1. JBL TUNE 115 TWS Earbuds Full Review 2022 ????????
  2. JBL Tune115 TWS – – Pure bass BASS! (Review)
  3. JBL C115 TWS Unboxing and Impressions
  4. JBL Tune 115 TWS Unboxing & Review
  5. How to Use JBL Tune 115 TWS with Android Smartphone?
  6. TWS PALING WORTH DI KELASNYA! – Unboxing & Review JBL TUNE 115 TWS True Wireless Earbuds
  7. JBL TUNE 115 TWS Review & Giveaway! Murni Bass-nya, Pas Harganya?

JBL TUNE 115 TWS Earbuds Full Review 2022 ????????

[Music],so,[Music],hello hello and welcome to at home with,lucas so today were going to be talking,about jbl by harman,tune 115 tws true wireless earbuds so in,this video were going to be doing a,hands-on with the box quick unboxing and,first impressions on said earbuds after,that im going to be putting these bad,boys to the at home of lucas test so you,dont have to waste your time buying and,returning said earbuds all right lets,go ahead and jump into it,[Music],[Applause],all right lets take a look at these bad,boys right quick so the top left you,have the jbl by harmon that is whats up,people you have an image of the earbuds,to come pure base zero cables that is,the diet that i want to live on forever,people i cant wait till we dont have,to charge our devices and its all,wireless thats going to be truly,amazing bluetooth of course a little,image of the case down there as if these,guys,boom flew right out of there all right,so you got 21 hours of battery life that,is six hours in the buds and 15 hours in,the case equaling 21. these are the tune,115 tws,true wireless earbuds,comfort fit that is whats up people all,right take a look at the side over here,a little bit more of whats to come in,the box of course you got the voice,assistant,thats pretty much standard you got the,dual connect that means youre going to,be able to use your left or your right,very very nice only 5.8 millimeter,drivers so those are kind of on the,lower side for good quality earbuds um,six and up i would consider a little bit,better but 5.8 is not terrible alright,usbc that is awesome very nice take a,look at the back,there is a quick image of whats to come,no spoilers no spoilers,all right continuing down here,not a lot of information take a look,inside dare to listen,you know we are,you know we are gonna dare to listen all,right lets crack this bad boy open,all right what do we got going on down,here,lets see,probably all of the,paperwork,a bunch of junk really,no need for any of that all you really,need is the quick start guide which is,going to give you all of the controls oh,this is very cool wow look at this,i like that a lot wow that is very very,cool,so simple straight to the point,they know were,were picture people they know were,picture people we dont care about the,words just show us how its done,got your,standard jbl cables nowadays this is,what they have very cool like it a lot,you got your extra silicone rot chair i,typically go with the ones that are,already in there because my ears are the,medium not the smaller the large,zim medium,all right lets take a look at the case,itself,oh,very interesting this has a,super super textured um but soft touch,feel its very much different than the,last jbl i dealt with that is very cool,the last one was completely smooth there,was no texturing at all this is uh and,it has a little bit of a gray hue to it,its very interesting um typically jbl,goes with the complete solid stealth,black but this is a departure for sure,probably because of the price point okay,on the front you have your three,indicator lights right chair you got,this glossy sort of shimmery uh line,that runs through the whole,case itself there is the usbc port in,the back looking all awesome,at the bottom you have your nonsense,information that you dont need at the,jbl that is so cool all right lets go,ahead and flip this thing open oh that,is very weird okay so this hinge back,here is super clunky oh okay its not,clunky it locks into place whoa,that is crazy wow,okay so this is the first case ive ever,dealt with where the hinge actually goes,back and it locks into place that is,completely locked in and i have to go,like that and put some pressure into it,to close it back down thats pretty cool,i have to admit um for such a cheap set,of head earbuds that is really really,cool it may be annoying to some people,who are used to the clam shell just,flipping forward so this could become a,problem but um i think thats cool i,like that a lot all right lets take a,look at the pins in there those are,looking beefy as always jbl always gives,you a lot of,length in there so you know your your,earbuds are going to get the charge that,they need,all right,take a look in here so it looks like the,seam is very very sealed that means,youre not going to get a lot of pocket,lint in there and all of this in here,look completely sealed and its got this,the the soft touch sort of textured feel,uh throughout the whole inside here all,right lets go ahead and take a look at,the earbuds themselves,these are what its all about people all,right,there we go so you got the bold jbl,taking up a lot of the earbud itself you,have the capacity oh thats a physical,button right there thats not capacitive,wow that is an actual physical button,also surprising for very very cheap um,jbl headphones these are the cheapest,ones that ive ever purchased take a,look at the back here you got the,charging ports right chair,those are recessed so youre not going,to get a lot of grease in there unless,you really have greasy ears the silicone,feels really really decent um feels like,its good quality this is also made out,of the same material as the case so it,should not get too greasy and slippery,so you should be able to hold on to it,quite nicely there is the microphone,hole right there it looks really large,so there might be more than just one,microphone in there there might be a lot,thats going on inside that hole there,is the indicator light there very,prominent very visible,um yeah so all in all i have to say,these definitely feel a lot,more premium than i would have thought,solid plastic if you drop them theyre,going to take a hit and theyre not,really going to show too many scuffs or,dings because this feels like its very,very solid plastic all right lets throw,them in the case and see how they slap,in,oh,quite nice the batter the magnet on them,is not super super powerful um very easy,to take in and out wow that is nice,definitely got enough real estate on,these earbuds to pull them in and out,the magnet does its job close the lid,the only thing i am going to worry about,or nitpick at is how thick this is so,im going to pull out one of the,thinnest cases ive ever owned and you,can just see how massive this case,actually is,its not quite as long as this one is,but its definitely thick and youre,gonna feel that in the pocket so that,may become something that i talk about,at the end that is a super annoyance um,typically i like my cases to be about,half as thick as this,so thats definitely annoying but,nonetheless were going to pair this up,to my note 20 ultra and get these bad,boys tested,[Music],okay just got these things paired up to,my samsung 4k tv series 8 and it paired,seamlessly very very easy um they fit,pretty snug in the ear they feel really,comfortable theyre definitely big,though they stick out quite a ways and,they definitely need to be completely,locked in like i have them right here,you have to lock them in for comfort and,for sound otherwise youre gonna hear,everything around you and because,theyre not noise canceling you need as,much,sound dampening as possible so weve got,my 4k tv over here im gonna load up a,movie and im hoping for a nice immersed,theater mode with these headphones all,right just finished watching a movie and,wow and my high absolutely blown away,the highs the mids the lows the base,everything about these things,absolutely amazing totally blown away i,am completely impressed by these earbuds,and the fact that i could not hear much,around me i was doing the whole snap,test i dont know if youve ever done,that where you snap your finger while,youre listening to a pair of earbuds,and see if you can hear your snap i,could not hear my snap at all totally,blown away these have no noise,cancelling features built into them and,yet i could not hear the noise around me,and the volume was not even that loud,totally blown away completely immersed,in the movie,big big thumbs up for

JBL Tune115 TWS – – Pure bass BASS! (Review)

[Music],hey guys welcome to a brand new video,today were going to look at the new,jbl in the earbuds tune 15 is really,thrown a week ago its around 69 pound,you have a few colors you have black,blue,and white spec wise its going to be 21,hour,battery six hours on the earbuds and you,have 15 hours on the case,supporting bluetooth 5.0 so you do have,a left and right control so you have a,post in play and taking phone call on,the earbuds but you dont have,audio control on the earbuds jbl pure,bass,so you have a dual connection so you can,connect the ability comfort fit,hand free stereo call the earbuds look,very small compared to the older earbuds,uh usb c for charging so bluetooth 5.0,at 15 minutes of charge you have one,over play time,six hours on the earbuds and 15 hours on,the case,tune 15 so were going to try them out,so thats going to be the earbuds and,empty case,so definitely a different case different,earbuds,lets call it the small attachments so,usb a to usb,c for charging and you have a small,and large and medium earbuds so you have,three different sizes of earbuds,to pick in two so thats the case its,quite a small case,its have the same look of the samsung,earbuds,case earbuds are so small,its so light,and let me go to the box guarantees,uh a technical guide warranties,and the user guide so lets go to the,user guide,so what is in the box uh how to where,youre supposed to wear the earbuds up,[Music],so you supposed to wear them like this,instead of,like these so youre supposed to go in,uh first time use and how to connect,uh power and power off a manual for,connecting the ebook together,um pause and play and audio control,for person play and how to skip a song,or how to cancel a phone call,and thats pretty much it so case wise,is very small,it doesnt have any ip rating the case,is much more smaller than the older,model,its much more lighter and definitely,there is no ip rating usb c for charging,a really good upgrade compared to the,older models or micro usb,micro usbs unfortunately there is no,wireless charging for this,thats the only thing i think they are,lacking at the moment with their all,their new earbuds,earbuds are very small and very tiny,so if you are looking for about that,right,and this is going to be the left and,they have like,really good magnets so they dont fall,off the case so,everyday use theyre perfectly fine so,now were gonna,turn them on and collect his songs and,we play,so ready to pair,im very surprised with the effect how,his film is very light,[Music],its california weather its like 90,[Music],making me degrees my insights are out i,just wanna shout his name,[Music],sounds really good,[Music],sounds really amazing uh there is no,delay when you come to the audio,its a really good audio it sounds,really loud good bass unfortunately jbl,app doesnt support this year but,if you want it more bass or if you want,to reduce the bass and,add a bit more mids to it you need to,use your smartphones,equalizer to,actually add more bass to it other than,that the earbud wise,they are really loud they have really,good bass,uh no delay so far so now were gonna go,to youtube and watch,so fast,[Music],no delays no distortion,so if you are watching videos,if youre watching songs uh bluetooth,5.0 so,definitely helps to reduce delays,i will record my audio for this so you,can listen to the audio clearancy from,the mic,hey guys this is the audio from the jbl,t15 hope youre able to hear me clearly,without any noise you shouldnt be able,to hear the wind noise,if im correct uh hope youre able to,hear me,clearly when you come to the earbuds,they are really loud,there is no distortion and they have,more bass to the earbuds,and jbl app dont support this so you,need to use your phone equalizer,for if you want more bass other than,that earbud is much more lighter and,its fitting your airsmith more,snugglier than the,older models they have the same feel to,the samsung game but,so here is your samsung earbuds,and this is the jbl earbuds,they are very much like,very small here but jbl earbuds has been,more thicker than the samsung,samsung have a bit more flatter the,heads so,other than that theyre pretty much the,same size if you want like,really small earbuds for everyday use,i would go for the jbl i will go for the,jbl 115,audio sounds good no delays no,disruption,amazing audio no wireless charging,unfortunately,other than that it is a really good,earbuds to go for for a 70 pound,its worth every penny youre spending,hope you guys enjoyed this video if you,did like the video,leave the comments below i will see you,guys on the next video bye

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JBL C115 TWS Unboxing and Impressions

[Music],truly wireless earphones are perhaps,the best thing to happen to audio in the,recent times and today we are checking,out the jbl,c115tws a pair of earphones that jbl is,positioning at audio files,and is building on the 75 years,of jbls experience in building audio,products without compromising,on either audio quality or battery life,the earphones deliver crisp audio,undistorted bass and a comfortable fit,that lets you listen to music,podcasts audio books and even take calls,on the long run,and all of this comes with 21 hours of,mega battery life jbl has remained true,to its vision of,audio excellence and innovation ever,since its establishment by james b,lansing and hence the name jbl and this,jbl dna that was found in its original,speakers,is still present in the jbl c115tws,so now its time to unbox them and check,out the tech,unboxing the jbl c115tws reveals,two buds a charging case,a usb type-c cable and three pairs of,ear tips,small medium and large this is very,important for a good,seal and crisp sound,pairing the c115tws is also a very easy,task for the first time,all you have to do is take out one of,the buds then check the bluetooth menu,for new devices,and it appears right there,now for the sound each of these earbuds,have 5.8,millimeter dynamic drivers that employ,jbl,pure undistorted base technology thats,the key over here you see that the thing,with other truly wireless earphones is,that the sound that they create tends to,get distorted,at high volumes thanks to the smaller,5.8 millimeter drivers of the jbl c115,tws,you get a sound that is crystal clear,crisp,undistorted and very precise and,all of this adheres to the jbls,philosophy the jbl dna,of audio quality i honestly think that,they sound,really balanced and are perfectly suited,to audio files,they have a unique sound augmentation,with an expertly designed sound stage,i tend to have mixed taste in music so,on some days i let my hair down and,listen to some blues music,on others im all up for some nice bassy,bollywood tunes,and then i have my western classical,instrumental days,these were pretty good all around now,different people have different ear hole,sizes and its very important to have a,variety of ear tips,included with the box the three pairs of,ear tips included with the c115s not,only provide,comfort and keep the earbuds from,falling off,but also make sure that you have a,proper seal,around your ears now another problem,with truly wireless earphones is that on,the long run they tend to get really,uncomfortable because,unlike other kinds of wireless,headphones and earphones they cant rest,anywhere else other than your outer ear,so its very important for them to be,weighted properly,or else youll end up with problems like,red ears,or a really uncomfortable pain,[Music],the c115s are weighted very well and,also have a very ergonomic shape,the ear tips are soft too and work,effectively to avoid,leakage of sound,the overall package gives you the,confidence to listen to music for longer,durations,now lets talk about battery life the,c115s offer you a combined battery,backup,of 21 hours this means that on a full,charge the earbuds alone can work for 6,hours,and the case provides an extra 15 hours,and you get the same consistent battery,life for 10,000 charge cycles now one cool thing,about the jbl c115s is that they have,autonomous connectivity which,means you can take out any one of the,earbuds and youre good to go for some,music listening,in a lot of other brands you will first,have to take out the dominant earbud,and then that will connect to the,secondary earbud which means that one,ear listening,isnt quite there so i really like this,feature because im just,tuned to a way in which if im in an,office setting or in a setting where,there are a bunch of people,i like to keep one ear free so that i,can listen to these guys,to sum it all up the jbl c115tws is a,versatile pair of truly wireless,earphones that combines the best of both,worlds,superior crystal clear audio quality as,well as,true undistorted bass for a true sound,experience are you up for buying them,let us know in the comments,you

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JBL Tune 115 TWS Unboxing & Review

[Music],gday guys how are you going my name is,elf and today im unboxing the jbl,tune 115 tws,earbuds so previously with jbls,headphones if you wanted to use one,earbud you could only use the right now,finally with this new generation of,earbuds jbl,have the technology now where you can,use,either earbud on its own or use both,and before i continue if this video,helps you out or you enjoy watching it,dont forget to give me a like its just,your way of saying thanks and helping,this channel out also make sure youre,subscribed if youre not already,subscribed because im going to be,reviewing these you know after ive had,some time to use them and lastly leave a,comment below,of what you think of these headphones so,with all that said,lets get unboxing,now before i get this box opened up,i just want to give you a quick tour on,the box because they put interesting and,important pieces of information so,obviously this is the front here now in,the bottom corner here they do have some,battery information weve got a combined,21 hours so thats six hours in the buds,themselves and then an extra 15 hours in,the case,so on this side of here theyve got,jbls marketing this has been used this,image and this tag line there to listen,has been used with their other,headphones so pretty much if you dare to,buy this and listen to things with them,youll be called like this guy and you,can wear your hat backwards,now on the other side you got some,instructions here on how to use the,headphones so when you use both earbuds,at the same time the left bud acts as,the,seek button and then the right earbud,handles your assistants play pause and,calls if you were to use either button,its own then either bud would act as the,voice assistant play pause and handle,calls so on the bottom here you got some,more information,so 20 hertz and 20 kilohertz is the,frequency,range,and the drivers the driver sizes are 5.8,millimeters,and yes usb type-c,and it just tells you on the bottom here,what comes in the box,lastly we get to the back of the box so,its got the earphones showing through,there and its just more interesting,information here it is bluetooth 5.0,which is you know pretty standard these,days and pretty modern then at the,bottom it just tells you with a,15-minute charge you get an hours use,and then thats about it,and lets get this opened up,slide everything out,here you go,nothing else in the box,all right so youve got your quick start,guide you get to that last,some more boring,warranty and,legal stuff,now the next one is uh some sort of,attention leaflet,its very small riding looks very boring,almost dozed off when i opened it which,i will stop,quick start guide,very colorful,so thats what it looks like nice,diagrams explained to you,like i said ill be reviewing this,so look out for that video when it comes,out,first things first ill,get to the cable so its your standard,jbl flat cable,its very short,as you can see which is cool this pretty,much doesnt do anything just to charge,these headphones,i like to keep these around theyre very,handy and these sort of cables its good,for travel,on the bottom here youve got the e-tips,which are worthwhile putting but youve,got different sizes,well get to the case next,headphones out,hes not slippery,now for the actual earbuds themselves,so overall its got that same finish as,the case,like this matte texture,underneath each earbud you do have a,left and a right so in case you get them,mixed up,now the buttons are rubber texture so,you can actually feel them with your,hand with your fingers and they have a,nice tactile press to them and you can,actually hear the click,now opening closing the case is fairly,satisfying,its a nice sharp click,to it,fairly quick and its,feels nice and solid,you know its not loose or anything like,that overall the whole quality of this,obviously the you know you have to take,it to count the price you paid for but,overall the quality of this is fairly,decent but at the same time it does feel,a bit cheap,so it doesnt feel as premium and if you,want they probably have to spend a bit,more to get that,i would consider these are more of a,mid-range like on the lower end,mid-range sort of headphones,and with the earbuds in the case,it still feels fairly light,not going to feel too heavy in your,pockets and just look at the size of the,buds themselves,now they could easily make these a bit,smaller its a bit more pocketable but,then you know its not the most uh,expensive headphones you can buy,and as soon as you pop them in they do,charge and youve got left and right,letters on the bottom there so you know,which way they go,but you cant get them wrong they wont,fit either way if youre trying to put,the other one in the wrong side so,thats when them close but there is some,status lights at the front here just,underneath the,part where you open the lid,now a bit of a magnet test,yep thats stuck in,there so thats been my jbl,tune 115,tws unboxing and thats it for this,video guys stay tuned for my review,thanks for watching,peace,[Music],[Music],you

How to Use JBL Tune 115 TWS with Android Smartphone?

[Music],welcome today i am with jbl tune,115 to wireless sound earphones and ill,show you how we can pair them with your,android smartphone we got two methods,the first one you have to open the,charging case,click disclaimer you have to remember to,charge your case and,earphones itself at least the 50,next you have to remove both earbuds,from the case,and right now just take a look on these,indicators right here,when one of them start blinking on the,blue and white,it means that they are in the pairing,mode so you have to simply wait,and there it is the right one is,blinking so right now we can finally,open the blue settings on our smartphone,enable bluetooth by tapping on the,switcher,and just take a look on the available,devices list,we have our earphones so we have to tap,on them once,click pair,and as you can see right now we are,successfully connected,so right now i will show you how to,move them to the pairing mode manually,you know when you remove them from the,case and indicators are not blinking,so i will show you how to get rid of the,problem,under the first im gonna disconnect and,unpair them,im gonna turn off the bluetooth,and right now,we have to turn them off,so when you click on this,buttons right here and when they are,blinking or when they blink once,it means that they are activated to turn,them off you have to click and hold both,buttons for 5 seconds,until indicator blinks 2 times on white,so lets make it right now click and,hold,right now you can release,next,we have to turn them on,so we have to click and hold both,buttons for 2 seconds until the,indicator blinks,on the white two times lets make it,right now,click and hold,and right now release,next step you have to enable bluetooth,on your smartphone,just take a look on the avaliable,devices list,the right one is blinking on the blue,and white so they are successfully in,the pairing mode,accept the pairing request and there it,is as you can see we are connected so,yeah thats all if you find this video,helpful,remember to leave a like,comment,and subscribe,[Music],you

TWS PALING WORTH DI KELASNYA! – Unboxing & Review JBL TUNE 115 TWS True Wireless Earbuds

Smash suhu,[Musik],tubuh remaja,Hello guys welcome back to kepang kepo,banget oke guys kali ini kita bakalan,melakukan sedikit kue Unboxing dan quick,review dari GB racun 115 Oke Guys,pertama kita lihat kenampakan terasnya,ini,yang berwarna hitam ya guys,dan disebelah kirinya ini ada Box atau,paket penjualan yang bakalan kalian,dapetin dari GB ljun 115 pertama kita,lihat bagian depannya itu biasa ada logo,JBL garansi resmi IMS,ini jl.jen 115 TWS twirl stereo,gearbest Zero kabel probably the TV,bagian kiri bawah,ada relief nih guys jadi kapasitas atau,daya tahan baterainya total 21 06.00,jari TWRP sendiri plus 15 jam dari,charging Hai,di sebelah kanan box Nah kita bisa lihat,kenampakannya kenampakan tewasnya dan,TWRP Ini juga udah support system nih,guys,serta dua connect dan dibawah ini adalah,paket-paket yang bakal ngelihat dapetin,Oke Jadi kalian bakalan dapetin,packaging kartu garansi dan user manual,ya guys di sini sebelum itu kita lihat,dulu bagian belakangnya ada fitur-fitur,yang dimiliki oleh juga licin 115 ini,itu JBL turbe sound duel connect compete,and stereo call fiturnya udah bluetooth,version 5 USB type-c di sini ada,kapasitas pemutar musik,Oke saya kira itu aja langsung aja kita,bahas,kartu-kartu atau kertas-kertas yang ada,di dalam paketnya,ini detect speknya spesifik brush,dibaliknya kalian bisa lihat quick start,guide atau,panduan penggunaannya kalau kalian,pertama kali Pakai,kontennya apa aja cara menggunakan,freestyle tuyus power-on dan connect,fairingnya gimana Power of,many of control truck kontrol manual,Baton comment,charging,menggunakan type C ke type,LCD Javier atau,penampakan lampu,dari charging desa atau TS nya disini,mewakili setiap situ redes atau,tiap-tiap kondisi dan statusnya,paling belakang ada spesifikasi teknis,sangat Andi,Oke kita simpen dulu ini,seks ada,Hai,Septi manually guys banyak banget,bahasanya jadi lumayan tebel Ada Inggris,Chinese dan lainnya,next adalah kertas bertulisan Chinese,ini ada warranty card atau kartu,garansinya guys,Oke dan ini dia penampakan dari usb,kabelnya tipe-tipe warnanya orange ages,nyentrik banget kalian bisa lihat di,sini ada logo,[Musik],jl.tpi itu tipe E,[Musik],kcielo GBLA juga,kalian bisa lihat,hai,[Musik],oh yes dan yang terakhir ini adair,tipsnya guys kali Anda petir tips juga 4,size disini adalah very small small,medium dan large Skillet,Hero tips ada empat biji setempat gua,next kita lihat penampakan dari dekat DG,gimana sih,smsnya ini,Oke bila kualitasnya oke mantep,rasa lumayan mewah sekarang dia bahannya,Mad Dog with Eyes The logo JBL yang dual,SIM di tengah lampu indikator bagian,depan bagian belakangnya ada port type C,untuk ngecas,Oke kita buka,lapangan theme smg,[Musik],the lounge,[Musik],Hai,[Musik],India kelompok Andreas dari JBL cm115,Oke,jadi sedikit review Berdasarkan,pengalaman pemakaian gua di sini ada pro,dan kontra pronya itu bassnya lumayan,bertenaga tapi yang enggak yang bumi,banget baterainya juga bisa diandelin,kalau udah bisa lihat tadi kita daya,tahan baterainya tahan sampai 21 jam,desain nya juga oke lumayan mewah di,harganya yang lumayan bisa dibilang,lumayan Karena harganya ada,ditengah-tengah di di sekitar 770 ribuan,pendukung asisten virtual atau voice,command juga tadi kita bisa lihat,fiturnya di boxnya indikator LCD nya,juga jelas disini kalau kalian lihat,nyala satu beratnya udah harus dicat GGS,dan ada kontraknya juga itu belum adanya,noise cancellation dan juga enggak ada,pengaturan volume yang bisa kalian atur,lewat tersendiri kayak fiturnya Galaxy,bakso Galaxy baju Prof dan reguler,podcast jadi menurutmu itu aja,oke sekian dulu video dari gue jangan,lupa comment like dan subscribe See you,next video bye bye

JBL TUNE 115 TWS Review & Giveaway! Murni Bass-nya, Pas Harganya?

Halo Halo teman-teman ketemu lagi di,bongkar Bro balik lagi Ahmad saya Dani,kribo nah hari ini kita punya sebuah TWS,yang brand-nya udah pasti kita kenal nih,JBL Ayo siapa yang gak tahu JBL yang,katanya bassnya tuh bagus cakep nih,katanya yang ini bagaimana nih kita,lihat aja,[Musik],ini dia barangnya JBL tune 115 TWS,sebelumnya nih kita mau ngucapin Terima,kasih buat desain untuk mengirimkan,tewas ini untuk kita review nah Harganya,nih untuk tewas ini dia tuh,1258291 detect tuh lagi dipotong jadi,799.000 aja jadi cara dapat barangnya,Gimana bisa ini di offline Store design,nya itu di kota-kota besar ada tuh,Jakarta di Medan di Surabaya di Bali dan,Makassar Ed tinggal bawa dompet akan,sunke tokonya tinggal kit Mantep nih,atau bisa juga di marketplace bahkan,kita taruh kok di deskripsi untuk,linknya tapi kalau ada duit ke gimana,nih tenang kita nih akan mengadakan,giveaway this sound x bongkar Bro,hadiahnya ada satu JBL tune 115 TWS dan,juga dua earphone JBL,T110 caranya ya tinggal gini deh,langsung aja kalian coba cek,Instagramnya design titik official dan,juga Instagramnya bongkat jangan lupa,Difollow ya,oke langsung naik ke produknya kalau,kita lihat boxnya nih kelihatan sih ini,tuh boxnya enggak main-main ya dalam,arti mereka tuh langsung memperlihatkan,bahwa kita ini JBL punya kualitas kalian,bisa di boxnya di depannya ada,gambar-gambarnya dan langsung ada,fitur-fiturnya oke banget nah pada saat,kalian buka yang pasti pertama dapat,sepasang irbadh nya Terus dapat juga,charging khasnya untuk kabelnya udah,dapet IP Kak ke tipe cek nih Nah,kabelnya ini dia berwarna orangnya gini,Lu juga sih tapi kalau panjangnya sih Ya,bisa dibilang standar kalau untuk kritis,cadangan udah dapat 2 extra yang,ukurannya berbeda dan yang pasti quick,targetnya,Hai kalau boxnya bagus isinya kayak,gimana ini kadang-kadang kan diluarnya,menarik tapi di dalamnya kurang menarik,kalau untuk jl.tun 115 tewas ini saya,udah bisa bilang dia kokoh dia udah,kerasa kokoh di tangan dan juga ya,walaupun banyak plastik udah kerasa,bagus sih enggak yang murahan gitu mau,juga untuk hebatnya udah kerasa Oke Nah,misalkan kita cek nih,ada sih bunyi tapi dikit banget jadi,bisa dibilang sih untuk irbas ini udah,nempel banget magnetnya dua udah kuat,banget jadi misalkan kita balik lagi nih,dia itu nggak akan jatuh dan juga Oh ya,untuk si tutupnya ini diatur penahannya,jadi nggak gampang ketutup harus agak,difus gitu baru bisa Ketut berat,pribadinya itu 5,2 G Kalau berat total,Dia 52 G Nah untuk bisanya sendiri nih,bisa kita lihat langsung di depannya si,keretanya polos tapi ada tiga lampu,indikator di atasnya ada JBL nih logo,Jaber nya yang diukir dan Kang ada port,type C untuk ngecasnya Nah untuk dan,warnanya sendiri kalau kalian datang,Penyakit ini dia merah item tapi ada,juga yang hitam full dan ada juga yang,putih full dan ada juga satu lagi itu,dia putih biru atau hijau gitu save,kurang jelas juga tapi itu pilihan warna,jelas udah menarik bahkan sampai ada,brand lain yang ikut-ikutan mau dari,desain dan warnanya segala ada deh oke,kita ke irbadh nya sekarang langsung,kelihatan kalau air base ini ya agak,gede Ya bisa dibilang dia ya enggak,kecil gitu tapi Bentuknya itu kayak,telur nih dan juga dia tuh ton juga,kalau memang kalian beliau yang dua,warna gini yang hitam merah otomatis dia,juga item merah dan merah ini tuh,tombolnya Klaten juga langsung ada lampu,indikator kalau dibawah ini ada lobang,kayaknya sih mikrofonnya Nah untuk,hidupnya sendiri dia tuh rounded jadi,bisa dibilang bulet gitu kalau untuk,tombolnya sendiri bisa dibilang sih dia,cukup klik ya,jadi dia udah bunyi gitu jadi ketika,kalian paket atau ini cuman tekan satu,kali atau dua kali nanti sistem,kontrolnya sendiri untuk yang kiri itu,dia untuk mengatur lagu Jangan trik,dalam arti maksud saya satu kali itu,next track dua kali itu preview track,kalau yang kanan itu Satu kali pos dua,kali itu untuk mengakses voice asisten,tapi buat keduanya nih buat kiri dan,kanan itu udah bisa untuk menerima atau,mengakhiri panggilan dan juga untuknya,atau anyut mikrofonnya cuman Sayangnya,dia enggak ada volume control monitor,ataupun turun mengoyak misalkan kalian,single motion pakai satu walaupun kalian,yang pakai yang kiri itu bakal jadi,seperti yang kanan jadi cuman play pos,dan juga untuk mengakses voice asisten,pengalaman saya menggunakan tombolnya,sih selalu responsif yang gak pernah ada,masalah cuman kan biasa kalau teken itu,keras saya kalau tombol misalnya kita,tekan itu kedalam telinga gitu kerecek,ketekan ke dalam Nah kalau kita bicara,masalah fighting sih sebenarnya dia udah,cukup nyaman Memang sih untuk ukuran,irbas ini agak gede jadi pada yang pakai,itu bakal sampai keluar dari telinga,Tapi kalau buat saya nih dengan ukuran,telinga yang saya bisa bilang standar,masih sejajar dengan daun telinga saya,nah saya cobain geleng-geleng saya,cobain headbang itu masih nahan walaupun,kerasa agak goyang-goyang sih ya dan,mati harusnya Benerin lagi setelah saya,biar menjalin Tadi diklaimnya sih dia,cocok juga untuk sport nih cuman,Sayangnya saya nggak nemu IP rating jadi,ya saya gak tau ya apakah pada saat,keringat lain itu dia masih nahan atau,nggak Tapi kalau lihat dari berkualiti,ngasih kemungkinan besar untuk hanya,sekedar jogging bisa-bisa aja asalkan,jangan olahraga yang ekstrim bisa,dibilang Selama saya pakai nih saya,pakai berjam-jam gak ada masalah kok,tetep nyaman ditelinga asal pastikan,saja etis yang kalian pakai itu yang,sesuai dengan telinga kalian tapi emang,baterainya kuat kalau dipakai berjam-jam,peribahasanya itu ada 55 Maha untuk,dirinya sendiri ada 410m Maha diklaim,letternya untuk hebatnya itu 6 jam dan,tambahan dari kelasnya itu sekitar 15,jam Hai Oke saya cobain kan nah di HP,Android ataupun Iphone bisa cobain itu,volumenya bisa dibilang agak kecil jadi,saya nyamannya itu saya dengerin lagu,minimal volume 70% bahkan kadang 80% Oke,saya cobain dari penuh itu saya dapat 6,jam lebih ya lebih 10 menit 20 menit,gitulah kalau buat ngecas Iin baca,sendiri saya setelah satu jam saya coba,cek itu 40% dari baterai hebatnya dan,kira-kira penuh itu ya satu setengah jam,gitu enggak sampai dua jam kok Nah untuk,esnya sendiri bisa ngecas hebatnya,sebanyak tiga kali kalau untuk suksesnya,lagi waktu saya ngecas nih dengan 5 vol,1 ampere kepala chargernya itu kira-kira,butuh waktu 2 jam nah pada saat saya,ngetes Baterainya itu saya selalu pakai,kode Aa nya ya Selain Aceh ada juga SBC,di bluetooth 5.0 nya Buat pairing kalian,tinggal mengeluarkan sihir bassnya dari,khasnya tinggal searching di deface,kalian lalu kalian bisa langsung peer,kalau untuk jarak ya dengan bluetooth,5.0 saya bilang si standar S10 empat,halangan kalau pada saat saya coba ini,di rumah saya keluar saya tutup pintu,saya masih bisa jalan sekitar lima atau,enam Langkah Baru dia mulai,hilang-hilang lalu habis itu 23 langkah,lagi hilang di koneksinya untuk Singles,udah bisa Bahkan dia bilang itu kayak,flawless gitu nah saya coba ini ketika,memang lagi pakai dua masukkin satu itu,enggak ada perubahan apa-apa yang kita,pakai ini tapi ketika cuma pakai satu,terus keluarin yang keduanya itu memang,yang kedua itu dia nyala dulu ya kayak,ada banyak duit gitu dulu baru dia,mengikuti musiknya jadi ya enggak,Flawless Ahmad tapi ya enggak terlalu,Ganggu juga kok untuk koneksi Selama,saya pakai Enggak ada masalah enggak,pernah saya mau piring enggak bisa,enggak pernah terus juga tiba-tiba,terputus gitu enggak pernah kok bahkan,juga untuk retensinya Ketika saya lagi,buka-buka social network Saya nonton,YouTube di HP saya itu enggak ada,masalah bisa dibilang udah cukup tipis,dan nyaman jadi saya bisa ya nonton,dengan nyaman bisa dibilang Nah kalau,untuk main game sendiri eungkit lesnya,hai hai,hai hai,hai hai,hai,oke setelah kita lihat tadi tesnya saya,coba diapain Roit dan juga saya coba di,iPhone bisa dibilang sih masih cukup,keras saya ya wajar juga ya bukan TWS,gaming dan gak ada gaming mode untuk,kode juga terbatas di SBC dan aja Jadi,kalau untuk main game saya sih kurang

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