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  3. Students: Heres how to get started with IXLs Real-Time Diagnostic
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IXL overview for middle and high schools

welcome to ixl where we make it easy for,you to meet every students needs,trusted by over 750 000 teachers and,used by 12 million students,ixl is a platform that makes it simple,for teachers to implement personalized,learning effectively in their classrooms,ixl is built on four key components,a comprehensive k-12 curriculum,the real-time diagnostic,personalized guidance,and actionable analytics,they work together seamlessly to give,you everything you need to differentiate,instruction and help your learners grow,and we know that ixls approach to,learning works,in studies covering over 60 000 schools,in 26 states,results show that schools using ixl,perform better than schools using any,other program or method by up to 17,percentile points,and those gains keep increasing the,longer a school uses ixl,lets take a look at how ixl can help,students achieve more,ixl has spent 10 years creating a,comprehensive curriculum with more than,8 500 skills covering math,language arts,science,social studies and spanish,[Music],i excels curriculum is completely,aligned to the common core,allstate standards,popular textbook series,and supports success on assessments like,the sat and act,[Music],plus ixls checkpoints provide you with,accurate insight into student,proficiency on key standards,as students learn and grow on ixl,ixl analytics provides you with,actionable insights that help you better,understand their progress and make,better instructional decisions every day,for example,the trouble spots report helps you use,your class time more effectively,it identifies the skills that your,students are struggling on most,and shows you exactly what to re-teach,so you can get them back on track,and with live classroom youll know,right away when a student needs help,a teacher favorite this report gives you,a live look at class progress and alerts,you when students are stuck or are off,task youll be able to step in and,provide support the moment its needed,[Music],ixcels personalized guidance gives you,another simple but powerful way to,differentiate instruction,ixl uses insights from students work to,provide personalized skill,recommendations,these recommendations are always up to,date,and guide each student to the skills,that will help them tackle their trouble,spots,extend their learning and more,finally to personalize learning even,further,teachers can use ixls real-time,diagnostic,lightweight and easy to use the,real-time diagnostic assesses students,grade level proficiency on key math and,language art strands,based on those results the diagnostic,generates a personalized action plan for,each student,with skills that will help them fill,gaps and grow from where they are,with ixl at your side you can use your,class time more effectively,respond to individual student needs,efficiently,and focus on what you do best,helping students learn and grow,ready to learn more,start a trial or request a quote today

Make the most out of IXL

are you struggling in math class our,topics coming up in class that you never,learn do you have an assessment coming,up that you want to prepare for if you,answered yes to any of those questions,then I Excel is for you welcome anywhere,math under Jacobsen and on todays video,were going to show you how to make the,most out of I Excel lets get started,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],I Excel is a really great resource to,improve your math skills to get started,just complete the diagnostic test to,start the diagnostic test all you need,to do is click on diagnostic and then,click on step into the arena to make,sure that youre only taking the math,diagnostic go to this top corner click,here and make sure youve selected math,otherwise youll get math and language,arts,then I Excel will give you two questions,to choose from and its totally up to,you which ones you choose choose one and,go ahead and get started if you know how,to solve it obviously solve it but if,there are questions that you come across,that you dont know how to do or youve,never seen yet go ahead and click I,dont know this yet if you want to take,a break or just see how youre doing you,can click up here on the top left where,it says see your levels and see your,different levels for your overall math,level and it also broken down into,different topics and you can see that,some of them already have a number and,some of them dont thats because you,havent answered enough questions in the,diagnostic test for Excel to know,exactly what your level is to fix that,all you got to do is step back into the,arena and answer more questions the,diagnostic test is a way for I Excel to,learn more about your skills and what,you know and what you dont know when,you first start out according to I excel,the math test will take about 75 to 80,questions to complete before I Excel is,able to give you an overall math level,for our English its a little bit less,but the important thing is you dont,have to do all of these questions all at,once you can do some come back and do,some more just make sure that when you,are first starting out that you get this,done first and foremost its important,to remember that the diagnostic test is,continuous which means that you can take,it as many times as you want and,whenever you want according to I Excel,they would recommend that people do 10,to 15 questions per week just to make,sure that their levels are staying,up-to-date and accurate once a student,has completed the initial diagnostic,test they will receive an overall math,and you can see theyve got an overall,math level of 610 which means they,should be just starting the sixth grade,level of 600 means youre getting ready,to start the sixth grade a level of 500,starting the fifth grade and so on but,then you can see that when we break it,down into the different topics this,student is doing very well in geometry,fractions numbers and operations but,then algebra and algebraic thinking,measurements data statistics and,probability theyre a little bit behind,you can use this information to help,fill in some gaps that you might have,and improve your overall math level its,also important to remember that the,diagnostic test is continuous and once,you have a an overall math level it,doesnt mean youre finished you should,continue to do the diagnostic test,throughout the year to make sure that,these these scores are up-to-date and,accurate and hopefully as you take it,more and more hopefully your levels are,are improving once thats done you have,a few different options of how you can,use I Excel now that you complete your,diagnostic test the first thing I would,recommend doing is click on diagnostic,and then look at some of your,recommended skills now you might not,have recommended skills for every every,topic here but hopefully you have some,and my suggestion would be to start with,the ones where you have the lowest level,so right here for this student their,measurement score is 490 and thats,definitely an area that they could,improve on maybe they have some gaps in,their knowledge so all you got to do is,click on your recommended skills and,youll notice the color was blue so when,I go to when it takes me to,recommendations if I scroll down this,one is outlined in blue so is this so is,that and so is that so those are all,four of those recommendations that the,diagnostic test has made for this,student youll notice theres a whole,bunch of other recommendations but,thats because this is giving all the,recommendations not just for math but,also for language arts so if we want to,focus on the math,youre gonna want to click on those ones,that are highlighted in blue if it was,for measurement for example and another,important thing to look at is is what,grade theyre from so this is a fourth,grade skill same with this one same with,this one,but this is a fifth grade skill so you,know if youre just getting started it,might be a good idea to start with those,skills that are probably below your,grade level just to make sure you you,understand them well and you can,hopefully move on from them pretty,quickly so all you have to do is click,on one of these skills click try it and,now youre in the learning section of I,Excel I Excel will give you a bunch of,problems and your goal is to improve on,your smart scores so you start at zero,and as you go youre sparked your smart,score will improve I Excel has has made,a video explaining exactly how the smart,score works unlike traditional scoring,the IXL smart score analyzes question,difficulty answer accuracy and,consistency to pinpoint students level,of comprehension as students answer,questions theyre smart score moves up,and down between 0 and 100 and questions,become harder or easier to challenge,them at the perfect level while students,are still learning the goal is to build,a strong foundation as they become more,confident with the material and answer,questions correctly theyre smart score,increases whenever a question is missed,detailed explanations help set students,back on the right track,and once a student has proven that they,have an excellent level of understanding,they move into the challenge zone and,really put their knowledge to the test,inside the challenge zone students dont,just demonstrate their skill,comprehension but true mastery students,must work carefully read explanations,and really focus on the problem in front,of them questions in the challenge zone,can be difficult and it may take longer,to make strides so students should feel,free to take breaks and return to the,skill later their progress will be saved,and they can always continue practicing,and improving ninety is considered,excellent and eighty shows a strong,grasp of the skill which may be,appropriate when first introducing a,concept start with an initial goal of 80,and challenge students to grow from,there want to see the smart score in,action visit I Excel calm if you dont,want to work on the recommended skills I,Excel is provided you can also just,learn on your own so if you click on,learning recommendations is the first,thing that comes up but you can also,click on math and then all you need to,do is either select your grade level or,the topic or skills that you want to,work on so grade level I think is,probably the easiest if again this,student is in sixth grade they can click,on 6th grade and its got all the skills,that might be taught in 6th grade the,start skills are ones that a teacher has,recommended so you can see that this,students teacher has recommended a bunch,of skills for them to practice,especially it looks like on integers and,you can also see that this student has,gotten scores of 100 on almost all of,them which is great that means they have,mastered that skill so if you are,studying something and you want a little,bit extra practice even if your teacher,has not recommended the skill you can,come into the learning section and start,working on them if you are getting ready,for a new unit and you want

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Students: Heres how to get started with IXLs Real-Time Diagnostic

[Music],i excels real-time diagnostic helps you,understand what you know,and what you can do to grow well walk,you through how to use the diagnostic,and how you can use it to make progress,at your own pace,if youre working on the diagnostic at,home make sure you have a quiet space,where you can stay focused,its also important to make sure that,you answer questions on your own,without the help from a parent or a,sibling for example,we want to be able to see what you know,so that we can create a learning plan,just for you,sign in to your ixl account,click on the diagnostic tab and enter,the diagnostic arena,here youll answer questions to show,what you know,when you first enter the arena youll,get to pick between two questions to,answer,select whichever one looks interesting,to you and do your best to answer the,question,well tell you right away if you,answered it correctly and youll get a,new problem to solve,but remember that this isnt a test,the diagnostic is discovering what you,know so that we can show you what youre,ready to learn next,so its okay if you answer some,questions incorrectly,and if you come across a concept youve,never learned before you can click,i dont know this yet to skip the,question,as you answer questions ixl works behind,the scenes,to figure out your knowledge levels and,well share those updates with you,youll see notifications when you narrow,down or pinpoint a level,and when youve generated a new skill,recommendation,if you have access to both math and,language arts on ixl,the diagnostic will switch between,questions from both subjects,but if your teacher has asked you to,focus on just one subject,you can do so by using the filter at the,top right,select the pyramid for math or the book,for language arts,you can exit the diagnostic arena to,view your stats at any time,this is what it looks like when your,levels are all pinpointed,with stars in every section it usually,takes about one hour per subject to,pinpoint your levels,but you dont have to do this all in one,sitting,we suggest splitting it up into 30,minute sessions,once you have all of your stars you are,ready to move on to the exciting part,based on your work in the diagnostic,arena ixl gives you,personalized recommendations for skills,that will help you grow from where you,are choose one of these skills each day,to work on,and aim for a smart score of 80.,[Music],one last thing remember to visit the,diagnostic,often answering just 10 to 15 questions,in the diagnostic arena each week,will keep your stats and recommendations,up to date,that way youll always have the right,skills to strengthen your knowledge,you

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IXL Math review

there are loads of math apps and math,curriculum,on the market these days for,homeschoolers but which one is the best,for you,today im going to review one of the,most popular math apps,ixl learning math im sharing what i,like and dislike about,it how i use it and at the end,ill give you some recommendations of,other apps,if this one is not a good fit for you,ixl learning math is an online,math practice app for pre-k to grade 12,students,it can be purchased either monthly or,annually,i prefer to use it on a monthly basis as,my kids tend to get bored of math apps,rather,quickly this way we can dip into using a,math app now and then rather than using,them every week throughout the school,year,the platform offers much more than math,it also offers language,arts science social studies and spanish,but this review will only focus on math,i mentioned this because some folks,might be looking,for an all-in-one platform and this is,one of the most comprehensive,for multi-grade levels out there the,platform allows you to choose the,subjects to purchase,and you can add additional students to,it if you want,all subjects are also accessible via the,ixl app which is available on android,tablets,ipads iphones and kindle fire,i like to start out by stressing that,like many math apps,ixl math is really only useful for,practice,your child will need to follow another,curriculum,or a more comprehensive math app to,introduce the math,concepts but ixl math is where they,could go to,for extra practice i find it really good,for diagnostic evaluations,to both determine your childs math,level,as well as pinpoint the math skills your,child should work on,i also like it as a go-to app on those,crazy days when nothing is going right,or when you are traveling and you would,like to just plug,into something to get some get your kids,some practice,while you put out fires or regain your,sanity,recently my brand new printer broke so,the curriculum we were,using which required us to print it out,wasnt going to work,the printer repair shop told me it would,take two weeks to get my printer fixed,so i subscribed to ixl math and also,language arts to provide my kids with,something to do,when i was too busy to do a proper,homeschool lesson,to be honest i feel that the program has,many good features,similar to what youll find in other,programs but here are the great ones,the ones that i think ixl math really,excel in,diagnostic the diagnostic tests are,great,they dont only reveal your childs,current skill level,but also make lesson recommendations,also during the test your child can,start and stop it at any time they like,this is very practical if you want to,spread out the test over a few days,so your kids dont get bored and just,randomly choose answers,to get through the test as soon as,possible i also like that you can choose,a specific,math skill to diagnose students can also,note when they come across,something which they havent learned so,it will not,negatively affect those test scores,[Music],curriculum and alignment with ccss,i get the impression that ixl learning,does a tremendous amount of marketing,and is probably one of the most popular,apps,im happy to say it looks like they have,spent some of their profits,to do a thorough job of aligning their,program,with the ccss us state standards as well,as,standards from other countries this is,really helpful if you are following a,particular set of standards,or in the off chance youre moving to,another country and you want to see how,compatible,things are,here are those aspects of ixl math,which are commonly found in other math,apps and curriculum,ease of use its easy for students to,use,compared to a few other math apps out,there,this one is a bit easier to navigate,around,even kindergartners can really navigate,around it,providing they have the ability to use a,mouse effectively,feedback not long ago getting instant,feedback on your work was a big deal,today it is an industry standard ixl,math does a good job of this,another thing i excel math does well is,not wasting a lot of time,shooting off fireworks with,congratulations signs and whistles,blowing,while these may be cool for kids for a,few days,they quickly go bored of them and in my,opinion,they just slow things down too much i,prefer ixls approach of just flashing a,correct banner,when they got a correct answer and then,move right on,it also provides you with constant,feedback about your,childs progress through email this,information,allows you to see the milestones your,kids have accomplished,as well as how much time they are,spending on the program,each day believe me this is a great,management tool for parents the overall,design of the program also means,i dont have to worry about going into,it and making weekly assignments,its all done for me this is a great,time save,on those crazy days when i cant spend,as much time,homeschooling as i would like to i can,tell my kids to do some work on ixl math,and it will let me know what they have,done this way,they know that i know exactly what,theyre doing and if they completed,their assignments,and how much time they put into it every,day,the program allows parents to see their,kids progress,at any time as well as gives them a list,of what their children have mastered,adaptive curriculum another thing that,parents say they love about,ixl math that nearly all apps have,nowadays,is an adaptive learning path this,adaptive curriculum,presents appropriate lesson,recommendations to children,so theyre not working on something too,hard or too easy,i ixl math allows kids and parents,the freedom to choose what they want to,focus on for the day,this makes it easy to assign content,areas,that provide extra practice to what,youre covering in their normal math,program hey i know its hard to find the,perfect curriculum fit in good apps,so subscribe to my channel i also put,together,a free comparison guide of homeschool,math curriculum apps,it compares 20 different homeschool math,products,keep watching to get it itll spare you,loads of frustration,and save you a lot of time and money,the main things about this program that,im not crazy about,are really probably more subjective than,objective,i think the overall appearance of the,program is a bit,boring especially for younger learners,it doesnt have the games and online,adventures that some other apps have to,engage,learners ixl math is very focused on,test style preparation i personally find,this very boring to teach,and also to learn and it doesnt lead to,learning very well,i wish it had more variety of question,types,more hands-on and experiential learning,it can it could do with more,applications of math to real life,i do realize that ixl math is a math,practice,app it is not intended to actually,introduce,new math concepts to kids but in spite,of this,having that functionality is sometimes,useful even if youre like me and you,want to introduce,math concepts to your kids face to face,i find that when kids get stuck on these,practice,math apps they often need more help with,the underlying,math concept rather than just hints on,how to do the procedures,alternative suggestions here are some,suggestions,if i excel learning math isnt a good,fit for you,one if your child is under five years,old,might consider beanstalk math seeds,or happy numbers if your child still,needs alternative ways of understanding,the math concepts,think about dream box learning manga,high,time for math facts cern or happy,numbers,if your child responds well to,worksheets,and book work may be a popular home,school curriculum like,a becca horizons math lessons for a,living education,or singapore math just might be what,they need,if your child needs concepts explained,and demonstrated,i would consider cern or time for,mathematics,if you would like to see a two minute,walkthrough of this,product and others showing their key,features,just click the link in the description,below for free access ill,also throw in my comparison guide f

Homeschool Curriculum Review | math IXL

are you worried that your child is not,getting enough practice in reading or,math or science or social studies or,your kids bored during a coronavirus and,you want to make sure they dont fall,behind in school,well today Im going to share with you a,free website that can help you quite a,bit,hi Im Chris Allen and today were going,to answer a request by Niels Jeffery,from Oklahoma Neils asks I havent used,I excel but a friend recommended it it,seems to be only drills I like to know,what you think about it,well Niels lets dive in and take a look,at I excel,I Excel is a website with thousands of,social studies language science math and,even Spanish practice questions it comes,in a Chrome version iOS version and,Android and its very closely linked to,the Common Core and state standards for,K to 12 as well as the next generation,science standards for grades two to five,it provides great targeted,individualized practice with solid,feedback however its repetitious,drilling and practice with no,presentation of content and no reeled,applications means that its mainly,designed for practice,it has four parts the math and language,arts part span from pre-kindergarten all,the way to grade 12 the science and,social studies parts cover topics for,second through eighth grade topics and,the Spanish part completes level one of,Spanish how does it work,students practice one skill at a time,and earn ribbons and points when they,answer questions correctly when they,reach a hundred points for a given skill,the children receive a stamp in their,book and this encourages them to,practice the other skills and to even,earn virtual prizes the practice,sessions are timed so its actually,quite useful for test prep the questions,within a section are very repetitious,but students who are looking for a,variety can jump around from one topic,to another and theres recommendation,sections to give them some type of,guidance one of the strong points of I,excel as it provides individualized,reports with item and the analysts and,trouble spots that allow you to see the,specific information you need so you,know what to target when you teach your,children the trouble spot report is very,useful and you can quickly identify what,problems your kids are having and what,type of extra help you need to give them,the recommendations page is great,because it helps your children work on,questions that are at their level right,from the beginning kindergarten and,kindergarten kids might find it,difficult to navigate at first but if,youre there by their side they should,learn they should be able to pick it up,quite quickly from pre-k up to grade 2,theres audio support although it does,tell parents what exactly their children,need to practice theres no way that,parents could assign specific tasks or,standards,for their kids to focus on one nice,thing about this product it can be used,for different curriculums around the,world because it can its connected to a,large variety of curriculums including,all the different state standards it is,actually great for drill and practice,but it doesnt really do a lot to,promote learning because it doesnt,present the concepts it doesnt provide,applications real-world applications but,I would use it as a supplementary,product or as homework to give my kids,opportunities to practice the,explanations when students make mistakes,are very good but it requires the,students to be strong readers if there,was a multimedia approach that would,provide visual support and listening,support that would be very useful for,the students,whats cool about it I like the,individualized reports,I like the alignment with the CCSS I,also like that it provides thousands of,questions for students to practice and,right from the beginning they can start,practicing their problem areas as well,as things that theyre correct level,what I would like to see improved is it,would be great if they took it a step,further and provided some way to present,the concepts to the children it would,also be great to have real-world,applications using the content that the,children have learned and more variety,of question types would even open-ended,question types would actually add to it,quite a bit,I would use it purely for practice,meaning that instead of assigning,worksheets to my kids to do as homework,for practice I would gladly assign this,to them and have them do it in lieu of,homework my kids took to it very well,when they started using it but over time,over about six months they honestly got,quite bored with it,so I stopped it Ill probably go back,and start using it again in another six,months or so if you would like to know,more about this subscribe to my youtube,channel and check out these related,videos

IXL Learning (Homeschool Review)

[Music],Misha came here coming to you guys with,interview for my whole family about I,Excel learning so this is the online,learning program that has a app it also,has a website I reviewing the full,annual membership for all subjects some,of the subjects are going to be from,second grade through eighth grade and,then they have math which is available,from preschool on up as well as language,are teachers available from preschool on,this also includes Spanish some includes,some snippets of my children working,with this program and it will be back,with our thoughts on how we all enjoyed,it,alright so bad what you think so far,okay so right now he is in social,studies and he is doing the continents,and oceans set what do you like about,the program so far like writing it down,have them write it down on a piece of,paper or trying like Nick aid up in like,a bit just give you a small visual okay,do you feel like the positive things,that it gives you letting you know when,you got something right or assisting you,when you get something wrong and having,the education part of it do you think,thats helpful yes okay Im like an,awesome I like how it gives you a second,chance on so many questions,oh yeah,[Music],which pen is longer look at share,princess challenge song which piece of,wood is the shortest if longer,good job arrow we have not had an arrow,before the house so we have Bambi Im,working on this right now hes my nanny,thats thats how many minutes youve,done this 98 look at you Im so proud of,you,three plus two Im so proud of you,youre awesome you know that you are so,awesome you earn three medals and this,is saying you practice today for 30,minutes and you have three skills that,you mastered and you got two prizes,thats what that means,good job thumbs up thumbs up okay,tell you what she likes about the,program so princess,um did you like doing the online program,tell me what you tell much of a robust,when I put our butterfly in the right,day okay so you like doing the butterfly,game so it has a game on there where you,can take pictures and you can drag them,up and she like doing that what else to,do like doing what about when you had to,learn letters right here well not when,you have to learn letters do you think,that was easy or hard,not hard okay um did you learn many new,letters,no okay did you learn any new numbers,no okay did you learn new gates no went,back into questions okay when you insert,the questions in math against the,questions in the reading part thats,Matt okay thats what you like one of,the math of motion did you play new,games yes okay what about the reading,part if you learn new words no okay,what about learning the capital letters,uppercase and lowercase letters do Im,happy that other kids your age should do,this program yeah hi guys so here is the,big one hes 11 now okay alright tell me,your thoughts about the program what you,liked about it I liked about how you get,it push them wrong you may get a wrong,name but then it gives you a couple more,questions and it brings back that,question that you answered so it gives,you another shot instead of just you,asking you one question then you get it,wrong and theyre not asking you that,question,give you another chance okay to work,okay what did you think about the,explanation is down at the bottom its,chin I like the exclamations join how,like were really the origin of the word,came from or where the origin of that,theory came from where it came from,period okay which subject out all of his,you actually had access to every subject,the little ones did not out of all the,subjects which one was your favorite to,work with my favorite one would have,through the number one social studies,and they member – it has to be max okay,and in social studies what did it cover,someone social studies it covered the,continents the seven continents and the,seven oceans and it also covered and,also covered how to spell this the,continents and oceans – okay now you,have to do diagnostic testing a little,bit of that and what did you think about,that process well I thought it was cool,how you were able to lick pick which,direction you wanted to go away like,this is actually an example like say say,say on one side it had you under math on,the other hand and on the other side it,has ultra studies and you can pick which,which which side you want to do next so,which question one do next okay what,about the option to wear it you didnt,understand it you can click I dont know,this did you like to have that,option yeah I like to have that because,not everybody knows it you even cheating,you even geniuses dont know everything,okay,would you recommend this or kids your,age yes yes sir like this do you prefer,the website or the app I prefer that I,never really thats true sometimes the,website will take a while could it be,wrong,any other thoughts okay so my turn to,share my thoughts on the program first,of all I definitely prefer the app over,the website the diagnostic testing I did,not see it on the app I only saw on the,website maybe I was missing something I,didnt have my son going through that,and he actually did like it usually hes,not a big fan of taking tests but he,went through most of it and it was able,to give him recommendations on where he,should start because theres so many,choices and so that narrowed it down for,him you know you dont need to go back,over this because you know that you,start around here and he was able to,pick from there where he wanted to go so,that was good for him I liked that it,had the Spanish option we have not,reviewed Spanish in quite some time so,having those Spanish lessons was great I,loved that it had the certificates,actually you can print a certificate,down you can just show it to the kids,thats what I did you will see,screenshots up at the program and all of,that on the blog on the board also,youll find extra details about this,program but I really wanted you guys to,hear from the children to see the,children and just understand how they,used it all right so for more,information about our date today on how,we use this program for more detailed,information from not just me from the,homeschool beuker you will click on the,link below and that will have a link to,my blog post and from there you can read,my thoughts as well as to go moline to,read the thoughts of other reviewers,from the whole score view crew this is,program I think has been very helpful in,our household and I would definitely,recommend it because its a variety of,many things its not just one somebody,gets so many subjects and they really,liked doing it 15 minutes here 20,minutes here you know youre out you can,have it on your phone,I love the app aspect I really wish a,lot of companies was definitely looking,into putting money into their apps and,making it usable even if our internet,service was bad we live in the country,we can still access that app better than,the website mean it we had no issue,because it was raining so soon all right,so thats all I have for you guys again,check below,thank you so much for tuning in I will,see you,[Music],[Music],[Music]

Using IXL Over The Summer | Theresas Reviews

hi Teresa from the Teresas reviews,YouTube channel and today Im joined by,two special guests Sammy and Georgie,from from the Syrian Georgia show and,today were here to talk about how were,getting through summer and using those,extra hours on rainy days for a good,reason for an educational reason three,new thing I excel and I actually bought,an IH sell monthly membership and then I,celebration ously offered to cover our,membership fee for the year and in,return Im going to fill you guys in on,how I excel is working for us so weve,actually been using I excel for the past,year through Sammys school and,Georgies also been using it and,learning pre-k math and language arts,and were now going to use it over the,summer and Im going to fill you guys in,at the end of those months on how it,worked and what we learned over the city,why dont you tell us more since you,used it a lot what its like what,subjects they have and what you enjoyed,about it it has four different sections,that you can use you can use math social,studies Spanish language arts and my,favorite is math because I like learning,about multiplication and addition and,Georgia,- she loves all right so I have Sami,about to log in from the parent account,into her own account so go ahead and,switch it over its as easy as just,clicking a different button all right so,shes gonna try some 2nd grade math so,all right what are you gonna try,get counting these Rockets by 10 one,neat thing about the IEEE Excel program,for the younger grades is that it will,read the questions aloud so if your,child is unable to read yet they can,still learn,[Music],and I am going in science when you do,one its different than the others it,will have stages and you have to collect,tokens or make a star or something and,you start at state one and then you have,to enter please participate to the stage,two,[Music],and,it has these little tokens over here and,[Music],other ones might have like this tokens,and the shape of the star and or,something,so you answer on this one you answers,six questions and then you get to stage,two,Ive been studying Spanish since,kindergarten and I excel you can keep,learning Spanish throughout summer,vacation and you dont really want to,lose that language so you can use all,these and it will have numbers letters,phrases grammar and vocabulary and,Spanish and some of the lower grades,dont have Spanish like on kindergarten,it doesnt have Spanish its only on,like older grades have Spanish and third,page in second grade have Spanish it,while something new just press this,button Ill show you,and this is Hatcher Elise,its social studies you can do tons of,different things like state government,people my celebrations Im going to go,to culture celebrations Thanksgiving and,this has stages too and the challenges,to em to answer three out of four,question questions correctly and yeah,and theres tokens in the corner just,like science so you can its fun to do,social studies I got my full mega and,then young game nether than I excel well,I hope you enjoyed our brief tutorial on,how I excel works its really fun and,interactive for kids and although we,love reading books together and going,out and actually seeing landmarks and,really experiencing learning over the,summer when we have all that time it can,also be useful to have an alternative to,watching cartoon something that will,help them get the facts down for cme,going into third grade being able to,know some multiplication facts are going,to be really useful,[Music],Im going into kindergarten shes got to,know were out so that she needs to know,some beaks its audition yeah but this,will make sure that the that takes over,the backwards over this summer that they,keep reinforcing those skills and its,enjoyable for them,right girls yes well thanks for checking,out our video today and I look forward,to sharing with you guys everything that,we learned of using I excel this summer,make sure that you like comment your,favorite way to learn over the summer,and subscribe for more tips on carotene,over the summer you guys later

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