1. Jujutsu Kaisen Is Kind Of… (Jujutsu Kaisen Honest Review)
  2. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 – Movie Review
  4. Jujutsu Kaisen Is Peak Shounen Anime
  5. Is Jujutsu Kaisen Overrated??
  6. Moist Meter | Jujutsu Kaisen
  7. Yuki Tsukumo BROKE Jujutsu power scaling! – Jujutsu Kaisen 208 Spoilers!

Jujutsu Kaisen Is Kind Of… (Jujutsu Kaisen Honest Review)

today ill be reviewing the anime where,the main character is just a regular joe,until one day a person who is part of a,special secret society that can see,creatures created from negative emotions,comes into contact with them then they,are forced to fight one of these,creatures until that person is injured,trying to protect our main character so,the main character has no choice but to,commit a great taboo to get power the,protagonist is hated by the society who,is led by an old man and they try to,kill him many times theres also a,competition to see who can kill the most,of these creatures that goes horribly,wrong and a big one appears he will also,have to fight with his internal demon,that looks very similar to him in order,to master his power eventually these,creatures get boring to fight so they,gain sentience and the ability to speak,thats right today were talking about,jiu jitsu kaizen and im not saying that,all shonens are the same just this one,if you enjoy me ranting about your,favorite anime be sure to subscribe to,my youtube channel and leave a,recommendation about which anime i,should cover next and if you do that,thank you so much,pesto,let me give you a crash course in case,you dont remember this anime this is,the story of yushi whos just a regular,everyday guy one day while visiting,uncle ben in the hospital he says with,great power,comes great responsibility this is a,joke but you cant tell me this isnt,basically how spider-man went after,running into christmas tree they fight a,hollow and he eats a toad mushroom and i,am tempted to compare this to the time,that decorate all my terror but i wont,do that so now yushi gets the,nine-tailed box sealed inside of him i i,mean sakuna runs into kakashi with a,blindfold gets absolutely folded by a,doll and begins his life at the ninja,academy wait we still need to get a girl,for team seven yay,and this anime is the real multiverse of,madness i mean even jennifer lawrence is,here and why does nobody in this anime,have any respect for clothes everyone,just rips them apart i feel worse for,the tailor of this anime than i do for,the swordsmith of demon slayer not to,mention every fight it looks like,somebodys about to kiss so ill take it,upon myself to fix this problem now,thats more like it oh my god megumis,about to use a cool attack oh,dang it yuji i looked away for two,seconds how are you already dead well,that was a good anime roll the credits,wow hes back who could have seen that,coming now we get a crash course on how,nin works as long as it doesnt work on,emotions and the power of friendships,were good alright now that weve seen,some really cool abilities lets see,what epic ability yuji can do,wow an ability with a delayed hit thats,pretty cool,wait a minute thats literally delayed,impact from toriko you may as well give,him a bon kai and a ross sang on,i was just joking whats next lord of,the rings this really is the multiverse,of madness huh who the heck is that guy,my type of woman i mean its all about,personality,i meant tall girls with a big,oh my god hes about to use that special,ability they keep talking about oh,so apparently peoples abilities work,faster when they explain how it works,dont get me wrong im not mad im just,disappointed oh my god hes finally,about to use the ability oh wait wait,wait i think hes really about to do it,this time i waited 24 episodes for that,it wasnt even the thing that killed him,with my terrible synapsis out of the way,lets talk about the characters of this,anime lets start off with yuji and he,is bland i mean even the mangaka said,that he had trouble writing yuji hes,just the type of character who wants to,save people because of some famous last,words from uncle ben he also has a,really dumb sense of justice and if you,want me to tell the truth this character,is just kinda meh and i think i made fun,of him enough in the synopsis so moving,on the absolute ladykiller that is gojo,who doesnt love an absolutely broken,character with really cool time,abilities not to mention this guy has an,actual personality that is interesting,with set goals im not saying that he,would be a better protagonist than yuji,wait no thats exactly what im saying,also since my female audience is at an,all-time low i thought i would include,this clip to increase that number yo,but i am going to disappoint all of you,gojo sims because you forget that he,already has a man and that they already,made it past the holding hand stage you,wish that was you,we get sasuke i mean megumi and his,ability is summoning jutsu with his,handy shadows by his side nothing can,stop him [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ],[ __ ] oh man this poor guy really gets,beat up a lot huh also sakuna has a,secret crush on this guy for some reason,i guess hes the rochimaru to his sasuke,i also can improve this character with a,single letter in,nobara who has the magic power of hammer,and nails honestly for me this character,was all right i think that she had an,interesting power but honestly i just,dont have anything to say about her im,just glad that shes not sakura the,absolute goat my brother toto this man,is a tier three simp for an idol and has,one of my favorite powers in anime of,switching positions sure he has a weird,personality but i think thats what,makes him so interesting i mean to solve,all his problems he teleports to a magic,part of his mind and talks with his idol,to find a solution thats taking,parasocial relationships to the next,level its time for lunar has a garbage,opinion and everyones going to insult,him in the comment section kasumi is,best girl thats right this useless girl,is best girl,okay fine ill talk about po from kung,fu panda i mean he even uses the same,butt attack from kung fu panda when it,comes to anime characters that the whole,anime community likes i think that he,would be one of them,ill speedrun the rest of the characters,for the sake of time 1010 with more,screen time genrio sai yamamoto midlife,crisis man,the blood bender pain or should i say,nagato this world shall know pain the,wild witch of the west and the little,sister who couldnt the villain who,explodes even faster than me mother,nature the philosopher and the twenty,tails,i honestly did enjoy this show but not,for the reasons that you may think okay,well maybe it is for the reasons that,you may think i am glad that this anime,took a bit of a darker tone showing dead,bodies and having more gruesome deaths i,think it gave it a more realistic feel,even gojo said when a curse attacks the,best case scenario is that people die a,painless death also the animation was,good but you know everyone and their mom,already said that but i just didnt feel,enough in this anime and i know im,basically alone on that all the cool,moments to me just werent that cool and,people in the comment section all said,that they got goosebumps during the,fight but i just didnt but that could,just be because this was my second time,watching the anime and i already knew,what was gonna happen i know that this,whole video ive memed about how this,anime has so many similar things with,other shonen animes but honestly what do,you expect its basically impossible to,have a fully original idea for a story,that doesnt resemble any other works,and it is a shown in anime and honestly,i didnt mind it being similar to other,shonens and just like how naruto and,dragonball z were the animes that i grew,up watching im sure that this is going,to be the same thing for kids nowadays,and before everyone tells me to read the,manga it gets better im just not gonna,do that id rather wait for another,season also if this video did upset you,youre just mad cause anya solos this,first oh my gosh hello outro lunar here,click here if you want to see my channel,click over here if you want to see my,most recent video,click over here if you want to see the,recommended video,bye bye

Jujutsu Kaisen 0 – Movie Review

[Music],jujutsu kaizen zero is a prequel film,the anime and manga series that so many,know and love including myself this film,is about a young isolated high school,student named yuta whos cursed by his,late girlfriend who follows him,everywhere and seems to lash out,whenever yuta is in trouble but once,yuta meets gojo he takes him under his,wing and teaches him how to control the,power of the curse and i want to say,thank you so much to everyone who has,continued to pledge for the shelby oaks,kickstarter the kickstarter campaign for,our upcoming independent horror film im,so so excited to see the numbers where,they are thank you so much to everyone,who has continued to pledge for that,film it genuinely means the world to me,and i am so so grateful if you want to,learn more about the kickstarter,campaign that link is in the description,below so im a pretty big fan of jujutsu,kaizen any show where the main,protagonist is exclusively trained by,watching a ton of movies is right up my,alley and i thought it interesting that,they chose to make the first film be a,prequel that does feature some,characters from the show but for the,most part it doesnt feel too connected,to the show there are easter eggs and,things you can appreciate if youre a,fan little mentions of things and and,perhaps some references that could be,experienced in a more meaningful way if,you had seen the show or read the manga,but in general you can kind of just go,to this movie and,get it really easily you can be caught,up fairly quickly what i loved about,this movie in particular besides all the,obvious stuff that ill get to theres a,lot more horror imagery in this movie,than i expected in fact being rated,pg-13 surprised me because there was,like some little like boys that like ran,in the theater all excited and then all,of a sudden like blood and [ __ ] is just,flying everywhere and peoples faces are,getting ripped off and i was like damn,this was way more violent than the demon,slayer movie which was rated r the,actual curse the affliction that this,boy is under i thought was brilliant i,was like oh my god that would make such,a [ __ ] great live-action movie the,idea that these two young kids made an,engagement sort of pinky promise that,they were gonna get married one day and,then she got killed in a [ __ ] up way,and attached herself to him as this,cursed monster or being that comes out,whenever hes threatened i thought that,in itself could literally be an entire,movie taken out of context from the,school from gojo from the training from,all of that that could be a film and,when theyre like hey we have an entire,film just in our heroes backstory you,know theyre really giving a [ __ ] about,the story theyre not just making a,throwaway film because they can,capitalize on the success of the show,and just like the show the movie is,equal parts funny horrific action-packed,and extremely dramatic also to a comedic,extent and thats what i love about the,show and thats what i loved about this,movie it would be pointless for me to,not mention the animation because it is,absolutely [ __ ] stunning it is,spectacular mapa,my god i mean like frame by frame there,is so much movement there are so many,three-dimensional shots that dont,utilize,cg that have maki like spinning around,in circles with her blade cutting up a,bunch of [ __ ] or even just tracking,around gojo 360 and his body is 2d but,its continuing to move in a,three-dimensional space,its kind of mind-blowing the amount of,work that went into this film,and it looks incredible on a big screen,the film also did something that is,really tough to do and thats,essentially introduce a brand new,protagonist into a series where you kind,of care about somebody else and theyre,just saying nope heres a new guy its a,prequel you may have an idea of some,things youre seeing but just trust us,and i soon found myself very interested,in yutas storyline and i cared about,him as a character and it was a very,unique way to endear us to somebody in,some ways hes partially at fault for,things that happened to him and in other,ways its completely out of his control,that makes him a very interesting,character but you also care about his,journey because you recognize how much,hes willing to sacrifice even for,people he doesnt know very well there,were some aspects of the storytelling,that wasnt quite as fluid as i would,have liked it to have been sometimes,major time jumps happen when i say major,i mean like a few months you know and,you only really get the sense of that,because somebody said oh its been three,months since he arrived at the school,and youre like oh really i didnt feel,like that like the progression of the,character wasnt quite as smooth as it,could have been also the third act kind,of ramps up all of a sudden a villain,shows up and has to be a villain and,there wasnt a lot of,emphasis put on his character he has a,very frieza-like mentality that he views,other people as monkeys he literally,says monkeys which is something that,frieza referred to all the saiyans as,and so,as a villain he served his purpose but i,didnt find him particularly interesting,and so i didnt care as much about his,battle but it didnt really matter to me,because the movie was just so goddamn,entertaining from an action standpoint,from a comedic standpoint and i think,thats what most fans of the show are,going to want to see i dont think its,as good as the demon slayer film but you,know those comparisons are gonna happen,and its kind of unnecessary but i,always do them anyway because i feel,like its just it gives people a nice,barometer but i think that if you love,the show or the manga youre gonna have,a great time with this movie just like i,did so once again thank you so much,truly to everyone who has taken part in,our shelby oaks kickstarter we have a,few days left still theres some,opportunities still to pledge for our,film and every little bit helps you guys,are really making this dream come true,for me and i really cannot do this,without you and i just want to continue,to thank you every single day for the,generosity that so many of you have,shown there is still time to support our,film and we could use all the support,that you are able to give us thank you,once again that link is in the,description below you guys are the best,look forward to more videos very soon if,you like this you can click right here,and get stuck manized,[Music],you

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sil y a bien une chose Kakou tamis sait,faire cest créer des personnages,surpuissants les trois exemples parfaits,sont gogostatoru riomen Soukouna et Toji,Zeni le premier et lexorciste le plus,puissant du monde entier il cumule la,technique de linfini et le 6e œil il,est si puissant quun exorciste,millénaire a dû établir un plan pour le,sceller car le tuer était inconcevable,le deuxième et le roi des fléaux riomène,Soukouna il possède des techniques,divines extrêmement puissantes et une,énergie,occulte illimitée il est si puissant que,ses doigts sont impossibles à détruire,le rendant immortel kenjaku même après,1000 ans de vie affirme que Soukouna et,lettre le plus puissant quil nest,jamais rencontré et enfin en dernier,tout giznine lhomme le plus fort du,monde qui a été capable de vaincre deux,exorcistes de Classe S en une journée,ces trois personnages sont des légendes,exemples de puissance dans leur,catégories respectives seulement la,traque mortelle a introduit de nouveaux,personnages extrêmement puissants et je,ne parle même pas des Power Up des,personnages quon connaissait déjà du,coup beaucoup sont perdus concernant les,rapports de force entre les différents,personnages et bien si cest le cas tu,es sur la bonne vidéo parce,quaujourdhui on va définir un top 10,des personnages les plus puissants de du,stockageen salut la team jespère que,vous allez bien on se retrouve,aujourdhui pour une nouvelle vidéo à,propos de Jujutsu Kaisen oh ça fait,plaisir les vidéos de jutsu Kaisen ça,faisait longtemps vous laurez compris,aujourdhui on va faire un top 10 des,persos les plus puissants les rapports,de force sont toujours intéressant,analysés et dans du tout Kaizen avec les,personnages extrêmement puissants ça,allait dautant plus au début je voulais,faire une tirelisse de puissance,incluant tous les personnages mais je,pense que je vais réserver cette vidéo,pour 2023 dailleurs je pense la faire,en live parce que je me dis que ça,serait cool davoir vos retours en,direct du coup dites-moi en commentaire,si ça vous intéresserait petit,disclaimer la vidéo prend en compte le,manga jusquau chapitre 206 du coup je,sais pas trop si ce classement va bien,vieillir ce nest que mon humble avis,totalement subjectif du coup si vous,nêtes pas daccord nhésitez pas à me,le faire savoir très gentiment en,commentaire comme dhabitude la team je,vous invite à liker à vous abonner et,activer la cloche de notification pour,ne louper aucune vidéo du très lourd,arrive on va tout casser en 2023 donc,sans plus attendre rentrons dans le vif,du sujet,alors déjà il faut savoir que dans du,soukaizen il y a énormément de,personnages extrêmement puissants par,conséquent rien que cette dixième place,cest un grand honneur le dernier du,classement reste un personnage,extrêmement puissant qui est devant bon,nombre de personnages à la dixième,position nous retrouvons à jimmé kashimo,kashimo est un personnage extrêmement,puissant cest lun des joueurs les plus,forts de la traque mortelle et il,possède dimmenses quantités dénergie,au culte son énergie occulte allait,propriété du courant électrique mettant,son corps dans un état constant,délectrification cela rend les attaques,physiques renforcées par lénergie,occulte de kashimo impossible à éviter,rappelons quil a fait jeu égal avec,acari qui est un personnage ayant le,potentiel de rivaliser un jour avec,gogossaturu pour moi de tous les,antagonistes de la traque mortelle cest,le plus puissant par conséquent il est,plus fort que Riu ou Takako de plus,kashimo souhaite combattre Soukouna ce,qui veut dire quil estime avoir les,capacités de rivaliser avec ce dernier,on a toujours pas vu lextension du,territoire de kashimo ce qui veut quil,a encore des atouts dans sa manche et,surtout kalimo affirme quil préserve sa,technique occulte pour Soukouna ce qui,montre bien que nous navons pas vu,toutes les tendues de sa puissance par,le passé kashimo était un exorciste,extrêmement puissant qui a littéralement,dû attendre 400 ans avant de trouver un,adversaire à sa taille pour ses raisons,cachino se place pour moi à la dixième,position et vraiment que lui soit aussi,bas dans le top 10 montre bien à quel,point cest du High Level ce classement,à la neuvième position on retrouve Kinji,Akari je sais que certains dentre vous,vont être surpris de le voir à cette,position mais je vous jure les gars que,pour moi tous les personnages qui,arrivent après sont plus puissants il,est vrai cuta a dit que Akari pouvait,être plus fort que lui mais,rappelez-vous maki a vite démenti cette,info mais bon Akari reste tout de même,un personnage extrêmement puissant et il,y a moyen que je le place plus haut dans,le classement dans pas très longtemps à,Carry peut déclencher son extension du,territoire à linfini et celle-ci lui,procure une énergie occulte illimitée il,est très certainement plus puissant que,kashimo même si leur affrontement a fini,en match nul à Carry avait quand même,lascendant à la fin jai capable de,soigner toutes ses blessures grâce à son,sort dinversion automatique il peut,dans un sens revenir à la vie grâce à,cette capacité il y a beaucoup de,conditions concernant la technique,daccari que jai expliqué dans cette,vidéo que je vous invite à aller voir si,jamais daprès Gojo ça te roue à Carry,sera un jour capable de légaler ce qui,montre bien lampleur du potentiel de ce,personnage pour toutes ces raisons Akari,est pour moi à la 9e position à la,huitième position on retrouve le,personnage de maquisenin ou togesnine,maki depuis le sacrifice de maïe est,devenu extrêmement puissante elle a,anéanti à elle seule le clan zénine et,elle a vaincu Naoya à deux reprises,cest un personnage avec une très belle,évolution qui est extrêmement fort dans,le chapitre 198 accoutami explique que,maki a désormais une puissance égale à,celle de tosizei cest pourquoi ces deux,personnages peuvent être,interchangeables dans le classement je,cite le chapitre ma est devenu un,véritable monstre qui pourrait désormais,rivaliser avec togiénine Maki est aussi,imperméable à la plupart des extensions,du territoire ce qui fait delle un,adversaire redoutable cest pour cette,raison quelle est plus forte kaaris,daprès moi il ne pourrait pas,lenfermer dans son domaine je précise,quand même quelle est immunisée à la,plupart des extensions du territoire car,les extensions qui simposent à la,réalité comme celui de kenjaku ou encore,de Soukouna sont des exceptions mais qui,peut être touché par les extensions du,territoire de ces deux personnages leurs,extensions du territoire nont pas de,barrière elle simpose à la réalité,dailleurs javais fait un tweet théorie,à ce sujet jexpliquais que le,territoire de Soukouna était peut-être,un fort shadowing annonçant que maki,allait être tué par Soukouna il a été,révélé que Maki est imperméable face aux,extensions du territoire car elle ne,possèdent pas dénergie occulte elle est,considérée comme un bâtiment par les,barrières magiques akoutami précise bien,que le domaine de Soukouna détruit tout,car les choses non vivantes sont,détruites par la technique libération,durant larc shib cas lorsque soukuna,utilise son extension du territoire tout,a été détruit y compris les bâtiments,est-ce que ce serait un signe que,Soukouna va tuer makisénine sachant,quon sait désormais que kenjaku a,également la possibilité dimposer son,territoire dans la réalité Macky a deux,ennemis désormais qui peuvent,latteindre on verra la suite pour ce,personnage en tout cas jen profite pour,vous inviter à me rejoindre sur Twitter,les amis ça donne de la force et parfois,je twitte les théories qui me passent,par la tête pour revenir sur la force de,Maki désormais elle est aussi forte que,Toji aussi Maki est beaucoup plus jeune,que Toji et désormais elle a appris à se,focaliser sur les choses quel seul peut,voir par conséquent pour moi au fil de,lhistoire maki va surpasser Togi maki,possède également une arme redoutable,qui est lépée que maille lui a,confectionné cette épée lui permet de,toucher lâm

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Jujutsu Kaisen Is Peak Shounen Anime

theres never been a better time to be a,fan of shonen battle anime and manga,and by the same token there has never,been a better shonen battle anime or,manga than jujutsu kaizen this is it,the pinnacle peak shonen i know thats a,lofty claim but if youll give me a,minute or 40,i promise you that you will be convinced,to at least,consider the possibility that its true,lets get the obvious praise out of the,way up front,this shows production values are,nuclear dynamite,sunghoo parks flowing amv-esque action,direction was enough,by itself to make god of high school a,low,8 out of 10 when the rest of god of high,school was like,a 4 out of 10. and with karekano yuri on,ice and,parasite the maxims tadashi hiramatsu,handling character design and,animation direction duties with a huge,team of new and old animation talent,providing kopius sakuga in a wide,variety of styles,jujutsu kaizen is somehow even more,impressive to look at this is one punch,man tier,straight up and it sounds just as,impressive thanks to wonder egg priority,audio director akiko fujita,not to mention an equally impressive,stable of voice actors and,musical talent its not just the ops and,eds that are banging,every single backing and insert track in,this anime is,fire oh and the whole ost is up on,spotify as of this week in case youre,interested,which i know you are speaking of the eds,though if you liked the first ones,little fashion show or,my little video on fashion shonen you,might be interested,in todays sponsor otsuko.com basement,some of you had very nice things to say,about the yu yu hakusho tea i wore in my,jojo part 6 hype video,and i got that shirt from otsco long,before they ever contacted me,actually i just saw it at their anime,expo booth two years ago and,simply had to have it and im pretty,sure once you visit their site,something there is gonna have the same,effect on you maybe this,vegeta batman face mask look at it,its glorious and how about this remt,or this father in the homunculi long,sleeve,and god damn just look at that mob,psycho jersey or the bebop one also,literally everything in the gundam and,ava collections,okay you got me im just using this ad,spot to write a personal shopping list,can you blame me though i dont even,have any discounts to offer you guys but,im confident these clothes will speak,for themselves,its so nice not having to choose,between being nerdy and being fashion,if you want to thank me for pointing you,in their direction just click the link,in the doobly-doo or go to otsko.com,basement before you start loading up,your cart and a portion of your purchase,will go towards supporting this channel,back to what i was saying about the,sound design if youre lucky enough to,have a home theater,set up jujutsu kaizen is a must watch,anime,and even if youre not id argue it,still is because hiroshi sekos,sublime adaptational script writing,makes its story,sing which leads to the most important,point in jujutsu kaizens favor,which is of course that the manga all of,this is built on,is a goddamn masterpiece unto itself,gege akutami ranks up there with oda,togashi toriyama araki,fujimoto and kenshins hatsune miku as,one of the,greatest writer artists to ever grace,the pages of shonen jump,a true master of his medium who,understands the strengths and,limitations,of the shonen battle manga format as,well as anyone out there,and uses that knowledge to tell his,story with near,unrivaled efficiency hes not the only,mangaka with that skill set working at,jump today,far from it thats precisely the reason,theres never been a better time to be a,fan of shonen battles well,that and the anime industrys recent,shift to adapting these manga seasonally,rather than weekly,this entire genre dating back to fist of,the north star and dragon ball,is built on iteration dragon ball itself,was just the latest and most exciting,iteration in a centuries-long line of,east asian writers riffing on journey to,the west,and of course toriyama was as influenced,by earlier mangaka,particularly osamu tezuka as later,creators would be,influenced by him contemporaries like,togashi and araki almost,immediately went to work refining the,dragon ball and hokutono ken templates,into better and better manga but,things really popped off toward the end,of the millennium after the ideas theyd,floated into the sea of pop culture had,had time to properly percolate,and a new generation of artists whod,grown up figuring out what did and,didnt work about those classics,burst onto the scene to create the big,three,and after the world had another decade,to digest,those it spat forth one punch man and,attack on titan and,now the likes of gotouge fujimoto and,akutami are here to build on that,groundwork,demon slayer is probably the purest,instance of this principle in action,as many have remarked before very little,about its actual plot is,all that remarkable but it hits the,beats laid out by its predecessors,with marvelous timing to create a near,flawless retelling of the archetypal,shown in battle legend,embellishing it only slightly with,gorgeously flowing artwork,touchingly empathetic character writing,and the perfect emote,theres a reason its the biggest name,in the genre today,not since kishimoto and toriyama before,him,has a mangaka been this good at giving,the people,exactly what they want and on top of,that its filler-free,jujutsu kaizen is all that in a bag of,existential dread,except that instead of giving you what,it knows you want,it uses that knowledge to bait you then,twists what you wanted,into something horrifyingly different,just to hurt you,and then somehow its always better than,what you asked for in the end,it moves as quickly from battle to,battle as demon slayer does,but instead of condensing the entire,life of its hero to an improbably,tight sequence of perfectly escalating,boss fights,jujutsu kaizen simply uses time skips to,cut out all the mundane life slices,between the bits were actually here for,so were always,either getting to or living through the,next,big important fight but the spaces,between those moments dont go,unused the series fills them with,mysteries and off-screen schemes,setting up present and future plot,points so that when its time for the,plot and fights to go which is,almost always they can just go,and none of this feels like haphazard,retconning because the seeds for what,happens in those gaps,are always planted in the arcs preceding,them,akutami has clearly studied the road,maps of,many all-time great shonen manga careful,to note,every speed bump plot hole and block,they hit in their journeys,as well as every perfect racing line,they manage to find along the way,the kyoto sister school goodwill event,is a prime example of his ability to,repurpose,and improve upon storylines on one level,it serves roughly the same function as,narutos tuning,exams or the unforeseen simulation joint,arc of hiroaka,allowing the extended cast of nakama and,future nakama to,flex their fighting skills and establish,their distinctive personalities,first in the context of a controlled,school test,then an unexpected attack from a villain,that pushes them past their limits and,pushes the greater story along,by itself thatd make for a solid if,rote and predictable arc,but jujutsu kaizen cleverly infuses it,with,backstabbing organizational politics,like those of bleachs soul society,putting its hero in an analog to rukias,position,as a sacrificial pawn in a bigger,systemic power struggle which makes the,build-up to the villains attack,just as tense exciting and narratively,vital,as the main event akutami is equally,adept at improving on,individual ideas from other manga,including jiu-jitsu kaizens central,gimmick,lots of shonen series see their heroes,possessed by a spirit who helps them,fight,shaman king yugioh hikaru nogo and,of course naruto which seems like the,most obvious inspiration for the whole,sukuna situation but where kudama was,ultimately little more than a glorified,tragically

Is Jujutsu Kaisen Overrated??

you do you play any catches or any of,those games,thank god thank god,thank god good choice youre a real one,yeah yeah,you know you dont need to fall into,that hellhole whats your uh whats your,addiction if you have one that he saw,what are you what are you my addiction,yeah let me think other than adidas,okay,thats not an addiction thats a,lifestyle,a strip thats stripped i need a squat,see my my costume has adidas lines in it,does it really,or anything that youre super addicted,to super addicted to let me think its,not gotcha its a win streaming,yeah im addicted to streaming of course,right im a full-time streamer so yes,but um,right now im addicted to far cry,okay which one the new one yeah,um im right now im playing far cry 5.,oh are you going through them all yeah,oh okay okay i heard they get like worse,and worse as they go on you know i heard,like spoilers i dont know i dont know,ive only played,three i think,yeah was that the good one,three is the good one i enjoyed it i i,enjoy playing three,whats your favorite far cry so far um,ive only played five i just started i,just started oh oh okay oh oh youve,already played far cry 5. yeah,shes already invited i thought she,played like [ __ ] right once again yeah,yeah thats what i thought,[Applause],oh no like ive just ive just i just,know the one with like gus thats the,new one six okay so oh thats the dust,frame thats frank hes the meme of we,are not the same i cant i cant oh that,guy yeah,have you ever,so youve been playing far cry and then,you also we played minecraft,oh yeah i have my own server i just,started,playing with my friends well thank you,for telling me on my server um,sorry for that,top 10 anime betrayals,i was invisible to be fair i will you,know ill give you the benefit of the,doubt,and then you went and killed yourself,anyway like two minutes later so it was,okay i think it was all right i think i,think it was revenge was well served,yeah by yourself,but uh,minecraft is pretty fun i enjoy,minecraft joeys a minecraft expert im,not he is hes an expert im not hes an,expert i just tried to get you into it,hes an expert so i opened the door for,you so youve never played minecraft,before you mostly started streaming,minecraft no yeah yeah i still dont i,really want to get into it but the first,time he played minecraft was with me,yeah the old studio oh yeah are you,liking my how many times you played,minecraft now how many,um i just started um im just a beginner,i dont know its really overwhelming,right yeah theres so much to do,is it fun,its a simple question can i not ask it,joey,i dont know its just like,its the most,i decided,ive never played it before okay i want,mining crafting,the game depends if it is fun or not it,depends what youd like to do luckily,minecraft is varied so you can do what,you want now i on the server on the,vshojo server which i played on yeah uh,they were just all building things i,didnt want to build things like one of,those houses yeah i wanted i wanted to,go and like do the raids because theres,like i want to do a i want to have a,goal thats thats the biggest yeah well,theres like theres like bosses and,raids in the in this modded one yeah so,i wanted to just go and explore and kill,things and level up thats the good,thing about minecraft you can do,anything you can do whatever you want,man your imagination is the limit you,can code in minecraft can you actually,yeah theres redstone and you can code,with it yeah theres a dude who made a,fully functioning computer in minecraft,using redstone yeah yeah they made,pokemon as well,they programmed pokemon into the game,they made a working cell phone drink but,i think it was a promotion with um 18 t,or something something like that yeah at,least one of their phones works because,normally thats where theyre like they,they,they code i think it was something like,they coded it into the game so that when,you put on a webcam right the blocks,according to the webcam like pixels,but its all pretty its a very powerful,game yeah its really cool its,something like that its pretty fun when,you get into it and you start to,understand a bit more about the game it,gets more fun i think youll enjoy,yeah and then if you get bored just go,creative mode and just do whatever the,[ __ ] youre doing its a camera thing,with with mods does that work with marge,[Music],i dont know if thats a publicly,available mod it might have been like a,one-off it might have been a one-off,thing yeah yeah i think was it captain,sparkles something like that yeah its,one of the big minecraft youtubers i,feel sad that i missed the minecraft,boom in some ways itll come back i mean,its kind of booming it never stops,it had like we missed,now were booming with content before it,used to be just songs and [ __ ] and that,was so funny those songs all the,animations yeah yeah i love those,terrible i mean i feel like every time,it dies it comes back it comes back even,stronger and yeah like i i feel like,goku yeah,oh my [ __ ] god joey,all right i filled my anime quarter for,the episode uh lets move on joeys,mentioned anime,proving like that i am the anime man,yeah you know every song just come back,youre all right,yeah are you are you a big anime fan um,yeah i think i am i think you think you,are um,the title of it is enough i havent,eaten one i i have actually named every,animal hes like ascended now,the title alone scares people exactly,what kind of anime do you like what are,you into um i i grew up with dragon ball,of course i love goku,um,i can do gohans voice oh really yeah,barely dead gohan,so to explain this this is the japanese,voice again,how did you get,the western gohan sounds very different,what made you want to learn this skill,i didnt learn it um some viewer told me,that i sound like im barely dead gohan,just go for it i mean yeah youre good,at it it sounds pretty smart,im a pro at barely dead go handcuff you,almost kind of sound like barely dead,goku as well oh yeah yeah because its,pretty much the same voice,goku and the japanese dub do sound very,very similar yeah i mean they are,farther i dont know i dont know it,makes sense i dont know the difference,what of gohan and goku yeah gohans like,gohans basically that,i dont know anything about dragon ball,who is like,do you hear the difference,its a very shuttle difference theyre,only dragon ball fans,to tell you the difference corporate,needs to find a difference between these,two sounds between dying gohan and dying,lets just rewind back a bit you said,you dont know dragon ball no what,what wait what do you mean have you ever,watched or really never watched it or,read it played it so you only know it,through osmosis yeah i know that they do,they are can we hand my heart,oh my god,i think i think my dad might know more,about dragon ball than you do i know the,spirit bomb yeah thats i know the,hajjuk in an architecture,ive never felt such a bigger generation,gap than than now almost what happened,okay,so like,so like how many of like the side,characters and like their laws do you,know or anything like that you know,vegeta right i know vegeta i know,piccolo do you know who vegeta marries,bulma yeah okay thats just from like,people on twitter like role playing it,and im like im like what the [ __ ] is,this and do you know what their kids,name is,sanjuro,luffy,luffys,movie,whats the kid called trunks i know,trunks yeah i didnt know that was his,kid yeah i know trunks because theres a,guy who wanted to look like trunks and,he like dresses up and i saw that video,guy like 70k on himself yeah he looks,like have you seen this video its a guy,who wants to look like trunks in the us,i think yeah and then he like he does,look like trunks to be fair but to be,fair like he likes plastic surgery yeah,so yeah he gets like plastic surgery and,he also like colors his hair purple its,really bizarre but hes also like jacked,yeah i mean whatever makes you happy,yeah so he like looks like a real life,trunks its pre

Moist Meter | Jujutsu Kaisen

initiating moisture,im doing it again baby im dropping my,pants and im hitting you with the truth,its a moist meter for a show thats,still going on this is only the second,time ive done it the first time was for,the promised neverland due to,disappointment and disgust with season,two,this time im doing it for jiu jitsu,kaizen and for a totally opposite reason,i am,so [ __ ] blown away by how enjoyable,jiu jitsu kaizen is that i just want to,do the voice meter now,so that way you can watch the show and,catch up before it ends in a couple,weeks,this show is extraordinary i would argue,that this is the best,shonen can get it is every episode,better than the last the action is,absolutely beautiful the visuals in this,show,are outstanding you know a lot of times,when theres action in a show itll,typically be like,two frames of action and then just the,camera moving around or they stop to,talk,in jiu jitsu kaizen youll get 30 45,seconds minute two minutes of just pure,high octane nuts to butts action full,throttle it never,slows down when theres a fight and,theres so many fights like imagine,demon slayer episode 19,but stretched across the entire show,like every single episode of jiu jitsu,kaizen is just as good as demon slayers,episode 19 which [ __ ] blew up twitter,when that [ __ ] when that episode aired,demon slayer is still incredible still a,huge fan but i would say jiu jitsu,kaizen in the action department,is even better and now im not just a,[ __ ] caveman who likes to see,you know fists flying and titties all,over the place i can also appreciate,good characters,which jiu jitsu kaizen has now theyre,not the deepest characters i dont want,anyone to be misled here youre not,going to go in there hear a characters,backstory get a tear in your eye and,then have like,a moment of self-reflection on your own,life its not like the most,thought-provoking deep [ __ ],but the characters are really [ __ ],cool every character,is so badass they each have their own,cursed energy techniques and all this,[ __ ] in a nutshell the show is about,curses and the people that fight curses,and,the users of cursed energy all have,their own unique traits,and theyre all [ __ ] cool like one of,the characters is a goddamn panda,that just beats ass has multiple,attacking forms,its like some [ __ ] out of tekken its,just every character is so [ __ ] cool,my favorite character is,toto whos just this massive muscular,meatball,monster man who just loves women with a,big ass and he believes that any man,that likes tall women with a big ass are,like his best friend,and hes just hes just [ __ ] cool,like everything in the show like i dont,know how else to describe it,uh mappa is the studio behind the,animation and theyve just done an,incredible job of making every single,aspect of the visuals just incredible,every single [ __ ] frame is a,masterpiece in jiu-jitsu kaizen,i dont know how they do it because,theyre not even like compensating with,cgi,or if they are its not noticeable i,havent noticed any [ __ ] cgi,whatsoever,its crazy what theyre doing with,jiu-jitsu kaizen if you havent started,it yet you absolutely should,if you like action or shonen its just,its super good i really do think its,as good as shonen can be every episode,has some crazy [ __ ] battle in it it,feels like theres only like a couple,episodes i can even recall,where there wasnt a huge fight thats,that broke out in there,i mean its just its so good like its,so [ __ ] good,again i dont want anyone to go in there,expecting some kind of narrative,masterpiece thats gonna have you like,[ __ ] blown back in your chair,hanging on every word and every breath,but the storys fine and the pacing is,good enough where it just,gives many excuses to have a ton of,[ __ ] characters,encounter each other and just put dick,in ass and go,full on so i have no problems with the,narrative ive seen a lot of people,complain about it how its like simple,and predictable,but who gives a [ __ ] like it doesnt,matter if its simple and predictable if,its executed well which i think it is,and it just it allows so much cool [ __ ],to happen,i just theres nothing i dislike about,jiu jitsu kaizen at all,its also complimented by a really good,score i think the soundtrack to the show,is really [ __ ] hype anytime theres,anything going on youve got like this,beautiful crescendo that makes me want,to stand up and start lifting weights to,be,like toto like i mean its cool like i,really cant think of any other ways to,describe this that dont make me sound,like a middle school boy hitting puberty,just talking about how somethings dope,but it really just is its something you,can sit back and just be super,entertained by,so im just going to plug jiu jitsu,kaizen in the voice meter now im giving,it a 90,now the only reason im not giving it a,95 which ive explained in the past i,usually save 95,for shows i think really innovated or,changed something in their genre,i dont think jujitsu kaizen has done,anything like that but i genuinely think,it is,as good as shonen can be without,completely reinventing the condom of the,genre,i really think that jiu jitsu kaizen,reaches the highest possible level of,the genre i think it is so,[ __ ] good and i have nothing but,praise for the show i totally agree with,it winning anime of the year,because it deserved it it is something,special,and i wanted to make this moist meter,before it ends because i really think,all of you who havent,seen it should give it a try im often,asked like what anime would i recommend,to someone that either hasnt watched,anime or just [ __ ] hates cartoons in,general,i first of all i dont know why youd,even ask me for an anime if you just,[ __ ] hate animation but i get that,question a lot anyway,this would definitely be one of the,shows id recommend this is a show i,feel like,anyone can enjoy even if you dont like,anime dont like cartoons it is just so,good,that i think regardless of your taste,you would probably find something to,like about the show,so i really think jiu jitsu kaizen is,something wonderful,and id highly recommend it now lets,talk about crunchyroll as ive mentioned,multiple times in the past,crunchyroll is pretty much where i watch,all of my anime,even the more obscure [ __ ] i can find on,crunchyroll they pretty much have,the majority of anime that you can,possibly think of,dating back to like prehistoric era of,animation,so crunchyroll just has exactly what,youre looking for most likely,and it comes in a beautiful 1080p hd,ad free when using crunchyroll premium,the episodes are professionally,subtitled they also drop up,like as soon as an hour after they air,in japan via the simulcast,you can access them on all devices xbox,playstation,roku android and you can just watch so,much anime so conveniently in good,quality without having to worry about,like inaccurate subtitles,or looking like dog [ __ ] crunchyroll,just has,the best anime in the best quality so if,youre interested in trying crunchyroll,you can get crunchyroll ad free for 14,days by signing up at crunchyroll.com,penguinzero or clicking the link in the,description below,thats crunchyroll ad free for 14 days,at crunchyroll.com,penguinzero or clicking the link below,thats it,see ya

Yuki Tsukumo BROKE Jujutsu power scaling! – Jujutsu Kaisen 208 Spoilers!

listen you could have given me any, guess in the world about how,this chapter would have got down and,these spoilers still with the blue my,little tiny P ran way out of its head,because Yuki just summoned the,black hole like Im trying to process,all of this information right now,theres a lot of spoilers here and I,only really want to cover this this main,major panel here because Yugi just,summoned a literal black hole here,single-handedly the most powerful like,destructive caste technique that we have,seen in the series so far the only other,technique that I can think of off the,top of my head that has caused this kind,of widespread destruction is sukunas,domain I mean yeah theres a couple of,you out there thatll probably say oh,Gojos Hollow people and stuff like that,but that was in basically a linear beam,that blew up an entire area right this,and secundas domain I think are the,most powerful techniques that we have,seen in the series so far this is an,incredible technique this the way that,this is created Im assuming is that she,puts an infinite amount of mass into,Garuda which technically is how you,create a black hole You Can Dance at an,extreme amount of mass until that,worlds gravity basically cant hold it,I think thats a black hole for idiots,right there but I dont know about you,guys but I genuinely wasnt expecting,Yuki to pull out a literal black hole,this is twice now two chapters back to,back where we saw two special grades,going at it pulling techniques out like,this that are incredibly powerful first,of all we had uh kijakus Miniatures of,his Uzumaki which he used two in a row,Im assuming that we all thought that,Uzumaki had to use all of his case grade,Spirits which someone in my comments my,last YouTube video pointed it out they,thought that Uzumaki had to use all of,kajakus care Spirits which I also,thought but when I go back and look at,it it was never actually explicitly,stated that because in jjk zero uh,ghetto said that Im gonna use all of my,spirits he didnt actually say that he,has to use its never been stated and,even in the past what hes used Uzumaki,and the Shibuya Arc he also never used,it also never stated that he had to use,all of his care Spirits there and then,so its incredible like was able to just,use these miniaturized uzumakis good,Lord I apologies Im so congested and,Im sorry if it comes through on the,record but you keep pulling out this,black hole here was totally totally,unexpected I mean if youre a science,nerd you probably should have saw the,shot this kind of stuff coming because,if Yukis power is literal mass then it,probably makes sense but I genuinely,didnt see any of this coming but,theres other little bits of references,in here yujis mother gets a reference,and sakuna also gets a reference and,obviously theres no direct text,translations right now so were gonna,have to wait for the full chapter to,come out to get context on that but we,also get to see Yuki and chozo drinking,at a bar with Tegan saving them alcohol,which is kind of wild but my main focus,here is the fight and I also want to say,someone on my uh Twitter feed here uh,gxu he pointed out a panel of Yuki,grabbing kijakus fault was like a major,direct reference to Yamamoto grabbing a,U-Haul box from Bleach which if thats,true and Im assuming that thats thats,Gages implication here because gay does,love himself a little reference here and,now and then he has been known to do,before that was a really cool spot from,GX right there these chapters go these,spoilers so hard as and I I really,want to make like a profit in-depth,video but I dont want to go into it too,much because I do want the full,translations from what I can see from,the chapter from these spoilers here the,black hole and the aftermath of the,black hole kajaku somehow survives via,an anti-grav technique which we learn as,actually yujis mothers technique which,if Im not mistaken I dont think we,knew yujis mother was a sorcerer prior,to this I could be wrong and I need,someone to fact check me in the comments,I dont know if we knew that yujis,mother was actually a sorcerer with a,technique but according to these,translations on according to these posts,apparently this is yujis Mothers,innate technique which is wild,considering Yuji doesnt have an innate,technique I dont know whats going on,with that one I need to wait for the,again we need to wait for the official,translation so we can get a full just,open a full understanding of whats,going on here but theres lots of juicy,goodness coming in this chapter and,again AKA cooking absolute heat but that,is everything from me I just wanted to,talk to you about these spoilers because,holy hes a huge uh I apologize for,my face and my my nose Im very,congested right now so I apologize but,thats everything from me let me know,what you think of the spoilers in the,comments down below Ill leave links in,the description for you to go check out,the Twitter profiles of uh ducky and,everyone and mayimura who does the,spoiler leaks and everything like that,but let me know what you think of the,spoilers Down Below in the comments make,sure to like And subscribe if you,havent already and Ill catch you in,the next video when 208 officially drops,what you love big kisses peace,[Music]

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