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The all new JetBlue Mint Suites are ridiculous

i know,im here awfully early for an 11 30 a.m,flight but that just goes to show you,how excited i am about trying the,all-new jetblue mint suites for the,first time,yes im also bored out of my mind but i,am ready,oh and thanks as always to surfshark for,sponsoring this video,[Music],[Music],hey everyone its scott again and im,starting this jetblue mint suites review,here in the all-new west gates at the,tom bradley international terminal at,lax why,because jetblue doesnt offer lounge,access with their business class product,thats why,and because this terminal is super quiet,and empty,and its awesome,yes it is a bit of a walk from the,jetblue gates over in terminal 5 but if,youve got a couple hours to kill,this beats a swanky lounge any day of,the week without the food and drinks of,course,anyway until jetblue comes up with a,lounge solution for mint customers this,is my recommended way of relaxing before,a flight out of lax,unless you dont like walking if so,youre likely to think that this is the,stupidest idea ever,[Music],im only halfway through the walk back,to terminal 5 and i desperately need a,break so,im going to use this time to talk about,surf shark the award-winning vpn service,that ive been using exclusively since,2019,i use it because its easy,incredibly secure,and i like the fact that once i set it,up it runs totally in the background,doing its thing without me even noticing,in other words its insanely fast and it,doesnt slow down any of my devices at,all,surfshark allows you to browse the,internet privately so no one can see or,steal your data it will allow you to,change your ip address to prevent,tracking from one website or app to the,next,itll even block ads and malware if you,ask it to do so and its great for,traveling because itll protect you from,sketchy wi-fi networks that you might be,hopping on and off of during your trip,sorry lax after all these years i still,dont trust your free wi-fi,anyway once you try it im convinced,that youll like it and start depending,on it as much as i do,the easiest way to do that is to use the,link in the description below,and if you use the promo code scott,during the sign up process,surfshark is going to give you 83 off,the cost of a normal subscription,plus an extra three months thrown in for,free,its darn near being an extended free,trial at that point and i cant,recommend this highly enough,and now ive got some more walking to do,[Music],yep,still walking,almost there,there we go welcome to terminal 5.,this is the home of jetblue at lax and,without lounge access its a fairly,chaotic way to begin a plush business,class experience to new york this was,actually the delta airlines terminal,until fairly recently and i dont know,it just feels really weird to be in here,for a jetblue flight,im uncomfortable with change okay,gate 55a is where this flight is,departing from today and its crammed so,far back into a corner that i dont,think ive ever noticed it before,this is new territory for me,speaking of new experiences this right,here is my ride to new york its a brand,new a321 neo looking great under the,morning sun and,okay is it time to go yet,dont mind me,im just feeling really impatient and,excited to try out the all new jetblue,mint suites for the very first time and,im not sure but im willing to bet,anything that boarding cues move slower,relative to how excited im feeling i,mean how come the boarding process of,every single spirit airlines flight that,ive ever taken felt like grease,lightning,this is brutal,[Music],this is it,its happening just a few more steps to,go and,there you have it the all-new jetblue,mint suite in all of its magnificent,neon blue glory this is the 7a by the,way which looks like a fantastic choice,considering that row 8 has misaligned,windows,i guess i dodged a bullet on that one,anyway this looks and feels fantastic,but ill tell you what,im not a fan of the inward facing seats,and this did seem a bit awkward to me,right off the bat more on that in a,moment because theres really nothing,else to complain about and,i dont want to sound like im not,enjoying this because i am immensely it,looks like theres lots of plugs and,ports everywhere and i love how private,this is,and check this out an environmentally,friendly amenity kit the only purpose,that i have for these things is to,document the contents for my blog and,youtube channel but,well admit that its fun to see the,expression on the faces of the economy,class passengers walking by as im,digging through it,anyway so far so good,im happy to report that the inward,facing seats dont seem to be a problem,yet,noise cancelling headphones were passed,out just as i was wrapping up getting,the last of my initial seat footage and,these look great,okay so you know how all the airlines,claim that cleaning and disinfecting,aircraft between flights is a top,priority,lying to you,the crumbs i found were nasty,not only that there was a dirty sock,wedged between my seat and the side wall,clean and disinfected my,dirty seat or not im still not,complaining,im comfortable and i cant see anyone,else from where im sitting these are,really private seats,oh and look at that i found another neat,little cubby hole beneath the video,screen,perfect for losing my most valuable,possessions,and yes menus were handed out to all,passengers while still at the gate and,the options look great but im gonna,wait to show you all that until after,takeoff,now its time to sit back relax and,enjoy the flight,without thinking about that dirty sock,of course,[Music],as i mentioned earlier this is a brand,new a321 neo with the neo being an,abbreviation for new engine option im,nowhere near smart enough to be able to,tell you all the performance benefits of,these new engines but all you really,need to know is that,they thick,here on the inside not much has changed,from what i can tell anyway but on paper,this is a completely different airplane,than the one that preceded it,i was never a big fan of the a321 before,this update and now with the fat new,engines and the sound they make,im liking these things a lot more,speaking of which make sure you head on,over to my other youtube channel after,this video is over to watch the full,unedited takeoff footage i recommend,watching it at the loudest possible,volume,[Music],okay i think my complaints about the,inward facing seats are becoming,justified,i think i tweaked my neck trying to,twist around and get that takeoff,footage,im not complaining though,the all-new jetblue mint cabin is,beautiful and theres loads of neat,little design details to check out,ill show you all of those little,details later but for now i need to get,my video entertainment situation sorted,before they start serving lunch,just a slight adjustment of the video,screen here and,voila,these new video screens are fantastic,there are also a lot more movie choices,than i remember from my last jetblue,mint experience which is cool but,im still not a fan of the live tv thing,and all the commercial breaks that come,with it and yes you can control the,screen with this handy little remote,here,i wonder if the person who left the,dirty sock touched this remote before or,after peeling it off the foot,aha,now i know what those crumbs were that i,found earlier,so now were getting to the part where,jet blue mint really shines,the food,and the drinks,i went with the mint condition which was,just as delicious as it was,appropriately minty these snacks were so,so and i did my best not to leave any,crumbs behind but this,holy moly i havent seen food on an,airplane like this since my starlux,airlines experience right before the,pandemic ground everything to a halt,this is ridiculous,in a good way,and im convinced more than ever that,theres no other airline in the u.s that,can come even close to what jetblue is,doing these days,wow where do i even begin,this totally cancels out my gripes about,crumbs dirty socks and inward facing,seats,this is restaurant quality food a


this afternoon Ill be flying from San,Francisco to New York City in jetblues,mint first class suite this will be a,comprehensive review of that experience,[Music],now Ive always been a very big fan of,the Jet Blue like regular economy class,is my favorite economy class this new,first class experience it feels a little,different from other airlines,[Music],and now a brief tour of my suite over,here on the window side of this big open,kind of shelf like space its honestly a,lot of space I dont know what its,meant to be used for like a second,person a small person could sleep up,there I have a little door on my suite,here ready,now theres no shower on this plane,obviously if not an Emirates plane,dreams do come true I am showering on,their friends but they do give you nice,moist clean smelling towels to sort of,clean yourself up with I need youve got,two power outlets they got 110 and USB,great way to charge your camera,batteries when youre making airplane to,review videos mid-flight additionally,theres a third power outlet on the,right side I dont know I mean thats a,lot of power out I appreciate it thats,a lot of power outlets now just the,right of your seat here is a cell phone,holder water bottle holder,[Music],TV here probably like 15 inches your TV,will motors located right here,[Applause],and over here is like a maybe another,cellphone holder I got my toothbrush in,there then theres this gigantic cubby,right here I dont know what this,cubbies made for its huge,they turned the lights on,your city over here,proceed,legroom is pretty ridiculous,the massage is not like those massage,chairs at the mall,Im eternal,[Music],very flat compared to my bed at home,its lumpy and compared to an airplane,seat its an absolute dream,foods here now one of my favorite parts,a JetBlue or all the free snacks you get,in the back but in the mint here you get,actual dinner but the menu is a little,different from other planes they give,you all these choices of what you can,get and you get to pick three from all,the choice Im gonna go with the ricotta,gnudi the gross grilled salmon and the,beef stew,[Music],nope thats good,so here we got my three dishes,[Music],overall its a pretty fantastic see the,amount of spaces,but thats also my main criticism,first class situation on,[Music],see all the seats in mint costs the same,you pay the same price whether youre in,these big seats or in one of the two,Cedars see,first class has a one-two-one,one-two-one configuration meaning the,people sitting in front of me and the,people sitting behind me also in first,class have a half the amount of space,that I have but these costs the same,price p1,[Music],I know this is on my flight out here I,was in one of these seats it was great,dont get me wrong but it was also,exactly half as good as the seat Im in,right now,and thats why its my main criticism,these seats they should cost more money,or something because they are way better,than the other steeps and every time,Ive flown in Im always jealous of,people that get these seats versus me in,those other seats,I know its like thats not a big thing,to complain about but it is like this is,way better than what those people,Weaver,[Music],its like 1:00 in the morning were,about 25 minutes from New York City the,nice gentleman just gave me this a,confetti cookie,delicious thanks doubt me its go right,right,please the German Shepherd aerosol,[Music]

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Americas BEST Business Class | JETBLUE Mint Studio

today im flying americas newest luxury,flying experience jetblue mint in both,their studios and suites offered,exclusively on board their airbus a321s,every seat features directile access,with fully closing doors extensive,dining options comfortable bedding and a,price tag of around two thousand dollars,its almost in a league of its own when,looking at the us competition well,almost ive discovered several things,which make this experience a little less,exclusive as well explore in a second,so lets head to los angeles and,experience the complete jetblue,adventure as ill be reviewing both of,the new mint products on the same flight,have they just launched a marketing,gimmick or is it actually a competitive,and disruptive business class hey guys,what is up and welcome back to the,channel you join me today at los angeles,international airport where im going to,be trying out jetblues brand new mint,product without any more to say lets,head straight into the airport and go,and check in for my flight,[Music],hey hows it going,welcome,to new york,please yeah i dont know,sorry about,[Music],today which may give away the game of,course youve seen already gonna be,trying out the studio which is only in,the first row of mint quite interested,to see what its going to be like today,the thing you have to remember is that,jetblue throughout the us is largely a a,cultural economy airline so when they,offer their mint product thats only on,a select view of their roots which is of,course what were doing today now for,the arduous task of waiting in an,endless tsa queue thankfully the blow is,somewhat softened as jetblue mint is,part of the priority queue that said it,took around 15 minutes,right all fruit tsa goodness me,it is never easy is it its always a,nightmare this is the one thing i,noticed from the amount of travel that i,do have over here in the us i need to,sort myself out with tsa free at some,point i will do that it just makes sense,but anyway all through now now well,work out what to do point with jetblues,uh premium product is it doesnt come,with a lounge so this flight today cost,me well over a thousand dollars,and not having a lounge,doesnt really sit that well with me if,im honest with you thats the same case,for their more international flights as,well so the ones over to london talking,of london i actually got the chance to,go to the launch event of the inaugural,london gatwick flight this gave me the,chance to meet jetblues ceo joanna,garrity who explained how the new mint,product is intended to disrupt the,transatlantic premium market with a,focus on price and quality im,interested what this means though as,looking across the next few months,youll be lucky to get changed for four,thousand dollars on one of these flights,back in la its time to take the no,lounge situation into my own hands lets,head over to the tom bradley terminal in,an effort to find a lounge that will,have me oh dear weve got some bad news,the centurion lounge,is closed,which may mean this whole,idea of going to the across the other,side of the airport to find somewhere to,chill out in is a complete waste of time,anyway lets see if theres any other,option for us here so after another 10,minutes of searching i think its time i,accept my fate well it looks like im,gonna have to make my own lounge um,right given its been a bit of a failure,coming over to the tom bradley terminal,uh its still a nice walk and its,something to do but it is something to,bear in mind if you are flying on,jetblue and youre paying out for that,ticket,no lounge,depends how much you value your ground,service if youre someone that just,wants to hop straight on the plane,completely understandable however if you,do like to spend a bit of time at the,airport youve got all the big three,that do transcon that do provide you,with a lounge but,i have a suspicion that on board is,going to make up for the lack of ground,service,and just like that were back in,terminal five we are gate 50,i can see it just over here,you can tell from the busyness us,domestic travel is very much back to,normal lets take a look at our jet,today then currently being loaded ready,for departure introducing the brand new,airbus a321 neo thankfully i dont have,that long to wait and boarding begins,imminently im among the very first to,get on board mint is of course group one,right all ready to get on board lets go,and find out what this is like brand new,the brand new mint business class lets,go and see what its like and now for a,quick word from todays video sponsor,raikon raycon is a company founded on,the belief that premium audio should be,affordable without the insane price,markups introducing their everyday,earbuds featuring six hours of playing,time and a compact carrying case which,you can charge your earbuds four times,from a single charge theres seamless,bluetooth pairing more bass and most,importantly they sound phenomenal i find,these especially useful when editing my,videos on the go with their crisp audio,quality and the fact they stay in your,ears cue the coveted trek trendy shape,[Music],whats more theyre ideal for when i fly,when im relaxing or sleeping on a plane,i put these earbuds in and im listening,to my favorite songs or a podcast,letting the time literally fly away,theyre a great gift this holiday season,with free shipping and returns theres,five colors to choose from so you can,pick the perfect one for everyone on,your list click the link in the,description box or go to buy raycon dot,com slash trek trendy and use holiday to,get 15 off site wide,right guys its getting real since the,announcement of this product earlier,this year ive been desperate to,experience this in flight im welcomed,on board into a dreamy blue lit cabin,and after stowing my bags its time to,settle into my studio one lemur and,crikey the size of these seats its,really impressive youll notice the,interesting seating position facing,diagonally away from the window i know,no pre-departure drinks today which is a,shame boarding continues swiftly and,its not long before a manual safety,demo is done and we begin to push back,from stand taxi today took forever and,as a result were rather delayed in,departure i dont mind though as i love,watching all the various departures and,general hubbub of lax,finally we lift off into the californian,afternoon sunshine skimming over the,skyline of los angeles todays flight,will take roughly five and a half hours,over a distance of 4 000 kilometers its,a pretty rapid climb today i guess the,pilot is trying to make up some time and,service begins promptly i retract my,tray table and im served my initial,drink and snack im presented with these,cheese straws which are pretty moorish,and well presented in this golden bowl i,went for an unorthodox iced coffee,something i feel jetblue do really well,however if you want something a bit,stronger theres always the infamous,jetblue cocktail menu to keep you,entertained talking of menus heres,todays food selection jetblue do,in-flight food a little different to,what youll be used to its kind of like,tapas you can choose any three options,out of the five offered a concept i,really like as it encourages you to try,new things after around 20 minutes my,selection of food is served lets unwrap,my metal cutlery yes thankfully no,plastic in sight here and get cracking,first up is the chopped salad with,chorizo this was fresh tasty and went,down a treat next up i selected the,burrata served with zucchini pine nuts,basil and mint i could have done two it,was that good and lastly to ensure i,have some hot food i selected the,chicken kaka to your goodness how do i,say that it was of course delicious for,my dessert im delighted to be served,gelato complete with preserved,blackberries and almond crunch ive got,to say for us domestic im totally blown,away by this stellar work jet blue with,dinner service out of the way lets head,to the loo for a review theres only one,business class lou at t

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Flying JetBlue New Mint Studio Business Class A321LR Transatlantic

– Were flying a new airline today.,Very excited. (techno music),Welcome on board.,Flying something new today,,the jetBlue Mint, from LA to New York,,and later well fly New York to London,,on a single aisle A321.,So as you can see,,the seats are actually facing from the window to inside.,Its different to facing windows,,so I have to turn to look at the window,,a little weird, but really good privacy,,and see I have all these walls,,can hardly see anybody once I sit down.,- My name is Lisa, Ill be working along with Deborah.,Heres your menu.,You can make your meal choices,and let us know if theres anything else,that we can get for you.,- Its very nice. First time onboard jetBlue Mint.,- Great.,(laughing) Thank you so much.,- [Hostess] Flight is carbon neutral,,and were offsetting the CO2,for the fuel used on all of our domestic flights,,to reduce the impact on our climate.,(gentle upbeat music),(engine drains out speaker),(engine revving),(gentle upbeat music),- There is something there,because of a marine layer.,Very thin layer of clouds.,We just flew over on top, clear sky again.,(gentle upbeat music),- Can I get you a refill on your drink?,- Just a diet Pepsi.,- Diet Pepsi? Coming right up.,- Look at the food presentation.,It looks phenomenal.,I want to see what it tastes like now.,Its really hard to explain what kind of food Im eating,,but this is not the norm other airlines are doing.,Taste are phenomenal, and the colours,,really, really happy with this meal.,(gentle upbeat music),I went down to economy to see what do they have to eat.,Unfortunately, they dont have a meal in economy.,Theres just a pantry there,,which is free to all, to take snacks and drinks.,So I wish that airline can actually put,some economy food back, especially on a five-hour flight.,LA to New York is a very long flight.,You need to have some real food onboard other than snacks.,So just reclined to full flat position,,trying out the bed.,The bed is long enough for me, six foot one.,I dont have any complaint about the length and the width,,and also the foot well.,My feet actually can turn pretty easily,,which is quite nice design.,I just wish they have actually like a clean sheet,or like a bath sheets on top of the seat cover.,Cause right now, you know,,theres nothing in between.,You know, I feel a U.S. Airline,dont used to have layed in bed with a sheet cover on it.,(gentle upbeat music),Were 10 minutes before landing to New York.,I certainly slept well and ate well.,I also enjoyed a bit of Direct TV and using wifi.,The wifi was free to all, incredible fast speed.,So a pretty decent flight.,Im looking forward to my next sector,from New York to London,,because I will be sitting in the Mint Studio,,even bigger seats.,Lets see how that goes.,(gentle upbeat music),(engine whirling),We arrived at the gate on time,,but right now, were inside the plane,for almost 20, 25 minutes,,still waiting the ramper to come open the door.,So, you know, the ground experience has been a little tough,because I think theres a shortage of ramper,working right now.,Thank you so much. See you next time.,- Bye, thank you. – Great flight.,(upbeat music),Okay, I made it to the next gate for the London flight,at JFK at jetBlue here,,they told me they dont have a lounge,even for business class customer.,So this is not the same as the other in that,airline you fly American, British Airways, Virgin,,you have a lounge or clubhouse.,There isnt anything like that,,which is a little bit a disappointment naturally.,I remember lots of 747 in good old days, right?,Going transatlantic.,But right now Im going to fly this Avery 21 right behind me,going across the pond to London.,I dunno we actually move forward or backwards,flying smaller and smaller planes transatlantic.,This is Troy, JFK jetBlue, 21 years of service.,Keep up the good work. Thank you so much.,- Bye. – All right, bye-bye.,Hey, how you doing? – Hi, welcome.,- Im the first on board today.,- You are. – So excited.,(upbeat music),- Hi, my name is Lance.,Im the captain on flight 007 to Heathrow tonight from JFK,,and our flying time is six hours and 21 minutes.,Were going to be at 33,000 feet for part of the way,,and then 35,000 feet crossing the Atlantic.,Well be coming in over Ireland,and then descend on into England.,First officer John is assisting me,,and second officer Sean, will be up here as well,because we have to have three pilots to cross the Atlantic.,- Were flying a different 321,,the long range 321, right?,- Correct.,- So whats anything special in cockpit here?,- The primary difference is,how much fuel we can carry on the aeroplane.,So the airplanes structural has been beefed up,in order to carry more fuel,and theyve added more what are called,,auxiliary tanks, which are here, here and right here,,but that ones empty.,But tonight were only six hours and 21 minutes.,Other day we flew, I think,,eight hours coming back about eight hours and 41 minutes.,(aeroplane engine drains out officer),- Eight hours 41 in a narrow single body.,What is that like?,- (laughing) Its a long flight. Its a very long flight.,- Whats the fuel burn like on the 321 LR?,How much this PW engine burns?,- Cruise, its about 4,000 pounds an hour.,Thats one of the other big reasons,we can fly so long and so far is,,because not just do we have more fuel,,but were using engines that are very efficient.,(upbeat music),- Welcome to the Mint Studio.,Have you flow with us here on Mint before?,- I was only flying the Mint,two hours ago from Los Angeles.,- (laughing) Okay. – But not the Mint Studio.,This is my first time here.,- You havent been in the Studio?,Okay, well the Studio is a little bit more spacious.,You have the buddy seat,as well as a little bit of a closet here.,- Theres a little closet here?,- Yes. – I see.,- And we actually have some pyjamas for you, if youd like.,I have your choice of small, medium, or large, extra large.,- Large.,- There you go sir.,- So everybody get the pyjamas or?,- Only the Studios customers.,- I paid for it. Thank you.,(laughing),- And those are yours to keep so.,- So Im in the Mint Studio now, this is much bigger.,I got locked out when I was a few days ago,when I select my seats, this is whats available.,I had to pay extra $299,for New York to London, transatlantic.,- Okay, we have the Michelle Gonet grant fruit.,And then we also have our blood orange cocktail,made with the same champagne.,- Can I have the blood orange?,There was no welcome drink on the LA JFK,,at least I got one.,Cheers. (glass clinking),Not bad, they even have slippers, also pyjamas.,Proper long haul business class,for six hours across the pond.,(upbeat music),(engine revving),(upbeat music),So for the dinner I chose three warm dishes.,I didnt go with a salad.,Didnt want to eat vegetable anymore.,So I have chicken, pork, and lasagna,,and the dessert.,But I have to tell you the taste is incredible, you know,,just amazing to try all the small dishes.,Very different concept, incredible.,(gentle upbeat music),You dont go there and ask them,,do you want chicken or beef, so they order,,everything has to be done through the screen and iPad.,- So the passengers, they order from their seat back,,and then we load up our carts,,take everything into the aisle,,and then once were in the aisle,,we look at our iPad and build their menu,,their meal right in the aisle.,So this person, for example,,they ordered chicken,,macaroni and cheese,,and a kale salad.,And these are two warm items,,and this is a chilled item.,- You know, I love this little white covers,and little containers.,Theyre not the usual tinfoil.,I just love the design,,its just something different, isnt it?,- It is.,- Its like out of your specs, food to order.,Thats the future I guess.,(upbeat music),The few moments when we crossed the Atlantic,,I made my bed flat,,and its time to try out the Mint Studio.,So theres a lot more room,than the standard Mints business class I flew from LA.,At least your hands can go kind of stretch o

New JetBlue Mint Studio Review

jetblue just introduced what they claim,is the biggest business class seat on a,us carrier,but does biggest mean best well in this,video youll see it for yourself,find out how much extra it costs and,experience an,unusual approach into lax hello jet,setters im jeb brooks from,greenergrass.com right now,im a jfk im on my way out to lax with,jet blue,in their brand new mint studio said to,have the largest bed,and tv on any u.s carrier lets check it,out,todays flight would take just over six,hours at an altitude of 34,000 feet and cover nearly 2500 miles,id spent the night at the twa hotel,its an incredible space with a,fascinating,history and ill share an in-depth video,about my stay there soon but,for now with its direct access to,jetblues terminal five lets just say,staying there was a no-brainer it even,meant i had a front row seat for the,arrival of the first a380 to serve new,york city in more than a year,[Music],only a short walk down this iconic,hallway and i was in jetblues,departures hall,there was a dedicated mint check-in desk,but the people there seem to be busy,with a team meeting or something so i,opted to use a regular check-in kiosk,instead,no big deal,first stop the gate i gotta check out,this plane see if i can get a good,picture of it,this a321 neo is jetblues first with,his brand new cabin,similar to the one that will be used to,launch the airlines much anticipated,transatlantic service later this year,the seating is less dense than other,a321s in the jetblue fleet,which makes room for additional premium,seating that well explore on this,journey,and with 20 percent less fuel burn and,50 percent less engine noise,theres a lot to love about this,airplane keep watching because our final,approach,into lax also caused me to recognize the,skills and professionalism of pilots,and air traffic controllers its so,great to see an airport bustling uh with,shops and restaurants and bars that are,open for too long,theyve sat empty so seeing the airports,start to fill up is a really good thing,jetblue does not have lounges so i took,advantage of their juice bar instead,lots of people think of jetblue as a,low-cost carrier and,not having lounges may seem to justify,that perspective but,in 2014 they completely changed the game,when they introduced,mint adding live flat seats some with,doors,to certain routes but with this,this latest update jetblue claims to be,redesigning u.s business class again,now its all leading up to the launch of,transatlantic service later this summer,what are your thoughts about jetblue,entering the race across the pond,with london service is it going to,change the game or just,be another more the same let me know in,the comments,so excited boardings beginning despite,the throngs of people eager to get onto,the plane boarding was smooth and my,commute was short,the two mint studios are available,exclusively in row one,i booked 1a the seat is,massive and there was a lot to take in,so lets take a closer look around,the seat itself was very comfortable for,the six hour and 21 minute flight,the studio has not one but two windows,which unfortunately are sort of behind,you thanks to the herringbone,arrangement of the seats that said,the angle doesnt seem to be as neck,wrenching as,on the virgin atlantic the view forward,is nice and feels more like a,private jet than a business class seat,and the screen which again is,massive at 22 inches does not overwhelm,the space but,instead it feels really appropriate to,it,this cabinet is nice and is an,accessible space for storage,storage is not a problem in this seat,theres another another cabinet right,here by the window,well take a look at the bedding in just,a bit,theres a wireless charging device here,but i could not figure out how to make,it work maybe it,just wasnt on yet or something well it,was not a problem because there are two,universal plugs one has a usbc charger,and the other an,older usb plug both of them set up just,for you,the seat adjustments are here but the,placement proved troublesome,more on that when were up in the air,the lighting seemed nice but this was a,daytime flight so it wasnt much use,i could have spent the entire flight,reading all the warning signs on the,seat,they were literally everywhere,there was space for my large backpack,under the footrest and,i checked my larger carry-on bag but it,seemed like overhead space was not a,problem,heres something i havent seen in a,while a printed menu,you can check it out in depth by pausing,the video or heading over to,greenergrass.com,menus,this is pretty comfortable this is uh,not a bad way to uh to cross the country,and,certainly will be a great way to cross,the atlantic when uh when that time,comes,and just like that boarding was complete,our jet bridge pulled away,and we were off,for now you can book this mint studio or,one of the new mint suites,on flights between jfk and lax youll,see the studio appear in the seat,selection step of the booking process,you can also book it on flights to,london but those are not slated to start,until,later in the summer of 2021. in addition,to the ticket price,reserving the studio im in cost an,additional 199 dollars for this,cross-country route,the additional fee on london flights is,299,keep watching to see even more of this,space and then let me know if you think,its worth the extra cost,but this industry changing cabin,configuration will only be available,on a small number of aircraft on certain,city pairs so,be sure to do your homework to ensure,youre getting the seat youre looking,for,once we were airborne i checked out the,entertainment the interface was slick,and i was even able to pair it with my,phone using the wi-fi system dubbed,fly-fi by the airline,and that fly fi is really fast it worked,seamlessly throughout the flight,i was able to get most of my work done,as though i was on the ground,for some reason the built-in remotes,were not working yet but again i could,use my phone to control it,or just touch the screen unfortunately,the personalization feature of the ife,was a bit off and i,finally gave up but most importantly,there were plenty of choices,and the map was awesome,i wish the adjustments for the seat were,in a slightly different spot,i kept hitting them and would move the,seat unexpectedly based on where my,elbow was,the definition of a first world problem,i know,and speaking of first world problems,there were no headphones in the studio,so,i was very glad to have my bose qc20,headphones with me,by the way you can get your own if you,use this affiliate link its a way to,support the channel because,even though it doesnt cost you anything,extra it means ill get a small,commission which goes back into making,even better videos for you,get your own bose qc20s at jeb dot,flights,slash bows the bedding from tuft and,needle was soft and included a blanket,and a pillow and somehow it stayed cool,to the touch,throughout the flight the tray table was,big enough to eat,or work but not both just what youd,expect from a business class seat,and the amenity kit had way more stuff,than i expected,as my friend dennis bunnick might say,there are plenty of lotions and potions,in here,one of the selling features of this,space is that another person can join,you for dining or relaxing in flight,i was traveling alone in this trip so i,didnt get to experience that,but its clear the seat is really big,enough to take advantage,this is such a cool feature of this seat,we were asked to mark up the menu with,our choices jetblue allows passengers to,select,three items from a list of five i began,with jetblues signature mint condition,to eat i chose the cold soup,salad and pork shoulder and with a twist,of my arm,i also got some ice cream the food was,really good one of the most impressive,looking meals ive had in the sky in,quite a long time,im so glad to see more and more,airlines beginning to return to their,pre-covered service,[Music],after lunch i took a walk through the,cabin th

JetBlue Mint! Is it the Best U.S. Domestic First Class? | Throne Seat Flight Review | BOS-LAS

[Music],hey everyone welcome to boston logan,airport,this is my only second time flying out,of boston its also another first,flooring today i am not only flying jet,blue but im flying jet blue mint in a,throne seat,now this is their older,mint class,its not the new one that they,introduced for transatlantic but its,still going to be a first to me and ive,always wanted to fly it,and hopefully its going to be awesome,so,come on lets get on board soon and,well check it out,boarding,boarding my first jetblue flight error,in mint throne seat,good morning,did change our minds we did change,heres your seat controls,remote control here,for reading,universal power outlets usb,[Music],got a bottle of water here,and this right here closes the door,the tray tail comes out here its very,sturdy,unlocks into place,i think its only like a 15 inch screen,but its pretty big,different stuff ive never seen before,to give you a bedding kit from tuft,needle,its like cubby holes in here i stuck,all my stuff in here its huge,huge,little phone things put your phones here,storage here storage over here,another storage thing here,storage over here,look at that,two more power and two more usb,look at that,usb,everywhere in this seat,thats your headphone jack over there,you can ask for headphones if you dont,have yours,um of course you cant bring them with,but uh this is a,seems like a pretty good set of,headphones,look at these things,well test those out later,they look pretty nice,um in route to los vegas you anticipate,some bumps on the climb out and some,bumps on the decent for vegas due to the,weather however were doing,they mostly smooth flight in between,here and vegas,what,breath spray,does my breast think,socks,creamer,thats different,never seen this stuff in a kit before,oh,check that out,theres so much,so much space in the throne seats with,storage and everything,you can pay the extra,because the other seats are 2-2 the,throne seats are 1-1,on this a321,um theres like three usb charging ports,in here theres three universal power,outlets too,once we get airborne,we get to choose three items from the,menu,and we have a small snack four touchdown,the flight should be about six hours,from push back to touchdown so,should be a great flight,you know what,can you anybody your nose,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],[Applause],ordered mimosas so well see if they,come out,yeah its a little early to be drinking,but i figured its breakfast so theres,orange juice and sparkling wine so,its champagne you know,be a nice treat treat yourself,merry christmas,these are like uh touch screens theyre,not actually buttons,[Music],and theres a massage feature here,[Music],dont know how to tell if its on or not,though,lets test out the internet,[Music],of course this is viasat network so,whoa,thats pretty good pretty good,pretty good internet,i mean for,playing internet yeah thats pretty good,yeah definitely,nice,pretty impressive well see how it is,when more people get online but so far,so good,got a,mimosa real glassware too,welcome to jetblue mint,its 28 000 feet,477 miles an hour,about 4 hours and 55 minutes until we,arrived,so far the jetblue crew is,really nice,over the top,they seem really,happy about what they do happy about,being here so you know i only wish that,people would respect that and treat them,just as nice back because a little bit,of kindness goes a long way,because their job is tough enough as it,is in todays times,very nice,i really dont know how to,put the door up,sure is away but,dont know how to shut the door,there is a door here,you can just select the music right from,here,[Music],right here sounds serious,just listen to it its pretty cool,these headphones are pretty impressive,great sound,theyre not really nice cancelling but,they are,good dynamic range bass treble,some of the best that ive had ive seen,on the airplane except for perhaps jl jl,really good headphones,so weve got our starter here,weve got a,hot cappuccino on um,real,porcelain,stoneware and now we have a scone,raisins,looks really nice,cappuccino and it has a little holder,there so it sits in place,or experience a little bit of turbulence,but uh,should clear up in a minute,pretty tasty,the only thing that i could recommend is,if they had clotted cream or jam for the,scone or butter because its hot its,nice its warm but,hot as hades,breakfast is served its an egg tart,and lemon pancakes with syrup,the kiwi,of course the bacon,and here we have some,sea salt flakes,some chili oil in case you like your,eggs spicy,and of course,we have real silverware,to go with our breakfast on jetblue,awesome,thats pretty damn flavorful,i would say the um the bacon its a,candy type,i think i think,also into maple,kiwi is pretty good yeah,its got like a little bit of the uh,target like i think thats how you see,it like a,mexican spice on it,the pancake is a lemon,um thick pancake thats a little bit of,syrup,its okay tarts really good,[Music],its really tight in the footwell though,i cant really move my feet or nothing,to give you bedding and stuff,but really,its a date flight so its really tough,to sleep but at least i can lay down for,a minute or two so that that helps,um overall the seat is its all right,its not great its not the best ive,ever been in for as far as business,class but its,its decent but its really too,constrained in the foot rail for me to,uh,get comfortable at all,you know i have to sit in a relaxed,position to actually get,any kind of a,seat situation here,snacks,cookies,time to do,the call bell,challenge lets see how long it takes,him to get here dont get a coffee in a,snack,do you could i get a small coffee,americano cream and sugar,do you guys have any fruit or anything,like that cream,um,granola bars and some coffee with cream,and sugar,my,pre-landing beverage,im always going to get a signature,cocktail but just need the energy so im,going to have a coffee,come back,so,so,flashing red lights driving at night,windowless ride feeling alive nothing in,sight forever in flight follow those,lines well make it this time blurry,street lights work as a guide to,memories that were making tonight,oh yeah well make it,[Music],i feel tonight i wanna do im living,life like i got nothing left to prove no,way just always,are you alive,if you like my video please hit the,thumbs up button and subscribe thanks,for watching

BRAND-NEW JETBLUE BUSINESS CLASS! Mint Studio vs Economy comparison

Nicky: Lets just keep this our secret.,Dont tell anybody else.,If you ever come to Terminal 5 at JFK … Hello.,We are back and we are on the roof at the TWA Hotel at JFK, right opposite Terminal,5.,And that can only mean one thing, Stella, who are we flying with?,Stella: Were flying JetBlue.,Nicky: Not only are we flying JetBlue, were flying,on their brand new A321 aircraft.,Im going to be flying in their new Mint Studio, Stella?,Stella: Ill be in Core.,Nicky: Were going to test out this new plane.,See what these two classes are like, from JFK all the way to Los Angeles.,The flight is at 7:00 AM tomorrow, so were up early.,We should go get some rest.,Stella: Yeah.,We should go, or go into the pool first.,Nicky: The pool.,Then Ill see you in the morning.,Stella: All right.,Nicky: Good morning from the absolutely iconic TWA,Hotel and this very famous corridor.,Its early in the morning, but it doesnt matter, because thats the hotel right there,,and right here is the entrance to Terminal 5.,And so, my walk from the lift to the terminal, its short.,Im literally talking a matter of steps from my bedroom to the lift, which very helpfully,says JetBlue Airways.,Lets head in.,Stella: Travel is most certainly back.,So, thankfully I dont have to check any bags today, so I can just walk through to the TSA,pre-check line and skip this.,But if you do want to check a bag, its really easy.,JetBlue makes it super simple with the kiosk, you tag your own bag and then you just drop,it off and they make sure that its under 50 pounds.,So, excited to get started with this day.,Nicky: It looks like a very busy morning in Terminal,5 today.,Ive just spotted right behind me, the couple of desks that say JetBlue Mint, and thats,what Im flying.,Only looks to be a couple of people there.,So, Im going to head over there and check in.,Hi, how are you?,Nicky: Okay.,Just checked in at the JetBlue Mint little check-in area.,Was it quick?,Yes.,Was it friendly?,Not really.,From leaving my hotel bedroom to being checked in for my flight, took all of about four minutes.,So, incredibly impressive in that respect.,Securitys incredibly busy and they do have an expedited line for JetBlue Mint.,However, they also have a pre-check line, which Ive just seen is basically empty.,Its here.,Theres no one there.,Whilst I do have the benefit of going through the Mint line, Im going to do pre-check.,Nicky: Im in the terminal now.,Its very spacious and nice in here.,No lounge though.,And were sure theres no lounge, but there are quite a few options for places to eat,and drink.,So, I think its going to be a coffee, a little sit down and then time to board the flight.,Now Im marching through the airport to find myself a coffee.,Ive just bumped into a special friend, its Stella.,Now, Stella has some insider info because shes a JetBlue regular, and is taking me,to somewhere quite cool.,Nicky: Oh my God.,So, in the middle of this crazy hustle bustle terminal, is this absolutely gorgeous roof,terrace.,There is not one person here.,Its empty.,This is for us.,Look at it.,This definitely makes up for there being no lounge.,This is the dream.,Stella: So, Nicky and I are here.,We have a few hours to kill before our flight and its just a gorgeous morning.,You can watch the sunrise.,You can get some food, take it out here, watch some planes over there.,Just come to the rooftop and its completely free.,Its right next to Gate 26, so its on the international departure side, but yeah, theres,lots of spaces to relax.,Definitely a secret spot, a hidden gem at JetBlues T5.,Nicky: Here she is, the A321neo.,Ready to board and Im very excited.,Thank you.,So, with my Mint ticket, I was able to board when boarding opened.,I arrived at the gate just now and walked straight on, no queue, no nothing.,In, lovely.,Stella: Thank you.,Here we go.,Speaker 3: Hi, welcome.,Stella: Hi.,Hey, Nicky.,Have fun.,Nicky: Here we are.,Welcome to the brand new and exciting JetBlue Mint Studio.,Theres a lot to take in.,A lot of exciting stuff to look at.,And were going to start right now.,So, first of all, Im in the seat, which Ive slightly reclined now.,It does go all the way back into a bed.,Feels so comfortable.,Its squishy in just the right way.,Headrest, footrest, all separately adjustable using this panel right here.,And you can go fully lie flat and theres options all the way in between.,This is not the only seat available, theres also a buddy seat.,So, if you want to have somebody come and sit with you, they can come here.,They have their own seatbelt as well, and they can be comfortable and dine with you.,Nicky: And dining brings me onto the next thing,,tables.,Now, one table here.,This is for me.,Large, nice big enough for a laptop, you could work easily off this.,Its not the only one, theres a second table right here.,So, if youre dining with a buddy, they can have their table too, right next to them.,If you had a laptop and food, you could do both at the same time.,And theres also way more surface space on here in the side of the seat.,Youre not going to lack on horizontal space in this seat.,Nicky: Youre also not going to lack in storage in,this seat because there are little nooks and crannies everywhere to keep your stuff.,And its something that Im really passionate about.,There are three unique little spaces here to keep your stuff in.,First of all, you have a little closet area.,Its almost full height.,It has a hook to keep a coat on.,It has a mirror, just in case you want to stay beautiful.,And a little [inaudible 00:07:31] area that lets you keep some stuff in.,Right over here is a second storage area and in this theres a bottle of water and a section,for your headphones.,Were going to check those out soon.,And finally, right underneath the TV is this cool little tray where you can keep even more,of your bits and pieces.,Nicky: Now, of course they call this suite a suite,because it has a door with a latch.,It closes.,Now, whats super impressive about the JetBlue Mint suite is the overall space.,I can barely even touch the sides here.,My legs cant reach the end.,I can barely even reach the foot rest.,Im not that tall, but I think even if you were tall, youd be incredibly comfortable,in this seat.,Theres no way youd struggle for space.,So, this is the studio but in the seats behind me, for the next seven rows, there is a suite,and actually the suite also looks relatively spacious, but you dont have the buddy seat,like here.,Theres only two of these.,And these are really the seats to snag.,Theyre an extra $199 on this route, and in my experience of this so far, $199 is worth,it.,The overall finish of the cabin is petty beautiful.,Muted tones, blues and grays, and theres also soft lighting to keep it all looking,swish.,Nicky: Your electronics.,This is great.,Theres an international socket right here.,Theres another one over here.,Both of these two have USB charges, but this one has a normal USB.,And the one on the other side has a USBC, so you can do fast, high power charging.,Something thats really cool, they even have a wireless charging platform here that you,can put your phone on.,So, how cool is this?,There is a giant TV screen.,It swivels out in front of you, and you can control it from your mobile phone.,This is the control panel.,And just by clicking this, I can control the screen.,I can sit back, relax, and not have to touch the screen at all.,Nicky: Im also told that this is loaded with over,100 films, all sorts of TV shows.,There are various different bits of amenities that Ive been given in the Mint Studio.,First of all, I have this wanderful, not wonderful, amenity kit, which were going to check out,in a second.,A Tuft and Needle sleep kit, which were going to crack open and have a look at, and some,headphones.,So, lets open this amenity kit first.,So, inside, we have a pair of socks, soft, cozy.,Vital Proteins collagen creamer, this is a dietary supplement.,Ultra repair cream, lets give this a go.,Ooh, smells nice.,Bre

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