1. 2021 John Deere S100 Riding Mower Review and Walkaround
  2. 2022 John Deere S100: Start Up, Walkaround, Ride, Cut and Review
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  5. John Deere S100 Review
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  7. NEW John Deere S100 Mower, walkaround and first cut

2021 John Deere S100 Riding Mower Review and Walkaround

hey guys this is brent with western,equipment and in this video im going to,be telling you everything you need to,know about the john deere s100,so lets get started,[Music],so first lets talk about model numbers,well start here at the front with the s,now this will be new to 2021 as before,in 2020 and years prior these were going,to be letters such as e,and d but now in 2021 theyve moved to,the s,and that along with that change has come,some significant changes throughout the,whole 100 series lineup,now as we move over next here we have,the 100 this is going to be our model,indicator,as within the 100 series you have a,range of models,going all the way from the s100 up to,the s180,so well talk about those differences,and well start here by jumping,underneath the hood before we get,underneath the hood one thing i want to,point out is just how easy it is to,raise and lower this hood,one thing that youll notice is theres,no latches or clips or anything thats,holding this hood down so it makes it,very easy to get,underneath and access but one thing that,i would say about this is,is that if you go and buy this mower and,someones going to load you out or,youre loading this up maybe youre,putting it in the bed of your pickup,or on a trailer we want to make sure and,pull this mower forward,that way whenever were going down the,road the wind is hitting this hood and,keeping it held,down because if we back this onto that,trailer or put it into the back of our,pickup,you do have the chance of the wind,catching this hood and bringing it up so,just make sure and keep that in mind,whenever youre going out,and going to buy one of these mowers now,next here underneath the hood first,thing we point out,is we do have a 17 and a half horse,single cylinder engine,now one thing that we always notice here,is that they are branded john deere,but keep in mind that these are,manufactured by briggs and stratton,so if you are looking into this mower,and a single cylinder is maybe something,that youre not so sure about,you can jump up to the s120 to get into,that v-twin,or two-cylinder engine and then if the,briggs and stratton is a deal breaker,for you,you can jump all the way to the s240 to,get into that first line of kawasaki,engine so now lets talk a little bit,about service points on this engine,now well start here on the top since,this is a single cylinder engine,our air filter is over here to the side,and we have two twist locks here,were just going to turn those down into,the unlocked position,pull this top off and weve just got a,single element air filter here,very easy to remove very simple to put,back on,and when we go back on with our top we,just need to make sure that our twist,locks are in the unlocked position,make sure theyre dropped down into,place and we turn those to lock them,back in and that locks our cover in now,since this is a single cylinder engine,we are only going to have the one spark,plug here,so just know that that is where this is,located next well talk about our oil,fill and our dipstick so right here on,top,very easy to see we do have the oil,symbol there,so when were going to check this oil we,pull this dipstick out,wipe it off go back in now this is one,thing,that a lot of people get confused about,on how to check the oil,a lot of people think that when we go to,check this we need to go ahead and,tighten this all the way back down but,thats actually incorrect,so what we want to do is set the cap on,top,turn it until it drops into place ill,do that one more time,just turn it until it drops into place,and that now,we can pull this back out check our,level wipe it off,and then we can tighten down once were,at the right spot now just keep in mind,this is also where were going to go,back,in with our new oil when were doing an,oil change,next down here below were going to have,our oil drain one thing thats really,nice about this guys is that it is off,to the side here,where we can get an oil pan down below,were not going to have that spillage,all over our frame,it is going to be off to the side and,then also this is going to be a,tool-less,open now theoretically we should be able,to twist this by hand,as i can see you just turn that by hand,there and you can take this plug out,but if you do have trouble with that a,simple set of pliers,to be able to pull that off very easy to,open that up,so next over here on the left hand side,first thing guys since were talking,about oil,is we have our oil filter right here on,the side as youll notice no covering,surrounding that so very easy to get to,easy to take that off change it put our,new one on,and then also here on the left hand side,we have our fuel filter,right back here behind thats held on,simply by these two clips,once again very open and easy to get to,so last service point here will be our,battery this is a very important one as,we all know we have to have,power to these machines to be able to,run them now one thing that youll,notice is we do have a strap over the,top here to help,hold this in its simply strapped in,down here at the bottom,where we can loosen that off take our,battery out and change it,also if we wanted to take this battery,loose and put one of a mount on trickle,charger youd have the room to do that,or just your standard trickle charger as,youll notice all this space here above,a very nice open design here and easy to,service,at the engine so lastly here since were,talking about service points one thing,to keep in mind is that you do have a,service interval chart,right here on the mower underneath the,hood where you can always reference this,that way you know when its time to,change those things such as your engine,oil,or your air filter your spark plugs you,have those things right here on board,with you now lets talk a little bit,about the operator station and before i,hop on,well talk a little bit about the seat,first thing guys this is going to be the,11 inch back seat now this will be the,lowest back seat in the 100 series,as this is going to be the smallest,mower,in that 100 series but one thing to keep,in mind is that if this is an,issue for you you can move up in mower,size or you can also just swap out the,seat as theyre going to have the same,mounting brackets here so if you need,the upgrade in that higher back seat,you will have that option now one thing,i would say about this seat thats nice,guys is it does have a lot of cushion to,it,its also made with that weather,resistant material thats not going to,absorb moisture,and then its also still going to have,the flip up feature here to where if you,do have that moisture build up,and its going to have the ridges in the,seat here thats going to allow that,moisture,to fall out of the seat so still a good,option its just going to be that low,back so keep that in mind ill go ahead,and hop on the mower here well talk,about all of our controls starting over,here on the left-hand side,first thing were going to have is going,to be our deck raise and lower,now this is going to be a very easy,spring assisted system,that goes from four inches down to one,inches in quarter inch increments,now what i said very easy to do ill,just show you that with that spring,assist,changing heights is going to be super,easy here,like i said it has that spring,underneath thats going to give you that,assistance when raising that,so very easy to change those the other,nice thing about this system here being,on the side is,if you needed a change on the go you get,from one patch that we want to mow at a,certain height,and maybe the other we want to leave a,little taller or a little shorter,very easy to do right here on the go as,we dont have a pedal system now next,thing moving forward here were going to,have our brake system,now this is not only going to act as a,normal brake like it would on your,vehicle to stop the mower,but its also going to be where we set,our parking brake,so once we push all the way in we raise,up here on our lever,youll see that

2022 John Deere S100: Start Up, Walkaround, Ride, Cut and Review

hey everyone and welcome back to the,channel so today were going to check,out this 2022 john deere s100 finished,off in classic john deere green and it,has an msrp just under 2 000. and to,start off todays review were going to,take a look at what powers this specific,model underneath the hood is a single,cylinder engine paired to the,hydrostatic transmission it pumps out 17,and a half horsepower and that power,sent to the rear wheels and it weighs in,right around 414 pounds it has a forward,top speed of 5 and a half miles an hour,and a reverse top speed of 3.2 miles per,hour it also has a fuel capacity of 2.4,gallons and you can expect to see around,5 to eight hours on one tank this has a,wheelbase of 48.9 inches its overall,length is 69.7 it has a width of 55.2,and a height of 40 inches as we move on,to the exterior styling now for this,john deere well start up front with the,john deere logo front and center as you,can tell there are plenty of cutouts in,the lower section to provide a lot of,cooling to this engine this also has,halogen headlights on both sides so that,way you can use this at night time if,needed and then in the lower section,clearly you can see all the way to the,deck where this also has cast iron axles,on both sides making them very heavy,duty,so it has a great style to the front end,theres also a cutout in the upper,section too just to help with that,airflow exiting the top section and as,we move on to the side now the s100,comes with a 42 inch deck pretty,standard for lawn mowers its also very,narrow as i mentioned earlier with the,full width making it very maneuverable,as ill show later in this video its,also constructed from one piece of 12,gauge steel this has internal wet disc,brakes it even has sector and pinion,with single drag and tie rod for the,steering angle,and we have a nice side profile design,not too much to talk about we have the,yellow wheels giving it a great contrast,against the green classic for john deere,along with the john deere logo and some,more yellow in the upper section this,has a shoot over on the right side so,obviously when youre mowing everything,will exit that side piece,and then in the back this does have a,towing capacity right around 414 pounds,very impressive so you can hull debris,or whatever you may have theres a,connection in the middle where you could,put a ball if needed but its mainly,used for a lawnmower trailers that you,can slide a pin right through and then,theres a pin over on this right side if,you pull this that allows you to push,this forwards or backwards without it,being on so that way you can maneuver it,around if needed it will disengage the,transmission so that way you can do that,and then as you can tell from the back,really not much to talk about the john,deere logo is on the back of the seat,now if i lift this seat up this is,actually how you can fill this up so,its very easy to do theres springs on,both sides just to give you a little bit,more comfort while youre mowing over on,this right side theres a place for a,drink or you can put your phone i use,these a lot and then over on the left,side is how you can raise and lower the,deck,so thats a full walk around of this,john deere s100 as we work our way to,the seat now we also noticed two up,underneath is a fuel gauge its really,helpful and convenient obviously you,could just lift the seat up and check,the fuel level but its nice to see that,that is down there,and then once im up on the seat we do,have the ignition over on this right,side before we get to that over on the,left side is the choke as well as being,able to make this lawnmower go faster or,slower this will also make it louder as,well so if youre just idling you can,bring it all the way down underneath,that is the emergency parking brake so,that is located where my left foot is if,i give it a hard push i can disengage it,now were going to roll backwards but if,i push on it hard enough i can pop it up,and now this is locked and then to the,right of that this is how you can mow in,reverse so this is a safety feature so,that way you can push on that be aware,of your surroundings in order to mow in,reverse if you need to or youre turning,around this is how you engage the deck,so i push that all the way up and that,will engage and then also right in the,middle is an hour gauge there are three,hours on this lawnmower at the moment,and then over on the right side we have,forwards and reverse very simple and,straightforward to use and then over on,this right side with the ignition i can,turn on the headlights and then actually,start this up in order to start this up,i need to push my foot firmly on the,brake and i can twist this key to the,right well bring it to life,all right so before we get this out on,the road a little bit unorthodox i have,you guys hooked up to my motorcycle,helmet that way you can hear the audio,hopefully hear it while we have this,started up so im going to put this all,the way forwards now if i hold this all,the way up that is actually the choke so,when you do a cold start you can hold,that in that position it will,automatically go back to the top section,where the rabbet is there so that way,you can go full speed so if i have it,there put my foot on the brake,we can bring this to life put the,emergency parking brake down,and now with the throttle on my right,side,you can start to give it some gas now,the reason that i went with this 42 inch,lawnmower is because i have woods ive,been using this lawnmower a ton in my,backyard not only to obviously mow but,to hook it up to a trailer which i dont,currently have to show you,but ive been using it to scope out the,back of my woods and just do some yard,work in general and having the smaller,42 inch blade has really helped me to,maneuver through tight situations like,this so its been really nice,so obviously it just depends on the,location you know your yard size what,youre going to be doing with your lawn,mower and for me i have just barely made,it in between,a bunch of trees,in my backyard so ive been really happy,with the size of this 42 inch blade,and then i see a lot of people actually,cut the end of that off just to get a,little bit more clearance or i can,actually lean over pick it up go through,the trees and drop it back down im,really not looking forward or wanting to,cut it at the moment,and,this is what a lawnmower can be used for,this is the trail system that i have,dug out so far to get around my property,and this mower has come in handy,and done extremely well and so the,maneuverability of this small size lawn,mower has been perfect,once we get out to the grass ill do a,few uh circles so that way you can see,actually ill do one right here in front,of us the maneuverability of this,is really good so cranked all the way to,the left,and i can do a circle right in,almost within this path here there we go,i do have to back up i dont want to,damage the front there with that log but,its a very very tight turning radius,which is great to see obviously thats,what you would expect,with any lawn mower really now its not,like a zero turn where that can turn on,a dime and i was contemplating between a,zero turn or this,but i,uh have the trailer to hook this up to,so zero turns are kind of meant for,speed versus uh,hauling doing a lot of yard work and,things like that so i decided to go this,one just kind of off topic there,uh because the zero turns are not really,meant for towing as much and so just,like that you can see the,maneuverability through the trees is,excellent,and i have noticed that,i can go a lot longer obviously probably,twice as long just riding this around,versus actually mowing,because youre using more fuel to spin,the blades so thats where i came up,with the five to eight hours just,depending on,what youre doing,with your lawnmower,and so why dont we just do a quick,mowing test just so you can see it you,probably wont be able to hear me but to,activate it i can push this all the way

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Which John Deere S100 Riding Lawn Mower Should you Buy? | John Deere S100 Series Buying Guide

hey guys this is brent with western,equipment and in this video im gonna be,talking about the john deere 100 series,riding mowers,or the s-100 series and giving you a few,different tips and a few things to look,for to use as your buying guide,when looking into this series of mower,now there are eight different models,in this series so at times it can be,very confusing and hard to decide which,exact one we need,for our operation so hopefully after,watching this video youve got a better,understanding of that and can pinpoint,the exact model that you need so lets,get started,so within this series of mowers like i,said youre going to have,eight different models being the s100,the s110,s120 s130 s140,s160 s170 and to rounded out the s180,so within these series of mowers youre,going to have various different options,and the first one is going to be deck,size now,every single model in this lineup is,going to have,the same build of deck meaning that they,are all going to be whats called the,edge cutting system,but you are going to have three,different sizes of decks,so youre going to have a 42 inch a 48,inch,and a 54 inch all his options but,each model specifically is going to have,a specific deck size,so lets start with the 42 inch models,the 42 inch decks are going to come on,the s100,the s110 the s120 and the s130,now the 42 inch decks are going to be a,13 gauge,stamped steel and they are also going to,have,two anti-scalping wheels now if we want,to move up to the 48,inch option we have to look into the,s140,the s160 or the s170,now when you move up into that 48 inch,deck youre also going to get into a,heavier build,as its gonna jump from a 13 gauge up to,a 12 gauge,and then youre also going to gain the,addition of two extra anti-scalping,wheels,so now youll have four anti-scalping,wheels on the 48-inch deck,now theres only one option in this,series for the 54 inch deck,and thats going to be on the s180 but,once again once you jump up to that 54,inch deck youre going to move up,in build size so youre going to move up,from a 12 gauge,to an 11 gauge deck making it just a,little heavier built,and youre also going to get the,addition of one extra anti-scalping,wheel in the middle in the front of the,deck,giving a total of five anti-scalping,wheels now talking about,tires these are also going to vary,depending on the model,that you choose so starting here at the,front whenever were looking at our,front tires,at the s100 all the way up to the s160,youre going to have 15 inch tires in,the front now once we move up to the,s170,and s180 these make a jump up to a 16,inch tire,now same thing at the rear whenever,were looking from the s 100,all the way through the s160 were going,to have 20 inch tires at the rear,and then the 170s and 180s are going to,have 22 inch tires,now this is all going to add to the ride,quality and the comfort,so just like you would expect as you,move up from the lower end of the,spectrum at the s100,to the upper end of the spectrum at the,s180 you are going to get those larger,tires to add to that extra ride comfort,now talking about seats there are going,to be three different options in the,s-100 series,on the seat so starting at the s100,youre gonna have a,low 11 11 inch back one piece seat,and then once we move up to the 110 all,the way through to the 140,were going to have this two piece 15,inch open back seat,now once we move up to the 160 170,and 180 youre going to have a single,piece,15 inch lumbar support seat,so youll have that high back 15 inch,with that lumbar support,that you can either turn on or turn off,and that is going to be an upgraded,option as weve talked about once we,move up in these series,we move up in the comfort options that,are available so that lumbar support,seat is one of those that you get at the,upper end of that spectrum,in the 160 170 and 180. now lets talk,about pto,or blade engagement now this is going to,be obviously the way that we turn our,blades,on or off and theyre going to be two,different options within this s100,series,so starting with the s100 up to the s120,were going to have a manual engagement,meaning that were going to have this,lever right here,that we raise up to turn our blades on,and push back down,to to disengage those blades now what,thats doing is underneath the deck what,thats doing is pulling,a pulley tight to make that belt tight,and to start those blades,now once we move up to the s130 all the,way through the s180,were going to actually have an electric,pto engagement,meaning that right here in this position,we will have a pop button,that we just either pull up to turn,those blades on or push,down to turn them off now what this is,doing is theres an electric,clutch underneath the mower that is,actually going to engage whenever we,turn that on,electronically and disengage whenever we,disengage it,with that pop button there so once again,its an upgrade once we move up to that,s130,moving into that electronic pto,engagement now lets talk a little bit,about fuel gauges now this one ive seen,commonly um since the move to 2021,and having the addition of the,electronic fuel gauge here at the hour,meter,weve seen a lot of discrepancy here on,which models this is supposed to be on,but maybe didnt make it on,a lot of mowers that we thought were,supposed to have that electronic,fuel gauge are still having the manual,float gauge,that are here right here underneath the,seat but from john deere specs,the mowers are supposed to be in a,certain order,of which have still the manual gauge and,which got,the electronic gauge so according to,those specs,the manual gauge that would be right,here underneath the seat,that is just a float gauge thats,reading that fuel level,should still be on the s100 the s110,and the s140 now the electronic fuel,gauge and as we do have it here on the,120,as advertised should be on all other,models so that would be,the s120 the s130 the s160,s170 and s180 so this is something that,you definitely want on your machine,and if it were me i definitely would,want that electronic fuel gauge as its,just a lot nicer and a lot easier to see,right there in front of you definitely,make sure to check that out,whenever youre going to buy one of,these mowers now talking about,transaxles this is one that gets a lot,of attention,and it often has a lot of questions so,what we have,here now across the whole line of the,s100 series,is a true hydrostatic transaxle meaning,that theres no more gear shifting on,the side,you will have the two touch pedal there,at the front,to go forward and reverse across the,whole line now the difference in these,transmissions,is there is going to be a jump once we,get to the s170,so in the s100 all the way through the,s160,were going to have the tlt200,transaxles,and then once we move to the s170 and,s180,were going to jump to the k46 heavy,duty transaxle,now this is a big deal once we move to,the 170 and 180 and get into that k46,because this is going to be the same,transaxle that well see,all the way up to the x300 series,so this is a big improvement and this is,something that a lot of people like to,look into,as the transaxle is the main driving,force of this motor,so that is a big deal so just keep in,mind that if youre looking for that,more heavy duty transaxle we want to,look up into the s170,and 180. now most importantly lets talk,about the engines on these machines and,as you would expect since there are,eight different models within this,lineup,you are going to have multiple different,engines within this lineup as well,so starting at the s110 youre going to,have a 17 and a half horsepower,single cylinder briggs and stratton,engine now keep in mind that,every engine within this entire series,is going to be a breaks in stratton,but there are some differences as we,move up in the lineup,so once we move up from the 100 to the,110,were going to move to a 19 horsepower,briggs and stratton,single cylinder engine now once we make,the jump,to the 120 the 130 an

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On request Review John Deere S100

good morning friends good morning,uh there was a feller that um,he uh was wanting to more information on,this john deere tractor mm-hmm and um,look i mean you know i love saying it,sucky suck and all of that stuff but,ive got to tell you,uh this is probably the best investment,we have made,[Music],we,garden,a lot all right uh we got a little over,an acre somewhere around an acre that,were gardening,i do have a lot of trees its east texas,uh,you know,i had uh very several uh,when i bought the tractor there was a,lot of things that i truly truly wanted,one was i wanted a little bit bigger,engine than what i got and i think i was,mistaken this engine its 19 horsepower,its just fine,uh,i wanted a tractor with that hydrostatic,transmission,come over here honey,okay and the reason for that,is i need my children to be able to,operate it right so i mean this,transmission is great forward reverse,you dont have to shift gears there is,absolutely nothing to do,so even my little daughter can get on it,and run it,now,having said that,uh when it came and was delivered it,came with four flat tires uh youre,gonna be battling tires for all your,life john deere if youre listening,you should include this,because this is the only way youre,going to keep your tires up,when i bought it i had the intention of,not only mowing my lawn with it but,using it as youre seeing it here all,right with a trailer,uh this trailer was what would pay for,like 200 bucks a little over somewhere,around there,and you know if youre listening again,john deere,include one of these its like five,dollars its a magnetic coupler okay,make everybodys life,a little easier now the trailer itself,same thing with it flat tires all the,time all the time,so if youre gonna buy one of these uh,dude dont spend what i did on this,trailer i dont think its necessary,its a dump trailer it works really good,and it looks good but go to harbor,freight and buy one from harbor freight,all right the uh the engine when you,read about it,it says its a john deere engine 17,horsepower,i get no complaint with the engine but,come on man,its a this is not a john deere engine,this is briggs and stratton,all right the reason,one of the major reasons that i,was drawn to this tractor was the simple,operation of it,most of these lawn tractors have the,fuel tank up here by the engine,i absolutely did not want that,uh,like i said im gonna have my kids,riding it,and that just seemed dangerous so the,gas tank i wanted a rear gas tank okay,uh,i dont know what gas tank is they have,three gallons or something like that,youre gonna need a huge funnel,otherwise youre gonna spill gas over,everything,um the deck itself its spring loaded,goes up and down real easy,they put this deck wash thing on over,here you get the attachment,uh,ive absolutely never used it,i will tell you if youre gonna buy a,lawn tractor,and this is a lawn tractor,the lawn mowers the riding mowers are,youve seen them theres nothing up here,in the front and youre sitting on the,engine if all youre going to do is mow,a lawn i recommend doing that theyre,cheaper,a lot smaller,i wanted a 36 inch deck,i couldnt get a 36 inch deck with,everything that i had on it so ive got,a 42 and the reason i wanted a smaller,deck is because of getting in between,all of my beds,i have,above ground beds in the front,im not a fan,of the fiberglass hood,the rest of it is all steel you need to,buy a bumper i think i spent like 120,bucks for the bumper this is a must-have,if youve got anything in your yard that,can be hit,including your house all right,uh i was really pissed off when i got,the tractor this little thing right here,on the glove box,literally it came without the lid all,right how cheap is that right so i had,to buy the lid now fuel gauge,does not work,see it doesnt work youre always,running out of gas,so you know make sure your gas can is,comfy to carry across the yard,the ease of operation is uh its,outstanding ill show a video of it,being delivered and how quick i got on,it and the kids got on it and uh,the safety figure features that,everybody complains about like pushing,this button to put it into reverse,its not a big deal i kind of like it,because my kids,spend more time on the tractor than me,and my wife,the seat ive heard people complain,about it ah its a seed its comfortable,uh oil it real good and uh where are we,at let me go over here,i mean after you squirt some oil on it,it just,the material is very thin,uh i got this in uh,what i say february right ive already,poked a hole in it i mean its just you,know,uh,i said that the engine this right here,this is really,thats cheesy,uh,engine hours i have what,i got uh,were looking 37 almost 40 hours on the,engine,now,theres uh these little plastic things,down here on the deck see it right here,and there was one on the other side,now,the belt,the very first belt come on over here,honey,the very first belt that i bought,or not bought that came with the tractor,was absolutely fantastic,this is the john deere replacement belt,and as you can see see how easy thats,coming off,all right now my recommendation for john,deere,would be this belt needs to be,about a half an inch not much more like,a quarter to a half an inch smaller and,it will stop the belt from being thrown,all right,as it is if im operating it,and im real,careful uh,i can turn it on,and mow,and shut it off you have to when you,engage it and disengage it you have to,be at a very slow speed,probably sitting still,and sometimes it doesnt come off,if it does come off its,not that big a deal you just have to get,off and uh you know reach down there and,put it back on its annoying as hell um,actually i was gonna buy,uh what was it it was a craftsman right,for the same money that i paid for the,john deere,i could have bought a craftsman with the,size deck the 36 inch deck that i wanted,a metal hood,which i wanted,um,the problem with that is is my kids are,big uh,my son is big and he couldnt even get,on it so,if i was only going to mow lawns,would i buy this again,no,uh i have the bagger for it and i was,like okay so ill get the bagger that,john deere makes now that was 300,it doesnt work not on this mower,uh it clogs up real quick you spend the,day unclogging it that was a waste of,money so if youre gonna you know put,one of those rear baggers on there i,mean i dont know what anybody elses,experience is,i dont know about the other uh mowers,out there if you were thinking about,this you know about the yellow one,you know about the orange one right,um,but you know its a tough mower for what,it is and as far as the engine ive got,a general incline up here ill put some,video on there,uh my front yard um you dont want to,mow on a hill thats coming up you you,dont want to mow this way,because it will flip you can feel it it,wants to go,but um as far as the engine,and running yeah its pretty good uh i,do like the feature that when you get,off the seat,it stops and thats because i have kids,that ride this thing,if you dont want that to happen just,put the brake on and engage it right,but um,if youre gonna buy all the gadgets,you know like this thing right here,most of the time when i use the the,tractor,this is attached all right the reason,thats attached is because,you know we we farm with it here and um,literally uh from carrying seedlings to,you know and give them a quick look in,here,i mean so these are the kind of things,you know tools and stuff tools and stuff,yeah i mean so were tough on it but i,mean i can actually hook that trailer up,and either put this tiller or this,tiller in it and move it across the yard,uh big bertha here not so much,but its self-propelled so thats not a,big deal,but um,yeah all in all,my uh,major issues with john deere was like,come on man for the price of this,tractor you could not have put a lid on,this yeah that was just so cheesy and so,insulting right,you could not make sure that the gas,gauge worked i mean thats fit and,finish stuff thats ridi

John Deere S100 Review

oh,thank you mom,thank you,[Music],[Applause],i just got to the property its a little,bit chilly out here,today im only going to do a little,punch right here,and then little patch over here,oh yeah behind me,see that im pretty much feel like an,acre,[Music],oh my god so excited,all right,i dont mess this thing up,put the chuck,we need to put the blade up,so,i dont know what to do,okay so it wouldnt start but i think,its because of this,all right i should run now,i guess we gotta go back,there we go,hey,hello,hello,[Music],this thing is,wow,[Music],nice nice mower,this is a john deere,s10,its a really nice moment look at my,engine,we got pretty hot already,we gotta try it out you know every,single day for the next 30 days,lets see it wouldnt start because of,the thing right here well it wouldnt,run i was i was getting scared im not,scared but you know i was like man this,sucks,but yeah look at the line,my other mower still works,its just that,its too small to do an egg more than an,acre,and its,the engine is right on where you sit so,you literally feel the vibrations not,good for my back,its not a bad back,yeah this is great,yeah how about you finish this so its,going to go down,and i have some lights for it too,cool,wait does it turn off if i get off of it,oh i need to press this thing,yeah turns off this once i get off of it,safety stuff,doesnt lag but i wasnt talking about,those lights i got my big led lights,im gonna do some more before the sun,goes down,yeah pretty cool huh it was a gift from,my mama and lyria for once,really nice gift,thank,you right happy morning,it got dark,got my light,for my,thing,this comes in handy,i can put air on the tires or give a,jump start to the batteries,look at that,i did,i did a lot,i cant really see it,and the lights so cool i was mowing in,the dark it was kind of it was really,cool,yeah,the john deere,all right,well hope everybody has a great day,well hope everybody had a great day,i know i did,thank you to my mama and the wife,i dont know what ill do without my,wife,so make this happen,[Music],i want to go back,you

okay guys heres the john grier tube in,bagger I had a craftsman three been,bagger for gosh about twelve years I had,to get rid of that with the tractor last,year it just kind of died on me so I got,a John Deere tractor and this is the,biggest bagger that comes with it so I,had to settle I felt theres a top piece,this is the part that goes into here on,that side bottom chute here these bags,have two bags craftsman when I had at,three large bins I think that was an,eyeful I believe this is a second bushel,so Ill show you how it goes together,okay kind of hard doing this by myself,but uh this guy goes in here and these,two go into here and then I put this peg,through back here and that secures it in,one of the problems with the setup of,the tractor as the gas is here so of,course Id go get a funnel when I leave,this on put gas in here a little bit of,a hassle its not bad I preferred the,Craftsman tractor I had had the gas in,the front I put that worked out a little,bit better but,all right so dont lose this mic this,goes here tongues in there this guy goes,up here now where do you suppose the,first scratches on your tractor are,going to be yep probably right in here I,have a little scratch because of this,guy all right and this pin goes in here,and its pretty good setup again not,what I was expecting from John Deere but,its okay all right,Ill a where the bags go on and,then Ill put the bags go up here pretty,simple I will say to seal around here is,not the best you do get kind of dirty,all over your back you can probably put,some weather seal in there I saw on,YouTube and that might help out,otherwise works pretty good and pulls it,down and it goes like that,okay so this guy goes into this hole up,here and then you strap in and that,little hole up there and this goes back,there kind of like to do the backside,first lets see how it goes its not,easy theres a theres a guy right here,just kind of shimmy that up that does,help a lot just got a muscled in and get,that pin there I dont know if you can,see it,okay thats the bottom piece and then,top isse slide it in first and then,bring it down just like this guy right,here,okay sets guess thats pretty standard,for setting up a bagger its about the,same on the craftsman its its kind of,a pain in that getting it in down there,and you just kind of put everything,together okay and this is what it looks,like once we get that all together,theres the pin it goes in that hole,right there and then this this piece,here hold that on and then on the other,side here,looks like that quite short with these,guys before thats how it all fits,together this piece here – this is,whats backside looks like so together,like that,and heres this little pin here a little,cotter pin going in there that holds,everything together okay now what I do,find interesting is that this is this is,your indicator window here so as youre,driving over there the only way to find,out if youre really sucking up anything,is to turn your head all the way around,and look back here as youre driving the,craftsman that I had had a little wheel,right here and when it stopped turning,thats when you knew the thing was,filled up Id say thats interesting,because they have this shutoff over here,you put the tractor in Reverse with the,blades going the thing will shut down on,you but they dont have any shutoff for,when you have to turn completely around,to look into this window here to see if,youre actually collecting anything that,youre intending on collecting okay Ill,go right around and then show you how I,take out the stuff out the bags okay so,its filled up now well one side is,anyway I showed it looks like so not too,bad today we had just just this one side,and a little bit down in there yeah a,lot a lot of grass clippings today which,is good normally what I do is I cut the,entire yard and then Ill go back over,it with the the bagger net Lela the,grass clippings stay down and I dont,get everything up and after that really,cuts down on what I need to do so now,for the fun part Ill show you how how I,get this into a plastic bag for the,trash on Monday,okay so somebody somebody out there,knows how to get a plastic dog into here,to collect the clippings please let me,know because I figure that one out yet,have an idea this plastic bag is not,going to stay in there that was the,other good thing about the craftsman,system I had put plastic bag in each bin,and when youre done just take them out,seconds after the curve but now you have,to take it from one bag to the other bag,use gloves because I have holly trees a,lot of holly leaves in here inevitably I,get something stuck in my finger lets,do this first,the fan,could be,sit down thats what happens,okay as you can see its kind of a bit,of a work so if anybody knows a better,way to do that let me know Im really,not quite sure why they went to these,fabric bags I was told by the salesman,that these bags will last about seven to,eight years which is okay but,considering this whole thing cost me,about 400 hours I would like for them to,last longer but I will say Im pretty,happy with how they collect it does suck,up and when Ive got three does suck up,a lot of most of the leaves theres,occasional theres occasional clogging,in the shoots but that for me is,typically just when its really super,wet really havent had a problem,recently in the fall its not so bad,with these bags because I use heres,this tall paper bags and I have a shoot,from Home Depot I just put in there and,empty theyre empty these guys into the,paper bags and that works out pretty,easily this major issue with this is,that its not very big,you kind of have to stop very very,frequently,in general Id say on the Lenderman,scale we give this about a three and a,half to four stars certainly not a five,star because of some of the things Ive,pointed out fit otherwise okay lets go,take a look at the yard okay as you can,see pretty good you still see some,leaves around again its June 2014 and a,couple of my trees are losing their,leaves because I have some sort of,fungus stuff so more leaves than normal,in June guess that means Ill be picking,up leaves for close to nine months of,the year now hopefully thatll go away,anyway yeah it looks pretty good this is,the back yard front yard looks pretty,good too,all right thanks for tuning in,you

NEW John Deere S100 Mower, walkaround and first cut

hows it going there youtube well its,finally getting quieted down enough im,starting to lose some data up here i,need to get a video up for you guys,im sure most of you guys have seen,instagram and on facebook and theres a,new acquisition there besides the,cockshot 40.,there,about a week or so ago,well the old longboard pushed more,uh,brought the connecting rod there at the,end of the last cut last fall so that,was the end of that more i had that one,for 17 years,just the uh theres a six horse bridge,and stratton on it,uh but like like all the things in life,they all come to an end at some point,and i mean it did have a pretty good,ride now for the last four or five years,so,well i knew i was looking for a new more,eventually,i was looking to get a garden tattoo,which uh,i think i mentioned in the video last,couple years or so i was looking to,upgrade that here eventually well we,finally got it on,so without further ado this is what we,picked up,yeah we did,heres a brand new spanking new john,deere s100 sent me the house for us,burger stratton uh intec,got a 42 inch deck on it,i do want to get the,mulch kit for it though but its like,ive seen it on loads its like 80 bucks,for a little chunk of plastic with two,straps on it,if it was an older mower i didnt really,care as much about it to take a chunk of,steel and welded on theyd be done with,it but,not to newmar so anyway ive used it a,little bit and i quite like it a lot i,mean it seems a lot of walking and,moes really really quickly and really,really nice of course its brand,spanking here so,as you figure it should,of course everything works on it you got,headlights in it and may actually,upgrade those led headlights just,because its cool probably never mow in,the dark but i mean,thinking about it anyway,yeah its a pretty sweet machine of,course its hydrostat,its actually the first tractor ive,ever owned with a warranty on it,im gonna try to make this video quick,because its getting dark out here i,guess ill do kind of a quick little,review of course like most german mowers,you put your fuel in the back and the,seat flips up of course,thats the fuel tank,i had half a tank in it before 20 bucks,give it about half a tank,at current prices right now,um,i guess as far as review goes like i,said its brand spanking new,it would start it up for you but i,already had it there,tonight and i mowed a little bit and i,should have got some more but let me get,some clips off the security camera put,them in there for you guys,its pretty sweet of course its this is,how you turn your,uh more deck on and off,throttle course,parking brake,now the one thing i was,unsure of is this button here,so this one has mow in reverse so if you,want to have your blades running in,reverse,you have to hold down this uh safety,override its like a rio switch reverse,something operation switch i forget what,it is now but it was a little bit,confusing at the start but i mean its,an extra safety feature,uh for these new mowers of course not,everybody is,uh as,safe with equipment as somebody thats,run tracks your whole life of course,well,you guys know me well enough here on,youtube,yeah its a pretty slick little machine,i quite like it,dont really have any complaints about,it,i mean i guess other than that i mean,that might get a little funky in a,couple years once its,been out for a little bit weve only got,if we can get it on there,0.7 hours on it,so its still brandy spanking new ive,used it to cut some leaves i used to mow,it twice already,i was quite surprised to see it has a,washout point in the deck which is why,they also recommend getting the,mulch kit then you put,this shoot comes off and you put the,mulch kit on then of course you want to,wash your deck all out itll take,everything off,so shes a pretty sweet little rig,im quite happy with it,and hopefully it will uh,last the test of time hopefully it lasts,for a good long time we dont have any,major issues with it so anyway if you,guys like,this little video please comment rate,and subscribe thanks for watching,[Music],[Music],so,so,so,[Music],[Music],so,so,[Music],[Applause],you

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