1. Jack Harlow – Come Home The Kids Miss You ALBUM REVIEW
  2. Jack Harlow – Come Home the Kids Miss You Album Review
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  6. Jack Harlow’s Come Home The Kids Miss You: ALBUM REVIEW
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Jack Harlow – Come Home The Kids Miss You ALBUM REVIEW

uh,hi everyone you wouldnt believe me if i,told you here the internets busiest,music nerd and its time for a,review of the new jack harlow album come,home the kids miss you this is the,sophomore commercial record from,kentucky rapper mr jack harlow and this,feels weird,does this not feel weird right now like,this whole album cycle all the hype that,jack harlow has been getting,up to this point we have kind of been,building up to this record as if it,would be our first introduction to jack,like this project would be some kind of,massive revelation as to who he is as an,artist as if hed reveal something to us,that we havent heard before but the,truth is we already know who jack harlow,is artistically speaking weve heard,whats poppin,hes already had a full-length debut two,years ago and its not as if the guy is,a total industry plant or anything,because he has a whole mountain of,singles and,mixtapes that came out before that debut,record if you really want to get a sense,of like what brought him to this point,artistically and while its always a,surprise when someone makes it theres,nothing really all that surprising about,why jack harlow is so appealing he makes,cute smooth little college campus bops,with some clever one-liners and a mildly,charming delivery he also has this kind,of disengaged unshaken demeanor about,himself that we often confuse with,coolness its kind of funny how the more,disinterested someone seems the more,their intrigue increases among the,public because ooh they must be so smart,and jack is actually smart to his credit,he may look like a scruffy abercrombie,and fitch model but hes also proven,himself to be self-aware enough,to,really navigate his sudden trajectory,into fame,flawlessly keeping the controversy low,and the charisma high which is maybe why,this new record here feels like a second,introduction to jack harlow in a way,because i think most people assumed when,he first broke his fame his time in the,industry would be somewhat short-lived,and maybe not transcend outside of that,audience of lyrical lemonade fans and,white kids who were vibing with him but,now hes risen to a level of prominence,where he has widespread music industry,support he is nailing down fantastic,features with some of the most legendary,and popular artists of his day its kind,of mind-blowing how far hes come at,this point but while theres never been,more praise for jack up till now theres,also never been more hate too me,personally i didnt really like his,debut record i pretty much wrote off a,lot of his early tapes as super,derivative drake drivel which it was but,i think jack has grown more into his own,voice since and ive mostly grown past,any kind of,partial disdain that ive had for the,guy in the way he operates and ive sort,of moved into more of a jack harlow,neutrality i suppose where i mostly feel,like,hes fine,hes not hurting anybody hes not,stealing anyones spot certainly he,makes very polite pop rap that is uh,cool when its on but theres nothing so,amazing or even offensive about it that,is gonna linger with you when its off,except i guess when hes talking about,how sweet his semen is,look i went into this jack harlow record,with a positive mindset and uh not high,hopes but,hopes,hopes that this thing would at least be,enjoyable and engaging from front to,back because heres the thing jack,harlow is great for reverse,he is good for a single,at least some of the time because i do,think first class is one of his most,boring songs ever but still i think jack,harlow has proven that he is amazing in,small doses which is great for a,generation of music fans where streaming,and playlisting has made it easy to be a,casual fan of everything ive heard jack,harlows verses and flows at their,lowest and their highest and going into,this lp i didnt really get the sense,that hed be over extending himself too,much here hes playing it as calmly as,he ever has in fact maybe a bit more so,than before because i think hes learned,at this point that you know functions,for him in terms of getting an audience,the point im essentially trying to make,here is that im yet to get the sense,that jack harlow is much of an album,artist and if come home the kids miss,you exposes anything its that he is,still not really quite there because,across this entire record he still comes,through in a very,one-dimensional one-note kind of way his,monotone flows get very old very fast,the ultra dry light and inoffensive,production isnt doing much to carry,things either really makes you kind of,appreciate the few moments on this thing,where you do get a little bit of that,pharrell flavor not only that but most,of this lp is so lacking,in lyrical and instrumental detail its,its kind of mind-blowing to see that,there are moments here that have more,than 10 writer credits on them like im,sure theres an explanation as to why,but,what is the reason there are people who,could have produced and written the song,do a leap on here by themselves in their,moms basement and thats actually one,of my favorite tracks here which yeah,there are a few bops on this record that,i do enjoy which again dua lipa sounds,like a kind of moody nocturnal drake,style banger but jack i think has his,own voice and slight spin on it there,are grooves and some one-liners here,that are worth replaying nail tech is,that horn heavy lead single that weve,been listening to and digesting for a,while now the more i hear it the more i,feel like this is jacks own little,industry baby where lyrically hes very,much speaking on his success and,plugging even more deeply into his,unplugged attitude state fair the,closing track i thought was pretty nice,as well the keys here are great and its,kind of like a dreamy little diary entry,where jack is updating us on how his,life is going since the fame but a lot,of the rest of this record feels like,its scratching uh many of the same,itches but to a lesser degree or frankly,there are just cuts here that get kind,of stale because uh jacks very,one-dimensional delivery and writing,style just doesnt really hold up to uh,long lengths of time plus on top of it,there are tracks here that completely,lack structure choruses uh jacks not,exactly so charismatic and fiery and,passionate that he can go like an entire,huge dense freestyle type verse and kind,of keep me on the edge of my seat the,entire time which is exactly what makes,tracks like youngheart lizzy as well as,churchill downs with drake so boring and,sure jack does come out of the gate on,that one with that metaverse line thats,pretty clever but outside of that were,just kind of getting this very flatly,delivered endless string of passionless,one-liners that just gets really old,really fast drake isnt really doing,anything else other than just kind of,echoing that same energy,and dragging the song out unnecessarily,at a few points you know dropping these,bars that are very much,in reference to pusha t kind of vengeful,in tone but you know hes not really,gonna do anything its just you know,barking its just [ __ ],this one line where jack goes on about,uh,all that time in the kitchen finally,panned out which is cute the pan i put,some flavor in the pot and took the,bland out but uh no this is bland this,is the definition of bland this is ramen,without the flavor packet but yeah a,drake feature on a track like this for,an artist like jack harlow should be,fireworks should be an event should be a,reason to be excited but uh on this lp,its its really not uh also on top of,it the lil wayne feature on the song,poison is one of his worst that hes had,this year worse than the moment that he,had on dawn fm like eating so much,shrimp you get iodine poisoning uh like,[ __ ] awful bar one of a few in his,verse here and on top of it his,auto-tune and vocal runs dont fit in,with the instrumental it sounds like a,total mess justin timberlake is a total,non-factor on the back end of parent,trap a song thats so boring its not,even really worth sticking

Jack Harlow – Come Home the Kids Miss You Album Review

[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],then in hip-hop album review,jack harlow come home the kids miss you,before we get into the review this is,the first time we put jack harlow on the,main youtube channel the chamber in the,chamber about time,hey bro the kids miss them,if you want more jack carlo go follow us,on the podcast and you get more jack,harlow also and make sure you check out,this friday its going to be rhyme,sayers versus def jokes im going to be,out of town so mike c times going to,take my place mike who are you,representing jeff jookies i need all my,depth juggies in the [ __ ] building,that night because,this is going to be a tough one,you already know bz got rhyme series,would be ass bro so 9 30 p.m eastern,standard time sharp because we always,start on time give yall a little bit of,background information on jack harper oh,yeah i dont need no background i need i,need a background i dont know my man,where did jack harleezy come from,because he showed up kentucky yeah he,god damn had him tucked,nope nope see whats the dog doesnt me,bro,jackman thomas harlow,jasmine,jackman thats his real name,jackman thomas harlow was born march 13,1998 hes from louisville kentucky okay,started back in 2015 he released several,eps and mix apes before he was signed to,don cannon and dj dramas record label,generation now back in 2018 as an,imprint of atlantic records harlows,first major breakthrough came with the,release of his 2020 single whats poppin,aided by the popularity on tick-tock and,peaked at number two on the u.s,billboard hot 100 and went on to receive,a grammy award nomination damn,brand new whip just hop there,harlow was also committed on the double,xl magazines 2020 freshman class before,his release of his debut studio album,thats what they all say which is the,one that me and ken review all right im,gonna just flat out say i dont like it,what oh really i dont i dont like that,damn im surprised off rip rips,i am surprised so and i didnt like i,didnt like the other one either but,listening to this one after a little,secret i had like i i needed a pause,break,because it was just it was so simplistic,and so,i was just like what the [ __ ] is this,this must be how mike be feeling when we,do drake projects,because all of the stuff that you be,criticizing drake for is what i felt on,this you know what im saying when you,say that he sounds disinterested he,doesnt sound like nothings motivating,him and its not just from a,monotone-ness,because he is somewhat monotone i dont,think hes trying to do it on purpose,but it just sounds lazy as [ __ ] damn,like theres no bars that like,i feel like he thought oh you know he,thought of all these or i feel like it,was very,um he didnt put a lot of thought into,it,what he did snow bunnies for my dogs,happy easter boys like destinys child,they say no no no no no oh [ __ ] hit him,with something,yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah just talking to,town talking to town talk of the time,yeah,do a leaper im trying to do more than,do a feature,[Music],i didnt know first class was his um,his song,because its all over social media and,its so interesting now hearing songs,that break on social media and then,listening to him it feels weird a little,bit and then saying that this was jack,harlows song im like you dont like,first class,its cool its a cool song yeah its,its cool you know albums can be,background music and its not a bad,thing right like meaning that it could,just present a vibe that you dont have,to be in tune with but if you are in,tune its cool this one is more,background music that i wouldnt want to,be in tune with at all like theres just,nothing on here that sticks out like no,lines,the beats feel very minimalistic i like,the beat switch on what was that id do,anything to make you smile oh i dont,know,it wasnt yeah movie star had a beat,switch is that the one that one two,movie star did you know whos the one,that actually really worked yeah yeah,the one with pharrell and when pharrell,is involved he usually,its not bad i dont think that for real,is involved but,it was one of the better ones on here,but it still felt a bit lackluster just,a bit just a tad and it should be i,think jack harlows not that interesting,as a rapper that beat,reminded me of like a different version,of grinding you know what im saying,just very simplistic and you know synthy,but the reason why that should work with,clips was because them [ __ ],they just had charisma you know what im,saying like jack harlow dont have,charisma to me damn,i know man im going in on jackman,youre [ __ ] on the kid man you are,yeah i am big harley im expecting uh,ken to sit on him but you god damn,and i felt like this on the debut album,too damn,how the [ __ ] is he so goddamn popular,what you mean,what what do you mean you dont see that,curly hair,thats why youre popular and hes six,three,curly hair,nah man he seems like a nice guy thats,probably why hes so popular you could,put it on and i wouldnt really complain,but im not paying attention to this and,theres some joints on here that sound,better than others but just as a as a,whole damn,i dont get it why compare him to drake,like i know you have your criticisms,about drake but i think even on this,album i think drake stood out amongst,him yes drake easily had the best,birthday yeah yeah yeah yeah so,just like thats what im saying but i,feel like drake does that often on his,own stuff you know how i feel about,drake theres theres songs that im,like like zero to 100. its sometimes,when he gives me too much r b or hes,whiny too much or,its too commercial you know what im,saying i never felt like the lackluster,or just uninspired thats what im,saying drakes inspired by a lot of,things,are you saying drake never sounds,uninspired bro im not saying never for,the majority of the time i feel like,drake inspired this guy on the other,hand,im with you it sounds dead damn,like its like,yall killing jack no no im not im not,gonna kill him like fifo oh maybe i will,you just said he sounded like he did,fifo killed him and you said he sound,dead um whats next im trying to be i,want to be very constructive here okay,it came on talking to town i was like oh,i might,i might like this it was it was,interesting i did not expect it to start,like that i made it a minute and thats,when i turned it off no see i i,i actually dug it kind of like killing,the kid im telling you im saying i,kind of dug that song that song sounds,just like no listen im listening,you want to go no,i kind of like it so i was like oh okay,i actually this this might be a decent,listen,young harleezy came in,as corny as it sounds it still was okay,sounding but again i think this is when,i realized that,yo its really no substance here and i,guess i dont really expect much,substance from like most mainstream,artists this thing it started to really,take a nosedive like like immediately,im like i feel nothing,i feel nothing from this guy damn then i,started getting a little angry about it,and i was just like,out of all the artists that could create,something like this,and probably a little bit better on a,mainstream level,we have this guy that started bothering,me and my listening experience i was,like man,this white guy oh you racist,look thats what it is its not a racist,thing its just so many black artists,that can make this same music,its not getting this type of pub and,shine and i started feeling slightly,about it you know i was just like uh oh,man no this this aint cool this dude is,from kentucky,damn bruh like like im like come on bro,like what is going on,like what is going on here like why is,he at the forefront because he took him,10 years been over 10 years,eight he got on something like that him,and his friends started this [ __ ] on,guitar hero like i said i started,getting mad so i wanted to kind of get,some background on him thats why i have,so much background im on right now,because i want to know like did he did,he grew up in the hood that he did he,w

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NoLifeShaq REACTS to Jack Harlow – Come Home The Kids Miss You

[Music],here,well,well,well,bruh,im hyped man im hyped,now,im about to put it on the screen right,now,i actually offered twenty thousand likes,aint gonna lie i had no faith in yall,i had no faith in yall,none,yall [ __ ] got the 20 000 likes in one,day aint no way as yall can see is,that 25 000 likes,yall really wanted this bruh so we,gotta check it out,now,even though i have no faith in yall i,still love yall if yall dont love me,back then fight me,hey,yall know how we doing the hood even,though you love somebody you still got,you hey still can throw them things and,shake hands afterwards thats what,thats the kind of relationship i got,with yall real talk come home,the kids miss you,jack harleezy lets get it man i dont,waste no time,we already heard three of the tracks we,reacted to three of the tracks over here,so we got 12,12 tracks,to react to man so were going to check,it out,everybody been telling me about number,five,lord deeper however you want to say it,but i dont know thats my language,well we better check this out man,starting with number one talking to town,now jack hollow,it been,its been a little,almost a week it been almost a week it,came out last friday so it been almost a,week,so,ive been hearing mixed reviews a lot of,people said its trash i heard so many,people say its trash but i also heard a,lot of people say it was great,when its usually like that,ill listen to none of it i just give my,own opinion on it so were gonna check,this out the three tracks we already,heard straight fire lets get it talk of,the time,thats right thats right,you know what i mean,a long way from bardstown,im on the charts now used to have the,same drive,you in park now whip gotta upgrade the,tents dark now the same ones that used,to fade im in eight hearts now,talk of the town talk of the town,now you gotta reach out to chris to talk,to me now ironic how im who they miss,they target me now,trying to be next to me but i give him,destinys child,am i the realest,okay i feel it new levels new devils,dundee way im a rebel walking through,my parents house forgot i had a gravy,metal old heads from the sea see you,would think,usually a artist put a hype song for,number one,but if they really trying to get you to,listen to the body of work,theyll put a song like this number one,like something to just tease you,something to like let you know what type,of time they are,jack harlow wanted us to listen to this,all the way through,oh off the rip hes talking about like,where he came from,he cant he talk about kentucky talk,about,like,i used to be this now im this,im the talk of the town now he said,its hard to get next to me now you got,to reach out to a certain person they,even talk to me now,new level new devils oh,new level new devils come on man,come on,new levels new devils dundee way im a,rebel walking through my parents house,forgot i had a grammy medal,heads from the scene back then could,tell that i was special young jack aint,no looking back look where that could,get you,talking to town talk of the town,now you gotta reach out to chris to talk,to me now ironic how im who they miss,they target me now yeah trying to be,next to me but i give him destinys,child thats,[Music],okay i feel it,you hear the destiny child simple thats,tough man thats tough,young harley,bro what the [ __ ],hey i legit started saying harleezy,because like i thought i was making that,up,this [ __ ] got a song called young hall,easy,aint no way,bro i legit start saying harleezy,because i wanted to come up with a,nickname,wow,thats crazy thats crazy,young heart lizzy yall grew up shooting,rpgs i was in the seventh grade selling,hard cds i was on stage kind of show,heart beating now i make it sound like i,write the bars easy but im 10 years in,it took me eight to start eating six to,start drinking not to give it up now the,bottles in my section mark fiji,oh he talking right now he talking he,talking like i said every track aint,got to be hyped every track aint got to,be a banger but look,pete what he said,he said hey,yall was doing such-and-such back in,this grade,yall was doing such-and-such back in,this grade,i was selling hard cds,he said hey ive been doing this for 10,years it took me eight years to start,eating i tell yall that all the time,it dont matter how long it takes you to,get in your dream long as you get to it,long as youre making progress every day,youre getting closer to your dream just,because it take you longer that dont,mean its gonna take that person along,just because they they blow up fast that,dont mean youre gonna blow up fast,everybody got their own,path come on man yall keep grinding,real tall,you hate to start eating six to start,drinking not to give it up now the,bottles in my section mark fiji,and its hard to find some girls that,arent freaky,the pressure keeps building but luckily,im built for it trying to turn these,money trees into a little forest,field forest now i got the feel for it,i know you want to see me but im still,torn,used to be on norris back when twiggy,was in chorus rocking 90s not jordans,you can find my name besides moving the,thesaurus i dont drink tequila but for,you i still,[Music],hey i mean,mac,cause jack is the mac and hes back,this cant just be luck its the reason,all this [ __ ] be gone how it does i,aint trying to hear about the past and,what it was,[Music],and thats for us,big,[Music],[Music],it cant just be us sure enough someone,else sees whats what i just want to,take you over bro that beat is crazy,that beat is crazy [ __ ],young are lazy,[Music],bro hold up i just thought about,something then,like this one this is his old rap name,right,young harleezy back when he was a little,nerd,hey thats what he used to call himself,i think young all easy thats tough,slicker cause its rolling out the,tongue summertime that these girls,sprung there was a time i wasnt the one,but now that shits done word of niggy,all i got is son so come around and you,can get son,am i fancy enough,am i dancing enough,am i handsome enough tell me right now,so i can,[Music],sure enough someone else sees whats,what i just wanna take you overseas,whats up i just wanna tell you it could,be just us,am i fancy enough,am i dancing enough,am i handsome enough tell me right now,so i cant beat,[Music],im going back in weezy voice you and me,for her is one hell of a easy choice i,aint know that she was such a freak as,she be coy trust me where im sitting i,cant even see these boys i aint like,that cd boy you better eat them,[Music],she a vegan but shes still trying to,eat your boy becomes a time where i,reach a point where i gotta make a point,please understand i can take your joint,hard thrive lifestyle i cannot fake it,top spike in my sights might gotta take,it how can i pretend like this life not,amazing trust me its amazing i cant,believe i used,[Music],right there though pete what he said,he said i cant believe that i was,debating am i handsome enough,am i am i what what is that what else he,said am i handsome enough am i uh,dancing enough and he said something,else,big a listen pull up in that big you,know the pain drippers i got them going,on this got my name slicker cause its,rolling done worth it sing enough,am i handsome enough am i handsome,enough tell me right now so i cant be,enough,he said hey thats why i was debating,all this stuff like do i really want to,rap,am i handsome enough am i dancing enough,he said i cant believe i used to think,like that like because hey i want all of,them things all along like it was just,want my time here hey pete man hey,come over here just be us sure enough,someone else sees whats what i just,wanna take you overseas whats up i just,wanna tell you it could be just us,am i fancy enough,am i dancing enough,[Music],us,i do anything to make you smile oh [ __ ],just get it,am i fancy enough,i might have some enough,lets get it,[Music],hmm,[Music],when,oh no jack hey im telling yall this my,cousin bro,i hit that last night and shes

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Jack Harlow is TRASH!

i wanted to talk about why jack harlow,is like one of the worst rappers ive,ever heard in my life and i dont say,that because like its an,over-exaggeration i know how things can,get on websites like twitter and people,think that everyone who says this is bad,or this is egregious or this is terrible,is seeking attention so jack harlow,dropped this album and its legitimately,one of the worst things ive heard in,years im being genuine with how i feel,about this record its one of the worst,things ive heard in a couple years but,before i hop into,what,i think makes jack harlow such a,terrible rapper i want to let people,know that i do understand jack harlows,appeal and ive gone over this in a few,videos in the past by,acknowledging his persona,noting how well he interacts with other,people his peers his audience on social,media he has a great uh star presence,meaning that,if at any point in the future he likely,had any issues with his celebrity he,would be able to get out of it pretty,easily because people already like it he,has a strong connection to his women,demographic outside of some of the women,who love his music calling him,attractive i dont really know what hes,done to make women feel so close to him,but thats them not me they call him a,ladies man thats what he is jack harlow,seems like a good time seems like a,chill dude uh no argument there now what,makes him trash everything that i just,mentioned,never shows up in his music the charisma,that ability to capture a room none of,it shows up musically the redeeming,quality of a show like family matters,was that erko had two sides he had the,nerdy,geeky shy more considerate version of,himself the one that didnt seem as,intimidating and seemed much more,approachable and more realistic in the,show in his day-to-day but then when he,needed to step it up when he needed that,confidence boost when he needed that ego,he channeled stefan the reason stefan,worked in a show like family matters is,because you rarely see him when the,world needed him most he was there,stefan alone doesnt work because,despite how charming the character is he,works because hes accompanied by,something that offsets him not long,after hes introduced come home the kids,miss you in my opinion is literally just,family matters if steve urkel never,existed and we only had stefan now some,of you might be asking yourselves what,the [ __ ] does this have to do with,anything you have to say the drake,comparisons for some odd reason people,immediately want to throw the drake,clone or the drake look alike on jack,harlow simply because he makes what i,would consider [ __ ] boy music now,theres nothing wrong with being a [ __ ],boy weve all got our phases though it,seems based off of his history and rap,giacarlos been in this phase since,about 2018 and the reason i likened him,to stefan in general is because he,portrays himself as so one-dimensional,of a person the drake comparison to me,is extremely disrespectful because drake,is someone who did accompany that stefan,with the urkel drake accompany that,stefan with the urkel so well that he,was clowned for it oh hes too soft hes,too emotional i could beat drakes ass,thats what people used to say but me,listening to drake so young understood,the reason why women were infatuated,with the things that he used to say,because he came across as emotionally,intelligent somewhat considerate and,most of all vulnerable you look at urkel,and you see an innocent individual on,top of not having that everyday urkel,norm musically this guy is nowhere near,as nuanced and as layered as drake was,none of the lines that drake could,normally spit in his earlier work or,even at this very moment in his career,to garner that comparison that,comparison is just downright,disrespectful its apparent when we hear,a track like churchill downs or even,after adding a couple of additional bars,to his verse the gap between him and,drake is so big that you need the hubble,space telescope to cover the distance,you know the difference between these,artists is that some offer nuance and,some dont jack is the dude who shows up,to the college dorm party with a bud,light and raw dogs every chick in the,back room despite having six condoms in,his pocket and i dont like reducing,people to their sexuality but that is,jack personified that is that is what,hes decided to do with his persona i,show up i see whole i [ __ ] it the album,there are hints of jack trying to,initiate a relationship with one of the,girls that hes seeing on lils secret,for instance little secret is a track,where jack harlow is gaslighting some,girl hes talking to and believing that,he doesnt have any control over keeping,her his little secret and again the,concept of this isnt foreign to me but,ive never heard someone unironically,make an entire track about it,victimizing himself while crooning over,these female r b vocals while using this,tired keep it light flow as a former,[ __ ] [ __ ] myself i identify with the,sentiments that jack is trying to exude,in this song but this niggas pen is,atrocious theres a part of me that,loves this track so much because hes,being so purposefully vague and i know,with his roster he can apply it to a,bunch of different women that hes,talking to at the same time so that all,of them can feel satisfied genius jack i,i understand what youre doing but you,have to have the type of pen that allows,you to get away with this [ __ ] and he,just doesnt when megan the stallion and,cardi b make wet ass [ __ ] theyre,theyre ruining a generation of young,women theyre poisoning their minds,theyre destroying the youth but when,jack harlow makes an entire album about,[ __ ] about womanizing about just,being a [ __ ] with zero substance or,layers to him whatsoever oh he the next,drake and dont get me wrong i dont,have a problem with this album because,he got a bunch of [ __ ] i just cant,overlook the hypocrisy [ __ ] has a bar,on this album talking about his semen,some of these bars are bad but theyre,worse when you put them in the context,that he uses them in unprovoked i like,to dictate things kim jong,what the [ __ ] are you talking am i,handsome enough now them same girls got,coke in their nostrils something done,made the youth hostile maybe its the,fuel from them fossils you just hate him,because hes white duh jokes aside ive,seen this criticism thrown around,way too much and id argue the reason,yall love him is because hes white if,arguably the biggest rapper of all time,admits to you that a good deal of his,popularity and success came from the,fact that he is white you dont then get,to also victimize those same people,later on when they get popular for,basically no reason when the world,shadowing lil yachty future young thug,playboy cardi no one said yall are,hating on these artists because theyre,black and some people think well why,would anyone hate on these artists,because theyre black hip hop is a black,genre no it is not hip hop stopped being,a black genre decades ago you go to any,major festival you go to any show you go,to most of these tours you see nothing,but white faces do i have a problem with,that no get your money go have your,entertainment but yall have to learn,how to properly label things hip-hop is,not a black genre hip-hop is a genre,invented by black people pioneered by,black people shifted by black people it,is very much so a genre that entertains,for the most part white people so when,you say that you hate jack harlow,because hes white youre talking to,other white people when you say that,yall make up the ticket sales yall,make up the tour sales yall make up the,faces at the shows at the festivals the,merch sales the album sales and yo you,guys make up a lot of that so in 2013,2014 2015 big sean comes out releasing,records that id say at this very moment,are bad in my opinion but are still far,superior to jack harlow and anything,hes ever put out yet manages to place,in the top 20 most monthly listeners,spot on spotif

The BEST & WORST Lyrics from Jack Harlows Come Home the Kids Miss You

all right jack harlows new album honey,i shrunk the kids,whats up youre watching highmind the,most clueless show on the internet my,name is rileys always enjoyed my,shoeless co-host graydon what the heck,jack carlos new album come home the,kids miss you is out now were gonna go,through our best and worst lyrics,features beats samples and songs lets,do it make sure to like subscribe,patreon down in the description for,extra content cameo down there if you,want a special message from us and we,got a show june 4th detroit tickets in,the description god im so excited to,talk about this album so this album,pretty universally praised everybody on,the internet seems to love this album,yeah nobody has anything bad to say,about it the record of the summer and,its going to stump kendricks drop i,think hes got a push back yeah hes,gotta push back another week so were,gonna go song by song here are just,lyrics from these songs then were gonna,give our best and worst yeah cause there,are a lot to talk about yeah a lot of,quotables in this one tons of instagram,captions you know what have you it is,kind of caption rapper album it is,absolutely um heartthrob lifestyle i,could not fake it heartthrob lifestyle i,could not fake it a gucci mane,interpolation but i mean everybody does,the rockstar lifestyle yeah i just,picked this picture because i thought,that was funny unbelievable its weird,when you see him clean shaving the beard,has become such a staple of his image i,heard him say in an interview that the,beard is legitimately what made people,take start to take him seriously i,believe it i know he was like yeah,people you just look more grown up you,take me seriously when i have a beard,imagine if i had a beard picture it guys,ima [ __ ] the earrings off of you yeah,now this one kind of hit home for me,[Music],because i was wearing earrings and then,the government [ __ ] him off me with,taxis yeah there you go and i lost him,in the governments bed and it wont,answer my calls anymore i actually love,this lyric yeah its a good lyric its,like funny everybodys been [ __ ] on,this lyric on twitter but i think its,like one of those quotables that does,not hit my ear and i go theres a bunch,of them like that this ones good also,as you know sex havers and stuff we can,relate yeah thats true big time sex,guys im bouncing i think i need some,counseling this one its in the way he,delivers it yeah im bouncing i think i,need some counseling i do not like this,one,what is he bouncing i dont like whats,bouncing i think his moods maybe hes,bouncing between moods and mood swings,and theres so much talk of him being,like stone cold sober in this album yeah,like if youre sober you dont need,counseling save that for the addicts,all right uh this one is like people are,not talking about this one enough,just forcing it in there cant lie im,on angus cloud9 if somebody in the,future is watching this angus cloud is,fez in the show,euphoria yes thats just the name of the,actor yep theres nothing im on angus,cloud9 did he go get like a really good,burger,i liked them girls that was in the,aeropostale i did now them same girls,got coke in their nostrils i like this,line you do i like this line i hate it i,grew up with like posh mid-westerners,and poshmid westerners would wear,aeropostale and american eagle and then,they went on to do cocaine i relate to,it because like for the same reasons but,just his delivery makes this so corny,yeah its like hes trying to capture,that whole like i used to do this and,now i do this yeah you know but it just,doesnt land yeah it is a little strange,and its just so its such a white bar i,mean it is a white bar yeah thanks,this one i actually really like from the,side piece i call my pops and let his,son talk like mavi yep because mavis,album is called let the sun talk yes,underground north carolina rapper mavi,yeah its a cool little its just a nod,yeah its a little nod its cool on,maybe one of the worst songs on the,album no but jeez yeah at the end of,side piece he just says go italy lets,have sex on a yacht yep,go italy lets have sex on a yacht i,dont know hes watching the olympics,again,people are not talking about this one,well people are talking about a part of,this bar and i dont think they,understand the reference here and i,think the reference makes it worse okay,this is an r kelly reference really yes,baby do you have your passports did you,get your shots do you want to come back,to americ to with rob to america wow,yeah that whole thing that he does that,one like hes like freestyling or,whatever that is so weird i did not,piece that together why would he do this,reference its so,ugh yeah that is gross yeah because,people think its an anti-vax bar i,think its just its worse yeah its,like worse than being a nod to r kelly i,havent seen a single person talk about,that either so it could be that im,false like yeah like im not connecting,two things but like it really feels like,that yeah no i agree with you oh my god,yeah this one this one too i this one,like stays in my mind oh i cant believe,it yeah what did he mean by this whats,wrong you never [ __ ] with someone who,writes songs whats wrong baby youre,not accustomed to my lifestyle,this is my lifestyle its what i do for,my job i know its crazy i know it looks,wrong,i can tell youve never been with anyone,who writes songs show me what you wrote,oh sweet sweet sweet semen interesting,yeah thats i mean yeah i guess i just,dont get it its just something im,working on,you know we keep that bourbon out the,barrel diddy kong i like this one this,ones nice because its a reference a,kentucky reference its a regional,reference bourbon runs through the veins,of everyone who lives in kentucky,and you know diddy kong was famous for,chucking those big barrels around yeah,there you go,one of two korean references on this,album yeah the bus in yeah thats a,weird one also seems a little forced i,havent seen anybody talk about that i,mean hes referencing busan busan yeah,and hes saying like busting like we the,new korea,bussin yeah its not right no but then,this one you know i like to dictate,things kim jong yeah in reference to the,leader of north korea kim jong-un kim,jong-un brave reference very bright,on i got a shot she think im cold ive,seen her nipples seen him,this one is another one that when you,read it it sounds terrible but in for,some reason in the song it doesnt hit,my ears that bad yeah i mean if theres,anything,jack gets credit for plenty of stuff on,this album im not going to drag it,through the mud all day yeah but he has,like a tonality and an ability to,deliver lines that like you said when,read in your own mind and like that,voice that is your inner dialogue it,just is cringy and then he does it in a,way where youre like,but sometimes his delivery absolutely,just flops it like there are times where,i think its okay and then when he,delivers it im like,im guessing when the whole world loves,you people only got one way to stand out,on churchill downs yeah i like this bar,a little bit yeah theres not a lot of,great bars that arent just great,because theyre funny right on this,album and this one i feel like is,actually like a well-written like if,drake said this yeah id be like oh nice,well you gotta come with your best when,you put drake on it yeah thats true,like a blade of grass wants sunlight i,just want that ass and now what people,dont realize about this one yeah im,sure theyll come around to it yeah its,a blade reference oh really this is a,this is a again another subtle nod by,jack but this time to the drain gang,drinking really yeah okay nice so like a,blade yeah i see i hear the name blade,yeah thats his name thats the leader,of the draining gang yeah drain ceo,swedish rapper singer wants sunlight,blade comes from a part of the world,where theres 24-hour sunlight sometimes,i believe a sweden yes,land of the eternal sun i believe is,what they call it sure,i just want that ass,the bottom y

Jack Harlow’s Come Home The Kids Miss You: ALBUM REVIEW

the kim jong-un bars like really,i dictate like kim jong so that was a,clip of us reacting to one of the lines,on jack harlows new album come home the,kids miss you and we just did a live,album reaction to that project you guys,could actually access it right now on,our patreon link available in our,description it was awesome to go through,the album with the entire community even,though this new album didnt shape up to,what it could have been and guys let us,know in the comments what you think of,the album but going into this album,review i know we both didnt have the,highest of expectations but this was a, letdown it was a letdown and i,want to start with the artist,performance like usual you know were,going to go through our categories and i,think like thats where thats where the,quality really dips down is like jack,didnt do anything here bro like you,know i i enjoy jacks um style and,cadences i like that smooth flow i love,it when he goes on to a song like you,know nail tech or even you know tyler,hero or whats poppin with all kinds of,flows and cadences and this you know,really braggadocious energy but i feel,the zip for the artists performance,falls flat for me is really how he,carries his tracklist because youre,gonna find two different styles from him,either super romantic and super melodic,or introspective type of jack harlow and,it gets super boring throughout the,tracklist for a 15 song album and i,think that also when youre looking a,lot at a lot of the hooks on this album,example like poison um i also i got a,shot side piece these are some of the,worst hooks that ive heard all year and,i know he could do much better than that,so where do you think the performance,you know really falls flat with this,yeah listen i just think that like on,his best day jack harlow is kind of a,mediocre rapper but with this album it,just seems like he couldnt escape the,drake comparisons and its for good,reason i mean a lot of his flows and,cadences are super similar to drake also,on a song like dua lipa youll hear,vocal inflections that remind you of,g-eazy so what i took out of this was,that jack harlow was kind of um you know,failing to carve his own identity as a,rapper which he does have identity he,does in previous projects bring through,that southern drawl and has these,inflections that are kind of unique to,him but he just threw that out the,window on this one and its also crazy,to see that,i mean im sorry to say it but jack,harlow is not a good singer and if this,album has any evidence of that youll,find on songs like i got a shot or movie,star where hes trying to hit these high,notes and the vocals just fall flat and,i get it that hes kind of trying to,appeal to the ladies have this,mainstream appeal but at the end of the,day,its just it came off as one of the most,formulaic albums ive heard in a long,time because youre getting him rapping,about girls hes trying to seduce then,hes trying to fill the verses with out,of context lyrics then youre going to,get him sampling a hit record from the,2000s and then you randomly get a beat,switch thats the formula for almost,every single song on here and i think,that the way he curated this album was,really not good and theres nothing,really that positive to say about his,performance absolutely i think,realistically there are like i think,maybe a couple of good performances with,nail tech churchill downs that first,verse was good and then after that i,would probably say a little secret i,mean a little secret was one of the,melodic performances on the album that i,actually really did enjoy because it was,coherent you know it actually seemed,like there was a vision behind that song,and um the storytelling was nice and the,way he led you into each verse was cool,in comparison to the rest it looks good,but if you look at it if you really take,it out of that yeah and like the whole,drake thing like i understand you know,really wearing your influences on your,sleeve but this was way too evident and,thats what i didnt like out of this,example song like poison um that sounds,like a complete bite and rip off um of a,drizzy track and thats what i didnt,like about it is like jack harlow has,this unique style to him that you know i, with in the past but just didnt,transpire here and i think the artists,performance was actually bad like it,didnt do anything for me lets go on to,the content because um things dont look,bright here either to be honest with you,like a lot of misguided writing um and i,understand okay like theres gonna be,romantic talk and you know theres gonna,be you know the seducing throttling,album and honestly like i like that from,rappers you know like thats what i,with drake for and you know putting you,into that atmosphere putting you into,that mood but this was completely out of,context because the way jack carlo,delivers it is just with these really,corny you know punch lines that never,really correlate or lead into anything,and ill let you read some of your some,of your lines some of the lines that i,have yeah i mean look in terms of the,content though before i get to that i,just feel like hes trying to kind of,adjust and settle into this new position,of fame and kind of,um you know seducing women and,everything that comes with his new,lifestyle but at the end of the day you,get the same love song 15 times over,which,is misguided is aimless but yeah some of,the bars on here that i took down where,that were very cheesy in my opinion,would have to be,um you can find my name next to smooth,in the thesaurus,on young harlesi i mean i dont know how,smooth it is if you have to make a,reference like that um apart from that,what else did i bring up um i had,something on first class and this yeah,this is the most shocking bar i had,pineapple juice i give her sweet sweet,sweet semen um thats right that was,pretty long side piece back when i was a,young man i liked them girls that was in,abercrombie i liked them girls that i,was in aeropostale like come on dude you,know were not in high school anymore,like thats the thing is like i ive,heard better performances as far as,content goes just i didnt enjoy it but,thats who hes speaking to right that,high school,female kind of demographic thats where,the music is kind of guided towards its,not necessarily speaking to us but,without that you dont get anything,meaningful from jack like for example um,youll get a song where you know hes,talking about i think its a song called,side piece where hes talking about his,girl on the side and how much he values,her and then hell randomly bring up a,line about how,cops in argentina told him to go back,because it wasnt safe and im like what,yeah yeah bro where does this come from,i mean like it doesnt that doesnt give,me cheese but you know what you know,what that shows me is just like how,there were certain instances within the,album where you had to fill in verses,and that was another thing for first,class um bro like the hook was,phenomenal because its you know its a,classic fergie song but once you get to,the actual verses super short super,misleading and then again youre getting,the pineapple bar so i mean what are you,really getting out of the content,absolutely the content was bad you know,i think that youre going to go into,this album and again like its not its,not even the melodic or romantic stuff,its just like its so its executed in,a poor way but lets go on to the,features all right because he had put,out something on a social media sing,legends only for this feature list and,these are all legends you know theyre,all fantastic artists but i mean in the,context of this album um really there,was only one good feature and it was,drake he ripped his verse on children,drake had the best part on this entire,album like he was the standout of the,entire project and i mean this is a,classic drizzy where hes kind of an,event session where hes just you know,letting his thoughts be spoken out,freely and theres power behind ever

People Dont Like Jack Harlows New Album…

so it seems like everyone and their,mothers has been debating about this new,Jack Harlow album come home the kids,miss you and it seems like people are,kind of all over the place on it some,people like it a lot of people hate it,and then I feel like a majority of the,people are kind of just in the middle of,the road this album has to be one of the,most hyped up releases in a very long,time with Jack Harlow being one of the,most hyped up artists in a really long,time I mean dont get me wrong the guy,has a couple good releases under his,belt I really like his album confetti,sweet action is okay and thats what,they all say is pretty good you know it,has a couple of songs that I can Vibe,with but when Im telling you guys the,hype was absolutely real I definitely,mean it I mean people were pretty much,acting like Jack Harlow was gonna be the,second coming of Drake but I gotta be,honest with you guys after listening to,this album I couldnt agree with,anything less and before we really get,into the album lets just kind of talk,about Jack Harlow overall as a person,because hes one of those guys where his,personality and his his whole Persona is,actually bigger than his music as you,guys know Jack really hit the mainstream,once he released his music video with,lyrical lemonade for whats popping and,ever since then this guys career has,absolutely been on fire because he goes,on these interviews he says some witty,stuff he flirts with the girls and its,very good for internet content so this,guys been going viral personally I,dont think that its like a coincidence,I do think that the label has you know a,very strong control over social media at,this point and so its very easy for,them to control certain narratives like,I said first he had the hit song whats,popping that kind of like lit his little,fire and then he really like poured,gasoline all over that when,that song came out with little Nas and,it also really helps Jack Harlow that,during this time in the hip-hop,landscape there kind of is that space,for the white rapper you know I would,say the last popular white guy was maybe,like G-Eazy and hes already been out of,here for the last couple of years you,know so all those Suburban kids were,really waiting on the next Great White,Hope obviously not putting Mac Miller in,that category rest in peace to the,legend himself I never want to hear,yall comparing Jack Harlow to him again,and like I said he really did lean into,this lover boy Persona that people were,really putting on to him and over the,last year hes taken that and making it,like the biggest part of his personality,and I would say that really affected him,musically and the decisions he made on,this album look Im not saying the album,is necessarily bad but its really just,Bland You Know Jack forgot all his,spices the Beats were not that hot the,Bars were super weak and its like the,whole time I was really just waiting for,that gotcha moment you know I was,waiting for something to come in and,blow my mind musically and its like it,was just building up and building up and,building up but it never happened you,know on previous projects when you hear,a song like Route 66 through the night,ghost or River Road you really do feel,something you know he conveys his,different emotions very well sometimes,this to turn turn up sometimes its more,introspective and other times it was,like a more lover boy style in my,opinion his previous projects just,straight up had more heart you could,just really tell through his raps that,he was still hungry and very desperate,for fame and when you compare those,albums to this new album it really just,feels so soulless you know all that,emotion from Jack really seems to be,gone and its almost like hes coming,from this place of oh I finally made it,but did he really you know to me this,album really could have solidified his,spot in hip hop and rap as a genre but,instead he essentially chose to say Here,I Am the next white pop rapper who,doesnt have much to say but my music,sounds good in the background when the,NBA Playoffs go to a commercial break,and occasionally Ill make a Bop for the,suburbs which can be a very lucrative,career dont get me wrong but the shelf,life can be very short if you do choose,to take this path I mean really what,happens as you age and the next white,guy with the modern hairstyle comes,along I mean look how fast they threw,G-Eazy in the garbage and you know,another narrative Im seeing going,around online is that men simply dont,like this album because it was made for,women and I can kind of see what those,people are saying but I dont,necessarily see women playing this album,like they would play maybe a drake or,Bryson tiller record I mean a lot of the,more sexual bars on this album just come,out as downright corny you know when,Jack used to deliver a cornier bar it,was a little bit more tongue-in-cheek,almost like he was making fun of himself,this really feels like hes buying into,his own hype and something else I feel,Jack Harlow fell into is the Nostalgia,trap because the amount of samples that,he used from the early 90s and 2000s to,try and give this album that Vibe just,didnt really work for me also I,understand he probably felt like he was,going the right route by getting some,legends from several genres but the,features on this album are downright,uninspired outside of Drake I mean,Justin Timberlake and Pharrell ruins,what could have been really good songs,Little Wayne just absolutely phones it,in I mean no offense to any of those,Legends but theyre pretty much all,washed at this point in their career if,I was him I would have had little baby,and little Dirk on the same song Maybe,Bryson tiller maybe Im trying to get,Kanye on this thing if Im really,talking about a legend whos really at,the top of his game Im just saying I,would much rather have heard from those,guys who are still in their Prime Drake,by far has the best feature on this,album where him and Jack team up on,Churchill Downs which sounds like a,throw away from Drakes dark Lane demo,you can actually hear Jack trying to,sound like Drake quite a bit on this,album with his vocal inflections and his,beat selection and Jesus Christ if this,album did one thing its making me,appreciate Drake hes almost two decades,into his career and he still sounds,hungrier than Jack Harlow who literally,just became famous you know in my,personal opinion Drake must have,harvested some of Jack Harlows,abilities youre not slick Drake Ill,see you you know Drake is always doing,this to the next hottest newest artist,its like he takes their powers my,favorite songs in this album are,Churchill Downs little secret and state,fair my least favorite have to be Dua,Lipa I got a shot and young harleysy Im,not gonna get too far into any of the,cringy bars because a lot of my,contemporaries have already done that,but some of these are just downright,garbage overall to me the album gets a c,minus or a 4 out of 10. like I said its,not bad its just Bland and Jack took,absolutely zero risks and do I think in,the future Jack Harlow could still put,out a good project absolutely but do I,feel like hell ever really be taken,seriously in hip-hop after this no I,really dont you know at the end of the,day I really just think Jack Harlow,doesnt have enough to say you know you,can only talk so much about wanting to,be rich and famous and wanting to,girls before it just gets a little bit,old it gets a little bit stale I just,really dont see him having the staying,power that other people seem to think he,has and I do think when the next flavor,of the month the flavor of the Year,whatever you want to call it comes,around its going to be hit the road,Jack okay theyre gonna get this guy out,of here but thats just my opinion like,I said I did like some of his previous,releases a lot more so Im not saying,hes like a bad artist you know I know,everyone sees him as this very likable,guy so they want to see him win I,completely get that but le

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