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A New Era of Premium Earbuds (NEW JABRA ELITE 7 PRO)

jabra claims to have reinvented true,wireless earbuds with their new flagship,the jabra elite 7 pro but with so many,incredible earbuds selling for less than,100,adding wireless charging or anc is is no,longer enough to stand out in a sea of,wireless earbuds so what did jabra,actually do to make these earbuds so,much better well they did a couple,things lets get into it,hey everyone welcome back to the channel,im mike obrien and like i said this is,the jabra elite 7 pro a pair of earbuds,that have been much anticipated by,anybody following earbuds and i mean i,personally have been really excited,about these since they were announced,and more importantly since i reviewed,the jabra elite threes but before i,explain what the difference is here,lets kind of take a little rewind and,talk about a brief timeline of jabra,earbuds so two years ago jobber came out,with the elite 75 ts in my opinion,these were arguably the best jobber,earbuds that they ever made at least,until now but that was because they had,fantastic bass they had a great battery,life a great fit very very comfortable,and for a long time they were one of my,favorites on this channel in the earbud,reviews and my comparison videos they,usually came up on top or at least very,near the top and then last year so one,year after the 75 teas jabra came out,with the 85 ts and the jobber 85ts i,thought kind of took a step back so,while they were better in that they,added powerful active noise cancellation,and they added a qi wireless charging on,the case they took a step back because,something i really liked about jabra was,that compact form factor the small case,the long battery life like fitting,everything into something so small i,thought was really important and the 85,ts added a lot of ball and then a couple,weeks ago jabber came out with the elite,threes and since i reviewed them on this,channel which ill link to that down,below i actually really love these,earbuds fantastic case very similar,design to what we saw on the 75 tees and,since i made that video ive actually,worn these on every single run ive gone,on which is several times a week thats,because i find that theyre lighter and,more secure and and overall i just feel,like theyre better for workouts than,most other earbuds on the market but now,we have the jabber elite pro 7 which im,more than confident is definitely going,to take the place of the jabber elite 3s,at least for my workouts i really like,these earbuds and lets start off with a,physical tour to see what theyre,actually good at now you can see the,case design is a little bit different,and at first i was skeptical of this,because one of the things i really loved,about the jabra elite 3s and the 75ts,was the compact case i thought it was a,fantastic design the way it opened it,was small it fit well in your pockets,and everything about it just made a lot,of sense but now they went with a more,clamshell design more similar to what we,saw with the galaxy buds which is,another case design that i definitely do,like of course with this new case design,you are getting a bigger surface on the,bottom for qi wireless charging which i,think is a positive and you do have some,fast charging options where you can,charge it for five minutes and get one,hour of listening but when you open up,the case by far one of the best features,of these earbuds is that incredibly,small compact size and shape so these,earbuds fit incredibly comfortably in my,ears much like the jabra elite 75ts,actually even better than those honestly,and theyre more secure than the 85ts i,found that these earbuds not only feel,incredibly light when youre working out,they dont feel like theres too much in,my ears not a lot of pressure build up,and being that theyre so small and,compact you would expect all right maybe,they compromised on sound quality maybe,they compromised on the battery life,they actually didnt either just as a,side note i have a lot of other earbuds,on my desk right now so if you want to,see those videos coming out very soon be,sure to go down and click that subscribe,button and the bell icon so you dont,miss those videos so as i mentioned one,of the aspects of jabra earbuds ive,always been really fond of is how flush,they are in your ears so when you wear,them they never look like they stick out,too far theyre never too bulky and now,these being even smaller are even more,subtle so whether youre wearing them,for video meetings or whether youre,wearing them on a bus or in public or,any other situation a subtle light pair,of earbuds i think looks a lot nicer and,speaking of looks they also come in,three different colors so these are the,black and gray ones obviously theres,also an all-black version and an all tan,version so i mean honestly you can,choose whichever one looks the most,subtle to you something strange i,noticed with these earbuds is when i,take them out of my ears because the,silicone tip is so soft a lot of times,it turns inside out and looking on the,outside youll see another thing ive,always really liked about these earbuds,being the really perfectly tactile,physical buttons so unlike a lot of,earbuds that have touch controls the,physical buttons i think perform better,when you are outside and youre wearing,gloves or if your hands are wet or,literally any other situation where you,want to use a button instead of a,physical touch control i think theres,more situations than not where touch,controls just end up not working as well,as you want them to so physical buttons,are fantastic im happy to see that on,here and looking on the inside of the,earbuds youll see we have our charging,nodes we have our tiny little proximity,sensor these do actually have auto play,and auto paws when you put them in or,take them out of your ears i think,thats a great thing to have and they,have microphones that are really hard to,see on these earbuds but well get into,a microphone test in just a second to,see how good that actually is because,again when you go on their website that,was one of the massive claims they made,theyve been talking all about their,improved hear through their improved,microphones and everything along those,lines so really summarizing the physical,design i think its smaller its more,compact they still have physical buttons,the physical buttons feel great and now,they have ip57 water resistance and dust,resistance as well meaning that these,are really durable so physical design,has always been something jabber really,did well and i think thats a great,thing that i commend them for but the,the microphones have never really been,leading the pack so the fact that,theyre claiming that these are leading,the pack makes me really interested in,trying them out so lets actually get,into a test right now and see how the,microphones actually sound okay so,getting into a microphone test this is,what it sounds like indoors in a studio,environment with the jabra elite 7 pro,so you can leave a comment and let me,know how these sound to you but of,course youre not always going to be,indoors in a quiet environment sometimes,youre going to be outside on a sidewalk,or near some noisy traffic so lets go,in a louder environment and see how they,perform there,all right so now were outside by a,pretty busy road a lot of ambience out,here so leave a comment and let me know,if you can hear what im saying in a,noisier environment now with such a,compact design you might assume that,jabra compromised on the sound quality,or the battery life and thats actually,not the case i found that these earbuds,have a pretty fantastic battery life but,depending on where you look you find,different numbers like jobbers website,said 8 hours or 30 hours with the case,but on the box it says you get 9 hours,with the earbuds and 35 hours with the,case regardless of what it is its a,fantastic battery life and it should,definitely get you through a pretty long,time listening to these and another,benefit is if for some reason you wanted,to

Jabra Elite 7 Pro vs THE BEST ???? With Mic + ANC Test (vs Sony WF-1000XM4)

這些可能是 Jabra 上市的最令人興奮的耳塞,即 Jabra Elite 7 Pro,主動降噪耳塞。它的零售價為 199 美元,它確實是為了取代,Elite 75T,帶來一些改進,例如更小的耳塞、骨傳導傳感器 在有風的條件下可,提供 更好的通話質量、耳塞的電池續航時間長達 8 小時,,以及額外的 22 小時在具有主動降噪功能的情況下,耳塞經過重新設計,以更好地貼合,現在,您可以 獨立 使用左耳塞或右耳塞,,而對於 Elite 75T,您只能使用 正確的耳塞 。所以是的,,有一些很大的改進,但也有一些權衡。我最喜歡的 75T,功能之一是能夠同時將 2 個不同的設備連接到耳塞,並,從其中任何一個接聽電話或收聽媒體,但這次 Jabra 取消了多點,配對,而是為它們安頓下來能夠獨立使用左右。,現在,當然還有一些其他的權衡我將在單獨的視頻中介紹,,這將與 Elite Active 75T 和 Elite 3 進行深入比較,,所以請訂閱並按響通知鈴,這樣你就不會不要錯過 這個頻道的,那些視頻 。但就目前而言,我要將它們與我目前的日常驅動程序(,市場上最好的降噪耳塞之一索尼 WF-1000XM4)進行比較。,我們將關注適合和舒適度、功能、音質、通話質量、,降噪性能以及遊戲和觀看視頻的藍牙音頻延遲。,7 Pro 採用小巧緊湊的外殼,與 XM4 的尺寸大致相同。,它支持 Qi 無線充電和通過 USB-C 充電,儘管我很好奇為什麼,端口位於正前方。我不討厭它,但我更希望它不那麼顯眼,,可能在後面、側面或其他任何地方而不是前面。耳塞非常,貼合,與 索尼 相比,它們只需插入即可,所需的擺弄或調整要少得多,,但它們確實適合鬆一點。有些人可能更喜歡更緊身的 款式 ,但這些寬鬆的,款式在長時間穿著時確實會感覺更舒適。與 XM4 不同的是,,它們具有按鈕控製而不是觸摸面板,因此 在 ANC 和透明模式之間,切換 或控制音樂或音量 時,會有更多的觸覺反饋 。是的, 默認情況下,,這些按鈕 確實具有音量控制。相比之下,XM4s 沒有這個功能,除非,你在應用程序中激活音量控制,即便如此,你也必須犧牲其中一個,不理想 的默認 控制功能,就控製而言,我更喜歡賈布拉斯。,我喜歡 7 Pros 的另一件事是 MySound 校準。現在,以前的 Jabras 也有它,,但是讓這些耳塞聽起來更好是很容易的。您基本上是 在 Jabra Sound+ 應用程序中,進行聽力測試 ,耳塞會根據 您的耳朵對各種頻率的 敏感 程度來,校准其聲音 ,然後您會突然 聽到以前從未聽過的 音樂中的細節,。當然,如果您更喜歡手動調整聲音, 您可以通過圖形均衡器,進行調整, 或者在 Jabra Sound+ 應用程序中選擇您喜歡的聲音預設。,Sound+ 應用程序還提供自定義按鈕控制、調整降噪和,旁聽透明度以及獲取軟件更新的選項。它的功能可能不如,索尼 XM4 的 Headphones Connect 應用程序 豐富,,但它幾乎擁有您需要的一切。 另一方面,XM4s 與 7 Pros 相比的一個巨大優勢是,通過 Hi-Res LDAC 音頻編解碼器 流式傳輸音頻 ,再加上 Hi-Res 認證,這證明它能夠,重現常規耳塞頻率範圍的兩倍。而 Jabras,僅支持標準的 AAC 和 SBC。因此,如果您是發燒友, 即使它們更貴,,您也可能會選擇 索尼,因為它可以流式傳輸高分辨率音頻。,但是,讓我們假設您並不那麼關心高分辨率音頻,您只是想要出色的音質,,它們實際上在音質方面相當可比,例如它們在,高音時聽起來 都 一樣閃閃發光,它們的聲場同樣開放和通風,,並且在低音性能方面,它們在高低音頻率中再現了幾乎同樣多的細節,,因為您可以在低音吉他中拾取幾乎相同水平的顆粒感。,但是我確實注意到 7 Pros,在較低的低音音域中有點肉感,因此低音頭可能會從它們中獲得更多 的衝擊力 ,,但我也注意到 Jabra 已經從重磅、有衝擊力的低音中退後了一步之前的 Elite,型號,取而代之的是在 7 Pros 中追求更平衡的聲音特徵。話雖,如此,與 XM4 相比 , 它們的中音更悠閒,因此人聲聽起來會更柔和,、更遙遠。它的音軌分離與 50% 音量下的 XM4s 一樣乾淨,但,在更高的音量下,XM4 比 7 Pros 更好地保持音軌分離和清晰度。,說到音量,7 Pro 的聲音確實比 XM4s 柔和了大約 5-10%?,真的沒有太大的區別,但仍然需要注意。總的來說,我覺得 7 Pros,的價格聽起來確實不錯,但當然,如果您要流式傳輸高分辨率音頻並享受,所有多汁的細節,那麼 XM4s 已獲得高分辨率認證並且 比 Jabras,具有更低的本底噪聲 ,會更有能力處理。,Jabra 說 7 Pros 都是關於通話質量的,所以我對這個測試非常大肆宣傳。,我將把它的通話質量與 Sonys 進行比較,像往常一樣,我將播放一些非常響亮的,咖啡館風格的背景噪音,以模擬在嘈雜的咖啡館撥打電話。,我認為很明顯 Jabra 的通話質量聽起來更好。,它的背景噪音消除比索尼的更安靜,我的聲音聽起來也很清晰,,而索尼的聲音聽起來更臃腫。,然而,它的背景降噪並不完美, 它的 質量不穩定,,但它們具有我在一對耳塞中聽到的最好的通話質量之一。,對於降噪測試,我將播放與,以前 相同的背景噪音 。讓我們看看這些耳塞中哪一個具有更好的 ANC。 所以很明顯,XM4s,在消除噪音 方面更有效,。泡沫尖端和強大的主動消除的組合,很難被擊敗。 Jabras 消除了相當多的低頻,噪音,因此總體上您會得到不錯的消除效果,只是不是同類產品中最好的。,現在我們將看看 7 Pros 在 Apple 和 Android 設備上,玩遊戲 和觀看視頻 時有多少藍牙音頻延遲 。我將使用的 Apple 設備是,iPhone SE 2020,對於 Android,我將使用三星 Galaxy S21 Ultra。,首先,遊戲音頻滯後測試。作為參考點,讓我們看看,iPhone SE 的內部延遲是什麼樣的 。這是直接來自 iPhone 揚聲器的音頻。,現在是 7 Pros,然後是 Sony WF-1000XM4。然後我們將在 S21 Ultra 上重複相同的測試。,正如我們所看到的,Jabras 的藍牙音頻延遲更多,平均約為半秒,,而索尼的延遲更少。因此,雖然我會將這些耳塞用於,聽音樂或觀看視頻 等其他用途 ,但這些不會是我玩遊戲的首選。,但請注意,這僅適用於玩遊戲或實時內容。如果您,使用 YouTube 或 Netflix 等應用在手機上觀看視頻,則不太可能出現,太多延遲或任何延遲,因為這些應用具有自己的延遲校正功能,可自動,延遲視頻,使其與視頻更好地同步。音頻,像這樣。,總之 ,精英7優點確實有過索尼的一些優勢。它的通話質量, ,更好,這可能是人們關注它的主要原因; 如果您經常在戶外,它具有,更好的防水 性,並且它的總電池壽命比 Sony 更長,為,30 小時,而 24 小時。但是我不禁想知道為什麼 Jabra 選擇不 對此 實施多點,配對。對我來說,這是較舊的 Elite 耳塞 在競爭中 的主要優勢,。我可能錯了,但我認為 Jabra 耳塞曾經是唯一支持真正 多點配對的,耳塞 。我的意思不是簡單地在先前配對的設備之間切換連接,,而是實際上同時保持配對,而不管設備類型或品牌如何。以這個價格,,我認為保持這種優勢會更明智,畢竟它是針對,Pro 用戶的。現在, 在如此嘈雜的空間中,您,很難與競爭對手區分開來 。但總的來說, 如果您正在尋找出色的通話功能,Jabra Elite 7 Pro,,這些絕對值得一看 。,順便說一句,如果您想讓我將 7 Pros 與某個產品進行比較,請,在評論中告訴我。我即將推出更多視頻,因此請務必,訂閱並按響通知鈴,以隨時了解來自該頻道的新內容。,感謝收看,如果你喜歡這個視頻,請點贊和分享。還要向 我在此列表中的朋友,大喊大叫, 他們通過 眾籌網站 Patreon 每月捐款一美元或更多來支持該頻道,。如果你也 想把 你的名字列在這個名單上,請加入我,的 Patreon,你不僅可以幫助這個節目繼續下去,你還可以獲得一些非常酷的獎勵,比如,在每個視頻的末尾顯示你的名字。在最高級別,您,甚至可以獲得免費商品。所以如果你想幫助支持我的工作,鏈接在下面的框中。我也,有一個不和諧的服務器,如果你想出去玩,請加入。更多視頻即將推出,所以不要離開。

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Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review – I Stopped Looking For Other Earbuds

the jabra elite 7 pro came out it was,ruined by incomplete firmware thankfully,its gone through several updates making,it ready for prime time comes in three,colors titanium black gold beige or,black which is the one that im,reviewing today its packed full of,features costs 180 but is often on sale,for 160 which makes it incredibly hard,to beat for full transparency i did,receive this product in exchange for an,unbiased written review on bestbuy.com,but out of my own volition decided to do,a video review they have no idea that,this video even exists and it will not,bias my opinion in any way shape or form,starting off with the fit and comfort,fit will vary from person to person as,we all have different ear shapes but,jobber says that they scanned 62 000,ears to create the perfectly shaped,earbud and i must admit they are very,comfortable and i often forget they are,actually in my ear they have frequency,dependent pressure relief vents to,prevent the pressurized feeling you can,get with some anc devices they use their,own unique ear gels over the standard,rubber ear tips which will vary in,thickness and have a more rounded tip,for increased comfort they are some of,my favorites as they are extremely soft,and malleable and dont cause any,irritation in my ear they are very,similar to those found in the airpods,pro unfortunately they dont have a vent,to prevent earwax from entering the,speaker which could be an issue for,those of you that produce a lot of ear,wax they are very secure in my ear and,im pretty sure i could be knocked into,the multiverse and these earbuds,wouldnt go anywhere,making them great for universe hopping,or i mean i guess something more basic,like workouts last they sport a physical,button over touch making adjustments,very easy the earbuds themselves are,small lightweight and have an ip57,rating which is nearly unheard of as,most other earbuds have an ipx4 rating,this means they are highly dust,resistant and can be submerged in water,up to 3 meters for 30 minutes without,harm this is my favorite feature as i,wear them all the time in my hot tub and,actually have had them fall into the,water and taken a lot of showers with,them and ive never had any issues so,you excessive sweaters out there can,rest easy the entire device is made from,abs plastic which can be a bit slippery,and gets shiny over time i think i would,have preferred a different material like,the marshall mode 2 have they reported,has six microphones but i have no idea,where those are actually located when,im looking at the device as they have,two grilles on the front side to the,left and to the right which could be the,microphones or could be the pressure,relief vent for active noise canceling i,really dont know on the back you have,two pins for charging and in between,them is the proximity sensor thats you,have l or r so you dont get confused,because i guess you could like try,putting them in the wrong ear but they,are shaped a very specific way so youd,really have to convince yourself that,that was right the speaker is extremely,small allowing it to tickle your brain,they sport a crazy 8 hour battery life,compared to the 4 to 5 you see with most,other earbuds you can use either bud by,itself they quickly connect to each,other when going from mono to stereo it,has the most modern bluetooth stand,which is 5.2 and it quickly connects to,your device on the front of the earbud,you have a single large button which has,mild pre-slash post travel and strong,spring back force leading to a very,crisp click that they absolutely nailed,you do hear that click in said ear,further notifying you that the button,has indeed been pressed there is about a,second delay before it does anything,which is pretty status quo as far as,latency goes but is something they could,definitely improve on if youre giving,it a lot of inputs it can occasionally,freak out where the connection for both,of the earbuds will flutter to be synced,but this resolves in about a second each,earbud has a small led on the front to,notify you what the earbud is doing when,you place them in the case it will blink,red for charging when you take them out,it will be green for on each time you,press the button it will turn green to,notify you that it registered to click,interestingly when the in-ear detection,is turned on and it isnt actually in,your ear that button is disabled and,wont register any inputs which is a,nice feature that a lot of other earbuds,simply forget about when you go into the,pairing mode by holding both buttons,down it will flash blue last the led,stays off and doesnt blink during noble,normal use meaning it wont be,distracting in a dark room they also,have a voice assistance where it will,guide you through what it is doing such,as connected two devices connected,disconnected to pair go to the bluetooth,menu on your smartphone etc and the,voice is well done as for the case it is,excellent as well it is small and,compact making and easy to fit in the,pocket or bag the outer shell is made,from the same abs plastic as the earbuds,with the same problems being quite shiny,slippery and picking up smudges like a,boss but is quite resistant to scratches,and still looks almost brand new despite,regular use,on the front you have a usbc charging,port and just above that is the led that,will change based on the overall charge,these percentages are estimates by me,but give you a good general idea of what,they should be at with green being,greater than 75,yellow slash amber for 25 to 75 charge,and red for less than 25 on the bottom,you have the q,key symbol i dont know how to say it,for wireless charging which works well,with the top and bottom of the case,being flush and it being very small you,need some serious moves to get it open,with one hand upon opening the case all,three leds will illuminate to notify you,everything is working the inside has a,rubber texture along with charging pins,for each bud this rubber is smudge,central and can get mucked up from,earwax but is easy to clean the earbuds,are held in magnetically snap into place,which makes them feel high quality the,angle they sit at makes them very easy,to remove the latch is magnetic and,feels good to open and close but the,hinge appears to be mostly plastic which,gives me some concerns going into the,battery life the earbuds have eight,hours of battery compared to the usual,four to five as i mentioned earlier with,the case being around 22 hours which is,about average most the time i see 24 for,a total of 30 hours from my,non-scientific testing this is pretty,accurate they report a 292 hours of,standby time other earbuds will stay on,in a low power mode to quickly connect,when taken out of the case but will,continuously drain the battery which is,horrifically stupid seriously it drives,me nuts as when you go to use them after,a week or more they will be dead making,them completely pointless these may do,the same thing as they connect very,quickly but ive gone a month or more,without using them only to pick them up,and have plenty of juice left in them,nice when the earbuds get to about 20,percent they will tell you the battery,is low then go a long time before,telling you it is low again as it gets,to the two to three percent range it,increases in frequency during each of,these alerts i noticed some static and,disconnection from each button which,sorted itself out within a second or two,you can get an hour charge in five,minutes greater than 50 charge in 30,minutes and a full charge in 2.5 hours,which seems dramatically longer but they,probably do that to save the battery,over a long period of time by not,allowing it to heat up too much as for,the sound ive tried the airpods airpod,pros sennheiser momentum jabra 75t lg,tone fn9 marshall mode 2 and several,other cheaper wireless earbuds and these,are the best sounding i rate them an 8.5,out of 10. they support six millimeter,custom speakers to eliminate sound,distortion while using intelligent,algor

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Jabra Elite 7 PRO Review | Best Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds of 2021??

whats going on guys welcome back to,another video today were taking a look,at the jabra elite 7 pro these are,coming in at 200 bucks and they are the,latest pair of active noise cancelling,earbuds from jabra so lets go ahead and,check them out starting off with the,charging case so this time around they,kind of went away from the usual upright,design that we typically see from jabra,this ones got more of a clamshell,design and i think this is the first,charging case that ive ever seen with,the charging port on the front of the,case not quite sure how i feel about,that yet but there it is and right above,that you have a single led indicator to,help you gauge your battery life and,also the case does support wireless,charging youve got a matte finish all,the way around overall build quality,feels really good and youve got some,nice strong magnets to help keep the,earbuds in place moving over to the,earbuds these are much smaller than the,previous jabra elite models especially,the 85 t,so that is going to impact the fit which,well talk more about later and then,this time around they went back to the,round silicone ear tips compared to the,oval ear tips that we saw on the 85 t,when it comes to the controls they are,physical button controls and they are,fully customizable within the jabra app,so youre getting all of your playback,controls including volume as well as,your ambient sound control and if you,dont like the default configuration you,can create your own,so the earbuds are running bluetooth 5.2,and theyre using sbc as well as aac for,their audio codecs so no aptx which is,something we did see with the jabra,elite 3 you are getting independent use,so you can use either the left or the,right earbud independently and then,these have an ip57 dust and water,resistant rating which makes these the,first waterproof anc earbuds that i,think ive come across,most active noise cancelling earbuds are,going to give you an ipx4 rating at the,highest so with these having that ip57,rating technically you can submerge them,in water when it comes to battery life,youre looking at roughly eight hours on,a single charge and that extends to a,total of 30 hours with the case and,these do feature fast charge so just,five minutes of charging will give you,roughly one hour of listening time,youre also getting auto pause or smart,pause which means that anytime you,remove one of the earbuds from your ear,your music will automatically pause and,then once you replace them back in your,ear itll automatically resume,something i was hoping for was,multi-point connection but as of right,now youre not getting that with these,earbuds there are some rumors going,around that this may come later through,a firmware update so well have to see,how that plays out now when it comes to,the fit with these being the smallest,earbuds that ive ever tested from jabra,they fit me better than any of the other,previous models so if you have small,ears like myself these are going to be,your best bet when it comes to jobber,earbuds in terms of comfort about two,hours is when i started to experience,some fatigue i think if you have larger,sized ears youll be able to wear them,for longer periods of time and then as,far as the button controls theyre very,accurate and as usual they dont require,a whole lot of pressure to use them so,it doesnt feel like youre just jamming,the earbuds deeper into your ear,whenever youre trying to control your,music or answer a phone call now when it,comes to the sound quality youre,getting that typical dynamic sound that,were used to seeing from jabra youre,getting plenty of bass plenty of mids,and highs and you have a fully,customizable eq within the jabra sound,app so you can come up with your own eq,profile or you can choose from a short,list of eq profiles and if thats not,enough they also have the my sound,feature which basically develops a,custom eq profile based on your hearing,as far as the base i do feel like you,get more of that boomy subwoofer type,feel on some of the previous jabra elite,models especially the jabra elite 75t,youre still getting a good amount of,bass on the elite 7 pro it just feels a,little bit more controlled and not quite,as boomy as some of the previous models,overall i do like the sound again its,very dynamic especially once you start,playing around with the eq controls you,can really dial the sound to a level,that works for you and on top of that,you are getting some really good max,volume now when it comes to the active,noise cancellation these are pretty,close to the 85 t i think theyre,slightly more effective and that could,be due to the round ear tips providing a,better seal compared to the oval ear,tips of the 85 t youre also getting an,adjustable slider within the jabra app,so you have five different levels of,active noise cancellation i would still,say bose and sony are at the top in,terms of anc and then i would put these,in the tier right underneath those when,it comes to the transparency mode it is,extremely effective so for those times,you want to hear all of your surrounding,noises these will certainly help you do,that some people might feel that the,highest setting is a little bit too,strong so you can dial it back a little,within the jabra app to get a more,natural sound but overall it does work,very well,now when it comes to phone calls these,are using what jabra calls its,multi-sensor voice technology so its,using a total of four microphones along,with bone conducting sensors to give you,the best possible call quality so lets,go ahead and do a microphone test to,give you guys an idea as to how you,would sound if you choose to use these,for phone calls,alright so this is a microphone test of,the jabra elite seven pro testing,testing one two three testing testing,one two three uh this is a quiet,environment so now lets go ahead and,see how they sound once we add some,background noise,all right now we got some crowd noise,being played on a bluetooth speaker,right to the left of me here so this,should give you a rough idea as to how,you would sound if you choose to use,these in a more noisy environment,testing testing one two three testing,testing one two three so overall i think,the jabra elite seven pro are an,excellent option if theyre able to add,multi-point connection through a,firmware update i think that would make,these even more attractive but youre,getting great sound quality solid active,noise cancellation a really effective,transparency mode and excellent call,quality so thats going to be it for,this video do me a favor if you found,the video to be helpful go ahead and,give it a thumbs up as well as subscribe,to the channel and if youre interested,in grabbing a pair of these earbuds be,sure to check out the affiliate links,down in the description aside from that,as always ill see you guys next time

Better than AirPods Pro in 2021? (Jabra Elite 7 Pro Review)


all right moving right along whats,happening everyone its adam welcome,back in todays video man techtober i,swear theres so many things to review i,wish i had the money and the time to,review all these products but im only,reviewing products i really like or im,really interested in and when the jabra,elite 7 pros which is what im reviewing,today came out i was stoked mainly,because i had a really good feeling,these are going to do great with the,microphone quality but also with active,noise cancelling now its a weird,awkward metal child between the 75 t and,85 ts especially with the naming scheme,i mean where does elite 7 pro fit in,i mean this is the first time they had,pro in any naming product they had with,their earbuds or even headphones so,thats what im going to be reviewing,today thanks for watching ahead of time,and i hope this helps so first off lets,go over the specs of these because,theres a lot to cover with them so,number one they come in three different,colors i got the,silverish black ones they come in all,black at best buy and then they also,have a beige color which was my favorite,but those were extremely back ordered so,they have active noise cancelling you,can use them in mono and stereo mode yes,i said that right you can use each,earbud independently finally because,they didnt come with that for the 85,ts the wireless connectivity is,bluetooth obviously bluetooth 5.2,and they have a range of 33 feet for the,connectivity ip57 water resistant so,in other words i think these are now,that i think about it i think these are,the first true allies earbuds you can,pretty much take a swim in and dunk them,in water and the microphone should work,still as well as the audio the battery,life is eight hours of battery time with,the earbuds out of the case 30 hours,total with the charging case and it,takes about five minutes with fast,charge to give you an hour of playback,there is qi wireless charging and a,charge via usbc,so thats quite a bit of features,already not including the microphone,performance that theyre that seems to,be the biggest thing theyre promoting,and ill definitely do a pretty heavy,duty microphone test i mean you cant,maybe you can see it in the frame but i,have my bluetooth speaker right here to,do a few different types of microphone,tests to see how well they do,so so far so good and when it comes to,the case it has a matte finish very,premium filling it doesnt attract,fingerprints really easy there is a led,light indicator for your battery life,and then the usbc port is on the front,which i dont mind at all i dont really,care where it is i mean its not like i,use them at the same time im charging,them in my pocket or something so for me,so far so good and when it comes to the,controls i actually have one important,thing i noticed and that is with the app,between android and ios so with ios you,dont get volume controls for some,reason and i did email jabra about this,hopefully they do a firmware update even,after this review ill be totally fine,with it but im not sure when so as of,october 19th if they do it tomorrow at,least i wonder ahead of time still but,with android you do have volume controls,where you hold it for a second on either,earbud depending on how you configure it,for volume up and volume down besides,that the controls on either app are the,same so pretty much have your basic,control settings here play pause,pressing once double tap to skip forward,triple tap to go back you can customize,the left or the right for cycling,through a anc here through and turning,it off and when youre on calls this is,something very important to bring up i,thought was awesome you can turn cytone,on and off while youre on a call now,and you can mute your calls so thats,what makes these feel really pro when it,comes to the controls is finally i just,feel like you have total control,of everything youre doing even on phone,calls now but again theres no,multi-point connectivity with these i,dont know how much of a big deal that,is for you but i think its going to be,a while until,thats kind of the standard with true,wireless earbuds period i mean its,really hard to do that with technology,like this i mean you have two different,earbuds connected to each other trying,to connect to your case and your phone,thats a lot of different connections,you know so,i i dont think its a big deal i mean,im kind of over it at this point,honestly all right now lets talk about,the fit of these so im going to put,them in my ears and obviously im going,to have here through on because the anc,is way too good ill be talking way too,loud but,before i get to how good the anc the,hear through and just overall sound of,these are i have to say the fit is one,of the best fits i ever had in a pair of,true wireless earbuds where,coincidentally the only pair of earbuds,as far as comfort goes that compete with,these and that includes doing workouts,and everything are the jaybird vista,twos where those the anc is not as good,as these ill just say that off the bat,but for 199 dollars i would say the fit,is absolutely comparable with those in,the same price range and,overall i think its because they have a,way better seal where the silicone tips,dont feel so cheap and they feel more,pliable and mushy i guess,theyre not the silicone foam tips that,you would find in the wf1000xm4s,but i wasnt really a big fan of those,anyway i like it when its more this,kind of material,because its just easier to take in and,out of my ear and it just i just have to,adjust weight less and yes i will do a,shake test real quick to show you how,well they do fit,okay hopefully that was good enough,because when i usually work out in these,or go for a run or a walk or whatever,i really have to adjust these and it,doesnt matter what im doing they fit,well and they basically stay in your,ears its,only if i push the buttons a little too,much obviously i have to adjust them,then but its rare so the media tips are,what fit best for me but they do have,small medium and large hopefully thats,the right fit for most i think it will,be they fit great now lets talk about,sound with these so,first thing ill say right off the bat,when it comes to the sound is i noticed,a dramatic increase in bass with the,elite seven pros compared to the 75 ts,and 85 ts this is the best way i can,put it im not an audiophile but this,one makes sense so theres some earbuds,and i think most where instead of the,drivers,increasing more and based on working,harder on base its really just an,increase in distortion and reverb so it,sounds like theres more bass it just,basically gets louder,these actually work harder with the,drivers to give you more bass i feel it,a lot more in my ears with these,than the 85 ts and the 75t so that,alone tells me these are much better and,i would say get these over those just if,you care about music quality now when it,comes to the meds and the lows and to,give you some reference and music i was,listening to meek mills newest album,big seans detroit album the latest one,he came out with evil empire for age,against a machine and also tools fear,inoculum album so a wide range of music,with just those alone and testing these,didnt matter if it was danny careys,drums and fear inoculum or if it was,maynard singing and eat the elephant,or if it was all the bass especially,with the intro song of freaking meek,mills new album,everything bumped everything sounded,great i mean i had no issues when it,came to clarity hearing instrument,separation and overall i think jabra did,much better without sounding typical,with their music profile where i usually,prefer to have a music eq preset for,whatever im listening to these it,sounds great just on the neutral setting,but if any of that is not enough with,customizability on your own or the,preset eq settings they also have my,sound which basically is letting you,know or testing how good you hear,frequencies and it will tune an eq,profile literally to your likin

Jabra Elite 7 Pro VS Sony WF-1000 XM4 | Closer than you think

lets compare the jabra elite 7 pro,versus the sony wf0000xm4 earbuds at the,time of making this video the jabra,elite 7 pro costs 200 australian dollars,as opposed to 300 for the sony wf000xm4,which makes the jabra elite 7 pro the,winner of this round and in terms of,portability both the cases are,lightweight as they are built entirely,out of plastic and has a very small and,slim footprint to carry around in any,sort of pockets and the sony xm4 earbuds,have some metal accents where they house,the microphones and some subtle branding,going on on both of the earbuds and,neither of which looks bad and since,weight wise also they are very similar,you will not get tired by wearing any of,these for a very long period of time,also the way both of them sit on the,ears are very similar and i found that,both of them gives a very proper and,secure fit and if youre thinking about,taking these earbuds out for workouts,then they would be perfect as the elite,7 pro has ip57 rated while the sony xm4,is ipxo rated which essentially gives,you the same level of water and dust,resistance so instead of splitting hairs,in this round im going to call this,round a tie again both the cases support,wireless charging which is very,convenient and offers fast charging over,an usbc cable but there are some,differences in total battery life the,sony wf000xm4 can last up to 8 hours,with moderate volume level on the,earbuds and with the case you can,recharge them twice on the other hand,the jabra elite 7 pro can last 7 hours,on the earbuds with similar settings but,offers 3 extra charges on the case which,gives them an extra 4 hour worth of,battery life over the sony xm4 this is,why the jabra elite 7 pro wins this,round,the jabra elite 7 pro offers physical,controls instead of touch controls like,the sony xm4 both offer the same range,of functions like answer or decline,calls play or pause music skip between,tracks and toggle between nc modes and,integration with amazon alexa however,the tactile feedback that you get from,the jabra earbuds make sure if you have,registered the command or not whereas,with the sonys touch controls there is,no such feedback so there is a little,bit of a learning curve but still its,very responsive nevertheless however i,feel that physical controls always work,better on such tiny surfaces than touch,controls as there is a greater degree of,accuracy with registering certain,commands hence why the jabra elite 7 pro,wins this round and connectivity wise,both the earbuds connect via the latest,bluetooth 5.2 technology and supports,multi-point feature that lets you,connect the earbuds to two devices,simultaneously however none of the,earbuds support aptx codecs as they both,went with sbc and aac support but what,separates the sony from jabra is their,support for ldap codec and that is why,sony marginally wins this round,the jabra elite 7 pro is pretty good at,noise cancellation some people complain,that they do not feel like there is any,anc at all but i felt like if you ran,the jabra app and then followed the,steps to personalize the anc mode in a,noisy environment like right next to a,street or something then you will get,some good performance out of these,earbuds otherwise i do not think the anc,will impress you in any way on the other,hand noise cancellation is an area where,sony has come leaps and bounds from,where they were before like five years,ago now they are competing with the,industry leaders like pose and beating,them at their own game and this is also,true with the sony w1000xm4,the noise cancellation here is simply,one of the best around and if youre a,jogger then you will love features that,reduce the sound of wind similarly their,transparency mode is also very,impressive it makes everything around,you sound very natural and not too,amplified so side by side there is,really no contest in this department as,sony can cancel way more higher and,lower range frequency than the elite 7,pro which makes the sony xm4 the winner,of this round,both the earbuds share the same kind of,neutral sound profile which means both,of them perform really good across,different genres of music and for the,vast majority of listeners both these,earbuds will work just fine the,mid-range frequency is also very similar,and you will find that lead instruments,and vocals are coming through no matter,what the settings or genre of songs that,is being played but if you dig a little,bit deeper you will see that the trebles,of the sony xm4 is very dull and under,emphasized and no matter what i did with,the equalizer i could not really get,them to sound warm on the other hand the,jabra elite 7 pro has better treble to,base ratio and are more accurate across,all the frequencies the tighter bass and,warmer treble on the jabra might not be,everyones cup of tea mainly if you,listen to a lot of hip-hop or edms as,the xm4s are more boomy but i prefer,accuracy as it gives a much more,balanced sound as you will not have to,deal with your bass overpowering other,frequencies on higher volume levels,which can make the sound very muddy and,that is why the jabra elite 7 pro wins,this round,the microphone of the sony wf-1000 xm4s,mic check mic check one two three one,two three mic check mic check one two,three one two three one two three,testing the microphone mic check mic,check one two three one two three mic,check mic check one two three one two,three one two three so as you just heard,i think that the call quality on the,sony xm4 is not bad while the mic does a,good job at separating voice from the,ambient noise but the voice itself,sounds a little bit thin and muffled,compared to this the jabra elite 7 pro,picked up a lot of wind as well as all,sorts of background noise which will,make it quite hard to hear the actual,voice on the receivers end so that is,why the sony w1000xm4 wins this round,and in terms of features the jabra elite,7 pro allows you to track your earbud,via the app which is really handy but,other than that there is nothing much to,talk about however sony has put a lot of,tech inside their earbuds and the way,you can customize the earbuds are also,second to none my favorites are sonys,dsee extreme audio processor with hai,which was designed to upscale low,bitrate music files to near high-res,quality then there is the speak to chat,feature that pauses music as soon as you,speak without having to take the earbuds,off and so much more i could make an,entire video on the features of the,sonys app and their earbuds because,there is just so much content there so,this round definitely goes to the sony,w1000xm4 so as you can see that after 10,rounds both the earbuds are neck or neck,but i am going to pick the winner here,nevertheless for me the jabra elite 7,pro is a much more better buy than the,sony wf0000xm4 and should be the winner,because they cost less money has better,sound quality and has a better battery,life yes there is a difference in class,when it comes to call quality noise,cancellation and some other internal,features but i think these are qualities,that come secondary and im happy to,live without but thats just me please,let me know what your thoughts are on,the comment section down below and if,you enjoyed watching this video then,please like share and subscribe this is,nufi signing off till next week peace

Jabra Elite 7 Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro Noise Cancelling Earbuds – LIVE MIC TEST!

all right we got ourselves a showdown,here the brand new jabra elite 7 pro,against the highly popular apple airpods,pro now were going to find out in this,video if you should consider the jabra,over the apple so lets get started,right now,[Music],for those of you that are new here my,names david this is the channel headset,advisor where we review and compare all,the latest headsets speakerphones and,webcams to help you make a better buying,decision so hit that subscribe button,and notification bell so you dont miss,out on future videos just like this one,all right im going to put the technical,specs a side by side of both these,wireless earbuds just so you can pause,this video if you want to read all of,that technical detail now lets take a,quick close-up look of each of these,designs the jabra has a all black design,this is the titanium color its,available in three total colors whereas,apple has their signature white color,and they have a touch sensitive buttons,with apple whereas jabra has actual,physical buttons on each wireless earbud,you can switch out the ear tips on both,these models from small medium to large,to help you find a fit that best suits,your specific ears which is always nice,when you wear the apple you can kind of,see it more as it protrudes out a little,bit more whereas when you wear,the jabra its a little bit more sleek,as far as when youre wearing it doesnt,look as,vivid or bright to me both of these,wireless earbuds utilize bluetooth,technology you have 5.2 with jabra and,5.0 with apple which allows you to,connect to mobile phones and computers,with bluetooth enabled on them,apple recommends that you use the air,pods of course with apple devices such,as your iphones ipads and mac computers,however you can pair it up with other,bluetooth enabled devices just so you,know but they dont say its compatible,with other ones its just apple devices,jabra is says its compatible with any,bluetooth enabled device both of these,headsets weigh in at 0.19 ounces so,theyre just extremely,comfortable for all-day use and they,still have pretty good battery life you,have five hours up to five hours with,apple but you have up to nine hours,with jabra so thats very impressive for,wireless earbuds that weigh almost as,light as clouds do,and you can get up to 35 hours of,listening time through the charging case,and with apple you get up to 24 hours of,listening time through the case and,thats assuming you dont have active,noise cancellation on either of these,headsets you have,active noise cancellation built into,both of these models,and both of them have the pass-through,technology so if you want to hear your,surrounding maybe youre walking in a,busy street and dont want to get hit by,a car,turn on hear through or pass through so,that you can hear whats going on around,you the price point of both these is 249,for apple and its 199 for the new jabra,elite 7 pro now one last note i want to,touch on is the waterproof rating jabra,is rated at an,ip57 where apple is rated at an,ipx4 so its more just sweat resistant,rather than waterproof,like the jabra so i did a review of the,jabra elite seven and you can check that,out here i actually dunked it in water,for 10 seconds and still was able to,have a phone call and listen to music no,problem at all but lets get to the fun,stuff lets hook these earbuds up and,test out that microphone so that you can,hear them loud and clear so now we are,talking directly through the apple,airpods pro and this is with a,completely,quiet environment now this is the jabra,with both earbuds in this is,ultimately what it sounds like on the,other end of a phone call or a meeting,when youre in a very quiet room now,this is office noises going through the,camera microphone,now were switching over to the apple,airpods,pro,and this is the office type noises and,well see,70 to 75 decibels here now this is,office noises going through the,microphone office now were on the jabra,typically here candle,elite seven pros here this is what it,sounds like and this speaker is right,next to me very loud lets see how many,decibels,now this is dogs barking through the,camera mic with no noise cancellation,now you have the apple,airpods pro this is what it sounds like,testing one two three all right now we,have dogs barking through the camera,microphone no noise cancellation now we,have the jabra this is what it sounds,like so if your dog fighter decides to,start barking in the middle of your,phone call this is what the other end of,a phone call will hear if you want to,win free headsets we are giving them,away every single friday at 10 a.m,pacific standard time all you have to do,is just enter your email into this url,here for your uh chance to win so make,sure you enter right now all right now,lets get back to the next microphone,test,all right so this is what the blender,sounds like to the camera microphone no,noise cancellation now this is the apple,airpods,pro and this is whats a blender so if,you want to blend up your perfect,margarita or fruit smoothie,this is what it would sound like when,youre talking next to it or trying to,get through a meeting and this is what,people on the other end of that meeting,will sound like now this is a blender,through the camera mic,now were on the jabra,earbuds here so this is what it sounds,like next to a blender uh,about 80 decibels here all right so this,is what it sounds like in a windy,environment through the camera now were,on to the apple airpods pro so if youre,walking around its a little windy out,this is my what it sounds like now this,is what it sounds like with the fan,through the camera mic,now this is what it sounds like on the,jabra mic here there is some rigorous,testing with both of these wireless,earbuds as far as microphone quality,goes what do you think sounded better,was it apple or was it jabra both as far,as quality of voice,and also noise canceling technology put,your thoughts in the comment section,below would love to hear what you think,about the overall microphone performance,between these two,now in regards to sound quality,that is the most important factor that,people consider wireless earbuds not,only is it not a headset that goes over,your head and is bulky but its small it,doesnt mess up your hair and then you,can use them to go to the gym you want,to sound really good for music podcasts,and movies,so,when it comes to sound quality for both,apple and jabra i was listening to them,back and forth,quite a few times and its really hard,for me to distinguish which one i liked,better,both,sounded very similar had good bass had,good uh mids and highs now,if i were just a pick maybe id say,apple you know one percent uh was more,favorable for me but it was very very,close as far as my personal opinion,about the sound quality so thats how,good,they are getting at making these,wireless earbuds and at a price point of,50 less for jabra you know its,definitely one one you want to consider,getting just because the price points a,little bit lower and you have,all of the same audio experience as well,as the same features the active noise,cancellation the pass through,everything that you would want from,wireless earbuds is on the jobber as,well so something to consider as far as,sound quality goes,all right now when it comes to comfort,this is another big reason that you,consider wireless earbuds and choose one,brand over the other right now im uh i,have both earbuds,the jabber in my right ear and i have,the apple in my left ear here,and they definitely feel different on,the ears like,the apple feel the weight feels like,more on the exterior of your ear and,kind of the weight is pushing down on,the lower part of your ear whereas the,jabra feels more like its going a,little bit in your ear canal and feels,more balanced as far as weight goes all,right now to get to the apple software,here but youll see that you have this,airbot icon,where your volume icon is so lets go,into that just long pres

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