1. I Tried Targets NEW $4.99 Hair Products By JOZI Curls and Was Not….
  2. *NEW* JOZI CURLS REVIEW + Second Day Hair!
  3. The Perfect Wash n Go using Jozi Curls $4.99 Haircare Products
  5. JOZI CURLS $5 Target Natural Haircare Line on Type 4 Natural Hair | Worth the hype?

I Tried Targets NEW $4.99 Hair Products By JOZI Curls and Was Not….

[Music],hey you guys,its celia and im back with another,video so today ill be doing a review,and demo using some new products i,picked up from target,and as you guys can see my scalp was,literally flake city i needed it to be,washed,so bad so these are the products i,picked up theyre from the brand,josie curls im not sure if theyre,black owned,it does say that um theyre created by,south african,women but anyone could be south african,so im not sure,um they are free of sulfates colorants,and parabens some of the products do,contain silicone,but they do also contain african,extracts marula oil and raw,shea butter so the reason i picked up,these products is because when i,looked at the hair aisle and i saw that,these were 4.99 and ive never,heard of this brand i had to pick them,up and try them for you guys so,i did not pre-poo this wash day i just,went immediately into the shower,drenched my hair and then were going to,start with the shampoo,[Music],so i started with the cleanse hydrating,shampoo,and like i said free of sulfates and it,says,it is infused with floral vanilla notes,that will leave your hair smelling,delicious,its for dry damaged and frizzy hair and,you are supposed to,use it throughout your hair and scalp um,rinse and then if you need to you can,repeat as you guys can see from my face,i was very shocked by this consistency,i was not expecting it to be so liquidy,and watery,so yeah putting it onto my hair i also,was just not feeling it there were no,suds it was not lathering,up so i just decided to kind of pump the,shampoo,all around my hair since putting it in,my hand definitely was not going to,work and then i started to work it in,so once i applied the product and kind,of focused on my hair,or each side individually thats when i,was able to get more,suds now it still was low um low suds,but,it was more than i was getting so it,does have a nice light scent all of the,products do,the shampoo did feel nice and light on,my hair it did feel,hydrating i did have enough slip to,actually kind of you know rub my fingers,through my hair,um but as far as it feeling clean,i was not getting that so when i did,rinse this off i will say,my strands definitely felt cleansed like,it had that nice,cleansed feeling it wasnt stripped um,it definitely was still nice and,manageable but it felt cleansed but my,scalp,although it did feel better than it did,before i started the wash day,i knew for a fact it was not going to be,clean and i could have went in,and shampooed again but,i just was not feeling the shampoo like,that so my thoughts on this shampoo,is i feel like it should have been,called a gentle cleanser thats exactly,how it acted on my hair um,it was hydrating but this was just not,like,i dont know it just wasnt doing it for,me so,i would not use this again,so this is the moisture moisturizing,conditioner,this is made with baobab moringa and,aloe vera,so really good ingredients hydrating um,but this comes in a 16.9 fluid ounce,bottle you guys for,five dollars so i did think that was,pretty,darn cool yall know trying to get this,much product you are going to be paying,a lot,for from other brands but yeah five,bucks for this,so this product was very very,light as well um much lighter than i,expected i was just expecting something,super,nice and creamy not super thick but at,least creamy,um and yeah so initially putting this,onto my hair yall im not gonna lie,i did not care for this and i was just,like oh my god this wash day,is a nightmare it was not doing much for,me,as far as moisture goes so i did have to,continue to keep pumping and adding more,as you guys can see,um and once i started to add more thats,when i was like okay,and you know and i guess since the,conditioner was sitting on my hair as i,was detangling,i was feeling the moisture like building,up it was,feeling much softer so surprisingly even,though this is super duper light it did,give me,good slip i was able to easily finger,detangle,and i had this twist out in my hair for,a week so that says a lot,um so i just you know went ahead finger,detangled,i did also like how my curls were,reacting to this,conditioner i did feel like they were,kind of springing up the springing,up a bit so i just repeated the exact,same thing to,the other side and then i let it sit for,just a bit while you know i showered and,all that good stuff,now the shampoo and the conditioner that,i picked up they do both contain,silicone um which im fine with again,made for dry damage and it also says for,color treated hair,um to leave it soft and shiny and it,also can be used for a co-wash,so it just says to leave on for three to,five minutes,then rinse and when i actually rinsed,this off yall i was pleasantly,surprised i dont know if its because i,just added more product,or if i let it sit for a couple more,minutes but when i rinsed it my hair,felt,extremely soft so this actually kind of,won me,over i was not expecting my hair to feel,as good as it did,and look as good as it did so in the end,this product actually,kind of won me over so so far the,shampoo is a no but this conditioner,especially for five bucks,um you know you get softness you get,youre able to detangle,um its nice and light so this one i,like the conditioner,[Music],[Applause],so this is my hair after i took it out,of my microfiber towel,and i just went ahead and oiled my scalp,because yall i know,i needed it badly i just used an oil,from,lusters pink that i already had on hand,and,then im going to show you guys my hair,because i still had flakes which i,already knew i was going to,like that shampoo just did not cleanse,my hair,and i even feel like if i would have,went in a second time i still,would have had legs so yeah,just wanted to show yall that but now,im going to section off my hair,and you know do the usual spray it with,spray it with water detangle it and then,im going to go,in with this curl hydrating pudding and,this is made with,raw shea butter honey bush and marula,oil,and this does not contain silicone,so when i took the lid off of this,product i was a little like what is this,this is called a curl hydrating pudding,like i said so i expected like a nice,thick,creamy type of product but this,literally looked and felt just like a,jelly just like a,custard so i was taking a back but i was,just like okay,let me just use some of this and it,might like actually end up working,really well,it does say to use a generous amount of,this so,i like to kind of build my way up and,use a little bit,and then you know just keep adding more,until i feel like im done,so when i use my first little scoop and,put it on my hair,yall i felt nothing its like it,it just like i dont know disappeared as,soon as i was rubbing it,in no moisture no softness no hold no,definition,no anything it does say that you,recommended for best results to use with,their,curl enhancing spray which i did see at,target but i didnt pick it up because i,didnt really feel like,it was gonna do much um they do also,have a leave-in conditioner but i didnt,see that at the target,so i did end up just adding a bit more,because im like okay if i add more it,might just you know it might help,add something but no still felt like i,was putting,water onto my hair it was doing nothing,jaw,even water would have done better than,this but,yeah i do feel like if i would have used,like a leave-in or anything else,underneath it still wouldnt have helped,because the product,wasnt doing a thing so i ended up just,putting this away twisting my hair up,with something else because i wasnt,even gonna waste,my time so yeah overall thoughts you,guys,the products definitely are affordable i,feel like thats gonna draw people,in but for me their products are just,way too gentle although i did like the,conditioner,but these other two are definite nose,so it doesnt even make me interested to,try anything else,so yeah thats my review yall let me,know your thoughts have you seen these,have you been interested have you use

*NEW* JOZI CURLS REVIEW + Second Day Hair!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel,if you dont already know me my name is,ray and i make natural hair videos,grad school and college videos and,everything in between so if youre,interested in that type of content then,definitely check out some of my other,videos,and subscribe to my channel if you want,to see more content like,this today im bringing you guys all new,brand new black owned and super,affordable,natural hair products in the actual,store in target i saw,probably like six products they had,shampoo conditioner leave-in conditioner,some styling products and then an oil i,got everything,but the serum and the shampoo so we got,everything from the conditioner all the,way to,the end of my styling so thats what,were going to be reviewing today i got,the josie curls moisturizing conditioner,this is free from sulfates colorants and,parabens and it has,its infused with african extract so,baobab meringue and aloe vera,then we have the leave-in conditioner,which is pretty much the same exact,thing in terms of,ingredients then for styling i have the,curl hydrating pudding,which is free from parabens with blades,and sulfates and this includes african,extracts as well which include,raw shea butter honey bush and marula,oil and,lastly to lock in our style we have a,styling gel,so all these products are paraben free,cruelty free,and vegan so i think that that is cool,i did shampoo my hair already my hair is,washed so im gonna go condition with,the moisturizing conditioner and i will,be,right back so i just finished washing my,hair lets take it down,lets see what it looks like,it looks shiny wow so the conditioner,was good um one thing a few things,so it was really light i personally i am,a big fan of heavy,thick conditioners but i did like that,it didnt have a very strong scent,it says that it can also be used as a,co-wash which i forgot to mention before,i went ahead and washed my hair,its cool by me its good it has the,conditioner test,um i just pref i would prefer something,a little bit more,thick it has a consistency of,lotion but a very light lotion not a,thick lotion,oh by the way i didnt mention this but,all these products,are five dollars five dollars exactly,so now we are going to move on to,styling,my hair my secret recipe for the perfect,in any style or at least a wash and go,is a leave-in conditioner,some type of moisturizing cream butter,pudding like this one and then a gel,to lock it or some a product to lock in,those curls,so this is about the same consistency,that the conditioner was,light in texture and light and scent,lets go ahead and,apply this,this is the styling pudding,i dont know if this is a good thing or,a bad thing,i dont know it smells really good,though,were gonna rub it around were just,gonna get into it,lets see oh,a little bit really went a long way like,i feel like i just styled the whole,this whole side of my head this looks,like the products,arent mixing well okay,thats what that looks like to me i,could be wrong,i dont know im gonna go ahead and,apply this to the,all four sections of my hair and ill be,back to show you guys,all right you guys this is what my hair,looks like,with the pudding looks weird,smells good so my hair feels,really soft feels nice like it actually,feels,nice this is better than what honestly,way better than what i expected from,five dollar products im just saying we,are on to our last product,were gonna go in with the styling gel,these are made with um the same african,extract lets check out the texture and,the smell,okay it smells very light this is the,texture,gooey,okay you guys so all the products are in,my hair see whats going on,i literally just finished so my hair is,still wet,the first thing that i will say is that,i think you guys could even see it on,the camera,you guys see that,you see there right you can see,little white freckles or like speckles,of product sitting on my hair and,in my experience and from my knowledge,that is typically from,products not mixing well if products mix,well,they would all just look like lotion,when you rub them together,also i want to add that my hair looks,and feels amazing like my hair has been,i dont know if its winter or what but,my hair has been really dry lately,my hair hasnt actually responded to a,product like this,in a while it could be the ingredients,the shea butter and you know maybe my,hair just likes those type of,ingredients,but i like the way it looks but,my hair is wet it is not dry so these,are not the final results,so as always ill come back to you guys,when my hair is actually dry,and then give you my conclusion on how i,feel,about these products all right you guys,so it is the next,day,im gonna go ahead and fluff this out a,little bit ill be right back,one thing um all the flakes are actually,gone like not the flakes but the white,residue that was there yesterday first,day is actually gone now so that is no,longer a concern,the second thing that i will say is that,my curls are extremely defined curls are,crunchy i will say that i know a lot of,people dont like that i personally,dont like that either i like for my,curls to be soft on the second day,um but they are really you know really,defined and you can really see,the definition but it does feel a little,bit dry if im being completely honest,like,it feels a lot drier than im used to,my hair feeling on the second day so,that is,a concern so it could be the gel i dont,know,im definitely gonna say that the,leave-in conditioner and,the pudding it did something for my hair,like if you guys look back in previous,clips,my hair was really shiny and it felt,really good it was really it was still,wet so of course its gonna,feel good i think the gel is what made,it dry out a little bit but my curls are,super defined,you guys can see my hair you can come to,your own conclusions i personally think,that my hair is a little bit dry,thats all im gonna say and its five,dollars so,i think its worth a try see what works,out um,this might last me really long,considering that it is so,like my curls are so like in such a,strong hold right now,thats my review thats my take on the,josie girls,line their first line these brand new,products they are five dollars they are,black owned but if you guys found this,video helpful if you have,specific questions and leave a comment,in the comment section below,and i would love to see you guys in my,next video so make sure you subscribe to,my channel so that you guys can keep,all my future content and ill see you,guys later bye,you

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The Perfect Wash n Go using Jozi Curls $4.99 Haircare Products

[Music],[Music],hey guys,welcome back to my channel thanks for,joining me for another hair tutorial,if you are new here go ahead and hit,that subscribe button and if youre not,welcome back fam um make sure you are,subscribed as well,so we are already at month 5 of the year,and i cant believe we made it to may,already but this year,i have only done two wash and gos the,entire,year and the fact that ive only done,two wash and gos for me,is unacceptable especially considering,all the hair goals that i have for,myself,so today i am going to be doing a wash,and go,um i think wash and go is the state in,which your hair grows the most,because youre literally just leaving,your curls alone youre doing them on,wash day defining them you know,moisturizing hydrating whatever,and then the rest of the week youre,literally just taking your hair out the,pineapple,shaking it down and going its low,manipulation,its not a lot of stress on your hair,youre not styling it or pulling on your,edges or anything youre literally just,allowing your curls to,drop and just flow throughout the week,and just do their own thing,so the brand im using for todays wash,and go just launched in all target,stores and its super affordable yall,like,the definition of affordable so ill be,using,josie curls and they use different,african extracts,and they are vegan as well you guys so,this is what ill be using for todays,wash day ill be using,um just about the entire line so lets,go through all of these products and see,what josie curls has to offer so first,we have the hydrating shampoo,then we have the moisturizing,conditioner,next up is the moisture leave-in,conditioner,then we have our style curl enhancing,spray,they also have a styling gel and then,theres also,a curl hydrating pudding so theres two,different styling products so,when i get to styling my hair i will be,using,mostly the styling gel and then last,up in the lineup is the hair and scalp,oil okay,so im really excited to try josie curls,but before we do,let me show you guys the before so you,can see,what my hair looks like right now um as,you guys can see,like i said i did have it in twist so,this is like a really old twist out,ive kind of just been wearing my hair,in a bun so,yeah my hair desperately needs to be,washed yall like desperately like the,product build up,is just unreal okay its unreal,and im just like the oils and like its,just ready to be cleansed,and refreshed and so were gonna give,myself a nice,beautiful wash and go today using josie,curls okay,so lets go ahead and get into todays,tutorial,[Music],all right so i hopped in the shower and,i wet my hair,now im going to apply my josie curls,hydrating shampoo okay,dehydrating shampoo specifically has,african extracts marula oil in raw shea,butter okay,so it says hydrating shampoo is infused,with floral vanilla notes that will,leave your hair smelling delicious,recommended for dry damaged and frizzy,hair alright,so lets go ahead and apply,[Music],all right so this is a hydrating shampoo,and the very first ingredient in it is,actually water,so it actually makes sense that this,shampoo isnt sudsing up,um i thought it was going to be a sudsy,shampoo its really just a gentle,shampoo thats cleansing my curls and it,smells,so so good you guys like it smells,[Music],amazing,[Music],all right so my hair feels actually,really,hydrated um it doesnt feel stripped at,all,um i still feel like i have a bunch of,moisture in here so,once i get in the shower and im able to,rinse out everything then we can really,see,how this shampoo works okay all right,yall so i have,rinsed you guys can see just how clean,my hair is post rinse okay,so yeah fresh clean hair now were going,to get into,conditioning all right all right so i,went ahead and pre-sectioned my hair,into,four sections and now were going to get,into our,moisturizing conditioner this has,african extracts of,baobab moringa and aloe vera okay,so this cleansing conditioner is infused,with floral vanilla notes,it has a gentle formula that leaves dry,damaged and color treated hair feeling,soft and shiny,it can also be used as a co-wash,recommended for sensitive scalp and for,detangling hair,apply conditioner to damp hair leave on,for three to five minutes,you already know were going longer than,that and rinse,thoroughly okay all right so its a,three to five minutes but you know how,we do,we gonna leave it on at least for a good,30 minutes to an,hour today okay,all right oh and this is really soft,[Music],all right so as im working it through,my hair i do feel it softening my curls,theyre becoming,a little bit less coarse feeling,okay come on conditioner,okay so the conditioner has good slip,all right so im just applying some more,water because i am about to detangle,and i really love for my hair to be,really really wet when i detangle okay,all right so now ive got my josie curls,conditioner and ive got my water,now im going to section my section,and im going to detangle,so i like to do a just a casual little,finger detangle,getting out the major kinks and knots,then ill go back in with my wide tooth,[Music],comb,[Music],so once i detangle a section im just,going to,twist it up,[Music],all right so general finger detangle,then we go on in with the comb,[Music],all right one section done super easy,and you guys i just want to show you um,the shedding that i had from that one,section which is basically,nothing which is amazing okay thats,what we want,okay so im trying to like scrunch it up,in a ball but its literally like this,is,what came from that section so a tiny,little piece,[Music],[Music],all right so my hair is detangled its,deep conditioning and im going to deep,condition,for about an hour today okay so im just,going to let this soak,and seep into my strands hydrate my,curls,moisturize replenish all that good stuff,and then well be back to style all,right so i rinsed out my conditioner and,when i rinse i do,like to leave my hair in twisted,sections,just because it makes it so much easier,to manage,during the styling process right so now,when i go to do my wash and go all i,have to do is,moisturize and define each section so it,helps me to tackle each section,a lot easier rather than just having a,head full of hair,just out and about so i really love to,use this method,not just on wash and go days but mostly,like,most hairstyles alright so now were,going to get into,these styling products so first ill be,using the leave-in conditioner,um this has the african extracts of,baobab moringa and,aloe vera this leave-in conditioner is,infused with floral vanilla notes,it improves intense moisture to your,hair leaving it ultra soft and easy to,comb,recommended for dry tangled and knotted,hair apply a generous amount of,conditioner to the palm of your hand,gently massage the product through your,hair and onto your scalp to ensure full,coverage,and maximum moisture alright and next up,is the curl enhancing spray,so this has raw shea butter honey bush,and marula oil it says this non-greasy,formula helps to prevent buildup it,smooths and conditions your hair,while adding instant shine recommended,for daily use on dry,and thirsty hair spray a generous amount,onto damp or towel dried hair,style as normal repeat as desired,and then last up for styling,is the josie curls styling gel and this,also has raw shea butter honey bush and,marula oil,so the styling gel has a flake free,formula this medium hold styling gel,will keep your style looking fresh,throughout the day,recommended for curl definition alright,so lets go ahead and get into styling,so when i apply leave-in conditioner i,like for my hair to be,really wet um it doesnt have to be,soaking wet,um but i do want it to be fresh out the,shower wet okay,so now i can just take one section and,apply my products so first ill start,with my,leave-in conditioner,so for most of these products they all,have that like subtle,vanilla floral scent,all right so my hair feels really soft,right now you guys

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oh im a little disappointed,im not gonna lie im just a little,disappointed,i wanted to work,[Music],hey guys welcome and welcome back to my,channel into this video,i am trying a new product i but,out of curiosity like i always do,from target packaging cut my attention,first,and then the price point you know made,me more curious and then,i hopped on my phone while i was at,target and did my quick research,what is this product what is what is,josie curls,i found them on instagram i found their,website i read all about them theyre,black on blah blah blah,good and i want to give them a try and,like i promise i want to do my hair a,lot more,i dont want to be lazy so out of the,product line i did not get the shampoo,or the conditioner because,im not a crazy shampoo conditioner,person i like what i like,and i use what i like but i did pick up,the leave-in conditioner,josie curls moisture leaving conditioner,free from sulfates colorants parabens,plus it has african extract,bob and aloe vera,but the product i got is the curl,hydrating pardon um its free you also,pay for colorant parabens and you know,the bad stuff,it has raw shea butter honey boosh and,morella oil,density of the curl hydrating putting is,a bit,unusual the entire product molds into,itself like it literally falls out of,the can,if you turn it upside down and last but,not the least is the josie,curls style styling gel,um yeah so those are the three products,i got,and lets jump right into this so i feel,all right so were starting with freshly,washed hair,all right we are starting with freshly,washed hair if you are new to my channel,hi and i am working a tapered cut,that i just got professionally cut a few,um a few weeks ago,well a week ago so im gonna go in with,the leave-in conditioner and work that,all into my hair,[Music],do,[Music],[Music],[Music],im going to be detangling with my denim,brush,[Music],so the next product ill be using is the,curl,hydrating pattern again,the consistency is very unusual to me i,dont know how to explain it,but this is what it does for my,nigerians that are watching this it,feels like a call,you know i call like you know,the solidified ogee thats what it feels,like every nigerian watching this you,know what im talking about it looks,like,solidified or ghee that you can just you,know,but well see how it works,it feels it feels very smooth though,it feels very smooth like rubbing it,on my in my hands together feels very,smooth,i think you just have to use like your,body heat,to warm it up oh wow,for everything,all right so now that ive put in the,leave-in conditioner,and the curl hydrating pattern,um were gonna go ahead and style i,i am doing well im going to try a braid,out like a chunky braid out with,perm rods on the ends thats my goal for,[Music],today,im going to be dipping my hands in the,styling gel,im going to be dipping in step my hands,in the styling gel as i braid away,just lightly im not,[Music],[Music],so im going to add some of the styling,gel onto the ends,detangle it,and then put a purple,we want to call it purple pink permanent,and,so thats what were doing,[Music],all right this is the final result of my,braid,slash flat twist and perm rod,so this is what it looks like i am going,to put a bonnet on,and i am on my way to bed,right after i wash my face but yeah this,is it,[Music],guys so its time to take my hair,down so im gonna go ahead and take my,bonnet down so this is what my hair,looks like,under alright so this um hair,brand did um come up with some oil too,but i didnt buy it just because i dont,want to,so i have my own oil here im just going,to spritz it in my hands,and first things first im going to take,all the perm rods down,[Music],[Music],great well i feel like braids have a,longer lasting like,definition then um,twist,right now im taking it down my hair,like its,i have like little snowflakes dropping,on me,because i have black on my pants ill,try to like take a clip of it,[Music],right so i am separated um not separated,im sorry ive taken down all my braids,and perm rods and,i have little like,i have little like flakes speckles in my,hair,im not sure if this camera is picking,up picking it up but im going to use my,phone,to record like a closer look,and im going to oil my hands,and go ahead and separate,the curls or the braids whatever we want,to call them,so far from my observation,uh my hair feels very very dry,im gonna be honest and im not making a,video for promotion or anything i just,wanted to try i wanted to have fun i,wanted to do something with my hair you,know,my hair is flaking really really bad and,as im separating their um,i dont know how to explain it im,losing my,definition im losing my definition as i,separate,the braids so im trying to like lightly,separate them,but its freezing up on me also another,observation,the products seem to like suck up,every single moisture in my hair like i,did this on a,a freshly washed hair,so the product sucked up every single,moisture in my hair,like its its freezing up,even though im lightly um,separating again these are my,observations,your observations might be different or,your experience might be different,you know but yeah this is,a i hope you guys can see this clearly,im going to get closer to the camera,but its like its freezing up look at,you know what its okay its not the end,of the world,you know,i feel i just feel disappointed i dont,know,because you know expensive product,doesnt always mean its gonna you know,work,and cheap product doesnt always mean,you know its not gonna be good,i was very excited for this,oh guys i am,i feel disappointed i dont know what i,expected but you know,kind of expected something nice this,reminds me of a product,that i used in the past and i swore i,would never use again,and you want to know what product that,was,it was cantu this reminds me of the,canto product,i swore on everything that i would never,ever use again,because it sucked up like,all of the moisture in my hair,its like just,but im just styling right now,were gonna go ahead and just brush the,edges,no edge control today were not,oppressing my edges today,because you know me you know i love,oppressing my edges but not today,im just gonna brush it off,oh my hair is flaking everywhere,[Music],um feels very very dry and,you can see the white particles all over,it it has,white stuff especially here my body has,this white flakes all over it so if you,are trying this make sure youre wearing,white and not black so you dont see,like the contrast of it um,i will not be using this product again,but im not returning it because i,already dip my fingers in it and then i,already used it,but again this is not a video to tell if,you should go try it or not i dont care,im not getting paid i just wanted to do,my hair and have fun,usually my twist out or washing goes i,like when they last me a week because i,wash my hair now weekly,but this is not going to last me a week,its going to last me till,the end of the night and im going to,wash the product out of my hair,but if you do want to give it a try you,can give it a try you might have a,different hair experience,but my hair is frizzy like its already,getting freezing while im in the house,right now,and dont try to tell me that i didnt,let my hair dry properly i let it dry,for over a day okay so its all the way,dry,so look at them,i dont know its what it is what it is,you know,yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video,and i will see you in my next one,bye

JOZI CURLS $5 Target Natural Haircare Line on Type 4 Natural Hair | Worth the hype?

hey guys its kimberly and welcome back,to my channel i make videos on all,things lifestyle on a budget and this,video is gonna be,all over the place i spent the last two,weeks trying out josie curls products,ive gone through so many different,hairstyles to test out how these,products can work best on my type 4,curly hair,so im going to start off by showing all,the products that i got how i got to,that point how i discovered the brand,and then take you through a bunch of,different styles,its going to be all over the place and,its going to be trial and error but,thats just the reality of how it was,trying these products out,so lets get to the original part of the,video work our way through,and ill see you guys back at the end,hey guys its kimberly and welcome back,to my channel i make videos on all,things lifestyle on a budget and i am,super excited to bring you my experience,using josie curls its an affordable,haircare line that is from target im,talking,five dollars each affordable super super,super awesome im gonna take you through,two weeks of me using these products on,my hair im gonna go from a wash and go,to a two strand twist and then finally a,twist out i came across this brand,randomly at target one day i was looking,through the aisles for something new i,needed a leave-in conditioner stat,and i came across this product right,here so this is their leave-in,conditioner first thing i noticed is i,was cruelty-free and vegan and i looked,at that price and i was like oh this is,super affordable but i was like whos,josie curls like ive never heard of,this brand got home tried it out and was,like,whoa whoa my hair like,melted from using this product and i was,able to get my fingers through so easily,and i was like wait i need to know more,this brand is actually from south africa,they are 50,black owned and they are made up of a,diverse group of women which i think is,awesome and so something that was really,important to this brand was to make,these products affordable and to be able,to reach a diverse amount of people,by having the prices so low which i,think is amazing,this is a budget lifestyle channel if,you didnt already know and i think that,there is a space for having great,quality products without having to break,your bank especially in the times that,were in now,but even before so,i was so bummed that there were no,products at the target but josie girls,reached out to me and they offered to,send me some products that i could try,it out,which is really really awesome so i got,a bunch of stuff here that im gonna,show you before we get into the video,so here are the products that i got i,got their conditioner which is supposed,to be moisturizing conditioner,says its free from sulfates colorants,and parabens,it has african extracts baobab moringa,and aloe vera,they also sent the styling gel this is,supposed to be a flake free formula,that has a medium hold the josie curls,curl hydrating pudding,its supposed to help define your curls,and reduce frizz while adding softness,and,shine and its supposed to be,specifically for dry frizzy hair i also,decided to try out the,hair and scalp oil if youve been on my,channel for a while you would know that,i stopped using,any types of oils on my scalp like i,literally just stopped cold turkey,because i was finding i was getting a,bunch of build up and having to wash my,hair more frequently i thought i had,um seborrheic dermatitis at one point,because i just had so much buildup,and i was like i gotta stop with the,scalp like my scalp is so irritated only,after like one week,then when i saw this i was like well,its been a while lets see,and finally i got the curl enhancing,spray im always looking for something,that i can refresh my curls with,other than water so i was really looking,forward to trying this out you can use,this,daily its supposed to help prevent your,build up and its supposed to smooth and,condition your hair while adding,instant shine lets get into this video,lets see how,everything went and then ill come back,with my final thoughts,[Music],so first up i needed to wash and,detangle this hair i used the carols,daughter got a strength shampoo and now,im ready for my conditioner,so here we go were trying it out heres,my hair in its natural state,i like to separate my hair so that its,easier to apply the product,so the product seems like its going to,be super thin at first,but luckily as i started to massage it,through my hair,i realized that it was instantly,detangling which was amazing,[Music],with my hair being this thick its so so,important that i have a conditioner,thats really going to work,with me and this did absolutely that,after i went ahead and rinsed it out and,in this case this time i did not use a,deep conditioner so now im moving on to,the leave-in and well get into styling,i wanted to start with the attempt at a,wash and go so i went in with the curl,pudding,and then im gonna go in with the gel,after using the leave-in,and as you can see it looks like we were,getting some styling and some definition,and i just kept continuing to add,water which is key for when you have,this thick of a hair to just get it to,keep moisturizing,so that it can detangle for a hot second,i thought i was going to try,and define every curl and i was like we,dont have time for that,so i just kind of kept making my way,through and you can see my,curls look like theyre actually showing,through i even threw in this brush,just to see if that would help define it,but then we get to the front,and chaos starts to ensue you can see,the difference here between the back and,the front,but i thought lets just keep going,well keep you know wetting it but,my curls in the front are a whole,different beast you can still see now,that i have,some product build up kind of it does,kind of eventually go away but i just,wanted to show that so you can see,again still going and mind you my hair,is very wet right now i know that my,hair looks like its dry thats just how,it looks,but it actually is very wet and this is,what i ended up with in the front,so not the best but i threw on the hair,scalp oil,and i just put it up so that i could go,to sleep,okay so heres me taking it down the,next day i just kind of put them up,loosely in buns shaking it out the back,was actually,working out really well good on the,sides and then we had a little trouble,in the front you can just still see i,have some product build up which was not,fun right there,to save this hairstyle i decided to take,the front section and put it up into a,little,space bun at the top and then i also,added a headband which helps to hide,those edges because they looked a mess,and im telling you they werent going,to go down or be smooth,and this is how i worked my hair through,the day,i had massive shrinkage at night so what,i did is i did some,twisting and put it in little buns again,to try to help lengthen it for the next,day,added the oil in and then i was good to,go to go to sleep,this is like the quickest of updates,because i havent really chatted on here,but this is day two hair or so and its,really humid outside so i lost like,all hold whatsoever where were at and,this is probably the safest hairstyle,that i can do,everything else kind of does not work,out im going to try this into a twist,out and then go from there,i started using the canvas beauty,blossom on my scalp so that i can grow,my hair and i wore these twists for a,couple days i cant remember but you can,see i have a lot of frizz,but i still was determined to take this,hair down and see what i could work with,and then i used the josie curls hair oil,for my strands and for taking down the,actual twists,[Music],and so it came out you know a little,frizzy it wasnt too bad,i didnt mind it it gave a lot of body,and volume,okay so now we are back and here are my,final thoughts on each of the products,now that ive had,basically two weeks to go through and,test them out obviously with the,moisturizing leave-in condi


hey guys welcome back to my youtube,channel if youre new here im jalissa,today im going to be testing out,new curly hair products from target i,got the,josie curls line and i got pretty much,everything they have,except for the conditioner i completely,forgot about that,these products were only five dollars,each which is,very affordable like wow so i really,hope that they are good because,if they are good and if they curl my,hair very well,then thats amazing thats a win-win,my curls are not where i would want them,to be right now,like i wish my hair was even more curly,i am working on that im working on like,trying to keep my hair healthier because,during vlogmas and even before that i,was putting so much heat on my hair so,my curls did kind of like,die a little bit but they are coming,back to life,so im happy about that what i like,about these products so far is that they,are,paraben free cruelty free vegan,super interesting and only five dollars,like i used this oil last night i left,it on my hair,and this actually left my hair super,shiny and very very soft so,so far i really like the oil the,ingredients seem,very natural and very good as well so,this has,raw shea butter and marula oil which i,love,you can add this on wet hair dry hair so,im going to be adding a little bit of,this oil maybe at the ends,well see how my curls look but so far,this is a big thumbs up for me i really,did like this oil as a first impressions,so i have mixed feelings about this,shampoo i feel like this shampoo is like,very,liquidy its not very thick i like a,very thick consistency,this one is just more like,its very like watery i dont know if,you can see that but you see that,dripping down i dont like that,i like it to be very very thick so let,me compare this one,to my briojio dont despair,repair i love this shampoo its so,thick and i love that and a little bit,goes such a long way with this,shampoo but with the josie curls i just,felt like i had to put,so much to like really get a nice,cleanse so this ones free from sulfates,as well and parabens it has marula oil,and raw shea butter which are like,very moisturizing for your hair so like,most of these products are like super,moisturizing for the curls so this one,is like not my favorite shampoo that i,have but its not bad so now lets get,into,styling so i completely i thought i got,the conditioner and i guess i didnt i,guess i got confused with these,other products that i got so these,products right here are to style your,hair so im gonna do that now,im gonna start with the josie curls,style,curl enhancing spray so this one right,here so basically im just going to,spray this all over my hair this is a,leave-in conditioner,all of the products smell really good,this one smells,amazing so im going to use the pudding,what is,this okay,so thats interesting oh my god,dont tell me that this is gonna fall,off,what is this you know ive never tried,anything like this for my curls,um but were gonna try it it smells,really good,yeah im just gonna add this to my hair,hopefully this is like very hydrating it,feels super hydrating why is it so thick,like that,oh my god thats so interesting it kind,of feels like slime,thats so interesting so im going to,take another small,amount and,just kind of add it to my hair now were,going to move on to the gel,its like not filled all the way like it,looks like if its,used you guys know what i mean thats,interesting but lets try this,so im gonna put a little bit of gel,my hair,just kind of spreading it everywhere im,gonna do the same to the top,and then im gonna use a denman brush to,style it,first im gonna take the brush im just,gonna,flip it at the end like this,and try to scrunch it the most that i,can,this side of my hair is a lot less curly,than the other side,so you guys will definitely notice that,so yeah im just scrunching it,a lot and im just adding a little bit,more of gel,as i go especially like,in the roots,i mean it doesnt look bad so far,this side right here is just,not its not that curly,but im gonna try my best to just,scrunch it bring the curls back to life,add a little bit more of gel as i go,and so lets see what we can do okay,guys ill be back,once everything is like scrunched and,ready,to diffuse all right guys so i scrunched,all my hair and it looks like if its,actually going to curl,so im excited to see the final,look but yeah both sides are looking,actually,pretty nice so far so im going to,diffuse my hair and ill be back with,the final,[Music],look,[Music],all right guys so my hair is like pretty,dry,and it actually looks pretty curly im,like very,surprised like my hair does not curl,that much so my hair is a little bit,like crunchy,and i mean i kind of expected that,because i put so much gel,but im just gonna like loosen up the,curls just a little bit,just to even give it more volume these,curtain bangs,they just they are not the best with,curly hair i feel like i dont even know,what to do with them,i usually just put them back because,oh this side is starting to look a lot,better already but yeah these curtain,bangs are like,i dont know i have mixed feelings about,them i love them when they are straight,but when they are curly they are not,that great like i always end up like,putting them back somehow,yeah i am actually really liking these,products im gonna put a little bit of,this,oil um and lets see what that does,just a little bit,um it was not a little bit but im just,gonna kind of,go like this first,this smells so good i feel like i got,some pretty defined curls even on this,side,this is not my curly side so even this,side looks,pretty curly like im so impressed what,is happening,wow that oil just made my hair super,soft so yeah this is what my hair looks,like im so happy because i actually,really really like it i,feel hopeful i feel like my curls can,come back to life,i feel super positive i feel very,excited,like even this side so some of the,products that i like the most from this,line was definitely,the oil i really like the oil i feel,like on dry hair it feels amazing,you can leave it overnight as a,treatment even after you style your hair,you can add a little bit of this for,more shine,so that your curls can be even softer as,well so,yeah for five dollars this is amazing it,has really good ingredients very,hydrating ingredients,and it really does feel amazing on my,hair i loved the oil,the shampoo i wasnt like crazy about it,but its not bad,i feel like the more i use it maybe the,more ill like it but,i do have other shampoo and conditioners,that i like more but this ones not bad,also for five dollars,the curl enhancing spray i feel like was,the key,to enhancing my curls because when i,tell you that my hair does not curl that,much it really does not curl that much,and i feel like,with these products my hair curled,so much more than like with other,products that are even more expensive,i mean maybe my hair is just more,healthy honestly and i just got a,haircut i also,really liked the gel even though it,didnt really bring much,in here but it was just five dollars so,its not bad,everything is just so affordable im,like so surprised at how affordable this,is and like,the ingredients that are in this like no,parabens no sulfates its like a very,good for your hair so far i like it a,lot,this one is very strange honestly i mean,i kind of feel weird using this but,it worked and i dont know if its,supposed to look like that,but just know that this can get very,messy i dont know i dont love,the texture of this its kind of weird,its too gooey it feels like,slime i didnt love it well that is it,for this video i hope you guys liked it,let me know in the comments down below,what you guys think about this,line this is a new curly hairline that,is available at target if you guys want,to check it out ill link it down below,and let me know in the comments down,below if you guys want to see more,curly hair videos if you guys want me to,try out more,curly hair products like maybe


hey guys please ignore my lopsided bun i,recently got a haircut and now i cannot,figure out my hair does not go into a,bun the same way welcome back to my,channel for those of you that are new,welcome and in todays video we are,going to do yet another test it out type,of video i went shopping recently for a,bunch of new curly hair products just to,switch it up i figured why not test out,a new brand or a new product every,single week that i have to wash my hair,and why not film doing it so thats,exactly what im going to be doing today,in todays video im going to be testing,out these products from josie curls,never heard anything about this brand,never tried this brand out but it was,super affordable so i got a couple,products so that is what were going to,be doing on camera for you guys today,sit down do your wash day with me were,going to get in here and were going to,try out this product so if you guys want,to see me test out these products in my,hair see my thoughts and if this product,is something you should get yourself,then please keep watching,[Music],the brand im going to be trying out,today is called josie curls and i found,mine at target target is a hit or miss,like you will find some targets have a,ton of curly girl multicultural products,and some of them do not and obviously it,depends on the demographics of the place,that the target is in yada yada we get,that in my target they had a very small,selection of products but among that,selection was this josie curl ive never,seen it before ive never heard about it,but i think what really intrigued me was,one the price tag i think that each one,of these products were 5.99 or so super,affordable and you know curly girl,products especially some of the ones,that ive tried can be up there like 18,and beyond so to see this brand be,affordable even more affordable than,shea moisture i was like okay,were getting a little cantu prices here,so i actually picked up their leave-in,conditioner their curl hydrating pudding,and their styling gel now they have like,a shampoo i believe a conditioner and,then an oil but i have a pretty,sensitive scalp which ill probably dive,into in another video so i like to stick,with the shampoos that i know are not,going to irritate my scalp so i did not,get the shampoo i typically dont go in,with conditioner unless its deep,conditioner so i was like well skip out,on those and then the oil im trying a,couple different oils right now so i,wanted to test out the core three,products first before i,add the other stuff in if you know what,i mean it says that the products were,free from sulfates colorants and,parabens which is good i dont,necessarily have to have those things in,my curly hair products i dont look for,things that are without but if if i can,find it without thats really good and,theyre made with african extracts so,they have bow bob,i dont know how to say that moringa and,aloe vera and its for dry tangled and,knotted hair so like i said i got their,leave-in conditioner the curl cream and,the gel because that is typically the,three products that i put on my hair,every single week that i wash so yeah i,think im done talking i think were,just gonna get into it,as i mentioned to you guys i got my hair,cut i dont know if you guys can tell,its a little bit shorter its,definitely like healthier like when she,cut my hair i was like oh yes we are,just going to separate my hair as always,i feel like this video is literally a,repeat of the last video that i did but,you know trying new products out is kind,of repetitive i suppose the first,product that we are going to go in with,is going to be the leave-in conditioner,so im just going to wet my hair because,it is,damp but not wet,it comes with a pump which is really,nice see how much one pump does,that is one pump so lets go ahead with,two maybe,it has a unique smell its um,vanilla e,theres a pretty decent amount of slip,not as much as the,leave-in conditioner that i normally use,im gonna put one more pump of leave-in,conditioner,ill say it doesnt have as much slip,and it doesnt seem to have as much,moisture as like my as i am conditioner,that i use much okay not bad and not a,bad smell either it just smells like,vanilla now were gonna go in with this,um styling cream it defines curls and,reduces frizz while adding softness and,shine and it says that it also has raw,shea butter honey bush and marula oil so,it sounds like these products are just,going to be like super moisturizing so,im interested,oh my gosh that is not at all what i,thought that was going to look like okay,when this says,curl hydrating pudding okay so when i,thought of curl hydrating pudding i did,not think of this this literally looks,like a gel i had to double check and,make sure that the gel looks like a gel,because if you know i dont think the,labels will get messed up but like okay,this is the gel and this is the pudding,but doesnt this look like a gel that,was weird that was weird okay,okay now im scared because that looks,kind of weird i guess were just gonna,take like this much,it feels like a gel too okay,hydrating pudding okay,it literally has like the consistency of,a gel im not gonna say its sticky or,anything but it does remind me of a gel,so im pretty nervous because,yeah im pretty nervous and i am live,okay curls not looking bad at all they,definitely look more elongated uh,than super defined im not sure how im,liking how my hair feels to the touch,like its kind of dry not gonna lie i,cant explain it because obviously my,hair is wet but my hair does feel a,little bit dry with those products last,but not least were gonna go in with the,actual gel im gonna take this i think,thats probably a lot the gel is a,little bit thicker,i definitely feel like the gel is adding,some shine and added some additional,definition because before,there wasnt a whole lot of that going,on,the hair looks fine like the curls look,fine theyre a little bit frizzier than,normal in my opinion but not bad maybe i,just didnt wet my hair enough,hmm,i take another section,so i can tell its really like,elongating,some of my curls but the hair doesnt,feel very moisturized im kind of afraid,when my hair dries its going to be dry,feeling im going to go ahead and speed,through the application process and then,let you guys see what it looks like,before we go to dry,so,[Music],all right guys sorry about the soaking,wet shirt but i finished applying all of,the products throughout my hair i did,notice that if i did not really,thoroughly wet some pieces of my hair,the product did not take well i had to,go through and like re-wet and reapply,product to some,area specifically in the back portion of,my hair i definitely did like this so,far its the only thing that i can,really tell if i like so far because,its leaving conditioner and you know,leave-in conditioner is like either you,like it or you dont like it it has slip,or it doesnt so i feel like at this,point i have to wait to see what my hair,looks like when it is dry it is kind of,late right now um so im going to go,ahead and start dinner air dry my hair a,little bit while im eating dinner and,then ill come back and diffuse a little,bit and then ill show you guys the,final results,do you guys see my hair right now i am,thoroughly surprised as you guys can see,very full very voluminous i will admit,my hair is actually soft to the touch i,think that the products dont have a,super hard hold so,they allow for my curls to just be i,dont know like bigger but yet theyre,defined i feel like i do have a little,bit more volume than i do have,definition but i actually dont quite,mind that what i am seeing is like on,the bottom of my hair here it is a,little bit frizzy i mean theres the,curls are there but like this piece,right here is frizzy um and then some of,my ends are frizzy so these i feel like,are gonna like froof up and theyre not,going to hold so i think that honestly,the leave-in conditioner and the gel,were definitely my favorite for

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