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Jugjugg Jeeyo | Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Varun D | Kiara A | Film Companion

how do you combine the messiness of,divorce and failing marriages with stars,songs broad comedy and high decibel,drama,it is a tough tightrope act the question,is does,jio manage to do it,this video is brought to you by mubi a,curated streaming service showing,exceptional films from around the globe,get three months free at movie.com film,companion 90. jukejunkjio is the story,of two couples bhim and gita have been,married for 35 years their son cuckoo,and his wife nena have been married for,five,cuckoo and nena met in the fifth grade,after which she pursued her relentlessly,as a little kid he screams at another,boy whos speaking to nana because hes,so possessive of her,which makes him seem oddly like a junior,kabhie singh,when they grow older puku proposes to,her five times eventually befriends her,brother and finds a way to her heart,the film positions this as cute rather,than creepy,but cuckoos grand passion deflates as,nena becomes more professionally,successful,after marriage the couple moves to,toronto where she has a high flying job,and he poor guy is a club bouncer,which reminded me of karan johars kabhi,alvidhana kena which also presented a,similar situation with a marriage slowly,coming apart because the wifes career,soared as the husband became a bitter,failure,so cuckoo and nana decide to get a,divorce but first they must return home,to patiala for cuckoos sister ginnys,wedding,there cuckoo finds out that he and nana,are the only ones with separation on,their minds,his father is in the throes of a serious,flirtation,and hes hoping to dump his mother as,soon as the wedding is done,[Music],the story is by anurag singh who earlier,directed k-series and the punjabi films,jutta juliet 1 and 2 and punjab 1984.,it presents sparkling possibilities,in an interview with me varun dhawan,described raj mehta as todays,commercial director,which i interpret to mean that raj is a,storyteller who can take thorny subjects,but package them into a family,entertainer rajas first film good news,was a comedy about the difficulty of,being unable to conceive and the,complications of ivf,jungjuk jio includes grass jokes about,the sexual urges of a senior citizen but,it also has emotionally resonant,conversations about how marriage can,become a habit rather than a partnership,the film drunkenly swerves between these,tonalities and almost crashes but with,the aid of four screenplay writers,six music composers and a stellar cast,raj somehow manages to make this,contradictory narrative land,i have to warn you though that chukchum,jio presents a cosmetically enhanced,airbrushed version of divorce,do not go looking here for the raw,messiness of married story or kramer vs,kramer or even some of the surprises,that kabhi alvidhana kena sprung 16,years ago karan was brave enough to have,his a-list stars shahrukh khan and rani,mukherjee play characters who check into,a hotel to have sex,in contrast raj makes sure to tell us,that beams extramarital dalliance is,sexually chased dalians definition here,and any desire that gita might have is,never addressed in fact through the,first half we barely have any sense of,who this woman is apart from being this,smiling bejeweled punjabi auntie anurag,and raja both punjabi but the film isnt,aiming for authenticity instead juke,joke jio leans heavily into the standard,bollywood punjabi tropes including the,robust dancing kulchas parathas and,makkan,bhim is loud he cracks pjs theres one,about an alcoholic pigeon that made me,laugh out loud he also drinks too much,so do coco and his brother-in-law guru,praith who is dressed in designer labels,from head to toe the background music,brimswin told the women are,spectacularly dressed the styling is by,eika lakhani all of them are feisty but,within carefully prescribed limits,so ginny does shots with her friends at,her bachelor party but agrees to an,arranged marriage because she wants to,settle down,nenas flourishing career is mentioned,often but honestly until the end i,couldnt figure out what her job,actually was because its so sketchily,dealt with,and gita remains the long-suffering wife,who compromises constantly to make the,marriage work,geetas unstinting nurturing of her,selfish lying husband,automatically gives her the moral upper,hand over meera the woman beam is,interested in,mira is a working woman who tells beam,frankly that she likes living alone so,much that shes never even brought home,a dog,meera might be strong and more fulfilled,in her life but its very clear whose,side this film is on,the writing by anurag sumit,rishabh sharma and niraj godvani stays,largely broad and generic even the leads,coco and nena arent written with enough,specificity to become flesh and blood,individuals,the plot stays resolutely upbeat but in,the midst of the cacophony definition,right here,radh stages a few key scenes which give,the narrative emotional depth,like one between nana and gita the two,women are sitting on a bench this,incidentally is a long running yoga,tradition,you recall the brothers reuniting in,kabhi khushi kabhi gum,or that opening sequence with dev and,maya in kabhil vidhana kenna,in this wonderfully written scene gita,bears her heart to her daughter-in-law,telling her about her marriage and how,in the first year itself she wondered if,her husband was the right man for her,her recognition of the emptiness in her,lifes most enduring relationship is,heartbreaking,despite the fault lines jukejumjio,remains watchable because of moments,like this,and because the actors are uniformly,good,anil kapoor makes beam both vulnerable,and despite his shenanigans really,really likable,watch him in a scene in which he first,tells his son that he wants a divorce,his eyes suddenly go silent as though he,himself cant believe what hes saying,with every film anil seems to be,delivering a master class on how an,actor can become vintage wine and age,with panache raj cant resist playing up,varun dhavan stadium so cuckoo proposes,to nena by writing will you marry me on,his washboard abs and he also gets to,strut his stuff in nightclub numbers,but we also see cuckoos insecurities,his selfishness varun toggles,convincingly between these clashing,aspects,apart from that one key scene nena and,gita i felt didnt get the same,attention from the writers that bheem,and kuku did and yet neetu kapoor and,kyra advani add flesh to these,characters,neetu brings to the role an innate,dignity her character is inconsistent,but gita has such a wise sadness about,her,i kept rooting for her to discover a,life beyond pain and kiara gives nana a,steely loveliness especially in a raging,fight scene with goku this is not a,woman who suffers silently i also,enjoyed tisca chopras saucy math,teacher and manish paul who is hilarious,as the bumbling brother-in-law who,inadvertently puts his designer shoe in,his mouth,and keep an eye out for project arcolius,guinea who again doesnt really get,enough depth but brings a sweetness to,an underwritten role,jio has the aesthetic of a blingy,punjabi wedding,this isnt a film thatll make you gasp,with the beauty of its compositions or,its frames,though early on raj creates an,interesting contrast between the,dazzling colors of patiala and the grays,of toronto the vibrancy is literally,leeched out of nana and cuckoos,partnership but the candy colors are,back as soon as we land in punjab again,which is inevitable because juju doesnt,really take any risks the film is a,sanitized and purposefully,crowd-pleasing take on what happens,between men and women,jio never transcends too memorable but,theres enough to enjoy here including,some very catchy remix numbers and im,grateful to raj for bringing the,gorgeous nadeem shravan song dodel mil,rahe from purdais back into the,conversation,all over again im hooked now to tell,you a bit more about movie every day,movie premieres a new film from brand,new work by emerging filmmakers to,modern masterpieces from todays,greatest icons theres always something,

JugJugg Jeeyo Movie Review & Analysis | Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor

[Music],[Music],[Music],the classic case of me interviewing,celebrities and people bashing me,already anticipating favorable reviews,for movies continues on the assumption,that ive been paid a hefty sum just to,interact with the cast of the film i,think i just have to come to terms with,the fact that the accusations will never,go irrespective of me proving otherwise,whats hilarious though is that ive,been accused of being a paid reviewer,when i interact with hindi film stars,but nobody really batted an eyelid when,i interacted with rakshit shetty and,raved about triple seven charlie,different strokes for different folks i,guess irrespective getting to brass,tacks and calling a spade a spade juju,jio has been heavily promoted as a,dharma productions commercial family,entertainer with a lot of anticipation,that this film will really deliver,another big hit for the hindi film,industry taking a leap from raj mehtas,previous film good news the movie also,is another case of soft landing films,which denotes thorny and almost,stigmatized subjects in our society and,presenting them in a palatable way,hoping and praying that one learns and,gets educated and open-minded about the,same ivf then and divorce now juju jio,focuses on the life of cuckoo and nena,played by varun dhawan and kiara advani,respectively who are going through,marital issues and are seeking for,divorce dreading breaking the news to,his family cuckoo wants his sister,guineas wedding to first pass in order,to avoid any form of confrontation or,conflict only to realize that his own,parents are going through marital,problems the father being played by anil,kapoor already planning on filing for,divorce and separating with his wife,gita played by nitu kapoor the,situational comedy that arises as both,generations want to break the news of,separation to one another while the,wedding festivities carry on only to,manifest into laughs and an emotional,ride when confronted with the tough,predicament is the basic premise of this,film heres me telling you the good and,bad aspects of the movie so that you,guys can ultimately decide whether to,watch jio in theaters or not a dharma,movie deserves a better album and,choreography whenever i think about,dharma movies i always root and look,forward to the music album of the film,throughout our formative years the,production company for the most part has,been delivering what hindi cinema has,been best known for melodious and,chart-busting tunes i have to say that i,was mostly disappointed with the album,of the film not for the quality of the,songs per se but the lack of innovation,as the two of the four songs from the,album are basically remakes the dance,hit from the album punjabi is a remake,of the abra rulhak single and that has,gone through its own controversy the,original singer not being happy of his,music being utilized for the film youve,got rangasari by kapita and kanishat and,even though the original artists are,credited i just wish this film invested,more time in creating original music,like films from the production company,has done with previous melodious albums,like gharaya and sherisha irrespective,my favorite from the album is the pattay,nantahire which establishes the,relationship between cuckoo and nena,also did you notice that it almost,seemed like varun was in a street dancer,hangover in this film performing hard,hitting steps in presumably chill and,laid back songs especially the patta and,rangasari the odd choice of choreography,almost seemed misplaced with the songs,let me know if you felt the same as well,whats sad is that the climax uses the,punjabi folk song chitta which has been,utilized by hindi cinema just a few,months ago in shiddhat family dynamic,one of the things that director zoyacter,really emphasizes on especially while,casting a family for a film is that it,should actually look like one the,dynamic and relationship of the seni,family genuinely seemed organic and real,youve got a narcissistic father who,loves to indulge in both food and,alcohol and empathetic and caring mother,a deadbeat son who wants to do the right,thing but seems to has lost his way in,the journey and a sister presumably,level headed but in conflict from within,not only does the family look like one,another but interacts like most punjabi,families a dynamic that is represented,through constant movement and chaos,something that is normal for most indian,households majority of the conversations,happen at a particular high pitch and,usually as characters move around the,room carrying out mundane activities,while having the said argument usually,hindi films exaggerate the punjabi,dynamic and amp it up to a point to,become caricaturish but thankfully jio,never really transitioned there to,become jarring i also have to give a,special mention to the opening sequence,set in toronto canada as cuckoo and nana,live a married life devoid of love and a,song tooth sithara plays in the,background the montage really works in,establishing how the relationship,between the two has gone sour comedy is,a total hit and a miss i was reading,rave reviews of the movie due to the,premiere for a few critics who were,saying that this movie is an absolute,laugh riot and they couldnt stop,laughing throughout its running minutes,at least the first half in reply to,those tweets i just want to manage your,expectations because the comedic punch,lines in this film are nothing but a hit,and a miss sometimes they deliver with,flying colors and sometimes fall flat on,their face completely anil kapoor and,manish paul do most of the heavy lifting,of the comedy in this film and just like,the writing partly deliver let me give,you a few examples of this contrast so,that you have an idea of the roller,coaster youre stepping in for manish,paul boasting about his single friend,says ham avenger or avenger,married anil,see i just showcased to you several,examples of bottom of the barrel jokes,but that doesnt mean that this is,consistent throughout the film you have,hilarious scenes of anil and baron,comparing body fat percentage manish,paul doing improv staring at one of his,bounces and just randomly saying,or my favorite the family being invited,for a bachelor party only for the groom,to say oh vaishna devi,so i think ive made my point its not a,seamless journey but with many bumps and,cracks dramatic second half and,convincing performances i just was not,connecting with the comedic first half,and wondered whether this is going to,get any better and to my surprise it did,because of its dramatic and emotional,second half raj mehta categorically,makes the people in his world who were,dealing with the thorny subjects in the,guise of situational comedy in the first,half to deal with them head on in the,second half and this is where the,performances really shine nithu kapoor,in my eyes standing out as the star,performer having the most layered issues,to deal with written with great empathy,nithus hard exterior really does,deliver the most convincing emotional,scenes especially the bent scene that,she shared with kiara stating itnesha,we really did miss her at the movies and,it actually seemed like she never left,varun dhawan gets a lot of stick for,being a masi over the top hero but ive,always loved him in dramatic roles and,he delivers in the most tricky scenes of,the film especially when confronted with,his own capability and shortcomings,kiara does really try to match the,emotional pitch of the film but where,she delivers in being reactionary she,does falter in her oscillating dialogue,delivery anil kapoor while being reduced,to being a selfish narcissist is,emotionally distant and mostly handed,over the gags in this movie i loved his,infectious laughter but i just really,wanted raj to break the walls that a,character like beam has put up a,mechanism just not to deal with the real,issues i thought that was an opportunity,missed with a vessel like anil kapoor,project akoli as guinea in her brief,appearan

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Jugjugg Jeeyo Movie REVIEW | Sucharita Tyagi | Varun Dhawan Kiara Advani Anil Kapoor Neetu Kapoor

the resurgence of vanil kapoor the era,of kiara advani they are both here and i,though im not complaining,[Music],hey all my name is sucharita this is my,channel,movie review today were talking about,juju juski spelling so much about,problem is that supposed to be jug joke,or juke junk but the movie pretty good,you guys before i begin this review is,once again brought to you by reisha,weaves who bring responsibly sourced,natural fabrics hubsurat or sustainable,like this bengal cotton hand loom saree,im wearing today more about this and,where you can buy it at the end of the,review,director raj mehta and an assortment of,writers rishabh sharma anurag singh,sumit bateja and neerajudwani present,you an assortment of fatiha punjabis the,seni patriarch bhim his wife of 35 years,gita their two kids with their spouses,extended family everyone comes together,to celebrate the younger daughter,ginnys wedding for the usual natch,ghana except underneath the designer,clothes and expensive 18 year old,alcohol most folks are just keeping up,appearances of jio exists smack in the,middle of a spectrum bookended by hamake,hecon and monsoon wedding on either side,in the sene family weddings are very,much an excuse to get pretty and do,choreographed dances but also it is the,dreaded occasion when people are forced,to acknowledge each others immediate,presence in their vicinity unable to,escape from suppressed emotions and,unaddressed trauma,they,and god its sly its a stealthily,subversive film never letting you fully,guess which direction the next sequence,will turn you towards imitating life in,actual real relationships the individual,marriages of senior and junior senior,couples are complex their sanctity,hinging on many factors what level of,extramarital affair can be forgiven how,much are you expected to sacrifice for,your spouses career growth when your,partner says they dont want to be with,you anymore will you fight to keep them,close and if yes until when juju jio is,one of the more tonally unique films,ive seen in recent years all these,aforementioned questions and the topic,of divorce have been tackled in cinema,and stories in different ways marriage,story was different from mrs doubtfire,which was different from kramer versus,kramer which differed from,though her scenes from a marriage parent,trap but how many good movies can you,name of the top of your head from hindi,cinema which treat divorce not a,troubled relationship but divorce,specifically a life decision as,important and impactful as a marriage,with the respect empathy and often times,light-handedness it needs topper comes,to mind from recent movies but like the,stigma in our close-minded society,around the talaq tapatu is a heavy drama,where domestic abuse triggers the,movies events right but juju chew is,its own wonderful thing conversations,about divorce start the same way one,would expect tears arguments broken,hearts but the film also heals these,broken hearts with a salve of comedy and,bollywood dancing in one scene cuckoo,and nina are having the most intense,argument about individuality within a,twosome but the argument is not just,raised voices it is a release they,didnt know they needed kiara and varun,are both exceptionally good in this,scene vulnerable gorgeously disabled,emotions heightened by a background,score in a way only hindi cinema can,noah bomback could never on first glance,jig jio is your standard bollywood,comedy about the weird things which,happened during an indian wedding,projector kohli as guinea is just the,right amount of sweet and effervescent,manish paul plays nenas brother a,character which adds nothing to the,story except comic relief his name plate,in his office says gurpreet sir,businessman you know silly throw away,style moments he hides beer in his,locker and money in a regular drawer etc,etc but the film truly comes alive and,pierces your heart when humor is used to,make a point about the indian family,value system youre reminded what good,comedy writing can achieve for instance,the lack of sex education within indian,households is highlighted twice once,when varun as cuckoo decides to take his,father to a bachelor party but on the,way reminds his father about the garbled,nonsense he was fed as a kid about where,babies come from they share a laugh in,that moment while the very same evening,kiara advani is being made to sit in a,pooja where a fraud god woman pours a,liquid on kiaras head praying for her,to get pregnant soon neither of these,two ways are how children come into the,world but both nonsense stories and,techniques are all too common in our,families and i loved how this film,highlighted it in another moment anil,kapoor tells cooker he wants to separate,from his mother and he runs away even,before cuckoo has had a chance to say,his part the father would do anything to,keep the peace of the family and avoid a,confrontation,girlfriend,despite the big dance numbers,essence lies in this the many one-on-one,conversations strategically placed,throughout the screenplay anal kapoor,varun drunk on a rooftop here advani,neetu kapoor drinking red wine from,disposable plastic glasses in front of a,beautiful lake discussing their failures,in marriage anil and varun returning,from the bachelor party trying to,express speed a communication gap of,yours and its also kind of incredible,how steadfastly jio manages to not take,itself too seriously the film isnt,claiming to address the rising problem,of divorce or its not teaching people,how to lead happier lives how to be,better parents or better siblings none,of that every emotional dramatic scene,is almost immediately followed by a turn,towards slapstick which technically,should not even work but raj mehta,manages to keep the whole thing very,very steady when anil kapoor introduces,his son to his girlfriend the movie,playing in the movie theater that,theyre sitting in for privacy to have,this conversation is the varun star,super flop,except some couples making out the title,and fate of that 2019 film foreshadows,where this conversation will go,despicable actions by normal everyday,people presented using clever and,controlled humor think phoebe waller,bridges flea bag hannah gadsbys nanette,i would even go as far as invoking but,not comparing paul thomas andersons,punch drunk love i know thats really,high praise the tiger i mean this film,is not without flaws it starts very very,shaky with a typical meat cute montage,one scene with a man whos seemingly gay,is flirting with varun dhawan thats in,his plate for laughs this kachopras,character is treated with a weird mix of,disrespect and off-handedness and the,continual reliance on sfx and funny,background music to make scenes funny hi,good girl,but despite these crutches juke jio,manages to keep its giant hearts on its,sleeve the whole time varun naman has,never been more attractive to me yall,the actor might finally be ready for a,solid foray into drama hes got a,stubble through most of the film hes in,various stages of unkempt but is a very,smooth attractive movie star when raj,mehta asks him to make the switch here,advani like i said is fully stepping,into the era of kiara unlike,here she gets to display her acting,abilities her talent while looking,insanely hot like its no ones business,kiara if youre watching les kabir singh,more of this huh,its delightful to see nithyapur back on,screen that too in a role which respects,her acting experience and allows her to,do a whole lot of heavy lifting,[Music],two years younger in age than anil,kapoor shes about 13 years his senior,in the industry he broke into the,mainstream in the early 80s while,neither kapoor was doing the og divorce,movie dukali in 1968 as a child star,1983,before making a comeback in 2009. so,between the two of these actors there is,a ton of cinema history each members of,multiple different eras of hindi cinema,hall of fame they make an excellent pair,on the screen frankly leading the charge,everyone else

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JUGJUGG JEEYO REVIEW: A Flawed Film Held Together by Brilliant Performances | The Quint

hi guys i am stuti and before i start,with my review of,jio i have to tell you how excited i am,to finally see a film thats not a,history lesson,s,all of that comes together here so its,your typical shimmer and glitter that,you expect from a movie like this,is unambitious film it sticks to the,brief its called,so the dreaded d word is being bandied,around,divorce,i am not giving out spoilers,once they are back in patiala the screen,is shining and everyone is happy and,bright basically raj mehta the director,and the screenplay writers ensure,sorry elements,as it is about relationships about,drifting apart,rifts and misunderstandings,complete chaos and all this is being,played up for laughs kabhi there is a,very honest sincere look at the wear and,tear relationship,but whats also important is that you,have a compelling story that makes you,want to invest in the characters that,makes you want to know whats going to,happen next on screen,advantage here they have this natural,sweetness about themselves,you immediately like them you like,seeing them together theres great,chemistry,in fact this one particular scene,towards the end when they have this no,holds barred total full-on fight alright,what is it that they dont like,um in the relationship it feels so raw,so real and youre totally totally,invested in your inherent sweetness,that wins us over,but where the film falters is trying to,show the relationship dynamics in the,older couples,surprises,as you know,is in love with a certain mira but just,for two minutes you feel,this level of maturity where we can say,it is all about loving your,modern family,knowledge,people grow apart then you can stay,together be cordial and get never be in,love,that meeting of minds is doesnt happen,and its okay its normal,but of course you meet dominic,and then you realize,coffee decisions are made,because i dont want to give out,spoilers but from a film that is talking,about relationships you do expect more,disappointment here which is why even,though anil kapoor is so good,or this guy is great but its a very,unfairly written character and you never,truly connect with the with him and his,wife in that sense though anitu kapoor,i loved the easy chemistry charm of,varun dhawan and kiara advani overall,like i said its a film that will make,you feel guita,i hope this review was helpful dont,forget to like it share it and subscribe,to the quint dont forget to like my,page on facebook its called studio and,the queen to know latest films to watch,and what to avoid

Jugjugg Jeeyo Hindi Movie Review | Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Anil Kapoor | Karan Johar | Thyview

hello and welcome to thai view here is,our non-spoiler review of the film,zhukjuk jio starring anil kapoor neetu,kapoor varun davan kiara advani and,directed by raj mehta movie guru in,china japan,it was good,independence subscription,if the scenes are fun and entertaining,it really helps a lot,personally,most of them were just cheesy one liners,and first of all majority portion,but second half is where the drama kicks,we see very little of our character,kaninda chapinate she performed really,well in those scenes in the second half,nine years,[Music],[Music],but it ended up being too much finally,coming to the director raj method he did,a decent job under than a previous film,good news the comparison,because divorce landed topic,audience emotionally connected,just emotional scenes,are characteristic you have to have an,emotional connect in the country divorce,is a serious and sad thing and,very late into the film work are,connected,but nevertheless on a whole the film was,enjoyable here and there final verdict,you are a decent family entertainer,which is saved by the performances and,mainly anil kapoor family the villain,so thats the review guys,do like share subscribe and hit the bell,icon for more updates signing off team,thai view

Jugjugg Jeeyo (2022) Movie Review

what is up flick fans welcome back to my,channel got a lot of recommendations for,this film its in my local theater so i,figured you know what lets go watch it,and review it its a bollywood movie,called jug geo and today were gonna,talk about it whether or not its good,in one of my very first,romantic comedic experiences with a,movie like this so its gonna be fun to,talk about and this film follows the,story of cuckoo and nina as the,childhood sweethearts who are dealing,with their current marital problems it,becomes entangled when it is discovered,that his father is in an extramarital,relationship as this movie explores,family emotions along with plenty of,comedy so its a very extravagant,huge romantic comedy type of film as we,have two very distinct issues that we,are dealing with one our main,relationship of course cuckoo and naina,as,they are somewhat rediscovering that not,everything is working as well as maybe,they had planned when we get that,flashback at the beginning it was very,sweet it was genuine but she is at a,point in her life to where she is,finding success he is at a point in his,life to where he believes hes on the,path to failure and those two ideologies,are clashing to the point to where they,believe that just maybe divorce is the,best option i didnt know what to expect,when it came to that thats a very,interesting story point to be dealing,with but you dont only have one,relationship thats heading in that,direction you have another one because,cuckoos father is in this relationship,on the side and his poor mother is kind,of having to come to the realization,that maybe their relationship isnt,quite working theres a great,conversation between uh cuckoo and his,father about three-fourths of the way,through the film where you know his,father hes had a bit much to drink and,theyre going back and forth and all of,a sudden right in the midst of it he,brings up the word divorce and thats,when we kind of realized that things may,not work out as they had planned his,mother gita i believe nitu singh does a,fantastic job even though we dont get,as much as i wanted from her character,and to be honest with you thats kind of,how i felt about every character each,character has their own,set of emotions their own personality,traits that we get to know fairly well,throughout the film but theres always a,deeper story that i wanted more from,cuckoo who is dealing with you know not,being able to live up to those,expectations hes a bouncer can he go,any further than that his wife is super,successful naina it feels like she has,everything that shes ever wanted except,for you know the happiness that comes,from this relationship and theyre never,on the same page and we see them finally,clash with a,huge i wouldnt say marriage story type,of argument but the first time in the,film when i really got to learn a lot,about them look i enjoy their quirks i,enjoy you know kind of the way this,movie is paced and youre getting a lot,from,what their relationships are to each,other but individually i thought the,film struggled to build them up as,individuals until that moment i want to,say going from the second to the third,act when we have this huge argument,between cuckoo and naina and thats,really everything i wanna because,theyre theyre out in the open with,each other and yes theyre feeding off,of each others anger but theyre also,letting you know as an audience heres,the problem how are we going to fix this,so i thought that moment was wonderful,there is also a moment on the other side,of things with this other relationship,where gita finally sits back and says,you know what heres whats going to,happen between us whether its going to,work out or not im not going to spoil,things but those were the two moments in,the film where i felt the most emotion,and i thought they captured it perfectly,the rest of the movie is kind of a,combination of things its huge its,grand it kind of has that crazy rich,asians feel of,massive sequences a huge wedding were,all kind of gathered together because,the younger sister guinea she is you,know taking that next step in her life,and i actually loved this character she,did not get a lot of screen time i,wanted so much more from her but when,she was on screen especially a moment in,the third act where you know,everythings happening around her and,finally she snaps i thought that was,great i wanted so much more from her,through the first two acts and you have,other characters as well you have the,brother and the stepbrother and theres,a moment where our two main characters,are having dinner in the first act of,the movie and someone kind of intrudes,on that dinner its played for humor,its played for comedy im not entirely,sure if the comedy worked all throughout,this movie there are also music cues in,here and again this is my first real,romantic comedy bollywood experience so,im not used to the things that happened,throughout these films so if you guys,have any insight or knowledge from me,please let me know in the comments down,below but i just thought the music took,away from certain moments i dont want,to use the words emotionally,manipulative but its trying to tell you,how to feel when its quirky it turns,quirky but the music that i did like,were these huge grand bombastic dance,numbers that we have in the midst of,these wedding sequences which i thought,were really cool do they entirely fit,into the narrative not necessarily but i,did enjoy myself and even though i i,clearly have nitpicks with the script,throughout and tonally it was up and,down at times the core relationships,were showcased well and i do think there,are really enjoyable aspects about,certain characters in this movie and to,take it a step deeper and to look at,these relationships and not the best,light and to focus on divorce throughout,this movie that was unexpected for me so,with my first experience with the,bollywood movie like this i would say,it was a slightly positive one at the,end of the day so i need you guys in the,comments down below what film should i,watch or talk about next appreciate you,so much for being here if you want to,support this video be sure to drop that,thumbs up i am going a 62,with my score i think it was an,enjoyable experience and its one that,uh did leave me a bit like all right at,the end of the day theres this big,grand,thing that cuckoo does at the end of the,movie and it involves a tattoo and im,just like eh you know its over the top,but,its fun and thats kind of what this,movie was able to do i appreciate you,guys for watching thank you so much ill,see you soon

INTERVIEW: Varun Dhawan decodes Jug Jugg Jeeyo reviews, actor remuneration, success mantra & more

Yeah but thats not my point of view as a man thats not going to be my point of view,I have to earn for my family because thats what Im taught,and shes like, youre chauvinistic Im like how is that chauvinistic?,Your brother & father think the same way,I felt that they have heroism and,theres heroism in everyone but how do we bring that out,,thats the thing so I didnt,want to play Kukoo as a loser because I dont believe he-,its a loser character,I mean theres some great we have some great directors in that genre,my father makes amazing ones Anees sir makes amazing ones,Indu Ji makes amazing ones,I personally dont take October as a failure,because its made in a very limited,budget, yeah so its fine Im not charging the fee Im charging on October,that Im charging in…,you know Bhediyaa or my forthcoming film,its much lesser,There is something there are 2-3 things in the pipeline,for that or doing a full-out mass action film and hopefully,next year you all should see me,There is more stuff also which will happen Im just not overcrowding it Himesh,because every day we are learning something new with the box office you know,and about people wanting to go to cinema so,Hi guys this is Himesh and welcome to Pinkvilla,Today we have with us is Kukoo that is Varun Dhawan,Welcome to Pinkvilla Varun Thank you Himesh,Thank you so much, Im excited to be here,actually this is the first interview Im doing, post the release so,And congratulations like you have performed phenomenal in the film so,Thank you I mean the idea was that I do something,in this comic family genre,where I can do it a little differently than the ones Ive done before,And that is visible with all the-,Thank you thank you so much,Undertones of emotions,Varun Jugjug is actually your 15th film if you look at all the 15 films you have done,which would be the most special one and which would be your most difficult?,A very tricky question to say which would be the most special one,obviously, you know the films that you do earlier in the career,the hunger and the drive and the craziness around them are something else only in itself,But sometimes films come along- Jugjug was a challenge Ill be honest with you,pandemic was on the character, how Raj wanted me to play it,he wanted control,which I didnt want to give so much but he wanted control but yet,I think a lot of humour has been created with the awkwardness of the character in a lot of scenes,and then that scene between me and Kiara,in the bedroom, that scene was a,tricky one that was such a tricky scene to do,because we till date didnt know how that scene was,and now whoever we meet theyre talking about that as a very standout scene in the film,so very happy about that on an acting point of view at least,Actually that was one of my questions that particular scene,the kind of emotion you have over there, the rawness and everything,its not something that we have seen before in,Humpty or Badri, it is not that raw,Correct.,How was it to pull it off? That and what were the discussions with Kiara before that?,Because you were having a blast on the set and then comes this intense-,So, me and Kiara actually got into 2-3 fights before we shot that scene genuinely,because we were discussing the scene and she was like you know Ill say this and I was like,but thats not my point of view as a man thats not going to be my point of view,I have to earn for my family because thats what Im taught,and shes like no youre chauvinistic Im like but hows that chauvinistic?,Your brother and your father thinks the same way,So, why am I a chauvinist? If I feel I need to earn for my family because,thats what Im taught by my parents in my childhood,So,we had a few fights on that,and eventually, Raj would step in, we did a lot of readings for that scene,We did a lot of research, we saw stuff,She would keep sending materials i would send material to her and,we discussed that scene a lot I think thats one very… prepared scene weve done,And if we look at your character it is far off from being a quintessential hero,because you know your character is basically giving an helpless vibe,but yeah you know- but yet there is a redemption [Himesh],Exactly, yet i didnt want to play him as a loser,you know its very easy to say this guy is a loser or there is no heroism,I believe every character has heroism,you have to bring that out,For Kukoo heroism is that he fights for his mother and wants to see his family stay united,He wants his wife back. how he does that or whatever,I felt there is heroism and every person possesses it,But how do you bring that out? Thats the thing,so I didnt want to play kukoo as a loser because I dont believe its a loser character,yeah, of course, its not, because there is a redemption arc towards the end and self-realisation,but- But thats why hes a bit aggressive,he was never, I dont think Raj wrote Kukoo so aggressive,But as we shot the film, I said anybody would react to these situations,but what we did is we made the aggressiveness funny,Like when he snaps- there were people laughing also even in the,in lot of scenes that i didnt imagine-,Actually, theres one scene where you go to meet Anil Kapoor sir in the 2nd half,thats actually a very intense moment of the film,but people are laughing, smiling and finding it funny,yes, you didnt expect this- No [Varun],-reaction for sure, [Varun] Its the situation,See, you always find humour in others problems you know Himesh theres a very funny incident,I have a video Im not going to name the person obviously,Theres this boy who i met in my gym and he went to,through a very similar situation like this obviously hes not married,but basically his father was,having an affair which he found out first about,and he told some people obviously, he shared with some people,I was in the same gym so I heard about it and now,I wanted to almost interview him because I said you know-,see youre laughing,But I also found it funny till I spoke to him and understood its very uncomfortable,for a son to know that his father is having an affair with someone else,its funny for a third person,but the funny thing was that he saw the phone and he straight away at some party which they had,he went and exposed the whole matter in the party,Like all his relatives were there and he blurted out that his father is having an affair,this actually happened,and then after that the mother only slapped him in the party,she said, is this something to say in the public?,That youre announcing to evryone,I know Im the one saying this in public but people dont know about whom Im talking so,Varun, over the last few weeks like ever since the trailer has been out,there was a controversy going around the script and everything,I believe the verdict has just come out,yeah What was your-,There was nothing because in the sense that you know these things sometimes happen,Obviously, if something like that has happened we as artists will never support that,Anil sirs working for so many years hes not going to do that,I will never do that well always take the side if someone is right,We will. but in this matter, I think when the script was read by the director Raj,there was no similarity at all,theres zero similarities what Raj told us and then after that whatever case happened,theres no injunction on the release,but I think what needs to happen is that sometimes stories,if you feel is similar, it is very important to know the intent,that some has robbed the story or not robbed the story of what has happened,but this has become a very big trend nowadays with Hindi films,or with any films that you know just before the release something will happen & all that stuff,so its damaging.,I hope like Dharma as a production, Viacom as a studio they do the needful to,make sure that these things dont happen in the future for no reason,True. you know,Because this story is actually given to us by Anurag Singh, whos directed Kesari,and hes directed so many Punjabi

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