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  2. I Bought a $4000 Couch From an INSTAGRAM Ad…Like a Sucker
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Interior Define Maxwell Sofa

hi my name is rochelle and welcome to my,number 11 home im excited to have you,and i promise things get horizontal,eventually,this video is one for the books for me,every project ive taken on to date has,been an effort to counter at that cold,white boxy feeling of moving into a,modern building,for that reason my design approach,relies heavily on adding dimension any,way i can,so were talking molding sconces i.e,things that protrude or project from the,walls even textured fabrics these are,all opportunities to subtly make things,visually less flat,if a couch is supposed to help a living,room and view the overall style of the,home then you can imagine how hard its,been to live with my first pragmatic big,girl couch purchase from my early,twenties,now i am drawn to classical interior,architecture but i love that style,juxtaposed with modern contemporary,decor,so though my instinct was to buy a,modern couch i dont live in a houseman,right now so i felt it would be,counterproductive to drop a modern couch,on a flat white wall,once i knew the direction i wanted to go,in i found a brand that had stylish,pieces with customizable options for a,semi-bespoke made to order experience i,went swatch manic,in the past i would skip this step but,when youre buying an investment piece,you have to order the swatches,when i say i poured over the swatches i,mean i literally poured water on them to,spill test,i had to make sure that they matched the,rug i already purchased i wanted to see,what they looked like in certain light,at certain times of the day,and of course the rub count and what it,felt like on my skin was also very,important to me,it did take a long time for the couch to,arrive because i ordered it in the,heights of 2020,but even after it got to me i had it in,storage for a while as well,it was kind of sad to see this couch go,because i remember how proud i was of,the purchase when i made it,but,needless to say i am so stoked to have,my new couch,[Music],i opted for the maxwell couch which as,it turns out is designed by maxwell ryan,of apartment therapy,he says his inspiration was this sofa by,italian designer vico magistretti,[Music],i would describe this piece as,transitional i love those modern lines,at the base paired with the more,classically inspired shapes of the arms,and the legs of the sofa,for fabric i chose a happy medium of,performance but still with a gentle and,cozy feel on the skin,i am completely in love it makes a great,style anchor for the space and i feel,like its one step closer to creating,the base that i need to start making,more modern decisions,thank you for watching this video i hope,you will like and consider subscribing,but do not share because theres too,much pressure for me bye

I Bought a $4000 Couch From an INSTAGRAM Ad…Like a Sucker

instant disappointment just washed over,me,hello everybody and welcome back to my,channel i hope you guys are having a,lovely wonderful,fantastic day uh todays video is going,to be just a little bit different,from the norm because im going to be,telling you all about my couch,yeah thats just a little bit different,than a regular unboxing video,but i mentioned that i might have been,sucked into an instagram ad,like many months ago and ended up buying,a,very expensive like painfully,expensive couch from an instagram ad and,you guys seem pretty curious as to,whatever happened with the couch,some of you wondered if i ever even got,it did i get scammed what was it like,so today i am going to be discussing all,the details of my,four thousand dollar sofa,yes um yes thats the amount i paid for,it well kind of it was like three,thousand seven hundred and,something dollars but nearly four,thousand dollars sofa,so im gonna be just doing my makeup,today nothing special or spectacular,not that it ever is um im just kind of,getting ready for my day but i will be,trying out,some oh my eye dress im also gonna drop,magnetic lashes for the first time you,guys have been suggesting those forever,because you know how much i absolutely,loathe regular lashes so i figured id,give this a try,lets begin at the beginning shall we so,i moved into a new home recently which i,have done,a house tour it should be up very very,soon oh thats almost in my mouth and,when i moved into my house i decided,that i wanted the guest bedroom to,actually be turned into like,a tv room um i really just wanted,something like thumpy and cozy a place,to hang out and like watch movies,and netflix and you know the stuff that,i typically do during the day so in this,room its pretty small,but i did want a sectional sofa just so,like you know i could have people over,to watch movies or tv or like you know i,could lay on one end like my boyfriend,could lay on the other,we could just hang out watch movies but,when i first moved in like for the time,being i had another couch that was my,parents house,that i bought when i was 17 years old,that was,11 years ago its an 11 year old couch,i got it at ashley furniture it was my,first furniture purchase like,ever i think that couch was 700 and that,was like a really big deal to me you,know i was saving up all my pennies and,stuff,to be able to buy this couch for my room,when i was 17 years old,and at the time like when i was moving,over here i thought yeah this couch is,gonna be fine its fine like it looks,pretty good its not really stained its,pretty sturdy,well then we carried it outside and the,sunlight,hit it and just like,like all of the stains and the,disgustingness that have been,accumulating for 11 years on this couch,just really,shown its really popped out and i was,like oh,this is actually gross so i knew i,pretty much had to like start the hunt,for a new sofa,really quickly it was the old stuff in,the tv room just for the meantime while,i was looking for a new couch and i,i literally was at my wits end with,this thing every time you sat down on it,or moved it like,all right all right my first day,in the house i was painting my,fingernails on it spilled nail polish,all over it,so it was it was quite the eyesore and i,really really wanted it gone so the hunt,for a sofa was like,going full speed i spent so much time,looking at sexuals on the,on the line on the line yes thats where,i looked for sofas so i was constantly,like,googling sofas looking up different like,furniture suppliers i went to different,furniture stores in my hometown but all,this was kind of happening like right,at the height of everything so a lot of,things were like shut down and locked,down you really couldnt go many places,and also manufacturing,basically anything was taking a million,billion years so i knew if i ordered a,sofa it was gonna take at least like two,to three months no matter where i got,it from and i was like what you know,kind of stinks im gonna have to sit on,the squeaky gross thing for another two,to three months,but if i find a sofa that i really like,itll be you know worth it but the,problem was,in the room like where the sectional is,gonna set theres a floor vent on the,floor,and you cant like plop a couch just on,top of a floor of it like it has to have,a little bit of space to be able to,do its thing you know vent so the couch,delivery people should be here soon i,have,just cleared this room its gonna go all,the way along this wall and then like,down to,here it should be the same length on,either side i,just got this rug i had a much smaller,rug here before but i wanted something,that kind of filled up,more of the space theres a boy rhian,ryan that empty wall really got you,pondering,[Music],youre literally looking at nothing rin,what do you think about it all buddy you,like the big open space,a little bit messy over here you know we,got some gaming stuff,some dog toys you know a yoda a shark um,but this wall will,be painted like an accent color the,couch guy should be here,like at any time he said he was gonna be,here within the hour,im really excited but also really,nervous to see what the couch actually,looks like you can see a little buddy,here sticking up um like i said,its just nerve-wracking buying,something off the internet that costs,that much money especially from an,instagram ad,so well see how it turns out uh wish me,luck so i was looking for a,very specific sofa i needed one raised,off the ground i wanted it to be,a corner sectional and i didnt want,like one super super short end because,with the vent there it either had to be,like really long on one end or really,really short and when i tell you that,was nearly impossible to find in a,sectional,that i actually kind of liked it was,nearly impossible to find i literally,spent like a couple months looking for,sofa it was a lot it was a lot,and during this time because i was,googling sofas like every day,i was getting a lot of targeted ads on,my instagram and facebook and one that,kept popping up was from interior to,find and they kept showing these really,cute pictures i was like oh thats,something i like thats an aesthetic i,could go with like these are really cute,sofas but when i would go and look at,their website like theyre just so,expensive,just so expensive i was like i dont,know if i can justify,spending that much money on a sofa like,even though i never spend money on like,anything what i did really like about it,though is that they were custom sofas so,like you can,pick out your fabric your layout your,how you want your arms your leg like,everything i was like oh thats pretty,cool so im going there like every other,day,building my sofa then i would see how,much money it was and id say no,and then exit out but honestly after,looking for a sofa for so,long i just i gave up i gave in and i,was like you know what im gonna do it,im gonna get this custom sofa,its ridiculously expensive but im,gonna do it i ordered some fabric,swatches,they came so incredibly fast that was,really cool so i ordered the fabrics,watches on the 29th of september and i,ordered the sofa,on the first of october so the fabric,swatches came,like literally overnight and i was able,to pick which one i liked and then,really quickly order my sofa uh the only,problem with ordering the sofa so this,is like the first issue i had with a,company,um and i guess its its technically my,fault this really isnt their issue,but at the same time i feel like they,could help me out a little bit,so um i was trying to order my sofa,during a sale they had they had a 15,off sale and i was like okay 15 for this,is a lot of money,fifteen percent off was like five,hundred dollars off and thats a lot of,money so i tried ordering,sofa the night that this fifteen percent,office supposed to end but i forgot to,raise the limit on my credit card so it,would not go through,my very sweet boyfriend was gonna like,let me use his credit card to be able to,buy

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My Apartment Tour 2020 | apartment decoration ideas | home decor tour interior define | Miss Louie

[Music],welcome to my new apartment here in,Denver Colorado we just moved here from,the Bay Area right now were renting in,this apartment and we could not be,happier Im so excited to show you guys,around today I want to show you guys the,home decor the furniture details this,tour has a lot of information in it so,Ill link every single thing down below,in the description box I also have time,stamps for todays video in case you,guys want to skip around and look at,only certain rooms I also have the blog,post at the very top that blog post has,photos everything linked and its just,the easier browsing experience in case,you guys want to refer to anything in,the future now if you housekeeping,things before we get started todays,video is sponsored by interior define,you guys Ive been working with them for,like over a year now and Im a,purchasing customer I purchased my,dining chairs and my rug from them and,then they gifted me a sofa the sofa was,a really supposed to be for the house,but the ended up gifting me this one for,the apartment Im so appreciative,I discovered interior to find because I,was looking for a custom-made sofa for a,reasonable price I walked into their San,Francisco guide shop and worked with,Veronica to create my dream sofa and,chairs youre able to customize your,very own sofa or chairs online with over,70 different fabrics to choose from both,kid and pet friendly options over 20,different leg styles and you can,customize the length and the depth so,you can have the perfect piece that fits,your aesthetic and space I cannot wait,to show you guys the sofa because it is,literally the sofa of my dreams so more,about them later and in the second shout,out I have to go to my designer Andrea,Sandoval she is my girl I found her,through Haven Lee not sponsored by Haven,Lea this second I saw Andreas work I,was like this girl is like the one she,styled literally so many rooms in that,house and I pretty much adopted all of,her designs for this place so everything,in terms of the aesthetic all the credit,go to her Im gonna link her profile,down below for you guys to check her out,andrea is just the best,thank you so much girl are you guys,thats enough information if you guys,have not joined the Mississippi family,please hit that red subscribe button and,join us we would love to have you and if,you guys want to hit me up in between,videos you can hit your girl that Miss,AJ Louie I love you guys so much hope,you enjoy my new home and lets get,started,starting off with the entryway apartment,is always hard you want to have like,minimal stuff but also maximize the,storage so here is our current setup I,have a mail station on the left-hand,side its kind of like a drop-off point,I have this cute little minimalist wood,organizer I got off ed C is this sweet,little shot from Australia I have three,pegs one for the dog leash one for keys,and one for my purse and then has just a,nice little slot inside to put our mail,in there it looks kind of bare by itself,so I put a cute little mirror on the top,of it honestly is a little bit too tall,for me but it just completes that little,vignette and then on the right hand side,we actually had this extra full and,cmere so we thought to put it right,here so we I can check my full body self,before I exit the door and then to the,left of that space we have our shoe,bench this is like our favorite shoe,bench from Ikea it fits a good amount of,shoes top and bottom rack and then the,bench itself is perfect for sitting down,and putting your boots on and off and,then above that shoe bench you guys,weve had this thing for like eight,years now its these white stick coat,hanger and we have two of them we put,them side to side it literally could,hold so much weight it looks so clean,and almost like a little art piece and,you can hide the pegs or protrude them,depending on how many coats you need to,hang out its like fantastic weve had,this since our Texas home ok then four,pieces of artwork I have one thats a,minimal with curved lines and then I,have this other abstract piece alright,so then this is like the main landing,area with more storage here we have this,white lacquer storage console Ive also,had this for many years now in here we,have like all of our main stuff I fitted,one drawer we have all of our winter,acessories our beanies hats gloves,sunglasses and then on the other side we,have kind of like,naki stuff like the x-ray way junk,drawer and then underneath one of my,favorite ways to organize stuff and just,have hidden storage that looks good its,just having really big baskets I have,two big baskets one of it was called our,bad goo basket and hold all of our,reusable bag food bags we use them every,single day whether its like get,packages the grocery shopping Ive got,our whole collection in there and then,the other side is another random,catch-all Ive got like the dog sweaters,in there workout equipment umbrella,thats like another catch-all and then,above it we have a round entryway here,yours are great because the open up,spaces you can check yourself and I love,this one because has this like peg that,creates more of a tall shape to fill up,the space and the leather straps match,with the leather handles on the baskets,underneath,speaking of storage baskets I have two,extra ones right here Ive got this,little guy for all of her mail receipts,we just chunk everything in here to like,sort and then the big guy behind it are,the exact same ones under our entryway,console this hole is like the,miscellaneous living room items weve,got bocas toys in there I have these,yoga blocks in case were doing yoga in,the living room if Im changing up my,scene and Im working at the living room,I like to sit on the meditation block,and then Ive also gotten like my laptop,desks and stuff like that okay moving on,to my favorite space in the entire,apartment the living room favorite place,to hang out we spend so much time in,here and really the entire space came,together because of that Danish couch,the may showstopper in this room of,course is our interior defined sectional,this is the a short corner sectional,when Jeremy and I walked into the guys,shop in San Francisco we like,immediately fell in love with the azure,collection in my opinion the azure,collection is like the perfect marriage,between modern and traditional the arms,look like really sleek and futuristic,but the overall shape looks so comfy and,inviting we switch from a che sectional,into a corner sectional just due to the,shape of this room and we cannot be,happier its got the perfect space to,sprawl out but was also cuddle in the,corner in terms of the colors I chose I,did the chalk colored from there Heather,weave collection when I was working with,Veronica in a guys shop I was going,back and forth between the chalk color,and also this Cirrus color from their,Fleck collection another kid and pet,friendly option,I still love both of them if you prefer,something more cool tone and one color,I highly recommend you checking out the,series because I was my second-favorite,but back to the heathered weve taught,color it says low pile like really soft,material that almost feels like chenille,I had it in my heart to have a white,couch and I feel like this color was,like absolutely perfect its a soft,light but it has like little Heather,flux in it it is so forgiving I,literally smash a chocolate-covered,pretzel in this thing and I was able to,spot clean it out and then to give it,some height and a more modern aesthetic,I went with the matte black l-shaped,lace well we want the bench cushion,because it was like a nice sleek,silhouette I didnt want too many lines,datas comfortable from each end get,back pillows are so plush and dense to,have the couch that looks exactly like I,would sketch out in my head and also be,so comfortable like we just love being,here all day long and thats really like,the point of a loser right I will,include all the details of what is,selected for this couch

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weekend in my life: decorating for christmas, new interior define sofa, thrifting & diys with jamie

[Music],shall we okay yes hi guys okay im,getting ready right now to go to jamies,house i think we are going to be,hanging out doing something i dont know,i left my hair stuff in here,and,i need to i cant decide if i want to,put my hair up i took a shower last,night and i didnt wash my hair i kind,of just did like the thing i was like oh,no im going to wake up ill take,another shower in the morning um because,i didnt want to wash my hair and then,go to sleep with wet hair because i did,that the last time and i just,i hate when i do that um a lot of the,time if i dont like have the time to,actually like put products in it do,whatever my outfit so i,am just being casual today im wearing,my converse and then,jeans these jeans are ripped here things,that no one would notice like i just,point out anyway thrifted i just wanted,to be comfortable and cozy i think jamie,and i are going to try to thrift um like,a,coffee table for her for her apartment,because she bought one from ikea but it,turns out it wasnt a coffee table um,let me see here im gonna try it on hats,here and its like maybe i can do that,hat that can kind of be cute,maybe ill do this hat okay lets see,if i have you,bye too,im gonna do this,tuck my hair back,i can even put my hair,i added a scarf im gonna wear a black,jacket too im gonna add but im gonna,put my perfumes on i think im gonna mix,two of my favorite dossier work with,them a lot but this video is not,sponsored by them but you guys,i love darcy im gonna do woody chestnut,that one smells i think this one is,fired by by the firewood or by the,fireplace by margella and then this one,is oriental cherry,and i like to mix them and i feel like,it gives a very,sultry smell i dont know like very,sophisticated but still like fruity,because of the cherry i dont know i,dont want to wear like a full-blown,jacket so i think im going to do,this,one my black,quilted one if you can see that my hat,is nordstrom rack sweater or i mean,scarf is thrifted jacket is ebay,under here sweater thrifted jeans,thrifted,um and then shoes converse and then yes,everything else is a mess in this office,i might as well just show you so you,dont think im hiding it because i am,because its like through all of this,jared and i just literally went through,every single thing and put them in piles,and now i have to put them in storage in,like the other room we have like a,little storage room and otherwise thats,like all my filming equipment and my,little mannequin,and its really just a mess so um like i,said im i maybe i will put a little bit,of makeup on,im,so not graceful,see im gonna put i have a,car sent to put into my car from drift,um lets see i forgot which one is in,here but they come like this and theyre,like little reusable ones and theyre my,favorite car sense ever,and so im putting this one in my car,because i hate the smell of this one,jared has this like refresh,you know the little ones,and,i dont like the smell it smells like i,dont know what it even it smells like,lemonys like like laundry detergent and,this one is so much cuter,you can see that so much cuter and,sleeker but um i am going to head to,jamies i dont know which drink i want,do i want the celsius,or,these are my like favorite coffee so we,i get them at um costco i believe and,lets see this is natural caffeine or my,celsius,i havent had any coffee today because,theyre an espresso machine i dont know,what happened to it i was on the like,thing with the chat people earlier and i,have to get like theyre sending me a,new one um because like the light was,flashing it was broken or something,happened i dont know it wasnt gonna,reset it wasnt letting me descale it i,wasnt doing anything and i had like,gotten this nespresso advent calendar so,thats coming soon i also have felixs,advent calendar we ive been so behind,its like already the third of december,we still have to do our trees our like,decorating vlog in our tree vlog should,be in this vlog or the next one,i dont know lets see how much caffeine,is in each and then were ready to go i,will talk to you guys probably when im,there because its like an hour drive um,and im not going to take i am going to,take the highways i wasnt going to if,it was like snowing still maybe ill,listen to my top,20 21 songs,oh this makes sense,put on some lip balm really quick,and my glasses because,i,need my glasses this is my current,favorite,lip product its the dior lip glow oil,color reviver uh mahogany i loved the,mahogany color my sister has the other,guy i feel like ive told you this,already,ah okay boy just turned green um im,about to pull into jamies apartment,hi guys im with jamie now finally shes,vlogging too can you even believe it,like you guys need to go follow her,channel um or subscribe to her channel,its daily jamie right just its just,daily jamie and were and youre like a,little downtown because shes wearing a,super cute outfit and so were going to,take some pictures,of course doesnt this look kind of cute,like theres a bunch of places we can,walk to yeah so i thought like i always,like those colored buildings and then,like if you go down there everything,looks so like christmas eve it will just,bring you and ill show you,but look at this is her outfit you guys,how pinterest is that,i think its super pinterest and i like,the vest whered you get that,thrifted it what what about everything,else the skirt i know i thrifted her you,thrifted,this is actually from costco oh yes the,puma one,yes its like the perfect gray color no,it literally is sized,so cute,is that mine oh thats yours i was like,oops i thought it turned out it was,literally like its on my turn,as you can tell,um look at these shoes these are from,like its called saturday,something,okay,theyre cute i dont know where theyre,literally like theyre so cute they were,like on an,instagram ad really you just randomly,bought them thats a good find though i,have no idea because you know what i,literally i think i just said it in one,of my other videos first of all the,christmas music like so loud thats i,love that wait do you have my i have to,wait hold on i always hate these stupid,parking things because i never know my,jamies gonna go take a picture i never,know my um,license plate like who remembers their,license plate im im not a city girl as,you can see hold on,oh you shouldnt say it you mean hey,thats all right,are you cold,a little bit just a little its kind of,paid how do i how do you do plus,a plus,oh oh you can do okay id rather just do,that theyre lying on the other side,theyre definitely,what,see this is behind the scenes of us,taking instagram pictures,ill set it up eating vlogmas,yeah im just uploading every day though,a different video why isnt this two,dollars,pretty cute walmart,[Music],then you know,its christmas,pants are already ripped,like right here i dont know if you can,see them but anyway,my little uh mittens are from urban,outfitters i think theyre so cute,theyre really really cozy though,thats the biggest thing for me um i got,these things these like,well ive had them in my car you know,the little wisps but i realized like,between your teeth you know,yeah ive never seen those what,yeah like a mini toothbrush yeah and i,got it because i had,the worst tasting oh i didnt get it i,brought them out because i remembered i,had them because i had the worst taste,in my mouth because i had this coffee,and then my celsius,that was so gross but its like ive,never seen one its not really like it,does it just brush,yeah it just brushed it,yeah it like tastes like a mint kind of,look we took really cute pictures though,you guys like its super cute down here,first of all we took self-timer pictures,of ourselves but then also like look at,miss pinterest girl,love that,im sorry to find a thrift store we have,to find like a good one not the one we,went to before i mean that was fine it,just wasnt as,plentiful as it was possible over that,one remember lets see this ones 13,minutes away oh my go

TOP SOFAS CB2, Interior Define, West Elm, IKEA, Crate & Barrel | Customer Pros & Cons

if youre in the market for a sofa if,youre a new homeowner if youre a new,renter and youre looking for a sofa,dont worry ive read all the reviews of,some of the most popular sofas here on,the internet on tick tock on youtube,and i read them all so that you dont,have to,if you guys have been around my channel,for a while youll know that i have a,sofa that i kind of have a love-hate,relationship with i love the quality of,the sofa i spent a little less than a,thousand dollars for the sofa and for,some reason the sofa is amazing when it,comes to quality ive had it for about,six or seven years i take my daily naps,on that sofa and it never sags i have,multiple people sit on that sofa and,ive never had to re-fluff the sofa or,change the cushions or do anything like,that because its really held up its,shape over the last seven years so i,really do love the sofa for that aspect,alone unfortunately its just not my,style i got it every morning again this,was really before online shopping for,sofas was like a thing so i picked out,whatever i can find at the time now im,kind of in the market for a new sofa but,i want the quality to be the exact same,i picked out between about 13 sofas that,i kind of want to go over with you guys,i read the reviews on all of them and,ive done my research just to give you,guys an insight of how they kind of hold,up their cost and were going to go,through it all okay so the first step i,want to talk about is from cb2 its,called the camden sofa i love this sofa,i think its absolutely gorgeous it is a,very contemporary,modern type sofa i love how the armrests,are very squared off it adds a very,contemporary look to the sofa i also,love that it has a long seat bench this,also comes in around 2500,and it does have 20 different colors and,fabrics and colors that you can choose,from so ive read some of the reviews,and it is,fairly positive but there are some cons,to take note of so lets go over the,pros first it is a deep-seated couch,which is really nice so if you want to,sit back and kick back into the couch,and kind of sink in the couch this,definitely does have that as a,deep-seated couch it also fits a lot of,people can fit four people comfortably,it is also a very comfortable couch and,from the picture it does look like it,could be comfortable but sometimes,pictures can be a little deceiving there,are a lot of reviews that it is very,easy to clean so it does have this kind,of durable fabric and you can easily,spot treat it however,although it is easy to spot clean a lot,of the reviews that i have seen that do,have a lot of negatives about the sofa,is that it does tend to discolor over,time and although you can spot treat it,like i said with excess use of the sofa,and using it on a regular basis the sofa,does seem to,discolor over time and its something,that cant be cleaned out i read that,some people have tried to have it,professionally steamed and it really,hasnt brought the color back to life,maybe choosing one of the other fabrics,and colors might be a better option but,i know this very light white fabric is,very popular it just doesnt look like,it would hold up over time especially if,youre using it constantly i wouldnt,say this is a family room sofa i would,really say this is like a sitting room,sofa this is where you have guests and,they come over and they sit pretty i,wouldnt call this like your lounger or,sleeper sofa also ive read that the,seat bench does tend to crease a little,bit because you have that long bench,seating there is a chance for it to,crease a lot easier than having like,separate seat cushions so yeah i would,definitely not recommend this for like,family seating or lounge seating this is,definitely your sitting pretty tight,couch beautiful couch kind of expensive,a little high maintenance as well so the,next stuff i want to talk about is from,crate barrel this sofa is called the,well sofa it also comes in three,different colors one stock color and two,colors that you can get made just for,you so you can customize it i do love,the modern look of this sofa it does,give me very scandinavian vibes,especially with the wooden legs the,light wooden legs i also get your panty,vibes from this as well and i could also,see it in a boho space pros and cons of,this one ive read that it does spot,treat very easily so if you do get,stains on it or if you spill wine it is,pretty easy to spot treat with like a,fork spray or something of that sort and,i read that it is also very comfortable,which is good because a lot of sofas,that we see online we cant really tell,if its all that comfortable and with,this new age of buying sofas online we,dont all go into a store and test out,sofas like we used to right and like i,mentioned it does come in three colors,one stock color and two that youll have,to custom order some of the negatives,that i read was that the pillows and the,seats also tend to sag i did see some,pictures from reviews of the sofa,sagging it definitely doesnt look the,same as when it was first purchased also,ive read that theres a tendency for,the sofa to squeak i think i read one or,two reviews about the sofa squeaking,there are also a lot more positive than,negative reviews on most if not all of,these sofas im just pointing out the,slight few reviews that ive seen with,sort of consistencies so moving on to,interior defined if you guys havent,heard interior defined i dont know,where youve been youve probably been,living under a rock i actually was,looking into this exact sofa it is,called the jasper fabric sofa ive seen,it all over tik tok all over instagram,they promote this couch heavily and they,should its a beautiful beautiful sofa,the silhouette of the sofa is gorgeous,its very clean streamlined you can get,it in a love seat you can get it in a,sectional you can also get it in a chase,so there is a lot of room for,customization on this specific sofa you,can order a lot of free swatches for,different colors and different textures,and they can send it free to your house,the only reason i didnt pull the,trigger on this sofa because it is,absolutely gorgeous because i dont,think its going to stay like that the,pros it comes in down alternative so if,youre looking for the sofa to hold up a,little bit longer its nice that they,give that option at least for a little,bit more longevity in the sofa it is,customizable as well just know that with,all these customizations the price does,tend to increase as well as the length,it takes to get that item so the cost,for this sofa is just around 20 45 so,2045 and it goes up from there 20 45 for,the love seat you can choose the legs,the size the depth of the couch you can,have a deeper couch you can have a,shallower couch its really nice,especially when it comes to,customization however the cushions dont,hold their shape so this also has like,that long bench seating which i,absolutely love but they just tend to,kind of sag a lot easier i also read,that its kind of uncomfortable and it,also has a lot of pilling i read that,from a lot of the different reviews that,it does pill but to be honest a lot of,sofas pill moving on to casserole you,guys know ive mentioned casterly like a,number of times on my channel ive read,really good reviews and if youre into,the cloud sofa this is your dupe right,here so this one i have is called the,dawson extended sofa it is around twenty,eight hundred dollars it is very similar,to the cloud sofa but i would say that,it does have a little bit more structure,than the cloud sofa which i prefer but,especially with the armrest on the sofa,it is really squared off the cushions do,seem like they are a lot more structured,as well the pros of this sofa is that it,is a modular sofa you can add to it down,the line if you want to add a chase down,the line or if you want to add a,sectional you can always do that so you,have the ability to keep expanding the,sofa if you want it also has really deep,seats and it is a very comfortable sofa,formula bread you a

My Interior Define Sofa Experience – Custom Online Furniture with Free White Glove Delivery

hey everyone Im pretty excited about my,new couch from interior to fine and what,I do in the channel is cover the best,menswear on the internet but,occasionally things outside of there,with online companies and I want to give,you a look at the our decision making,process our ordering and then our final,verdict on the couch because it is a big,purchase and its something that not,most people are going to do online but,Im going to tell you why you should so,the background this is that we needed a,smaller new couch because the couch we,previously had in our living room took,up too much space and we wanted more,space to the kids and their toys so of,course everybody wants like the,Pinterest esque beautifully designed,couch with Tufts and its this,mid-century modern look and thats what,I really wanted but when you start to go,look at those youre going to pay a lot,of money for them interior defined came,onto my radar in 2014 when they were,announced and Andy Dunn was an investor,but I looked at the couches at the time,and I thought no way theres no way Im,spending a thousand two thousand dollars,on a couch I just bought a couch for,$300 on Craigslist for my apartment but,in the meantime I have learned more,about that price to value ratio so over,the past few years Ive always had my,eye on to interior fine but I never,really needed to get something and now,this was a perfect time to finally check,them out now if you need new furniture,theres a few different avenues you can,take you can go the Craigslist or IKEA,Way which is the lowest price lowest,quality you can try to go to a local,retailer which for me is like Levin and,western Pennsylvania and Ohio and some,others those discount retailers and then,you go to like Ethan Allen in our house,and then you can also go to like local,custom places which I checked out all of,this so first we shopped at IKEA and we,never really found something that we,liked from a design perspective but then,also Ive never sat on an ikea couch,inside this is a really comfortable,great couch and especially with the,quality over time Ive had enough IKEA,items that I know what its like after a,few years and we are ready to you know,invest in a couch because you only buy,one so many times especially when youve,got a family and its a pretty big,decision like I said I also went to,Levin Levin has you know they have nicer,quality furniture you are going to pay,for it the model of a furniture retailer,like that is divided a couch for a,certain amount money they mark it up as,high,can and then they sell through it as,quickly as possible you can definitely,find some really good deals thats where,we bought our previous couch and our,bedroom furniture and our dining room,furniture but from a design and quality,perspective we never found anything that,we really loved and what we were kind of,looking for and then even some of the,higher priced furniture that I was,looking at that was in the two thousand,three thousand dollar range didnt have,the right type of quality that we were,expecting we also looked at the company,like wayfarer week and theres tons of,options you can buy online and for when,we were price comparing with interior,defined because Wayfarer has that,middleman model where theyre buying,accounts and theyre reselling it for a,certain amount it might not have the,same quality as a custom-made design for,you couch and then after that I kind of,last when I searched Ethan Allen in our,house that furniture was $3,000 $3,500,for a sofa very similar to what we were,looking at for interior to find none of,them had velvet they werent as,beautifully designed and it was way more,expensive I also went to a custom,furniture retailer thats in my area and,there was no way I was getting out of,that store for less than $5,000 for the,similarly expect out couch that we had,shown them interior to find and they,couldnt get anywhere close also to look,at like joy Bird article and gray cork,online they have very similar models,whereas a lot of its made to order,pretty good designs some of them didnt,have as many customization options with,joy bird they had a lot of the,customization options but we wanted to,get the like kid and pet friendly,materials they had an upcharge which,brought it to just slightly higher than,our interior to find counsel we were,looking at and so I tried to really,narrow it down and cover all the bases,on this interior to find K not ahead,interior defined also appealed to me,because if I can go online put in my,measurements and give you my exact,specifications for a shirt like this is,a custom shirt here why cant I do that,for my couch I definitely like the fact,that you can put in some measurements,because we have one wall we wanted to,put it on and they have some variants in,the designs so you can pick the design,you want you get if you specify certain,length they custom make it for you,thats really cool then also the White,Glove delivery which Ill talk about as,we receive the item and the higher,quality construction and materials that,talk about makes sense its a side,effect of that direct model because they,dont have a lot of inventory to carry,they dont have a lot of stores to,support they can make high quality goods,and have the same margins as somebody,who is making lesser quality goods and,trying to sell them at a higher profit,so at this point weve shopped around we,know what we want we set on interior,define its all about choosing the,design and the materials that we want,and there are a ton of options to choose,from here design partners with designers,they make beautiful couches and then,they give you all the materials you can,choose from and what it seems like they,also limit some of the materials on,certain designs because it doesnt,really work with those materials but,what I would say is order the swatches,we had a tough time trying to choose,whether we wanted some of the cloth my,wife really wanted the velvet but when,you order the swatches you get a really,good idea for what the exact color is,and what the material field and looks,like in your settings so we have these,placed all over the living room wanted,to see how these would really play out,we ended up going with a velvet but we,went with a different color and kind of,took a chance on it because we really,like the color but we were really,curious about how this looks and feels,you can order swatch this for free and I,got these right at the start of my,ordering process and it was really,helpful to get these so I think you get,five on these ones comes in a nice,little box and you can get a really good,idea for what youre beginning a keep in,mind it is custom couch so youre going,to be waiting eight to twelve weeks was,what we were quoted from interior define,but its similar to anything other,made-to-measure even shirt companies,takes for six weeks but even with,article enjoy cork and some of these,others you were looking at for 6-8 weeks,for some of the designs and any of the,ones we picked it was about the same,thing there are a few steps in the,process that they keep you updated on so,they manufacture it it comes to their,inspection warehouse where they do a,thirty five point inspection then they,get it out to the delivery team which is,the White Glove service and then the,white Club services let you know when,theyre bringing it and so we were able,to keep track of it along the way which,is really nice now were at the White,Glove delivery this was absolutely the,part where I was the most spoiled by the,process because I was so used to in the,past Ive picked up a lot of furniture,not just for myself but for family,members and everything else and the fact,that a delivery truck pulled up to the,house I was even able to tell them that,I had kids sleeping in the house we have,202 right now and I said hey guys I just,need to keep things quiet I have two,sleeping and,the delivery guys actually whispered to,me as we were delivering it they opened,up the box outsid

Blush interior define Maxwell Chairs

hi guys i want to do a video,on,the interior defined maxwell chairs that,i have received,um i ordered these in april they came on,august 31st,um they came,great,no issues no,problems nothing broken nothing wrong,the color is great,the size of them are huge,and theyre super super,comfy,so um,they are,a little bit too comfy,i did get the down,feel um so,i got two of them,and i wanted to get them in person to,see um and,see how it felt before i ordered the,ottoman now the item im going to get,with the down alternative because,usually when you have ottoman in front,of a chair people are more applied to,sit on it and then you have to rest your,feet and legs on there so its a little,bit firmer but the actual sitting,cushion is down so every night i didnt,do it last night but every night when i,get up from them i fluff them,to get any wrinkles out and you see it,comes out really quick its just a,squeeze squeeze and it comes out really,quick so,they are so cushy,i am five nine uh probably 250,and they still have a lot of room,probably about a half a foot of room,they are,33 inches,tall,i think theyre,42 inches,from front to back,and from side to side is,40 inches so theyre very deep,very pretty those are the throws they,are not organized those are the throws,that i bought to go with them i have to,re-section them these little,tables i enjoy theyre specifically for,these chairs but you have cocktail cup,of coffee i got those from crane barrel,they were on clearance they dont sell,them anymore but these chairs oh theyre,amazing i got the polished nickel feet,the road arms will match my uh walter e,smith,or smith um,couch that should be coming this month,and ill show you that when it arrives i,have a day bed that im looking forward,to coming in the back of these let me,step back,i wanted to get,a console i dont think thats going to,happen because i need this floor space,here for the ottoman and so i may just,get a beautiful piece of art or just a,water feature for relaxation purposes,since this will be my sitting area and,then the ottoman will go here like i,said and then itll be a day bed excuse,the balloons i just took the balloons,out for my birthday but um,itll be a day bed that would normally,uh be where the sofa uh this model of,this home this is typically the living,area so the sofa,will be in front of these not the stuff,im sorry the day bed will be in front,of these and this will just be more of a,cozy lounging conversational area but,these came beautiful,and i am going to go ahead and,um get the,ottoman now that i enjoyed how they have,come let me show you the bottoms of them,they do flip,so its the same material,down there,very very nicely made this one i did do,scotch guard on it,and i have to squash cut this one,so okay,i put scotch guard on this was not a,performance velvet they do have,performance,materials but this particular color,um that i was looking for this mavi,blush color,they didnt have it in the performance,velvet,so interior defined guys i,am loving these i cant stay out of them,i almost hate i got them because theyre,so comfortable,but talk to you guys later bye

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