1. 2019 Infiniti QX50 – Review & Road Test
  2. 2019 Infiniti QX50 – Long Overdue EX Replacement Is Here
  3. 2022 Infiniti QX50 Full Review + 3 Things I Dislike
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  6. 2022 Infiniti QX50 Autograph Review – Walk Around and Test Drive
  7. The 2021 Infiniti QX50 Autograph is a Decent Luxury SUV from a Lost Brand

2019 Infiniti QX50 – Review & Road Test

The Infiniti QX50 is a stylishly-shaped luxury crossover competing for,your attention against a growing cavalcade of compact entries like the,Audi Q5, Volvo XC60 and Lexus NX. To clarify, the QX50 used to look like this,,and way back in the day it was known as the EX35. But thats all history. Is the,modern QX50 properly equipped to compete in a foreboding luxury SUV landscape?,Where interior appointments are concerned the answer is yes. Drawn in,artfully sweeping flourishes the cabins materials are rich and varied. Just look,at our test car metal, wood that looks like metal, vast seas of ultra suede in,both brown and ultra dark blue, cream-colored diamond pattern leather,seats. Granted much of this fanciness comes via the $2000 Autograph package,,but even minus top-trim materials, the interior is beautifully designed with excellent,accommodations. The front seats are comfortably shaped. There are welcome,spots to rest my arms, and my utterly-average American frame fits with room,your spare. The same holds true in back if you slide the seat rearward legroom,competes with some midsize SUVs. Seats also recline, but with the door closed,you have to brave a very narrow slot to operate the lever. I hope theres no spiders,down there.,In a perfect world thered be more space under the front seats to stretch our,toes, but available rear shades and a cushy center armrest for nice,distractions, and with the armrest up the center position is a more than,acceptable short-term perch. The QX50 also wins where cargo is concerned. With,a standard power tailgate, a low lift over, a large square luggage area,,supplemental underfloor storage, and smartly located seat releases. Note with,the optional front seat entry assist activated, youll need to remove the,portside headrest first, but with the seats dropped, cargo space expands to a,sizable 65.1 cubic feet. Before leaving the interior, lets talk about the,infotainment system. It features an upper 8-inch touchscreen used primarily for,parking and navigation and a lower 7-inch touchscreen for climate,entertainment and app control along with a few buttons on the dash and a knob,near the shift lever. Given the less than intuitive decentralized layout this is,the kind of interface thats best explored and understood while the,vehicle is parked. Experience will help smooth any interface challenges, but a,more vexing issue is the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility,,at least at the time this video was made. If youre watching this video in the future,and Infiniti has figured out how to impart the QX50 with modern Smartphone,integration like virtually every other carmaker, please ignore my annoyed face.,One particularly interesting aspect of the Infiniti QX50 is its 2.0-litre,turbocharged engine. That VC stands for variable compression. Using an electric,motor and multi-link arms the engine can collectively raise or lower the pistons,changing the compression ratio from 8-to-1 to an efficient 14-to-1 as demands,require. The result is ample power and impressive fuel economy. Adding all-wheel,drive for $1,800 drops that rating by a measly one-highway mpg. And yet with all,that engine tech, power delivery is uneven. Even with a very steady right,foot the QX50 delivers surging waves of acceleration. If we must apportion blame,lets direct it to the continuously variable transmission. For maximizing,performance and efficiency a CVTs infinite seamless ratios are great but,,in this case, the CVT tries to emulate automatic transmission gear changes with,less than stellar results. On a more positive note, mash the throttle and,acceleration to 60 mph from a standstill its a reasonable 6.5-seconds or so.,Acceleration aside, the QX50 is a quiet smooth-riding fine-driving machine.,On the safety front, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking,comes standard, but Infiniti also offers ProPilot Assist, a suite of,technologies including full speed dynamic cruise control, lane departure,warning, and backup collision intervention. In practice I have,experienced a few erroneous lane departure alerts, but as a fan of not,being crashed into, Im glad the QX50 has an electronic safety net for all the,other drivers. Not me, I bring my a-game to this driving stuff.,Right between the lines, see. ProPilot Assist also integrates Infinitis direct,adaptive steering, which ditches the base cars traditional mechanically-connected,steering for a digital steer-by-wire system. Direct adaptive steering lets,the QX50 make quick lane-keeping steering corrections. It reduces steering,efforts when parking, and it allows different steering ratios and efforts,depending on which drive mode is selected. Nonetheless, for natural,,engaging steering feel its hard to beat a physical connection, which this one,doesnt have, which is why Im not feeling so engaged, or natural.,If youre building a consideration list, you might want to include the quicker but,pricier Audi Q5, the striking Cadillac XT5, the generally lovely Mercedes-Benz GLC or maybe the more efficient Lexus NX 300h,hybrid, but if the Infiniti QX50 has captured your heart, expect to pay around,$37,500 including destination charges for a base,trim with leatherette seating, intelligent key access, and 19-inch,wheels. That places the QX50 on the low end of the compact luxury SUV pricing,spectrum. Utterly loaded with all-wheel drive, fancy leather, a panoramic moonroof,and a 360 degree camera system, the price rises to nearly $60,000.,Both inside and out, the Infiniti QX50 brings a metric-ton of style to the,luxury SUV space. Is it perfect? No, but if youve got flaws it helps to be pretty.

2019 Infiniti QX50 – Long Overdue EX Replacement Is Here

Nissans luxury division was pretty late,to the small crossover party with the,original ex35 way back in 2008 now,unfortunately for Infiniti they really,didnt give the e^x too many changes,over the years with a big name change,coming in 2016,renaming it to the qx50 thankfully for,2019 theres an all-new version of the,vehicle riding on an all-new platform,sporting a new front wheel drive,architecture with a turbocharged,four-cylinder and a CVT transmission but,way more room and better fuel economy so,was it worth that long ten-year wait for,an all-new version thats over here to,find out,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so when you look at the design of the,previous generation youll remember that,it was really nothing more than just a,raced up q50 sedan or g35 sedan this,all-new version takes a lot of design,influence from the current design,language that Infiniti has shown us its,a really attractive looking crossover,that I think will do well in terms of,design when you look at all the rest of,the competitors now first looking at the,front fascia youre gonna notice a,couple things this is the corporate,Infiniti grille with the kind of waved,effect inside the actual emblem part of,the grille over here this particular one,has what Nissan or Infiniti calls a,sensory package that includes these cube,style full LED headlights where youll,have an LED running light accenting the,headlight with four individual LEDs for,a low and a high beam its also an LED,turn signal and then the lux trims if,you guys go for that it will have an LED,fog light down here at the lower fascia,this essence trim is the top-of-the-line,version and you will distinguish it as,with the sensory package because of,those unique LEDs overall I think the,design definitely looks relatively,attractive you can tell this vehicle is,actually wider than the previous,generation Infiniti says its actually,four inches wider versus the old qx50 to,give this thing a much more aggressive,stance from the side profile of the,all-new qx50 you can also see that its,pretty attractive looking crossover with,the typical lines that infiniti has been,doing on all their newer vehicles and,let me first talk about the wheel sizes,these are the optional 20-inch wheels,that you get with the sensory package,the other trims if you dont get that,package will just have a 19-inch wheel,theyre wrapped in two fifty five forty,five series Bridgestone tires which I,believe are also run flat tires because,this car does not have a spare tire Im,also liking this kind of clamshell style,hood that kind of goes over the fender,its a relatively nice design detail and,if you guys are looking at the,dimensions of this all-new qx50 its,actually shorter and smaller than the,previous generation I did mention it is,four inches wider to give it a much,better stance but its well based at 110,inches long is actually three inches,shorter and at 180 four and a half,inches long its actually two inches,shorter than the previous generation,which is interesting because that,vehicle is actually a lot more cramped,on the inside but Infiniti was able to,shorten this vehicle and make it much,more spacious on the inside now over at,the rear quarter-panel,air you can see theres this interesting,wave detail here and the window trim,which is nice and then overall its a,really attractive looking cross,that literally smacks it right in the,middle of all the other compact,competitors in the segment looking at,the rear of the all-new qx50 you can see,the design will remind you of the,previous generation but Infiniti has,done a really good job refining it I,think its a really attractive looking,crossover from the back end youre gonna,notice underneath here there are some,well integrated parking sensors theres,a silver accented trim underneath the,bumper and then theres nicely,integrated dual outlet exhaust now the,big story with this car is the fact that,in Infiniti got rid of the old v6 its,now replaced with a world-first variable,compression turbocharged engine Ill let,you guys hear that really quick,[Applause],[Applause],as you guys heard the engine makes,typical 4-cylinder noises so a lot of,you are going to miss that v6 and myself,included now lets talk a little bit,about the cargo area capacity because,the previous generation was lacking in,that department because it was a rear,drive architecture now that this has,been moved to a front-wheel drive art,architecture Infiniti claims this is the,largest cargo area in this segment its,been roughly doubled versus the previous,generation youre looking at 31 and a,half cubic feet of space thats actually,larger than the new Acura RDX if you,dont include the underfloor storage,Infiniti actually does give you its own,little underfloor storage in here,although its not quite as large as the,Acuras theres no spare tire underneath,there and if you fold down the rear,seats which infinity gives you a little,lever here you can pull itll actually,expand it to around 65 cubic feet of,space which is again one of the largest,cargo areas in the class so the outside,of the all-new qx50 definitely has the,right look but lets hop into the,interior and see all the changes,infiniti has made for this second,generation lets first take a look at,the key fob its the same old Infiniti,Nissan key fob that they are really,overdue for a change the key itself,definitely is nice and small feels good,you do get remote start included with,this particular one if to activate it,just hit the lock button once push and,hold this button at the top of the,remote and then the vehicle will start,right up for you which is great on these,chilly winter mornings to shut the,vehicle off just push and hold the top,button again and that will unlock or,shut the engine off for you know as you,approach the door handle of the qx50,youre gonna notice there is a button,here on the outside of the chrome,accented door handles if you touch that,button that does lock the door for you,if you want to unlock it Infiniti does a,sensor in the back theres also a nice,little LED light at the back of the,handle when you are approaching your,vehicle at night now as you can see,looking at the interior of my particular,tester it has the $7,500 sensory package,that includes a lot of upgrades on the,interior these upgraded leather seats,are heated and cooled with some nice,contrasting stitching with some,interesting piping there like a 12 Way,adjustment with a two-person memory its,got a new two-person lumbar which is,extended to the passenger seat which is,also 12 way adjustable which is really,nice and then you can see lots of,upgraded maple maple wood trim with real,aluminum trim its a really nice,environment,I really like this light color combo,this wheat leather with the dark blue,exterior with the brown steering well,its a really nice combination makes a,great first impression now stepping into,the inside of the qx50 youll also,notice it has a really nice easy step in,height that most people love about these,SUVs and then when you shut the door the,door itself definitely sounds relatively,solid but its not that you know bank,vault like shut or thud that you get,from some of the German competitors but,it makes for a nice first impression now,one thing youre gonna notice Infiniti,has moved the start/stop button from,typically over here which I constantly,found myself looking for that phantom,button its now down here by the shifter,not really sure why they did that I,preferred it over there but put your,foot on the brake push this button here,to fire up the engine now you can see,the gauges do a nice sweep that sensory,package includes a power tilt,telescoping steering one which you guys,saw also is very nice to add at night,the interior has an LED light strip that,lights up underneath the ribbon of wood,thats kind of accented throughout the,cabin,it looks nice although it doesnt allow,you to change the color of the interior,lighting where you can kind of just dim,it make it b

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2022 Infiniti QX50 Full Review + 3 Things I Dislike

small compact SUVs with luxury in a,blend of Turbo performance is what were,bringing to you today the 2022 Infiniti,qx50 sensory in your Hermosa blue the,interior of this is going to have all,the bells and whistles with a price tag,that just hits a little bit over fifty,thousand dollars who are we going,against BMW X3 Audi Q5 Volvo xc40 the,list goes on and on but when youre,comparing this to the rivals the,engineering was over 20 years for the VC,turbocharged engine which gives you a,better compression ratio better gas,consumption when youre going on your,everyday its as a four-cylinder turbo,diesel and when you need to give it some,throttle itll be almost like a V6,powered and its the only vehicle of its,kind in the luxury brand is this the,better value or is it better to go to,the alternative Im Anthony from Hawkeye,rides and Im going to go over all the,specs and details starting now,[Music],thank you,[Music],the new Infiniti qx50 definitely has a,presence of performance and thats what,they keep in mind so if youre comparing,it to the Mercedes glb thats going to,be more of a box structure similar to a,mini G wagon this would be more,comparable to your BMW X3 your Audi Q5 I,would say would match this one almost,perfectly because of the way the hood,proportion lays out and it goes into,your signature LED daytime Runnings LED,headlamps that brushes into your air,vents on the side and your LED fog lamp,ground clearance thats better than the,alternative a wide face double Arch,Grille deeper Diamond mesh adds a more,aggressive feel to the sophisticated,personality comparing this to the qx55,this is going to be a little bit more,traditional whereas that ones going to,be a little bit more sporty fenders,flare out the matte black thats going,over these 20 inch multi-spoke alloy,wheels the front disc read at 13 inches,the rear at 12.1 both ventilated Fierce,and strut front suspension with coil,springs over shock absorbers and a,stabilizer bar the rear a multi-link,with a stabilizer bar in the line,proportions just flow into these LED,tail lamps with the Chrome bar that goes,over the infinity badging youll have,the side gills that are going to add,those reflectors with dual exhaust,Outlets silver thats going around it a,lower spoiler roof line with the gloss,black over it and the silver over your,roof rails the signature touch for,Infinity with the silver thats going to,be around your window casing the gloss,black in between with all the latest,tech and safety with the athletic,proportion Towing at three thousand,pounds weighing just a little bit over,four thousand pounds a length at 184.7,inches with the wheelbase at 110.2,inches 59-41 weight distribution power,tailgate to go inside to your cargo that,starts at 31.1 cubic feet we have a 12,volt charger underneath the floor is,some more storage the rear bench easily,folds from the cargo at a 60 40 split,thats going to Max the cargo to 64.4,cubic feet which is going to be more,than the qx55 the Audi Q5 and the Volvo,xc40 VC turbocharged engine lets go,inside start it up so you can hear that,exhaust now,thank you,[Music],[Music],a new Infiniti qx50 definitely has,enough of an exhaust Outlet to make it,sound pretty decent especially on the,highway which youll see on the drive,but the things that really stand out is,the engineering behind it and they back,the performance with a VC turbocharged,2.0 liter four-cylinder engine producing,268 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of,torque thats paired to a CVT,transmission achieving 23 to 29 MPGs,thats good for a 0-60 in the mid 6,seconds which is basically the same as,your BMW X3 the Audi Q5 will be the,fastest in the line or the comparison,the Mercedes-Benz is a touch faster but,this is pretty much the same exact,vehicle just badged with Mercedes the,savings that youll get with this is,insane because if you get the glb and,you do the AMG night package youre,looking at a 55 to 60 Grand price tag,this nearly fully loaded is still saving,you two to three thousand dollars youre,getting a quarter mile at 15.3 seconds,with the top speed at 140 miles per hour,so The Styling for the athletic luxury,smaller compact SUVs I kind of like,where Im going at which one is the best,let me know in the comments what you,think about the 2022 Infiniti qx50 as we,go into the interior go over the tech,and take this for our test roll entering,inside the Infiniti qx50 youre going to,receive over 40 inches of Headroom and,over 39 inches of leg room comparing,this to the rivals you actually have,just as much space in the front as the,Mercedes youre going to have more than,the BMW more than the Volvo more than,the Audi and we get 12-way power,adjustments theyre heated theyre,ventilated its a wheat on black leather,with the perforated interior I do wish,there was some badging because this is a,luxury vehicle the dashboard though I do,like how it circles around you with the,aluminum inlays from the door panel that,brush in to the dashboard aluminum goes,around all of your air vents matte black,is going to be encased inside with the,soft materials for the top its going to,be more flat with that contrast,stitching a heads up display which is,large and with polarized glasses you can,kind of sort of still see it which you,cant do that in any of the rivals now,the infotainment screens are going to be,not necessarily the biggest in this,comparison the upper is eight the lower,is seven we have it on Apple carplay you,do not have any pinch capabilities in,apple carplay does not actually have,that but you do have the slide push it,into the map now we have our navigation,pinch swipe standard Wi-Fi hotspot voice,recognition it doesnt have gesture,anything like BMW the lower thats the,seven inch you can just click onto the,apple carplay and itll put it right on,the Fly push into your driver assist,that has all of your safety packages,thats in this tier that we have click,your audio so you can see we have the,Apple carplay that is Wireless for this,year thats new we have Android auto AM,FM Sirius XM Bluetooth streaming,capabilities dual climate control,settings and we have button,functionality on the side switch it to,reverse 360 degree reverse camera full,trajectory you can change the modes to,it so you can see different areas or,positions of where the car is to make it,easier for your reversing so what I do,like about this is everything is pretty,seamless and easy because theres not,necessarily a lot going on in the,infotainment open up inside here you got,two USB ports a 12 volt and a large,storage tray two cup holders I would say,you can fit about a 20 ounce without any,issues the gear lever I do like how it,sits because it also can act as a palm,rest if your driver mode select which,will change it to your Eco and you can,change it to standard or sport or your,personal you have your auto hold so that,way you dont have to hold the brake at,a stoplight open up inside here another,USB port this is a large storage,compartment compared to the rivals,youre going to get some more storage,its a little bit more firm and sporty,and this is a little bit more driver,focused so if youre sitting in the,passenger seat youre going to feel that,little wall but you do have the rotary,knob that is easy access for the,passenger steering wheel three spoke,multi-function paddle shifters contrast,stitching I do not like the stock on the,left because its just basically an,empty stock just to turn just to turn,your turn signals on and I get it you,need that it just maybe dont put,everything on the right side the gauge,cluster has a digital reader in the,center that can go through an array of,information it also shows your variable,compression turbo and it does it on the,fly so you can see your compression,ratio in your Boost for the PSI which is,something that you may want to look at,whenever youre driving or going a,little bit faster you can do your,navigation and you can see your speed on,there for the door panel soft materials,co

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infinitis q50,is a compact executive saloon that,focuses primarily on luxury,and technology in its efforts to offer,buyers in this segment something,genuinely different recent improvements,have made a big difference to this cars,drivability,with changes to the steering and,suspension that make it more engaging on,the move,the result is an often overlooked,contender that might just surprise you,the compact executive saloon well think,of this kind of car and you think of,bmws 3,series audis a4 or the mercedes c-class,maybe also jaguars xe these four models,dominate that segment but do so in such,a way that,choosing one of them has become,something of a lazy predictable choice,so what if you like that kind of car but,you want a stylishly different,alternative,something like this the infiniti q50,there are of course other options in the,segment if you want to go your own way,but they usually come with caveats,attached,a volvo s60 isnt quite classy enough an,alfa romeo julia has,uncertain residuals and alexis is cant,be ordered as a diesel,this q50 model in contrast seems well at,first glance at least,to offer a more credible alternative to,mainstream mundanity,its attractive its beautifully made,extremely well equipped and its built,with mercedes engineering,interested yet well infiniti hopes you,will be and,interested enough to overcome any,uncertainties that might be created by,the prospect of aligning yourself with,an,unfamiliar brand with a tiny dealer,network,the q50 was the companys first really,credible european offering,launched in 2013 and then significantly,updated three years later to create the,car that were going to look at here,its certainly not lacking technology,take the clever direct adaptive steering,system you can have on plusher models,the worlds first digital steering,system and are set up here upgraded with,second generation developments,it effectively allows the car to control,itself while also offering an,unprecedented number of ways to,tailor the response you get at the wheel,more segment unique features are found,in pricier petrol models,things like v6 hybrid power with the,option of all-wheel drive,and a dynamic digital suspension system,that aims to set,new standards for adaptive damping all,of this,is indicative of just how far infinity,is prepared to go to establish itself,against the premium,european brands so just how good,is this car and just how much should you,want one,were going to try the diesel version,that most people will buy and attempt to,find out,[Music],now an affinity may be nissans luxury,brand but the engineering here is,anything but,mainstream its not only that this 2.2,litre diesel variant borrows its engine,from mercedes,its also that some of the technology,potentially available in this car,is genuinely cutting edge take the,steering system,its the thing people have talked most,about when it comes to the drive,dynamics of this car,and thats because this model was first,launched with the option of what,infiniti calls direct adaptive steering,or das,the first drive by wire system to steer,a car,now using this setup your intentions,arent transmitted to the wheel via the,usual steering column,although curiously one is still provided,instead,inputs on the steering wheel are,processed via electronics,and then motors replicate your commands,at the wheels,the advantages of this system lie in the,fact that steering inputs,should be quicker plus steering kickback,and vibration should be all but,eradicated,it took infinity over 15 years to,develop this setup,and the brand apparently used f1 world,champion sebastian vettel to try and,finesse it,now to be frank we think that sebs,attention must have been elsewhere,because,the kind of steering feedback any keen,driver would be looking for,was conspicuously lacking from direct,adaptive steering,in the form that was first presented in,this car,undaunted infinity has tried again and,for the updated q50 launched in 2016,announced a second generation system,designed to improve things a good deal,with a more,natural feel whats never changed about,das are its advantages,particularly the lack of kickback and,vibration i just mentioned,try a really rough section of road,youre familiar with when you test drive,a q50,the wheel judging you get in other cars,has here been eradicated to a quite,astonishing extent,its this infinitive party piece,direct adaptive steering isnt just,about feel and feedback though its,designed to work with,infinitys clever alc active lane,control system,so that over 35 miles an hour the q50,can steer itself to stay in lane on a,major road,on other models in this class so-called,lane keeping assist systems can,nudge you back into line if the car,unintentionally veers over a lane,marking its speed,this setup though is altogether more,sophisticated than that,actively keeping this infinity in the,center of its lane without the need for,any driver assistance,uh the position of the steered front,wheels being automatically adjusted,combined with icc intelligent cruise,control which uses a,forward radar to speed and slow the q50,automatically,to suit the traffic conditions you,really do end up with a car that can,pretty much drive itself during longer,distance highway trips,we shouldnt spend too long on direct,adaptive steering though,of one thing most ordinary q50 variants,dont have it,and for another theres plenty else to,talk about with this car,mode selections for example there are a,vast,number suggestive of complexity which is,harder to get your head around on paper,than it is when you actually get to,grips with the car,like most models of this sort this,infinity provides,selectable settings that alter steering,feel throttle response,stability control thresholds and on,automatic models,gear change timings in this case the,setups operable via a drive,mode selector rocker switch just below,the gear stick here and offers a range,of options that were broadened,to include six choices as part of the,updates for the 216 model year,these being standard eco snow,sport sport plus and personal,going for the personal setting allows,you to get more specific about the way,you want your q50 to feel,select it and you get a further menu of,configurable options,the engine transmission can work via,sport standard or snow settings,meanwhile,you can vary the steering in terms of,either of effort,via heavy light or standard options or,response,via default dynamic and dynamic plus,settings,a lot of options then but its very,satisfying when you find the ideal,tailored combination and get the car,working exactly the way you want it to,on to engines at the beginning we,mentioned the technology share with,mercedes that has resulted in volume,versions of this car using the same 2.2,liter,170ps diesel originally used by fourth,generation versions of the stuttgart,brands,c-class model now its not the quietest,engine of its kind,although extra sound proofing here,delivers slightly,higher standards of refinement than you,would get in a c220d,but it is not short of pulling power 400,newton meters of torque delivers,decent in-gear acceleration and,facilitates a rest of 62 miles an hour,time,of 8.7 seconds on route to 144 miles an,hour,or 8.5 seconds if you go for the,automatic transmission,that most people will want aside from,this single diesel variant all q50,models have to be ordered,with that auto gearbox infiniti has,provided a manual gearbox and a token,diesel engine in this car because,it couldnt sell the q15 in any numbers,in europe without it,the brands volume focus though remains,in us,chinese and middle eastern markets which,explains,why so much of the q50 model lineup is,based around the,powerful petrol units and auto self,shifters that those countries want,on these shores there are three engine,options all infinity zone the first,being a 215 ps,2 liter turbocharged unit thats capable,of 62 miles an hour in 7.2 seconds,which to give you some perspective is,the same as a bmw 3

2023 Infiniti Q50 — DM Review

hey everybody its Chris and Charlie,here with daily motor and today we are,not driving the new Toyota Tundra we,were actually well we were driving it,but we will no longer be driving it,because as soon as this Chevy Sonic goes,by we are driving the 2022 Infiniti Q50,now I was under the impression that we,were getting a qx50 which is also a,vehicle that Infiniti makes but its a,small crossover so when I saw this,coming down the road I was quite excited,so um shall we go over to it soon its a,bit blustery it is freezing I just want,to soak it in for a bit longer before we,get accosted oh that is the luxury color,its got brown interior also it looks,like or maybe beige okay if it is beige,then then metallic gray on beige is like,if you asked a six-year-old to draw a,luxury sedan oh because they wouldnt,know this but if you asked a 20 20 year,old yeah it would be that what do you,think about the black Grille it actually,kind of works for me yeah usually it,looks a bit like a mustache now doesnt,it it does kind of see this is why,people come to us because were starting,the review,to an Infinity we we give them the most,amount of vehicles reviewed in any one,review that is true actually we cover,the most the most different cars also,were being polite because they arent,they dont have wind noise right now,well yeah because unlike other channels,that actually do things like proper mic,placement or things like that oh yeah,Im just filming a tundra yeah all right,well lets lets make our way over there,cool thing is I get to drive first,because youre filming oh right,its actually not too bad out here,Charlie wont tell you this but he is a,big Infinity Enthusiast because he used,to have one I kind of like the wait what,are these,those could be drls or blinkers or its,got double fog lights oh the interior is,quite pretty oh I like that it looks,like coffee,coffee with a lot of milk coffee so I,dont know Ive driven a non-read,s Q50 yeah what engines in the four,cylinder No it should be a V6 how sure,are you theres no badge on the side,that says engine size which usually,Infinity gives you there might be a,sheet of paper that gives us uh its,snowing on me the trunk Chris we have a,protocol oh you like this youre a Nets,Enthusiast I am why is it snowing at me,right here because of the roof and,gravity okay,this has got to be a dealer accessory,but it looks quite nice yeah oh but hold,on we have to see if theres a spare,no spare a lot of foam though yeah,youre probably option a spare first aid,kit nice yeah and velcro to the side oh,wait no you have a little a little pouch,place to put your milk,and you can oh look at these grocery bag,holders oh they look fabulous really,nice okay so proper driver buy an,Infiniti Q5 that puts the seats down,yeah,I mean look at this Chris,no power Ed,oh look at the the design on the doors,too theres like a swoopy loop oh it,smells good in here,oh and look at the contrast stitching on,the dash with the brown,oh and this is brown I quite like that,thats very Porsche it is very Porsche,thats probably why I like it you know,what also is very porsche-esque is this,interior color its very much natural,Brown yeah which is the color that you,have on your portion yes,leather is pretty soft not as soft as,Lexus leather but its almost there,weve got some nice wood here metal and,as Charlie said pretty cool design here,in our leather it is a bit cramped back,here an a that means it should have Auto,down Infinities have done that from,like it wasnt 2008. but one thing,theyve always done well and maintained,is providing little luxury features that,you either you are just kind of common,sense I feel like sure in a luxury car,things like power adjusted steering,columns things like automatic windows on,everything Tesla kind of does that too,which is interesting and people,attribute it to oh these are luxury,features its like yeah and that means,when you get in a car that doesnt have,those things at this price point you,kind of shake your head like what yeah,kind of like how Im noticing it doesnt,look like we have cooled seats we do,have Bose 3D though yeah and it should,be a decent sound system check the link,in the description for a review on that,yeah I think the last one got an eight,probably another Q60 yeah the Acoustics,will be different in here black,headliner which I like thats a crisp,thing and uh nope those are not LED but,thats okay well you know these are,important for Infinity drivers yeah,this one oh yeah to hang your suits on,thats right I had a friend in,elementary school in fact hes still my,friend I just dont really see him,anymore,and his dad,all the way growing up always had,Infinities he would just he would lease,Infinities and you always have a new one,and he would my um his parents and my,parents would alternate who would pick,us up from school okay so half the week,Id get to ride home in a new Infinity I,thought it was the coolest thing ever so,that is kind of like my fond childhood,memory of this car and I mean it looks,exactly the same as it did I mean this,is this was like his car I mean it was,just like I think I think it was a G37,and then it switched to a Q50 after that,so fun fact for a little while there,they made a q40 which was the G-Class,yeah so it was when the Q50 came out,they still wanted to make the job lets,see I see right right but they were,switching to a new namish game so they,made a q40 which was still just the G,just the G37 yeah C back pockets hard,plastic thats okay anything here no,nothing right here but there were cup,holders down there USA and C ANC thats,nice I want to even list the wattage,that attention to detail I have never,seen in a vehicle before its because,they knew that uh you were gonna buy one,of these because you like Infinities,well seriously like all jokes aside,why does that matter yeah well thats,what I was going to ask you I think its,I dont even know what it means exactly,I think 98 of people leasing Infinity,are gonna have no idea,well,for Micro Center employees and there you,go theres your thumbnail text a car for,Micro Center employees yeah lets pop,the hood okay are you gonna try to tell,the size of the motor yep,well you know if its a V6 then its,going to be a 3.5,why do I know that because Infinity,doesnt make any other v6s there you go,oh its a turbo V6 thats good but they,do have four cylinder one of these dont,they I dont think so they used to maybe,they used to but then they realized why,would they get rid of the four cylinder,its I mean these are probably as cheap,for them to make as four cylinders at,this point because theyve made this,engine for you I like that engine cover,okay thats enough,black mirror caps nice journalist spec,oh,this this does it for me,that I just I I see you driving one of,these,you look at me,this is just,yeah is it fitting its a little bit,fitting,fun fact if you ever see Bos,performance series its sort of their,their opportunity its like the Lincoln,of Bose and there theres standards that,they have to meet like they have to have,fancy grill covers and things like that,oh okay lets guess the price of this,car and we probably theres actually,probably know Monroe no theres not one,online either yeah never mind well lets,make up a price,is 56 230 yeah yeah okay decent price,for the car like this yeah,the power adjust steering column,obviously Infinity,did your M Series have that yes yeah,what are you are you trying to figure,out how to use both screen,simultaneously Im glad that thats in,the infotainment thats in a good spot,where are the heated seats oh right here,one setting,that cant be,what do you mean no you click through,the settings oh I see okay Im Auto,heated see I miss bro oh lets try that,yeah so it should blast your butt there,for a little while and then it should,calm down cigarette enthusiasts our,grapes are clean oh,thats good,I hate when my grapes get dirty,Charlie Speck climate control here not,the difference between you and me

2022 Infiniti QX50 Autograph Review – Walk Around and Test Drive

despite helping get this segment off the,ground in early 2000s infinity,surprisingly isnt a big name player in,the luxury compact crossover market for,2022. we featured a lot of vehicles in,this price range such as the bmw x3 audi,q5 and cadillac xd5 to name a few,but today i want to take a deep dive,into the 2022 infiniti qx50 last year i,filmed the qx55 which i was really,impressed with when it comes to its,design but also the interior comfort as,well now infiniti is one of the only,brands that does use a cvt in this,segment which could be a bit of a,hindrance to its growth here in the us,but i want to see how it compares to its,closest rivals and also see if you are,looking at buying a crossover in 2022,and you want to buy a luxury vehicle,that is comfortable to drive has a nice,soft suspension and also is pretty,practical then maybe the qx50 might be a,great option if you are looking at,buying a vehicle in the price between 40,and 60 thousand dollars,now before i get in this video i want to,give a huge shout and thank you to,infinity of norwood in nord,massachusetts,for a lamy series review,the link will be in the description,below so you can check out their,extensive infinity inventory i also want,to give a huge shout and thank you to,adam whos the general manager of,infinity of norwood for let me take this,vehicle out for the day to fully,experience it,also before we get started make sure you,hit the subscribe button and click the,notification bell so youre notified,every time a new video goes live on the,channel,and so,without wasting any further time,lets get right in this review,infiniti like many of its closest,competitors these days are known for the,lineup of crossovers rather than the,performance aspiring q50 and q60,and with most their consumers choosing,vehicles like the qx50 and qx60,that doesnt seem to be changing anytime,soon,with us for just over four years now for,the current generation,infinitis smallest and most affordable,suv finds itself among a list of rivals,such as the acura rdx lexus nx and audi,q5 to name a few,but the question still remains as to,whether this crossover still has what it,takes to not only be relevant in this,market but to also compete with new,arrivals and perennial standouts,starting off with pricing the qx50,autograph comes in at just under 57 000,which is the top end of the range for,this crossover,beginning with the 2019 model year,infiniti transitioned to a front-wheel,drive bias platform putting the qx50 on,the map as being one of the more,spacious and practical vehicles in this,market,by doing so exterior dimensions are not,only on par with most competitors but,its marginally longer than the audi q5,and lexus nx despite its traditional,sportier body lines that continues on,its perception that infinitis,crossovers are aerodynamic for optimal,on-road performance which was far more,apparent with the all-new qx55 that we,featured last year very surprising is,that when it comes to offer capability,the qx50 has a ground clearance of 8.6,inches outclassing many rivals in that,regard,and if you do live in colder climates,you should have no problem taking on,unplowed roads during the winter if you,opt for all-wheel drive,for the road presence of the qx50,infinitis design team has consistently,found ways to make the vehicles have,striking cosmetic features especially,now in the early 2020s but also last,decade as well,drawing your attention first is the,origami inspired grill thats outlined,by chrome accents which can be found,throughout the exterior of this,crossover,better yet the air vents you see on the,lower portion of the front bumper are in,fact functional and thats something we,dont often experience even for luxury,crossovers as its usually just for,decorational purposes,noticeable from multiple angles are the,sharp body lines that contribute to the,dynamic look,but also the rounder front fascia does,add a sportier vibe,finishing off the front portion of the,qx50 are led headlights and fog lights,which will obviously show better in,lower lighting but more importantly,keeps his crossover looking fresh for,the 2022 model year,moving over to the side profile the,autograph will be sitting on unique 20,inch wheels to set this trim apart from,the other models,ride quality even with the larger tire,size was pretty sufficient and in fact,infinitis compact crossover is one of,the more comfortable vehicles weve,driven in this segment,youll have body color power folding,side mirrors with turntable indicators,to go along with blind spot detection,for added safety,then coming around to the back,sticking to its heritage the qx50 has a,rounder rear fascia and then c pillars,that weve become accustomed to seeing,from infinity for almost two decades,while not a sportback like we saw with,the qx55,this crossover still looks sleek and,thanks to sharp body lines that run the,length of the vehicle it has the,appearance of constantly being in motion,just like up front led tail lights,provides an upscale and modern look,while the dual exhaust outlets and,brushed aluminum rear diffuser adds a,hint of sportiness,under the hood the infiniti qx50 is,powered by a 2-liter turbocharged,4-cylinder engine producing 268,horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque,and is paired with a cvt,with competitors offering dual clutch,automatics and zf8 speeds the qx50 isnt,going to feel as spry and athletic even,among other vehicles with a,four-cylinder engine,but that hasnt been infinitis mo as of,late and the driving dynamics reflect a,softer and premium interior rather than,being a crossover thats going to put,you on the edge of your seat,it should be noted that the qx50 is one,of the more powerful options in this,segment,and youre looking at a 0-60 time of,around 6.5 seconds,for fuel economy you can expect to,receive right around 23 miles per gallon,in the city,and 29 miles per gallon on the highway,stepping inside you give a power,adjustable heated and ventilated quilted,leather seats with ultra suede inserts,for both the driver and passenger,where infiniti has always excelled is,with their interior quality as arguably,its the cabin thats the highlight for,this vehicle and the soft touch padding,and the design of the dashboard provides,a safe and secure feeling,the usage of ultra suede and leather,materials blends together nicely to give,you a welcoming environment for when,youre commuting or going on long road,trips,in front of you between the analog,gauges is a diesel display thats,commonly found in most new nissan,related products giving you a good,amount of information,unlike its bigger sibling the qx60,there wont be a full digital display,offered for the 2022 model,but one can only assume that at some,point well see the same technology and,interior trickle down to infinitys,compact crossover,to make driving safer you will have a,head-up display with traffic sign,recognition and a digital speedometer to,help keep your eyes on the road ahead at,all times,moving over to the infotainment system,you have a dual touch screen setup with,the top screen being home to your,navigation system and camera angles,which include top and side views to help,park the qx50,to the delight of most drivers the,coolest feature with this user interface,is that when paired with wireless apple,carplay or android auto google maps and,waze will be showcased here giving you,the ability to multitask as you can,access vehicle settings or the radio,which can be found on the second touch,screen without having to close out of,waze or the google maps app,its the second touch screen that is,your main head unit where you can scroll,through different menus,resolution and responsiveness are on par,rivals with little to no lagging,whatsoever,and for buyers looking for a traditional,layout youll have quick access buttons,found just below the head unit and,mounted on either side of this screen,will be the buttons for your dual zone,climb control,ac,front and rear defrosters an

The 2021 Infiniti QX50 Autograph is a Decent Luxury SUV from a Lost Brand

hey everybody and welcome back to the,channel today we are taking a look at a,new infiniti product that was,built to become the brands best-selling,model here in america because as you,guys know,everybody loves crossovers this is the,2021,infiniti qx50 and as you guys know its,now in its second generation it got a,full redesign for the 2019 model year,its designed to go head-to-head with,other compact luxury crossovers like the,acura rdx the lexus nx the bmw x3,and for 2021 infiniti has made some,small changes im going to go over all,those changes and were going to find,out is this compact luxury suv still,worth a look if you guys are looking in,this segment thats over here to find,out,[Music],so the qx50 may have been designed to,become infinitis best-selling model but,it is far from that last year infiniti,sold,just under 19 000 units here in north,america compare that to the,60 to 70 000 units that acura and lexus,does,for the nx and of course the rdx,crossover now infiniti has made some,changes over the years,however theres no denying that the,brand continues to struggle here in the,us with finding relevance,now as you can see this particular one,here is a 2021,autograph model so its the fully loaded,trim infiniti still continues to offer,the qx50 in five different trim,configurations and,its still a handsome looking suv when,this thing first came out back,in 2019 i actually really liked the,design i love the bold front end with,this,corporate infinity grille of course you,have these led headlights which are,standard equipment,these uh this autograph model includes,adaptive swiveling leds and you also,have,led fog lights some of the vents that,you see here are functional especially,this vent right here which aids with,cooling the brakes and of course getting,air to that engine and the qx50 got a,pretty comprehensive overhaul for 2019,this is of course based off of a,platform that it shares with the nissan,x-trail or the nissan rogue so thats,right its a fancy,nissan rogue however under the hood we,do have a unique engine which ill talk,about,in just a moment now when they,redesigned this crossover and moved it,to a front drive platform,infiniti significantly increased the,overall length and increased the,interior,space now the wheels on this autograph,model are unique to this trim theyre a,20 inch design wrapped in 255,45 series tires the wheels are probably,my favorite part i think its a really,good looking suv especially when you,look at it from the side profile,infiniti is very much known for their,curves,and this suv shows all of that when you,look at the design of it now at 185,inches long,it doesnt look that long but this is,about the same size as acuras current,rdx which is actually on the bigger end,for the compact luxury suv segment,looking at the rear i really like the,styling back here,you can see this autographed model,includes a very large panoramic sunroof,theres,pretty cool looking designs in the,chrome trim and you can see theres a,lot of swooping lines,that really accentuate the curves of,this vehicle i especially like the rear,tail light design youve got a full led,design,with a a running light with a design,element that kind of matches the front,running lights,on this car and you can see down here,theres a dual exhaust outlet although,those are just,exhaust trim pieces my particular tester,also has a towing package,and you can see its a pretty subtle,looking design now opening up the rear,trunk area because they moved us to,a front drive platform infiniti,significantly improved the trunk space,with the second row seats up which by,the way no third row is available its,rated to give you 31 cubic feet of space,if you fold down the second row,infinity says it expands it to 64 cubic,feet of space which is pretty much on,par,with the rest of the segment its one of,the reasons why infiniti moved to a,front drive platform for this,second generation so exterior-wise,infiniti didnt make any changes for,2021. now what about the interior this,vehicle already had a pretty nicely,designed,and upgraded interior when it first,debuted two years ago,and you can see looking at the dashboard,layout and this interior color,combination my tester has the upgraded,white,interior for two thousand dollars with,the combination of brown blue,white and some black mixed in you can,see the seats are very nice looking i,love the quilted leather,theyre heated and cooled which is only,included on this autograph trim,and i also like the contrasting piping,now uh shutting the door,the door has a relatively solid sounding,thunk this shares a platform with the,the nissan rogue as i said before and,you can see here i want to show you guys,this,voila infiniti has actually replaced the,key theres a newer key fob design it,looks pretty similar to the old fob,design but i actually,really like this because its not too,big its not too small it looks,different and it also includes remote,start,on the fob the button to fire up the,engine is down here by the shifter,you can see the gauges look like they,havent changed from,infinities that i saw back in high,school in like 2008,2007 which is a shame infinity really,needs to upgrade that,the center stack here you can see,theres still that frustrating two,screen layout however last year the,company added android auto and apple,carplay,its not wireless you have to actually,plug it in you can see my iphone 12 pro,max,is pretty large theres not really a,place where i can put my phone in here,which is a little annoying there is a,usbc and a regular usb charging port,over there,and this interior for two grand extra,you can see completely upgraded with,beautiful stitching real leather,alcantara beautiful wood grain this is,like a birch wood,real aluminum trim the 16 speaker bose,stereo thats included on the sensory,trim and up,sounds pretty good you got two person,memory seats the seats themselves are,adjustable,in 16 different ways its hard touch,plastic down here but its all soft over,here,the dash also has this beautiful leather,with the wood its real stitching this,is a very high quality interior that,does show some signs that it shares,parts with nissan of course you can see,theres a head up display over here the,switch gear you can see is shared with,nissan the windows,one touch up down for all four this is,very much a nissan window switch of,course with some aluminum trim added but,thats kind of what you find in acura,and lexus products as well this screen,here just completely needs to be,replaced there no theres no need to,have two just make this one giant screen,im not entirely sure why infiniti,hasnt done that yet i am told they are,working on something completely new,in the next generation qx60 which is the,companys best-selling model,you can see this screen here houses kind,of like your information for driver,assistance,you can input street addresses here into,the gps you can access the car play of,course over there,carplay is up here the touch screen,itself is okay its an eight inch up,here and a seven inch down here,which again its relatively responsive,theres a menu button here,an audio button here we can you know get,to your audio information and whatnot,or your climate information where its,where you can access the heated steering,wheel its over here,in the climate button you can see,theres dedicated hard buttons over here,for your heated and cooled seats a,volume knob,although no tuning knob and if you dont,want to use the touch screen infinity,also has their intouch controller here,which you can also you know access the,rear view camera system the,sensory trim and up includes this full,360 camera which the resolution and,quality,graphics are terrible uh considering the,price of this car its just unacceptable,theres a lot of mainstream cars that,have better,looking reverse camera systems including,nissans vehicles,so this is just using their older system,its unacceptable your drive mode,selector is over here,get

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