1. Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles™ PROTEIN POWDER! (REVIEW) | Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Review & Unboxing
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Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles™ PROTEIN POWDER! (REVIEW) | Dymatize ISO 100 Whey Protein Review & Unboxing

whats up you guys rocked Romana here,todays video is on supplements okay,Ive been doing a lot of reactions but,the other sets of late I think its,really fun and the beginning a really,good reaction but today Im going back,to the supplement world and were gonna,be opening up a box from Dymatize,Dymatize one of the biggest supplement,companies in the game as far as I can,tell theyve been around forever,and recently I had a video on my,Instagram blow up and I was using the,Dymatize protein in the video and they,just had to hook me up and Im very very,grateful for that so as you can see,tavataan sent me a pretty big box no,knife gang lets go dude check this up,so da Hyes came out with fruity pebbles,and cocoa pebbles themed protein which,is a huge thing Ive been seeing their,advertisements on social media and stuff,like that and it looks like they sent me,both of the packages right here just,skip the bowl for a different type of,breakfast,the craving taste of pebbles from the,worlds best-selling hydrolyzed whey,protein isolate its time to get cereal,about your protein you know like serious,its pretty cool I like that I like I,just like an effort you know the print,of this office is like a nice stop right,there cut this box dude you got like,confetti in this thing cocoa pebbles and,fruity pebbles right here like the,actual cereal I havent had cereal at,like 10 years I never eat cereal but I,always used to [ __ ] with cocoa pebbles,way back in the day so up stoked about,that we got to I think probably pound,and a half to pound containers of the,ISO protein right here youve got the,fruity pebbles and then youve got the,cocoa pebbles right here so theres no,more thing in here oh dude like a metal,Dymatize shaker this is sick I have like,a bazillion shakers this would easily is,the best one already even though foam is,orange like you stickin the whole theme,dude I love it I think this whole thing,is a spot its creative its,just really cool out they had an,opportunity to do like a collaboration,with cocoa pebbles and fruity pebbles,thats a guy I feel like thats a big,deal,actually Im just about run out of my,other eye so protein so having two more,obviously is super dope lets go lets,go taste this stuff alright so we just,sat down in my kitchen obviously since,Im in my kitchen and you have eyeballs,and you could see this,so here the macros right there you can,speed shot that if you want this isoh,has zero grams of fat two grams of carbs,and 25 grams of protein so its straight,up like just protein you know what I,mean its almost like the protein is,isolated or something I dont know I,havent eaten a whole lot today so Im,actually gonna do a scoop of each and,taste test both of them get 50 grams,protein real quick Im growing up cocoa,pebbles was probably my favorite,Cinnamon Toast Crunch was is right up,there with it but at one point I was,crushing a lot of cereal and cocoa,pebbles was always like you had to eat,the whole thing like you couldnt just,have what Bowl its like just non-stop,lawnmower mode on my cereal oh yeah oh,man I feel like a little fat little 14,year old Robbie again lets get right,into it shake yours like ice cold ooh I,love that no ice in it either,okay here we go yes,thats really good I like that a lot,it almost reminds me a little more cocoa,puffs disco hes on a whole different,company I dont even know,lets go cup us the whole is that like,the competitors I think we should I,dont say that definitely cocoa,definitely tastes like cereal like for,sure I do like chocolate protein in,general I like but now look its a,little more versatile and then,everyones quiet like a weird flavor,kind of like fruity pebbles so this is a,good situation Im in right now so Im,gonna finish this real quick and then,test out the fruity pebbles one shock on,it boom fruity pebbles time Ive always,been a big fan of Dymatize like overall,branding and logo and packaging colors,and everything their stuff stands out,and then you add on top of that doing,collaborations with humongous companies,and brands like fruity pebbles and cocoa,pebbles and stuff like that,theyre just doing a good job its clear,as day Im pretty grateful to have some,sort of you know friendship with them,now and its just awesome,Oh oh [ __ ] check this out we do the,inside of that thing dude you got,colorful flakes and stuff in there,thats pretty cool but thats fun isnt,it oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ],oh oh yeah boho got you got the scoop,first impression of the spell and,actually smells like a like confetti,cake Im getting it all over my counter,thats pretty sick doesnt give me that,like thick potent fruity pebbles smell,right away but most people are not gonna,smell their protein right away theyre,just gonna scoop it up by the way if you,guys used supplements and youre into,this kind of stuff make sure to hit that,subscribe button on my last video it got,a decent lot of views but ninety eight,percent of people dont watch it already,would subscribe to percent dude like,what here we go oh yeah well that hits,the spot that gives me actually way,board to solid you that the cocoa,pebbles what does now time for the taste,test oh yeah they killed it okay use a,tiny bit too much water how much water,you supposed to use oh yeah it says five,or six fluid ounces of water I use,probably three times as much as that but,it still tastes really good so if I used,six ounces of water and try to scoop of,this like that would be insane Im,definitely that tomorrow overall that,hits spot to both of these proteins,super enjoyable really tasteful Im,excited for my Walker try it out as well,you know we share all of our supplements,so its important that she she likes it,as well we also never seem to like the,same stuff so its pretty tired but,anyways guys thats pretty much the,whole video today once again big THANK,YOU to Dymatize for sending me this,product you guys didnt have to do it,its really cool you to do that and I,know only like a select few people got,this new special edition protein and I,feel very fortunate to be one of those,people for anybody thats new to my,channel Im not affiliated with any,supplement company at all Im not,sponsored by anybody have nothing to do,with these guys I dont even know the,name of the person that was talking to,me so I think thats pretty important,you know for context say pretty much all,the content I put on the internet hes,like a hundred percent genuine and I,just stick to that route because its,first of all its the easiest thing you,dont have to do anything different,theyd like to live your life and speak,from your heart and everything,do is 100% real so you guys know that,and I want you to know that I think its,important that you know that so thats,it Im rocked Ramana you can find me on,all social media app they drop energy,you can find out more about Dymatize,down in the description box below I,dont have this kind of code that you,guys can use I dont know I dont know,if anybody does I think you have,athletes that might have some so go find,them yourself give this video a thumbs,up if you guys enjoyed it mean a lot to,me its really easy way to show love and,support the by you guys take it easy,peace

Dymatize Fruity Pebbles ISO 100 Protein *STRENGTHS Review*

whats cracking yall its your boy d,aka the strength squad general,also known as the humble king the humble,beast and welcome back to another video,here at the vlogs by strength channel,this particular video im excited about,because,um this product that im going to show,you guys anybody in the games department,anybody who goes to the gym lift weights,know,how crucial protein is when it comes to,building a muscle and if you dont know,that if youre not aware of that,then get familiar today uh you,definitely need protein,in your system you need your body fuel,protein in order for your muscles to,grow i mentioned a few videos ago that i,was going to be pretty much switching,over my protein im explaining you guys,why im switching over my protein to the,protein that,im excited to talk with you guys and do,the review today if you guys want to,talk about that if youre brand spanking,new i need you guys to do me a favor,right now smash the like button,subscribe to the channel and um,everybody turn on post notifications so,that you can be notified when we bring,these content guys,and you never know what youre going to,see of course you know we have the,bodybuilding journey and fitness stuff,and comment below too if you want to see,some q a if you want a q a video,with fitness related stuff or just in,general comment below what do you guys,want to see on the channel today,this bad boy right here i am so excited,to,do this review ive been looking forward,to this one ive been anticipating this,one for a while,as you can see the seal is still on it,which means i never cracked it open,and i look forward to trying this for,the first time today giving you guys a,genuine honest review so welcome back to,the vlogs by stream channel,lets get on with this video straight,squad were in the building lets get it,all right you guys welcome to this,kitchen now again ive been anticipating,this video,trying this protein for a while now mind,you ive never had anything from the,dymatize brand ive done my research on,a ton of proteins,i already knew that this was a,respectable brand i knew that one day i,would actually cross paths with this,protein,this company um they have a lot of,different flavors too guys a lot of,different flavors,and most of the people who i know,personally tried it have had nothing but,great reviews to say um so i said you,know what im gonna try it out now what,took me so long,um one thing that you guys must know is,um,isolate proteins they cost a little bit,more um so i was ducking the price for,one,and um number two whenever i did find,any other way ice list i found some,um other brands that i thought you know,was clean as well and other brands that,you know,had good reputation as well so i decided,to scoop up those proteins um at the,time,and ill do a review on those um in the,future but today were talking about,this one so this would be a non-biased,review guys like i tell you guys all the,time i keep it 100 transparent i refuse,to just go off what anybody else says,im not a yes man kind of guy im not a,gopher kind of guy im not a copycat,kind of guy,if i dont like it im gonna let you,guys know but anyway today,um this one in particular just caught my,eye the fruity pebbles,studies have shown isolate proteins is,the fastest absorbing proteins that gets,quickly into your muscles into the body,through your system and thats one of,the reasons why i wanted to go to,isolate,especially while dieting also,concentrates,have dairy in it which can cause,bloating so especially as you lean out,you can still have bloating issues if,you have issues with dairy,and me in particular i have issues with,dairy and ive been still relying on,concentrates,but i said you know what im taking the,cut that much more serious,and im gonna pretty much just be using,isolate proteins,from here on out but anyway just wanted,to educate you guys man anybody out,there who did not know thats the reason,why im switching proteins,and because of the fact that its one of,the purest forms of protein,thats the reason why the price tag is,what it is the more quality the product,is the more quality the nutrient is,its going to be a bit of a higher price,tag on it just an fyi all right but,this one in particular caught my eyes i,said you know what its dymatize im,gonna try them out for the first time,and im gonna do it on camera and im,gonna do a review on honest review right,now im gonna go ahead and get into the,nutritional facts,um were looking at 25 grams of clean,protein guys now mind you,um another reason why people go away,isolates is because again,um when youre cutting you want that,pure protein you dont want the fillers,you dont want the extra carbs,nine times out of ten you want your,carbs and your fats to be extremely low,as possible,and you want that protein to be spiked,up as high as you possibly can,and as pure as possible all right so,again i highly recommend you guys,only using these as supplements do not,rely on this heavy you know,in my opinion i wouldnt even,necessarily say you have to have this,every day,get your protein from natural foods,natural foods keep that in mind lock,that in your brain keep in mind the,supplement is just that its a,supplementation,for if you couldnt get to the food if,you couldnt get it from a chicken,breast,if you couldnt get it from whatever the,food was this is a quick way to get it,in an effective way to get it,were looking at 110 calories guys were,looking at 110 calories,im not sure if you guys can see it but,yes were looking at 110 calories,per one serving which is 30 grams per,one scoop all right so,again fat guys total fat none you want,to be able to get your fat from other,sources especially when youre cutting,you definitely want to watch those,macros guys so zero fat per one serving,um only one carbohydrate which is,fantastic and 25 grams of protein so you,could actually do,two scoops guys get you 50 grams of,protein just that quick,only two grams of carbs are to set you,back and no fat attached to it so this,is the actual clean protein,and when it comes to the sugars guys,its another thing you want to consider,is you want to wash those sugars when it,comes to protein like i tell you guys,all the time not all protein is created,equal,and thats what im trying to show you,guys right now so when it comes to the,sugars actually,less than one gram which is fantastic so,this is definitely a clean protein guys,whether it tastes good or dont taste,good for sure this is a clean protein i,highly recommend it even if you dont,like the flavor,i will say definitely when it comes to a,clean protein guys,i highly recommend it perhaps you guys,may like it if i dont,at the end of the day um this is a clean,protein guys so anyway as you can see we,still have the,seal on it so were getting ready to,crack this bad boy open,and show you guys delve into it together,all right lets do it all right,keep in mind guys im holding the camera,and doing it,i just wanted to show you guys im not,captain i mean,i havent had this one ever ever ever,but never ever and today will be a first,but,i heard a lot of different people doing,different reviews on this and had,nothing but good things to say,but you know at the end of the day were,gonna see if my taste buds,says the same all right so lets open,this bad boy up all right so now we have,the seal off we have opened the lid,and this is what were looking at,collectively guys together,as you can see it doesnt have real just,want to let you guys know off the bat,this is not real fruity pebble chunks,its a replica if it was real fruity,pebble chunks it would definitely change,the macros guys because,as you know fruity pebbles is definitely,high in carbs and sugars but,um its a good replica from what they,say you know were gonna find out,together and just from shaking it around,it does,look like um the mixability will be well,its the isolate um,most isolates the mixability is well,nowadays most companies,have come along when it come

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whats up fam this is not a regular,cereal review im not gonna be reviewing,cereal,its not about the cocoa pebbles its,about,dymatize cocoa pebbles,collab this is not the typical,collaboration between,companies and like flavors no this is a,legit collab like they sat down,created this thing guided by post post,actually owns dymatize since 2014,so this is the first legit cereal whey,protein combination,collab whatever you guys want to call it,and im gonna review it see how it,tastes ive always been a fan of,dymatize ever since if there is one,protein brand,that i have been a fan of it is dymatize,no i am not sponsored by dymatize i have,always been a fan this has always been,my go-to brand,even though ive tried other brands ive,tried so many brands of protein ive,been drinking protein since i was 14,years old,ive been drinking the six star mussel,in walmart,i used to drink the kirkland kaizen,brand um ive tried all kinds of protein,powders so,ive always fallen back to diamond ties,this is my go-to,it just i just love it everything about,it not sponsored,i love dymatize so here we go,sealed never been opened actually,ive been waiting to do this but we,ordered this from shopping,it finally arrived a few days ago so now,i can finally,do a proper review nice and sealed,take out the cap punch it,and the scoop is in here,now i need something okay off the bat,dymatize has always been known for its,smell you could,smell it right away smell wise,it smells like a bowl of cereal it,smells like cocoa pebbles like it legit,smells like cocoa pebbles,its amazing okay im gonna go be right,back real quick,all right guys so we had to adjust we,had to bring this set up outside because,its just better that way yeah so anyway,its open i found my scoop,this is six ounces of water were gonna,add in,32 grams of protein,to get the maximum flavor,its 25.,okay this is 37 grams of protein so off,by 5 grams but whatever im sure its,still gonna have,that flavor its not gonna affect it too,much but here we go,the best part about an isolate is you,dont have to shake it up that much,before it it doesnt really clump,because its a pure isolate,iso100 dymatize,five four three two one and,this should be good get my glass,turn this off get this out of the way,pour it in the glass ooh nice and smooth,uh-huh no chunks,no clumps nice,good silky smooth protein,thats good here we go lets give it a,try,okay i am a terrible actor,youre not gonna see on my face im,not gonna give it away,but if i had one protein for the rest of,my life,its gonna be this one this tastes,exactly like cocoa pebbles like,i didnt even try this yet because i,didnt want to mess it with the flavor,but this is cocoa pebbles in a protein,form,this is unbelievable its super smooth,they did,taste wise 11 out of 10.,i dont think it gets much better than,this,its just perfect has that nice dymatize,smell that dymatize flavor,i dont know i mean gosh now its time,to try the cereal,protein was perfect got my spoon,got my bowl,[Music],and lets pour me some cereal,oops,and this is not lactose free milk,do you have any other milk,further review i have not had,regular regular milk in the longest time,because,my stomach just doesnt like it,im gonna regret this but itll be worth,it,here we go coco pebbles cereal,havent had cereal in years but here we,go,this is going to sound really strange to,you guys but,the protein tastes even more,coco pebbly than the cereal itself,[Music],its so weird i almost prefer the,protein over the cereal,thats my honest review i mean,legit i really prefer this i dont know,if its an old box,i dont know but i enjoy this a lot more,and it has a better nutrition profile so,for every serving,its 25 grams of protein zero grams of,fat,and two grams of carbs i mean how can,you beat that,unlike with a serving of cocoa pebbles,well thats interesting,sorry so the cereal,has the same amount of calories this is,cool i didnt even notice that so it has,25 grams of carbs,1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fat,so its almost identical except for the,fat one gram,and the protein 25 grams obviously one,thing left to do,pour the protein into the cereal,mix it up,this is something i can get used to,or pour the cereal,into the drink that would be good too,get a nice crunch with your protein,so if you even combine it its the,perfect pre and post workout personally,for me,this is what i would have either way i,would have one scoop of this,one scoop of this so i would have 50,grams of,my math is not good bear with me with my,math so it would be,this would be 25 my protein would be 25,grams of protein,26 26 27 grams of carbs,and one gram of fat so how can you beat,that,perfect pre perfect post this is what,im gonna have from now on,i still think dymatize is one of the,best brands for protein dymatize just,always comes out on top with regards to,flavor,how pure it is and its just my favorite,protein,and this cocoa pebbles cereal nails it,100 nails it you guys can get your own,tub of dymatize iso 100 at,supplementhub.com.ph,they have it in both cocoa pebbles and,fruity pebbles which i heard is just as,good if not,better for those who like the fruitier,version of it so thats it,thats the review hope you guys liked it,hope you guys enjoyed it uh,subscribe for more hope you guys get a,tub of your own,because i guarantee you you will enjoy,it it is worth it,and thats it guys im done,goodbye im gonna bring this home with,me bye-bye

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Dymatize Iso100 Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles Review

todays review dymatize iso 100,cereal flavors fun fact dymatize,also owns post who creates fruity,pebbles and cocoa pebbles,therefore this is the first authentic,collaboration with the cereal company,infused into a protein powder now if you,want to know how serious they were about,this,there is literally cereal chunks,pieces all throughout the powder here as,you can see in the fruity pebbles,what should we know about iso 100 one of,the most popular isolate powders,on the market you get 25 grams of,protein,one gram of carb in this one two grams,of carbs in this one,110 calories 120 calories,today im just going to mix these up,taste test them both,ive been working through my tub a,little bit i wanted to get a good feel,for these flavors before getting on,camera,and telling you exactly how i truly feel,about these flavors,so you can see right here again the,glitter,im gonna jump it right in there,and the chocolate which you can see,right there for cocoa pebbles,usually my sweet spot for isolates is,right around the four to six,ounces um they are on the thinner side,but iso 100 mix is very very easy,and i usually never have any mixability,issues since the powder is so,fine so im gonna give these a little,bit of a whirl,and again as you can see a little bit of,the cereal pieces in there,a little bit harder to see in the,chocolate,and lets put them in my taste testing,my little sampling cups here,there you are theres the fruity and,heres the cocoa pebbles,all right so i have a large sweet tooth,i love sweet things so im gonna go with,the chocolate first,a lot of you are probably like well bob,is this gonna taste like fudge brownie,or rich chocolate,let me tell you cheers to all you guys,out there,so it doesnt look like it but you can,kind of taste a little bit of the um,the grittiness of the cereal pieces in,the chocolate,now right out of the gate you get a very,very,bold and rich milk chocolate flavor,but on the back end is where you really,start to find a little bit more of that,cereal milk flavor,that truly captures cocoa pebbles to a,tea,due to the authentication of the,collaboration,you can truly taste the taste of that,cereal,when its in conjunction with this its,amazing how well they did this,into a cocoa pebble because you would,think its going to be a very,straightforward chocolate,not the case here job well done dymatize,now sweet tooth fruity pebbles,one of my all-time favorites cheers,this this is literally fruity pebbles to,a tea,with the leftover milk all the flavors,that are combining fruity pebbles,this is literally the cereal crusted,into protein powder,mixed together how pure they nailed this,flavor,is an absolute home run if you like,fruity pebbles at all,this is going to be one of your all-time,favorite flavors all time,nailed it i will say this though i am,still partial,to the peanut butter iso 100 it is by,far the best peanut butter isolate on,the market,number two number three im going right,behind that with either fudge brownie,actually the chocolate caramel the,limited edition flavor which is now,discontinued,i would say orange dreamsicle and fudge,brownie probably four and five behind,that,but overall guys 20 off intro deal on,these bad boys,campus protein right now hit the order,link in the comment box below,coupon code pebbles that way you can,stock up on these and give them a whirl,they are worth every single penny,you will pay for these i kid you not if,you guys try it out,leave a comment below love to hear what,you think but for now,chef bob has to get in the kitchen and,make some great creations,have a good one

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard vs Dymatize ISO 100: Is Hydrolyzed Better? (Update)

whats up guys this is Nick from Bob,uncommon today Im comparing two of the,most popular protein powders in the,entire world in fact one of them is,literally the most popular protein,powder in the entire world its optimum,nutrition and gold standard whey it is,everywhere is available in over two,dozen different flavors and the other is,Dymatize ISIL 100 which is the most,popular hydrolyzed whey protein powder,product on the market now it is true,that ultra nutrition has the earn,hydrolyzed whey protein powder product,and Dymatize ice 100 has their own way,blend and product thats most similar to,ice cream you Trish in the mold that,popular if youre going to your local,supplement store and you see the protein,powders from these two brands these are,the two youre going to be comparing the,most popular ones from the respective,companies so theyre going head-to-head,today so you can figure out which is,worth your money so were talking about,the nutrition were talking about the,ingredients the price and some other,pros and cons including the taste of,these chocolate flavors so you can,decide which of them is right for you,but first of all lets answer the most,important question whats the difference,between these different types of whey so,way is one of the two proteins in milk,the other is casein and there are three,main forms you can get it in weight,concentrate is the least process and it,has the most carbs and fat and lactose,and sugar then youve got weight I slit,which is process in such a way that it,removes most if not all of the Cubs and,fat so an average scoop of whey,concentrate is gonna have like 3 to,maybe 5 grams of carbohydrates where the,scoop of whey I slid usually has one or,maybe even none and of course because,its been processed its a bit more,expensive and its a bit more vessel for,like really low carb diets ketogenic,diets that sort of thing then lastly,youve got hydrolyzed whey or whey,hydrolysis and thats been even further,broken down then away iceless so enzymes,or acids have been added to it to the,point that many consider it predigested,like its already partly broken down,when you can assume it so it absorbs,super super quickly and its also the,most expensive of the three different,types of wet so a lot of people feel,that heíd lized way is the best form of,whey protein because yeah it absorbs the,fastest and its usually the lowest or,as low as we isolate in carbohydrates,and fat and then even need some research,to suggest that its better for recovery,than the other types of whey protein,like there was a study published in the,journal of science,medicine in sports that found that,athletes were training twice a day,recovered their power more quickly than,athletes who training twice a day and,taking away isolate but for the average,person like practically speaking if,youre someone who works out a few times,a week instead of a few times a day,thats not gonna really be a practical,difference it does absorb more quickly,but the difference that will make the,average person is probably very very,slim but nonetheless it does absorb more,quickly and also because some of the,peptide bonds and large proteins are,broken down before consuming it it can,be a little bit friendly to people with,milk allergy so bigger it absorbs faster,and its a bit better maybe if people,with milk allergies theres the two main,benefits of hydrolyzed whey so of those,three whey proteins Optimum Nutrition,gold standard contains all three in the,order of weight isolate concentrate and,hydrolyzed whey wears down ties iso100,is hydrolyzed whey first and then whey,isolate so country to probably believe,it is not an entirely hydrolyzed whey,protein powder its more like a,hydrolyzed whey protein powder product,but nonetheless the majority of the whey,protein in dermatitis is hydrolyzed is,the first ingredient the protein blend,where has been gold standard hydrolyzed,whey is the last ingredient in blend,thats the most important difference,between the two otherwise the in greece,are pretty similar this is the double,rich chocolate flavor and were,comparing that to dammit Isis gourmet,chocolate flavor a lot of the,ingredients are the same youre gonna,get the natural and artificial flavors,you got some cocoa youve got some soy,lecithin to help mix ability thats the,same with both products the other two,main things you want to keep in mind,here is that also nutrition has a second,artificial sweetener called acesulfame,potassium which is a little bit more,controversial than sucrose like Splenda,because like there are some rat studies,have found some problems but only eating,the equivalent of a person eating like,half a pound of sugars worth of,sweetness its approved by the FDA its,largely considered safe but nonetheless,there are some people who prefer to not,take SS often and potassium which,awesomer Nutrition has and the other,difference which i think is a much more,important one is that ultimate Rishon,contains a blend of the des of enzymes,its got a managin which is a blend of,proteases which are known for helping to,break down protein and its got lactase,as well which can help to break down,lactose and then it needs some research,to suggest that amina gin the blend of,protein breaking down enzymes in autumn,mutation results and an increased,absorption rate of the protein so thats,a pretty,Plus awesome nutrition Dymatize does not,have any suggested enzymes and it has,theyre like lactase either now it does,have under half a gram of lactose so it,might not be a problem but nonetheless,youve given the digestive enzymes I,dont know I kinda want to get the edge,salty nutrition here okay but what about,the actual protein content this is,hydrolyzed whey mostly are you actually,getting no protein in this product then,would go standard yeah kind of ah yeah,ultimate Rishon has 120 calories and 24,grams of protein whereas iso 100 has 120,calories and 25 grams of protein so you,are actually getting a little bit more,protein per calorie with iso 100 and of,course its a bit low in carbohydrates,and fat as well so in the gourmet,chocolate flavor of iso 100 youre,getting 0.5 grams of fat and 2 grams of,carbohydrates or as with gold standard,youre getting 1 gram of fat and 3 grams,of carbohydrates its not a massive,difference practically speaking at the,end of the day its like a 13 or so,calorie difference between the scoops oh,yeah technically iso 100 it is no,protein denser you got to give the edge,there okay so what many of you might,think is the most important question is,which one actually tastes better so the,thing with Dymatize iso 100 is i think,it tastes really good with water which,is a rare thing and i do need to say,that obviously taste is a subjective,thing everyone has different preferences,but Dymatize the gourmet chocolate,flavor its really quite sweet and its,a little mild on the cocoa side so its,not one of these really dark rich,overwhelming like these sort of cocoa,flavours youll get out there its,really the main flavors are getting a,sweetness and with a hint of cocoa and,it goes really well with water with milk,its a little overwhelmingly sweet I,will say that,whereas with ultimate nutrition and,talking to be double rich chocolate here,its called double rich but it really,actually isnt a very strong flavor its,really quite mild and when you mix it,with water its not that enjoyable in my,opinion it tastes like water with like a,small spoonful of cocoa mix it in with,it so its not that fun to have Im not,a massive fan of this optimal nutrition,flavor but I will say if you mix it with,milk I think it goes better it would go,standard because its a bit more mild,and the milk adds and like sweetness and,creaminess and that makes it go down,pretty well so if youre mixing with,milk I would go with gold standard if,you mix it with water as I prefer to do,Ive good dammit eyes,all right big question which ones,cheaper will actually burn these tubs,are pretty much the same price

Dymatize ISO100 Fruity Pebbles Protein Powder REVIEW | Worth the HYPE?!

what is up guys its abdu and im,delayed with the natty series but ive,got two episodes that are in the works,but today im gonna go ahead and show,you guys and do a review,of probably the most popular protein,powder on the market right now,and that is drum roll please,none other than the dymatize iso 100,fruity pebbles okay so,i said this in a previous video i dont,know when but i said this in a previous,video,that im no longer going to get um like,flavored cereal besides chocolate and,vanilla but i went with the fruity,pebbles because of all the tic tacs and,all of the like posts,ive been seeing regarding this protein,okay im not a protein powder fan,recently ive been using organe because,its plant-based and that goes through,my system very smooth,its not you know that chalky when i,throw it in my my shakes,so im gonna go ahead and make a shake,with this im gonna give you guys,my review and tell you guys if this,the fruity pebbles protein powder is,worth,the hype this tub is uh three pounds,it was 50 bucks and it took me about two,weeks to get here from amazon which,that just tells you how how much its,selling two weeks on amazon is,a pretty long time so i was actually,gonna get a bigger one,i think that a five pound one but i,didnt want to go crazy in case they,didnt like it but im actually excited,to try this,and yeah lets go ahead and go have our,shake now i usually have my shake later,in the day but its sunday,so im not even working out today its a,rest day so lets go ahead and try this,bad boy,[Music],oh,all right guys so im gonna add whatever,i have left here for the strawberries,okay um since i need a little more im,probably gonna go ahead and put some ice,in all right and then were gonna go,ahead and put some oats i have about um,a third of a cup here,its not about it is a third of a cup,because i measured it out,and then i usually put um pb2 in my,protein shakes but i dont really want,to mess with the flavor as much,all right guys and then a good thing,about this its only like one serving is,one scoop whereas like or gain,you have to use two scoops for just one,serving so um,yeah i guess its because its,plant-based obviously but uh lets go,here it goes,it looks actually really nice and it,smells really good too so i hope it,tastes good,and then were just gonna add like a,medium sized banana i dont usually add,bananas in my shakes,um but like i said i want this to be,good so,the texture um is gonna be improved by a,lot once i use a banana all right guys i,almost forgot the almond milk that would,have been good so were going to put 140,or sorry 240 milliliters in here,let that sink down a bit 100 more,milliliters to go,so moment of truth this is a little more,liquidy than i would like,but um like literally its just water um,its probably because i didnt put as,much ice but im okay with that lets go,ahead and see how it tastes,it tastes like fruity pebbles i mean,its good,but its not like i dont know i,expected it to be a little more sweet,maybe its because i put the banana and,stuff but,i mean its really good dont get me,wrong its probably better than vanilla,and like chocolate but,i mean im probably gonna buy it again,honestly um im like kind of,under-reacting but its a genuine,review im not going to be like oh i,just decided,[Music],you know so uh no its really good id,probably get it again,uh it is a big tub three pounds so so,yeah thats pretty much the review i,mean i dig it im sure itll taste,better if it was an actual like shake so,it was a little thicker,but um im okay with that look im,already halfway done i dont even like,shakes,but uh thats pretty good i wish it was,sweeter maybe i could add like,i could probably add truvia there you go,um,i dont really want to though so its,pretty good its light,so im im impressed with this fruity,pebble protein powder,i get the hype and i see why it took two,weeks for amazon to deliver it to my,house but all right ill see you guys,next time

Iso100 Hydrolyzed FRUITY PEBBLES Protein Powder Review

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