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  2. Intrusion (2021) Netflix Movie Review
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Intrusion Netflix Movie Review

what is up netflix fans welcome back to,my channel today were talking about the,brand new netflix original that is,intrusion be sure to leave your comments,down below howd you feel about this,movie and again in another hotel room i,promise ill be back at some point so,when a husband and wife move to a small,town a home invasion leaves the wife,traumatized and suspicious that those,around her might not be who they seem,this film is directed by adam salki it,stars frida pinto logan marshall green,and,the premise itself is extremely,interesting because its so simple and,sometimes that simplicity can turn into,an intense and overall enjoyable ride if,you execute and handle it correctly and,while i was excited about this and and,truly i think logan marshall green is,really capable of carrying movies if you,havent seen upgrade that is the film of,note that hes in,unfortunately i believe intrusion is so,predictable and so,on the nose,that i dont know if theres going to be,much enjoyment that comes from this,movie now it may be one of those films,that you watch you kind of have your,brain turned off just a little bit and,youre in it for the thrills but getting,into those thrills it takes about 20,minutes of character build up not back,story because i think this movie really,struggles with providing you knowledge,as to who these two individuals are i,mean you get the upfront information but,nothing that goes beyond that nothing,that gets you connected to those,characters other than the performances,and i think frida pinto actually does a,nice job so they set this up and the,home invasion takes place fairly quickly,thats kind of what should have you on,your toes but they just kind of walk in,stuff is messed up around the house she,is concerned and her kind of intuitive,nature is showcased through what she,does even though we only really get one,moment of her talking to a patient that,moment is strategically placed and,really its only purpose is to,lead us into something that happens,later on but we still know that she is,much more concerned than logan marshall,greens character whos just kind of,like wow that sucks thank god they,didnt take anything right because you,know,come on and that scene and really logan,marshall greens performance overall,just felt a bit awkward and from there,the the awkwardness continues into the,story that like i said becomes extremely,predictable and once you hit that third,act and you get a turn of sorts and i i,wont hint as to what it is even though,i think a lot of people are going to see,what is coming while theyre watching,the movie,as soon as it happens i said to myself,i just,i felt like that was going to happen,maybe not that specifically but that,sort of story turn how it happens may,surprise some but it was so cliche and,predictable i just couldnt really get,on board and then when you get the,actual intrusion thats the name of the,movie scenes and people are breaking,into the house,the shot selection the construction of,those scenes its so dark there are so,many different shots we cut cut cut the,editing seems like its so,scattered that its really hard to tell,what is going on and maybe those are the,intentions from the director but those,are the scenes i mean the movies called,intrusion were watching it to see this,intensity take place those are the,scenes that really should have landed,and they just dont land and beyond that,we get this,greater story right something that goes,beyond what the title is that had the,potential to be something interesting,but at the end of the day i just felt,that uh that cliche feeling you get,while watching some of these netflix,original movies and dont get me wrong,theyve had some fantastic films this,year but intrusion is one of those that,you just wish something more would have,happened as opposed to character build,up that doesnt get you on board instead,of that i would have liked maybe some,more backstory or,something to make up for that obvious,twist and there are interesting things,right logan marshall greens character,hes an architect he built the house and,when the house is broken into you feel,like thats something that should hit a,bit harder but again some of the,performances they were just overcooking,and i cant necessarily tell if it was,the performances or just the dialogue in,general and by the time the movie ends i,wont say it was a complete waste of,time but i was just sitting there like,ive seen this movie countless times,before ive seen it done better and,maybe one or two things in there allows,this to stand out but not necessarily,stand out in a way thats,memorable before i give you guys my,score for this netflix movie i want to,say thank you so much for joining me if,you like this movie let me know down,below sorry for being so negative we,have seen this film countless times,before intrusion does a poor job of,surprising viewers and even when it does,the tense moments feel forced again,frida pinto does a good job but i have,to go 30 percent with my score its just,not a movie that i will ever consider,going back to,but it is one that i believe some will,be able to watch and maybe have a good,time with so let me know how did you,feel about this one did the twists and,turns surprised you all right youre the,best ill see you soon,you

Intrusion (2021) Netflix Movie Review

well this will teach you to lock up when,you leave intrusion is the new thriller,on netflix and it stars frida pinto and,logan marshall green check your windows,and doors lets get into it,[Applause],a woman moves to a small town with her,husband but is rattled when they,experience a home invasion so take a man,and a woman put him in a massive mansion,out in the middle of nowhere and then,add in some bad guys who break into the,home and then you have this thriller,called intrusion now i may end up using,air quotes often in this not because im,like matt foley and dont know what they,mean but this film is filled with things,that try to be but just arent the plot,of this is very familiar and,disappointingly the twist is pretty,obvious from about 20 minutes or so in,so the films credit there are a couple,of creepy-ish parts where things are,seen beyond our characters sight lines,and theyre typically happening in the,background so that it does add a mild,sense of unease these happen fairly,early on in the story and once theyve,passed were kind of left without,anything else to unsettle us or even,cause tension i wanted to connect with,the characters but i kept feeling that,they were strangers to me i know some,about frida pintos mira but not much i,mean things are hinted at that make it,seem like theres more to her backstory,but if there is we dont get much at all,logan marshall greens henry is even,more of a stranger we learn hes an,architect who designed their massive,house and that theyve moved from boston,and thats about all we know the whole,crux of the film rests on the fact that,their home was broken into and ransacked,now henrys concerned but hes pragmatic,about everything it happened we fixed,stuff its in the past lets move on,mira though is more troubled especially,because she has this nagging feeling,that theres more to the reason for the,break-in the story tries to introduce,intrigue and mystery as mira tries to,dive further into why it all happened,and i like that shes a psychologist so,her diving into meanings and searching,for causes makes sense with her line of,work theres one conversation that is,shown with mira and a patient and its,the only patient we ever see her speak,with and the only reason that we have it,is to let us as the audience in on a,piece of trivia that is meant to be,symbolic or maybe even ironic later on,ultimately though her quest and the case,as a whole are pretty uninteresting and,not filled with any type of suspense the,musical score tries to mess with our,emotions to try and create stress or,anxiety during certain moments but,because the scenes themselves never,really felt that intense i didnt feel,what i think i was expected to,experience like i said within about 20,minutes or maybe even sooner than that,youll most likely figure it all out,leaving the remainder of the 92 total,minute run time to just figure out if,you should continue to watch or not the,actions of our characters are pretty,cliche and each time some suspense is,built up by a scene we know exactly how,the outcome is going to play out im,actually bummed that this wasnt very,good i mean while im not terribly,familiar with frida pintos work she,wasnt terrible in this the script and,direction just didnt leave much for her,to do and i really like logan marshall,green especially an upgrade and the,invitation now both of those are,tremendous in their own rights so if you,havent seen them definitely give them a,watch but in this i dont buy his,persona at all i think were supposed to,see him one way but i never actually did,and i cant tell if thats the way he,was playing the character or if its,just what he had to work with and the,direction he was given so i think thats,all i can basically say about this,without going into massive spoilers or,just completely trashing it i wanted to,like this i was looking forward to,checking it out now im just not happy i,did the plot is thin and generic with a,storyline that is telegraphed so early,on in the film that it leaves the,majority for us to just sit as it,flounders about until it gets to its,surprise climax which isnt surprising,or climactic at all theres no sex or,nudity some profanity and some scenes of,brutal violence i give intrusion one and,a half out of five couches so whats,your favorite frito pinto or logan,marshall green performance id love to,hear in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me

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halo,[Musik],halo semuanya Selamat datang kembali di,fakta film kali ini fakta film akan,mereka alur cerita film dari tahun 2021,yang berjudul intrusion film ini,bercerita tentang seorang istri yang,berhasil mengungkap sebuah razia,mengerikan dari suaminya sendiri awalnya,kehidupan mereka begitu sangat harmonis,dan dipenuhi dengan kebahagiaan Tapi,semua itu berubah ketika ada beberapa,orang yang masuk kedalam rumah mereka,dan mengobrak-abrik seisi rumah jadi,resi apa yang telah diungkap oleh wanita,tersebut mereka tahu last alur cerita,dari film ini kami akan kembali kepada,kalian semua apa yang akan kami,sampaikan Ini adalah sebuah spoiler film,buat kalian yang tidak masalah dengan,spoiler seperti biasa pakai handset dan,Cina tak itu kamarnya dan mari kita,mulai ceritanya,[Musik],Hai,di awal film kita diperlihatkan sepasang,suami istri yang baru saja pindah ke,rumah baru yang terletak disebuah kota,kecil sang istri bernama Mira dan,suaminya bernama Henry rumah baru mereka,itu didesain sendiri oleh Henry karena,MB yang merupakan seorang arsitek yang,cukup terkenal mereka juga belum,memiliki anak mengingat Mira yang pernah,memiliki sebuah kanker payudara dan,sekarang sedang berada di tahap,pemulihan dimalam pertama menempati,rumah baru miradent Henry memutuskan,untuk makan malam disebuah Cafe guna,merayakan kepindahan mereka agar lebih,intim mereka memutuskan untuk,meninggalkan ponsel mereka di rumah dan,menikmati makan malam kali ini lebih,romantis dan tidak terganggu dengan,suara ponsel saat kembali ke rumah,mereka merasa terkejut karena melihat,keadaan isi rumah yang berantakan dan,juga ponsel mereka yang juga menghilang,sepertinya ada orang asing yang telah,masuk kedalam dan disaat Mereka pergi,keluar untuk makan malam Atas kejadian,tersebut mereka lantas melaporkan kepada,polisi dan mendapati bahwa bukan hanya,ponsel mereka saja yang dicuri melainkan,laptop Henry juga ikut menghilang di,kesokan harinya Mira yang masih dihantui,kejadian semalam terlihat Tegar dan,kembali bekerja seperti biasa sebagai,seorang psikolog anak di kantornya di,rumah Henry kedatangan seorang detektif,kepolisian yang bertugas untuk,menelusuri lebih lanjut kasus yang,menimpa keluarganya tadi malam di sini,detektif menyarankan agar Henry memasang,CCTV dan juga alarm untuk memperketat,keamanan rumahnya di tengah perbincangan,mereka mendengar sebuah suara dentungan,yang tidak diketahui Berasal dari mana,sang detektif yang mengira bahwa itu,adalah suara pipa lantas menyarankan,Henry untuk segera memanggil tukang,ledeng ke rumahnya setelah sang detektif,pulang Hendri lantas mengikuti saran ya,berikan oleh detektif tersebut ia lantas,memasang keamanan canggih di pintu,rumahnya yang terhubung dengan ponsel,baru miliknya di tempat lain,diperlihatkan Mira liar datang ke,seorang dokter wanita untuk,berkonsultasi tentang sebuah benjolan,yang tumbuh di payudaranya lagi sang,dokter lantas menjelaskan bahwa itu,bukanlah sebuah kanker yang tumbuh,kembali melainkan hanya sebuah benjolan,sisa-sisa dari operasinya dahulu,sampainya dirumah Mira lantas mengabari,suaminya Henry tentang keadaannya yang,baik-baik saja mendengar itu Henry,terlihat senang dan memberikan sebuah,ponsel baru untuk Mira sebagai ganti,ponsel miliknya yang telah dicuri,dimalam harinya terlihat Mira terbangun,karena mendengar sebuah suara dentuman,keras seperti suara pipa di sini Mira,juga mendapati bahwa listrik dirumahnya,padam dan dia lantas meminta Heri,suaminya untuk memeriksa generator,rumahnya saatnya di memeriksa,zodia mendapati bahwa kabel generator,miliknya telah diputus oleh seseorang,dengan sengaja bisa nah ini juga melihat,sebuah jejak kaki seseorang yang,berjalan menuju dalam rumah benar saja,merah yang berada didalam kamar,sendirian tiba-tiba datang seseorang,dari belakang Mira dan langsung,mendekapnya merasa ada yang tidak beres,Henry pun berlari masuk kedalam rumah,dan mendapati istrinya Mira telah,terikat diatas lantai setelah melepaskan,ikatan di tubuh istrinya hingga pun,kemudian turun dan mencari tahu siapa,sebenarnya yang telah masuk kedalam,rumahnya di sana dari melihat beberapa,orang yang seperti sedang mencari,sesuatu didalam ruangan kerja miliknya,dengan cepat Hendri mengambil sebuah,pistol yang selama ini telah,disembunyikan dibawah pot tanaman,dirumahnya belum sempat mengusir para,penyusup yang berada diruang kerjanya,Henry malah dikagetkan dengan kedatangan,salah satu penyusup lain yang dengan,cepat berusaha melumpuhkan Enri Hai,karena kericuhan yang terjadi membuat,para penyusup yang lainnya lantas,berusaha untuk menangkap Henry dan,ketiga Henry berhasil Bowo Mira keluar,rumah untuk meminta pertolongan para,penyusup itu berhasil membobol pintu,rumah dan kemudian menatap Henry Mira,yang berada di dalam mobil tiba-tiba,mendengar sebuah suara tembakan yang,berasal dari dalam rumah merasa khawatir,dengan suaminya wireles mengurungkan,niatnya untuk pergi namun dari kejauhan,dia melihat seorang anak muda yang,berjalan meminta pertolongan dengan,keadaan tubuh yang terkena sebuah luka,tembak beberapa saat kemudian keluarlah,Henry yang lantas menembak anak muda,tersebut hingga membuatnya tewas Mira,yang melihat semua kejadian itu merasa,tidak percaya bahwa suaminya Henry tega,melakukan hal keji seperti itu Dik,esokan harinya terlihat sempat terjadi,sebuah perdebatan antara Henry dan juga,Mira dimana selama ini Mira yang,mengenal Hendri sebagai seorang suami,yang penyayang ia merasa terkejut dengan,semua aksi MB yang dengan tega membunuh,menyusup yang masuk kedalam rumah mereka,meski sudah dalam keadaan tidak berdaya,beberapa saat kemudian datanglah tetapi,polisi yang bertugas untuk menangani,kasus yang mereka alami salah satu,detektif lantas menunjukkan profil para,penyusup yang semalam masuk kedalam,rumah mereka berdua diketahui para,penyusun itu adalah satu keluarga,berasal dari sebuah daerah miskin yang,bernama Eiger point belum diketahui Apa,motif mereka menyusup kedalam rumah Andy,dan juga Mira namun polisi menemukan,fakta bahwa Belum lama ini para filsuf,tersebut telah kehilangan salah satu,anggota keluarganya yang bernama,Christian com yang merupakan anak,perempuan dari penyusup bernama bila,Chrome setelah kejadian semalam,diketahui bahwa Dilan masih hidup dan,dia sedang dirawat di salah satu rumah,sakit di kota tersebut singkat cerita di,malam harinya dan di berkata kemudian,Wira menginginkan pergi ke supermarket,untuk membeli beberapa keperluan rumah,karena buru-buru membuat henti,meninggalkan dompetnya dan Mira yang,melihatnya lantas mencoba mengejar,suaminya Untuk mengantarkan dompetnya,diperjalanan saat Mira hendak menyusul,suaminya ia melihat mobil Henry yang,tidak menuju kearah supermarket,melainkan berbelok ke arah jalan menuju,rumah sakit yang dimana Dilan salah satu,penyusup ke rumahnya sedang dirawat,karena pandangannya yang teralihkan buat,Mira tidak fokus menyetir Dan Hampir,saja menabrak semua mobil yang melintas,di depannya sampainya dirumah Mira,melihat suaminya Henry yang telah berada,di dalam rumah Hotel atas bercerita,tentang kecelakaan kecil yang tadi,menimpa dirinya Mira bertanya kepada,Henry Mengapa tadi mobil miliknya,berbelok ke arah rumah sakit dan bukan,ke arah supermarket dan ridis ini,beralasan kepada mengira bahwa tadi,dirinya salah jalan sehingga membuatnya,harus berputar melewati rumah tips,dibagi harinya Mira terlihat bekerja,seperti biasa tapi karena trauma yang,dialami atas meja Jadi kemarin membuat,Mira berhalusinasi dengan keadaan orang,yang ada disekitarnya ketika anda pulang,bekerja Mira kemudian didatangi oleh,seorang deteksi kemarin yang menangani,kasusnya tetapi itu berkata kepada Mira,untuk tidak perlu khawatir lagi karena,bilang yang menjadi penyusup di rumahnya,kemarin ditemukan meninggal dunia di,rumah sakit tempat dirinya dirawat,modern adalah salah satu saksi kunci,untuk dimintai keterangan dari kasus,anak perempuannya yang menghilang,beberapa hari yang lalu mendengar,perkataan dari pretending itu membuat,Mira merasa curiga terhadap Henry karena

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all right,[Applause],hey whats up everybody Welcome to found,flicks on this city explained were,looking at broadcast signal intrusion,following a video archivist in the late,1990s who honors a series of sinister,pirate broadcasts and becomes obsessed,with discovering the dark conspiracy,behind them I dug this one especially,due to the kind of interesting,hodgepodge of influences mainly it owes,to conspiracy Thrillers from the 70s but,it also makes use of modern day,Creepypastas as well as a healthy dash,of horror the [ __ ] especially comes in,relation to the intrusions as they are,just plain creepy its also kind of cool,as the story has some bases in history,as it references some real-life signal,hacking from the past the most,predominant is most likely when someone,interrupted a Chicago news broadcast,donned in a Max Headroom mask I just,like how they also added in this real,life element and it really adds to the,whole crazy conspiracy that unfolds,youre like is it real or what I dont,know the story in this one twists and,turns into a ton of different directions,and it really feels like when it answers,one question a thousand more are asked,and many are left without resolution,this is also the case with the extremely,abrupt ending it really leaves us up in,the air and with no conclusion I could,see why this would be frustrating but,well see it is actually vital when we,piece together these stories bigger,purpose so lets check out broadcast,signal intrusion breaking down the,stories many twists and turns just what,the intrusions are all about as well as,explaining the very abrupt ending that,leaves us Hungry For answers,we first meet film archivist James,passed out at his job a test tone wakes,him up along with a message indicating,there is a broadcast signal intrusion he,gives a tape out and organizes it into,another pile seeming that his job is,going through vast amount of footage in,search of these intrusions accompanied,by a sweet trumpet and Sad Piano film,Noir style score he wanders the streets,of Chicago back in the old days of 1999.,at his apartment he has more equipment,and tapes everywhere and has one in,particular that hes watching its of a,girl out in the streets who jokes with,him to stop filming then theres a flash,of an upside down shot of a couple,running in a field he stops right at the,edge of a forest as a heavy rain rolls,in he tentatively picks up a camera and,starts to film as she begins to sway she,finally starts to turn back to face him,only seeing the peak of a strange,womans mask while may not be abundantly,clear just yet this woman on the tape is,his wife Hannah who disappeared under,mysterious circumstances Jamess entire,journey is spurned on by not knowing,what happened it also seems that his,memory of her is starting to fade a bit,hence being unable to see her face hes,starting to forget what you look like it,seems James has a bit of a reputation as,a camera repair man as a guy Chester,comes to pick up some work when going to,grab a new PIN Chester lets himself in,and goes right for his pixel vision,camera with his wifes tape telling him,he has to have it but of course James is,not willing to let the camera go as any,cant see the tape or in a way his wife,anymore James is seen attending several,group sessions presumably of others who,have lost loved ones just like him we,see him scratching at a tattoo of a date,on his arm as as a woman Nora describes,her current feelings she describes being,stuck in a free-fall dream that she,couldnt wake up from and says that,someday she could feel herself slipping,the people sidewalks all of that isnt,really there but all just figments of,her mind but now she understands there,is no sense to be made but does consider,that perhaps she still hasnt looked,hard enough this establishes a very,important thematic base to our story,Nora has lost someone just like James,and this has affected her greatly in,search of any kind of resolution but now,she understands that things will never,really reach a conclusion no answers,Will Truly Come thats a whole other,thing she and well Dames also have to,deal with after the meeting James asked,Nora about her husband did he leave her,anything like a note he says that for,the longest time she was convinced that,she simply couldnt find it one would,just appear one day and explain,everything it never did she sighs,wistfully about to leave she shouts,after it gets easier he doesnt,understand and she shrugs thats just,something people say which is ultimately,meaningless just platitude to make the,mourner feel better that could work he,scans through the archives and makes his,way through more tapes one kicks on to a,local news broadcast featuring an,interview with some guy rambling about,the free market as he drones on suddenly,static takes over the image it cuts to a,man in that strange womans mask from,his dream earlier they open their mouth,uttering all kinds of strange garbled,noises they get more intense and scream,in a modulated tone just as suddenly it,fades away and goes right back to the,interview leaving his Turtle James,wondering what the [ __ ] that was he,takes the tape home for a closer,inspection rewinding back and forth over,the intrusion it quickly gets stuck and,after ejecting it see it has become,completely unspooled he then discovers,new stories from the time covering what,he saw someone hacked into the signal,they briefly and illegally overrode the,broadcast and are now under,investigation from the FCC it was said,to be the first piracy of its kind he,then learns a week later that the pirate,struck again this time during the Airing,of a Sci-Fi show Don Kronos this sends,James to track down the appropriate tape,from the archives yet when he comes to,where it should be the tape is,conspicuously missing he leaves a note,for his never seen supervisor asking,about the tape and gets a response the,next day telling him to leave it alone,and move on he does not back down and,makes a call regarding the episode when,put on hold he notices a suspicious,hooded figure watching him from across,the street the person on the phone tells,him hes not the first to ask about the,tape but to his frustration they do not,have a copy it was taken by the FCC and,by the way hes actually supposed to,report anyone immediately to the FBI,that inquires about it and James quickly,hangs up phew that was close he stares,back across the street and the person is,gone James looking a bit shaken out so,he reaches out to another potential,Source the tech obsessed guy Chester,hes able to find the episode on a beta,tape and dont worry he brought along,his own player they pop it on and Don,Kronos is a clear Riff on Doctor Who a,charmingly low budget sci-fi ROM the duo,on screen discussed the dangers of what,the doctor is attempting what hes doing,cant be good for his health or Peace of,Mind death is the end hes told he must,accept that sounds appropriate to,somebody else maybe name James before,they can continue the signal is,interrupted the mass person is back,garbling weird noises and then starts to,move in a very stiff robotic fashion,making us wonder if its a person in a,mask or Android of some kind they keep,moving in a jittery way and then start,babbling again and their fingers Bend,backwards looking like theyre made of,plastic they scream and stuff starts,streaming from their mouth and it blips,away back to the good doctor Jester,assumes this is why James wanted to see,the tape and he knows all about the,intrusions whats now called the Sally,Sparks incident he refers to it as the,creepiest unsolved mystery hack of all,time the strange character was inspired,by an 80s sitcom called stepbot about a,widow scientist who makes a robot wife,to help take care of his five adopted,kids an obvious take on the real life,small wonder which is actually even,creepier than anything in this movie,look it up,15 years later the the perpetrator was,never caught although there are some,compel

Netflix Intrusion 2021 Ending Explained

the basic premise of intrusion goes like,this a married couple moves to a new,house across the country in hopes of,starting a new life,mira is a cancer survivor and she and,her husband agree to move on from their,trauma by building a gorgeous new home,and relocating,they seem to be really strong at the,beginning of the movie but soon meera,starts realizing not everything is as it,seems whether you love to hate a bad,trash thriller or just love to love it,intrusion is likely on your list as with,any thriller twists and turns abound so,look away now if you want to avoid,intrusion spoilers im sorry about your,party,henry shoots the intruders with a hidden,gun killing one and wounding the other,and despite the seeming shocking events,he returns to relative normality soon,after mira is shaken up both by what,happened and by her husbands seemingly,being unaffected one night he goes to,get supplies for a housewarming party,they are throwing but leaves his wallet,behind so mira drives after him to give,it to him but he doesnt go to the store,as planned before she can follow him to,his real destination she gets into an,accident,[Applause],since her car is damaged she takes,henries to work and uses the opportunity,to snoop through his gps now suspicious,of his behavior and lies one address is,in the same trailer park where the,detective robert john burke confirmed,the two home invaders dylan cobb whose,daughter christine happens to be missing,and his associate lived before she goes,there the detective reveals that the one,home invader who survived henrys,assault died on sunday night the precise,time henry was mia mira heads to the,trailer park and in dylans house finds,a letter from henrys firm revealing,that the two were connected and that,henry lied in dylans mailbox she also,finds a parcel addressed to the police,inside which is a video camera,she takes it but before she can leave,shes confronted by a strange man who,says hes seen the car there before,hinting to us that henry had been there,previously,thats not mine the stranger paranoid,smashes the video camera before giving,it back to her and threatens her never,to return at home she tries to watch the,video but its damaged so instead she,snoops in henrys office and finds,photos of dylan and his missing daughter,christine,she confronts henry and he reveals that,he didnt have enough money to pay union,workers to build the house so he hired,dylan cobb off the book only for dylan,to try and blackmail him later and when,henry stopped paying dillon broke into,their home this seems to satisfy mira,okay and the two decide to plan their,housewarming party again on the day of,the party miras new video camera,arrives she ordered it earlier to try,and watch the video she took from,dylans mailbox daughter christine came,over one day,and i saw the way he looked at her,however since she believes henry she,tries to give it to her secretary who,refuses the gift so she takes it home,and prepares for the party during that,though a news announcement comes on tv,revealing the man who had accosted her,at the trailer park was arrested for,animal cruelty and that he had been a,person of interest in christine cobbs,disappearance curiosity reignited she,gets the video camera and watches,dylans video which claims that henry,made advances on christine while dylan,was building their home and he knew,henry had something to do with her,disappearance mira goes to henrys,office and opens his safe using the kodi,revealed in his moment of honesty only,to discover a secret basement where,christine is chained to a pipe surprise,meera tries to free christine but henry,intercepts her revealing himself to be,complete bananas he ties mira up too and,then returns to the party to disperse,the guests together christine and meera,manage to break free and try to escape,but henry stops them knocking mira out,and taking christine back to the,basement by her hair mira wakes up and,grabs a figurine of big ben that henry,had given her and hits henry over the,head and with his dying breath he asks,meera who will take care of her she,replies i will and takes christine out,of the house fast forward in the house,has been sold meera drives off into the,sunset with her belongings to start a,new life,you

Intrusion Movie Explained | Story Recap Intrusion | Intrusion Ending Explained | Netflix

story recap here today im going to show,you a 2021 american psychological,thriller film called intrusion,mira and henry are a happily married,couple living in an isolated,ultra-modern house which henry designed,and built mira is a cancer survivor and,worries that the disease may return but,henry is very understanding and,supportive,one evening after returning home from a,date night the couple find that their,house has been broken into and the,living room trashed,however the only thing stolen are a,laptop and their cell phones which they,left behind so as not to be a,distraction during their date after a,visit from a detective who hearing pipes,rattling suggests they need a plumber,henry installs a security system at the,house,a few days later mira is woken in the,night by strange noises in the house,like rattling pipes when she tries the,lights they dont work,henry goes outside to check the,generator and finds it has been smashed,then he sees flashlight beams in the,windows of the house and realizes the,intruders have returned,dashing back inside he finds mirror,bound and gagged in the bedroom he,releases her and they try to escape but,are pursued by masked men,nirah manages to get to the couples car,but then hears gunshots from inside the,house a wounded man staggers outside,followed by henry who shoots and kills,him,the next day at the police station meera,and henry are shown mugshots of the,three intruders one of whom is still,alive in an icu at the local hospital,they were all from the same family,living in a rundown trailer park on the,outskirts of town,they also learned that a young woman,from the family has recently gone,missing,mira is left extremely traumatized by,these events and also by the discovery,that henry kept a hidden gun henry,assures her he has got rid of it and,suggests that despite what has happened,they should go ahead with a housewarming,party they had intended to give,with this in mind he drives off to get,supplies for the party,mira notices he has left his wallet and,when she cant reach him by phone she,decides to follow him to the store,she soon catches up with his car but to,her surprise he turns off at the,hospital,distracted by this she collides with,another vehicle,near his car is taken to the body shop,and she gets an uber home she tells,henry what happened and asks why he went,to the hospital he tells her he just,took a wrong turn,with her own car out of action mira,borrows henrys car to get to work,in the car park she meets the detective,in charge of the case,he tells her the surviving intruder has,died surprisingly as he had been,recovering so the case is now closed,mira also learns that the man died on,the night she followed henry to the,hospital,now deeply suspicious mira looks through,the gps record on henrys vehicle and,sees the cobb home address,she goes there and manages to enter,their trailer inside she finds an,envelope bearing the logo of henrys,construction company with the address,written in his handwriting,mira opens the familys mailbox and,finds a package containing a video,camera but then a neighbor appears and,challenges her he says he saw her car,there a few days before and accuses her,of snooping and he then sees the package,and bangs it against a wall,nira grabs the package and leaves,back home she tries to play the video,but it wont work properly she sees only,the image of dylan cobb she orders,another camera online arranging to have,it delivered to her work address she,decides to search henrys office and,finds a usb chip with photos of the,construction of their house dylan,features in the photos as one of the,construction team,henry arrives home and so she has to cut,short her search but later that night,she studies the photos again and this,time sees images of christine the,missing girl,the next day mira confronts henry she,wants to know why an envelope with his,handwriting was at the cobb trailer why,he himself had visited the trailer why,he started keeping a gun and how come he,has pictures of the missing girl on his,computer henry explains he was short of,cash to complete building the house and,he committed fraud in order to get extra,cash but intended to repay the money,dylan cobb had worked for him but henry,fired him after he saw dylan ill,treating his daughter dylan was enraged,and swore revenge and also threatened to,expose henrys dodgy financial dealings,henry had been paying dylan to keep,quiet but after he stopped paying dylan,and the other cobb men broke into the,house,mira is reassured by henrys explanation,and happiness is restored when the new,video camera arrives she is no longer,interested in looking at the film she,found at the cob home,finally it is the night of the,housewarming party and with a house full,of guests the party is in full swing but,when mira happens to see a tv news item,about the still missing christine cobb,her suspicions are reawaken,she gets the new video camera and plays,the tape,on it dylan cobb talks about how he,didnt like the way henry looked at his,daughter and that after christine went,missing dylan went to henrys house with,his dog which started barking furiously,in the vicinity of the office,mira goes to henrys office and finds a,hidden switch which opens a secret door,to a basement,down in the basement christine is,discovered bound to a chair attached to,pipes by chains this is the cause of the,mysterious banging noises which have,occasionally been heard in the house,mira tries to free the girl but henry,arrives in the basement before she,succeeds,he tells meera that he has always had,perverted urges but that he did not,choose to be this way,meera finally realizes that the reason,henry built their isolated home was so,he could have a secret place to keep his,victims she attempts to call 9-1-1 but,henry overpowers her and ties her up,back upstairs he tells their guests that,mira has had too much to drink and has,gone to bed and he sends the guests home,mira manages to get free of her bonds,and she also frees christine,henry comes back down to the basement,while theyre trying to escape and a,chase ensues henry knocks out mira and,drags christine back down to the,basement there he ties her up again and,is about to kill her with a baseball bat,but instead he is fatally wounded when a,revived mirror appears and smashes him,in the head with a clock ironically it,is a clock he had given her as a special,present on their first ever date a dying,henry asks mira what she will do when,she no longer has him to take care of,her she replies that she will take care,of herself,a final scene shows a sunny day in mira,moving out of the now empty house and,driving away,you

Netflix Original Intrusion Movie Review| Spoilers Galore #intrusion

the following video contains profanity,and language that some viewers may find,offensive,view discretion is advised,hey sister girl on films you dont want,to miss a thing better stay tuned,[Music],whats up everybody welcome back to my,channel its your girl sister girl on,films and as you can tell by the,spectacles this review is about to be a,spectacle okay,this segment on my channel is called,ciao what is this it is my chance to,give my thoughts on films that quite,frankly are just a hot ass mess and im,going to endure the pain of watching,them so you dont have to youre youre,welcome you know i do this for you its,my community service really if you will,i should get some points for that,somewhere down the line so as you can,tell by the title the movie that i am,going to give my opinions on is,intrusion which stars frida pinto and,logan marshall green sofrita pinto is,probably most known for slumdog,millionaire uh which people love,absolutely love that movie and just,being very beautiful you know and then,we have my guy logan marshall green who,was in upgrade it was the movie where um,he was in a car accident and then he got,approached by the scientist guy and they,like implanted a chip or something in,his brain and like a computer took over,his body and it was very gory its a,good time so upgrade check that out,marshall what logan marshall green,great performance in that but were,gonna get to this [ __ ] today,so,intrusion,is basically like your basic [ __ ] um,home invasion movie so we have mira and,henry and they are this beautiful couple,from boston they have moved to,[Music],i want to say arizona new mexico,somewhere where theres a desert child i,forget,um but they move pretty much out of the,middle of nowhere per use with these,invasion films and,right off the gate like henry,is giving me serial killer vibes like,straight straight away straight out the,gate,i said oh he did it i dont i dont even,know what the intent of this movie is,hell he might even die in this intrusion,but he did it okay whatever they said,this [ __ ] did he did okay did that [ __ ],guilty as [ __ ],so he has the slick back greasy hair and,the big bifocals that psychopaths,dont yall try it typically having,these films,and let me just say frida and um,marshalls chemistry is,so trash in this movie like,ew i dont know if it was intentional,that they werent supposed to have that,much chemistry but i was not feeling,them as a couple,i just just nothing it was just it was,giving,dry honey it was given overdone baked,chicken and i wasnt here for it,so,we opened up with this shot of this,beautiful very like,modern home um that henry has designed,and built with his bare hands and its a,gorgeous home for the most part um,landscape could use some work you know,but they know the desert so you get what,you get,and we get the shot of the beautiful,frida pinto in the shower and everything,seems well you know except for,henry looking like a cycle killer,and so the couple goes to dinner and,they leave their cell phones at home,because henry just wants them just to,focus on them and just have a great,night out okay so when they um,come back home from dinner they see that,somebody has broken to their home and,im like oh is this the invasion,no this is just a precursor to the,invasion,and,um mira is freaked out as she should be,because somebody has been in her home,and they look around they didnt take,anything uh they ransacked um henrys,office but thats about it so i really,that should have gave mira a clue like,we had somebody break into her home,weve been going all night they aint,take nothing but they ran sexual office,red flags but child she didnt see a red,flag at all,so,the next day we see that mira is a,therapist a trash therapist if i should,say so myself because shes in her,session with uh her teenage client and,she is just,just shooting the [ __ ] with them chad,talking about how her and her husband,aint got kids and how they moved from,boston giving us exposition in the film,but im like okay thats time youre,going to give us exposition but also too,give her a job as a lunch lady at the,school it could have been the same,amount of exposition and it would have,made sense her telling all her damn,business shout out to the lunch ladies,at the school no offense to you,so,mira is distracted in her therapy,session shes a trash therapist by her,phone her ipad or whatever thats open,and it alerts her that she has a meeting,coming up girl put that on silent,anyway the next thing we get is henry at,the house and the sheriff stops by to,talk to him about the the break-in but,im like,why,nobody was injured,nothing was taken,all they did was some vandalism at best,the sheriff came out like it was a whole,murder investigation and im like,why are w why uh,and i know some of yall watching this,is probably a small thing to you but,its little details like that when i,watch a movie that just annoyed me,because it takes me out of the movie,because im like this dont make no,sense,theres no reason why a sheriff,would come to these hoity-toity ass,people house and do all this heavy,investigation when nothing was taken,nobody was hurt,like the regular police would just come,out there and take a statement and,advise them to get a security system,which what another thing why didnt they,have a security system and the sheriff,asked that which i appreciated in this,film he was like why dont you have a,security on such a nice house,and hear me talking about well in the,middle of nowhere i would think that we,would need it in the middle of nowhere,you would definitely need it because you,would be a prime suspect for somebody,who wants to rob your house because they,can get in get out aint no damn,neighbors,these movies will be thinking we done,and they done anyway,and so,the next thing we get child just is its,so boring yall so the next scene um,after henry talks to the sheriff,um is mira at her oncologist and they,tell her that her cancer is gone so,miras a cancer survivor very very,little,impacts anything about this story but,i guess its character development,um so her cancer is gone um,mira is you know happy,and she doesnt quite tell henry yet,that she went to the doctor not sure why,because she doesnt suspect hes a,psycho killer yet but,she withheld that information i guess,shes still kind of shell-shocked about,the whole,people breaking into their home,but,still girl thats something you want to,tell your husband anyway,so they finally get a security system,installed and its like,super,super high-tech like he can lock the,doors from the inside so the intruders,cant get out that night,mira is still you know a little shaken,up by the whole intrusion thing which,invasion thing what she should be but,you know henry kind of you know,reassures her that theyre good theyve,got a security system they should be,fine so theyre in bed and mira sleeps,like me honey the power went out she,immediately woke up thats how i am we,have a power outage in my neighborhood,my fan goes off and if you sleep with a,fan uh hit the like button and comment,below you sleep with a fan on summer,spring winter fall the fan is on baby so,when the fan goes off,im alert why am i fan off im hot um so,mira woke up you immediately noticed,that the power was out she wakes up,henry and he was like oh its its,probably just a power outage,youre in the middle of nowhere sir that,should alert you,but she like now get your ass up so he,goes all the way out to the damn curve,to the fuse box and,as hes out there trying to figure out,what happened he sees that wires are cut,and then he knows hes in his house his,big beautiful modern mansion with no,curtains which is fine you know its a,thing,uh that there are flashlights in the,house im like,yall didnt hear them people in your,house they not extremely quiet like,theyre rummaging through [ __ ] in your,office and while your house is big it,aint that damn big is it a dead tonight,in the middle of nowhere in

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