1. Jackpocket Review – Can You Win Big On Here?
  2. Jackpockets modern take on purchasing lottery tickets
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Jackpocket Review – Can You Win Big On Here?

hey welcome to this video If you arrived,here youre probably searching for a,view of Jack pocket so go over how it,works and give you my two cents whether,I think its a good use of your time Im,always coming on videos like this so,consider subscribing and if you like my,free training on the number one simplest,fastest way I dont know full-time,income from home all you have to do is,click the link below youll see my email,opt-in page thats your best email I,could send you my free training if you,want Jack pocket lets dive in so what,it is basically its a platform that,allows you to buy your States lottery,tickets from the comfort of your own,home,its currently available in 14 States,and you can see which ones if you scroll,down to the bottom on the left hand side,and each state is going to be different,with New York for example you get access,to Powerball Mega Millions New York,Lotto take five,Etc but it depends on the state now Jack,pocket has been around since 2013. it,has a 4.5 star rating on Google Play and,4.7 on the Apple Store,it has over 2 million users and they,paid out over a hundred million dollars,so if youre wondering is Jack pocket,legit yes its legit the sign up process,is pretty straightforward you would um,you download the app on your Android or,your iOS or you can just play online you,know order online and um,submit your name and email address,you also need a piece of government,issued ID photo ID and then you can,start searching for available games,before you start playing youll need to,deposit some money and they have,multiple payment options,including PayPal venmo bank transfer so,when you find a game that interests you,you would um click on it and choose the,numbers or you could have Jack pocket,choose your numbers for you,using their quick quick pay feature,sorry Quick Pick feature,Jack pocket will then purchase a,physical ticket from one of their Retail,Partners theyll scan it and theyll,send you a photo of that ticket and you,can and they keep it in a safety vault,as well the actual takeout so if you do,end up winning,um you know youll be able to collect,100 of your earnings which is great,um there are only two fees you have to,worry about so um theres a seven to ten,percent fee on whatever amount you,deposit into your account you know which,is fair because um you know uh,jackpocket is saving you time and the,hassle of having to drive to a store and,so you know seven to ten percent fee is,very reasonable and if you went up up,and if I should also mention if you win,a prize over 600 you would have to pay a,courier fee for them to send you the,earnings so,but if you want a price under 600 there,would be no Courier fee because theyll,just pay directly to your bank account I,hope that makes sense,um one cool feature on Jack pocket is,you could actually join a pool,or create one,um Im not not talking about the pool,youd have in your backyard Im talking,um where where a group of people come,together and they they,um they sort of they they join a lottery,game,um so so it increases your chance of,winning thats what Im trying to say,but it also means,if you do win as a group you have to,split those earnings among the group,theres also an auto play feature which,will automatically play tickets for you,from your favorite games,you know which sounds kind of dangerous,to me but you can always you can always,pause it because I dont think you just,want games playing on autopilot money,coming out of your account when you have,no idea whats happening but thats,optional thats an auto play the auto,play feature,all in all a jack pocket is a perfectly,good lottery app people like the ease of,use the convenience and and its just,its a its a perfectly good website,just understand your chances of winning,anything significant,um with any lottery ticket purchase are,incredibly low,um and over the long term most people,end up losing money for so um,so if youre someone whos just doing,this for fun you know money isnt a,concern and you you have the willpower,not to you know get addicted to this,because it could I could see this very,easily becoming addictive because its,just so easy to buy lottery tickets,online because of how convenient it is,um you know if youre if you have the,willpower and the funds then by all,means but if youre someone whos living,paycheck to paycheck or someone who,needs to worry about money and planning,for the future like most of us then I,would just stay away from lottery,tickets entirely I think there are I,think theyre just a waste so just,because your chances of winning in the,long term its like its like thats,saying The House Always Wins when you go,to a casino well the people playing the,lottery tickets always lose most people,in the end so over the long term so,thats my two cents on Jack pocket and,buying lottery tickets you can take it,for what its worth uh but look maybe,youre here not necessarily because you,just to play lottery tickets because I,dont think its great to have a lottery,mindset when it comes to money,um you know but thats just me maybe,youre here because youre just looking,for a way to earn money and maybe earn,money from the comfort of your own home,if thats the case what I recommend,doing is you can click the link below,youll see my email opt-in page,enter your best email I could send you,my free training uh thatll detail a,business model you can build for,yourself thats entirely work from home,you dont have to rely on luck its its,predictable,um its step one step two step three do,this its very simple beginner family,and anyone can do it theyre students,um from all walks of life all over the,world having great results,um,but you do have to put in some work I,will say that so,but you know anything in life worth,having requires work now thats thats,just how it is so and would we want in,any other way right but Im getting all,philosophical but um anyway I hope you,enjoyed this review of jackpocket I hope,to see you on the other side of that,link and I hope you have a great day bye

Jackpockets modern take on purchasing lottery tickets

a New York state lawmaker says the,legislature plans to investigate a new,iPhone app that sells lottery tickets to,New Yorkers this app launched this week,and allows people to play the numbers,without standing in line at a dealer,legislature tells the New York Post that,nobody can sell lottery tickets without,a state license and her Werner spoke,with the apps create or ahead of,tonights 301 301 million dollar,Powerball drawing want to get that one,straight and a good morning good morning,Gail with a creator of this app claims,that it is legal and its already up and,running and gaining in popularity,this man is buying $40 worth of,Powerball tickets but not for himself,the tickets were purchased on behalf of,people who ordered them through JAC,pocket just hit play and you can either,pick your own numbers or do a quick pick,with a few finger taps Jack pocket,allows users to buy Powerball Mega,Millions and other lottery tickets thank,you a jack pocket employee then fulfills,those orders by physically buying the,tickets I started here by myself one,person one desk the app is the,brainchild of Peter Sullivan tickets are,scanned and the user can see them on,their phone if a person wins over $600,their tickets are delivered to them so,they can claim prizes in person smaller,winnings are applied to their account,Sullivan started working on the app two,and a half years ago he was inspired by,his father who often crossed state lines,to play the lottery so I remember,growing up being embarrassed because we,were late for practice due to the fact,that he had to go play his numbers and,so the lottery was to blame I wouldnt,say that but you today yeah it could be,yes attorney Judy Albany he says the app,doesnt break any laws in 2011 the,Department of Justice determined that,buying lottery tickets online was,completely legal Jack pocket monitors,how people play to flag problem gambling,the app limits daily purchases to $100,per person,something Powerball itself does not do,for now only people in New York can use,Jack pocket but Sullivan is hoping to,expand to other states,Jack pocket already has about 10,000,register,users a Tuesday night 20 orders were,being placed every minute do you feel,bad at all about making it easier for,people to maybe spend money they dont,have if we can make it convenient for,the people that want to play and if we,can be responsible with monitoring their,play I think thats a win-win well the,app is free to use so they make their,money by splitting Commissions with the,stores where the tickets are bought now,we reached out to Powerball Mega,Millions and the New York Lottery but,were told they had no comment on the,app of course the question is is it is,it legal right theyre saying theyre,going to investigate it he says that,theyve jumped through all these,regulatory hoops that theyve looked at,the whole process that they want to work,with the state that they want to be an,authorized provider youll see where it,ends up hes on to something a lot of,people are thinking how do I get it well,its surprising that they didnt have it,before right now obvious with all these,apps in the world so interesting you,know thank you so much

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Is Jackpocket Legit or a Scam? | US Lottery Ticket App Review

hi folks in this video well investigate,jackpocket a leading us lottery ticket,courier service with 2.5 million active,u.s users that recently raised 120,million dollars from investors the app,lets you order official lottery tickets,on your phone in 11 states but is it a,legal and trustworthy app or a scam,lets find out bad pocket isnt a new,company it was founded a decade ago in,new york but also has an operation out,of santa barbara california they have,200 employees according to their website,linkedin shows 119 employees with a 14,increase in head count in the past six,months its a sizeable operation and no,longer a startup the business is still,run by peter sullivan with co-founder,matt silber and co-founder slash cto leo,shemesh the man behind the proprietary,platform powering the business they also,added tony vartanian to the leadership,team in 2022 to drive further growth,back pocket is the first licensed,third-party app in the us they operate,across 11 states currently effectively,passporting their new york and new,jersey licenses crucially each new,launch has been backed by the respective,lottery authority in that state making,jack pocket one of only a few legitimate,options for getting official lottery,tickets online that pocket of position,themselves as being a responsible,gambling operator they back this up by,monitoring your spending and capping it,to 100 bucks per day but you can change,that in the app settings as a,responsible operator they look after you,and make sure you dont straightward,harmful play the app also blocks,underage people from ordering tickets,and use advanced gps tech to make sure,you are physically located in the state,where they are legal you cant even get,around this by using a vpn that pocket,currently has 2.5 million active users,of 300 in the last 8 months they seem to,be capturing a new demographics of,younger more tech savvy and affluent,lottery players this segment of lottery,customers have been underserved as they,demand an app-based user experience the,average age of lottery players generally,is early to mid 50s but 70 percent of,jack pocket customers are under the age,of 45. their website has had over 560,000 unique visitors over the last three,months and around 90 000 monthly app,downloads jack pocket players have won,over 100 million dollars in lottery,prizes to date including a 9.4 million,dollar jackpot one in new jersey the,biggest mobile gaming win in us history,mobile gaming and interactive lottery is,growing rapidly across the us which,explains why jack pocket have been able,to pick up 120 million dollars from,investors in their latest funding round,bringing the total capital raised by the,business so far to 200 million dollars,this is great news for players as it,means the business is well capitalized,and able to withstand any shock jack,pockets estimated annual revenues are,in the 5 to 10 million dollar range how,does jackpocket make money well youre,basically charged a small fee whenever,you add funds to your account and they,have millions of players you will not be,charged any commissions on your winnings,you will not be charged when you,withdraw money so whats next,ceo peter sullivan is on the record,saying he plans to use the new funding,to expand from the core ticket career,business into a wider product mix of,mobile gaming and to launch into more,markets both in the us and,internationally the app already offers,scratch offs as part of their,proposition in texas and colorado but,new digital products include raffles,sweepstakes sports betting bingo and,social casino gaming this is what,jackpockets expansion strategy looks,like according to its most recent pitch,deck the analogy used here is that the,jackpocket app will be like a mall of,mobile gaming the ticket career service,is the anchor tenant that gets us,through the door and once there well,see all the other great games that will,keep us entertained and coming back for,more in summary we can confidently say,the jack pocket is legit whats more it,looks like well soon see loads of fun,new gaming experiences added value and,more chances to win with the jackpocket,app in the future you can get started,today with our fantastic free ticket,welcome offer just click the download,link and use the promo code in the,description box of this video please hit,like and subscribe to our channel before,you go thanks for watching and good luck,[Music],luckylodowwin.com

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BUY Lottery Tickets From Your Phone! Jackpocket Review

hey whats going on everybody welcome,back to apps every day and today were,talking about,jackpocket the lottery app so this is,really cool,uh also i want to point out before we,open the app that it is available,in these states in the first paragraph,of the description,so if youre not in those states you,should definitely check out to see if,its been added but,just wanted to let you know on kind of,in the beginning here so,if you enjoy playing uh lottery and,getting scratch-off tickets and stuff,like that,this can be a fun app of course i want,to say that if you have an issue with,gambling please do not,download this app do not blow any money,that youre not comfortable,blowing so uh in here you can pretty,much play all the lottery stuff im not,a big lottery person so i dont know,all of the games but uh here at the top,you can,pick your location so im in ohio thats,why i have,this pulled up here you can add funds to,your account balance,and that will allow you to play any of,these games so i can just hit play,and obviously you get some options its,super easy,to uh do all the games and obviously,they make it pretty easy to,spend money so here are,all the different things on the home,page that you can check out,and then the next one is pools this,ones pretty cool,so you can basically join a pool of,other people who are obviously also,trying to,win the money so for example the mega,millions,which is currently a winning of 50,million dollars,1663 people have uh joined in the pool,and i could join as well if i wanted to,and again you can pick your own numbers,or do a quick pick,say sure and then,you could you know put in your two bucks,or whatever and basically the way it,works,is if anyone in the 1600 people wins,the mega millions uh and guesses the,correct,numbers then this 50 million dollars,will be split,evenly between the 1663 people,so you wont get 50 million dollars but,you know some money is better than no,money so,pretty cool that you can join pools and,you can see theres a couple different,ones right now so actually this is the,better deal,because its even more money 75 million,and,a lot less people have joined that pool,so again be careful with where you put,your money uh but,your odds are increased because a lot,more people are in it,and then you can auto play here you can,check out the results,from different lotteries based on the,dates this is nice because i always,wondered like if i went to the store and,bought a lottery ticket,like i dont have cable or anything so,yeah im sure i could check online but,this is a nice convenient place,to see all of the uh winners for,the different games and then,if you spent any money by any tickets,you can see your order status here,so pretty easy to use app pretty quick,but if youre a fan of lottery but,youre sick of standing in the lines or,just going out to buy the tickets,then you can download this app and do it,right from your phone,let me know down in the comments below,what app i should check out next,and dont forget to come back tomorrow,for another apps every day,you

Mr. Jack Pocket Review – with the Charters

[Music],its time for another dice town well,review with the charters family hi my,name is rich charters and Im Jenny,chatters and today were going to be,doing our first and very possibly our,last board game video and well be,taking a look at mr. Jack Pocky,I hope you enjoy our first ever video,now mr. Jack pocket is a very quick,little game for two players right right,and the players that have different,roles one player takes on the role of,the investigator,that is he tries to discover the guilty,suspect the other player takes on the,role of mr. Jack and he tries to keep,the suspect him right right awesome,okay to understand the game of mr. Jack,pocket you have to understand the five,components that come in with the game,the first is the alibi card shown here,theres nine different alibi cards they,represent the nine suspects in the game,and every game of mr. Jack pocket starts,the same these nine cards are picked up,theyre shut randomized so you shuffle,them and then one player draws a card,and whichever card he draws that will be,mr. Jack for this game that is the,guilty the suspect that is guilty during,this game the others remain hidden and,the whole object of the game is for the,investigator to figure out who the,guilty suspect is and for mr. Jack to,keep the identity of the guilty suspect,hidden throughout the game now these,cards are called alibi cards because if,the investigator can some time in the,game draw one of these then this suspect,has a perfect alibi and he knows that,the in this case the inspector is not,guilty of the crime okay heres how you,set up a game of mr. Jack pocket I take,the nine Street tiles and I shuffle them,randomly I turn them change the,orientation things like that make sure,its completely random and then I just,play all nine out randomly on the table,like this and the detectives are spaced,like this the only rule is each,detective needs to be looking at a wall,to start the game so I turn them the,tiles that are just in front of these,detectives,theyre facing the wall and set up is,really that quick I I create the board,by randomly placing online put the,detectives in this spacing I lay out my,turn token so were ready to go and I,have my action tokens close and then as,I showed earlier I have to randomly,select one of the alibi cards to,identify who the guilty suspect will be,in this game so thats how you do the,setup the next component of the game is,the nine Street tiles youll notice that,the nine suspects are printed on each of,the,Street tiles on one side and on the,other side is blank the the third,component are the detective tokens,theres three of them Sherlock Holmes,Watson and their dog Toby so this game,consists of these detective tokens,rotating the board in a clockwise manner,is one thing that you can do another,action you can take is to rotate the,Street tiles or even switch their,locations is another action that you can,do and well talk about those actions in,a moment at the end of each turn mr.,jack has to reveal whether or not the,guilty suspect is visible so in this,case if you recall the guilty suspect,was here,John Peyser and hes located right here,so based on where the detective tokens,are mr. Jack would say yes he would of,course not point to him but he would say,yes hes guilty so I would say okay I,can these three suspects are visible,these two are visible but this suspect,is not visible therefore I know he is,innocent so I turn him over this suspect,is visible bite from Toby here but this,suspect is visible from no one so I,turned him over and this suspect is,visible from none of the detective token,so I turned him over notice Im very,careful to make sure the orientation of,the streets does not change when I flip,the tiles and this matter the detective,was able to eliminate one two three of,this of the suspects if the detective,can get it down to theres only one,suspect left it would of course be this,one john pfizer then the the detective,would know that he is guilty and the,detective would win the game if there,are at least two suspects left through,the end of the game then the,Skinner was not able to figure it out,and in fact mr. Jack would have won that,game so that is how suspects are,eliminated from the game by the,inspector but to really understand how,this works we need to understand the,final two components of the game so let,me show you the term tokens on each turn,there are four actions that can be done,theyre represented by these tokens and,you notice theyre double sided with,different actions printed on sides so,theres eight possible actions four on,one side and four on the other to start,a turn you randomized these and the way,they said the rules say to do it is just,possible yeah and whatever they come,down these are the four tap turns that,you force you me the four actions you,can take on your turn and once you take,that turn then you flip all four of,these over and you have four different,actions you take on the next term so,thats how it works you do four actions,you flip them all and you do the other,actions and then for the third turn Yury,randomize them by tossing them again so,thats kind of how you determine so,were going to talk about each of these,actions and determine what they do okay,as I said theres eight possible actions,in the game of mr. Jack pocket four of,those eight actions involve moving the,detectives if you remember I said you,move the detectives clockwise around the,board let me show you how that works,this action is saying I can move Tobey,and if I have the big,image of Toby or the image of Sherlock,Holmes or the image of Watson that means,I can move the detective token one or,one two locations so thats how you move,these detective tokens around the board,in addition to those three the fourth is,the Joker or the wild card which says,that you can move any of the three that,youd like to move but in this case you,can only move them one space and the,other rule is that if youre playing mr.,Jack you can actually move them to zero,spaces so for the standard moves you,have to move them either one or two,spaces but for this one miss the person,playing the inspector must move one of,the players or assuming one of the,detective tokens one space but mr. Jack,can move either one space or zero spaces,so thats these how we move the tokens,then theres three ways to manipulate,the board let me talk about that a,little bit two of the actions have to,deal with,let me see if I can find them theyre,rotating they a street token or a street,tile so if Toby was here and had access,to view down these three streets yeah so,he could see three suspects and one of,my potential actions was a rotate tile I,would choose that action and I would be,able to rotate this tile any direction I,wanted in this case I may rotate it like,this so that in fact Toby could see down,no streets because theres a wall right,in front of him and his view is blocked,so thats how the board is manipulated,by these rotate actions the third action,that has to do with manipulating the,board is this one which is switched the,locations of two tiles so if Toby were,here and able to see down three streets,I may say and this was the potential,action I had I may say fine I cannot,change the orientation of these in other,words I cant rotate them but I can,change the location of two tiles and if,I played like that Toby would not be,able to see down any streets because,again theres a wall right in front of,him so thats how you manipulate the,board the the final action theres only,one of these is the alibi card which is,very simple that action says you simply,draw an alibi card and by drawing these,cards if Im the inspector I can,eliminate them so if I drew this and I,could say okay this matches this suspect,I know hes no longer guilty because he,has a perfect alibi and therefore I,turned him over and thats the alibi,action,and the final component of the game is,shown here the turn tokens this game has,a maximum of 8 turns

How to use the Jackpocket App

whats up youtube this is bronx,scratcher here if youre new to the,channel please like and subscribe,thank you in this video i am going to be,showing you as promised the,jackpocket app jackpocket is only,running in,a few states but its an app where,you can play lottery games online,this is a courier service,so you can play any of these new york,lottery games thats where im located,right now,thats why i live new york but you knew,that,you could play any of these games a,daily number win four,pick 10 cash for life,mega millions powerball in the new york,state lotto now theyve disabled take,five for some reason i dont know why,maybe theyre changing the game i hope,they do,its been the same for almost 30 years,now but,i meant the take five game not the,jackpot that hasnt been around for 30,years,just wanted to make sure it was cleaning,things up,but heres how it works,im actually going to show you how it,works by buying a ticket,im going to select cash for life,[Music],im sorry about that im going to pick,my own numbers,lets go with,seven,10 25,49,and lets go with an even number 58,and my cash ball number will be three,you just pick your numbers or a quick,pick,tap add,and check out,order total two dollars,place the order,am i prohibited from playing the lottery,no i am not ive had to have,accidentally tapped yes thinking it said,something else,and boom my order was successful,and theyll let me know my tickets are,ready to view because they buy the,ticket for me,and they scan the ticket and it shows up,on my account now theres a bit of a,disadvantage here they do charge nine,percent plus a fixed 19 cents,so i recommend putting in as much money,as you possibly can,like as much as you can afford dont,overdo it,but anyway lets say you want to put in,a hundred dollars,theyre gonna charge you nine percent,thats nine dollars plus an additional,19 cents so nine dollars and 19 cents as,a service fee,if you put 10 dollars in they would,charge you 90 cents,plus 19 cents so you would be paying,a dollar nine so youll be paying a,total of 11 000 im sorry,a dollar nineteen no it is a dollar nine,i was thinking,what was i thinking so youre paying,1109,i was thinking the fee was a dollar,but whatever,im not sure what im going to be doing,for my next video but im probably going,to be scratching off a ticket,and then im going to do episode 2 of,trash tuesday,but yeah thank you guys for watching and,i will,see you next time bye

Jackpocket Reviews(Jan) Know Its Reviews- Must Watch! | Scam Adviser Reports

[Music],hello friends,i welcome you all to this new video,today im going to talk about the jack,pocket reviews,which is an online lottery ticket,purchasing website,which is which has been gaining,popularity in the united states,who doesnt love to run into a little,money,by playing lottery and,so this is the chance where you can buy,your lottery ticket and meet your luck,by through this online website it is,an official state lottery games on your,phone which,with which you can win real money there,are several benefits of it,that it claims which is you can play,anytime anywhere through your phones,also it has all your favorite games such,as play powerball and mega million,jackpot,and you might never lose a ticket again,because it gives you,the sole authority of it by locking your,serial number,in online in you on your phone,but well get to know more about it,in this video so dont forget to like,this video,share it with your loved ones and,subscribe to our channel so that we can,keep bringing you such informative news,regularly so what actually is jerk,pocket,jack pocket is the only third party,lottery app which has been approved in,the united states of america that allows,players to order official lottery,tickets,from state lotteries online it has a,growing number of states that do not,already sell tickets online,but have granted jackpocket app their,stamp of approval to purchase tickets on,behalf of customers,who prefer to play with the convenience,of their home,and inside their mobile devices there is,an overall rating of four and a half,for this lottery app and,with ease of use a good reputation good,payout speed and security,people have trusted it it is available,in many of the states such as washington,dc ohio oregon,texas new hampshire new jersey etc,and unlike other similar services which,have come and gone over years,jack pocket works very hand in hand with,straight regularity to ensure its,legality,legality and to avoid stepping on to on,anyones toes,so how does it work,jack pocket works on a simple premises,purchasing real lottery ticket on behalf,of customers,you can log into the apps make your pick,and submit your orders and in turn,jackpocket will submit will,send you a ticket which can be uploaded,as a scanned image of each ticket and,then to notify customers of any,winning tickets if it will easily notify,you,whether youve won or not and there are,several,articles or write-ups published online,which says how it is,easier with jack pocket and,how it has been covered in the news,there are,several public polls private pools you,can also invite your friends to,and make a private pool to play with,your friends and,there are auto funding auto play,subscription and retailers that will,fund,your game so people,have been every now and then going and,testing their luck whether they can,win anything or not on jack pocket it is,authorized,lottery and is safe to play and so far,we have found good reviews about it,so thats it for today guys i hope you,liked the video,dont forget to share it with your,friends and subscribe to our channel so,that we can keep bringing you,such informative news regularly thank,you and have a nice day,[Music],you

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