1. Shirley MacLaine: Extraterrestrials and JFK
  2. ENTRE Student Testimonial – Bill Rodriguez
  3. JOHN LEE | From Vegetable Chopper to Real Estate Millionaire at 27 | Millionaire Secrets
  4. Zac Efrons WILD New Face Explained By Doctor!
  5. Crystal Ball Regular Season Predictions + Bills-Patriots Preview | Around the NFL Podcast
  6. Aida Rodriguez | Club Random with Bill Maher
  7. Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast 254 – Was William Regals AEW Run A Success?

Shirley MacLaine: Extraterrestrials and JFK

so the these extraterrestrials which you,call star beings are concerned about how,we are destroying our own planet,absolutely why would they care because,it has a it has an effect on the entire,cosmos if this planet is destroyed the,atmosphere feels it and the outer,ionosphere fears feels it etc and,besides they care about us and they,dont want to see in some cases what,they consider their children to be,self-destructive you say that the,American government is much less likely,to acknowledge alien visitors than the,governments of other countries well,apparently theres been the the,countries that have released their star,visitor files are Brazil France by the,way when they released him in France the,number of inquiries shut down the net,systems it was quite extraordinary no I,cant remember all the countries that,have but theyve been I think venez away,maybe Argentina I know I talked to,president Menem in Argentina about this,and he had his military investigating he,knew that it was real Carter and I have,talked about this he had his own,encounter you know he read read wrote,about it so I have um all the astronauts,so many astronauts have talked about it,and hope people like Kennedy the US Air,Force assures me that UFOs posed no,threat to national security I like that,approach he knew they were there he,wanted to know what they were he was not,afraid Reagan had his encounters I mean,I could quote you lots of people but the,important thing is that I think were in,a real crisis well you say although you,dont support the election of George,Bush you say in the book it was meant to,happen so youre also a fatalist very,good question,yeah not a fatalist but we did after all,elect him in enough numbers that hes,the president so I think hes the,president for our learning experience,and I think the learning experience,revolves around the need to understand,taking responsibility in a democracy,this is like when they say about an,alcoholic you had to hit rock powder,right we have to hit rock bottom in our,opinion of our president before we start,to take responsibility in our own power,back yeah exactly Im not sure there are,that every conservative in America would,see it that way oh Im sure not but let,me let me hear what they like about it

ENTRE Student Testimonial – Bill Rodriguez

Bill Rodriguez: What does a canoer, a mortgage,professional, and a father have in,common with you?,My names Bill Rodriguez. I am a 45-year-old man living,in Longmont, Colorado with my son.,And what you have in common with him is the internet and,to become part of,ENTRE Institute to become a successful entrepreneur.,Im the type of person that, you know, once I throw my hat,over,the fence, I have to go get it. Once you begin to take,action and really see,whats possible, thats all I really need to really jump in,there and get the,ball rolling. And then you get to recognize the personal,power from,following up on your commitments and taking action,and watching the results,happen.,ENTRE has built a complete ecosystem on all parts for you,to become a,successful entrepreneur.,Being able to have not only access to all of the materialm,and,theres a ton, but to the group coaching and to the,individual coaching and the,quality of the people that are leading the charge in these,coaching sessions,and these events are the highest caliber. And theyre,people who are,executing every day and this is what they do. Theyre,experts in their field.,So being able to tap that anytime that I need on any,little thing, it really just,helps you reach out and create a connection and get the,answers that you,need so that you can continue to move forward.,What makes it special is when you start to put it together,in your own,unique way and you start to see the results of the goals,you set out to,accomplish.,For me, the primary focus was to create powerful,relationships with my existing business partners, to,accentuate and attract and,drive more traffic to them and their business. So thats been,able to foster,new relationships and partnerships. Its also been,able to enhance the people,that I am already doing business with. On the side of,revenue, the mortgage,business really has a window of, you know, basically April,to September as,far as our peak season. And it kind of spikes like a bell,curve. Having ENTRE,as an additional revenue source for myself has actually,sort of smoothed out,my earnings over the year, which is an additional benefit,that I didnt see.,The Washington Post reported that only 13% of Americans,actually enjoy going to,their day-to-day job. ENTRE wants to help you discover,your passions and the,opportunity in those passions to help monetize them.,There are a lot of times that you will spend your,hard-earned,cash and not get what you pay for. Its very, very rare for,people to exceed,your expectations in this day and age. And I think the thing,that has,pleasantly surprised me, ENTRE constantly over delivers,,whether its,information that youre going to get on a group session or,the classes around,and the level of detail that they go into breaking down,each of the various,business models and their commitment to constantly,keeping it fresh. Its just,awesome. One of the biggest barriers I think for me was,just wanting to really,line out my time because time is sort of a big deal and the,commitment that it,was going to take to make it successful. There was some,financial concerns as,well that I had at the time. And then overcoming those was,just really,evaluating what was going to be the upside potential in,actually taking,action.,Ive been surprised, and Im already getting a rate of,return. You know, part,of the personal wins in participating in ENTRE is when,youre taking on a big,commitment such as becoming a student of ENTRE, whether its,learning the new,business model or going through the group coaching or,the one-on-one,coaching, which is what I subscribed to. That was a big,financial commitment. And,I found myself rearranging my life and my lifestyle to,really make sure that I,was getting the most value out of what I put out there into,the world and the,universe. My father used to say that you pay for your,education one way or,another. Its a big step for some folks. You have to have a,little bit of,confidence and trust in yourself. I would say if you,have fear around that,or if its a reach, you can make it happen and you should,because you will,know yourself differently once youre able to make that,stretch, once youre,able to see yourself in a different life. The support,that is contained in,the coaching platform as a whole, I was blown away,because everything that I,could have possibly been afraid of, come up against as,a difficulty, theyve,already thought of and addressed because the people,that are running it are,already doing it at a high level.

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JOHN LEE | From Vegetable Chopper to Real Estate Millionaire at 27 | Millionaire Secrets

all right welcome to another episode of,the millionaire secrets show excited to,be back with you,uh were in the the zoom studio today,with a new acquaintance of mine someone,who im really excited to get to know,much better seems like a fascinating,human being and,entrepreneur one of my my favorite types,of people,you know great entrepreneurs uh this is,john lee hes the ceo and founder of,wealth dragons which i love the name i,cant wait to hear more about,uh best-selling author of the wealth,dragon way,real estate investor,international speaker best-selling,author all kinds of credentials and does,a lot of business online which im,fascinated to hear about so without,further ado lets,welcome john lee,[Music],hey man thanks thanks for having me on,the show jeff i appreciate it yeah of,course im glad youre here,uh ive been ive been stalking you now,through social media for several days,uh in that in that creepy way that we,all do nowadays,and um i just love what i see im,excited to get to know you you know a,lot of times im bringing,your old friends and people ive had,relationships with for a long time on on,the show and,in this case im excited to really make,a new friend and get to know you better,just like my audience so thanks for,being here,oh thanks for having me and thanks for,putting it pushing out the work to,really educate the,next generation of entrepreneurs on what,it really takes,to become a successful entrepreneur well,well what it really takes thats uh,thats a big mouthful statement there,right um,you know and and i love heres what i,love because i i think it seems like,youre doing a lot the same thing is,that youre out there,talking about like what it really takes,and its its really hard and,and i think you know for two guys that,do a lot of business online,im sure we can relate around how,annoying and frustrating it is that the,internet is so,so constantly making it sound easy or,trying to make it,you know sell it as a business in a box,or a like a,you know pop-up success kind of thing,and its just not,its hard so um do you mind taking me,back i i read here in your bio that you,were,you were born uh your your parents ran a,takeout restaurant in northern england,i assume you didnt grow up with a lot,of money mm-hmm,is that is that fair to say yeah thats,fat saying yep and maybe didnt grow up,with,sounds like your parents were,entrepreneur i mean that i,assume is not a form of entrepreneurship,running a restaurant,but uh probably not you know steering,you in the direction that youve gone,with you know taking risks and going,online,and doing all this crazy stuff so how,did that happen for you do you mind,taking me back,yeah i i mean i grew up in the north,england place called,um cohn which is near burnley for anyone,that isnt from the uk,um youve probably never heard of it,its like a place in the middle of,nowhere,um and and i you know like all you know,chinese kids and growing up my era we,always we all work in a chinese takeaway,we,you know chop mushrooms we peel onions,and we we peel prawns and we we do,dishwashing and walk washing,and you know that kind of became my life,and you know for a long time i thought,to myself,theres got to be a better way like i i,didnt really see my parents at the age,of like 11 years old because they were,just working all the time in fact it was,my,uncles and aunties actually brought me,up because my parents would be working,all the time and id go down there at,the weekends and id be,you know helping out so to speak of kind,of like forced to work,um and you know that that kind of became,my,my life so thats how i kind of started,and sort of get this feel that i think,that that first,thought of you know ive got to get out,of this because you know,for a long time i couldnt go to my,friends parties,on weekends id have to work when i,should be at my friends parties and i,felt i missed a lot out on,you know the childhood so my mind was,like i dont want to work here anymore,like,i got to do something else ive got to,ive got to do something but i just,didnt know what that thing was,so so when when did you,when did that transition from a thought,or to,an action and what was that first action,well i mean my parents suggested i,should go to college and university in,which i did,um i got a degree um in and i wasnt i,didnt do,im not academically bright i didnt do,very well at school,so the only thing i was good at was,drawing and and creative stuff,so i became an animator so,yeah and i know i was on a pretty decent,salary and its kind of that and,the thoughts of doing something,different i thought id kind of broken,out of this because,my parents dont know this i dont think,ive ever said this on any podcast out,of all the podcasts ive ever done,but one of the reasons why i want to go,to university so i didnt i wouldnt,have to work at my parents chinese day,quite the weekend,you know because you know it had to be,far enough that i couldnt have to come,back,every weekend and thats one of the,reasons why i didnt go to manchester,university because i didnt want to go,back to work weekends i wanted to have,my own life,and so university i kind of um did that,you know,going out partying and then i obviously,graduated i got a job and then then a,second,wave hits like oh my god now i dont,work in the job for somebody else and,and i kept working and working and i,actually loved my job or what i hated,around it jeff was this whole context of,having to go to work every day having to,wake up every day having to,answer to a boss and even though i loved,my work i didnt really have a life,there either,because id be working every day,weekends late nights when youre working,in the film industry,you called upon the last hour and you,have to,you know get things done because they,have budgets,so that was kind of my trigger point,where,i thought to myself you know what this,is not life,we just were kind of like existing,were not living you know its,interesting,because i mean i feel 100 the same way i,had one job when i was 16,years old and i i managed to you know,semi intentionally get myself fired,after three weeks,and i never had another job since i just,i had that same reaction that youre,describing of like,i dont want to be owned i dont want to,be controlled i dont want to be,directed and,you know what felt like manipulated all,the time i dont want to be a cog in a,machine,and yet most people you know i think,most people maybe maybe at least,wouldnt want to say out loud,well i dont have a life im just,existing,but but that was your response to having,the job from from the get-go that was my,response to having the job from the,get-go,but most people that they seem to have,made peace with it,im curious what what do you think it is,about,these you know malcontent people like us,that just rebel at our very soul level,against having a job because theres a,few of us right,i mean what is it what is it uh well i,think its its,when youre when you understand,why you exist and when you understand,sometimes you have this calling on why,you need to do things that you do but,i think theres this i always have this,bigger feeling like theres got to be,something better theres got to be,something,you know thats going to i dont know i,always felt there was something there,and so,it was almost like a calling to do this,and you know the interesting thing is,um the day i quit my job to become a,full-time entrepreneur,i actually got a my salary was on thirty,six thousand pounds which is,what fifty fifty sixty thousand dollars,but actually i got a pay rise from that,to,sixty thousand which would have been,closer to what ninety thousand,dollars which is actually a respectable,yeah yeah you know,salary so it was not like i was like in,a dead-end job,with no career with no prospect it was,just like i had everything,and sometimes when you work for,something you get to that point you go,is that it i always wanted to be a lead,animator on a film,and i worked so many y

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Zac Efrons WILD New Face Explained By Doctor!

Fans could not stop talking about Zac Efron’s new appearance over the weekend, but did he,actually get some kind of surgery like people are saying, or is it all just rumors?!,Let’s get into what we know…,It’s no secret that Zac Efron is and always will be a total zaddy.,We loved him back in his High School Musical days… as a blonde… as a rugged mountain,man… basically what I am saying is we LOVE ZAC EFRON.,Period.,But in a recent appearance in Facebook’s “Earth Day!,The Musical,” fans noticed that Zac was seemingly debuting a new look, and a JAW DROPPING,new look at that.,During his chat with Bill Nye The Science Guy many people pointed out that Zac seemed,to have a new sculpted appearance.,Here’s the total video so you can see for yourself.,Do you notice any differences in Zac’s face?,“A big budget Broadway musical spectacular?,Bill, wow, I mean i knew you were smart but I think you’re a genius.”,As soon as that clip started to circulate, the memes flooded Twitter with people comparing,Zac’s new appearance to handsome Squidward, The Weeknd in the “Save Your Tears” music,video, and human Shrek.,Others went as far as saying that Zac “ruined his face” with plastic surgery and fillers.,
 Harsh, I know… but exaggerated memes aside,,something is visibly different about his face, specifically his jawline and chin.,But many fans also came to Zac’s defense saying that he is still stunning no matter,what and that they feel bad for him because “people can’t accept that he’s not going,to look 21 for the rest of his life.”,All of this got Zac trending on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of tweets rolling in,over the weekend.,But there may actually be some potential explanations for Zac’s appearance.,One person pointed out that Zac broke his jaw back in 2013 and his appearance could,have something to do with his previous injuries.,The fan wrote “Y’all do remember that Zac Efron broke his jaw right?,What happened to leading with kindness?,Y’all forget so quickly.”,And they followed up saying, “For those of you saying it was 2013 … doesn’t matter.,Point is he had a medical procedure done on his jaw.,It may have looked normal to you afterwards but you don’t know what he felt or thought.”
,And while it’s totally possible Zac had a follow up surgery on his jaw after his 2013,injury, Dr. Youn, plastic surgeon and famous TikToker, had another explanation for Zac’s,face.,“I actually think he’s had dental surgery, not plastic surgery.,That’s why he’s swollen in these areas.,If you’ve had your wisdom teeth taken out, did you look like this?”,And he’s totally right!,I haven’t had my wisdom teeth out but we can lean on Dixie D’Amelio for a reminder,of what that can look like…,“Literally I’m fine let me eat anything.”,Thank you for that iconic moment Dixie.,And over the years, Zac himself has been honest about not caring as much about his appearance,anymore as he once did.,Last year, he appeared on Hot Ones and revealed that after Baywatch, he was no longer focused,on being in tip-top shape.,“I realized that like when I was done with that movie, I don’t ever want to be in that,good of shape again.,Really.”,He revealed how hard it was to have to be “perfect” for that movie and how he no,longer prioritized looks in that way.,“You’re working with almost no wiggle room, right.,You’ve got things like water under your skin that you’re worrying about, making,your six-pack into a four-pack.,S**t like that it’s just like not … it’s just stupid.”,So based on all this info, it seems like Zac may have had some procedure done, whether,it be dental or otherwise.,But either way, we love him no matter what and if he did in fact want to get plastic,surgery, he can do what he wants, it’s his face!,You do you Zac.,Zac himself hasn’t spoken out on any of this, but we’ll keep you posted if he does.,If you want more on Zac Efron, click right over here for another Clevver News video.,Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Zac’s appearance and if,you think it was something like a dental procedure or another surgery.,I’m your host Sussan Mourad, bye guys!

Crystal Ball Regular Season Predictions + Bills-Patriots Preview | Around the NFL Podcast

thank you,around the NFL podcast,still believes in Sam darnold,damn right from the Chris westling,podcast Studio its around the NFL Im,Dan hansis,Heroes here,Greg Rosenthal mark sessler,we got what we got about 30 minutes or,so left in the,final uh,game in the group field for Group B in,the World Cup USA holding a one nil,advantage,over Iran mark,take it from here I like a game like,this because I dont naturally align,with what um Iran stands for generally,so it feels like an actual internet,message where youre gonna root for the,state wow Marks stepping into it again,if youre a long time listener of the,show he famously had to dust up with,Iran and our uh Iranian there was no,dust up it was another scenario where,Greg and Dan create something out of,total thin air it is a very strange uh,place to be here like the game started,at 11 in the morning I learned that U.S,scored the first goal as I was walking,up the stairs between makeup and uh you,know the lunch area and just allowed,cheer went all over the building and I,figured thats got to be a goal and it,was I got you beat I was on live,television right as the goal was scored,and I I said uh two Andrew Siciliano on,NFL now wow you know Americas power,rankings America Scores the goal and,then big brother got my earrings said,dont say anything about the other,football it doesnt exist it was built,they did not want you to understand that,this is happening right now theres also,a problem at this office though people,have,feeds that are faster than other feeds,so at for the second near goal which was,overturned uh because you know they were,offsides there was a huge cheer,somewhere else in the building while,everyone that was eating lunch and,quietly watching the game uh had no idea,what happened then the goal is taken,then you hear the oh and yeah five,seconds ahead of time,somehow we survive this is the Tuesday,show hey if you want to uh close the,door formally on week 12 you check out,the Greg Rosenthal Monday Night Football,recap,and I think Gregs really made that show,his own great uh Mark and with Phoebe,schachter this week breaking down just,an exhilarating uh Steelers win over the,cult its actually not a bad game its,kind of a fun yeah it was a good bad,game I would call it where are you,standing on your Colts fandom Mark two,weeks later,I mean they made the game competitive,right towards the end the first half,looked like a lot of pre Jeff Saturday,uh nonsensical play but then Jeff,Saturday inserted some nonsensical items,in himself in his own little branding,way no the game is not different we,dont build Rockets to go to Mars I,listen to the uh Monday night wow and uh,its a theres nothing more delightful,than driving down here around 6 30 in,the morning getting half an hour of Greg,in my ear but Greg does an excellent job,with it and Phoebe Schecter did an,excellent job thats your thats your,choice so check that out and we got a,lot more content for you today were,gonna preview the first,uh week 13 matchup and its a good one,its the Patriots at the bills and oh I,would lock the hell out of those bills,if it didnt break one of my tenants of,lockage which is dont mess with,Thursday Night Football its weird,wait didnt you bro,tenant uh just a few weeks ago yes I,learned a lesson thats what I said,thats why its a tenant Ill never well,it was a rule and I just didnt think it,out and I learned my lesson never to,make that mistake again but you like to,break rules once in a while the bad boy,of NFL media I think thats I dont know,I wouldnt go quite that far lets just,move on you certainly you used to call,me that right its now shifted actually,uh due to some recent events all right,Mr suit and uh yeah I am a suit its,subversive and Mark I call the rule,follower of NFL media its like tell me,where to be tell me what to do punch in,the punching on the clock punch out I,mean I think that could not be any,farther from the truth but,um anyway so Thursday night preview uh,we are going to also look into our,crystal ball and make some I dont know,if theyre predictions its more Visions,on how the balance of the regular season,will play out thats fun uh were gonna,do some news but before we do some news,let me check in real quick here,Lets see we four teams three weeks ago,today,lets see if we and Im reading this in,real time I dont even know lets see is,there any team that were concerned,about here three weeks on the Packers,nope nope they lost two of three they,needed to find a way to Impressions on,our part the Titans uh or of course the,Eagles in addition to the Cowboys they,didnt so theyre cooked and were gonna,get to the Packers in a second the,Cardinals feeling good after they got,two point conversioned out of the,playoff picture potentially the Jaguars,written all over them I dont know if,theyre gonna win seven in a row to go,to the place theyre playing the team of,ATL this week watch out yeah theyre,gonna cause problems for other teams,thats exactly what a berserk the,Steelers who you talked about Greg,yesterday,um theyre getting better pickets making,some strides but thats a team thats,developing theyre not going to the,dance again the AFC the Colts see ya the,Texans will be on theres moribund and,theres Wobegon theyre both and uh the,Panthers will be good there but you know,Sam Darnell Sam darnold in a wide open,division there yes Mr Justin uh with,Nick Shook on the week 11 recap show we,also forked the Browns,forgot about that I feel okay about that,that one I I was a little nervous about,just because the Browns I think are a,little another seven lost team with with,some hard games they got seven yeah yeah,they should be okay there no matter what,theyre their offense already has been,very good I gotta say of all those,teams that we buried the only one that I,even have a little bit of a little more,about is the Panthers because I think,theyre gonna be one game back if the if,the Bucks dont win next week and and I,think they got a little bit,hit it hit me with it a little darnold,hit me with it,hit me with it,Sam Donald,Sam can do a lot for himself,and by the way I dont schedules not,too tough I dont always appreciate uh,our friend Jason Zumwalt the voice of,around the NFL speaking for the group,saying that we believe in Sam darnold I,am taking myself out of that mix,yes okay I mean I also dont I dont,know what we say by believing in them I,believe that hes probably I believe he,had a nice game on on uh I wish fairly,quality person but Im not believing in,him as a quarterback you say a fairly,quality person I dont know him I did,meet him in person and was he very kind,and he was kind but that was a little,spot in time where hes just sort of,doing what someones asking I wish I,could quit Sam darnold but you know what,Im kind of back in for the balance of,the Season hes got an offensive line,now it is a better situation than they,had a year ago I wish I knew how to quit,you I I came I came for you guys on the,baker Mayfield takes and I feel like I,got a w there now Sam finishes the,season strong and that will be my,personal Geno Smith if Sam can finish,this season strong,well take them to the place then if you,get to eight wins there somehow if they,go four and two down the street starting,two weeks from now could happen,[Applause],lets do some news theyve been the,better Squad honestly Ive been wanting,to say this in front team but like you,know since everything happened back in,August man I promise you like everybody,in this room have like shown me,unconditional love support man they help,me get to this point for real man I,couldnt be more thankful for everybody,in this room man yall people I turn to,the most after going through what I went,through man just you know to have this,opportunity to do what I did today man I,uh give all yall the credit man thank,you,[Music],story I wrote about this in the power,ranks which you can check out on nfl.com,the latest which is up there the,qualifications for co

Aida Rodriguez | Club Random with Bill Maher

love random,so youre here again,Im back and you got a podcast,look at you welcome to Comedy,youre now officially a comic you have a,podcast well my real show is real time I,mean thats where you go to get canceled,every week,I mean its just look,its just thats a real show yeah this,is just us kicking it and thats theres,a place for that just like theres a,place for uh you know Sergeant Pepper a,meticulously produced Timeless album and,then a jam bash,yes and some people like that better,yeah you know its raw but you know,people need to see both but they need to,see all sides of you they need to see,that you two are a person right because,youre just people I think you mean that,as a compliment but I think people see,me as a person no but I dont mean it as,a compliment what I mean is oh I can,tell me clear no what I mean is that,people need to see,all sides of you and I think its,important because you know the,conversation about you is always about,your political your social point of view,look were not basically disagreeing no,were just saying that um you know like,the figure of Janice we are we are,multiple sides to us absolutely,do you feel that,that people enjoy disagreeing with you,like theyre that its become Sports I,dont know if they do but I know I dont,I dont like any disagreement if if I,had my way in the world if I was King,everyone would see how right I am uh,which I usually do prove to be about,everything and that I I dont want to,argue with anybody I only do it because,its like well Ive got to try to,convince you that this is the way it is,and should be and you know I mean a lot,of people think,thats just common sense but you know,the world keeps drifting further away,from Common Sense on both sides,absolutely you and I talked about that,first of all I want to say I would pay I,would pay handsomely to have this,confidence of a white man I dont have,the self-esteem I think Im always wrong,really but yeah you know I I had a,conversation with you last time yeah and,we talked about how but youre not,always wrong no no but anything you were,saying was right we were talking about,because nobody has we dont explore,Nuance anymore everything is thats,theres something thats right right why,do you think youre wrong youre right,Im telling you I talked to you myself,youre very In This Very spot or that,spot or some spot in this room,um and I was like wow yes you really,have your [ __ ] together mentally about,all these issues which so many people,have their head up their ass about,people just generally have their head up,their ass and they just want to [ __ ],and [ __ ] and [ __ ] and they its never,about like what the actual,you know engaging in the actual argument,its always about some stupid side,argument I mean what they always yeah,when they come after me its like youre,old yeah but am I wrong yeah they call,you they say youre old thats like the,best thing that like oh fine come on I,mean I certainly dont feel old and they,probably act younger than they do,because theyre the ones who are like,afraid of the world and you know the,virus and everything but okay engage,with the argument absolutely you know,engage okay Im old but tell me why my,argument is wrong that they dont even,want to get in that game they dont want,to suit up for that one you know I wish,we could document other people calling,people old right when they get older,talk about it a lot its a its the last,acceptable Prejudice yeah its real,youre so right and I I dont allow,people to call me auntie because thats,when thats a go-to but its funny the,Auntie is what they call you when,theyre like when youre an older woman,when theyre 19 theyll call you like,Auntie they do that to a Maxine so mean,girl but its true right but its thats,what young girls do its the Maxi Waters,guys do it too but I think its,interesting Auntie or theyll say call,you Uncle thats why Denzel Washington,was like dont call me Uncle Im not,your uncle right but the thing is that,these are the people who are upset about,you not using pronouns these are the,people who are upset about but yet they,use these micro aggressions to call you,old right and its such hypocritical,[ __ ] and it and thats why I its,the last acceptable Prejudice and I I,Ive seen it I saw it on my Show,recently uh you know somebody and it was,it was a terrible argument because I,mean were talking about whether,um you know a guy wrote a book about,Focus,you know the Americans have lost their,focus and hes a millennial I think like,40 or something uh and you know its,things like phones and you know Facebook,and you know the lack of sleep and but,mostly its the technology and what the,phones doing I mean this is what hes,saying in the book and Im agreeing with,him and some other panelists was like,well you know when you get older you,know sometimes you just like it the old,ways its like thats not whats going,on there its not like I like the old,ways I understand what the phone is I,use the phone I like my phone but it is,[ __ ] up with peoples minds and their,attention span its not because oh Im,old and I cant Im not pining for the,telegraph you know no and it was like,you know wow you couldnt get away with,it I couldnt say that her as a woman,like well you know your argument should,we really listen to it because youre a,woman and you know you believe in the,crotch once right right,anything youre gonna be saying oh my,God about this subject I mean really we,should just take whatever youre gonna,say with a great assault because you,have to you know but with old you can,totally get away with it because its,annoying in better shape than a lot of,the people right youre healthy,yes and now Im fat shaming right,because thats how it thats thats what,it trickles down to now if I say youre,healthy because youre lean then Im,dissing the people who are overweight,well thats wrong we have got to arrest,that Trend in America I mean we are we,should not shame people but we are at a,place where were not allowed to talk,about the subject and the subject is too,relevant to health,both in the covid era which and in,general before that and,um its its a little uh dangerous,absolutely to be unable to talk about a,a major health Factor no matter what,that factor is and thats where that has,gone I mean weve moved to a place where,just in the last few years at least like,five years ago,losing weight was a goal yeah and it,wasnt bad to say it was a goal mm-hmm,now you now you have known this and you,need to go to a 12-step program well no,its like white thats just its just a,different way to be right and it is but,its also science does not stop being,science,it makes you unhealthy and unhealthy has,ramifications throughout Society,especially when theres something that,is killing people yeah you know I think,uh capitalism right we talk about all of,the things that draw,money and how theyve theyve weaponized,all of the stuff because women are,constantly worrying about their weight,but you also see men doing it too I I,had an eating disorder when I was,modeling I got down to 117 pounds Im,510 and I was I was deadly I looked like,a walking skeleton but the fear of,getting big was controlled my life for,so many years and even at that time I,had really bad body dysmorphia and I,still thought that I was big but it was,because were always talking about this,stuff but what we dont talk about is,Health we talk about appearance the goal,should be to be healthy right and there,are some big people who are healthier,than people who are thin but pretty hard,to do that yeah I know pretty hard to be,healthier big than them sin is is for,your body the what what is the body,mostly use energy on digestion,yeah digestion and when you give your,body a break from that or dont ask it,to like constantly be just,you know I mean,yes I mean thats again Im not making,this up to Shane people its just the,science and it makes its you know its,intuitive wow you know when you do a,fast,have you ever done i

Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast 254 – Was William Regals AEW Run A Success?

welcome to the cultaholic wrestling,podcast if you like a lot of resting on,YouTube join our cult hello and welcome,salutations and getting ready for,Professor spirit with yourselves,ourselves the collect wrestling podcast,Jack staring at me crotch whats,happening no well Im obviously staring,at your lovely home alone theme oh thank,you I was trying to work out what he was,because I couldnt see Macaulay in the,middle because that was blocking it off,but now I can see all right I was,honestly trying to work out which tag,team was that over some Macaulay in the,middle but yeah oh bless it could be,some Museum yeah,this is going nowhere Jack how are you,Im all right thank you its coming home,come on Ill show up hook I like you,doing that like youre selling watches,its got an England Crest oh no,uh Im firmly on the side of Ive never,lost faith in Gareth Southgate and uh,stand by him okay,um and yeah long may continue Ive heard,that the uh the surround of 16 match,against Senegal is going to be shown on,ITV and Ive recently Im late to the,party but Ive only just learned of the,ITV curse which is the on the BBC since,about 1998 England have won about 80 of,their games on the BBC and about 15 of,their matches on ITV,yeah I wasnt aware of that good dude uh,me and Tom could do the call at,wrestling podcast which comes out after,this but whatever times a weird thing,and it reminds us that this is the week,that the ITV debuted the Premiership,which ended 7 P.M on weekdays it says uh,you know the time when people are really,ready for soaps yeah and not football,and it was a massive ratings uh not,happening so they moved it back to them,to the weekends yeah and I remember when,the queen mother died and they had to,change the beautiful day uh soundtrack,for The just didnt play it and then Dez,was like we didnt think that was,appropriate this week oh is,dead poor Queen Mother what did you ever,do,um Im part of the group as well the,generation that that song rather than,the match of the day theme Its A,Beautiful Day by you too thats got that,Nostalgia for me yes yeah so in,conclusion Im doing all right Matthew,thank you for asking thank you Joe got,there on the end I know you Dean Ross I,realize Im going through a midlife,crisis this week Spotify wrapped came,out my top artist of the year Limp,Biscuit oh yeah Andrews as well I,believe yeah biscuit how many minutes,Andrew I just made that up I just made,it all right he just likes them biscuits,hes good at doing a thread desk we had,chocolate titties nope shot the starfish,thats Vince McMahon isnt it,search history what are you doing,together two Fred durstisms that Andrew,often said its been Martin it with a,child well Bruce podcast that was a bit,on the podcast thats where that is in,my mind right right right oh I know what,youre gonna do now everyone at home,does as well dont you everybody yes yes,so I had over 560 minutes or something,of Limp Biscuit this year its a lot of,chocolate all right and,and thank you to all the lovely people,about messaging us saying thank you very,much Lads uh apparently youre clocked,in at 3 000 hours of alcoholic one,episode,literally took that joke out of your,mouth as many others but thank you very,much for sharing all that yeah yeah,being part of your soundtrack of the,year yeah its a weird one because it,makes you remember that oh people,actually listen and like to our inane,waffle which is quite scary really its,always a harrowing time of year and our,fantastic wrestling analysis also though,so I guess that as well yeah yeah yes no,other podcast goes as deep as we do not,in NXT anyway I mean all of them we Deep,dive on everything we certainly all the,big boys and girls I was um I was up,late last night,I know because I was watching Dynamite,to write the notes live but I still like,the NXT notes left to do I thought oh,that one thatll take minutes after the,end of dynamite Ill skim NXT,and it was a it was a not longer,obviously its always an hour but it was,like an intricate NXT lots of moving,parts so,well have to wait and see how that goes,some big Aussie bastards plans fully at,work now and Ive been on Ive been on,one for weeks now thats all Im gonna,say yeah I think hes no hes all right,hes a dirty man like him never given up,on selfie weve never given up on dull,did we say that delightful Hudson thank,you very much Im sick of these,accusations these boys so righteous when,he says to Thea Hill I could have,stopped my foot anytime I wanted and,Andre is like what do you mean you could,stop it that was the moment Ive got a,scientific answer that was in a title,match adrenalines higher the distance,the stopping distance is drastically,reduced thats right tries to go down,drastic go down yeah Matthew how are you,doing grand right such a good time of,year you like Christmas no usually but I,love it when Im in control,well because at times when youre just,like all right Im not good you know,long ram I work with children and all,that stuff and youre like oh now,Christmas is going to just take us out,like an 18-wheeler on a small country,this yeah Im like yeah Im prepared Im,ready Im happy for everything thats,going to happen from the bad weather Im,a big coach got my big boots,um got big presents for the big family,Im looking forward Im not ready for it,yet its really crapped up,at the same time December now I cant,believe it its my aunties birthday,Ive got to text her well Im glad no,yeah yeah it is yeah yeah oh no thats,all right its today Ive not missed it,I can give her a ring after this cool,December the first oh at the time of,recording wow yeah,God that was a lucky Escape wow so glad,we can help you and all the people,listen to us this year via Spotify uh in,the news this week uh Jack forgets and,hes Barbara very good with that well,done jacking a little bit Roman Reigns,upset after WWE Survivor Series war,games have reported unplanned moment,because obviously they all have big,scripts like DDP and uh 98 I guess but,yeah uh Roman Reigns was probably,extremely unhappy following the,Bloodlines victory in war games at,Survivor Series uh fight for select,indicate that Renzos angry about the,spot in the match fightful says quote it,was rumored among those we spoke with,that Reigns took exception to what he,perceived as an unplanned spot between,he and Kevin Owens as he walked,backstage he meant to possibly having a,ruptured eardrum and want the spot to go,as originally planned uh apparently,expletives were exchanged between him,and Kevin Owens,uh but then 20 minutes late it was all,all good all swept on the road and they,called you to the [ __ ] Romas like,you did that to me you [ __ ] just to get,you know a bit of a plum behind what he,was saying,sorry,carry on no go on I wonder if cousin,questioned Romans work rate credentials,youve never been pwg Champion youve,never been Ring of Honor world champion,do you think you did that I think youve,never been on the pwi well he has he was,number one this year if we should fight,in pwg I did he slapped him in the chops,didnt he he did he certainly did and I,dmd people and he said he did call him,a flippy floppy oh thats thats all it,takes now its a more serious thing you,can call someone in Russian uh yeah,apparently it happened because of a big,slap,those are just the knobs a big slap that,happened and the big,exchange there slippery sloppy but,apparently theres a big slap to the,face because you can rotate eardrum that,way uh homicide sometimes you did it to,Steve Carino and gave him permanent,Locker yeah because of that so I think,if youre just coming off one last thing,you want to do is get slapped in the,face I appreciate that but yeah you,could tell its a special time of year,WWE backstage instance people fighting,and cursed each other but the difference,being to the other place you know they,apparently just had a conversation and,sorted things out yeah yeah you know,what Im gonna vented to you well go,because I saw the spot in que

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