1. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (2022) Netflix Documentary Review
  2. *THIS* is scary…???? Therapist reacts to Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (Pt 1)
  3. Conversations with a Killer: The JOHN WAYNE GACY TAPES – Part One Review
  5. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes – Netflix Documentary Review
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  7. Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes SERIES REVIEW

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (2022) Netflix Documentary Review

most of us can agree that clowns are bad,and i think most of that perception,comes from the media but the creepy,makeup and the odd antics never help the,cause plus when you factor in real life,freaky situations that involve clowns,its pretty much an automatic nope and,probably the most disturbing of clowns,is serial killer john wayne gacy who at,times was a clown for hire the new,netflix documentary confessions with the,killer john wayne gacy gives us insight,into the horrific truth of his crimes,from his own mouth so is this compelling,enough to watch,serial killer john wayne gacy was an,aspiring politician beloved local,contractor and part-time clown for hire,who murdered 33 young men between 1972,and 1976 the majority of his victims,were found buried under his house in the,quiet northwestern suburbs of chicago,this three-part documentary features new,interviews with key participants some,who have never talked before including,gut-wrenching testimony from one of,gacys survivors all in the search of,answers to a critical question how is a,public figure like gacy able to get away,with murder for so long so if you follow,true crime at all youre most likely at,least semi-familiar with john gacey and,if you dont necessarily know the name,maybe you recognize seeing pictures of,the serial killer who sometimes like to,dress as a clown this documentary is,directed by joe berlinger who also has,been involved in the confessions,documentary with ted bundy but hes also,done the crime scene documentaries on,netflix about the disappearance at the,cecil hotel and the times square killer,this one is certainly very disturbing,because we get to hear the conversations,directly from gacys mouth and there are,times where he plays the innocent and,wrongly accused victim or maybe somebody,who just shouldnt be held responsible,for their actions because he claims to,have no knowledge of the crimes as,intriguing as these recordings are what,stood out to me was the other interviews,from detectives and investigators and,then his own criminal defense team and,then a survivor now these are shot,wonderfully and theyre amazing to watch,because theres definite intimacy thats,captured within the interviews and not,only through the visuals but also by,what theyre sharing and its tough to,hear about some of the experiences and,all the while the story is intermixed,with the events of gacys life and his,past so we get this really well-rounded,picture of him as a person now he was,involved in many different organizations,which then helped him to have just a ton,of influence and even friends or maybe,at least people who saw him as helpful,and aspirational the documentary is,spread over three episodes that are each,about an hour long so it is a more,heftier watch for a documentary but for,the most part i didnt notice the time,and the show felt like a good use of all,that time but there were portions that,did get a little repetitive especially,as wed go from episode to episode there,was a lot of overlap and recapping which,is unnecessary in a show where all of,the episodes drop at once now if this,were a weekly release then that recap,may make sense and actually be helpful,to help catchers up but honestly for,most of us that are going to watch,things like this were going to binge it,all at once i thought the pacing was,good balancing the harrowing and,heartbreaking with less horrifying,moments now this isnt light-hearted nor,is there really a reprieve from the,oppressiveness just simply because of,the content but the storytelling does,allow for small emotional breaks as it,dives into different aspects of the,story im amazed by all the footage that,the documentary was able to collect now,while i was a little familiar with,gacys case there were certainly more,aspects that i just didnt know about,especially where it pertained to his,life leading up to the discovery of the,bodies theres footage and photos from,gacy at local political functions and,like times when he was incarcerated and,then even his him as a child now i know,there have already been a bunch of,documentaries done on gacy and this one,may not actually uncover much that was,previously unknown but for me because i,havent watched all those other ones,this was a new and fresh take it was,very compelling to listen to all of the,interview footage from those that,werent gazing i mean to hear their,stories of working the case building the,evidence in order to make an arrest i,mean the police had suspicions but they,needed actual proof and hearing about,some of their tactics i thought was,pretty entertaining and then it was bold,but it also proved to be effective its,heartbreaking to hear the investigators,in the crime scene people detail out,just the events as they dug into the,basement of gacys home and then to,continue to find body after body i mean,its evident in the interviews how some,of that experience still haunts him to,this day the stories from gacys defense,attorney are also odd and horrifying to,hear i mean he gives accounts to,conversations that occurred prior to the,bodies being discovered and that is just,disturbing to say the least but probably,the most impactful interview is with a,man who survived being with casey to,watch and hear him recount his,experience almost reignites the trauma,for him all over again now the behaviors,and actions of gacy are insanely,unsettling and truly i think its a,stroke of luck that the guy even lived,to tell about it thanks probably because,he recognized how odd and jacked up a,situation was and then kept himself,aware of all that was going on around,him now in the u.s in the court system,there is a series of appeals that people,can use if they qualify now im not a,lawyer so i dont know all of the ins,and outs but the basic idea is to ensure,that a person accused of a crime gets,the absolute fairest shake at justice as,is possible but with that our system is,somewhat flawed and its extremely,evident in the final act of this,documentary gacy was convicted of his,crimes and sentenced to death but,because he exploited the legal system he,was able to continual appeal after,appeal for something like 15 years,thats 15 years of families living with,the small possibility that the man,convicted of murdering their son could,go free or even have his sentence,changed but the worst part about this,entire thing is what gacy says at the,end its disgusting and reprehensible,and if anything ever makes the case for,appeals overhauling gases case certainly,should so overall confessions with the,killer john wayne gacy is well produced,and looks great from a technical,perspective the interviews are,informative emotional and build out a,very engaging human drama the,documentary is a tiny bit too long it,could have been trimmed to remove,overlapping and repetitive information,but on the whole this kept me intrigued,the entire time the information may be,something that you have seen before but,something i really appreciate about a,documentary like this one is that it,provides just one more opportunity to,put a name to some of the unidentified,victims in this horrendous case and that,is something i think is incredibly,valuable theres sex nudity a ton of,profanity and some gruesome and violent,imagery as well as descriptions of,violence i highly recommend checking out,confessions with a killer john wayne,gacy on netflix so on a lighter note,what are you watching right now anything,fun or noteworthy let me know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for couching with me

*THIS* is scary…???? Therapist reacts to Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes (Pt 1)

hi welcome back to the truth doctor show,my name is dr courtney tracy im known,as the truth doctor and on the show i,talk about the world through a mental,health lens using pop culture and the,media as my medium today i am reacting,to conversations with a killer the john,wayne gacy tapes let me start by saying,that the fascination of serial killers,should never overhaul or overlook the,absolutely devastating effects of the,loss of life the traumatization the,violence the abuse that the victims,experience that the families experience,and i will do my best to do justice in,both areas of analyzing what im about,to see in this episode one and also just,acknowledging that these were real,people whose lives were taken rob never,came home last night he never got back,to the store and he never went home,as the night was winding down rob came,back to the front of the counter and,said hey can i have my jacket back im,going to go outside and talk to that,contractor about a job,i knew that that night was robs moms,birthday thats why she waited for a,while because i had a birthday,celebration planned for that night,rob would never have missed his moms,birthday,he was missing,wow rob never would have missed his,moms birthday he was missing already,im liking the tone of this show i like,that they started with a description of,one of his victims and what the,experience was like for every person,involved especially considering that,most serial killers are known as people,who can come off as just normal,individuals youre a neighbor somebody,that would offer you a contracting job,somebody that you wouldnt mind stepping,outside of your work and talking to,privately its definitely setting a tone,of fear which these situations should,and also setting a tone of grief and,loss,and,heartbreak while awaiting trial for,murder john wayne gacy was interviewed,from november 1979 to april 1980 by a,member of his legal defense team whose,family has requested anonymity,over 60 hours of conversations were,recorded these tapes have never been,publicly released until now so the first,thing i did was go to the police,john gacey is a good guy what are what,are you guys following him for and they,would say well theres a missing kid we,think he has something to do with it id,be like youre crazy right off the bat,the way that his lawyer is describing,him is the way that he was perceived by,most people in society he was a,contractor he owned a business he was a,part of the democratic party he was,helpful for his community and was a,great neighbor and was the best precinct,captain in the area,so he questions why in the world would,you be following this guy and the police,are like we think he has something to do,with it and hes like that doesnt make,any sense at all,when casey did come into the police,station he comes in at three oclock in,the morning everybodys gone,hes covered with mud his pants are full,of mud hes you know his shoes are all,full of mud hmm,his car with the back bumper was passed,why would he show up to the police,office,all over himself and his car,uh there was nobody there to talk to him,okay day one of the investigation we can,see that john wayne gacy has no,sense in moments of societal norms,showing up to the police station covered,in mud at three oclock in the morning,looking for the lieutenant that had,called him earlier that day i believe,really just goes to show these different,states of mind that he can be in and,something that he said to the,investigator on day one which was like,you have no respect for the dead when he,said i just experienced a loss in my,family and like ill come in after im,done handling that i dont know whether,or not that was true but what i do know,is that theres this discrepancy between,him killing people and then calling,other people out for not having respect,for the dead theres definitely some,divide that we see going on in the mind,and im hoping that theyre going to,continue to dive into it i never talked,to him,casey was arrogant,real dismissive,he was insulted that we were even asking,him stuff like this,casey was,excused my language full of crap i mean,hes always boasting himself how good he,was how rich he was,the,arrogance the,egotistical nature that these,investigators are describing of of john,wayne gacy is super indicative of a,defense mechanism that we can experience,whether thats personality disorder,whether thats paranoia its this,place that our mind can find ourselves,in when there is something within us,that we dont want to address and it,comes out in a defense as if we have no,idea what the people could possibly be,talking about or what we could have,possibly done wrong obviously being a,police officer and going and seeing all,those things seeing the books that,pretty boys must die,about pedophilia seeing the chains and,the locks and the sex toys and all of,the things that would indicate along,with the past criminal record that,something may have happened to this,young boy i can only imagine how,difficult it was for the police to say,no body no crime i have to let you go,but something will get released in the,mind and this happens when we get away,with doing something most human beings,will still feel guilt towards doing that,thing because the guilt will surface as,we feel as though were getting caught,but for john wayne gacy it appears that,that was not the case theres perhaps no,ability to experience guilt to feel,guilty over his actions whether that was,because he was fully dissociated while,enacting them or because he wasnt,capable of experiencing the type of,empathy or compassion for human beings,that you would typically experience when,feeling the emotion of guilt thats when,i first met john gacy,[Music],he seemed very personable,very friendly,but nothing,remarkable to describe him at the time,and he told me that he was on a board,that studied homosexuals a heterosexual,is one whos in love with the opposite,sex,a homosexual is one whos in love with,his own sex,now a bisexual has sex just for having,sex,to me its like a form of masturbation,hell have sex with either one with no,feeling involved,okay first of all bisexuals do not,experience no feelings when theyre with,a person of the opposite sex or a person,of the same sex bisexuals are not,bisexual because they have sex because,its a form of masturbation thats just,totally not accurate and at the same,time i can see where his mindset is why,he would say something like ive never,actually had a homosexual experience,because ive never had any love ive,never made love to another man if that,is his truth and the way that he sees,his engagement with other men that this,is not me being homosexual i dont love,these people then thats already an,immediate detachment from what actually,happens during the experience of sex and,it wasnt,five minutes probably,and all of a sudden i the lights went on,and at the same time i heard a,click behind me,and i turned around,to see a gun pointed right at my head,and then he told me that,he wanted me to take my pants down and,that he was going to commit a sex act on,me,through the light of the window i could,see his face,well thats a silo,that actually still haunts me to this,day,and uh,the face that i saw that night was,i dont know how to explain it it was,just frightful were going to finish,what we started in the basement,and were going to commit sex acts,on each on each other,i didnt report it to the waterloo,police because i didnt want to discuss,it,i was a young 18 year old kid and,and i have a grown man making me pull my,pants down and a grown man,putting a knife to my throat and rubbing,my,my thigh,thats its not something a young boy,wants to talk about,first thing were gonna do is take a,moment,to acknowledge,that traumatic experience that was just,described by the person who experienced,it,the manipulation the psychological,warfare,that john gacy was capable of placing,onto these young boys is quite frankly,insanity to a degree,the

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Conversations with a Killer: The JOHN WAYNE GACY TAPES – Part One Review

okay so ive heard the name a lot,but never actually delved into,a whole lot of the information about,this person,i know who the person is i know some of,what theyve done but never really got,down to the actual story,but lets talk about a little bit,[Music],hey guys thanks so much for clicking on,the video,this is,really my review for,netflix actually has a series,that actually is called the,conversations with the killer,um it is the john wayne gacy,tapes,there are these tapes,of over 60 hours worth of conversation,that was actually had between,um,lawyers and psychologists and john wayne,gazey,um,over a large period of time while he was,in jail and,the tapes have never been released until,now and then netflix has come out with a,three-part series,on these particular tapes now this,review here is the episode one,and then this episode they just playing,in the tape just a little bit but not so,so much this was very very interesting,it kind of gives some of the background,story about who he is,um,usually they start off stuff like this,where oh how great of a person this,person was,no,no,no,influential,um he had the gift of gab,he was,a uh,a businessman he was actually wrapped in,politics,and it started to make sense right away,when i first started watching it started,to make sense why they were having such,a hard time actually getting him,arrested and things like that because he,he was very narcissistic,very narcissistic very braggadocious,about his connections and he actually,did have some connections some political,connections and things that helped him,kind of move and weave,and it was,ultimately it looks like it was his,arrogance that really got him intro he,had arrogance,of plenty and he had there was some,mental breakdown in my opinion is what,kind of tripped him up but lets just go,into this,iowa,waterloo iowa in 1966,this man was there he had a wife he had,children,and all of this and he had some he was,doing the little politics thing you know,just the local politics things he was,well connected,in the area and things of that nature,um,well-known like i said arrogant,um,the males who are actually talking you,you have his lawyers,are actually speaking on the documentary,you have um some of the police,investigators that were involved,um some of the prosecutors that were,involved and theyre just talking of,what they remember of him and how he was,and they were like you know he always,brags about his connections and his,clout and things like that he always was,making clout chasing moves and that kind,of thing i was like,very interesting,very interesting,and um what ended up screwing up,1968,he ended up getting a sodomy charge he,was 26 years old and it was,um involving a 15 year old,he had some real issues he had some real,issues and at the time he,he was like i said married and had,children of his own,then they actually um had a a man who,came in,and hes an older man older gentleman,and he sat and told his story,before the situation in 68,happened and john wayne gacy got that uh,sodomy charge he had actually misused,this boy this boy was 18 years old,and,he,you know it was a whole thing of luring,these young guys out to the house and,you know giving them booze and this that,thing together and and on and on and,then,uh possibly going to some party and all,of this kind of thing,and he,two of the guys left and the other one,stayed,and um,one thing they always said about him,driving real fast he always drove real,fast and then they had gotten drunk so,the guy he said you know hes 18 years,old he was like i felt safe i didnt,feel like there was anything wrong i,felt safe to be able to stay at his,house and then we were going to continue,on to go to this party that was out of,town,the next day and he said you know it was,no no issue well as soon as the two,friends left and it was just him,john wayne kind of flipped on him and,start doing some weird stuff pulled a,gun on him,um,tried he introduced him to porn flicks,and all of this stuff and then literally,at gunpoint tried to force itself upon,him,um,it was horrible it was like he was,trying to,trying to turn them out or whatever its,just weird and the boy,you know he wasnt he wasnt a,homosexual or anything like that he had,no interest in being homosexual,john wayne gacy they went through his,whole thing where he actually theyre,playing the tape where he says theres,three kind of sex sexes and thats,homosexual,um,heterosexual and bisexual,and,he said that basically homosexuals,love,the same sex,heterosexuals love the opposite sex and,bisexuals just literally have sex,without feeling at all so hed never,consider himself homosexual i said,narcissism at its best,narcissism at its best you gonna make it,be what you wanted to be and then youre,going to carry on with that,and then the uh the older gentleman was,saying how you know,he uh,after he pulled the gun on him and all,that stuff that he,end up telling him you know i was just,trying to kind of like break you down,because i do this whole psychological um,i do a whole psychological,uh evaluation thats kind of what i do,for work thats that thing in the other,and on and on and on i try to push,people to their psychological breaking,point to see what they,would actually do im like,and the guy says you know again hes 18,hes been drinking and everything like,that he said after that,he felt safe again,a whole lot of manipulation sick twisted,manipulation,and he said you know he said we you know,look we just go to bed and thats it and,then you know well go ahead on in the,morning well go ahead and get going,where were gonna go,the guy said he went you know took him,you know he had his own room drawing one,in his room whatever whatever and the,wife and i kept saying well wheres the,wife the wife was supposedly in chicago,because hes originally from chicago,said that uh,he said you know he he was dozing off or,whatever and then said he felt a hand on,him look up john wayne caseys on the,bed sitting on the bed and this time now,he got a knife to the boys throat,talking this [ __ ] again,and all of this saying that you know,were going to finish what we started in,the basement this that and the other and,the boy said like he did the first time,he started crying and was begging him,not to do it not to do this and all that,he wasnt interested in any of that,and he said that you know when he looked,up at his face he said that the way his,face was,is something that still haunts him to,this very day,click click honey he was gone honey he,gone,but um he said that the boy when he,started crying and all that he wasnt,giving in to what it was he said that he,um he snapped back and he told him you,know im just kind of i was upset with,myself because i wasnt able to crack,you in the basement but everything fine,lets just get some sleep and then well,go in the morning,so he said he literally got dressed and,sat on the end of that bed until like 6,30 in the morning and daybreak and he,said at that time he went and banged on,johns door and told him hey lets go,im ready to go,in the car,on the way going,he told him you know he threatened them,you know if you ever tell anybody,anything about it or anything like that,i told you that i know the governor and,i know the mayor and i know this person,that person the other person and,whatever and said that,all i have to do is make a phone call,within a day,somebody will come here and theyll kill,you,and the guys he said that he never said,nothing he said he didnt say nothing,not so much of you know the the killing,part but more of the embarrassment of,being 18 years old and having some grown,man having you pulling your pants down,and and got you crying and all the,embarrassment of it it was a shock to,his whole,his,masculinity and his manhood and he was,more embarrassed than anything else and,he never told anybody until now,um,i was like this is deep this is really,really deep,so,thats all the stuff that had went on,back then,and then,he ca

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[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about conversations,with a killer the john wayne gatesy,tapes where joe burlinger continues his,fascination with the sordid world of,serial killers as a three-part series,that will premiere on netflix april 20th,2022 right in time for 4 20.,oh okay,so so joe burlinger,you know some people credit him with,having created uh,the impetus for,what started off true crime,docudramas,in the 90s because he directed that,paradise lost trilogy of films uh which,ended in those three young men being,acquitted of their crimes but has since,gone on to do all kinds of stuff,including uh conversations with the,killer the ted bundy tapes and then he,directed that zac efron ted bundy film,uh extremely wicked shocking evil and,vile uh which i know you watched and uh,also did that uh,cecil hotel,series on netflix that i couldnt stand,oh that was terrible that was terrible,but here we are with hes uh,bringing us back to john wayne gacy all,right so,the serial killer john wayne gacy as,well documented in film podcasts books,essays so why this one because,this director had access to 60 hours of,audio,interviews that were conducted by gacys,defense team,but i feel like its a little misleading,because the john wayne gacy tapes we do,hear audio of him speaking sporadically,throughout the three episodes but there,really are no,its like theyre using that to thread,through theyre using it to reconstruct,going backwards how he was caught,it is effective in like hearing this,mans voice and he does speak candidly,but also,um,you know he is the personality hes not,believable right like hes ego maniacal,he hes a lot of things beyond a serial,killer so hes very much like they ran,into my knife they ran into my knife ten,times,but anyway three episodes its set up,episode one is set up with,the presumably the last person he killed,a young man a 15 year old named robert,peace,and its,this missing boy that sort of gets gasy,hemmed up because of the search for this,boy,so the first episode is really about,this guy,and the history of gacy,the second episode is,the discovery of the bodies in gacys,crawl space at his home and the,excavation of those bodies and then the,third episode is the resolution so like,the trial,him of course being found guilty,sentenced to death and then being,executed by lethal injection,in 1990 several many years later,so theres nothing new,except that,efforts have been taken to identify,because i believe that there were 33,victims uh remains that were found 33 34,im sorry 33 33,and i believe nine of them were,unidentified at the time so work had,been done i think eight eight yeah work,had been done to identify some and then,we find out that,as late as like 2021,another body had been identified because,they exhumed because this was the late,70s so they didnt use dna so the bodies,were exhumed was it the year 2000 and,they were able to identify two another,family had come forward i think in the,2021.,in short there are five bodies that are,still so the documentary ends with you,know a plea to anyone who might have,information on who these unidentified,victims are to contact the cook county,sheriffs department but i can just go,through what i like my notes for each,episode so,episode one i you know i got emotional,many times just because like you know,like,just thinking about the victim and what,they must have gone through and i think,the documentary does a good job of not,sensationalizing the acts that were,committed,upon these victims and sort of focusing,more on the victims themselves,and,something that really took my breath,away was,rob peace went missing on his moms,birthday yeah,yeah because he was at work and he had,stepped out,to uh,he said he told his co-worker this young,woman who appears whos a doctor now,and in san diego family medicine,she had an interesting vocabulary for,being a doctor uh but,the creepy factor there is the mom kept,coming up like wheres my son like its,my birthday were going for my birthday,dinner and he just,he had left work because he was picked,up for more,in episode one we hear gacy via these,tapes talk about sexuality and it was,very interesting because its very much,in line with,you know especially for appropriate for,the time,a lot of gay men didnt identify as gay,or homosexuals because they thought that,just simply having sex with other men,doesnt make you gay because i dont,want to be in a relationship with a man,and so hearing gasey talk about that was,very interesting,he was married to a woman,two,two,two yeah because he had kids with the,first one and then he got convicted of,sodomy and that wife left him he never,saw those two kids again and and then we,go we get to his marriage with um,carol in episode but before that in,episode when we learned about his time,uh with a group called the jaycees which,was just a bunch of white men doing like,community service it all seemed that in,itself a bunch of young white men in the,50s and 60s getting together is already,scary but,um which kind of wet his appetite for,kind of political power as well yeah so,we get a sense that he was very uh,occupied with like power,but,uh we hear a story of him pulling a gun,on,one of,i believe it was like the son of one of,the jc members,and we have that gentleman telling the,story that was creepy,um,i think also you know the vulnerability,of the,the gay community especially then uh,really fed into how he was able to like,dahmer as well how he was able to,victimize these people and again i i,think also explains why there was a,reluctance for families to come forward,even if they thought that their children,might have been involved,in this scenario because of the stigma,sure but continuing with episode one we,find out that the reason gasy got hemmed,up with this raw piece guy is because,the doctor you referred to who was a,cashier,at the pharmacy that rob peace was also,working in,she,rob had let her borrow his winter coat,because she was cold and she had,developed some film at the pharmacy and,for some reason she said i dont know,what i was thinking but something made,me put the receipt,in,robs pocket,and ultimately ultimately the police,found the receipt at johns home and,thats how they knew,because of course john denied ever even,meeting rob peace but then he had this,boys receipt in his house so that was,sort of what but i just thought its so,amazing like this man was a prolific,serial killer who did it all like under,everyones nose he had been caught by,long he had interactions with law,enforcement many times over the years,for criminal activity including,assaulting sexually assaulting minors,and nothing ever got his ass locked up,so its just so crazy that like,this little little thing is what,i mean its crazy scary well and just,how it went down because they did it,they did search this house initially and,didnt find anything and it took a,second search warrant because an officer,the heat had come on when an officer,because they would there was theres,much to do to do about them tailing him,and hes playing cat and mouse with him,and they may he he knows theyre telling,him and they make it very obvious and he,develops kind of a friendly,uh commiseration with the police,officers following him but theyre doing,a home visit he invited them in and the,heat came on and this one cops like i,know that that was decaying flesh that,came on,and then when you get into the,excavation or everything thats when,this feels,well its most creepy so then we get,into episode two we meet gacys defense,lawyer,who i felt sorry for and it made me,think like you know its so easy for,people,just all the hate he received and its,like people are so ignorant like in the,united states people are entitled to a,fair trial so someone has to defend this,man because if john wayne gacy didnt,receive proper representation his trial,could have been thrown out yeah and he,could have been freed yeah so someone,had to do a g

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes – Netflix Documentary Review

the new netflix documentary series takes,a look at the life and crimes of john,wayne gacy with 60 hours of unearthed,audio between gacy and his defense team,that dives into the perspective of the,narcissistic mindset of the murderer i,watched conversations with the killer,john wayne gacy should you lets find,out,hows it go movie watchers thank you,guys for stopping by my channel today,were going to talk about the three,parts documentary series conversations,with a killer john wayne gacy this this,is the second installment of the,conversations with a killer series the,first one we had was with ted bundy and,the second one focuses around john wayne,gacy john wayne gacy was a serial killer,between 1972 and 1976,who raped and murdered 33 young male,victims the majority of whom were found,buried under his house in the northwest,suburbs of chicago,50 years later dna scientists are still,trying to identify all of his victims,now there are 60 hours of unearthed,audio between him and his defense team,that we hear for the first time on,netflix this is a mixture of interviews,and footage from the crimes and the,investigation as well then also the,audio footage as well between john wayne,gacy and his defense team this starts,with his initial crimes in iowa in the,1960s and all the way through his arrest,in 1978. it focuses on the crime that,have often been discussed over the last,four decades at first it doesnt really,seem to offer anything new when it comes,to what it is trying to offer and,recounting the different crimes and the,people that john wayne gacy did kill,even though the beginning of it feels,like its something weve seen before,the big twist of it all is that we,actually get to hear the killer himself,and its truly haunting no remorse for,anything that he did explaining where,his victims are its truly haunting to,listen to i,watch a lot of netflix crime documentary,series and often im not too bothered by,it all,there was something about this,documentary series that truly made me,upset and uh,very disturbed if it was listening to,him if it was listening to some of his,survivors,i,often time wanted to turn it off because,the footage of the investigators tearing,down his house,showing the bodies listening to,conversations between people who,actually survived him,its,really haunting to listen to i cant,imagine going through this or being part,of a family that went through this as,well because even just listening to it,was truly disturbing and this,documentary series does not hold back,from its footage to the audios,from it as well,it doesnt hold back and really just,paints that picture of what john wayne,gacy did instead of it being just a,voice over narration it focuses on,specific conversations between him and,his defense team very specific moments,of when he is describing what he did to,people or where they are at they focus,on,little lines here and there and then,build off of that with,footage or in other interviews so its,all very connected its not all just,kind of going all over the place youre,just not sitting there listening to him,talk youre sitting there listening,to very specific moments of that,conversation and then building off of,that with that footage and that,interview just makes it even more,disturbing because you listen to him and,then you get to see exactly what had,happened there is three episodes and,each episode is an hour long and with so,many crimes that he committed its able,to fill each episode with other,conversations and other interviews as,well we have insight to individual,crimes trials audio from himself and,other law enforcement officers it does,bounce around quite often though and it,does rely on the on-screen titles to,tell you the year and location,in the first episode the story jumps,from gacy being a suspect in the,abduction of his final victim to finding,the bodies in the crawl space its a,little uneven at times its a little,hard to follow if you arent exactly,watching the screen and paying attention,to those on-screen titles and following,the years because it does bounce around,so much and with so many victims so many,hours could be a little jarring at times,to focus on one thing and then bounce,several years later and then going back,and forth joe berlinger also worked on,the ted bundy tapes hes also done a few,other netflix documentaries like the,cecil hotel i love his filmmaking in,each of the documentary series that i,have watched it makes it a little more,interesting to watch than just kind of,like your average netflix documentary,series i love the different angles and,the tone that hes able to create in,here it makes it for a truly haunting,experience even if you know a lot about,john wayne gacy or if the ted bundy one,as well just the way hes able to bring,the interviews forth and,pair the,the audio with those interviews and the,footage it makes it for a hard series to,watch one that i often wanted to turn,off just because of the footage and also,interviews with the survivor and how,graphic the conversations are and how,detailed they are you got to feel that,emotion from anybody that was part of,these investigations or was a survivor,as well it is a hard thing to listen to,so before i give you my score with,conversations with the killer john wayne,gacy make sure to check out my channel,here i do movie reviews trailer,reactions ranking videos tier lists all,that fun movie related content that you,see on youtube i do it all here click,the subscribe button to get it all in,one spot now im gonna go ahead and give,this netflix documentary series a b-plus,thank you guys for checking my review,for the new conversations with a killer,john wayne gacy have you guys seen it by,chance what do you think about it let me,know in the comment section down below,and stay tuned for more up and coming,content like this my name is just,watches movies and you guys stay classy,youtube

Daily Review | Conversations With a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes [2022]

saturday april 23rd 2022 today in the,daily review we discuss new netflix,documentary conversations with a killer,the john wayne gacy tapes,with your host me professor joe,larocca,hey this is take two if you noticed,because i did a minute and then i looked,up what the previous conversation with,the killer,series was because this is an ongoing,series and i hit the button to stop the,stream by accident,thats whats i,i used to use the steam box things to,use all the hotkeys but it would always,make my computer crash so now ive made,the hotkeys all like part of the of my,actual keyboard so then if i type,something in sometimes i set up i cant,use i and o and l or up or down or any,of the numbers or or something will,happen,i know there are things i can do about,it but then ill have to wait until i,get a new desktop anyway this is the uh,three episodes hour-long each kind of,cookie cutter netflix documentary about,a murderer serial killer though the,previous one was on ted bundy um this,ones jamming casey which everybody kind,of associates with that image there with,the clown and stuff but,uh thats not really the whole story i,didnt know much about this story and i,actually despite this not being,you know this being just a by the books,documentary,i think it worked out pretty well,uh i liked it its um its actually not,overly graphic considering how insanely,graphic the story is and how many people,this guy murdered and in which ways and,all this stuff that it doesnt,focus on that like like those kind of,forensic file type shows do it is very,aware of the victims and the families,and victims families involved in this,stuff so i i like it when a documentary,can take on a like a really kind of,gory or salacious topic and not,just kind of,go for the low-hanging fruit and making,it almost like an exploitation of what,happened to these people that being said,the amount of content that is made on,complete sociopaths,is a bit shocking like the fact that we,still get like a dozen,new hitler books every year and like,people still make,endless amounts of,documentaries on serial killers but i,was thinking about that that what that,really is is because i think most,its so unrelatable to most people like,most people,if they do something wrong they usually,feel guilty about it,you know,you know what im saying like if its,like oh if you hit like a raccoon or,something when you were driving to work,in your car,that just an example for me lets say,that would upset me like that like that,night id still be bothered by it you,know what i mean because i think that,thats just a human,but thats interesting because then i,can eat a hamburger and not even care,whatever the human brains insane but,the fact that somebody like john wayne,gacy can be like oops i killed somebody,all right let me just put him in the,attic until tomorrow and then ill deal,with it its like,you went to bed huh so anyway the way,they get us into this story is,through robert peace who was one of the,later victims who kind of ended up,opening the story because john wayne in,case he was getting lazy and,very interesting little just the tiniest,little things a receipt in a pocket of,somebody who is wearing somebody elses,jacket because the register is close to,the door and so then that receipt ends,up with john wayne gacys house,connecting it you know its awesome,theres a lot of great stuff in there uh,in terms of storytelling and it leads us,onto this whole world of,who john wayne gacy was and how he,functioned and they get great interviews,with the lawyers,involved on both sides of the case and,the prosecutor i mean the,investigators and kind of some of the,in-between investigators you know they,were like county people and state people,and then there are,victims and siblings,of the victims excuse me and parents and,stuff but not overly again not overly,exploitive not like video of them crying,and [ __ ] like it it,its there to tell the story and to um,hopefully,exact some sort of justice you know its,not just like look at this [ __ ] up,story i think the best example of that,fact is that they dont,harp on,the fact that he was a clown because i,always heard that story and then i,always imagined that he was like a,part-time clown and he lived at home,with his mom and he was like crazy just,sitting in his room like dressed as a,clown all day painting pictures which is,not true he was probably clown maybe 10,times he admits uh and it was,he would do he did it like in parades,and at like the democratic national,convention parade thing and like,he was also part of the poll he was like,a huge pillar of society and he had a,construction or like a decorating,company and stuff that actually did jobs,and he knew people and he had a wife and,kids a couple times and so its like,okay thats interesting that someone can,function so normal you know normally in,society but have just like a piece of,their soul or their brain missing where,they can just,have no regard for human life or the,consequences you know,like there are things i did like,25 years ago that arent criminal in any,way that im still like oh that makes me,feel bad that i did that,its also like any good documentary,there you get to like peer through the,cracks at all these other much larger,potential stories like theres this one,guy,who,gets picked up,and with chloroformed and abused and all,sorts of stuff and then for whatever,reason left back at the,at the park where he was found and he,has a whole story of him like coming in,and out of the chloroform and noticing a,street and that helping connect,everything and him going on his own like,investigation its like oh thats a,whole movie right there that guys story,um,yeah and and then yeah how it affects,everybodys lives like i said not just,the victims outside that but i already,say that i cant remember if i said that,in take one or take two but uh,you know how even the kids of the peop,of of the investigators were affected,because the marriages were affected,because,they were working like 18-hour shifts,and stuff,the most intense stuff is the excavation,of his basement and like like kind of,one of the guys who had to do that,telling his story thats where it got,pretty graphic but,not yeah,yeah just a what a nightmare and how you,can,how everything is so different than how,you would expect it like if you were,cleaning out a basement that was full of,bodies you were like digging through the,mud in the basement pulling bodies out,like you would think that everybody,would just be somber and nobodys,cracking jokes or anything but at one,point your guy go,do you get a full set full set of teeth,there oh greg excellent full set of,teeth great and then you you like think,about like thats a [ __ ] human being,you know but like,ah wow it really is kind of an,interesting,more than all the details of the story,which are so horrific,i kind of find most fascinating and i,think what a lot of people on some level,get into the get into these the death,documentaries,are those things those kind of,existential questions and,how people can be certain ways that are,so vastly different its like the,opposite of a superhero you know its,like why we like superheroes its like,oh how could they be that great and then,how could they be this bad,um anyway i i dont know i think if you,know the story john wayne gacy you dont,really need to watch it or you can kind,of like skip around because it probably,doesnt need to be three episodes it,could probably be two hours and be fine,you know,um,but um i was surprised that uh that i,you know that i thought it was pretty,darn good but thats you know,i dont give these that much attention,so,not bad,uh good job for not being,total jerks and just like,i dont know exploiting the families and,stuff anyway john wayne casey not a cool,dude,dont hang out with him,but he was only a clown like a few times,and even in the advertising of this,theyre like clown batteries

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes SERIES REVIEW

what is going on everybody so im back,today to talk about something that i,dont normally talk about on the channel,which is a documentary series im a huge,fan of documentaries especially when,theyre executed really well and im,also a huge fan of true crime i think it,is really fascinating psychologically to,look at some of these horrible people in,our past that have committed some really,terrible atrocities and trying to get in,their head and understand,why they did the things that they did,and also how we can be as a society more,observant and perceptive to symptoms and,things that might seem unusual with,people that might indicate that they are,capable of horrendous behavior the,documentary im going to be talking,about today is looking into the serial,killer john wayne gacy which i felt like,someone i knew a little bit about but,not a lot of detail and i felt like this,documentary really explored all levels,and angles of this case in a really,fascinating way and ill get into it a,little bit more in my review,conversations with a killer the john,wayne gacy tapes is directed by joe,burlinger he dined with the powerful he,prayed on the vulnerable beneath a,smiling exterior he was the horrifying,darkness of a sadistic serial killer so,this documentary looks at john wayne,gacy who was this horrendous serial,killer who was active in the united,states from like the early 60s to the,mid 70s which i believe his last killing,he was doing was in like 77 78 maybe if,i remember the timeline correctly and,this film utilizes these tapes that were,released just recently,that were conversations with him before,he went on death row,and amidst you hearing perceptions from,him himself its you kind of following,all of the police officers and people,the lawyers and everyone that were,involved in this case and also,interviewing families of people who went,missing so whats really fascinating,about this is looking at the early years,of gacy and how he ended up being,arrested for the first time in iowa,where he was living with his former wife,for sodomy he was arrested for,essentially raping a young boy,and one of the men who was involved in a,case where he did assault him in a way,but did not assault him sexually,thankfully that him and a group of guys,were hanging out and it was this college,group of guys that got really drunk and,two of the guys left which just left,gacy with this young man and they were,playing pool and he started talking to,him about sex and he ended up pulling,out this projector and playing like,pornography and then saying like hey,have you ever experimented with a man,and the guy was like no i i havent,whatever and gacy left the room and came,back with a gun,and he ended up saying like hey youre,gonna do this youre gonna do this thing,for me,and then gacy like broke and said oh no,im just messing with you i i just do,this to try to see how people can,psychologically break and then the guy,going trying to go to bed later that,night and gacy showing up again in his,room with a knife to his throat and,doing the same thing saying oh no i was,just messing with you and seeing earlier,on in his life how he was showing hints,to what he would become and the horrors,and the atrocities that he would commit,and watching that man give,give that recounting statement of that,was just horrifying and like seeing this,person who even in iowa was like theres,this group called the jaycees who were,was like the social club that did all,this proactive charity work and did all,this amazing stuff that he was at the,forefront of all this and he was a,person who was super beloved in his,community he was an active church-goer,he was all these things that people,would never have expected this person to,commit these heinous acts and whats,even more fascinating is listening to,him talk about his own psychology,he considers himself a bisexual but he,does not classify bisexuality by what it,is to todays standards he says that his,bisexuality is different and that,homosexuality was this vile and horrible,thing that were men falling in love with,each other and that his was just purely,sexual and that theres nothing more to,it and then it didnt matter that it was,man but then later on condemns bisexuals,even in a very horrible way to where you,can tell,being involved in religion early on very,much skewed his perception as to what,that was and so thats a really,fascinating element of the documentary,as well but i think what was the most,horrifying element of this overall uh,obviously the things that gacy did and,the atrocities that he committed towards,these these young men is some of the,most disgusting and vile things that,have ever happened in the history of the,united states of america,but i think what really kind of just,upset me even more and that really just,shook me up was the fact that the police,force did so little in so many of these,cases because they were concerning gay,men and gay men at this period in time,during the 70s were treated as,second-class citizens and its really,like,disgusting to watch these police,officers say that there were certain,precincts that just kind of pushed these,cases to the back because the men were,known homosexuals and that they just,didnt care as much about it and its,just horrible to think that this could,have been taken care of so much sooner,if the police force was more active and,in the way that they treated members of,the gay community and its awful and,then to know how many young 14 15 year,old boys were murdered because when,older men 1920 were being abducted in,these queer communities around chicago,that nothing was done because the police,force didnt care about gay people and,that was really the hardest thing to,watch was to know that these these young,men who were members of the gay,community in a time where gay people,were already persecuted enough as it is,did not get justice sooner because of,that and theres still,a number of people i believe its now,five members on the 33 people that gacy,killed there are five of those young men,who have still yet to be identified,there was one it was insane obviously,dna technology didnt really start,getting bigger until the past probably,10 years but there were families that,just came out a year to two years ago,to give dental records and dna or,whatever to to get their children,identified and its just horrible to,think about and its really just kind of,sad and awful knowing gacy got his just,desserts and and did get the death,penalty which you know theres a lot of,conversation in the world about is the,death penalty right should people get,the death penalty john wayne gacy was a,sociopath a psychopath who,knew what he was doing he ever he with,every single,fiber of his being knew what he was,doing to those young men and i truly,believe that there is no correcting that,behavior that he was a serial murderer,and that if he would have been released,back into society he would have,continued to be a serial murderer and it,really the documentary goes into looking,at peoples perspective of the death,penalty or psychological rehabilitation,and i dont think someone like him,that there would have ever been an,ability to psychologically rehabilitate,him i think that he would have more just,been a,test subject for people to experiment on,but i feel like its its so interesting,to see someone whos so devoid of,empathy and compassion towards other,people and this documentary looks at so,many interesting facets of his psyche,but it also really pays a lot of tribute,to these victims and gives their,families a platform to speak out on like,you watch these documentaries its all,about the person who committed the acts,and not enough about the people who were,their lives were tragically taken and i,feel like this documentary does a good,job of putting those people forward and,giving them the voice and the ability to,speak out and talk about the harm that,this caused to their families and it was,really heartbrea

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