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2022 Jeep Compass Review: Is It Overpriced?

recently we held the massive 2022 auto,guide compact SUV comparison test,presented by NRS brakes,now were going to take a closer look at,one of the entries in that massive,Battle Royale,the 2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk we want,to take a second to thank our sponsor,NRS brakes NRS brakes offer galvanized,brake pads which use a friction material,thats mechanically attached not glued,to the galvanized steel backing plate,making them the longest lasting and,quietest Brakes in the market find out,more about NRS Brakes in the link in the,description below,[Music],foreign,the Jeep Compass is a tale of Peaks and,valleys with a significant update for,2022 its kind of all over the map,its really good in some ways and really,bad in others which means that if you,want this car youre going to have to,deal with a few compromises to live with,it so lets start with the positives,stalantis models have long had some of,the best infotainment systems in the,business and with Uconnect 5 that system,gets even better with a large Crystal,Clear display the system is as pretty to,look at as it is easy to use the latest,software also includes Wireless Apple,carplay and Android auto not only that,Uconnect 5 allows for multiple user,profiles allowing families to save their,climate seat and media favorites,speaking of the latter the compasses,audio system is seriously powerful the,rest of the compass interior is a high,quality space its cleanly styled and,Jeeps move up Market makes for better,material quality now too there are even,a few design flourishes pulled right,from the recently redone Grand Cherokee,like the drive mode toggle switch and,thats no bad thing there are still some,hard plastics but at least now theyre,relegated to the lower out of sight,panels so its a nice interior there,just isnt that much of it the G Compass,exists in sort of a weird Gap in between,classes where its smaller than most,other compact SUVs out there on paper,that doesnt really matter for the rear,seats but when you get in them any,adults regular size are going to find,them a little uncomfortable and stiff,this small footprint also means that you,get much less cargo space than other,compact crossovers for example at 27.2,cubic feet the cargo space is about 25,percent smaller than that of a Honda CRV,despite the small footprint the compass,is a reasonably comfortable on-road ride,even in Trailhawk trim it handles bumps,well with a chunky 17-inch tires soaking,up the worst of the roughness larger,bumps do send a thud through the cabin,however and the soft suspension sees it,leaning into the outer tire at the,slightest hint of a corner more,surprising is the compasss steering,which has a good amount of weight and,resistance building driver confidence,early this being a Trailhawk the compass,does have a higher than average 8.6,inches of ground clearance we didnt get,to fully test the Jeep off-road during,our time with it but given that trail,rated badge we dont doubt that it would,make short work of any Cottage roads,that Dynamic goodness is mostly undone,by one of the worst engines in the,segment the 2.4 liter tiger shark engine,is more Finding Nemo than anything else,producing just 177 horsepower and 172,pound-feet those figures arrive late in,the Rev range too so youve got to gun,the compass everywhere to make decent,progress youd think a 9-speed automatic,standard on the four-wheel drive models,would help but since it has four,overdrive gears youd be wrong clawing,backpoints the top trim Trailhawk does,include a lot of standard features,there arent many cars in this size and,class that include say ventilated front,seats for a fully customizable digital,instrument panel you also get a very,aggressive front Collision warning,system that will regularly activate,during rush hour traffic all these,things do add to the price though as the,Jeep Compass climbs ever closer to that,slightly scary forty thousand dollar,mark,[Applause],with a different drivetrain the Jeep,compasses quirks would be a lot easier,to accept this is Jeep were talking,about a brand with almost Limitless,Goodwill,but as is the Jeep Compass Trailhawk is,just a little too rich for our taste,thanks again to our sponsor NRS brakes,be sure to check them out and dont,forget to like subscribe and definitely,ring that Bell

2021 Jeep Compass review: A small SUV for the adventurer?

gday im paul most of you know the jeep,grand cherokee but one car that youre,probably not all that familiar with,is the jeep compass i dont sell a great,deal of them in australia so today we,want to figure out whether this thing,is any good this is the jeep compass s,limited so its one down from the top,spec,the top spec is like an off-road focused,version called the trailhawk so this is,more your executive type its priced at,just under 46,000 and it competes with cars like the,hyundai kona mazda cx-30,toyota c-hr i dont know it kind of,competes with them its in its own,little niche sort of segment because,its quite big for its size but not,quite as big as the next segment up,today were going to do a detailed,review if you do want to skip ahead to,other parts of this review you can use,the time codes up on the screen there or,if youre on youtube just scroll down,and use the chapters below,if you havent done so already id love,it if you could hit subscribe and also,the bell icon,its going to tell you every single time,we get our bearings and drive a,compass lets talk exterior youve got,four colors to choose from and all but,randomly red is 645,extra so the compass is all about that,sort of,nice suv look but inherently its a jeep,which means youve got these pillars,along the front here theyre the same in,all jeeps youve got the seven,pillar design there and this kind of,signifies that it is capable,off-road strangely though thats all,completely blocked out so i think its,there just as a,as a design cue black jeep lettering and,then the colours are offset there with a,little bit of piano black in the center,and then a little hole in there to get,some air through to the engine,so look cohesively i think it is a,pretty nice design this car is,inoffensive in terms of the way that it,looks and then the trailhawk version has,all these tow hooks and stuff sticking,out,kind of gives you the idea that youre,an off-road master now in terms of,headlights youve got bison and,headlights this is fairly old technology,this is one of the few cars left on the,market today,with by xenon instead of led or halogen,now down here this looks like an led,daytime running light but it only comes,on when the headlights on,the actual running light is down here,and its a halogen type,you do have fog lights down the bottom,as well jump around to the side,around here youve got 19 inch alloy,wheels and a fairly low profile tire,thats a 45,profile so ill be interested to see how,this rides whether it is,firm or whether it is nice and relaxed,normally with these american cars they,tend to be quite soft so hopefully that,carries over here,i like the design of these wheels they,look really cool and then you have this,trademark jeep design its like a,squared off rhombus,is that shape i dont know let me know,in the comments below and then,this section here which is kind of,iconic to jeep as well because,those plastic wheel arches again signify,that this is,an off-road car around the side here,compass,badging you have an indicator built into,the wing mirror,i like the black offset here with the,roof leading to that panoramic glass,roof,strange plastic roof rails here instead,of like a,brushed aluminium type thing privacy,glass and then come around to the rear,youve got more black highlights here,with another black jeep badge you have,the,s for s limited and then led tail lights,its a pretty cool design there how,theyve integrated that in,so let me know in the comments below do,you like the design i think it looks,nice its not sort of too outrageous and,it looks classy enough,were inside the compass now well start,off with the key thats what it looks,like,unlock lock boot release and then a few,blank buttons and then around the back,we have,jeep just there its a proximity sensing,key so you just leave that in your,pocket grab the door handle,and then you have around this side a,push button start okay so in terms of,styling this is starting to feel a,little bit dated now when this car was,first released this,kind of looked modern and it was good,but its starting to feel its age now,this hasnt really seen too much of an,update but outside of the styling,it is all soft touch and it feels robust,kind of,has that off-road feel to it and i think,this looks like its going to stand the,test of time its just stuff like this,that looks a,tiny bit cheap i reckon now what about,the touch points that is nice as well,and then you have soft touch on the,doors as well so thats all good,but how soft is it well weve got our,durometer here which tests from zero to,100 and weve tested all the surfaces,around this car,and if you want to see how this compares,to other cars you can use the link in,the description below,and what about build quality it doesnt,feel great,you can see there that is moving the,entire center section of the car,not amazing i dont think lets talk,infotainment,this is jeeps uconnect infotainment,system its an 8.4 inch screen,and while this car may have some of its,shortcomings this infotainment system,really is quite impressive in terms of,the speed the functionality and the,features that jam-packed into it so,today,im going to give you a detailed review,of gpu connect infotainment systems you,can learn about it a little bit more and,we can go through all the features so,starting off here we have shortcut,buttons all down the bottom,and then you can control your climate in,here as well or you have climate,controls further down,in terms of radio you have am fm dab,plus digital radio so thats fully,featured,if we jump over to media this is where,youre able to stream through your phone,through bluetooth connection,all through auxiliary or usb connections,attached to the car,if we jump over to the climate menu just,for completedness,you can operate your seat heating,functions here and then when you do,switch,the climate on all of the controls come,here and the ability to sync,move temperatures up and down and also,select different zones,as well in terms of apps you have all of,your smartphone connectivity access,through this screen so this is what,apple carplay looks like really,impressive setup it is very high,resolution,and while it isnt full screen it takes,up pretty much all of the screen that it,needs to and that integration looks,really good,ill show you what android auto looks,like another integration similar in size,to apple carplay also super high,resolution if we go into the maps there,it all seems to work really nicely as,well so its good that you have the,flexibility of both,android and apple devices there and in,terms of other apps,in the apps menu there really isnt much,else there this is just a shortcut to,access other parts of the car,if we jump over to controls this simply,takes us back to the menu item,related to climate which is our heated,seats now what i love here it has,inbuilt satellite navigation if we go to,the map here,you can see that it is quite a fast and,responsive map but my favorite feature,is i can configure,what the icon looks like so i can go,through here and select different things,such as,other jeep products go for a wrangler,and if we go back to the map menu,theres our little wrangler there lets,see how quick it is well try and enter,a new destination well put in our go to,which is melbourne airport,and its super fast for typing you know,i like that,airport to search,yeah look thats not too bad it had a,little bit of lag there but once it,comes up it gives us all of the options,that we need so,that is all good all of this is also,backed up by a voice recognition system,so one push of this on the steering,wheel brings up the native,voice recognition and then if you do,have a smartphone paired,using a wired apple carplay or android,auto,interface it will then send the voice,commands through that which is generally,more accurate because theyre using the,cloud,moving on from that screen ahead of the,driver is another color lcd display,you control that using t

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Jeep Compass Car Review 2019 – Is it usable off-road

[Music],in this rejuvenated compass model Jeep,has at last brought us a credible class,competitive mid-sized SUV its not quite,as car-like as some of its rivals but if,you want to be ready for snow as well as,Sun and for forest tracks as well as,tarmac you might feel this contender to,be a better bet,we all know what a real Jeep looks like,rough tough and wilderness ready you,might though be less acquainted with the,models this growing brand wants to sell,to ordinary family SUV bias cars like,this one the compass aimed directly at,the buoyant mid-sized cash cow a grunt,jeepers tried for years to crack this,class of crossover starting off in 2007,with the first generation version of,this car,it sold in very modest numbers alongside,a similar model the Patriot until 2011,then was facelifted for a similarly,unsuccessful sell stint that lasted,until 2015 a fifth-generation Cherokee,model was then launched to represent the,brand in the mid-size part of the SUV,sector but it didnt have the light,agile feel and affordable pricing that,cash KY class folks wanted so that car,was moved a little upmarket to make room,for Jeep to reintroduce the compass,model line with this car in late 2017,therell be no second chances this time,this compass simply has to be a vast,improvement on its dissapointing,predecessors competing as it does in one,of the motor industrys fastest growing,market segments a sector thatll soon,annually account for over two million,sales Europe wide and theres reason for,hope here Jeep has enjoyed considerable,success with its smaller renegade SUV,launched in 2015 which sells to the,kinds of customers who often wouldnt be,averse to the possibility of something,equally trendy but slightly larger the,compass aims to deliver exactly that,using a stretched version of its smaller,stablemates platform and a lot of the,fashion LED touches that customers in,this class now insist upon but its more,than just another trendy soft Roda this,one were told isnt just for the school,run set yes its able to deliver the,family hatchback style ease of use,youll want but here thats apparently,been combined,with a bit more SUV capability the kind,of thing beyond most rivals its not a,jeep for the Serengeti but thanks to a,tough Chapman strut rear suspension,system an active drive four-wheel drive,setup and a select terrain drive control,package 4×4 variant certainly promised,enough off-road ability to justify this,models brand badging but then we heard,all this kind of thing before from Jeep,will the end result be different this,time,lets find out,[Music],so does this rejuvenated compass model,signal a new direction for jeep just as,importantly would loyal buyers want it,to the trend amongst mainstream makers,today is to produce SUVs that drive like,family hatchbacks Jeep cant,wholeheartedly follow that not if it,wants to retain any brand credibility,anyway if you buy one of this American,Marx products even one is lifestyle,orientated as this then at the wheel,youll want at this to some extent to,feel like youre in a proper SUV,hopefully though in this case one with,some of the rough edges moved away by,large thats pretty much what you get,here the clunky utilitarian feel of the,previous generation compass is in this,case replaced by something much less,crude but if your benchmark is something,like a cash pie or an attica then youll,notice quite a few differences here some,of these are positive things,particularly the steering thats solid,and reassuring other aspects of Jeep,motoring may not be quite as welcomed,the long throw gear changes more,ponderous the engines and offer lack a,little in terms of ultimate refinement,and youre obviously not going to get,big cornering agility that a mere,hatchback based crossover is going to,give you but then that kind of car,doesnt need to form the basis for what,Jeep calls trail rated design the top,trailhawk variant of this compass,qualifies for that kind of wilderness,4×4 status and though the lesser,versions that almost all compass,customers will choose are far less,capable theyll still seem eminently,credible on the kind of light forest,trail youd possibly feel rather silly,driving over in most segments rivals,the thing is though your typical,motoring and mine does of course hardly,ever take place on light forest trails,which is why this time around the brand,has given this model the much stiffer,small wide architecture Fiat Chrysler,Group platform,that on the smaller renegade model has,proved the jeep really can make a,credible crossover product Ive just,mentioned that cornering agility leaves,a little to be desired but its only,fair to also say that its a huge,improvement on the lurching demeanor,thats characterized the previous Jeep,mid-sized products have tried because,more than 65% of the chassis is now,fashioned from high-strength steel these,structures more rigid so the suspension,setup can be more compliant for tomat,use while still keeping body roll in,check through the bends the ride is,actually really good at cruising speeds,though its less adept at dealing with,things like speed humps and urban tarmac,tears youre going to want to know about,the engine drivetrain and transmission,package which broadly is shared with,that smaller renegade model essentially,there are three levels of compass,ownership at the bottom end of the scale,there are the entry-level variants which,use either a 140 horsepower 1.4 liter,multi air petrol engine or a 120,horsepower 1.6 liter MultiJet diesel and,which come only with front-wheel drive,and manual transmission now the opposite,end of the lineup lie the pricey 170,horsepower variants a tuned up version,of that 1.4 liter multi air petrol,engine or a 2-liter MultiJet diesel,derivatives offered only with four-wheel,drive and the brands rather slow,shifting 9 speed auto gearbox its the,models in between these two extremes so,that will interest a significant,proportion of potential campus customers,the ones fitted with the engine,drivetrain and transmission combination,that were trying here a 140 horsepower,2-liter MultiJet diesel paired with a,manual gearbox and the Jeep active drive,four-wheel drive system it doesnt feel,an especially rapid unit but it is a,pretty talky one with 350 Newton meters,of pulling power enough to enable this,variant to tow up to 1.9 tons,youll do well to better that in this,segment bear in mind that with the,two litre 170 Auto diesel models you,will only be able to tow 1.5 tons while,the front driven petrol and diesel,derivatives are limited to a ton as for,the performance statistics well the to,manual diesel models arent separated by,match this 140 horsepower 2-liter multi,jet 4×4 version getting from rest to 62,miles an hour in 10.1 seconds enroute to,118 miles an hour which is only,fractionally quicker than the base front,driven 1.6 liter multi chip 120,horsepower model there the figures are,11 seconds and 115 miles an hour,you wont go much faster in the top,2-liter MultiJet 170 horsepower 4×4,variant either this auto derivative,making 62 miles an hour in 9.5 seconds,on route to 122 miles an hour as for the,two 1.4 liter multi air petrol models,well the base 140 horsepower front,driven version makes 62 miles an hour in,nine point nine seconds enroute to 119,miles an hour and the top 1.4 liter,multi a 170 horsepower 4×4 auto variant,marginally improves that to nine point,five seconds 124 miles an hour but of,course you dont buy it Jeep in search,of stopwatch performance you buy it,because its a credible SUV with that in,mind the brand expects that a large,proportion of compass customers will,want a four-wheel drive model like the,one Im trying here in this car sales,segment some key crossover competitors,models like per toes 3 w8 Vauxhalls,Granlund X and Honda HRV dont offer you,the option of all-wheel traction at all,many of the others seem to add in and,off the shelf hold X on demand 4×4,system on pricey top models as something,of an afterthought Jeep th

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2020 Jeep Compass: Is it a step to the right direction? | Philkotse Reviews

[Music],when you talk about compact crossovers,na pahara means choice filipinas you,have favored,favorites such as the theotorav4 the,nissan x trail and of course the honda,crv manami dental,you can go for this this is the 2020,jeep compass now the question that,remains is does this have what it takes,to be the top choice,in the compact crossover market is it a,step to the right direction,join me today as we get to know the 2020,jeep compass my name is this is,fillculture.com,the number one car portal in the,[Music],philippines,[Music],starting with the front of the jeep,compass magita know that it has the,classic,seven slot grille thats apparent in all,the jeep models,stayed true to its heritage in history,for light system the man marine tion,halogen headlights,led guidelines drls tasmanian dental,halogen fog lamps,now one thing thats unique about the,jeep compass is meronsong steering,sensitive assist,light system,theres a light that actually guides you,into the side or space that youre going,to,be nothing this light right here will,actually shine whatever is there to,guide you into maybe a parking lot,or a small scanita so at least youre,your partner is unique about the jeep,compass,the engine of the compass is powered by,a 1.4,fiat source turbocharged gasoline engine,that makes 162 horsepower,and 250 newton meters of torque it is,also made into a front-wheel drive,transmission,and aside from that marine time,seven-speed dual-clutch,automatic transmission for fuel economy,in the manner we are getting 9.6,kilometers per,liter with a mixture of city and the,highway so for a gasoline engine with,this size,for the wheel and tire setup of the jeep,compass mountain two to five sixty r17,fitted with yokohama tires and of course,a wheel design,uh very very simple lang pero elegante,and the thing,it really gives homage to the wheel,design of jeep and,latim and cinema and it really fits well,with the body styling,the side of the compass is simple but,unique in design,and it remains true to the overall feel,or appearance that jeep is trying to,give us with this car,lets start with the side mirrors were,in maintaining signal lights so its not,automatic folding in,time i key or smart key function but i,think the design of it kind of makes up,for that marine green glass and this,green glass actually makes it harder for,heat to come,into the car so this is one benefit,the compass has a fairly high ground,clearance at 208 millimeters,so pedimotion is just in case of,emergencies,moving on over to the d pillar,shark like fin shaped design thats,rather unique,this marine detail wheel arches here and,also body cladding that moves on over to,the side,of the jeep compass to give it a more,rugged or off-road look that really,brings out the jeep in the design the,rear is our absolute favorite part of,the card we think that it makes up for a,lot of the design flaws,in the compass if you guys can see we,have led tail lamps,of course we have a spoiler slash third,brake light here,marine time wipers and also a rear view,camera,we dont really have parking sensors but,the camera is really enough to guide you,when youre backing up down here we also,have rear reflectors and a dual pipe,exhaust which is rather beautiful,for the trunk layout megitan unite,actually can hold a lot of space we were,able to shop for one months worth of,groceries and indicating a problem when,it comes to fitting this car,with all of those things you can also,fold down the rear back seats if you,need more space,exact number for how much this can hold,but as you guys can see it really,wouldnt have a problem into holding all,of these things,maintain trunk cover just to kind of,protect your valuables from prying eyes,interior of the jeep compass actually my,luggage,is,is a mixture of hard plastic and soft,leather like materials for example,on dashboard,suddenly this type of pattern,actually extends over the whole card,image of my half half,but it doesnt take away the elegance of,the jeep brand,it on among steering wheel is one of our,most favorite parts of the car because,uh you make a three spoke in big sized,horn button,uh really makes you feel as if youre,driving a car thats really meant for,long road trips,whats really nice about this car nadi,nakita is meredith,hidden volume and next track previous,track buttons,so its something you can do while,driving the hindi modi disrupt mashadi,young driving experience more because,you can simply,go through and pause your tracks and,change your volume of course,vietnamese main steering wheel marine,time headset and calling controls,you can pick up a call decline a call,tomorrow dying voiced assist mechanism,in terms of infotainment the man,merentino 7 inch touchscreen head unit,that also has,apple carplay metrobeard nightland,casino apple carplay net in this edition,screen so its probably around maybe,four to five inches long but at least,moving on down here merentine aircon,controls of course in volume control,snapping and such as manner time usb,port for your apple carplay and of,course,a 12 volt cigarette lighter going down,the manmarine tile transmission thats,fairly simple,it has park reverse neutral and drive,the samaritan,tiptronic plus and minus for much,enjoyment,in the highway well at iohan brake lever,but a modern,because it actually comes with the,electronic handbrake system,many time attraction controls and two,cupholders here,and then two cup holders on the sides,chambray automatic melanin locks in,automatic nether new window snap in,one of my favorite features in this car,is the very huge sunroof,that actually extends all the way to the,very back and automatically,takes a long,and one thing thats actually,unfortunate about the cheap compass,without iron cruise control if theres,anything thats a bit lacking in this,car its the fact number lash and cruise,control,in this variant actually it actually had,slots for where it would usually be,and offered it for the higher variant,instead although i think kite for a mid,variant or low variant jeep i think it,should still have it because,after all its still an american car,thats meant to go far,places the tournaments are rear seats,two cupholders here and of course two,cup holders on opposite sides,so for me naman oh,this one actually makes up for that as,for the sunroof,then you should be okay so here we are,driving the jeep compass,and if anything amanapansinko during my,first drives with it this major jerky,young acceleration yeah,up shift orbit downshift downshift,driving system compass reverse,one two half second to one second delay,in reversing but i think its because of,the dual clutch transmission so,i guess its something that were not,used to in terms of steering in,suspension,i think thats part of why its,structurally tough,to have a jeep kissing a protected,one thing thats also very nice about,this car is the noise insulation,so you can really thank the jeep quality,or the american quality,in terms of creating cars snagit whats,nice about this car is,kite sturdiness 3d and very tough,suspension,it really wouldnt transfer to the,overall driving feeling,of the one driving the car in terms of,turning radius,and its very very tight so hindi,rpm without the car shifting so indi,so it really takes a while to get to,know this car,tapas meron dinchangs start stop system,for example now we are parked,so rpm nothing is actually down to zero,so we are saving a lot more on gas,consumption so i think its also a,really nice feature,if anything you know thats one of the,most modern things that ive actually,seen in this car,so yeah while driving this car dont,expect too much of a sporty drive with,it,but its definitely something that you,can rely on in,comportability in the long drives as for,breaks them and very tough and very,hard hitting in bricks,so thats also something that you have,so for that we are giving the jeep,compass a four,out of five so for performance indeed,underpowered it on cheap compass p

Is the NEW 2022 Jeep Compass a better SUV worth BUYING?

[Music],hey guys whats up its joe rady from,raineys rise were here at the chicago,auto show,for 2021 back in action its a little,bit of a,mix-up kind of day because we have media,day but we also have,oem move-in days so theres a little bit,extra noise a little extra commotion but,the great news is,we have some new things to bring to you,and this is one of them,this is a refresh updated changed up,2022 jeep compass but before we get into,this,compact suv from that wonderful brand,jeep lets talk about whats going on,here jeep,they are celebrating 80 years,in the business of making those supreme,machines that just go through off-road,terrain like a hot knife through butter,theres some changes though going on at,jeep because its not just about that,off-road capability,its also about keeping the jeep style,of course,bringing it into the 21st century but,also changing up the interior now,obviously the big talk of the town is,going to be the grand wagoneer,the wagoneer those nameplates are making,a big return,we brought to you the grand cherokee l,that extended version,of the grand cherokee well this their,compact suv,the compass is getting some change-ups,and the great news is,its meant to fall in alignment with the,bigger,siblings from the jeep brand so what i,want to do with this review is i want to,find out,is the new compass is this worth buying,is it,worth looking at if youre looking for,that off-road,compact suv lets go ahead lets dive,into our 2022 compass and find out,if it is right off the bat the color,absolutely think it fits it to a tee,when we start at the front of the,business youre going to see some big,changes,they went ahead and revised refreshed,the headlight housings,look at the interior how youre going to,have your daytime running lamp,everything blacked out on the interior,you have your projector beam style,headlight,looking really clean i love the way it,kind of squeezes in,as it works its way towards the grill,working your way down,you do have your led fog lamps and im,kind of liking what they did with this,textured design,not meant to look like a fake vent but,its got a nice texture,to really make it look separate from the,rest of the front fascia now as,we slide across the front of the compass,of course we have to have our seven,slotted grille if this is a jeep product,we have to have our,seven slotted grille now the zonk is is,that it is simulated up top,but the great news is is they house the,front-facing camera right in that center,location,thats going to give you a great view i,like that nice dark,gray material working your way down nice,large opening,to help flow that air in there and we,keep working our way down,more functionality with a little bit of,dark silver,looking clean and of course we have that,four by four,capability now when we get up onto the,hood you have,the jeep name really clean nothing too,crazy,nice body lines and you notice on the,hood how it comes in and then the,boomerangs,towards the a-pillar gives it that nice,bold,strong style coming around the bend of,course were going to have some updated,wheels,and tires for this thing so when we look,at what we got going on here,youll notice that we have this,beautiful metallic flat gray wheel,love the style of it you have all this,intricate openings that the 19-inch,wheel 235 on the width,45 series sidewall and of course youll,get that unique,shape to the fender opening on the jeep,its been,that way throughout all the years of,history and i love the way its color,matched,instead of going flat black on this,particular compass we have,color matched top and around the opening,here,coming down the side great placement of,that compass badge,a nice bold look to it and then when you,go for style,something thats really popular is going,to be that two-tone,paint job and it really works well on,this suv so youre gonna have your,gloss black painted top with the rest of,whatever color white gray blue so on and,so forth,we have gloss black on the mirror caps,with your turn singles nice and slim and,trim,we keep working our way we got to watch,out for wires im sure youre hearing a,lot of banging remember were,at the chicago auto show this is move-in,day this is the official stuff so,love the roof design nice flat black on,those roof rails you can get your,crossbars,put your cargo basket put your mountain,bikes whatever you want up top,and then working towards the rear i love,the way that the trim,drops down goes all the way around to,the other side,and then the way that they work the led,tail lights,really really clean you got your 4×4,badge of course,and then as we drop all the way down,youll notice,the good amount of ground clearance and,look what we have we have a nice lash,cut exhaust,on both sides here two,all nicely tucked up out of the way and,youre gonna get that four by four,capability but while we go ahead,lets see if we can pop the hood and see,whats powering our compass,all right guys you dont need to adjust,your volume there is some beeping going,on here,heavy equipment is setting up all the,displays but this is what we do on,radius rides,we bring you the scenery as soon as we,can,and this is what were focusing on with,this 2022 compass,we got the hood popped you do have a,prop rod the beeping stopped,underneath that hood is gonna be that,2.4 liter,inline four engine now when were,talking about,what kind of horsepower were looking at,that tiger shork inline four,its got a nine speed automatic,transmission obviously,mated to that four by four system and,there is some talk,about possibly a 4 by e version but,well have to wait and see,but you have that nice naturally,aspirated power,with that 9-speed automatic so you dont,have to worry about cvts but while we go,ahead,we talked about the exterior we talked,about under the hood,lets get to the interior because big,things are in store,for this compact all right guys were,inside this all new,2022 jeep compass i know youre at that,point where youre like joe,i cant wait to see this interior im,liking the changes on the outside,how much is it well starting price will,be right around,a little over 25 000 of course depending,on what trim you go with,is gonna dictate the overall price but,lets see,what big changes are in this smaller suv,to the door panels love the style and,the materials nice soft touch,up top you got just a little bit of,gloss black,love the silver and the shape of that,door handle there,the contrast stitching in that middle,section,is very very spot-on and then you are,going to get a good size,on the door pocket big enough for a,whopper and a bottle of surge to wash it,down,and we have the all alpine sound system,in this jeep now going from,the door panel to the dash soft material,galore look at this look at the stitch,work,this really falls in alignment with the,grand cherokee with the grand wagoneer,and the wagoneer,silver trim all the way across and then,here is the big surprise,youre looking at that massive,infotainment system,12 10.25 inches of visual display,absolutely stunning of course youre,going to have a touch screen,of course youll get into all your,climate controls we could go into,vehicle settings,rear view camera looking out the back at,the show,you want to go surround camera there it,is obviously we have the door open,very very functional its that you,connect five systems so its actually,five times faster than your standard,uconnect system from uconnect four,working your way down you got that pesky,auto start stop feature you could,deactivate right there your ac controls,start stop button,look at the controls they did a nice,touch on volume knob,the ac knob very very smartly done dual,climate you got wireless charging,usbc usb and,this is going to control that nine speed,automatic,easily very styled with the stitching,we got our different modes sand mud snow,auto all with a toggle switch two cup,holders,here is your jeep key fob,looking good spinning around theres,your remote start,nice so

2020 Jeep Compass | Is This a Jeep?

[Music],at work Monday talking about our weekend,kids are talking about partying how they,partied it up its not partying thats,not partying Im gonna show you how to,party,[Music],the 2020 Jeep Compass trailhawk now the,prior generation compass and Patriot,specifically were some of the most,abysmal products jeep and FCA has made,in the last ten years they were total,turds so in comparison this is a welcome,change while the compass is a far from,perfect product lets talk about some of,the reasons why someone would own this,with that being said lets talk about,the positives of this cabin the first,being the infotainment and HVAC controls,are both physical they are paired to,UConnect which has configurable menus,its easy to operate any of optional,apple carplay the gauge cluster and,center menus are easy to navigate they,are high resolution they are easy to,read and logical you also have great,visibility in this cabin there are,almost a blind spots you set up nice and,high and despite that theres a ton of,headroom however considering the nearly,$40,000 as tested price some of the,interior decisions are questionable at,best so lets get into that with,considering how competitive this segment,is getting with new offerings like the,CX 30 and rav4 a lot of the compromises,made it as interior are hard to swallow,namely in the plastics Department they,all feel about a generation old the,whole center consoles in fact,reminiscent of the now long gone Dodge,Dart,there are not a lot of cargo solutions,in this cabin as well the door cards are,too small for large items the center,console has almost no storage solutions,at all theres not really anywhere to,put both your phone or your wallet there,are not a lot of USB ports and the seats,in this car despite being heated and,cooled are not very comfortable,I find them too short in the pant area,or the seat bottom and there are not a,lot of adjustments the last couple,things to bring up our cargo capacity,interior volume and the sound system the,cargo capacity in this car by no means,is class-leading when you have all of,the seats folded down it should fit most,large items the rear seat capacity for,passengers is adequate the seats are not,very comfortable but a full sized adult,will fit back there and the sound system,this has the optional Alpine sound,system,its not that great to be honest theres,a lot of buzz eNOS and distortion found,throughout the cabin but its,inoffensive so with all that being said,lets head to the shop under the hood of,the Jeep Compass trailhawk and the first,thing that were gonna look at here is,the trailhawk has a badge for a reason,its designed to be a little bit more,off-road II and the reason that that it,is off-road II skid plates theyre real,tough you have skid plates in the front,and the rear you also have a lift kit it,is 0.3 inches taller than the regular,Jeep Compass comes with these off-road e,tires as well okay does it have Coney,dampers yes it does okay and its built,on the Fiat small wide architecture long,wheelbase so this is shared with a Fiat,500l meaning its not a true all-wheel,drive system it is a front bias,all-wheel drive system they can send up,to 50% of the power of the rear the last,thing to make it unique is the automatic,trans they simulate a low gear ratio by,this starting off in second gear were,changing the gear ratio in first okay so,it does have a few different drive modes,and it has a four low option stuff that,you would typically see in a four-wheel,drive system not an on-demand all-wheel,drive system again like Jack said its,front-wheel drive with all-wheel drive,added on its a front-wheel drive,architecture but they have added enough,here that I would say that if youre,somebody that wants to use this for like,quick off-road Johnson were gonna,gravel road right this makes sense for,that and I will give them that theres,enough here to justify that extra cost,if youre looking for it now,serviceability your oil filter is easy,to get to your drain plugs here its not,completely covered up so if youre,planning on doing your maintenance,yourself its not all that bad but lets,take a look at the back in the back what,you are going to see is a multi-link,rear end you have an aluminum upright or,knuckle design and everything else is,tubular or stamped steel now this is,partly one of the reasons why this,differentiates itself from some of the,cheaper competition because you notice,it in ride quality immediately,and then they tack on their all-wheel,drive system here which is pretty,intelligent this is able to transfer,power and slip a non-slip power to the,back to give you more seamless all-wheel,drive experience so this is a highlight,the multi links of highlight and the,skid plates that theyre putting to,protect certain parts of the underbody,is what the trailhawk strongpoint is now,the underbody towards the middle of a,car literally has no coverings on it,like some of the competitions so youre,gonna get a little bit more Road noise,the NVH is a little bit higher there,than some of the competition but its,not crazy the architecture here is based,on an economy car this has more in,common with the renegade than it does,with a Jeep Cherokee or Grand Cherokee,the last thing to say is this entire,vehicle is built in Mexico however the,transmission and engine are made here,lets take this out on the road and see,how it drives,[Music],hey wake up,wake up mark were in the 2020 Jeep,Compass oh were still in this thing,unfortunately for the both of us oh yes,youre in the jeep compass trailhawk,this is trail approved and you get the,official jeep wave in this thing from,who other dumpsters look so Im gonna,Im not gonna say much in this video one,I didnt want to do a video and number,two I was surprised it wasnt as bad as,I thought it was gonna be I kind of had,this preconceived notion because,obviously the previous Liberty encompass,this is not my favorite batch of FCA,vehicles ever they as I said before were,some of the worst cars to come from Jeep,in the last like say five ten years yeah,this is hard to call this a Jeep,although it has a jeep badge,its definitely preying on those people,that want that moniker without going to,like the Grand Cherokee or that you know,the real jeeps the Wranglers and stuff,so its its its what everybody else is,doing really its an extremely,competitive segment and given some of,the competition its hard to swallow a,lot of the deficiencies this car has but,one of the advantages this has is this,extremely cheap when you actually shop,around for one of these okay they start,at 22 with no options which is what its,about worth yes and they can be had with,discounts in the mid teens this fully,loaded car at $40,000 which I would,never pay is anybody paying $40,000 for,this though or 38 whatever it is if they,are I feel genuinely horrible for them,because most of them without even really,shopping around can be had for,twenty-seven thousand dollars or 28,grand and they offer like a hundred,month 0% financing,yeah its a lot of like eighty four,months or something yeah I mean it is,they have some very aggressive financing,options its cheap and there are some,genuine pros with this vehicle,the trailhawk that this is with its,County dampers rides pretty well I think,thats the biggest surprise for me is,this really does ride well and theres,no I really thought it was gonna ride,like and gonna feel like a tin can,but it does a great job over every,pavement type which is what you want,from something like this you dont want,it to be firm you dont want it to be,buzzy and its not ride quality is,definitely a highlight and I think,thats about where it ends for me,personally I mean the whole wheel drive,system seems to work pretty well but the,motor yeah I mean its FCA has a 2-liter,turbo thats actually in the Giulia we,have right now at the same time that,were the 8-speed trances pretty damn,good to be honest right I mean its its,not the best four-cylinder in the wo

2021 Jeep Compass facelift review – familiar outside, all-new inside | First Drive | Autocar India

[Music],jeep launched its compass,in 2017 rugged with a super 4×4 system,it was an suv we much admired in fact we,liked it so much,it was our car of the year now this here,is the 2021 car it gets a new nose,a new interior and loads more kit just,how good is it,lets take a deep dive,but first up whats different,on the outside so as you can see a very,different nose up front a much larger,air dam,and interestingly not a spot of chrome,on the nose the jeep logo the seven slat,grille all done in this anodized,gunmetal gray,and it looks great you also get these,four inserts,no air is going to pass through this,its solid the real intakes are here,and here and with the new headlights,quite a different looking and,interesting nose,it even gets a new camera on the nose,around the side you get new diamond cut,alloy wheels and those,big bold square wheel arches this car,gets a contrast roof with an,interesting shade of grey and while not,much has changed in profile the compass,still retains,its near perfect proportions and stance,just the tail lights on you around the,rear,so not too different from the rear,but you do get the subwoofer,here,a button here to close the tailgate,and of course that tough rugged jeep,build,that we so love,the biggest change however is on the,inside,while the compass was earlier rugged,long lasting,and solidly built the overriding theme,on the inside now,is sophistication high spec,and sheer luxury what a massive,jump in quality this is so all new,on the inside of the compass especially,this dash,a brand new dash an all-new screen,a brand new instrument panel new,steering,new center console is hardly anything,over here thats carried over you also,get,this new 10.1 inch screen or should we,call it a,tablet because it truly is,now central to this new interior is that,new,large 10.1 inch uconnect screen,its brighter its clearer its faster,to respond,and its loaded with features you get,stuff like,ventilated seats for the driver and,passenger,the online software updates,you also get wireless apple carplay app,based connected tech,and loads of other features theres,leather and double stitching,right across the panel all the way to,the other side,theres some faux leather here again,with some double stitching,and in the middle this chrome bar cuts,right across you have another supporting,bar,here at the bottom so plenty of chrome,up front also new is the center console,which is a bit higher and,slightly wider theres wireless charging,up front,a c type and a normal usb,parking brake this nice piano black,round,and the four wheel drive controls have,shifted from that round knob,to this mode selector this beautifully,made,metallic mode selector you also get some,of them down here by the gear lever,theres hold,four wheel drive low hill descent,control and,four wheel drive lock further down are,two,large typically american cup holders,lined with rubber so you can chuck,whatever you need in them,including of course bottles and cups,also new is this,digital instrument panel and,as with many of them you get a choice of,what screen,youd like to have displayed,the rear is as comfy as ever,so plenty of space in the back of the,compass a good amount of leg room,plenty of shoulder room and even,headroom is,pretty good whats really good however,is this,long squab of the seat its supportive,the sat a little bit high so visibility,is good,and you also get this new pod here with,this,piano black finish a usb charger and,a 12 volt socket here,that said some of its rivals are wider,in the back,and the compass isnt as comfy when you,are sat,three abreast you also get eight-way,powered,seats with memory a massive double pane,sunroof,and a 360 degree parking camera,[Music],while not much has changed on the,compass mechanically this still is one,of the best,driving suvs around,its fantastic over bad roads,so there is a hint of stiffness to the,ride,and you do feel some of the sharper,bumps but what that does do is give this,car the ability,to ride flat over any sort of rough road,and thats pretty special and the diesel,though a bit gravelly at,low engine speeds has plenty of grunt,this euro 6 engine doesnt quite have,that spike of power,but put your foot down and theres a,smooth linear buildup,of acceleration that just feels,tremendous,wish the nine-speed gearbox were a bit,quicker though,now jeeps nine-speed gearbox gives you,a lot of options and its especially,good,when you are cruising at a high speed,with the engine doing,a low rpm but it isnt the quickest unit,around,it takes its time to select a gear,and often just when you need a quick,downshift,youre waiting a bit,it even goes around corners superbly,with its feel some steering super body,control,and high amounts of grip the compass is,an absolute,joy to drive around corners with so much,boys,it gives you plenty of confidence and,that allows you to,enjoy the road while weve been driving,the nine speed,automatic grip 4×4 170 horsepower diesel,you also get a 4×2 manual version of the,same,also in the range for those of you who,want a petrol,is a 163 horsepower 4×2,7-speed dual clutch automatic equipped,petrol jeeps new 2021 compass,at an expected price of 26 lakh for this,new,s version isnt cheap,it isnt as large on the inside as some,rivals,and the 9-speed automatic gearbox isnt,the quickest around,still performance is strong it has the,best,ride and handling balance of any suv in,its class,it comes with a high spec four-wheel,drive system,it is robustly put together and comfort,on the inside,is first-rate what makes this 2021 car,rise towards the top of its class,however is that the new cabin,is a huge step forward more,sophisticated and built of high quality,bits,it comes loaded with kit and looks and,feels,like a more expensive suv on the inside,want one suv to do it all make sure you,have the new jeep compass,right up there on your shortlist,you

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