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Joe Vs. Carole – Peacock Series Review

peacocks new series revisits the feud,between carol baskin a big cat rescuer,and joe exotic who owns a cup breeding,business i watch joe versus carol should,you,lets find out,hows it going movie watchers thank you,guys for stopping by my channel today,im going to be talking about joe versus,carol which is on peacock seven episodes,this is uh based on the true events of,joe exotic and carol baskin which during,the pandemic tiger king was,the biggest thing ever and im not sure,that,the tiger king,phase is still going i i feel like its,done and its over with uh but peacock,is revisiting it,with uh john cameron mitchell playing,joe exotic and kate mckinnon playing,carol baskin im not sure what this,series is trying to do im not sure if,it wants to be a dramatic retelling of,the events or if it wants to be a comedy,because having just kate mckennon in the,role of carol baskin that right there,tells me that its trying to be a comedy,and there is some subtle humor within,this series so i feel like its a,comedy at times uh just based off of,what happens within joe exotics life,its just crazy things that had happened,and so its hard to take it and not make,it a comedy uh but its not funny its,its dry as can be i found myself just,completely just staring at the screen,and seeing that theyre attempting these,jokes especially pretty early on within,the series,and just not laughing and uh just,wanting the scene to be over so there is,some attempt to humor,coming more from,kate mckinnons side of things with,carol baskin joe exotic with the john,cameron mitchell is just doing his thing,as joe exotic thats just wild within,itself but with kate mckinnon as carol,baskin its attempting this humor i just,think it does not land its really not,funny and mckay and kate mckinnon is,hilarious im just not sure if,the source material,is meant to be funny coming from,carol baskins side,so the first couple episodes really do,focus on carol baskin and her feud with,joe exotic her trying to reach a deal,because of the lawsuit and her trying to,rescue these big cats the first few,episodes are in favor of carol baskin,and,making joe exotic to be,the worst person ever,i found,the,remaining like three-ish episodes to be,way better than the first half of the,series this is when it starts to pick up,and its really focused on joes life,and,him dealing with carol baskins lawsuit,but also dealing with,uh what had happened to his husband and,travis maldonado there is some more,dramatic scenes,coming towards the end of the series and,him wanting to love and his loved ones,it handles the dramatic scenes pretty,well,where it does not feel like a comedy at,the end of the series and i loved the,more emotional moments coming from the,end because john cameron mitchell,handles the role of joe exotic pretty,well the crazy moments are there but,also those more dramatic emotional,scenes are coming out at the end of the,series and i think they do work and its,less of a focus on carol basket and less,of a focus on that humor and more of a,focus on those dramatic scenes and,despite what happened with joe exotic,and what he did to the cubs um some of,those moments are emotional for the,character and theyre pretty hard to,watch just the focus of joe exotic at,the end i think was a nice way to end,this series so i think for the first,threeish fourish episodes it did drag to,the point where i just i could not get,invested with kate mckinnon as carol,bask and despite kate mckenna being a,fabulous actress i just couldnt really,buy into her playing carol baskin and,also for what happened with tiger king,and we saw how crazy it was i didnt,think this show translated the craziness,behind it all,it seemed pretty tame to be honest i,know that theres a lot more that had,happened in the,the series tiger king and i dont think,they covered a lot of it it was more of,joe and carol that feud thats what the,title is joe versus carol so everything,else from jeff lowe and some of the,other,people involved they definitely seem to,take a step back because it is just,focused on joe versus carol so overall,joe versus carol started off rough for,me but i do think it ended very nicely,with those dramatic scenes and that more,focus of joe exotic and less of carol,baskin less of that humor and seeing,what happened to travis and how it did,affect joe i think was told very,emotionally it made you think a little,bit about joes life in a different way,compared to what you saw in tiger king,the acting in here is pretty good too,not wolf as travis maldonado there is,some emotional moments for him as he,feels like hes just stuck,and everybody else has a purpose at the,zoo and he does not john cameron,mitchell like i said handles those,emotional women as well carol baskin kim,mckinnons just fine as carol baskin the,humor is not there but i think she,really is invested in the role and we do,see how carol baskin was so involved,with trying to save the tigers and then,dean winters as jeff lowe was absolutely,spot on i thought for a second that was,actually jeff lowe playing jeff lo,thats how good it was so before i give,you my score for joe versus carol make,sure to check out my channel here i do,movie reviews trailer reactions ranking,videos tier lists all that fun movie,related content that you see on youtube,i do it all here so hit that subscribe,button and get it all in one spot im,gonna go ahead and give joe versus carol,a b minus,thank you guys for taking my view for,joe versus carol it is now on peacock,all seven episodes if you guys have seen,it by chance let me know what you,thought in the comment section down,below and stay tuned for more up and,coming content like this my name is just,watches movies and you guys stay close,to youtube

TV Review: Peacock JOE VS. CAROLE Limited Series

[Music],what up this is rama screen covering,movies tv entertainment and heres my,review of peacocks new limited series,joe vs carol hey before you watch my,review please subscribe to my channel,press that like button and ring that,bell so you can get notified whenever i,post new videos and if youd like to,help support this channel please do so,at patreon.com slash on my screen thats,patreon.com slash on my screen lets,rock this is it just me or does this,show arrive two years too late what im,getting at is i think i dont care about,joe exotic anymore at least not as much,as i used to back when the netflix,docu-series became a huge sensation in,the early days of the pandemic hell i,couldnt even care less about tiger king,2 and the dark antler story from last,year either maybe thats not how you,feel but as far as this saga is,concerned im all tapped out which is,why after having watched all 8 episodes,of this mini series ive come to the,conclusion that while john cameron,mitchells performance is noteworthy the,whole show overall is basic and mediocre,and frankly kind of boring it feels like,a re-enactment and the comedy also more,than often misses the mark which is so,cringy oh the cg tigers also look dodgy,and bizarre and i love kate mckinnon but,she could not quite nail this one shes,basically just doing an impression of,carol baskin as opposed to embodying her,so all i see is kate instead of her,character which is not good created by,ethan frankel joe vs carol is a scripted,adaptation of the 2019 wandery podcast,joe exotic tiger king hosted and,reported by robert moore it centers on,carol baskin a big cat enthusiast who,learns that fellow exotic animal lover,joe schreib vogel is breeding and using,his big cats for profit she sets out to,shut down his venture inciting a quickly,escalating rivalry but carol has a,checkered pass of her own and when the,claws come out joe will stop at nothing,to expose what he sees as her hypocrisy,the results prove dangerous the fact,that this show is based on the podcast,rather than the netflix docu does help,in giving us an extra layer about these,two characters that we previously had,not known about those shades definitely,help in making them come across as,complicated thus making it harder for us,to pick sights but are those enough for,me to call joe vs carol compelling no of,course not and there are times as i was,watching these episodes when it felt,like i had to drag my feet through it,okay im not sure why john cameron,mitchell didnt want to add a few pounds,or wear a belly body suit because his,skinny scrawny appearance does throw me,off a bit but id be lying to you if i,said that john didnt have his fireworks,moments because he kind of does and any,time that that happens its like a,breath of fresh air on this otherwise,dull and tedious show some of the,supporting casts also pick up the slack,here and there including that wolf who,plays travis theres a couple of,episodes that are more or less focusing,on travis and nat seems to fully,understand the intense emotions about,this tragic character oh my god the,jokes the jokes on this show are,horrible many of them involve kate,mckinnon and many of them fall flat,sometimes im just so completely,confused are they trying to do a parody,are they trying too hard to humanize,these folks i admit the whole escalating,legal battles and the shouting matches,between them managed to wake me up every,now and then but again and again and,again and again my mind keeps coming,back to that same question again why,should i care why should i give a rats,ass about this whole damn show i think,joe vs carol is the perfect example of,not everything under the sun needs to,have a narrative adaptation sometimes,the netflix docu and the podcasts are,sufficient thats it you dont need to,repackage it or retell it in this format,on top of that listen if you still,insist on watching these eight episodes,well be my guest but youre doing it at,the risk of wasting your own precious,time

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I Hate to Be This Negative – Joe vs Carole Review

hey all you cool cats and kittens jamie,here to talk about joe versus carol,buckle up what do i have to say about,joe versus carol well,this show is the perfect example of why,you should not green light a series or a,movie,based on an event or any little thing,that is popular right away,or at least take the time to think do we,really need to make a dramatic version,of these events,in the case of netflixs tiger king the,story of joe exotic and carol baskin the,answer is resounding no,did we really need to see more of joes,backstory learning he was in a physical,rehab in florida change your opinion of,him is that part even real this is a,dramatic embellishment after all tiger,king was very much a show of the moment,if it didnt come out right when the,united states was being hit by a,pandemic and shut down would it have hit,the popularity that it did,maybe but well never know because it,did come out under those circumstances,when everyone was looking for a,distraction along came a wild one now,its two years later and we live in a,world where theres too many shows,so why should you spend time watching a,peacock original that is essentially a,retelling of tiger king the answer is,you shouldnt,at all,ever,never ever watch this show,if youre afraid to go to the dentist,i would suggest going to the dentist,over watching this its eight hours,eight,hours,a little bit less than eight hours but,its eight episodes that are roughly 50,to 54 minutes apiece i think ones like,48.,why why,peacock,why,creators of the show why,the actors in the show why money,get paid up front because its a,streaming deal,sure,but come on,this is gonna weigh in our conscious,this is garbage this is [ __ ] garbage,and you know it who thought this was a,good idea i went into this this morning,i was like yeah,eight episodes am i excited to watch,this show eh not really but its eight,episodes theyll be like 23 minutes,apiece four hours of my day itll fly,right by no,theyre hour longs,eight hour longs i say out like its,hour long with commercials you know what,im saying,theyre not exactly an hour but still,theyre way [ __ ] longer than i expect,them to be,more than double the amount of time,more than double god,i thought they were half hours and four,hours seemed long but eight,good lord man,good lord,no,never,nev no never,i looked at the scores for this and,rhymed tomatoes and medicine i didnt,look at metacritic actually i looked at,the scores for this and around tomatoes,and right now it has a 50,of 50.,thats [ __ ] high,thats real thats way too high,fifty percent of people that reviewed,this show think its worth watching,no,no,do not do it,look i dont i dont know if peacock,even has that high of subscriber count,maybe they do because people want to,watch,reruns of the office and stuff,just re just watch reruns of the office,if thats your thing,do not [ __ ] watch the show please a,big of you we live,in a time now,where nuclear annihilation could happen,at any moment because theres a guy in,europe whos [ __ ] crazy,it could happen,do you really want to spend some of the,last hours of possibly the last hours of,your life watching joe versus carol,do literally anything else,all right that was that was a bit much i,think a lot of times when a platform,releases a new show theyre looking for,something thats going to be a,subscription seller,for peacock as a platform joe versus,carol might be a subscription canceler,it makes me question the decisions and,quality of the platform as a whole as a,burgeoning platform youre supposed to,be putting out things people want to,watch,lets make them run for the hills,fifty percent of around tomatoes can you,[ __ ] believe that i cant,if you watch six minutes of this show,six minutes random number right just,made it up still its enough to know,its [ __ ] bad,i watched a lot more than six minutes,and im here to tell you it doesnt get,better,it does not get better look whos this,show for i dont know man,people that loved tiger king if you,loved tiger king and you watched the,second thing netflix put out and maybe,the documentary about that doc antle guy,and you still want more this isnt even,more its just a retelling of tiger king,i guess this is for you if youre,interested in this story and you have,not seen tiger king,where have you been,weird,but maybe this is for you,but honestly this show is probably for,no one god damn they should not have,made this show,uh yeah so what i recommended absolutely,not,never watch this,dont even think about it anymore when,this video is over just dont ever think,about what youre versus carol again you,didnt make it this far into the video,did you of course you didnt,why would you,its just a guy being like dont do this,thing please i beg you,and thats what im sticking on this,please do not watch joe versus carol,theres so in a world where theres so,many other things,if you want to watch literally,everything in the world before you watch,this,thats very hyperbolic theres obviously,stuff thats way worse,if i had a remote,like the movie click,with adam sandler where he could stop,time,and i could stop time like if this,didnt take up time of my life to watch,joe versus carol,would i still watch it,no i would not,even if this didnt take up time of my,life time the most precious resource,i still wouldnt do it,its not worth it theres so many other,things id rather do with the click,remote starting adam sandler,so many other things,this is very very very very very very,very very very far down the list,of things i would do with a remote like,that,which isnt even real,i cant stop time do not,do not [ __ ] watch this show please,i dont know how many times i could say,it,[Laughter],[ __ ] man this has ruined my day hey if,youre seeing this uh itd be cool if,you,subscribed for you know more stuff like,this we do live shows mondays,twitch.tv slash dark star space we do at,least three reviews a week not including,this one so,if youre interested in that,you know hit the button,[Music]

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Joe vs. Carole – Review (2022) | Kate McKinnon, John Cameron Mitchell | Peacock

so you all thought the tiger king craves,was over think again because now were,back with a new drama series coming to,peacock and this time were going to be,reviewing joe versus carol,[Music],whats up folks and welcome back to the,channel today for another review and,today were reviewing the series joe,versus carol coming to peacock march,3rd now yes lets lets go back just a,little bit here the tiger king craze,that completely swept the world was just,it was one of the most unbelievable,documentaries i had ever seen and the,fact that like not only for what the,content was but like the social media,memes and just all the things that went,beyond that then obviously we got season,two in the doc and tales story and at,one point you think like well this tiger,king stuck is never going to end because,why not its making them money i guess,and then obviously the things that are,really happening in real life with joe,exotic and whatnot with donald trump so,you know tiger king is never going,anywhere and thus you got all right well,we got this new series joe versus carol,coming out why do i want to watch that,like ive already seen this story 20,times over now,but,the biggest reason that lured me to want,to watch this that that really made me,aside to want to watch this is simply,put,peacock really has some momentum going,right now bel air is fantastic and bel,air took a sitcom and dramatized it and,its working so i said well,maybe theyre gonna do the same thing,theyre gonna take a documentary,dramatize it and maybe itll be good and,thus i gotta say im thoroughly,surprised at how much i enjoyed this and,knowing a lot about the story already,but obviously theres some fluff to it,as well which i appreciate it which,well talk about in a little it really,came together very very good but the,biggest thing to take from the entire,series is the acting,the folks that play you know are very,iconic characters in this whole,cluster of a story,they are they really embody them these,individuals and to the point that you,almost think that kate mckinnon is,really carol baskin like for real for,real like not no after planner but,really her like for real for real and,john cameron mitchell who plays joe azad,its fantastic im just so many,different people that like truly,embodies these characters like up and,down the board i mean yes we got joe,versus carol but everybody is involved,in this everybody that was involved in,the documentary is absolutely a part of,this series in one way shape or form and,when they come in and theyre wearing,the same clothes that they had on like,you instantly know its them and then,when you look at their face youre like,oh my god is it really new you know what,i mean so its really really good um and,also if youve been like very crazy,about tiger king well this is based off,of the over my deadly body podcast,season two so there you have like you,know where the source material came from,um which you know uh if you dont know i,mean shall i say its basically going,back through,joes versus carol hole rivalry for over,the last 10 years between the zoo,the threats you know the retaliations,you know just two bittersweet enemies,going at it um but yeah lets kind of,talk about this a little bit more now i,gotta say the biggest thing for me that,i really enjoyed besides the acting was,again the filler to some of the story,and i hate to say this but,the biggest conclusion i got from this,is that joe and carol are just,basically almost almost two in the same,but,rotating around the axis of just being,polar opposites like,it just happens to be this almost,kinetic energy between the two of them,that makes them obsessed with one,another that at times you see them,performing the exact same way that,theyre despising the other person in,and like you know its easy to say joe,exotic by name and everything is the,crazy one but obviously the whole thing,got crazy because everybody thought,carol baskin killed her husband so like,we see that theres kind of an evil in,both of them but i dont think it ever,clicked to me that they were actually,like,you know more or less the same but just,on the polar opposite,rotating around the axes so that if any,given point they were on the same part,they would literally be the same person,which is really weird because i started,to think like you know what if they,actually did ever meet besides the one,time they came face to face well they,only basically came face to face,two times one time when joe was in the,helicopter and the other time when he,was in court going about to go to jail,so,you know,i think if they actually would have took,it took time to actually talk,they might have actually been friends,like for real for real uh that was just,like the craziest thing to kind of think,about it whatever but um we just so you,know you know carol was all about big,cat activism and,the exotic one was about having the most,exotic,zoo,with all the big cats and i mean the,story goes from everything of her,missing husband to the lawsuit um,trademark infringement million-dollar,lawsuit shall i say um him running for,governor uh and then carol trying to get,this bill passed or not so like these,are sort of you know the events of the,big thing but you already know all these,things in the documentary um,another thing before i forget,while all this is happening too,you actually see,the documentary being made,and so like dont forget that like the,documentary is truly you know its,actual footage its not a documentary in,retrospect of all the events that happen,this was a planned idea for joe the,entire time because joe was very,egotistical and he wanted to you know,pro he was the self-proclaimed tiger,king so yeah he had a filmmaker say come,out here and record me and like you see,these things happening,during the series and like oh okay and,then thats the really cool part because,you see these one one for one shots of,the scenes that you see in the,documentary on netflix happening within,the series here on peacock so yeah um,and i and i think that you know,another thing i was interested about,this is that i thought that this series,may come off a little biased to try to,drive a narrative my first one was like,i bet you theres gonna be a documentary,about what really happened to carols,husband and it wasnt,and then i was like okay well maybe its,just gonna be one about a sport and just,how crazy joe exotic was yes that was,there but it also,showed very,how you know unhinged curl was at times,so like it was very unbiased it gave you,both perspectives and thats why i keep,saying like,there was really,theyre really one in the same they,really really are um,and and lets talk about when you know,when when carol first met don lewis the,witch was crazy as well too they met and,he and and he had a gun and she and he,allowed her,to,hold the gun to his head because he met,her in the middle of the night after she,had left her other husband,she just has a long story of just having,failing relationships because shes,truly obsessed with cats and thats all,she cares about um and to be honest,well talk about in a second,no man was ever good enough for her not,saying that don was a saint but also i,dont think we ever truly depicted like,how manipulative don was because and,this they certainly did like they made,it seem like don like was just using her,for her money to go back to puerto rico,to build real estate and he just dipped,out which was a really interesting thing,and while they did come back around to,kind of draw a motive to that,it did not come off like that originally,it was just kind of like oh he knew that,carol was really good at her job um in,terms of real estate and whatnot and he,he dumped her account because she was,using her she was,getting her money together to get her a,sanctuary and he was like nah im just,gonna go ahead and take that and dip out,the pr and then he rolled out and,that you know yeah and and that seems,like just like he goes to her thi

Joe vs Carole (Tiger King drama, John Cameron Mitchell, Kate McKinnon, Kyle MacLachlan, 2022)

shut up and sit down,hey friends im simon im ellie and if,you enjoy our videos please remember to,like comment subscribe and hit the bell,thing that would be very kind of you,indeed and do you guys remember i know,it feels like a million years ago now,but the beginning of the covert 19,pandemic remember those days when we,were imagining that a lockdown may last,two weeks and then well be back to,normal again,yeah but also do you remember when the,world was obsessed for a hot minute with,a tv show called tiger king,and it was definitely a weird and,wonderful phenomenon that was just,poof gone,but there is a dramatization of the main,characters from tiger king coming out,and i guess first of all im intrigued,to see what its like but secondly i,just wonder if the world cares enough to,watch it anymore so i guess were going,to go ahead check out the trailer right,now of joe versus carol with an,incredible cast if you want to see what,we think about it and if we would care,enough to watch the show then stick,around until the end but for now lets,go lets go,carol baskin,im carol bastian,does the name joseph maldonado passage,mean anything to you he is a psychopath,who wishes me dead weve been in an,ongoing dispute oh good job,im sorry i understand this must be very,hard for you,[Music],oh no sorry im allergic to cats,i really feel like i was put on this,earth to rescue cats,welcome to,the,best oh,is who weve been after,documented animal abuser joe exotic,were coming for you baby ive had to,fight for everything i got i didnt even,know you had a husband almost 12 years,it didnt feel like a sanctuary when,there are no more animals in cages then,there will be no more need for us to,rescue them,[ __ ],you have no idea what im willing to do,for my animals i got a job for you dont,let me be misunderstood oh my god what,was he looking for something that will,stop a hitman in his tracks,[Music],so its war its war,were gonna make a family at this park,no one can say a damn thing about it,heres to the unwanted animal,the natures about the cats spoiler,alert,so how many people are going to see this,little documentary,wow,he shot me,three times he shot you technically it,was a blow up doll of me were ready to,roll,this is a show i can sell this america,hes gonna love you,i will never suck,if youve got any dirt on this woman i,want to hear about it he has no idea,what ive been through in my life is,this awesome or ridiculous individually,but together we are a roar,you see me now,i always talk cat people real little,weird,wow,wow okay so we have now seen the new,full trailer for joe versus carol,what did you think of it,its a lot,more weird and also more normal than i,was expecting yes,and i do feel like i mean i would watch,anything that kate mckinnon is in,because shes incredible and john,cameron mitchell like the dude is,awesome they both embody those,characters i mean the ones that with the,version of them that we saw in the,documentary they just embody them so,well but also quite sympathetically like,you can see how theyre setting it up,that,you you understand why they both hate,each other but also you understand they,really demonstrate that both of them,feel like theyre doing the right thing,by their animals and that theyre driven,by this passion to rescue animals and be,around animals um so its not it feels,it feels kind of like a parody but its,not it doesnt seem mean-spirited,yeah i know exactly what you mean i got,that same kind of vibe from it and its,funny like watching the original tiger,king show,like it was kind of almost,comic to start with but by the end of,the series i just felt really sad for,everyone involved like every single,person in it just made me feel sad there,was no one likeable character and yet in,this show they seem to have taken kind,of likable crumbs from those characters,and just focused on them in a really,meaningful way,its and its funny like i saw kate,mckinnon and my brain just immediately,latched on to this is like a saturday,night live sketch like were so used to,seeing kate mckinnon you know dressed up,as somebody else parodying them in a,comedy way,and it just took me a minute to realize,i mean definitely there are going to be,funny moments in this but its not a,comedy its,clearly a drama,but yeah like the spectacle that it,caused in early 2020,when everybody was talking about this,and you had like rappers debating,whether carol baskin killed her husband,or not and whether joe exotic should,really be in jail and people asking for,a presidential pardon like the world,went mad for this story for just a hot,second there and i think this could,actually do a great job at reviving kind,of how they got to that point like where,that the madness in both of these,characters came from as things escalated,and how you know it got to the point,where it became this giant public circus,almost like a breaking bad kind of thing,where you start off,having like regular people put in,uncomfortable situations and they make,the same choices as any one of us would,make in that situation but gradually,things just kind of spiral until you,just dont recognize that person anymore,yeah,yeah you know and i guess i love dr,death on peacock that was one of my,favorite shows to binge last year if,this is anything like the quality of,that show i would watch the crap out of,it so,yeah,super super impressed by this trailer,much much more i honestly thought at,this point i was gonna be saying you,know it looks okay theyve got a great,cast but will anyone actually care,i think this may cause people to care,again,which i mean caring about anything,especially in the middle of winter here,in new york where theres nothing else,to do anyway i think we may be watching,joe versus carol definitely and its not,far off now it really is not march a few,weeks well hey well thank you to,everyone who clued us out that joe,versus carol was coming out on peacock,it looks yeah it looks awesome and we,hope you enjoyed our reaction to this,trailer if you did well be back very,soon and well see you on the next nerd,safari,shut up and sit down

Joe Exotic opens up in jailhouse interview | Nightline

people are nuts man,it was the viral must watch during,pandemic lockdown my name is joe exotic,and this is sarge,tiger king as salacious as it was,scandalous the bingeable docu-series you,had to see to believe,theres not every day that a zookeeper,went to prison for murder for hire,the netflix hit tracing a seemingly,never-ending feud between animal rights,activist carol baskin and joe exotic a,former oklahoma zoo keeper whos now,serving a 21-year sentence for a,murder-for-hire plot against her,so many of us were tweeting debating and,even dancing over the success of the,series,through it all one voice was largely,silent the tiger king himself,until now,this is chi is this joe,last month joe whose real name is joseph,maldonado passage was re-sentenced,dropping a year off the now 21 years in,prison he has to face for murder for,hire counts and for the killing and,selling of tigers during his trial it,was alleged that he paid three thousand,dollars to a hit man to travel from,oklahoma to florida to murder carol,baskin who runs big cat rescue in,florida,in a wide-ranging interview he,maintained his innocence and vowed to,appeal hoping to submit a 200-page,motion for a new trial as early as this,week,let me ask you the question point blank,joe which is i mean everyone wants to,know did you hire a hitman to kill carol,baskin,absolutely not i mean how how can you,even expect somebody to go from oklahoma,to florida to scope her out however long,that would take and back on three,thousand dollars that is absurd i know,that youve been uh,faced with a lot of health crises how,are you doing well i mean,im im losing weight real bad,and uh,and the stories in my mouth are,unbearable to live with all the time but,you know in the three and a half years,that ive been in custody ive been,taken to the hospital 43 times,over the weekend he wound up in the,hospital on an iv with covid19 although,he assures us hes recovering he says,its the latest in a long list of,medical ailments including prostate,cancer,i have little to no immune system and,then they have to give me blood,infusions every four weeks dji dont see,me walking down here live,what have the conditions been like for,you behind bars you have no windows uh,its just a concrete room with no,enrichment no tv no radio no nothing you,cannot in america,put a monkey in a cage according to the,animal welfare act and treat them like,this the seven-episode series chronicled,the life of joe and the outlandish cast,of characters in his life the owner of,the gw zoo which teamed with imported,big cats who he eventually began to,breed,especially tigers,the number one trend on twitter at the,time tiger king ruling the social media,jungle and yet as the program streamed,in a whopping 64 million american,households netflixs biggest hit at the,time there was one person who says he,never watched it i havent seen,nothing and what have you heard about,its popularity why do you think it,became such a cultural phenomenon look i,i have received and answered back over,11 000 letters and i i get letters from,eight-year-old kids to 95 year old,grandmas,and every letter says,its because i was unapologetic i stood,up for what i believed in and because,im not ashamed who i am,and that is why tiger king one was such,a hit and tiger came to turned out to be,a flop,ive read your book your memoir it is,surprisingly poignant at times,keep in mind i didnt promote that book,i was disappointed the way it was edited,this was supposed to be my life story,okay i wanted the world to know,how difficult it is for people that have,never been sexually abused as a child,being gay trying to commit suicide and,all the way up to,supporting a husband dying of aids im,so disgusted the way ive been exploited,its crazy,whos exploited you joe get on the,internet and google doing sonic and hit,the shop button and,look everybody in the world is making,money off of me but me,while he sees himself as a victim even,in prison he cant seem to shake serious,accusations a lot of people including,carol baskin but a lot of others whove,said that you treated animals cruelly or,you euthanized tigers in the wrong way i,euthanized tigers in the wrong way i had,a federal license by the united states,department of agriculture and their,protocol the vietnamese protocol that,was signed off for over 20 years,clearly states euthanization by,injection or by gunshot so youre,denying that you,treated animals badly what do they call,treat animals badly keeping them in,pages,i use if people saw,my videos on my youtube channel i walked,in a cage with 20 full-grown tigers and,lions at a time do you think if i abused,them they would allow that the buzz,generated from tiger kings massive,success even sparked new interest in a,cold case the disappearance of carol,baskins ex-husband don lewis one theory,in the series she fed her husband to the,tigers its a claim baskin has,repeatedly denied authorities have not,identified any suspect in lewiss,disappearance and his body has not been,found,despite this baskin would find herself,returning to the spotlight in 2020,competing on dancing with the stars,the cats would tell me to be fierce and,to be strong and to roar,if you had a chance to say something to,carol baskin now what would you say,what would i say i am in prison and she,cant leave me alone so what would i,like to say carol go find another reason,to live other than joe exotic because,enough is enough even while incarcerated,joe still maintains a cult following and,a steadfast hope we havent seen the,last of them yet one last word for your,fans about what if theyre not sure what,to believe is joe a murderer all i can,say to him is you keep believing in me,im not gonna let you down,i love each and every one of you people,hi everyone george stephanopoulos here,thanks for checking out the abc news,youtube channel if youd like to get,more videos show highlights and watch,live event coverage click on the right,over here 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TV Review! Joe vs Carole Episode 1

hey all you cool cats and kittens im,just kidding i would never say that for,real im just joking,its neil back once again with another,tv show review for you,and today im going to be taking a look,at joe versus carol,yes this eight episode tv show that just,premiered the other day here in canada,on showcase,chorus channel,it originally aired on peacock i believe,on march 3rd in the states so yeah you,may have already seen it this is going,to be a spoilerific review of episode,one so please,remember,spoilers okay yeah even though if youve,seen the documentary on netflix,then you know,really whats gonna happen here or,whats supposed to happen anyway you,know what to expect,uh but you know i also think that you,know a lot of people that havent seen,the documentary series are not gonna,watch this show and if they do theyre,not gonna like it at all,quite frankly uh so well get to that,you know get back to that in a moment um,but lets talk about episode one here so,it begins with these two representatives,from fishing and wildlife who come to,the house of carol baskin carol bashkin,and her husband howard played,beautifully,by kate mckinnon and colin mclaughlin,respectively theyre wonderful actors,and they do a great job of inhabiting,these characters these real life,characters,so what ends up happening here is that,they wind up informing the baskins that,theres a man,whos been hired to kill carol,and as we all know,by now the man that hired that man to,kill carol was joe exotic of course and,well find out why that is,as the story progresses here,they,buy a bunch of guns for protection,and then we get a flashback to seven,years ago which is how the rest of the,episode plays out so,the rest of the episode goes back as it,should,to kind of explain you know uh the,relationships here and how they broke,down and what the hell just happened you,know what happened here,but again i mean if youve seen the,documentary you pretty much already know,so this is all about just you know a,good adaptation and you know a good,translation of that story,so yeah so seven years earlier uh,carols running her animal rescue,uh you know and joe exotic,is touring the country,with his,you know tiger circus show basically uh,his wild animal show,and uh hes gonna hes played by john,cameron mitchell who is a very very,convincing as joe exotic i think hes,very impressive uh just like mckinnon,and mclaughlin hes equally as good,there and uh so hes running this big,cat show in iowa and his star tiger,winds up getting sick,and this woman who works for baskin,uh has her camcorder with her and she,shoots footage of the sick tiger,and then carol,who is you know all about you know,rescuing cats from bad situations you,know shes,shes the objectivist you know shes got,that hero kind of syndrome going on good,intentions im sure but she winds up,posting the video,online showing joe in a bad light you,know joes all mad you know theres a,shot of the sick tiger oh you know,everyones you know sad for the tiger,naturally and so this makes joe look,really really really bad,and he winds up retaliating,by,shaming carol online,and then she retaliates by sending like,24 000 emails to all these people all,the show managers that joe was planning,on undoing,and they wind up cancelling the shows,and in ruining his income which you know,well like shes really trying to ruin,his life you know and they both were,kind of back and forth and,and this is where you know the show,basically ends is joe swearing revenge,against carol,so the question is,will the show offer anything different,than from you know what weve already,seen in the documentary,those that have seen the doc you know,that,they should get a laugh out of this,episode really they should get a laugh,out of this show and,and think that you know these are such,great performers and it is very,entertaining you know its definitely,not boring at all even though we know,whats going to happen and thats the,question you know are we going to be,surprised well we dont know yet we have,to just,look at episode one for now um so thats,what im gonna do,and you know we know whats going to,happen to some of these characters and,you know all these relationships are,already starting to form,and,you know im really eager to see how,they deal,with carol husbands disappearance as,well is he just literally just gonna,disappear in one episode and then,everyones like i dont know where he,went or are they going to speculate on,what happened and show it because in the,documentary,shes actually accused of feeding him to,a tiger,like why would she do that i mean they,seem very happy i dont know i think,who knows right who knows what the real,truth is but uh i dont know was it,maybe she did it for the insurance i,dont know like why you know i just,dont get it i mean,it doesnt really add up but then again,who knows what these characters you know,i mean theyre crazy larger than life,characters that are based on real life,so,its its interesting to see them kind,of portrayed you know this way um you,know there was never any proof of her,feeding that her husband to the tiger by,the way uh but you never know the show,could very well explore that but again,thats just speculation so you know back,to just episode one,one,unfortunately criticism i do have that,you know could hurt the show a bit is,that the cgi animals and yes all the,animals here as far as i can tell at,least most of them anyway um theyre cgi,so when you look at them you think wow,the fur looks so real it looks really,good you know but then when you look at,the eyes,you know you look at the especially on,um a couple of animals like a sheep for,example and theres this uh camel and,like theres a bunch of other weird,animals in this,in this show uh in joes show and uh and,the eyes just look bad they just look,like nah this thats too,its kind of late 90s early 2000s cgi,looking uh but you know im sure they,didnt have like a million billion,dollars for this you know tv show they,had to you know work within whatever,budget they had for visual effects um so,i think they they pull it off okay its,just but it just winds up just being,okay i think the eyes,kind of hurt it though you know like i,said uh it kind of takes you out of the,whole show just a little bit here um,its too bad they cant use real animals,but i guess that would have been a lot,bigger of a hassle right i mean yikes,thats a lot of exotic animals,but um yeah i mean so other than that,and the predictability naturally i mean,those are my main criticisms here uh,a lot of early buzz from the press and,and whatnot is that this is just such an,unnecessary show trying to capitalize on,the popularity of the documentary and i,do kind of have to agree to a certain,extent,you know i you know,i again no one is going to give a damn,about this show anyway unless theyve,seen the netflix doc unless theyve you,know been along for the ride and they,know the story and theyve just been,like oh my god these people you know,that are crazy,yeah so,its its not great,but the cast and you know you know the,performances certainly are just,fantastic,so i am hooked on this i know its its,very low brow its not its not high,quality entertainment by any means,really uh but you know it is like a car,crash you just got to stop and just take,a look and and check it out and just see,what happens i want to know what happens,with howard i want to know what happens,with the rest of the story if they,change anything im invested so,despite the fact that it is really,pretty trashy you know and it does seem,to just be capitalizing on the netflix,series im still going to give it a 6,out of ten,because this episode anyway it was a lot,of fun and again this is just reviewing,just one episode i dont know if im,gonna review the rest of the series i,might but well see im definitely gonna,stick with it and uh well see,where she goes and you know what,liberties they may take too or if,theyre gonna stay as accurate as as we

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