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watching this yall just got to deal,with me if i go off,because i was you mean when whats that,you say if you go off,when okay when when i go,because i was so angry,watching this uh because its so,relevant,lets go ahead and talk about judas and,the black,messiah now,we got you know weve been talking about,struggle movies how were tired of them,and everything,because the problem with struggle movies,is that after a while,you think thats how others define you,exactly thats why you got it,so much from hollywood hollywood feels,like that defines you thats,thats what has thats how they make,money off for too long black people,have been and continue to be defined by,struggle and poverty,yes so much so that black people even,take that on as their identity yeah and,its ridiculous,yeah when you struggling that makes,money for us when you aint struggling,nobody wants to hear that [ __ ],i mean unless you doing something stupid,right like,some soul playing [ __ ] unless you sit,sitting on a toilet or,getting shot in a gang or something like,that theres other stereotypes but,struggle movies you know thats the,sweet spot because its like you know,what chances are,uh its gonna look important and well,were gonna get an oscar,and were gonna make money yeah you know,you get so many the reason why,struggle movies besides just how you,feel like youre defined,they add to the stress and trauma that,people feel,already you know because when critics,come out they talk about powerful,necessary,oh my god this is so empowering for you,and so enlightening for us and its like,yeah you know what this [ __ ] is for me,angry,upset sad depressed,i dont know yeah im missing the,empowering part,these movies are good but i i always,walk away from them feeling,pissed off and depressed and mad as hell,yeah yeah yeah yeah,exactly the rough part of it is that,you know as much as i talk them im,tired of them when you see them you also,realize how much you need them because,the struggle never stops oh yeah thats,why you got struggle movies could be,still struggling well thats always my,my thing the love hate im like man i i,dont want to see these anymore,but they do need to be there for,generations that come up,yeah and people need a reminder,everyone needs a reminder you need to be,reminded of your history,because you need to know what to look,out for or,people need to know just how shitty,things are they try to,tell you oh its so good here its so,awesome why are you so disrespectful why,are you so angry you know,you people need a reminder that and uh,the latest reminder is the movie that,were gonna be talking about right now,judas,and the black messiah is about fred,hampton leader of the chicago chapter,of the black panther party back in the,60s uh,and also the events that led up to fred,hamptons murder in 1969,uh why well for being too black too,strong,too loud and for bringing actually for,bringing people together,of all backgrounds white black and in,between,also this is uh just talking about how,the fbi,they were aided in their murder of fred,hampton by,william oneill played here by lakeith,stanfield,uh so you know like i said these movies,are struggle within themselves man to,watch but sometimes you gotta look at,him and say man you know what,uh yes i am angry im depressed im,upset,but not only was that necessary but [ __ ],that was a good movie too,you know theres one positive out of,this that was a good movie,is that the case with this movie right,here uh,this has been getting some very glowing,reviews out there,are we on board with that lets go and,take a look and well let you know after,this trailer for,judas and the black messiah our,counter-intelligence program,must prevent the rise of a bridge that,fool is like the penguin thats what i,was saying,that is you wouldnt recognize him,thats martin sheen,as an unrecognizable martin sheen but,hes playing,[ __ ] ass punk ass jagger hoover right,here and i looked at that like damn you,should be in a batman movie right,instead of fighting the black panthers,fighting batman right now,they call this uh judas and the black,messiah because,j edgar hoover at the time,he was so he was he was to the point of,just not even being racist he was so,xenophobic against black people like he,did not want them to infiltrate,they was bad up they were already here,you not even want them to infiltrate any,further,any kind of american culture at all so,he was so scared of a black messiah,being uh being uh,cultivated amongst these people and,having such influence that,they actually sanction murder,and you know watching this yall just,got to deal with me,if i go off because i was you mean when,whats that,you say if you go off okay,when i go because i was so,[ __ ] angry watching this,uh because its so relevant to what is,happening now,you might not think it isnt unless you,are really keeping up with whats going,on in the world right now,and youre making the connections but,you know watching this,was just like having this country slap,you in the face and kick you in your ass,the whole,time you know this is history that shows,the,hypocrisy of how this country celebrates,how it influences and celebrates uh,white liberation,and violence while blacks,while black liberation and black,struggles are,have historically been been been,scrutinized to the point where,this country murders people murders,innocent people you know if you dont,and if you want to know why i mean were,going to get into a review im just,telling you watching this movie you,watch if you watch this movie know,whats going on its going to piss you,off,uh and these murderers out there have,never had to face,justice they were told by the government,to do that,because these people while,throughout history people have gotten,together for the betterment of their,communities,to you know in this case black people,they theyve,theyve always been uh been met with,violence by this country,theyve always been met with murder by,this country theyve always been met,with death,by this country while domestic terrorism,from white people have has never had to,been addressed,till this very day man this very day,you look at those you look at those uh,that insurrection on the capitol right,there,and some of those people are still being,handled with restraint,giving organic food and heres the,biggest thing,none of these in domestic terrorist,white radical organizations these uh uh,these far-right organizations they never,had anybody go in and murder their,leaders,they never had anybody go in and meet,them with violence they just they go out,there with guns and show up and nobody,says a [ __ ] thing to them,to the point i just read something today,theres and i dont know if this is true,so,fact check me on this im not im not,just leaving a challenge let me know im,just saying what i read it might be off,it says about 71 accounted for,uh terrorist groups i dont know if this,that,that that the government has taken into,account,and none of them are these far right,domestic,uh white terrorist groups,but but for throughout history they told,you like if you,while we celebrate every violent,movement,nra fourth of july all that [ __ ],free speech and all that the moment that,black people get together and try,to do something is always meant as a,threat until this day they even called,they called black lives matter a,terrorist group while they were too busy,looking at these people who for the most,part got together peacefully look what,the [ __ ] happened at this capitol right,here,now and like i said man you know when,you walk away and i say this,as far as this country continues to turn,his eye and say hey kiss i ask because,were great,guess i asked because youve been told,that since birth that were good because,we dont want to come across as shitty,because were embarrassed about our,history until i still that happens,this country man and i say that even,more watching this film,this country kiss my black ass you,you now even ever w

Judas and the Black Messiah reviewed by Mark Kermode

so judas in the black messiah um lekith,samfield came on the show,i think it was last week or maybe the,week before uh i loved him in short term,12. loved him,sorry to bother you he co-starred with,daniel kahlua and get out and now in,this so this is inspired by true events,from uh director and co-writer shakkar,king la keith stanfield plays um william,oneill,who is a petty car thief who is caught,and then strong-armed into spying on,black panther leader fred hampton played,by,daniel kaluya um jesse plemons is the,fbi agent who basically says to,um to oneill look you know youre,facing five years in jail uh,otherwise unless you do what i ask you,to do which is to go,and become a member of the black panther,party and get yourself,close to its members and report back to,us and of course,thats what he has to do and he finds,himself at meetings in which he hears,extraordinarily charismatic speeches,delivered by fred hampton his eclipse,not a its not a question of violence or,non-violence its a question of,resistance to fascism or non-existence,within fascism,you can mother eliminate if you cant,murder liberation you can murder,revolutionary but you cant murder,revolution,and you can murder a freedom fighter but,you cant murder freedom,so heres the interesting thing about i,think this film is terrific and it was,it was really great uh that interview,with uh um nikita stanfield before,um its two performances right at the,center of the film,danny khali is up for best supporting,actor at the oscars and has been,nominated the baftas,loki stanfield is uh up for best actor,and the narrative although you know,obviously the the kind of showy,performance in some ways is the forms of,fred hampton but the narrative actually,centers around the story of oneill,and whats really interesting is that,the keith stanfield does a brilliant job,of capturing the complexities of that,character after,the interview i went off and found,because you can find it,online the unedited uh version of the,interview that william oneill did,for that eyes on the prize documentary,that went out in 1990 and which,apparently is pretty much the only kind,of recorded interview that he did,and its really fascinating watching it,and if anyone enjoys this film i would,advise him to check it out because the,way,in which his character was conflicted,that he he actually he,very much admired fred hampton but he,wasnt really,in any way part of the black panthers,political,ideology and he actually very much,looked up to,roy mitchell and he saw the fbi is,completely distinct from the police,and whats brilliant about the keith,stanfields performance is and because,he studied that interview as he told us,um is that it really captures those,complexities to the point that you,for large sections of the film you dont,know where his allegiance is like i mean,nominally on the outside hes just,somebody preserving his own skin,hes just somebody whos looking after,himself and yet you can see from all,these,his performance is fantastically complex,in comparison with that you have danica,lewis fred hampton who is steadfast,and true hes very charismatic in public,unexpectedly,shy in private and it i think,he does a brilliant job of absolutely,giving you a sense of,how it how it would be that you know in,the presence of fred hampton you could,absolutely um find yourself being,completely drawn to,despite the fact that oneill said the,beginning that he he actually didnt,have you know a political,uh allegiance so i think the drama is,great and i think that,what it manages to do is to is to tell a,story that is complex,its a certain amount of,fictionalization involved in it um but,it tells the story that it is complex,and it,embraces all those complexities and it,makes a kind of,meaty dramatic subject out of it at the,center of it these two,very great performances i love the way,it looks i love the way it sounds ive,seen it three times now and i think its,a its a,very fine movie indeed i know that you,liked it too,yeah i kind of think its going to be,one of the standout films of the year,you know i mean obviously its being,its got those um uh award nominations,that you were talking about but it is,going to be one of those films that,youre going to have to see,because the performances are so terrific,from both of them worth saying as well,because dominic fischbach has been,recognized also at the baftas and her,performance is brilliant because she,draws you,into that personal relationship with,uh with fred hampton and in fact i think,in that relationship between their two,characters there are echoes of things,like if beale street could talk,in the real the real tenderness of that,relationship is actually at the heart of,the film as well so that you see,the this kind of fully rounded side of,fredham so,yeah its very good,i think its probably worth i mean,either before,before watching it and this came out in,the interview,um that we did a couple of weeks back,that,we are not as okay with the history that,surrounds this story uh in this country,so you know listen back to the interview,before you see the movie or just read,you know just look it up,just look up some of these characters,because i think it does help if youre,aware of some of the susceptibilities,and,whats gone before and what comes,afterwards yeah absolutely absolutely,but i think it is a really solid,solid drama i enjoyed it very much

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Judas and the Black Messiah was POWERFUL

wow,oh my goodness so i have to say that,this movie,was absolutely powerful um for those you,may not be aware of the story of fred,hampton,it tells his story um and his eventual,uh spoiler alert assassination and,it really embodies a lot of the,sentiments um,that are still held today unfortunately,whether its you know not trusting the,government,or you know f the police uh and you,really see where these routes where,these routes come from,and it is man it is a journey it is,definitely a journey i will say that,um it goes on to cover you know such,things that are happening today like you,know,black people use against uh black people,because in the movie not not to go big,go too,far into it but they they get this,person who is in a compromised position,they use that compromise position,to their advantage and when im talking,about the government,and its really interesting how,they try and ensnare this person time,and time and time again,trying to get dirt right you know when,someones tr someones out,to get you they have to do you know,opposition research they dont have to,find every little nook and cranny every,little closet in this you know every,little skeleton in the closet,see what they can pin on you and dude,whats clean,dude was clean there was a great part of,the movie,once again not a spoiled not a small,spoiler but this person,brings out uh he brings out explosives,okay and fred hansen was like yo what,what,the hell is wrong with you why would,what are you thinking,its like yo we bomb them theyre gonna,bomb us,and im like its that its like yes,exactly its a certain way of thinking,about things,of hey this is the end game this is our,ultimate goal,how do we reach that okay in in a manner,with the least opposition right with the,least,obstacle with having our name clean okay,and you know its very interesting this,is a very its a reoccurring theme,uh you start to notice in history where,its like hey build something up,tear it down build it back up tear it,down,and its very interesting what once you,start to really focus its like oh,this also happened during that time,oh this this actually happened again,over here,and its its you start to realize right,you start to get,self-aware of what what the narrative,actually is and one of the narratives,in here is unity,believe it or not in many cases you know,for many of the,civil rights leaders that was the,narrative and you,start to see how much the government,whatever whatever you want to say,whoever you want to say rules the,government,how much they are in fear of that,how much they are in fear of that and we,even see it today,right when it came to george floyd unity,hey somethings got to change and sure,enough,what happened what happened they deflect,something happens or this happens this,right or that right,and it gives people an out it gives them,an out,not to unify not to unify and this guy,you see fred hampton hes unifying,racist hes unifying this people this,group that group,right and once you once people see hey,you,what what youre really about the,community,becomes involved people called you who,you thought were your enemy,becomes your friend because they say hey,this is greater than both of us,our our beef this is nothing compared to,what what is trying to be achieved here,that is that is powerful man that is,powerful and i get,i get why what happened i get why would,happen and the assassination,um how they filmed it was man that was,brutal,that was it was brutal man it,gets you and they incorporate uh footage,from judas right thats not his name but,uh they incorporate footage from judas,i only did one interview if i remember,correctly did one interview and they you,know they undercut,some of the footage from that of him,talking hes like hey listen i was just,trying to you know,trying to look out for myself i was you,know essentially im not the bad guy,and that is man its it gets you,thinking,it definitely gets you thinking a lot um,and how it parallels to what whats,going on right now in todays society,once again this is a great film i cant,give enough respect,uh to this film um the characters are,great,the you know the actor for fred hampton,uh the actor for judas as,thats why im gonna call him judas,thats just is it man,i wish there was a little more sympathy,given to this character the judas,character,because i i really hated that person,like,like i really despise this person,and its its interesting because you,start real oh thats not the only judas,jesus had 12 disciples and one of them,was a judas okay,so i you know you have to keep your,social circles tight and even,even as tight as 12 youre gonna have,somebody in there,so its its man it was,its a good movie i dont know what to,tell you its a good movie you really it,gives you a,like a really a punch to the stomach,as you see whats taking place right,because,you see when it comes to today you see,offices and whatnot but you dont know,these officers hey,theres a superior uh that tells them,what to do and theres a disappear that,tells them what to do,right you start really understanding ah,so the corruption usually in many cases,at the top,stems down and what some people dont,understand,is that even even that being the case,that doesnt alleviate that persons,actions,right even though they may have been,trained in,improperly or they may have been told,hey do this that doesnt alleviate their,personal,you know accountability for their,actions i had more sympathy,for the officers right than i did this,judas character,i have to say i was like i have more,sympathy for that dude than i did this,judas character,all right so im like yo at the end of,the day bruh you cant if you cant do,the time dont do the crime,right but to be a rat to be a [ __ ],rat,man oh shes just,oh man and its its thats the crazy,part theres rats everywhere,theres rats everywhere right so when,people say why cant you guys do this,well you tell us why we cant do this,you how about you tell us i feel like,you have more answers than we do,why this community is this way or why,this is that way or why this is that way,because there are people within those,communities there are people within,those industries there are people within,you know those areas that,dont really care theyre more,self-invested they dont care about,the bigger picture and thats something,that ive said,harked on time and time and time again,listen hey,do you want to win this little baby,battles or do you want to ultimately win,the war,which is it its great i suggest you,check it out,um i would just just just make sure to,take a,cold shower afterwards because youre,going to be heated you go,you are gonna be hot okay so take a cold,shower make sure to calm down,maybe go exercise run it off um because,man this,smoothie got me heated it definitely it,definitely got me heated,anyways guys thats the video let me,know what you guys think whether or not,you believe looks like this is a,horrible movie this is a racist movie,this is,disgusting this is just just promoting,hatred um,ordering i believe this is a powerful,movie okay this is a great movie if you,dont see,what this movie represents um,i dont know youre sleeping wait wake,up,wake up uh either or hope you guys,enjoyed the video,if you did please feel free to like,share come subscribe,that fun stuff till next time guys be,amazing,man it is a journey

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Judas and the Black Messiah (2021) Movie Review

revolution is the only solution i am,a revolutionary powerful words that are,recited in judas and the black messiah,i had the opportunity to see this at,sundance this year and it was one of my,most anticipated films,does it deliver,[Applause],this is the story of fred hampton the,chairman of the illinois black panther,party and his fateful betrayal by fbi,informant,william oneill for someone that was not,very familiar with fred hampton,this was educational for me daniel,kaluuya was amazing hes channeling,florence fishburne with his voice which,is great,but hes commanding but not overbearing,he was able to display,power and strength with an amazing,amount of care and compassion,i found him to be pretty sympathetic and,even relatable he was a young man who,saw the extreme problems of racism,facing his community,but also of communities he wasnt even a,part of i found it enlightening that,fred hampton was able to unite activists,or what he would call,revolutionaries from diverse backgrounds,and locations all around chicago,this speaks not only to his charisma but,also the power of the message,and the need for change lakeith,stanfield is william oneill hes the,judas in this story,and what a performance he brings i mean,he really plays the reluctant,informant well we can see the fear and,the trepidation in his eyes,his mannerisms are conveyed well with,small bodily stutters,and then even over-enunciated objections,or bravado he has to demonstrate a full,buy-in to the beliefs even though hes,not shown,that he is totally on board or even,invested in what hampton is trying to,achieve,he is wildly believable as a man forced,to be the judas though,and at the end credit scene wrap-up its,devastating and shows the real toll this,took on him,dominique fishback plays deborah johnson,and displays such,wisdom and intelligence i loved her she,joins the black panther movement but,also becomes romantically involved with,hampton,and i love that she challenges him but,also builds him up,she brings tenderness and strength and a,fierceness,jesse plemons plays the fbi agent roy,mitchell who forces oneill into,becoming an informant,with the threat of federal prison at,first his character comes off like hes,trying to do good,and i even like that he is quite,conflicted when directed by j,edgar hoover to continue to get more,info and by any means necessary but as,the story progresses,mitchell grows more and more insincere,and manipulative,hes slimy because hes doing things,that go against his conscience,but hes still doing them the way the,story is told is very engaging i mean it,gives us a straightforward snapshot,and we dont need the ramp up of hampton,finding his voice or just starting out,we see him rising to popularity and,influence,using his voice to better those around,him and to bring about change when those,with power wont,its pretty scary at how relevant this,movie is today the messages that hampton,was addressing could very well,have been delivered in just about any,month in 2020,and before and unfortunately after,even though this is a snapshot into a,small period of time its packed with a,lot of drama and interest,i became very invested in the players,and their journeys,most of the encounters made me mad at,the injustice that i was seeing,i mean this plays out as a very,thought-provoking and captivating drama,we have some rich characters,even ones that are flawed with deception,and coercion thrown into the mix,plus theres the assault on justice in,the name of justice,and thats just sickening and this isnt,even a bash the cops type of movie it is,however showing the racism that was,prevalent and even overbearing in the,chicago pd,as well as from the highest ranks in the,fbi and how it shaped and directed the,actions,of law enforcement to quiet and quell,the black voice,its really disgusting to see how these,people have the messed up mindset,that black and brown people and then,even lower income whites,were seen as less than they were the,undesirables and they needed to be,silenced,and the best way to do that is to,silence the one leading the charge whos,fred hampton,but that was the genius of his message,he didnt want it built on him,for change to come about it had to be a,mindset shift there needed to be a,cultural change within the united states,and thus the revolution that he calls,for now this is a sad story but one,thats really necessary i think to see,it shows how when we dont learn from,history were destined to repeat it,well weve never really changed so were,not necessarily repeating anything,but more of just continuing of a,terrible behavior and dont at me with,how there isnt a racism problem in the,u.s,if you believe that you really need to,open your eyes racism is alive,and kicking and killing besides the,commentary the film is making,this is also really entertaining theres,drama humor,romance action i mean theres treachery,and suspense,its got everything that makes a story,engaging and memorable now the film is,just over two hours and i didnt really,feel the time i mean it kept progressing,in a good way,that was efficient and interesting the,entire time while i love the performance,of kaluya and johnson,the keith stanfield deserves so much,praise for his performance,he was a massive standout for me in this,and i hope that hes really recognized,for his work,because he certainly deserves it theres,no sexual nudity a lot of profanity and,a lot of violence,i give judas and the black messiah five,out of five couches,so are you looking forward to seeing,this id love to know what you thought,of the movie in the comments below,if you enjoyed this review please give,it a like also dont forget to share and,subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for catching with me

Top 10 Things Judas and the Black Messiah Got Factually Right and Wrong

special agent mitchell fbi welcome to,watch mojo,and today were counting down our picks,for the top 10 things,judas and the black messiah got,factually right at one point for me he,was like a role model,the black panthers are the single,greatest threat to our national security,alex rackley,no he did for this list were looking at,plot points from this biopic,that remained faithful to the lives of,fred hampton william oneill,and everyone in between in case you,havent seen this powerful film yet,keep in mind there will be spoilers what,did you think of judas and the black,messiah,let us know in the comments number 10.,william oneill was a car thief,fbi thats right when were introduced,to oneill he poses as an fbi agent who,uses his fake badge to steal a car,the guys at the pool hall catch on to,oneills ruse leading to his arrest,although a few liberties are taken its,not too far from the truth,according to oneill he stole a car with,a buddy one night,they drove it to michigan and after,shooting some pool the two had an,accident and took a bus back to chicago,my recruitment by the fbi was very,efficient,very simple really um id stole a car,and went joyriding over the state limit,while oneill wasnt arrested on the,spot,he was contacted by fbi agent roy martin,mitchell a few months later about the,stolen vehicle,tell me why the badge,why not just use a knife or a gun like a,normal,car thief mitchell eventually told,oneill that the charges against him,would be dropped,if he infiltrated the black panther,party,number nine free breakfast for children,evening brothers and sisters i wanted to,help you all to a new,free breakfast program over on the south,side next week,although the fbi painted fred hampton as,a criminal his goal was to make the,world a better place,one of the many ways he did this was,through the free breakfast for children,program,as seen in the movie launched by the,black panther party the program fed,thousands of hungry children on a daily,basis the illinois black panther party,has a mandate to feed every hungry kid,in chicago,in addition to organizing five breakfast,programs in chicagos west side,hampton aspired to help provide free,medical services nevertheless,the fbi claimed that the breakfast,program served as a way to brainwash,children,falsely calling it quote nefarious,activity,authorities would raid the program even,while kids were eating,not long after hamptons death black,panther co-founder huey p,newton would emphasize the importance of,the breakfast program,yall dont see theres kids in here huh,of course youre gonna let you get to a,free breakfast program pull something,like this,bunch of cowards number eight jake,winters death we educate,we nurture we feed and we lobby,perhaps were here for more than just,walk with these bodies,one of the black panther members,prominently depicted in the film is,spurgeon,jake winters in an especially tense,sequence,an armed jake finds himself in a,shootout with the cops,at least two officers are shot dead,before jake is gunned down,winters did indeed die during a police,shootout on november 13th,1969 less than a month before hampton,met his tragic end,officers john j gilhooley and frank g,rappaport reportedly died during the,gunfight as well,whereas winters acts alone in the film,reports suggest that fellow panther,lawrence lance bell was also present,although he was only wounded in his,memory the panthers named a free medical,clinic after winters,number seven oneill worked closely with,roy mitchell special agent mitchell,fbi while mitchell reportedly had nine,black panther informants prior to the,december 1969,raid oneal easily had the biggest,impact,actors lakeith stanfield and jesse,plemons do an authentic job at capturing,their dynamic,or you can go home as the film depicts,mitchell wasnt just oneills main,contact of the fbi,oneil visited mitchells house met his,young child,and even had dinner with him developing,a relaxed rapport,oneil went as far as to describe,mitchell as quote a role model,at one point for me he was like a role,model according to u.s district judge,charles cacoras quote he became like a,father to oneill,and he trusted roy at a time when not,many people trusted anybody,the two collaborated on the floor plan,for hamptons apartment,earning oneill a 300 bonus hey,roy boy how are you,number six hampton was arrested over ice,cream,uh he was uh accused of,uh taking 70 something dollars worth of,ice cream according to oneill the fbi,attempted to find evidence of hampton,doing drugs,but they never could because he was,clean hampton would face,jail time however over 71 dollars worth,of ice cream bars,in late may fred hampton was sent to,prison,he had been convicted on a charge of,stealing 71,worth of ice cream bars he was accused,of stealing from a good humor ice cream,van in maywood,hampton testified that he wasnt at the,scene of the crime telling reporters,out of court quote i may be a pretty big,mother but i cant eat no 710 ice cream,bars,nevertheless he was convicted and,sentenced to two to five years,a punishment hampton found excessive and,unfair hampton didnt serve the full,time as he was eventually released on an,appeal bond,show some discipline that russia gave me,a lawyer,eight days before hamptons death the,illinois supreme court affirmed the,conviction,number five j edgar hoovers vendetta,martin sheen portrays fbi director j,edgar hoover as,a ruthless figure who will stop at,nothing to get hampton,off the streets i want him off the,street charge you with something,anything,but get his black ass off the street,sheens chilling performance,isnt exaggerated hoover called the,black panther party quote the greatest,threat to the internal security of the,country,the black panthers are the single,greatest threat to our national security,more than the chinese even more than the,russians he also,issued a directive to quote prevent the,rise of a messiah who could unify and,electrify the militant black nationalist,movement,the fbi labelled hampton a quote radical,threat despite,lacking evidence to back up such claims,hampton wasnt the only prominent,african-american activist hoover,monitored,keeping a close eye on malcolm x and,muhammad ali as well,through cointelpro a quote dirty tricks,program,hoover targeted the nation of islam and,martin luther king jrs southern,christian leadership conference,along with the panthers number 4. attack,on panther office,during hamptons incarceration for the,ice cream robbery the police raided a,black paint their office,this snowballed into a shootout although,were not sure if oneill was present as,the film suggests,while fred hampton was in prison a,police raid on the panther office turned,into a shootout,in any case five officers and three,panthers were injured,but nobody died in addition to making,arrests the authorities purposely left,the office in a fiery state of disarray,to send a message,at the encouragement of black panther,co-founder bobby seal,the office was reopened shortly after,and the party began to rebuild,the community banded together to fix the,building up and soon enough,the office was back in business open it,up take all that boarding down,paint that place and the black panther,party members start working for a couple,of days the next thing you know the,community start bringing wood,paint and everything and open that black,panther party office,right back up number three george w,sams jr was behind alex rackleys death,george sampson security captain for the,underwater champion,according to the film sams and rackley,also infiltrated the black panther party,although sams and rackley were both,accused of secretly working with the,authorities,this remains unconfirmed either way,judas and the black messiah was right,about rackleys grim fate,sams had rackley kidnapped and tortured,for two days at the new haven panther,office,at sams request fellow panthers warren,kimbrough and lonnie mclucas,shot rackley dead alex rackley,no he di

The Real History Behind Judas And The Black Messiah

hey its k and this is skittles,chairman of political education today,were going to talk about,judas and the black messiah by director,shaka king,following the story of the assassination,of illinois black panther leader fred,hampton,at the hands of the fbi and the chicago,police department,first things first hampton and the,panthers were communists,not social democrats not progressives,capital c communists mao reading,armed revolution organizing class,struggle fighting,communists but movies are expensive to,make,and expensive to distribute meaning a,filmmaker,looking to tell a story about people,like that is inevitably going to have to,approach,companies who control a great deal of,capital in this case,warner brothers and get them to agree,with the film,theyre looking to make as a result,movies about,people and groups with politics that are,directly opposed to the interests of a,big company like warner brothers,such as hampton and the panthers often,feature,a great deal of misinformation and,distort the true beliefs of the people,depicted in the film,there are two major ways this tends to,happen,the first way is by softening their,radical edges and,making them fit into the archetype of an,acceptable liberal activist,this has been done quite thoroughly to,martin luther king,jr who is often depicted as a simple,liberal pacifist who just let the police,kick the [ __ ] out of him until they got,bored and decided,okay you can have a little civil rights,as a treat,king is often flattened into this icon,ignoring his more radical side his,critiques of capitalism and,the fact that he readily acknowledged,the role that,non-peaceful protests were playing in,the wider civil rights movement,the other way the beliefs of radical,people are often misrepresented in,movies is by making them,into monsters this is done quite a lot,with,malcolm x who is often depicted as the,ultimate reverse,racist who just hates white people for,some reason far more explicitly,socialist than martin luther king,malcolms critiques of capitalism and,support for revolutionary politics not,unlike those espoused by the black,panther party,are often sidelined unless they can be,used to make him,seem scarier to a white liberal audience,considering how the panthers have often,been represented in media,as these stern violent white-hating,militants,i expected judas and the black messiah,to take the second,path in misrepresenting hampton and the,black panthers,so as to avoid making a film that was,too directly contentious,to those with their hands on the levers,of power,and also on the levers of whether or not,this movie gets made,so now that weve established the,economic and ideological reality that a,movie like this is being made in as well,as,some common ways radicals particularly,black radicals are often,misrepresented in media lets get into,judas,and the black messiah,[Music],this is the opening scene of the movie,shortly followed by this,this man you dont fight racism or,racism,we aint gonna fight capitalism for,black capitalism go fight cabinets from,socialists,i came into this movie expecting them to,do hampton dirty but the opening scene,immediately signals a,certain perspective this single,speech might be one of the most,important things,hampton ever put across to people that,liberation,doesnt mean the oppressed getting a,seat at the table it doesnt mean,individual black people getting powerful,positions within the same system that,oppresses them,it means an end to oppression,it means an end to the system that,reproduces,that oppression it is a complete,rejection,of the whitewashed sort of fake black,liberation that liberals love to falsely,project,onto people like martin luther king jr,whats more,it is juxtaposed with j edgar hoover the,head of the fbi,the man with a vendetta against the,black panther party,the man who would go on to order fred,hamptons murder,and the very representation of one of,americas most destructive institutions,that has done so much to defend,capitalism and white supremacy,in the united states first the movie,shows,us the people and then it shows us,the pigs hoover describes the panthers,as the single greatest threat to,national security,because of their ability to unite the,communists,the anti-war movement and the new left,and hes not wrong about that,the panthers built links with damn near,everyone they could,they brought in the gangs because in,their own way a lot of these gangs were,providing for their own and hampton knew,it was either get them on side now or,end up being shot by them later,criminals are often used by the state to,carry out violence against political,dissidents while maintaining a layer of,deniability,and they did attempt to sow conflict,between the panthers,and some criminal elements at this time,but the panthers also made links across,racial lines in fact theres one scene,where the fbi agent,roy mitchell who is in charge of,surveilling hamptons branch of the,party in chicago,justifies trying to stop the panthers to,his informant william oneill,more on him later by comparing them to,the kkk,suggesting theyre just the other side,of the same coin,as in theyre big spooky reverse racists,who just hate white people,he is literally spelling out the way,other media misrepresents the panthers,and the movie immediately refutes this,position,which is one you can still hear coming,out of the mouths of those who oppose,black liberation,by showing one of hamptons greatest,achievements,the rainbow coalition the black panthers,the young lords and the young patriots,are forming a rainbow coalition,of oppressed brothers and sisters of,every color,the rainbow coalition was an alliance,formed between the black panther party,the young patriots and the young lords,the young patriots were a left-wing,group of white,largely appalachian working-class youth,who frankly with their talk of southern,pride,seems like they would have been ripe for,infiltration,by fascists but fred hampton extended an,olive branch,this is one of my favorite scenes in the,movie because it shows that theres a,clear tension between the panthers and,these white guys,sporting a confederate flag but rather,than start a fight,hampton tells them that they have a,shared class,interest that they both have the same,oppressors and that its going to be the,same cops,attacking them at the end of the day the,young lords were a puerto rican,independence group that was perhaps a,little more ideologically similar to the,panthers from the get-go,but who could have ended up being an,opponent if violence broke out over,territory,soon other left-wing organizations would,join the coalition,and it would negotiate treaties with,various gangs to reduce,gang violence this meant that not only,were these organizations able to assist,each other with,strikes and other political actions but,they also,helped make the streets safer in their,communities,this was coupled with the panthers,famous breakfast program,and free clinic to turn them into more,than just some,group of activists they were an asset to,their community,while the movie does depict the rainbow,coalition,and the panthers making alliances with,various gangs,using the fictional street gang the,crowns as a proxy,as well as the breakfast program and the,free clinic,because these things are not really the,focus of the story they dont get as,much time as perhaps they deserve,this leads us to one big area the film,falls short,in really explaining the ideology,underlying all these things the panthers,are doing,in this movie youll hear the word,communist once,at the beginning when hoover is telling,us how scary the panthers are,youll hear the word socialism mentioned,maybe twice,and hampton references mao a couple,times,make no mistake this is not an,educational,or historical film this is a,dramatization,of the events leading to fred hamptons,murder so,while it does show us many of the great,things the panthers achieve,its very light on the actual ideology,driving

Judas and the Black Messiah, Explained – Self-Preservation Wont Save You

you can mother eliminate if you cant,murder liberation,judas and the black messiah uses a spin,on the biblical story of judas to,challenge and reclaim the mainstream,historical narrative of the black,panther party,the film shows chairman fred hampton as,a jesus-like healer bringing a radically,loving,unifying message to the people in the,1960s you know how many people we could,save in five years,meanwhile his judas-like betrayer bill,oneil is portrayed as a tool of the fbi,the greater white establishment and,capitalism itself,nice work bill ultimately the film,translates jesus and judass story into,a clash between socialism and capitalism,i will make sure youre properly,compensated and the story encourages us,to rethink,all that weve been taught about the,villains and victims of history,as well as about the present systems we,accept and live under,most of all it warns us to avoid a,mindset of self-preservation,and apathy because seeing yourself as,not part of the fight for change,amounts to helping keep things the way,they are and i think what you,what you see in this film is the danger,of not caring,the danger of apathy how like and the,danger of self-preservation,if youre new here be sure to subscribe,and click the bell to be notified about,all of our new videos i want to thank,nordpass for sponsoring todays video,if youre anything like me theres,nothing more annoying than forgetting,your password and having to reset it,nordpass remembers all of your passwords,for you and even autofills online forms,so if you want to stop worrying about,being locked out of your accounts,click the link in the description below,nordpass.com,this is the take and use the code this,is the take to get 50,off a one-year nordpass premium plan,its a limited time deal,so hurry,[Music],you think youre preserving yourself,taking care of yourself that can carry,yourself taking care of yourself,and it led to him destroying himself the,movie reframes the biblical divide,between christian messiah jesus and his,betrayer judas as essentially a dispute,between socialism and capitalism,in simplified terms jesus and fred,hampton are both,socialists in that they believe in,taking care of all peoples needs,our breakfast program peace over 3000,kids a week while judas and bill,and the fbi controlling bill are,capitalists in that they put their,individual needs,first right after we first glimpse fred,hampton we hear him say,some socialists freds socialism,believes people have a right to three,key pillars which his panther party,provides to his community,food health care and education first she,had free breakfast,then you have free health kids then you,have free education,they say you know you look up you dont,freeze your money you say,meanwhile he views capitalism as a means,of exploiting the people,regardless of the race of rich members,of society no matter what color he is,black white brown bread dont matter,because the capitalist has one goal and,that is to exploit the people,modern capitalism as we know it didnt,exist in jesus time but its safe to say,he would have hated it blessed are you,poor,for yours is the kingdom of god in the,book of matthew jesus declares that the,meek,i.e poor will inherit the earth matthew,also describes the scene where jesus,cast out all them that sold and bought,in the temple and overthrew the tables,of the money changers,saying theyd made his house of prayer,into a den of thieves,just as our first glimpse of fred,features his embrace of socialism our,first introduction to bill,shows him deeply under the sway of,capitalism attempting to steal a car to,chase material wealth,when this leads to his arrest hes,presented with a choice that sets off,the events of the movie,he can avoid punishment and choose his,personal freedom if he helps the fbi,infiltrate panthers youre looking at 18,months,for the stolen car in five years for,impersonating a federal officer,or you can go home bill believes that he,can get ahead in the system if he can,just make enough money,his conversations with fbi agent roy,mitchell all come back to this question,say ill get you like some good,information uh something,nobody else knows is there some kind of,bonuses well,yall gonna have to come up off some,serious getting dope for this all right,capitalism convinces the individual its,a necessary evil to let others suffer so,that you can enrich yourself or avoid,negative consequences,my recruitment by the fbi was very,efficient they had a potential case,against me,and i was looking for an opportunity to,work it off,the american dream tells us that through,hard work through the ranks,any person can achieve success but that,wasnt true in the 60s and its arguably,even less true for a lot of americans,today,when a rare person whos not a,privileged white male does achieve,remarkable success the narrative put out,there is that others can follow their,example just by working hard within the,system,america a place where even orphan,immigrants can leave their fingerprints,and rise up,but judas and the black messiah calls,out individualism as ultimately selfish,im all for civil rights but you cant,cheat your way to equality,one person getting rich wont help the,collective and here it even comes,explicitly at the expense of shared,progress,moreover capitalism doesnt necessarily,even work for the individual,however willing they may be to sell out,you scratch my back ill scratch yours,bill views fbi agent roy mitchell as his,role model,we had very few role models back then we,had,martin luther king malcolm x i had an,fbi agent,and hes driven by a fantasy of,obtaining his mentors life,hey how much money you make man its,uh its living but like the biblical,figure he ends up with a measly,30 pieces of silver theyre from a gas,station,and maywood its yours the capitalist,version of freedom bill has been chasing,financial security turns out to be a,paltry shadow of what real freedom,should be,you own your own business now bill,youre free after hamptons,assassination the real-life bill oneil,was given a 300,bonus though the movie reports he made,an equivalent of over 200 thousand,dollars total over his years of,informing,also like judas bill oneil eventually,killed himself,in his case the night of the pbs,premiere of docuseries eyes on the prize,2,featuring his interview exposing the,extent of what hed done i just began to,realize that,the information that i supplied leading,up to that moment,had facilitated that raid this story,underlines that capitalisms catering,only to the needs of the self,fails to provide a greater sense of,purpose while freds or,jesuss socialism offers a purpose and,fulfillment so powerful,that the individual can cease to be,afraid for their own person,before fred is about to go to prison he,just wants to talk about the party and,the people,yall spending all this time talking,about me going to algerian bungalows and,you need to be talking about how were,going to build this [ __ ],medical clinic,its a party about me or its about the,people hes not even afraid of dying,they put the same [ __ ] tomorrow malcolm,and what happened to them same [ __ ] that,wont happen to all of us,at least they died for the people we,should be so lucky his lack of,self-concern is itself a form of freedom,it makes it impossible for the fbi to,control fred or use him against the,black panther partys mission,[Applause],as he himself predicts hampton does die,as a casualty of his cause of the future,liberation for his people,an obvious parallel to jesus who was,crucified and died for the sins of,humankind past and future,on the other hand this total disregard,for the individual isnt always,pragmatic,hampton himself has great personal,importance and value to his party people,havent thought about what it means to,lose a fred hampton,who somehow was able to pull together,blacks and whites,and puerto ricans and native americans,to fight for justice,at 21. the loss of hampton among other,leaders of his time who wer

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