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TJCs Jewish News Week in Review: July 29, 2011

the jewish channels we can review,in light of the kletzke murder could,orthodox policies be putting children,in more danger same-sex marriage comes,to new york with jews in the lead-off,position,new job training programs and more of,the jewish news thats changing your,world right now in this episode of the,week in review,hello and welcome to the jewish,channels week in review im stephen i,weiss,are ultra-orthodox rabbinic policies,creating a dangerous environment for,jewish children,new statements on abuse and molestation,in orthodox circles point in two,different directions,the issue has hit the headlines again,owing to the abduction and murder of,eight-year-old lieby kletsky by a fellow,member of his orthodox community,the alleged murderer levy aaron,reportedly has psychological problems,that could include schizophrenia,and several other families have come,forward to tell reporters that aaron had,previously tried to abduct,their children this raises the obvious,question,what level of culpability does the,orthodox community have,in the kletzke murder and a second,question is will the abduction and,murder of an innocent child,change any of it one ultra-orthodox,leader rabbi shmuel kaminetsky recently,made comments stating that abuse of,children should be reported to rabbis,rather than police,these comments by the rabbi have raised,alarm bells for many who have seen how,rabbis have failed,to remove abusers in the past and how,rabbis have often worked aggressively to,try to discredit accusers,and keep alleged abusers from facing any,consequences,in response to the blow up over,kaminetskys comments the good of israel,of america the largest body of,ultra-orthodox jewry,and in whose council of torah sages,rabbi kaminetsky is a member,issued a statement clarifying the,organizations position but also showed,that it more or less agrees with,kaminetsky,the organization says that law,enforcement should only be notified when,a specific,threshold has been met but how is,someone supposed to know when that,threshold has been met,the statement declares quote the,individual shouldnt rely exclusively on,their own judgment,rather he should present the facts to a,rabbi in this way a goudath israel,essentially calls upon all abuse cases,to be presented to,rabbis leaving the rabbis to make,decisions about when cases of abuse,merit bringing in law enforcement to,investigate their community members or,colleagues,in the recent kletzke case despite,several allegations that levy aarons,conduct merited investigation in the,months and years before his abduction of,the eight-year-old in brooklyn,no one in the community contacted the,police in contrast to a good with israel,the modern orthodox rabbinical council,of america which represents,approximately 750 orthodox rabbis in the,united states,released a statement with a very,different message saying quote,consistent with torah obligations if one,becomes aware of an instance of,child abuse or endangerment one is,obligated to refer the matter to the,secular authorities immediately,however the rca statement did have a key,qualification saying,as always where the facts are uncertain,one should use common sense and,consultations with experts both lay and,rabbinic,to determine how and when to report such,matters to the authorities,and at the same time as the,ultra-orthodox rabbinate is doubling,down on its policies that have opened it,up to allegations of protecting abusers,while challenging accusers in recent,decades,another case of abuse is coming to light,ultra orthodox rabbi moshe keller was,arrested this week on sexual abuse,charges,released on five thousand dollars bail,and forced to surrender his passport the,rabbi will face charges on seven counts,of various alleged crimes,in another story of rabbis behaving,badly a brooklyn rabbi previously,charged with murder and mortgage fraud,is now facing additional charges,asserting he was involved in money,laundering,rabbi victor colton was charged in,december of last year with contracting,the killing of his nephew and a former,police officer,the 41 year old rabbi had previously,been arrested for mortgage fraud,and now hes facing new charges of money,laundering conspiracy and grand larceny,while the rabbi has been in jail since,december the indictment includes,allegations of crimes committed in jail,as recently as february the new charges,include 19,counts moving on to a story of,celebration,new york states first same-sex,marriages began this past,sunday the first ever same-sex marriage,in new york city was of a jewish couple,and mayor michael bloomberg officiated,at a special jewish wedding for two,members of his administration,and of course there was so much more as,meredith gansman reports,on sunday night in new york city,jonathan mintz and john feinblatt,took their wedding vows on the grounds,of bracy mansion,the official residence of mayor michael,bloomberg who presided,there we go it actually fits way to go,in keeping with jewish tradition,a glass was broken but this time by both,newlyweds,and with a performance by broadway star,joel gray,the mints feinblatt wedding was only the,most high profile of many jewish,same-sex marriages held sunday earlier,that day,just one month after the new york state,senate passed the marriage equality bill,hundreds of gay and lesbian couples,lined up outside city hall waiting to,get married,and many of them were jewish,outside city hall in foley square,congregation bait simchatura,or cbst new yorks largest lgbt,synagogue,even set up a rainbow huppah for,on-the-spot,same-sex jewish marriages what are you,most excited for as you officiate,these series and series of ideas,some of these couples have been together,since before i was born,they have an entire lifetime of,experiences of love,of challenges theyve been the witnesses,and i couldnt be here today as an,openly lesbian rabbi,without the work that theyve done so,being here to sanctify,and to to add the stamp of the power of,the state,is just a tremendous privilege for me,connie kurtz and ruth berman,known as the grandmothers of the lgbt,community,are one of those couples who paved the,way for marriage equality,they were overjoyed to finally wed after,more than 30 years together,thats the best this is the way new york,is,and this is the way the rest of the,country should be this is very special,this,is very special and were feeling it,emotionally,and spiritually and the fact that our,rabbi is here,just adds to it congregation bait,simchatura has always held jewish,weddings for the lgbt community,but rabbi weiss said being recognized by,the state,provides an even greater sense of,validation this is an entirely different,level its a step on the road to,equality were not totally there,cbsts communications director gabriel,blau and his husband had their second,wedding ceremony on sunday,it feels absolutely amazing my husband,and i chose to have a jewish wedding,uh five years ago and this was really,the end of that event it feels like a,five year long event we couldnt be more,excited and happy that the state,has caught up to recognize our family,blau stressed however,theres still a long way to go toward,complete equality for gays and lesbians,in the united states,first of all we do not have federal,recognition,which is where many of the rights that,are still denied to us,are we also have to make sure that every,single state recognizes,marriages all marriages done in all,states but for now,while hundreds were wet on sunday in new,yorks lgbt community,a great many more now say they plan on,tying the knot alive,im hoping you know would i like to i,would love it too,yeah absolutely marriage kids im going,to standard that hoopa,from city hall for the jewish channel,im meredith gansman,thank you meredith a different kind of,celebration was about the ability to get,a new,job rebecca hoenig-friedman has that,story you might recall previous tjc,reports on the metropolitan council on,jewish povertys project metr

87 Flashback Cristiano Ronaldo Player Review!

whats up guys and the Panthers here and,welcome back to another FIFA 23 video,Cristiano Ronaldo SBC of his flashback,card was released yesterday and it is an,extortionate price its currently coming,in at 530,000 coins and although its got some,nice additions compared to his Gold Card,mostly a whole bunch of extra pace and,high low work rates which is really good,and a lot more stamina,its overall just a an awful card and,there are cards on the market for way,cheaper like a fifth of the price or,less that are genuinely better than this,card,the only thing youre paying for here,is the the kind of the the history right,the you love Cristiano Ronaldo youd,love a flashback card of Cristiano,Ronaldo and thats why you priced it so,heavily the biggest negative for this,card is the links so hes Portuguese,from Portugal because he obviously no,longer has a club right now which makes,him relatively difficult to link,apart from but the next few days the,next about three weeks or depending on,when youre watching this video These,World Cup player cards theyre 16 days,24 21 hours left on them these guys link,to Ronaldo so especially if youve got,some of the better Portuguese players,which we have Joel cancello and,straightway gives Ronaldo that double,link there and Ive also got the Lionel,Messi uh cards congratulations to him,for winning the World Cup he goes in,there,that now already gets Ronaldo and three,Kim and joao cancelo on three Kim so,what are we gonna do for the rest of the,team to build up to getting Ronaldo some,game time and seeing how he plays well,Ive got some fan favorites of uh this,game overall one of them being a kunya,remember his card from last year and I,dont know if it was the year before he,had to pass the glory card that was like,five star five star it might have been,the year before and it was just,exemplary and weve actually got quite a,heavy Argentine theme going on uh with,our cards here not Higuain it is going,to be the 87 soon to be 89 rated career,the World Cup Showdown card of course,Argentina beat France and penalties hes,Jewish plus two wouldnt it be nice to,EA to give a plus three to these cards,yes it would in the center of the park,the first player that were gonna go for,is not just a player that Ive enjoyed,thoroughly on this game but a player,Ive enjoyed thoroughly in his career,over the last year and its amazing for,me,to see Enzo Fernandez go from playing at,River Plate moving to Benfica becoming a,permanent fixture in a Benfica side,getting his chance in the group stages,for Argentina with two sub-appearances,and in the 30 minutes he played in each,game becoming so,so pivotal of Argentina that he played,90 minutes I would play 70 odd minutes,in the third group stage and then played,120 Minutes or 90 minutes in all of,Argentinas remaining games it did miss,his penalty in their first penalty,shootout,um and he did score his own goal in a,game where he was dominant uh which was,a bit unfortunate I think that was,against Australia but for him to win uh,the young player of the tournament and,just to be now argentines future were,gonna see a great,great,career from Enzo Fernandez and our other,midfielder guys is going to be,unfortunately all skulls the reason why,its going to be Pauls goals is because,first of all he used to play with,Cristiano Ronaldo didnt he I dont know,how old Paul skulls is or I cant,remember when he retired I assume he,played for played with Ronaldo he,retired doesnt even say when he retired,um but I got him out of my 88 plus icon,pack so were just gonna Brave it uh,with him he did play Ronaldo brilliant,he did play Ronaldo in goal guys were,gonna have Tebow courtois accompanied in,the center-back positions by Marquez and,Alaba who are my favorite two players uh,for that Center back roll at the moment,and then left back is going to be,Captain wheeler,and that guys is the starting lineup,everybody bar Enzo on full chem we have,got a great bench World Cup gakpo World,Cup icon Viera Burke house van Persie,and Bale and we are going to be playing,in the four three one two I did do a,Tactics video on this tactic and I did,play some games with Ronaldo in this,tactic it didnt go so well the main,reason it didnt go so well Im gonna,double check this time around,um before we get into the games because,I had adaptive sprinting on,and I had or whatever it is so that it,basically just hampers you from being,able to run it felt like the game,pre-patched for,um you know for the uh lengthy meta,I had time finishing off my passing,settings had gone back to default and my,uh player switching settings have gone,back to default and it was just a,horrendous horrendous experience even,with that being said,Cristiano Ronaldo in those few games,still managed to pick up eight gold,contributions in six games but were,gonna get a better review of him right,now lets get into some games and see,how he is all right first player were,up against has an 88 rated Squad Korean,manager,French league so Im guessing hyung,minson inform and alawaran lets see,what his actual team is,team ramboini what a great name,is,[Music],Messi,oh hes got the Korean manager for Kim,Min Jae very interesting all right here,we go,about,right were still in this,Ronaldo,to Leo oh yeah the guy dont miss the,goat dont miss the goat dont miss baby,lets go come on one one was that,Ronaldo assist I think it was,Ronaldo,Messi,inside messy messy oh what block,head ref doesnt matter Ronaldo lets go,that would have been another assist for,Ronaldo if the defender didnt get an,insane block on there,whatever now does it,is actually going to be burying has he,really,oh hes moved his goalkeeper back thats,tough oh one oh lets go baby how is,that squeezed in,oh thats embarrassing,and the way he defends as well by,pushing someone to me,and then switching off them and going,getting another person to press another,space,is again Elite tier pressing,Ronaldo,hes gone,man for Ronaldo man that he was such a,good player man such a good player for,Ronaldo,he got two goals and one assist that,goal from the corner was just cheesy but,hey thats what you get from Ronaldo man,he offers the cheese,oh this is my opponents team,mate what is that what is that for a,foot Champs team,hes accidentally going into foot Champs,instead of into like managerial,Masterpiece or something,he he meant to go in Squad battles,didnt he,or hes just playing with a fun team,that hes gonna batter me with nice,markers,away it goes Ronaldo oh big save more,black big save in the 40th minute and he,subbed off two attackers and subbed on,two new attackers even though they,hadnt had a shot and barely had a touch,of the ball up front I thought man this,Deshawns out here playing foot Champs,man,hey Sean say youre playing foot Champs,love that love that now this guys gone,Christopher Ronaldo sui lets go baby I,thought dejames is like oh man I cant,get a touch of the ball I cant get any,attacking Play Let me just let me sub,the strikers out that cant even touch,the ball let me sub them out thatll,make a difference and to his credit it,did make a difference right Christian ah,messy Beast Cristiano Ronaldo with,another goal lovely finish,what I want to see though is what was,Ronaldo doing,when I scored this goal Im pretty sure,he just run off the pitch,look at that from Enzo great work there,from Enzo gets the ball to Messi,Ronaldos yeah where are you going,Ronaldo where are you going what are you,doing pal,then the ball comes to uh Leo there no,he didnt run off the pitch,is his positioning was just so strange,though wasnt it,he doesnt know where hes going,bye,we got our 11th win Crystal Renata,scores again we move all right our third,opponent,Romans FC,he has got,Neuer Gomez schlotterbeck Sosa,Schweinsteiger Crespo Richardson Manny,Erickson party thats an interesting,team isnt it,not like your typical Metty sweater team,or sweaty meta team,this is where I need Ronaldo to be,driving into the box instead its messy,there a stri

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TJCs Jewish World News Week in Review December 3, 2010

the Jewish channels Week in Review why,will Orthodox people want to sleep here,taking a high-end approach to Hanukkah,cuisine a former chief rabbi of Israel,raising money for West Bank settlements,and more of the Jewish news thats,changing your world right now in this,episode of the Week in Review hello and,welcome to the Jewish channels Week in,Review Im Steve and I Weiss its,Hanukkah this week and weve got some,special items to share with you for the,holiday including a recipe coming up,later the idea of lighting a menorah or,ha new Kia in your window on the holiday,of Hanukkah comes from the idea of,spreading the message of the holiday or,piercing mayonnaise in a hilarious,episode it seems a Jewish message has,been placed rather prominently in the,heart of Iran for decades and it has,Iranian officials furious thanks to the,satellite imaging program google earth,this image of a major airport in iran,reveals a massive Star of David on top,Iranian officials are calling for its,immediate removal Iranian media claims,the way the Star of David got there was,thanks to Israeli engineers who built,the airport prior to 1979s revolution,interestingly this isnt the first time,that Iranians have gotten outraged over,the six pointed star in a prominent,place a few months ago a monument in,Tehrans revolution square was,identified by a hard-line website as,having hidden star of david patterns,throughout whatever comes of both of,these sites will probably know soon,afterward thanks to more satellite,images well if one group is all about,hating on the Zionist mission another,group made a surprising journey to share,the love with Israel the Amish generally,avoid motorized travel but a recent,exception was made for representatives,of the Amish communities from the United,States and Switzerland to visit Israel,they were carrying a message of,contrition asking for forgiveness for,their silence during the Holocaust and,to declare their support for Israel its,a very unusual and bold move by a group,so committed to religious isolation and,all the more surprising because the,Amish arent really considered culpable,for anything at all during the Holocaust,in another story of tourism by the,devoutly religious a new hotel is,catering to an orthodox clientele and,christian eden has the story new york,city is home to some of the most famous,hotels in the world but how many of them,cater to an Orthodox Jewish,clientele well the newly opened condor,hotel in williamsburg brooklyn is,serving that market and condor owners,almond Glauber told TJ see about the,local need hes filling its large,families and people come forgets people,come for shabbos people come for Simcoe,and they dont have way to stay so its,a good very good option until now they,would be looking for basements and stuff,like that the Orthodox traveler,demographic is one the glamour ceases,needing the services he can provide,people coming to for instance it aint,for the city made for business for shows,and stuff like that and they were look I,mean people were looking for a nice,place to stay and since its a hop over,for the window youre up over from,the city it was a good its a good,option its a good option of business,people I mean business from around here,who bringing in bringing in people and,Jews from all over the world to hear,what else the Condor hotel has to offer,please tune in to the full broadcast,version of the Week in Review Thank You,Christian of course an orthodox hotel,would be the perfect place for a former,chief rabbi of Israel to stay and,Rebecca honig Friedman has a report on,just one such individual visiting the,Lower East Side to raise money for a,West Bank settlement Jewish residents of,Manhattans Lower East Side buzzed with,excitement last week over a special,visitor in their midst the former chief,rabbi of Israel and current chief rabbi,of Tel Aviv rabbi yisrael meir lau hes,an incredible speaker he speaks,throughout the world and in our make all,our isolated community on the Lower East,Side to have him come down and be here,in person as you see over there its,just incredible feeling you see the,great crowd thats already gathered the,occasion for Rama allows auspicious,visit was a fundraiser for nature,Arielle a West Bank settlement community,the nature arielle community had,previously been in Gaza and was removed,by the Israeli government as part of the,disengagement from gaza in august of,2005 the community resettled in the West,Bank settlement of arielle but more than,the cause of this West Bank settlement,allows presence was the big draw of the,evening at a small reception before the,program allow was welcomed by rabbis of,the synagogue,on the Lower East Side a Jewish,community which skews heavily Orthodox,and has historically maintained in,identity apart from the rest of New,Yorks Jewish community Speaker of the,New York State Assembly and longtime,Lower East Side resident Sheldon Silver,was also on hand to welcome rabbi Lau,and presented him with an official,proclamation from the New York State,Assembly in his honor obviously is a,very important our community that,someone of his background and his,distinction comes here to address,community while most Jewish communities,would consider a visit from a,world-renowned figure like Lau and honor,it was seen as a particular boon to the,lower east side once home to more than,half a million Jews changing,demographics here have left some worried,about the future of its once-booming,Jewish community were not the old,Jewish community that we were were,were changed to his community but,tonight show that there is still the,unity of the various synagogues and the,various individuals of the community,longtime resident and event co-organizer,davids it sir said hed like to see more,such events but that community-wide,fundraisers like this one could be,difficult to organize because obviously,different people want to fundraise for,different concepts or ideas and here we,were able to get everybody together for,one idea interestingly the one idea that,brought Lower East Siders together a,fundraiser for a settlement community in,Israel is one thats been controversial,and divisive in much of the world but it,raised no controversy in this community,that has only Orthodox synagogues and,tends toward communal isolation the,events explicit purpose was to raise,money to build a Judaica library in,Arielle an example of the much contested,settlement construction thats been the,subject of so many arguments in recent,efforts to relaunch peace talks between,Israel and the Palestinian Authority in,his official remarks rabbi Lau,referenced the weeks Torah portion,about Joseph and his brothers to stress,the need for brotherhood among the,Jewish people he reminded the audience,that the story takes place in Judea and,Samaria the controversial territories,where the nature arielle community has,settled,an orphan of his brothers from period,albeit the south of Judea dont do you,brothers each ken north of somalia you,know the law also offered what he called,proof of the Jewish peoples right to,three particular areas at issue between,Israelis and Palestinians you said they,have enough haha he knew ya go have you,done whoa and the audience seemed,receptive to his message in this fraud,political climate especially now with,whats going on the different freezes,that theyre doing one hopes that they,will be able to let Israelis of like,Israelis instead of like prisoners the,nature re all representative who brought,rabbi Lau over for the fundraiser,explained his position on the current,american-israeli relationship I believe,very much of the American government,today is not a friendly very friendly,government to Israel and therefore we,have to take our own steps and we cannot,live according to to what what a liberal,a government in the United States is,dictating us and he was dismissive of,the very idea of a construction freeze,hey something Id say free smees I mean,that even in lets sa

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Trash: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

foreign,[Music],hi there YouTube its me John Oliver,were still on Hiatus right now but I,wanted to come back briefly to talk to,you about a couple of things and the,first is trash the thing that in his,lifetime Abraham Lincoln produced more,of than he did anything else and you,know what its not just Lincoln is it,its all of us call Mac McCarthy has,produced 12 novels and thats undeniably,a lot but its not nearly as much as the,trash hes generated as a human being,Cormac McCarthy has pooped more than he,has written thats just a fact I dont,argue about it thats a fact its not,just that cormax also sneezed into,tissues hasnt hes wiped his mouth with,napkins hes dumped out lasagna that he,couldnt finish but didnt feel like,saving and thats trash its all trash,the most productive person on the,planets creative output is dwarfed by,the amount of trash that they produce,and Im including Shakespeare in this,too and Zendaya anyway,specifically I wanted to talk about,garbage cans in the small Swedish city,of Malmo its basically the Ohio of,Sweden,is it it could be its its a its a big,little city with an Ikea that kind of,feels like Ohio doesnt it youre not,going to check youre not going to,bother to figure out what I meant by,that honestly I barely know what I meant,by it just accept it pop tart to the,bagels of cake hair is the fingers of,the head Malmo is the Ohio of Sweden,things are whatever we say they are now,if you dont know anything about Malmo,dont be discouraged nobody does most,people are learning about it for the,first time with you right now the most,interesting thing about Malmo is that,its home to Nina person the lead singer,of The Cardigans the Swedish band that,had an absolutely massive hit in the,mid-1990s with Lovefool you know the,song it goes like this,okay thats enough I I dont want that,song stuck in your head and I dont want,to pay for the rights to play it in that,exact order now the reason I want to,talk about Malmo is that it made the,news a few months ago for an unexpected,reason whilst Sweden Prides itself for,being clean and one of the countries,with the lowest levels of air pollution,Malmo is a Swedish coastal city trying,to encourage people to throw their,rubbish away using a dirty talking bin,here shes thanking someone,[Music],yep,yep thats right,thats right in an effort to encourage,people to throw their Trash Away Malmo,programmed a few of his garbage cans to,moan sexily when utilized now a,reasonable question to this information,would be what happens when a child uses,the garbage can and a reasonable answer,to that is,shut up just shut up lets just enjoy,this not everything has to be quietly,bad these garbage cans moan and say,thank you after you put trash in them,and if you dont understand why thats,fun Im honestly not interested in,knowing you you can you can choose to,spend your energy a finite resource by,the way complaining to me in the,comments below this video but please,know I will not read them and they will,not make an impact anyway the trash cans,dont just moan they also have things to,say,the programmed female voice makes,suggestive remarks asking for a little,more next time and come back soon to do,that again excellent,no notes from me do you know what some,notes if the objective is to get people,to throw away trash it is slightly,undermined by the fact that you dont,actually need to put any trash in them,to hear them moan you can just sort of,flick the outside part so no maybe,thats the point maybe Mama wanted to,remind people that penetration isnt,necessary and digital manipulation is a,completely acceptable path to pleasure I,dont know Ill never know I dont speak,Swedish and Im simply not willing to,learn what I do know is that Malmo,system is clearly far better than our,approach to trash right here in New York,City which appears to be allow all,garbage to marinate in their own juices,loose in the sun until the world,explodes but,but to get back to my original point,sexy talking garbage cans exist in Malmo,and theyre very very good and I know,what youre thinking youre looking at,how much of this video is still,remaining and youre wondering is all of,this going to be about the sexy talking,garbage cans well no no it isnt because,I now need to talk to you about a very,particular collection of garbage because,you may remember earlier this year we,acquired a dozen haunted creepy dolls,that were washing up on a beach in Texas,you may not remember why we did that,which is honestly fine I dont really,either sometimes we just do things to,dispose of them we thought wed found,the dolls a home in Yara Australia a,place that we previously harassed for,unrelated reasons you may recall that we,offered them our giant alligator giving,the finger statue these frogs ten,thousand dollars to their local food,bank and a five thousand dollar donation,to the John Oliver koala chlamydia award,all all in exchange for this stupid,banana statue of theirs now they counted,our offer mixing the exchange of statues,but saying that they would name a,recycling plant after me for the,donation and guess what they actually,kept their word,hi everybody my name is Sophie Wade Im,the mayor of the city of Yara we can now,declare the John Oliver recycling plant,open,yeah,yeah I did it get it and uh their,response there was the exact appropriate,level of enthusiasm for that,announcement now we asked them to run,these demon dolls through their,recycling machine but they pointed out,that they werent the right kind of,plastic and might actually damage it and,at that point we were a little bit stuck,because these dolls need to be disposed,of we do not want them haunting our,office anymore Whispering the dates of,future plane crashes with their eyes and,we thought we might be in big trouble,until we remembered those Swedish,garbage cans because they seemed like,the perfect resting place for these,monsters so we started making plans to,dispose of the dolls in Malmo until we,were informed that the sexy moaning,garbage cans no longer moan when you,feed them trash as that was apparently,and this part is true only a summertime,event,yeah,yeah it really doesnt feel right does,it I dont want to get into a whole,thing about which season is the horniest,but its obviously not summer is it its,full it gets darker earlier and beds are,more inviting I shouldnt need to,explain it any more than I already have,but importantly,the garbage cans still have the ability,to speak if they were simply,reprogrammed and when we asked Malmo if,we could reprogram them to say whatever,we wanted they very unwisely said yes so,we sensed the dolls to Malmo to be,disposed of by literally the only person,that we knew lived there please enjoy,hi Im Nina person Im the lead singer,of The Cardigans and its my honor to,dispose of these demon dolls for you,trash can,disturbing,bye,there are a few more,oh you want more okay,[Music],see you in hell,man man,Im just as fasting of an Americans,trash,bye bye,off you go man here comes another one,,well heres the last one,no thank you,[Music],well thats it please stop sending me,your garbage babies,we did it thank you so much Nina person,uh rest in peace demon dolls thank you,so much for watching this we will be,back in February goodbye,[Applause]

Becoming a German Citizen as a British Jew

hi everybody welcome back to my channel,and to vlogmaker so this episode is also,going to be very much tied into my,Jewish identity because going to be,talking about how I am now officially a,German citizen I am now a dual citizen,of the world well of Britain and Germany,it feels kind of weird exciting,complicated so lets dive in to all of,that first off I guess we have to do the,back story of my family history how on,Earth can I be a German citizen what is,going on up in my family tree so my,great-grandparents were from Germany and,were German and Jewish I actually made a,whole documentary about my great-grandma,which is on this channel I never met my,great-granddad his name was Henry or,Heinz but everyone just called him Boo,and my great grandma I knew her very,well she died only just a few years ago,when she was 104 years old and her name,was Helen or in German or like her,Jewish German nickname was Laney but we,just all called her grandma so I dont,actually know all that much about my,great-granddad boo and where he was from,and his family I believe he came to,England sometime in the 1930s but the,documentary that I made about my grandma,and our family has a bit more of,information about her she came over to,the UK as like a nanny when she was 17,18 years old and this was just before,the Nazis Rose to power and then,basically stayed because she was not,going back her parents both died in 1936,and her brother and sister also managed,to get out her brother going to America,so Ive got a bunch of like family over,there and her sister also came to,England so in the grand scheme of things,in terms of like German Jewish people,and the Holocaust they definitely got,very very lucky so my great-grandparents,were both German and Jewish but they met,each other in the UK in Leeds me and my,family actually went to go visit my,great grandmas Hometown which was in,East Germany when I was about 14 years,old and we got to see like the house,where she lived and her dad had a,business and there was like a little,plaque on the like cobbled Street,outside which had all of their names on,it and then we also went to like the,local Jewish graveyard and we got to see,her parents Graves and also like lots of,other ancestors and our relatives Graves,there as well the kind of harrowing,thing though about that Jewish graveyard,was that it was in chronological order,and so the oldest graves right at the,back and then the newest Graves at the,front and my great great grandparents,who died in 1936 were the last Graves,there there were like no more Graves,after that because there were no more,Jewish people who died in that town and,got to have a grave in that graveyard,which just like seeing that visually I,remember like 14 just being like okay,wow yeah thats telling a really awful,story so thats my great grandma and her,family and where she was from and so,then her eldest daughter is my grandma,and then her eldest daughter is my mum,and my grandma was born in,1943. I want to say my,great-grandparents never spoke German to,her because imagine like publicly,speaking German in England in the 1940s,so unfortunately she never grew up,bilingual but she is now like very good,at German because shes learned it as an,adult but what that has meant is that,the language of German has not been,passed down in that way in my family you,may recall from some previous videos of,mine that I was trying to learn German,and that was very much inspired by,getting our applications for citizenship,approved but then I got pregnant and,everything just stopped happening and I,did not have the mental or physical,energy to be learning another language,but it is definitely something that I do,want to pick up again but lets talk,about the application which if you are,watching this hoping that youre going,to get some like tips and tricks and,like how to apply for citizenship to,Germany youre not going to find any of,that information in this video because,essentially my granted it all apparently,it was a very complicated time-consuming,and grueling process so what my gran had,to do who Im now just going to call,nudie because thats what I call her her,name is Judy but she goes by nudie to,her grandchildren so essentially she had,to prove that Grandma and boo were her,parents and that they were German and,that they had to leave for whatever,reason right so she had to dig up all of,the paperwork like birth certificates,marriage certificates I dont even know,what but just like Reams and reams of,paperwork to prove that German,citizenship is something that she is,entitled to Once nudie had done that and,I actually remember meeting her after,she went to pick up her German passport,in London she was very excited she had,her little pin that I have here as well,so after she had successfully done that,then all my mum and me and my sister had,to do is prove that we were related to,her because shed done all of the hard,work of connecting us to Grandma and Boo,and Germany so then me my mum and my,sister applied I cant remember exactly,when we applied but the brexit result in,2016 was what inspired this decision for,us to get our German citizenship and,passports and so then nudie would have,done hers right after that and then we,would have done ours a bit after that so,maybe lets say like 2018 or something,we were applying because it took a long,time but then we found out that we were,approved we all got our emails being,like congratulations you have been,approved you just need to to like come,and get your certificate and then you,will be a naturalized German and all of,that we got that email in the summer of,2019 when we were actually all in Berlin,together so it felt very poetic me my,parents my sister and my partner Dan and,my sisters partner were all there in,Berlin when we all just like Bing got,our emails like hey guess what youre,German were like ah excellent and then,its just been a big old wait so,essentially we just have to wait until,we were able to pick up our,naturalization certificates so we found,out that we code summer 2019 and then a,pandemic happened and so everything just,got halted like just huge cues and,waiting times for things like passports,it wasnt until this year 2022 very,recently in September that I actually,officially became German three plus,years in the making so this is the most,exciting bit because going to get our,naturalization certificates was not what,we expected at all it was just me and my,mum my sister is still yet to get hers,so shes got all of this wonderfulness,ahead of her but we show up expecting it,to be this really informal and just,bureaucratic thing of like you just go,to a kiosk like you sign things stamp,stamp stamp heres your certificate,occur your German well done whatever no,no no no no that was not the case at all,it was essentially like a mini ceremony,so the woman who had been emailing back,and forth with my mum about organizing a,time to get our certificates took us,into this like mini conference room got,us some drinks and some biscuits and,cake and then like presented us with our,certificates and did this whole like,Hannah witton Debbie Whitton I am,pleased to say that you are now,officially German citizens and it was,unexpectedly really emotional me and my,mum just thought we were like cheating,the brexit system we were like look at,us with our EU passports like so excited,and then we were just like hit with kind,of just actually what it really meant to,us to be getting our German citizenship,and just the wider larger meaning of,that and so we signed our certificate,and then she also then gave this really,beautiful kind of speech just about how,we should never have not been German in,the first place like we should have,always been German and that they were,really grateful for our application and,I really remember that the fact that she,used the word Grateful which I thought,was really interesting because to me,that says that they are just so grateful,that you know

TJCs Jewish World News Week in Review November 19th, 2010

the Jewish channels Week in Review,another move in the effort to restart,peace talks helping the Jewish needy,this holiday season and more of the,Jewish news thats changing your world,right now on this episode of the weekend,of view hello and welcome to the Jewish,channels Week in Review Im Steve and I,weis the push for movement on,israeli-palestinian peace talks could be,close to a major precondition for,further negotiations this week the,on-again off-again israeli-palestinian,peace talks currently seemed to be,stalled due to the recent exploration of,Israels freeze on new settlement,construction but Secretary of State,Hillary Clinton said that a plan for a,new freezes quote very promising after,her meetings with Israeli Prime Minister,Benjamin Netanyahu meantime theres,controversy over statements about Israel,and the White House from the men who,become the most prominent Jewish member,of Congress in January when Republicans,take over the House of Representatives,Virginia congressman eric cantor who is,set to become majority leader in the,Republican Congress met with Netanyahu,last week and told Netanyahu that the,Republican House will quote serve as a,check unquote on the administration of,President Barack Obama but where,Cantors remark was largely interpreted,as suggesting the house would override,the White Houses foreign policy and,generated much controversy because of,that cancer spokesperson stepped in this,week to say that Cantors remarks to,Netanyahu were quote not in relation to,us Israel relations on a separate issue,of Israels relationship with Jews in,the Diaspora the size of the Ethiopian,Jewish community in Israel is about to,expand by 8,000 as Israels cabinet has,approved the plan to increase Ethiopian,Jewish immigration over the next four,years as the Jewish community resources,here in the United States a 43 million,dollar synagogue construction effort,that was facing the possibility of never,being completed received an anonymous,donation of 20 million dollars this week,the Likud square synagogue on,Manhattans Upper West Side had seen,construction delays due to cost overruns,and faced with uncertainty in recent,weeks announced it was seeking,alternatives to its original plans and,that its synagogue president had,resigned this 20 million dollar infusion,which requires the synagogue to raise,three million dollars from other donors,means that the synagogue construction,will likely proceed,but how is your synagogue building doing,even if its structurally sound it could,perhaps use some more green technology,thats the thought behind a new effort,in the conservative movement to remodel,at synagogues Rebecca Howe Nick Friedman,reports it may seem like everyones,going green these days but a new,sustainable synagogues initiative marks,the first time a major North American,religious movement has decided to green,all of its congregations almost at once,how does a synagogue do more than just a,recycling campaign but actually reduce,its carbon footprint and become an,example to other sacred communities and,for-profit communities and individuals,that associate with that synagogue the,sustainable synagogues initiative is a,partnership between the three ly arms of,the conservative movement the United,Synagogue of conservative judaism the,womens league for conservative judaism,and the federation of jewish mens clubs,in partnership with the Jewish National,Fund and green faith an interfaith,coalition dedicated to making religious,institutions more environmentally,friendly we developed a joint proposal,to green our synagogues the idea being,if we can green our synagogues we could,also change the attitudes of the maybe,people will go to synagogues and with,652 member congregations in the United,Synagogue of conservative judaism or us,CJ this screening campaign has the,potential to reach far more people than,any previous green faith initiative,rather than doing it you know by,congregations that are interested where,congregations that green faith would,have to approach and and cajole lead,into participating in this initiative we,are delivering an entire network of,synagogues to be part of it for more on,the conservative movement sustainable,synagogues initiative tune in to the,full broadcast version of the Week in,Review Thank You Rebecca with the,American holiday season upon us winter,weather and economic difficulty can mean,that the media among us are less without,Christian need reports on what effort to,bring koecher turkeys to the Jewish,families who are without with,Thanksgiving just around the corner,turkey is a popular item at local,supermarkets yep for those who cant,afford them the Metropolitan Council and,Jewish poverty is there on Tuesday the,Met Council organized the public,announcement that Health Plus had,donated 300 turkeys to be distributed,throughout the city this season with,help from several local Jewish community,centers and one by one representatives,from those various jccs told of the,important impact met council turkeys,will have for their clients and,illustrated the current need in the,Jewish community many of our,middle-class families are now out of,work many of them have four or five,children this turkey goes a long way to,help them have a wonderful Thanksgiving,we also have a lot of families who are,out of work and these turkeys will mean,a lot to them people are very excited,about coming to get their turkeys and we,will be delivering some of those to the,homebound as well turkeys are very,helpful for our community because of the,high poverty rate in the neighborhood,and we have a lot of immigrants that are,newly American and really this helps,them understand their Jewish American,dream of celebrating in a dignified way,were receiving about 40 turkeys and we,will making be making deliveries to,homes of the homebound green limit,turkeys and I think just important that,people sometimes feel alone and lost and,when they know that theres people,behind them in business and,not-for-profit who care about them it,gives them hope so these turkeys really,are a representation of the hope that we,are giving too many of our clients this,I you know opportunity is really an,opportunity to reach out to some of the,families in our neighborhood we find,that oftentimes theyre not comfortable,coming into a food pantry which we do,run three times a week but giving them a,call and saying guess what were all,celebrating Thanksgiving would like to,give you a gift to help you celebrate,thanksgiving but despite the increased,need met council CEO Willie wrap Vogel,said funding for those in need hasnt,kept up and is actually shrunk in the,current economy weve actually increased,by about ten percent the amount of money,weve collected in donations from,private funders and thats really due to,an extra effort that were probably,spending forty percent more time,to have increased that number by ten,percent but we were hurting the,substantial reductions in government,funding weve been cut in the state,budget by about 2.8 million dollars,because of the states fiscal crisis and,thats resulted in layoffs and other,budget cuts that has you know clearly,affected our ability to serve people to,hear more about the partnership between,the Met Council and health plus and to,hear what this local Jewish New York,State Senator thinks about it please,tune in to the full broadcast version of,the Week in Review Thank You Christian,thats all for this week for more news,and analysis from the Jewish channel,during the week please check out our,blog newsdesk tjc TV com from all of us,here at the Jewish channel be well the,Jewish channel is available on cable I,of optimum cable channel 291 time warner,cable channel 5 28 rcn channel 268,verizon fios channel nine hundred and,cox cable to the one for more,information visit tjc TV com

TJCs Jewish World News Week in Review November 12th, 2010

the Jewish channels Week in Review,imposters posing as victims of the,Holocaust charged with millions of,dollars in fraud the chilean miners are,heading to israel a play explores what,happens when unaffiliated jews start,dating ones with yarmulkes and more of,the jewish news thats changing your,world right now in this episode of the,Week in Review hello and welcome to the,Jewish channels Week in Review Im,Stephen I Weiss saber-rattling over Iran,reached a new level for Israeli Prime,Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week,when he told an audience of Jewish,leaders that Iran must face a quote,credible military threat because he,feels sanctions havent worked to keep,Iran from further development of its,nuclear program Netanyahu statement to,Jewish leaders at the Federation systems,annual summit this year came soon after,Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that,the u.s. plans to stay the current,course of using diplomatic and economic,measures to deter Iran saying we are,prepared to do what is necessary but at,this point we continue to believe that,the political economic approach that we,are taking is in fact having an impact,in Iran Netanyahus speech was,interrupted multiple times by protesters,from the group Jewish Voice for Peace,who spoke against the recently proposed,loyalty oath bill for new Israeli,citizens that received Netanyahus,cabinets approval and is being,considered by the Knesset meanwhile,Netanyahu is facing criticism from the,United Nations the White House and,others for Israels recently announced,plans to build hundreds of housing units,in East Jerusalem the plans for the new,construction were revealed Monday that,the decision by a Jerusalem committee to,allow the new construction took place,several months ago in a story of alleged,international fraud to raid the coffers,of Holocaust reparations the federal,government filed charges Tuesday,alleging that more than 40 million,dollars had been claimed by Impostors,using false documents to assert they,were victims of the Holocaust the,charges are being pressed against 17,individuals and come after the Claims,Conference notified the individuals in,July that they had 90 days to return the,money in another example of immoral,behavior an Israeli member of Knesset is,being forced to vacate his office over,issues of moral turpitude the claims,against the Kadima parties safi hun,eggby arose from a recent conviction for,jury Hideki has served in the Knesset,for 22 years and was chairman of the,security and foreign affairs committee,his departure could have far-reaching,implications for coalition building in,the Israeli government in a story that,will bring Israel positive attention the,chilean miners rescued recently after,months trapped in a mine have accepted,an invitation to visit israel with all,expenses paid by the israeli government,however the 33 miners have said they,only want to go if they can bring family,with them and Israel hasnt yet,committed to covering expenses for the,additional 70 potential travelers while,Israel tries hard there to make a match,theres another area of Jewish life,where traditional matchmaking runs into,difficulties what happens when,non-observant and yarmulke wearing Jews,get together Rebecca Howe Nick Friedman,finds out can I really date a guy who,wears a yarmulke thats the title and,the question at the center of a new play,on stage at the Knitting Factory in,Brooklyn New York asst month its about,a culturally Jewish girl who falls for,an observant guy so its its like every,romantic comedy youve ever seen only,different this first time playwright,herself culturally Jewish but not,ritually observant was inspired by her,own experience on a tablet birthright,israel trip a few years ago I felt,compelled to sort of write about it and,try to work out my feelings about,Judaism through my writing and some of,the cast members have connected with the,questions the play poses about Jewish,identity as well Catherine the frere who,is half-jewish plays Eleanor the,non-observant main character who,struggles with dating a modern orthodox,jewish man shes very opinionated and,sort of can be at oftentimes and I think,this is what makes her so human a little,close minded and I think thats the play,is about Eleanors growth in terms of,compromise and compromising with someone,the Chi falls in love with its a,struggle that laffaire said she can,relate to the I grew up with with very,little religious upbringing in any way,from either side of my mother or my,father so for me I really identify with,her because I think if you know if I,were to fall in love with someone who,was so extremely religious I would think,that there would be some serious,differences in our beliefs and practices,Eleanors yarmulke wearing boyfriend,Aaron is a nominally Modern Orthodox,doctrine,hes got his ducks in a row and its,time to find the right woman settle down,and have some children raised Amish baha,but Aarons not quite sure if the modern,orthodox lifestyle is what he wants a,struggle leading man Jason Liebman who,grew up in a traditional Jewish home but,is no longer observant identifies with,what this play is about the Jewish sort,of identity crisis that I think you know,people our age seem to be having a lot,that resonated with me because having,grown up in a very traditional Jewish,home and you know having lived down the,street from a synagogue and speaking,Hebrew and you know being married and,all of those things to me like sort of,time to decide what all that means to,you and you know as you sort of make,your paths in life for more on can I,really date a guy who wears a yarmulke,tune in to the full broadcast version of,the Week in Review Thank You Rebecca in,another story of theater one woman is,exploring the ways in which Sephardic,heritage has been expressed over time,Christine reports Laila brew team has,made a name for herself in spains,competitive flamenco dance profession,and though during a decade spent living,in spain she often performed for,catholic iberian hes she is originally,from manhattan and of Sephardic and,Persian heritage last week she danced,three portions of her own upcoming show,traces a Sephardic flamenco journey at,the 92nd street why a performance,sponsored by the Resource Center for,Jewish diversity that included an,interview with 92 wise resident flamenco,instructor Jody Romano in which brew,Keem explained how traces portrays her,familys Sephardic and Persian roots the,first part is refers to the expulsion of,the Jews during the Inquisition the,second part is a rival of the woman to,Persia about a hundred years later my,family came to kashan in Iran and then,the third part is the womans arrival my,arrival to Spain back to Spains was,like closing the circle the first part,featured a flamenco singer performing a,lullaby in Ladino the Jewish language,thats like a Sephardic version of,Yiddish though whereas Yiddish contains,a heavy German influence Ladino is,heavily influenced by Spanish,and so she sings this Latino lullaby,called nanny nanny but with the flamenco,twist so we have the Spanish guitar and,her salenco boys so thats the first,element of fusion the second part,features a fusion of flamenco and,Persian music in a four by four tango,rhythm,and I wasnt supposed to be dancing but,I just got inspired and that was,improvised by the way little secret,lets got up again my little you know,present shoulder thing going on to hear,more from pokemons the role of Jewish,women in traces please tune in to the,full broadcast version of the Week in,Review Thank You Christian thats all,for this week for more news and analysis,from the Jewish channel during the week,please check out our blog and newsdesk,tjc TV com from all of us here at the,Jewish channel be well the Jewish,channel is available on cable I have,optimum cable channel 291 time warner,cable channel 5 28 rcn channel 268,verizon fios channel nine hundred and,cox cable to the one for more,information visit tjc TV com

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