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How to Write an Article Review | Example, Format, Dos and Donts [UPDATED] | EssayPro

Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.,Easier said than done, right?,Did you know that every year thousands of students like you write millions of words,for their school assignments?,Millions.,Think about that fact.,Words cascade onto the paper and then sail on to the teachers desk.,Problem is that the river soon dries up for many, because a lot of that work is simply not,good.,But we can help you get better, and make your own words dance and flow smoothly on to the,paper.,Hi guys, this is Mark from Essaypro, and today were going to teach you how to write the,perfect article review.,Our experts at EssayPro wrote this guide to help you understand what an article review,is, how to approach the task of writing one, and more importantly, well give you plenty,of tips to get the job done like a pro.,But before we get down to it, remember that we publish content every week, so dont forget,to subscribe to our channel, and click that bell button so you never miss a thing.,Check out our social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok,So todays topic is how to write the perfect article review, and as with many things in,life, the key here is to understand what an article review is, and what your objectives,should be when you write it.,What is an article review?,The answer is quite simple.,Its there hiding in plain sight.,An article review is a piece of personalized writing where you take someone elses text,usually an expert on the subject, understand it, summarize it, and then write, in your,words, your opinion about the relevance and impact of that text on its chosen field or,subject, and why.,This is a review, remember.,Your opinion matters as much as the writers.,You are reviewing their work, not the other way around.,Now, while theres no standard format to write an article review, we at Essaypro strongly,recommend that you figure out a structure for your piece.,Framing your writing into well-defined sections will enable you to maintain a coherent flow,of information, and make your life a lot easier.,Trust us, weve been doing this for over two decades.,We know what were talking about.,Follow these key points to create a perfectly structured article review:,Understand Summarize,Outline Write,Profread,Understanding the article,There are millions of articles written every day, just about every possible topic you can,think of.,Your teacher will give the class a few articles to review every semester.,Now, the articles topic is irrelevant, because the techniques and skills you need to use,are the same whether the piece is on popular psychology, a historical fact, or how to grow,vegetables in your back garden.,But often, you will have a choice of which article to review.,Rule number 1: Always pick a topic that you like and enjoy.,Why?,You will understand it better because you want to understand it, and its likely that,you already have a certain degree of knowledge on the subject matter.,Pick a topic that excites your imagination.,Otherwise, you will have a hard time writing, and the river will quickly become a trickle,and dry out.,Always pick a topic of interest to you.,A good way to get a proper understanding of what the article is about is looking at the,Abstract.,Rule Number 2. Look at the articles Abstract.,If the Abstract is properly written, it will give you a good, overall understanding of,what the article is about, so your review will start on a sound footing.,You should not waste time by reading through the entire article at this point yet, because,you will likely miss out on its main points, and dont even think about starting to write,yet.,Here are a few DOs and DONTs of the Understanding stage,DO pick a topic thats of interest to you.,DO look at the articles Abstract.,DONT waste time by reading through the entire article yet.,DONT start writing without a thorough understanding of what the article is about.,Summarizing the article,Now that you have a basic understanding of the topic being discussed, you might want,to pause for a moment and look at the article text properly.,All the main points are there, somewhere.,Remember those word search games you played as a child, where you had to find the words,hidden among hundreds of letters?,Summarizing an article is similar to that.,The author weaved his or her opinion through the text, and its your job to find it.,At this point, its a good idea to read through the text and extract the main points of the,piece.,Some people use color markers to highlight these points through the text.,Others have a more photographic memory, or perhaps write the articles main points on,a separate piece of paper.,Whichever technique you use, always make sure that the main points and any supporting facts,stand out to you.,You will need this information later.,You may spot words, concepts, or ideas that youre unfamiliar with.,Its a good idea to research these points, to ensure you grasp the ideas.,Once you have your main points, and any facts that support these arguments, read through,the article a second time.,The main points should stand out now.,A second, even third close reading will reinforce this knowledge.,Your brain will connect the dots, and a clear outline of the reviews structure is likely,to become apparent.,Remember, structured writing is good writing.,Heres a few DOs and DONTs of the Summarizing stage,DO read through the text and extract the main points expressed by the author.,DO figure out a structure for your review.,DO look up any ideas or concepts that you are uncertain about.,DONT rush into writing without proper structure.,Outline,Writing tends to be a very personal experience, and creating an article review is no different.,This is your interpretation of the authors views.,You probably have your own opinions and thoughts on the subject being discussed, and you need,to use these to make your own points in the upcoming review.,But for now, write a short paragraph or two about the main points of the article, and,whatever facts were used to support them.,Now remember, this is just an outline of the main arguments laid out in the article.,The outline should not include your own views or opinions.,Also, dont waste time on heavy editing of your text.,There will be time for that later.,The outline will help you decide which parts of the article you wish to focus on when writing,your review.,Its good practice to read through the outline and remove any bits that may be extra, irrelevant,,or simply unnecessary.,A lean outline will be conducive to a lean review.,A few DOs and DONTs of the Write an outline stage,DO write the articles main points.,DO use short paragraphs for your outline.,DO remove unnecessary stuff.,DONT write your own views or opinions yet.,DONT spend time editing the outline.,Write,This is where things get exciting.,The actual process of writing your article review begins here.,But first, lets recap:,By now, you understand what the article is about,,you have summarized the main points, and you have created an outline in your own,words.,With these points in mind, it is time to start writing your review.,Most article reviews follow a set structure.,Always remember the mantra, structured writing is good writing.,Title Citation,Introduction Summary,Critique Closing statement.,Title,Every review begins with a Title.,A good, relevant title is incredibly important to create a positive first impression.,The title should accurately convey what the focus of the review is.,When you see the right title on the paper, or computer screen, things become a lot easier.,Try to keep the title as short and relevant as possible.,Overly long-winded titles will confuse the audience.,Remember,DO write a good, relevant title.,DONT write an overly long title.,Citation,Cite the article being discussed, right after the article, and the author.,Imagine the article is about the usage of narrow-spectrum antibiotics in American hospitals,,by John Smith.,The citation should reflect the Author, the article


good day friends welcome to todays,youtube video my name is james welcome,back to my channel welcome if youre new,today i have a teeny tiny little list of,all the journals im currently using and,i found that was a couple more on there,that i forgot to put so well get right,into it its halfway through 2022. were,gonna do a check-in were gonna see,whats still around what im still,working with what im not working with,excuse my dirty fingernails i had a,fight with my fountain pens yesterday uh,glad to say i won that fight and they,are full with ink ready to use,so is the rest of my table under here so,dont look at that um yeah lets get,into it i kind of break them down in,categories but it doesnt really make,sense because not all of them are daily,not all of them are weekly and,wheneverly its whatever i have a,billion journals that i use and i love,them all for different reasons so im,gonna pick up the ones and tell you what,they are and why i would pick them up,because i think when you see on its,social media you see so many journals,youre like does he just ditch every,journal he works on for two days no they,all recycle around theyre all in a big,pool of journals that i could pull from,at any time and these are the reasons,why i would pull them so if we were,going to start kind of daily-ish here is,something i pick up every day it is a,planner this is my hobonichi weekly,planner and its kind of new to me ive,been using this for a couple of weeks,now loving it um i used to work in an,undated travelers notebook,uh planner so the vertical,orientation is familiar to me this is,the washoe cover i really love it i love,japan i love everything japanese so its,nice for me i needed this because i,needed a weekly view i had been using,the a6 hobonichi event uh the mini,paranorman covers that im a big fan of,unfortunately,i was using the dailies like i put,photos in there i put random things in,there i just draw in there sketch in,there but i needed to plan weekly and,theres no weekly layouts in here so,that was the only reason i switched and,im glad i did because its working a,lot better for me this is just where im,at right now i may not always need feel,the need to plan weekly it depends but,at this point i have a lot of things i,need to do each week and my current,working style is,theres a whole set of things i need for,the week and they can tumble dry through,the days but they all have to be done by,the end of the week,so often what happens is on monday i,have the whole list of things i tackle,like one or two of them that i feel like,doing and then the other things get,pushed back and so we kind of get to the,end of the week and were like great,weve got these three things that have,to happen so um thats how its been,working for me and i love that its just,something that i couldnt do in the,other planner it also fits beautifully,inside my galen leather cover with the,little monogram down here and im,obsessed im really happy with that um,im not big on just abandoning things,like i have the whole second book for,this event and im going to use that as,a sketchbook and just do like fun things,with it but,um yeah im not big on abandoning things,like that i just it was necessity you,know you got to do those things,sometimes and uh thankfully its still,within the hobonichi family so i can,still feel a part of it you know ive,got a big issue with feeling a part of,hobonichi,speaking of the reason i bought into it,in the first place the five year i talk,about all this all the time its got its,own videos and flip throughs and,everything so i wont go too much on,about it ive got a few days to catch up,here but this is daily photos,drawings text just journaling my daily,life so i would pick up the planner to,plan my days to keep myself on track the,reason i pick up this is to document my,life thats why i do it so whenever i,want to document my life pick this up,daily though has to be done daily and,then the reason i pick this up and this,one this ones already been picked up a,billion times these are garbage journals,i collect so much stuff and you know i,love to uh believe that its not,hoarding if it ends up in a journal the,only problem was i hoard more than i can,put into journals and then i feel guilty,about it so i decided to make these,garbage journals which,maybe its not the best name for them,trash can journal feels good too,i dont want to imply that anything in,here is trash and garbage because its,not there are certainly beautiful things,in here but they just,didnt have a home and i need them to,have a home and id rather than be in a,journal like this that is hectic and,crazy and wild and full of so many like,tangible crazy feeling pages and,memories id rather than just live in,here like whats the problem if i get,here and i think you know what i really,did have a place for her like i now i,have where she needs to be in a journal,mind you this is i did this in what,2016-17,i could just rip this out i could pull,this out im sure take a scan of it it,really would im not gonna do that like,honestly i dont care but um you know,for all intents and purposes i think it,should end up in here and then you know,do whatever i need to do with it and i,actually just love this i kind of love,the idea of it im in a real mood right,now where i just put anything and,everything everywhere so this has been,great steves been saving me a lot of,junk and there are some memories in here,as well like this was the last hair tie,that i used for my long hair so it is,its part journal part ephemera,stash destasha,ephemera collector,garbage journal anyway im on my second,one this one has tomorrow river paper in,it um so it might be a little thinner by,the time its finished but i dont think,so im gonna find every reason to chunk,it up but yeah garbage journals been,loving these these are kind of new i did,not have these before this year,so i love that,the next one and i think i just told you,that the reason i would pick that up is,to de-stash ephemera or give it a home,to live,the next one what is it whats on my,list here photojournals here they are,this is a travelers notebook cover the,travelers factory station,edition,and,no,total liar that is a travel journal,get them mixed up all the time this one,is my photo one this is the airport,edition i got them both in 2017.,um so these are photojournals and i love,these these are photo albums anytime i,want to,print out photos and like really,celebrate them like make them big full,page photos or print them larger than i,would for any other journal or document,something like a whole trip this,originally came about because when i was,doing my trip to australia that travel,journal i had so many beautiful photos,because im an amateur photographer i,took i took a lot of them i was very,proud of my manual uh my manual mode,that i was working on and i wanted to,like really print them and celebrate,that i was so proud of some of my photos,especially because theyre my family and,australia and it is what it is so i,wanted to print them really big but i,dont have any journal where that would,be,i mean appropriate its the wrong word,but where that would kind of fit so i,said well ill make this extra,travelers notebook and ill just print,out all of my family photos and this,will be like a part of my australia,journal,for travel but then i thought why dont,i just do that with photos in general i,love this is my um its my mum holding,savannahs hand i thought it was the,cutest thing ive ever seen,and savannahs hands look just like her,mothers when she was a baby shes my,sisters baby so i remember my sister,when she was that age,so cute anyway i thought lets just make,it a photojournal and now i love them i,have a second photo journal and im,working on that and its really simple,documentation style its honestly just,stickers and some journaling but it,gives me a chance to put all these,photos everywhere like my sister sends,me photos of elijah and savannah al

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How to Write an Article Review l What Is an Article Review l Steps for Writing an Article Review

hai maya your watch and educational had en artikel  review for miles colors for students to analyze  ,and evaluate the work of other experts in een  greenfield outside of the education system experts  ,af en review the work a guy pearce for clarity and  originality and contribution to the disciplinary  ,oké nee want nl wat is een artikel review dat  is het type professional peper riding which de  ,mensen high level of in-depth analysis and well  structured presentation of argument dit is een  ,critical constructieve valuation of literature  in a particular philtre summary classification  ,and allies and comparison artikel review riding  and walls one summarize and classification en  ,alles is kritiek en comparison to the analysis  and valuation and comparison ricquier hysterisch  ,high teas and research relevant to the subject  areas artikel 3 dit is als een woord net dingen  ,voor review this night introduce new information  but instead presenter response to another riders  ,werk voor checkka dat er simpelste gain a better  understanding of how to review the artikel ook  ,een elco in de main topic hier is hadden rider  review peper step one right de titel festival  ,juni te redden tidal de reflex de main focus  on your work respectively de tidal combi heater  ,inter login descriptif of declared a step to  side die artikel next creator proper citation  ,voor de review artikel en inproduct following  the title at de stap de most important thing  ,de keep in mind is de stylus citation specified  by er een structuur in de requirements for the  ,paper voor ik simpel en artikel citation ims  styles shuriken spoorloos anders last in first  ,neem de title of the artikel journal style and if  you publication date pages and when print stap 3  ,artikel identificatie een acteur citation  you need to include the identification of  ,je review article title of the article author  hallo lieve journal hier een publication alle  ,this information should be included in the first  paragraph roger peper step for introduction your  ,organisation in een assignment like this is the  utmost importance de vorm parking on your riding  ,proces use shadow line youre a time interviews en  artikel review template organizer touch kopieer en  ,3 want age ii verandering hadden start en artikel  review begin met een introduction et mentions the  ,artikel in your thesis van de review to follow  up woede samaria de main point city artikel 3  ,highlight de positief aspect syntax presented in  de publication voor kritiek de publication door  ,identifying gaps contradictions disparities  in de tekst en unanswered questions step by  ,summarize die artikel make a summary of the  article by revisiting wat die ander het ritme  ,bout now and i really fun facts in finding  sammy artikel en crew die anders conclusions  ,in de sectie step seks kritiek at present  the strengths and weaknesses die we found  ,in a publication highlight the knowledge of the  author has contributed to the field also write  ,about any caps en door contradictions you we found  in the artikel steps and graphic inclusion in the  ,section revisited critical points of your peace  je finding cindy artikel en je kritiek also write  ,about the accuracy verleden die and relevance  of the results of the artikel review trees and  ,away for work for future research in the field  of study was en jury die artikel highlight the  ,key points wissel help je pinpoint die artikels  mijn argument any evidence met de juiste support  ,argument to why you write your review us  evidence for meer sources to make up point  ,dit is best time using di-rect quotations 3  select quotes and supporting and brands are  ,quickly and use di-rect quotation sparingly take  time to analyze the article are quickly for every  ,time the reference and publication er user di-rect  quotation use apparent artikel citation to avoid  ,accidentally page arising er artikel 5 read your  pc die absoluut finish riding get this will help  ,us by grammar mistakes and to notice and i live  in your organization oké finally the proprio  ,peper properly start met reading het folie en by  checking the following points grammar cumpilation  ,mechanics ander mistakes next identify whether  or not there is any and necessary data in de  ,paper and remove at denk you for watching and  hope you can easily understood and write review  ,article like share and subscribe my channel  voor meer informatieve videos about research

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LeStallion Journal Review

hello everybody and welcome to my,channel as always I want to give a huge,thank you to all you guys watching if,you havent done so yet hit that,subscribe button it would really help me,grow this channel and I would hugely,appreciate it I did also create a great,patreon account if you like what Im,doing I would like to support my channel,in another way you cant do that like I,said just hit the subscribe button and I,would hugely appreciate it so Ive got a,journal that Id never heard of before,Id be on a couple weeks ago to review,for you guys this week so this is the,list a Leon Journal I really hope Im,saying that right Im really bad with my,accents and Im pricing that the most,American way that I possibly can which,is not great so I apologize if Im,saying that wrong and Ill do my best,so I had about a week and a half ago I,had the founder of the company Carlton,reach out and say that he liked what,Ive been doing on YouTube and would,like me to review his journals and,naturally I said yes I tend to use I,typically have two or three journals,going at a time I think I actually have,four right now which is a bit over the,top but if youre asking me I tend to,like to think keep things concise and,then wandering a lot of time so Carlton,was nice enough to send over two of the,journals that I had picked out hes got,four different colors hes got these two,and then in ash gray ash black I think,it is or a khaki one so if youve seen,the stuff on my channel I mean Ive got,two leather things within reach right,here and theyre both brown I just,reviewed Ive reviewed this one in the,past I just recorded a video for this,one Im not sure when I dont post it,yet but my bag over here which Im not,going to move the camera to because Ive,got a pretty good mess over here going,on but its brown leather and I just,really like those so he was kind enough,to send over these two for my review so,before I dive into the actual journals,themselves I like talking about the,company so its inspired by the stallion,horse which is a male horse that has,been unveiled adore not castrated,and horses tend to be pretty according,to my wife at least male horses tend to,be pretty finicky aggressive and just do,their own thing you know theyre gonna,do what they do regardless of what you,want them to do which is something that,you might want out of some horses so you,want youre going to keep them uncounted,so they can reach their full potential,bye-bye gelding a horse which i think is,the right word for it youre basically,making that horse tame and docile and,basically to do things do the things,that you wanted to do like the aware,course follow my commands whatever you,want it to be its not gonna rock the,boat,so in personal and professional life the,idea is that the person whos pushing,the boundaries doing what they want to,do just going for their full potential,is gonna be the one that achieves more,in theory and so list allien wanted to,come up with a good quality notebook in,that principle so oftentimes when youre,first getting in a stationary if youve,just never used a good notebook in your,life youre probably just gonna be using,the standard spiral bound notebook or,lab notebook that you used in high,school and when I first started this,blog I was actually using a notebook,like that and I didnt really care about,what I put into it I didnt really care,about the note but I actually never,finished a notebook I mean when I,finally decided it like I needed a real,notebook Ive now gone through maybe,four or five just in the last year and a,half between the blog and work and you,know I actually care about what I put,into there I care about the journal and,make sure I have it with me and,everything so by caring about the,journal youre gonna care more about,what you put into it and youre also,gonna you know put it right down more,and just get better quality stuff out of,it so thats the whole idea behind the,stallion as a company so when you first,receive give me like two seconds,sorry about that I had left the,protective cover over on the my bookcase,over there so when you first receive the,notebook youre gonna get it in a nice,hard cardboard cover its nice thick,good quality cardboard and on the back,youve got some stuff about what Ive,already talked about so this is for this,one the hints in the desert round Ill,get into the colors and the names a,little bit later but the nice thing,about this especially since this is a,soft cover is if you were to just ship,this in the mail with no protective,cover you might end up with a smashed-up,journal which is like the worst thing in,the world not literally but what if my,point is that youre youre you spent,some good money on good journal and then,it comes in and it smashed up its going,to like what the heck Im not gonna,appreciate it as much so I like that,Lasallian sends it in those journals,just to keep it safe over you know over,the wherever its coming from to,wherever you are so once I take it out,of its protective cover I was instantly,impressed with the softcover personally,Im not a huge fan of soft covers,because I dont always have a writing,surface and as you might know if you,dont have that writing surface it can,be harder to write so lets dalian,address is that a little bit not as much,as a hardcover but theyve got some nice,thick cardstock right here and so I did,try to write with that standing up I,think I did on the back actually yeah so,you can also see all the pens that I,tested on it but Ill type into that,later so I was standing up try to write,with this on this side and actually that,cardstock helps a lot I think it also,helps that Ive got the pocket the back,pocket right here,so already mention now that I mentioned,the pocket we wont have to get to it,later so despite it being a soft cover,that cardstock definitely helps so the,its a deluxe faux leather cover so,despite being faux leather it is made,out of the high quality faux leather,that nearly matches the feel of real,leather which I greatly appreciate one,nice thing about having a faux leather,cover,if youre running your finger across it,you might get some lines but youre not,going to get the scratches like you,would on a real other cover so I,understand that theres different camps,in that regard as to you know definitely,build some character so I like the look,of clean leather so if I do scratch my,real leather Ill rub it out with my,finger and just a little bit of oil but,thats personal preference so the nice,thing is this isnt going to show a lot,of where Im it might show more around,the corners over time which as you can,see are rounded but like I said thats,personal preference its already you,already saw when I first opened the,journal it has a table of contents page,which I am a huge fan of one thing I,also like is you get four pages of the,table of contents and then also just,personal preference I like that it,starts off with one at it at the first,page instead of four or five it would be,I dont know thats just me being,nitpicky but you can see this ones the,dotted doc grid,good quality easel not I dont take good,quality dots but easily visible dots,theyre not solid black a little bit of,grey I dont know how well thats going,to show up on camera you can also get,this in a line journal Im not a huge,fan of lined paper just because I like,bullet journaling not my thing so but,whatever your preference is you can get,that as far as I found they dont sell,them in blanks though so that might be,something that you that list out you,might want to do in the future because,there are people out there who really,like it so some journals that Ive had,if they even include a contest page only,have two and so I dont know about you,but with like over 200 pages you get,about 216 total between the contents,pages and then the last pages in the,first page you get about two hundred,sixteen pages total and its a hundred,and twenty GSM ivory colored paper so,its pretty thick and actually,I ha

Yop and Tom Journal Review

taking a closer look at the yap and tom,dot grid journal,hi everyone thank you for joining me,today today we are taking a look at the,yap and tom dot grid a5 journal now this,is supposed to be,160 gsm journal it says it has a key,index and pen test pages a back cover,envelope,lay flat binding and vegan leather cover,now,they are a small company based out of,the uk,i got my notebook off of amazon,now whether you buy off of their website,or off of amazon it works to be about,the same,so just kind of i guess keep that in,mind,it was about fifty dollars canadian for,me and that included shipping,and like i said i bought mine off of,amazon so it was fifty dollars on the,website with shipping or its 50 on,amazon so so i didnt find any,difference there other than the fact,that with amazon i got it in a couple,days so this is how the book comes it,comes wrapped in plastic,and this is my new little cat milly,who just loves attention but anyways um,it comes wrapped in plastic,so were gonna open it up and see what,it looks like on the inside okay so it,has the elastic closure,the cover,says its a vegan leather cover its,very hard board,kind of cover which i think is,interesting um,its fine i dont know its just,different im trying to think of,something to compare it to but this is a,very unique feeling cover for sure,and then of course it has the belly band,so it has one bookmark i believe oh,so theres one bookmark,oh it has a grid guide which is really,cool i actually really like that,so theres your grid guide,and oh i love this this is a really,great name page,um really thick actually theres a key,so thats kind of cool i i itd be nicer,if the key was on dark red,because i dont write in straight lines,so itd be nice if um,there was something to help you write,with straight lines,theres your index your pages are,numbered and then it has the cross in,the center and shows you automatically,where the center of your pages are i do,like that its kind of nice for quick,reference um but sometimes if it shows,its i dont care for it that much it,just depends on what im doing,and like i said the pages are numbered,which is nice theres your envelope at,the back,and theres your pen test page,so,i appreciate when journal companies try,to make all the pages as usable as,possible but you definitely run into,this where,the pages are kind of glued together,like this making it,making it so that you cant use the,pages anyways so i kind of appreciate,that,these pages are separate from the rest,of the book if that makes sense like,theres no real purpose for these pages,so,and then on the inside,um,theres this,business card scan qr code to win we,have,100 satisfaction guarantee care,instructions and we hope you love your,purchase okay,the,pages are bright white,and the dots are actually pretty,visible like theyre pretty dark,so thats kind of nice i can see it,clearly with my bright lights shining on,it which is which is good if you are,if you struggle seeing the lighter dots,this could work for you,and then like i said here we have our,grid guide which is really cool i like,that it has it in both directions thats,cool,so thats a win for me the dots are the,standard 0.5 millimeter width apart,and then i guess the width across is 27,squares,and 39 squares down which again is,really cool i dont know if you can tell,but im actually really impressed with,this thing i really like it um of course,different journals have different sizes,so this might not work for every journal,unfortunately but i like that its this,little card and,fold it up okay,okay im gonna leave this alone now um,were gonna get into our pen test as,with all our other journals what were,gonna do is were going to go through,the gauntlet were going to do,watercolors sharpies were going to do,some stamping and just to see how the,paper holds up,so lets get started,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],okay so here we have our testing again,we have a,paper made flair,a gel pen a tombow mono drawing pen a,micron pigment,a prisma kind of a fine point similar to,the tombow mono drawing pen a ballpoint,pen fountain pen tile touch fudenosuke,mildliner a friction marker,crayola super tip tombow jelly roll,sharpie,acrylic graph,we have a less saturated,um,test patch for watercolor we have a more,saturated test patch we have dye ink,pigment ink and solvent ink,[Applause],okay so the sharpie bled through,the watercolor warped,and the dye ink,is,ghosting,okay um so thats not bad thats pretty,much standard,i,its weird so there was quite a bit of,um smudging and just i smudged these,right away as soon as i made the marks,so for a lot of these if you just leave,it to dry,the flare youre gonna have to leave,some extra time to dry when i first,swatched the flare i thought for sure,that it was coated,its definitely smoother than normal,160 gsm papers so thats interesting um,the micron,that youre gonna watch for the fountain,pen smudged which is normal,friction crayola jelly roll smudged not,surprising acrylic smudged i mean if you,just let that dry its not a problem,so it doesnt say its coated but it,definitely feels softer and based on how,well its handling everything other than,the watercolor i guess and the ballpoint,theres some bridging,i mean it did well,thats the least ive seen a sharpie,bleed in a regular notebook so,thats something to keep in mind overall,i will say i am impressed with this,notebook,its pretty thick 153 pages i dont,think we talked about that and thats,not including the index and the key and,stuff like that so,yeah im impressed with this book um,they have,line notebooks as well but they dont,have as big of a selection in the lined,notebooks they do have a goal planner i,have ordered the goal planner to check,out and see what thats about so im,excited to try that otherwise its yeah,its not too bad im in canada it is,expensive if youre getting anything,shipped outside of whatever country,youre in its gonna be expensive right,now unfortunately so you know,its okay the other thing thats kind of,weird is that the book bends,so remember when i said its like a hard,cover thats,its kind of strange um,yeah like this is my archer and i live,and its not nearly as flexible so,thats kind of,odd but thats okay um,if youre carrying your book around,maybe keep that in mind its got the,little logo on the spine which is nice,but yeah um im impressed its a good,book seems good,if youre in the uk maybe definitely i,dont know check it out,i hope you enjoyed todays review i hope,you did find it helpful,if you have any questions or comments,please dont hesitate to reach out and,let me know,thank you so much for watching today

Crawfordsville is Stellar

before we announce this years des amis,lets thank all five are they the two,the two designates of five communities I,want you to just stand as we introduce,you crawfordsville would you stand a,whole team come on up Sam you can stand,there yeah,I am so impressed by the quality work,the dedication of these communities,applied you heard it and yet once again,we have five communities have done an,even better job than years before,continuing to get better and so truly in,the cellar communities designation,program there are no winners no losers,theyre all communities that are,benefiting growing and getting better,every day we are so proud of each,community and would look and we will be,presenting each community with a,certificate so you can hang at your city,hall town hall as a token of our,appreciation of your participation these,will be passed out at the end by our,agency directors when I announced to two,communities asked that a small group,from each bubble team come join me on,stage Ill present you with I know to be,handed to me right yes Ill be handed,regular hand me the designee sticker,which youll place over the top of the,finalists up here and then Ill give you,an opportunity to say a few words so now,Ill begin with the division 1 stellar,designate that designee is Crawford,just everyone has worked so hard and I,congratulate all the communities for,your hard work I often hear people ask,me why Im so passionate about stellar,and I quickly point out that Im not,necessarily passionate about stellar Im,passionate about my community and I,understand that all along stellar has,been a way for us to really create that,vision to really get people to discuss,the future of our community and to,really build that vision and they build,that dream of making things happen thank,you very much to the state agencies for,your vote of confidence we intend to,work very hard to move our community,forward and thank you also to go

My Top 5 Notebooks / Journals

hello everyone i really hope youre,doing well,so today im gonna show you my top five,notebooks or journals,one of my subscribers asked me to make,this video and,to be honest it was extremely hard to,choose five notebooks,that i love the most because if youve,been following my channel for a while i,have hundreds of notebooks and a lot of,them are really incredible and amazing,and i really enjoy using them,but i did narrow down the five and these,are,the five ones i love the most and um,some of them ive known or used for,years uh some have come,into my life more recently and ive only,used them,you know more recently like the galen,leather here um,but those are my top five for now that,might change,in a month or in a year but thats it,for now all right so lets get started,first of all my favorite all-arounder is,probably the leuchtturm nuisance,or um ive been using this,brand for a really long time at least,over a decade if not longer,and i really enjoy the paper quality and,build,these notebooks hold up really well,really nicely made,and i believe they use 80 gsm paper,and i love the color it is ivory colored,paper,versus really bright off-white i prefer,more cream colored paper over super,white paper for me thats easier on the,eye,and it has really said nice paper,quality it is found pen friendly it is,not the best paper,thats available but it is pretty good,in my opinion,and you can use fountain pens i know,some people that use fountain pens that,use brother nips or wetter inks complain,a little bit about,you know too much ghosting and a little,bit of bleed through but for finer nibs,it works really well and its definitely,better paper quality than,moleskin in my opinion so this is,probably as i said my favorite,all-around notebook this is um the,caramel color unfortunately they dont,make this color anymore,but they have lots of different other,colors and im going to link all the,notebooks down below,and i have done in-depth reviews on all,of these notebooks,so if you want to know more about them,if you want to see writing samples,please feel free to browse for my,channel and find those videos,all right so the next one id say,is the colvat is habana,and this uh journal,uses claire from 10 paper and if youre,a fountain pen user you probably know,claire from 10 paper it is extremely,great paper it is super sleek super,smooth i said its also ivory colored,off white paper,i use this for my morning pages,and i really enjoyed using it because,with your morning pages,you get into this just creative flow of,like just letting your subconscious um,come out onto the page and with super,smooth paper youve got a great writing,experience,everything just starts flowing and,thats the most important part for me,too with,using a journal how smooth,and enjoyable the writing experience is,i dont like paper that has a lot of,feedback i guess it could be,scratchiness,some people like that when they have to,work a little harder for the writing i,just want a smooth flow because for me,the enjoyment of writing is just,when everything just starts moving and,starts flowing and,a good notebook should help you with,that,and i also like the size as you can see,its slightly bigger,than an a5 so it gives you a little bit,more room in the page without being too,big so that you cant carry it with you,anymore so a really nice,notebook as i said this is the coladas,havana,and again as i said i will link all of,them below,and then the next one is the epica,leather journal,um this is um extremely,gorgeous notebook in my opinion it has,this medieval look to it and when i,feel a little bit more fancy i like,using this notebook,and it is refillable so once you have,this cover you can,refill this over and over and over again,and it has,also um off-white paper this is,a lined one they also have blank pages,and dot grid,available and also i like using a,fountain pen with this paper,because it has said really great paper,quality as well,and i just love the luxurious feel of,this notebook,as i said you can tell that it is really,high quality product and as i said its,hand made in italy its really beautiful,um yeah so that was the epic,leather journal and the next one,is lets say the galen leather this is a,tomah river notebook again if youve,found menus youve probably heard of,tomah river,it is really thin paper,its super flimsy what i love about this,paper is it gives you that,crinkle factor when you write and im,actually using this as my daily journal,at the moment and i started,um january 1st new years and then im,actually like,halfway through the um,400 pages here so um and i like,the size as well this is super portable,um compared to a standard a5 this is a,b6 so as you can see it is slightly,smaller than a standard,a5 but it still gives you enough riding,space,while being a little bit more compact,and this is my favorite,toma river paper notebook because,of the cover its this is dark,green leather its super super smooth,and beautiful,and it looks really nice and its the,soft cover,and it holds up really well said i use,this every day,its nothings happened to the binding,yet its still really tight,and its just glued here but still,nothings coming undone so,really really great quality notebook,absolutely beautiful in my opinion,and then last but not least i love this,little pocket no skin,and i know that uh most skin doesnt,have the,greatest paper quality but i still like,the way this feels,in your hand um it has really soft feel,to it again it is ivory colored,um all of these notebooks are ivory,colored except for,the galen leather which is plain white,and i would prefer if it was,again off-white but um this journal,maker only uses,white to my river paper for his,notebooks and not off-white so i can see,the difference here,um but still a really great notebook,why i love this moleskine ive looked,high and low for,a pocket notebook that could replace,this with a little better paper quality,because um moleskine paper bleeds,through a lot,um the only safe thing to use in this is,really just,a um a ballpoint pen everything else you,might get,a lot of ghosting and also bleed through,but i just love the format i love,how nice this fits in my hand and how,compact it is ive tried,um moisture,a6s and its just a little bit too tall,for my taste,i tried um the passport size travelers,notebook i just cant stand that it,always just,flaps back um shot like like it doesnt,lie open it just always just closes up,on itself its just,yeah it just drove me crazy so i,couldnt use that either and ive ive,been looking for alternatives and,some notebooks are too thick then the,other ones,um like um field notes theyre just too,flimsy for my taste,so i always come back to the pocket size,moleskin,and ive also probably been using this,for,almost 20 years now its a really long,time so yeah,these are my top five notebooks,if you have any questions please feel,free to leave me a comment also please,let me know what your favorite notebook,or notebooks are i know theres so many,amazing notebooks out there as i said it,was really hard for me to,choose these five notebooks out of all,the other ones i have,um yeah but thats it for now if youve,enjoyed this video,please give it a thumbs up if you want,to see more videos on journals and,notebooks,please feel free to subscribe to my,channel and thank you so much for,watching

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