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Jayeshbhai Jordaar | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Ranveer Singh, Boman Irani

for more reviews like this subscribe to,film companion and check out our website,filmcompanion.in,if the ayushman kurana subgenre of broad,stroke social messaging movies and the,rajkumar hirani subgenre of feel good,smiling through tears movies had a baby,it would be jewish by jodhar debutant,writer director divyang tucker creates a,sanitized amiable sometimes bordering on,farcical but always heartfelt saga of a,closet feminist who decides to rebel,against his awful overbearing sarpanch,father and protect his wife and unborn,daughter the story is set in pravingar a,fictitious hamlet in gujarat ruled by,the sarpanch who is such a neanderthal,that when a young girl complains that,boys are harassing her he orders the,women in the village to stop bathing,with soap because obviously when women,smell fresh men lose control the,sarpanchs wife isnt much better she,prays obsessively that joshs wife mudra,will deliver a son their first child,siddhi is a girl who she has little,affection for in one scene she looks at,siddhi and says,so when jayesh finds out that mudra is,going to deliver a girl again he has no,choice but to run away jaish and mudra,become perhaps hindi cinemas first,couple to elope after marriage and with,two children one still a fetus in this,village of toxic men jaish is an anomaly,he has little interest in the power key,parampara which his family dabbles in,when required he adopts the posturing of,murdangi in one scene he pretend beats,his wife but actually jaish is timid and,terrified of crossing his father who,bullies and berates everyone around him,in short jaish is the polar opposite of,ram from golian kiras leela rambla the,last time ranveer singh played a,gujarati character in that film when ram,whose oiled muscle chest is frequently,on display is asked about his mardangi,he cockily replies,by contrast chesh is the sort of,undemanding soul who after several years,of marriage hasnt even summoned the,courage to properly kiss his wife the,miracle is that ranveer is equally,terrific in both with a chaplain-esque,moustache and tremulous manner ranveer,co-creates a character who is loving and,lovable his accent is specific without,being caricaturish and his blind body,language suggests jaishs gentle,temperament the film shifts tonality,between broad comedy high emotion and,doses of suspense the sarpanch and his,goons are in hot pursuit of jaish and,his family these sharp narrative swerves,dont necessarily work there is an,outlandish thread about a haryanvi,village where prenatal testing and,female infanticide has killed off almost,all the women and the men have,understood the inherent tragedy of this,but even when the storytelling gets,sloppy ranveer doesnt in one of the,films most moving scenes josh delivers,a stirring speech about the importance,of compassion and affection between men,and women he and the village women weep,together almost as though they were,weeping not just for themselves but for,women everywhere and also for men who,are equally stunted by toxic patriarchy,jaish obviously doesnt buy into the,dictum that men dont cry divyang and,his additional screenplay writer ankur,chaudhary never let the narrative get,dark the sarpanch threatens his,daughter-in-law at one point she and her,daughter accept a lift which in another,movie and in life could get nasty,quickly but divyang and this film keep,the rose tinted glasses on josh by,jordan makes a larger play not just for,gender equality but also for letting go,of superstition and to stop judging,people by appearances,even a black cat gets a moment the,seriousness of the issues at hand is,constantly punctured by humor which,sometimes lands and sometimes doesnt in,the most dire situations divyang tries,to insert a smile,in one scene a desperate jaish decides,that the only way to save his family is,by threatening to castrate himself,because the idea that the family name,might not be carried forward by a male,heir is really the only thing that,terrifies his father bam and irani,skillfully walks the tightrope between,the many tones of this film there are,moments in which hes actually,frightening but also others in which,hes a punchline shalini pandey as the,beleaguered bahu delivers a combination,of subservience and wholesomeness,theres a lovely moment in which mudra,hesitantly remarks that their freedom,feels good theres also jia vedia,solidus siddhi the feisty daughter and,ratna pataksha as jaishs acerbic mother,her arc has an unconvincing suddenness,to it but somehow ratna makes it work,stray bits in the film reminded me of,mirch masala an iconic women empowerment,film also set in gujarat and also,featuring ratna but divyang isnt going,for that sort of tough take here he is,creating an overtly convenient fairy,tale jaishvai jordar is a crowd pleaser,which urges us with a sort of bumbling,sincerity and sweetness toward a more,equal world ill take it,[Music]

Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Review & Analysis | Ranveer Singh

[Music],im stepping in for a reversing film for,possibly the least hype and buzz around,it ever it reminds me of how lutera with,him had come and gone in theaters when,he was just two films old while ranveer,has featured in several tv shows and,online forums to promote the film the,content in those interactions have dealt,with everything under the sky from his,appearance his energy his love for other,films and sadly not jesus by jordan as,one would really wish the era from 2012,to 2019 was dominated by yushman karana,where he made a name for himself with,commercial comedies with a social,message or as mainstream would like to,call it hotkey content from sperm,donation with wiki donor in 2012 body,positivity with dhamlagake haisha in,2015 erectile dysfunction in sub mangal,saavdan in 2017 nail pattern baldness,with bala in 2019 and the list carries,on up till his recent venture chandigarh,karyashiki this also made most film fans,become skeptical about this project with,ranveer singh as most people assume that,the film its topic and treatment is,probably five years too late and the,audience has evolved into watching such,content on the ott space and that,possibly alludes to there being no hype,around its theatrical release,irrespective judged by jordan directed,by,devyang thakkar and produced by vairef,focuses on judge by patel played by,ranveer singh who is the son of an,influential sarpanch ram lal patel,played by bomanirani while the sun is,egalitarian in thought believing in,equality of men and women in society the,father is still stuck in his dated,concepts that women should live under,specific constraints in wanting a male,child from his son who has already,disappointed the family with a daughter,the parthil family do everything in,their ability for the world to bless,them with the same when its revealed,that josh bai and his wife mudra played,by shalini pandey are going to have,another daughter a chase ensues between,the couple and their patriarchal setup,fearing that they would be forced to let,go of their unborn baby daughter heres,me telling you the good and bad aspects,of the film so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch by,jordan theaters or not the trailer,before i even get to the film what was,that trailer i apologize movie summary,20 minutes into the second half of the,film it boggles my mind that sometimes,marketing teams sit together and approve,of the final product going out there,there is so much information regarding,this movie that could have been withheld,to be experienced in theaters why reveal,in the trailer itself that they are,expecting another daughter the trigger,for them to run away already getting,exposed so you want to motivate,audiences to go to theaters right while,they already know what will happen till,20 minutes of the second half of the,film it does take several twists and,turns that are not revealed but it still,takes away from the demographic that,sees everything online and needs a,trigger to step into the theater and if,in the same year you have products like,janakana mana kashmir files or even,attack that pump out such engaging,trailers leaving most to be experienced,on the big screen there is something,that can be learnt from those effective,marketing strategies rather than,exposing most of the emotional beats of,the film already moments in the writing,i think there are several moments from,the film that will stay with you,strictly from a screenplay point of view,see the movie is not complex in any way,and its not even pretending to be,either and a film that is pitched as a,social comedy often needs to shine with,its sequences and it primarily can be,done with the conviction of the writer,divyang tucker in this case who,definitely has his moments as the family,is finding photos of mudra played by,xiaomi pandey they find a face hidden by,the goongat in all of them only to,transition to a shot of her on the run,with her daughter to roll down the,window and her goongat to fall down due,to the gust of wind just a glimmer of,freedom she didnt even know she was,missing out on beautifully integrated in,the film screenplay ive seen many films,that keep people hostage but its the,first time where a character keeps his,own jewels hostage to the horror of his,own parents the threat to the bunch,actually accounted for a hilarious and,inventive sequence the moment shared,between ranveer and ratna padaksha,communicate a life of what-ifs in the,silences beautifully i think the,creators could have expanded on the same,dynamic in a better way the music,yashraj films is known for their music,ever since i have started watching,movies when you consider the,prototypical definition of commercial,bollywood movies that include a,storyline with regular breaks of,melodious song and dance you equate it,to banners like wire f and dharma,productions sadly josh by jordan has to,include one of the most forgettable,musical albums composed by vishal,shakhar the single firecracker,apparently advertised as the banger from,the album just falls flat in terms of,impact both from a musical and,choreography standpoint and it is one of,the few times in a yref product i,actually cannot rave about the songs or,tell you that ive been jamming to the,tunes from the film for quite some time,even heartfelts songs like dilki guli,and dhiredhire seek janga just dont hit,the mark social commentary and why its,not genetic the film provides a,commentary on several facets that our,community undergoes and effectively so i,had feared while stepping into this film,that it might be just generic in its,treatment if it leads to characters,getting preachy and delivering long,dialogues to me on how we should,self-reflect then ive seen it countless,number of times but the film gets its,point across only through the,experiences of what the characters go,through and this type of portrayal is,always more effective the reason why i,feel this film is still praiseworthy in,its attempt is because the same topics,of female infanticide and its,ramifications have been explored in,really dramatic gory and painful ways,they are dramas like matrubumi or horror,films like kali kui and chori this is,the first time that it is presented in a,commercial space without taking away,from the gravity of the situation be it,the concept of masculinity and the dated,notion of being physically fit or stoic,only denoting the same or what,constitutes as once progeny both boys,and girls and more importantly how,everyone is a product of what they have,learnt and seen still having the room to,grow and change ranveer saying,polarization and cheesiness the,conviction with which ranveer singh,devotes his heart and soul into projects,is undeniable the man really does,transform or attempt to transform,whichever character or world that he is,set in but this is a performance that,will easily split audiences right in the,middle the core emotion that ranveer,portrays through jaish is admirable and,i think most people will connect with,the trials and tribulations that he,undergoes in the film but where people,will really feel uncomfortable is his,dialogue delivery many people feel and i,also lie in this category that he sounds,more like an imitation for gujarati,rather than how they will sound in their,daily life the best example of a,comparison that i can give you is the,delivery of dialogues by pratik gandhi,in scam 1992 and when you compare it to,ranveer in this film one sounds organic,and grounded and the other a performance,meant to mimic rather than be more on,why ranveer still holds on to the core,emotion of the film later but the,criticism of dialogue delivery cannot be,ignored you will also notice a shift in,the pitch of the film it really embarks,on this cheesy and over the top pitch,close to its climax when various groups,come head to head with one another,leading to a gravity-defying stunt,including a horse and helvanz that might,make you cringe i found its integration,into the story t

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Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Ranveer Singh | Amazon Prime Video

jordaar puri picture as a whole,[Music],hey all my name is sajarata welcome to,my channel youre watching a movie,review where today im talking about,devyang thakkars,todays review is brought to you by,singhania is where this sari is from,look at it at sinhas you will find,hand-wound drapes that suit the modern,woman who considers the humble six yards,as a piece of indian heritage more,details on this gorgeous sari and where,you can buy it revuke,now ranveer singh is jaish a young,married man in a gujarati village his,wife has had six forced abortions in an,attempt to have a son take nice but,they already have a nine-year-old,daughter mane jayesh has been complicit,in his familys ill treatment of his,wife mudra played by an excellent,shalini pandey on finding out theyre,having another girl something snaps in,jaishs head and he convinces his wife,and child to pack the bags and run a,youtube video has told him of a village,in haryana ladopur where women have all,but vanished due to female feticide and,hence the men in that village have,become repentant and are promising a,haven for any woman fleeing the,patriarchy,plan,they escape so this movie exists in a,place between slapstick and dark comedy,ranveer is up to his usual high energy,antics hes jumping dancing pulling,faces sometimes its charlie chaplin,sometimes its ayosh manharana rooted in,reality we get to see the drama behind,the facade as well the hurt behind the,hilarity see jaish bhai is not in,distress,hes seen the error of the system hes,very much a part and upholder of trigger,when a female gynecologist secretly,reveals to jaish that mudra is about to,have yet another girl for finally the,doctor is hoping that jaish will do the,right thing and not let his family,inflict more torture upon his poor wife,the jordar superhero he then turns into,cookie thats who he is in the eyes of,his daughter that superhero does not,have rippling muscle and he knows very,very,spectator in this film like she is in,her own life screenplay by writer,nicely tying into whats coming up next,the writing keeps you guessing which,horror is about to unfold but it remains,light-handed enough for the film to pass,off as a comedy it also helps that jaish,has been given a pre-teen daughter with,whom he shares a relationship of equals,so hes also been a child only now jia,vedia is very sweet in this role and she,seems to share a lovely relationship,with gustav ranveer while the writing,kept me guessing,the film is let down by the caricature,evil villain character joshs father,gawka sarpanch played by babanerani with,a very unpleasant skull stuck to his,face the character offers no new insight,and once you know what papaya is about,papa has no internal arc right up until,the end bob and irani could have played,this in his sleep ratna pathaksha does,get an internal arc but that too is,highly predictable and follows a,template weve seen before having said,that vo actor ethni relatable hair when,she yells at her husband to speak to her,with love i cried yall may literally,rupadi i was as surprised as you the,road movie bits of the film are very,enjoyable you are rooting for these,people and youre in the dark with them,not knowing who could be trusted because,papa has reached far and wide and,everyone like jaish so far follows the,surpasses every command one bengali,woman who helps jaish and mudra escape,from one moment of captivity is a fun,little detour on the way but did the,bengali woman really have to yell army,monjolica with a knife in her hand,where also the writing folders isnt,failing to give credit and thanks to the,villages local google declared,rebellion a group of women bandying in,the night to cry together but also a,group which is ready to jump into action,under the right leader while jaish,doesnt assume leadership position here,he does mansplain to this group through,tears mind you the importance of a,tender kiss between a couple its a,spectacular spectacular unveiling,performance but this moment is also,simultaneously the movies weakest scene,to me an homage to mirch masala in the,end of this film where the gao ki orte,instead of kuttewi mitch toss scented,sabun from,into a group of women,that moment works better than jayeshs,various monologues about things which,need to change and how they should,change,my jourdar the movie is an attempt to,draw attention to a still all too common,problem in india hoping that this films,treatment will not just appeal to but,also have recall with a huge audience,mostly because it is ranveer singh,talking female infanticide is grotesque,and barbaric but the film is making a,larger point about the way women are,still treated as secondary in their,homes before and after marriage the,movie is not subtle its not complex,its rather simplistic very much within,the ranveer singh cinematic universe but,does it work yes yes it does so on a,scale of one to ten josh by jordan is,one day one hopes that not just one but,all men will stand up to fellow men one,day,now let me tell you a little bit more,about the study im wearing its from,singhanias,from their reikit collection which goes,live on monday on their website,singhanias dot in im going to add a,link to the description of this video,this contemporary kalamkari collection,thats going to go live on monday was,inspired by an illustration wall art,drawn by artist lina kosate at,dusseldorf tasar has been used as a base,here for these sarees and it provides a,raw organic visual texture its a love,letter to kalamkari if youre in,hyderabad you can go to singhanyas,flagship store which is in banjara hills,and you can also go to the luxury,handcrafted store which is in jubilee,hills but yeah,channel subscribers,[Music],you

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Jayeshbhai Jordaar movie REVIEW – Thode Late ho gaye Sir ji ????

Kya tumko ek time yaad hai? jab theater me Social comedies chalti thi,Middle class Common man ki life ka ek ,Uncomfortable side pakad ke uspe comedy movie banao,aayushman khurana mai tumhari baat kar raha hu,yaad hai ya bhul gaye?,wo yaad dila raha hu kyu ki aaj Ranveer singh ki,Jayeshbhai Jordaar movie release hui hai,aare ab bus bhi karo text read karna.. video nahi dekhna kya?,kaun job karte ho?,aare ab bus bhi karo text read karna.. video nahi dekhna kya?

Jayeshbhai Jordaar MOVIE REVIEW!! | Ranveer Singh

so my wife just did the weirdest thing,do tell,when i went in to see her i gave her a,kiss from watching the movie,she asked how was it,and didnt ask how much did it make at,the box office,thats so weird,i might have to divorce her yeah really,because doesnt she understand,[Music],hey welcome back to our stupid wrestling,corbin im rick and eve instagram,twitter,content i think its on patreon,subscribe if you havent hit the like,button oh weird glass looks all warped,and wobbly right there thats pretty,cool,yeah theyre good,i know theyre kind of spunny sponge i,like it theyre kind of spunny sponge,fun spinny spin splank uh so uh,obviously were doing a movie review,everybody as youve seen you already,know what it is you know,uh we dont need to be redundant,its of the new film that just came out,jaish by jodar,thats how you pronounce that right i,would uh it just came out obviously in,theaters and its directed by,uh,forgiveness pronunciation uh div young,thunker and it looks like he did,some of the writing along with ankur,choudhary chowdhury yes uh produced by,manish sharma uh,and starring,ranveer singh and,um,bowman irani,is that you say his name yes bulman,irani and then and then uh shalini,pandey shalini pandey and then,yeah and so and theres a few other,people but obviously the this is a,ranveer,singh film thats her right thats his,yes the love interest okay,was her character name but uh yeah so it,just came out in theater so this would,be a non-spoiler review with maybe some,spoils at the end if wed like to get,into some corrections we would let you,know we would warn you uh because unlike,other reviewers we dont give away,whats in the film yeah in the review,its so strange our job,is,to give an opinion not,tell the story thats this thats the,job of the film,movie critics hold on thats a hot take,[Laughter],anyway if youre reading the review and,it just goes its like scene by scene,the movie begins where he walks into the,bar and then blah blah blah i know if we,see the film well get on the second act,when they die yeah,anyway anyways but obviously we saw the,trailer for this film obviously right,when it came out the teaser and the,teaser uh and it looked like a fun,family,kind of,quirky comedy,maybe a comedy with heart and a and an,anime and a message,thats what i was expecting yeah and i,dont know what you thought rick i,thought it delivered i gave it a very,very solid four out of five stars yeah,really solid four out of five stars and,and,once again what were talking its im,not saying this is going to win the,awards and its very similar to actually,how we talked about mimi i feel like yep,yeah uh even though,those are some those are even though,theres films that i think are obviously,overall better artistically and stuff,like that and that i was like oh yeah,this should get the blank award right,these types of films are going to be,your favorites,just because you can go into them and,you can just watch them and enjoy the,heck out of them yep uh and i know,theres a lot of stuff youre like oh no,one got to see the box office youre all,going to see ot thats your [ __ ] loss,yep just im just gonna tell you right,now yeah just go enjoy this film exactly,its a fun if you like oh i liked mimi i,liked the trailer i liked what it was,giving me in the trailer youre gonna,deliver what they in fact it exceeded my,expectations yeah than than what i was,going into,uh thinking about it and and i have,nothing but,good things to say about it i think,theres stuff in it that i would just,being a pessimist i would just prefer,youre not gonna get into that right,here sure sure well get into that in,spoils but i it,though the world that set up it was,totally believe it was like it was like,obviously this is what youre going for,this year yes this style of message yes,it its gonna make you laugh its its,gonna be i really thought the pacing was,wonderful its just right under two hour,film yep and i just thought it really,went from moment to moment with,believability with really nice pacing,and the dialogue and the editing and the,scoring i thought everybodys,performance was spot-on delivered,exactly what casting and direction,probably wanted for the story when they,were reading it off the page yeah and i,think its a film that not only people,would have a good time seeing but,should see because well get into in,some of the more spoiler sections some,of the more,salient points of talking about story,and and other things but all in all,please go see it please go see it,because theres this trend going on,right now in the box office where only,not in the international box office,were noticing the trending indian box,office where only the big blockbusters,are being seen and thats awful because,the other films should be seen too when,its a good movie and this is a really,good movie you cant just write off a,film its like oh that should be ott,no like every movie is going to be,better in a theater guys,everyone,like and also dont complain about films,and their lack of originality when you,dont go see the ones that do give you,that lack of originality the only thing,you need to consider when youre,thinking about the box office which is,so frustrating is,number one are the great and good movies,that ought to be seen being seen because,the box office simply is a,representation of the eyeballs and,bodies and seats not the reputation of a,good film exactly and then the second,thing is,yay because the more money you give to a,film,the producers are going to make more,movies,like it so if you dont like what youre,seeing in the movie theaters stop giving,them your money and give,movies like this,your attention and your time and your,money because its worth it yeah and i i,mean i would say the exact same thing if,we we had seen um mimi in theaters which,im sure wouldnt do well in theaters,right um but its like oh yeah youre,saying thats a bad film because it made,what i dont know its like currency,obviously and how what the that equates,to but its like,sorry im gonna go with my high horse,there uh its just so frustrating,and that is perfect but yeah i thought,everybody in this did so so well,especially because a lot of them werent,like established people outside of,renvier and bowman irani right right uh,and i think she is,ratina she i think weve seen her before,yeah yeah yeah she was the mama kapoor,yes of course i think shes been around,yeah but like everybody else like i,dont think,sha say her name shalini pandy i dont,think shes been around that long and i,thought she did really really well i,loved her in this role i thought like,she showed so much emotion and,believability and i believe like i cared,about her yeah i cared about her,character and their relationship and,like i and i i dont know like,where she is in terms of the stardom in,in india but from looking at it she,doesnt do that many films and at least,ones that are huge yeah and it speaks,volumes when you can hold your own,opposite someone like a ranveer yeah and,she does more than just hold her own she,compliments him in the film and i also,thought the young lady id love to pull,up her name,who who she is,um,yes is that her i think so,i dont think so i think thats the,other like friend im i mean the,daughter,oh the little the,young yeah yeah yeah yeah theyre not,giving her credit here she,it might be,i wish,maybe yes that is the character name,played a character that could easily,have been annoying easily have been,someone youre like okay what is this,because because the character has a lot,of chutzpah yeah and she did not come,across that way i really liked her,character yeah,that required good casting in that role,yeah and she was,very dynamic and and,renvier,come on guys,hes just,hes so good and and so different if,youve been around long enough you,should know by now,we dont say things to please people,ever were not looking to please fans,were not looking to please artists if,you saw our review of anything where we

Hate won Content Lost! Jayeshbhai Jordaar Movie Review | Divyang Thakkar | Ranveer Singh

from jaduki japi to jaduki papi we all,grew up hello guys im none of prince,and we are talking about the latest,hindi film chase by jordan written,directed by devyang tucker starring,ranveer singh shalini pandey bomanirani,ratna pataksha and many more now when,the trailer came out people are talking,about is it too late to make this kind,of a film you know ashram quran has,already done so many things it has,become a genre in itself my answer to,that is no its not late because the,film is very different and unique than,what we have seen from aishwarya karana,because all the films he has done in the,past on social issues were very much,realistic and grounded of course there,was humor attached to it but still very,grounded whereas this one is like a dark,comedy it is a satire in a way and that,really distinguishes it from the other,films like that the film literally gets,ridiculous at point and its too over,the top and maybe because of this,stylization many people dont really,enjoy this film so i would say if you,have seen the trailer if you find it,interesting go for the film otherwise,you can wait for the ot release now,definitely when we using it is pai you,dont see ranveer at all in the film and,thats why you know hes a chameleon and,the best part of the film and his cat is,that we get a very different masculinity,you know recently with pushpa triple r,kgf in the mainstream cinema we are,getting very strong powerful male,characters full of testosterone and for,a change here we get a very physically,weak innocent scared male hero who,cannot punch his way out of a situation,and its really very refreshing to see,it on big screen for me writing is the,best part of this film and you have to,remember this film is a commercial film,so you have to look at it with that lens,i loved in the film how they use the,tools of suppression of women to create,humor and its the irony in that,situations which make you laugh and,honestly its very sad to see whats,happening on screen because its a,reality but the film makes you laugh at,it constantly it does get serious at,moments but again its back to humor,theres so much ridiculousness in the,film but the way theyre driving their,point through it is outstanding the,whole concept of puppy it really sounds,stupid but it represents a lot what the,film is trying to say now theres always,a criticism you know when a male hero is,tackling an issue about women and at the,end it becomes like you need a male,savior in order to save women and that,has happened with a lot of telugu and,tamil mainstream films waits about a,woman issue but the male hero is you,know leading the way but what i lack in,this film ranveers karate is motivating,them but at the end of the day its an,overall effort he is not a one-man army,and you know taking care of all the,obstacles in the way he needs help from,everyone and everyone has to rise to the,occasion and many times in movies like,this to do something right the film,choose a wrong means to do it which this,film doesnt do you have to make,something right but the right way there,is a point in the film where you think,violence will happen but no it doesnt,happen and at the end i really like the,message that the solution is not to,leave everything and go its about the,collective progress of a society,everyone has to come together become,brave and fight the suppression now im,sure someone will raise this issue that,the film is targeting one community,theyre showing them in a bad light etc,they will try to twist it to drive their,agenda if a story is based on characters,from a particular community it doesnt,mean they represent the whole community,its just their personal story many plot,points in the film are based on real,life incidents and the film doesnt need,to mention that its obvious cinema is a,reflection of our own society so if,someone is telling you to boycott this,film dont watch it dont listen to them,because they dont want you to see this,film because it talks about a lot of,things thats happening in our society,and they dont want things to change and,dont even listen to me watch the film,yourself and decide now coming to the,whole cast and we led the way bowman,iranian ratna padaksha was amazing as,always charlie pandey last i saw in,arjun reddy she did really well but the,standout was jia vedia as,she just stole the whole show now,definitely there are some issues there,are many places in the film where the,dialogues are not clear and because,theres a lot of gujarati used and the,accent is very different i wish they had,put subtitles even me who knows hindi,very much i could understand some of the,words the music of the film is,definitely very weak like nothing stands,out except the title track which is,really a sad thing now there are places,where the film gets a bit slow but it,quickly gets back on track its,definitely a good family watch its,giving a social message in a very,different and unique way which we,havent seen before one complaint that i,have from the film which i was wondering,from the trailer itself and the film,didnt answer it was why ranveers,character josh bai is so progressive,when he lives with the family which is,very regressive like it doesnt really,make sense and the film never explains,it you would imagine hell grow up just,like people around him but he isnt and,the film never explains why the simple,answer is that he is the hero hes the,narrator of the story so he is a good,guy and we just have to agree upon it,through channel membership you can,support this channel and help me,continue this journey ahead and in turn,you get various perks to know more click,on the join button for more information,check out the community page so guys as,a video thank you for watching if you,like the thumbs up button share this,video in the comments your thoughts if,you want to subscribe check out the,videos if you like them too do,abstracting and ill see you next time

Jayeshbhai Jordaar – Movie Review in Bangla


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