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Best People Search Service – Intelius Review – Background Checks

[Music],hello,in this short video ill tell you about,the best background check service having,tried a huge number of websites in this,category found the best option that,worked perfectly for me with this,service i can perform background checks,on anyone and have been using it for 10,years let me tell you five very useful,secrets a few people know about but,which make it really the best in the top,background checks category its about,intelliuse and ill leave the link to,the official website under the video,lets now waste time and get started,intellius is the people finder website,that allows users to perform background,checks on anyone by returning detailed,reference reports with personal,information phone numbers address,history criminal records and more the,company collects data from dozens of,open sources including federal state and,local government agencies as well as,private companies,their reports are generally more,accurate than competing sites and,intelligence subscription prices are,lower than those of major competitors,while using intellius to verify tenants,and employment is legal under the fc,array this service is a great tool for,tracking long laws to relatives getting,more information on new neighbors and,checking people you meet on social media,or dating apps intellius allows users to,perform one free people search that will,return basic information about an,individual including full name location,history family list and education,history but disclosing any additional,information requires a one-time report,purchase or full membership intellius,collects data from a variety of open,sources collecting it into an extensive,information database users can search,the database for detailed reports on,anyone in the united states,while all information generated by,intellius is publicly available and,available from other sources it can take,months or even years to track,individually and you definitely wont be,able to find this material using google,or another search engine data is stored,in public record stores and commercial,enterprises which have slow response,times to record requests and often,require high service charges with,intellius you can get rid of the,headaches and get the information you,need with a single service when scanning,one of the detailed background reports,it might appear that intellius has,special access to sensitive information,but all of its data comes from public,sources,intellius is a legitimate accreditated,business with an a rating from the,better business bureau not a scam while,the company has faced legal issues in,the past they now include a disclaimer,for the use of their service which is,illegal under the fair credit reporting,act a federal law that governs the use,of consumer credit information while,there are some red flags some of,intellius ads are a bit sensational and,clear pricing information is hard to,find on a website this shortcomings are,common to all online background check,services not specific intelligence,issues,finding people is intellius claim to,frame in their most commonly used,service a powerful search so used to,gather detailed information about anyone,in the united states,just enter the persons name in,approximate location and telus will,search literally billions of records to,provide a detailed account of the person,similar to searching for people but in,much more granularity intelligence data,validation scoured the public record,database to obtain an in-depth full,background check containing a persons,legal and personal history,intellius data checker will return all,the information you find in a standard,people search as well as take a closer,look at a persons legal history and,criminal record,as with other background verification,companies you will not find a convenient,pricing tab on the intellis website,instead you have to do a search first,and then wait 10 minutes while the,service crawls his database and asks,many questions aimed at limiting the,results when the report is finally ready,youll be presented with subscription,options intellis has fairly standard,prices one background check report costs,39.95,you can purchase an abbreviated report,that doesnt contain criminal or legal,information for a six point ninety five,dollars,a simple people search report cost three,point ninety five dollars the,subscription costs nineteen point ninety,five dollars a month and might be worth,paying if you need multi-person reports,one of the drawbacks of intelligence is,that you cannot download the reports you,pay for although they are saved in your,account so you can access them later,intellius offers relatively low prices,but be aware of their 1.99,full access trial membership offer,many negative customer reviews say that,after they agreed to a trial period,their subscription was automatically,renewed for the full price without their,knowledge however in most cases,intelliuse waterfront them the full,amount after they have failed to comply,while intelligent searchers are not 100,accurate they are some of the best in,the industry providing compelling and,comprehensive reports of everyone whose,name is search the companys high,quality services together with fair,pricing and bbb accreditation,make it the top choice for those in the,background verification market typically,background checks include information,about dresses email addresses phone,numbers and relatives more complete,reports include information on,convictions court decisions marriages,and property,some also contain information about work,history and social media accounts my,intelligence reports were the most,up-to-date and one of the most accurate,they have listed current email addresses,and phone numbers for most of our topics,including some entries missed by other,services however intelligence was found,to be more inconsistent than other sites,we tested depending on whose report i,was looking at some sections were poorly,filled with data they may be due to the,states in which people live until he,successfully found information on legal,issues for example his report lists an,llc registered by one of our entities,and most of the other data checks we did,were not taken into account it also,listed sets owned by our subjects as,well as the assessed value,areas where intelligence has been most,inconsistent are marriages and addresses,some of the reports didnt contain any,information about the subjects marriage,although everyone revoked their reports,for its myriad he also consistently,included incorrect addresses along with,accurate ones one of our entities,recently moved with no new address,listed so reports may not reflect,changes in the past six months,intelligence reports may include,information about social media accounts,although this was not found in our tests,i also appreciated how easy it is to,find people on service sites intelliuse,was one of the easiest to use and i had,no problem finding my test subjects no,matter how common their names were there,are options for filtering by middle name,and city which greatly narrows the,results especially when looking for,people with common names however there,is no empty or null parameter in the,filter thus if you are looking for,someone who doesnt have a middle name,you cannot use this information to,narrow down the results you can also,search by phone number and email address,intellius have the customer support,telephone line that is open monday,through friday from 7 am to 5 pm pst and,as well as a dedicated support email,address where customers can stand their,questions and concerns

Testing stalker report websites | How accurate are they?

hows it going everybody the cello and,it has been a long time since I have,made a video five months which is long,enough for some of you to start asking,me are you dead only on the inside but,five months is a long time and a lot has,happened in my life my wife and I moved,our family out to the mountains to try,to sort of get back to the basics we,even got a flock of chickens who are all,nearly immediately killed by a bobcat,now we dont have any chickens but my,wife is due with our third child in a,couple of months and what with the kids,and work and life and all of that its,just been really hard to try to sort of,pencil in the time to make a video even,if I really want to but its one of my,new years resolutions to get back into,this and continue making regular content,for the channel so I want to sincerely,thank all of you subscribers for,continuing to support this channel by,coming back and for those of you who,have no idea who I am or why youre even,subscribed to me Im the is Google,always listening guy and were going to,be testing another product that allows,me or anybody to download all of your,personal information using just your,name for a small fee at least thats,what it claims so thats what were,going to be testing today but first,heres the top five Jake Gyllenhaal,eyelid,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so if youve ever googled somebody or,maybe even just googled yourself youve,probably come across one of these types,of websites that offer you tons of,information on the person youre looking,for in exchange for some money they,claim to be able to give you a persons,property records marital status phone,numbers aliases names of their relatives,names of their neighbors number of their,sex partners time of their future death,and all of their deepest darkest secrets,there are tons of different websites,that offer this service and if youve,ever wondered how detailed and accurate,the information they sell really is,thats exactly what were going to find,out were going to be testing this out,using people finders calm and in telesco,Ill be searching my own name so I can,easily verify the information and well,compare the reports to see which one is,better and how accurate they are,starting with people finders calm first,we enter my name mich hallo and then,were taken to a page that offers us,enough information to confirm that we,are targeting the correct person so,lets click a view report and now were,taken to the pricing page where were,offered to report options a cheap report,for a dollar 95 which includes full name,address phone number prior addresses,relatives aliases age and date of birth,then theres a $10 option which includes,property records bankruptcies judgments,and liens marital status birth and death,records criminal history and sex,offender status sex offender status,uh-oh theres also cheaper options for,both of these reports but it will rope,you into a free trial which will end up,costing you more money in the end,so were going to order the $10 option,and click continue then were taken to a,pretty standard checkout page simply,enter all the required information and,be sure to read the fine print next to,the Terms of Use box because sometimes,thats where theyll sneak in hidden,fees those sneaky fees now lets click,get results now all right so now it,takes us to another page with another,Terms of Use checkbox and a big green,button that says complete my order but,dont be fooled a closer look reveals,that by checking this box you are,agreeing to sign up for their 7-day,trial and the tiny print on the green,button says yes I want the rewards so,lets bypass all that and just click the,tiny text under the button that says no,thanks now again were taken to yet,another page that tries to trick us into,paying for their membership with a big,green button that says yes view my,report and if we werent being careful,wed obviously think thats the,we need to click to view the report and,that would cost us another $15 so,instead lets again click the tiny text,underneath that says no thanks view my,report all right we have to click,through one more sales pitch this time,its far less sneaky so just click no,thanks and then well finally get to the,report and well just print that out,so now lets order the report from Intel,yes comm and print that one out is well,the process starts off exactly the same,way by searching your name and it brings,you to a page where you get enough,information again to confirm your target,and then you click get a report again,were taken to the pricing page which,offers us 3 different options for the,report so lets keep this at a,comparable price point and purchase the,$10.00 report,now were taken to a checkout page where,we need to enter in our payment,information and then click the view my,report button at the bottom which,surprisingly leads us directly to the,report without trying to sell us any,more stuff we didnt ask for huge point,to intelecom for that now lets print up,this report and lets compare so now,that I have printed out both of the,reports from both of the places I tested,people finders calm and intelligence,lets figure out which one is better so,were gonna start with people finders,calm first so the first thing to notice,that people finders dot-coms report is,13 pages while intelligences is only 8,pages long so first it starts out with,your personal summary has all the,various forms of my name Mitch Mitchell,Oh Mitchie Mitchie boy Mitch McConnell,my main man Mitch it has my last address,but it does not have my current address,it has three of my past phone numbers,but it does not have my current one and,I have had my current phone number for,at least a couple of years it has the,phone number I grew up with it has my,current and most used email address has,no birth records it has no death records,on my wife it has a ton of information,on my wife including all of our previous,addresses it has my fathers information,all of his different names that he goes,by his current address and all of his,all of all of the his past addresses,including ones before I was born,a lot of his email addresses including,ones Ive never heard of,it has my siblings information including,all of their historical places of,residence it has my mothers information,and then it has somebody Ive never,heard of as a relative in all of their,information in Oklahoma hmm that is,really weird it has my wifes parents,and grandparents information including,all of their historical addresses and,phone numbers it has my wifes siblings,information including all their,addresses and phone numbers it has no,marriage records which is publicly,available information that I would,expect to find in a report like this but,its not here has no divorces well,thats good but Ive never been divorced,so I wouldnt expect to find anything,there it has all of the previous,properties Ive owned the first one in,California and the second one that I,just sold now lets see what else we,have we have criminal records zero for,me traffic violations I havent had any,traffic violations in the past ten years,but before that I had a lot so Im not,sure if those things are still on my,record or not I have no liens no,judgments no bankruptcies and then I,have a business that I had started many,years ago that didnt really pan out and,its listed on here so thats a nice,thing to look at so thats the entire,report it is actually pretty detailed,its all publicly available information,but youd have to be a pretty diligent,stalker to compile all this information,on your unsuspecting victim but for just,a few minutes of your time and just a,few dollars out of your wallet you can,have this all compiled for you this is a,stalkers treasure trove if you want to,track somebody down although it doesnt,list my current phone number or address,all right lets see if the intelecom one,is any better and if it can actually,give me any information on me currently,contact information it has my last,address not my current

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Intelius what happens after you pay review

all right so this is a review of in,teleosts so here I went and searched up,a name that I know the information of so,what we have here is Michael a,Constantino so this part is correct but,thats the information I provided age is,correct Im not sure about birthday,the address is incorrect the phone,number is incorrect they might be old,but they are not current I have the,current details as I know this person so,they try to upsell you so we can see,here that lets see what this up sale,cost,so I will go ahead and go through with,this to see how it proceeds one thing to,keep in mind about this company which is,a huge red flag is that they will start,you on a $1 trial membership but if you,cancel they will charge you another $8,so you cannot cancel your trial without,being charged this is extremely,important after seven days they will,monthly bill you for $30 so these are,very key notes to keep in mind when,using intelligence lets go ahead and,see what happens if we apply this,voucher lets continue hopefully this,does not charge me another $30,now I happen to know that this person,does have a criminal record but it is,just a violation so it should not show,up this person also has pending,misdemeanor charges so we will see if,those show up so this person has been in,court for aggravated harassment so no,court records found is incorrect even,though they were pled down to a,violation I know of two addresses and,none of these are correct of the ones I,know of again none of these phone,numbers are correct or current within,the last two years as far as I know,these names and ages are correct for,relatives as these are parents so I know,there is definitely employment records,that it has found none so employment at,a casino employment at cleaning jobs in,employment at family doll hair so these,are all things to keep in mind that it,does not find any employment records,even though there is employment here are,the email addresses I know one on here,is a correct email address I am not sure,about the others,so that part works Facebook yes but this,information is already readily and,easily publicly available,dido barrage and divorce records this is,correct there is nothing to be found,again with the criminal,there should be no record but there,should be some court documents so this,is the end of the report I do not,recommend this company I do not think it,is very good the useful information that,you can get for free is the name of,relatives as though seem to be correct,let us go ahead and see if we can,continue to search for more information,based on the relatives that might make,this more useful so so far not looking,good especially with the way the company,does their billing so even on the trial,that is going to cost me eight dollars,it does it lets me pull up this persons,information more than one person,although I dont know if any of this,persons information is correct or that,they would care if it is publicly,available so I will not reveal this,persons information unlike the other,youtuber who freely makes it available,so I did learn one thing valuable from,this or valuables not the word but the,word is one thing I did not previously,know and that is a name but is this,service worth it I tend to not think so,unless you have some kind of business,that uses this requires this information,if this service lets you look up,unlimited names at that point it can,become valuable and useful for the money,but if it gives you limited searches I,would not recommend this so I will,continue the two points I would like to,make is I do not recommend its billing,policy as it is not very transparent and,the other point is that if this is,valuable because a lot of information,can be incorrect mixed in with the,correct information it could only be,valuable if you have unlimited lookups,thats it

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Intelius Test

hello this is jacob from my reviews and,today i will be giving my review full,thoughts and opinions on the intellius,public record search engine,this is the full review,if you would like to see the written,article that goes into further thoughts,on this subject go ahead and check in,the link in description below otherwise,this is the full review there is no,sister video to this one as i theres an,unboxing given i plan to give my,initial thoughts that i had on the,product here and how they have evolved,over time,now to start with,as a public record search engine this is,a decently,put together product with a bit of a,niche application,obviously if you dont know what a,public record search engine is,there are a series of,niche products that have been cropping,up over the last decade or so and how,they function is they basically,dig into all available public records,that you and i are already able to,access and just compiles a bunch of,information on individuals in a more,easily digestible and easy to find way,some of these records do require money,to dig through so thats where the,membership services do come in for all,of these services,its both how they make money and how,they make up from the fact that,they have to,basically put money forward in order to,get all those information together,but,intellius much like other,public record search engines out there,does offer a free version which,encompasses a wide broad range of all,sorts of potential things that you want,to find,and as is commonplace with these,products these days it offers two,different versions of that basic search,where you can either find any general,person as you would regularly or you,could simply check a box that notes that,you are looking for yourself and your,own personal information,which mostly changes the way it searches,and will start asking you more,personalized questions to more,accurately narrow down to make sure that,it is you,i find that this is very important when,you have a common name and youre,wanting to search up yourself that,can really really be overflooded with,other people that have the exact same,name as you and that results in a lot of,search engine problems with a lot of,these products its not unique to them,tell us it is all of them,i noticed this especially i have a very,common name there,are a lot of people just in my local,area that have that and it does make,pinning me down,take more than a couple tries with all,of these but for,less common names people with unique,name combinations,most people in general itll be easy,enough to find any information on,yourself relatively quickly,now moving on to my first initial,thoughts and impressions i noticed that,intellius,is set up basically the same way that,most of these are,free searches that are of a slightly,lower quality and not as fast as their,subscription service searches as well as,being more broad and not letting you,really narrow down too much beyond that,but,that search is valuable it gives you all,the information that you generally want,to find about yourself right away,though that doesnt mean that the,membership is without purpose i find,that probably the most valuable,type of information that people can find,constantly is probably reverse phone,lookups if youre dealing with a lot of,phone calls a lot of the other,information you would only be using say,a couple of times before youre,done using it for a bit background,checks just public presences stuff like,that that you would want to find in,individuals that youre getting to know,or need specific information on,but that doesnt really amount to,many people,especially considering that the only,groups that would be looking,into a lot of people all at once are,generally not allowed to be using,products like this theyre not allowed,to be screening,a lot of screen tenants youre not,allowed to screen employees stuff like,that is just not allowed to be used for,this this is primarily for personal use,for personal reasons such as finding old,friends that have,been lost for a while and that youre,looking to reconvene with or i find the,most important thing to use these for is,looking at your own information seeing,what your own online presence is seeing,what other people can see about you,fully legally,doing that is simple enough as i said,and it generally gets good results it,gives you a good idea of what your,general online presence is and what,people can immediately think about you,from your,public criminal record to your general,public records,any online presence in social media you,may or may not have stuff like that,where your name basically crops up again,and again,stuff that,you may or may not even know,is out there the first time you look for,it which is probably the main reason,even do these the first time just,you dont know whats really a public,record until youve,gone and dug it yourself and that can,take a lot of time and effort even when,you know youre looking for you,id say its worth it for these but,there are some general problems that can,come about from the common name as i,said nothing too serious though overall,intellius is,a good product in this,somewhat niche field,there are a lot of other ones out there,that are decent and worth checking out,stuff like truthfinder or instant,checkmate they all offer similar similar,qualities with small ups and downs for,the free service as well as their,memberships and its basically minor,little comparisons where,you can probably figure out well for,yourself pretty quickly which one is for,you,but none of the major differences are,gonna make any of these monstrously,worse than the others some of them do,offer specific services that are better,designed for people who want just a,quick few searches as compared to a lot,of searches over a certain span of time,basically subscriptions versus single,payments but as far as intelligence as a,product is concerned it is good it,functions it does what it needs to do,and it does it quickly the free service,is decent and the membership offers,enough to be worth the money i find,overall good product and i,tentatively recommend it for anyone that,is looking into this stuff but again i,consider it a bit of a niche field,overall thats my thoughts on intellius,and until next time this has been jacob,for my reviews,go ahead and check out the link,description below for any further,thoughts

People Search With Intelius | OSINT Windows

[Music],we are now going to use another,people search engine called intellius,and this is a,premium service but it may give us some,information for free,a little bit more to go on what nuba did,so again were going to enter in brian,bladen,and we know the state is california,were going to go for the same target,brian p,bladen,so ill click on search,and now its going to ask us a few,questions to narrow this down,and we know we lived in ventura,according to nuba,we know we had a relation angela b,bladen so yes to that,and we know hes over 30 years old hes,40.,so this will probably get the right,brian bladen for us,so the sensitive person information,click on the green arrow,and again were not going to be,interested in the paid service were,just going to try and,find things out what we can for free,its now running through all the records,and it seems to be doing this uh quicker,than what noober did,we wont know for sure whether its got,more or less information,unless we did pay for the full report,so were nearly there,now looking to all the relatives,so ill click on the green arrow again,theyve located brian bladen,it is the same target weve now got a,middle name brian peter bladen,its not really given us much more for,free its saying ventura california is,his location so were not certain now,what location is in,other than that we know its california,all the information seems the same,as newbers now,we can click on open report but i think,this will be,when its the paid service let it,process,through,and again its going to go through the,same process as going through all the,records compiling that data and,providing a report for us so personal,information,lets go through all social media,and the online activity,and then all the relatives and,associates,criminal records any other legal,records as well and thats all the free,information were going to get so its,not giving us a lot more,and we have to fill in an email ill,fill that out,and then we here we go with its asking,us to pay for the report,so thats all were going to get from,this people search were gonna have to,conduct further searches to try and find,more information,you know i know his middle name is peter,were not certain on his location

How to track someones location with just a phone number

can you track someones location when,the only piece of information you have,is their cell phone number thats what i,needed to find out as apparently i,licked one of my phone numbers that i,used to test stuff on this channel and,for the past couple of weeks ive been,getting some of these prank phone calls,now typically i dont mind its a,disposable number i really dont care,about that so i simply block those,numbers however,one of the callers just kept on calling,thats just super weird so instead of,blocking that number i decided to see if,i could track that person down was the,only bit of information that i had was,that persons cell phone number is that,enough so i head over to iplugger.com i,type in a destination url so in this,case it was youtube.com and i create,this little short url now this little,link now it looks like iplogger.com it,kind of makes sense what this thing does,it logs your ip,so what i do is i head over to a url,shortener and then i paste in the link,from iplugger and i create yet another,shortened link now this link is,something that im going to send to them,via the text message to see if they,would click let me just show you what,happens if somebody does actually click,so ive opened up incognito mode ive,pasted that url everything around as,normal looks normal but and heres the,big deal if i go back to iplugger and i,clicked on logged ip address all of a,sudden i can see the location see the,operating system and even the ip address,which of course i have masked for this,reason so now that i have my link i sent,it over as a text message and waited to,see if they would take the bait six and,a half hours later uh nothing happened,so now what so before i show you this,bit and this is for educational purposes,only dont be an idiot and go and try,hack someone thats not gonna end well,for you so back to my mysterious caller,i decided to go old school and use,something called dorking for those who,are not familiar with the term docking,is when you use googles own advanced,search facility to access information,that is publicly available so let me,show you an example so here im going to,use the file type which is going to be,pdf and in the title i want to see the,words vip invitation and just by typing,that into a google search you can see,all these companies that uploaded their,vip invitation onto some sort of website,and then google is able to index it and,then i can actually see it now i thought,i would start with social media i mean,thats an obvious place if i can find,that persons number i can probably find,their location so now im going to use,the word site colon and then a domain,name to search just that website so for,example facebook.com and im searching,for that telephone number,instagram.comtechtalk.comtwitter.com,any site that i want any domain you can,use the word site colon and the text and,then just search that particular website,in this case uh no go okay that didnt,work out so next up i tried to use,something called in text and i ran that,command and basically this happened so,when you just use in-text and then the,telephone number in various combinations,with a plus one with a darling code with,the spaces its going to search the,whole of google and when i did that,these results came up and for a,literally 95 cents i could actually get,everything i need to get on this,particular individual including their,physical location okay so since were,going old school well lets go old,school all the way and lets use the,white pages see what pops up there,now i like to use white pages it tends,to be very very reliable with really,good credible information and as you can,see i can get a lot of information about,this particular person if i needed to,including things like arrest records i,mean how wild is that all the stuff is,available and they simply pull it all,together for you charge you a bit of,money and you can see phone numbers,previous address public records,properties and for four bucks 99 well i,paid it so i actually called it now,according to my legal people they say i,shouldnt show that bit so here is a,reenactment so your name is,and you live at one,be right,hello,guess you wont be hearing back from him,again so can you check someone with just,their cell phone number without,installing anything on their phones,turns out that yes you can if and i say,if if the information is available in,public databases this works in the us it,may not work in your country the,important thing is to do a docking,search on your own information to see,whats publicly available reach out to,those websites that are hosting that,information and ask them to remove it,asap so now if you want to know if you,can track someone without their,knowledge check this video out over here,check out this video over here that,youtube thinks you should watch hit the,head down here to subscribe and ill see,you in this video or this video ill see,you in both lets go

4 Best Sites To Find Public Records

public records are as the name suggests,available to the public thats you by,the way old chap yes well public records,can help you learn about your family,tree find out if the nanny you want to,hire before did a company or figure out,who white phileas a piece of property,you want to buy you have the right to,know all sorts of stuff because all,sorts of stuff is public record but you,need to know how to find it easy bidden,visor presents the best sites to find,public records lets get cracking with a,list a number for selection is dedicated,to connecting people the company is less,geared towards background checks or,legal matters and more focus on finding,old friends and family members by poring,over social media platforms and,cross-referencing services like the,white pages the site helps you find that,special someone,anywhere Spokeo is a number for,selection it gives you free reverse,phone number lookup you can search,previous and other known addresses and,theres a large online library of,celebrity information to see this,selection just go along to our website,easy their advisor you can get there by,typing advisor easy vidcom into your web,browser when you get there,search for the best size to find public,records next up we have a veritable,public record sleuth thats optimized,from now out with a low monthly,subscription fee this service lets you,pour through billions of public records,and to conduct limitless background,searches the company also helps you stay,on the white side of the law by,restricting certain illegal searches,such as those improperly aimed at,screening of potential tenants or,employee ah dont look there so our,number three pick is being verified it,has an optimized service for mobile,searches it helps you curate your own,online data and it creates single,reports from multiple sources thats,search tastic our number two selection,is all about making connections beyond,just finding the person for whom youre,searching the service helps you identify,our various people and organizations are,connected,all you need is a bit of information to,get the search started and while thats,great theres also this this company can,help you identify and block all those,ghastly telemarketer champions our Fabo,number to pick is in Telus it gives you,a social net look up search feature and,the brand offers identity protection,services while you also get reverse cell,phone searching whoa when you use our,number one public records location,service you get instant results source,from local state and federal data,sources the service can help you track,down anything from arrest records to,address information so you can watch out,for criminals well look out there or,just figure out where to send Nanas,birthday card there she is and if you,ever have trouble finding the public,record you need their customer service,is top-notch instant checkmate is our,fantastic number one solution it can,identify criminals in your neighborhood,it cross-references multiple databases,and all searches are guaranteed to be,anonymous,Shh if youd like to put it on the,record that you want this pick just go,along to our website ezvid advisor you,can get there by typing advisor got,easybib.com into your web browser when,you get there search for the best sides,to find public records

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