1. Why Infinite Banking is a SCAM!
  2. Break the Outdated Thinking Patterns That Keep You Poor! | Jeff Lerner Interview
  3. Zac Efrons WILD New Face Explained By Doctor!
  4. 3 Pros on Sales Mastery | Jeremy Miner and Sam Taggart
  5. Inception dream concept

Why Infinite Banking is a SCAM!

[Music],jason,is with us in detroit hi jason welcome,to the dave ramsey show,hey dave thanks for taking my call how,are you better than i deserve how can i,help,well i had a question for you um ive,been working with a financial advisor,whos given me some advice,and i follow the show im on baby step 7,currently,but he presented me with an idea that,was a little outside the box,and i have term life insurance ive been,anti,whole life but he presented me with this,infinite banking concept,jesus youre kidding me yeah i have,excess money in a savings account,and looking to rebalance my portfolio to,get it to work a little bit harder but,my risk tolerance is a little bit low,and he showed me how you can do this,where you over fund the whole life,policy,you can access the money you break even,in year seven and then the dividend,outruns what you put into it yeah it,doesnt seem like a terrible idea,in that regard but i just wanted your,your take on why,you know that might not be the best way,to go,the the problem is that you where it,gets confusing,is that um god hes sona,dividend a financial advisor assistant,this is an insurance guy,well hes hes both they have you know,its one of the bigger,companies um northwestern mutual or,prudential,exactly yeah okay hes an insurance guy,hes not a financial advisor,okay so because those are both mutual,companies now,there are two types of life insurance,companies mutual and stock,okay likely you bought your term unless,you bought it from him,from a stock company a stock company,stockholders owned the insurance company,a mutual company which is prue and,northwestern state farm is mutual is the,policy holders are actually the,stockholders,okay okay so when the,company makes a profit,the policyholders receive a dividend,as if they were a stockholder and,received a dividend,does that make sense yep now follow the,math here,if you are the owner of the company and,youre also the customer,of the company and the only place the,company gets money is from,the customers that are owners and they,give you money,from a profit by definition,that means its because they took too,much from you,as a customer there wouldnt have been a,profit otherwise,okay so the irs has deemed consequently,that mutual life insurance company,dividends,are not dividends in the true sense of a,dividend,that instead they are and this is the,irss language,they are instead a refund of a,deliberate,overcharge so they overcharge you in,order to give you some money later,to make you feel like youre making,money off of them,and its absolute hogwash its a,pass-through mathematically its a,pastor its,the way it has to be its the legal,definition the freaking company and the,irs,says so so yeah,the thing i didnt love is you know you,when you take the money back,you basically are paying an interest,rate on it exactly,and whose money is this right,that youre borrowing youre borrowing,your own money and youre paying them,interest,yep this is infinite banking for them,yeah yeah the infinite banking concept,is is,old school whole life done poorly,you need a real financial advisor not an,insurance broker,thats trying to sell you a load of,manure,and so yeah the other thing is that your,cash values that are sitting there,all die with you so whatever cash you,put into this,is equals zero at your death because,they only pay the face value,prue does not have a policy northwestern,mutual does not have a policy that pays,more than the face value,except universal life bs which are not,in infinite banking products,and universal product b is where they,charge more than they usually charge,which basically buys the insurance so,they can still keep your money,is the way the math actually works on,this so youre dealing with one of the,most expensive,insurance products in the marketplace if,youre dealing with either one of those,two companies,i would stay completely away from both,of them,theyre um everyone in the financial,field except people that work for them,we all think theyre a joke,of us anyone whos academically trained,or has any kind of cfp or anything else,when they when someone says they work,for northwestern mutual we just kind of,laugh,and go yeah right you screw people every,day,so dude you need to get away from them,and you need to go get,a real financial advisor that can help,you do some real,investing that takes into consideration,your low risk tolerance,low risk tolerance does not need to lead,you to losing your money,100 of the cash invested at death,yeah thats a bad risk tolerance thing,so you need to move on dude you need to,move on but because the,and the whole thing of the dividends are,paying for it,is such a joke because the dividends are,the refund of a deliberate overcharge,so whos paying for it if youre getting,dividends from if you own home depot,stock and you got dividends from that,then home depots making a profit but,theyre making a profit off of their,customers yes and im the,owner of the investment i get that,dividend thats,different then if i am the customer and,im the stockholder,thereby the only way i made a profit was,off of me,myself so i pay you an extra hundred,bucks and then you give me 70 of it and,im supposed to feel great about that,right,yeah so thats what this amounts to and,so,you guys working with state farm when,you get your little dividend check,thats what it is its the refund of a,deliberate,overcharge irs verbatim says that,yeah and thats why you dont get taxed,on it if you get a dividend on home,depot stock,you get taxed on it as income because,its real income,you really made an investment and then,you really made an income,so thats whats going on with that,stuff and so do not buy,anything in the life insurance world,based on dividends,uh you look at the price look at the,structure of the policy,and uh youll usually find that mutual,companies by the way are the higher,priced,so when you go to a quote service,like a zander insurance and you get,quoted on term life insurance,youre going to find no mutual companies,in the 42,different companies that they give you a,quote from because theyre not,competitive why because they charge more,so they can give some of it to you back,later,and make you feel like that you got,something thats really what it amounts,to and thats why you wont find them,theyre not competitive yeah dave,youre fired up about this one man ill,tell you what pisses me off,infinite banking my butt okay,infinite banking is for them yes the,only listen the only thing you,that that agent has for his whole life,is a need for your commission to be paid,to him,absolutely thats the only whole life,thing that is involved here,this these products are horrendous yeah,and,you know its bad enough when they feed,on,the middle class but that guys a baby,step seven man hes probably a,millionaire,yeah and and and they create such a,jumbled word picture that you cant cut,through the bs,and yet you know the thing about him,heres you notice what happened with him,this is interesting you know it didnt,feel right,yeah he felt it didnt he yeah he felt,it and thats probably because hes,going through our process and he knows,what we teach,well its not just that he didnt just,say well dave says its wrong right hes,theres something wrong here i just,cant put my finger on it yeah overpay,and get money back,but i mean you ever have those feelings,i dont know exactly whats wrong but i,smell a rat,yeah which means theres a dead rat in,the corner somewhere i just hadnt found,him yet or below the couch something,stinks in here,yeah something stinks in here something,got in the house and died,you know i got a smell in here what is,it somethings wrong you got you cant,find it yeah you cant put your finger,on but how many times have you been in a,situation with a person,or with a product a financial product,you know you had one,you had one you were buying an item i,wont say what it was on the air,but you got the smell off the people and,you ran it what,three

Break the Outdated Thinking Patterns That Keep You Poor! | Jeff Lerner Interview

start acting like your pants are on fire,dont act like you have another hour to,waste because you dont I dont care if,youre 25 or 55 the best time to plant a,tree was 20 years ago the second best,time is like right now today and get,fanatical about what does it actually,take to create enough value in the world,to be fairly compensated with what feels,like a lot of money so what is enough,what should our targets be if a million,dollars being a millionaire isnt the,goal anymore 10 million is the new,million we sort of need to add a zero to,our general thinking about money right,now depending on where you live,depending on your quality of life I need,to find somebody that embodies this this,system this construct this broken,educational model and like go punch him,in the face right now to feel better,ladies and gentlemen believe Nation I am,super excited to have a special guest,first time on the channel I think Mr,Jeff Lerner how you doing man,I am so excited Im doing very well and,Im even a little bit better now that,Im here with you I love it so Jeff went,from being a jazz musician The Pianist,professional for a whole bunch of years,uh failing as an entrepreneur I think he,had 10 businesses that ended up leading,them to half a million dollars in debt,or something like that to now uh selling,over 100 million dollars online training,six figures in entrepreneurs to help,them grow and build their businesses and,he just launched a new book called,unlock your potential and Im excited to,dive in with you man well thank you I I,appreciate uh that bio and that intro,and Im so grateful to be here and and,excited to talk about the book or,anywhere that the conversation leads us,well you dont really hold any punches,of the book you basically Dive Right In,and you say hey a million dollars is not,even nearly enough,yeah so a lot of people like thats,their goal I was like I want to be a,millionaire and heres Jeff saying dude,a million thats not enough yeah so the,term millionaire was coined was for,first used,uh at least in written form that they,can track by Thomas Jefferson in the,1780s and at the time it referenced much,as it does today a wealthy person with a,lot of money but I think we could all,agree that what constituted a wealthy,like a notably wealthy person in 1780 is,dramatically different than today and so,the term given its age and given you,know this concept of inflation and you,know time value decay of of fiat,currency all the stuff were hearing,about in the news right now I think that,term became passe quite a while ago at,least in the way that we use it so so,what is enough what what should our,targets be if a million dollars being a,millionaire isnt the goal anymore well,uh in my book uh there was a I cant,remember its its a section of a,chapter its not an actual chapter,heading um but its a section and it,says 10 million is the new million,obviously its its relative it depends,where you live uh you live in Toronto I,believe so I would say I dont know 10,million is like maybe a decent start out,there but uh and also in all seriousness,I really do think that we we sort of,need to add a zero to our general,thinking about money right now,um depending on where you live depending,on your quality of life but what was,interesting and and this this validated,the importance of this way of talking,and thinking is that when I when I,published the initial draft of the book,or I say published it wasnt published,yet but we circulated it with some beta,readers and I actually mentioned this in,the book,that line 10 million is the new million,I just got,excoriated with the beta reader feedback,people were just incensed this guy is,out of touch this guy is tone deaf this,guy doesnt understand basic math I mean,people were just really offended that I,dared to suggest that a number that is,so seemingly Out Of Reach to people,constitutes basic Financial Security in,the modern world but at the same time,Im like uh yeah thats kind of the,whole point of the book is that our,traditional thinking and our traditional,education around not just money but,really life goals in general is so like,woefully insufficient and frankly kind,of lame in the modern world and its,like no wonder were consistently,getting less happy as a society because,I think I think theres this Divergence,happening where like our potential,quality of life is increasing and were,sensing that but our actual quality of,life if anything is decreasing whether,on an on an absolute or relative basis,and that you know were getting,increasingly aware of how good our lives,arent,because weve been doing what we were,told and it wasnt very good advice so,you know people can throw their punches,but I stand by it,how do you get people over that belief,hurdle right so for people who are,already thinking a million dollars is I,dont know how I become a millionaire,thats on my bucket list one day and now,heres Jeff saying thats not nearly,enough if you think about the the,pianists of the world and the,entrepreneurs of the world and people in,nine to five jobs of the world like how,do you how do you get them from that,that huge Chasm of belief that you can,make 10 million dollars and and its,easy I wont say its easy,um I will but I will say its imminently,doable,um and it gets a lot easier if youll be,very selective about who you take advice,from and what lines of conventional,thought you you subscribe to and what,which ones you reject which I would,argue should be most of them and its,funny that were having this,conversation uh its kind of coming full,circle you know obviously you and I met,its been probably close to two years,when you came on my show and I remember,in that conversation,um when we were talking about your your,belief movement right and and trying to,reach people who again may be a little,bit disenfranchised May a little be a,little bit jaded and its almost we,almost had the same conversation two,years ago right like how do you get the,person who sort of has like a little and,this isnt a pejorative statement but,they have like call it a little lower,vibration because maybe theyve just,been screwed before theyve had a hard,life and they dont have this innate,optimism and really high level of trust,about these amazing possibilities for,their life and so its like its a,little more of a stretch perhaps for,some people than maybe you or me to even,believe that like,you know if I do well at work I could,get promoted or you know good things are,even in my future whatsoever like its,everybodys at a different level but one,thing I think we have to recognize,you know the Buddhists nailed it man the,ability to take an impartial view of our,own life,is a prerequisite for basic sanity and,high function meaning and and the really,hard thing about operationalizing what I,just said is it doesnt matter how,traumatized you are it doesnt matter,how cynical you are it doesnt matter,how crappy your life experience has been,whatevers true is equally true,regardless of your perspective,and so when I get into basic economics,or I get into the way the world works or,you know a lot of people will,subjectivize things that I say and and,kind of say well like somehow its less,true for them based on their subjective,experience of the world but I think the,starting point of like really Shifting,the trajectory of our life is developing,that impartiality about our life where,like were no longer,subjectively filtering and and being,biased toward our own negatively,reinforced experience up to that point,right so Im saying that Im being kind,of long-winded with this Preamble here,of like if somebodys about to hear what,Im about to say Im encouraging them to,really like sanitize the filter through,which theyre hearing it right and,remove what they learn from their,parents what they learn from their,grandparents like none of us have,experienced a large enough you know,subset of all the the potential data or,experience in the world to have any

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Zac Efrons WILD New Face Explained By Doctor!

Fans could not stop talking about Zac Efron’s new appearance over the weekend, but did he,actually get some kind of surgery like people are saying, or is it all just rumors?!,Let’s get into what we know…,It’s no secret that Zac Efron is and always will be a total zaddy.,We loved him back in his High School Musical days… as a blonde… as a rugged mountain,man… basically what I am saying is we LOVE ZAC EFRON.,Period.,But in a recent appearance in Facebook’s “Earth Day!,The Musical,” fans noticed that Zac was seemingly debuting a new look, and a JAW DROPPING,new look at that.,During his chat with Bill Nye The Science Guy many people pointed out that Zac seemed,to have a new sculpted appearance.,Here’s the total video so you can see for yourself.,Do you notice any differences in Zac’s face?,“A big budget Broadway musical spectacular?,Bill, wow, I mean i knew you were smart but I think you’re a genius.”,As soon as that clip started to circulate, the memes flooded Twitter with people comparing,Zac’s new appearance to handsome Squidward, The Weeknd in the “Save Your Tears” music,video, and human Shrek.,Others went as far as saying that Zac “ruined his face” with plastic surgery and fillers.,
 Harsh, I know… but exaggerated memes aside,,something is visibly different about his face, specifically his jawline and chin.,But many fans also came to Zac’s defense saying that he is still stunning no matter,what and that they feel bad for him because “people can’t accept that he’s not going,to look 21 for the rest of his life.”,All of this got Zac trending on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of tweets rolling in,over the weekend.,But there may actually be some potential explanations for Zac’s appearance.,One person pointed out that Zac broke his jaw back in 2013 and his appearance could,have something to do with his previous injuries.,The fan wrote “Y’all do remember that Zac Efron broke his jaw right?,What happened to leading with kindness?,Y’all forget so quickly.”,And they followed up saying, “For those of you saying it was 2013 … doesn’t matter.,Point is he had a medical procedure done on his jaw.,It may have looked normal to you afterwards but you don’t know what he felt or thought.”
,And while it’s totally possible Zac had a follow up surgery on his jaw after his 2013,injury, Dr. Youn, plastic surgeon and famous TikToker, had another explanation for Zac’s,face.,“I actually think he’s had dental surgery, not plastic surgery.,That’s why he’s swollen in these areas.,If you’ve had your wisdom teeth taken out, did you look like this?”,And he’s totally right!,I haven’t had my wisdom teeth out but we can lean on Dixie D’Amelio for a reminder,of what that can look like…,“Literally I’m fine let me eat anything.”,Thank you for that iconic moment Dixie.,And over the years, Zac himself has been honest about not caring as much about his appearance,anymore as he once did.,Last year, he appeared on Hot Ones and revealed that after Baywatch, he was no longer focused,on being in tip-top shape.,“I realized that like when I was done with that movie, I don’t ever want to be in that,good of shape again.,Really.”,He revealed how hard it was to have to be “perfect” for that movie and how he no,longer prioritized looks in that way.,“You’re working with almost no wiggle room, right.,You’ve got things like water under your skin that you’re worrying about, making,your six-pack into a four-pack.,S**t like that it’s just like not … it’s just stupid.”,So based on all this info, it seems like Zac may have had some procedure done, whether,it be dental or otherwise.,But either way, we love him no matter what and if he did in fact want to get plastic,surgery, he can do what he wants, it’s his face!,You do you Zac.,Zac himself hasn’t spoken out on any of this, but we’ll keep you posted if he does.,If you want more on Zac Efron, click right over here for another Clevver News video.,Also, let us know down in the comments below what you think of Zac’s appearance and if,you think it was something like a dental procedure or another surgery.,I’m your host Sussan Mourad, bye guys!

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3 Pros on Sales Mastery | Jeremy Miner and Sam Taggart

today in the studio folks i got a couple,of sales,and closing,badasses happy to have them both here,you guys may have heard of both of them,already we got jeremy lee miner on the,couch whats up and sam taggart in the,hot seat whats up now jeremy jeremy has,seventh level,which is a whole,you know,plethora of services however hes a,sales expert hes developed a sales uh,program that hes that hes shown,thousands of people and made,tons of people i would say,very,apparently very wealthy yeah im,watching your social media training,about 140 000. if your social media has,any indication dude because youre,youre throwing out a lot of freaking,you know posts that you get dms that you,get right theyre like you know i went,from making two dollars to two million,im thinking [ __ ] dude these are good,testimonials almost made me want to buy,your course a couple times we have over,5000 of them now were rolling sam,taggart folks,rose to fame in the door-to-door world,right knocking on doors selling what,roofing alarms solar alarms,developed d d con which is kind of the,industry standard for the,door-to-door industry which is roofing,siding,solar all that,you know home business stuff,roofing,now,the reason i have them both here today,is because number one i believe as you,know that sales is one of the most,important skill sets on planet earth,whether youre an entrepreneur or a,sales professional,both and everybody in your organization,should be,i think highly trained sales,professionals i think the receptionist,is a salesperson she just doesnt know,it or he just doesnt know it i think,everybody in your organization should,have the skill set,to call upon because when pressure comes,folks you dont fall to anything other,than your level of training would you,agree i agree,so thats why im excited to have him in,the studio today were just going to,shoot the [ __ ] a little bit about some,sales techniques and and and you know,drill into a little bit of them maybe,even argue a bit,debate,so i dont know who to start with but,sam because again,depending on what you sell man it,depends on how you would train somebody,right yeah but just in general you know,you got,real estate people you got loan officers,you got door knockers you got software,sales people you got jewelry you got,furniture you got rvs all these,different people what what could you,give them that would apply to them all,i think of like sales,i had to learn spanish when i was 19 and,i look at sales as a language where most,people are like theyre like i speak,english therefore i speak sales and im,like no no no sales is its own language,uh the word tracks in which you use the,order and how you use it the tone you,use the body language how you understand,them and their emotions their body,language their profile,and most people just think oh i just,learn a script and i speak sales and,that thats that and im like no like,its an art its a communication its a,its a its a language that you get to,master and,well its interesting because i think,most people dont think what you just,said i know i think most people think i,cant do sales i dont like sales im,not a sales person,i could have said the same thing im a,white dude i cant speak spanish how am,i supposed to live in argentina its,like yeah but i learned it but,youre saying its just a language its,a language so anyone can learn the,language i think anyone can learn should,everyone learn the language yes teach us,a little of the language,yes so lets lets talk lets no no no,each name to the latino,no i cant speak,wow im just uh no speaker you know you,can speak english,over here,wow hey aunt k,thats come on,okay okay brad with a little hidden,talent oh boy we never know hey but,listen,other than what you just said because,thats a little general like what can,you teach,everybody listening in all those,categories something that applies to,them all because in my in my mind,if a real estate person wants to learn,real estate youre talking word tracks,youre trying to get specific to real,estate yeah and then theres you know,furniture youre saying different things,but theres fundamental basics that,apply across all,of them and thats what were excited,about doing this event together so we,have the closure school coming up in,july well not if you dont get more,enthusiastic no its going to be its,going to be fire so some [ __ ] looks,like hes sleeping were you guys smoking,weed downstairs,not me having a good time not me im,working down there its a late night,thats all it is do you care to go into,uh your,experience last night no were not going,there,so,um,you collect your thoughts while i go to,jeremy well i got i got something all,right so hes got something good my,skill set like obviously knocking doors,ive knocked her since i was 11. you,know a lot of people are like why dont,do door-to-door i do sas or i do b2b,like since then i own two sas companies,i have,sold high ticket coaching xyz but,what ive found in the skill set ive,developed thats applicable to anyone in,sales is that art of the first 30,seconds and when you have a first,impression a first interaction i dont,care who youre with whether its a,chick a cop that pulled you over or,youre trying to close some big deal,right,theres a theres a level of rapport a,level of threshold a big wall that gets,to you got a breakdown right and you got,to say how do i build this instant level,of trust and rapport where they will,continue to listen and appreciate me,faster than like speed of trust its,like how do i get there faster instead,of having all this resistance,and so,you know having to do that 100 and 200,times every day getting your face kicked,in and dealing with all different types,of demographics and homeowners and you,know that are in the the ghetto all the,way to the richest people right and,understanding learning that and then,being able to transmit and teach,frameworks that help anyone in sales to,win in those first 30 seconds would be a,huge,a huge value add you know and theres,very few people out there that can say,theyve prospected as many doors or as,many people as i have and you know,theres a lot of people out there that,you know like a realtor for example its,like great you talk to how many people,that youre actually trying to sell a,house to a month or you know a lot of,people just dont have the,the amount of,deal like rejections and,prospects that i would say i have under,my belt so,so when youre knocking on doors i would,imagine you get it slammed in your face,a bunch yep,how do you handle,that kind of mental,anguish and rejection thats thats,another big thing like the skin,its interesting i was like actually,thinking about this in like,relationships im like man ive just,like gained so much callous to you know,criticism to you know just over the,years but i call it selective amnesia so,think of like men in black holds a,little like,you know they zap you and they like take,away your memory,so when i knock a door and somebodys,like hey get off my porch im calling,the cops or they pull the gun on you or,whatever it is,um,have people done that oh dude ive been,thrown in jail cops called spit on,pushed i sprayed my hoes im telling you,like,how did you get thrown in jail from,knocking on a door well youre you get a,permit are you naked no well that was a,different story but im just kidding so,um no so,our permits got pulled by another rep,that got in trouble,and then they came by and were like hey,we youre not supposed to be out here,and then they arrested me and i had to,get bailed out,it happens that happens in door-to-door,that happens quite a thick skin right,there yeah i mean ive had,many guns pulled on me dogs sick on me,uh,pushed shoved i mean it its crazy,youre like dude you just kept going,though yeah youre youre just like i,must im just trying to do my job like,you know what i mean its like what did,i do to,make you so angry that youre gonna have,to literally spray me with a hose you,know what i mean l

Inception dream concept

okay this is gonna be a follow-up on the,inception the concept behind it,i uh,what do you want to count as lucky i,cant count as not,i was in,a pretty serious accent at one point in,time where i was forced into a coma over,a,pretty significant,number of days,i was in icu for,41 days basically,and uh during that time i was induced,into,repeated heavy sleep and so the part,where they had the dream within the,dream within the dream and then time,dilation,um they must have done their homework,because ive experienced that,during my time in icu when theyre,putting me back together,i would it felt like years,i would wake up from,one dream,thinking things were normal although,askew and strange,and,then wake up and be somewhere else and,this just happened over and over again,it felt like years it was,maybe more,there we go sandman sounds appropriate,and so,on the on what theyre talking about,inception in the movie where youre,youre going one stage stream you know,deeper and deeper,uh theres some validity to that,i,i actually experienced it and its its,disturbing its very enough its a very,actually i hadnt thought about it for,for five years until i saw this movie,and and although my early review gives,my honest opinions about the movie it,doesnt change the fact that that aspect,of,the time dilation within the dream,within the layers within weight camp,within one layer within another,is is,at least in my experience,true,and so i thought it shared out everyone,out there i dont know why it just seems,like it it might be,fun useful,quirky whatever maybe i just want to get,off my chest,so with my neck up to water here and i,was thinking about it i just uh i,thought id tell everyone that you know,at least,some things in movies at least for some,people um,are a little more close to truth than,you expect,and so,now grant i was in a serious way i was,you know,lots of blood was being pumped into me,and and i was unconscious and they were,inducing,a coma state to,because i needed more oxygen and i what,we think is happening at least people i,talk to is we think that i wanted to,wake up but the chemicals werent,allowing me to do so and so,my mind was literally hopping from one,dream to another and i mean its so,bizarre because,i,really,felt like,vast amounts of time had traveled in the,past,i mean i feel like i spent years in,and with this house that ive never seen,before but somehow i was familiar,and then i woke up and im in an,entirely different area,and its still fuzzy now i dont have a,lot of detail,its kind of like,well any nightmare that never ends,but i thought i should have everyone out,there and um just because movie touched,on it and it seemed like a good topic,to um,to share,anyways thats that i i hope everyone,found that kind of interesting and,i will catch you later

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