1. Quick Vid: Inside Job (and how it ISNT what you think it is)
  2. Inside Job Season 2 Is Pretty Great (spoilers)
  3. Inside Job Part 2 Broke My Heart
  4. Inside Job (season 1) is actually a decent show!
  5. Inside Job Is EXACTLY What We Need In Adult Animation
  6. Brett Hand being a mental health icon for 6 minutes and 14 seconds
  7. Inside Job reviewed by Mark Kermode

Quick Vid: Inside Job (and how it ISNT what you think it is)

this video is brought to you by,expressvpn,[Music],hey folks hows it going i am back with,another quick vid and today were,talking about inside job from netflix,im gonna do it im gonna praise netflix,once again im not shilling for them i,wish they were paying me i know they can,afford it but you know what no this one,comes from me on a personal basis of me,actually recommending content and i,gotta say netflix from centaur world to,arlo the alligator boy to mayan the,three keep it coming keep using that,money to do these bold strokes to take,these leaps of faith to put your money,in creators who are willing to discover,that next level of animation whether it,be a show or a movie keep it going and,were lucky because they have no other,choice netflix doesnt have a giant,filmography like disney or warner they,have to invest in new content so its,kind of a win-win in a way well at least,for me for us inside job is the newest,adult animated cartoon on netflix it was,created by im so sorry im gonna try,and see your name correctly she own taka,ichi i suck im sorry i tried i i went,to google to type it in and have google,translate tell me how its said but im,just the worst i apologize shion here,worked on gravity falls as a writer we,bare bears regular show she was a,storyboard artist on inside out from,pixar from monsters university so she,has quite the considerable resume and,she also has connections with like alex,hirsch who is the creator of gravity,falls hes also an executive producer on,inside job so is this guy named mike i,forget your last name but he worked on,bojack horseman what im trying to say,is we got some really good veteran,experience and and talent thats,involved with inside out,thats not the shows name inside job,oops now at first glance i thought that,this would be a rick and morty club a,lot of folks felt the same way i think,its because of like the thin designs of,the characters the eyes the way that the,side characters looked seemed like they,would be side characters you would see,in like an episode of rick and morty so,i understand that i understand those,reservations its i wouldnt say its,inherently bad but i would say also give,it a chance because thats what i did,and im very glad that i did because,inside job is exceptionally good the,synopsis being reagan here our main,character she has these ambitions of,becoming the boss at cognito inc we are,cognito inc and weve got you covered up,any questions,besides moral ones,this is a company that is like a,cover-up it actually controls the entire,world all the conspiracies all the,governments all the people from the,president to like lizard people to the,moon landing to not flat earth get it,right its hollow earth all of that is,controlled monitored guided by cognito,inc and the people who work for the,company like reagan reagan here as a,character shes like in her early 30s,she is tired shes ambitious shes,grumpy,she,has poor people skills she is married to,her job and her goals and that goal is,to be the boss of this company but oh no,the current boss rj whos going to be,promoted to the shadow council the,council that controls the world hes,like yeah you know reagan youre not,ready yet heres this guy who has no,experience to actually co-run the,company with you his name is brett and,we learned that brett is like a lobbyist,this dumb himbo empty-headed guy and at,first i thought im going to hate this,guy hes going to be so obnoxious hes,going to be the counterpoint to reagan,and and im going to hate it,no i was wrong spoilers he ends up being,this dumb lovable himbo puppy who is,best friends with reagan and hes like,the emotions and the people,skills and personality and human,connection that she lacks while shes,the brains of it all its like heres,your dog heres your cat theres your,team good friends i like the chemistry,other side characters include reagans,father rand who used to work for cognito,inc hes now retired and he hates the,company and hes always trying to,manipulate things where hes like,screwing with reagan screwing with her,personal life screwing with her job he,kind of gives me rick vibes but not too,much more that hes like the skinny,older guy who is irreverent drinking but,hes unique enough to not be like a rick,clone strictly so there is that theres,glenn this dolphin soldier guy whos,like super patriot theres gigi she,controls the world media shes like i,invented the selfie so we can like take,everybodys like data and their faces,and keep it on file which is like pretty,funny theres andre this drug addicted,doctor theres magic mike mike for short,hes a mushroom person from the hollow,earth and then we get a couple of other,side characters like grassy knoll who is,the guy who shot jfk though theres an,episode about that theres more to it so,each episode features a conspiracy in a,way with like lizard people for an,episode the moon landing being quote,unquote fake a flat earth episode,theres a lot of fun relatable content,where myself as a viewer and i imagine,most viewers would go like oh i know,that conspiracy and id say the,conspiracies are like the common,denominator to bring us all in but its,the characters which is important that,carry the story that there is growth,with each one or explore the personality,where theres an episode where reagan,has to go visit the lizard people that,we have to keep them happy because we,get donations from them as cognitive ink,gets that money from lizard people to,humans that we actually keep climate,change going to warm up the atmosphere,for the lizard people because they,appreciate that that reagan will have to,go to a ball and rub shoulders and,potentially hug these lizard people and,shes like hug i dont hug i hate,hugging and we get to explore that why,she has these reservations why is she so,stifled in her emotions when it comes to,talking to people and we get to see how,her family and friends and her,upbringing and her job have a bearing on,that so character development the ever,important aspect of character,development and each character is so,much fun and works i was worried i was,worried that this would be dumb itd be,crude itd be crass that it would be a,ricky morty clone i was wrong it was fun,and i was engaged and theres an,overarching story that works well with,the conspiracy angle and learning about,reagan and what shes about and the,mystery behind cognito inc and the,shadow council and stuff like that it is,good it is so well done i applaud the,staff who made this show one of the,better entries for adult animation on,netflix out of the way big mouth you,belong downstairs with the other,characters oh theres like this a.i,whos like the president robot its like,a project of reagan he goes rogue and,and hes there throughout the entire,season hes like im a super robot i,gained consciousness and uh let me out,ill be your friend and shes like no,youll destroy humanity so theres a,running theme with that with that,character and where its gonna go its,like the shows planting the seeds for,the like long-term storytelling but each,episode has its own little like bit of,like lets talk about this character,lets talk about this part of the story,lets have fun good stuff i enjoy it,animation was done i believe in toon,boom with rigs very well done some,amazing like water explosion fire smoke,effects im like wow thats well done,well done didnt opt out for a green,screen kudos some of the jokes can be a,bit derivative like i dont care for joe,rogan but they made a joe rogan joke,like five times in one episode im like,thats thats enough okay i think weve,hit our quota oh awesome a neuralizer,just like men in black thats a tampon,oh god overall i think inside job its,definitely worth checking out i hope it,gets another season it deserves it i,want to see where the story goes so,those are my overall thoughts if youve,seen the show let me know what you think,about in the comments and i will see you,guys next time,oh no my precious informa

Inside Job Season 2 Is Pretty Great (spoilers)

the first season of inside job was a,breath of fresh air when it came to,adult animated comedies it was,legitimately funny it didnt have to use,cutaway gags in Middle School level,jokes as its only source of humor had,animation better than some of the,competitions stale lifeless animation,had a much more interesting premise than,the constant family sitcoms that we have,been getting sick of for years and had,characters that I actually cared for and,didnt want to beat the shit out of for,being Pricks most the time its Dad what,is it whats going on I heard a noise is,somebody downstairs,so of course I was anxious as all hell,for this show to get a second season,however with Netflix not exactly,treating their animation Department with,that much love and care yeah fuck Im,fucking for that by the way I feared,that this show wouldnt get that second,season but lo and behold Netflix,actually did something not stupid and,gave us inside jobs season two and Im,happy to report that its just as good,as the first season with some areas of,the show being improved here although,there are a couple of things that are,troubling to say the least but well get,into that eventually because right now I,want to talk about the animation I,somewhat touched on this in my last,review where I mentioned how the art,style looked kind of like another Rick,and Morty clone at face value but,legitimately had better animation than,those Rick and Morty or Family Guy,clones well it seems as though its been,slightly improved here it may not be as,noticeable as some other second seasons,and animated shows but I would say that,the animation looks a little bit,smoother maybe not as choppy or,something I dont know how to explain it,and there are a couple of moments here,and there that are definitely showing,off some of that smoothness though they,are very few and far between and you do,have to be looking for them and certain,episodes show that the animation team,had a much bigger budget to work with,since theres a lot more insane,Shenanigans going on than what happened,last time another criticism I had was,the reference humor and how there was a,little bit too much of it throughout the,whole show and could sometimes get in,the way of certain moments,look at me look at me Im the captain,now yeah yeah like this shit well its,still here but not as prevalent as,before and honestly Id say those kinds,of jokes hit a little harder now since,theres so few of them and even then,some are pretty damn funny and a little,more than just a face value comment like,this one for instance hi Sasquatch I,feel like no one even cares Who I Am,anymore I saw this kid in the woods the,other day and he goes hey Mom its,Chewbacca fucking Chewbacca hes not,even real who the hell are you Chewbacca,God damn it which if you dont look more,into it its just another funny,reference humor kind of thing but then,if you skip to the Halloween party in,episode 6 youll see,oh okay I see what you did there which,is great attention to detail and adds to,an otherwise forgettable piece of,dialogue The Comedy in general this time,around leans more on Clever comebacks,and situational Jokes which is much,better since it fits with the show way,more than the jokes that make people go,I know what that is however the best,thing that the season does is up the,Annie having insane scenarios like there,being a fake hell beneath the Vatican,magic mushroom people celebrities,secretly being a vampire cult its that,kind of stuff that is absolutely,hilarious to me and where the show,exceeds the most like the World building,with these kinds of plots are great and,still tie into real life like the show,uses Bohemian Grove as a Burning Man,festival for all the secret societies to,gather at and basically just act like a,frat house,although Ill touch more on this aspect,later I still enjoyed the characters,here Reagan is still a great main,character thats still relatable still,funny and still borderline psychotic but,we get to see the more caring and nice,side of her once shes in a good,relationship with someone else that,actually cares for her and also,understands all the crazy shit going on,which was a pretty nice change of pace,for her character and overall the show,Brett is as lovable as ever getting more,character development with a whole,episode almost dedicated entirely to him,plus the finale sets up some interesting,stuff that may play a big factor into,the next season for him so Im looking,forward to it but seriously though he is,just still so lovable,Brett how did you somehow legalize and,unionize sex work I couldnt help it the,solution just seems so obvious Rand gets,way more of the spotlight this time,around and was pretty great to watch,from him being way more smug when hes,in charge of Cognito while getting some,nice development towards the end which,was a nice way to give his character,more depth than just but Ive never been,on a date before youll be in my body,and women find me irresistible Im gonna,go eat a hot dog on the toilet the,newcomer Stadler was also a neat,addition to the cast acting as the,straight man to all of the insane Antics,going on in the show and as an inside,look into someone who actually regrets,this stuff theyve done for secret,organizations and doesnt treat it like,a desk job plus his chemistry with,Reagan was a really good change of pace,for everything and was really sweet to,see basically being something nice and,wholesome surrounded by chaos and,cynicism and then all the other,characters here were really just a mixed,bag of good and bad which is where Ill,start getting into how this season does,have its fair share of issues that,unfortunately keep it from being a 100,improvement from the first season not to,say that season 2 was worse than the,first or overall bad but just troubled,somewhat like I said the rest of the,characters besides the main ones are not,exactly amazing I mentioned in my season,one video how they were all just,specific tropes which wasnt necessarily,a bad thing but more could have been,done with them I actually like a lot of,them more individually now and kind of,accept them for being who they are I,mean I still like Jr here though I do,believe he was underutilized for the,most part and only had a couple of good,scenes and also really didnt fit in,with everyone else since the show didnt,really make that much of an attempt to,show him coming back into the office,since he was supposed to be gone for,probably a few months when nobody had,seen him since the first season it was,kind of jarring but luckily I do think,all their individual jokes are a little,bit stronger than their jokes in season,one maybe its just because Im more,positive though except for Mike who Im,slowly starting to dislike since he just,kind of comes off as nothing more than a,huge cynical asshole for ninety percent,of the time I mean theres a whole,episode where he treats the main cast,like garbage and by the end doesnt,learn to be a better friend I mean Rand,may be a cynical asshole as well but at,least he shows more character traits,besides that negativity in ego he has,layers and this all ties in with the,ending which I am not that enthusiastic,about I cant really say that its,necessarily bad but I can say that its,somewhat messy and or underwhelming,however this episode exemplifies two,issues during the whole finale that take,away from the overall season a this,massive apocalypse causing weapon had no,build up or was hinted to at all and it,just showed up out of the blue yeah its,weird and strange that this possible,Universe ending machine had no reference,at all to it during seasons one or two,and something this massive not having,anything to help ground the stakes,honestly felt jarring like it almost was,as if the writers had just come up with,this really cool idea and and they,didnt have enough time to actually put,it into the story so then they just,rushed it into there without trying to,plant little seeds in order to g

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Inside Job Part 2 Broke My Heart

so a few weeks back inside job part 2,dropped on Netflix I did a short video,last year on part ones World building,and how much I enjoyed that aspect of,the show and this year while the World,building is still really fun the,character Dynamics and relationships,really shined which I welcome with open,arms cause man I was invested in some of,these relationships this year they,really tugged at the heartstrings in,ways I was not expecting from the show,all while maintaining that fun and Wacky,conspiracy-filled World honestly some of,the stories this season genuinely broke,my heart in particular Reagans romance,with Ron just gutted me but before I,dive deep into that relationship Ill,break down some of the other stuff I,loved about the season as well lets get,into it and hey if you enjoyed this,video Id really appreciate it if you,subscribe to the channel and stay tuned,I definitely plan to keep covering,inside job in the future and on top of,that if youre looking for even more,in-depth adult animation discussion Ive,got a podcast with my homie tunerific,Tariq called cartoons that curse check,out the video version here on YouTube or,audio on all podcast platforms thanks so,like I said this season really shines in,its character character and relationship,Dynamics which while a welcome,adjustment also kind of left me wishing,the season had been longer especially,because part 1 was 10 episodes but part,2 was only 8 which also raises some,other interesting production questions,we actually know the show was initially,picked up for 20 episodes to be split,into two 10 episode runs and then the,show was unexpectedly picked up for,additional episodes though it isnt,clear how many its been picked up for,but Im thinking its possible that they,jettisoned two episodes from this order,to bolster the next order which also,makes me think that maybe weve only got,one more part of inside job guaranteed,sorry folks Im a little pessimistic,these days given the general state of,the animation industry and I do think,this show could actually benefit from,more episodes in each season the World,building is great and by the time both,parts wrapped up there are a few,character stories that I was very,invested in but it feels like the rest,of the cast could have a few more,fleshed out storylines regardless these,Eight Episodes definitely have me,excited to see what theyre cooking up,next and like I said there was a ton of,great world building and lore to love,about Inside Job part 2. the first,episode brings every secret society,together for an event called Bohemian,Grove all six societies the reptoids the,atlanteans the Catholic Church the,Juggalos Cognito Inc and the Illuminati,and though the Illuminati were mentioned,in part one this finally introduces them,properly LEDs by a mads Mickelson,looking dude named Dietrich Kluge,theres also a German film producer,named Dietrich Kluge but that seems to,be a coincidence so whats the deal with,the Illuminati again basically theyre,the cooler version of us but its hard,not to laugh at the Illuminati lineup,lin-manuel Miranda Oprah Jay-Z and,Beyonce there are some Hilarious Moments,throughout like when the pope runs up to,get lin-manuels autograph or maybe best,of all this absolute Death Stare that,lin-manuel gets from Jay-Z that was your,plan a rap battle youre [ __ ] with,the greatest rapper of all time son,I was also a huge fan of the Juggalos,being a society on the same level of all,these other secret organizations plus,the major endorsement of the power of,the Insane Clown Posse,God heres the he has the powerful mind,Ive ever encountered the second episode,of the season is all about how Keanu,Reeves and other celebrities like Leo,DiCaprio are secretly ancient vampires,that use the blood of young women to,stay young forever and its got probably,the best title of any episode of the,entire series whoa spiratu great stuff,but they also intertwine the story with,Reagans relationship with her mother,whos dating Keanu its all really well,integrated the third episode of the,Season brought us deep underground to,meet the mushroom people like Mike and,they confirmed the theories and,implications stemming from that shot in,the title sequence basically that Mikes,people came to Earth on an asteroid and,that when Apes started eating the magic,mushrooms it expanded their mind and,helped guide their evolution elevating,their Consciousness my God everyones,college roommate was right I really,enjoyed the fourth episodes hell on,Earth storyline 2. the Catholic Church,wants help scaring more people back into,believing in their religion so Cognito,is supposed to coordinate basically a,huge immersive theme park experience,complete with demon animatronics to,convince people that hell is real and,that they all have to repent and that,gave us a whole episode set at the,Vatican which is a fun setting for,secret society Shenanigans and some,super dark jokes Id ask why the Vatican,has secret doors but I think the answer,would just bum me out one of my favorite,developments this season was learning,more about Bretts family which gives so,much insight into his character Brett is,obviously supposed to be this completely,innocuous guy I think they called him,the Comic Sans of people hes a very,traditionally handsome looking bro but,in episode 5 we see just how much,pressure is put on him in a borderline,abusive Way by his awful Rich family,including an annual hand family ranking,where each of the four children have to,pitch themselves to adjust where they,rank amongst each other in the eyes of,their parents each have one minute to,defend your value and the Hand family,leaves Brett behind in so many ways his,older brother Jag is running for office,but they literally replace Brett with an,actor in a wheelchair in the political,ads Jegs said wheelchair Brett tested,better and this has been going on his,entire life later in the episode they,reveal that Brett had a tree house that,he essentially lived in but it was off,property and he could only zip line back,into the house in emergency situations,and even sadder he has this massive,passion for puppetry and crafting he,wanted to start his own puppet Studio,but his father wouldnt let him thinking,it would soil the family name despite,the fact that a family named hand owning,a puppet Studio couldnt be more perfect,but man I feel bad for that kid youve,always been an embarrassment he gets a,great feel-good moment when he gets to,tell off his entire family through a,puppet he created you know to really,stick it to him but the two stories this,year that really hit me the hardest are,Reagans romance with Ron and,surprisingly Reagans fathers Rans,Journey they all kind of dovetail,together in a nice way okay just gotta,say the major deep State ship in the,show being Ron x-ray again super funny,nailed it writers and on top of that,Reagan is played by Lizzie Kaplan and,Ron by Adam Scott a nice little party,down reunion years later hey isnt there,supposed to be an actual party down,reunion happening I wonder what the deal,with that is anyways the pair needed,anonymous anonymous which is a great,concept where people who have to keep,parts of their existence Anonymous come,to vent and therapize Reagan is trying,to get over the fact that her father,stole her promotion while Ron is,grappling with his role as a mind-wiping,illuminati agent its clear at first,that Ron sees Reagan as this privileged,nepotism baby who didnt earn her,position in the first place you know who,she is right thats the daughter of Rand,Ridley head of Cognito Inc and the,Rivalry between Cognito and the,Illuminati plays into both their [ __ ],talking and eventually their flirtatious,banter at the event at Bohemian Grove it,turns out theyre both trying to,sabotage their respective secret,societies for their own personal reasons,Reagan as revenge on her father for,taking her dream job and Ron because he,cant even sleep at night knowing the,things he does for the

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Inside Job (season 1) is actually a decent show!

netflix has to be one of the most,inconsistent movie and tv studios i have,ever seen either releasing some of the,best stuff youve ever seen or the,literal definition of garbage this,especially comes with their adult,animated tv shows where they can,sometimes strike gold and bring us such,wonderful and creative shows like bojack,horseman and castlevania or produce the,equivalent of what a middle schoolers,humor is like,no not my dick oh thank god it wasnt my,dick man that was embarrassing,good thing no one was around to see it,no not my dick no not my dick though,luckily it would seem that netflix,didnt decide to bring us what was left,in the dumpster and instead give us a,new good adult animated series inside,job the show follows reagan ridley an,overworked genius married to her work at,cognito inc a business where they act as,the deep state and cover up any,conspiracies such as the jfk,assassination lizard people and flat,earth theory but before she gets a,promotion her people skills are put into,question and is made a co-leader with,the lovable dummy brett and so the two,of them and their co-workers go on crazy,hijinks tackling a multitude of,different conspiracies and almost dying,10 times over in the process the show is,created by and i know im going to,butcher this and im so sorry,takeuchi yeah i gotta work on that who,was a writer on both regular show and,gravity falls two shows i have massive,appreciation for additionally the,creator of gravity falls alex hirsch was,an executive producer as well so from,the moment the show was announced i was,totally interested in it and im happy,to report the show is pretty good for,the most part and is kind of a miracle,in the way to sing is how netflix can,actually pull off a good animated adult,comedy and not just put all the balls in,my sack so i did oh my god,the concept of the show alone was,amazing taking famous conspiracies and,turning them on their head and making,them punching bags for humor and pretty,much all the current famous ones are,here and i think the show for the most,part is able to get enough good mileage,out of them the setting and the story,are finally something different and im,hugely grateful for that where a lot of,adult animated comedy shows basically do,the same thing with a new coat of paint,like each of them are just a sitcom,following characters with pretty mundane,lives boring jobs but then some crazy,stuff happens leading to wacky antics,and usually the shows that impress,everyone are the ones that actually,embrace the craziness by actually having,its characters and setting live in a,world that is actually set up for that,so with this show taking place at a,company made to cover up insane,conspiracies and saying stuff like,aliens sea monsters that makes total,sense where it doesnt actually catch,you off guard when stuff like this,happens valens a sleeper agent why do,you think fallon laughs all the time the,c.i.a broke his damn brain,now the animation is probably the shows,most obvious weakness where it looks,like another rick and morty clone with,its art style at times looking like it,was taken straight out of that show,where even some of the characters,wouldnt look too out of place in there,either however it is far more expressive,than animated than a lot of those other,clones where the environments are nicely,detailed backgrounds have a lot to look,at with some subtle jokes and fun,looking characters and memes,and even the characters make more body,and facial expressions than just a,couple of canned movements,i mean jesus at least theyre taking the,art style from a show that has a good,art style and not just the basic stilted,animation of family guy in its clones,also thank the lord the characters,actually look like people and not,monstrosities youd find wandering,around the chernobyl exclusion zone i,mean the character whos purposely ugly,doesnt look as bad as some of these,things whats wrong with your face,speaking of characters theyre pretty,good for the most part first off reagan,is one of the best main characters in an,adult animated comedy ive seen in a,while where most shows basically have an,obnoxious mean and sometimes downright,sadistic main character whos an,absolute asshole to everyone around them,reagan is not like that shes just an,overworked person trying her best to get,a promotion at her job while attempting,to make better relationships with people,around her instead of treating them as,co-workers but as friends not to mention,she does this while her father lives,with her who has emotionally manipulated,her throughout her life this also shows,how she makes herself proper for those,above her trying to impress them and to,please them but along the way she learns,to just be more like herself and knowing,that her work has truly paid off,brett was the character i was most,worried about since at first he came off,as that annoying clueless type of,character that doesnt have much to them,luckily hes not like that and is,actually a little three-dimensional,where we see a bit of his pretty,depressing childhood and how some of his,previous and supposed friends treated,him i remember my days at yale i was the,most popular guy in my frat they hazed,me every year sounds like they hated you,nice haze burn andre you must really,like me and this is woven in especially,well in the episode the breakfast club,where we see some of his childhood and,reason for love in the 80s also the,reason why he was picked to join cognito,inc is hysterical to say the least,please reagan i cant handle this on my,own you were right the real reason they,hired me is that my face is so generic,it cannot be traced by satellites im a,nobody just like my dad always said the,rest of the side characters were all,right with everyone playing their part,and acting as their proper stereotype,with a little bit more to them glenn is,the basic overly patriotic general whos,divorced but is now a hybrid of human,and dolphin dna which gives more of a,reason and uniqueness to the stuff he,does mike is the weird alien of the,group whos mostly sarcastic and dickish,to everyone around him but i would put,his design in voice acting as highlights,since he cant regularly emote like all,the others so his voice acting has to be,great in his performance had to have,gotten a lot of laughs out of me jr is,the shadowy boss whos kind of a prick,sometimes and is totally evil with his,intentions while gaining more power but,hes still fun and has a smiley aura,around him though i could not stop,thinking about the fact that he both,looks and sounds like stephen colbert,was that yunkan had the one quality that,virginia voters wanted most not being,terry mcauliffe,password,no hell its something in latin i think,uh draconius pluribus i dont know look,heres how much moneys in my bank,account,welcome,reagans father was a fun character as,well probably being the most cynical of,all the characters but at the same time,bringing a certain flair that just made,him hilarious i mean the dude founded,flat earth theory as a joke thats funny,on its own though i did find the,characters of gigi and andre as the,weakest ones in the group since both of,them were just stereotypes with gigi,being the one totally into social media,and phones and stuff with not much to it,except that though her being the head of,the department meant to distract from,crazy things with tv and subliminal,messaging gave her some pretty funny,moments to say the least who do you,think invented the minions,look what happens when you slow it down,sadly at this point andre was just kind,of a stereotype being a drug and sex,addict who most of the time didnt,really have anything to bring to the,table both character or comedy wise,where his character should have just,been combined with mics since they,already have a lot of similarities with,each other this brings me to probably,the strongest and weakest aspect of the,show being its comedy where the jokes,here pretty much ran fr

Inside Job Is EXACTLY What We Need In Adult Animation

and with the title like that youre,probably asking why is inside job,exactly what we need it just seems like,another show that was meant for adults,that seems okay but isnt anything truly,special or groundbreaking well i aim to,prove it to you through the duration of,this video that this is something to,look out for,[Music],before we start make sure to check out,the merch at alpha j dot show merch,because of how successful the run has,been i was able to extend a few of these,items for a few more weeks its because,of the support of you guys im already,thinking of new ideas of what to do at,the beginning of the year if you partake,in watching videos like these you know,that over the years adult animation has,gotten a very polarizing reputation on,one hand you have shows that challenge,the norm while delivering clever and,stellar comedy or storytelling in,general not bound to a litany of,restrictions and complaints that,childrens animation may suffer with,these shows can be funny smart and,casual enough to speak about and show,that the medium is able to compete with,other mediums such as live action and,anime on the other hand you have shows,that scrape the bottom of the barrel,shocking only because theyre given the,opportunity to and coast on jokes that,would get down voted on the edgiest,corners of reddit twitter and all over,that have characters that are just not,redeemable and just unwatchably annoying,that make adult animation seem like an,excuse to get off toxic backwards,thinking gross ideas that its children,counterpart would never entertain for a,long time there was a narrative that,there isnt that many adult animated,shows to watch and i feel like within,these last five years thats becoming a,lot harder and harder to say as even,some of the casual shows have become a,great example of what adult animation,can offer rick and morty bridged a gap,and gave adult swim a banger of a show,that while it had its faults ultimately,led with a strong sense of character,identity and solid storytelling primo,was a great example of having an action,heavy show set in the past that tugged,on your emotional strings and delivered,across the entire spectrum close enough,was not only a successful and well,welcomed successor to the cultural,juggernaut that is regular show but also,delivered on the broke comedy with even,less of a filter that was matched with,amazing dynamics jokes and commentary,that still talked about to this day,while we still have shows like the,prince big mouth chicago party on and,the like that isnt received too well in,a lot of animation spaces you cant deny,the legacy of shows like oh jack,horseman love deaf and robots ball,masters 9009 invincible tuka and purdy,and bobs burgers have provided among,the ones i already mentioned with that i,present to you inside job which first,episode starts off with letting you know,how much of the theme of conspiracy lies,within the show because in america the,government works for you [ __ ],listen up kids everything they teach you,in school is a lie you want the truth,the world is controlled by shadowy,elites and shape-shifting lizard people,theres a few dynamics in this episode,explored one of them is with rand ridley,this comfortably a tired old man whos,going on a drunken or buzz rant about a,lot of conspiracy theories that are,popular to say today whether in jest or,entirely serious and his daughter main,character of the show reagan ridley who,of the two works for said shadow,government cognito inc what this show,does at the start however is establish,their different viewpoints towards,working for the shadow government given,that rand not only worked there but was,the former ceo dad what the [ __ ] has,retirement made you go completely insane,no but the 5g radio waves in the air,have which you can read all about in my,new manifesto available on kindle oh,jesus christ dont listen to my father,kids he gets his news from facebook and,ambien they establish the relationship,between the two is not one that is in,harmony that isnt to say that theyre,mortal enemies but theres clearly a,struggle between the two as far as,competing opinions about cognito and the,way that america works they manage to,pull it off in a humorous way and not in,a way that seems preachy from either,side which is really important when,including commentary within any piece of,media i also just enjoy the tinier gags,in this like the mentioning that he gets,his news off of facebook which i guess,is now meta or whatever which is known,for skewing its algorithm and news,towards certain users and throwing the,america keychain at the kids eye,because democracy the main idea explored,throughout this episode is reagans,self-worth as a person and a contributor,to cognito of which her days enjoyment,is predicated on this promotion she,seems confident in getting they showed,that she is the type to jiggle a lot of,different issues all at the same time as,while her struggle with her father,post-retirement is one glaring problem,shes going to deal with a lot more,later on we see cognito which on the,surface shows itself to be a quotes,company but theres a deeper layer,underneath which is where all the magic,happens cant tell people that the,government isnt real but its not dr,ridley,[Music],cant talk about shape-shifting reptiles,good morning senator revenues and,all of which we see the atmosphere,theyre building quite nicely through,references to the term sheeple obamas,birth certificate the appearance of,bigfoot the appearance of mole people,walt disneys head in a jar what im,assuming to be the popes mitre the,mention of crisis actors on the wall and,a lot of other tiny details that would,take the rest of this video to,adequately go through needless to say,the team had a lot of fun designing the,world and the office and making sure,that it has a great personality in fact,one detail i enjoy quite a bit is the,glitch effect on the ceilings in some of,the scenes here however the biggest,detail here is the robotic president,that is sitting in a makeshift oval,office that reagan throughout this,episode describes as her lifes work but,enough about attention to detail lets,get back into the comedy take my dad,home if he gives you any trouble dont,be afraid to lightly tase him do it i,[ __ ] dare you you know who i am im,ran [ __ ] ridley and i used to,run this company and soon,i will be running it,nothing higher than a three,later down,[ __ ] quick aside the intro,sequence that comes after this is great,however were getting into another,dynamic that involves reagan her,relationship with her team which are,very reluctant to listen to her as,theyre off doing their own individual,things often getting into a bit of,trouble or drugs or both in the process,i think the inclusion of these mature,themes dont come across as compensating,for bad writing or trying to appeal to,the lowest common denominator but,actually pretty good natural dialogue,reagan attempts to get her team which is,apparently in charge of running the free,world which includes looking at mark,zuckerbergs profile to actually focus,on their work and not slack off they,continue to build up the anticipation of,reagan getting this promotion not just,to her father but her co-workers youre,not the boss of us actually as of 12 pm,today im literally going to be the boss,of all of you,and im in a ban groaning no more group,groaning,thats right you get them all out while,you still can reagan id like to see you,in my office,although the weakest of the four,dynamics that are in this episode in my,opinion they serve as a casual buffer,between the stronger a-sides speaking up,stronger we get the third of the four,dynamics between reagan and jr the,current ceo of cognito who has an,interesting relationship with reagan,throughout this episode well this,episode did a great job of building up,that reagan is responsible and,hard-working proving to herself to have,the work ethic and former reputation of,her father

Brett Hand being a mental health icon for 6 minutes and 14 seconds

Brett Hand.,Thrilled to be serving whoever gives me approval.,So, how did you get this job?,Honestly? I graduated Yale, top of my frat.,spent some time as a lobbyist, because I love lobbies.,and last weekend, I was at a barbeque with J.R,,and he said he liked how firm my handshake was,Next thing yknow, theyre throwing a bag over my head, and then,BOOM!,Im here.,Ok, ok.,Switch out the president with a robot in front of the leaders of the free world.,No big dealio, just keep it realio.,[Myc] Relax Brett, well be fine.,…Unless the robot malfunctions , exposing our agency to the world and toppling the shadow government.,[Laughter],[Brett laughs but in a way that indicates that he is losing it],You can do this, Brett.,Feed the courage wolf, starve the fear wolf.,Picture that with a Kodak. Picture your mental health with a Kodak.,oh GOD WHAT DOES A MENTAL HEALTH LOOK LIKE.,HELP!,Oh god, Reagan, help, the robots gone rogue,everybodys yellin about how the shadow government will collapse, and well all be fired,,and everyones gonna be mad at me!,Please, Reagan, I cant handle this on my own.,You were right. The REAL reason they hired me is that my face is SO generic, it cannot be traced by satellites.,Im a NOBODY! Just like my dad always SAID!,[Reagan is speaking but the focus here is Brett suffering],Its my second week, and my third can of Axe body spray!,[Hacking, coughing.],[J.R.] You have until the end of the week to decide who to ax.,You got it boss,,you know you can depend on us.,We will absolutely, positively, and definitely not let you dow-,[Cut to Brett throwing up from stress.],Im not like you, Reagan. I PHYSICALLY need people to like me.,Just follow my lead today, and DO NOT TELL THE TEAM.,[Sigh],Okay, consider me a lockbox.,D-D-D-DJ LOCKBOX.,WE HAVE TO FIRE SOMEONE,[THROWS UP],[Nostalgic sigh] I remember my days at Yale. I was the most popular guy in my frat.,They hazed me EVERY. year.,…Sounds like they hated you?,[LAUGHS],Nice haze-burn Andre, you must really like me.,REVEAL YOUR SECRETS TO THE CHAMBER.,Heres one:,Um,,I stay awake at night, because I dont even know what my favorite color is,,and Im afraid I dont have a real personality.,Wow. That is DARK.,ARE YOU ALSO BEING CHASED BY A HORDE OF RATS?,WHAT? NO!,…Why are you naked?,TONIGHT WAS COMPLICATED!,Youll figure it out. You always do.,…Just like IM going to figure out a way to impress PJ and Skwoo and get to level 6!,Because I need everyone to like me and I freak out if they dont!,Brett, why do you care about those guys? They pushed you in a ventilation shaft and covered you with rats.,Yeah, but isnt that what friends do?,Im not really supposed to talk about it,But I have made some AWESOME friends.,And I hear theres a girl!,Aw mom, its not like that.,Reagan and I are just BFFS- Business Friends Forever!,BRETT! What kind of sick shit are you doing in here?,The holochamber is not a toy,,its for training simulations,,and official, government-sex-stuff!,Sorry, Reagan,,its just, yknow, with work, Ive missed a lot of family dinners lately,,so this lets me bond virtually.,Theres NOTHING wrong with my brain-OH MY GOD I HAD THESE EXACT SCENTED MARKERS.,[DEEPLY INHALES SCENTED MARKER FUMES] OOH.,Take me away, Cosby-berry-blast!,LOCK ON MYC!,Lets go grab him and get the fuck out of this one-decade-town.,No! We were supposed to watch Growing Years as a FAMILY.,The season premiere is on tonight. :(,Brett, it aired 40 years ago.,When we get home, you can stream it.,YOU CANT STREAM ME BACK TO MY CHILDHOOD!,…,…Okay, I see whats going on.,This wasnt a plan to find Myc!,It was your weird plan to spend more time in Fantasy-Land!,Its just. Everything is so much better here!,Listen Brett, someone has to tell you this.,Nostalgia is bullshit.,It is a brain worm that makes adults regress into children who argue about Ghostbusters while the world fuckin BURNS.,HEY. Dont say things about Ghostbusters you cant take back.,Ghostbusters.,Dont.,-Is fucking.,Dont you dare!,-Stupid!,[Collective gasp],You never enjoyed ANYTHING as a kid, so you cant understand how much this stuff means to me!,Brett, you can stay here in the past if you want,,but were gonna find Myc, with or without you.,I CANT BELIEVE WE CAME OUT OF THE SAME WOMB!,We didnt!,Okay Brett,,its no big deal.,you just want to stay here a little longer with your friends.,Just a couple spritzes of nostalgia max,…And they will love it here as much as you do.,…Oh no.,No. No-,[SCREAMS],Okay, a full tank of Nostalgia Max,,…mixed with banned 80s products full of dangerous chemicals.,What could go,WRONG?,Did I do that?,YES! YES I DID.,[Myc] …Hes floating right behind me, isnt he.,[Myc] OH MY GOD. OH SHIT.,I AM THE MIGHTY NOSTALGIA MAX.,BOW BEFORE MY TOTALLY TUBULAR POWER.,WERE STAYING IN THE 80S FOREVER!,IT WILL BE RADICAL!,I…JUST…Want…,…Wanted a loving family.,And if you pull this off, I will give you an enthusiastic “attaboy”.,[Gasps],J.R, th-Thats too much!,Brett, what are you doing?,If they kill Bezos, he wont be able to buy your boat.,Damnit, you beautiful, brave, simple man.,Uch, I have ALWAYS wanted to be a super spy.,I used to watch ALL the James Bond movies.,I even had a secret identity,in public, my parents would tell people I was someone elses kid.,Yeesh.,[LAUGHS],Please like me.,The only people who think youre cool are DADS, or people that didnt have dads!,Damn that is accurate.,Oh god I cant breathe.,[Sighs] Oh god, I can finally breathe.,What if the moon-people capture and torture us?,Or worse– They mistake me for a god and ask me to lead their society,THATS TOO MUCH PRESSURE!,[Both] DADDY ISSUES! YEAAAAH,Hey, any dad of my friend is a dad of mine.,Alright!,Lemme out so we can raid the commune for parts.,Come on, itll be fun!,We can re-plant that flag.,….Ok, but only if you tussle my hair approvingly.,I still never got that “attaboy” from J.R.,Brett, Im gonna need your specific talents to root around in the garbage for it.,Anything for you, Moon-Daddy!,Sir, do you have brain damage?,[Laughs],…The doctors are not sure.

Inside Job reviewed by Mark Kermode

inside job which is a documentary which,I know doesnt doesnt sound like you,know a great feature kick off but its,really really interesting Im narrated,by Matt Damon and its a documentary,about the recent financial class in,which there has been a lot of attention,given to the recent financial collapse,obviously you know that the the stories,that baz lurman is currently remaking,the great gatsby,and he said that the reason he wanted to,do it was as far as he was concerned the,the idea of making the great gatsby now,in the wake of the financial meltdown,somehow kind of made sense,recontextualize the story though that,all the good intentions seem to be blown,by the fact that hes announced on the,one hand it sounds like hes doing it,with leonardo dicaprio filling the role,which was previously filled by Robert,Redford but on the other hand he has,said that he might be doing it in 3d,which really worries me so you know the,good side Leonardo DiCaprio Carey,Mulligan on the bad ii do you want to,watch The Great Gatsby in 3d what would,be the point well the only the only,point would be the scene in which she,throws all the shirts around and says,you have so many lovely shirts so Gatsby,shirts raining down in 3d but beyond,that but it may may have been a bogus,news story Baz Luhrmann just said that,he was considering it that was beginning,and end of it anyway okay so on to an,inside job directed by Charles Ferguson,who says in his directors statement and,this is quite interesting he says the,progressive deregulation of the,financial sector since the 1980s gave,rise to an increasingly criminal,industry whose innovations have produced,a succession of financial crises it is,my hope that whatever political opinions,individual viewers may have after seeing,this film we can all agree on the,importance of restoring honesty and,stability to our financial system and of,those and of holding holding accountable,those who destroyed it so essentially,what happens the beginning in the film,in the pre credit sequence in fact you,get a little potted history of Iceland,and the Icelandic collapse which,essentially goes from on the one hand,they have this stable economy,everythings wonderful everyones nice,to each other and theyre very,eco-friendly and then deregulation comes,in and everything falls apart and its a,complete disaster then we go through the,credit sequence onto then an examination,of what happened in America and its,repercussions around the world using you,know microcosm to then illustrate the,much wider situation essentially the,argument of it which you will have heard,to some extent before in The Guardian,well no no I meant in terms of cinema,okay I mean you know Michael Moores,capitalism a love story Enron smarts,cars and Enron smartest guys in the room,was a was a brilliant documentary which,did a thing about trying to explain how,it was that a company that appeared to,be doing fantastically well so,he collapsed in upon itself and I Im,not I dont have a financial mind or you,know a man did economics at school but,that was about the end of it but I did,what I really liked about Enron smartest,guys in the room was it managed to,convey the mechanics of how this thing,happened how they managed to inflate,their worth by measuring their worth in,terms of deals that have been done but,money that didnt really exist and you,could see how the whole thing got bigger,and bigger until a point when it had to,collapse and then suddenly it did well,essentially what you get an inside job,is a depiction of how deregulation of,the financial sector deregulation of the,banks causes everything to get bigger,and bigger and bigger and it becomes,apparent that the amount of money that,exists in hyper-reality is completely,unrelated to the money that exists in,the real world and crucially that this,is all built upon debts which people,know are going to be defaulted upon and,upon investors investing in debts which,they will actually benefit from default,happening but the real ace card up his,sleeve is not only does he do the usual,stuff which to some extent as I said we,have seen before in Michael Moore is,that he turns his attention on the,relationship between the financial world,and says you know the people who ran,companies and ended up being a you know,in government and everyones ended up in,a top job but turns his attention on,academia and the role that academics,have played in producing reports that,essentially propped up a system that was,bound to fail and getting paid for doing,so physically in 2006 youd co-authored,a study of Icelands financial system,right Iceland is also an advanced,country with excellent institutions low,corruption rule of law the economy has,already adjusted to financial,liberalisation while Prudential,Regulation supervision is generally,quite strong,yeah and that was the mistake that turns,out that that the Prudential Regulation,and supervision was not strong in,Iceland I think that youre going with,the information you had and generally,the view was that that that Iceland had,very good institutions it was a very,advanced country what kind of research,did you do do you talk to people you,have faith in in the central bank which,actually did fall down on the job that,clearly this why do you have faith in a,central bank,well that faith,you go with the information you have how,much were you paid to write it I was,paid the number was its public,information now you can hear from that,clip essentially what you have is an,interviewee squirming because theyre,being asked things and theyre doing,that flan like I was exactly and if,there are many in teaser as one guy that,he interviews who at one point if it,becomes really really cross about the,line of questioning and ends up saying,you know Ive been good enough to grant,you this interview coming right youve,got three minutes give it your best shot,in the sight of people being prodded on,this particularly on this particular,area at one point an academic is asked,look um isnt it significant that people,are asked to produce reports that say,these things are all fine but theyre,paid for saying that theyre all fine no,its not a problem at all well how would,it be if a drug company was paid to say,that one of their drug can be paid,somebody to say that one of their drugs,was fine wouldnt the transaction of,money be an issue and he goes oh I I,think you turn into Hugh Grant but,obviously an American version whew,Grande and all the way through there are,some great squirming juicy moments what,you dont have is the kind of the comic,grandstanding the kind of that the,stunts that you know that in the past I,think were a problem with Michael,Moores films although actually in the,case of capitalism a love story that was,reined in I mean the one big stunt in,capitalism love story was Michael Moore,standing outside the banks demanding,money back you know with a megaphone,which keep that you know it he kind of,gets away with it because hes reined it,in a little bit what really works about,this film is partly the story is just so,horrific,I mean people start explaining to you,the you know the finite and Im sure and,were only scratching the top of it but,it is a horrific story about money being,invented out of nowhere in debts which,are bound to default and everyone,knowing that this is about to happen and,some people standing up going this is,about to happen and then it happening,but more importantly people who clearly,didnt expect to have those questions,but then people who were clearly brought,in because they thought that what they,were offering was an expert view and,then finding the interview saying yes,but actually you guys are implicated in,this I mean I think obviously as with,any of these things its a documentary,and therefore its not gonna have the,sort of you know the life that a big,feature film would have and personally I,think the role of Matt Damon in it is,important because obviously Matt Damon,lending his voice to

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