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  7. JBL Xtreme 3 Review – WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY!

JBL Xtreme 3|Watch Before You Buy

this is the jbl xtreme 3 one of the more,expensive bluetooth speakers from the,jbl family but is more expensive,necessarily better will this actually,give you more sound and features than,the previous xtreme 2 or even the flip 6,whos it for and what can you expect,when you get it lets find out now the,xtreme 3 comes in measuring 5.4 by 11.8,by 5.3 inches and 4.4 pounds which may,be big and bulkier than other jbl,products but its quite easy to maneuver,around it has a cylindrical build with a,passive radiators on either end and a,wraparound grille and built-in handles,for the included removable strap to,latch onto the adjustable strap has a,rubber grip that will keep it from,sliding around on your shoulder and it,attaches this speaker with the,carabiner-like fasteners its available,in black blue or camouflage hopefully,they come with a few more colors in the,future but those are the three you can,get right now on the bottom panel there,are more rubber straps to keep the,speaker stable on flat surfaces there,are buttons for power bluetooth volume,play pause pressing it twice will skip,forward a track but theres no backwards,navigation you also have party boost,which links extreme 3 with other,compatible jbl speakers the back panel,houses a connections panel thats,protected by a snapshot cover and with,this cover is open the waterproof rating,goes right out the window so you got to,remember to put that back on snap quick,and tight here you can connect the,included power adapter to the usbc port,and theres also a 3.5 millimeter aux,input but no cable is included a usb a,port is available for charging devices,using the xtreme 3s battery behind the,grille the xtreme 3 employs dual 25 watt,2.8 inch woofers and dual 25 watt 0.8,inch tweeters delivering a powerful,rumble by the dual radiators the,frequency range is listed between 53.5,hertz and 20khz what does that mean for,sound well well get to that a little,later on in the video the jbl xtreme 3,has a fewer features than its,predecessor the extreme 2. theres no,google assistant alexa or siri support,no eq and no wi-fi party boost is the,one notable extra that lets you link up,to two extreme threes either as a stereo,pair or with both playing all channels,the xtreme 3 works best just the simple,bluetooth speaker and theres nothing,wrong with that now all of us want to,live our lives by a siri has a bunch of,clear clicky buttons on his top no,gestures required you cant forget about,the nice little built-in handles to hook,the strap on to so you can take it on,the go just like any other shoulder,strap although the handles are shallow,in the speakers so the carabiner system,is kind of a pain to hook on to i,thought took me a couple minutes but i,figured it out so im sure you can too,the battery lasts for about 15 hours,which is similar to the xtreme 2 but it,also has an ip67 rating which is about,as high of a protection rating as youll,see on consumer products it means the,extreme 3 is waterproof and safe from,dust it can be submerged up to a meter,for 30 minutes without issue i mean,bluetooth signal cant really survive,underwater but the point really is that,you can take this speaker anywhere,poolside beach and it should perform,without any issue and you can rinse it,off after you spill anything on it jbl,still uses the same driver array it used,in the xtreme 2. the xtreme 3 still uses,two 70 millimeter woofers two little 20,millimeter tweeters and of course the,speakers youll actually notice a large,passive radiator sits at each end,providing most of the base these drivers,let small speakers produce a larger,sound and slightly larger ones such as,this do so without consuming too much,power it displays far more satisfying,audio than average wireless speaker bass,is powerful but not boomy and theres,solid separation through this sound the,main change from the xtreme 2 is that,the bass is now significantly deeper,with some context this can make the,xtreme 3 seem like it has a greater,dynamic range producing a more alive and,full sound the mid sound a little,recessed as a result giving lower,registered vocals shared drums and other,common inhabitants of the central,channel a bit less of an upfront,presentation than they deserve,[Music],now all in all the jbl xtreme 3 is a,winner its ip67 rating means you can,take the speaker anywhere and the,removable strap makes it easy to do so,the audio output is powerful with more,impressive bass depth but also avoids,distortion at top volumes now this is,one of the more pricier speakers from,jbl so if that is something you want to,avoid then maybe youd be better off,with going something like clip 6 which i,think is one of the best speakers that,gives off almost the same sound for,about half the price but thats just my,opinion why dont you let me know your,opinions in the comments down below give,the video like if you learn anything and,maybe hit that subscribe button if you,enjoy these types of reviews if you want,to learn a little bit more about some,other jbl options then why not check out,this video on the flip 6. maybe youll,find something a little more your speed,there that i was talking about a little,cheaper but almost close to the same,sound

JBL Xtreme 3 Review – Compared To JBL Xtreme 2 And Xtreme 1

so this is the new jbl xtreme 3. its,essentially a refined version of the jbl,xtreme 2,but there are some key differences and,improvements,to point out some of which i like and,some others not so much,but regardless if you are looking for a,portable bluetooth speaker to use at,home but also take it on the go with you,you really cant go wrong with the,xtreme 3. now when it comes to price,the xtreme 3 retails for 350 dollars,just like the xtreme 2,and xtreme 1 when they first came out,but this also means jbl xtreme 2 can,currently be,found on sale these days and you can,typically find it for around 200,more or less so if youre looking for a,bargain and you dont mind giving up the,upgrades found,on the xtreme 3. the xtreme 2 is,definitely still,a solid pick but nonetheless if you want,to pick either of these speakers up,theyll be linked down below now first,off lets talk about the design of this,speaker,now the xtreme 3 does look fairly,different from the xtreme 2,and the extreme one now personally i,dont love or hate how the xtreme,3 looks but personally i do prefer how,the xtreme 2,looks here now just like previous,extremes the xtreme 3 is rocking a,multi-fabric body so it should stand up,to constant bumps and scrapes without,any problems,and its also ip67 rated so its not,afraid of a little bit of water,or dirt so just like his predecessors,the xtreme 3 is still,a fairly small and super rugged speaker,that you can take on the go with you,and not have to worry about it however,something that i really like about the,xtreme 3,is that it is noticeably lighter than,the xtreme,2 weighing in at 4.3 pounds,a whole pound lighter than the xtreme 2.,now even though this,one pound difference might not seem like,a big deal,you can really feel it but also the,xtreme 3 has an,improved multi-color shoulder strap that,has these rubber inserts on it that help,prevent your shoulder strap from,swinging back and forth,again this isnt a huge deal but it is,nice,but more importantly this shoulder strap,still has that built-in bottle opener,that debuted on the xtreme 2,for your beverages but overall the,xtreme 3 is still,a fairly small and durable bluetooth,speaker that you can either use at home,or take it on the go with you and not,have to worry about it to one bit,the only difference is that it is,rocking a new design language,and it is a little lighter than the,xtreme 2.,but now lets talk about tech specs now,the most crucial upgrade on the xtreme 3,is that it now charges via a usb c,port and it now has a much sleeker,charging cable,whereas both the xtreme 2 and original,xtreme both charge via an ac,port and their charging cables are much,chunkier,but the really cool thing about the usb,c port on the xtreme 3,is that you can actually use it to,charge your own devices,now there are plenty of other speakers,out there that charge via a usb c,port but being able to charge your own,devices,with the same usb c port is a very rare,these days,but overall i do think that this is,awesome because a lot of phones these,days are starting to come included with,usbc cables,but the xtreme 3 still has a usb a out,port,so that you can charge your own devices,now even though you can charge your own,devices with this usbc,port you still cant use it as a wired,connection,and you also cant plug in a usb drive,into the usb a out port on this speaker,and play music off of it now when it,comes to battery life performance wise,the xtreme 3 is very similar to the,xtreme 2.,now both of these speakers have an,advertised battery life of 15 hours but,thats when these speakers are playing,at 50 volume real world use with these,speakers playing at 80,volume theyre good for around 8 to 9,hours of playback time which is not bad,at all,but just keep in mind if you do use them,at a higher volume then their battery is,going to drain a little faster,however i do want to point out that the,xtreme 3 does,charge up faster than the xtreme 2 which,is nice now when it comes to,connectivity the xtreme 3 has been,upgraded to bluetooth 5.1 but more,importantly,just like the xtreme 2 the xtreme 3 can,be connected to two,devices at the same time so you and a,friend can both be dj,theyre both strictly using spc but if,you want to you can still use a wired,connection with either of these speakers,because they both have an easy to reach,3.5 millimeter audio jack,which i do feel is a big deal to point,out because a lot of speakers these days,are starting to remove their audio jacks,but now lets talk about listening to,music with these speakers just like its,predecessors the xtreme 3 is rocking,dual front with firing woofers,dual front wheel firing tweeters and,dual passive radiators,that shoot out its sides however,the xtreme 3 is rated as a 50 watt rms,speaker,whereas both the xtreme 2 and original,xtreme,are rated at 40 watts rms but these,speakers can only,hit those numbers when theyre plugged,in when theyre running off of their,built-in batteries they dont get as,loud or push out as much bass but,output aside all of these speakers sound,very different from one another,now were going to jump into a sound,test all of these speakers are playing,at,around 80 volume and theyre all running,off of battery power,in the darkest night i saw your eyes,i sound so thrilled that i cant forget,i wanna know who you are,this is what i need to know so take my,hand and let our fears,[Music],[Music],i,[Music],is,[Music],i wanna know who you are,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],so first off i want to say that both the,xtreme 2 and xtreme,3 sound much more open and they have a,much harder hitting base than the,original xtreme,the original extreme does sound rather,tinny with not all that much bass,now with that out of the way lets focus,on the big boys,the biggest and most notable difference,between the xtreme 2 and xtreme 3,is that the xtreme 3 does put a little,more emphasis,on the highs than the xtreme 2 making,the xtreme 3,sound louder than the xtreme 2. but when,it comes to bass,i gotta say that the xtreme 3 has the,same amount of bass as the xtreme 2.,so the fact that the xtreme 3 puts more,of an emphasis on the highs with the,same amount of bass,makes the sound brighter than the xtreme,2.,now overall the xtreme 3 sounds good and,should play nice with most music genres,personally i do prefer the xtreme 2s a,warmer sound signature,because at max volume the extreme 3 can,get a little ear,piercing while indoors and unfortunately,jbl still doesnt allow you to directly,adjust the eq,on their speaker however i will point,out that the slider brighter eq on the,xtreme 3 does,make it a little better to use while,outdoors,since the highs are a little more,emphasized its sound,is going to travel out a little farther,and its going to sound,louder now when it comes to max volume,the xtreme 3 gets,more than loud enough when its playing,off of its internal battery,however like i mentioned earlier if you,want to get the most out of the xtreme 3,you got to use it while its plugged in,and thats also the case with these,other extremes here,theyre going to get a little louder and,push out a little more bass,however the fact that the xtreme 3 still,gets a performance bump,when you use it while its plugged in is,currently a little rarer because,not a lot of other speakers that charge,via a usb c,port get a performance boost,but overall the xtreme 3 doesnt get too,much louder than the xtreme 2,and they both have the same amount of,bass,really the main difference between these,two speakers sound quality wise is that,the xtreme 3,is a little brighter than the xtreme 2.,but finally lets talk about party boost,now the jbl xtreme 3 has been upgraded,to,party boost meaning that you can,wirelessly pair it up to either a,boombox 2,another jbl xtreme 3 a jbl flip 5 or a,jbl plus 4.,whereas the xtreme 2 is using jbl,connect plus,meaning that you can only pair a jbl,xtreme 2,to other jbl connect plus speakers like,either,an original boombox another xtreme 2 a

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unboxing JBL XTREME 3 terbaru di indonesia

Hai Welcome back,hai oke JBL,Extreme 3D,hai oke,terima uang boxing ini Unboxing,GPRS stream 3 ya,original IMS dari garansi resmi,Indonesianya IMS ya,PT Inti Mekah suara merdu,Hai hey PT,PT Inti Mekkah suara ini jadi dia ini,produk luar,dikirim ke Indonesia dengan melalui,garansi resmi nya Indonesia jadi kalau,ada apa-apa nanti bakal diklaim ke IMS,ini sendiri ya mungkin memang harganya,lebih mahal,dibanding yang enggak garansi IMS yah,jadi garansi internasional itu agak,lebih murah 3 ramvir 300.000 dari yang,garansi IMS jadi MS lebih mahal 300.000,dari garansi internasional yang gak ada,garansinya tapi Eva internasional itu,ori tak cuma enggak IMS gak ngebackup,kalau ada apa-apa,kerusakan selama satu tahun,Hai Nella,Hai Oke kita bongkar ya,ini dusnya,itu kalau seri garansi ini kode saya,tidurnya nanti kayak kalau HP itu kayak,nomor imei kalau ini nomor emailnya ke,Hai nih SN pakai ini yang dibawah ya,Hai nanti unitnya bakalan sama ininya,ama invoicenya ya,biar bisa diklaim,Oke saya bongkar ini segelnya,banget samping,[Musik],Mantep banget khususnya tebel,khususnya tebel banget ini,Hai,bisa,kita bongkar dulu ya yang ingin ya nanti,dalam ada apa aja isinya atau cek dulu,Oh ya,cukup panduan dan segala macam,buku panduan dan segala macem ya ini,[Musik],Hai,menaip,registration,original nya ini ada beberapa bahasa ya,Indonesia enggak ada,International ya pakainya Inggrisnya,Sniper tas tahu apaan,Enggak tahu ini apa juga,nah ini kayaknya invoice nah ini penting,invoice dari toko ya invoice toko nanti,kalau ngelem garansi atau apalah itu,nanti pakainya ini Cari tanggal beli,tanggal beli ini di sini ama harga,segala macem nomor seri nanti diklaim ke,IMS pakai invoice faktur,Hai kalau pembelian.doc faktur,Hai,nah ini unitnya,pelindung,ini kayak busa kayak kardus tapi tebel,juga sama,Hai,nah ini unitnya nih,uniknya,wow kemarin gede banget nih nih segemen,10 tangan satu aja enggak kuat,mm1 nggak kuat,[Musik],nah nih unitnya nih Nyi uniknya kita,taruh ya ordernya ya nanti kita bukanya,nanti,dapat di dalam di dalam ada apa,busa nah,perangkatnya disini,perangkat charger sama tali,Hai tali kalau slempang gitu ya tas,selempang ada,tas selempang ini buat buat buat tali,buat kalinya,[Tepuk tangan],Mantap ya ini premium banget,[Musik],Hai nih bisa buat buka botol ya,botol-botol itu botol ah,Sprite Fanta dan lain-lain ini bisa ini,What minuman teh botol,nih dibuat tutup gitu setek,Hai nah ini premium banget nih mantap,Hai finishing-nya harus banget,di dunia juga tebel,Hai itu ada serat-seratnya ini peti di,buat ya enggak menurut bareng gak,mengerucut ke,Hai nah oke nanti kita sambungin Ya ntar,dulu,Hai,apalagi,cabut dulu,waktu,ambyar cash,ambyar kasusnya lemnya,nah di dalam ada charger ya,sekacer,ini charger ya,cara mencharger ini maem add-in,made in Vietnam,Hai Ni Made in Vietnam ya,Hai original nih nih lima kemampuan,15watt,udah 2 Jember lebih udah penuh bacem,hampir dua jam setengah itu udah penuh,15watt kekuatannya ini udah tepsi,kabelnya tebel tebel banget,Hai ada logonya,Hai nah ini colokannya nih,Mi tolong kan,ada empat colokan ya dapat 40 kami,nah ini buat korea-china ya di negara,lain,kita enggak pakai,sudah ada tiga lagi nih,kita cari dulu,kita nyari yang kecil ya kita nyari yang,colokannya kecil,menyanyikan gemuk nih,Hai ini gemuk nggak bisa ini di,Indonesia enggak bisa,ini juga gemuk,ini juga gemuk nah ini kecil ini berarti,Indonesia yang kecil nih colokannya,tegese tuh yang lain,nah ini bikin tinggi tinggal digabungin,nih chargernya,Caranya tinggal masukin aja kesini,sambil,Hai nah udah-udah,Hai tinggal colok aja nah kalau mau,pakai charger,tab si buat HP itu juga bisa tapi,seenggaknya kalo punya yang ori ya kita,pakai yang ori aja biar dayanya itu,udah dihitung dari sononya sekian sekian,itu,biar,memperpanjang umur baterai jadikan,biarkan dayanya itu biar sesuai dari,pabrikan ya Jadi pakailah yang ini,walaupun,agak ribet agak gede ya Yang penting,bisa buat daya tahan baterainya,Nggak gampang ngedrop jadi jangkauannya,lama bertahun-tahun Oke terima kasih,Hai saya taruh charger Nah kita,kembali ke,adus sehabis kardus sehabis,kardus Davis,tinggal unit,naik unitnya nih,oke unitnya nih,ini sebenarnya udah saya bongkar saya,checking selama,sekitar empat hari ini saya belinya dari,empat hari yang lalu karena saya,membutuhkan,Hai gimana caranya ngecek ngecek ah,rusak apa nggak Soalnya di online jadi,ayo kita belajar dulu lah apa sih,keunggulan keunggulan dan yang lain-lain,nah ini dapat hari kemarin saya beli,saya nyalain nggak bisa nah ingat ya pas,waktu udah beli baru kita nanyain aku,langsung gak bisa kita harus tas kita,harus tas ya ini unitnya kosong,baterainya kosong ya,ini unitnya kita Haruskah dulu melalui,ini,nah disini ekstrim,Hai,Nah di sini ada USB,aja tepsi ada Upin,Oh yes minimnya bisa buat bisa buat,ngecharge HP kita sayanya 5 for ini buat,ngecas nah melalui charger ini juga apa,charger HP gak bisa tab sini bolak-balik,bisa ini Aug buat colokan auburn,input masuk suara dari sini dari HP ke,sini biar enggak ada delay sama sekali,kalau pakai kabel itu enggak ada delay,beda ama bluetooth walaupun,5.1 ini butuhnya tetap kalah tetep bagus,lebih pakai sambungan colokan karena itu,langsung enggak pakai media sinyal ya,lebih bagus pakai AUG,Naini tokonya disini dijelaskan,Hai,printe,finishing-nya karena,Hai nah keunggulan ada di sini Enak nih,daripada ekstrim tuh ini karetnya lebih,elastis kalau ekstrim Twitter bukannya,dari atas ke bawah,kebanyakan pada copot disini akarnya,kalah Kalau ekstrim tiga udah pembaruan,seperti ini,Hai nah ini bawah ini tatakan Karet ini,material karet,material karet ya buat tatakan di bawah,biar nggak lari kemana-mana habis,amati hanya ini kain Ini udah anti debu,anti air,Hai nah ini party bus,Hai mengurangi volume,tambah volume nah ini buat play pause,aja yang nggak bisa buat ganti ya masih,sama modenya nah ini buat cangklongan,yang tadi cangklongan slempang,buat ini tadi ya taruhnya di sini,Hai nah kode SN,Hai Nah di sini ada kode SN,Oke kita udah sambungkan bluetooth Ya,udah nyala ya udah Kak kedube Deep udah,kita sambungin kita cek sound ya,Hai ini di volume,Hai volume,Ayo kita makanya cek sound DJ ya,hai hai,hai hai,[Musik],hai hai,Hai ini frekuensi rendah itu tiga persen,buat yang di malam hari itu cakep banget,jernih kita naik di 50,[Musik],naik ke,[Musik],Hai,[Musik],carry,[Musik],size S,hai hai,Ayo kita naikin ragi 100 ya,Hai,sweet,bakalan ada bunyi ya,Hai DJ,paling tinggi sekali kecil masih kecil,tapi,[Musik],Oke kita ganti lagu ya kita ganti lagu,DJ juga,tadi buat ngetes subwoofer juga,ini di volume,50,ini 90s,[Musik],KMU yg,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],Hai,[Musik],Nah itu tadi kita cek sound ya Beberapa,lagu,Coba kita cek sound pakai lagu dangdut,ya,Hai junta,[Musik],Oke ini dangdutnya ya kita cek gimana,sih suaranya kalau pakai dangdut,50% ya,[Musik],hihihi hihihi,[Musik],Hai,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],menyentuhku senyum-senyum,[Tertawa],[Musik],[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],hihihi hihihi,[Musik],Indonesia sungguh,[Musik],nyenengin,[Musik],tentang,[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],Nah itu udah pakai dangdut Zakita ganti,pakai yang Super Bass ya coba,nah nih pakai yang Super Bass ya,[Tepuk tangan],[Musik],[Musik],cuma,[Musik],dan hanya,sangat,[Musik],Oke terima kasih,rumahnya Ratu tips buat cek aja udah,selesai ya,oke nah kalau mau dengerin ragu,kalau mulai Saya mau ngecek nah ini,lagunya,Hi Ho,Hai jangan lupa pakai handsfree Headset,ya biar,Hai keluar suaranya kalau,kita dengerin langsung itu lebih bagus,kalau lihat di YouTube Itu pakai handset,kalau,yo karo pakai speaker HP itu enggak,bakal bisa keluar suaranya Oke bisa,paham kan,Terima kasih,hai oh ya satu lagi,Ayo kita kalau beli baru tentu,Hai setelah ngecas pertama kali kalau,udah penuh kita jangan lupa jangan lupa,download GBR di playstore buat pembaruan,ya Sponge baruan software jadi beli baru,kita charge full Jadi kalau udah full,kita sambungin ke bluetooth,nggak bakalan bisa kita nyalain nggak,bakalan bisa bunyi,notification Nah kita kunjungi Pl

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JBl XTREME 3 review ???? Sound test and opinion

Hi and welcome back to TV & Hi-Fi Pro,Today, we are going to take a look at the  JBL Xtreme 3, one of the most successful  ,portable speakers by the brand and which includes  some new features regarding the second generation.,This Xtreme 3 series is positioned between the  Charge 5, which is smaller and more portable,  ,and the Boombox 2, which increases its power,  but it is a larger and heavier speaker.,If youre not suscribed yet, do it now so that  you can enjoy more reviews and comparisons  ,of Bluetooth speakers, TVs, soundbars and so on.,Lets start the review, seeing the design of  this new generation that presents the same  ,cylindrical shape, with a slightly  larger size but with a lower weight,  ,specifically 1.97 kilos, which makes it  about 400 grams lighter than the Xtreme 2.,There are small aesthetic changes such  as the new logo of the brand on the front  ,which is much bigger, and Also on both sides,  new rubber reinforcements have been added,  ,to protect the speaker from hits.,In order to prevent the speaker from  rolling and to reduce vibrations when  ,its put it on a flat surface, there  are some rubber bands on the bottom.,Below the logo, there is the battery  indicator, which shows the remaining battery.,To carry it more comfortably on the shoulder, it  includes a strap that also has a bottle opener,  ,so that you can enjoy a soft drink while  you listen to your favourite music.,The buttons to control all the functions, are on  the top, and you can play, pause and skip tracks,  ,enable Bluetooth pairing, control de volume, pair  more JBL speakers and turn off and on the speaker.,The connections are located under a rubber  cover that protects them from water and dust.  ,Here we find a USB-C port to charge  the speaker and a USB port so that  ,you can charge your mobile phone  as well as an auxiliary input,  ,something that we appreciate since fewer  and fewer manufacturers decide to add it.,For wireless connection, it  comes with Bluetooth 5.1,  ,which provides better stability  and a wider connection range.,You can buy the Xtreme 3 in three different  colors: black, blue and in a camouflage version.,This speaker is resistant to water and dust,  ,with IP67 certification, which allows you  to use it at the beach or in a swimming  ,pool and deep it in water to a depth of 1  meter, for a maximum time of 30 minutes.,Remember that if you submerge it into the water,  ,close the cover before doing it so  that the speaker is not damaged.,The built-in battery has a capacity of  5,000 milliamps that lasts for up to  ,15 hours if you listen to it at a moderate volume.,To save battery, it has an automatic  shutdown mode that is activated after  ,20 minutes of non-use and the battery  is fully charged in about 4 hours.,Now, its time to talk about the  sound quality of this JBL Xtreme 3.  ,The audio system consists of two 2.75-inch woofers  ,for the low and mid frequencies and two  0.75-inch tweeters for the high frequencies.,To increase the depth of the bass, it  has two passive radiators on the sides,  ,something common in most of JBLs models.,This JBL Xtreme 3 can deliver up to 50W of power,  which means that it provides 10W more than the  ,previous generation. However, this power is  achieved with the speaker connected to the light.  ,When you use it with the built-in  battery, the power is not as high.,When we push it to the limit, above 70%  of the volume, the quality suffers and  ,the sound flattens, losing strength in the  bass and some distortion starts to appear.,Compared to the previous generation  there are no major changes,  ,although the sound seems a bit clearer and  more neutral in our opinion. The Xtreme 2  ,had a bit more depth in the mid-lows, but the  sound seems more refined in this new version.,Its a fantastic speaker for reproducing all  kind of music with a good response in the low  ,and mid frequencies, however the highs have a  lack of presence in some tracks and we miss a  ,little more of clarity. The frequency response  goes from 53.5 Hertz, up to 20,000 Hertz.,There is a hidden sound mode, called Low  Frequency Mode, that you may have heard before,  ,that increases the bass and that you can enable by  pressing the Bluetooth and volume down buttons for  ,10 seconds. We suggest that you dont enable it,  due to it forces the bass a lot and if you listen  ,the speaker at a high volume, you can damage  it and it wont be covered by the warranty.,The JBL Xtreme 3 can reproduce stereo sound and it  expands the sound quite well along the room with a  ,good amplitude with a single speaker. However, it  doesnt offer the same quality when you listens to  ,it from an angle spot, as a 360º speaker like the  UE Megaboom 3 or the Bose SoundLink Revolve Plus.,To enjoy an immersive experience, you can pair  another Xtreme 3, Charge 5 or Flip 5 speaker  ,and have both speakers sound at the same  time, using the renewed Partyboost system.,The connection range has been greatly increased  and the distance is much wider. If you need more  ,speakers to fill a large space, you can pair up to  100 Partyboost compatible speakers simultaneously.,If you only connect two speakers,  you can make one working as the  ,left channel and the other one as the  right channel using the JBL Connect app.  ,If you connect more than two speakers,  all of them, will play the two channels.,Keep in mind that this Xtreme 3, due to  it comes with the new PartyBoost protocol,  ,is not compatible with an Xtreme 2 and other  JBL speakers from the previous generation  ,because they use the old JBL Connect Plus system.,We know that is not the same as listening to it  in person, but now we`re going to leave you with  ,a sound test, so that you can have a slight  idea of how this JBL Xtreme 3 sounds like.,So, is it worth buying the JBL Xtreme  3? In our opinion its a good choice,  ,because youll enjoy a powerful sound with deep  bass, you can take it with you wherever you want,  ,thanks to its shoulder strap, and its  water and dust resistant and also,  ,allows you to link it wirelessly, with more  JBL speakers to create an inmersive sound.,We consider its price quite reasonable  considering all its features,  ,but if you alredy have a previous Xtreme 2, we  dont really think you need this new version.,Below in the description, you can  check the price on Amazon and if  ,you want more information about this model  and many others, you can visit our website.,We hope you liked this video and if so,  ,subscribe now to our channel so  you dont miss any our new videos.,Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

JBL Xtreme 3 Vs Sony XG300 – Its Not Even Close

so the new sony xg300 is a little more,portable than its predecessor the xb43,thanks to its new built-in retractable,carrying handle and better performing,battery life but personally i am not a,fan of the xg300s new super warm sound,signature and unfortunately the light,feature on the xg300 has been downgraded,from the xb43,nonetheless today were going to see how,the sony xg300 stacks up to the super,popular,jbl xtreme 3. regarding pricing the,xg300 has a retail price of 350 whereas,the jbl xtreme 3 has a retail price of,380,thanks to inflation its price has gone,up however both of these speakers,routinely go on sale for 300. now,personally i prefer the xtreme 3 over,the xg300 and if you have an xb43,theres no need to upgrade nonetheless,if you want to pick either of these two,speakers up theyll be linked down below,or you can press on the youtube shopping,button just give it a try and if you,want to further support the channel,check out the merch shelf down below i,made some shirts and hoodies that look,and feel great and if youve been,watching me for a while you know i can,be very particular so ill only set my,name on something that im really proud,of now first lets talk about the design,of these speakers now both of these,speakers are decently small and theyre,both lightweight the xg300 weighs in at,six and a half pounds whereas the xtreme,3 weighs in at 4.3 pounds theyre both,rocking in ip67 rating meaning that,theyre both water and dust resistant,and they both have a mostly fabric,wrapped body so theyre going to have no,problem standing up to constant bumps,and scrapes and in general both these,speakers are good options to take on the,go with you however with the xg300 it,has a built-in retractable carrying,handle which is a big upgrade from its,predecessor whereas with the xtreme 3 it,has its classic shoulder strap which i,feel is more versatile than the carrying,handle found on the xg300 plus it also,has a built-in bottle opener which i,have always felt is a very nice touch so,personally i still feel the xtreme 3 has,better portability to it thanks to its,shoulder strap now while were on the,topic of design the xg300 has a built-in,light feature just like sonys previous,speakers however this light feature is,much harder to see than before because,its been tucked away into the passive,radiators and personally i feel that,this light feature just doesnt compare,to the xb43s light feature i feel that,the light feature on the xg300 isnt,even worth using so thats why i just,turn it off but also this way you do get,some battery savings but now lets talk,about tech specs regarding battery life,this is an area where the xg300,outperforms the xtreme 3 depending on,how you use it now the xc300 has an,advertised battery life of 25 hours but,thats with the speaker playing at 50,volume with this light feature turned,off but with its megabase feature turned,on which is good,however 50 volume on the speaker is a,little on the quieter side because the,speaker does have a warmer sound,signature to it but with the xg300 if,you want to extend its battery life past,its advertised by life of 25 hours then,you can always use it while in stamina,mode which is basically just going to,turn off its light feature and turn off,its megabase feature which is just going,to make the speaker sound super flat and,its basically not worth using,or if you were to use the speaker with,this light feature turned on and,megabase turned on then thats going to,drain its battery life faster but real,real use with the speaker playing at 80,volume with the light feature turned off,but with megabase turned on im getting,about 11 hours of playback time which is,rather impressive however since this,speaker does lean towards a warmer sound,signature i do expect more people to use,this speaker at a higher volume,meaning youre going to end up draining,the battery life of this speaker a,little faster,whereas with the xtreme 3 this speaker,hasnt advertised by the life of 15,hours but thats with this speaker,playing at 50 volume but real well used,with the xtreme 3 playing at 80 volume,which is noticeably louder than 80,volume on the xg300 im getting about 9,hours of playback time which is still,pretty impressive but still for the,xtreme 4 we definitely need to see a,battery life of 24 hours at least if we,can see a battery life of 30 hours that,would honestly be amazing now when it,comes to connectivity the xtreme 3 is,using bluetooth 5.1 and the xg300 is,using bluetooth 5.2 but more importantly,both of these speakers can be connected,to two devices at the same time so you,and a friend can both be dj now when it,comes to audio codecs the xtreme 3 only,has support for spc and aac very,standard whereas with the xg300 it has a,port for spc and aac but it also has,support for sonys own ldac which is our,own in-house high-res audio codec now,whether youre an iphone or an android,user aac is going to work perfectly fine,but if you want to take advantage of,ldac you do have to be an android user,and keep in mind if you do decide to use,ldac that also takes an additional toll,on the battery life on the xg300,but if you want to you can always just,use a wired connection with either of,these two speakers because they both,still have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack,which is something that neither of,sonys or jbls mid-size or smaller,speakers now have but the really cool,thing with the xtreme 3 is that you can,use its usb c port as a wired connection,and you can use it to charge your own,phone whereas with the xg300 its usb-c,port is strictly used for charging now,both of these two speakers still have,usb-a outputs so now you can charge your,own devices but i dont feel that either,these two usb-a outputs are going to get,all that much use because most phones,these days now come included with usbc,cables instead personally i would just,really like if we can get rid of these,usb a out ports and instead just get a,second more versatile usb c port but now,lets talk about actually listening to,your music with these speakers now,regarding speaker setups both of these,speakers are rocking dual from referring,woofers dual front mode firing tweeters,and dual passive radiators that shoot,out the signs,now like i mentioned earlier the xg300,has a very warm sound signature to it as,in it has a lot of bass and it can sound,a little shallow whereas the xtreme 3,has a brighter sound signature to it as,in the mid and highs are a little,stronger on the speaker now both of,these speakers have customizable eqs and,well address them in a minute but for,this sound test both of these speakers,are playing with their stock eqs which,means megabase on the xg300 is turned on,but show that the xg300 cant keep up,with the xtreme 3,is going to be playing at max volume,whereas the xtreme 3 is playing at 87,volume,[Music],i know we could both do better,wish you would have left me here now im,just controlled by fear whats the point,reflection,if you never look in the mirror,[Music],[Music],i tried to give you everything,you took it all and took it for granted,[Music],i dont wanna lose,[Music],[Music],[Music],i remember when you said youre afraid,how are you acting so surprised havent,you seen it in my eyes so,[Music],maybe its cause im not enough,[Music],so like i have mentioned a few times,already the xg300 has a warmer sound,signature to it whereas the xtreme 3 has,a brighter sound signature personally i,prefer the brighter sound signature,found on the xtreme 3 over the warmest,sound on the xg300 cause with the xtreme,3 the vocals are much more front and,center and in general the xtreme 3 gets,louder than the xg300 but also the,brighter sound signature on the xtreme 3,is good for outdoor use because this is,going to help the xtreme 3 cover a,larger area with music now with both of,these speakers they both have a,customizable eq so you can go in and,raise the mids and highs on the xg300 so,that it doesnt sound so shallow and you,can go in an

NOT SO EXTREME? ???? JBL Xtreme 3 vs Xtreme 2 Comparison Review | mrkwd tech

is the jbl xtreme 3,the best bluetooth speaker to take you,into 2021,and beyond is the sound quality extreme,or should we just rename this the jbl,underwhelming 3.,well soon find out i bought this with,my own money for 350,because jbl dont reply to any of my dms,so check those affiliate links below for,the latest price on these as,this price is only going to keep on,falling over time,im mark im here to let you know whats,worth buying before you buy it,so lets get stuck in,[Music],the new design of the xtreme 3 is an,early look into the design of the next,generation of jbl bluetooth speakers,jbl have said goodbye to that small,orange plaque,instead opting for an oversized yet,somehow slightly understated metallic,grey logo,complete with a subtle orange detailing,on either end weve now got clearly,defined feet which keep the speaker more,stable when in an upright position,however the stability when horizontal,isnt all that great,seeing as weve now lost the rather,sturdy stand that kept the extreme two,firmly in place the passive bass,radiators at each end,also now have a metallic finish compared,to the plasticky finish of the xtreme 2,and the xtreme 3 is also half a kilo,lighter which is an amazing improvement,the xtreme 3,now has an ip67 waterproof and,dust proof rating to boot easily besting,the xtreme 2s ipx7 waterproof rating,with no dust proof rating to speak of we,have got,15 hours of battery life here the exact,same longevity that the xtreme 2 offered,with both still taking around two and a,half hours,to fully charge from zero its a real,shame theres no improvement here at all,because those figures werent that,impressive in 2020 to start with,in terms of functionality there are a,few upgrades worth mentioning here so,for starters,weve now got bluetooth 5.1 which will,mean faster pairing a stronger more,stable connection,and of course improved overall range,in the last month of testing i havent,experienced any connection issues,whatsoever,but i do generally find that to be the,case with jbl products i never have any,bluetooth problems whatsoever,unfortunately weve still only got sbc,codec here which doesnt future proof,this speaker well,at all if you listen to higher quality,audio files for example,even the 80 soundcore motion plus has,aptx,and sony speakers continue to support,ldac too,being brutally honest thats pretty poor,for a 350,speaker released at the end of 2020.,fortunately the extreme 3 now charges,through usbc,unlike the xtreme 2 which could only be,charged via the,charging brick and trust me it was an,absolute pain,having to carry around that heavy,charging brick just to charge one,speaker,i mean now i can just carry one usb c,charger for my phone headphones earbuds,bluetooth speaker,macbook which is a huge plus i dont,actually walk around with all of those,in my back at the same time before you,think about mugging me,i dont want you to be disappointed and,the same usb c,port you use to charge the speaker can,also be used to,output power so yes like the xtreme 2,the xtreme 3 also doubles up as a power,bank,youve also got a regular usb port on,the back thatll also charge up your,devices in a pinch,and heres the bad news whilst you can,connect jbl speakers together,and blast the same track out of multiple,speakers,great experience in case you didnt know,that does come with its own caveat so,as this is a jbl party boost speaker,you can only connect it to other party,booth speakers,so the extreme 2 for example can also,connect multiple speakers together to,pump out the same track but,it uses jbl connect to do that so,jbl connect speakers cannot connect to,jbl party boost speakers,and vice versa meaning if you do have,the xtreme 2 and the xtreme 3 you cant,even connect them together which is just,stupid and pretty mean spirited,the xtreme 3 has also lost the,speakerphone functionality that was,present on the xtreme 2,which probably would have been more,useful than ever in a world where were,all trying to stay connected while stuck,at home,but its not a huge deal breaker for me,personally as i rarely used it,anyway on the bright side you can still,connect up to two devices at a time to,this speaker,just as you could with the xtreme 2. but,perhaps best of all,thats right the strap has a bottle,opener on it,slap like now if youd like to see me,open an ice cold beer with a 350,bluetooth speaker,refreshing refreshing sound quality is,up next so make sure youre following me,on my personal instagram and twitter,just before we get into it hit me up if,you need a bottle of beer open,ive got just the tool for the job links,are in the description for those,and dont forget to let me know in the,comments which bluetooth speakers you,want me to review next,or what you want me to compare this,speaker to next,the comments with the most thumbs up,will definitely be added to my review,hit list so,far away okay lets launch into a sound,test of the xtreme 3,versus the extreme 2 first listening to,this with headphones on is highly,advised,so i advise you do that and lets go,[Music],[Music],nowadays,[Music],oh,[Music],so,[Music],we had everything we needed,[Music],i dont know anymore,losing traffic,[Music],so how did the extreme 3 compare to the,extreme 2,first of all well bass is definitely,fuller on the extreme 3,with vastly improved deep bass and highs,that offer noticeably improved clarity,its also slightly louder at max volume,2 but overall its not a difference of,night and day,that means you should immediately ebay,your extreme 2 and go throw out loads of,money,on the extreme 3 but the difference is,noticeable,enough to begin to appreciate so they,beat the extreme 2,no surprise there but when compared to,other options at this price point,and much much cheaper this sound,signature didnt leave much of a long,lasting impression on me,and dont get me wrong the overall sound,quality is great,but considering this product has you,know extreme,in its actual name theres ironically,not too much here thats extreme,or extremely exciting in terms of sound,signature,and thats mainly because compared to,other speakers ive tested mid bass is a,little recessed meaning,the sound signature is flatter and more,balanced than i would expect from a,speaker built for entertaining a crowd,and during genres without much deep bass,by nature,bass can appear underwhelming and,noticeably,absent so yes it has some of the best,low rumble youll find,but it undoubtedly lacks that extra,punch,which would have really made the bass,and sound signature pop for me,something which you know i could begin,to describe,as an extreme experience you really need,to know this next part so i hope youre,paying attention,you should probably know that the,extreme 3 is only at its strongest at,around 50 to 60,volume because at lower volumes bass is,almost completely inaudible so if you,want to enjoy background music while,working or studying,i cant really recommend this speaker,here at all and then at higher volumes,bass actually reaches a ceiling point at,around the 80,volume mark and from that point onwards,only mids and treble increase in volume,that means that over 80 volume,everything becomes overly harsh and,things lose detail and clarity so its,not really worth pushing the volume over,80 percent at,all sadly theres no custom equalizer,settings you can use to correct this,either by bumping up the base to,compensate for that effect,and thats something you could easily,find with a lot of other options from,even around,80 onwards and when compared to cheaper,options like the,soundcore rave neo which is more than,three times cheaper,the extreme does not sound three times,better,plus with the rave neo youre also,getting custom equalizer settings a,light show if youre into that kind of,thing,and improved battery life all while,saving yourself a lot of money dont get,me wrong,the overall sound quality here on the,xtreme 3 is superior,i just wanted to highlight that the,sound quality here doesnt scale with


all right all right back like i never,left,whats up buds welcome to wanna buy my,name is rodney and today were gonna be,reviewing the jbl,xtreme 3. okay i went out there broke,the bank on this thing,i didnt want to buy it because it cost,so much but i did because we already,have,the jbl xtreme 2 so i said i might as,well get this so we can do a little,battle with that,but lets just break down my experience,with the xtreme 3 so far,all right so right now the new jbl,xtreme 3 is going for 350,now you see why i said i didnt want to,buy it because it cost so much,but i went and bought it refurbished on,amazon i put that link down in the,description below because i got it for,like 317 so i saved a couple of bucks,and if you get the blue version there is,a blue version,i think its 297. uh i cant remember,but uh the link will be down in the,description below so click that and see,what the prices are but i got mine,refurbished i wasnt about to pay 350,even though i only paid 317. the same as,close but,thats how much its going for right now,on amazon so im gonna break down the,sound,quality and what i thought of it over my,uses of it later in the video if you,guys want to skip to that you can go to,put your mouse down on the timeline and,it should be chopped up to let you know,the certain parts you are looking for,but right now im gonna give you guys a,little look and feel of the speaker what,i thought of it it is,pretty heavy like a lot of these um,extremes and,up that jbl makes but now you have the,new logo on the front set of that little,square,and then you have their different little,logos on the side look at clean that is,get the base running boom boom boom boom,so you got that right there,let me show you guys the straps so and,here goes a little metal for the strap,now i feel like they they just made it,stick out just a little bit more,because im i havent had no issue,getting the strap on compared to,um the jbl,xtreme 2. that thing was hard to put,these on,and here goes your ports im sure your,ports in the back lets bust those out,all right so these are the parts in the,back as you can see right here,um you have usb type-c to charge up,and then youll have your aux cable now,you have a usb right here because this,can also act as a power bank if you need,to charge up your phone and youre out,and about,and this is all you have you can connect,this to charge up your phones,with the usb now it might kill this,battery though,like this battery might be done for,after that,or i might say yeah the battery to the,speaker will be done for after you,charge with your phone,and some of the experiences i had i,didnt do it with this one um,you guys let me know if you did it if it,just ate the battery i used to use do,that with my like charge 4 and stuff,charge 3 and it used to just destroy my,battery after like,30 40 minutes but if your phones about,to die,i guess its worth it now the xtreme 3,is ip67 that means it is dust,and waterproof so you can take this to,the beach you will have no problem for,ru outdoor peoples,youre going to be good with the dust,and stuff kicking up and hitting this,thing,its not going to affect the speaker at,all and with the waterproof,um with the ip67 that means you can get,a little bit submerging in here too and,you just pull it out and youll be good,to go,so definitely for the outdoors people,with this big speaker youre going to be,fine you dont have to worry about it,you are all covered,all right so now were going to do a,sound test and on the sound test,im just going to let it play try a,couple songs and then on the other end,of that,ill tell you guys what i think of the,sound quality and my experience with it,i see you guys after the sound test,[Music],video,all right so that was the sound test i,want to show you guys and give you guys,a little,feel what it sounds like i know it,doesnt translate well over youtube but,at least you guys got to hear and see,how loud it was,but when it comes to this speaker it is,fairly loud,one thing its like a notch louder than,the jbl xtreme 2. and if youve seen my,jv,jbl xtreme 2 video youll know that im,kind of disappointed in the,size of the loudness that comes out of,these speakers because theyre so big,theyre really,big and when people see them they expect,them to be louder theyre like oh how,loud is it,and when you turn it up max theyre not,impressed,and for the extreme three i was really,hyped i thought it was gonna be,way louder than xtreme 2 and its like a,notch louder,probably two notches at most so its not,crazy loud now its loud,but when you see this thing you think,its gonna be crazy loud and its not,that,but its still you know it does its,thing for people and it still does,it did this thing for me when i was at,work i was happy with the volume,um i even had to turn it down because,sometimes it was you know too loud,but like i said for this size and for,the money that youre paying,350 you think youre going to get more,sound so thats where im at the volume,both extreme 2 and stream 3 i i want,more sound out of these things,and yes i updated yes i plugged it into,the wall and did all these other little,things it should be louder for 350 and,this big of a speaker,but yeah lets move on to the clarity,and all that and the mids and the highs,all right so when it comes to the mids,and the highs of the extreme three,this is definitely where you can feel,the upgrade theres a lot more clarity,coming out of this speaker than the,xtreme 2,and you can feel the difference when i,was switching between them i can just,hear the just the clarity difference,um you definitely are getting the,upgrade in sound quality,with the xtreme 3. now the highs i would,say was a little bit better to me,on the xtreme 2 you know the vocals they,popped a little bit more,and um it stuck out on top of everything,but one thing that the xtreme 3,had was it filled up um the spectrum of,sound better it felt like it was,supporting the vocals better i feel like,there you could hear more of the music,thats going on in the song like the,instruments and,then all the sounds in the song and it,supports the vocals really well,in the mids um is where a lot of the,guys voices and a lot of different,instruments sit as well and i feel like,you can tell the difference between this,and the xtreme 2. thats what gives it,that fuller sound in the mids because i,feel like the xtreme 2 is,very high where it sounds really good,and i think it sounds better,than the xtreme 3 and also the lows like,the bass and stuff on the xtreme 2,sounds good as well,but theres something just missing in,that middle its just like uh,and when you switch over to this one,this fills that space up so,i like the highs on here theyre decent,not better than the xtreme 2,but then i like the mids on this one as,well to give you that fuller rich sound,so when it comes to the bass on the,speaker it has really good,bass um i really do like the bass on,this speaker,compared to the extreme two but its,still a pick em theyre not that far,apart theres people in this household,that,like the extreme twos bass and theres,people that like this bass so,its really a pick when it comes to the,base but i do like the bases on both of,them,so two thumbs up for me all right but so,that was my little review and my,experience with the jbl xtreme 3. i just,want to help you guys out a little bit,now with the jbl stream through you are,going to be getting that little,upgrading clarity it sounds a little bit,more clear,you got a nice little bass the bass,might be a tad bit better than the,xtreme 2,and like the like i said the mids give,you a fuller sound compared to the,extreme two,um the xtreme 2 feels like its kind of,empty when youre switching between,these two,you feel like youre losing a little,something when you switch to extreme two,so you are getting a little upgrade with,the extreme three now that being said,if you are looking and youre on a,budget i would definitely say,um go refurbished on

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