1. The NEW JLAB Go Air Pop True Wireless : $20 Earbuds!
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The NEW JLAB Go Air Pop True Wireless : $20 Earbuds!

all right guys so today were going to,be taking a look at the brand new,jlab go air pop now this is a prime,example,of a company pretty much realizing that,their demographic,is out to get the most for their money,they dont want to spend a whole lot of,money,so you cant really compare these to,higher end models but,they do want you to compare these to,other models in this similar price range,because jlab also sent out this little,chart comparing these to skull candy,doms,which are a 25 pair of true wireless,earbuds,that you can see in this comparison,actually,lacks some of the features that the go,air pop has,but the go air pop comes in retailing,for only 20,so we do need to check out what all,features they are actually giving you,for this price,we need to see what all comes inside the,box talk about the sound,and see if it is actually worth that 20,price tag now to start with these are,available in five different colors i,think thats where the name pop comes,from,they want something that stands out,thats a little different which is a,little odd considering they sent me this,lilac or light purple looking model,it is available in black theres a teal,a gray,and then a red version i think the lilac,purple is the lightest color that they,have theres no white version here,so you can see that it just has this,slight purple accent,to the one that i have now in typical,j-lab fashion,as well the case also has a built-in,charging cable now im a huge fan of,this i know this is like a love or hate,thing for a lot of people because ive,seen,a lot of the comments a lot of people,think that once the cable gets messed up,youre kind of screwed with the case and,in most cases you would be,they do have a warranty to kind of,combat this a little bit so for you guys,that do wish that this had a removable,cable,sadly thats not an option here also,theres no qi wireless charging on this,case which,again in this price range is kind of to,be expected,but speaking of the battery life this is,an area i was actually surprised at how,much battery life,they give you on this pair because on,the earbuds themselves youre going to,get eight hours,where with this little charging case,youre going to get 32 hours total and i,think,when people are looking for a pair like,this like a pair to use at the gym,or to use at work or just kind of here,and there a little bit,that battery life is going to be fine,for most people now another thing that,jlab,also decided to bring over to this pair,is,their three built-in eq options on their,earbuds this is something theyve been,doing for a while now,they have their jlab signature sound,they also,have a balanced mode and a bass boost,mode and i do want to say that,flipping between the three different,options here isnt going to be anything,mind-blowing,uh its not going to be a noticeable,difference between one or the other,so i personally just prefer to leave it,in jlabs signature sound but well talk,about that once we,talk about the sound on these now these,also use a dual connect feature so if,youre looking to use your earbuds one,at a time,it does pair to each one individually,and youll be happy to know that you can,use either the left or the right by,themselves,now as far as any kind of protection,using these outdoors,surprisingly they actually have an ip55,rating which means on top of having,water protection against splashes,and rain and sweat and things like that,you also have dust protection so if you,drop it on the ground or if youre in an,area where dust is flying around,this is one of those things you dont,have to worry about thats actually nice,because i think a lot of people are,going to look,to buy a pair like this to use outdoors,or use in the gym or in other areas,where they may not want to use their,more expensive pair of earbuds,now moving over to looking at the actual,case in the earbuds themselves,i think the case on this is very tiny,its very compact,i do like the very subtle matte finish,to it,theres nothing that makes these really,stand out or,try to draw a lot of attention in fact,you can see jlabs branding on the top,lid of the case,you can see the charging cable thats,connected and then up front you have a,single indicator light,that way you can kind of gauge how much,battery life is left,on the case now once you open up the lid,and you see the earbuds,the first thing youre gonna notice is,it does resemble a lot of the other jlab,products,on the market um the thing about this,pair is it is,whatever the color that youre using in,fact the ear tips that come with these,also match the earbuds themselves and,the ear tips theyve included is,your normal small medium and large,silicone ear tips,now as far as the controls on the,earbuds,these do use touch controls and im,happy to say that they give you,control over everything so on the,earbuds themselves you have your play,you have your paws you have the ability,to skip forward go backwards,you have volume control and you also,have the ability again to switch it,between those three different eq modes,and,at twenty 20 just being able to have all,of the controls is very nice,but being able to switch between those,eq modes is just kind of a bonus,and i think they did a really good job,trying to offer you a pretty good value,in these earbuds,now for you guys that do like to use,your earbuds for phone calls,uh the phone call quality is decent on,this pair,i dont think its anything thats going,to blow anybody away but you guys can be,a judge by listening to a test here,all right guys so here is a mic test,using the go air pop,and i think overall it does a,surprisingly good job,of picking up my voice now i do notice,that it has a little bit of a muffled,sound so,i do wish that there was a little bit,more clarity in the high end,that it picked up in the tones of my,voice but this is what it would sound,like if you were to take a call,and so now here is a mic test for the,crowd noise being played which you can,hear,here so this is what it would sound like,if you were to take a call,so now lets talk about the sound,because the sound of these compared to,the skull candy doms,which again is another pair in that,similar price range,is pretty much night and day and the,reason i say that,is the jlab go air pop actually has more,punch in the low end it is a,warmer sounding earbud and thats with,switching it between the three different,eq options again i dont feel like that,really changes the sound too much,but this is a boomier pair of earbuds,with a slightly warmer tint to it,which means that the skull candy doms i,felt has,a little bit more clarity to them so,they are a brighter sounding earbud,where this is a warmer sounding earbud,so it kind of comes down to,what you want i think if you like that,boomy sound or if you just like,listening to,mainstream pop or hip hop or most things,thats geared towards having,that little bit of boost in the low end,obviously the go air pop,is gonna stand out a little bit more but,if you listen to podcasts,if you like watching tv shows and you,like things that are a little bit more,vocal driven,i would probably recommend the skull,candy dimes over,the go air pop but the big kicker here,is all of the other features,and the battery life and everything that,youre getting in this price range,the go air pop is going to give you a,lot more battery life,you do have those three different eq,options which are nice,i am a huge fan of having the charging,cable,actually connected to the case i think,its so much more convenient that i,dont have to keep up with another cable,yes obviously it would be even more,convenient if i could drop this on a,wireless charger,but again this is 20 and i do know where,to curb my expectations i think,in this pair youre getting a lot for,your money if you are shopping,with your pocketbook or your wallet and,youre a little bit tight on funds and,you dont want to spend a whole lot or,you dont want to spend a whole lot of,money on a product that you

JLAB GO AIR POP True Wireless Earbuds Unboxing Setup Review

whats up whats up everybody in this,episode were gonna go ahead and review,the j lab go air pop earbuds these guys,are great up to 32 hours of play time,were gonna go ahead unbox and review,these and see how they compare to some,of the other earbuds i have tested,before i get into this video i ask that,you guys like this video subscribe to,the channel if you havent done so,already and check out,techvisibility.com for the latest,product news and reviews lets get into,this so the jlab go air pops are about,20 the link is below in the description,theyre actually 1988 right now which is,pretty cool uh really neat case so were,im excited to unbox it i just want to,let you know that for twenty dollars,this should be a great deal for quality,that have over four thousand five or,close to five star reviews so very,excited about that,[Music],okay so here we go heres the box on the,box it just says 32 hours of play time,smallest fit ever dual connection so you,could use them on pretty much other,multiple devices touch sensors,there is a scan barcode for the app with,the custom eq modes,um youve got balance bass boost and,jlab signature,so,overall youre getting a lot for twenty,dollars there is a charging case i,personally dont like this usb style,charger uh which comes out of the case,im not a big fan i rather have a usbc,plug-in,but they do give you extra ear tips and,there is a little tape here that were,going to go ahead and cut to get to this,beautiful product so excited about it,but also,weary if theyre going to be of quality,they open from the bottom,again 20 product this case oh my god,this reminds me of uh,this case reminds me of,the third generation airpods,look at the slits the location the only,difference obviously is the lightning to,the usbc or the usb excuse me that is,the usb cable i dont like this,personally not a fan of it,but its neat to have it so you have to,plug anything in and you can just plug,in your case nearby interesting color,now these do come in different colors,theres the black theres a rose,these happen to be the slate,and,teal or are these the teal i think these,are the teal interesting,all right,so these are the teal not the slates i,apologize,there is a,paper or protection you have to remove,now its charging and its indicated as,a charging,case theres a left and right i dont,know why that is necessary to label,pretty decent magnet not the strongest,but dont fit in there theyre not going,to fall out either,case is pretty good it wont stay open,now if you look at the airpods they will,so the hinge is not as good but again,this is a 20 product,and we,are going to be satisfied with that,lets take a look at each,of the,earbuds themselves theres an indicator,for bluetooth pairing,so they pair their these are touch,controls i will go ahead and open my app,and there they are jlab go air pops you,connect to them just like that now were,connected,and im gonna go ahead,and fit these guys,in,they fit pretty good now they do include,some extra tips for you okay so you,could feel a little bit fallen out of my,ear but i think that could be adjusted,with the tips themselves,in this case,as we see here you have your little,instruction,uh manual thats pretty simple,left ear or the left controls volume,down single tap siri is a double tap,previous track as a hold for one second,volume up is a single press play pause,is a double tap track forward press and,hold for two seconds answer calls a,single tap but the hang up is double tap,on either reject an incoming call press,and hold eq changes a triple tap which,is pretty cool so you could go from the,signature the balance or the bass boost,and in this little pocket here on this,side thats where youre going to have,your additional ear tips also in teal,color thats pretty cool so you can,really adjust your,proper fit so thats all for the,packaging youve got the case i like the,case its very lightweight i wish i had,a stronger hinge but again twenty,dollars thats not bad so lets play a,rap song first just to get that bass in,there i obviously theres a lot of,genres that have bass but ive been,testing my bass with rap music so thats,why i am playing a rap song first,[Music],all right here we go,so i got,me turned up to about 75 percent of the,cell a little quieter than some of the,other earbuds ive tested,still probably pretty good for the 20,range pretty good noise cancer good base,for 20 dollars wow,[Music],[Music],so interestingly enough for 20 they,sound just as good as the sony,wf500cs i just tested which cost eighty,dollars so these are pretty good for,that and they have better battery life,so the rap song had very good bass very,clear not the best ear buds out there,theres some noise cancelling of course,provided by the ear chips only so im,going to play a different song,a little bit more acoustics now,okay,[Music],i mean theyre quality sound guys you,cant go wrong for twenty dollars with,these j labs uh personally i like the,sound i think theyre a lot clearer than,a lot of the other earbuds ive tested,theyre not the best but for 20 im,pretty impressed heres a highlight of,these,eight hour battery life and then an,additional 24 hours on the case thats a,total of 32 hours ive recently reviewed,the sony,wf500cc that gives you a total of 20,hours only this almost doubles the hours,for like a third of the price its,incredible okay,the colors are great the sound quality,is very good on these the magnet is good,for charging very easy to pair they just,pair right off the bat they feel great,this will fit in your pocket really,neatly they have a good insignia on here,or or lasering in,or imprint i should say of the jlab logo,theyre dual connect so you could use,either earbud at the same time together,etc so you could use one for phone calls,i did place a phone call with these they,sounded great i did have to take one of,the earbuds out to get that transparency,noise sound so i dont sound too nasally,which happens a lot with earbuds that,dont have transparency mode but they,were great they are smaller as,advertised i do feel like this is a,great design in the case again not a big,fan of the usb a cable being like this,to charge your case and earbuds doesnt,have wireless charging obviously but,overall theyre pretty good for 20 i did,play with the eq 3 sound controls with,the triple tap in the ear they did,provide more bass which i did not feel,like distorted i did have uh it in,balance mode as well as the signature,mode it is noticeably different however,overall they were really good and clear,im surprised that a 20 product is,probably the best 20 earbuds ive tested,they were so clear guys you cannot go,wrong with these the extra tips are nice,and the two year warranty is great,because im getting a lot of people that,are complaining about tozo products,going out and earbuds failing or the,battery wont hold up etc its nice to,know that jlab gives you two years,warranty on these earbuds again twenty,dollars and two year warranty thats ten,dollars a year in warranty its,incredible so kudos to jlabs for,providing such a quality product for,such a fraction of a price,not bad,very impressed there could be some small,changes id probably put a usbc in the,future but overall this is great hope,you enjoyed this review if you did,please like the video subscribe to the,channel as as i would appreciate it,check out techvisibility.com,for the latest product news and reviews,thank you,[Music],you

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Tai nghe TrueWireless: Chuẩn – NGON, BỔ, RẺ

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rất nhiều màu để các bạn lựa chọn,các bạn thích xanh đỏ tím vàng em có hết,Nó không có một nhưng mà hãy nhớ nó,không có màu tím thì sẽ được tính bằng,thì các bạn cũng có thể lựa chọn và lựa,chọn chậm hao phí của mình luôn Nó rất,là đa dạng thì các bạn có thể lên cụ thể,là cõi trên trang web của Thế Giới Di,Động để mình sẽ để link ngay bên dưới,nhá Thì cái bỏ này thật sự là với phân,khúc giá của nó cái vỏ này là cái nó bỏ,qua tầm khi mà nó hơi nhẹ và nó có hiện,tượng Black đây chúng ta cầm vào chúng,ta có cảm giác nó nó hơi nổi chơi một,chút đấy nhưng mà Điều này hoàn toàn,phải chấp nhận vì phân khúc giá của nó,quá rẻ và đặc biệt là các bạn phải để ý,là cái trận tâm vào cái thời lượng pin,của con này nó quá tuyệt vời rồi khi các,bạn không thể yêu cầu một cái sản phẩm ở,phân khúc giá này mà nó lại vừa có thiết,kế đẹp vừa có thiết kế chắc chắn Bởi còn,chất âm và thời lượng PIN tốt nữa thì,không có thì con này nó không có một vài,đặc điểm về cái sự cao cấp nhưng cái bỏ,nhãn của nó là đủ tốt để các bạn sử dụng,nó chỉ có một vài hiện tượng đôi khi nó,hơi dễ xước 1 chút và thật sự là cầm ở,quán này nó hơi nhẹ với trọng lượng cụ,thể là chết cây của chú a 55,4 gam và,chất tan 3.7g thì cái cân nặng của hai,con này là đủ nhẹ để chúng ta có thể,mang đi đâu cũng được không phải quá lo,lắng để việc là nó sẽ gây cảm giác khó,chịu khi mang đi hay không ngờ nhất túy,nhất áo hết Ba lùn nhé đâu cũng được,phần Nam trong con này thì nó sẽ dừng ở,mức được tốt thôi chứ nó không quá xuất,sắc ở trong phân khúc giá và Nếu như các,bạn đeo các học sinh trở lên các bạn sẽ,thấy nó hơi để và nó phù hợp với những,người có sai cỡ trung bình nhá mình đeo,vào thì mình cảm giác rất là vừa tại vì,cái sai tay này nó hơi nhỏ lại cho nên,lúc mình ghét mình cảm thấy rất thích,nhưng nếu các bạn có sai tay to hơn thì,các bạn có thể lựa chọn cách viết tay ở,trong cái hộp nó sẽ có một vài cái tay,bực hơn lại thay đổi phù hợp với các bạn,và kể cả nhà zui led bể cá có một cái,video hướng dẫn bị bạn chúng ta nên đeo,mộ

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ONLY $20! – JLAB Go Air Pop

– The JLab Go Air Pop are proving,that $20 can bring you tons of value,in the true wireless earbud market.,Strong bass, EQ presets, long battery,,and available in five color options,to suit your personal taste.,In this video, Ill be giving you my complete review,along with a quick comparison,against the Skullcandy Dime.,For transparency and for full disclosure,,JLab Audio sent out the Go Air Pop,for my honest opinion and review.,The means by which I received these products,is not coloring my review or comparisons in any way.,No other compensation was involved and no one was able,to see this video prior to it being published.,So in other words, the brands will be seeing this video,at the exact same time that you are.,Ive also included links in the video description,for you to check out any and all of the products,that are mentioned within this video.,So now lets not waste any more time.,So first up, lets talk about that Bluetooth connection.,So these are running Bluetooth 5.1,,and theyre using AAC and SBC as their connection codex.,This makes them fully compatible,with both iOS and Android devices,with quick and easy pairing.,As far as Bluetooth range,,I managed to pull 39 feet or just about 11.8 meters.,Now, obviously this is going to vary depending,on how many walls or obstructions you put in,between the earbuds and the device,that theyre connected to.,On top of that, these are also featuring dual connect,or independent usage mode.,And this is where you can use each earbud individually,while the other one is charging in its case.,And I know some people like to use one earbud,and then halfway through the day,,theyll switch out to the other one.,If youre that person,,then theyre going to totally have you covered.,Now, when it comes to watching video,,Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, any of that stuff,,theres little to no latency to be experienced,with these earbuds, both on Android and on iOS devices.,Now that were on the topic of latency,,lets move over to some mobile gaming.,Now, when it comes to gaming,,these are excellent for casual games,,Asphalt 9, Boom Beach, 1945, things like that.,Totally going to be fine for that sort of stuff.,Unfortunately, these are not so good,for competitive first person shooters,like Call of Duty, Fortnite, or PUBG.,There is going to be some noticeable lag,and latency going on there when youre doing that.,I played a couple of rounds of Call of Duty,,and I could definitely notice that latency.,Now mind you, I was still able to handle business,in the game, but its just something,that people who are much more competitive than I am,,would complain about.,So just want to make you aware of that.,Sadly, there is no gaming or low latency mode,with these earbuds,,but that is to be expected considering the low price,of just 20 bucks.,On a good note, gaming modes do have a negative effect,on battery life.,So I guess not having it could be considered a plus,by some people, it all comes down to your personal needs.,Speaking of the battery,,they were claiming eight plus hours with these earbuds.,In my own personal testing,,I managed to get seven hours and 26 minutes at 75% volume.,And that was what the signature EQ applied,to these earbuds.,Now youre also going to get an additional 24 hours,with the case, or basically three additional recharges.,Now, both the buds and the case take right,about two hours to charge.,Sadly, there doesnt seem to be any sort,of a fast charging function on these earbuds.,Nothing is mentioned in the writing,or any of that sort of stuff,,but I also didnt expect it.,For 20 bucks, we are going to see a couple,of things cut out.,As far as charging the case itself,,theyre still using their own integrated USB-A cable.,Now I know some people dont like it,and would prefer just a standard USB-C port,,but JLab is sticking to their guns,and they are still using their own integrated cable.,Overall, the case itself has a very slim design.,And like I said before,,it is available in five different colors.,Its very pocketable, very small,and overall Im really digging it.,The previous version did not have a lid on it,,it was just open earbuds.,And sometimes if they happen to drop,,those earbuds would tend to pop out.,So now you actually have a lid that snaps shut,,can keep your stuff secure and also keeps lint,and other stuff from getting inside there,and kind of dirtying up the charging pins.,So overall a much better design in my personal opinion.,And then last but not least,,these are also IPX4 sweat and water resistant.,So if you want to work out and doing anything like that,,theyre going to have you covered,,but I would definitely not submerge these in the water.,So no swimming and no showering in these earbuds.,Now thats going to bring us over,to the question of the day.,Do you feel that more companies like Sony, Samsung,,or even Apple should offer barebone products,at rock bottom prices?,And I mean, no extra features, no app support,,just straight up wireless ear buds,,that get the job done for a low price.,Let me know what you think down in the comment section.,So lets move over to the comfort and the controls.,So these are very comfortable,with no noticeable ear fatigue.,These have a very small design,,similar to the JLab Go Air, very, very small.,So overall they are highly compatible with large ears,,medium ears, and possibly some small ears,,if youre one of those people that have smaller ears.,Now they do include three different tip sizes,so you can find that perfect fit.,And they also use a standard stem design.,So if you want to use some aftermarket tips,,that is going to be an option.,I personally recommend going with the SpinFit CP360.,They do fit inside the case as well.,So if you want to roll that way,,those are available as well.,And then as far as controls,,these are using full touch control.,So you can control everything, volume, skip track,,play/pause, answer and phone calls,,and triple tapping will also give you the ability,to switch between the three EQ modes.,So overall the controls are very responsive,,probably one of the better ones from JLab,and overall gets the job done very easily.,So now, before we move into the performance section,of this video, if youre into wireless earbuds,,headphones, and things like that,,make sure you hit that subscribe button for me.,Did you know that over 80%,of the people watching my videos arent even subscribed,to this channel?,Help me change that.,Im trying to build a welcoming and positive community,of audio enthusiasts,,and Id love if you would join me on this journey.,So now lets move into the performance.,So first up, lets talk about that volume.,These are getting an 8.5 out of 10 on my own personal scale.,So coming in very loud.,For me, comfortable listening with to these guys comes,in right around 65% to about 80% at max.,So you still have some overhead there,if maybe you have quiet dialogue in an audio book,or something of that nature.,So overall the volume definitely has me covered.,So lets move over to the sound quality.,Now, if youre, if you were expecting,like Audiophile level sounds or anything like that,,this aint it.,20 bucks, were gonna get,that dynamic V-shaped type of sound.,So boosted bass and boosted treble.,Thats sort of where this hits.,So lets break it down.,So first up, lets talk about that bass.,So these have strong bass response,with very good sub-bass extension,,not the greatest that Ive ever heard,,but still brings that rumble that were looking for,,especially on some of those bouncy tracks,that some of us like to listen to.,Now, it can get a little bit boomy on certain tracks.,Thats definitely something you want to keep in mind.,As far as a test song recommendation,,I was using Pray For Me by The Weeknd,,featuring Kendrick Lamar.,Now theyve got multiple bass layers in that track,and it really slams.,So thats something you definitely want to try out,and maybe add it to your own playlist.,Now, when it comes to the mids,,the mids are very

JLAB: Go Air Pop – Los Audifonos más economicos del mercado.

no me meto,[Música],el lugar como también además a mi canal,mi nombre y méndez y empecemos,[Música],llegáis para el vídeo de hoy les traigo,un vídeo de un dispositivo en boxing ya,como más review porque tengo,aproximadamente 8 meses utilizando lo,son estoy eilat go air pop,estos son unos audífonos ustedes saben,que ya yo creo que en este canal,deberíamos cambiar el nombre tengo,muchos ovarios un boxes sobre audífono,no sea que haciendo todo vídeo para,ustedes me dado cuenta como que tengo un,problema con la voz,efe,decidí comprar estos audífonos que son,unos airbags saben que como le habla en,otro vídeo no soy fan de los bots porque,ese tipo es apunta dentro de los oídos,como que me falta un poco entonces no,soy muy fan si les soy sincero compre,estos porque sólo cuestan 20 literal 20,20 dólares,creo que son,de mi punto de vista los,audífonos er bots más barato más,económico que hay en el mercado y,créanme que son súper buenos,así que empecemos un poquito con el del,principio estos salieron al mercado yo,lo compré cuando salieron nuevo salieron,al mercado aproximadamente en julio o,septiembre agosto septiembre del año,pasado perdón agosto del año pasado en,2021,y me llamó la atención porque solo,costaban 20 dólares como se agotó súper,rápido yo lo pedí lo único que no me,gustó en ese momento era que como estaba,muy nuevo era muy barato se tardó la,idea de un mes en llegar de hecho,entre cuando llegó la temporada de,iphone de las cosas nuevas del iphone,del año pasado este lo dejé pasar porque,ya tenía más material para terminarlo de,iphone y éste lo dejé corriendo,corriendo corriendo de hecho,éste lo probaba aproximadamente 4 o 5,veces a la semana,desde que en febrero recibieron ese,vídeo que fue parar,[Música],hay un poco mejor que cerró la ventana,en donde me quedé ok,esto lo dejé pasar entre un vídeo el,otro tarata en febrero y no sé si vieron,el vídeo de lake tahoe que fue para,california para son francisco i,ya con más de 5 años dando ver por,primera vez que voto ni siquiera mostró,un elfo vote el case en el aeropuerto se,perdió no lo encontraron,efe esto el que usó literal as diarios,el único que lo usó y créanme que es,super super cool precio tamaño bueno,vamos vamos a destapar los,para irle mostrando,aquí en la casa solo para el vídeo,porque ya esté el que uso como les digo,diario en la caja,el cakes que me parece un buen tamaño,el único color como que me gustaba era,el rojo y este pero pese que rossi vale,como muy plástico como muy barato,entonces compre este color ahí tenemos,los 22 euros y en la caja,[Música],tenemos veces abre así y tenemos los,compartimientos,ok es uno de los compartimientos,tenemos diferentes tipos diferentes,puntos para los bots,entonces básicamente sólo trae eso no,hay más nada en la caja y de hecho atrás,dice que trae los audífonos el case,equal y los pares de cosas esto no aquí,dice que dura 32 horas,de bluetooth por supuesto,créanme cuando les digo que es cierto en,mayo creo que duran más de 22 horas esto,literal me dura como dos semanas,si yo ponerlo a carga ni un poquito de,verdad estoy súper impresionada de esto,que dura muchísimo la batería,dice que tiene dual connect y que puedes,también llevar aplicación cómoda a los,ecualizadores como ya hemos visto,en otro vídeo de yale a la par de cool,de esto es que no necesitas el tener,algo adicional un cable porque si el,cable los trae que lo trae ya,pegado directo al case entonces es súper,conveniente porque nunca se te va a,perder el cable o no tienes que estar,buscando otro cable este puerto usb,normal entre cualquier enchufe usb así,sea de la computadora sea de un enchufe,regular o de eso como lo conecta un,cochinito y después,a la pared,aquí tenemos los box recuerden que como,les dicho no me gusta esto porque siento,que se caen y de hecho varias veces se,me ha caído pero teóricamente hace la,función de un hervor con tu wireless o,no necesitas cables para escuchar me,parece que el tamaño está bien me gusta,el tamaño me gusta el color lo único en,la sensación de esto como que me up al,oído entonces siento así como se,escucharon pero mucha gente como que lo,único algo que puedo decir de verdad que,se siente de una cosa que se siente bien,tiene un disco un indicativo aquí cuando,emprendido son fácil de conexión lo,puedes conectar a cualquier dispositivo,se conecta bien de hecho están,identificados un derecho izquierdo,el tipo fácil de cambiar,y de poner cuando es súper fácil pero lo,único que pasa a veces es que cuando,estoy escuchando música o cuando los,primeros como que lo primero día que,empezaba a usar esto a veces la música,como que se corta como que se para como,si late en pause y sigue entonces a,veces pasa esto ahorita no tan frecuente,pero antes si me pasaba muchísimo no se,supo la composición también del teléfono,lo único comando que yo uso normalmente,y,le digo súper bien es por ejemplo el,izquierdo si quiere bajar el volumen,sólo mueve el de base,y se eleva a volumen automático si,quieres subir luego lo me obviamente le,da al otro lado esto lo tiene de bueno,esta opción la tiene de fábrica el,izquierdo para darle volumen derecho,para subirles ahora tiene una versión yo,creo que como fueron famosos sacaron una,versión que un poquito más fans y un,poquito como más cool pero cuesta 30,dobles nada de verdad esto lo recomiendo,al mil por ciento si necesita un,audífono,conectado esto al ipad y se escucha bien,he conectado de todo a mi iphone se,escucha perfecto lo último que me ha,pasado como que hace ya una semana,a veces como que se me desconecta,totalmente no como que le diga que a,veces como desea cortar nuestras veces,conectó totalmente entonces eso sí no sé,también como por el sistema operativo,del teléfono cuando lo colocas nada,mira no se cae,de verdad es una buena opción le repito,si están buscando,un audífono económico el tamaño es,perfecto tiene los tipos adicionales en,él trabajan super bien de verdad os,recomiendo ahora como para resumir todo,si me parece que es una buena inversión,súper económicos me parecen que,cualquier persona puede comprarlo y,disfrutar de,este audi fondo de estos audífonos,hay muchísimos colores en la página,pueden elegir entre cinco o siete,colores disponibles hasta ahorita esté,en los audífonos uno el número de fondo,que he probado de verdad lo único malo o,lo único que no puedo contar es a veces,la conexión se cortan las canciones a,veces y cuando si las llamadas que no,entran directo al audífono yo creo que,eso es lo único o la única dos cosas que,puedo decir negativas de los audífonos,se carga súper rápido te dura muchísimo,la batería,de hecho hace mal vida de siles cuando,cuando se pone un audífono hay una voz,que dice como que batería full estás,conectados,otro dice cuando tienen batería por la,mitad te dice la batería a la mitad o,cuando ya tienen poca batería te dice,que tiene poca batería pero también lo,puedes ver si los conecta tu teléfono lo,puedes ver arriba en la sección de,baterías del teléfono de por ejemplo en,este caso el iphone te aparece la,batería del audífono entonces es súper,conveniente me parece súper práctico si,tiene cualquier pregunta así sea de,estos audífonos o de los otros me lo,puede dar van a cada comentario y en acá,de dirección te va a dejar un link de,los otros audífonos que he probado si,estás interesado en otro tipo de,audífonos y gracias una vez más por,suscribirte y nos vemos un próximo vídeo

JLab Go Air POP True Wireless Earbuds | $20 KILLER sound!

foreign,so,all right guys so welcome back to,another video with sherman j and today,we look at the go air pops man these are,actually,very eclectic um theyre so small now,the case,isnt the smallest case that ive ever,used on a set of earbuds but it is in,fact very thin and compact uh and i,always start with the case on a set of,earbuds because this believe it or not,is something that people actually focus,on when theyre buying earbuds how it,fits in their pocket uh whats it going,to be like does it fall open,so,one thing i noticed with the case is,that the lid does not stay open on its,own this is something believe it or not,that,some consumers are highly concerned,about because the chances of this,popping open,and the earbuds falling out is a,possibility depending on what youre,doing but the earbuds are snug in there,and the case kind of closes itself so,uh on and off for that thats a minus a,half a point but it gets a full 10,points,for this case for having the charging,port right into the case now some people,might frown on this and say this should,be type c,but in reality having it as type a is,the right thing to do because now i,dont have to search for a charger,this solves so many issues it is,unbelievable i mean just look at this is,you would think more companies would do,this because,i know a lot of companies have wireless,charging on their cases now and you know,they use a type c port but ultimately,thats going into a type a or some type,of deal like that so,great job jlab i mean that when i saw,that i was like yeah this is it im,probably gonna like these uh the,charging case a lot but then you know,the floppy side of this side yeah its a,trade-off but its well worth it ill,take this floppy lid on here and this,type they built into the bottom any day,over any of the other cases so lets,talk about um the earbuds themselves now,the earbuds themselves,have uh touch sensitive controls and you,guys know how i feel about touch,sensitive controls not my favorite i,prefer to control things from the device,but you can actually control the,equalizer from the earbuds its got,three presets and im pretty much,putting on bass boost isnt necessary,because these have some killer sound and,i mean,when i say killer sound i did change out,the and put on the biggest tip i,frequently do this uh when it comes to,ear buds because i want to have the most,snug tight fit in my ear,and so sometimes the ones that come on,the buds are actually good enough but,with these i went ahead and put the,biggest tip on i didnt really like the,feel of the default but it was it was,probably like a smaller medium and i,just grabbed the biggest one of all,three and put it on and whoa whoa whoa,whoa,youre talking about sealing off some,sound,absolutely incredible i mean the the,sound changes uh,dramatically it really seals off,most of the noise and obviously i could,hear my own voice within because im,talking but,uh these are extremely comfortable when,you put the right fit on there the right,tip and thats going to go for any,earbud put the right tip on it test the,tips some people tend to just toss the,tips,and just use what comes on the bud,instead of actually trying to switch out,the tip something as simple as that can,change the entire sound of the earbud,now in all fairness i did not use the,default buzz that came on here for sound,tests i immediately went to these,because i saw when i when i did the fit,and finish i was like yeah these are not,going to be right so these on wow they,sound good and each bud can give you,about eight hours so thats something,that uh people tend to ask can you use,one without the other yes most buzz,today you can use one without the other,but where this one has a great advantage,is you being able to control the the,sound from the buzz uh one thing i,didnt like though is when i took the,bud out it didnt stop playing the music,it just kept playing the music so i had,to stop it but uh none other than that,you know thats fine because im the,type of person again they can i like to,control my music from the device that,im using it from so,other than that happening maybe i missed,something but i tried it multiple times,and it just kept playing the music so,but you know again,dig in and dive in because what ill,talk about next,all the next thing everything else,shouldnt matter 20,how are they giving so much battery life,and power and comfort and feel,for 20 bucks,incredible,its just its hard to beat so that,alone,with this fantastic style,of charging case,this is just,i just i just love this case man just,being able to pop this open and just,charge and its a very strong cable,either its not flimsy at all but that,alone coupled with the price,um i think jlab has hit a winner on this,and its i think these are ip55 ip50,fp55 so thats really good instead of,ipx4 like some earbuds,uh you also get a two year warranty on,this too so thats a huge plus for 20,bucks i mean,why arent you buying these,theyre for pre-order right now which,man j hope you guys enjoyed wow i will,follow up with these for sure because,when i compare lets just bring them in,heres a case comparison like heres my,pixel but as and heres my my samsung,galaxy bus 2. just look at how small,of all these cases the j labs is,definitely the lightest uh in hand with,the earbuds in,but man i i gotta admit these sound,really good for 20 bucks and they,definitely compete and punch way above,their weight class,thats the truth i have a lot of earbuds,i have a lot of headphones i just love,getting into different um audio and,trying out different buds and,whoa,now these come in about five different,colors i believe i saw like red lilac a,rose black obviously,but check the link in the description,and youll be able to grab yours for 20,dollars folks,you cannot beat this,hands down,man j take care

JLab Go Air Pop|Watch Before You Buy

hello everyone my name is jordan and,these are the jlab go air pop 2s and,they are very cheap option coming from a,very reputable company now how could,something so very affordable actually,sound so good how much sound can they,really give the user for the price they,are paying now who were they for and,what can you expect once you get them,well lets find out jlab knows all about,constructing small sturdy and,aesthetically appealing buds the go air,pop is no different maintaining the,brands bold colored minimalist,appearing design all while being shrunk,down speaking of things being shrunken,down jlab also managed to scale down the,charging case it is lighter incredibly,small and pocket friendly the coolest,element is the built-in usb cable that,is stored underneath the case letting,you charge in the go with compatible,devices or accessories the magnetic lid,does feel flimsy but i guess something,had to give when accounting for cost i,would have loved to see the case receive,an ipx4 protection as well but it did,not comfort is moderate fit is where i,found some issues though as the cavity,doesnt shape to the inner part of the,ear as well as some other models,resulting in looseness furthermore the,silicone tips lack grip and dont form a,tight seal which can affect audio,performance but more on that later the,buds come with an ipx4 sweat and water,resistance and a body composed of hard,plastic in other words these are some,tough in-ears that wont crack when,hitting the concrete or damaged easily,when exposed to moisture jlabs auto on,and connect technology is still amazing,instantly pairing your devices and,making the switch from one recognized,device to another an effortless task,kudos to jayla for programming a full,suite of media controls on such limited,hardware you can manage calls playback,volume eq activation and digital,assistance at the tip of your finger on,your detection for auto pause and play,didnt make the cut though the control,scheme is unique but not the most,reliable particularly on the right bud,play pause is a double tap which doesnt,respond well to its assigned input and,gets mistaken for volume up which is a,single tap almost 90 percent of the time,i used it multi tabs dont really,register well either requiring several,attempts to fire up siri or google,assistant or even cycle through the eqs,speaking of apple and googles ai bots,both are buggy on the go air pop which,is kind of a bummer but when they are,working they respond quickly to,inquiries now to get 8 hours of play,time from a pair of 20 wireless earbuds,is exceptional realistically is its,about seven hours when factoring in,volumes streaming in the eq modes so,that will get you around four days of,moderate use before you have to be,tossing them in the charging case which,holds up to 32 hours of total fully,charged the integrated usb cable is an,awesome bonus to have when you want to,power up the buds at home or in an,office setting its particularly,designed for charging case on desktops,and laptops i dont ever expect much,from the call quality on these buds but,nothing this bad when taking calls,indoors there were several complaints,from friends about my voice cutting in,and out along with some muffling outside,was way worse because the slightest,ambient noise which was mostly wind,interfered with every conversation being,in a completely quiet room and speaking,loudly was the only time anyone could,hear what i was saying bluetooth has,always been a hallmark for jleb and that,has not changed on the go air pop range,is advertised at about 30 feet although,it is higher when using the buds in,complete open space which is around 35,feet max going from room to room does,cause some dropout around the 25 foot,mark but nothing too serious the go air,pop is scarce on features though but at,least it offers some audio,personalization through eq settings that,dont require a companion app to enable,you can do this manually on either bug,using a triple tap gesture the three eqs,on here are jlab signature balanced and,bass boost and a bonus each one has been,vastly improved from when the company,first introduced them on their earlier,creations j-lab signature is considered,the flagship between the three and suits,most music genres i immediately noticed,the amplification in vocals and bass,when switching to it i was satisfied,with the frequency response as well,switching to bounce provided neutral,sound resulting in an equal mix of lows,mids and highs jlab suggests using the,preset for audiobooks podcast and,classical music and i completely agree,pop records also perform well and lastly,theres bass boost which is,self-explanatory this preset emphasizes,the low end and provides some room for,mids to breathe though highs are nearly,phased out noise isolation is mediocre,due to ear tips not creating a tight,seal meaning ambient noise will creep in,during listening sessions and now all in,all at the end of the day well color me,impressed because the go air pop mostly,lives up to the hype sound hello make,the buds worth owning thanks to properly,engineered eqs that match different,types of content play times are,sufficient for all-day listening and,build quality is on point as well unless,youre taking video calls in quiet room,theres no fun to be had when using the,go air pop as a calling headset the,controls can be frustrating to operate,as well due to weak touch accuracy the,lack of features might turn some,consumers off but what more should you,expect from a pair of 20 dollar wireless,earbuds exactly look past these,drawbacks and youll find the go air pop,is the best 20 you can spend right now,but thats just my opinion i want you to,let me know your opinions in the,comments down below give the video a,like if you learned anything and maybe,hit that subscribe button if you enjoy,these types of reviews if you want to,learn a little more about some other,cheap wireless earbuds then why not,check out this video on the skull candy,dimes too you might find something more,for you there

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