1. All-New 2022 Infiniti QX60 review// This or the Pathfinder?
  2. Is the 2022 Infiniti QX60 a BETTER luxury SUV than an Acura MDX?
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All-New 2022 Infiniti QX60 review// This or the Pathfinder?

weve got the all-new infiniti qx60 this,is the one vehicle infiniti has to have,a home run with lets get in go for,drive,here we go zach,infinitys back baby,sounds good whats under the hood of the,qx60 a 3.5 liter v6 engine with a,9-speed automatic transmission out is,the cvt,295 horsepower and 270 pound-feet of,torque standard all-wheel drive in,canada but in the us front-wheel drive,and all-wheel drive options on every,trim youre going to have to put premium,fuel in this qx60,so the infiniti qx60 is their best,seller and it is based on the nissan,pathfinder but it isnt a pathfinder you,get more stuff what are the key standard,features,the base trim comes with a 12.3 inch,touchscreen wireless apple carplay and,wired android auto heated front seats,and a heated steering wheel 8-way power,front seats driver seat memory leather,appointed upholstery seven passenger,seating a panoramic sunroof and a power,liftgate all right andrea they got this,new infotainment wheel what are we gonna,put it in you have to put it in s for,subscribe and if you can hit that,notification bell youll be notified,when all of our reviews drop and then,you can watch them and we do this the,couple car review twice a week the first,one drops on wednesday we put another,one out on saturday so make sure you,subscribe hit that bell ding the bell,but also follow along on instagram its,motor mouth underscore andrea and for me,its motor mouth underscore auto and the,links are below this video is brought to,you by car cost canada get the dealers,cost list of rebates plus discounted,interest rates use the promo code,motormouth to become an expert member,and get extra searches the link is in,the description below so andrea gave you,a little sneak peek of what were doing,on instagram and a lot of people ask how,does this compare to the pathfinder that,its based on what are we going to do,andrea were going to talk about it in,questions coffee and cars youve got,some great questions,but how does this compare to the last,model well infiniti has made some big,improvements with the suspension the,steering it offers a more comfortable,drive less body roll,improved fuel economy and the towing,capacity is now six thousand pounds on,those two top trims so you know what you,can tow zach,whats that andrea a 22-foot airstream,youd have to well im just trying to do,the math on this you probably could buy,three of these for the price of a,22-foot airstream theyre so expensive,they sure you know andreas idea of,camping is going to a hotel without a,hair dryer thats camping for andrea,actually thats not true zach youre,youre making me come out as uh not a,camera as a diva a bit of a diva im a,camper ill sleep in a tent or even a,volkswagen van i just need to have a,washroom nearby thats all i ask for uh,for americans ill translate thats a,restroom,but how do you like the way this thing,looks i like it those slim led,headlights with the piano key design,look fantastic its got a big bold,grille and front bumper and i love the,glass at the back its got a real range,rover look to it i like the shoulders on,it its got a nice sort of curve to the,front hood with broad shoulders same at,the back the slim led tail lamp that,goes from side to side everybodys doing,that these days the script is on the,back as well but what about,i know what youre going to say zach the,big chrome,fake exhaust finishers on the lower,bumper what the hell infinity i know why,infinity that is a no-go for me i hear,that the base trims have more of a matte,finish i think that this shiny chrome,looks even worse i bet you theres going,to be an aftermarket company that comes,out with a replacement part for that,that makes it look,less obvious i dont understand okay so,putting dual exhaust through the bumper,with real exhaust finishers can be done,i dont know why they just dont do that,i know and the new mdx has real ones now,they got away from this so obviously i,think because theres a type s coming,and you certainly cant have fake ones,can you,so big improvement on the way that it,drives were going to get into that as,we mentioned as a comparison of the,pathfinder in a moment but then when you,look at the inside this needed a major,refresh and it got it wow did it ever,need it with the technology and youre,right zach its still a comfortable qx60,and the fit and finish is beautiful,theyve always had great leather but now,its the technology a standard 12.3 inch,touchscreen now when it comes to best,value andrea whats the best value trim,zach always likes to announce that well,i got to do something over here,the base model comes with a lot of,features we already went through that,but if you just go up one trim to the,luxe trim,its a little bit more money forty five,hundred dollars canadian six thousand,dollars us but you get three,features that i want 20 inch wheels 20,inch wheels pro pilot assist with nav,link,and the final one is the 12.3 inch,digital driver display now in the us you,also get ventilated front seats on that,trim we dont in canada how much is that,trim in canada its 59 and a half,thousand dollars and just under 54 in,the u.s,now our best value trim over at the mdx,is the tech and its roughly just over,60 thousand dollars so well done,infiniti this is a brand that has been,struggling,theyve had diminished sales they have,some ancient cars that theyve left to,rot on the vine for far too long finally,they come around to their best seller,the qx60 they update it with all the,tech that andreas gone through and they,price it better than its absolute direct,competitor well done in affinity smart,marketing smart marketing now the trim,that were test driving is the sensory,trim thats where youre gonna get all,of those extra features in canada youve,got the ventilated front seats and then,in both canada and the us heated rear,seats a head-up display,these extra things that you want but,this isnt the top trim how come they,didnt give us the top trim they always,give us the top trim why didnt we get,the top trailer well i think we didnt,get the top trim because this has,everything but zach you might ask whats,on the top trimming thats what im,wondering whats on the top well thats,where you get the captains chairs you,dont get a bench seat a bench seat is,standard on all trims except for that,top trim,and you also get the quilted leather,seats with that nice piping you see that,in the mdx as well okay one more thing,the black roof this is new to infinity,we saw that in the pathfinder as well on,the top trim im okay with two of those,things not being here one is a bench,seat in the second row to me just makes,this a practical vehicle practical all,the time and then the quilted seats you,know our thoughts on quilted seats,everyone its overdone and theyre going,to look so 2020 or 2019 in a few years i,kind of like this better its simple,its clean and you know three in the,second row is the way to go now heres,me getting in the back seat theres,plenty of room but its slightly,different than the pathfinder that this,is built on what did they do well they,gave you more front row legroom in the,pathfinder by two inches but they gave,you,more in the second row by two inches in,the qx60 so thats where the difference,is i think if youre a tall person then,maybe that front row leg room might be,great for you ive heard that from,followers who bought the pathfinder and,then getting in the back seat whos,kidding who these are for kids,you can sit in the back if you have to,but uh you need to move the second row,forward maybe thats why they did it,they have an extra bit of reach in the,second row and it gets you into the back,seat now theres something about your,ankle knee hip,ratio what the hells that well zach,they increased the hip to heel ratio in,the third row so now my knees arent up,at my chest i still feel a little bit of,that in the third row but its supposed,to improve the comfort level and also,when you have the bench seat in the,second row y

Is the 2022 Infiniti QX60 a BETTER luxury SUV than an Acura MDX?

[Music],hey guys whats up its joe rady from,ladies rides im in one of my favorite,parking lot locations because guess what,we have that brand that some people just,simply forget about and this is one of,their vehicles this is the new,redesigned infiniti qx60 our particular,one is the autograph all-wheel drive but,before we get into this midsize luxury,suv lets talk about whats going on,here like i said it seems nowadays,people have moved on from infinity maybe,sometimes theyll see one driving down,the road maybe theyll open up a,magazine and see an advertisement but,infiniti is doing something very similar,to their parent company nissan theyre,going through their lineup and having a,bit of a redesign and a change up not,only on style but also on technology,when it comes to the interior now the,qx60 being a midsize,thats a a very tough competition,segment of the auto industry a lot of,big names especially from those german,euro brands but what i want to do is i,want to compare this autographed version,of the infiniti qx60 up against another,japanese premium brand you know it as,acura acura came about in 1986 infiniti,came about in 1989. lets go ahead lets,dive into this qx60 and see who is the,better luxury suv for your hard earned,money lets go ahead and dive into our,2022 qx60 right off the bat i love the,direction that theyre going in with,their style especially when it comes to,their headlights they did a great job,with their led daytime running lamps led,turn signals and of course that,projector beam style led headlight now,as we kind of coast down youll notice,the nice aggressive angles and a full,functional corner vent this is an air,curtain to help channel air up and,around the wheel arches really gives it,a nice modern look but also like i said,kind of takes away from the previous gen,that was a little bit more bulbous,not very aggressive now as we come,across the front were gonna watch out,for the parking blocks here so we dont,fall youre gonna get that infinity,badge forward-facing camera and if you,look at the grill design here thats,actually taken from a bunch of waves in,the ocean so if youre into surfing you,might like this grill because surfs up,on the wave action of the black grill,infinity badge across the bottom nicely,stamped in im glad they didnt put any,stick on emblems and then as we kind of,back out you can see the nice width of,the front end you know like i said its,a balance of making it look a little bit,more aggressive without going too over,the top youre going to have full,functionality on the flat black portion,on the lower end and im liking the,chrome accents normally im not a big,chrome guy but just a little bit of,chrome matches nicely with the chrome,around the perimeter of the grille on,this qx80 now if were comparing this to,the acura mdx this is definitely going,to look a little bit more luxurious not,so sporty i think the mdx has a sportier,look,than this qx860 now when we get up onto,the hood,notice how they take the peak from the,top of the grill portion bring it into,the hood and then it goes right towards,the windshield,this sits on the same chassis as the,pathfinder but the pathfinder is a,little bit more rugged this youll,notice still has some of that nice,smooth curve i kind of like what they,did with the hood because when youre,sitting behind the wheel it gives you,two nice vantage points so that when,youre parking this thing youre not,going to bump into the car next to you,or into your garage wall now as we come,around the bend what are we working with,wheel and tire setup so youre going to,notice on our autograph trim we have a,20-inch wheel machined aluminum metallic,gunmetal gray finish nice metallic,finish there if youre wondering well,joe whats the size of the tire youre,basically looking at 2 55 on the width,and a nice meaty 50 series sidewall the,wheels are a little bland to me but,i think somebody thats looking for this,type of suv this might hit the nail,right on the head for them really nice,though that they have 20 inch wheels the,one thing im just a little concerned,about and i just like rub my chin as i,think here in the hot florida sun,sweating all over myself why is this,flat black there should be,no flat black around the fender opening,this should be all nicely painted to be,a cohesive design thats definitely the,biggest zonk on the exterior but as we,kind of come out and then we come in to,the side mirrors youre going to get,some gloss black youll see the led turn,signals were gonna have 360 degree,cameras and then i think another thing,that youll notice taken from the nissan,brand is that two-tone style so you got,your blacked-out roof including your,a-pillar and then really sets off nicely,against this im calling it like a sand,metallic color its not silver its not,like a champagne color it really has a,nice kind of tinge to it now up top,youre going to get gloss black roof,rails match in nicely with the gloss,black roof there is shiny bright metal,work at the top and the bottom of the,windows and thats okay because guess,what it all blends in with whats,happening at the front a little bit of,chrome on the door handles obviously we,have that keyless entry and then i think,another thing that was super smart was,how they put some chrome on the bottom,sill extension especially with the,infinity name here just like up front,its kind of stamped in to the side just,like a metal worker is stamping out that,steel same thing with this uh design now,youll notice that the trim goes all the,way into the rear quarter glass and i,like the way they did this butter knife,design,what does that sound good right now,maybe some toast maybe an english muffin,with some butter but anyways back to the,review,i like the way they kind of flare that,out just to give it a little bit of,extra style and im so glad that they,didnt bring it down i think by doing,that it just makes it look a little bit,more cleaner and modern with the large,glass now as we swing around just like,up front youre going to see some,changes,nice low roof spoiler that extends out,nicely i like the way its got this,little dip of course youre going to,have a gloss black shark fin antenna up,top the other zonk is this guy here this,needs to be taken off and tucked,underneath here i think it would just,clean up the whole rear of the vehicle,but guess what the mdx i guess its even,stevens because the mdx has it as well,located visibly rather than tucked in,now you got your infinity badge the led,lighting i do like the way they did the,letters now as you come across from the,lighting i like the way they did the,letters with the infinity name across,the back and the emblem so its not like,lexus where they switch from the emblem,to the name badge now you get both just,in case youre confused youre like what,is that oh its an infinity or if you,dont know how to read then you can look,at that and say oh its an infinity,qx60 chrome,looking good and then you got your,all-wheel drive badge and then i guess,were gonna have to finish off on a zonk,and the zonk isnt about the toe,capability the zonk is the fake looking,exhaust indentations on both sides i,dont know,really what is up with that,but basically very confusing why they,would do those indentations i know its,just aesthetically but it looks like it,wants to be exhaust and i could picture,exhausts in these spots so that,definitely is going to be a zombie lets,go ahead lets pop the hood and talk,power in our qx60 all right guys we got,the hood pop you do have hydraulic hood,struts now whats interesting is just,like the mdx,you get a v6 on this infinity qx60 so,what do we talk about first of all,pretty decent engine cover i like the,way its got the infinity badge lets you,know its a v6 but what are we looking,at power its a 3.5 liter v6 producing,209 horsepower 270 pound-feet of torque,it is mated to a 9-speed automatic,transmission 0-60 in about 6.6 seconds,quarter-mile is going to go by at 16.5,sec

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2022 Infiniti QX60 vs Genesis GV80 – Worth the $15k Difference?

im yuri im jacob and were going for a,drive,[Music],this is episode two of car review court,where im going to defend the 2022 qx60,autograph to the death and im gonna,defend the genesis gv80 prestige to the,death these are both cheater three rows,this qx60 is brand new and the genesis,has been out for a couple years now but,it has earned many accolades and theyre,both not north american yes both west of,the pacific were not talking about no,traverses in this episode so id like to,start off with the fact that mine is,called the autograph and i have,autograph embossed into my seats do you,have prestige in the gv80 unfortunately,i do not theres nothing in here that,actually says prestige however autograph,sounds a lot like a copyright claim with,range rover autobiography no comment id,like to see you prove that in court,but for now autograph is awesome and,these seats these are the space seats,the zero gravity comfort i am so,comfortable in them i do have quilting,and unlike the gv80 which i sat in just,to confirm my suspicions about this case,those gv80 seats are not comfortable,against my spine theres like a little,ridge in the center hate them objection,motion to overrule these seats are so,comfortable so luxurious for my body,type so your subjective nature should be,discredited fully overruled by me i,would like the jury in the comments,below to comment if you sat in a gv80 or,any genesis with the quilted seats are,they comfortable or not or do you get,that pressure point in the center of,your spine and speaking about my clients,lovely seats they look very good the,quilting is high quality and they have,this ergo motion function which will,actually reduce stress and make you very,comfortable on long drives and you have,this thing called a massage apparently,however if a jury decided that that was,called a massage i think that would be,again fully discredited im going to,turn on my massage,with this hard button its just just,lovely pushing into my back it is a,massage thats what it says on the spec,sheet you cant deny that this car was,sold with a massage feature i can fully,deny that because its just a pressure,point thats just stabbing into the,middle of your spine,it is a massage feature that its sold,with,continuing with the theme of seats i,have a seven seater in here so i have,one more seat than you have do you have,captains chairs in the middle row i,dont need those i need more people in,here i think a little bit more luxury,with these caps and chairs is nicer and,if you put a child seat on there you can,click a button to have it all angle,forward with the base so you wouldnt,need to remove the base to get to the,back seats theres also a center console,thats removable so you can use that to,get around to the back seats as well,i did sit in the third row of your qx60,and while it was quite uncomfortable i,did hit my feet on some plastics and,stuff like that i then sat in the third,row of my vehicle the gv80 and if i,craned my neck in a very comfortable,fashion i had slightly less room,lets just say the third row is for,children only and leave it at that so,lets get to the focus of the second row,where i have automatic peasant blockers,and you just have these peasant-y manual,peasant blockers i think that is a,fair thing to have in this infinity,considering the price difference which,well get to later but,can you explain with this price,difference how i have more room in the,trunk with all the seats up in the,infinity,for carry-ons than you do in the genesis,yuri that just adds to the sporty shape,of my vehicle and the sportiness which,im going to show you with flooring it,right now,oh thats fast,so its come to my attention that you,brought your clients cheater engine the,larger engine where you do have a,smaller engine i guess you wanted the,top trim of both for this car court,review which brings me to the next point,horsepower and torque horsepower and,torque this gv80 has 375 horsepower and,390 pound-feet of torque from a,twin-turbo 3.5 liter v6 and your piggly,qx60 in the top trim with the best,engine you can get has 295 horsepower,and 270 pound-feet of torque from a,naturally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 and for,the jury i would like to bring you to,exhibit a flooring three two one go,you cheated and,catching up and,see you later yuri,[Laughter],yeah the extra 100 horsepower definitely,makes a really big difference there is a,lower trim of this vehicle with actually,still more horsepower and a even better,match price as well though but do you,know whats amazing about my clients,infinity,no cvt automatic transmission,while that would normally be a point you,do have a nine speed i do have an eight,speed lets floor it in three two one,and thats why thats not a point,because that is such a laggy,transmission i mean its better than a,cvt though,yeah anythings better than a cvt,did you know that according to the press,material this infiniti qx60 their most,revolutionary product has had over 1.5,million man hours put into it i didnt,but thank you for bringing that to my,attention which is a great useless fact,for this i dont know if that helps my,case or hurts my case but that is a fact,about the case so lets get to some,extremely subjective things about the,exterior which may end up with the jury,in the comments let us know what you,think if you agree with us but i think,the gv80 is by far better looking like,not even in the same league completely,disagree from the front end this newly,redesigned qx60 looks so much better,this gigantic grille makes it look so,aggressive the daytime running lights,look wonderful and this dark burgundy,paint is so nice its such a great,metallicy color and ive got two-tone,like a my bach i dont think that gv80,has two-tone no no thats just one color,with a bunch of chrome there is no,two-tone for the gv80 its not even,offered it doesnt need to be offered,because i heard unsubstantiated rumors,that the bentley bentayga was actually,modeled after this car and even the,rolls-royce cullinan i i did see a video,that it said budget bentley or something,like that and it was showed a gv80 so,that is that is kind of cool for you and,im glad you brought that video up as,evidence because i believe in that video,you said this has the best headlights of,the year maybe something along those,lines yeah i mean that would have been a,very 2021 thing to say but we are,unfortunately in 2022 and when you throw,a front license plate on two of these,cars the front license plates gonna,look a lot better on this infinity than,it will smack dab in the middle of that,genesis but thankfully both of these,dont have them so shout out to the,manufacturers for cheating their way,into manufacturer plates for both of,these,loopholes,the court allows it technicalities are,the best types of things to get off on,and then talking about the side of the,cars the body lines the infiniti does,have plastic cladding around the wheels,which is great because if you do some,off-roading you dont want to ruin your,paint and thats why plastic cladding is,the best everybody loves plastic,cladding on suvs i know it you know it,everybody knows it objection every,luxury car in the history of luxury cars,has not had plastic cladding so this,gv80 is a true icon of luxury with no,plastic cladding how about the porsche,tycan cross turismo thats an electric,car it doesnt count,okay how about wheels im going to fully,admit im gonna im gonna throw my,client in the ditch the genesis has,nicer wheels but this infinity is,equipped with the straight pipes,recommended continental tire yes you,would actually be correct that would be,the ice contact extremes or the extreme,contact dws-06 however getting back to,those wheels i have 22s they are,beautiful 22 is a bigger number than 20,which you have by default 22s win but,that goes along with the increased price,of the gv80 and if you dont want to,wait till the end of the video to find,out what the prices are you can go to,tsb.truecard.c

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2023 Infiniti QX60 // Is THIS the Luxury 3-Row SUV to Buy?? (2023 Changes)

whats going on YouTube so the infinity,lineup over the last decade has seen a,lot of changes including a period of,time where they changed the names of all,of their products,now since this introduction as the JX in,2014 the now QX60 has been one of the,most popular Infinities which should,only increase with this all-new,generation,what were standing next to today is the,2023 model year so not only will we,extensively go over everything this QX60,has to offer but we will also discuss,the few changes Infinity has made this,year,so does this QX60 beat the XC90 and MDX,lets go ahead and find out,[Music],so lets start off here of course with,the exterior design so this was just,fully redesigned last year and infinity,gave this a lot more of a kind of sporty,Windswept look than the previous very,swoopy design that the last generation,had thats going to start up here in the,front so we do have the latest version,of the Infiniti Grill as you can see you,do have the Chrome surrounds at the top,and the bottom Infinity is actually,spelled out inside of it and then you,have the black mesh that goes through it,thats going to be on every single trim,level of the QX60 although down here in,your lower area this is going to be,finished in different colors depending,on which model you choose dark gray on,this model you would also have the,Chrome if you went for the fully loaded,autograph,now pushing right against the grill we,do have brand new headlights so as you,can see they are fully LED its going to,be an LED projector low beam and led,reflector high beams and then of course,weve got this newest design for,Infinity of dashes through here for your,daytime running light and your turn,signal indicator they will be adaptive,headlights if you choose the autograph,and it is also available as an option on,Lux and sensory,and then finally we dont have any fog,lights on any of the models,as we kind of move around to the side,lets go ahead and talk about our wheel,options so you do have a standard 18,inch Alloy on the base pure model,however if you choose any of the other,trim levels those are going to give you,20 inch alloy wheels this is the design,that is on the sensory and the autograph,it is a contrast multi-spoke I think,its a very handsome looking design that,matches well with this paint,then as we move on up here we do have uh,the mirrors which have a lot of features,on board you actually have the two-tone,finish standard on every single trim,level and in terms of those features you,are going to have standard power folding,standard heating and standard blind spot,monitoring and if you want Auto dimming,all you have to do is upgrade beyond the,bass trim level all right guys so lets,talk about the side design of this 2023,Infiniti QX60 now if youre just taking,a step back and look at it you can tell,that it looks quite long and as far as,the overall length youre looking at,198.2 inches which actually does place,this right on par with that of the vast,majority of the segment like the Acura,MDX in terms of length so most of that,is just kind of a visual element to it,now I do want to point out a few,features you will notice that we have,the body color roof design for this,model if you go for that top end,autograph model that will have a,two-tone black finish which I think,makes it look a lot sportier and better,looking so I would recommend if you like,that two-tone finish also we do have,some roof rails up top as well as the,cross racks across now I also want to,point out uh 2023 change so Infiniti,says that theyve changed the lower,moldings for 2023 even despite it just,being one model year old so if you go,for the sensory or autograph youre,going to have this dark gray finish,around all of your wheel archings as,well as into the rear and if you go for,the Lux theyre going to have a gloss,black finish which I think would look,really nice so maybe well sample that,out later in the year now as far as the,rear design is concerned for the QX60,youre not going to see significant,changes for 2023 obviously this was all,new last year so theyre not going to,really change much but breaking down the,design we do have an exposure wiper,right here Infinity badging and then our,tail lights are connected theyre not,going to be like one cohesive piece but,they are connected via this black piece,in the middle and they are going to be a,very premium design so youre going to,have kind of a Slender finish and,theyre going to be full LED so you have,the brake light portion up here at the,top and Amber turn signal thats also,LED and a LED reverse light Infinity is,going to be spelled out across the back,and then if we drop it down you will,have some cool elements going on here so,you will notice that we have some body,color elements as well as that new matte,finish and then were going to have no,exposed exhaust Outlets thats actually,going to be across every single version,of the QX60 and they can all tow 6000,pounds,all right guys so lets go ahead and,talk about your warranty and safety,system so for your safety systems,Infinity is not including all of them as,standard equipment so if you go for that,base model you will have a Ford,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection you also have rear Auto,braking and auto high beam headlamps if,you go for the Lux trim and above that,will throw in adaptive cruise control as,well and then youre gonna have to go,all the way up to the sensory trim level,or above if you want Lane keeping assist,as well as their active blind spot,intervention system now for your,warranty information you do actually,actually see some changes for 2023 were,looking at four years 60 000 miles for,your basic warranty six years seventy,Thousand Miles for your powertrain,warranty but the new feature is that,Infiniti is including three years of,prepaid maintenance which is certainly a,nice feature to have included but guys,thats going to wrap up the exterior,design of this QX60 now lets go ahead,and check out the very luxurious cabin,foreign,so walking up to the QX60 you will of,course have a standard smart entry,system with the Brands newest key fob,design youll also find remote start on,the Lux and above,and then to get inside just grab behind,the handle,heres a good look at the overall,interior and well go ahead and climb,inside and look at all the details,[Music],now like always the first thing I want,to talk about are your different color,and material choices so you are going to,have standard real leather on the new,QX60 most of the models are going to,have the choice between graphite and,Sandstone although with this sensory,trim level that also gives you the,additional choice of Saddle Brown which,is a color that I really like a lot but,of course this is going to be the,Sandstone option we see today now if you,choose the fully loaded autograph model,that however will upgrade everything to,a quilted semi aniline leather and that,has a choice between graphite and saddle,Brown as well as far as these seats,though like I said they are real leather,theyre very very comfortable I also,like the perforation on board as well,as I turn over here to the seats,themselves these are going to be,standard 12-way power adjusting with,two-way lumbar support youll also,notice a little button right there on,the top this is for our massaging and,thats going to be included here on the,sensory as well as the autograph,but as far as the overall interior of,course the biggest update with this new,generation of QX60 is just like overall,quality and design so lets go ahead and,take a look at the materials starting,over here on our door trim we do have,leather all throughout this entire area,got this really cool concave speaker,Grille,more leather all through the middle and,we have Stitch leather along the top of,the door trim beautiful open pour wood,and real aluminum door handles,we also have two person memory seating,located right there and four fully,automatic windows as we move on to the,up

2016 / 2017 Infiniti QX60 First Drive Review

hello everyone Im Alex dykes and today,we are out here in San Antonio taking a,look at the 2016 QX 64 2016 infiniti has,gone back and refreshed the qx60 to,tweak some of the things that a few,people complained about in the previous,generation now if you recall the qx60,was originally called the jx35 and then,infiniti went back and renamed their,crossover lineup for 2016 most of the,changes outside have to do with this,entirely new front end we get new,headlamps that have this more angry,birds theme going on here we have a,grill that ties us in a little bit,better with the rest of the infiniti,lineup now 2016 is a refresh not a,redesign so the dimensions of the qx60,remain about the same in addition things,like the drivetrain and the overall feel,of the qx60 have not substantially,changed for this model year at 196 point,4 inches long the qx60 is still one of,the larger entries in this particular,segment this is about 2 inches longer,than the recently redesigned Volvo xc90,about 3 inches longer than the Acura MDX,this is of course still about 4 inches,shorter than something like a Buick,Enclave which is one step down the,ladder Infiniti has also changed the,back end of the qx60 just about as much,as they change the front we have more,chrome going on back here including this,chrome strip that goes from one tail,lamp on to the other these tail lamps,also are a little bit more unifying with,the rest of the Infiniti brand they have,that same sort of Angry Birds theme,going on that we see up front although,we still have only one hidden exhaust,tip right over here on the passenger,side the overall look of the rear end is,less mini vanish than it was before we,definitely have more things breaking up,the expanse of the rear this tailgate is,now a little bit more visually,interesting,theyve of course made the rear bumper,look a little bit taller with this,blacked out portion below 2016 doesnt,bring anything new under the hood we,still find the same 3.5 liter v6 engine,under here making 265 horsepower fuel,economy is also the same as it was last,year now there has been some speculation,about the hybrid version leaving us for,2016 and thats not happening you will,still find the optional supercharged 2.5,litre five-cylinder engine and an,electric motor under the hood in the,hybrid model making a combined 250,horsepower now if your local Infiniti,dealer doesnt have any hybrid models on,the lot that shouldnt surprise you,Infiniti says that in certain areas,the country your dealers may have to,order the hybrid model but it is still,available for sale the reason is that,all qx60 s sold everywhere in the world,are actually made right here in the,United States in Tennessee and at the,moment the hybrid model is essentially,the only qx60 available in China so all,Chinese qx60 s made in the US yet again,are that hybrid model theyre making,them here in the US so they do sell them,in the US if you want one front seat,comfort comparisons really depend on,what youre comparing the qx60 to the,seats core very well when you compare,them to the Acura MDX or the Buick,Enclave or your average 3-row crossover,in the mass-market segment however you,will still find more comfortable and,more adjustable seats in the BMW the,Audi or the Volvo the difference in,adjustability is noticeable right here,on the drivers seat where we have a,two-way adjustable lumbar support or,over here on the passenger seat where it,doesnt have the same range of motion or,any adjustable lumbar support like the,drivers seat does the Infinity is,second row however is positively,enormous and very comfortable the is,rear seats are adjustable for recline,they also scoot forward and backward,nearly six inches from one to the other,that allows you to apportion the space,between the first second and third row a,little bit more equitably second row,passengers do get a large armrest with,two fixed cupholders right there now,unlike the Europeans you will not find a,40/20/40 folding second row seat,but the qx60 does have a trick up its,sleeve because this 40% side that Im,sitting in right here on the passenger,side of the vehicle moves in a different,manner than this outboard seat to get,into the third row for third row axis on,the drivers side of the vehicle the,seat bottom cushion flips up this folds,forward and the whole unit collapses,towards the front of the vehicle on the,passenger side this seat moves in a,slightly different manner the seat,bottom cushion goes towards the floor at,the same time the seat back tilts,forward that allows you to keep a,forward-facing child seat in position,obviously unoccupied,well you then get into the third row,thats not something you can do in any,other entry in this particular segment,all those other vehicles out there you,would have to unlatch the child seat now,you cannot use the shoulder belt with a,child seat in that fashion you would,have to use the latch anchors where,Infiniti really shines is back here in,this third row because I have,significantly more legroom than we find,in every other entry in this segment,especially the European entries which,are a little bit smaller the seat bottom,cushion is a little bit close to the,ground,adults but the front seat is all the way,back in its tracks I comfortably sat in,the second row and adjusted it for me as,you can see I have about two inches of,legroom left here in the third row third,row pastures get hard plastic arm rests,and four cupholders total in the rear we,no longer find air vents in this third,row however we now have USB charging,ports instead Infiniti claims that the,removal of the air vents has actually,allowed them to prove cabin cooling,overall for all three rows the overall,style of the cabin has not changed,appreciably for 2016 although the,interior parts quality certainly has the,2015 qx60 actually used a hard plastic,dashboard which is a little bit unusual,in this segment this now uses a soft,touch injection molded model that has,then been after stiffed with this,contrasting stitching we have basically,the same infotainment and navigation,system we had last year its controlled,via this button and knob arrangement,right here on the dashboard again more,real wood trim going on there below that,youll find the optical disc player the,controls for the radio system and then a,small storage cubby continuing on behind,that we have an all new shifter this is,going to be shared with all the rest of,the Infiniti models and well also see,it in the brand new q60 coupe to very,large cup holders right here and a,closable lid if you dont want to see,those cup holders behind that we have,the controls for our heated and,ventilated seats and the drive mode,selector which allows us to choose,between sport normal eco and snow this,affects the way the transmission and the,all-wheel-drive system behave we again,have a soft touch large center armrest,that is split into two different,compartments we have the large,compartment down there we have a smaller,one right up here the four needle,instrument cluster is essentially the,same as we had last year with a,tachometer on the left and the,speedometer there on the right between,the two we have a multifunction LCD,controlled via a button and knob on the,steering wheel that allows us to switch,between the status of our safety systems,our trip computer information tire,pressure fuel economy that sort of thing,you use the buttons on the left side of,the steering wheel to control that,multifunction display we have up/down,enter page change and a back button this,also functions this track up and down we,have a volume up/down button right over,here source change voice command button,phone hang up button right over here and,then on the left side of the steering,wheel we have a button to enable and,disable all the active driving aids,cruise control and of course our model,does have the radar adaptive cruise,control so we have a distance button,there and our typical cruise control,controls the steeri

2022 Infiniti QX60 | Review & Road Test

sometimes a new concept can be scary for,some people but in this case i think,its a good time to embrace the newness,with that being said this is the all-new,redesigned infiniti qx60 lets have a,look shall we,the qx60 is infinitis three row,mid-size premium suv,this generation has been re-imagined,from top to bottom allowing the driver,to quote conquer life in style,and yes style is the name of the game,here folks this new qx60 exudes style in,a handsome and athletic way,thats something that im used to doing,too,the attention to detail from the,floating roofline design to its body,lines give the suv a calming presence,according to infinity a large grill and,wide stance give it that commanding,world presence thats balanced out by,its slim piano style led headlights and,taillights,and theres just enough chrome to,elevate this infinitis classiness oh,and youll know its an infiniti because,the logos on all four sides of the,exterior also youll notice that the,body gets more narrow as you go towards,the back adding to that sleek design but,this comes at a cost,and that cost is third row space its a,bit narrow in here for the long trips,especially for someone as big as i am so,i would suggest this for kids if you got,one throw them back here,figuratively not,literally,otherwise head leg and shoulder space,and the front two rows remain good,so lets see if that bold styling can,fit a big body like myself me being 64,lets hop in the front seat see how i,fit,all right so right away seats are,comfortable i have plenty of leg space,plenty of headroom and the steering,wheel feels really good in my hands with,this sporty flattening out bottom but,lets see how i fit behind myself in the,back seat,and,crawling back here,same thing plenty of leg space plenty of,head room despite having the panoramic,sunroof,and i can slide and recline these seats,if you dont have any kids in the back,seat you dont want to hit them in the,knees but needless to say its plenty of,room for a big guy like me,all right,there is a drop in cargo capacity from,the previous gen behind the third row,yielding 14.5 cubic feet you can obtain,more space under the cargo floor or drop,the third row for 41.6 cubic feet and in,the event that youre moving your shoe,collection theres 75.4 cubic feet with,both the second and third row seats,folded,some other details in the second row are,that the seats have a one touch tilt and,slide feature and what this does is,allow access into the third row even if,you have a child seat latched into place,now for some families thats a big deal,because they dont want to do the extra,work another cool feature is this center,console,is removable,[Music],along with the outside the qx60s,interior quality has elevated in latest,forms soft leather diamond quilted,stitching with french seams and open,pour wood on this autographed trim,this qx60 is showing off its premium,touches,any zero gravity seats up front are,comfortable and if you get this in the,autograph or sensory trim level they,come with a massage feature thats good,for long family road trips or just,sitting in the parking lot thinking,about which shoes you want to buy,my poor wallet,moving to the infotainment theres a,single 12.3 inch screen positioned on,top of the dash thats clear and in line,with the drivers natural view and its,controlled via the controller knob below,the shifter,and the screen looks great it has a nice,resolution and the placement opens up,the lower portion for the climate,control settings now this is a touch pad,with haptic feedback which is great,because you dont accidentally press any,buttons by mistake it makes your inputs,very intentional,but the gloss black i can do without,its fingerprint city thankfully its,not bathed all around the center console,so you dont have to use your microfiber,cloth that often,another great feature in the center,stack is this electronic shifter which,opens up the cavern below for extra,storage while youre on the road,speaking of which lets finally get this,thing on the street,right away you notice how quiet the,cabin is and that adds to the calming,mantra that infinitys boasting with,this latest iteration of the qx60,visibility is good steering is precise,and it really does feel like youre,driving a smaller vehicle than what this,is,infiniti wants his buyers to know that,they can live in luxury and take on,whatever daily life activities throws at,them,so let me throw this thing into a corner,and see how it feels,all right,less body roll than i expected but,theres definitely more ways to have fun,in here,to elevate the fun driving potential,theres the infiniti all-wheel drive,system available on all trims which can,transfer 50 percent of the power to the,rear wheels,making all-wheel drive even more,enticing is its minimal impact on fuel,economy,all trims get a familiar and capable 3.5,liter v6 thats paired to a get this,9 speed automatic transmission thats,right infinity has ditched the cvt,yes the cvt is gone for this generation,and thats a good thing because when,youre going up against heavy hitters in,this segment you got to keep up with the,pace and what better way to keep up than,with a nine speed,off the line throttle response is quick,and the qx60 performs as well as youd,predict however i did notice that when,you want to get up to speed in a hurry,to pass on the gearbox has a slight,delay to drop gears,and this is because its trying to find,that optimal gear to shift down to and,when it does find that gear you watch,out unsuspecting non-handsome minivan in,front of me,good thing there are paddle shifters,just in case you want to command the,gears while hauling your family and,speaking of hauling the qx60 can tow up,to 6 000 pounds when properly equipped,a combination of a high commanding view,of the road and upgraded suspension,makes this a pleasant serene driving,experience on top of that when you need,to come to a complete stop the brakes,are buttery smooth and you know what,else is smooth subscribing to that kelly,blue book youtube channel yeah you,should do that,for about forty seven thousand dollars,plus destination a base front-wheel,drive infiniti qx60 pure trim includes,seating for seven,six usb ports 3 zone climate control,12.3 inch infotainment screen with,wireless apple carplay and wired android,auto,5 drive modes a panoramic moon roof a,power liftgate blind spot warning and,rear automatic braking,the higher lux trim adds niceties like,20 inch wheels slimline roof rails,climate controlled front seats a 12 inch,digital gauge cluster,pro pilot assist with navi link around,view monitor and lane departure,prevention,and to appease to your senses the,sensory trim adds features like motion,activator lift gate massaging front,seats,open pour ash wood trim,a 17 speaker bose audio system,wireless phone charging and an air,purifier,and to max out your qx60 experience with,contrast stitching second row captains,chairs with that removable center,console a head-up display,smart rear view mirror and standard,two-tone paint the autograph trim will,await you,you can add all-wheel drive for two,thousand dollars on all trim levels,except the autograph trim which will be,more because it includes the 900 tow,package with a transmission cooler and,hitch receiver,among its competitors youll find the,genesis gv80,volvo xc90 lexus rxl bmw x7 and the audi,q7,also consider the nissan pathfinder as a,value-priced alternative since that and,the qx60 share a common architecture and,the same 3.5 liter v6 though being more,powerful in the infinity,in this segment you will find more,luxurious and more powerful choices but,the infiniti qx60 offers a good blend of,family functionality value and boldly,stylish serenity,[Music],looks like infinitys making a big,statement with this new iteration of the,qx60 giving consumers a reason to put it,on their premium suv list and say hey a,new look can be a good thing,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Family Friendly Luxury | 2022 Infiniti QX60 Review

[Music],in the luxury segment there are tons and,tons of two row vehicles but if you need,a third row there are fewer options and,if you need a third row and you want to,spend less than about 65 000 you have,even fewer options interestingly bmw,mercedes lexus and genesis dont even,offer an entry in this particular,segment today im taking a look at the,infiniti qx60 which is itself an,interesting entry,perhaps its the brand infinity rather,than specifically this vehicle that i,find interesting because infinity has,decided to really change course and,steer in a different direction than the,competition you see at the launch of the,qx60 which really wasnt that long ago,infinity executives said that the future,of the brand and the future of the,product portfolio was going to be what,they called nissan plus that means,basically luxurious versions of nissan,vehicles so definite part sharing under,the hood but with different styling a,more luxurious mission and a separate,dealer network now if youre thinking,acura and lexus,yes sort of but toyota would never use,the phrase toyota plus when describing,lexus and honda certainly wouldnt do,that with acura either so i was really,surprised that nissan said that with,this qx60 because it is of course,closely related to the nissan pathfinder,it always has been with a base msrp over,47 000. the price tag is certainly plus,versus the nissan pathfinder but so is,the design of the qx60 this looks a lot,more elegant a lot more luxurious and a,lot less bubbly than the last generation,i like these angry led headlights no led,fog lights blow thats kind of an odd,twist front parking sensors rear parking,sensors on this particular model big,infinity grill there and then they put,the radar cruise control sensor right,down there at the bottom,the box here styling continues around,the side of the qx60 this is about the,same size as the outgoing model at just,over 198 inches long this is also about,the same size as the acura mdx but,notably longer than the mid-sized,two-row vehicles that you might want to,cross shop with this if youre really,debating whether or not you need that,third row in the back you can get an,optional third row in something like the,genesis gv80 the bmw x5 the,mercedes-benz gle etc but this third row,was designed for more frequent use than,the ones that we see in those smaller,entries and thats why it has sort of a,suv meets minivan look right back here,thats just something that you get when,you have a real usable third row we also,see this look in something like the audi,q7 the xc90 or of course that acura mdx,with a much squarer back end the,infinity designers tried their best to,hide the bulk of the qx60 with things,like this window that wraps right there,around towards the rear with a sort of,split fork trim there and led tail,lights that wrap from one side onto the,other but theres no way around it the,qx60 is certainly a large three row,vehicle and that is certainly an asset,because this has one of the wider cargo,areas in this segment if youre looking,to be able to put four by sheet goods in,your luxury crossover this is one of the,incredibly few options you certainly,cannot do that in the xc90 or the q7 or,the x5 etc infinity neatly hides the,button to open and close that hatch,right there in that black portion the,bar rather than making you reach right,there under that license plate at the,bottom of the bumper we have faux,exhaust tips thats something that were,seeing in a lot of the competition as,well there have been a ton of rumors,that maybe in the future a hybrid system,might find its way under this hood but,at the moment we have just one engine,its basically the same 3.5 liter,naturally aspirated v6 we found in the,previous generation qx60 under this hood,it produces 295 horsepower and 270,pound-feet of torque the big change,under here is that there is no longer a,continuously variable automatic,transmission in the qx60 instead theyve,borrowed the nine speed zf automatic,transmission that we actually saw in the,mdx for a while and also we see in a,number of jeep products and a number of,other european products as well this,transmission definitely gives the qx60,more of a conventional feel out on the,road and it has a minor improvement in,real world fuel economy as well,especially if you live in a state with,higher speed limits as before you can,get your qx60 as either a front-wheel,drive vehicle or an all-wheel drive,vehicle today im driving the all-wheel,drive version and this all-wheel drive,system as im going to talk about in the,drive section seems to be a bit more,focused on improving traction rather,than overtly improving handling ability,like the all-wheel drive system we find,in the mdx bearing in mind that in the,luxury segment there are front seats,that contort in a million different ways,im going to give these seats 6 out of,10 points because the drivers seat does,not have as much adjustability as i,would like i would like the front seat,bottom cushion to come up a little bit,further for my height if you have longer,legs you might find that more,comfortable we also have a 4-way,adjustable lumbar support in the,drivers seat but its not terribly,aggressive it doesnt come out of the,seat back as much as i would like we do,however have a four-way powered tilt,telescopic steering column something,that we dont find in a volvo xc90 at,any price its memory linked to the two,position memory over there on the,drivers door and neither of these seats,offer a power extending thigh cushion at,its core the qx60 is all about being a,pragmatic people carrier and it really,shows in the back the second row is,definitely very comfortable i have,plenty of headroom even though this,model has the optional panoramic,moonroof the rear seats or i they say,these second row seats have a decent,amount of recline and they also slide,forward and backwards so you can help a,portion of space a bit more equitably,between the second row and the third row,we also have a center seat right here,and a lot of the competition by the time,youve worked your way up even to the,middle trims they delete this center,seat which is pretty important for some,folks now in kind of an odd twist even,though the qx60 has a really wide third,row which were going to talk about in a,bit it does not have a center seat belt,in the back so seven seats are achieved,by two seats up front three in the,middle and then just two in the way back,the reason i find this surprising is,vehicles like a toyota highlander which,have a much narrower third row put a,third seat belt there and as you can see,an adult person at six feet tall you,really could put three of us across the,back if you needed to or definitely some,slimmer people there is definitely,enough room right here in the center,position for me to sit theres just no,seat belt there now in terms of leg room,its pretty generous this front seat is,adjusted for me at six feet tall this,middle seat is adjusted for me at six,feet tall i have about two inches of,legroom left one nice touch is that,third row passengers also get air vents,all the air vents in the back are,positioned in the ceiling that does mean,that this portion of the ceiling cuts in,just a little bit versus some of the,competition but i like the fact that the,third row gets air vents and thats not,something we see in all three row,vehicles another nice touch that is,standard in all qx60s power release,second row seats to make getting out of,the third row easier with no third seat,belt back here you might be wondering,what is in the middle the answer is a,small rubbery storage area to keep your,smartphone from rolling around rear,passengers also get cup holders and usb,charge ports as with the previous qx60,this model is one of the most child,friendly three-row crossovers in the u.s,regardless of the mainstream segment or,the full-size segment part of that is,because we have a really wide second row,here so if youre planning to pu

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