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2020 Jeep Renegade | Review & Road Test

[Music],SUV crossover sometimes we get confused,which one is which,well the Jeep renegade is one of those,ones that we think kind of straddles,that divide want to know why keep,watching the renegade is jeeps smallest,model competing with the likes of the,Honda HRV Chevy Trax Hyundai Kona and,Subaru Crosstrek traditionally,crossovers were built on car chassis,where SUVs rode on those of trucks now,even the most rugged SUVs have unibody,construction so for our purposes Im,gonna say that its really an SUV is,anything that does a little bit better,on dirt the renegade is one such SUV it,just really depends on how you order it,its no Wrangler but its tough and boxy,design reminds us of that,icon its two wheel drive platform is,based on a Fiat but if you opt for a,four-wheel drive model especially in,trailhawk form the renegade has,respectable off-road cred,its mini-me size dexterous manners and,cool design add to its appeal the,renegade fits in small spaces and makes,for a great city car the drive is,comfortable with a bit unrefined and the,1.3 liter turbocharged four-cylinder,engine packs a deft punch the base model,sports a 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine,and even that one is the most powerful,of the base models in this segment the 9,speed automatic transmission isnt doing,it any favors especially in the,turbocharged engine version confused and,sluggish gear selection and turbo lag,they really equal uneven power delivery,especially when youre in a quick,acceleration situation,if you grab yourself a four-wheel-drive,renegade well youre in luck because it,can actually handle things like mud sand,and small rocks it even has a mode to,optimize for snow however if you are,going to be conquering the Rubicon Trail,I would stick to the Rubicon Wrangler if,your commute is more marathon than,sprint you might want to opt for,something a bit more substantial and,comfortable that means a compass if,youre a jeep devote a but for the,renegade the seats can be had with power,adjustment and arent the worst weve,sat in in that category the prize is a,tie between the chevy trax and the ford,ecosport the renegade is a two row five,passenger SUV and you can probably,espouse from its diminutive size that,the rear is okay but you know youre not,going to have five normal-sized people,in here for very long however because of,its boxy nature the Headroom in here is,spectacular,especially with this ginormous sunroof I,could fit two of me in here,the Renegades cargo Spaceballs mid-pack,among the competition one cool party,trick though the front passenger seat,folds down to accommodate long items,overall the interior of the renegade is,pretty well laid out the seating,position is really adaptable for a lot,of different sized drivers and you can,really get elevated so you have a lot of,nice visibility now for the rest of the,utility its good including jeeps you,connect system which really elevates,things in here apple carplay and android,auto are available sadly they are not,standard across all trims youre either,gonna have to upgrade or move to the,latitude trim to not having those,standard I say look out for a newbie,like the Chevy Trailblazer which is a,bit bigger offers apple carplay and,android auto and tons of standard safety,features that you cant get here for,less than 20 grand round headlights,check 7 slotted vertical grille check,rugged look check short overhangs for,rock crawling check the 2020 Jeep,renegade looks like its namesake but,with plenty of modern urban touches,although this cool X taillight feature,is actually inspired by the historical X,in army jerrycans from World War 2 we,love jeeps Easter eggs theres another,one if you look really closely,Jeeps renegade comes in four main trims,sport latitude trailhawk and limited the,least-expensive renegade sport includes,the basics like power windows air,conditioning 16-inch wheels and cruise,control the basic and rotate meant,system is as tiny as the renegade itself,with a 5-inch touchscreen adding the,UConnect 7.0 group package or stepping,up to the latitude trim may not be the,worst idea youve had that also includes,features like dual zone climate control,illuminated vanity mirror second row USB,port and a premium wrapped steering,wheel the most off-road worthy and,toughest looking renegade is the,trailhawk and it really bests everything,else out there in this category with,4-wheel Drive and a low range crawl,setting the trailhawk also includes,terrain select with rock mode and hill,descent control skid plates and tow,hooks the top-of-the-line renegade,limited trim include things like power,adjusted seat leather interior heated,steering wheel and seats and remote,start thats right here all trims can be,optioned with active safety and driver,assistance systems like automatic,emergency braking lane departure warning,and adaptive cruise control these are,important but theyre not standard and,unfortunately for Jeeps,most of the competitors offer them as,such the Renegades approximately 23,000,$800 starting price is higher than,competitors in the segment and on the,high side of the purchasing spectrum a,renegade trailhawk or four-wheel-drive,limited is around 30 grand,but option it out like this tester and,youre getting closer to $36,000 SUV,crossover both well it really depends on,what youre in the market for but,depending on what that is the Jeep,renegade could have you covered for just,about anything small,you

2022 Jeep Renegade Review | The Most Affordable Jeep!

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you are new to the,channel im cool pony i do new car track,suv reviews on youtube and today we are,in the brand new 2022 jeep renegade,courtesy of staedtler dodge jeep ram in,york pa for more information on their,inventory please feel free to check out,the link in the description box below,and so we are in this one today because,its been a couple years since i have,reviewed the renegade so wanted to check,it out again this actually has a very,affordable starting price point right,around the mid 20 000 range and ill be,touching on the pricing here in a second,there is plenty of changes actually for,the 2022 renegade including one major,change so ill be going over those for,you guys as well ultimately in this,video we will be testing out and going,over everything about this one from,acceleration to braking steering feel,ride quality sound system exhaust flip,all that fun stuff so having said all of,that what do you guys say lets just go,ahead and jump right into it and as,always,lets start with pricing and so as you,can imagine there are several different,trim levels for the 2022 renegade first,one being the sport starting at twenty,four thousand six hundred ninety five,dollars latitude for twenty nine,thousand five hundred and forty dollars,altitude for thirty thousand one hundred,and forty red for thirty thousand nine,hundred and eighty five dollars the,limited starts at thirty one thousand,one hundred forty five dollars and,lastly the trail hawk starting at thirty,one thousand three hundred and forty,dollars and so for all trim levels but,that first one everything comes standard,with four wheel drive but for that first,trim level being the sport if you wanted,to add all-wheel drive simply add 1400,otherwise that one is going to come with,front wheel drive but heres the major,change though for the 2022 renegade,previously there has been a couple,engine options available for this one,however there is now one standard engine,that comes on every single trim level,across the board and so powering the,little beast is a 1.3 liter turbocharged,inline four,putting out 177 horsepower at 5700 ish,rpm 210 pound-feet of torque coming in,at right around 1700 rpm power sent to,the front wheels are all wheels through,a 9-speed automatic 0-60 time is going,to come in at approximately 8.9 seconds,but well be giving that a go here in a,little bit but mpg numbers for the,renegade come in at 24 in the city 32 on,the highway for the front wheel drive 23,in the city then 29 on the highway for,the all-wheel drive and then if you were,to go with that trailhawk its going to,lessen even more to 22 in the city 27,then on the highway taking regular,unleaded fuel so that before we do any,kind of fun acceleration here in our,renegade i wanted to mention to you guys,the drive modes that drive mode buttons,are located directly in front of the,shifter they will include auto sport,sand and mud snow and then rock if you,go with the trailhawk that rock driving,mode is only going to be for the,trailhawk but essentially thats going,to adjust things like the shift points,the throttle response and the suspension,settings then as well so now having got,all of that out of the way what do you,guys say lets go ahead and find it,straight away lets put the acceleration,here to the test and lets see how,quickly we can get our new 2022 jeep,renegade here up to speed and here we go,there it is,not bad,all right its not the quick okay yeah,its going its not the quickest thing,in the world but itll certainly get you,merged onto the highway without any,issues i mean on paper 0-60 and 8.9,seconds definitely isnt the quickest,and its certainly no hellcat but,it it does its job itll get the job,done ill just put it that way and if,youre driving a car like this youre,not going to be racing it on the track,anyways but anyways to go along with,that acceleration as always braking is,equally important so as expected well,find four wheel disc brakes coming,standard on the renegade as far as that,60s your stopping distance goes that is,going to come in at 126 feet which is,pretty average its pretty on point for,this segment as far as braking feel goes,its actually really nice i dont mind,it it kind of leans towards the firmer,side of things which you dont usually,expect in suvs a lot of suvs will have a,softer braking feel its less emotion,and its boring but honestly the braking,feel is really nice in the renegade i,will say that again it leads towards the,firmer side of tank so it instantly,brings me to a stop so no issues there,for me and touching on suspension and,handling you will find a four-wheel,independent suspension coming standard,but i do want to mention though if you,go with the trailhawk that is going to,add a substantial bit to the suspension,components including well a front skid,plate thats going to protect underneath,fuel tank skid plate hill descent,control transfer case skid plate and a,transmission skid plate then as well so,trailhawk is really built for,off-roading so all these skid plates is,going to protect the undercarriage from,being damaged so you dont have to worry,about that so that is definitely pretty,impressive overall as far as ride,quality goes its actually been decent,its kind of pretty much as i expected,so its certainly not a bad ride quality,its not the very smoothest in the world,but its pretty much as you would expect,the renegade to ride like so no issues,for me as far as steering feel goes,thats really good actually i kind of,expect whenever i get into an suv i,expect the steering feel to be super,loosey-goosey and unemotional but in,this one it kind of leans towards the,heavier side of things i mean its,nothing too crazy but it certainly leads,towards a heavier side of things which i,personally like because it better helps,you point you in the direction that you,want to go gives the driver a little,more confidence in my personal opinion i,guess you could say so no issues with,the steering feel for me as far as cabin,noise goes were going a whopping 18,miles per hour right now so youre,probably not getting a whole lot of,anything but overall cabin noise is,pretty subdued so i havent had any,issues there either the touching on,visibility i could see 100 percent,perfectly fine out the back and lets do,in part because of the shape of the,renegade the more boxy of the shape of,an suv better visibility in the back,youre going to have essentially thats,the way it works so obviously perfectly,fine out the back i did want to also,mention though we have an optional,package here today that gives us rain,sensing windshield wipers and a ton of,other things as well but rancid siguchi,wipers is going to add the visibility as,well essentially what that is is,whenever the renegade detects any kind,of missed or rainfall its going to,automatically turn on those windshield,wipers for you so just one less thing,you got to worry about there and that,actually comes standard on the trailhawk,but we have it as an option here on our,particular trim level here today but,that pretty much rounds out the,performance segment of this review you,guys lets go ahead and take a look at,the exterior of our brand new 2022,jeep renegade all right so here she is,you guys the new 2022 jeep renegade,finished in stingray clear coat case,anybody was curious of our exterior,color i believe this is an optional,color it goes for 395 dollars as well by,the way but pretty darn good looking my,personal opinion but as always lets go,ahead and start up front on the renegade,here of course you have that iconic,signature jeep front grille looks dang,good up front of course jeep lettering,found on the front hood you guys can see,that just above that front grille to the,sides halogen headlights do come,standard for all trim levels across the,board automatic feature then coming with,the latitude trim level and up meaning,when it starts to get dark at night,those hea

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Jeep Renegade Facelift FULL REVIEW 2020 – Autogefühl

this is the Jeep renegade facelift you,guys wanted to see that and we try to,fulfill as many wishes as possible here,an autograph youll your number one,resource for in-depth car reviews and,the number one community to discuss cars,were gonna take a look on the exterior,the interior and the driving experience,and one of the questions is today,does it also work in the entry-level,version you want to keep the price low,lets find out together in full HD full,screen and full length lets go,[Music],the face theyve changed some things on,the front,for example the LED daytime running,light is now a circle around the main,headlamp unit I think an interesting,style detail and also the main headlamp,unit is now available with full LED,optional then typical Jeep front grille,seven gaps vertical way so although its,the smallest Reap and the least,expensive one you still got some of the,typical Jeep styling there and that also,still transports someone of the,lifestyle of all the Scala he is called,Omaha orange also you know something,that is really expressive especially,when you drive it and in the city,contrasting offered look in the lower,part with the fog lamps right there so,overall you get something small but,something that still appears somehow you,know big vertical and somewhat still,bulky of rotation look the length is at,4 meters 25 14 foot or 167 interest and,also on the side perspective it has this,angular Jeep style especially here,around the wheel arches those ones are,the optional 18-inch rims together with,winter tires however they dont look too,big contrasting mirror caps this one,here is a limited version by the way as,for the trim level roof rates also the,same color than the side mirrors and,family thick door handles will also see,soon how the doors are opening thats,also very interesting I can tell you and,then also this very upright rear part,the whole car has a box style and you,hardly find that nowadays the platform,rather the Fiat 500x by the way has a,way rounder style but thats of course,typical here for the Jeep that you get,some more angularity and by the way the,Jeep Compass the bigger brother,internally from the brand is also on the,same platform so theyre using different,cars theyre on the same platform thats,usually good for the customer because,you can get more quality if you have,mass production on one platform and they,also share a lot of things,details son what do you think guys,interesting by the way this roof parts,there – those are you can take them out,completely and leave the car all open if,you want it but the front part is also,electricity now an electric roof thats,also available as soon tell you that now,to the rear perspective way we still,find those X shaped tail arms and with,some Easter Egg inside there are a lot,of effects all over the car in the front,by the way also at the windscreen where,you see this Willis and beat Jeep and,here also at the rear with you know the,front grille and the headlamps,silhouette but here back to those X tail,lamps interesting that they have this,style of you know older canister fuel,canister but here with the facelift,theyre not that dramatic anymore,because theyre all red for before there,was a wide contrast on the inside but I,think you know you can still live with,that change maybe it looks even more,beautiful than before yeah maybe,and by the way real exhaust heres or no,fake exhaust at all with this Jeep,renegade and now to the engine over Wow,a one-litre three-cylinder engine in a,jeep 120 horsepower 6-speed manual,gearbox and just front wheel drive who,would guess that that this is ever,happening in the deep but maybe it also,has an advantage and well I can tell you,the first one the price really stays low,thats really good if youre just using,it in the city then you can also get a,1.3 liter four-cylinder with 150,horsepower or 180 horsepower the top,spec is then its also possible to get,it with all-wheel drive and then in the,US you also get a 2.4 liter naturally,aspirated engine and as for the diesel,side theres a 1.6 liter with 120,horsepower or 2 liter with 140,horsepower that one then also available,with all-wheel drive or a one out 70,horsepower version that is always with,overdrive,[Music],[Music],lets take a look at the interior,together here the inside of the door you,got hard pack materials interesting in,lower part this is the optional,beatsaudio system,awesome Easter Egg with the front grill,logo the old Willys MB front grill,style and here theres thick steering,wheel so this has somewhat of a rugged,look the dashboard by the way is soft,touch then though seats here very well,done or fabric also animal friendly than,with some white contrast stitching and,you could see different fabric part has,been used also with some perfect,structure here at the back in the lower,part to keep you cool and some are and,again those seats here not cold in,winter and not too hot in summer so its,a great choice and they are really neat,very comfortable theyre also in a lower,part is little within electric lumbar,support rest is manual in this case the,control and now lets get inside easy,entry you still have some one upright,seating positions so yes you do have a,true SUV feeling you sit upright those,seeds are very well made theyre very,comfortable head wound wise Im oh me,too eighty six or six with one still,have some room over my head and now have,not put it to a lowest position that,would be like this even but I always put,it a little bit higher seat because its,an also a little bit more upright as for,the position talked about those roof,panels you can also just open them like,this at least the front part if you want,to take them out completely thats also,possible then with those handles that,are that installed right there,have to release them at their diagnosis,you know its a double safety mechanism,basically not sure why would you do that,in lets say normal climbing positions,only if you live somewhere where you,maybe never have any rain so oh I think,a good seating position and its quite,spacious in the front already,interior all of you soft touch here at,the top dashboard this one is the,so-called oh dude handle for awkward,situations which again maybe in this,spec wont happen so often,five inch 7 inch or the 8.4 inch thats,the biggest one from the entertainment,screens here see also with a blue copper,and without is also available and you,can still play your music while checking,the GPS out soon little bit more deals,so that the steam you again is pretty,much a thick that also adds to somewhat,of the rugged look left side to control,the instruments and right side for,example is that the cruise control those,instruments was a nice off-road style on,left side with the RPM rev limiter also,with some digital screen on the inside,for example for digital speed and the,right side the analog speed you still,have a lot of n log a just for example,the volume also for the climate control,so thats you know place pretty much,below here so not too easy to do it,while driving especially because its,little bit blocking here also with,shifting lever thats you know one of my,findings right here in lower part one,use piece applied to put your smartphone,then another 12 volt power supply and,some cubby holes really like the,material they used here on the shifting,lever thats you know that feels good,and that adds some more quality,especially you since with this and you,can only go with the manual gearbox and,the electric parking brake brake next to,some cup holes again in this X shape and,well this amorous tee is quite loose so,to say not a bit best bit quality here,but actually reasonable space below and,here close-up at this screen you can see,you can also pinch and zoom like this,responsiveness is quite ok actually,again the MU at the car play system so,its also very well using it now before,that it was just a very small part,theyve integrated right now here you,can also activate this heat

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Jeep Renegade 2019 is it the most capable small SUV?

the renegade is jeeps interpretation of,what a small SUV really should be its,certainly very different from its,segment rivals and now more competitive,with them too thanks to this midterm,upgrade as before quirky looks and,characterful detailing high conventional,Fiat underpinnings,but four-wheel drive is an option,further up the range where theres,off-road prowess surpassing anything,else in the segment it wont appeal to,everyone but if you like it,youll probably love it,[Music],take a respected brand a fresh and,vibrant market segment and our,willingness to do something different,then create from that a product with,uncompromising looks real capability and,clever design the results youd get,certainly wouldnt be ordinary,it wouldnt please traditionalists no in,automotive terms what youd get would be,something like this the Jeep renegade it,first arrived in 2015 but here were,looking at the much improved version of,that car launched at the end of 2018,this model has proved to be a very,different kind of Jeep as it had to be,the renegade was first launched as the,new face of a company thats been busy,reinventing itself in recent times,something all great brands occasionally,have to do Land Rover and Jaguar long,ago realized that they couldnt sustain,themselves on traditional customers and,since the turn of the century Jeep has,been working that out to the companies,under Fiat ownership these days and for,years now its product range has relied,heavily on Latin design and borrowed,Italian parts the renegade though was,the first Jeep model to be entirely,designed as part of this collaboration,and it was also the first ever to be,built outside of the United States a,landmark product then but a proper Jeep,well thats another question entirely,and pragmatists within the Fiat Empire,have always argued that it doesnt need,to be there arent many customers,wanting such a thing these days and,those that are around certainly wont be,buying in the growing market sector this,car primarily targets that for small,fashion LED b-segment,Juke genre models if Jeep is to have a,credible future it cant afford to,ignore this sector at the same time,though in creating the renegade it,couldnt abandon its rugged brand values,and deliver the kind of stylized piece,of street furniture weve seen many of,the mainstream manufacturers provide,when it comes to this kind of car a,difficult ask given that this model is,almost entirely based on just such a,thing fits 500x,as a result we werent quite,what to expect when we first tested this,car in 2015 but we were pleasantly,surprised to find a model with very much,its own personality reflecting the fact,that the Renegades underpinnings are,more appropriate to those of tougher,more rugged product and one thats a,slightly larger more adventurous thing,than its Fiat 500x cousin so it might,also appeal if youre an SUV buyer,looking at a Nissan Qashqai or a say at,a Tech SC segment size model from the,next class up that certainly helped,early buyers justify the somewhat,aspirational pricing and as a result the,Jeep brand was kept in some kind of,profitability at a time when sales,across the rest of its model range were,falling the renegade might have done,even better to were it not for the fact,that from launch it was saddled with a,rather outdated petrol engine lineup an,increasingly urgent problem given the,European market switch away from diesel,hence the need for the completely new 1,liter and 1.3 liter petrol Firefly,series power plants fitted to this,revised model there to sell alongside,cleaner versions of the established,MultiJet diesel units and she wont,expect this midterm wash and brush-up,has also brought a smart knee of the,looks a few extra cabin tweaks and,welcome upgrades to both safety and,media connectivity in short what were,promised here is cutting-edge technology,and credible heritage packaged into a,fashion centered trendy crossover which,offers a little of the visual uniqueness,youd find in some legendary larger SUVs,as before theres greater practicality,than you might expect from a model in,this sector and buyers continue to get,the option of class leading the,impressive off-road prowess if theyre,prepared to pay for it lots to talk,about them does it all add up Im going,to find out,[Music],the renegade thumbs its nose at,convention in the small SUV class in,lots of ways,its styling the continuing availability,of diesel engines a rare 4×4 option and,so on but he couldnt afford to ignore,the segment demand for a small downsized,entry-level 3 cylinder petrol engine,every other significant rival offers,such a thing and build sales upon it,until this renegade models midterm,upgrade in 2018 though buyers unwilling,to fuel from the black pump were fobbed,off with two of the least efficient,engines in the Fiat Chrysler Empires,portfolio a thrashy 1.6 liter normally,aspirated etalk unit and an all tech,four-cylinder MultiAir 1.4 jeeps keen to,tell us how much things have changed,though which is why were testing this,car today in the form the company thinks,will now be most popular it might seem,odd to think of any Jeep once a brand,characterized by throbbing v8 being,powered by a tiny 999 CC three cylinder,engine but thats what weve got here in,his entry-level 1 litre turbo petrol,model whether you like the resulting,confection will depend a bit on your,expectations with regard to right foot,response theres 120 horsepower on tap,and if youre quick with the six-speed,manual gear stick rest to 62 miles an,hour it takes 11.2 seconds on the way to,115 miles an hour but the key stat is,the modest 190 Newton metres of torque,thats not much to propel over 1.3,tonnes of renegade up the road though if,youre only going to be using this Jeep,for school runs and commuting you might,think it to be quite sufficient if not,then your Jeep salesperson has plenty of,further options for you the other new,downsized petrol engine in the Firefly,series is a four-cylinder 1.3 liter unit,which in our market comes only with 150,horsepower and a 6-speed D DCT dual,clutch automatic gearbox here 62 miles,an hour from rest takes nine point four,seconds on the way to a max of 122 and,theres a gutsy at 270 Newton meter,torque figure that delivers much better,mid-range pulling power,youd only really choose this option,though if you had an aversion to,fuelling from the black pump if not then,its difficult to escape the feeling,that for much the same money Jeeps 1.6,litre multi jet 2 diesel unit would be a,better bet here you get to make the,transmission choice manual or auto and,theres 120 horsepower and 320 Newton,meters of torque facilitating 62 miles,an hour in 10.2 seconds on route to 110,miles an hour,what none of the engines mentions so far,can offer though is a 4×4 option for,that as ever with a renegade youve to,choose the top 2 litre MultiJet diesel,engine a unit that only comes mated to,4-wheel Drive offers 140 horsepower in,its mainstream form and can be ordered,with either manual transmission or a ZF,nine speed auto gearbox as we referenced,earlier all-wheel drive traction tends,to be something that cars of this kind,usually steer clear of for all their,aesthetic ruggedness indeed two of this,jeeps to most comparable premium-priced,compact crossover segment rivals Hondas,HRV and Mazda cx-3 dont offer it at all,here though you not only get a 4×4 setup,but are actually provided with a rather,good one a jeep active driver system,using the same so-called rear axle,disconnect system youll also find on a,Range Rover Evoque here it benefits from,an increase in renegade ride height up,from the modest 175 millimeters of,two-wheel drive models to 198,millimetres if you get this Jeep with,four-wheel drive and crucially its been,paired to the brands excellent,selec-terrain system select terrain is a,setup designed to replicate the feeling,of having an off-road expert sitting,next to you as you drive with a twist of,the rotary selector rain dial that,four-

2020 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Turbo Off-Road Review

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],this is the 2020 Jeep renegade trailhawk,as the smallest member of the jeep,family the renegade trailhawk packs a,surprising amount of capability into a,very tiny package it competes most,directly with the Subaru Crosstrek,which well compare later in this video,as cute as it may be the trailhawk,features the Jeep trail rated badge this,means its ready to hit the trails,straight from the factory the renegade,trailhawk starts at 28,000 215 US,dollars the model were testing has,quite a few extras pushing the price all,the way to thirty seven thousand and ten,US dollars including destination new for,2020 is a more powerful turbocharged 1.3,liter option this is good for up to 177,horsepower and 200 pound feet of torque,its connected to a 9 speed automatic,transmission that is enhanced with a,number of trailhawk specific options,such as lock and low range buttons these,engage special off-road programs though,you can get other Renegades with,front-wheel drive the trailhawk model is,only available with all-wheel-drive EPA,rates this set up at 27 miles to the,gallon on the highway and 22 around town,storage is good for a subcompact behind,the second row is 18.5 cubic feet under,the floor is a full size spare which is,ideal for off-road adventures fold down,the passenger seats for up to 50 point 8,cubic feet of total capacity our test,car came with the tow package which is,rated for up to 2,000 pounds the second,row is a bit tight for adults but you do,get an armrest USB and AC power sockets,our vehicle also has removable roof,panels which does require a tool overall,this is a very nicely put together cabin,seats are trimmed with optional leather,which is quite nice with contrast,stitching and branded embroidery the red,carries into the center console push,button start kicks things into motion,climate relies on traditional buttons,which is nice additional features are,accessible on the 8.4 inch touch screen,this is an upgrade over the standard,7-inch sis,and is required if you want to add,navigation search works great its fast,and easy to use plug-in a mobile device,for access to Android auto or apple,carplay this lets you use your mobile,assistant to perform search tasks in,addition to opening up the system to,mobile integrated apps hit reverse and,the screen becomes a backup camera with,dynamic guides and optional rear,cross-traffic alerts which comes bundled,with the blind spot ID system adaptive,cruise control and collision mitigation,arent even options on the American,Trail Hawk however it does have the,enclosure for it its just empty if you,dont like auto engine start/stop its a,quick button push to disable now lets,see how this all-wheel drive system,responds on gravel from a quick start,the renegade uses a front bias setup,that channels power to the back via,computer-controlled clutch transfer,system and as weve seen with other,front bias systems getting the rear,wheels to do anything here is a,challenge,[Music],the most aggressive setting in terms of,wheelspin should be sand with the,four-wheel lock button engaged but as we,can see here this two leaves much to be,desired,but that doesnt necessarily mean that,this system wont be good in real-world,challenges to learn more we headed to,the mountains now its pretty amazing,that they managed to squeeze two hundred,pound feet of torque out of a tiny 1.3,liter engine of course to do that they,used a turbo as anybody would lets see,what kind of a zero to sixty those,numbers produce now lets find a mostly,straightaway here this looks about right,so to do this Im gonna keep the,all-wheel-drive system in Auto and,theres really nothing else to do so Im,going to preload a little bit three,lets turn the stereo off three two one,and go,well its a little slow 20 40 50,sixty yeah thats not very fast,clearly the choice of going with a,smaller motor coupled with a turbo makes,it not a lot of power off the line,you really got a whine the engine up to,get that torque and even when you do,its a little wheezy on the top end so,not exactly ideal more power is always,appreciated even though this has more,torque than the old motor its still not,great driving position is pretty good I,get lots of headroom,and then these panels actually,completely pop off giving you a somewhat,jeep-like,open-air experience which is kind of,cool economy hasnt been that great Im,averaging about 23 miles to the gallon,given the size of the motor and the fact,that I dont really,baby the throttle its probably not too,surprising however for a vehicle of this,size and honestly it doesnt have a ton,of power I would kind of hope for a,little bit more so I can manually,override the shifts by putting the the,gate over there and its a little slow,it always its kind of like driving by,committee it always has to take a poll,throughout the car before it does its,next thing oh you want to change gear as,well lets talk about that is this a,good idea maybe ok turbo are you ready,yeah okay well lets go faster then sure,why not yeah it takes about that long,each time,anyway lets go ahead and dip into the,mountains here and see just how good,this all-wheel drive system is looks,like the snow has finally completely,receded which is Boyd lets go ahead and,put this into sand mode because thatll,be the most aggressive ie the most fun,it also disables traction control whoa,yes set more of that power to the back,ease off a little bit on the traction,control makes for a much more enjoyable,ride still have a little bit of yep its,still using ABS to keep the vehicle,straight which is good you know you,dont want to get completely crossed out,although it is a bit of a safety net now,ground clearance on this is not,fantastic theyre looking at eight point,seven inches of ground clearance which,is nowhere near what you would find in a,Jeep and honestly even less than what,you would find in a Subaru that has up,to eight point nine inches of ground,clearance,however if you compare this to like you,know a Honda CRV or even a rav4 its,better,now the titers on this are all seasons,theyre not really anything designed for,aggressive off-roading so you know that,could be a problem today interior noise,its a little out okay were already in,sand mode we have the four wheel drive,lock button hit lets go ahead and plow,through this thats curved to see if we,can get power to ship to the back,got it sideways yes nice,[Music],[Music],okay lets go ahead and line up for the,hill climb and it has started raining of,course which would make it actually a,little bit more challenging which is,good for this part were gonna engage,the four low and center lock buttons mud,isnt the right mode for this but since,this is an easy portion of the day lets,see what it does an interesting side,effect of being in mud and snow modes is,that starts are in second gear even with,four low engaged lets see what this,does but dont worry well try rock mode,soon enough its a little disappointing,theres no forward camera and theres,also no four-wheel drive status I cant,see how power is getting shifted around,I just have to kind of feel whats going,on under the chassis,you feel that power shifting around we,should have brakes locking the wheels,that are spinning redistributing that,power back into the system now this is,actually where a non turbo would do,better because of course turbo motors,dont have a lot of low-end torque oh ha,now this is a trailhawk so I think we,should take the hard line go right into,the ditch,wolf you let power,huh,well that did pretty good of course it,does say trail rate it on the side so,one would expect I think we should try,something a little bit harder now though,now this is going to be more complicated,because you have a lot more that the,holes are a lot deeper diagonally across,the car so whereas before you might have,one wheel up this one youre gonna get,two wheels without much traction so its,gonna have a real hard time shifting

2021 Jeep Renegade // A Small SUV with BIG Personality & Capability!

whats going on youtube so nowadays,brands want as many suvs in their lineup,as possible,and jeep is probably the best automaker,at having a crossover for everyone,and today were standing next to their,smallest most affordable,and possibly most stylish offering the,2021 jeep renegade,which has a slew of equipment upgrades,for 2021,so is this the subcompact crossover to,buy lets go ahead and find out,[Music],so lets start off today by talking,about what this renegade here,is as far as the trim level is concerned,so youve got three trim levels as the,main,thats the sport latitude and limited,however we have a lot of different,special editions this is the brand new,jeepster special edition and that builds,on the base sport trim level for a great,combination of value and style,so starting with that style what we have,up here in the front is that really,signature boxy jeep,shape of course youve got the seven,slat grille with the jeepster edition it,is going to be finished in a gloss black,around these rings as well,and then coming over here to your,headlights these are going to be halogen,headlights of course since this is one,of our more affordable trim levels,but you do have the cool little jeep,easter egg right there in the middle and,then down below you have your separated,turn signal indicator,but when you get over here to the side,this is where you can see one of the big,advantages of choosing the jeepster,edition,and thats the fact that it throws in,these premium 19,inch contrast alloy wheels this really,is a very nice looking wheel and like i,said it gives it a very premium vibe,even though this is a lower end trim,level,now of course you got your renegade,branding right there with jeepster,underneath of it,we do have a black mirror up at the top,it is going to be heated,and new for 2021 you have standard blind,spot monitoring,now of course what the renegade does so,well is the squared off design here at,the side it really makes it look rugged,as well as just has a very classy look,to it,now if youre curious its around seven,inches shorter than the jeep compass for,reference,now as far as the rear design itself of,course youre going to have that,signature boxy look thats going to,continue back here,so breaking down the design elements we,have these tail lights here with the,black plastic moldings around the,outside edge,theyre also going to be fully,incandescent unless you go for the led,headlights up in the front,and then if we drop down we have all,this black moldings to give it that,rugged look,and youre not going to have exposed,exhaust outlets until you get to the,limited trim,now for your safety systems they have,updated this renegade for 2021 to,include ford emergency braking with,pedestrian detection,as well as lane keeping assist standard,across the board,now if you go for the luxury group that,will also throw in adaptive cruise,control,as well as your auto high beam headlamps,but thats going to sum up the exterior,design of this renegade as you can see,it has that cool jeep design,but now lets go ahead and check out the,inside but before we do that be sure to,hit that subscribe button down below and,also push that notification bell,so on the jeepster model thats going to,throw in the jeep,passive entry system as well as remote,start,and then to get inside the vehicle,itself just grab behind the handle and,it will,now checking out the cabin just like,with the exterior we have,a cool and kind of funky vibe to it,that really just kind of makes this,renegade stand out from the competition,now lets go ahead and talk about,different interior color material,options because theres not,a lot to talk about honestly so the,sport model as well as the jeepster that,this is,that is based off of that trim level,come with black cloth only,as you can see the seat itself looks,quite nice it does have a,design right there in the middle as well,as color contrast stitching on the sides,if youre going to want leather then,youre going to have to go for the,limited trim,level now turning over here to the door,trim youre going to find the same,material reflected up here,so it goes all through this area of,course youve got little jeep easter,eggs all throughout the cabin this is,one of them,and we also have one touch auto up and,down windows for the driver and pass,and then checking out the seat itself as,you can tell this is going to be manual,adjusting with height adjustment,now taking a look around the cabin and,checking out the cabinet materials,we do have a soft touch plastic that,runs across the entire upper dashboard,as well as kind of this lower middle,area youve got a nice handle bar right,there to grab on,of course as you move down this is an,affordable vehicle after all so this is,going to be hard touch plastic,however everything in here does fit,together very well and feels,solid now start it up,put your foot on the brake and press,this button which does say,ready for adventures around the side of,it its kind of cool,now taking a look at the gauges they do,have a very clean and simple design to,them,since this is based on the sport trim as,ive already discussed this comes with,the smaller,multi-function display however new for,2021 the latitude,also gets the larger 7-inch display that,the limited,already had now coming back to the,steering wheel,we have electric power assisted steering,the steering wheel itself will be,urethane on this model its leather,wrapped on the latitude and above,and of course it is going to be manual,adjusting you can also get heating as an,option as standard on the limited trim,lets go ahead and check the interior,storage because even though this is a,sub compact crossover,the boxy design does help things out so,first of all weve got our adjustable,armrest which is extended out here to,make it easier to rest your arm on,once we push that back we can lift this,open,and storage in here is pretty decent,this is actually,nice and deep it does have a lining down,at the bottom but lets go ahead and,test the coupons out though because,thats,of course the real test yeah looks like,theyre gonna fit in there just,fine now up in front of that weve got,our two cup holders this is designed to,look like the tail light so thats a,cool touch,then up at the very front here we have,got a large center bin which is a great,place for sticking a phone,and then youve got some connections,above that,now coming back here to the shifter of,course this,has just your traditional operation so,you pull back the drive bump to the left,if you want to shift manually,there are not paddle shifters on the,steering wheel,and then heading into reverse weve got,the standard backup camera which does,come with,active trajectory uh of course as a,subcompact crossover theres not gonna,be options,for a 360 camera or anything like that,but the resolution on board but this one,does look pretty nice,and then back behind the shifter you,will find an electronic parking brake,now just because this is the smallest,jeep does not mean it is a lacking in,capability,so you do have your various drive mode,controls as well as your four-wheel,drive lock right here,and then above that we have our climate,controls uh jeep is nicely including a,standard dual zone automatic climate,control setup across,every single model which like i said is,a pretty nice touch at this price point,very simple operation through here and,just like typical with uconnect you can,make other adjustments up here in the,display,we dont have heated seats on this,specific example but they would be,standard,on the limited model,and now lets go ahead and check out the,audio system so weve got the standard,six speaker sound system which comes,across the board,uh there is an optional nine speaker,kenwood sound system available,on all the models,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so overall sound quality is actually,quite nice,for the bass sound system,okay so now lets take a look next at,our uconnect display so this is an a

Jeep Renegade SUV 2016-2019 review – Carbuyer

this is a list of all the current,compact crossovers currently on sale,theres all the names that youd be,familiar with Mazda Nissan Suzuki,long isnt it but theres always been,one name missing Jeep yes that iconic,American brand Jeep with its gilt-edged,heritage has never had a compact,crossover until now that is meet the,renegade the first compact crossover the,aims to be the first proper SUV in its,class,theres no mistaking it for anything,other than a Jeep theres the 7 slot,grill that has appeared in every Jeep,since the 1940s,theres plenty of ground clearance and a,rough and tough stance the only problem,is this isnt actually a Jeep,its based on and is built in the same,factory as the Fiat 500x,so that means the renegade is the first,Jeep to be built outside of North,America so that means its been styled,by the Americans and built by the,Italians hardly a pleasing prospect now,all cars come with air conditioning,Bluetooth six airbags and this,touchscreen in the middle but youll,have to step up to longitude if you want,alloy wheels and roof rails now if you,want to have leather seats and this,larger touchscreen youre going to have,to go for the limited and trailhawk,versions now you can check out the full,prices on car buyer UK but there youll,find these models are a little bit,pricey if you want one youre going to,have to fork out for Nissan Qashqai,money and thats the car from the class,above so youll notice the renegade,pinches all sorts of switch gear from,the Fiat parts pin but its no real,problem its all well made if lacking in,any real style if you want some Flair,youll have to raid the options list,theres plenty of storage and practical,touches though bank of charging ports is,handy the renegade passes the car buy a,big bottle test and there are other,useful cubbies too there also a number,of design features dotted around the car,Jeep calls them Easter eggs and theyve,been designed to make owning the,renegade that little bit,interesting theyre amusing but it could,also be proof that Jeep is trying a,little too hard to inject some fun that,was missing in the first place now,youll have noticed by now the renegade,is boxier than most crossovers and you,would think that would equal lots of,space now while thats true up front,its less good back here the flat roof,means theres lots of headroom but this,c2 setup in my driving position Im 5,foot 11 and Ive only got that much knee,room which isnt particularly good now,this car can fit three people what the,person in the middle is going to be,sitting on a very narrow seat which is,going to cause a bit of problems on a,long motorway journey now it doesnt get,much better around the back here either,you would think this boxy shape would,equal lots and lots of boot room but in,actual fact theres less room in here,than in this sand Juke you cant make it,a little bit larger by lifting this boot,floor and slotting it up against the,rear seats if you do that it allows you,to load massive suitcases like this the,only big problem though is the fact is,only the highest spec models get a,40/20/40 split rear seat which lets,face it isnt particularly good is it,its a little dull to drive on the road,- theres nothing inherently wrong with,the way the renegade dries but it does,nothing to excite you its not as fun to,drive as a MINI Countryman or Mazda cx-3,with the Renegades suffering from,steering that doesnt have much feedback,that said it is pretty grippy its very,comfortable and this letterbox,windscreen and squared-off bonnet means,looking out is a little bit more,interesting that squared of styling does,come at a cost though cruising along the,motorway means its very noisy this car,has all the aerodynamic properties of a,large brick the engines are from fear -,so theres the familiar 1.4 liter and,1.6 litre petrol engines most were lot,for the two-wheel drive 1.6 diesel,though which returns 61 point 4 mpg and,emits 120 g/km of co2,a jeep is famous for its off-road,prowess and if you want oil drive youre,gonna have to go for the 1.4 petrol or,the 2-liter diesel its the latter weve,got here with 140 brake horsepower its,a pretty good engine now down here is a,little knob to change driving modes,were current in four-wheel drive lock,which gives lots and lots of grip which,is fantastic in terms of gearboxes Id,suggest game for the six-speed manual,its a really slick unit but jeet will,also Sally a 9 speed automatic and that,gearbox isnt quite so good whilst it,sounds very clever and the type of,gearbox youd get on a Land Rover in the,Jeep it feels a little bit hesitant as,though it doesnt really know what its,doing the Jeep renegade is a worthy,addition to the compact crossover class,the fact that it offers true off-road,bilities means it has bragging rights,over some of its competitors is it good,looking thats debatable its pricey and,there are a few question marks over some,of the fiat sourced parts but if the,renegade ticks your boxes then youll,need to check out some of the reviews of,this cars competitors click the video on,the left to see our review of the,renegade sister car the Fiat 500x all,the video on the right to watch our,review and then this and Duke click up,there to see our latest video and on our,logo to subscribe

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