1. Jersey | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur | Film Companion
  2. JERSEY Movie Reaction Part 3 & Review! | Nani | Shraddha Srinath | Sathyaraj | Gowtam Tinnanuri
  3. Jersey Movie Review & Analysis | Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Kapur
  4. Jersey Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Shahid Kapoor Mrunal Thakur
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  6. Jersey – Movie Review
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Jersey | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur | Film Companion

do you see this bell icon here hit it,now and well ensure you get delivered,the very best of reviews interviews and,pop culture content this video is,brought to you by movie a curated,streaming service showing exceptional,films from around the globe get three,months free at movie.com film companion,90. as i watch jersey i wondered if ott,platforms had rendered the frame to,frame remake obsolete in 2019 writer,director gautam tinanuri made jersey a,rousing saga about a failing frustrated,ranji cricket player who makes a,comeback at the age of 36. the story,moves back and forth from 1985-86 to a,decade later and we see two distinct,versions of arjun the brash flamboyant,cricketer whose signature move is,stretching his hand out with the bat and,rotating his shoulder and the defeated,aimless washout whos been suspended,from his government job the star athlete,now dulls his anguish with cigarettes on,the company of deadbeat friends nani who,played arjun in the telugu film is,superb he nails the spectacular highs,and abject lows of arjuns life jerzy is,a three hanky weeper with child artist,ronit kamra who plays arjuns,seven-year-old son dialing up the,emotions with his dimpled smile and,innocence he reminded me of jugal hans,raj in masoom his face is enough to make,you want to hug and protect him jersey,won two national awards one for best,editing and one for best film in telugu,which brings me back to my original,question,why did we need a retread jersey the,hindi version is also directed by gotham,but he doesnt enlarge or significantly,alter the story he merely transplants it,from hyderabad to chandigarh the,original and the remake are almost,identical including dialogue situations,and even frames like the aerial shot of,arjun at the interval declaring his,intention to play cricket again and,stepping out into the cricket field the,relocation of city language and culture,isnt explored in any deeper way punjabi,colloquialisms like mayawe and,chaktefattea sprinkle throughout theres,a line about the layer paji ke ghane but,the punjabification of the narrative is,largely superficial theres little sense,of a story rooted in that soil shah,kapoors last release kabhi singh was,also a nearly frame to frame remake of a,telugu film arjun reddy but there,director sandeepanga managed to,effectively translate the disturbingly,sexist but seductive love story of a,damaged man jersey is more like a xerox,copy exactly the same as the original,but with less color vibrancy and soul,which stems more from the generic,storytelling and less from shahids lack,of trying the actor does a fine job,gotham brings ronit back as arjuns son,perhaps hoping for a replay of the,earlier magic shahid scenes with the,child actor are some of the best in the,film the father-son story is what gives,this underdog sports story its beating,heart theres a lovely scene in which,kittu first watches his father play and,does this bowing down gesture from the,stands later in the film when arjun asks,him whether he should continue to play,ketu says he should and adds that when,his fathers on the field he looks like,a hero to him arjuns cricket becomes,his path to redemption especially in the,awestruck eyes of his son theres also,the pleasure of the other father-son,bearing watching shahid work with pankaj,kapoor who plays coach bali arjuns,biggest cheerleader pankaj is a veteran,of the les ismore school of acting and,his sheer presence saves the character,from becoming a supportive coach cliche,renault is vidya arjuns wife whos,struggling to understand the man arjun,has become this is the least convincing,character in both films despite arjuns,success she staunchly opposes his return,to cricket she dismisses it as an,impractical dream but why playing,cricket gives arjuna a sense of purpose,it feels inconsistent that her character,who starts out as a fan girl cant see,that the film also suffers from a sense,of deja vu the cricket matches will take,you back to 83 like in that film here to,a windshield breaks because arjun knocks,a ball out that far but anirudh,ravichandras background score and,sachet paramparas song especially maya,menu and mehram help to heighten the,drama and lift the storytelling the,second half is stuffed with math,sequences as the punjab team moves up,the ranji trophy table and soon enough,these become eye glazing the matches are,accompanied by commentary which insists,that tension is building that theres,tremendous pressure at the moment that,this is a nail-biting finale and there,are goosebumps everywhere but we as,spectators feel little of it thankfully,the emotional drama is heightened and,the twist at the end about what happened,to arjun will make you tear up,especially if youre unfamiliar with the,original its very likely that if you,havent seen that this one will work,better for you but for admirers of,nanis jersey like me,this jersey isnt fresh or invigorating,enough you can watch the film at a,theater near you now to tell you a,little bit more about movie everyday,movie premieres a new film from brand,new work by emerging filmmakers to,modern masterpieces from todays,greatest icons theres always something,new to discover with mubi each and every,film is hand selected its like your own,personal film festival streaming anytime,anywhere try movie free for 90 days at,movie.com companion90 thats,mubi.com film companion 90 for three,months of great cinema for free this,week i highly recommend you check out,drive my car by ryusuke hamaguchi which,is streaming now on mobi the,oscar-winning drive my car is a delicate,and devastating meditation on grief the,mysteries of the human heart and the,power of art director yusuke hamaguchi,delivers a profoundly moving film which,might appear intimidating it is three,hours long and characters speak multiple,languages including mandarin and korean,sign language but if you submit to its,unhurried rhythms drive my car will,slowly envelop you you can watch the,film exclusively on movie,[Music]

JERSEY Movie Reaction Part 3 & Review! | Nani | Shraddha Srinath | Sathyaraj | Gowtam Tinnanuri

[Music],okey dokey everybody thanks for coming,back for part three of our reaction to,jersey the telugu version so since,youre watching this on youtube you will,see a cut down version of our reaction,because were only allowed to show you a,limited amount of picture in picture if,you hate that you want to watch the,whole thing with us without the cuts,without the interruptions without the,parts being broken up and all that,head over to our patreon page,patreon.com slash,we can watch the whole movie with us,without all the cuts and whatnot but you,will need your own copy of the film so,you can open it up an adjacent window to,our reaction and its like youre,watching it with two of your favorite,pals from the internet,all right thanks again for coming back,here we,also the first ever go and night grungy,match in the history of ranjit,tournament straight down the ground,another fall hyderabad can not believe,it,[Music],he just knows what hes doing,[Music],gets another,and hyderabad needs a savior will arjun,come to the rescue,no its not him he knocks over us,the danger manager departs another,wicket for hyderabad and theyre falling,down like a house of cards,[Applause],thats a cool transition 47 overs and uh,352 is the target sir required run rate,is seven point four seven mumbai the,first innings,[Music],in the second innings okay mumbai has a,lead of 351 runs and boy they must be,happy thats a lot goodness hyderabad,has to do something magical if they need,to win this match and 351 runs in just,47 hours on a day 4 pitch seems just,beyond possible,xiaomi attacking with the ball,xiaomi playing it dirty trying to,distract the batsmen does the batsman,have a reply to that one,that is played to the offside a call for,a second,more running between the wickets and,arjun gets to his half century this man,is making his intentions quite clear i,was wondering when that fatigue was,going to kick in about looking to keep,up with required run rate another,[Applause],[Music],get to a century,[Music],hyderabad is doing the right thing here,taking runs between the wickets not,leaving any opportunity to do so,remember his coach told him that,right and he still got breath which is,at 37. 36.,all running between the wickets the ball,races to the boundary,well doing,go ahead man ryan thats what im,talking about,shall be blocking the way but arjun,manages to raise the crease,a jerk,he usually deals in boundaries today is,another story i mean both hands on these,he knows the importance of singles at,this moment every run counts and every,run takes him closer to the target,youre gonna be all right man i know im,im worried man,that is quick,and the finger goes up hyderabad loses,at fixed wicket its 285 6 67 required,of 36 balls goodness just keep running,my singles could sell important,that is hit between the fielders,he is really putting his body on the,line and then this happens come on man,hyderabad losing the plot here 289 for,eight head,what a jerk i mean i get that as a part,of the game but its still some still,some stuff man another boundary,24 runs power required off nine balls,comes down to crease and hit straight we,dont try to reach it but theres only,six,[Applause],[Laughter],[Applause],nine runs,[Music],will this man hit another piggy they,need six for sure,fifth ball of the wow,oh it hits its hard,the ball is going will it land in the,crowd yes it does one shot dang,three more will he do it again mumbai is,setting the field now they dont want to,give another boundary,its like,disarming the bomb with five seconds to,go,[Applause],get it out of here,[Music],come on man man suck it air,will he lift a finger,[Applause],[Laughter],please let this man take a nap please,whoo thats a lot going on,[Music],thatd be exhausting even for a man in,his prime dude,right arjun got selected to the indian,team for england,i would like to call arjuns son to come,onto the stage please,this is for you,i know what it is,ah,everybody get me oh,[Laughter],oh my goodness,um he kept his promise,is,[Music],[Music],um,its cute,oh man that one really got me,[Laughter],oh man,oh man you think theres a marvel ending,oh man that one really really got me,well,well done,its all done cinematically it works,really well real life you cant be doing,that,[Laughter],because cinematically its awesome this,notion of like im gonna go out doing,this thing i love like the end of the,wrestler yeah and then get celebrated,like a legend,right like he really legitimately like,went out on the shield i forgot how,emotional this movie was jesus i wasnt,expecting that you know and his son,being like,yeah i want you to do it again cause,youre like a hero and im like oh,this is before we even found out that he,was sick you know,its just like all right yeah yeah im,absolutely gonna do this for this reason,you know,the determination and then its like you,go back and then you when you find out,the why,and then you see the decisions that hes,made and why he was depressed and,sitting on the sofa and,giving up on a dream deferred,but then doing it for a reason thats,bigger than yourself but,even though youre doing the right thing,theres still a piece of you thats,still attached yeah to the thing that,you loved before and properly mourning,that so that could be gone and then,i get all of that i get the cigarette,smoking i get the getting fired and just,being tired thats tough,um they did a really good job steering,me in a direction that placed a proper,amount of doubt and also an amazing,amount of redemption,i love a redemption story man did you,see this version or you saw another,version or you i saw this about it i saw,this movie but dubbed in hindi i believe,the telugu audience like no you gotta,watch the telegraph even watching it in,the dubbed forum i thought it was very,very well done but thankfully watching,it today its like i was so far removed,from that first viewing i didnt,actually remember the ending because you,know i you know when you watch so much,content,you forget some of the important details,sometimes you just remember the,experience like the general feeling of,it but not the specifics,and so going through to get them like i,dont actually remember how the rest of,this goes,and then finding out what happened at,the end its like in a story format i i,think its nice its like let me try to,make sense of what im trying to,articulate here so when you watch like a,romantic film there are things that,happen in a romantic film that you,wouldnt do in real life like they make,fun of shah rukh khan because in,shahrukh khan film hell be grabbing,broads by the rest and pulling them in,and being like no youre with miho,and its very aggressive but you do that,in real life you get slapped but like,cinematically it works really really,well what im saying is like for in a,movie format like this is very very,strong and its very powerful and,emotional in real life though youre not,going to play a game thats going to,kill you you get a kid defeat,no youre right no no you youre you are,right you are right there there is a,difference,there there there is legitimately a very,very big difference and and and,even though he did go out on his shield,you know if you think if you think about,it practically its like nah because you,know you left her some without a father,at the age of seven exactly but like for,the game isnt worth that much but for,this in this story and this element its,perfect yeah,yeah exactly it is for you,you know,it absolutely makes sense yeah yeah its,its dramatic but like in a great way i,like it a lot its this movie is even,better than i remember and the cool,thing is,watching it a second time i feel like,for me this is the best film in terms of,helping me to understand what the hells,going on in crickets,i was like dialed in im like oh im,actually like maybe its just having,watched so much cricket at this point,but the way they were explaining,everything im like oh thats what this,means thats what this means

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Jersey Movie Review & Analysis | Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Pankaj Kapur

[Music],for those who have seen the hindi dubbed,version of jersey available for free on,youtube i feel sympathy for you as,probably you may not be aware that the,hindi dub has completely butchered the,screenplay of the otherwise perfect,telugu film from revealing the final act,in the very first scene to completely,providing different meaning and,connotation to impactful scenes its a,travesty if you have experienced the,beauty of jersey through the hindi dub,the 2019 telugu film starring nani in,the lead role titled jersey caused many,waves the story of one of the most,talented prospects who everyone assumed,would eventually play for the indian,cricket team due to many accounts of,corruption and politics found himself as,a 36 year old unemployed father with,little to no hope in his life the,heartbreaking journey and performance in,this film resonated with many especially,the sensitive performance showcase by,nani the moment the trailer of the,shahid kapoor remake dropped everyone,seemed to be divided mainly due to two,accounts one the saturation of remakes,that exist in the market and two holding,the original telugu film very dear and,close to their heart i stepped into the,theater for the shahid kapoor starrer,with immense skepticism because i,thoroughly loved the original film what,did i want from this bollywood film well,i wanted to be surprised for its,treatment to be unique in its own way,for it not to mimic but to feel and for,it to guarantee a roller coaster of an,emotional journey despite its,familiarity and boy did it deliver,focusing on the life of arjun a 36 year,old ex-ranji cricket player portrayed by,shahid kapoor and the oscillating,journey of forgotten dreams and lost,purpose beyond the individual journey of,arjun what stays paramount and the prime,focus of the film are the relationships,that are formed along the way shahid and,his ventures have always fought against,the tide of skepticism and negativity,does the hindi version of jersey,persevere despite most people thinking,it has no chance heres me telling you,the good and bad aspects of the film so,that you guys can ultimately decide,whether to watch jersey in theaters or,not the underwhelming aspects,unnecessary background music and,language as the development years of,arjuna as a cricketer have been set in,chandigarh the story has been adapted to,completely reflect as if it originates,from punjab what i loved about the film,was that the comedic elements integrated,into the screenplay never seemed forced,or unnecessary but the creators hone in,on one of my biggest pet peeves,regarding funny sequences where they,incorporate sound effects to further,enunciate that a scene is meant to be,funny this is usually seen in the case,when arjun is surrounded by his free,loading friends that love to drink in,pastime during the afternoons the,writing is organic but the background,sound effects never let go another case,of bollywood films and a poor mans,attempt at punjabi also exists in this,movie while jersey is far more superior,in terms of its execution of the,language compared to kabir singh and,shaisha i still believe that simply,depicting the story in hindi would,connect with the masses more than a,half-baked attempt at punjabi lines like,sc life nahi chahiye menu can be easily,replaced with a shuddhindi counterpart,and would have had the desired impact,the good the music i had raved about the,music of the film when it first came out,and boy did it meet the expectations of,how it has been placed in the screenplay,of the film as well i absolutely love,sachet paramparas work in hindi films,from kabir singh siddhat to even the,exhilarating tanaji soundtrack they have,just delivered banger after bangers what,i absolutely admire about the music of,the film is that rather than halting the,proceedings of the story the music,actually contributes to moving the story,forward maya menu takes a deep dive of,the several milestones both arjun and,vidya experience in their relationship,and family and mehram acts as the,perfect background score in arjuns,journey of redemption a journey met with,extreme skepticism standing alone on his,own two feet like a lone wolf i love the,fact that the creators have held on to,the iconic background score composed by,anirudh ravi chandra that perfectly,enhances the emotional moments and feats,achieved by arjun while the entire world,even his biggest supporters thought,otherwise the sport and indulgence for,anyone who has played sports whether in,school district or on a national level,and love to watch hindi films you will,attest to the fact that there is nothing,cringier when creators get the sport and,its portrayal entirely wrong it is such,a breath of fresh air when there is a,genuine attention to detail that is,placed on the sport and its depiction,while jersey is more about hurdles his,relationships undergo along the journey,cricket forms a huge part of the,narrative and the amount of work that,has gone into portraying the sequences,is as clear as day when you watch this,movie shahid incorporates the body,language stance and athleticism required,for the sport and most of arjuns,innings being showcased in real time,with long shots and minimum cuts tells,you on how they wanted to make arjuns,inherent skill with the sport very,believable the cricket sequences unlike,june dont weigh down the storytelling,and actually account for exciting,moments for those especially who have,not seen the original grabbing hold of,your attention in wanting to understand,what may happen next in the match the,difference between a young arjun and his,prime versus a 36 year old shahid who is,relatively unfit with a slight belly is,also a great attention to detail that,makes you invested on this characters,journey shahids rendition of arjun nani,and what he contributed to the original,telugu version is very dear to many,people the journey of arjun in 2019 felt,personal to many of being cornered,aimless and a disappointment in the eyes,of those who you loved the most what i,wished for this portrayal by shahid,kapoor was that it doesnt even slightly,remind me of nani that he makes this his,own just like he did with kabir singh,shahid chanalyzes the inner turmoil of,arjun with an understated and effective,ease that will impact and communicate to,you with great conviction from the,trailer shahid was hilariously dismissed,as channelizing the anger of kabir singh,even in this world owing to simply the,way he looked but i can assure you there,is not an iota of kabir that you will,see in this movie his sullen unkept look,his empty gaze at the distance are all,representative of what arjun is,experiencing the once confident slightly,arrogant and inherently talented man,becomes a shell version of himself that,he himself cant recognize preconceived,notions may affect your experience of,this film but if you let the,storytelling of gotham do the talking,you would be unexplainably drawn into,the films journey i can assure you of,that the relationships and moments one,who has seen the original film would,know that more than the individual,journey it is the relationships and the,love for the family that really is the,essence of jersey the film with as much,conviction as the original film portrays,the father-son dynamic between shahid,kapoor and an endearing ronit kamra as,kittu from the daily morning rituals of,getting ready for cricket practice the,contrast of the hopefulness in kittus,eyes with the sadness in arjuns,demeanor knowing very well he cant,provide the bare minimum the wonder with,which the son sees a fathers,achievements bewildered that he is,smiling in all his past photos almost,unrecognizable to him the pride with,which one sees them pursuing ones,passion or my favorite knowing very well,that he is in your corner always even,the scenes which you expect the most,from they deliver with great conviction,where i think this movie surpassed the,original was the oscillating dynamic,between arjun a

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Jersey Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Shahid Kapoor Mrunal Thakur

hi before i start here is me in a voice,over telling you,subscribe,nearly everyone i know has gone through,or is currently experiencing an,existential crisis in their mid-30s oh,youve just turned 30 award its about,to go downhill very fast,[Music],hey yall my name is jacharat this is my,channel youre watching a movie review,and right now im going to be talking,about gotham tina nuris hindi language,adaptation of his own telugu film jersey,starring renard hacker and chaid kapoor,according to the director himself jersey,is an attempt to explore the trajectory,and future promises of late bloomers,people who decide to change track to,start afresh at an age which general,social construct deems to be delayed,which i assume is 10 times more,difficult when it comes to sports as a,kid when i would hear about retirement,announcements of cricketers like,muhammad az,singh sidhu in their 30s i would wonder,my father is older than these two,the concept of government jobs income,pension etc its fascinating and oddly,sad at the same time jersey dives into,this fascinating slash sad space head,first through a mostly sad and,self-sabotaging protagonist shah kapoor,is arjun talvar a 36 year old whos all,but given up on himself its been 10,years since hes left cricket and,subsequently has been fired from his,government job as well on charges of,corruption a subplot the movie doesnt,go into what the film instead spends,time on using flashbacks is a love story,between arjun and a woman named vidya,two people from different societies in,love against all odds forward to the 90s,arjun and vidya are now unhappily,married and he only cares about the,happiness of his young son who also,aspires to be a cricketer arjun sees,himself and his unfulfilled dreams and,his kid kittu was he named after a,cricket kit and the shame he feels on,realizing his son might give up on him,as a superhero if he doesnt come,through,all fathers are superheroes now until,proven otherwise right now despite,claims that the film is about second,chances to me jersey was about these two,subplots more than the actual cricket,the sport feeling more incidental let me,explain one how two people fall out of,love fans of marriage story might recall,scenes from that film where scarlett,johansson and adam driver argue and then,almost make up only to end up fighting,again slowly unraveling before our very,eyes as noah bombach talks to a side of,you which has experienced these,conflicting emotions in a romantic,relationship in jersey shahid kapoor and,renard hackers characters too are stuck,in the purgatory between feeling love,for each other and being in love with,each other one is battling invisible,mental demons while the others facing,financial pressures of being a sole,earner in a three-person household the,two are at a point where the,relationship just isnt working due to,both of them working hard to keep,themselves from falling apart completely,in one scene arjun has his cricket kit,packed and kept on a coffee table and,hes telling with there that he cant,deal with this life anymore she has to,let him go hes seeking permission to be,a bad person to do what is wrong walk,away from his family for his own,personal qatar it is a sensitive fragile,personal admission of desire from a man,whose big shtick so far has been dont,need your sympathy im okay so,jean-theres production design enhances,the overall effect and impact of the,scene and i was deeply affected by the,vulnerability at display two the,father-son relationship and how that,begins to change once your son takes you,up on your offer of becoming friends the,child understands power dynamic but also,has been instructed to ask for anything,anytime so how do you explain means and,money to a child with sympathy for their,limited understanding of the world when,your kid asks for something how do you,not tear yourself and everything around,you apart looking for it jersey like,emotions,played by the same actor as the telugu,version of camera a childs curiosity is,wild its complicated which despite here,being one of the triggers for arjuns,metamorphosis is only approached from an,adult top angle pov metaphorically,similarly with vidya renard harker isnt,provided any room to do a lot except,look unsatisfied and stressed shes a,natural a gifted actor and i really do,wish to see a lot more of her in roles,where her character doesnt just exist,to god the love interest into winning,when jersey moves towards the cricket in,the second half and begins to follow,familiar oft-repeated tropes of the,underdog sports story fatigue begins to,set in a bit and any scene without the,incredible pankaj kapoor in it takes a,turn towards predictable and tedious,shaya kapoor as a cricketer is a very,attractive sight and the actor plays the,sport extremely convincingly if always a,little too kabir singh after anger,management style but when the actor,allows himself to be vulnerable around,his son around selectors or in a shop,asking for a discount when the perennial,squinting in the suns skull goes away,you are reminded of the gut-wrenching,dramatic effect the actor is capable of,generating its like the character and,the actor are both too tightly wound to,let any real emotion through long enough,to have sustained impact jersey is many,small movies rolled into one gallantly,attempting to bring all of them to one,conclusion cop out or logical you decide,gotham tinda nuris jersey is in,theaters starting today subscribe,channel today im also talking about the,nicholas kate starrer the unbearable,weight of massive talent whats a,filmmaker subscriber,review,[Music],you

JERSEY Movie Reaction Part 1! | Nani | Shraddha Srinath | Sathyaraj | Gowtam Tinnanuri

[Music],hello people i am jaby kawaii joined by,since el kawai yeah was cracking baby,and we are looking at the 2019 version,of jersey starring nani directed by,gautam tina nuri written by pradeep rish,raj and gautam tina nudi its also,starring shara srinath and so um if you,guys are watching this on youtube you,will see a cut down version of our,reaction because were only allowed to,show you a limited amount of picture in,picture however if you want to watch the,whole thing with us uncut uninterrupted,head over to our patreon page,patreon.com jabycaway where you can,watch the whole movie with us but you,will need your own copy of the movie,wherever you can where you can watch it,were watching it in telugu the original,language and so youll need your own,copy of the movie so you can open it up,in an adjacent window tower reaction and,its like youre watching with two of,your favorite pals from the internet now,if youre watching this on patreon,already thanks so much for supporting us,here if youre watching this on youtube,thanks so much hit that subscribe button,bell icon all notifications and vote,this up to let youtube know youre,enjoying what youre watching here we go,[Music],that must be authentic footage of in the,states because the uh the americans,actually like americans,[Music],you know i always miss new york until i,get there,[Laughter],and then you get a big waft of it inside,yeah new york right up your nostrils,its more than noise than anything its,just like damn yall dont shut up you,just this just keeps going,[Music],all day long with the noise and and also,the smell,yeah the smell is definitely a defining,moment when visiting new york,just missed it do you have any more,copies of jersey i just sold the last,copy im sorry,ill be more than happy,now you feel silly a little bit dont,you,[Laughter],now take that youre welcome everything,is sold out thanks,and every news channel is covering it,also bcc that reminded me of the,ashishlani video that we saw the other,day its like when she says i have a,boyfriend missing enemies,i mean you know cash in on that fame,homie,[Music],whatever it takes,[Laughter],my man coming out like a gladiator isnt,he,[Music],always crazy about my dad,[Music],i love the rock and roll element of it,like that rock star kind of vibe,its like yeah baby come out here and,watch me do what i do my man got his,collar popped and everything it looks,like a playstation 5.,[Music],hes got his trophies out you dont want,to know where i keep my youtube placards,thank,my youtube uh you know the subscriber,trophies you have to look really hard to,find them in my apartment,[Music],this whole this whole um dynamic right,here reminds me of my childhood so much,because my mom was the one who,worked,its gotta be one of the toughest parts,about having a kid so they keep asking,for,my,boyfriend remember those cameras,i do remember them,back when they had that funny film too,it was looked like a i dont know it was,just weird looking my boyfriend,bodybuilding,they could write sections,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Music],[Music],you look good dad,you look terrible now but she looked,great back then,you look haggard now dad whats going on,[Laughter],such a hat indian jersey ah original,jersey i dont,[Music],500.,she said good lord i just told you we,got 100 around on the on the counter,goodness,i understand that frustration though,yeah especially when youre out there,busting your hump yeah yeah concluding,like this,oh tell someone,even current will continue,and lord,yeah thats a tough position,yeah you know,when you got somebody else thats trying,to you know just keep it keeping you,afloat and you got to pull your weight,[Music],[Laughter],hey the whole squads showing up right,yeah,oh that looks good,shoot cards homies drinks,being unemployed,i dont know man,thats the electric bill,in the coffin,[Music],[Music],like that he lost the electric money,just like that,indian jersey,[Music],get your priorities in order buddy no my,man be distracted,see will smith only smack somebody,[Laughter],keep my girls name out your mouth,he doesnt do anything for me let him do,this,did you really say that,keep your name out your mouth,[Laughter],thats true gotta have discipline he,aint lying,yeah this is all before he got humbled,by,[Applause],[Music],theres someone i love,her dad did not look happy at all he,just looks scared,over action,series,[Laughter],[Music],[Music],look good,yeah i know,[Music],i was like man like that,someone,[Laughter],i like such the differences in the,personality between this version of him,and the more humbled version and yeah in,in 96 its drastically different people,this version of him has not been,completely beat down by life yet,right yeah,if my own daughter marries a person from,another religion,ah,[Music],what is this,[Music],[Applause],[Laughter],no i feel that my mans head is back,though like dont disrespect my dude,like that,[Laughter],[Music],oh theyre gonna like elope just like,that,[Music],just like that huh,remember when you had your whole life,ahead of you,[Laughter],no worries,or just the worries of a young man,yeah thats what it is,young man worries,theyre also interested too like after,they signed on the dotted line they,shook hands like it was almost like a,business arrangement too something wrong,the love is there but you know,were here,on that on every level right,gotta do what you gotta do yeah you know,what though watching this process i it,makes me really understand her a lot,more too and definitely understand that,frustration,[Music],she been ride or die,right,she had to go against her father for him,yeah,eloped for him,what a question him,can always make another one of these,guys,yeah thats a lot different over here,him,but youre a real close second,[Music],i love all of this,[Applause],its interesting like the makeup they,did on her to just make her look its,like a subtle thing to make her look,more aged and tired,im sorry sir me personal problems,all of you get back,[Music],oh man i feel so bad for her,its part of life though,you fall in love with this person you,got to take him off his pedestal and,ground them so you can keep them,foreign,[Laughter],this is a very uh cohen brothers kind of,thing,like theres a lot of build up to this,person that we havent even met yet,please,[Laughter],[Music],[Applause],[Laughter],oh is that mango man i want some,so what if they hear me,[Laughter],[Applause],everything has a price right youre,gonna get the shame a little bit,[Music],you,[Laughter],[Music],is,[Laughter],[Music],his friend wants to take half his money,half his earnings from playing,what a jerk,i mean he was kind of like his agent,his his street agent for that day agents,get between ages get between 10 and 20,not 50.,yeah it feels good in your hand doesnt,it,thats what you were built for baby,wow,is she,he hasnt opened that bag in 10 years,is exactly where he left it,[Music],[Music],[Laughter],[Music],questions,[Applause],its like they do call them an,what does mean daddy it means,youre a good person,no shut up,10 years theres got to be some rust,there has to be,muscle memory,well ill shut up,uncle shablow,[Applause],[Laughter],[Laughter],his friends are a riot,[Laughter],look at that beautiful as they walk out,have you ever heard the theory that a,coin toss always determines the outcome,of the game really huh no i havent,heard that one if this fireworks will,continue,here he goes again,wonderful really wonderful,brilliant,hes hitting every single one god damn,right goodness,hyderabad has a huge task at their hands,they need to hit 332 to win the match,what a,jerk,new zealand seem to be in control here,[Applause],said,[Laughter],its go time man come on,you built for this,get out the way,[Laughter],a real man has shown up,sorry,thats a very very different,very different attitude yeah you can do,it,36 year old,he almost fell back into his own ways i,love that though,nice shot with the birds in the,backgroun

Jersey – Movie Review

[Music],Jesse,hey those are my skate pingu sports,drama film written and directed by,Gautham pin angry starting – Reza Juun,she passionate at Sarah permit comrades,junior nanny or cetera G at coach Marty,you film the curse of La Llorona or :,kiss at me it should work we release we,sugar queen ich bin pedicure could be,sweetie or column to boot work wearily,sweetie,too many : good work Oh Dicky guru alko,du coeur supplier Granada key or who,seek a certain image or see the echo,paluska achyuta Maria Peru would be what,they ricotta,it was a time I just named hope ayah so,colour keyer Carmenere I work we film,the key opposite a hot sorry boost,sacral comment skull chickadee is been,good if you could occur what we see,mimic could be if in the Kannada Tamil,disc a little pot personaje a pure,energy player our junkie Connie show,character nannies are any click here hey,up near stomach any wound is such a sick,evil BOTS awful cricketer take make an,Osama kuch kar no key will you say una,cricket road Napper tile Escobar me Im,amazed he did the cell bad Kissimmee me,anyone new such an email he percocet,yeah parable junkie girlfriend Sarkis at,Machado betta be her nanny they can I be,our jihad Baja de carava,make it basically of me but Nikki open,it up I wrote I depend on time cricket,so many curious a Arjun under security,key said to to call Tiger key beep,Eureka Buddhism me that you skip at me,Sarah Cooper he ot a walk you pitch the,Solomon of junkie like me as a Kiowa,uniquely the film technically obey say,hello to me Arjun Capitan Daniel nepeta,say Indian cricket team creature Sikkim,on kurta but they give Couture / I,cannot drink a pass me up me basically a,secret Mickey Libby one surah Petaling,ot I be hurt knock I said our junk of,feasible academically magical tea leaves,pinky Connie,Fink we should work near me or drink,ouzo Putney Sarah wadcutter Lapierre,Waldron sister customer Tokyo courageous,because it behaved Kyoko rehear yummy,should wat me so much money at I slept I,Jason okay wish me good job why he,pitched with a solemn a hobby a Gooses,egg blue circle person he cared a its,precursor mission wat mulatto they can,be read area which Elkanah main Archon,or saga in Doha Qatar scalable aqua,hello technical tense imagine a,community hell just say,sahaja means she got me vodka total a,gritty ski-doos Rosario me technical,melty here,or Arjun Joe a big loser a meal at an,orgy one Mutasa Bihar Awami decline they,can pass me,Johanna mr. castles cursor pari must,cursor / big get carlashes owatta,japonica told us a Jewish Torah and,Encarta you do decide to become a,flashback medical community here,Robbie believe o Abu Zubaydah cadre holy,can fill be undone okay wish me,understanding okay,Oh Donna induce a good so much thinner,or in Teresa Joe man mu tau hang on door,okay which me who Skippy chibi casts a,garland on carry stamen maybe a mile a,technic Invicta,I mean the salami or drink under Cassie,but lava he amid Basinski region Niko,Milton who new social psychics Eamon de,Valera kisara cuckoos ball detergent,laundry producer Marnell exotic halacha,samosa grumper bhulaiyaa Tosca barber,Nampo carriage errata a king gustaf,Donna technical que trabajan a vicar,mostly Kumar nods Zi Ruis imagine a,tomato konasana data in each joannec,ojousama sequestered pan you can secret,the Saluki botany,Yahoo feels the ground palatable a,leaker kill nicholae to detect batsman,acoustic college Atta are notorious RBG,attack was full-time or fierce efficient,worker was batsman say Murphy,montana-color make a DA any deaths al,Palazzo wake up me to miss awhile at,Attica sakinas who Naja 1aqaq Jewish,akin the sulky bad man whos keeping,Kulik opposite to sweet Hermia poor,technique immunity here mr. Kirk a,Kaiser a SS since a filming disc easily,humming in character Scott under say,Johnny customers Nico milta hai is,filmmaking wanna make you Larry kg when,cohen ET kya,Tosca sadhna he person like us copy our,family conscious at Macbeth or put,together Arista busca doors assume,squeeze you indicates an allegorical you,could be film in America idea or the,film Co supporting characters which I,woke at night your digital supporting,character he Keanu who whose chemical,oppression banana per film a director,Nick asked Arkady handy ahead in sup May,or June or Sadiq a cause OPR a,horse Cassatt me Arjun or nari,any Peter cut rocky beach Kajol,unconditional love Hemsworth Ram Hare,Muhammad filmmaker about how kurta whoa,simcha subset based part a new child,actor her nanny sorry Ronnie camera,nanika character phe ahead for sashimi,Hamada Birgit late ahead she was owed me,because it did car tire sickly a monk,italic in lamonica blue skidoo,terracotta is Picasso kuma physical body,kurta exec birthday gift mom naked ear,or jerking holiday time so much naked he,came in September Jacob Muscovado,display car keys so much diuretic hot,ahead in sorry but Tokyo JC whoa Oscar -,Cody curse my mother bill Bharata was,subsequently about yet aqui Watney was,come on me Jost capito clip PRA whos,Cody colony kurta j-pop nippy taco,kilter with a tight TV / radio /,newspaper image above me Pataki does,feel dicta hey sue oscilloscope prowl,field karna Pepe Takahiro mana,applicable mrs. sinico was fanatical,mahaprabhu pitaka post 11 a no-go,newspaper cutting lagana or years of,courtesy copa-data nakida come EP Papa,Mia Karamu me up with the sphere LeBaron,we D come on in kurta Jost capito G,occurred a gr yet the swedish nila,college a buh-buh-buh-buh-buh that IKEA,up merely such me,yo-ho-ho exhausting Tana was such me,Amory Akuma are sooo leotta if caliber,are generic a key to romantic,relationship and go Scooby poha tea,buddy I said okay a gas hot pot,unconditional issue – you wanna go part,with a pod person liya they came in up,Co our junky bottom in Pattaya whoa poor,little cases even say hard to escape as,maybe Jobling losing about the curse of,paperwork will be financially magna,carta,it can si holla to movie Sadovsky sad,medical career Etios Cassatt nature T or,Esprit Cargill relationship a magical,key film uma Parvati come back Nicomedia,t├ęcnico Hina milta as a Kato between a,t-shape in a yogi ask also chatter Joe,liberally ultra feminist film Satya,mei-mei generation coach my generation,jeweler kiya hiya Joe jobina generation,Han na KO Anarchy aho cuckoo Jessica a,tacky shadow to shadow the Jewish,problem aha,yeah petechia past means opening a,walker poor financially modern capita to,Toronto say loser cake are you say Mitch,a decocker Galia Descartes Ilan Dido,shoddy todo but yeah he a key message,article key film okay sir ya da da da,compromise karna adjusts karna is the,car key buddy to filming me technique,ohina multi-hop ah Joe just because the,Algenol sake which key to understanding,Hey Joe piano key car what the,College Board could she be,its the car key relationships in stock,are copy are Asheville to Parvati Conda,click Imelda or this would you say see,films Derek so cool Milton a hot meal,piediluco it shadow hakucho as a hinge,of family values me which was dr.,compromise karna and just karna ingest,able to make which look yeah Kim curtain,vishwas Kurata hey acting again but,cartoon on Ethernet a digital body,natural or realistic performance be I,sure – not maybe up no performance a,film a hamara dil chahta cetera JG mommy,watch boutique a character play kiya hey,whos Pedro go fill my screen time when,we convey our Greek new skate dialogues,which pot person die which is Picasso,Junko Barbour puts on get ahead second,hop mix in emergency ketaki,our selection make which vivo Musa was,sick kuma table here akin to merely a,mini apne jeevan me take away puri dunya,a subset best player hope its pikake,kujo-kun k dialogue the couch two,moments they fill me with the same,viscous wished I hit output cricketer,who film kebab be humming yatra shot,ahead fill my makeup artist Nick Kemal,kardia miso chassis unison way or dosa,illness except in some 18 time period,film a medical or in Pinot mr. mime a,film g

Jersey Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Gowtam Tinnanuri | Shahid Kapoor | Mrunal Thakur

[Applause],[Music],hello and welcome to galata plus in this,episode we are going to be talking about,jersey a remake of the telugu film of,the same name the director is the same,to gautam tina noori and shahid kapoori,places nani as a protagonist the story,is about a 36 year old former cricketer,named arjun talwar thats the shahid,kapoor character he was once the best,batsman of his time now he lives with,his wife played by menard takor and the,son and things are not going well in the,household shahid has been sacked from,the government job that he took up after,deciding to give a cricket and his wife,is the sole provider he sits around at,home smoking and drinking beer and,watching a lot of tv and playing with,his son and you wonder is he feeling,sorry for himself partly yes but he is,also one of those people who lose their,great passion and their talent and now,they sit around not knowing what to do,because they were their happiest when,exercising that great passion and that,great talent in this case its cricket,and the only time he was really happy,apparently was when he was on the pitch,within the boundary lines but what about,his wife then does she not give him real,happiness uh does he not share his,feelings with her there is a love,marriage after all so is there no love,left in this marriage you wont find,strong incisive answers to these,questions in jersey which is content to,exist in broad strokes to give an,analogy take the charity match that,shahid plays after his long self-imposed,retirement youd think that after 10,years of not playing hed be a bit rusty,but no every ball goes for a four or a,six its a relief when subsequent,matches show him taking the odd single,and jersey is very much like the shahid,kapoor character every scene gets its,points across in the form of a four or,six instead of trying harder working,harder and taking a lot of singles which,is to say that instead of going step by,step the film goes in leaps and bounds,there is a lot of generic writing take,the opening scene at a bookshop for,instance a book has been written about,the shahid kapoor character and this is,a device a framing device that goes back,at least as far back as anand where,amitabh bachchan has written a book,about rajesh khanna and the film begins,by saying you know this is the book this,is a great guy and then we cut to the,actual great guy here the same kind of,opening looks silly because the scene,itself is a little silly but its a,sixer it establishes whats going to,come in one big shot instead of taking,us step by step towards the book and,towards the character or take arjuns,cockiness thats a four instead of,establishing a character trait in a,series of scenes you get it in one big,shot given that the film goes on for,nearly three hours surely some time,should have been given for some more my,new psychological detailing surely not,everything needed to have been said,through dialogues and we get a lot of,music montages bland music montages,surely some of these could have been,transformed into individual powerful,scenes but i think gautam tina nuris,approach may take the movie to more,people who may not want to watch a dark,and depressing drama about a loser hero,because jersey is a pleasant and easy,watch about a loser hero so shahid,begins to play again when his son makes,a very specific request and the rest of,the story is a predictable underdog,story now heres the thing about,underdog stories when even made at a,reasonable level like jersey is at a 50,level instead of really becoming good as,long as its not really bad they still,work at some level and jersey does i,kept tearing up in quite a few scenes,but heres the thing these are not,earned tears these are manipulated tears,there would have been earned tears had i,really been able to enter shahids,headspace or his wifes headspace,theres a superb scene where she accuses,him of giving up very easily and walking,away from difficult situations instead,of tackling them now this applies to his,job this applies to his cricket but this,point where the scene appears the point,where this line appears,is,during a very domestic moment which is a,low point even for the shahid kapoor,character thats the kind of writing,that jersey could have used more of but,thats also the line that makes the,ending of jersey feel like a cheat run,the film again through your head after,the last twist happens and you will find,that a lot of scenes a lot of shahids,behavior has been written in order to,make the audience,think a certain way they seem to exist,just to trick the audience and not in a,very organic way either also some of us,may wonder about what is the point of,relationships if we dont share some of,the things that are inside us with our,partners why do we even have them then,if were going to hide everything inside,us and not really tell them or at least,give me a reason why shahid is hiding,certain things from his wife and hes,not told of those things but that would,mean taking more singles and as i said,this film is all about fours and sixes,the best scenes in the film are the,really small scenes between the shahid,kapoor character and the coach played by,pankaj kapoor the father-son dynamic the,real-life father-son dynamic comes,across beautifully across on screen and,these are the scenes where we get the,specifics the singles for example take,the point where child says i left,cricket and the coach says you didnt,leave cricket,bhaga you didnt leave cricket you ran,away from it pankaj kapoor gives a,wonderfully warm performance with a,slight touch of comedy but this is of,course shahid show this is one of,shahids finest performances he,underplays every moment and adds a few,more shades to the character than the,screenplay apparently does now jersey,reminded me of this 1980s barry levinson,movie starring robert redford its,called the natural and its about a,mid-30s baseball player attempting a,comeback and its also about his son,theres a bit about the sun thats quite,important in the end though the story,itself is quite different overall that,film made the man a myth but jersey,thanks to shahid keeps the character,very life-sized now arjuna the character,may be going for fours and sixes but,shahid works hard and goes for the,singles so thats it for jersey if you,like this video do subscribe to galata,plus and see you soon at the movies,[Applause],[Music],you

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