1. JBL Clip 3 Review | Worth The Price?
  2. JBL Clip 3 VS Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker Review and Sound Test
  3. JBL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2022 Review
  4. JBL CLIP 3 [Review]
  5. JBL Clip 3 | Waterproof ?? Testing & HONEST Review
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  7. JBL Clip 3 – ULTIMATE REVIEW – The best ultra-portable speaker

JBL Clip 3 Review | Worth The Price?

whats going on guys its Gino with,modern accessory review and today we are,going to talk about the fairly old JBL,clip 3 this tiny ultra portable speaker,is going for $45 I personally bought it,because I believe the best review should,be from someone who has experience with,the product if youre interested in,checking todays updated pricing I put a,link in the description below that leads,to what amazon is offering today I am,here to help you from the best product,for yourself so is the JBL clip 3 right,for you lets find out in the review,[Music],starting off with a build quality and,design the JBL clip 3 is a good-looking,speaker the speaker feels dense when you,first pick it up and you can tell its,made to take some heat on the front of,the clip 3 we have that same durable,mesh that many other speakers have been,using these days and on the back we have,a rubbery plastic material that contains,our buttons and water-resistant flap in,the middle of the back of the speaker we,have a pretty large piece of clear,rubber to keep it in place when you set,it somewhere and it provides a great,grip there are many different color,options but the color I have here today,is grey which I really enjoy surrounding,the speaker we have the metal hook that,really improves its portability you can,attach this thing to a bag and barely,even notice its there I think that is,JBLs main reason for producing the clip,3 mount image in the speaker is also,ipx7 certified which means it is,waterproof in terms of buttons we have a,total of 5 they are clicky and easy to,press on the front of the speaker we,have the first three including the pause,or play and skip tracks button and the,volume up and down buttons on the side,of the speaker we have the most,important buttons which includes the,power and pairing button next to the,buttons on the side of the speaker,behind the water-resistant flap we have,our micro USB for charging the speaker,and a three-and-a-half millimeter port,if you dont want to go wireless one,button that we dont have is the JBL,connected plus this button allows JBL,speakers to connect with each other,which is very useful I really wish this,feature was included in the clip 3 the,battery life of the JBL clip 3 is,improved from the previous model at 10,hours now remember this means that you,will get 10 hours with only playing at,50% volume most likely you will be,playing this speaker over 50% volume,most of the time so you should expect,less than 10 hours I was actually,surprised that battery life was this,good though,the size of the speaker I was expecting,less we have bluetooth 4.1 which should,work fine for the average consumer I was,able to get a fair distance away before,my music cut out and the pairing process,is just as easy as any other speaker the,latest Bluetooth technology is Bluetooth,5.0 which is better but I have no,complaints about the Bluetooth and the,JBL clip 3 now lets get to the most,important part of the review the sound,quality let me start off by saying I was,actually impressed with how this thing,sounded with its small size,whenever I review small speakers I,expect to hear muddy and not very clear,audio but with this speaker JBL really,improved it the audio is not muddy and,is surprisingly clear for the size the,volume gets decently loud and JBL,definitely improved it from there clip 2,once you get to the top volumes you will,lose some of the audio quality and,resolution especially with the high,frequencies and the bass isnt anything,to be excited about but its not bad,either,no more complaints though because,overall I was fairly impressed with the,audio now lets get to the audio test,and after I will tell you whether or not,I think the speaker is worth the price,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],I get up outside I dont wanna waste,with last stones which ISA leaving us,love is all will ever trust,[Music],well go,through the we stand through the,highways some eye shadow to sunrays,welcome,[Music],[Music],[Music],wrapping up the review is the JBL clip,three worth the price and is it the best,speaker for you personally I believe,this speaker is well worth the price if,you are going to be using it for its,portability aspect this speaker is meant,to stay close to you while you are,hiking traveling and just being,adventurous in general of course the,hook allows you to attach this thing on,your bag or practically anywhere which,makes it good for people with busy,everyday lives also with it being,waterproof you wont have to worry about,it getting damaged by the elements now,if you are someone who wants a speaker,from mainly audio quality I would not,recommend the JBL clip 3 there are many,other speakers such as the JBL extreme 2,or the sony srs XP 41 that arent as,portable but will sound better in terms,of bass clarity and high frequencies I,hope you guys enjoyed the review and if,you did make sure to smash that thumbs,up button and subscribe for future,videos,I really appreciate those of you who do,that also if you have any questions or,feedback make sure to leave it in the,comments below and I will get back to,you without further to do Ill see you,guys in my next review peace

JBL Clip 3 VS Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker Review and Sound Test

hello everybody so today im going to,review the,clip 3 uh versus the clip 4.,first the price obviously the price of,the clip 3 is now cheaper,they are about 39 pounds of the mini the,clip 4 just got it for 54 pound,ive never had the clip 3 but ive had,loads of other jbl speakers,so i switched it on listened to it,and the sound was very good uh it just,wasnt as,punchy as i thought it would be it was,lacking,bass it looks durable or,of course waterproof and the design is,is very nice it has bluetooth 4.1,and 10 hour battery life the buttons in,the front are the,volume down and volume up and the play,pause and skip button there at the back,you can see there is a slightly,uh soft rubber this is for where the,speaker sits it sits like that flat on,its back,it never sits on like this,so its meant to be clipped to handbags,or bikes or whatever you want to hook it,to,at the bottom here weve got the,charging port,which is the old micro usb and there is,an ox in,now the clip 4 you can see slightly,different this is,not soft its quite a like rubber,and grippy the hatch is slightly,different,and i like how they actually engraved,where the hatch go,when you push it in the battery,indicator is there at the top,the logo is here on the side they missed,the jbl orange logo youve got the usb,c port there at the bottom and there is,the power button here on the left,and the bluetooth here theyre kind of,invisible because theyre black buttons,on black mesh okay so for the weight,kind of similar so i wouldnt bother too,much on that,what you get inside the box is just usb,the usb,charging cable and the manual the boxes,look,very similar in size and even in design,okay thats another look at them,the flip 4 looks slightly bigger,right ill give you an idea on the size,uh so this is my phone,its the note 20 ultra so,as you can see theres the size so they,slightly smaller its just so you can,get an idea is also my hand here next to,a,normal size hand and it fits,nicely in your hand its not too big,yeah both of them,the differences are the usb charging,ports,the old usb uh micro usb and the new,usbc the other difference is the,um you lose the ox paw,on the new flip 4 and,the other thing to notice is that the,old clip 3 has,a microphone while the clip 4 doesnt,have it anymore,so you will be able to take phone calls,on the clip 3 and people will be able to,also hear you right so lets get to the,excitement the sound test,right so lets switch down first im,going to play the same song of both,speakers,so thats the clip the clip three,and thats the clip four,[Music],and the volume is about halfway done,okay halfway,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],do,[Music],[Applause],right im gonna put the volume all the,way up,this is maximum volume,[Music],[Applause],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],okay lets see if the clip 4,actually achieves more than 111 decibels,[Music],do,[Music],right okay so the clip 4 has,uh has beaten the clip 3,by one decibel that is that can be a lot,to be honest,so but to my ears they sounded uh,both loud the clip 3 sounded,sounded neutral but the obviously the,clip,4 is if you notice as well its got more,bass to it,so the clip 3 i would say,has better sound,overall and the,clip 4 has better bass so,if you like your bass clip 4 if you like,clean sound if you listen to orchestra,jazz and probably dance music,go for that if you also want dance music,and you like r,b and rap and hip hop than the clip 4.,dont forget also you can make phone,calls and be heard,on the clip 3 while you cant on the,clip 4,and the last one is that the clip 3 has,an ox in,while the clip 4 doesnt okay,just going to quickly weight them ok so,clip 3,is up 210 grams and the clip for,245 im not surprised because its,slightly bigger,last test is going to be the spectrum,analyzer,[Music],do,[Music],[Music],[Music],the clip 3 was more detailed around the,the midsection um,and there was no much bass on it at all,it was,just heavily around between like,250 to about,one kilohertz thats where it was mainly,um louder or on um,so the the clip four i could see it,around,70 about 76,hertz it was punching higher than the uh,clip three so yeah that shows you that,its got more bass,i know you want to know what i think,which one is best,maybe thats why youre here so my my,personal view is,if i had to choose i would go with the,clip for the reason is and again this is,personal to me,is i prefer bass and the clip 4,is clearly bassier than than the clip,3. im not too bothered about the,microphone built in,i dont take phone calls through the,loudspeaker,and i dont plug anything to it like an,mp3 player,or a cd player to listen to music,through it if you have any questions,please ask down below in the comments,section,and please dont forget to like the,video,subscribe to my channel and ill see you,again in another one,bye

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JBL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2022 Review

the jbl clip 3 from harmon is very small,how small is this um let me show you,this is a this is a this is an iphone so,you have an iphone here you can see on,the size difference what the difference,is between the jbl and the iphone,now lets take it open and lets see,what it does,take that open,here it is this is the jbl in his actual,entirety,and,you can see it looks very good,it has a very very,smooth finish,it also has a great handle so you can,put it up on your finger this is going,to be coming in black this is going to,be a black camo blue comes in colors,like teal,red gold yellow,green i mean not gold i think they just,call it yellow but i think it looks,goldy now this is going to be those,ultra portable waterproof bluetooth,speakers that come with 10 hours of,playback as you uh when you charge it on,the rechargeable lithium ion battery,this has noise cancelling and wireless,streaming this will be waterproof and,durable because its completely,waterproof you can dunk this in water,you can put this in a tank of water and,it will last you have big sound in a,small package so this is my hand,lets see what it sounds like lets see,how easy this is to connect power,controls so heres your power controls i,just want to turn it on so were going,to turn ours on,turn it on pairing on bluetooth mode,and thats probably indicating that we,can pair it with bluetooth and you could,you can see that the jbl clip 3 appears,right there appears right there and its,the same if youre on ios its the ios,youll see that it appears right there,as well,you click the jbl clip 3. its going to,say pair with it yes we want a pair,and boom we are paired thats it youre,done now lets see what this sounds like,and were going to be playing some music,here for you,all right this is playing on this,speaker this is the jbl charge 3.,[Music],and thats pretty loud,im up on our phone,[Music],i can feel,the butt the beat the bass hitting my,hips,i can feel the bass hitting my hips here,so i think if youre looking for a ipx7,10 hour charging easy to use portable,speaker that you can take to the beach,and you didnt want to break the bank,and you wanted to attach it to your back,and you wanted to make it very usable,this is hard to beat the majority of us,if you cant play super loud music this,is going to be one of the most,affordable best options

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JBL CLIP 3 [Review]

hai hai,[Tepuk tangan],Hai cukup,hai hai,Hai,[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh balik lagi di TV production,bersama cetak ini di video kali ini saya,bakalan boxing review speaker JBL clip 3,barang ini saya beli secara online,dengan harga sekitar,660.000 and,didalamnya terdapat speaker JBL dengan,warna hijau tosca,manual book dan kartu garansi,dan yang terakhir ada kabel mikro USB,bukan,Hai untuk spesifikasi dari gplv3 bisa,kalian lihat di sini,[Musik],untuk build qualitynya yang pertama ada,tombol power Lalu ada bluetooth,connection,dan untuk bagian depan ada tombol volume,daun volume up dan tombol play and pause,lalu untuk bagian port-nya ada di bagian,bawah yang pertama ada audio,Lalu ada port untuk micro USB,dan disebelahnya ini adalah mikrofon,pada bagian karabiner nya untuk bagian,bawahnya ada sedikit bahan karet gitu ya,lalu gantungan ini melingkar disepanjang,speaker,untuk bagian belakangnya ada logo JBL,dengan berbahan dasar rubber Hai,jadi bahannya itu tidak licin ya,lalu untuk cara koneksinya,kalian tekan tombol volume sampai lampu,indikatornya menyala,selalu disini kalian pilih JBL flip 3,untuk mengetahui lebih jelas suaranya,disarankan untuk menggunakan headset,atau handsfree,[Musik],Umi akhir,semester I,[Musik],Always,trust me,love you,Hai menurut saya suaranya sudah lumayan,Oke,Jadi Bosnya itu tidak terlalu dominan,dibandingkan dengan tribunnew,sapi dengan harga segini sudah lumayan,Oke menurut saya,Hai Mungkin itu saja video dari saya,Jika kalian suka dengan video ini,silahkan dislike Terima kasih sudah,menonton bergerak untuk perubahan,[Musik]

JBL Clip 3 | Waterproof ?? Testing & HONEST Review

in this video were gonna unbox a JBL,clip three bluetooth speaker were gonna,put it to the test and see what it can,do and at the end Ill give my honest,review,so lets start by open it up the box,[Music],first impressions,very nice,I chose the great color and this gray is,one of 10 available colors heres the,memo about the battery,the rechargeable lithium-ion battery,takes 3 hours to recharge weve drained,a0 and will last you up to 10 hours but,for grins well run the battery right,out of the package and see how long it,lasts its got a nice weight to it not,heavy at all well put it on the scale,and see how much it actually weighs,[Music],and theyll check this little apartment,lets see if we have its like JBL,supplied us a charging date weve got,the USB and the other one that goes into,the speaker,[Music],real quickly before we start our test I,wanted to see how strong the clip was so,we have 25 pound of them and Im gonna,clip it on I see it this pins,[Music],so now what were going to do were,going to head out to the beach and test,it out,[Music],so lets clip the speaker on and talk,about the design this Bluetooth speaker,has a unique durable fabric material and,rubber housing its got a durable,high-quality feel when sleep looks it,also acts as a speakerphone so if you,need to take an incoming call,while hooked up to your phone or tablet,simply hit the play button and answer,crystal-clear calls thanks to the noise,and echo canceling technology italian is,waterproof as long as you keep the,compartment at the bottom sealed so no,more worrying about rain or spills or in,this case Salwa,next lets talk about speakers mobility,with an integrated carabiner or clip,this makes mobility super convenient,whether its clipped on a bike belt loop,bags and backpack the speakers,carabiner allows you to clip and go,[Music],so now were gonna check connectivity,and range were gonna power it on,connect it to my phone so what were,gonna do now we see how loud it is at,the beach see how far we can go its,still here,[Music],so now lets talk about the phone in the,speakers its a good mid-range speaker,now the lows then alright got a little,bit of bass now the mids are right on,its crisp got my eyes are good too in,my opinion if the two overall speakers,particularly just beat to be active with,[Music],so far next step were gonna see this,waterproof put underwater,JBL say if its waterproof up to a meter,one to thirty minutes were going to,check it out,so now what were going to do were,going to head back youre going to let,the salt water sit in just for a little,bit,were going to clean it with fresh water,and see if it still works as of now,[Music],so were back and we clean the speaker,with fresh water and it still works,[Music],in my opinion had passed all its tests,and I like to give it four out of five,stars,also it held a charge right out of the,package and we hadnt had to recharge it,once if youre thinking about purchasing,or want to read further into it listen,in the description below is a link to,the JBL clip 3 anyhow thanks for,watching and I hope this video helped,stick around for more how tos and,product reviews,[Music]

JBL CLIP 4 Review And Compared To Clip 3 | Sound Battle | I guess its a step forward ????

hey whats up speak of files wellington,here,and today we are taking a close look at,the all new,jbl clip 4 what improvements have been,made in comparison,to the jbl clip 3. we will also be,getting a high quality,binaural sound sample to hear how these,two compare,sound wise,[Music],in the box youll get the paperwork a,usbc,charging cable and the clip 4. and as,you can see the design of the jbl clip 4,is quite a bit different from that of,the clip 3.,the clip that happens to give these,speakers their name,clip is quite a bit redesigned in,comparison to the design of the jbl,clip 3 and i think they put quite a bit,of thinking into designing this one and,i actually,dont mind the way it looks looking at,the bottom of the speaker we now,see that the speaker has a usbc port for,charging which is much appreciated and,in addition to,that giant bold jbl logo you also have,your media control buttons,right at the front and at the very top,next to,this clip ditch this dish right here,is your battery indicator and just,around the corner,in the back is your power and bluetooth,button,the speaker looks good and pretty easy,to operate with one hand,but while i love the way it looks and,feels in the hand,there is a couple of things i dont like,about it number one,like theyve been doing with most of,their new speakers this one,also does not support phone calls i,dont know why,but it does not have a microphone so to,take calls,you have to go back to your phone number,two unsurprisingly,there is no audio jack like we had on,the clip three,the only way to use the clip four is,using,bluetooth number three no stereo pairing,support,i have no idea why this is,while all other speakers in this size,even at lower prices support some sort,of,speaker pairing jbl small speakers,especially,the clip and the go line of speakers,dont support any sort of pairing i,dont understand it,for the price they ask for but thats,the fact here,maybe most people dont care about these,things,but i hate that jbl charges a lot,more for their speakers in comparison to,other companies,and yet they give you the bare minimum,of,features so i dont know i just dont,like it,anyways the clip 4 is now running,bluetooth 5.1,a 40 millimeter driver with a 5 watt,power,output as opposed to only 3.3 watts on a,clip 3.,its ip67 waterproof and dust proof,and its rated for up to 10 hours of,play time depending on,how loud you listen to your music and,the kind of music you listen to,and speaking of music how does it sound,in comparison to the jbl,clip 3. well heres the sound sample and,as,usual i will be using a high quality,binaural,microphone so for the best experience,please,use headphones with that said lets hear,the speakers speak,[Music],so,youre keeping me on,[Music],[Music],[Music],my head,[Music],[Music],is,[Music],thinking out,keeping loud,[Music],thinking out,[Music],when you break loud heart like youre,feeling sorry,dont you look at me like that when you,breathe,[Music],me like that when you breathe,[Music],[Applause],my girlfriend,[Music],im transforming now these cars and,planes im always boarding,just out touring down in charlotte like,i play for hornets when im performing,never born now you cant afford it,champagne perriers on my face,wow,okay,[Music],know what i need,[Music],me better,[Music],[Music],do you really need me im,[Music],and there you have it let me know what,you think in the comment section,down below and while youre there if you,like what i do here,dont forget to leave a like and a sub,if you havent subscribed yet,shout out to payload one of the newest,members of the channel,and if youre able to i welcome you to,become a member too by hitting the join,button down there thank you ok so if you,heard,what i heard the results here are pretty,good for the clip 4.,but honestly this wasnt a big surprise,to me if you consider the fact that the,jbl clip 3 was a pretty not,great speaker to start with so it wasnt,that high of a bar for the clip 4 to,clear,the height is a little bit better but,still not the greatest,especially at maximum volume but the,mids are quite a bit of an,improvement but i feel like the most,improvements have been made on the low,end of the audio spectrum,i know we can be expecting good deep,bass out of small speakers like these,but,any little can help improve the overall,sound of a speaker,and because of that the clip 4 has,reached a sound in comparison to the,clip 3 and this is,mainly because it has a little bit more,coming out of the low end,in comparison to the clip 3. im talking,about best,it has a little bit more best in,comparison to the clip 3.,now i have never really recommended the,clip 3 because of how expensive its,been in comparison to the kind of sound,you get out of it,and that is not changing here while i,still think the clip,4 is a little bit overpriced like jbl,does with most of the products,i would take the clip 4 over the clip 3,if,those were my two options it sounds,better,and i think its a better design im,going to be comparing it to the go 3,shortly here and i feel like thats,where the biggest,sound battle is going to be so make sure,you are subscribed to see,who wins between the go 3 and the all,new clip,4. i have all the links to these,speakers if you want to see how much,they are going for,at the moment as well as links to my,merch store,my socials and all sorts of good stuff,go check them out,down in the description down there thank,you very much for watching this one,let me know what sound battles you would,like to see and i will see you guys in,the next,video peace,you

JBL Clip 3 – ULTIMATE REVIEW – The best ultra-portable speaker

[Music],the jbr clip – was a very strong,contender in the art a portable category,with his built-in carabiner compact size,and long battery life so much so that,when I reviewed it it even worn by me,the best art of portable speaker title,today I will test its successor the jbs,leap 3 to find out if its still the,best choice if you want something very,portable it comes in the small,transparent box with only some paper and,an orange micro USB cable included my,test device is the black version however,its available in 11 different color,options by the dimensions remain the,same the clip 3 got a completely fresh,look with a newly designed carabiner now,its built into the device and embraces,the whole speaker as a metal frame,making the flip 3 more solid and durable,than the predecessor well in terms of,durability its an improvement I prefer,the replaceable carabiner of the clip -,since if it broke or if you needed a,larger one you could easily replace it,unfortunately the carabiner of the clip,3 is even slightly smaller which can,limit its usability for example it might,not be large enough to clip it on a,thicker bicycle handlebar the clip 3 got,a new speaker grille which no curves to,the edges of the speaker and houses the,music control buttons,I think placing the control buttons to,the front was a good decision they look,better and are more convenient to use in,terms of music country you can post play,the music and skip a song however you,cannot jump back to the previously paid,song or forward-backward in a song its,got a built-in microphone so it can be,used as a speakerphone to answer phone,calls just as the older model the clip 3,got an ipx7,which means its completely waterproof,it can be submerged into 1 meter deep,water for 30 minutes on top of that it,even floats on the water so its ideal,for any watersports although it comes,good if you accidentally drop it into,the water you can at least send the,music on it,valleys floating since it does not float,on its back to ensure the water,protection the ports are covered by a,waterproof flap the design of the flap,is great its easy to open and close and,assist correctly JB I decided to remove,the built-in audio cable of the clip too,and the clips tree comes with only an,audio jack input port I think this was a,good decision,although the built-in audio cable was a,very convenient solution if it got,damaged you completely lost this,connectivity option testing the,Bluetooth range,I measured 100 feet range in my outdoor,test which is a really good range much,better than the 20 feet range of the,older model unfortunately the clip 3,does not support the JBL connect glass,feature so it cannot be connected with,other types of JBL speakers and its,also not possible to connect to JB,Eclipse 3 devices together in my test,when I played various types of songs on,the speaker at 70 percent volume I,measured 8 hours 15 minutes play time,and then repeated the same test at,maximum volume I got 5 hours 20 minutes,this battery life is pretty decent and,its above the average in this category,however despite the larger battery the,clip 3 could not improve significantly,compared to the older model,unfortunately the speaker does not have,any battery level indicator so you do,not know how much battery percentage,remained under the hood the clip tree,has the same size 3 bus driver as the,former model however thanks to his newly,designed passive radiator it has a more,pronounced bass and a fuller sound it,still lacks some bass especially,comparing it to the similarly sized both,sounding micro however for an ultra,portable speaker its sound is pretty,good the clip tree could improve in many,respects and it became a more stylish,durable device if you are looking for,compact speaker but you can carry a,whole day and can be stand the elements,then the cliffs tree is one of the best,choices,it has a strong Bluetooth range battery,life and a decent sound it is highly,recommended if you are looking for,something very portable it isnt one buy,me the best ultra portable speaker title,so this first for today if you liked the,video please press the thumbs up and,dont forget to subscribe you can find,the product link in the description,below take care and see you soon,you

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