1. Jabra 75t Elite ACTIVE Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW
  2. JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 75T Earbuds [Big Bass, Big Battery, Small Earbuds]
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  4. Jabra Elite Active 75T Review
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Jabra 75t Elite ACTIVE Truly Wireless Earphone – REVIEW

a portion of his video was sponsored by,Robin Hood hey everyone if you guys,recall the drummer 75 Ts that reviewed,about a month or two ago were actually,one of the best one of my top five truly,wireless earphones at that moment,actually I made a video about that but,the next model and drummers lineup they,follow up here is the drawbar elite,active 75 Ts and I know they look the,same I was skeptical too but theres a,new coating on here theres improved,water resistance and maybe some other,additional features here Ill test it,and find out for you guys as always,being transparent job I did send this,over for review my assessment was not,altered in any way Ill be going over,both pros and cons these retail at the,time of publishing for a hundred and,ninety-nine dollars here in the US but,Ill leave my affiliate links down in,that video description below click on,those links and theyll give you the,most updated prices in real time do you,never know when these things might go on,sale,Im Jimmy with gyms reviewer and Im,here to help you guys make that purchase,decision welcome everyone to another,review,hey folks this portion of my video is,sponsored by Robin Hood now one thing,that I wish I did sooner was invest,early on and let compounding work for me,with Robin Hood you can invest into,stocks options and ETFs right from your,phone and if you have uninvested cash,that youre just waiting to use you can,earn interest on it so your money,doesnt sit idle earning nothing and,with fractional shares you can buy,stocks in any amount companies like,Apple Amazon Tesla for as little as a,dollar and thats with no commission,fees or account minimums so whether,youre new to investing or ready to,learn or just looking for a better,experience stop waiting and join the,millions and the Robin Hood platform,right now all investments involve risk,register with Robin Hood with my link,down to that bit of description below,and you can claim a free stock as well,go to sign up that Robin Hood calm,thanks again to Robin Hood for,sponsoring this portion of my video now,back to your regular content so going,over the physical features first theyre,small theyre slim and theyre,lightweight now one of the biggest,reasons why I like these the earphones,dont stick out past my ears and thats,something a lot of you guys are taking,for granted not saying these are the,Holy Grail earphones at the Samsung buds,plus are one of the other competitors,that comes to mind coming soon here but,Jabra suits us with small heads really,really well it looks really good as for,stability and comfort play around the,ear tips I switched to these small shell,ear tips and they were perfect very,comfortable Im not jamming these into,my ears to make them fit but just,naturally pressing them in it creates,that snug feeling and it creates an,excellent amount of passive noise,isolation now I test this at the gym and,during my jogs here they simply stay in,because theyre very much a low profile,its very light theres there just,simply isnt excessive bounce that,caused the earphones to fall out now the,active model does have this rubberized,coating on the earphones and also on the,charging case and I love this tactile,feedback on things that are plastic it,gives it a little bit more of a premium,feel now I dont drive a BMW I cant,afford one but if you ever felt the,plastic molding in those cars they have,this grippy rubber or silicone like,coating some premium headphones have,this to touch some product sunglasses,the arms on those and the arms on those,feel to have that same tactile feedback,as well I dont,on Pradas but Im just saying the Cody,just nice now these do give a grippy,texture and the elite actives,but sharper might hate me for saying,this here but the Elite 75 the ts the,previous model were perfectly fine,before the added coating didnt seem to,make these that much more stable if,anything they made a more premium,feeling in my personal opinion not a bad,thing but just being upfront about the,experience now jumping into protection,just being funny here but the Elite 75,teased the previous model gives,Sylvester Stallone like protection with,an IP 5 rating the elite 75 Ts is good,for up to low water jet sprays its,still rugged like Sylvester Stallone,still badass clearly suitable for many,out there but the active gives you Bruce,Lee levels of water blocking pour water,into a cup it becomes a cup pour water,into a pot it becomes a pot with the,elite actives ip7 rating it doesnt,matter what you put it in submerge this,into water for up to 3 meters and up to,30 minutes the elite actives should be,able to handle it at test this in my own,cup and the elite actives are still,working fine today,now lets get a closer look here at,physical buns are on either side they,are very sensitive with a gentle tap,here everything is there from vibe up,and down pausing and play to voice,assistance of Google and Siri to audio,pass through which you drop or cause,hear through now pause the video if you,need to see all the functions there but,as I mentioned earlier theres excellent,passive noise isolation on these things,as in its actually one of the best at,creating yourself in the world without,the aid of active noise-cancelling but,if you need to hear your surroundings,tap the left ear bud and it enables hear,through allowing you to hear your,environment first safety and awareness,now you can control the amount of here,through ranging from superhuman hearing,to just an ever so slight amplification,on its lowest setting either or here,through is good now lets talk about,connections bluetooth 5.0 is offered,which is the bare minimum for future,proofing yourself at the moment this is,really good testing this for distance,this is just for reference here but I am,able to achieve 99% of coverage here at,my 1100 square foot apartment when,paired with my Android pick so for,excels smartphone testing this with,video on both my again picks a for Excel,and the iPhone 10 I did have any syncing,delays with both YouTube and Netflix,huge plus here for,video Watchers now as for Bluetooth,connections the Jabra elite active 75,Ts can handle up to eight devices and,be paired to two devices at the same,time during my time testing though I,found that I had to pause the initial,source first and then I would press play,on the other device and then the signal,would actually switch then I can have to,pause first and then it switches it on,as intuitive this was the same,experience and the elite 75 Ts as well,so just want to give you guys a heads up,on that now the next feature is single,earbud use if you want to use just one,earbud in you have to use the right one,of force you cant use the left ear but,these earbuds dont have single point,connection meaning each ear phone isnt,connected directly to your phone which a,lot of newer ear phones are switching to,at this time that helps with a more,stable connection with the jobbers were,still using the the master enslave,method for connecting the left ear bud,to the right one,theres auto pause and play if you take,off one of these earbuds the music will,stop when you put them back into your,ears and the music will resume cool,feature you can always turn this off as,well with my testing this works,perfectly flawless now last but not,least here the battery life dropper,claims up to seven and a half hours per,use ed with the charging case you can,get a total of twenty eight hours which,is definitely on the higher end of,performance with my battery test at 50%,volume from full to dead I was able to,achieve 6 hours and 46 minutes of real,world use the real world results is also,good and just slightly above average,here with other truly wireless earphones,as for the charging case just real quick,here there is fast charging 15 minutes,on the charger from dead will give you,up to an hour of music playback,theres USB C to charge these things,which should now be the standard for all,major brands moving forward so last b

JABRA ELITE ACTIVE 75T Earbuds [Big Bass, Big Battery, Small Earbuds]

all right it is earbuds season right now,we have so many coming out from the,galaxy buds plus to the Sennheisers to,the Bang & Olufsen ee8 we have the,jabbers right here,lots of earbuds coming out and these the,Jabra elite active 75t earbuds besides,just being a really long and annoying,name to say are actually a really,impressive pair of earbuds so you may,notice that they look familiar in this,video Ill dive in and tell you,everything you need to know about these,earbuds as well as touch on some,comparisons between these and the,familiar previous model the Jabra elite,75 Ts so youll notice its a similar,name just without active which is,self-explanatory with what the objective,difference is between these two so,obviously the actives here are meant for,working out or meant for running doing a,more active lifestyle so well touch on,that and see how true that actually is,but I want to start off with a physical,tour of these earbuds the case right,here is something that Ive been a big,fan of with the previous model I like,the shape and the size of it I like how,you can stand it up on a table and open,and see the earbuds there and charge on,the back it just I like this design a,lot you have the magnetic closure on the,lid right there its a pretty nice,magnet where it closes in a click shut,doesnt really ever come open and its,not too hard to open with a single hand,so I think that they definitely did a,good job designing this case one,difference so far is that theyre both,you know this and the previous model are,both polycarbonate cases but the actives,here are coated with kind of a soft or,rubbery feel right there I believe its,a silicone paint or coating on them that,should improve the water the water,resistance the water rating that we also,see on the earbuds and Ill talk about,that a little bit later on in the video,now the case on the front youll see,they do have that nice color on the logo,right there there are three different,colors you can get theres a navy blue,one there is a titanium black one and,then this right here is the copper black,which I think looks really nice you can,see the earbuds as well have that really,nice copper color on the buttons on the,outside and then it just matches so well,with the black I think these look really,good,these have a seven and a half hour,battery in the earbuds themselves and,then 28 hours when you include the case,which is very impressive and when you,check out the charging times theyre,slightly less impress,but it really is not a big deal to me so,unfortunately you will not be charging,this wirelessly it doesnt have Qi,wireless charging but you will be,charging on the back with a USB type-c,port right there right next to the,little LED indicator light and the,charging times after 15 minutes of,charging you should get one hour of,listening which is pretty good its,definitely not the best fast charging,out there but it is nice to have that,then we do also have for the entire 0 to,100% charging it should take somewhere,on the order of two and a half hours to,charge these which like I said is,definitely not impressive but,considering that you know its a pretty,large battery in these it makes sense,that its gonna take a little bit of,time these connect with bluetooth 5.0,and have a master/slave bud connection,which means your phone connects to the,right earbud and then the left earbud,connects to the right earbud which,unfortunately means that you cannot,listen to just the left ear bud its one,small drawback but when youre working,out with these youre most likely going,to be having two earbuds in at the same,time looking at the earbuds themselves,youll see that they have two,microphones on each earbud so one on the,outside and one on the bottom well test,that out in just a minute then on the,inside we have our proximity sensor,which allows you to automatically play,and pause when you put them in or take,them out of your ears we have the two,nodes right there for charging in the,case and actually these are held in,magnetically in the case so if you look,at that you can shake you can shake the,case like really hard actually and they,and they never come out on the outside,youll see these have a physical button,on each earbud and its really nice its,a nice large button easy to tap and its,a really gentle actuation that doesnt,make a loud sound in your ear I never,have any accidental presses with it and,having physical buttons for especially,active ear buds I think its really nice,compared to capacitive touch sensors,that we typically see because you can,use these lets just say youre running,in the winter and you have gloves on you,cant be using a cap touch sensor with,your gloves and so youd have to like,take your gloves out and change the you,know the volume or the song or something,whereas buttons they work just fine no,matter what youre wearing on your hands,and likewise if your hands are wet they,also work better with these than they,might with a touch sensor as well so,thats just something I really like,about these earbuds now lets get into,the microphone test now and see how well,hes actually sound alright so were,right next to a pretty loud,right now and this is the microphone,test so see if you can actually hear,what Im saying if you can comment down,below and let me know what you think of,the microphones on the earbud so looking,at the differences here between the 75,Ts the regular ones and the active ones,really there are three kind of small,differences the first one is the water,resistance which is probably the biggest,difference so ip55 was what they had on,the not active ones and these are ip57,so really the first digit theyre the,five is going to be your dust and your,dirt resistance they both are the same,and then the second digit the five or,the seven so 55 57 is going to be your,water resistance so the not active ones,means you can shoot a water jet at any,angle at them and they will not have any,damage which means you can sweat you can,be running in the rain,somebody could throw a bucket of water,on you you could be running and get hit,with a firehose and you should be fine,so you know if any of those happen to,you frequently no problem youre good,now the seven then means you can,submerge them so if youre running and,you frequently fall into lakes or swim,underwater accidentally then the 75,actives will be the ones for you I dont,necessarily recommend swimming with,these admittedly I have not tried it but,I just dont think people want to be,swimming laps with these earbuds in I,feel like its very likely to fall out,of your ear and sink to the bottom but,if youre in a pool I mean maybe try it,if anybody tried it like comment let me,know if thats a thing that you would do,the second difference is the colors Ill,show you on the screen right now what,the colors are and then the third,difference is the price being that the,new ones are an extra twenty dollars so,thats kind of a very subtle difference,there but I will be dropping links in,the description maybe if theyre on sale,they might be the same price they might,both be cheaper so check that out if,youre interested so a quick aside two,hundred dollars is that a good deal or,is that really expensive now I would,argue that that is actually pretty cheap,considering what youre getting with,these earbuds and actually I will be,comparing them to some more premium,models like the Sennheisers and the you,know air pods and many other more,expensive models out there that are in,the 250 to 350 dollar range so if you,want to see that comparison make sure,you go down and click the subscribe,button and the bell icon Ill be,releasing that video pretty soon these,go very far into your ear and they also,create a very nice seal on the inside,so that means you have better bass on,these which Ill talk about audio,quality in a minute but they also never,fall out so if I put these in my ear,again you put it in after like twists,very slightly and then if you you can,

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Jabra Elite 7 Active vs Elite Active 75T | Should You Upgrade? ????

大家好,我已經將 Jabra Elite 7 Active 與其他最新一代 Jabra 進行了比較,,但我沒有將它與它應該取代的 Elite Active 75T 進行比較。,問題是,如果你已經有了 75T,你還需要考慮升級到這些,嗎?在視頻的最後,我們會決定它是否是升級,好嗎?順便說一句,,如果你想看到更多這樣的視頻,點擊訂閱並點擊鈴鐺按鈕,這樣,你就不會錯過我的新視頻。好吧,7 Actives 帶來了,一些改進 。它們的電池壽命得到了改善,以前的電池續航時間為 5.5 小時,,總共為 24 小時,7 Actives 有 8 小時,總共 30 小時。相當大的進步,。他們還可以單獨使用兩個耳塞。因此,如果您只是接聽電話並且,只想在耳朵中 接聽電話 ,則無論是左側還是右側都沒有關係,而之前的,型號只允許右側連接。但是,您確實可以與 75T 進行多點配對,,這可能很有用,因為它可以讓您同時保持與兩個設備的連接,,無論是播放音頻還是電話。 7 Actives,他們沒有。,在設計方面,7 Active 的外殼可能會大一點,可能是為了裝更大的電池,,但它的耳塞外形更纖薄,所以如果你覺得 75Ts 太球根,,而且它們在你的耳朵裡太緊的話這樣一段時間後會變得不舒服,,這些人會坐得更放鬆。耳塞已經過重新設計,現在它們的錐度更大,因此,插入起來更容易。最後,7 Actives 在麥克風端口上有一個特殊的網狀覆蓋物,,理論上,它應該非常適合在您跑步時阻擋一些風。這是 我們稍後要測試的,東西, 所以,堅持下去。除此之外,沒有太大變化, 它們,具有 相同的 IP57 防水性、無線充電、Sound+ 應用程序支持以調整,其音質、按鈕控制等。在音質方面,經過大量的 A 到 B,比較後,我得出的結論是 7 Pro 的低音聽起來更輕鬆一些,而 75Ts 的,擴展性和魅力更大一些。因此,如果您喜歡音樂中的更多低音,則應該選擇 75T。,此外,7 Active 的中音範圍也有所不同。它具有更悠閒、,更溫暖和更飽滿的音色,而 75T 的中音則經過調校,聽起來更清脆。我還注意到,75T 上的音軌分離更乾淨,因此細節顯示更容易一些,但除此之外,,它們在聲場 和音量 方面聽起來非常相似,。因此,如果您想知道新版本的聲音是否會更好,,那麼,如果您希望中頻聽起來更溫暖、更飽滿,那麼,是的。否則 75T 聽起來會,更令人愉悅,尤其是對於低音愛好者而言。現在我們將 7 Active 的麥克風,拾音器與 75T 進行比較,以了解哪個更適合在安靜和 嘈雜的地方 通話,。所以,我在這裡聽到了一些非常響亮的咖啡館風格的背景噪音以及一些,風噪音。這會很有趣。,所以在安靜環境下的通話質量方面,我認為7 Actives,確實比75Ts我的聲音聽起來更清脆,但在嘈雜的環境中,75Ts無疑,更好。它具有更好的背景噪音消除功能,*並且*令人驚訝的是,它還具有更好的風噪,抑制能力。似乎 7 Actives 根本不是通話質量的真正升級。,現在我們要比較 Elite 7 Active 和 75Ts 的降噪性能。,為了測試他們的噪音消除,我將播放與以前相同的背景噪音。,因此,就它們 消除的 噪聲量而言,它們似乎具有相當的可比性,。不同之處在於, 即使 在主動降噪 開始之前 ,75T 似乎在被動降噪方面更有效,。結果是您 在具有主動降噪功能的 75T 上 聽到的聲音,顫音 更少 。 7 Actives 可能沒有阻止那麼多的,顫動,但它們在消除低頻噪音方面同樣有效。所以當,乘坐地鐵或地鐵時,他們都會取消盡可能多的背景隆隆聲。,現在我們將看看 在 Apple 和 Android 設備上玩遊戲和觀看視頻,時,7 Actives 與 75Ts 相比有多少藍牙音頻延遲 。我 將使用 的 Apple 設備,是 iPhone SE 2020,對於 Android,我將使用三星 Galaxy S21 Ultra。,首先,遊戲音頻滯後測試。作為參考,讓我們看看 iPhone SE 的內部延遲是什麼樣的,。這是直接來自 iPhone 揚聲器的音頻。,現在是 Elite 7 Active,然後是 Elite Active 75T。,然後我們將在 S21 Ultra 上重複相同的測試。,好吧,似乎在 iOS 上 7 Actives 的延遲要小一些,但在 Android 上,它,比 Elite Active 75T 的延遲要大得多。這意味著在 iOS 上,您可能不會 使用這些耳塞,體驗太大不同的 遊戲,但在 Android 上,您將 通過 Elite Active 75T,獲得更流暢的遊戲體驗 。話雖如此,當您使用 YouTube 或 Netflix,等應用觀看視頻時 ,您根本不會有太多延遲或延遲,因為這些應用具有自己的,延遲校正功能,可以自動延遲視頻,使其與視頻更好地同步。聲音的。,總之,根據我們所見,如果您已經擁有 Active 75T,那麼 7 Actives,在性能方面不會有太大的提升。因此,如果您要升級,那,確實是因為您需要更好的電池、單耳塞使用,或者因為 75T 的貼合度 對您,來說 太緊而您想要更容易 貼合的 東西。否則我認為堅持 75Ts,很有意義。因此,我們只需要看看 Jabra 是否,會對 7 Actives 進行任何軟件更改 ,最終將其推向升級領域。當這種情況發生時,,我會用另一個視頻回來給你。因此,如果您尚未訂閱,請,訂閱並點按鈴鐺按鈕以隨時了解來自該頻道的新內容。,感謝觀看,感謝您的時間。如果你喜歡這個視頻,請按贊和分享。也,向這些 通過眾籌網站 Patreon 每月捐款一美元或更多來支持該頻道的傳奇人物,致敬。如果你也想成為傳奇,這很簡單,,你要做的就是支持我在 Patreon 上的工作。這是幫助保持該節目繼續進行的好方法,,而且您還可以獲得一些非常酷的獎勵,例如在每個視頻的結尾都獲得了讚譽。,所以如果你想幫助支持,鏈接在下面的框中。我也有一個不和諧的服務器,,如果你想出去玩 , 請加入。更多視頻即將推出,所以不要離開。

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Jabra Elite Active 75T Review

[Music],hey its mine from techmymom.com coming,over the review of the job bro Eliot,active 75 T at the time of this review,the end inactive 750 is priced at $200,before we proceed dont forget to,subscribe to our channel for more videos,click on the bell icon to get notified,when we upload new ones this is the,Jabra Eliot active center 5 T when it,comes to sound quality and engineering,you can always count on jaguar to,deliver Jabba took everything we loved,about the elite 75 see here woods and,made them waterproof just $20 more the,original Jabra 750 was impressive but,the active versions new cotton gives the,headphone a premium feel and better IP,returns to get some long-term use out of,it inside the box the earbuds are the,first things you will see the box also,hosts the charging case USB type-c cable,two additional ear tips and all your,documentation the elite active 750,shares the same attractive aesthetics as,the elite 750 and its 22 percent,smaller than the LED active 65 t the,older 750 is of an IP x 55 radian,chopper bumped off the colon to an IP x,57 for the active model chopper also,notes that the ear pods can be submerged,in fresh water for up to one meter for,30 minutes the new cotton on the device,promises to hold up better during sports,and activities,the company also decided to coat the,case for the same material giving it the,same premium feel despite not being,water resistant it affords enough,protection to keep the boards secure,when not in use the magnetically its,shot tightly while the magnetic,connectors on the inside keep the ear,buds locked in if youre interested in,getting your hands on one the 75 G,active comes in a variety of colors to,choose from the basic colors are Navy,titanium black and copper black auto,color such as gray sienna and mint or,hit store shelves sometime in spring,2020 weighing in at about 50 grams the,earbuds are pretty light and fit nice,they are comfortable to wear for longer,listening sessions without feeling,artificial there is no active noise,cancellation onboard like opposed to,hundred and fifty dollar airports but,the Jabra elite active zone 5 T is good,at passively blocking out and be annoyed,thanks to his snug fit topping the left,bottom ones for the hand through feature,allows you to hear your surroundings for,safety and awareness and I can say for a,fact that this feature was implemented,well on the airborne the elite active,750 spots similar audio quality to its,predecessor it comes to the ability to,fine tune your preferences in the sound,plus app we also had to run an update,when we first connected the earbuds to,the app the Jabra sound close app lets,you set one touch access to a voice,assistant of your choice to push the,features a little further you can tweak,the Fife already set eqs or create your,own EQ setting to sound the way you want,it I prefer the bass boost option on,this year 1 as it gives you that,shoulder thumping bass when you need it,aside the feet and audio quality my,favorite elite active feature is the,battery life,this pie was most premium earpods these,here birds can last up to seven and a,half hours on a single charge while the,charging case holds up to 28 more hours,of battery life a 750 active also comes,with a quick charge feature this means,that 15 minutes of charged time or give,you an hour off playback Ive been using,these things for a couple of days now,I like a pellet during the charging case,which is currently a 25% the job are 750,active are well designed even with the,absence of air fins or other attachments,they comfortably stay in place and are,hard to shake off these ear buds are a,strong buy for music lovers active,people or anyone else who is looking for,a waterproof earphone which is super,secure fit for those of you who use the,older version of the active 7 5 t,everything else remains the same from,the powerful bass heavy sound signature,2 adjustable EQ by one of the best,companion apps were tested all this,makes the L adaptive 75t what the extra,20 bucks to be frank with you if its a,better IP rating and more secure in ear,fit and an up with an orgy on,operational customization then Jabra has,an edge of our most recent ear boards,Ill say that the elite actives and 5 T,earphones are what the $20.00 premium,over the standard model thanks to the,extra secure fit and fully waterproof,design well thats a for hands-on love,the Jabra only active cell 5 T its my,chronic mono calm dont forget to,subscribe to our Channel stay tuned for,more videos,[Music]

[Explained] All Differences | Jabra Elite ACTIVE | 4 vs 7 vs 75T

You like Jabra, you like being active, but  you’re confused about the best buds. We got you! ,Let’s compare the Jabra Elite  Active Buds: 7, 4 & 75T Active.,Goedendag we’re DHRME – Democrats  Help Republicans get Massive Election,So first off these are all ‘active’ buds and this  is Jabras solution to making workout buds that  ,kinda ‘stick’ in your ear without having those  annoying ear fins. How did they engineer this?  ,Simple – they use a very grippy material to  help them stay in your ears. Do we think this  ,works? Yes, in two ways. Firstly, they grip  well to your earhole but also to your concha  ,and secondly if you find yourself needing  to take the buds in and out of your ears in  ,a wet or sweaty situation then you can easily  hold on to them without risking dropping them.,They’re also good for running! The tips grip  well and are ok for an hour of workout. But  ,they weren’t the most comfortable to wear  for a long time. In addition, they also have  ,a very respectable IP57 rating – the 5 stands  for some dust protection and the 7 for water.  ,So you should be safe as long as you’re not  going swimming in water – or sand – with these.,Who swims in sand? Ok – another thing in common is  that these have very good controls on phone calls.  ,You can not only answer, hangup and reject calls.  You can also adjust volume and mute calls using  ,the on-bud buttons. How do the microphones  sound? Thought you wouldn’t ask – here are  ,some call samples. Skip them using the chapters  down below if you wanna hear our conclusion.,In general all are very clear in quiet conditions.  When it comes to wind, we thought the 4 did  ,slightly better and when it comes to noisy the  7 did best. But does that mean the 75T sucks?  ,Far from it, we’ve used it as our daily driver for  a year and we never had any complaints on calls.  ,So, even though there are differences, you can’t  really go wrong with Jabra for microphone quality.,These are all very decent buds and  the differences we will talk about now  ,will determine your buying decision.  And of course – the biggest of them  ,is price. Right now the difference between the  Elite 4 Active and 75T Active is not that big.  ,The Elite 7 Active though is quite the jump.  So what do you get for the price difference?,On the outside, they’re similar too. The bud  sizes are similar, but are all kinda shaped a  ,little differently. And while all these buds have  that grippy texture, only the 75T case has that  ,texture as well. The newer 7 and 4 are both smooth  plastic. The more expensive 7’s case is about the  ,same volume overall, but shaped a bit differently.  Flatter and shorter vs slimmer and taller.  ,Ok – sorry we had some issues with recording the  75T due to that primary /secondary architecture  ,and our recording jig, but our conclusions are  based on tests we’ve actually done with our ears,  ,since we couldn’t get the 75T to behave.,Here’s the bottom line though. None of these is  the best at ANC in the market today. You’ll get  ,some reduction of the low end rumble on commutes  and that helps. The newer 7 and the 4 might be a  ,bit better with ANC and are clearly better  with transparency, but overall – these ,Buds do better at transparency  than they do at noise cancelling.,Now on connectivity, it’s kind of  a what-floats-your-boat situation.  ,The 75T can connect to two devices simultaneously,  which is useful if you want to use a phone and  ,laptop for example and switch between them  for calls, music or watching videos. However,  ,the buds use a primary/secondary architecture.  This means the right bud is the primary bud.  ,Does all the heavy lifting. And due to this,  you can’t use just the left bud on its own.  ,The 4 and 7 do NOT do dual device. As of  making this video, the Elite 7 Pro is scheduled  ,to get dual-device support but no news yet on the  7 Active. Stay subscribed to see if that happens.,Anyway – the 7 and the 4 will let you use either  the left or the right bud on their own for calls  ,and media. If you really ask us, dual device  use outweighs the left-bud-on-its-own-use.  ,But you know. Floats, and boats.,The Elite 4 misses some more features –  it doesn’t have a sensor to automatically  ,pause your music when you take an earbud out of  your ears. It also has the worst buttons of the  ,three. We think the 75T and 7 are easy to press  and you don’t feel that pressure in your ears,  ,but the 4 – something went seriously wrong  here. Either we have a defective unit  ,or Jabra has skimped on something  because they need a lot of force to  ,depress and that can cause some aural  penetration that is far from pleasant.,Coming to the sound, let’s start with the basics  – surprisingly the 4 has the best codec selection.  ,APTX and SBC, whereas the 7 and 75T make do with  AAC. Does this translate to better sound though?,The 75T and the 7 are the loudest of the bunch  and the Elite Active 75T is by far the bassiest  ,of the bunch. This bass is big!! And it’s  nice big. Sure it bleeds into the mids. But  ,it bleeds so enjoyably. Anyway, for something  more neutral, stick with the 4 or the 7.  ,The 4 comes with APTX and that helps to some  extent with resolution on Android phones.  ,Of course if you’re a tweaker, you can also  turn the bass up on the 4 or the 7 if you wish.  ,But for me the 4 and the 7, so you may  want to tame the 1k region a bit. The  ,high frequencies can stand out more than needed.  But they’re both very capable if you can EQ that  ,sibilance. So overall, all of these sound fine  for consumer bluetooth audio devices. And you  ,have a fair bit of customization to play with. So  sound quality isn’t going to be a deciding factor. ,So which one should you get? The cheapest  of the lot – we recommend the oldie,  ,but still a goodie – the 75T. Now don’t  shoot us yet, there are a couple of butts. ,The 75T is a great all round pair of wireless buds  – comfortable for workouts, easy clicky buttons,  ,good microphone quality, dual device connectivity,  auto pause, full app support, strong battery life  ,and a bassy sound signature to give you that extra  motivation to keep hitting your workout goals. ,Biggest butt number 1: we didn’t mention  noise cancelling and that’s because the 7  ,is the pick if active noise cancelling &  clear hearthrough are important to you. ,Small butt number 2: if you’re  adamant about using the left earbud  ,on it’s own then yeh.. Go for something else. Even smaller butt number 3: if you find yourself  ,making calls in the wind or in a noisy  background then the 3 or the 7 are better.,You’ve been getting your butt active,  and we’ve been namaste. DHRME. ,Sorry the butts were distracting.

Jabra Elite 75t Long Term Review: Still Good in 2021?


hey everyone whats up its adam and in,todays video im going to be reviewing,a oldie but goodie and im not sure why,i didnt review these when they were,first released,time just goes by quick and sometimes,you get interested in other products but,i will be covering a long-term review of,the jabra elite 75ts,they were popular when they were first,released but since,they did their little update with,software for the active noise canceling,and i say that like that because its,kind of weird how they didnt shoot for,that in the beginning,and waited until the 85 tees which i,also reviewed,ill have that review in the link below,im not sure why they didnt just do,that,jumping up from the 65 ts so with all,that being said lets get into the,long-term review of these bad boys,and how they done over time first thing,im going to cover is the fit of these,how do they fit,well after using so many different,earbuds i will say,when it comes to earbuds that fit in,your ear where they insert into the ear,canal with no ear hooks,and no loops or horns or whatever you,want to call it,these are one of my favorite fitting two,wireless earbuds,and thats simply because they just,found a way to make them slim enough to,where you twist them in,and they stay now when i smile or,move my mouth around or as im talking,they dont really loosen up,now if i were to yawn or if i were to,laugh i do notice like,those situations yes they loosen up and,you have to slightly adjust them,now how do they fit when it comes to,working out on them well,i have a weighted jump rope i go for,jogs and long walks,ive done a bunch of different things,when gyms are open when i first got,these i take them to the gym,i had no problem doing sit-ups or,getting on and off the bench or doing,lunges or things where,you had no choice where if one were to,fall out that you cant stop what youre,doing to pick that up,and i havent had any issues like that,at all so for working out with,the ip55 rating if i remember correctly,correct me if im wrong,sorry about that they are great for dust,and water resistance so,even with that i havent submerged them,in water but after having sweating in,them not to sound gross for many times,over i just havent had any issues even,when it comes to that,now how does it feel when it comes to,pressing the buttons and just,the controls and everything like that,well i love how you can customize,everything,including these being the first pair of,two wireless earbuds,i was able to actually control volume,with what a novel idea,and its so frustrating tell this day,how theres some earbuds like the,airpods pro,or others that dont have that feature,where they have a lot of features but,for me thats the most important one,because think about how many times you,adjust your volume,with so many different things whether,youre listening to music or a podcast,or whatever,you have to adjust it in certain,circumstances even if you open up,ambient aware,while youre walking around outside,someone comes up and talks to you,you have to either turn it down or take,your butt out and it just makes it so,much easier to do that,if the controls are there you can toggle,through a anc and be an aware,and also turn it off play pause you know,pressing once skipping twice,etc you know kind of the typical thing,youre used to with the pair of two,wireless earbuds,but i have to say the customizability,the,cycle through ambient anc and turning,that off,and the volume controls are absolutely,my favorite thing about,why the controls make these so easy to,use so i would say thats probably my,favorite thing about using these earbuds,is the controls and how native they feel,how customizable they feel,now there is one major flaw im about to,bring up on these and you probably,already know what it is,but lets first talk about the cycles of,ambient anc,and turning it off when it comes to the,anc and that software update when you,get these,especially if you get these brand new,youre going to have to do that software,update,i think the anc is getting up to where,im glad they added it more than them,not trying at all,they sort of remind me of being on par,if not a little bit better,than the jbl reflect mini anses which,those specifically,promote active noise canceling so they,built them,with the microphones specifically to do,that these,they all have those microphones but you,can tell jabra said wait a minute why,are we not taking advantage of these,so they actually did perform well on,that its enough to block out,lows and you know maybe compressed air,doors opening and closing footsteps,people talking gets muted down things,like that but thats really where its,going to start and stop,its not if theres a speaker above you,its not going to do well blocking that,out,its not going to do well at blocking,out coffee shop noises,or maybe silverware when youre doing,dishes and things like that of course,or even a lot of dryer and things like,that it just,it doesnt perform well enough to do,that and i think its because the,microphones,just werent built strong enough to be,able to block out as much noise as,possible,so with the ambi and noise canceling,levels the thing i noticed the most is,theres a lot of white noise and its,not like,piercing or anything but you you,definitely pick up on it especially if,youre listening to podcasts or audio,books and things like that,and you know i dont really notice that,with other anc,earbuds or headphones as much as i do,with these not even with something as,strong as bose or sony,noise cancelling headphones its very,faint and it just comes across,natural where these it just it sounds a,little artificial,i may be over exaggerating but i just,want to give you a heads up in case that,may bother you,now the biggest thought of every true,wireless here but if you know me and if,you see my reviews,that is for sure the inability to use,each earbud solo,now what is dope about these is you can,connect to two devices at once,and is it the most seamless experience,no usually i have to pause whatever it,is im playing,before i can answer a phone call for,example or if i have them connected to,my macbook and my iphone,yes i have to stop what im playing and,then play that other thing,and sometimes i do have to tap connect,to this phone,in my bluetooth settings in order for it,to work but,its a lot easier than having to,disconnect and totally reconnect all,together,as far as distance with bluetooth,connection i have,im living in about a 1200 square foot,house and so,from my bedroom if my iphones in my,bedroom and i go all the way to the,dining room,which is literally the opposite end of,the house theres still a connection but,as soon as i go in the backyard forget,it its going to be lost,all right so jabra is claiming on their,box that its up to seven and a half,hours of battery,28 hours with a charging case in total,when my testing what do i see on average,i see on average about six and a half,to seven and i think its because of,that anc update,if you look at these these are the older,models where theyre not promoting,anc on their newer releases if you go to,best buy or target or,i dont even know amazon wherever,theyre sold nowadays if you look,on the box you see oh anc so,i got them before they promoted that,they probably changed the battery life,levels,um after the fact after they added anc,and that software update,so battery lifes really good on these,and next thing were going to get into,lets get into,a microphone test all right yoyo this is,me testing the,jabra elite 75 tees in my office,quiet room um im just sitting in my,chair the chair is a little squeaky but,thats pretty much the only noise going,on in here,test one two three all right now were,doing a microphone test of the jabra,elite,75 tees and ill be quiet for a sec to,see how much of the ambient noise,simulating a coffee shop comes through,now with our microphone test obviously,not the best but,i do like how you can hear yourself,voice and they have side

The BEST Active? Jabra Elite 4 Active vs Elite 7 Active vs Elite Active 75T ????

大家好,之前我們將 Jabra Elite 4 Active 與更便宜的 Elite 3 進行了比較。,但它們與同系列的優質 Jabra 耳塞、Elite 7 Active,和較舊的 Elite Active 75T 相比如何?,具體來說,第一,我們是否會 因為 7 Active 更昂貴而,獲得更好的性能 ,第二,Elite 4 Active 真的是,對舊 Active 75T 的升級 。,如果您有這些問題,那麼此視頻適合您。,順便說一句,如果您想查看更多類似這樣的比較,請點擊訂閱並點擊鈴鐺,按鈕以隨時了解該頻道的新內容。,將它們與 7 Actives 進行比較時,Elite 4 Actives 是降噪耳塞,,實際上與 7 Actives 非常接近或相似,例如,它們的 防護,等級 與 7 Actives 一樣,它們的電池壽命幾乎一樣長7 小時處於,萌芽狀態,28 小時有外殼,而 7 Active 的 8 小時處於萌芽狀態,,30 小時有外殼。,所以這只是一個非常小的差異。,它們還帶有 Sound+ 應用程序支持,因此您可以 使用圖形 EQ 或一些 EQ 預設自,定義其音質 ,自定義 HearThrough 透明度和通話體驗,,就像在 7 Actives 上一樣。,因此,您確實可以獲得 7 Active 的大部分功能,但花費更少。,請注意,我說的是“大多數”,因為您仍然會錯過 7 Active 的一些,功能,例如無線充電、按鈕控制自定義和 MySound 校準,它會,根據您耳朵的靈敏度自動調整 7 Active 的,音質, 因此 與不使用 MySound,相比,您可以從耳塞中提取更多細節 。,因此,7 Actives 相對於 Elite 4 Actives 有一些非常明顯的優勢。,將 Elite 4 Actives 與舊的 Active 75T 進行比較,它們曾經是高級,型號,因此它們還具有高級功能,例如 MySound 校準、可自定義的,HearThrough、自定義按鈕控制……,但這些耳塞之間的競爭更加激烈,因為在某些方面,4 Actives,比舊的 75T 更好。,Active 75T 也沒有單獨使用左耳塞或右耳塞的選項,因此,如果您只想使用一個耳塞,則只能使用右耳塞,而不是左耳塞。,而 4 Actives 沒有這個限制,你可以單獨使用左或右,,沒關係。,但是,Active 75T 確實具有多點配對功能,可讓您同時保持連接到兩個,設備以接聽電話或收聽音頻。,在錄製這段視頻時,這是較新的 4 Active 或 7,Active 還沒有的 東西,這 也是 75T,即使在今天,仍然很受歡迎的主要原因之一 。 就貼合度而言,它們都感覺非常舒適和穩定,但是 4 Actives 的,結構 更加 棱角 分明 ,與 7 Actives 這樣的圓潤機身相比,,你們中的一些人會覺得它們更好地鎖定在你的耳朵裡,. 75T 確實有更大的機身,對於一些耳朵很大的人來說,它們,看起來 會 在海螺中佔據更多空間,因此它們感覺比 4 Actives,更舒適 。,另一方面,對於耳朵更小、更可愛的人來說,75T 佩戴起來會很痛苦,,最終使 4 Actives 或 7 Actives 更舒適,更適合,長時間佩戴。,在音質方面,我覺得 Elite 4 Actives,在低音表現方面 似乎介於兩者之間 。,因此,如果我要根據低音性能對它們進行排名,我會說 75T 的低音最好,,深沉、厚實、延展性好。,4 個 Actives 的擴展比 Active 75Ts 少一點,但仍然有,同樣多的衝擊力和重擊力,而 7 個 Actives 比較 低子寄存器中,的 4 個 Actives 或 75Ts 要 薄一些,。 在 中頻 豐富度、清晰度音軌分離和細節方面,4 Actives,稍稍落後,7 Actives 位居第二,75Ts 第一。,因此,如您所見,75T 儘管是最古老的型號,但實際上,與較新的型號相比 ,它們的表現 相當不錯。,通過 MySound 校準,差距只是擴大了,7 Actives 和 75T 開始聽起來更,生動,更細節和平衡。,話雖這麼說,儘管被定位為 7 Active 的預算替代品,但,4 Actives 整體聽起來很甜美。,堅實的低音,溫暖的天鵝絨般的中音,不錯的清晰度,聽著非常愉快。,哦,我需要補充一點,4 Actives 支持 aptX 編解碼器,,而 7 Active 或 75T 不 支持。,如果您在 iPhone 上欣賞音樂,您不必擔心因為 iPhone 不,支持 aptX,對吧?,但這確實意味著在 Android 設備上,您將通過,更高質量的 aptX 編解碼器 傳輸音頻 。,這非常重要,因為 Android 手機無法像 iPhone 那樣解碼 AAC 編解碼器。,因此,這可以確保 Android 設備上的音頻質量更好,並且質量,與 iOS 設備上的 質量 更一致。,好的,麥克風測試。,Elite 4 Actives 與其他耳機一樣在耳塞中有四個麥克風,所以讓我們,看看它們在安靜和嘈雜的地方的麥克風拾音方面如何比較。,所以,我這裡有一些非常響亮的咖啡館風格的背景噪音以及一些,風噪音。,因此,就通話質量而言,4 Actives 與更昂貴的 7 Actives 相比,表現得非常好 。,它的麥克風拾音器可與 7 Actives 相媲美,當遇到挑戰時,4 Actives,聽起來更乾淨、更流暢,而 7 Actives 則聽起來波濤洶湧。,它們也與 75T 相當,可能聽起來不那麼乾淨,但不是,很多。,在拒絕風噪方面,這 三款耳塞,似乎都沒有什麼區別,。 現在我們將看看 Elite 4 Active 的降噪性能與 其他產品,相比如何 。,為了測試他們的噪音消除,我將播放與以前相同的背景噪音。,所以,就降噪性能而言,Elite 7 Actives 是其中最好的,,尤其是在消除低頻噪音方面,但 Elite 4 Actives 也,相差不遠,它們在消除一些 中頻噪音 方面做得相當不錯噪音。,75T 的表現最差,但這是意料之中的,因為 Jabra 只是,在這些耳塞推出很久之後 才 將 ANC 添加到它們中。,我想這就像,六八個月後?,現在我們將看到 4 Actives 在 Apple 和 Android 設備上玩遊戲和觀看視頻時,與其他設備相比有多少藍牙音頻延遲 。,我將使用的 Apple 設備是 iPhone SE 2020,對於 Android,我將使用,三星 Galaxy S21 Ultra。,首先,遊戲音頻延遲測試。,作為參考,讓我們看看 iPhone SE 的內部延遲是什麼樣的。,這是直接來自 iPhone 揚聲器的音頻。,現在,Elite 4 Active、7 Active,然後是 Active 75T。,然後我們將在 S21 Ultra 上重複相同的測試。,所以事實證明,當您在 iOS 和 Android 設備上玩遊戲時,Elite 4 Actives,的延遲是 同類設備中 最低的。,話雖如此,您剛剛看到的只是在您玩遊戲時。,當您使用 YouTube 或 Netflix 等應用程序觀看視頻時,您不會有,太多或任何延遲,因為這些應用程序有自己的延遲校正功能,可以自動,延遲視頻,以便更好地與音頻同步。,總而言之,4 Actives 在 Jabra 的耳塞系列中佔據了一個非常特殊的位置。,而且我認為它們會在對價格更敏感的人群中非常受歡迎,因為,它們聽起來不錯,有一套不錯的功能,小巧緊湊的外形,而且它們,對大多數人來說更觸手可及。,確實是一套適合工作和鍛煉的耳塞。,是的,Jabra 確實在他們身上偷工減料,因此他們可以降低價格,但,他們幾乎擁有更昂貴的 7 Actives 所擁有的所有東西,但價格更具吸引力,。,它們的通話質量也比 7 Actives 更好,如果這對你來說很重要,,那麼你絕對應該看看這些耳塞。,如果您已經擁有 Active 75T,我不建議您切換到這些,除非您渴望,額外的電池和降噪方面的小顛簸。,因為我覺得,如果您已經擁有 Elite Active 75T, 升級到 7,Active 會更有意義 ,但並非總是如此。,看看這個視頻找出原因。,但我想知道你們是怎麼想的。,如果您已經擁有 Elite Active 75T,您認為是否值得切換到,4 Actives 和 7 Actives,或者您寧願放棄一切並堅持,現有的 Elite Active 75T?,在評論中告訴我。,感謝觀看,感謝您的時間。,如果你喜歡這個視頻,請點贊和分享。,如果您是此頻道的新手並且尚未訂閱,請訂閱並,點擊鈴鐺按鈕以隨時了解此頻道的新內容。,此外,向這些 通過眾籌網站 Patreon 每月 捐款一美元 或更多,來支持該頻道的傳奇人物 大聲疾呼。 如果您想 閒逛或聊天,,還可以加入我們世界上最受歡迎的遊戲聊天應用程序 Discord,。,鏈接在下面的框中。,如果您想了解 Elite 4 Actives 與 Elite 3 的比較,請單擊此處,或觀看,此頻道的另一個視頻。

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