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It Follows – Movie Review

it follows is a movie that Ive heard,about for quite some time its been one,of my most anticipated movies of the,year if you watched my most anticipated,movies of 2015 video you would have seen,this movie as one of the first ones I,talked about in that video and I have,received literally hundreds of tweets,and Facebook messages and emails on,YouTube comments Chris when are you,going to see this movie,guys it finally opened literally tonight,actually it opens tomorrow I went to the,late-night showing tonight so I can see,it as soon as possible,it follows is a new horror film thats,told in an 80s retro way complete with,an old-fashioned John Carpenter 80s,electronic score shots of suburbia that,look lifted right out of Halloween and,thats not necessarily a bad thing now,essentially what this movies about Im,not going to give too much away is a,sexually transmitted disease of sorts,that can be passed along to people and,then this thing whatever it is seems to,be following them everywhere and once,you get it youre basically [ __ ] now,if you guys watch my problem with horror,movies today video you would have seen,me rag on the endless Hollywood cliches,in horror nowadays with movies like,Annabelle and Ouija making lots of money,despite how terrible they are I praise,the babadook in that video a horror,movie that took a look at depression and,grief and told it in a monster movie way,and it was fantastic and it terrified me,I love that movie but not everyone likes,that movie its a movie that general,audiences are not going to appreciate,because they just want the same thing,over and over again and those audience,members are going to hate it follows,because it follows is very much like,that in the fact that its different,however to be completely honest I did,not find it follows very scary in fact I,wasnt really scared by the movie at all,what I loved about this movie was the,cinematography and the way the director,used that cinematography and the,soundtrack to build tension without,using too much gore and thats one of,the best parts of this movie is the fact,that tension generally stays throughout,the whole movie you feel a little,unnerved because of the subject matter,and because some of the things that,characters are seeing those are the best,parts of this movie theres a lot of,hidden metaphors too and images and,photographs that you dont pay attention,to them youre not going to notice,certain parts of the story I love in a,horror movie makes you think and it,actually assumes that you do have a,brain,however there were some aspects of this,movie that did disappoint me mainly,story elements and the fact that I,didnt really scare me because a lot of,critics were like this is the scariest,movie Ive ever seen in my life and I,was like no the babadook was definitely,more terrifying thats for sure this,movie is a hundred percent tributing,horror films particularly Halloween,there are entire shots and sequences,that are literally lifted from John,Carpenters Halloween in fact theres,even a scene where shes in a classroom,listening to a boring lecture if youve,seen Halloween you know where Im going,with that Im not gonna spoil it for you,but in my head I said thats whats,going to happen and sure enough it,happened I was like yeah thats maybe a,little too much thats probably copying,off Halloween at this point but all in,all I love the 80s retro tributes,throughout this movie there were just,some certain elements to the story that,I felt attracted from the movie namely,the rules of it and certain things that,have to happen and then certain things,that arent shown and youre kind of,left wondering which I actually really,like ambiguity in movies but there are,some times when you need little morsels,now this is coming from the guy who,loved enemy and did a 30-minute video,explaining enemy and I love digging deep,into movies and analyzing movies but,there were certain things in this movie,that I would have liked to have known a,little bit more of and there were times,throughout the film where some of the,visual metaphors with things involving,her pool and some things with some,neighborhood kids that were never,explained they just seemed like they,were there to set up random jump scares,at times like a ball hitting a window,really hard for no apparent reason there,are just times when you need a little,bit more meat in a story to be a hundred,percent satisfied Im not the kind of,person that sits in a movie and expects,to be spoon-fed everything in fact I,hate when movies do that to me thats,disrespecting your audience it follows,respects your audience in a lot of ways,by allowing you to think up things on,your own there were just certain times,in the movie like where she runs into,the woods and sleeps on top of her car,rather than inside her car Im like this,things after you you might want to at,least get in the car roll up the windows,and lock the doors instead of literally,being a sitting duck also there is a 80s,trope throughout most horror films that,came out during that time period where,the parents are just gone they disappear,for no reason and the kids are left to,fend for themselves that happens in this,movie as well the parents just disappear,but at least in movies like Halloween,there was an excuse given where the dad,was like hey Im going somewhere for a,while by in this movie theyre just not,there,and these kids are getting shot at and,stuff like stuff is going down and the,movie is taking itself very seriously so,I expected a little more in the script,to explain why the parents were not,active there I understand that its a,trope of the 80s but I think thats one,trope that should be left behind if you,want to maintain some more realism,besides a few of those story elements,and a few of those questionable tension,building moments that dont actually,lead to anything I really had a good,time with it follows I love the score,I love the cinematography I love the,performances for the most part makeup,Monroe I believe is how you say her name,she was in the guest another good 80s,retro movie she was great in the movie,some of her friends not so much but she,was excellent and I loved her work in,the film the 80s retro thing is cool I,wouldnt call it unique or original,though like some critics have because,its something thats already been done,just now you can take that and take the,best parts of it and make it better,which is awesome all in all Im going to,give it follows a B+ the performances,are great the cinematography is great,the tension is there I just didnt,really find the movie that scary in the,end and there were certain aspects of,the story that I felt could have been,tightened better and a little bit less,Trobe –is– if you will Im really,curious to hear your thoughts on this,one because I can tell its going to,polarize audiences its not your typical,horror film and that is a good thing,guys as always thank you so much for,watching and please look forward to my,kids on the slope anime television,series review its going to be up,probably this Sunday Im looking forward,to bringing that to you guys and as,always thank you so much for watching,and if you like this you can click right,here and get stuck mine eyes,Oh

It Follows movie review

so the premise of this movie is you come,then it follows it follows so it follows,is a low-budget horror movie usually,those are terrible because low-budget,horror movies are easy to make so,someones gonna make its gonna have a,lot of jump scares gonna cost 5 bucks to,make its gonna make millions of dollars,whos gonna get a sequel so now we have,it follows which is a smart low-budget,horror movie everyone on lines like this,is scary [ __ ] ever Im never gonna sleep,again ever felt like that I mean it was,good but it wasnt look too scary should,have ever seen definitely had a lot more,brains going for than a lot of other,horror movies low-budget and otherwise,and Ive seen lately anyway so what it,follows is from the trailer so its not,really spoiler ish theres this girl,shes a nice girl shes an average girl,what I liked about her she wasnt like,the [ __ ] girl usually in horror movies,like this you have all these really,super sexy model type teenage chicks and,theyre gonna get terrorized by this -,evil whatever this girl at one point man,she was rocking the granny panties she,had straight-up,white cotton granny panties I was like,good for you but shes nice shes,average she just shes a cute girl but,she is just shes not a [ __ ] she,means its one dude she really likes and,then one night skin on skin that love,began and then hes like okay now this,demon things going to follow you this,thing never runs it just walks it walks,towards her and she just has to not get,touched by is pretty much like a shitty,game of tag which now that you know the,premise go back listen to the intro this,video now youll get it I was really,impressed with this movie crammed do,this movie doesnt always move its not,like this fast-paced adrenaline rush,because it can be because the premise is,this thing is walking towards this girl,for the entire movie if its as,high-octane adrenaline rush for the,entire experience its gonna completely,compromise it youre not gonna feel,vulnerable this movie takes place in the,in-between moments the moments when,youre running from something you sit,down to catch your breath youre like,alright I just want to stop running for,a second lets just stop running and you,get comfortable before you know it it,follows it was great it gives you,perpetual anxiety put your anxiety up,there its like yeah right now just go,ahead and hold that for an hour and a,half it was like the premise that the,first Paranormal Activity before the,franchise became [ __ ] there are people,who argue that the franchise was always,[ __ ] Im just saying that first movie,gave you anxiety because youre like I,dont feel safe um I God know there,no kind of what this feels like its not,a found footage movie for those youre,going to ask from the comment section,its not its actually a movie a movie,thats like a really sweet 1979 horror,movie that was filmed in 2014 or 13,released in 2015,kind of harken back to Friday the 13th,with Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers I,just walk at you is freaky when,something walks at you and then wins,because when it wins you just feel like,you completely failed youre like how,can something that only walks beat me,even the soundtrack of this movie man,sounded like 1979 horror yum yum yum yum,yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum,yum yum yum yum the bummer is Ive heard,nothing but the fact that this is a,scariest movie thats ever made for the,past couple weeks so is it over – ow,yeah its completely over hi thats not,really a negative though overhyped just,means overhyped it doesnt mean bad I,mean if someone was like hey how is Lord,of the Rings Ill be like its great and,overhyped along with Empire Strikes Back,yeah thats great and overhyped – at a,point theres nothing can really live up,to the praise that its getting at a,point just anything can become over,height thats not a fault on the things,just something you should be aware is it,the scariest movie ever no I wish I was,more scared in this movie granted I,havent slept yet night time has not,befallen me since Ive seen this movie,so hey tomorrow morning I may be,tweeting like help me Im sucking my,thumb,lol emote I dont know but more or less,I was really interested in this movie I,love the fact that this movie takes you,along the ride with this girl you feel,what she feels youre on edge anytime,you see anybody walking in this movie,youre like is that it is that the is,that the thing is that the thing so guys,it follows is a really refreshing take,on the horror movie genre its not the,same old same old popcorn flick kind of,thing you know youre not gonna just go,like I love horror movies I love slasher,movies hey my gore fiend I love Rob,Zombie movies Im in it to win it now if,you like that youre probably gonna,watch this and be bored shitless because,it does have that low-budget artsy twang,to it too but in the end this movie kept,me engaged I was invested I was,interested I will say it follows is,certainly a good time no alcohol,required this movies pretty much like,the embodiment of a really shitty STD,like demonic herpes really yeah bang you,get it and once in a while this thing,will show up to cause problems itll die,down youll get away from it and youll,just come back theres a thing you,always have right so it follows have you,seen it what did you think about it,really curious about this ones whatever,you thought comment below let me,now and as always if you like what,youve seen here and you wanna see more,click right here to see more

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Half in the Bag: Furious 7 and It Follows

half in the bag I dont even know whats,going on anymore,[Music],whoa theres some strong winds today Jay,how can you tell well before we are,moving slow and now were moving fast,youre right Mike I hope we can find a,place to safely land this house or mr.,plink itll be furious,who knows Jay you and I seem to have bad,luck wherever we go it follows it,follows in fact you could say that it,follows us fast and furious lets talk,about the [ __ ] movies okay you stay,dream about being old enough to go on,dates I had this image of myself holding,hands with a really cute guy,driving on some pretty road,[Music],its never about going anywhere really,its having some sort of freedom I guess,it follows is a new horror film from,Robert David Mitchell or David Robert,Mitchell David Robin Robert a guy who,directed something else the film takes,place in Detroit and if thats not scary,enough if youre a teen who has,premarital sex an invisible person that,only you can see will slowly walk,towards you sound scary,believe it or not it was Mike what did,you think of it follows I think I like,this movie why well sort of like every,many movie it has problems most movies,have problems unless youre Ghostbusters,or the Rockettes here yes um this was,92% run tomato score fairly well,received horror film very different,stylistically very unique in the fact,that its it it achieves its goal of,kind of creating that that 70s horror,atmosphere kind of 70 is early 80s core,yeah definitely the score um its very,reminiscent of John Carpenter Halloween,I got a little bit of Nightmare on Elm,Street in there too rare theres a lot,yeah but the part where the two girls,are walking down the street and theres,all the evergreen trees kind of by the,sidewalk its like its like a Steadicam,shot very very very retro just overall,really good tension until kind of the,plotting falls apart a little for me and,then kind of picks up towards the end,sort of that thats thats pretty empty,yeah I really really really liked it,I almost loved it but yeah it gets it,kind of stumbles a bit in the second,half it has some pacing issues overall I,like the fact that its such a slow,build-up very atmosphere its like it,like a checklist of everything I love in,horror movies,[Music],and exactly supposed to be follow me,something happened,its not what she thinks okay believe me,no its me everythings okay I noticed a,few is speaking the score I noticed a,few parts where it seemed like they had,taken music and slowed it down to like,15 20 percent where you know you hear,that audio quality starts to break down,well theres like yeah like a weird,rumbling yes yeah which is what happens,when you take just a regular track and,like slow it down like 10% is good yeah,and where its the quality starts to,crumble at that at that speed but which,I thought was neat ya know it knows when,to use music and it knows when to be,silent which is something most horror,films especially like the big studio,ones do you think of like this same,premise done in the style of like we jug,I saw you you saw that movie but thats,this is like the polar opposite of that,where its like you could say okay,because its like a final destination,type premise and kind of reminded me of,that a little bit but done in just such,a just completely stripped down very,simplistic way that made it genuinely,creepy in parts well even the central,concept is sort of a subversion in the,fact that the convention of horror,movies is you know the Virgin lives this,is a movie where you have to be,promiscuous in order to survive because,theres this thing that you have to pass,along to other people by having sex with,them what I took and this is what I like,is that the the premise is so vague that,it gives you lots of room to kind of,imagine whats happening or fill in the,gaps and I kind of saw this like a like,fear of like loss of innocence,you know like theres certain points or,its like when shes scared she runs to,the park like like a little kid park and,things like that and you know and having,sex for the first time and all these,things and I liked that I liked that it,didnt over explain those elements but,at the same time that works on a,thematic level but towards the end a,little bit its like okay I get what,youre doing but on a like literal level,or a narrative level level its a,slightly anticlimactic you know yeah I,get what they were doing but it almost,needed like just one little turn in this,through matically it worked it was very,dreamlike it you know I like the the,imagery of just the kids when they go to,find the one kid who initially started,the whole thing with the killer theyre,all sitting on his lawn you know in a,circle and and this had them hang out in,the porch and drinking sodas and beers,and stuff in the car it very it felt,like like summer yeah in between,childhood innocence absolutely being,taken away from these people yeah and,but yeah the the the little more of even,blend between the thematic stuff and,then the storyline which which started,to become a little like okay now what,now what to me it felt a little,repetitive after a while where its like,they go to a place to sit around they,wait things starts to walk towards them,they run away and then that happens,again its a little too much in the,second half but I dont wanna come down,too hard on it because overall I really,really liked it,yeah and that repetitiveness I guess,were going to spoilers slightly so,warning spoilers the part on the beach,they stay a real nice setup the the main,heroine whatever her name was her name,was Jamie was Jade yeah shes shes kind,of sitting there and theyre all keeping,their eye out for the ghosts Oh premise,real quick I guess we should explain,about you you get you have sex with,someone thats thats cursed Ill say,instead of you know I guess I dont know,the term would be theyre cursed if they,have sex with someone who has this curse,a person or entity will take the form of,a human and just start slowly walking,towards but only you can see that only,you can see it if it reaches you it,kills you it kills you busts your leg in,half apparently it kills you in a,horrific way so in order to get rid of,this thing from following you you have,to have sex with somebody else and it,kind of attaches itself to them which,doesnt quite make sense because once it,kills someone what if that person didnt,have sex with another person is like,that the train ends there then its like,Oh Who am I going after now I didnt,quite get the logic there but whatever,if you look like someone you know or it,could be a stranger in the crowd,whatever helps to get close to you,if they remind it didnt remind me of,Nightmare on Elm Street a lot because,they come up with this plan to kill the,entity and with the Freddy movie its,like okay we know he can be pulled out,of a dream and maybe when hes pulled,out of the dream you know we could hit,him with a baseball bat,good plan all the rules are there it,makes sense this is like they shoot the,thing with a gun numerous times but then,for some inexplicable reason they think,it can be electrocuted in a pool yeah,that kind of like throwing toasters into,it weird weird see yeah really weird so,weird logic from the characters very,like what why did you come to this,conclusion in a way though it if they,were like it remind any of the kids from,it Stephen Kings beer when theyre,trying to stop and hes got the the,slingshot with the silver silver bullet,or silver coin on it and so it kind of,reminded me of a little kid logic like,lets throw all these electrical things,in a pool and such a good spot they were,a little too older to operate on that,that logic level thats more like um I,dont know ten-year-old logic and they,were like 18 sure yes its a really,observational movie which is what I,liked like theres lots of like cloak,like that part youre talking about when,theyre all sitting around in a circle,in the lawn and theres just like,close-ups of the main character

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IT Follows: Ending Explained + What The Monster Represents | Full Film Review & Analysis

welcome to the heavy spoilers show Im,your host definition and this is the,channel where we explain it so you dont,have to Im away on my wedding,anniversary at the moment so,unfortunately I wont be posting up any,breakdowns or new releases but I thought,Id use the time to break down the,ending of one of my favorite horror,films it follows whether it was the,amazing synth sound track or phenomenal,feeling of dread that you have,throughout the movie something about,this film always stuck with me,throughout this video Ill be breaking,down the main part of the film its,ending and giving my thoughts and what,the mysterious monster represents this,is full spoilers ahead so if you dont,want to know anything about the film,then I highly recommend that you turn,off now but everyone else I just want to,give a huge thank you for clicking this,video I hope you enjoy it now sit back,relax and lets get into my ending,explain breakdown of it follows it,follows centers around J and adolescent,female that after having sex with the,boy named Hugh learns that shes been,infected with a sexually transmitted,demon or STD that slowly follows her,throughout the film if the demon manages,to catch up to her it will kill her and,then begin making its way unto Hugh,before it works its way down the line,killing those until he reaches the,source Jay learns that the curse can be,passed on to others through intercourse,but doing so will doom them and if it,manages to kill them then it will once,more put her in the crosshairs,the creature is invisible to all those,who are not infected however it does,have a physical body and with the help,of friends Jay is able to seemingly,defeat the creature once and for all in,the end Paul a close friend of Jay that,has always desired her decides to make a,pact and the two couple up passing the,curse back and forth between one another,we end on an ambiguous shot of the two,hand-in-hand both clearly in a world of,despair but forced into a relationship,in order to survive whilst the creature,may or may not still be stalking it so,the biggest question that I always see,surrounding this film is did they kill,the creature and what does the final,shot mean well firstly,I dont believe that they did at the,beach though it was damaged the monster,still kept coming back and due to this,the swimming-pool plan in my mind wont,really make a difference beyond delaying,it the entity has no fear of,confrontation and therefore we can,surmise that it is unable to be harmed,thus this final defeat is a teens dream,and now they have found a way to make,the creature manageable it will,eventually come back around like all the,STDs that people who thumbs down this,video have sorry about that,the final coupling up is not a good idea,and its probably going to cause more,complications down the line that will,eventually lead to further problems this,is like on love island when people,couple up to stay in the show and know,theyre going out at some point but they,just want a couple more weeks in the,spotlight and thats what Jay and Paul,are doing shes basically having to,resort to Paul to stay alive for a bit,longer and we all know that the plan,will not work forever this was confirmed,by the director David Robert Mitchell,who when discussing the film with,vulture said the following its the,stupidest plan ever its a kids movie,plan its something that scooby-doo and,the gang might think of and that was,sort of the point what would you do if,you were confronted by a monster and,found yourself trapped within a,nightmare ultimately you have to resort,to some way of fighting it thats,accessible to you in the physical world,and thats not really going to cut it we,kind of avoid any kind of traditional,setup for that sequence because in more,traditional horror films there might be,a clue that would lead them to figure,out a way to destroy this monster I,intentionally avoided placing those,instead they do their best to accomplish,something and we witness its failure,its probably a very non-conventional,way of approaching the third act,confrontation but we thought it was a,fun way to deal with it in regards to,the final shot and the figure stalking,Jay and Paul he stated we had a couple,of variations on it I think we had some,where he was really far back and then,some where no one would ever miss him,but we settled on the one where hes,there but not too close it allows people,to make up their own mind of what it,means to me it means that this will,forever linger over their relationship,and they can either mature to the point,that they will be equipped to deal with,it or it will cause them to turn,each other though demons arent often a,problem in a relationship that develops,from your late teens into your 20s it,can be viewed more as a metaphor for,other things that pop up teenage,relationships are simple carefree and,often feel like non-stop fun however,upon graduating school moving out or,having to step into the real world they,often fall apart you to neither member,of them being equipped to deal with the,problems that they now face I know from,my personal experience that in my early,20s though all my relationships started,off well as a couple we simply were not,compatible as people to work together as,one in order to tackle actual issues,which eventually caused us to separate,this is the situation that Jay and Paul,now find themselves in and they must,either mature and get through the,problem or fall apart because of it but,what exactly is the monster well its,difficult to fully comment on what,exactly this shape-shifting entity is,however I believe that it is a,manifestation of sexual assault and the,stigmatism that surrounds it Jay,experiences assault early on in the film,however she confronts this and after,opening up to her friends and finding a,caring sexual partner is able to,overcome the threat of it though we,learn little in the film about the,previous victims of the entity from what,information that we do get its clear,that they tackled it in the opposite way,to Jay Hugh move to a dilapidated,building and pass it on without,discussing it Jay on the other hand,freely discusses it and this allows her,to confront the issue head-on without,judgment Greg who willingly takes on the,demon from Jay doesnt really seem to,believe in it and instead he uses it as,an opportunity to have sex with Jay,juxtaposing this Paul actually wants to,help with her problems and he seems like,a nice guy willing to be there this,leads to Greg being killed and,ultimately Jay is left in the same,situation as she was before passing it,on there comes a big turning point in,the film when Jay has the opportunity to,sleep with a group of men on the boat,however I think that she realizes that,this is wrong and returns home this is,the opposite to Hugh and likely the ones,before him who knowingly pasta on and,Durst led to more mystery in the finale,of the film the creature appears as Jays,father and personally I think that this,represents the parents,approval that may center around the,subject of their childs sexual activity,by killing the monster as it is in this,form Jay is able to fully shed the,weight and become a grown woman no,longer overseen by the potential,disapproval of her parents she now,realizes the importance of someone who,is willing and wants to help and does,sleep with Paul this leaves us with the,thought that we should not be ashamed of,things such as this and should openly,seek out help from those that are able,to properly give it so that we can find,strength again to grow abuse is,something that will follow you your,entire life and some people who are,abused go on to abuse others thus,passing on is similar to how the,creature is passed from person to person,though this is never cemented in the,film it is confirmed to me by the many,appearances of the creature which not,only takes the shape of a woman whos,been clearly assaulted and its,urinating on herself but also a fully,naked man all th

Tóm tắt phim kinh dị: Cuộc Đi Săn Của Q.u.ỷ – Bị ai đó theo đuổi đến c.h.ớ.t | Chúa Tể Phim

Thân chào mọi người đã quay trở lại với Chúa Tể Phim,,bộ phim mà hôm nay bọn mình muốn giới thiệu đến mọi người,là một bộ phim thuộc thể loại kinh dị mỹ, It Follows (Cuộc Đi Săn Của Quỷ).,Mở đầu phim là cảnh một cô gái bỏ chạy khỏi ngôi nhà của mình,,cô vừa chạy vừa hoảng sợ nhìn lại,,nhưng điều kỳ lạ là khi mọi người hỏi cô có cần giúp đỡ gì không,thì cô lại từ chối.,Cô chạy vòng quanh sau đó lại chạy vào nhà để lấy chìa khóa xe,,cô lên xe, mở máy và lao đi,,bỏ dở câu hỏi của người cha ở phía sau.,Cô cứ chạy và chạy trong vô định,,cuối cùng cô dừng lại bên một bãi biển,,ngồi trên bãi cát cô gọi về cho người cha,,xin lỗi và cảm ơn như thể nói những lời trăn trối cuối cùng.,Rồi ánh mắt cô hoảng sợ dừng lại giữa không gian,,có thứ gì đó đang đến. Khung hình cắt qua và cô gái đã chết,,một tư thế kỳ dị, cô nằm bất động trên bãi cát,,mắt vẫn mở, một chân để thẳng,,còn một chân bị bẻ quật ngược lên trên rất bất thường.,Trở lại với nhân chính của phim, Jay, nữ sinh 19 tuổi, xinh đẹp, trẻ trung.,Hôm nay, có bạn gái của cô em và Paul,,cậu bạn hàng xóm gần nhà đến chơi,,nhưng Jay không thể ở nhà,,cô có buổi hẹn đầu tiên với cậu bạn trai mới găp lần đầu tên là Hugh.,Bọn họ hẹn nhau đi xem phim,,nhưng ở rạp chiếu có vẻ Hugh đã nhìn thấy cái gì đó đáng sợ,nên anh đã kéo Jay bỏ về,,bọn họ ăn tối rồi ai lại về nhà đó.,Cô em hỏi Jay về cậu bạn trai mới, cô bảo mọi thứ đều tốt,,nhưng ở rạp chiếu phim trông anh ấy hơi lạ.,Ở lần hẹn thứ hai của hai người,,cả hai đã hôn nhau nồng nhiệt trên một bãi biển vắng người,,sau đó làm tình ở trong xe.,Nhưng sau khi cuộc hoang lạc kết thúc, Jay bị Hugh chuốt thuốc mê,,khi tỉnh dậy thì cô thấy mình ngồi giữa một ngôi nhà hoang đổ nát,,hai tay đang bị trói chặt trên một chiếc xe lăn.,Hugh bảo cô hãy thật bĩnh tĩnh và nghe kỹ những lời anh ta nói,,rằng hắn không muốn làm hại cô,,nhưng hắn đang bị một thứ gì đó bám theo,,ai đó đã trao cho hắn, và giờ hắn trao lại cho Jay,,rằng sau hôm nay, Jay sẽ bị thứ gì đó bám theo,,nó có thể là người quen, hoặc một người lạ hoặc bất kỳ ai,,và sẽ ngày một đến gần hơn.,Đang nói giữa chừng Hugh bỗng nhiên dừng lại,,có thứ gì đó đang đến, hắn đẩy Jay ra trước,,cô thấy một người phụ nữ kỳ lạ, chỉ mặc trên người mỗi đồ lót,,đang từ từ đi đến.,Sau đó Hugh đưa Jay bỏ chạy,,hắn thả cô ở trước nhà, bảo sẽ không bao giờ gặp lại cô nữa,rồi vít ga chạy thẳng.,Em gái cùng đám bạn đang ngồi đánh bài trước thềm,,thấy Jay xiêu quẹo đi vào, trên người chỉ mỗi bộ đồ lót,nên vội đỡ lấy cô rồi gọi cho cảnh sát.,Chuỗi ngày sau đó là chuỗi ngày sống trong lo lắng của Jay,,và chuyện gì đến cũng đã đến. Lúc cô đang ngồi học ở trường,,khi nhìn ra cửa sổ, cô thấy một người phụ nữ già,,vận một cái váy trắng, xăm xăm đi về hướng lớp học của cô,,và sự kỳ lạ là mọi người xung quanh dường như,không cảm nhận được sự hiện diện của bà ta.,Jay vội vàng gấp sách vở và bỏ chạy ra khỏi lớp,,nhưng khi vừa ra đến hành lang,,cô đã thấy bà ta đứng trước mặt mình.,Quá hoảng loạn, cô chạy đi lấy xe và lao thẳng về nhà.,Tại đây, cô kể lại cho em gái mình và cả Paul (cậu bạn hàng xóm),nghe về việc Hugh đã bảo chuyển cái gì đó từ cậu ta sang cho cô,,và thay vì bám theo cậu ta, thứ đó sẽ mãi bám theo cô cho đến khi cô chết.,Nghe có vẻ hư cấu, nhưng bởi đã thích Jay từ lâu,,Paul đề nghị tối nay sẽ ngủ lại nhà chị em cô,,nên bảo cô đừng quá lo lắng.,Vì chị em Jay không ở cùng bố mẹ,,nên việc Paul tình nguyện ở lại khiến cho hai chị em rất yên tâm.,tối đến, paul ngủ trên sô pha ở phòng khách,,được một lúc thì Jay lò dò đi xuống,,cô bảo hơi lo lắng nên đề nghị ngủ ở sô pha chung với cậu ta.,Vì đã thích Jay từ lâu, nên Paul liền đồng ý,,hai người ôn lại chuyện cũ, những chuyện khi còn còn bé,,việc từng xem chung sách khiêu dâm,…,Buổi trò chuyện đang tình tứ thì một tiếng động lớn vang lên làm ngắt quãng,,Paul đứng dậy đi kiểm tra, vì quá sốt ruột Jay cũng đi xuống bếp xem thế nào.,Nhưng vừa mở cửa ra, cô phát hiện một người phụ nữ kỳ quái,,đồ lót xộc xệch trên người, không những thế còn vừa bước đi vừa vã nước đái,,quá kinh hãi cô hét lên, sau đó chạy về phòng đóng kín cửa lại.,Mãi đến khi em gái và Paul tìm lên gõ cửa,,Jay mới phần nào bớt hoảng loạn,,cô kể lại mọi chuyện. Nhưng đang kể thì thì tiếng cửa phòng cô lại bị thúc mạnh,,Paul lấy khúc cây phòng bị, Jay thì hoảng loạn bảo đừng mở cửa.,Người bên ngoài lên tiếng, đó là Jara,,bạn thân của em gái Jay.,Nhưng khi vừa mở cửa thì cô lại hét lên,,thì ra bên ngoài cửa không chỉ có jara mà còn có một gã đàn ông cao to,,hõm mất hai hốc mắt nhìn rất kinh dị.,Jay hoảng loạn bỏ chạy, cô trèo qua cửa sổ rồi sau đó lấy chiếc xe đạp,chạy thẳng đến công viên, cô ngồi trên xích đu sợ hãi,,hai mắt cảnh giác nhìn xung quanh.,Được một lúc thì đám bạn cũng tìm đến,,mọi người đều rất lo lắng cho Jay.,Trong đám bạn lúc này có cả Grey, bạn trai cũ thời trung học của cô,,Grey nghe xong câu chuyện cô kể,,cậu ta đề nghị bây giờ chỉ có cách đi tìm Hugh,,mới có thể tìm được sự lý giải cho những chuyện kỳ quái này.,Cả bọn đồng ý và cùng lên xe. Khó khăn lắm cuối cùng mới tìm được Hugh,,nhưng thì ra đó không phải là tên thật của anh ta,,anh ta bảo một lần đi bar và qua đêm với một cô gái,,và từ đó anh ta luôn bị một thứ gì đó bám theo,,nên hắn đã chuyển cái đó cho Jay,,bây giờ cô chỉ cần ngủ với một gã trai nào đó,,thì nó sẽ chuyển cho một người khác,,và cứ như vậy cho đến khi người kia chết đi,,thì thứ đó mới quay trở lại.,Sự lý giải đó càng khiến Jay lo lắng tột độ.,Cả bọn quyết định không về nhà, mà di thẳng đến một căn Vila của gia đình Grey,để xem thứ đó có tiếp tục bám theo nữa hay không.,Đêm đầu tiên mọi chuyện khả ổn, nhưng vào ngay sáng hôm sau,,khi cả bọn đang ngồi tắm nắng bên bờ biển thì chuyện kỳ dị lại diễn ra,,một cô gái trẻ từ từ đi đến sau lưng và túm tóc Jay,,nhưng chỉ mỗi Jay nhìn thấy cô ta còn những người khác thì không.,Paul vội dùng chiếc ghế đánh mạnh vào khoảng không phía sau Jay,thì va phải thứ gì đó, sau đó Paul cũng bị đánh mạnh ngã bật ra sau.,Quá hoảng loạn Jay chạy vào nhà kho gần đó lấy khẩu súng,,cô bắn liên tục vào cô gái lạ kia,,sau bốn năm phát bắn thì mới trúng một viên,,cô gái ngã vật ra cát nhưng sau đó lại tiếp tục đứng dậy ngay sau đó.,Mọi người cũng vội vàng chạy vào nhà kho khóa trái cửa lại,,chỉ có mỗi Grey vẫn còn bên ngoài vì lúc nãy đi tiểu.,Con quỷ trong hình dạng cô gái kỳ lạ phá vỡ phần dưới cánh cửa,,rồi biến mất. Không khí hồi hộp bao trùm khiến ai nấy đều kinh hãi.,Grey quay lại hỏi mọi người sao vậy, bên ngoài không có ai hết,,nhưng do Jay quá sợ hãi nên không dám mở cửa.,Rồi Grey lại biến mất, vì lo lắng cho anh ra,,Jay bò lại gần cánh cửa tò mò nhìn ra tìm kiếm,,bất thình lình con quỷ lại xuất hiện khiến Jay hét lên thất thanh,,cô lại bỏ chạy, phía sau là con quỷ trong hình dạng cô trái trẻ,vẫn đang nhiệt tình đuổi theo.,Cô leo lên xe, tháo chạy khỏi căn vila,,cô cứ chạy cho đến khi bị tai nạn xe lao xuống ruộng Ngô cạnh vệ đường.,Sau khi được đưa đến bệnh viện, cô đã bị thương ở tay,,phải băng bó. Nhóm bạn bắt đầu ngồi lại và tìm cách,,sau cùng họ quyết định Jay sẽ thử ngủ với gã nào đó,để xem mọi chuyện có xảy ra như Hugh đã từng nói hay không.,Và người cô chọn để qua đêm chính là Grey.,Qua ngày đầu tiên, Grey bảo mọi chuyện vẫn diễn ra bình thường,,rằng anh ta không thấy bất kỳ ai kỳ lạ bám theo cả,,nhưng Jay thì tin chắc nó sẽ diễn ra,,như cái cách Hugh đã trao nó cho cô, nên cô luôn lo lắng.,Đêm hôm đó, từ cửa sổ nhà mình cô cứ thấp thỏm nhìn sang khoảng sân nhà Grey,,và con quỷ cuối cùng cũng đã đến.,Nó xuất hiện trong hình dáng của Grey,,nó đập vỡ cửa kính, sau đó trèo vào nhà.,Jay hoảng sợ, cô chụp điện thoại gọi cho cậu ta,nhưng ko thấy cậu ta nghe máy, cô vội chạy xuống lao sang nhà Grey,,từ dưới cầu thang, cô thấy con quỷ đang đứng trước cửa phòng,,trong hình dáng mẹ cậu ấy, cô hét lên bảo cậu ta đừng mở cửa,,nhưng đã không kịp nữa, con quỷ lao vào và giết chết Grey,,trước sự ngỡ ngàng và kinh hãi của cô.,Paul sang nhà an ủi và động viên Jay,,cậu ấy hỏi tại sao cô chọn Grey mà không chọn cậu ấy,,từ lâu cậu ấy cũng rất thích cô mà.,Jay bảo bởi vì cô nghĩ

Everything Wrong With It Follows In 12 Minutes Or Less

this girl went to the Jurassic world,school of unnecessarily running in heels,are you okay yeah a female neighbor asks,an obviously distressed teen girl who,was running down the street and fear and,wearing underwear and hooker heels if,shes okay the girl lies to her and said,shes fine and the neighbor carries on,unloading her groceries this must be one,tough neighborhood fine dad its pretty,outrageously clear youre not fine and,this girl wants to run away from an,unseen attacker does it in the craziest,way imaginable in full view of everyone,rather than simply getting in a car or,running away less conspicuously now she,runs for the car its very apparent this,girls been running from whatever it is,for a while now and yet she doesnt keep,the keys on her at all times,dad Im sorry I can be such a to you,sometimes Britney Spears voicemails,somehow ends up in the final script her,leg may be exactly the opposite of where,its supposed to be but at least she,died perky she cleaned out one leaf from,this dirty-ass swimming pool and said,yep plain enough in a true David versus,Goliath tale small independent horror,movie kills ant-man hey Jay a heroine,with a masculine or unisex name will be,extra tough unlike certain dead girls on,the beach named Annie a very normal teen,activity silently watching old movies,with friends in the middle of the day,what the hell kind of device is this,its either a makeup compact or a birth,control dispenser either way its the,most impractical thing to read on since,a stone tablet those lamps that TV that,dress apparent fog machine ladies and,gentlemen I think weve got ourselves a,level-10 hipster remember that time I,was swimming by myself whats so great,I want to commemorate it by making it,one of the three cherished pictures I,hang on my vanity I mean that the creepy,neighbor boy warriors take this photo we,start by watching casually just about,the people are out with you who can all,clearly hear this loud as hell,conversation Im the dad Im son yeah,that was immediately obvious when you,said him you pronoun game playing,[ __ ] plus at that age you go to,bathroom anytime you want total freedom,yeah supposing right now do you to even,school five-year-olds are not often in,diapers nor are they in their pants at a,movie theater also the two blondes in,front of them right now were well,behind them at the single file box,office which can only mean these two,enter the theater then spend five,minutes debating if they wanted to get,in line for concessions,allowing the blonds to get ahead and the,redhead with the two Asian girls are in,front of them for tickets but then,behind them here somewhere theres a PA,who thinks they did their job just by,merely having the same extras in both,scenes and that person works at,Starbucks now about the girl in a dress,since we find out that Jay cant see,this girl in the yellow dress who is,obviously here to kill this dude,why isnt she making a beeline towards,him right now apparently shes just,hanging out at the theater lobby and,then this monster just lets him leave,the theater unless he took Jay on the,wildest escape from an old theater since,John Wilkes Booth and we didnt see it I,totally felt sick and needed to get the,[ __ ] out of the theater so lets go to a,diner and eat now and I will not look,the least bit scared because Id like to,see a monster infiltrate this fortress,um you literally puff that cigarette,seconds ago I dont even have to sniff,you to say that yes is the answer okay,why is the car a better donut spot than,the [ __ ] deserted beach hello romance,much who keeps a bra on during the first,time they have sex with someone Im not,gonna hurt you love of the moral code,that doesnt count a surprise drugging,and kidnapping situation as hurting,someone this thing its gonna follow you,yeah close enough lets roll some,credits it could look like someone you,know or it could be a stranger in a,crowd dude couldnt you have at least,put her clothes back on before you gave,it a lesson on this sexually transmitted,demon its very slow but its not done,if its not done why is it taking the,form of a very obviously D in fact why,is it taking the form of a human being,at all would it be more effective to be,a wolf effective chase people down and,rip out their throats this demon is,cooking lazy thats fiery drinking on,the porch Im more concerned with how,youre drinking on the porch and getting,away with it is this one of those horror,movies that pretends parents dont exist,or exist but our people weve,established that this dude is a cowardly,piece of gold but thats no reason for,this girl to not at least get a clothes,back the police in this town must be,real tired of responding to terrified,naked girls in the streets I suppose,youll be expecting me to comment,horribly about this girls attire but I,am way too distracted with how can clean,the bathroom countertop is in a home,with two teenage girls rubber ball jump,scared this kid is worse than Tom Ripley,but if hes peeping why did we never see,him the entire time Jay was in the,bathroom and did he who wants to peep,without her knowledge throw this ball or,did someone who doesnt approve of his,peeping throw this ball at him and leave,did the filmmakers just want to jump,scare that made no sense as well soon,find out almost nobody coming after Jay,is someone she knows or anyone who,blends in the crowd theyre all out of,place announcing their presence its,movie couldve been a lot scarier if it,followed that it could be any one thing,there is an old woman at school she was,staring at me,almost like she was following me it was,like what exactly is supposed to be,following you I dont know that guy who,maybe but then gave me instructions was,actually kind of vague and I have no,idea whats going on can you teenage boy,in a house with three hot teenage girls,as watching a movie instead of oh you,I bet he already did that what is it,with these kids in the classic movies I,dont doubt that theyre fans but all,the time you know it follows but it,takes a really long time for it to catch,up 5% of this movies run time as other,movies and then you kiss Kelly she told,me you kissed two sisters thats kind of,gross only if theyre your sisters also,kissing two sisters is gross seriously,damn high school Mias gross that I was,gonna high-five this guy oh so the demon,can manipulate objects in the real world,and other people can see the result of,that manipulation but not the demon,itself this demon really should just,wait until these people are all asleep,also Id like to know what kind of it,besides you know what Im gonna change,into this person on this go-round Im,with the t1000 but only when it was,burning in liquid steel okay,thats a pretty damn good skill a,supernatural slow thing is chasing me in,trying to kill me,I should go sit somewhere out in the,open with a full half my surroundings,hidden from my view behind me I am a,smart girl these people never seemed to,run very far a local Beach the,neighborhood park has anyone tried,crossing the globe could the ghost,slowly make its way to the airport and,hop on a jet to the Philippines hey our,friend took off on a bike a minute ago,and we have no idea where she went good,work okay tell mom Im waiting to even,see mom,whoever did this music stole all the,John Carpenter and she would not need to,go find Hugh and drag out this movies,runtime if Hugh had simply given her,anything other than cryptic bull never,finger movie ops for the jump-scare when,the real scare would have been way more,satisfying god damn that we get it your,phone is a flashlight as well if I,didnt know better I think this entire,film was made to help sell seashell flip,phones tissues are an orgy of evidence,that actual orgies were the furthest,thing from happening in this Shack Wow,horny Paul just stumbled on an important,clue by spending lots of time flipping,through a porno mag lets hear for porn,you hey you hey accommodation of audio,and subtitles tell me

It Follows (2015) REVIEW

now were gonna talk about it follows a,movie that everybody at least over the,summer was talking about all the time,all I heard about was hey have you seen,it follows have you seen it hollows have,you seen it follows oh I think the,movies coming out but is it out I dont,know if its out and Im like Waiting,for Godot man is it out I thought I was,it was Allen festival yes somehow I was,like in a film festival it was in,theaters briefly but everybody happened,to have seen it and we were one of the,last people to see it yeah so I finally,saw it and I everybody was hyping it up,so much and the worst thing you can,really do for a movie is to hype it up,so I turned and I was like pee,everybodys gonna ruin this me yes Im,gonna watch and be like ah like you know,right so I turn around I watched it and,my personal opinion was I thought it was,okay I I didnt think it was amazing I,thought it was decent what did you think,I thought it was really good okay now,IIIi have some positives and negatives,to say but I actually think overall lose,pretty damn good um and this is the most,recent movie that were talking about,monster madness this year it was this,year – 2015 so um yeah its basically,about I mean when you say the plot it,sounds stupid thats the thing and I,think everybody knew that everybody was,kind of like oh lets not tell people,much about the less you know the better,so you know what if you dont even want,to listen to us just go see the movie,see it without without any explanation,but if you want to know more about it,its basically about a sexually,transmitted stalker so its like a its,like a slash or kind of sort of a,slasher movie but the the stalker is,like yeah basically a sexually,transmitted stalker and STS I guess so,the plot sounds ridiculous but uh,basically its like whoever has sex with,somebody then the this thing or whatever,it is thats never explained is,following that person and if it does if,it catches up with you itll do some,kind of unspeakable things like,invisible nose thing yeah,and whenever it it kills somebody then,it goes to the the last person so it,keeps going back up the line so,basically youre cut theyre constantly,trying to pass it on to somebody else um,which is actually it the way it is is,played off in the movie its very,interesting the positives I have to say,um the act of being followed I never,thought was so scary as in this movie,you see lots of slasher movies and its,thats what it always is someone is,always being followed but I think the,way they went about it this way was how,I always imagined a horror movie to be a,slasher movie yet Ive always wanted to,see because you know in a horror movie,stuffs always coming from the fourth,round like theyre over here right and,then well sudden ah you know comes,right there in the front um this is one,where you actually get a chance to see,whats back there and you can see it,coming from a mile away right and it,does that thats just like sitting in,the classroom at one point and its like,the old yeah like walking towards her,and like I dont know it all that,theres so much surprise in horror films,but I you know that theyre finally,really starting to see how things could,be scary when you see it coming and you,know whats coming true yeah so I,thought that was instead of instead of,being like a jump scare type of thing,like you see it come in a long time way,and its like its slowly comments,getting lasered so its actually scarier,than somebody being like boom yeah yeah,I think because I always felt like if,there were like a remake of Halloween,Id like to see more like depth shots,like shots that are really have deep,backgrounds some of my favorite shots in,Halloween is like when the kid is,looking through the window and he sees,Michael Myers carrying that part is,great yeah and its like all you see is,like one little like thing you know,walking well they approach it and and in,the crowd like I never thought how scary,it is when shes looking into the crowd,for this thing thats following her and,its almost like looking for Wheres,Waldo youre like looking for the one,figure thats out of place thats kind,of coming this people going this way,that way and you stab and eat and also,your shes the only one or whoever has,it is the only one who can see it mm-hmm,yeah you can see it but then anybody,everybody else is like whats wrong,whats she,turn problem yeah except for the people,before that in the line of the they can,all they can also yeah yeah the people,in the sexual transmission of this thing,is like they can all see it if you dont,have the disease or whatever it is then,you cant its a lot like what it is it,is a lot like a disease I dont know,what else to call its probably not yeah,but you know so it is kind of difficult,to describe but uh yeah it definitely,made me feel a lot of paranoia while,watching it like always feeling on edge,because like she cant even really go to,sleep because anywhere you are somehow,the thing is going to keep following you,and sooner or later,only way is shes able to get away it,seems is that this thing follows so it,it like walks or follows behind and it,seems that this is not like a ghost that,can just jump all over the place or,something so the way to get away is she,keeps jumping in a car and driving,really far distances to get away from it,but eventually the thing catchy yeah,like some way or another itll just,catch up with you if when youre not,paying attention and there is a part,when shes sitting there and you see it,coming and youre like oh [ __ ] I was,[ __ ] oh [ __ ] you know yeah so it really,made me feel like on edge I think yeah,the movie did a good job with that,yeah um it also makes makes her think,like she doesnt know what the things,always gonna look like shell see,somebody coming towards her in the,distance and shell be like oh [ __ ] oh,[ __ ],and then just realize its a regular,yeah one of her friends or something it,could look like yeah it could look like,anything it could look like a friend it,could look like its somebody she,doesnt know it look like anybody really,um negatives and overall just want to,say I did I really liked it but there,are negatives still um what what did you,think about the whole section with the,with the pool and ashy edge and shooting,and like they were like firing like like,guns and then that and then they were,throwing the like lamps back at it and,all that oh yeah um well yeah we could,just say this is a spoiler section here,so if I get into it in detail here this,is just kind of like the spoiler section,but to explain the negatives I think we,have to be a little more specific so,youre talking about the end of the,movie so anybody whos seen it knows,what were,talking about I always felt like it kind,of bothered me that the rules with this,thing were always kind of inconsistent,they shot it one time it falls down it,gets back up and okay got it you cant,kill it you know cuz because earlier in,the movie when theyre on the beach,dont they shoot at and everything yeah,and then they pretty much do that again,they shoot it and say I know they have a,little bit more of an elaborate plan but,they end up just shooting it in the,water about two times and youre like,okay and I dont think I mean it still,doesnt explain did they kill did they,not I dont think they did anyway right,but theres a lot of things where they,kind of leave it open for you to decide,yeah um I thought it was too long in,general I just thought theres a lot of,fat that could be cut all alive I mean,its a reasonable length for a lot of,other films but I mean for our films,usually you know they should be on the,shorter side but um so its not terribly,long but I think it the way it felt it,just felt like it at times it was very,very slow what do you think of the,shining then oh the shining is very long,but theres parts where you cant,imagine it any other way but when hes,in the bathroom the whole time hes like,no great thats a movie that has to be

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