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ah,what is going on you guys Im Joe,Andrews fitness model lifestyle model,you may have seen me on Instagram doing,a few workouts here and there but one of,the main questions I always get asked is,what is Jackson what is Jackson chains,how do you like them whats your,collection which one do you go for and,whatnot so today I have my entire,collection right here laid out for you,guys and Im going to explain a little,bit on each piece and tell you why I,decided to pick this one up okay so,first off we have the box that all the,items come in now this box you guys is,something that youre not going to want,to throw away Im going to tell you that,right now it is a quality box this has a,magnetic little clasp on there so you,guys can hear that,I like to keep all my boxes as you guys,can see every single chain that I own is,still in the box along with the,bracelets and we even have little ring,carriers here with the Jackson logo on,it as well well get to those in a,second but I want to show you guys,something about this box here so if you,look really close you have like a felty,material here and what this is going to,do on the top and bottom is keep your,chain protected and safe if its ever in,the case if you got it in your bag its,going like this itll keep it safe so it,doesnt break also has the logos Jackson,in it very nice box very sturdy like I,said its got a little clasp right here,so it shuts nice and tight and it wont,open up while you got it in your bag so,the Box you guys hold on to the boxes,theyre nice theyre quality and,definitely as you can see I havent,thrown anything away that I own from,Jackson so uh lets start off with what,I have on first so this right here is my,absolute go-to chain this is the three,millimeter Cuban Link Chain by Jackson,and uh guys this one I barely ever take,off and being that I never take it off,doesnt turn my neck green hasnt,tarnished Ive went swimming in it go to,the gym in it shower sleep everything,and its gold and and the gold on it is,good as new so guys the three millimeter,Cuban my favorite and then also have on,the Signet ring right here in gold and,also a gold Cuban bracelet Im a big,Cuban guy and as you guys can look at,the table here youll youll figure that,out really quick that I love my Cuban so,the three millimeter Cuban is something,thats light its something you can wear,every day and thats again why I wear it,every day but if youre trying to you,know step it up a notch you can always,go for the five millimeter Q here and,this one the gold five millimeter Cuban,Jackson chain,go on the website it is their best,selling mens chain you guys youve seen,it all over the place honestly some of,my favorite athletes celebrities even in,GQ they are advertising this chain as a,best selling chain worldwide and then,aside from the Cuban chains we also have,Cuban linked bracelets you guys I have,the Figaro chain bracelet,and the silver Cuban link chain bracelet,along with the gold one and what I like,about the Figaro chain,Cuban chain is that it kind of splits up,the Cuban Link a little bit with this,longer,Link in there which gives it a nice,little contrast so moving on from the,Cuban links we also have,two of my favorites right here I picked,up the rope chain and silver because to,be honest with you guys when you guys,get this in the light or you guys are,out you guys are at the club you guys,are wherever,and theres lights that are bouncing,this chain dances and if you know what,that means it means that its shining so,if we can get this going in a little bit,of light you guys will see a lot of,bouncing uh a lot of shine bouncing off,of this rope chain this is one of my,favorites honestly you can dress this,one pretty much up I would dress this,one up if youre wearing this one out,um this could be for going out going to,the club going to dinner and type of,vibe right here because it does it gives,it more of like an elegant look and,sticking with the Elegance guys we have,a boxed chain right here,and the reason why this is a box is,because if you look really close to it,it almost looks like a box train you,know those box trains but this one also,bounces off the light very well and I,went ahead and threw on an iced out,pendant on this one as well to make it,extra pop and uh guys this is Big Time,this is The Big Show this is if you guys,are out out of town if youre at dinner,youre in meetings youre on a date,youre trying to impress,go ahead and grab you a box chain with,an iced out pendant and honestly you can,put the pendants on a couple other of,the chains I like to actually put,pendants on the three millimeter but you,want to stay skinny with the chains that,you put pendants on you dont really,want to put a a little pendant on a five,millimeter you kind of want to stick,with a three or below for a pendant that,way it kind of looks lets the pendant do,the talking there are tons of different,style chains on the website so you can,go onto the website check it out and as,you scroll through you will be able to,see that they have a variety of,different style chains to fit your style,so like I said whether youre a Cuban,Rope box Figaro they have they have,options you guys so go check that out on,the side the site is super user friendly,easy to navigate they have tabs for,under a hundred dollars they have tabs,for best sellers weddings uh the list,goes on you guys so honestly its a,place to shop and speaking of weddings,when you think about weddings you think,about rings and it doesnt need to be a,wedding ring but if youre looking for,one they also have those on the site,um I like I said Im rocking a gold,Signet ring right here we also have my,favorite 12 ring and silver and I also,have the eternity ring now as you guys,can see this ones iced out as well so I,would definitely be pairing this one up,with the Iced Out pendant or something,flashy going out to dinner Club you know,the Box,um and those do too come with a little,carrying case themselves,nice little velvet,feel to it to protect it while its in,there Ill go ahead and throw this in,there for you guys so you can see boom,drop the ring in there got a little,button,bang keep it nice and safe,right there and you can also throw this,in to your,jewelry case thats what I like to do,so it all stays together boom and like I,said that magnetic clasp right there,will keep it nice and shut it wont fall,out on you while you are traveling or,just going from place to place well,there you have it you guys that is my,Jackson Collection from chains to,pendants to rings to bracelets let me,know what you guys think in the comments,below and um if youre in need of a,chain jackson.com recommended go check,them out well see you in the next one

Jaxxon Chain Review

[Music],95 of the company selling plated jewelry,online that market to you at places like,instagram all those companies that you,see online those companies use a base,metal that is brass,this is this is like,the worst brass is going to irritate,your skin its going to fade its always,going to fade and thats the problem,brass is just not a good quality metal,to just wear it doesnt last very long,eventually it will tarnish um it doesnt,matter if you played it in gold or,silver it will tarnish but thats why,you have companies like jackson,what we got here today is a piece from,jackson,and,this is the box right here came out of,this sleeve,um,[Music],so fire so fire,beverly pendant hold on let me show you,this is the box,[Music],this is like a,velvety soft its got their logo its,lined the box itself is lined with this,very velvet soft material thats fire,let me put this back in here but this is,the chain this is the um,on the website theyre calling this the,beverly pendant,thats so far look you got the logo on,it,and its paired with the chain and now,these dont come together but you can uh,pair them up,um as a bundle so you can get the,pendant separately or you can get the,chain or you can pair them,this is the cable chain,with the beverly pendant this is so fire,this is so fire,guys,just look at the quality on this,look at the quality,its like a brushed metal,for the pendant,14 karat gold,and heres the kicker,the base metal for this is not brass,no,the base metal for this is not stainless,steel,the base metal for this is 925,sterling silver,this is,so important,jackson is not like all these other,companies and you guessed it,all plated jewelry is not the same and,what do we know about silver versus,brass,silver is a precious metal,that has value,this is 14k gold,over 925 sterling silver,the quality on this is,already phenomenal bro let me put this,on,bro,the beverly pendant,with the,cable chain,is a phenomenal,combination,this is so,fire,oh man,guys,if you take care of this piece,14k gold over sterling silver and the,craftsmanship of these jacks and pieces,if you take care of this piece this is,going to last you a lifetime they,believe in that so much so that they,offer a lifetime,guarantee,with their pieces,if anything happens to this product,with wear and tear or anything like that,they will replace it or fix it if they,can,but it comes with their guarantee their,warranty,this is so hard,let me see,i dont want to rag on other companies,uh in specific but a lot of the,companies,that i do reviews on their jewelry,sometimes,itll be,some of it will be brass,ive made mention in previous videos,like brass jewelry,is terrible i dont have i dont want,brass jewelry at all,um some of it some of some companies,will send stainless steel,that lasts a bit longer and the metal is,a bit a better you know higher quality,metal i want to necessarily irritate,your skin,but guys if you,can get you know silver gold over silver,is always better solid is always the,best but this is not going to break the,bank link will be in the description for,you guys a special link where you guys,can get 15 off head to the,description below and hit the link,this is amazing quality,get in the comments and let me know what,you guys think what are your thoughts on,jackson because they are constantly,popping up on my instagram and just,different different ads show up on the,instagram the algorithm is definitely,loving jackson or theyre just killing,the game i mean everybody i know,personally knows about jackson theyve,seen other reviews that ive done on,their products and its like yeah bro i,always see ads for jackson on my,instagram im just like yeah these are,this is the next biggest company this is,these guys might be the biggest jewelry,company online at least thats how it,looks because the branding and the,marketing is on point they look like,theyre bigger than ever um jackson is,definitely the best the best internet,jewelry company that you can that you,can get your hands on,as far as their product if i had to,recommend and people ask me people who,dm me all the time people dm me and,theyre like bro what do you recommend,as far as jewelry companies this is,crazy that i get these dms but people,ask me all the time what do you,recommend i always recommend jackson,ill recommend jackson over just about,any other jewelry company because this,is this is sterling silver over 14 and,most of those other companies are going,to be selling you brass,and like i said brass is just,brass is just trash basically i aint,trying to beat up on the other companies,or harp on any uh,other companies or anything that i,dislike this is mainly about this chain,right here super fire guys im very,happy with this product,i will recommend this this right here,okay before i give it a a,a rating,this piece right here is the,craftsmanship of this is,simple yet very very high quality,and luxury,its like a bar,like a gold bar look at the angles cut,into this,in the brushed metal,same on the back,logo on the front,on the bell,its also brushed metal its crazy,now id have to say like between these,pieces,this chain and this pendant do not come,together unless you bundle them together,right you could potentially if you,wanted you could buy these separate and,pair them with different pendants or,whatever,but i will go ahead and say that out of,these two my favorite,of this combination or my favorite piece,is the pendant this is fire,this this is fire i got other chains,that im gonna put this on,but the chain is fired too this is such,a unique chain that you dont see a lot,of people wearing its called the cable,chain,um at least thats what theyre calling,it on their website i dont know if it,has a different name somewhere else but,no the chain is fired too i dont know,i dont know which one i like best,i like i think i like depending best,but thats it guys i aint trying to,make a super long video,i got to give this man,i dont want to give it a 10 out of 10.,because that just sounds crazy i cant,tell you what i think is wrong with this,i dont think anythings wrong with it,its just fire,its a 10 out of 10. i dont care its,my channel,this is my video 10 out of 10. get in,the comments though and let me know what,you guys think is this a 10 out of 10.,like this video subscribe to the channel,because i have a lot more videos coming,more jewelry to review,from jackson,you go if i go scroll instagram right,now an ad for jackson will pop up,um ridiculous hit the notification bell,so you dont miss any of them but other,than that it is your boy blizz take care,until next time peace out

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ever since I started doing gold plated,chain reviews after the GLD video this,has been the most requested brand for me,to drop and buy something from yo get,Jackson chains yo let me know what you,think of Jackson yall have you tried,Jackson chains I didnt even know who,the [ __ ] Jackson was so finally I,coughed it up and I bought some Jackson,chains and Im gonna give you my first,impressions now lets roll my,[ __ ] music so I can put you on,to this [ __ ] and see if everything that,everybodys been asking for is worth it,Im kind of a big deal morning my,beautiful peoples you know who it is,this your boy seats roots are betray now,the only thing that Ive done is take,off the mailing package cuz God forbid I,put my address up here and I have to,introduce everybody to Lucille [ __ ] gets,crazy so Im really hyped to check these,shits out and see if the requests are,garnered now have everything that came,in the package so it came with this,Jacksons certificate of authenticity,welcome to the family that a thank you,note from the CEO Joshua Cole who cares,enter some [ __ ] alright and 15% off,a bundle so apparently they sell solid,gold and gold-plated just like GLD coke,now this is the packaging so Jackson,very simple packaging not as fancy as,gob but well see what the quality is,like so theyre advertising these joints,as 925 sterling silver with gold plating,14 karat gold which is a nice breath of,fresh air cuz usually they try to do 20,to 24 even 18 karat gold if Im looking,for a 14 karat gold thats what Im,looking for just open this [ __ ] up Ill,open it up together and see what so I,dont know what ways up alright,[Music],so what I got here is the Cuban stack,they call it its the 24 and 26,millimeter four and five millimeter,chain Ive always said for anything,under six millimeters for a daily wear,is not my cup of tea these I got them,literally because you guys asked for,them and were gonna check them on now,and see if theyre any good okay I see,something already that kind of like Wow,so before I get into giving the details,in my opinion on these chains that Ive,literally just opened one thing that I,dont like or one thing that I prefer is,on a Cuban link especially if its Miami,style Cuban link for it to have box,clasp these have lobster clasp which are,not my favorite type of clasps at all,generally five millimeters and under in,solid gold Cubans they definitely come,with lobster clasps some jewelers like,my jeweler is able to do them in box I,like a box Cuban thats just my personal,opinion lobster clasps after a certain,amount of wear in time that spring,breaks off and it just becomes a big,[ __ ] show so thats just my opinion,looking at these joints right now I see,this stamping I dont know if you guys,will be able to see it but Ill try to,do a close-up it says 925 Italy youre,definitely Italian made and I can tell,by the quality of them I dont know if,you guys will be able to see it but Ill,try to show you probably wont be able,to see it but the quality of them and,the plating of them look pretty good man,actually they do look pretty good I,cant front and Im being you know very,anal about it but theyre actually nice,theyre finished very nicely very nicely,lets try the hang straight test I,generally dont do this with gold-plated,but wed like to try it out just to you,know for shits and giggles and not,[ __ ] bad at all [ __ ],hang pretty focus trial trying to turn,in sideways so you can see not bad not,bad at all actually the hang straight,test on these chains are pretty [ __ ],decent not too bad this one twists on,the bottom but listen not bad at all,honestly this is comparable to the,Harlem link quality the Harlem link,chain was one of the best that Ive seen,on sterling silver and this one is a,very very strong contender to that this,is actually a very very nice combination,I,if they had a box lock on it this would,definitely be the top contender I like,the quality I like the feel it has a,nice finish on it Im not upset lets,try these on and see how they look you,know what they have a nice weight to,them they dont feel like they dont,feel flimsy doesnt feel shitty around,the neck it actually feels pretty solid,and well-constructed,man Im impressed Im Carol Im Andy I,bought this [ __ ] they didnt send it to,me again I dont even know who [ __ ],Jackson was or is or whatever theyre,not super duper yellow the camera might,bring them out extra yellow maybe,because the background lighting and,artificial lighting but theyre not,super yellow they have like that freshly,polished look these are actually pretty,[ __ ] good a double stack on the,website was 175 bucks but then there was,some entry-level coupons so it ended up,being like 150 for 2 chainz thats not,bad at all Im very impressed I think,these are very nice for somebody whos,on a budget and is looking for a chain,that was possibly gonna last a decent,amount Im Im anticipating that theyll,last because of the 9 to 5 I dont know,how good the gold plating is obviously,time will tell but first impressions,wise these are definitely definitely,some of the best go play the Cuban,chains that Ive seen i heavily suggest,if anybody from jackson out there is,listening put box locks on these [ __ ],and they will be [ __ ] killers,especially at the price point that,youre doing it,these are definitely solid thank you to,everybody for all the recommendations,let me know what you guys think of your,jackson jewelry or any other brands that,i need to look into they have these type,of qualities in Osseo [ __ ] next time,you know it is the biggest in the game I,think I may have found a really top,contender smooches,[Applause],[Music],so the rough front the wrong way its a,game but he dont play,[Music]

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everybody hows it going its been two,months since i got this chain from,jackson,and i wanted to give you an update on it,so this is the five millimeter,20 inch cuban link chain,and honestly i mean its still in good,condition and,im,assuming that its still going to be in,good condition for the next years to,come but i just thought doing a month by,month type of review,would be nice in case anybody wanted to,look back on this but this is vermeil,which pretty much means that there is,sterling silver as the base metal and,then on top of it according to jacksons,website they triple dip,the uh their chains in the solid gold,that they use for their solid pieces,so,yeah this chain i mean i like i i know,people hate on the backings of these,type of chains but i like it i like it i,like it a lot better than the womens,one because at least the one im wearing,right here,its the adjustable so it has like this,to me,unnecessary,type of like weak frilly chain that can,easily break off and i dont like that,but this is the mens and its solid,right so,this chain i used non-stop the first,month that i got it like i would wear it,to sleep,every single shower when i went to the,beach the jacuzzi the pool hiking,you name it right so this would stood,right yeah with stood some rigorous,temperature changes and,you know all that sort of sweat and,things like that and i never properly,cleaned it like the only kind of,cleaning i did was when i was in the,shower cleaning myself and this was,always just on me but it still looks,good you know it does it it doesnt look,like its fading or anything like that i,really really did enjoy using this chain,and around the second month or this past,month as i was using it,it was obviously,less i did wear this a couple not a,couple weeks ago last week,i wore it for a few days never took it,off also there,and it was nice showered with it did all,that kind of stuff right so overall i,mean its pretty solid i would,definitely gift this chain to somebody,or like if anyone was into jewelry i,would be like okay yeah a cuban link is,really really nice and i just,i love it i got a lot of compliments,with this,im so used to talking about fragrances,but with this chain so far when i would,wear it it really does catch the eye but,its still subtle you know what i mean,its not a giant flashy piece that is,trying to get attention but its a nice,piece where when the sun hits it its,hard to not notice it but it doesnt,look,boastful,if that makes sense you know what im,saying so with this 20,it was around like would it would come,down,to about here on me which was nice but i,have a tendency to wear a lot of you,know crew necks and things like that so,i would always tuck this chain,underneath my crew neck so that its not,just over it kind of dangling because it,the look was a little bit,too masculine for me having this over my,sweaters with my tank tops and all that,it was totally fine but yeah over the,crew necks or anything that kind of came,up to here like t-shirts i would tuck it,in and it would look really clean,especially when my hairs up or you can,kind of see the neck profile of the,chain it was just really really nice,and,this thing also,doesnt really kink that much it did a,few times like a couple times especially,when it was,you know what,no the last time that i saw it kink up,was,when,the time before i used this last week,and i just took it out of this box so it,was of course sitting in the box i dont,have a jewelry box which i should,invest in but i need something that,would kind of like you know hang it,straight down like that i dont want it,to be crumpled or anything so,yeah it,doesnt really kink up that much but in,case you ever like face that with your,cuban links just kind of go on each side,and just keep doing that gently until it,falls apart now there are some cuban,links depending on how nicely theyre,made you can just kind of just do that,with it and next thing you know itll,fall right into place which is really,nice but,still solid still solid i dont see a,difference at all,in the color,of,when i first originally got it versus,now,but,its just uh its gorgeous it really,really is gorgeous i was thinking about,like if i had a pendant would i hang it,on this but,i think with the cubans ill just leave,them as is this is still like a new,hobby for me so im just figuring,figuring out what kind of looks i like,what i dont like and,yeah,i do love this cuban so i will be giving,you,a three month update when the time comes,and after this video ill be doing a one,month update about the seven millimeter,one that i have been wearing non-stop,alright so anyways thank you so much for,watching i appreciate the love and ill,see you in the next video bye

whats going on everybody its nate,matthews from nevadanomy.com back with,another video today were going to be,switching it up man were getting into,the jewelry game a little bit so we got,our first unboxing actually its our,double unboxing from jackson jewelry um,i looked up online you know some gold,chains and stuff like that and you know,how phones just be sneaking and,listening to everything we do uh you,type one thing in all you all of a,sudden you got a million advertisements,all over facebook all over instagram all,over the place well it ended up working,on me caught a couple of ads from,instagram stories to the regular uh,timeline on facebook started looking up,reviews on youtube and stuff like that,and i ended up making a purchase um and,then shortly after that i made a second,purchase so were gonna see whats up in,these boxes from jackson were going to,do a little try on and then you know,ima let you guys know my opinion and,more importantly you guys can let me,know your opinion because im actually,asking for it in this video,now by the weight of this box i think,the first one i want to do a review on,is this right here this ones just a,little bit lighter so were going to,start it off with the unboxing,showing it first of all its a nice,little smooth box i know yall dont,care about that but you know,a nice box it does play a part in the,brand and made me want to say hey you,know i like them ill tell you guys more,as were unboxing it though but same,thing another thing right there uh,another thing that made me want to go,with the jackson brand is,the uh the speed of the delivery man i,got this stuff in like two days so this,is the first chain right here this is,uh 925 sterling silver uh it is 14 karat,gold plated um and yeah its uh five,millimeters 24 inches i believe for this,one right here yall can let me know,what you think i dont know how its,going to record with the camera do got,the good camera but you know im sitting,in the car so well go ahead and take,this out in just a minute before i do,that i almost forgot to show you guys,you know its a part of the importance,of other things that it comes with uh it,actually came with a ring sizer right,here actually didnt even open this yet,showed you all upside down but there it,is right there a ring sizer because you,know they saw all types of jewelry so,they got rings they got painted they got,not only just plated jewelry but they,got solid uh solid gold jewelry as well,um,you know for for your own preference me,the reason i decided to pick these up,is because im be getting some im be,stepping it up just a little bit just a,little bit not too much you know,normally i always rock this chain this,is 925 sterling silver dont know the,length of it but it is pretty long but,ive been rocking this forever actually,got it as a gift from my mom a long time,ago and then i did uh recently get,gifted this ring,not too long ago as well this is 10,karat gold um,and yeah its got some uh diamond studs,and stuff like that in it so anyways on,top of that we got this letter right,here from jackson,and they gave us,a discount code just for you so i aint,gonna show you all the code on the other,end of it but im pretty sure they,always have sales so aint too much but,if you all want a code yall can go,ahead and use this code or even easier,click the link in the description if,yall buy a piece i get a little,kickback from it and then i can upgrade,and buy me another piece so thats what,i plan to do so i just made these small,purchases to test out this brand see,what i like see uh the shipping speed,and stuff like that so we also got a,microfiber cloth i dont know if you,guys are going to be able to see but,there it is yeah it is branded with,their name on the cloth as well,in addition to,uh what else do we get right here,a certificate of authenticity yall can,go ahead and read that if you want to,other end is just again their brand on,it right there and all the materials so,far you know from the the card the paper,everything like that it does feel good,uh or its not like you know just,regular cheap stuff its premium stuff,so i like that um now for what you guys,actually came for if you guys didnt,even already skip to this part welcome,so now we got uh,well get to this one in a minute lets,start off with this bad boy right here,so i already showed you guys this one,more time for the close-up,bam 14 karat gold plated gold on top of,sterling silver,im gonna take this out,try it on briefly yall can let me know,what you think about it well go ahead,and pop this one off real quick,and lets set this,to the side all right so,still big enough to just slide it over,my head without having to make any big,adjustments,and this is what its looking like i,might have to do a digital zoom or,something like that because everything,right now on camera should be in focus,but i cant zoom in yall look god yall,got to let me know what you think though,i do like it but for me the reason why i,actually ordered this one first this was,the first one i ordered but then after,seeing it compared to this one i was,like oh its low key like a downgrade,not just because its shorter but this,is actually a,five millimeter and thats what i,thought this was the whole time my my,sterling silver one but this is actually,six millimeters so after i got this i,did like it to me it does look like it,is an everyday piece but i felt like hey,i spent some money because i wanted it,to kind of stand out so thats the,reason why i ended up getting this one,right here next so same thing same,unboxing premium box,unbox it,and this one was actually hidden by the,way the box is magnetic and stuff like,that too now this one right here,this one actually is hitting a lot more,so again we got their branded jacks in,there this one right here is 24 inches,um same thing 14 karat gold plated over,925 sterling silver and it is actually a,seven millimeter so again going from my,six,down to,the five i said i dont know if i,already like that so then i stepped it,up and we got the seven millimeter,right here so lets go ahead and take,this out and put this one on and this is,the one that i think im gonna go for,um again with them being the same length,you really wouldnt want to they,wouldnt really look good um you know i,guess stacked because you know usually,you want one a little bit longer than,the other but before i pop this one on,ill let you guys get a close-up,by the way i guess i even forgot to,mention the style of chain this is right,here this is a cubing so this is what,ive been having my eye on for a while,and before i decided to get a solid gold,one i said let me go ahead and test out,the lengths and different stuff like,that test out different brands because,the same exact brand that i got this,from jackson that made the gold plated,one they also do have solid gold ones as,well but the reason why im glad that i,went with the plated one first is,because i still have the option to,return it if i want to until i get it,right had i bought a solid gold one all,sales are final i dont know if you guys,are going to be able to see but you,might be able to see they have their,jackson they have the x from their this,is the x right yeah it looks like it in,a little bit but i guess its the x,right there on the clasp that is a,lobster clasp by the way uh stamped 925,italy,if yall can see that but yeah lets go,ahead and put this one on and most,likely well be taking the other one off,in just a minute but i do again well,just want to slide it over my head,there it is so with them being the same,length theres no point in having it,like this i mean because they look,exactly the same so let me actually go,ahead and take the smaller one off real,quick,and again you guys can let me know what,you think have you guys ever ordered,from this brand before uh if you have,let me know your guys experience um do,they last do they fade do they anything,um i dont have the answers for you guys,on that

hey whats up guys excuse the wrinkles,shirt uh coming back to you guys again,giving you a basic standard review,of my jackson chain that i purchased,its a gold plated chain so its 925,silver gold plated in 14 karat gold and,ive had this for i think a few months,so i just want to show you all how its,kind of holding up what it looks like,currently today and also stack it with,my takoji chain thats solid 14 karat,gold so you all can get an idea of what,it looks like um so just to talk quickly,about the chain,this thing is is really really nice,actually uh its my first piece that i,purchased uh not knowing if i really,liked jewelry like that or wanted to,spend that much money on something,thats solid gold i started off with a,jackson piece you can usually get a,discount almost all the time on their,website and oftentimes you can kind of,double up or if you have a friend thats,purchased from there they might have a,code to get you an additional discount,on top of an already discounted price so,that was always good uh you could pay,for like express shipping and things,like that and you could track your,package regardless of the shipping,methods you get so thats also cool um,so the reason why i wanted to cover this,as well is,right now its in november uh getting,close to thanksgiving thanksgivings next,week actually um i dont know when this,video would be posted but thanksgivings,next week so its november time frame,black friday youre always uh talking,about sales and holiday season you want,to purchase a nice piece maybe you want,to purchase for a loved one or purchase,for yourself and youre like me dont,know if you want to get into the real,jewelry game just yet so you want to,kind of test the waters i think this is,perfect and ideal for you uh they have,like fifteen thousand five star reviews,so they they speak for themselves in,terms of customer reviews uh so with,without further ado rather im gonna,show you guys the chain im gonna tuck,this one in show it on the neck as well,and kind of talk about it a bit but this,is the chain here,lets see if i could grab it,and put it against the box this is a,cuban link miami cuban link im sorry,um and its 5 millimeters,in width,and its 20 inches in length,so its a nice chain again,very nice chain,and this is solid silver 925 and its,just dipped and gold its a little kink,there but i can fix that,its dipped in gold,ill show you guys the uh the clasp as,well,uh strong glass um if i had to compare,it its very similar to the jokoji one,i would say smaller but,very very nice so this is the clasp,right here,and on this one,youll get the 925,italy if that will focus i dont know if,its gonna focus but its right right,where my finger is itll say 925 uh,stamp and again their chains are made in,italy similar to jokojis only,difference is this one is a plated chain,so its a plated piece,um some of you all may not,value purchasing or wearing a real gold,piece or item you all could care less,you just want something that you can go,out with,kind of add to your look or accessorize,your look itself thats perfectly fine,myself personally,after purchasing the solid gold piece,after this jackson piece i still think,that i would still wear this one and,actually stack it with my chain so im,going to show you what it looks like on,neck without my chain so im going to,tuck this one in and just show you this,one solitaire and then ill show you,its stacked so lets see if we can do,that here,all right so that ones in,let me toss this bad boy on let me just,take the kinks out guys bear with me,all right,okay,so thats how its looking,on the neck again ill try to get you,some shots,of this chain by itself again this ones,20 inches so its a little bit shorter,works perfect for me my preference only,because im a shorter guy about five,foot seven,so,this comes down right just above my,upper chest area and its a nice shame,because if you dont want it to come out,when youre wearing a shirt or,doing any sort of athletics you can tuck,it in your shirt and it wont come out,because its shorter in length its very,rare itll fly kind of fly out i guess,is the term so let me um,show you what it looks like stacked and,again ill get a video,a video clip of it stacked with my koji,chain so that way you all can get an,idea of it,but essentially,this is what it looks like so my jokoji,chain is a franco,22 inches and uh in length and three,millimeters and width again ill show,you a video clip of it around the neck,so you get an idea i personally like the,look the only thing you will notice is,the,jackson chain is slightly darker,again its a plated piece so and its,also ive had it for a little bit longer,than a jokoji chain i just got the,jokoji chain in the past month whereas,the jackson ive had for about three,four months and i wear it all the time,its been withstanding the time and test,of durability,it doesnt feel flimsy it has a nice,weight to it which is important,and you can clean these things from what,i understand,you still can clean the plated jewelry,you just want to be careful so that way,you dont take the plating,my whole opinion on it is,if youre wearing the plated piece you,wear for as long as you want if it lasts,you a year two years youre paying,you know a tenth or twenty percent of,what a real piece cost so again if you,dont value having the real piece that,you can wear all the time you can just,buy one of these rock it out and if it,if the plating fades excuse me at least,its still solid silver underneath so,its kind of a win-win its all precious,metals its not you know brass or,anything like that not knocking it but,uh if you want to at least say hey i,have silver on or or its plated but,its silver underneath its 925 its,made in italy you have that here with,this option so im going to go ahead and,show you guys some close-ups of the,chain itself the cuban link that i have,from jackson so that way you can kind of,see how it looks within the time or the,test of time rather and then you all can,make your own decision what makes more,sense,something else i wanted to note,as im putting this down,jackson does offer solid gold pieces as,well uh their prices are are fairly,reasonable um you can shop it around i,know for myself personally koji had a,better price at the time being but dont,sleep on jackson either because some of,the chains or chain styles they may have,a cheaper price and again they always,have discounts where i dont think ive,seen jacoji have a discount code or,promo going on so again for the holiday,season this may be perfect for you uh so,i would encourage you to shop jackson,ill try to drop their link in there and,then stay tuned because i also have a,four millimeter franco bracelet that i,bought from jackson again that ones,plated and i want to kind of pair it up,with this franco for that i got from,jokoji three millimeter so stay tuned,for a video for that and a review of,that ill actually have to do an,unboxing because thats gonna be brand,new and without further ado ill talk to,you guys later

Jaxxon chain 7 months later

[Music],ryan little,[Music],youtube its your boy blizz back again,with another video,and guys check this out because a lot of,you guys have been commenting on my,videos and you want to know about,the jackson chain that i purchased about,seven or eight months ago,recently did a review or a follow-up,review on this chain about three months,ago showing you the quality and the,longevity of this piece,here we are again guys a little bit more,detail on the camera,just showing you guys what this piece,looks like originally this was called,the stack it is just a cuban link on,their website they dont sell it as the,stack anymore i believe,but this is a cuban cupid link this was,about a four millimeter chain now,theyre selling this at,five millimeters the price went up a,little bit but originally i paid,130 for this piece you can look on the,website it will be linked in the,description,the five millimeter version of this,chain price like i said went up a little,bit,but guys if you purchase a chain from,jackson this is the quality that youre,looking at,after some time like i said seven or,eight months have went by,and this chain um still looks good,in that time period i have you know ive,showered in this chain,ive slept in this chain just being,honest,ive worn the chain heavily in in that,time period and this is the quality that,its still upholding,like i said guys this is a solid silver,piece,gold gold-plated solid silver 925 it is,stamped,and i will attempt to show you this on,camera however i dont think it will,focus,i dont feel like i really dont feel,like messing with the uh,yeah check my last video man stamp 925,solid silver sterling silver,this is that chain the quality is uh,yeah quality is great its lasted,if you guys are going to purchase a,chain from jackson watch this video,watch my previous video my original,review on this chain and watch this,video,um before you make your purchase you,definitely want to check this video out,because this is what youre looking at,jackson is one of the brands that i,stand behind for sure,when it comes to high quality jewelry,that isnt going to fade that isnt,going to tarnish,its not going to irritate your skin,like i said ive worn this for days at a,time,without realizing that i even had it on,okay,uh check it out this is not a long video,guys i just wanted to tap in and show,you,what i was talking about and really kind,of answer everyones questions,that have been in the comments asking me,how this chain has been holding up,so yeah here it is guys short video just,tapping in,new content coming and on the way,products on the way as soon as they get,here i will be doing some new unboxings,for you guys,giveaways on the way of course my coming,videos i am doing a giveaway so guys,like comment and subscribe and when you,subscribe hit the notification bell,so you guys can get in on this giveaway,other than that man,this is the stack no longer theyre,selling it uh,the cuban on their website will be,linked in the description,i believe the price is about 150 or so,between 140 150,uh like i said itll be in the,description definitely hit that if you,guys are interested in this piece or any,of the other jacks and pieces youre,going to be receiving the same kind of,quality,thats it thats all i got stay tuned,for the next one its your boy blizz,peace out

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