1. Top 10 skin care products from THE INKEY LIST| Dr Dray
  2. THE INKEY LIST Review DOCTOR V | BEST & WORST Brown/ Dark skin | Retinol, Niacinamide, Q10, Vit C |
  3. What Nobody Will Tell You About The Inkey List | The Founders, Formulas & Faces Of The Brand
  4. Is The Inkey List Actually Worth It?
  5. Rating The INKEY List Cleansers. My Honest Opinion AD ✖ James Welsh
  6. The Inkey List – The Best And The Worst Products! ✖ James Welsh
  7. The Ordinary vs The Inkey List: Which Is BEST?

Top 10 skin care products from THE INKEY LIST| Dr Dray

well hey guys in todays video im going,to be sharing with you my top 10,favorites from the brand the inky list,you all are really enjoying this series,of my top 10 favorites from different,major brands,and the inky list was a highly requested,brand,todays video is sponsored by the inky,list you guys know im a huge fan ive,been recommending their products,in numerous videos for a long time now i,personally use many of them myself,and the inky list if youre not familiar,is a brand that exists to,increase knowledge about skin care,ingredients making them simpler to,understand and easy to incorporate into,your skincare routine,they believe that better information,powers better decisions,for your skin and really for everything,else which i think we can all agree is,true,what initially attracted me to the inky,list and why i continue to recommend,their products and use them myself,is that their formulas feature one main,active ingredient,and the other ingredients in the formula,function,to maximize the efficacy of that active,ingredient,and minimize the risk of irritation so,theres no,theres no unnecessary ingredients that,could irritate your skin it really their,formulas are such to really allow the,ingredient to shine and to,do what its supposed to do to get you,the results that youre looking for,for whatever specific skin condition you,are,youre aiming to improve the other,reason ive always been attracted to the,inky list is that their products are all,under 15,so theyre very affordable you can buy,all of their skincare products at,sephora,and i dont know if you guys know this,but sephora is currently having their,big fall sale it runs from october 30th,to,november 9th with the code holiday fun,so its a great time to save some money,and these products are great,todays video im actually going to do a,little different im going to,break the products down into different,skin concerns and skin issues,first of all lets talk about products,for oily skin people with oily skin,they often endorse issues of enlarged,pores maybe blackheads,excessive oiliness if you go back in,time to my video on the best blackhead,masks out there youll recall,i recommended the kaolin clay mask by,the inky list this is a fantastic,product for people with oily skin,prominent pores,it features kale and clay which can help,to absorb some of that excess sebum aka,oil off the surface of the skin and from,within the pore,now kln is what youll find in a lot of,clay masks but what i love the most,about the inky list,is that there arent a bunch of other,ingredients in there that are going to,irritate your skin,and dry it out and cause redness and,irritation the formula is moisturizing,so that the clay can really go to work,to pull out that extra oil without,drying out your skin too much or causing,irritation,the mask is really simple to use you,just apply a thin film,to clean skin leave it on for about 10,minutes and then rinse it off,its very moisturizing its not going to,dry out your skin,after you rinse it off you can apply,your regular moisturizer,and you can do this twice a week it,really helps cut down on that excess,shininess and oiliness,and for people with oily skin you might,find that with using this your cosmetics,go on better because youve kind of,evened out the playing field you dont,have,too much sebum piled up on the surface,of the skin,this product isnt just for your face,though if you have these issues on other,body sites like your back,your chest you can use this there too it,doesnt its not a face,exclusive product another product for,people with oily skin,that is really effective for exfoliating,the pore,and reducing shine and oiliness is their,salicylic acid,cleanser this can be used up to twice a,day,to the face and salicylic acid is,perfect for people with oily skin,and or acne because it exfoliates the,pore,it reduces oiliness and it actually can,give some,control to the acne as well salicylic,acid,otherwise known as beta hydroxy acid is,an exfoliating acid that concentrates in,the oily surfaces,and it can exfoliate the pore to improve,the look of pores,and reduce oiliness and it also imparts,acne control so if you have acne this is,a great product to use,you can actually use this up to twice a,day to the face,just make sure you dont use it around,the eyes or too close to the mouth,the skin there is very thin and more,prone to irritation with salicylic acid,if you want to learn more about,salicylic acid i have videos on it and,how to use it,and its benefits and acne its also a,good ingredient for hyperpigmentation,another category ill get into in a,moment,all right moving on to dry skin this,product,is helpful for people with dry skin but,honestly any skin type can use it,it is their oat cleansing balm this,is one of my favorite cleansing balms,its super gentle,it features oats which you guys know im,a huge fan of,they have a natural detergent property,to them to cleanse but theyre not,drying or irritating theyre rich in,lipids that help,with skin barrier function the way to,use this product is very simple you just,take a small amount,into the palm of your hand maybe heat it,up a little bit by rubbing it between,your hands,and then spread it on your face its,gentle enough to use around the eyes to,remove eye makeup,and then you just take a little bit of,water and the nice thing about this is,that it has polyethylene glycol in it,and emulsifier so once you add that,water it will actually work into a,lather,i like this because the oil the oat oil,helps to break up the film of cosmetics,and water resistant sunscreen without,really stripping away at your natural,lipid barrier,and then as you work it into a lather,with the water it easily rinses off,and then after you rinse it off you can,just follow it up with your regular,moisturizers,i point this out as a great product for,people with dry skin because a lot of,cleansers,and cleansing products makeup removers,etc,are very drying especially for people,with dry skin they strip the natural,lipid barrier so using a cleansing balm,is a good approach for those folks in,particular and this one,is great you know i have a video from,i want to say a year ago where i started,using this and raving about it,and yeah its its one of the best,cleansing balms ive ever,used now people with dry skin they often,have a difficult time exfoliating some,of that dry,built up dead skin and chemical,exfoliants in the class of alpha hydroxy,acids are a good choice because theyre,large,comp theyre large ingredients that help,to slough off that dry built up dead,stuff,theyre gentle and theyre also,hydrating and a great alpha hydroxy acid,for people with dry,bumpy skin like keratosis pilaris is,lactic acid,lactic acid uh like i said its a,humectant and it helps soften that dry,built up stuff,and its really good on the face for,keratosis pylaris,if you have some textural issues too,just kind of dull appearing skin,using a product like this will help as,well its very simple to use you just do,one to two drops in your palm and spread,it over your skin,after you have cleansed and rinsed the,skin while the skin is still damp doing,it that way,you know you really you really maximize,the humectant action of the lactic acid,and then you just apply your moisturizer,on over it,lactic acid is very gentle its great,for dry skin conditions and youll find,it in very popular,expensive products but you dont need to,pay that price for lactic acid,and i highly recommend this its very,affordable and you dont need very much,of it,to to generate a thin film on the,surface of the skin,all right a lot of you guys deal with,hyperpigmentation,maybe related to acne that is healed,with a dark mark,and a go-to ingredient for,hyperpigmentation is hydroquinone but it,does come with a lot of side effects of,irritation and you cant use it long,term,uh because it can cause rebound,hyperpigmentation,so a a safer alternative thats very,gentle,and works kind of similar to,hydroquinone

THE INKEY LIST Review DOCTOR V | BEST & WORST Brown/ Dark skin | Retinol, Niacinamide, Q10, Vit C |

hello Im dr. Denise errata and this,channel is dedicated to skincare the,skin of color Ive been asked to,reviewed the inky list which is a very,popular brand in the Western world and,so Ive gone through their top most,popular products and broken down the,ingredients list and whether I think,its suitable for skin of color or,whether you should probably steer clear,so lets start off with their number one,seller okay so the first product is the,inky list retinol so this is 1% retinol,not with 5% gran active retinoid which,is an ester of retinol what Id say is,1% retinol is very irritating and I,would not recommend this concentration,for skin of color I tend to recommend,not point two percent to Maxim nor point,five percent for skin of color and,actually in terms of which vitamin A is,best for our skin I would always,recommend retinaldehyde to you,retinaldehyde,is 20 times as effective as retinol but,with zero side effects if I were you,always look for retinaldehyde,on the paper,so if me the retinol serum would be a,thumbs down so the next product we can,be talking about is the q10 serum so if,you look at the ingredients list is,basically tells you from the highest,percentage right down to the lowest,percentage so for this product the 13th,ingredient down is is q10 ubiquinone so,this is approximately approximately,about 2% which is in the therapeutic,range in addition it hasnt got any,fragrance which is fantastic because,fragrance can lead to contact dermatitis,over a longer period of time in the,greediest list it also has peptides and,higher on it acid however I suspect that,theyre at less than 1% or a fraction of,a percent which means theyre not really,going to be very effective and I think,its more of a marketing tool to say,that it has peptides and hyaluronic acid,in it but actually those ingredients Im,going to do much in this particular,formulation the directions say that you,can wear this morning and night however,with skin of color I would say only,apply this at nighttime there are a lot,of sun blocks and serums with,antioxidants in them during the day,however you just dont want any chemical,reaction taking place on your skin when,UV hit set because you dont want it to,lead to pain tation and melasma so,especially if youre prone to melasma I,definitely would not be wearing any,antioxidant creams during the day I,would save it for nighttime load your,skin up at nighttime so that youve,protected your skin from the,environmental stresses throughout the,day the next product were going to talk,about is their vitamin C serum so Im,not a fan Im afraid the first,ingredient in ingredients list is,silicone now silicone is a bit of a,two-fold ingredient because number one,it blocks the absorption of ascorbic,acid into the skin and so its going to,actually make the vitamin C less,effective in addition if you have if,youre prone to acne,can sometimes exacerbate acne there are,two schools of thought on it but Id,probably avoid it if you are prone to,getting acne however on the plus side,silicone actually gets great reviews,because it feels deceptively luxurious,on your skin so that basically means,that its almost like silk it fills in,all the gaps and so when you feel your,skin you think wow my skin feels so,smooth but its not actually changing,the texture of your skin its just,filling in the gaps and thats why I say,its deceptive as an ingredient and,especially being the first ingredient I,dont think its a good idea in addition,dont forget that when you wear a,vitamin C its an antioxidant and an,antioxidant works much better in,combination with other antioxidants as,opposed to a mono therapy on its own and,so for all the above reasons I would,probably say a stare care of this,product – moving on to the photonic acid,serum,I like this formulation you know I love,what Im actually reviewing a Brad Doorn,I can actually tell you who has that I,love instead of picking the wholesome,things but this is a good formulation it,is multi molecular weight which means,that it will penetrate different levels,of the epidermis its got nothing in,there thats actually gonna irritate,skin of color so it is suitable for our,skin and theres a low price point which,is just always a nice thing to have the,thing to note however with hyaluronic,acid the mistake that people make is,that they dont then apply a moisturizer,on top and its essential that you do,this because dont forget,hydronic acid is an incredibly powerful,one molecule of hyaluronic acid will,attract 1001 accusers of water now if,you havent applied water as a,moisturizer on top where do smell waters,gonna come from its gonna come from,deep within your skin or dermis and so,its going to dry your dermis out and,thats why a lot of times when you put,have a whole onic acid onto your skin 5,minutes later your skin as she feels,drier so thats the mistake you need to,put the hyaluronic acid serum on and,then im Wiest your eyes on top so the,water is coming from there if you live,in a very dry environment Id even,recommend that you have a humidifier in,your room,so that again the water molecules are,coming from the air rather than from,your skin another product that I like is,their Kaelin mask so the way that this,formulation works is that it reduces the,excess sebum on the skin which is great,for acne breakouts it also acts as a bit,of an exfoliator because it removes any,bacteria on the skin any dirt grime,pollution that happens throughout the,day it also soothes the skin of any,inflammation which is great if youre,prone to breakouts and also its got a,silicon dioxide in it too and this is,why its one of those rare products,which is good for both oily acne prone,skin and dry sensitive mature skin,moving on to the next product from the,inky list is the C 50 night treatment,okay so there are two key ingredients in,this product sodium a school bar,phosphate is the third ingredient that,means that the percentage is at,approximately five to seven percent,which is in the therapeutic range and I,think this is going to be this is,obviously a very good antioxidant and,can also help with pigmentation,especially after acne in addition this,products got 2% salicylic acid in it the,salicylic acids actually great for,reducing acne breakouts so the two,together are very good for acne and skin,of color because you number one want to,reduce acne breakouts but I also want to,reduce the pigmentation from my,experience at the hyperpigmentation,clinic mono therapy is generally arent,that good when it comes to pigmentation,of the skin of color because we have,when we pigment we get very dark,stubborn pigmentation and at my clinic,we use about 30% actives as opposed to,five to seven percent actives in this,particular product so I think youll,start to help but its unlikely to,completely clear the pigmentation and,moving on to another big seller for them,is their collagen booster and it is a,shame because this is a terrible product,I mean all the actives are less than 1%,so above the 1% mark is basically water,butylene glycol,sorry and perpend aisle so basically,solvents and moisturizers make up 99% of,this product the hyaluronic acid the,peptides are all less than a percent,its not worth your money this one so,this was this was a marketing gimmick I,think on a more positive note is the,inky caffeine for around the eye area so,its got 5% caffeine 5% squalene its,very hydrating to the skin it also,contains an ingredient called,albizia julibrissin this helps to,prevent glycation which is when glucose,attaches to elastin and collagen fibers,to distort it which leads to aging the,next product is 15% vitamin c plus EGF,serum mmm,this one I dont think is worth your,money either to be honest it does have a,school bug glucoside in it which is the,second ingredient so school board,glucoside is basically a stable form of,vitamin c which is combined with glucose,it then absorbs into the skin and is,converted to pure ascorbic acid vitamin,c is obviously an antio

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What Nobody Will Tell You About The Inkey List | The Founders, Formulas & Faces Of The Brand

what nobody else will tell you about the,inky list a skincare brand that seems to,be,all about the ingredients but some,people call it a cheap copycat brand of,the ordinary does the chemistry actually,hold up,and whats going on with the founders,and theres a little bit of background,ive been in the industry for over 10,years and ive seen a lot,both in the influencer world and in,professional business settings,but before i was ever a medical,esthetician or played around with,cosmetic formulation or started on,youtube i was a consumer first,and thats why i believe that people,should have access to brands that match,their morals and values but that also,work for their skin and thats why i,dive into ingredients lists and to,formulations and even the ethics of,these companies,to help you make purchases that empower,you so first off,the inky list where did they get that,name inky is actually borrowed from a,term we use in cosmetic chemistry the,international nomenclature of cosmetic,ingredients,these are the little lists that are,written on every single product in,either english or latin,and the inky list decided to find,inspiration from that name and name,their products after it since yes,they have a huge focus on ingredients,the inky list believes in knowledge and,a lot of their products are either,single ingredient or concept focused the,inky list,is like if a composition notebook met,sephora they had a baby,and their love child went to college and,bought everything at sephora and used a,composition notebook to take notes in,class that is what the inky list is,it is studious it is a little bit nerdy,it is efficacious but it is still fun,and although the prices are quite decent,and they are available at sephora and i,believe some other retailers in the uk,they have gotten criticism for their,packaging among other things,they even state on their website that,when it comes to skincare the most,powerful,ingredient is knowledge so if youre,curious they have an ask inky helpline,which is,very much appreciated i have not,personally used it,so is it something that is truly there,for the people to help educate and,empower,or is it one of those little help chats,that just pushes their own products down,peoples throats heres the not so,pretty truth that nobody else will tell,you,lets start off with the fact that yes,they copied the ordinary but shockingly,no,theyre not afraid to admit it when i,was doing some digging i decided to get,on the phone with them this was again i,believe early 2020 and i straight up,said you know i love the ordinary,uh its a very plain brand with,efficacious ingredients i kind of get,vibes like whats going on here and they,said yes,we are heavily inspired by the ordinary,and were not mad about it they were,inspired by the concept,but i can also vouch for this from,personal use they really do stand on,their own,they have very different ingredients,from the ordinary and although they,still have this,simplistic approach i would argue that,theyre actually a lot better at,educating people,they do have very minimal packaging and,if you notice the packaging even says,what time of day you should use it and,where in your skincare routine it can go,this actually happened because when they,were giving the testing products to,their friends and family,i believe it was one of the founders,fathers actually wrote on sharpie,when to use his products am and pm and,the inculst saw that and said wow,it can be frustrating and difficult to,know where to put these products inside,of your existing routine so they decided,to actually label that on the package,which i thought was pretty cool,and one of the main criticisms is that,they are made of a ton of plastic,we always think of glass as the more,eco-friendly alternative but i do agree,that when you actually hold these,next to the ordinary they feel cheaper,thats because glass,actually weighs more than plastic and,glass just has a more luxurious feel,even though youre getting the exact,same amount of product in each container,but lets specifically talk about this,phone call that i had with the founders,colette and mark you see i did some,digging and i wanted to find out how,they could launch a line and within two,to three years be selling out of all of,their products because yes that is,another very frustrating thing,it is hard to get your hands on these,they sell out at sephora they sell out,at their own website and then it takes,two or three months for them to get back,in stock now,i was introduced to the inky list again,2019 2020,so a lot of my experience has been,through kovid and i understand that,covet has impacted supply chains you,know value chains and processing lines,but im not gonna lie its still,frustrating because i want skincare,and im an addict when it comes to the,founders the way they were able to pull,this off,is actually attributed to their previous,experience in the industry,collette worked at walgreens and mark,was at boots in london,they worked together buying beauty,essentially for walgreens and boots,these drugstores,they were responsible for choosing which,products ended up on shelves which,cosmetic companies they purchased from,and,essentially you know kind of set the,grounds as to what was available for you,if you went inside of a store,they met or worked together at a company,called mad brands which,actually sells vaginal products by the,way again,i didnt know the mad brands line but it,was something like a bacterial vaginosis,serum and at first i was like um what,and then when i looked at it a little,bit more i found out that the branding,through that line was the idea of taking,medicine and approachability,adding a little flavor of sass so that,it was a product that would treat a,legitimate issue,that women deal with but in a way that,didnt feel overly clinical or,in a way that still made personal care,fun then you know what yeah,bacterial vaginosis serums that empower,people,to take care of their health i can stand,behind that easily,the idea from that bacterial vaginosis,serum line was that they put the,customer at the core of everything and i,really think that you know when collette,and mark,left that situation that they did that,with the inky list as well it really is,interesting to kind of pick apart,all of these little user experience,perks that are put onto the product and,actually try to follow those lines back,through the founders history,as to how they got here now this is,something that most people dont know,they actually have a relatively small,team ive spoken to many people,on that team and i dont know as of now,but when i spoke to them kind of as of,corporate i would say it was probably,between,10 to 30 people if even and i dont want,to say that theyre struggling to keep,up but theyre working very,very hard but i think that it shows how,quickly this brand has grown,and i dont think that consumers,actually realize how small or how,intimate that group actually is and,lets talk about intimate,im pretty sure that the founders are,dating this is all speculation like i,put them on a,ship and i you know sent them out to see,from the harbor so this is not,official news this is just from the,conversation that i had with them it was,one of the best conversations i felt,like i was talking to two friends in the,industry,but there was definitely chemistry,between them and im not just talking,about products,i dont know if im reading into the,inky list of something that is not there,but i think they would actually make a,very cute couple,yeah i ship it and thats something that,nobody else will tell you,probably because its nobody elses,business but but i didnt want to stop,at just talking to the founders i also,wanted to talk to the people that they,work with to make sure that they treat,their employees well that theyre,compensated,correctly even the people that they work,with from an advertising perspective,you see they actually have this campaign,that was all about embracing yo

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Is The Inkey List Actually Worth It?

Aloha everyone and welcome to skincare,with Hyrum if you dont know who I am my,name is Iron Man and passion about,teaching you how to perfect your,skincare routine so make sure you,subscribe to my channel and hit the,notification bell so that you can see my,videos every way you guys,it is my 100th video the fact that some,of you have been with me since the very,beginning makes me actually concerned,because how have you stuck with me about,long crazy to think that Ive made 100,videos honestly over the course of my,youtube channel I feel like you know I,pretty much remember every single video,how every single video went and then on,the rare occasion that Ive gone back,and looked through old videos for,whatever type of content I need for new,videos Im like oh okay,I dont remember this at all and its,also crazy to look back at some of my,videos and realize Hyrum you were boring,as [ __ ] like that I like to think Ive,come a long way in my youtube journey,honestly its just been really really,amazing and I cant thank you guys,enough for just you know enjoying this,whole journey with me and honestly who,knows what will happen with the next,hundred videos I honestly cannot wait to,share all the content ideas that I have,with you guys over the course of the,next 100 videos so be sure to subscribe,if you havent so you can be a part of,this journey and yeah lets get into the,video,today Im going to be talking about the,brand the in key list this brand has,been buzzed about so much online and I,got like so many people asking me to,talk about it just kidding I didnt,really get anyone asked me to talk about,it I just wanted to try the products out,and talk about it myself Ive really,been trying to branch out into more,affordable skincare options because,thats one of the main requests that I,got on my channel and once I saw this,brand released I was like oh I choose,you to give you guys a little backstory,about this brand the inky list is,basically the UKs version of the,ordinary the ordinary has obviously,received overwhelming support and growth,and I think that a lot of companies are,starting to catch on to the fact that,affordable skin care thats very,minimalistic highlighting the specific,ingredients that they formulate their,products with is what consumers are,looking for now one of the reasons that,the inky list has been talked about so,much is because they were recently,launched at Sephora and carried in,Sephora locations which is a new thing,because Sephora as everyone knows is a,pretty pricey place to shop however the,inky list products are all under $15,making it very very affordable even more,affordable than a lot of drugstore,skincare and for that kind of brands be,carried at Sephora in store is pretty,[ __ ] wild,I applaud Sephora for giving their,customers more options when it comes to,affordable skincare rather than just,catering to the luxury market I think,its a step forward now one of the,reasons I was so intrigued by this brand,of course is because its very focused,on the main ingredients if you look at,the names of the products themselves,they tend to focus on one key,ingredients whether its their caffeine,and eye cream there better hydroxy acid,serum their q10 serum they focus heavily,on ingredient lists which means that,theyre very very conscious about what,they formulate their products with being,about their formulated without fragrance,and other ears hitting ingredients but I,try to avoid as much as possible when it,comes to skincare and you guys know I,can be a [ __ ] when it comes to skincare,so when I find a company that intrigues,me by the ingredient list job well done,thats all I can say because Im picky,as [ __ ],now I purchased three products all of,which were available in store when I was,on my trip in Portland but because the,company had just parted with Sephora,they didnt have many other options in,store and I wanted to focus on these,three because they kind of offered a,different take on what most skincare,brands choose to launch at the very,beginning and I have a lot of thoughts,that I want to share with you guys so,lets get into it now I want to say,about after the bat I was not saying any,of these products I purchased them,myself and while I do have a very high,standard when it comes to skincare I am,a little bit more forgiving with this,brand just telling you upfront because,the price of the products are so,affordable most of the products that I,got ranged from eight to ten dollars,which is just I mean how can you beat,that thats a really really good price,point especially for the treatments that,theyre specifically focusing on within,the products so while I guess Im going,to be my usual hire himself where Im,very picky when it comes to skincare I,do want to say that Im giving a little,bit of leeway to these products simply,because of the price point because I,think theres a lot that can be said for,a company that prices their products at,this price point rather than other,luxury brands that price their products,anywhere from $100 to $300 each like,come on theres a different standard the,first product that I purchased was the,vitamin C cream now normally Im not,huge into vitamin C simply because of,the instability of the ingredient,vitamin C is a very unstable ingredient,that can be really hard to maintain the,efficacy when it comes to applying it to,your skin its a very sensitive,ingredient and it needs to be formulated,with just the right ingredients in just,the right way to get the maximum,effectiveness on your skin usually I,tend to go towards other products that,have brightening effects but nonetheless,what calm my about this product was that,not only was it a vitamin C cream for,ten dollars which by the way really good,price for a vitamin C serum its,formulated with 30% a sorbic acid 30%,that was the highest in the industry,that I have ever seen so far I always,thought that Peter Thomas Roth potency,serum was the strongest thing out there,which thats 25% this is pretty crazy,but looking at the ingredient list I,found that the ingredient list was very,very simplistic it is simply a sorbic,acid mixed with silicones now Ill say,right off the bat some of you dont like,silicones some of you do for me Im a,little bit more forgiving depending on,what theyre used for this is a,treatment which means I use very very,little on my face so Im more open to,using it as opposed to a moisturizer,formulated with a lot of silicones,because then it can tend to clog my,pores and Im just personally not a fan,no I do want to say that this is not,Ella sorbic acid ala sorbic acid has,been found to be the most powerful,vitamin C ingredients and really the,only vitamin C that has had significant,scientific research done on it any other,type of vitamin C out there its kind of,up for debate as to whether or not its,really,effective but in my experience I have,found other forms of vitamin C to work,and one of the reasons why Im the fan,of a sorbic acid as opposed to Ella,sorbic acid is a sorbic acid is more,stable for the skin therefore then,formulating at 30% may not reflects the,actual effectiveness of the ingredients,but it gives me a good idea as to how,well its going to work I want to tell,you the guys the way I apply this and,the way I recommend applying it a lot of,people tend to take a lot of this,product and smear it all over their face,like they would a moisturizer but I do,not recommend that simply because of the,powerfulness of vitamin C well I did is,mix a tiny little bit with my other,serums mix it together and apply it,across my face Im talking I used a,little bit like less than a pea-sized,amount and I made sure to properly mix,it with the other serums to get an even,application across my face so I wasnt,getting patches of more vitamin C in,certain areas so I use this for about,two weeks straight I did it about once,every other day now honestly the first,week great results I immediately noticed,that the redness and my skin went down

Rating The INKEY List Cleansers. My Honest Opinion AD ✖ James Welsh

hello everybody welcome back to my,channel where skincares all about,progression over perfection,because perfection doesnt exist today,im going to speak to you about one of,the,fundamental steps in your skincare,routine one of the most important,basics of any skincare routine cleansers,and todays video is sponsored by the,inky list and were going to be looking,at three of their cleanses and im going,to be kind of putting them in order of,my favorite favorite to most favorite,because i dont hate any of them,obviously i wouldnt be doing this video,otherwise,as i said any good routine starts with a,good,cleanser and even if you have the most,basic skincare routine,having a decent cleanser is so important,a cleanser thats not stripping on your,skin a cleanser that packs some,really nice moisturizing hydrating,ingredients,or if you do have a super basic routine,the cleanser with actives in,can make all the difference in your,skincare routine routine how many times,did i say routine,enough so today we are going to speak,about the inky lists,salicylic acid cleanser the oat,cleansing balm and their newest offering,the fulvic acid brightening cleanser so,lets get straight into it and lets,talk about their newest,product the fulvic acid cleanser this,is an interesting one so when i was,first sent this i was like fulvic i said,what,what even is this ive never heard of,that before so fulvic acid is a gentle,exfoliating ingredient that within this,uh product you find in the 0.5 nordic,beauty peat and unlike what we think,about most acids when it comes to our,skin,fulvic acid is actually quite soothing,and calming when it comes to redness and,irritation as well,you also have one percent licorice root,extract in here which weve spoken about,before,its one of the more interesting kind of,brightening ingredients,helping to brighten skincare overall but,ive had a lot of luck with licorice,root when it comes to,um exact points of hyperpigmentation and,then we have 1.5,kakadu plum extract so again helping to,boost the brightness of your skin so,with those key ingredients introduced i,just want to talk about what i also love,about this cleanser is again the fact,that it doesnt,strip and i find this fruit out in,keyless cleansers even their exfoliating,ones that it leaves your skin,feeling untouched almost cleansed but,untouched,in this particular cleanser we have the,aloe leaf juice which is so amazing at,soothing the skin but also helping to,keep all that moisture on your skin as,well and along with that we have,sunflower and sweet almond oil so really,you can just take your time,massaging this over your face just,giving the ingredients time to work and,then,rinse away ive been using this for,about three weeks now so we are getting,to the point where im able to see,results and to be honest with you i,think i need a little bit more time but,im loving it so far,its great at taking away um sunscreen,as well ive been using this as both,cleansing stages just to test it out and,see if it works and it removes sunscreen,really really well,i dont wear makeup so to put this,cleanser to the test,we gave it to my makeup artist brother,robert who piled on the makeup,just to see how effective it was at,removing his full,face hello so i am going to be showing,you,how to remove your makeup with the,inkless,fulvic acid brightening cleanser lets,do it lets take off this makeup,so im just going to go oh i need to,take these off so im just going to use,this,straight on top of my makeup basically,im just gonna do almost like a layer on,my face,and then im gonna move on to the eye,area,theres something so satisfying about,seeing your makeup melting off,so ive just added a tiny bit of water,as well to kind of get this product,going and,start to emulsify everything taking,extra care around my eyes,and then im just going to remove all of,this with some warm water,on a cloth i am just taking extra care,around my eyes,being very gentle i like to remove,makeup around the eyes,moving inwards i try not to stretch my,eye outwards and,there you have it completely clear skin,my makeup is completely off,my skin doesnt feel dry like,um it does when i take off my makeup,usually with makeup removers it still,feels really nice and soft,and like it almost has a nice bounce to,it this is extremely,gentle around the eye area like it says,it can take off eye makeup do just be,careful of your physical,eye you know like every product but its,very very gentle,my skin doesnt feel beaten up because i,just took my makeup,off its perfectly fine to use in the,morning and evening,and you can just follow up with your,regular skincare but yes i love this,definitely check it out,for me this isnt my favorite out of the,three im,showing you today but it comes in like,at a second place out of my top favorite,that makes sense speaking of favorites,lets talk about,the first place im doing this in such a,weird order this is the inculus,salicylic acid cleanser ive spoken,about this,many many many many a time sponsored,unsponsored i,absolutely love it as some with oily,skin that can be easily sensitive,sometimes when i just want to give my,skin a break from exfoliating toners an,exfoliating cleanser,is the way to go this overall again,very very similar in texture this one is,a bit more,like watery as you can hear and this one,is a little bit thicker,um but again its its non-stripping,its super lightweight on the skin,and um soothing i dont use this as a,double cleanse i just use this of course,as my second cleanse again,taking time to massage on my skin and,then rinse away so in here of course we,have salicylic acid thats great for,actually penetrating the pores its oil,soluble,so it really really does target those,breakouts um,congested pools and blackheads as some,with oily skin if i dont have any of,the above,i still like to keep up with salicylic,acid or bhas just keep my skin in check,in here we also have zinc pca which is,great for those breakouts but also helps,with sebum production as well so i think,for me um zinc pca and niacinamide as,ingredients are great and salicylic acid,obviously,are great for those with oily skin very,oily skin especially in the t-zone and,you just want to help regulate that and,again we have those humectants and,ammonia thats just making sure that,this doesnt strip our skin and our skin,is feeling left,nicely moisturized and untouched thats,the word i like to use its like,when i wash a cleanser away i want it to,feel like clean,but like its not being scrubbed at or,stripped of anything i want it to feel,pretty much untouched this contains two,percent salicylic acid so its a good,amount and i always get a lot of,comments saying that,you know whats the point in having,actives in,in cleanses when you just wash them away,theres no point its like,money down the drain effectively theres,actually been studies that showing 20,seconds,is all you need for an activity cleanser,to be on your skin for it to have an,effect if your skins going through a,lot which mine has been recently i just,tend to use,these kind of like um exfoliating,brightening,decongesting cleansers instead of going,in with higher,higher percentage active toners and it,still keeps my skin in check you know so,thats my favorite this is my second,favorite so first place second place,coming in at very close third place i,love all these cleanses is the oat,cleansing balm i remember the first time,seeing this,and thinking thats huge um and you,really,really get your moneys worth with this,you will use this right up to its use by,date and it lasts you,such a long time what is this so this is,an oat cleansing balm but its more of,that like oil cleansing balm,effectively this is that first cleanse,this is the cleansing balm that helps,remove sunscreen and makeup,but also makes just a great morning,cleanse if you want to be very gentle on,the skin,and of course these this can do your,double cleanse too i dont know if,theyve reformulated this but

The Inkey List – The Best And The Worst Products! ✖ James Welsh


hello everybody welcome back to my,channel where we talk about skin care,grooming as sometimes hair so that,sounds like a make sure you are,subscribed also come and follow me on,Instagram where I post a lot of stuff,youre not going to see here in YouTube,the inky list is a brand Ive been,talking about on enough for a while now,I got sent a load of their products last,year like maybe October I think it was,and since then Ive purchased so many of,my own because like the ordinary theres,evil products I absolutely love or,really dont like for some reason there,seems to be only a couple in between and,thats as far as like the ordinary,comparisons really go I feel like a lot,of people are lumping the Inc list and,the ordinary has very similar brands but,when you really look at the ingredients,and formulations of some of these,products theyre theyre nothing alike,like I feel like youre getting a lot,more for your money with the inky list,products whereas the ordinary is,literally just what it says on the tin,its very very basic in most cases but,today only share some of the best,products the products like absolutely,love from the inky list so Im kind of,in between some of that like are okay,and then some of the products I like the,least out of the ink ulis there are a,lot more products that I love than,dislike however Im going to stick to,three products for each category and if,you want to see more I can they can do,more as always this is my consumer-level,skin care enthusiast review just because,I dislike something it doesnt mean its,bad it might be one of your favorites,and these are all based on my personal,opinions and experience so if I do,dislike something that you love leave,that down below and if I love something,that you radiant like let me know as,well I can start with the best Im gonna,go to light their defines and then were,gonna fish with the words so the best,Im gonna start off with while Ive,talked about non-stop recently and,thats a trans amic acid overnight,treatment so Ill keep it brief but Im,very prone to post inflammatory,hyperpigmentation and I need a Prabhas,gonna help with that Ive tried very,serums Ive tried other serums with,tranexamic acid and one was really,really good the others were a little bit,low and a lot of products that claim to,get rid of post inflammatory,hyperpigmentation hes just contain,like glycolic acid for example I feel,like Tron examine acid is the next big,acid its so so good at getting rid of,dark spots its known to help reduce,redness and in,Meishan as well in some cases has been,known to help with the appearance of,rosacea as well but most importantly,its favored for its ability to reduce,the appearance of post inflammatory,hyperpigmentation dark spots those,little things left over from spots the,general idea of how this works is it,somehow blocks the passing of melanin to,the keratinocytes in turn stopping dark,spots hyperpigmentation showing up on,your skin or something like that dont,quote me Ive actually seen a lot of,improvement in the redness on my skin,dark spots are slowly fading but I do,use an H a alongside this the real test,is gonna be a dark spot I have on the,end of my nose so Im documenting that,so hopefully in a couple months Ill be,able to bring you some kind of,difference some kind of before and after,its gonna take a while dark spots take,a while to fade what I love is if you go,on their website their website is full,of information by the way how and when,to use each product with this product,they have an interview where a lady was,using this product for 60 days and she,says that even though hyperpigmentation,has massively improved youre not gonna,see much of a difference within 60 days,and I like that the ink units are being,realistic you dont see much of an,improvement within 60 days but that kind,of shows me that they have a lot of,faith in their own products and Im,really enjoying it so far,and its something Im gonna continue to,use one thing I must say is that they,actually say to use it as a final step,in place of moisturizer its no way,moisturizing enough I could not use this,in the evening as my final step and then,go to bed and wake up with nice skin the,next day I did try it I was very very,dry so I have been using this as a,thicker serum so after all my serums,before my moisturizer it works,absolutely fine but yeah Im looking,forward to seeing how it works in the,long run with dark spots the next,product in no particular order by the,way is the 15% vitamin C serum and EGF,this has to be one of the nicest vitamin,C serums Ive ever used my struggles,with vitamin C serums as I always say,they can be very oily very like metallic,you smelling some the higher percentages,can be very very gritty its so light on,the skin and its very very easy to,incorporate into my routine and play so,so well with other serums it has a 15%,ask or glucoside that is a derivative of,Elsa,acid once a Scoville glucoside is,absorbed into the skin actually does,turn into else korvac acid this means,that you get a gentler version of a,vitamin C it does however mean that is,probably not as potent as 15% vitamin C,serum but its good to use if youre,trying to like work your way up to the,high percentages Ive gone from 5% to,15% here maybe a little bit less and Im,now going up to 22% a bit a bit of a,jump there but I feel like my skins,ready for it,it is this thicker serum consistency,its like a gel like a creamy gel a,consistency that I use in the morning it,gives your skin this instant glowy look,and as I said works great with other,serums its its so well under sunscreen,and moisturizer it doesnt smell like,anything it doesnt look like anything,other than a healthy glow on the skin I,really really like this so this also,contains EGF as the name suggests which,stands for epidermal growth factor this,generally just looks after your skin it,helps of elasticity collagen production,the general health of your skin as well,its known to be quite repairing my skin,tone is generally brighter,I just got brighter skin I feel like in,the mornings like because Im not doing,all my evening routine and all my,evening product all my evening products,my morning my skin in the morning can,just get a little bit like flat if that,makes sense so adding a vitamin C over,the last couple months does give my skin,a little bit more of a radiance to it as,I mentioned Im now working my way up,Im on 22% vitamin C Im not using this,currently but I would recommend it if,you are trying to work your way up to,the high percentages the final in my,products I love from the inky list is,the ceramide night treatment last year,was a struggle for my skin Ive said,this so many times but looking back at,my videos theres one video where Im in,the bathroom and my skin just looks like,its in so much pain I put it for a lot,so I was looking for a product to really,really help them just with my skin,barrier help it repair itself restore my,skin back to its natural normal,condition the inkless sent me this,product last year and its one of the,first products I use because it sounded,like something I needed right at that,moment in time so this is an overnight,mask that you use meant to be in your,final stage it helps to rebuild a,structure of your skin using three,different sir,we will subscribe semis as like the glue,that kind of like holds our skin,together it helps lock in that hydration,and that moisture like fills in the,holes you know as well as squalane,sodium hi Lauren a and jojoba seed oil,so this night reman all Surrey House of,irritated skin dehydrated skin all those,things that often come along with a,damaged skin barrier,you also have amino acids in there and,this this all sounds really good but it,does sound like its gonna be like a,sticky heavy really thick moisturizer,which is what I fought before I pumped,out but its not its somewhere in,between like a lightweight gel,moisturizer and a slightly thicker,moisturizer again the ink has say to use,t

The Ordinary vs The Inkey List: Which Is BEST?

hello hi everyone welcome to skincare,with higher if you dont know who I am,my name is heuerman Im passionate about,teaching you how to perfect your,skincare routine so make sure you,subscribe to my channel and to the,notification bell so that you can see my,videos every single week hey boo how you,doing hows my favorite ingredient [ __ ],if you clicked on this video it means,that you are skincare junkie Im sorry,theres just no way around it,the first step in recovery is admitting,you have a problem its okay Im here,for you in this video Im going to be,comparing the ordinary and the inky,lists and telling you which one I think,is better and this is really hard for me,because I love both brands but I saw a,bunch of you guys commenting this idea,and Im actually really grateful you did,because when I saw it I was like oh my,god thats so creative why have I not,thought of that before so here we are,[ __ ] the ordinary and the inky list are,brands that you really need to know your,[ __ ] when it comes to skincare I,remember the first time I came across,ordinary and I was like what language is,this not English thats for damn sure,but Ive been seeing both ordinary and,inky lists getting a lot more popular,and if youve watched any of my videos,on my channel Im constantly,recommending products from each brand,because of how affordable they are I,know a lot of you guys who are watching,and considering the time right now and,everything thats going on in the world,so you guys may not be wanting to spend,a lot of money on your skincare and,thats where I think the ordinary and,the inky list can provide some great,formulas but which is better which is,the brand that you should go with we,will answer that question on todays,episode of hyerim Ramazan about skincare,for way too long episode too [ __ ],many so lets get into it,now Ill first be going through all the,best selling products in comparing which,one is better first by ingredients,because ingredients dont lie [ __ ] you,know this you recited it with me and,second by my personal experience which I,also think is important in providing,context as to which I think is better,and then at the end Ill compare the two,lines from a brand standpoint and then,give you my final thoughts on which I,think is better so lets get into it so,dabbling writed lets just hit it with,the heavy one niacinamide you guys know,niacinamide is one of my favorite,ingredients in the world because it,treats so many different problems in the,skin whether it be redness and,sensitivity of dark spots and,hyperpigmentation or controlling,oiliness in the skin it is an incredible,ingredient and I would venture to say,that the Ordinaries niacinamide serum is,one of the most popular sellers from,their brand but the inky list also has a,nice intimate serum and Ive been able,to try both from an ingredient,standpoint the inky list niacinamide,serum is better in addition to,niacinamide it has a lot of really,incredible ingredients like radish root,ferment which will soothe sensitivity,squalene,shes gonna really hydrate the skin,sodium hi all and rate a concentrated,form of hyaluronic acid soybean oil,which will nourish the skin and,phospholipids which will help to retain,moisture in the skin not gonna lie when,I first saw this ingredient list I was,instantly impressed because these are,pretty much the same price point but the,ingredients in this one are far superior,to the ones that the ordinary has,however from my personal experience I,would say that the ordinary one is,better because its more lightweight it,feels like it sinks into the skin easier,and more optimal for people who have,combination to oily skin while the nine,cinnamon serum because of all those,other beneficial ingredients has a more,hydrating thicker consistency and feels,like a heavier layer on the surface of,your skin while the ordinary doesnt,have as many impressive ingredients its,still doing what its supposed to do,providing niacinamide with no fancy,extra ingredients in a perfect addition,to a routine for me I think the ordinary,one is better but it depends on your,personal skin type I would say that in,keyless niacinamide one is great if you,have dry to normal skin and the ordinary,one is great if you have combination to,oily skin eye it is midnight as Im,editing this video to go up tomorrow,morning but I totally forgot to mention,that if you guys are interested in,purchasing any of the products I talked,about in todays video because [ __ ],theres a lot of them and a lot of them,I absolutely love feel free to use the,links in the description box below I,make a small Commission that helps to,support me and my channel off of some of,them and I would really appreciate if,you do feel like shopping any of these,products but no pressure whatsoever as,always its totally up to you theyre,just there for you if you do want to use,them thanks guys,next up is retinol which is something,the ordinary definitely claims the title,to in terms of popularity because,everyone talks about the ordinary,retinol serums and how incredible they,are but from an ingredient standpoint,which one is better if you dont know,retinol it is an incredible and one of,the most researched ingredients out,there its amazing because it repairs,multiple types of damage within the skin,whether in the past youve had acne,scars hyperpigmentation fine lines and,aging sun damage it treats so many,different issues and while its very,powerful it can be very effective for,reversing a lot of issues in the skin,now this one is tricky because the,ordinary has multiple types of retinol,products I believe in total four all of,them are at different concentrations as,opposed to the inky list one which only,has one retinol and I have to say from,an ingredient standpoint it depends on,which retinol you choose now if youre,talking about the retinol 0.5% in,squalene which I know this technically,isnt the bottle but I cant find it,anywhere even though I used it for a,month and the hundreds of skincare,pieces laying around my house were just,gonna pretend like this is it okay okay,I would venture to say that they are a,tie Thank You Liz claims to be 1%,retinol but its actually 0.5% retinol,and 0.5% hydroxy Pina : retinoids,pronunciation expert over here that,ingredient is actually an ester of,retinoic acid retinoic acid is extremely,powerful in its anti-aging and repairing,abilities but the specific ingredient,doesnt have the same level of research,that standard retinol has cant really,know how effective its going to be,which is why I would say these are at I,however in terms of overall I would say,the ordinary is better because of how,many options they have theyre suited,for a variety of skin types whether its,someone whos just barely starting into,retinol versus someone who is very,experienced and can handle a high,percentage the ordinary offers so many,options because when it comes to,something like retinol that is a tricky,ass [ __ ] ingredient it can cause a lot,of sensitivity if youre not careful and,especially if youre not used to it whoo,the first time you use retinol is rough,but from an experience standpoint I,personally like the ink ulis retinol,more I dont know why but when Ive used,the ordinary retinols in the past while,theyre effective they dont feel very,easy to apply this one is based in,squalene which kind of makes it runny,and almost like it sinks into your skin,so quickly that you dont have time to,evenly spread it out and make sure that,youre not over exposing your skin to,retinol as opposed to this serum by the,Enki list much easier to spread does not,feel heavy on the face is very effective,but non sensitizing and thats why I,think this is a great introductory,retinol while the ordinary provides some,more powerful retinol products next up,is hyaluronic acid arguably two of the,most popular products from both lines,that hyaluronic acid is a very popular,ingredient because its a humectant and,it draws in moisture from the

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