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Writing Coach Helps Seniors Pen Their Own Obits

its deeds not tombstones that the true,monuments of us as people and dont,think that your life is any more,insignificant than anybody elses,because its not its more significant,than anything else that you could have,ever done and you should all be proud of,it like the ball tomm vartabedian,believes that all too often peoples,life stories dont get written until,its too late after theyre gone,grieving friends and family may,meanwhile but they may struggle to get,the story just right you say trials a,trail trail in Toms field its better to,write your own obituary so this year,when the veteran newspaper reporter and,columnist was asked to teach an obituary,writing class to seniors in eastern,Massachusetts he didnt hesitate,wouldnt it be wonderful if we wrote,these stories while people were alive to,enjoy them I often think about that huh,Nancy L Dickey died in haverhill,unexpectedly on such as such a date she,was expecting to live to be 100 but,dont be sad she is no in heaven with,her Lord and Savior and all the saints,that went before her offered by the,haverhill City Council on Aging for the,first time in April the course guide,students through the writing process Tom,who was worked for the haverhill Gazette,for 50 years offers gentle critiques I,could elaborate on this a little bit,honestly but I like how you pointed out,things that were important to you that,may not have been important to other,people some of Toms instructions are,basic write about anything that,personifies your life big or small that,could be your profession your hobbies,your faith but theres also a deeper,message here this is your legacy 82 year,old Callister green bird has some very,particular instructions for after shes,gone let me just read some of her,obituary listen to this please she put,in a quote you can do that,if you want to if you wish to remember,me do a kind deed show love give a smile,a words of encouragement to someone who,needs it if you do what I ask I will,live forever in your heart signed simply,kallasta Callister signed up because she,was worried and obit written by her,family might like the full scope of her,life I said to my children you really,dont know me as a person my court day,you know me as mama Nana whatever but I,was an individual I was a person before,I became a mother though Rogers said he,wanted to write something that his,estranged sister could read to,understand him better after he passes,Ralph Whiteman jr. took the class out of,regret for his wifes obituary was,written years ago looking back on it now,he feels his family could have added,more know after the fact that Ive gone,this class its all good different its,like going from a short story to a novel,so God did they ever think number one,that they would write an obituary number,two they would share it openly publicly,with 20 other people in that class that,thats the most amazing plan thats such,a personal thing and all of a sudden,became public what no one at the center,knew was their teachers personal story,and what made him decide to teach the,class in the first place,Here I am would look at stage four,cancer and they wanted me to teach this,class how to do it I welcome the,opportunity and it just came along at,the right time at the right moment,tom says his students were stunned to,learn he was terminally ill with,gastrointestinal cancer and commiserated,with him in many ways he promised a,craft his own obituary before the course,ended so just hours before their third,meeting tom sat down here in his home,office surrounded by his memories and,records of his accomplishments and began,to write Thomas my obedient and,award-winning Havel Gazette writer,photographer for 50 years and Armenian,community activist died dot dot dot with,his loving family by his side following,a courageous battle with cancer he was,75 I took care of business but to hear a,business that had to be resolved after I,had done it was like an albatross was,off my back that I I had written,probably the most important story of my,life it was my story it was somebody,elses story

Find Obituaries

Hi, welcome to this short video where well talk about how to find obituaries using BadgerLink.,First, go to the BadgerLink website at BadgerLink.dpi.wi.gov.,The first thing well need to do is identify what resource to use.,On the homepage, in the Find section, you can browse our resources by format.,Click on Newspapers.,This is a listing of all of our newspaper resources.,The resources that might have obituaries are Access NewspaperARCHIVE, Archive of Wisconsin,Newspapers, and Newspaper Source Plus.,If youre looking for the obituary of a famous person, look in Newspaper Source Plus.,This is a resource that covers large national newspapers.,Lets do a quick search for Bob Hope.,We have a lot of results.,Sometimes in Newspaper Source Plus, by adding obituary to the search you can come up with,the obit.,And here is Bob Hopes obituary from the Associated Press.,Ive navigated back to the newspapers page.,If youre looking for an obituary that would have been in a Wisconsin Newspaper from 2005,to 90 days ago, then use Archive of Wisconsin Newspapers.,Lets do a quick search.,Type in the name of the person youre looking for.,You can add the date range or location or select the specific newspaper you want to,search.,Here are the search results.,The results will only return 1000 results.,Because I just searched the name, I got a lot of results.,At this point, you should probably revise your search and add date or location information.,Lets take a look at how the results are displayed.,Hover over the thumbnail to preview the article.,The print icon gives you additional options for saving or printing.,Ive gone back to the newspapers page.,If youre looking for a historic obituary, then use Access NewspaperARCHIVE.,To search articles about a person, enter the persons name, then click search.,In this case, I know the obituary was in 1956 so Ill use the right side of the page to,narrow my results.,And heres the obituary.,From the display page you have options to save or print the article.,I hope this video has been helpful.,Contact Us if you have any questions.,Well see you next time.

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Webinar: Incident Reviews – The Truth is Out There

good morning everybody my name is Yuna,guevari and I am the CTO of healthcare,informed and youre very welcome to this,mornings episode of our HCI webinar,series thank you very much for all,making the time uh to be here we have,about half an hour or so for some,discussions and I hope youll find it of,value,todays focus is on incident reviews our,series instant reviews I suppose as wed,probably be more comfortable uh who are,more commonly discussed and we know from,the instant review process that it,really is the next step on from the,standardized Incident Management model,and where were required really to apply,a much more comprehensive approach when,significant events occur within the,service now the HSC Incident Management,framework which are all Im sure aware,of and those of you particularly within,Mental Health Services would know the,national standards for the conduct of,reviews of patient safety,um those documents have have Illustrated,to us I suppose that there is a very,robust governance model thats going to,be required for us to be able to,complete,um effective serious incident reviews,and with that comes additional roles and,responsibilities and and much more,defined processes in the way that we,approach,um an instant review should a serious,incident occur unfortunately we dont,have the time to discuss a blow-by-blow,account of how to implement a serious,incident review,um but what we do uh have some time to,discuss is to look at some of the,challenges that have Arisen within,services that have tried to implement uh,the review in incident review process in,many cases HCI have a lot of experience,going in and doing as uh instant reviews,throughout many of the Health and Social,care sectors but in many cases Services,would have had an attempt to implement,the model themselves and have run into,significant challenges in that regard so,then when HDI come in were were in a,position to assist and bring them to to,fruition,so what Id like to spend the time at,this morning is looking at some of those,challenges and perhaps you know,identifying how we can be prepared and,and sidestep them to the best of our,abilities,in that regard,okay so why are we here well we we were,kind of having a an idea of the approach,but unfortunately within our lives,within Health and Social care sectors we,know thats significant and serious,events do arise and its something I,suppose thats part and parcel of of of,the the model thats thats provided the,model of care thats provided just to,give you an idea I suppose of some of,the research and and information that,were bringing to the table we completed,an analysis quite recently of looking at,instant reviews or serious instant,reviews and investigations that related,to them,um within Ireland and the UK and looking,at some of the comparisons of,um where were the key issues Within,These uh Within These services that had,significant problems and one of the key,areas that came up time and time again,was issues with their the services,instant management model and,particularly in relation to,investigation of serious reviews or,serious Institute use close to home Ive,just pulled out two two uh to to look at,briefly in relation to Port leash the,perinatal investigation report that was,uh in relation to the the deaths of four,newborn babies over six years in Port,leash,but when they looked particularly at,instant management they found that when,uh the focus on instant manage was,really about reporting getting it down,on paper and it was being very reactive,in that regard so it was focused on,recording the instance rather than,implementing an effective response in,that regard doing anything about them,identifying categorizing and responding,appropriately they found that management,didnt collate or analyze or Trend or,use instant related information in any,way that would proactively address risks,they didnt investigate in in instance,to any great regard or share the,learning uh from uh that would arise in,that result they found senior managers,which was this was an interesting point,senior managers detailed that they did,not have the staff with the expertise,required to oversee the process of,Investigation of serious incidents and,this is certainly something well talk,about a little bit later where there are,significant challenges having actually,experience individuals to be able to,drive a serious instant review process,within your service,a little bit more recently in relation,to the organ Dean review which was in,relation to um I review the maternity,services within Shrewsbury and Telford,Hospital trust when they looked,specifically at serious instant reviews,they found that those that were,completed were often very cursory they,werent multi-disciplinary they didnt,identify any of the underlying systemic,failings and in some cases significant,areas of concern or significant issues,of concern were not investigated at all,probably one of the most damning,findings within the Oak and Dean review,was that the maternity governance team,who were responsible for serious,incident reviews they inappropriately,downgraded serious instance to a local,investigation methodology in order to,avoid external scrutiny so that the true,scale of the serious instance of the,trust went on known so they were,compartmentalizing keeping it containing,any instance that arrived that arose so,that they could manage it within their,own group rather than opening it up to a,full investigation with where the the,reality I suppose would have come to the,fore and there would be much more,general knowledge and transparency in,relation to the issues that were arising,and as a result,the lessons werent learned mistakes and,Care were repeated and the safety of,patients were unnecessarily compromised,so as I mentioned just at the opening,The Incident Management framework Im,sure youre all very aware of it,originally launched in 18 and upgraded,with a particular Focus I suppose uh in,relation to patient safety incident,reviews in 2020 and it goes into detail,about full system analysis and thats,what we talk about a lot when we talk,about category one instance and serious,instant reviews we talk about full,system analysis and thats something,that were going to to talk about today,as I said those of you who are,particularly in Mental Health Services,the national standards for the conduct,of reviews of patient safety theyre not,particularly reasonable for applicable,for residential or disability services,but however they carry all best practice,in relation to reporting and open,disclosure and notification requirements,for external bodies,so before we look at the pitfalls what,is an instant review in in in in in,reality so it involves a structured,analysis thats conducted using best,practice methods to determine what,happened how it happened why it happened,and whether there are any learning,points for the service so that seems,pretty straightforward its not a huge,leap from where we were for our standard,Incident Management,um process but were going to look,specifically for incident reviews and,these instant reviews as per the HSE,Incident Management framework says that,if you have a category one instance that,being clinical or non-clinical incident,that is rated as a major or extreme on,the HSE risk impact table then that will,require,um it will require an incident review so,we can see that from the table I know,the text is quite small but generally,where were looking at harm to to,persons or service user experience where,they are falling under the major or,extreme categorization then we are,looking at category one incident that is,going to require a significant,obstet reboot I suppose in our,considerations for instant management,and how were going to approach them so,he said with those categories category,one two and three were not going to get,into the the specifics of those were,really going to look at that level one,review which is systems analysis and,this is reall

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Fresh Talk: Writing the Balance | Part 2: Presentations

HILARY: All right, good evening. Thank you for the introduction. Im just starting my,timer here. Okay . I dont wanna run over, I have quite a few slides. Oh, and this is,on a session. Advancing, okay, lets see here how this works. I dont want it to be sliding,,like advancing on its own. I dont want slideshow, I wanna be able to advance it.,AMANDA: You can just go to go back.,HILARY: Okay, great. Perfect, thank you. Okay, great. Well, I just wanna thank, to start,,Susan Fisher Sterling and Melani Douglass. Last year, this time, I brought a group of,students from Columbia, I was teaching an architecture studio, and we looked at the,museum, and it was an amazing experience, for the students and also for me too, as a,way to start to question through a design studio, the issue of women in design and in,architecture, specifically, and to do that through rethinking the museum program and,exhibition space and archive. And it was really sort of an opportunity for the students to,engage in a real site through these issues. So I really appreciate that. And also, just,to thank Helen Bechtel, who helped me in organizing the studio, and coming here. And I think,,from that, we also started talking about this conversation tonight. So Im really pleased,to be here with Amy and Jodie as well. So I just want to show very briefly, some of,the work from the students and these are all hypothetical, theyre not actually going to,happen, just so no one gets nervous, but the students had, I think, quite great imagination,,this one imagines sort of sleeping, even in the museum. So never kind of leaving and being,fully absorbed in impossibilities. Here we are at the final review on the Columbia campus.,I would say that the studio was part of, or is part of, a kind of group of three projects,,in a way, that Ive been working on for a long time. I have finished my undergraduate,education about 25 years ago, and when I was a student, I also worked on the issue of women,and housing, and specifically looking at that history in New York City. And its, of course,,something I still do today at Columbia, I teach primarily issues around urban housing,,and largely look at the subject. So its something thats Im very interested in and do that,both in my academic research, but also in my practice, MOS, excuse me. And, sorry, and,so as part of this, theyre kind of three projects, design studio, theres also writing,,a variety of writing projects that I have undertaken over the years, and also a seminar,that Im going to present, which was started in conjunction with the studio, in a way,,and a little bit starting before that, a program called Women Writing, and Ill get to that,in a minute. In looking at this idea of women architects, which is something I think for,as long as Ive been in the profession, it has been a question in terms of do we call,ourselves women architects, or just architects, and its something thats still debated. But,in the studio, one of the, I think, within the first week of the design studio, the students,began their research into women architects, and I asked them to look at a woman architect,and a woman artist, and just to sort of find things that theyd like, that theyre interested,in. And they began to look, as most students do today now, on the Internet, even though,our school has one of the most famous architecture libraries in the world, and its downstairs,,even from their desks, still, this is the medium that were confronted with. And after,sort of visiting a few different students and coming to their desks, starting to see,over and over again, images like this, where we see Ryue Nishizawa on the left, and Kazuyo,Sejima on the right, who have a practice together, a very famous practice called Sanaa, they,also do work on their own independently. But what I noticed with the students was that,on the left, if you can see his images are largely of his work, and then a few images,of him as a person, as a figure. On the right, we see primarily images of her and only a,few images of her work. And I thought, well, surely thats just a kind of fluke, it cant,be anything, but I assure you, if you go back after this tonight and do a search on your,computer, you will, too, find that there are many more images of women than their actual,work. And maybe we shouldnt really be too concerned about it, but I thought it was curious,,and why is that? And it led me to think a lot about things like bibliographies and syllabuses,,and design projects, and assignments, and so on. And so thinking, how do we effectively,create and contribute to maybe changing what seems to be an imbalance, how do we do that?,In part, when you click on some of these images, they will take you to, not their firms website,,but to articles and publications about their work. Inevitably, the majority I would say,,of these images will link then to projects. However, its not until youve gone through,the image of the figure. And so why is that? I dont know, I dont necessarily have an,answer tonight about this, is it that we need to show an image of a woman in order to understand,that there are women architects out there? And I think there are a lot more women architects,today than when I started, theyre certainly much more visible. There are a lot more women,architecture students than there were when I was a student, and there are a lot more,women faculty, and certainly a lot more deans today. But I think our jobs are not done,,and we still have work to do, whether we want to acknowledge being a woman architect, or,just being an architect. And similarly, I think this is a question for everyone, not,just for women architects. So to that end, my practice, and my work has to do with writing,about books. Im an architect, Im an educator, Im a writer, or author, these are some of,the books that Ive worked on my own, but also with my practice, MOS, and with my partner,,Michael, whos also my husband, and recently, weve completed a book here, this one, which,Ill talk about in a little bit, called “An Unfinished Encyclopedia of Scale Figures without,Architecture”, where we looked at a variety of architectural drawings, mostly by architects,that are celebrated that are in the canon, remove the architecture, and whats left is,just the scale figure. Theres over 1,000 pages in this book. Ill show you a couple,of those images a little bit later. But thats also an issue around representation, and what,we can see largely is, whats very interesting is the way that women have been depicted,,represented, illustrated, throughout kind of architectural history. And thats something,that, I think, we could talk about in the discussion even, here you can see, a little,bit. In addition to practice, in our office, were working on a variety of different kinds,of projects, whether were doing workshops and art projects, to housing projects. This,is a project in Mexico City, where weve worked with 32 other Mexican and international offices,to design small houses. And we designed the Education Center, were very interested in,that, recently completed, well as doing some housing projects here in Washington, DC, the,design district in Miami, more housing in DC, architecture school in France, and Denmark,,and also, that these projects are also about being published and being in books. And that,as part of these books, were not just doing buildings and publishing our work in books,,but we invite, in every single book that were doing, different authors, and we ask people,to write not necessarily about our work but about architecture in general. So always trying,to create an opportunity for others to engage in architecture and give a format. I think,,part of this interest comes from, I would say, even the time when I was a student, so,in 1993, as a student, I wasnt exposed to this subject of women in architecture, at,all, the precedents, the work, was always about a kind of male figure, and a few figures,at that, so very limited role. I had to look elsewhere

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update (August 2015)

hey guys,brian lebo here a little bit tanner than,usual thanks to a nice summer vacation,but lets move on to the market okay,first let me show you,two articles that ran on the exact same,day first is an article that ran in,vegas inc magazine,which states las vegas housing prices,dip 0.9,in july okay now lets see what spin the,las vegas review journal puts on it,oh look at that las vegas area home,sales surged in july,so who are you actually supposed to,believe well lets find out the truth,first up are the nods or notice of,defaults we check this out,every month to keep an eye on,foreclosure activity,now due to budget cuts the recorders,office is literally one,month behind so no one currently knows,what last months,nods actually were but on the screen,however,you can see that the nods are relatively,consistent,and although we only have half of julys,numbers it looks to be on par,with previous months okay next is our,current inventory levels,as you can see on the screen now we,ended july with,7430 homes on the market,this was a one and a half percent,increase,from june all in all the inventory is,very consistent right now,now lets break down our inventory as,you can see on the screen now,ten percent of our market are short,sales three and a half percent are,foreclosures and over 86 percent are,normal or traditional sales,realistically these numbers have been,pretty consistent,as well over the past few months so no,real changes here,okay now lets go on to everyones,favorite category,last months sales in the beginning of,the video i showed you,those two articles that seemed to,conflict each other one claimed sales,surged last month while one of them,claimed prices were down,almost one percent well ironically both,are somewhat true,lets check it out first our sales last,month,we sold 2968 homes,this was huge for a couple reasons,first it was a 19 increase from last,july,thats the biggest year-over-year,increase weve seen this year,second it was a four percent increase,from last month,for the month before while a four,percent increase doesnt actually sound,like much consider this,over the past three years weve never,seen a july that outsold june,ever okay so sales are great,how did that translate into median price,well this is where things get super,interesting,while we had a record month for sales,the median sales,price for homes actually dipped down to,215,000 from 220 in june,so despite an increase in overall sales,the median price actually dipped 2.3,percent,now i know many of you are saying hey,the article only claims,0.9 the reason is this when i look at,home sales,im excluding brand new homes see new,homes are a separate category,and by nature are more expensive if you,start counting new homes into the mix,then it naturally raises the median,price up,unfortunately our realtor association,doesnt filter those out,to the media when they provide these,statistics,now that new home sales are a little bit,slower than they were youre finding,more brand new homes on the mls,than in previous years as a result that,naturally raises the median price,all right now lets go ahead and wrap,this all up,foreclosure activity is very minimal the,current inventory is pretty stable,and mostly traditional sales we had a,record-setting month for sales,despite the median price dipping 2.3,percent,last month so where do we go from here,ultimately the market looks very healthy,to me,before this months dip in median price,we had a 10,increase in value in only three months,now if next month the median price dips,down again,we might have to look at the market a,little bit more cautious,essentially the market is divided in,half you have the,under three hundred thousand dollar,market and then the over three hundred,thousand dollar market,literally fifty percent of our market,are homes,under three hundred thousand dollars,those homes,have between two to four buyers per,house,which is really tight for buyers but,great for sellers,now once you get to five hundred,thousand and above,you have almost 10 buyers for every home,on the market,so the market really depends greatly on,where youre buying or selling,and the price range that youre in,realistically from here on out the,monthly sales numbers go down,every single month with november,actually being worse than december,on the same hand the inventory levels,tend to rise,as more homes tend to simply sit around,so if youre looking to buy things look,pretty good right now,and your negotiating power only,increases from here,especially if the median price remains,consistent or decreases,now if youre looking to sell especially,if youre looking to sell a larger,family style home you would better get,pretty aggressive,real quick because you dont want to get,like stuck,caught up in the holiday slow down well,thats it for this month guys,please click here to subscribe thank you,for watching,and have a great august everyone,you

October Bullet Journal Set Up | The Joker – PLAN WITH ME

hi gamers today is a plan with me video,for October so this is gonna be a spooky,planning video are you ready lets get,into this if you dont know me my name,is Chanel and I go by quick picks up,online,I am Aug crater and a twitch streamer I,help you take your passion for games to,the next level okay so the theme for,this months bullet journal is the Joker,Harley Quinns boyfriend lover,partner-in-crime whatever yeah so,usually I choose a superhero this is the,month of Halloween I decided to do a,villain The Joker this is a great timing,because this is the month that the new,Joker movie is being released if you,dont know the story behind the Joker,then let me tell you the Joker is a,super villain created by Bill Finger Bob,Kane and Jerry Robertson who first,appeared in the debate issue of the,comic book Batman published by DC Comics,so the Joker has always been the villain,hes very crazy he has a lot of mental,disorders and I think the new movie is,gonna tell you guys a bit more of a,backstory to where the Joker actually,came from but what I do know is the joke,are basically is insane and he fell into,a tub of bleach which might have made,him insane but thats what dyed his skin,white made his hair green I believe and,also like made his lips and stuff,bright red he has a saying which is why,so serious because he has a smile cut,out of his face which is actually,something his father probably did to him,so this was a very dark character its a,very dark theme for Halloween that,rhymes so there are many different,versions of the Joker in the comics for,one story Ive had is that he would kill,a Harley Harley Quinn and he would get a,new one but I get the theme very simple,three colors Im using the same a purple,red,and green which are the Jokers at,colors something that appears on one of,the pages is haha because hes an evil,ah and in the Suicide Squad movie the,Joker that was in that film had a bunch,of tattoos and one of the tattoos was,hahahahahahaha so thats something that,Ive used to decorate this the first,page is literally just my usual title,page alcohol of haha it says October and,we have a kind of we have a,representation of the Joker down below,on the bottom corner with this green,hand his purple tie and his pumpkin face,Ive drawn on the opposite page I have,goals I always like to set goals every,single month at the end of the video is,where I write out my goals so stay tuned,for that the next page is my monthly,spread which I always create as usual I,love creating monthly spreads so for,this one I kept it very simple I drew,out my grid and around the grid is where,I put a lot a lot a lot of haha this is,how Im decorating this month is just,writing a hahaha all over and over again,this map is very busy so I will come at,this Enda video and we will do some,planning with sticky notes to plan out,our month for October and the bullet,journal I always do like to draw out my,monthly grid so that I can plan out,these videos and stuff with sticky notes,and that is why I ever left such a big,grid Im such a huge bit of page but,this is all those pages for is just,literally planning with sticky notes,okay moving on to the habit tracker,everything the same habit check out I,used last month I really like it the way,it goes from across the page and for,this month Ive got a lot of cars again,I drew another joker face as well to,match the cover page and the box is not,Im going to call it in for this habit,tracker are going to,Green like the Jokers hack this page is,missing a bit of green for my habits,this month I want to design post on,Instagram interim story YouTube twitch,discord Twitter editing and self-care,and most of these are almost daily but,the great thing about habit trucker is I,can see when I havent done it in a,while and I can prioritize time to work,on those things and its just nice to,color in every single day and feel,accomplished because its stuff that I,dont put in my to-do list but I still,try and work on each day and I feel,accomplished when I can take it off or,color in the box the next and the final,page is quickly spread the spread I,decided to do playing cards because the,Joker is a playing card since the first,day of the month is gonna be a Tuesday I,decided to draw an actual Joker card in,place of the Monday and the rest of the,week is gonna be like simple Joker cards,and theres also gonna be a to-do list,card have decorated with some more hahas,on the page and I really do quite like,this for a weekly spread I do like,having these boxes start this way so,every single day youve got an equal,amount of space theres a to do this box,so I can plan out to dues without having,to plan a day for them and yes this is,just a weekly spread that works for me,and yeah the Joker card kind of drew it,from a picture but I also gave him like,the pumpkiny Halloweeny face this is a,bit weird so this is a bit creepy I love,it what do you guys think of my Joker,theme this month I like it uh it was a,bit rushed I feel like but its the,Joker I couldnt I didnt want to draw a,detailed thing anyway like I did for,guardians of the galaxy but this will,keep me on track and help me get stuffed,this month,[Music],and last month I actually finished from,my goals surprisingly that never happens,this month for setting new ones and,were gonna try and complete those two,so for twit,I have 15 twitch subs 16 live streams I,want to do and I want to do themed,streams for YouTube I want to get up to,700 subscribers I want to upload 9,videos plus I wouldnt be posting weekly,and I want to try and post more than two,every week on my other goals I have post,on Instagram almost daily also I want to,start designing commissions so I want to,start designing for potential customers,and create designs that people want to,buy so those are my goals and that is,the first cover spread I blocked obits,to be quite busy with videos and,streaming and stuff so why I like to do,is I like to create this mantra grid,every single month and use sticky notes,to plan out my videos so we chose some,green sticky notes to suit the theme for,the Joker and those are my YouTube,videos so I ran out all the ideas I will,have so far and I can rearrange them and,move them as needed and I also still,have a few that I need to add because I,just havent planned them yet but Im in,the midst of doing it and for the,streams Ive planned out two special,streams a birthday stream and an,halloween stream which is two streams i,want to happen this month and once i do,complete that sticky note i will take it,off and I will write it onto the,calendar which I really love because I,love looking back at what Ive completed,that month and what day I completed it,and thats something I like to do every,single month that makes me feel really,good,so that was my village on sub if you,liked it please give it thumbs up,subscribe if youre new to the channel,Ive post plan with me videos every,single month and I also post helpful,content for gamers as he has very soon,with another video,by,[Music],[Applause],[Music]

AAS Journal Author Series: Matt Clement on 2021AJ….162…27C

hello everyone,welcome back to the double as youtube,channel and this is part of the good,stuff this is the double ass journal,author series,and im very happy to have matt clement,with us today hi matt,hi frank thanks for having me well well,thank you for being willing to talk,about your really lovely article,which well get to in a minute um matt,where are you located at whats your,whats your geo location,um i am just south of baltimore right,now i work in dc,at carnegie epl um kind of,chase side of dc but live just,south of baltimore so maryland all right,very cool,and uh how is uh hows your summer out,there,on this july 22nd 2021 yeah the summers,been fantastic,um uh,but its you know its been nice to,finally,start to get back out and start seeing,people uh,were doing were starting to do uh some,a few in-person events on campus most,importantly friday,beer hour is back in person outside,awesome,gives everyone a reason to come in a,couple days a week so things are,nice im back in displaying its great,nice,so do you uh i see that uh musical,instrument over your right shoulder do,you play that during beer hour or,otherwise,no um yeah ive played for years,i do not play as much as id like to,anymore,ive played since high school ive put,in different bands through,high school and college and so the whole,electric setups in in the basement and,you know now that im an adult and,married and,doesnt get cranked up to 11 very very,often,but uh yeah im having a hard time,figuring something out,you know just grab the one behind me,absolutely,absolutely and the uh cranked up to 11,says a little something so,[Laughter],theres a reference there somewhere,there,very cool uh so uh so matt what do you,like to do for research so,im mostly interested i i study,planetary dynamics im,mostly interested in dynamics in the,solar system the formation and dynamical,evolution of the solar system though,recently starting working with some,exoplanet systems as well,most of my phd research was on the,formation,of solar systems terrestrial planets,and they continue to work on that um,but recently what well get into this,paper um,gotten interested in uh the kuiper belt,and the extreme,transcendent objects you know um and,different,solar system uh mysteries that that,understanding,their populations can can help us to,potentially solve,this paper that well talk about today,is its on the plant nine hypothesis,which is,you know got a ton of press and a ton of,a,ton of attention in the recent,literature um so we started looking into,this a couple,couple years ago uh we had a past paper,on it and then,um this work that weve been doing now,so its its kind of more,from a side project a couple years ago,to a big focus of what ive been,um yeah yeah,that is a uh thats a common path oh,well do a little side project little,quick,quick thing a few years later and 30,pages later and,here we are very good so that is going,to bring us very naturally to this,really,lovely,aj article on stability of,neptunes distant resonances in the,presence of planet nine,and matt take us away awesome well i,guess we need to start by unpacking each,piece,of that that title what are uh neptunes,resonances,and what is planet nine why are they,important,um so as we all know beyond neptune,um most people know of pluto but theres,a lot of pluto like things,um out there thats why pluto got,demoted pluto is just one of many,um objects in whats known as the kuiper,belt,kind of circumstellar disc of pluto like,icy things,outside of neptunes orbit um that we,know now extends further out whats,called the the scattered,scattered disc so the kuiper belt itself,goes goes fairly,far out um several times the distance,between,neptune and the sun um and and pluto is,another great example for the next,component of this title,neptunes resonances uh many of these,kind of built objects,um are in orbital resonances with,neptune plutos the prime example the,first one we discovered pluto is in a,whats called a three to two mean motion,resonance with neptune so,pluto goes around the sun exactly two,times,for every three neptunian cycles,this configuration is stable we think it,was pluto was captured in this orbit,very early on in the solar systems,history and it will continue theyll,continue doing this dance,um until the end of the solar system,effectively,um its stable for reasons that well,get into,in the future but there are many more,resonances with neptune,and why neptunes so important um,pretty much everything dynamically,speaking,gravitationally speaking um you know the,objects like pluto and other kepled,objects they feel the gravity of,obviously everything else in the solar,system and all the eight planets but,really,you know neptune really drives their,dynamics and and this,um this linear kind of series of,distance,resonances with neptune going out into,the distance belt really kind of,sculpts the dynamics of whats going on,so theres other resonances like two to,one,three to one four to three um other,other mean motion resonances and we,think,you know around half plus or minus,of of the objects in the near kuiper,belt are in these resonances and,understanding uh the proportions of,objects that are in resonance versus not,in resonance helps us understand what,happened,in the earliest periods of the solar,system,and and in particular understanding the,further out resonances because,as we go further out in resonances and,we go further out and distance from,neptune,um these objects interestingly even,though theyre,theyre further from the sun they still,come close to neptune pretty much,everything but,really like five or so objects that,weve everything weve discovered in the,in the kuiper belt and the distant,kuiper belt um comes within 10,astronomical,units of neptune so their perihelium,their closest approach to the sun,is with them within about 40 a.u okay,now that means axiomatically,that as you go further out there their,orbits become more eccentric and more,elongated so,we have two important things here that,we can use to unpack,what happened in the early solar system,these things are trapped in these,resonances so how did they get in these,resonances and they also have these very,very large eccentricities,they just put something in orbit around,the sun it doesnt get a large,eccentricity on its own,it has to encounter something and in,this case it encountered neptune so,a lot of what we know about the solar,systems history in particular what,neptune has done how,a neptune has migrated since it formed,is inferred from understanding the,kuiper belt understanding,the the eccentricities of these objects,and understanding,um the distribution of their resonances,so thats the title,the left half then theres this planet,nine thing right so,i talked about how um,everything but about you know half dozen,objects that we have discovered so far,they have perihelion their closest,approach to the sun,less than about 40 a.u yet less than,around 10 a.u from neptune so this is,close enough to when,when they come close to neptune uh when,they come the closest approach the sun,they they feel a significant force from,neptune,neptune really governs what theyre,doing um,now theres this other subsample of,oddballs the most famous of which is,sedna which was uh discovered in the,early 2000s,right that contradict this trend sedna,the closest it comes to the sun is about,80 a.u so like almost three times the,distance of the sun,uh the distance between neptune and the,sun so it doesnt come that close to,neptune at all,it doesnt even you know as far as its,concerned neptune doesnt exist its,just out there on its own and since then,weve found a few more of these,yeah um so these things you you do not,produce things that detach from neptune,in this manner and any kind of,known you know many of our conventional,ideas of how the solar system formed so,this population of objects with these,what we call detached perihelia,perihelia,that do not come close to neptune

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