1. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 (2022) Review – The New Budget Laptop King!
  2. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Review and Unboxing
  3. Đập hộp Laptop sinh viên Dell Inspiron 15 3000
  4. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Review (The Budget Beast)
  5. Dell Inspiron 15-3511 Review – Is the Dell Inspiron 3000-series still good enough in 2021?
  6. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 (3593) Review! This one is good, the next one is better!
  7. Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop Review || Could This Be Your Next Laptop?

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 (2022) Review – The New Budget Laptop King!

[Music],foreign,[Music],3000 Series is about as old as the,dinosaurs themselves its been around,for a long time and its kind of Dell,staple value orientated laptop Series,today weve got the latest iteration of,it the laptop we have here is rocking,Intels 1255u i7 chip we have 16,gigabytes of ddr4 memory we also have a,modest 512 gigabyte solid state drive on,board and yes we do have Intels,integrated Iris XC Graphics additionally,we do have the slightly dated Wi-Fi 6,standard as well as Bluetooth 5.2 on,board and finally this is a 15 inch full,AC display now the thing I like about,budget laptops is that theyre actually,more fun to view than high-end ones,because manufacturers are kind of racing,to put as many features as possible in a,smaller price tag usually anywhere,thats the perception to create and,were going to see if Dell succeeds in,doing so so follow along lets get,started as far as the unpackaging goes,this thing comes in a generic looking,box thats about as exciting as your,year-end tax paperwork now with that,said once you remove the content seals,and open up the box inside of course,firstly youll find the laptop in a,tunnel protective packaging once you,remove all that here it is now anyway,past that you do have the inclusion of a,65 watt charging adapter now I know its,a budget laptop but it would have been,nice if they included USBC you know,given its 2022 but nonetheless you do,also have the inclusion of the wall,outlet charging cable piece and finally,the quick start warranty and regulation,information design wise the Inspiron,3000 has a full plastic body however it,is sturdy and more composed compared to,previous generations which is always a,good thing now in terms of overall,weight this thing has an approximately,at about 3.65 pounds making it one of,the lighter 15-inch laptops in this,category and that is great news now,starting with the top side of the lap,laptop like I mentioned you have a,plastic surface you do have this rugged,or rough texture going on I kind of like,it though I dont like that this thing,is a fingerprint magnet it traps a lot,of moisture which kind of sucks now you,do have a shiny reflective Dell logo in,the center which is subtle but,noticeable the sides of this laptop is,where you will find all the i o Port,diversity so on one side you have the DC,jack Port you have a basic HDMI 1.4 Port,two USB a super speed ports on the other,side youll find the good old headphone,jack you have one more USB a port and,you have a full-sized SD card reader now,the fact that theres no USBC ports on,this computer in 2022 even though its a,budget machine its kind of,disappointing but on the flip side you,do get a full size SD card reader so,take it as you will the bond this laptop,is quite straightforward you do have a,hard plastic finish now youll notice,you have a rather narrow air intake vent,which gives me great concern about the,cardiovascular health of this machine in,other words thermal management but more,on that in a bit you also have two,petite speaker grilles on either side,which of course means this is a bottom,firing laptop sound test to follow as,well unfolding this laptop reveals a,plastic inner chassis with a texture,similar to the rest of the laptop but,you do have a generous amount the Palm,rest space youll also notice you have a,trackpad of respectable size as well,here though you do have a plastic,surface finish and there is a modest,amount of flex though not the worst Ive,seen on laptops in this category,additionally there is a little bit of,tactility to the trackpad but if were,being honest its not a great trackpad,but possible for again a laptop of this,class the keyboard actually had me,surprised in a very good way so you have,well labeled keycaps that have a decent,amount of surface area Additionally the,actual keystrokes have a good amount of,key travel and you have a nice tactile,yet soft feel overall and its not a bad,keyboard to type on while its far from,being the best its definitely a,passable and borderline enjoyable typing,experience Additionally you do have a,backlighting over here with adjustable,settings and what I also appreciate is,the fact that you do have a 10 keypad a,lot of 15-inch laptops dont have that,anymore I dont know why but its good,to see its still here generally,speaking I really think this is a good,keyboard by the way thats the S keycap,and it stands for subscribe which means,if youre enjoying the content truly,consider subscribing to our Channel it,genuinely helps me grow and means the,world to me but lets move onwards,directly above the keyboard you have the,hinge and if Im being honest its of,mediocre quality there is a fair bit of,wobble the hinge can feel finicky,sometimes and its Loosely tuned but,gentle care should generally prevent,long-term wear and tear as far as,display fitting is concerned you do have,a averagely thin chin at the bottom the,bezels are narrow enough to meet todays,modern day standards and you also have a,averagely thin forehead at the top as,well now I have some good news and some,bad news the good news is that you wont,look any worse than you normally do on,the webcam here the bad news is you,wont look any better either because,this is a bare bone Rusty 720p webcam,which unfortunately continues to plague,every single laptop pretty much in 2022,except for a handful of expensive ones,now the display on this laptop is of,average quality but it has one amazing,trick up its sleeves so while you have a,standard resolution of 1920 by 1080 and,an aspect ratio of 16×9 you have an,impressive refresh rate of 120 hertz I,honestly did not expect this with a,laptop of this category and it creates,for some great smooth fluid motion,additionally this is a IPS panel which,means you also have great viewing angles,in general and finally you do have a,matte finish which makes a ever so,slight difference in the amount of glare,youll see now color accuracy wise its,not great you have a approximate 58 srg,GB rating which means colors look pretty,fruitless theyre not going to look,flush and theyre just not all that good,if you are using it for color sensitive,activities like photo or video editing,now the real disappointment here is that,250 nits Peak brightness capacity which,means while its going to be okay in low,light to Mid light settings if you are,using this in bright daylight settings,or Outdoors its almost impossible to,look at the screen with the sheer amount,of glare that comes because the,brightness just cant compensate for it,keeping in mind I do have the higher,spec i7 16 gigabyte variant of this,laptop your performance may vary a,little bit what I can tell you is that,this is a very peppy machine day-to-day,task like web browsing Word document,processing or just watching videos is,going to be a very smooth and nice,experience even high intensity,activities like programming or coding,graphical designing architecture work,are all very much possible and also a,smooth experience thanks to that,generous amount of ram we have here but,even the most demanding of activities,like 4K video editing are technically,possible on this machine again thanks to,the Pepe processing and as well as the,ram we have here now as far as gaming,goes this machine is not designed for it,but casual gaming is very much possible,as games like fortnite can run at a,healthy 30 plus frames per second at,medium settings at the native resolution,take it down and youll get even higher,FPS thermals are a sticky situation so,under unrealistic Peak loads you can hit,a maximum temperature of around 46,degrees Celsius but more realistic,sustained loads will yield around 42,degrees Celsius which is still pretty,warm but not the worst Ive seen now no,one on this planet Works harder than the,fan on this machine I mean it grinds it,can reach a peak noise of up to 51,decibels that is in gaming laptop,territory and do anything more intensive,than web browsing and you will trigger,the fan there is de

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Review and Unboxing

[Music],hello my fellow tubians today we are,reviewing the dell inspiron 3000 now,delta inspiron series is kind of their,mainstream defecto laptop and it has,sub-tier so you have the high-end 7000,series the most popular mid-range 5000,series and then you have the value,orientated 3000 series the one we have,here is rocking the latest intel,configuration so weve got the core i7,1165 g7 processor 12 gigabytes of ram,additionally we do have a 512 gb solid,state drive intels integrated iris xc,graphics furthermore we do have wi-fi 5,and also bluetooth and lastly this is a,full hd 15-inch display and in todays,video like always were going to see,what dell got right with this laptop,where it might be dropping the ball and,ultimately answer the question or,whether or not this is the right machine,for you as always if you guys enjoy the,content hit that like button sub to my,channel once you go souls tech you dont,go back,starting off with a real quick unboxing,the first thing you of course have is,the box itself and its a pretty,standard looking cardboard box by doll,not a whole lot to see here once you,remove the content seal on the top side,of the box and open it up inside youll,find a few things first and foremost of,course in a ton of plastic wrapping you,have the dell inspiron 3000 itself,remove all of that and here it is this,is a chunky laptop but more on that in a,minute you also have a mere 45 watt,charging adapter which is slightly,concerning given that we have the,highest configuration i7 processor in,here but beyond that you also have the,wall outlet cable itself and finally of,course the quick start guide warranty,and regulation information and all that,fun stuff in terms of design keep in,mind this is dells base variant as far,as the inspiron series goes so you do,have a full hard tpu or complete plastic,finish if you will and this laptop has a,reasonable weight of 3.9 pounds but i,wouldnt call it a lightweight laptop by,any means it definitely has a fair bit,of weight especially if you are going to,carry it all day with that said it is,worth noting that the top side of this,machine again has a full plastic finish,but it has this nice rough texture,thats definitely designed for,durability you do however still get that,shiny dial logo that you find with some,higher variance the rear side of the,laptop essentially has your plastic,hinge brackets and youll also notice in,the center you do have the exhaust vent,and this is a nice thing because a lot,of laptops often have been facing,towards the screen this is towards the,rear side so this is going to be good,for the overall lifespan of your lcd,screen as far as port diversity goes,its actually quite respectable on this,machine so you of course have the,proprietary dc charging port a hdmi port,an ethernet port two usb a ports and of,course the good old headphone jack on,the other side you have an additional,usb a port and a full-sized sd card,reader unfortunately there is no usb-c,port on board which truly is a bit of a,disappointment the bottom side of this,machine is pretty plain and simple so,the first thing you notice is this,relatively small air intake vent which,is a little concerning again given that,this is the i7 configuration you have,the rubber grips to keep it in place and,finally youll notice you do have two,speaker grilles one on either side yes,this is a stereo speaker setup sound,test will happen later on in the video,upon unfolding this laptop you are,greeted by a large plastic inner chassis,and ill be honest it doesnt look like,its anything premium but again thats,totally fine and towards the left side,you of course have the plastic track pad,now despite looking cheap it actually,doesnt feel that cheap which is a great,thing so yes there is a moderate amount,of flex towards either corner of the,actual track pad but the clicks are nice,and tactile and its a really well,calibrated trackpad honestly its,definitely a level up compared to what,hp offers for example in a similar class,range as far as the keyboard goes its a,generally good experience with a few,caveats so first and foremost the,keycaps are on nice and sturdy they,dont feel cheap in the slightest,furthermore you have an ample amount of,key travel every keystroke feels nice,and tactile generally speaking its a,comfortable typing experience you also,have the inclusion of a full-sized 10,keypad which isnt a compact,afterthought its definitely designed to,be there in a comfortable manner some of,the things holding this keyboard back,unfortunately is the fact that you get,no backlighting whatsoever regardless of,which configuration of this laptop you,get additionally whats up with those,arrow keys its like theyre dying of,starvation past the keyboard we come to,the hinges and while this is a dual,hinge mechanism i have to be honest here,guys there is a fair bit of wobble and,the hinges are tuned way too tight which,is concerning because there is a lot of,pressure applied when you actually lift,this laptop and i definitely have fears,that in the long term it is prone to,potential damage so be aware of that now,as far as display fitting goes you have,a relatively thick chin with the dell,branding i suppose its okay the bezels,while not as sleek as higher end dell,laptops are definitely passable in late,2021. when you get to the top side you,again have a relatively thick forehead,and in the dead center you have that,less than ideal 720p webcam which while,quite alright in broad daylight is quite,miserable when youre using it in low,light settings as far as the display,quality itself goes i wasnt expecting,anything glorious and dell definitely,did not deliver anything glorious around,the same page but despite that i still,think this is not a terrible display it,does have some visible shortcomings,though so you do have a standard 15.6,inch ips display panel with a full hd or,1080p resolution and a standard 60hz,refresh rate where things do get gloomy,for this machine is its mere 59,srgb rating or 45 ntsc color rating,definitely not a machine designed for,color intensive activities like photo,editing color grading or creative uses,in general furthermore with a mere peak,brightness of just 250 nits dont expect,this thing to be very helpful in really,bright settings particularly when using,it outdoors the one good thing about,this laptop is that it has really,respectable viewing angles i generally,found unless youre literally looking at,it from a 90 degree angle across the,room youre going to be okay and find,that you have a lot of viewing space,performance is truly an interesting,subject here so yes we do have the,high-end i7 configuration and any,day-to-day tasks like web browsing,typing up a word document or of course,watching hd videos is gonna be a breeze,for this machine when you start pushing,it to its limit by doing something,extreme like lets say 4k video editing,you realize just how underpowered the i7,this device is with a 13 watt tdp its,just severely underpowered you start,noticing regular frame drops and this,machine just cant keep itself together,same thing in the gaming department help,it to a better degree so games like gta,5 run at a steady 30 plus fps at medium,settings but this machine just cant,keep up a steady frame rate time to time,you do see frame drops and thats often,because the processor just isnt keeping,up with the demand of the application,one thing that dell definitely has going,for it are the thermals on this machine,so what i found is that under a,sustained load i hit an average surface,temperature of just about 32 to 30,degrees celsius which is very,respectable and under absolute peak,loads where you push the laptop to its,limit in an unrealistic scenario we hit,temperatures just shy of 44 degrees,celsius again this is not bad at all now,granted we do have a underpowered i7,chip but still as far as fan noise goes,during idle loads you just cant hear,this thing which is a great thing so,its relativ

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Đập hộp Laptop sinh viên Dell Inspiron 15 3000

chào các bạn chúng ta là đây là một cái,Laptop của hãng Dell mình mua cái máy,này có giá là 14 triệu sáu trăm thì bây,giờ mình sẽ tiến hành Thui em nó ra xin,lỗi Tôi không điên nó không nên lời cái,nó có này nó chạy chiếc,2D,quay ba giờ đang 8GB,256gb,thì,phụ kiện kèm theo là một chiếc túi,có cái túi xách,một cái túi xách cũng khá tốt và cũng sẽ,ra luôn ở đâu rồi,một cái túi xách tay Dell mà chất liệu,này thì,khá là sủng soạn và à,có,một cái túi chống xóc,sáng là ko tại vì cái máy này là màn,hình 15.6 đó nha chứ không phải là một,cái là miếng lót chuột màu mắt,rồi ra tốt Tôi là nhân rất chúng ta,đeo,mã số là,có mã số 3A,à à ừ ừ,ừ ừ,à,Thế à Mà,bây giờ,một con chó,một con chuột không dây,cho mát nữa bạn cũng được sang đây làm,sao mà vì sao Hướng dẫn chế độ,đang ồn nó to,rồi hết các bạn thì có bấy nhiêu thôi,Anh mở nó bán ra để xem kiểu dáng thiết,kế nó có mẹ con wow,sợ nó xuống thì các bạn cái màu nữa nó,nhá nó sẵn sàng nhưng sờ cũng cảm giác,tức là ba hả cho bé à à,có mã số Bạc Liêu,15 ba lần,ở màn hình 15.6 lên nữa là có cả là tất,cả,nó khá là chắc chắn đây,thì các bạn Tiếc quá thì mình nhắn nó,cũng thương nói là đúng cách dễ thương,nói đọc cho mình hình ảnh hoài cũng ăn,một cái hiện tượng lách,nên thì em mình đánh giá sơ bộ Cái máy,này thì với không chiếc là ai cũng kêu Ế,ở đây sẽ có à,ừ ừ,ở đây là nó chạy con chip là ai Anh đi,về thương ba,ngã xuống là,3.250 là 2 nhân 4 luồng sông nghiệp là,hay đánh rắm đi,là bộ nhớ là RAM là 8 GB và bộ nhớ trong,là ai trong 5 16GB,là dùng cái công nghệ,đi M2 np-7a,Xin,chào mình,là bộ gì Cái con chip em lên này thì so,với một chiếc đi 3 trên 11 đó thì không,chị Idol này rồi nó cũng có hiệu năng là,theo thị trường hay dùng nó nó thành,tương đương như mình có cảm giác như,được nhanh không hết chắc là từ lúc bấm,màn khởi động máy,lên rất là em ạ,ừ ừ,Cố,lên nào,ừ ừ,Em,chưa có hiển thị lên cái cái giao diện,mà bố của vu tự nhiên tôi có bốn vô nó,xảy ra 12 dòng thì nó mới lên giao diện,quê hương nhưng mà nó đã bỏ qua luôn,bước lên cái cái bước là hiện logo 36,Phố vuông đó luôn thì mình có cảm giác,là ba nâu nóng ngâm mình cái con chip,khi 3D 11 của anh theo này,bộ phim trước mắt mình thấy rất là cái,con viết lên ba nè Cái xung nhịp của nó,nó cao hơn những con chiếc xe ba nó cho,nên là mình cho mình nghĩ là chắc xung,nhịp cao hơn thì cũng có thể là do đó,Chính vì cái gì cho nên là có một chiếc,nó là nhanh hơn,thì mặt lâu dài thì sau này mình cãi sử,dụng các bác này thì mình sẽ đánh giá,được nó phải Bây giờ chị đánh giá sơ vậy,thôi thì xin chào đó không có như mình,tới đây thôi Thì sao cái một thời gian,trải nghiệm đủ lâu mình sẽ có một cái,video,đánh giày cũng thấy chi tiết đó các bạn,nói cho ngay rồi Xin chào hẹn gặp lại

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Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Review (The Budget Beast)

[Music],hello this is charlie eugene,today im reviewing a dell inspiron 15,3000 series laptop this is an amd ryzen,processor amd model and this is a very,budget friendly laptop,ill put this box up here for a second,just so i can read off some of the specs,i didnt write anything down this is all,freestyle review okay,thats how i like it alright so anyway,this is a dell esperon 15 3000 series,model 3505,excuse me black which is really weird,because,this is kind of like a grayish,like a really dark gray it doesnt,really look black but,it is i guess it is black so anyway,yeah so it comes with a 15.6,full hd touchscreen i was surprised that,they added the touch,feature in this model it is,has a webcam built into the frames 720,hd so its good for your video calls,on on the webcam and it has a amd,ryzen 5 3450 u processor,okay this model came with eight gigs of,ddr4,256 gig m2,chip and it has,um integrated amd radeon,vega 8 graphics so im just reading off,of this because i didnt like i said i,didnt write anything down just talking,about it,oh yeah it came with the windows 10 s,home which is,the first time ive ever seen it because,i guess its a a version of windows that,you only can,install apps from the microsoft store,which im not a fan of so,i switched it to just regular windows,home which you can do you just cant,switch it back,so be mindful of that when you get this,machine it will come with the,windows 10 s and you can switch it,to windows home just a regular windows,home so thats what i did,so yeah it has the uh wireless ac and,bluetooth,things like bluetooth 5 on here and it,has a sd card reader,and it has your hdmi and usb,3.2 so thats cool i didnt see that,so yeah i didnt do an unboxing because,theres plenty of people,plenty of people online that did,unboxing nothing special about this its,just a laptop adapter inside and two,pieces of documentation so,i didnt feel i need to do an unboxing,of the machine,so let me set it to the side here all,right so,here is the,laptop it does uh,show fingerprints over time its not a,big deal to me,um its definitely a,hard kind of plastic but its it still,feels,like quality to me it feels like it,could,you could drop it a couple times and and,some light drops on a carpet or,something like that and youd be okay,i wouldnt recommend dropping it at all,but,it definitely uh feels like a little,like a little it can handle,some wear and tear all right so,were gonna look on the left side of the,machine left side of the machine you,have your,ac plug here okay i dont know if you,guys can see that let me,angle that a little bit a little small,ac hole here you have your hdmi,full hdmi out you have your ethernet,port which is great because sometimes,you want to plug in and get the fastest,speeds to,ethernet you have your two usb,3.2 ports right here which is great,and you have your i want to say this is,a combo headphone mic,jack im not sure if it is but your,combo jack here okay so thats on the,left this is on the left side,now well go to the right side the right,side of the machine,has your kensington lock so if you want,to lock it to a desk youve got your,kitchen lock there,you have your usb i dont know if this,is usb 3 or 2 i think is usb2,not sure and you have your sd card,reader which is great,just so theres no usbc on here and i,was fine with that,im still not totally switched over to,usbc yet so im still,happy with this this this will,definitely still work out for me,all right so lets flip it over here on,the back here you have,your thermal uh grill here so your hot,air will,escape from from the bottom and it will,escape from these little vents here,so thats always a good thing youll,definitely want your your hot your heat,to escape,um what else here you have your speaker,grill here you have your your uh,you have one two on the right and one on,the left here,and thats pretty much it for the bottom,like i said it does show,fingerprints but its not too bad i,wouldnt complain too much about that,um yeah so lets uh lets talk about it,let me open it up a little bit here,oh yeah you cant,no you cant open one hand open it with,one hand the bottom comes up,as well so you have to hold the bottom,part and lift up,okay so its not one that that stuff is,small stuff to complain about,i dont complain about stuff like that i,dont know about you guys but i dont,complain about stuff like that,so lets flip this turn this over here,so you guys can see it ive already,configured it so,im showing you guys you got your track,pad here,typical trackpad it makes some noise,its not too bad,i wouldnt complain about stuff like,that especially at this price point,i wouldnt complain makes a little noise,but,it works fine typical track pad you have,island style keys here,so each individual key is here and,has a nice bounce back on the keys it,feels really good like the keyboard,dont have any complaints about the,keyboard,but unfortunately this keyboard isnt,backlit,so thats one con of this machine i have,a couple other cons ill talk about,later on but thats one con,theres no backlit keys so at night,youre going to be struggling a little,bit,to see your your uh keys,but uh thats not a deal breaker for me,at this point,at this price point all right,so oh yeah it is touch screen so you you,know you do get the 10,and it is full uh hd get 1080 on here,you know um what else did i want to talk,about,like i said if you look at if you look,at it you know if you looked at if you,saw this machine just laying around,somewhere,you would think oh this is a cheap,laptop you would say all that laptop is,cheap,you would you know what i mean but,like i said this is a budget beast this,machine is a beast and,im going to tell you guys the reason,why i bought this machine,because the ability to upgrade,in 2021 is starting to dwindle away,most of these machines nowadays are,really thin really light and everything,is soldered to the motherboard,right so your ram solder theyre even,soldering on the,hard drives now the ssds and you cant,really do anything some of them,youre allowed to open them back and,change out your drive which is cool but,thats still not enough we all want to,switch out that ram,what makes this machine so spectacular,is the fact that,you can upgrade three things in here so,i opened this up yesterday,after i bought it and i swapped out,the well i didnt swap up i added ram i,added eight gigs of ddr4 around to get,up to 16 just so i know i could run,some of the apps that i want to run on,it but,it also has a 2.5,uh slot so you can put in,a traditional mechanical drive if you,wanted to which i would not recommend,doing that,and you can put in a solid state 2.5 and,it has,the slot for your m.2 which is already,occupied when you buy it with the 256,but if you wanted to like really geek,out you could,take that 256 out throw yourself in a,terabyte,m2 and you could throw in your,two terabyte or your terabyte 2.5,solid-state drive,and then i think im not sure please,dont quote me on this,but ive seen on the internet that you,can put 32 gigs,in here im not sure i got 16 in here,now so i can vouch for that,so you guys are safe with that but im,not sure about the um,32 but if you can get this thing to run,32 gigs of ddr4,get yourself a terabyte uh,m2 and then get yourself another,terabyte,2.5 in here you got a beast man,you got a beast and its like i said,this surprising chip this ryzen 5 chip,is crazy like i said i was a doubter i,i was so stuck on intel ive been using,intels for so long,i7s i5s ive never used the i9 yet but,ive been using intel for a long time so,i was convinced that nothing could beat,intel,man its amd rising to intel yall i got,to be careful,you got to be real careful because these,these companies are starting to make,their own chips now,we already see we see what apples are,doing now so intel,i i love you guys but uh this,ryzen this rising ship is crazy,i was surprised i installed some stuff,on it yesterday,and i ran like um davinci resolve jus

Dell Inspiron 15-3511 Review – Is the Dell Inspiron 3000-series still good enough in 2021?

this is the dell inspiron 15 35 11,dells revised entry-level core based,laptop for 2021,it replaces the dell inspiron 15 3501,which we looked at last year,and like that machine features the same,tiger lake based processor range,in this case the i3 11 15 g4,the range is available with other,options from celeron to i7 although here,in the uk only the i3 i5 and i7 are,available,really compared to the 3501 this isnt a,machine that adds this is a system that,takes away,most notably when you first see the,system,is that you have a,thinner bezel all the way around,particularly at the chin and the machine,is actually 13 millimeters almost 14,millimeters less deep,but also five millimeters narrower due,to reductions in these bezels and a,millimeter less,thick while these form factory,improvements are of course welcome other,aspects of the machine have also seen,some changes and particularly,some removal of features,which may disappoint some users,the chassis design now as well for 2021,is colored in what theyll call carbon,black to be honest its more of a dark,gray and one thing i have noticed is,this,this finish,has a you can possibly see it here,it seems to like just picking up,discoloration from sort of greasy hands,um you can really see where the machine,has been handled and the finish of it,actually to the feel is quite nice,but it its certainly noticeable you can,see where its been held,looking inside and again we can see how,those bezels have been thinned,particularly at the bottom here we no,longer even have room for the dell logo,which used to be embossed into this,bottom chin of the panel and it feels,like a lot of the styling of the machine,uh kind of follows the 55 10 and which,sits above this in the dell range,looking at the left side of the laptop,now and first of all we can see one of,the areas where dell have actually taken,away relative to the 3501 that this,replaces,on the 3501 we had a hinged ethernet,port and that has completely gone,we have no ethernet options so if you,want to connect this to a wired network,and you are going to be using a usb a,adapter,disappointing as well the hdmi port,remains only hdmi 1.4 not 2.0 meaning we,only have 1080p support you may find,there is 4k support at 30 hertz,but del state,only 1080p is supported and there are no,4k output options in the specifications,otherwise we have our power connector,led,and these two ports,are both usb,3.2 gen 1 ports offering 5 gigabit per,second transfer speeds,we can also see that this has adopted,the style of hinge and,bottom of screen that we see on the,5510 and other dell models so a less,squared off,design with the lid and instead one,which as you rotate it,lifts the base of the unit to assist in,airflow,and thats actually all there is for the,ports and youre probably sat there,thinking well,wheres the usbc,and there isnt any um,if you have a version of this machine,with an nvidia graphics card,then they get a usbc port they also get,ddr4 3200 ram for some reason um but all,the uk models that we get are,without that nvidia graphics if you,dont have the nvidia graphics you get,no usbc and you get ddr4,2666 ram,um,i mean obviously dell are doing this to,segment against their 5000 series and,give more differentiation there,but really they arent competing with,other people um you know at this price,point for this specification machine,you should be getting the full ddr4 3200,speed and you should be getting a usbc,port because these are pretty standard,features these days even if it doesnt,do power delivery and display port,through it,you know these should be there,speaking of airflow and we have a wide,vent,on the back of the laptop here however,there is only a single fan on this side,which blows through a heatsink located,around here,this then exhausts through this section,here at the base of the screen so it is,blowing onto this little plastic section,i didnt notice any excessive heat build,up here um although i havent tried you,know touching this portion of the screen,whilst gaming but in general usage,havent noticed any problems,looking at the right hand side and again,we can see something which has been,taken away relative to the 3501 and we,have lost the security cable lock which,was previously located here in its place,is the headphone jack which used to be,on the left hand side,we also have a usb 2 port not even usb 3,and an sd card slot,opening up and looking inside the,machine at our input devices and again,you can,it becomes quite noticeable how,fingerprinty this plastic can be but the,first thing that actually you can see is,we have quite a big touchpad despite the,laptop shrinking in overall footprint,this is 10 millimeters wider than on its,predecessor the 3501 and the same depth,at 80 millimeters so quite a nice large,touchpad feels absolutely fine to use,and supports the touchpad customization,through settings rather than separate,controls,the keyboard is also really standard,fare for dell um it is this chiclet,design which is integrated into the palm,rest so if you have keyboard issues,youll be replacing the whole palm rest,which is pretty common with most laptops,these days,being a 15-inch machine we have the,numpad on the right-hand side,however really again this is very,feature-like there is no backlighting on,this model i believe it is available,in some regions but here in the uk we do,not get the option another area where,this has been de-featured versus,3501 is right here,uk models of the 3501,got a fingerprint sensor and for the,3511 that has been deleted across all,the models that we receive here,once again you can see in the,specification documents that a,fingerprint sensor is optional,so it may be available in your region,but if youre expecting keyboard,backlighting and a fingerprint sensor,do check the specifications for what,youre actually buying because that is,certainly not the case in all regions,other than that though the keyboard,layer as ive said in the past i prefer,to some of the other alternatives like,hp,for uk english layout dell dont deviate,tooth far,and keep things fairly close to what you,expect for a typical uk layout rather,than some hybrid sort of uk us,arrangement to fit,their standardized cutouts,looking at the screen and this is really,as you would expect in class and pretty,much the same as the 3501 that this,replaces which means we have a 1080p wva,type panel,this has a maximum 220 nits of,brightness,and an ntsc 45 color gamut and 400 to 1,contrast ratio,being a wva type panel,we will find that,you know color shift is not bad,colors themselves also pretty reasonable,um looking at these pictures here ive,got no real objections with how the,sample images look,um its not the brightest panel youll,ever find um,in fact the main thing i tend to find,this actually has a pretty good minimum,brightness some systems that i use um,the maximum brightness is almost too,much when youre using them uh,in like in a dark sitting room or,similar,and you almost sometimes wish they would,go dimmer,this certainly if youre using it,outdoors you would wish it would go,brighter,but for indoor use day to day it is an,acceptable screen,reasonable quality reasonable viewing,angles if you get to really extreme,viewing angles then youll start to lose,contrast and get a bit of color shift,but,in front of it slightly off center,its acceptable youre not going to have,any major issues with it,now one of the questions im always,asked about is on battery life and what,we can see here is with the machine,so during this testing ive been running,it,off of the battery just so that the,adapter isnt in shot and currently with,94 remaining it is estimating over 10,hours of battery life now id expect,with real usage this is going to drop,down and but certainly i wouldnt think,it was unreasonable to expect six or,seven hours from it,interestingly compared to the 3501 the,battery is actually marginally smaller,coming in at 41 watt hours as opposed to,42 however the

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 (3593) Review! This one is good, the next one is better!

here we have the Dell no Im not talking,about the singer although she do look,good am I right people know its a dell,inspiron take it in,yeah well this wait a second take it in,well I think about what to say next,okay to be specific it is the Dell,Inspiron 3000 series met is a pretty,broad range of notebooks tell puts a ton,of different things under the Inspiron,15 and then three thousand theres like,a 32 33 35 at Sutter and so forth and is,this an awesome bang for your buck,computer lets find out,[Music],as the Intel i5 processor new 10th,generation it has 256 gig solid state,drive along with it you HD graphics 15.6,inch full high-definition screen 9 touch,and 8 gigs of DDR 4 ram now this thing,is pretty standard its really about the,only thing that gives us sort of a,premium level is the i5 processor the,rest of it you can get in most notebooks,these days getting it ACH juices HP,easily and lets see a service and all,those and get those for a roughly about,and frankly you can get a lot of those,cheaper while still maintaining a little,bit of higher you can get all those,cheaper while still having the same,specs a source 25 even comes up a little,bit cheaper of a price tag but some,people just really really want that delv,name for whatever reason I like Dells,Dells are good computers and this ones,no exception I do like this machine Im,not totally enthralled with the price to,performance ratio or the value of it in,terms of build quality it is okay Im,gonna get it closed up on the plastics,in a little bit here but basically no,plastics are are decent they are its,this kind of interesting ripple kind of,feeling textured feeling on the front,cover there and its kind of got the,same thing right here its I dont know,tries to kind of mimic metal but its,not metal its although its no metal its,metal Im talking about so it is its,okay feeling its not the most its not,the best plastics ever its I kind of,wish kind of wished it felt a little bit,better but its not you know it can,still take a beating you know I feel,like you could probably if you were a,student can take it from like a backpack,throw it into your from your dorm to,your backpack and be hit it smashed it,over peoples heads skateboarders,whatever if youre working from home and,you need to go from home to office you,definitely you know you could take a,little bit of abuse like I dont think,its gonna fall apart by sneezing at it,and as far as the touch pad is concerned,again it is big which I love and it is,responsive its fairly accurate,and its not gonna like mix up clicks,and that kind of thing Anna clicks feel,like pretty good all in all they feel,better on an on an Apple although our,apples not they dont click anything,its just go ahead and haptic Springs in,it but it doesnt it feels good its a,good its a good touchpad its not the,best touch bed not a great touchpad its,a good touchpad keyboard is firm feeling,it feels good to type on not a lot of,typos the keys are they feel good and in,place and has of course the numpad on,the right side full-size numpad on the,right side for those who are doing Excel,spreadsheets accounting work that kind,of stuff it also doesnt have any,backlight on the keyboard on this,particular model though the other,Inspiron laptops do so that is a that is,an optional extra add-on this one just,didnt happen to have it webcam quality,on it is equit you will Im gonna call,go ahead and put what the webcam footage,looks like here now here right now no no,this is a test of the webcam this is the,quality that you can expect from using,the webcam it is decent although also,good its a really good notebook its a,good little Productivity machine it will,do just fine for people looking for a,little bit slightly more premium premium,is not quite the right word so its,slightly faster more robust computer,something thats doing a little bit of,extra horsepower graphics card being a,UHD its gonna be you know its not,really a gaming laptop but you could do,Starcraft for tonight that kind of stuff,on it but I wouldnt play any triple-a,titles at next settings its not going,to play those well but youre gonna be,able to have a ton of chrome tabs kind,of Firefox tabs Word Excel PowerPoint,outlook all that stuff open youll be,able to really sort of like tax it for,productivity work and yeah so Im gonna,sport nonprofits for people working at,home for students lets talk features,for a moment there is no windows hello,its a little bare bones by comparison,some really comes with some bare bins,compared to some of the other computers,on the market right now at least at face,value does not have a fingerprint,scanner it does not have a Windows hello,Kameron compatible camera and but but it,does one a couple of things that are,like inside this computer if youre,willing to crack her open like a,clamshell you take the bottom cover off,and it does have a space for where you,can put an additional harddrive so,thats awesome if you want to expand the,storage yourself you can you can beat,the photos SATA its a SATA storage so,you can either put a SATA hard drive set,another side of solid-state drive,wherever it is and it does have two RAM,slots so Im like some of these other,computers coming with the whole four by,configuration form the motherboard then,an empty slot this one has a two empty,slots comes with an 8 gig stick and of,course he can then upgrade it to 16 gigs,you can even do a little little 32 gig,action thats going to battery life,battery life you can expect to get some,little disappointing on the battery life,you get somewhere in like maybe you,probably like practically using probably,about like five hour range if youre if,youre just using like for internet,normal screen brightness this kind of,stuff probably expect to be around five,five ish hour range the IFI processor is,really efficient but its not its not,the biggest battery its like its kind,of small,I think this computer is not you know,but by comparison this is its sort of,like on the same level of a source limb,five in terms of its profile and stuff,too its not the thinnest lightest or,smallest 15 inch computer in the world,but it is fine for traveling if you had,to if youre suing in through an airport,or youre a student or something like,that but its not a lap lap top per se,it is just sort of like a good tabletop,laptop if you want a 15-inch thats,really super portable you probably want,to look at either the Asus vivo book or,maybe even like a 16 inch macbook pro if,you want to get into that price tier LCD,again 15.6 inch full high-definition and,it is its like good brightness it just,its looks good good colors good,brightness its good a good quality,screen all and all input and output got,HDMI Ethernet a lot of computers are,ditching even if they say Ethernet 2 USB,3 s,headphone jack on this side weve got,camera card SD full-size and another USB,so pretty good,no standard across the board for most,laptops these days and in this price,range no USB see a little surprised a,little a little shocked about vent that,they dont have any USB see on this,laptop a lot of newer notebooks are,coming with us PC and obviously is a,newer notebook no USB see is good its,fast its good to have for the expansion,and stuff I dont know what Dell why did,you why did you drop us PC dont quite,know but I know what you didnt you,didnt put it on there you didnt put it,on and we wanted it we wanted it why,didnt you give it to us why dont you,give it to us a Dell Dell was that funny,so um quality can take a beating,yes follow my notes go over things to,talk about Ive run out of things to,talk about with you people as wireless,AC in it as Bluetooth 4.1 speed of the,computer is very very fast it is a quick,machine nimble to execute tasks and do,much things boot times are fast good for,its gonna be good for things like,productivity tasks bit of light level,audio well real audio editing light,level video editing if youre doing,1080p zoom calls that kind of stuff

Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Laptop Review || Could This Be Your Next Laptop?

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],hello welcome back to gadget Matt if,youre looking for an affordable laptop,that can handle more than just Word,documents and web browser then Id,strongly recommend the Dell Inspiron 15,3000 the box of their laptop comes in is,quite large but that is because it holds,the laptop the charging brick charging,cable and user manual the body of the 15,3000 is made out of plastic some parts,do feel hollow and cheap but it seems to,hold up fine in a padded bag the spill,resistant keyboard has a tactile clicky,feel to it and is quite loud so if,youre into that style then this could,be an option,I found the trackpad to be responsive,but not always accurate Id recommend,using a mouse instead the screen is,reasonably bright indoors but once,outside the viewing angles are limited,and reflections make it hard to see the,color reproduction is reasonably good,but its nothing to be excited about at,the top of the screen there is a 720p,webcam and microphone this laptop is,running off a seventh generation Intel,Core i5 at 2.7 gigahertz and along with,8 gigs of RAM it creates a smooth,experience whether youre composing,music or editing videos this laptop,holds up well with little lag theres,also many options to connect external,storage such as the SD card reader 3 USB,ports an HDMI port and a DVD Drive this,laptop that I have is in touchscreen but,there are other versions which do have,this feature there are a few downsides,to this laptop at full volume the,downward facing speakers sound muffled,and I would have liked to see them next,to the keyboard the other negative,aspect is that this laptop is loud when,doing big tasks the laptop starts,humming which at times can get very,annoying well thats what I have to say,about the Dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptop,its great for the price and you wont,be able to find another laptop with such,performance in this price range but it,is liking a few features which would,make it so much better thank you for,watching this review please let me know,if you found it interesting and Ill see,you in the next video,[Music]

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