge and thats the,problem,and this is a fact that i think infinity,just failed to recognize,they should have perhaps started with,how it was marketed because i dont,recall ever seen an advert for infinity,i dont ever recall seeing david beckham,driving one on the cover of heat,magazine,and this has been the problem im not a,marketing expert by any stretch but this,is fairly basic stuff,i mean audi did it successfully a few,years ago heres how youre supposed to,do it,one you step up your marketing campaign,in upmarket areas,in-flight magazines on ba flights places,like that the next thing you do is give,a load of highly specd,sporty looking infinities to a bunch of,celebrities and have them drive around,and get packed in it,and then when you or i see harry styles,behind the wheel of an infinity,we think they must be good then if hes,born with his own money,thats just how it works i know this and,i dont have a phd in marketing,so why didnt infinity anyway they,didnt do that instead they wasted a,heap of money and then left with the,tail between the legs,when launching a new upmarket car brand,youve got to either go big or go home,and infinity just went home every time i,went to an infinity showroom which were,really nice by the way an upmarket,it was like the marie celeste there was,nobody there,there were more people in chernobyl,another reason i believe it didnt catch,on was the model names,im a complete car geek so i can tell,different model years based on the,subtle differences on indicator lenses,and other nonsense like that,but even i cant get my head around the,infinity model range,the q the i the j the e x,the f x the q x the g its a good job,they left before they got to the lmnop,or the xyz then that letter is followed,by an arbitrary number,which seems to have no correlation to,the engine size under the bonnet,just doesnt make any sense its,confusing and again in the uk,we know the difference between an sc and,an hse an lx and a glx,this is important stuff here in the uk,and once again infiniti just didnt get,the memo,anyway onto the q50 that im in today,which doesnt have a five liter engine,as the name might suggest,but firstly ive got to say its a shame,they didnt sell more of these because,theyre really good cars,genuinely im impressed with it its the,size of a three series,it looks good drives good feels good it,should have been a roaring success,styling wise i think it looks nice i,know styling is a matter of opinion,isnt it,beautys in the eye of the key holder,that said i think its fairly,inoffensive and i think thats kind of,the problem,its not daring enough its not risky,enough,its a little bit generic it almost,looks like a chinese car like a chinese,copy you know when you see them at car,shows and,its a blatant rip-off of something else,its a little bit like that if you have,an infinity on your driveway your,neighbours wont be able to tell whether,its a kia,hyundai mazda lexus,theres just nothing really that sticks,out i like the rear end with its twin,exhaust thats a good angle,i dont like the front end it looks a,little bit droopy and saggy,it looks like a german car thats had a,stroke i think the windows are too tall,because from the side probably it looks,a little bit too top-heavy which doesnt,look very sporty,i think narrow windows would have made,it feel and look a little bit sportier,but i think the interior is where it,really excels i dont want to use the,word,exquisite because that should be just,reserved for bentley and rolls royce,but its lovely it really is very nice,everything is finished with soft leather,even down to the color mounted gear,levers,theyre finished in nice soft leather,everywhere you look or touch,is just finished really well it also,passes the all important high peak autos,cup holder test,all the buttons and switches feel nice,the dials here are knurled like youd,find at bentley,its just really pleasant really up,market the steering feels nice to touch,nice and padded and feels expensive if,you look around there are some nissan,buttons and switches,the gauges are lifted straight from my,qashqai but that isnt the end of the,world,this is a high spec sport model so it,comes with bigger wheels which look,nicer,but it also comes with every conceivable,extra so ive got bose audio ive got,sat nav reverse camera 360 birds eye,view camera,heated seats youve got electric,everything its really well turned out,the seats are really comfortable too,its like being sat in a lexus or a,volvo,one thing i dont like about it though,is this twin screen setup which can be a,little bit confusing,although i think if this was your only,car youd soon figure it out some of the,things that you would expect to be,controlled down here are actually,controlled up there and then vice versa,so,it just means youve got to work twice,or look twice as hard,there is quite a bit of engine noise,its reminiscent of a c-class or e-class,mercedes but overall it just feels,modern and luxurious the rides good too,its not too,firm if you were to blindfold me which,would be quite dangerous,i would guess that was in a lexus with a,mercedes engine,thats what it feels like which is no,bad thing because this is badged as a 2d,i thought under the bonnet would be the,2.2 liter french engine that was found,in the x-trail and other nissans from,the period,but its not its a 2.1 liter mercedes,engine,its a four-cylinder turbo diesel unit,which produces about 170 horsepower,which is pretty good,its torquey enough its smooth enough,like i said there is a little bit of,engine noise but thats just a,characteristic they also offered this,with the big v6 petrol engine,which i think even fewer people bought,ive not looked up the actual sales,figures for that v6 petrol but,i imagine the number is five to drive it,feels like the love child of a lexus is,a mercedes c-class the seats are,comfortable it drives well,the steerings not too heavy its not,too light it does everything pretty well,if i did lots of miles and i needed a,compact little saloo

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