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Jump Force Review

– [Mitchell] With the weekly Shonen Jump comic magazine,hitting its 50th anniversary last year,,Jump Force is meant to be a celebration,of the many legendary anime and manga series,born from its pages.,And to its credit, Jump Force certainly looks the part,on the surface.,Its got flashy combat,,40 characters hailing from 16 different series,,along with a unique aesthetic,that takes popular manga/anime characters,and places them into the real world.,Disappointingly, though, Jump Force falters,at just about every other point.,Its fighting system is as basic as its unambitious story.,And, combined with a number of smaller issues,,it adds up to an altogether underwhelming anniversary gift.,Jump Force puts you into the shoes of a random passerby,who gets caught up in the battle,between Jump heroes and villains in Times Square,,with little context given,as to how and why things are happening.,You get killed, revived with superpowers, and from there,,youre free to build your character as you see fit.,Unfortunately, the character editor,doesnt have a ton of options.,But there are at least a couple of nods,to anime characters that didnt make it into the roster.,So you can make custom versions of characters,like Kuwabara, Urahara, and Kurama, just to name a few.,Or you can just do this.,(speaking foreign language),In general, Jump Forces plot takes itself,a little too seriously and misses out on a huge opportunity,for some fun interactions between beloved characters.,The bland story is also done no favors,by the fact that most of the cut-scenes,are devoid of voice acting.,The few interesting moments,,like Kenshin challenging Zoro to a duel,over his strict teaching methods,,are left completely silent and lifeless.,The biggest problem with the story though,is how you progress through it.,Youre not given way points to show you,where you have to go for the next mission,,upgrading your character is needlessly convoluted,,and towards the end,,the difficulty spikes in the worst possible way.,Enemies can shave off nearly half your health,with simple combos or special moves,,while their AI remains as dumb as ever.,Its artificial difficulty at its worst.,(speaking foreign language),Before the feeling of shallowness sets in,,Jump Forces combat is a lot of flashy and simple fun,for the first few hours.,Matches are 3v3, with a two-button combat system,made up of light attacks, called rush attacks,,and heavy attacks.,Rush attacks can be mashed to do an auto-combo,that results in the opponent getting ping-ponged,back and forth across the arena,,while heavy attacks are much slower,,but can be canceled into at just about any point,of a rush combo.,You can also close the distance extremely quickly,with either a high-speed dash tied to your mobility meter,or by simply tagging in your teammate,,which facilitates a very fast pace to the action.,Each character also comes with four special moves,,performed by holding the right trigger,and pressing one of the face buttons.,Finding the right combination of rush attacks,,heavy attacks, knowing when you can throw in an assist,,and then knowing which special move to finish with,is generally the way to find the big-damage combos.,And it can be fun to take a character into Training Mode,and figure those combos out.,(speaking foreign language),To its credit, developer Spike Chunsoft,did an admirable job of making sure,everything has some sort of counter.,Auto-combo spam can be beaten by blocks, sidesteps,,or my charging armored heavy attacks.,Predictable dashes can be blown up,by invulnerable-on-startup special moves or counters,,and excessive guards can be broken,with powerful unblockables or throws.,There is also an emergency escape that allows you,to get out of a combo while youre getting hit,at the expense of your entire mobility meter.,All this is a fine start,,but thats about as deep as it goes.,Despite being a 3v3 tag fighter,,the tag mechanics feel like an afterthought,,since all three characters share the same life bar.,The assist maneuvers dont feel,particularly well thought-out,,and since combos mostly only start from a rush attack,,theres no real need to learn anything,beyond one combo per character.,This makes every fight feel like it plays out,the exact same way and leads to the combat,getting stale pretty quickly.,Playing online or locally against friends,is Jump Forces saving grace,,as what little depth combat has,is intrinsically tied to reading your opponent.,That doesnt work against the predictable and dumb AI.,In my experience playing the online prerelease,,the performances held up very well,,with lag feeling like a non-issue.,(speaking foreign language),Above all else, Jump Force is just lacking in polish.,The load times are long,,the frame rate in the most important cut-scenes is terrible,,theres no way to skip cut-scenes,,the animations outside of combat are just bad,,and theres no English dub to round out the long list,of relatively minor issues.,But they all add up.,If youve got some like-minded anime fans,who are down to smash some buttons,and watch the sparks fly, Jump Forces fighting system,allows for at least a few hours of shallow fun,before it gets stale and repetitive.,The bland story feels half-baked,and never does anything interesting,with its impressive roster of beloved characters,who have rarely or never had the chance to meet before,,making this celebration of 50 years of weekly Shonen Jump,a disappointment overall.,For more gameplay of Jump Force, check out our videos,showcasing Yugi, Jotaro, and more.,And for everything else, keep it here on IGN.

Jump Force – Game Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],jump force is a new crossover fighting,game which features anime characters,from shounen jump which is a magazine,that contains tons of manga that has,introduced the world to things like,Dragon Ball Z or rurouni kenshin Naruto,one piece this is a major major thing,and its sort of like Super Smash,Brothers except for anime something I,was really excited about actually,despite some initial fears when I saw,the character designs in 3d which was a,little strange I have to admit this game,was developed by Spike Chunsoft and,published by Bandai Namco entertainment,the main story begins when Frieza is,fighting with some of the heroes and,hes destroying things and a civilian,gets affected by a blast and this,civilian is revived by trunks and the,new play is that civilian you can,customize your avatar with various,things which well talk about in a,second then youre introduced to the,lobby where theres online and offline,matchmaking there shops theres upgrade,abilities and then you have to choose a,team and these teams are made up of,specific characters from Shonen Jump,manga and you can choose which ones you,like based off of the people who are in,the team whether or not you have certain,favorites like I chose team alpha,because Goku is there and you know Im a,giant Dragon Ball fan or you can choose,a team based off of skill set which I,couldnt blame you for not really,knowing what that even means since the,game just started and you know nothing,about it,then theres a long list of missions you,can complete some of them are training,some of them do factor into the story,theres a lot of cutscenes lets talk,about those cutscenes because now were,gonna get into the nitty-gritty this,game was [ __ ] terrible the idea of,taking these characters that are so,famous in drawing and in animation form,and turning it into 3d animation could,potentially be a great idea,unfortunately the animation for these,characters especially their facial,expressions completely laughable they,rarely change from this very stern look,of anger Goku is a character thats very,light hearted but throughout this entire,game he looks extreme,we mad and everyone else does and after,a few days of playing the game the,character animations the cutscenes the,extremely dumb enemy AI and some of the,rather impossible scenarios you get,yourself caught up in in the middle of,fights where you just lose half of your,health one the enemy does like an,extreme combo of specials all of this,became so funny that I invited my friend,over and we played the game well a,little bit inebriated some vodka may,have been involved man did that enhance,the experience lets talk about the,music for a second the music for the,lobby,sounds like a 1970s porn film it starts,out really good and then theres this,shift where it just becomes shaft,[Music],shut up theres also a considerable,amount of technical glitches as well,little tiny things like my characters,feet not touching the ground my wife,actually pointed that out I made her to,look like my wife you know an,exaggerated anime version of her and,there was a time when I spawned in the,lobby and I was just surrounded by other,players lodged within them and I could,move through them as if they were ghosts,and theres various people placed,throughout the lobby that you can go up,to and speak to and sometimes theyll,give you advice or a helpful hint and,they all seem to be dressed like trunks,almost every single one of them and it,became so repetitive that it was just a,joke after a while like so much of this,game but lets talk about repetition for,a second because the fighting in the,game is really what should be the saving,grace the matches are they fun sometimes,yeah sometimes they can actually be a,lot of fun this game isnt like superman,64 level atrocious or disappointing the,character animations and the cutscenes,absolutely are but the fights can be,okay and online I encountered virtually,no lag which I was impressed by but,after a few days of a lot of matches the,fighting does get very repetitive once,you learn how to dash and sidestep and,sort of block properly and how to get,out of a block and some of the things,you can do to stop the enemy from doing,these insane combos that are just,unrealistically unfair once you learn,some of those things the fighting does,get better and I think is just like an,online fighting game purely this could,have some legs especially by patching,certain things namely load times,skipping cutscenes improving some of,these things which they have mentioned,they would like to do once that happens,I feel like the fighting can at least be,playable but man was it ever improved by,some vodka holy [ __ ] what a great night,I mentioned customizing your avatar,because it really sucks the amount of,options you have theres extreme limit,to them and most of the customizable,things are just clothing or hairstyles,from other anime characters from shown,and jump theres not that much,originality to it you can basically make,yourself look,kind of like other anime characters and,just customized a very small amount of,things,I dont normally review games that I,didnt like but in this case it was just,something I was really looking forward,to playing it was something I was,excited to get my hands on something,that Ive waited for for a long time the,idea of this crossover event there are,other games that involve Shonen Jump,characters that are considerably better,namely this one which came out semi,recently was Dragonball Fighters this,was awesome this was really good also,published by Bandai Namco entertainment,considerably better I would recommend,this over jump force based off of what,Ive played so far I would rate this,game a 4 out of 10 it could be improved,considerably with patches and a lot of,fixes and so Im not gonna like give,this game like a hard rating you know,and Im not gonna come back and rewrite,it again I mean if they patch things and,it gets better thats great but this,will be my one kind of thoughts on video,for jump force it annoys me that I have,to to give the game that caveat like it,could get better if they fix things,because I already paid $60 for it and,bought it it should be done like the,improvements that can be made should be,minimal at this point not these,drastically humongous changes that would,fix the game and thats the problem with,modern games in my opinion its just so,much of them are released before theyre,100% finished and this game does feel,unfinished and as someone whos waited,for the game for a while drastically,disappointing nevertheless guys thank,you so much as always for watching look,forward to more reviews very soon and if,you like this you can click right here,and get stuck mine eyes,[Music]

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I played Jump Force so you dont have to

jump force is an ambitious game but in,the sense that youd be considered,ambitious for bashing your head into a,wall for 15 hours despite the leaking,brain cells this game was one of the,greatest experiences of my life and i,would recommend it to none of you im,here because i play jump force so you,dont have to,well,what what is jump force its an anime,arena fighter but thats not important,the selling point is that its a huge,crossover from characters old and new of,shonen jump i know theyve done this,before but not like this not only does,this game look,ambitious but the dialogue reads like,the best bad fan fiction youve ever,read i challenge you to show me another,game where you get to witness light,yagami asking goku about the dragon,balls oh you mean the dragon balls like,yagami yeah if you get all seven,light yagami chuckled,you mean the dragon balls,another instant classic is a racist deku,[Music],oh and uh what about yugi moto shuffling,his deck until dio walks into frame,thats the crossover weve all been,waiting for he then begs to see dark,magician possesses yugi and disappears,for the entire rest of the game thats,it thats the only time you get to see,dio in the story i expected more memes,or references but dio just came out and,said im dio this whole story just kind,of felt like the head writer has only,read one chapter of each manga and then,all of one piece there are 18 different,timelines all woven into one and if you,havent seen every show on screen you,will get spoiled somehow and since i,play jump 4 so you dont have to ill,edit around all the major spoilers but i,cant avoid them all if you made a one,piece game and you had one piece,spoilers in it i id understand that but,why make a generic shonen game where,luffys special is pulled from chapter,783 of the manga i i just dont get it,there are so many other characters you,have cool move sets throughout the,entirety of their own series but every,single one of them is pulled from their,in-game iteration,what the [ __ ],tremendous spoiler,colossal and no i havent watched every,single shonen under the sun but if you,want to make sure that you dont get,spoiled have fun watching 3572 episodes,of anime over the next 55 days you know,assuming you dont sleep or anything,like that most of the in-your-face,spoilers are all from one piece and,naruto as these are the three main,characters in the game,yeah gokus here too luckily dragon ball,z doesnt really have major spoilers,because the dead characters never stay,dead and all goku does is change hair,colors oh and you get to make an oc for,this game which holy [ __ ] this is such a,good game oh my god i havent even,started talking about the plot yet god,this is gonna take a while so just,please sit back and relax as i take you,through the incomprehensible adventure,through the world of jump,like most stories in manga this one,starts in new york city,yep frieza is terrorizing the town but,good thing goku is here to oh also roc,is here after spending three whole,minutes creating him our abomination was,born and his name is one piece but his,french is called one piece for some,reason we were just in the wrong place,the wrong time and had to fight some,evil shadows but lucky for us goku and,trunks witnessed how strong and cool we,were so they took us back to,headquarters,tell me this doesnt read like fan,fiction anyways our enemy is,thanos,and his um his moth girlfriend at jump,force hq we were greeted by director,glover whose appearance just sets up for,way too many punch lines for reasons,unknown all the shonen jump manga,timelines have merged with the real,world ah oh no those evil cubes have,been appearing out of nowhere too whoa,wonder if those are related these cubes,make the good guys bad and the bad guys,strong what a greek tragedy we were just,some guy living in new york but now we,have to team up with the uh the jump,force to save our worlds,you know after juan peace gets dripped,out of his goddamn mind,very sharp,and thanks to the power of the nintendo,switch you can take as many screenshots,as you want,so jump force right its split into,three smaller squads each with goku,naruto and luffy leading one of them so,now it was finally time to examine the,teams and pick our captain is that gara,theres gara thats not,my favorite dragon goal character,is that sorrow,you are so short 511 versus six foot,look at how one piece jumps,yeah i dont know why its so funny to,me but team luffy consists of,exclusively one-piece characters and,bro if you met luffy would you join him,yeah hello naruto its me one piece,trunks sabo,naruto,[Laughter],and of course you know who else is here,of course,oh thats sasuke so i weighed all my,choices and ultimately chose team goku,because they were named team alpha and i,thought that was kind of cute yeah goku,and then it was time for our training,arc with you guessed it,goku i just saw one piece,okay goku i thought i thought you want,me to learn the moves goku after we pass,gokus training of course the games,gonna fade to black and show us possess,vegeta right,just like that one time vegeta got,corrupted in the show,wait is he evil uh oh,an sos from namic,lets jump on over there,[Music],oh we found him,so these are called loading screens,they only last 20 seconds but they are,riddled throughout the game and actually,used to take three minutes there is a,patch,[Music],this the loading screens needed patches,yep get out of there,i cant believe it you dodged it no but,hes still beating your ass oh i hope he,doesnt teleport again,oh no he teleported again,losing the first battle is,not the best sign but what do you think,happens when we click retry,[Music],why do i have to go through a loading,screen,i was already there it was all loaded,that was quite an exciting fight,game solved,[Music],well,since i have you here might as well show,you this fun graph i found the other day,you know what it means you know what to,do,so if you dont mind im gonna start,editing out the loading screens,okay oh is he going super saiyan,thats cool,why was i alive,the best way to describe most of this,plot is that its just nicktoons unite,but anime and a lot of the story beats,are just us saving other anime,characters and then,we theyre they we help them from being,possessed by cubes i guess,this is just kingdom hearts,and thats a good thing,im not kidding this game turns into the,most repetitive grind i have ever seen,because honestly all the missions are,just the same but you swap out the,characters thats it and at the end of,chapter one it cuts away from our bald,director and shows us an ominous bald,man lurking in the shadows reading,a book,thats it,okay okay i know im sorry thats the,last one im done editing and loading,screens i just really want you to,understand how many i sat through and,realized,i edited the music in to the loading,screens at this point youre probably,realizing alfred did you really spend 60,dollars for this perfect game and no,i actually got it discounted because of,honey,these days a majority of online shopping,is done on line weight,a majority of shopping is done online,and thats where todays sponsor honey,comes in clutch it is a free browser,extension that scours the depths of the,internet for promo codes and,automatically tests them at checkout,honey supports all kinds of stores from,tech and gaming to clothing to home,decor and even food and thank you to all,of you who have used my honeycomb in the,past because all together you have saved,over ten thousand dollars so heres how,it works you get honey on your computer,for free in two easy clicks then when,youre checking out on one of its 30 000,supported sites honey automatically pops,up and all you have to do is click apply,coupons wait a moment as honey tests all,the codes you can find and if it finds,one that works you can watch your prices,drop so head on over and get honey for,free today at joinhoney.com,alpharad,i think we can all agree that this game,is a pe

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Jump Force – All New Characters Ultimate Attacks & Transformations! (4K 60fps)

짱 이랍니다 won,아아아,눈 아래로 다시 이렇게 어 여러분 길로,서 스위치 오이 쓰는거라,집은 5 보셨지 모토 난 그런말 쏘나,아,쥬얼을 like a,으,한다 부제 크기 5,으 아 아,으 아 아 아 아 아,섞을 수 없겠죠,아테네 뭐예요 디아 2,말이 dice 아,[음악],시간에서,아 아 아 아,222,오 오오 예 오 oo 아 아 아 아 아,tel,또 어찌 어디게 4,[음악],cooper,사회 그 작품,크게 데니안 말이야,5 아,too,top 5 아 으,to,[음악],oso,222,아핫 i feel too,카터스 새끼야 oo 회사,or,아 으 으,a 것 power,아,222,tel,soho 아아,t there,tein,troupe,per te,아 to 케이스 3,미세 tap 방염 에 체크합니다,ok,아 woo won 네르 토비 도 하잖아 2,으,르 슛이 5,샴 불소화 아 아,르 다 그렇죠,으 쌰 쉬운 ic 555,기회가 오면 아니라,다인 아이가 다행히 레버 거래 거 독 도 바이오 차이나 er,카톤 um 북한어 2,아,그러나 시험 할 지,묘미와 신이 날 수 3,식감이 소리없이 카페같은,예 부시 험하다 오뎅 교구 레고 타 해요,[음악],당나라 2,컨셉트 있어 느 우리의 스토리 분 실수 kings wrath,토르 r hotel,크라이 route,와나 시크릿 업 cook 뜨지,코 우리의 하나같이 deco 누구한테,이 덥어 에 많이 했어요,술 버티고 또 시트 not 노래 다운 다운 마스터시 5 셋팅,오래된거,tweet os,eel,vi 까레라 팥의,적신 온다 2,ci 다발이 아래,아 아 아 아,a&e,5 de c5,to z,tera term or here too,아아아,아아아,ape 아까 낭,다행히 were there,아 w date 아,알겠지,w e r,아,써 아,oo 아 아,타 ie 아,아,5 over,뭐 알이 시켜야 하는데,아 정말 많이 우쿄 way too,[음악],tae-ho lee 아,탐,아냐 으 아 아 아 아,the or,over a,we hope to 5,으,아,[음악],to a 아 o 아 아 아,tae hee,단어 시 같아요,콩고 어디입니까 문의,you,아 임 모 쿠 뭣이 머라도 하나 없고 어디 있지,고 3 사탐 4,가을사나이 아 아니야 아아아,to a good,아아아,오쿠 카라와 샌즈 그대야 중심으로,다인이가 3,아,hot,5 der,dme 전문 알수록 그 토 4,오오오 오오 오오오 오오 예 오,[음악],choi tae,그 아,아 woo,dj 와 아저씨가 리오하 룻을 중 어느,뒤,써,아 der der die,으 아,아,elo 5,와아아,샤마 다예,저거 eto 아아,too,5 to be hot,아아아,er,오 오 오 오오 예 오,아 er,oo 아 아 아 아 아 아,we hope to not too,we die,3 툴이 우기 싼 거 w8,cafe 아 아 저렇게,5 2 2 1 2 1 2 2,choi 아,tei,[음악],tou 직,아 ye,[음악],tera term we 아,[음악],where,아 re 아 hoo,[음악],캅스,으,be a,[음악],ter,towa tei,칼 own,노말 해줍니다,아 오늘 영어 오름 5 라미 어빙 가 취할 것입니다 아,잃는 탓이다,oo 아,tei 아,아 그걸 model choi 아,4 아 아 아,tera term hood 와 아,으 아 아 아 아 아,아 the,[음악],two 아아 아,oo 아 아 아 아,lee seok hoon,아 아 아 no a hero no,니 3 왜 요새 ver,아 아 아 아 아 아,티크 3 op,wee,4 예,ode to a,으,wc 5,c 가 나의 그런 것이지,중 가스켓 아예 그,제 얘기 합니다,to 아아,표 1,[음악],저한테 wrote,어렵네 222,감의 셀 킨,s5 당,[음악],거래제 기회도 ip 들이,to peer to peer 아아,th,아,아,아 티르,이제 법원 i dae ro 아아,sera sera,아 we cover,be a tower,5 5 5 5 4,아아,아 심 같았습니다,톱으로 신호가 잇꽃,too hot,아라와 노쿨,닫기 oo 아 be too,아아,te te,오 오 오 오 오 오오 예 오 아 아,too late,three,난 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,쎄 쎄,아 ho lee 아 아 으,뭐 출하할 ho ho,스커 없소,빅스 root,we see you too hot to a 5,4w,조미라,5,거래 다이아,제대로 밖이야 to a,you,[음악],크롬 사각 공부한다 2,tera term,home 아,더러 dive,[음악],으,돌아오 식칼이 woo,브라크 맛 장점,도로 말 찔러 찜 온 쏙,그렇지 마십시오,o o o o sonho,5,esl 5th 5,더 루 5,c 업데 끼 할까 이 올해로 타앙,야미 너지 5박,예,올해로 잘 쓰던 한테,듯,브 르 아이스 opera,르 흡수 토마토 way to,그,후 애완 미라이오 탐구 타미 요나가 세팅해,꼬리 2 3,카미 로트 뒤 역할을 합니다 2,아,w 아 아,파워 플러스 1 2 4,뭐,남자다,그래야,woo,어,교체가 봐요 도움 같아 봐,ho who 풀어야,ceo 톰 에러를 won,어 지워 한테 몰아줘 we too,거의 생 업 도 더 배색 q 멘트 돌,3 3 장 장 장 장 장 장 장 장 33333 탑 타워를 넣어요 2,2 에,아 too,oo 아,too,wae,아 거에요 오 예 예 아,the 아아,[음악],6 2 3 hot,세계 리어 어른들이 아리마,[음악],date,썬 뭐 뭐 이사시 라쿠 4,튀긴 오마이,tera,솜에 노말 함께 z,아 아 아 아,아 무 거 없이 이러한 그윽한 오토 다음에 3,[음악],cool 아,top scorer 짜둔 5cm 위치,the tree,프라임,code 아,we 아아,the soul doo doo doo lee,아 마크도 먹어 짓을 무침,라이크,기미 것 예 소와 하며 옷 a,제 투로 수로 야이,더 도우너 키우지 그러고 싶습니다,5 아,아소 도로 9집 crt,아 머리 맴돌아 써,제작 같아도 놓지 못합니다,으 으 으,누워 더스티 야 다이 더 목회 있습니다,oie,아 이 디 2,아 to the code to,아,아 to be be be,아 신부 ooo ooo hoo hoo,쌰 켁,to a 하하,추앙,only hot,tera,이렇게나 yet,he who were,oo 아 아 아 아,코리 쳇,[음악],써 너 지금 돌아와 3,내 음식 무침,불교 등 비타민 c o thou,까도 doc 5,[음악],or two,tera term to overlook e to the,[박수],term 왔니,top or two,무토가 아,we 갑니다,아,더 온기가 쓰나요,뭐 토니오 돌도 막대 거기엔 득이 너겟,it for,아 4 쓰니깐,아 아 아 아 아 아 아,아 그 rhode,[음악],ce the te o 예요,ie 아,2 라돈 설정해줍니다,oo 아 로 see 아,최기철 here,5 내 사장 건너 c5,ter 분이,to top,on,pool 강남 되고 이 기록해,그렇죠 well,[음악],완 노 2 op,아,[음악],구입 woo,아 아 아 아 get on wood tree top 5,첨부 8,아 5,저희 b,아 그렇지 5,아 tote,저희 wc o o o o,마음의 된 잖아요 i too,르 솔의 made a 그럼,아,4 2,어머 시대 말기 10일 t 왜,oo 아 아,top 5,222,[음악],아 우와 넘 icon joo 아,soho 5,카르 ho 5,too hot,으 으,아깝지,디아 아 ok hot hot,아아아 이번 되요,나야 5,아 털의 가 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄 쎄,hot 아,tip 다시 듯 하다,꽤 시킨,그래 이날 모였어요,아 were,tot 머치 too too hot to,ce 아 으 아 아 아,[음악],from super hot,아,too late,아 2,원투룸 및 네 감사합니다 티아,걸린 으 비교 리스 co 아아,two to do,아 o 아 그 그렇지,아 아 씨 오 오 오 오,t 다온 skater,tora tora tora,아,물론 귀여웠다 2p,와 가지 카 럼 2u 랙 아파트라,too 5 다이아,아,5,took a,아아 woo hoo woo,밍 가까이 de hotel 아,자가,아 어 아니라,으,[음악],으,아 아,아 lee

Jump Force: The WORST Anime Game Ive Ever Played

look Ive played my fair share of bad,games and Ive seen many franchises die,as time goes on due to repetitiveness,incompetence via the developers,saturation of microtransactions,unnecessary political commentary,inserted into the game and blatant,miscommunication between the companies,pushing these games and the communities,out there who support these games but of,all the silly mistakes Ive seen,companies make even outside of anime,games which already have a bad rap for,being big class lazy and limited,compared to their Western competition,this game has got to top them all the,game jump force was marketed at e3 2018,as Shonen Jump skewed costs over sequel,to the surprisingly popular j-stars,victory vs jump horse to them was,essentially their Avengers but in video,game form and they were hoping to,capitalize on the success of the Western,fans who had imported j-stars victory vs,all the way back when it released before,it even had an English translation,meaning majority of the people who,bought this game didnt even understand,what the actual game said on the menus,cuz it was all in Japanese and the,success of Marvel in the MCU in the past,10 years obviously had an influence on,this game too as the entire story mode,of the game which is a [ __ ] meme as it,is is a direct reflection of the,Avengers its literally shown in main,characters as superheroes banding,together to save the world a game,featuring all of our favourite,characters like Goku Naruto Luffy each,year and many many more straight out of,the gate I was hooked on the idea just,like millions of others as I was one of,the many Westerners who actually ordered,J SARS back when it released and I,genuinely enjoyed that game even though,the controls were pretty damn stiff and,I was only getting matched up against,Japanese players who played the game as,if their familys honour depended on,winning the actual matches jam forced to,me as an enemy fan was exactly what I,wanted a,next-gen fully developed promising,crossover game that was even being,pushed by Xbox a console and company,which is primarily known as being a,Western console yet even they went in on,getting a slice of that pie and,advertising this massive crossover,Japanese anime manga fighting game you,know what Im saying there was it was so,much potential here and guess what they,even had bleach characters from the war,arc which as of today is still yet to,have an anime adaptation the game had,fun written all over it,a lot of promise and could have easily,started the engine of production which,would lead to companies producing many,more future crossover fighting games,involving the Shonan powerhouse as we,all know and love sure these games wont,be the next Tekken Mortal Kombat or,smash by any means but this could be a,successful concurrent thing which we,could see go on for many years and,theyve already talked about doing it,actually they had a QA after John Force,release where they were curious what,people thought about the game and they,already implied that theyre considering,making a second John Force game meaning,the game succeeded way beyond what they,actually expected and although the game,did sell a lot more than even they,expected it was a massive letdown upon,release straight away when it released,we had many issues the roster was half,the size of what it should have been the,online mode was a complete mess the,actual mechanics of the game were,arguably a downgrade compared to j-stars,victory vs which is insane to say,considering how poorly made that game,actually was you know although I enjoyed,it that was a very very badly programmed,game oh my lord,the story mode was an absolute joke,something which a lot of people were,excited for especially after theyd seen,that Light Yagami would be in the actual,story and a huge part of the game itself,now usually Id say that buying an anime,fighting game for anything other than,the actual act of fighting in the game,itself because thats what you should be,expecting when you buy these games not a,super in-depth triple a story mode but I,would say thats usually pretty stupid,to expect a good story mode for most,cases its very rare that would get a,very in-depth story mode in an,may gaym its its extremely rare,actually but jump horses story mode was,leaps and bounds worse than just quite,bad by any means it was yeah just take a,look at this oh this is me,yeah cutscene about sums it up right,there Frieza [ __ ] T posing out of,there basically if you just go onto,Twitter and scroll down any post that,Bondi Namco puts out about John force,they are constantly being clowned on and,bullied a 24/7 and you know what I,actually dont feel bad for them at all,whatsoever not only am i kissing any,potential partnership or sponsored with,them goodbye by making this video but I,got to be honest I would not want to,work with a company like them anyway,they let down so many goddamn people,when they hype the hell out of this game,acted like it was gonna be the biggest,thing theyve ever released showcased,all these special editions of the game,they talked about all of the benefits,which would come with the buying these,said special editions of the game,slowly hyped up the release of our,favorite characters being added into the,game as the weeks and months went by,leading up to the games release only,for the game to turn out to be absolute,ah I mean just think about this for a,second what fighting game a game where,all you do is whats in the name you,know fight how the hell did it not have,a rematch button in the game from,release and these morons have the,audacity to release a trailer on their,Twitter with higher bass music epic text,on the screen exploding on the screen,and appearing really quick flashing and,so on essentially suck in their own its,over them adding a feature that should,have been in the game since day one the,most basic feature of any fighting game,since cavemen were fighting each other,in caves on their Nintendo stick switch,that itself even had a fool can a,rematch button when they hit each other,over the head would said to stick not,having a rematch button in a fighting,game is like pizza without cheese its,like a car without pin wheels its like,Popeye without his damn spinach I seem,ridiculous ask comments on Twitter,saying things like not their fault you,paid 100 bucks to play a game of unknown,quality a few days before its released,what kind of caucus mentality and logic,is that a lot of the things that people,are complaining about are things that,they actually promised before the games,release,if anything thats actually false,advertisement things like oh if you buy,the special edition you will get this,many DLC characters and maps and all,these different benefits and have a,really fun time or if you buy the,special edition you actually get the,characters early and what happens are,theyre delaying characters like Toshiro,who was supposed to be in this months,DLC not only have they been completely,late when it comes to the schedule of,releasing these DLC characters but they,are actually rerelease encountered from,the story mode which should have been,playable since day one I mean Ive seen,another comment saying this it probably,got delayed because they were adding the,rematch feature bond I thank you for,hearing the communitys concerns and,adding the rematch feature they could,wait for the next character because it,was more important so not only did we,wait over six months for the very much,button which should have been in the,release but within that time span of,them apparently working on the rematch,button over the new DLCs they had the,time to put those story mode villains in,the game like as playable characters in,the online I I really dont understand,whats going on why do we even pay this,money for all these special editions if,we were gonna get let down that bad this,game has been an actual full-blown joke,not only do we have all the issues I,listed before but ranked mode when the,gam

Jump Force – Before You Buy

hey its Falcon and this is before you,buy the show where we sort of take a,look at new games give you some footage,give you our impressions and hopefully,help you make a buying decision so today,we arent obviously doing jump horse and,thats a biggie this was announced back,at e3 in 2018 people were kind of taken,aback is this big console anime,crossover fighter but its kind of a,modern spin on a long-running type of,crossover game that the jump series has,given us that goes all the way back to,the NES honestly we just dont get,through the Western market usually which,who let me tell you this is quite a way,to introduce these games to a more wide,Western audience so lets start with the,roster its 40 strong theres a ton of,variety and there is nothing at all to,scoff at there is 40 playable fighters,thats a ton you got a lot of big,household names you dragon ball your,Naruto your one piece your bleach you,got some of the reserve players your,Saint Seiya the Fist of the North Star,black clover city hunter and even Yugi,from yu-gi-oh I mean its a big wild,roster and theres some minor issues,here because theres a really weird,amount of time spent trying to justify,why all of these anime characters are,fighting lets talk about the story mode,Im not gonna spoil anything but I will,give away a couple of things that happen,early this takes place in the real world,so keep that in mind it is a little bit,jarring to see anime characters in the,real world but this thing starts off,with Frieza from Dragon Ball Z basically,messing up Times Square theres a,civilian thats injured Goku shows up,trunks rescues Goku stuff gets kind of,interesting and then you create an,in-game avatar which was the injured,bystander and its you the player,character youre then whisked away to,umber base which everything gets,explained the narrative gets filled out,etc etc so jump Force HQ this is what,you learn the real world that you me and,seemingly the player character like,though the actual real world where this,game supposedly takes place in isnt the,only one theyre a bunch of different,jump worlds and all of them house these,various shounen jump characters like you,at the dragonball world in a ruder world,wont one-piece world we went over what,characters in this game already so you,know what worlds there are they are all,separate and they all exist parallel to,each other yeah its a lot like its a,lot but on top of it theyre enemies,from jump worlds that you have to deal,with,theyre called Venoms theyre putting,humanity in danger and all of the,shounen jump characters as well as you,the player character who is injured in,the ensuing scuffle in Times Square have,to save humanity I mean thats obviously,a good goal but it was very difficult to,get to that point and youll know,exactly what I mean when you go through,it and from there its basically using,number base to access the rest of the,game number base like I said is jump,horse HQ it serves as a hub and lobby,and you walk around interact with NPCs,you can enter into online and offline,battles you can do your story missions,you can upgrade just everything that you,would do in a menu is done in a hub,world and thats kind of cool its kind,of also a really glorified menu like,theres times that I really enjoy it and,theres times when Im thinking you know,a menu would have been fine I dont like,walking all this way but whatever you go,from world to world its kind of Kingdom,Hearts ish which is weird considering,Kingdom Hearts just came out but,whatever I think I have a lot of,preference towards the idea of a,fighting game that works more like,injustice like an injustice you fight,somebody,theres cutscene the cutscene helps you,understand whats happening and,introduces the next fight and then you,do the next fight basically what you,would expect when somebody says story,mode in fighting game we didnt get that,this is its kind of weird,honestly the cutscenes are not good the,audio is not in sync the localization is,sometimes very strange and the animation,in the cutscenes is just a big mad,youre not gonna get a lot out of me for,that theres been a lot of talk about,the cutscenes around the internet youve,seen probably gifts of it its all there,its weird its not great,so set the cutscenes aside character,models are decent but not amazing,sometimes theyre really weird but,thats usually when theyre standing,still if theyre moving or in a battle,or in well frankly a lot of these,different scenarios that youre actually,playing they actually look pretty good,its not gonna blow you away but it is,pretty cool now,all of that stuff I would say matters,but thats not why we came to jump for,us frankly when I saw jump force my,thought was oh cool I can fight with all,these characters and when we get down to,that its actually pretty good obviously,the most important part of a fighting,game is the combat and I think its,pretty damn fun its fast its hectic,its loud and though its maybe not as,technical as Dragonball Fighters or,Street Fighter or even some of the Soul,Calibur titles it does actually give you,a platform to do some pretty badass,stuff it starts you off pretty basic,with light attacks heavies throws block,and you can build a meter to execute,special attacks for instance Gokus,kamehameha,Narutos risen Gong Vegetas Gallic gun,you know the awesome stuff that we all,cared about when we were much smaller,than we are now,or maybe youre still that small I dont,know its the cool stuff from Dragon,Ball and the other animes its kind of,like Arkady Kombat and thats not a bad,thing and these arenas that takes place,and are huge theyre based on various,classic locations in the shounen jump,universe as well as places in the,quote-unquote real world Paris New York,San Francisco etc and the fact that,theyve made these stages so large,really works well because the,super-powered attacks take up a lot of,area you punch somebody and they go,flying really far it makes sense to have,a nice big expansive area to play in and,the games charged mechanic does a darn,good job of allowing you to close that,gap as it may get more lengthy theres,also a second gauge for when youre,taking damage which builds up when it,gets to 50% you can burn everything that,youve gained there to use an awakened,ability the awaken ability essentially,form changes you its really easy to use,its just clicking the right thumbstick,and its actually pretty sweet some of,the characters have an ultimate,awakening potential as well so Goku at,50% hell go super sand but a 100% hell,go super saiyan blue which is lets just,say awesome its one of the more awesome,things is just being able to do all of,that stuff one thing jump force does it,I think is fairly different from other,tag games like jump force in other games,each of your characters tend to have,like an individual health bar whereas in,jump force you seem to have kind,a collective pool of health and,character shifts are more like a switch,of your moveset or a switch of your,stance for lack of an actual specific,term and this is in my opinion actually,really good when you get used to it its,not necessarily better or worse its a,different style look if youre thinking,that you will approach this as in oak,Eric turd a is low on health I need to,switch out to character B thats not how,it works you can take a set amount of,damage so it literally is a fairly,different idea again I think this is,kind of something that may depend on,taste but I did actually enjoy this,element of the tag switching quite a bit,and Ill tell you why I found myself,switching out characters more often than,I would in other games because a lot of,the switching is done specifically for,health oriented reasons whereas doing it,this way allows you to take advantage of,several different move sets in some way,just totally revolutionising the,approach you take but thats also me,thats what I thought it is really fast,combat like I said its kind of Arkady,its very fluid it feels v

Jump Force Review: The Worst Anime Game Ever

whats up everybody welcome back to the,channel today im reviewing a game that,has recently won a poll created on my,community tabs listing different games,that you guys might have wanted to see,me play and to my surprise 54 of you,guys wanted to see me play jump force,im not sure if its because you guys,actually enjoy the game or because you,guys wanted to see me suffer but,based off the title of the video you,guys probably already know the answer so,what is jump force jump force is,essentially an anime arena fighter,filled with many characters from various,series all put together in one big,crossover this game was released back in,2018 by spike chunsoft as a celebration,for the 50th anniversary for shonen jump,a magazine company responsible for,releasing many manga series weekly,series like one piece naruto dragon ball,and many many more have gained major,popularity thanks to the company so of,course with a game like this in,development so many people began to,wonder do people seriously think naruto,can be ichigo do people seriously think,ichigo can beat naruto goku solos goku,solos,which anime girl has the biggest boobs,wait,what did he just say what,no,this is a review,so of course people are curious about,the,so to be honest when i first hopped onto,this game i thought i would dislike the,combat system for jump force because of,all the gameplay ive watched in the,past but once i actually got my hands on,the game,i was surprised that it was,pretty decent when i first started,fighting opponents i realized straight,away how simple the game was and found,myself quickly getting used to the,control settings you have one button,that is used for light attacks that lead,up to consecutive combos which is the,same for the heavy attack button as well,so if you just want to spam your light,attacks the entire match then by all,means go for it but if you want more,spice to your combos then of course,theres the different skills your,characters can do whether its the,kamehameha from goku or a rasin gun from,naruto you can implement so many skills,to continue a combo,theres also a feature in the game,similar to the substitutions youtube,from the storm series that allows your,character to teleport behind your,opponent in a dramatic fashion which,made me feel like i was in an anime,every time i would spam the dodge button,on top of the pretty cool skills and,features there of course are the,ultimate attacks that i found visually,pleasing and pretty easy to pull off for,most of the roster each ultimate,complemented the characteristics of each,person that came from their respective,series and it shows the efforts the,developers did to make it happen,for the most part,[Music],[Applause],what the some of the characters,ultimates did feel kind of lazy and,were just there to fill in some of the,missing parts of the game but of course,i cant keep talking about the gameplay,without mentioning the,like i mentioned previously jump force,has brought together different,characters from shonen jump and i had an,enjoyable time playing some of my,favorite characters like zorro from one,piece sasuke from naruto ichigo from,bleach and so much more for each,character they had their own unique,traits that were from their own series,and i would sometimes find myself saying,their moves with them because of how,hyped that was when selecting your,character you were given the option to,play a 1v1 2v2 and even a 3v3,if you have more than one character with,you it can be used as assist characters,to help give you the edge within the,battlefield and even extend combos,or they can also be switched into the,battle and fight against the opponents,themselves i wasnt that big of a fan of,this system mainly because when you do a,3v3 youre unable to choose which assist,you can use its usually whoevers next,to be switched in can be used to help,you out if there was another button that,allowed you to call out whoever i think,it would be a huge improvement but with,how the controller settings has been,made that wouldnt work for this game oh,well,its still cool seeing characters like,trunks from dragon ball z calling sabo,from one piece for help theres also,transformations depending on the person,you will see all sorts of forms like,narutos sages six paths form kilaueas,godspeed form,goku and vegetas super saiyan form and,blue,and many more however not everyone has a,form and just gets a boost of power so,we all cant be winners as for the,design of the characters ill be honest,i didnt like it the fact that this game,was made to look realistic is something,i simply cant understand why the,developers thought it was a good idea,because a lot of them looked ugly i mean,look at frieza for example,why the hell does his teeth look like,that eventually i did get used to it or,i guess i forced myself to ignore it but,man,it would have been so much better if the,game took on a more cartoony feel to it,instead of all the realism of course,besides the character designs are some,of the easter eggs in the game that,spike actually took the time to include,for example sanji from the series one,piece refuses to hit women so whenever,hes faced against one he wont deal any,damage to them and instead,showers them with love he truly is a,gentleman and im glad they paid,attention to that detail but man,i feel so bad for whoever means some of,the characters also have special,dialogue said to each other in the,beginning of the match which is pretty,cool to listen to especially when you,actually understand the dialogue making,it a hundred times better,you cant say that dude just because,hes green doesnt mean hes a villain,jeez,but theres only one character that,ranks supreme above all,one character even stronger than goku,that character,is my cac,boy if you dont,you can make your own character with,this feature in the game youre able to,make either a boy or girl character with,a choice between three different,fighting styles type a is a martial arts,fighting style where you mainly focus on,pummeling your opponents with quick and,accurate strikes similar to dragon ball,characters type b is a pirate fighting,style where you use wide powerful,strikes similar to one piece characters,and type c is a ninja fighting style,where you use acrobatic movements to,beat up your opponents with taijuto okay,pause,so for some reason when i was writing my,script i forgot about type d which is a,sword fighting style that cuts down,opponents with bladed attacks,after trying out type d i feel like i,should have gone with it because i later,found out during my playthrough sword,users are actually fun to play in this,game,but,for me i went with type a simply because,i like being close and personal when im,fighting my opponents it felt like it,fit my playstyle after choosing that,youre able to go straight to the,customization you can adjust the height,their body type their hairstyle ears,eyes nose mouth jaw wingspan,wait this isnt 2k what i do like about,the customization is the fact that when,you do choose the different hairstyles,and different features you can make your,characters somewhat similar to other,characters from their series you can,have similar hairstyles to gone asta and,even saitama,actually,i think that character is just bald,after i finished creating my character,he was ready for battle,and what was the name of the hero that,will save us all,silence,im not really good with making up names,so,its silence why aint no weight right,with the character you created you are,given a wide range of skills that you,can equip to yourself whether its the,rasengan gum gum redhawk gala gun,the list is nearly endless of course,there are still some moves only the,original characters can pull off so,those are exclusive but hey forget about,the moves your characters can pull off,lets talk about some of the fashion,choices your character can have huh,you can visit the shops that are located,in the games lobby to buy different,clothing and accessories i a

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