1. Insignia Top Freezer Refrigerator Review
  2. Best Buy Insignia NS–RTM18SS7 Refrigerator Review
  3. Insignia Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review
  4. Insignia Mini Fridge with Bottom Freezer Review
  5. Top 5 – Best Refrigerators (2022)
  6. Best Buy Haul Insignia – 21.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Convertible Freezer/Refrigerator
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Insignia Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

hey chilly from best buy canadas blog,ive just taken a look at the insignia,top mount refrigerator,the insignia top mount refrigerator is a,10.1 cubic foot refrigerator its very,slim and it is only 116 pounds,unboxing it was super easy all i had to,do was pull the box over the top and,remove it from the foam plate on the,bottom this fridge is the perfect size,for an apartment or a condo or as a,fridge in a dorm room if you want a,little bit more space than a bar fridge,would give you it has removable glass,shelves inside the refrigerator as well,as inside the freezer you can move them,up and down into different slots,depending on what youre storing and it,has door bins that are adjustable on the,side,it also has a humidity controlled,crisper so you can add all sorts of,fruits and vegetables theres a look at,the butter container on the side of the,door,you can store all kinds of fruits and,vegetables depending on what youre,storing you just adjust the humidity,level in the crisper,i like refrigerators where you can,completely pull out the crisper drawer,so you can just pull it right out if you,want to give it a clean in the sink and,wipe underneath it,although this is a pretty compact,refrigerator there is a ton of room for,storage those adjustable glass shelves,mean that you can store large things,like soda bottles or wine bottles or you,can use the side compartments to store,those theres tons of room both on the,door and inside,there are separate temperature controls,for the refrigerator and the freezer so,you can set your fridge to whatever,temperature that youd like and then,theres a dial inside of the freezer to,set that,for such a small refrigerator the,freezer is extremely roomy as you can,see here and theres more than enough,space for all types of different things,the stainless steel finish is not,fingerprint resistant but i was touching,it and i didnt really smudge it when i,touched it i love the door handles there,is no external handle sticking out to,detract from the sleek look of this,fridge you can just use the recessed,door handles to pull the fridge open and,closed,when i was testing it out i noticed it,runs very quietly there is little to no,sound coming from the fridge when its,running,and it plugs into any standard outlet,just like any other fridge,the adjustable feet on the bottom of the,fridge make it easy to move it around in,your kitchen as well as adjust it to,make sure its completely level,the insignia top mount refrigerator is,also an energy star refrigerator so it,doesnt take a lot of power to run it,and that makes it perfect for a,secondary fridge if thats what youd,like to use it for,the insignia top mount refrigerator is,available in stainless steel as well as,white so you can choose the best style,for your kitchen i was pretty impressed,with the interior size of this fridge,despite how tall and thin it is and i,think it would be a great choice for,anybody who even has family size,groceries because there is a ton of,adjustable storage inside,you can see my full written review of,the insignia top mount fridge on best,buy canadas blog thanks for watching

Best Buy Insignia NS–RTM18SS7 Refrigerator Review

hi everybody this is matching with your,vidcom and Im gonna give you a little,walking tour of this insignia top,freezer so best five sells this basic,top freezer in three different sizes you,go the twenty one cubic foot is the,largest nine point nine cubic feet is,the smaller version and this is the 18,cubic foot model it comes in two,different colors youve got your basic,white matte finish which you can see,here or you can also get it in a faux,stainless the white model sells for,about five hundred and forty dollars and,the stainless one sells for about six,hundred and thirty which is pretty cheap,for an 18 cubic foot top freezer,youve got the recessed handle so,thatll give you a nice flat exterior in,the kitchen which is especially good if,youre in if youre in tight quarters,you open it up youve got more white,plastic on the inside three big wide,shelves and the main fridge section with,a little bit of the options for where,you want to put them in terms of height,the crisper drawer youve got two,matching ones with an adjustable,humidity slider this looks kind of like,a pork chop but I think its actually,supposed to be a head of lettuce and,this here is a picture of a sliced,citrus fruit so for vegetables you want,more moisture to stay in and for fruit,not as much over on the door youve got,some clear plastic shelving too full,with shelves on the bottom that can only,go where they currently are sitting and,some half shelves on the top you can see,have a few different notches that you,can slide them in as well as a dairy bin,at the top,the main fridge section has some pale,blue LED lighting and you might not be,able to tell entirely from this video,but compared to a lot of other fridges,that weve tested it actually rather,dark especially for LED now you can see,should get down by the crisper is how,much fainter the light gets so if your,kitchen typically doesnt get a whole,lot of sunlight I mean you should be,able to see inside the fridge but its,not going to be as bright as most other,models the controls are very basic the,only thing you can do is change the,level of coldness in the fridge its a,scale from one to five they dont even,bother to put a recommended manufacturer,asterisk or mark on the console but we,have it set to three youre probably,gonna want to run it at least one knotch,cooler we found that the fridge ran a,little warmer than wed like but again,that is common for fridges in this price,point hop in the freezer,youre not gonna see a whole lot really,of anything theres no light theres no,icemaker,although if you notice the little disk,in the back of the disk looking spot you,can install an icemaker and the the,piping will go through there but it does,not come with an icemaker out of the box,it does come with an ice cube tray so,you can use that or not youve got one,wire shelf that can sit right here in,the middle of the freezer or you can,move it down one notch lower you would,probably only want to do that if you,bought an icemaker because thats where,you would need to put the shelf to make,room for the bucket you also get,another control dial,its not going to make a huge difference,whether you turn it up or down compare,it to the fridge console but it might be,able to make your freezer a little,colder or a little less cold depending,on what youre putting in there how cold,you want it that sort of thing over on,the door weve got two fairly shallow,plastic shelves theyre not adjustable,and theyre theyre good for storing you,know loose items bags of nuts or,chocolate chips if you like baking or,pie crusts ice packs anything that might,be loose or with fit awkwardly in the,main freezer compartment now I hold the,fridge out so we can go take a look and,back youll see like most modern fridges,its a smooth metallic backing you dont,have to worry about exposed coils you,dont have to worry about vacuuming dust,off the back and again because there is,no ice maker youre not going to see a,water hookup down here at the bottom the,Insignia is about sixty six and a half,inches tall by twenty nine and a half,inches wide by 31 inches deep so if,youve got cabinets above your fridge,nook or if youve got a tight kitchen,make sure that it will fit those,dimensions before you buy it so again,this is your basic Best Buy brand,insignia fridge cost five hundred and,forty dollars in white six hundred and,thirty dollars in Poe stainless the,model number is NS RTM 18 w h7 you can,get it in Best Buy stores or at Best Buy,comm and if you want to check out our,full review of the product or any other,top freezer or fridge of any kind make,sure to go to review calm,you

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Insignia Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

hey its shelly from best buy canadas,blog ive been taking a look at the,insignia 11.5 cubic foot bottom freezer,refrigerator,this is a tall slim refrigerator its,the perfect size for an apartment or a,condo or a townhouse with a small,kitchen because it doesnt take up that,much space but it has a ton of room,inside,this fridge has a stainless steel finish,and it has a very sleek design there are,no door handles you just have to pull,the doors open from the top of the doors,and its also available in white heres,a look inside as you can see it has,glass shelves theyre adjustable shelves,so you can move them around depending on,what youre storing and the plastic,shelves on the side are adjustable as,well,it has a crisper drawer so you can store,fruits and vegetables in there and,theres also a really cool feature that,you dont see often on smaller fridges,and thats a deli drawer,so its pretty spacious inside and,thats one of the best parts of having a,bottom freezer fridge is that the entire,top half is all fridge storage,opening up the freezer is easy you just,pull it open on the side or on the top,and as you can see theres a ton of room,in the freezer too it comes with a ice,bucket as well as an ice tray and a,little ice scoop,the shelves in the freezer are also,adjustable and i cant recommend enough,getting a fridge that has a drawer in,the freezer it just makes storing all,sorts of things like popsicles or you,can store your ice tray right in that,drawer and it gives you easy access you,dont have to search through things to,get to what youre looking for,so as you can see the ice tray or the,ice bucket will just store right inside,of there but you can also place it on,the shelf and then just use that drawer,for popsicles or anything else youd,like to grab easily,the temperature controls for the fridge,and the freezer are inside the,refrigerator the refrigerator controls,are at the top of the fridge right,beside the light and the freezer,controls are behind the crisper,to access them you just have to pull the,drawer right out its nice to have that,temperature control option because a lot,of smaller fridges dont often give that,to you so you can set this one to,coldest or cold and it will be,everything will be as frozen as youd,like it to be,i really like the removable glass,shelves they clean up really nicely it,has a little bit of a lip on the edge so,it should slow any spills if you have,them and theres tons of storage on the,door so if you want to store wine or,soda on the door and you want to store,all sorts of different foods within the,fridge youve got more than enough room,to do that,i dont think youre lacking anything,but not having any storage on the,freezer door because there is tons of,room in the freezer itself so youll,never run out of space,and theres a look at the deli drawer,pulled out and that gives you a lot of,room for cheese or meat or anything,youd like to store in that drawer,i really like the sleek style of the,insignia bottom freezer fridge and i,like the adjustable shelves and the,different,little shelves on the side of the fridge,because it gives you a lot of room for,butter and eggs and basically anything,that youd like to store that you would,store on a regular basis,and everything is just easy to access,its roomy enough for a small family and,i think its the perfect size for a,small kitchen because its available in,stainless steel and white it can match,any kitchen decor too so thats it for,my look at the insignia 11.5 cubic foot,bottom freezer fridge you can see my,full written review on this fridge at,best buy canadas blog thanks for,watching

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Insignia Mini Fridge with Bottom Freezer Review

hey its shelly from best buy canadas,blog,ive been taking a look at the insignia,4.9 cubic foot,bottom mount compact refrigerator this,stainless steel refrigerator,is a bar refrigerator or a dorm room,refrigerator whichever,youd like to use it for but the,difference between this and,a standard dorm room or bar refrigerator,is that it has,a upper door and a lower door and it has,a,fridge and a freezer the upper,refrigerator has,removable glass shelves and an,adjustable,temperature gauge you can turn the light,off and on depending on whether or not,youd like it to turn on when you open,the door,the fridge itself cools off quickly once,you plug it in and i had it set to a,middle temperature so it was set on two,or three,and it cooled off quite quickly theres,storage on the door,as well as the glass shelves and there,is an included crisper,it feels quite roomy when youre,standing in front of it so,there would be more than enough room for,all sorts of different foods youd like,to store in your fridge,and there is also the included freezer,this is the freezer,and i really like the freezer theres,several storage drawers and i really do,believe in storage drawers in a freezer,because it helps you keep your food,organized,to preserve the temperature there is a,flat,panel on the side instead of storage and,that just closes up the freezer and,keeps everything cold,this fridge has a very sleek look,if there is no handles on the door,frames you just have to grab from the,top,it opens and closes quietly and it,doesnt have a soft close or anything,but it doesnt slam closed either,i really liked the stainless steel,finish and it is,not fingerprint resistant but i did,touch it and i didnt find it smudged,very easy,you can adjust the feet on this fridge,just so that its more stable,on any surface it runs quite quietly too,so if you do have it in a dorm room or,in your rec room you wont find it too,loud when its running,there is an included ice tray with this,fridge so you just have to pop the ice,tray in the bottom rack,and you can make ice or have ice on hand,if youre having guests over or you just,like a cold drink a compact fridge with,a fridge and a freezer,offers you a lot of variety so i really,like the options with the drawers and,everything on this fridge freezer,and it would be a very easy placement,its not too big its not,any taller than i am im 53 and it it,seems to be about,five feet tall so its not too big that,you couldnt fit in a compact spot,but it is the right size to store a lot,of food,its a nice looking fridge too its not,overly wide,and its not too deep so it is a smaller,type fridge but it offers you that,stainless steel look that you,really like in the kitchen and i know a,lot of bar fridges are generally black,or theyre just white but the stainless,steel on this one,makes it really sleek and i love the,recessed door handles that just appear,at the top of the doors,the fact that it runs very quietly and,it does have an interior light,or just bonuses as far as im concerned,overall its just a great,easy to use easy to install fridge,thats it for my quick look at the,insignia 4.9 cubic foot,bottom mount compact refrigerator you,can see my full written review on best,buy canadas blog,and dont forget to hit like if you,found this video helpful,thanks for watching

Top 5 – Best Refrigerators (2022)

whats up guys in this video were,breaking down the five best,refrigerators in 2022. ive made this,list based on price performance internal,capacity and more ive included options,for every type of consumer so whether,youre looking for a smart fridge or the,best and most advanced appliance on the,market will have the perfect fridge for,you if you want more information and the,most up-to-date pricing on the products,mentioned be sure to check the links in,the description below now lets get into,the video,if youre looking for an inexpensive,refrigerator that comes with a decent,internal capacity and can reliably nail,the basics the maytag top freezer,refrigerator is one of the best,affordable options available not,everyone has thousands of dollars to,spend on a high quality refrigerator and,the maytag top freezer is a great,inexpensive option that comes with,intuitive controls a generous warranty,and a built-in deli drawer for better,organization it has a top freezer design,that should be able to fit into most,spaces and its available in multiple,color variants to match your kitchens,decor unfortunately it lacks additional,features like an ice maker or water,dispenser like the more expensive ge,profile series but this is,understandable considering the price and,it still offers all the essential,features on the inside it comes with led,lighting that allows you to accurately,locate what youre looking for and an 18,cubic foot internal capacity thats,ideal for smaller families or households,i also like that it has reversible doors,so you get solid placement flexibility,it comes with a 10 year warranty on the,compressor to guarantee performance over,time so you can be sure this is a solid,long-term investment you get a,full-width deli drawer that allows you,to separate meats cheeses or,ready-to-eat snacks from your other,ingredients for quick access three,internal glass shelves for additional,food items and gallon door storage to,free up some extra space or keep larger,items like wine bottles even more it has,a power cold feature that can quickly,cool the interior to keep food fresh,along with upfront temperature controls,that make it intuitive to maintain an,optimal internal temperature while it,doesnt come with as many quality of,life features as the premium samsung,family hub refrigerator the maytag top,freezer is a solid option for smaller,families or homes that offers a solid,number of compartments to remain,organized if youre looking for an,inexpensive refrigerator that offers the,essential features and can consistently,get the job done this might be the ideal,addition to your kitchen,for anyone who wants a high quality,side-by-side refrigerator that can keep,your food fresh and accommodate a solid,number of items the whirlpool,side-by-side refrigerator is my choice,as the best side-by-side option in 2022,whirlpool is a well-respected name among,home appliance manufacturers and their,side-by-side refrigerator model comes,with excellent internal temperature,uniformity an exterior ice and water,dispenser and ample door storage to free,up some shelf space its available in,multiple different colors to match your,style including two fingerprint,resistant stainless steel variants,depending on your preference the,refrigerator compartment offers a solid,internal capacity of 13.6 cubic feet and,a 6.97 cubic foot freezer capacity that,should be adequate for less busy,households although it lacks the,internal capacity of more expensive,offerings like the lg insta view,unfortunately it doesnt come with a cee,rating for energy efficiency but it has,a useful adaptive defrost function that,only activates when necessary to,conserve power and prevent ice buildup,the accu-chill management system is,another useful add-on that allows you to,quickly cool your food adjust settings,and maintain an optimal internal,temperature unlike the previously,mentioned maytag top freezer it comes,with a built-in ice and water dispenser,on the exterior and it utilizes every,drop filtration technology to deliver,fresh filtered water it also comes with,a generous array of shelves to organize,your food and you get wall-to-wall spill,resistant frameless glass shelves for,greater storage flexibility a humidity,controlled crisper and adjustable,gallon-sized door bins i also like that,it has a fresh flow air filter to reduce,unwanted odors although it needs to be,replaced in six month intervals for,optimal performance the whirlpool,side-by-side refrigerator isnt the,biggest or most advanced model on the,market but it offers solid all-around,performance good internal capacity and,some useful additional features this is,ideal if youre looking for a,side-by-side refrigerator with some,solid extra capabilities that can keep,your food fresh without taking up too,much kitchen space,some people might be looking for a door,indoor refrigerator that allows you to,quickly locate ingredients and provides,a solid internal capacity the lg insta,view is my choice as the best door,indoor refrigerator in 2022 lgs insta,view refrigerator is a high performance,refrigerator that comes with advanced,cooling technology to keep your food,fresh for longer and a unique,transparent panel to see inside and,quickly locate food without needing to,open the door it has a stainless steel,build that features a smudge and,fingerprint resistant coating for easier,cleaning and it comes in a counter depth,model to accommodate smaller spaces the,refrigerator compartment offers 18.2,cubic feet of storage along with 8.8,cubic feet of freezer storage space,which is much more than the previously,mentioned options and appropriate for,medium-sized families or busier,households unlike the whirlpool side by,side it also comes with an energy star,certification so wont drastically,skyrocket your monthly electricity bills,although it lacks a built-in ice and,water dispenser i think the unique cold,saver panel is a standout feature and,you can activate this function with two,knocks to see inside and locate your,preferred ingredients without releasing,cold air even more it comes with,dedicated door cooling to maintain,consistency and a smart cooling system,thats designed to keep an appropriate,internal temperature and reduce,unnecessary temperature fluctuations for,more effective performance over time but,it tends to occasionally run warm its,also nice that you get a 10 year,warranty on the motor so you can be sure,this is a good reliable long-term,investment the lg instaview is the best,door indoor refrigerator because of its,unique see-through panel impressive,cooling technology energy efficiency and,larger internal capacity than most,cheaper models if youre looking for a,refrigerator that offers several modern,features plenty of shelves to organize,your food and effective cooling,performance this might be the ideal,option for your kitchen,next up we have a high-end french door,refrigerator that offers an excellent,blend of cooling performance shelf space,and modern features the ge profile,series french door is my choice as the,best overall refrigerator in 2022 with,its useful companion app to control some,key features built-in water filtration,system range of adjustable components,and bright internal led lighting the ge,profile series is a serious refrigerator,that excels with almost any requirement,it has a sleek fingerprint resistant,stainless steel design that should be,able to fit in with most kitchen decor,on the inside you get a cavernous 27.7,cubic feet of storage which should be,adequate for larger families cooking,enthusiasts or to prepare for a big,gathering i like that it has a built-in,filtration system so you can drink clean,filtered water without opening the door,and it uses an rpwfe replacement filter,that reliably removes up to 98 of select,chemical compounds like trace,pharmaceuticals you also get a limited,five year parts and labor warranty on,select components though it lacks a cee,certification like the lg insta view it,

Best Buy Haul Insignia – 21.0 Cu. Ft. Upright Convertible Freezer/Refrigerator

hey guys,hey guys this is luis with the barnyard,chicken and im just a little excited i,got,a new refrigerator its just all,refrigerator,its nothing fancy its the cheapest one,i could find,and it took me six months for it to come,back in stock,so yeah its pretty cool super excited,im gonna put it right here and,uh its pretty warm side to air,conditioner,[Music],but um i cant wait to unbox it,and take it out see whats gonna happen,im gonna put it right here,in this space,because its pretty tall see its all,the way to the top of the door,and um so i dont i doubt itll fit in,there,but i dont know how much cushions on,the top and im not really sure how much,cushions on the bottom or whatever,but um yeah so i guess well figure it,out,anyway so yeah today,is monday and um,i have about an hour to do whatever i,want and then,uh yeah then i have to start my day so,thats what im going to tackle today,im going to be tackling,unboxing this refrigerator so wish me,luck i dont think ive ever in my,entire life,unbox a refrigerator everything ive,ever bought was in the scratch and dent,section so this is literally,new in the box even though it,was very inexpensive its all,refrigerator,i really cant believe how big this box,is,because the it says that this is a 26,inches wide,76 inches tall,okay so its 28 inches from the back,to the door handle and then,um 76.3 tall,26 for just the body,because the body is 26.,anyway this box is like 31 inches wide,by 35 or 36 inches i dont remember,at least 35 inches wide this is the,short side,so yeah its a pretty big box,anyway look at the weight,thats crazy right,anyway im super excited,its all refrigerator so,im gonna be unboxing it so what im,gonna have to do is just unbox it,and then let you see it and im gonna,put it right here,super excited,so i guess ill just try get these,staples out,this box opens like i said ive never,opened a box before,every appliance ive ever bought is,already out of the box,scratch and dent its all right,it all worked,actually a really nice washing machine,i got off the scratch intense,actually it was a four model and it set,it was like one of the original front,loaders,and the guy said,oh i cant believe yall bought that,every kid in town,spun that dial and,the guys are constantly running into it,with a forklift,because it was sitting by the front door,anyway,uh but,ive had it a really long time,tearing up the box,the box is not very its kind of spongy,its not,anyway ill have to ask my husband that,i bet ive had it 20 years,i dont know if i had it before,or after the flood,but i think i didnt get it after the,blood,if i got it after the blood its only,17.,well it could be 20 20.,201 i believe 2001.,allison,that was the first big blood we ever had,here,in houston a little,all over the place,everywhere there was 18 wheelers,under water on the freeway its crazy,ive never seen anything like it before,about halfway down the box,getting some of the staples out but then,just using this i didnt know what else,to do,just spray them up cut myself or the,damn,staples dont come out staples are,stronger than the,cardboard,okay i guess,ill keep working on it and ill be back,it actually looks like i got just one,more,uh thing down here at the bottom,goodness okay,well that was better than expected all i,did was take,this one seam off and theres no box at,the bottom,look at its that,has these two cardboard i mean,foam things here let me get those out of,the way,one foam thingy,okay theres another foam thingy,its a corner foam thingy,okay,its a cool looking phone thingy though,and theres a paper,one here cardboard its got foam on it,so its pretty thick its a corner one,as well,and yeah,so its pretty cool its white its only,white because,you can only get the 21 inch one in,white,and if you wanted the pretty colors,they were 17 and 13 inches,but i wanted 21 inches 21 cubic feet i,dont know why i keep saying inches,but yeah lets walk around it and see,how it looks,getting to see it for the first time,with me theres a piece of foam at the,top,there is no back down there which seems,kind of weird,but there may be uh some place here,there may be something that goes on,there,because usually theres like a piece of,cardboard,or something down there and then i cant,see,up there oh yeah look at that,i definitely dont see no backing,but um,it definitely it definitely would not,fit underneath this cabinet,i mean cuz look how tall it is,yeah so this is where the old-timey,refrigerator would go right here so im,definitely gonna have to put it over,here i figured i would but i had no idea,but this one is 21 point something,square,feet if i say inches just know i mean,cubic feet i dont know if theres any,specs on here or not,it does oh yeah no that just says,something else,now i dont see any specs on this side,but this is the model number,i got it from best buy,and um and its the best buy brand,uh i do think kenmore makes of the same,exact one,but like it was a lot more it was like,twice as much and i couldnt get any,as soon as this one became available the,day it became available,they sent me an email and i went,straight there i bought it now like the,next day they were out,so they either just got this one in or,they sold out that quick i know they got,the,they were out of the 13 the 17 and the,21 inch,cubic feet and uh,yeah so this is the back side and,i just have to turn it around so you can,see it and then ill take all that,plastic off of there,and then ill set it over here where you,can get a better look,and i dont know whats going on down,here i may or may not be able to do that,by myself,because if i have to lift it up or,whatever ill just have to wait for help,but um anyway so,the 17 and the 13 inch ones came in,like three days to a week before this,one,so i was keeping my eye on them all week,and the 17 and the 13,cubic feet ones sold out within a week,and then this sold out within a day so,but like you dont really know how many,they got,but um so yeah,anyway uh also it would say,that it wasnt available within 250,miles of my location is what it was,saying so it may have been,available in your location but it wasnt,available in my location lets just go,around here and see if i can see,cant really see,its just white,okay so i will finish taking the plastic,off of it,ill finish taking the plastic off of it,and,the box and ill be back,and show you the end results,okay wow look there it is see its,like really tall,i mean it wouldnt fit here with the,refrigerator,normally goes but look at it,wow its big and its white,i do wish it was another color but,i guess theres nothing wrong with white,its not even bumpy its like,really smooth so it looks like itll,scrap oh this side is,this side is normal but the front side,is like ultra,the front side feels like it hasnt been,painted it feels like its only been,primered and uh,yeah im just saying oh i thought i got,this so i thought we would look at it,together,so i thought i took all the tape off of,it,okay i guess the,handle goes here,heres the controls here it is a,convertible,you can use it for all ice box or all,freezer and im going to be using it for,all,well i might not be able to open it oh,yeah there we go,yeah look at that i wish these bins on,the side were bigger,but thats not a big deal its not like,im gonna be putting,milk there or tea or whatever,this will just have all whole foods,plant-based these are glass,shelves and,they slide in theyre not clipped to the,back all glass,shelves and then two bins,and um i guess this is the handle here,so im really super excited,smells good too,has that new car smell,okay thats it i dont know what else to,say,im im pleasantly surprised i mean i,knew what to expect,i didnt actually ever see it in person,and,the pictures they have on bestbuy.com,from bestbuy.com or the manufacturer i,dont know,who gave them those pictures i didnt,really like the way it looked,and the reason i went out on liam,and purchased it is because,customer photos,i i

Insignia – 3.0 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge – Stainless Steel Review

sup guys oh my to my channel my name is,Dre and thanks Im kickin it with me,[Music],once a day as you can see Im going to,be doing that on box lock do the big boy,back here in a review,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],actually want to come in here show you,guys so everythings orientate all that,good stuff,think about taking this off 100%,[Music],[Applause],as it Energy Saver it comes with the ice,scraper and I choose anime,this is glass to all I please,Debbie,[Music],this reason I lets see how loud it,closed Oh,[Music],[Music]

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