1. I Tried June Oven for 3 Months | Best Toaster Oven?
  2. JUNE Smart Oven Intelligent Cooking Demo Review – Toaster Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator Roaster & More
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I Tried June Oven for 3 Months | Best Toaster Oven?

so can what looks like a glorified,toaster oven actually replace many of,your kitchen appliances including your,actual oven well I spent about three,months with the June oven on my kitchen,counter trying to find out,[Music],hey hows it going this is oh and,imacina.com and in todays video were,going to talk about my pretty long,experience using the June oven this,thing is extremely feature Rich and Ive,been able to test out pretty much,everything this thing can do the first,thing I want to talk about is just,unboxing this thing and how big it is,because if its not going to fit on your,countertop then youre probably not,going to be interested in it,[Music],now it says team list but I ignored that,because Im a big strong boy,[Music],the Box,more accessories,set it down and pull it out of the box,there we go there we go we got it we got,it,yeah this is actually,[Music],its a bit smaller than I thought it,would be,its kind of meant to be like a,freestanding thing just in your kitchen,I think you probably could like replace,your your oven with it if you put in,some work,but part of the appeal is that it just,kind of sits there you dont really need,to do anything,oh we should get a close-up of this,this money shot right here,[Music],so when I unbox this thing I thought it,was pretty heavy just in the box but,that was due in large part to the big,cast iron slab that is one of the,accessories,thats cast iron,[Music],cast iron griddle and then the bottom,part,is where pizzas are supposed to go but,for all the things this oven can do the,dimensions are actually pretty small in,my opinion it actually fit right into,the spot where my old toaster oven used,to be in my kitchen the dimensions are,about 19 inches deep 19 inches long and,about 12 inches tall so I think it,should work for the vast majority of,peoples kitchens and obviously,Aesthetics are a subjective thing but I,actually really like just the look of,this thing it looks really Sleek without,looking super explicitly high-tech like,maybe gaming stuff how that looks it,doesnt look anything like that and I,just really like how it looks in my,kitchen probably the most aesthetically,pleasing feature is the touch screen,which is how you control the oven and it,is constantly displaying the date and,time and its pretty much always up to,date if you have power surge itll,automatically re-update the time and,date because its connected to your,phone so when I first set this thing up,in my kitchen I had to download the,mobile app and connect it to Wi-Fi which,I thought was kind of weird for an oven,Ive never had any high-tech piece of,equipment in my kitchen like this but,once you get used to all the features,its actually kind of hard to go back,this thing will actually send,notifications to your phone for a lot of,different categories you can set which,ones you want and which ones you dont,want you can get a notification on your,phone for when the oven is finished,preheating when it is almost finished,with cooking and when its finished with,cooking which I think is pretty cool I,actually have a Garmin watch thats,connected to my phone and so I could be,outside working while Im cooking,something and I get a nice little,notification when my food is almost,ready to go the mobile app itself I,found to be highly functional you can,pretty much control all the functions of,your oven from the phone however I,didnt really find myself using the app,all that much one kind of cool thing,about the app is you can actually get a,live video feed from the camera thats,in the oven well talk more about the,camera here in a little bit I didnt,wind up using the app all that much,mostly because in order to actually use,the oven you have to put your food in,there first so I found it easier just to,put my food in and then do everything on,the touchscreen the app does have a,pretty deep library of recipes that use,the June oven if youre interested I,didnt really find myself using these,recipes though so when I got the June,oven set up the first thing I did was,make some toast really ambitious I know,but since this was replacing my toaster,oven I wanted to make sure that it could,at least do that and it was actually,kind of amazing you put in the slice of,bread into the oven and the camera,inside automatically detects that you,want to toast some bread it gave me the,option to pick from white bread or wheat,bread you select which one you put in,there and you select your level of,doneness and I selected medium and then,it runs a toasting program Ive never,actually felt that making toast was ever,this precise if you were using this,thing and you selected medium and you,found that it was too light or too dark,it is extremely easy to adjust the,program to your liking with just a,couple simple taps of the touch screen,and so toast is just one of the dozens,and dozens of programs that the June,oven has built into its software its,got a frozen hash brown program its got,fresh roasted potatoes program it also,has a baked potato program it has turkey,burgers beef burgers and possible,Burgers Beyond Burgers it has so many,things its actually easier to list the,things that it doesnt have because I,couldnt really find anything in fact,the tofu program built into the June,oven pretty much entirely changed the,way that I cook it at home and the tofu,I cook at home at least to my taste buds,is better than Ive had at any,restaurant and one of the absolute best,parts about using the pre-loaded,programs in the June oven is that the,preheating process is already factored,in so instead of having to set your oven,temperature wait for it to preheat and,then put your food in you can just put,your food in and run the program now I,will say these programs arent always,perfect in fact the fried egg program,when I used it I set it to the hard,setting and it didnt cook it quite long,enough to my liking of course that is a,personal preference thing but its,extremely easy to adjust the timings of,these programs like I mentioned earlier,you can even create custom ones but in,my entire time using this I didnt find,the need to make a custom one because,the ones built in work really well most,of the time with all that being said the,favorite program that Ive used with the,June oven is the fried egg one it comes,with a really nice egg pan that cooks,the eggs perfectly so I actually found,through a bit of experimentation with,the fried egg program you can make,probably the easiest and most delicious,breakfast which Ill show you right now,[Music],hash browns,[Music],credit,continue,start cooking,[Music],[Music],foreign,so only 20 minutes of cook time for what,is essentially a more homemade and,healthier version of a McDonalds,McMuffin because extremely quick,extremely low effort and uh,extremely tasty this thing will also,cook meat extremely easily and very,precisely in the side of the oven is,actually a port for a thermometer and so,you just put the thermometer in your,meat put it in the oven plug it in and,then itll run the program to reach that,perfect temperature that is recommended,by the FDA for food safety so it is,extremely difficult to undercook or,overcook your meat in the June oven,thanks to that thermometer I havent,cooked a ton of meat in this thing Im,not a huge meat eater but the times I,did it worked absolutely perfectly it,just takes pretty much all the guesswork,about when your meat is actually done so,it has programs for pretty much every,single type of meat youd possibly want,to cook in this thing and thats just,talking about the programs even without,the programs this thing is still super,highly functional it preheats extremely,fast youre looking at about eight to,ten minutes to get up to 400 Degrees,which is incredibly fast in comparison,to my standard old gas oven its got got,so many different functions it has the,baking and broiling function of course,which is pretty much standard on any,oven youll possibly buy but it also,roasts it slow Cooks It air f

JUNE Smart Oven Intelligent Cooking Demo Review – Toaster Oven Air Fryer Dehydrator Roaster & More

[Music],welcome to another edition of erics,product reviews im erica and today im,excited to uh talk a little bit about,this fancy new,you cant call it a toaster oven uh that,we got for christmas and when i say we,got it i mean we bought it for ourselves,for christmas this is the june and the,june is not just a toaster oven it,replaced our toaster oven but it is so,many more things it is a smart oven is,what i would call it uh it replaces a,toaster oven it does a regular oven it,does air frying it does drying fruits,and vegetables all kinds of stuff and,its smart its intelligent its super,super cool,so first of all lets talk about size,its pretty big,you can see in there it has a nice light,in there and i love that even just that,simple thing when stuffs cooking you,can see it in there because theres a,light on with my old toaster oven if i,was baking cookies i would shine a,flashlight in there to try to see how,they were doing,with this you can see clearly not only,can you see clearly in there this way,but theres a camera up in the top and,while stuff is cooking you can go on the,app in your phone and you can see it,cooking live in action that is just,crazy crazy cool and just a nice little,extra feature and ill talk more about,the app in a minute but you have nice,high quality uh heating coils in here it,works as a convection oven there are,fans in the back um it just does all,kinds of amazing cool things and its a,pretty big size so theres a lot of,stuff that you could put in here that,you couldnt put in most uh,standard sized toaster ovens and youll,see see the interface here its kind of,like a smartphone its a little,rectangle and its all touch sensitive,so lets look at all the things you can,do youve got special programs oops i,didnt mean to go into them but lets go,into them look under programs you can,pick the type of food youre going to,cook baked goods meat poultry seafood,leftovers and when you select something,then you get specific things leftover,ribs leftover pizza slices,so even without using,deciding for yourself which of the,cooking modes youre going to use you,have built-in ones for specific things,frozen food cook frozen food chicken,nuggets bagel bites chicken wings,edamame all those are in there,uh go back to the,front,popcorn you got popcorn,youve got special things from trader,joes or whole foods market where things,you can buy there are pre-programmed how,to cook them in here thats so cool,but besides the programs even if those,werent in there youve got bake youve,got roast youve got reheat,slide over you got broil you got toast,you got airfry now they do sell a,separate special basket that you use in,here for the air frying youve got grill,youve got proof,thats for bread if you bake,youve got pizziola for cooking pizza,youve got dehydrate youve got slow,cook youve got,keep warm then youve got your settings,youve got a cleaning function and,youve got connect to connect your phone,so dehydrate thats cool so you can,dehydrate fruits and things,keep warm i love that because after,youve done cooking something but maybe,youre not ready to eat yet youve got,other stuff to cook you can put it in,there and itll keep it at the right,temperature just to keep it warm thats,the slow cooking so many different,cooking modes,besides the programs that are built into,there so uh really cool as you can see,like with my toast i cook toast in there,and it comes out where i just use the,toast built-in toast program and it,worked good heres whats really cool uh,when you put something in there if you,put pizza in there you dont have to,tell it it detects its pizza or you put,something like a piece of bread in there,it automatically will ask you on the,front do you want to toast this pizza,are you reheating pizza its just so,smart that it knows those things and,thats whats so cool about this thing,also youve got the app on your phone,besides looking in on the camera to see,food cooking you also have full control,you could be on your way home from work,and you could go on the app and preheat,the oven uh,with your on your phone until its,preheat or you can go into the app while,stuff is cooking and adjust the cooking,time or set the program,all controllable from the app also when,something is just about done cooking you,get a notification on your phone to let,you know hey in about one minute your,foods gonna be done so you know to come,in and check on it see if it needs a,little bit longer or not,thats on the app so really amazing i,mean this is its not inexpensive,obviously with doing all that but uh,there are a lot of uh theres several i,would say smart ovens on the market,right now that claim to be really great,and really good things but we researched,this one before we bought this one and,uh it had really good reviews people who,had bought it all seem to,have good experiences with it and i,would agree with those,yes its not a cheap oven but with what,it does its its it holds its,own for what it cost it matches what it,does matches what it costs unlike,you know a lot of things that may cost,way more than what theyre worth or,maybe price cheap but then they,arent good this is something that,youre investing in because it really,works and really works great,i love it my spouse loves it uh i love,all the different ways it can cook and,how uh the technology behind the coils,the heating coils works great so whether,its you know using a convection oven a,standard cooking uh whether its,dehydrating or air frying,or toasting or rolling whatever its,doing it does a really great job very,even,very very excellent excellent product by,june if youre looking for something,like this,we we have this big gas oven here we,rarely use it,for anything that we can do in here we,do it here because its easier and its,its more controlled and it just it,works great it really works great so if,youre looking for something like this,or if youre looking at this and you,remember wondering you know doesnt,really work uh weve had it for a little,over two and a half months now and uh,actually yeah about two and a half three,months now and its we love it i i think,its great i think its an excellent,excellent product by june im looking,forward to learning more stuff i can do,with it and using some of the features i,havent used yet but so far ive been,very very impressed and its definitely,a product that i would recommend,thats going to be it for this review if,you like this review please click that,like button if you know anyone might be,interested in a product like this or you,want to drop a hint to your spouse about,getting it for you as a gift share this,video with them all those ways are down,there uh dont forget to favorite my,playlist or subscribe to my channel to,keep up with future product reviews if,you have any questions post them in the,comments below ill do my best to answer,them as quickly as i can im going to,tell you up front im not a big cook so,there are some features of this i,havent used yet because my spouse,cooks more than i do and i i im,unlimited but everything ive done with,this ive loved but uh i just to say,that i may have to answer your question,with i dont know but ill do my best to,try to answer anything i can and uh yeah,thats gonna be until next time so be,safe and be happy,[Music]

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????????‍???? The June Smart Oven – Unboxing & Setup Video!! ????

january february march,april may,[Music],[Applause],june oh its the june smart oven lets,unbox this thing and find out if its,worth it,[Music],whats up guys its your boy jason keys,and thanks for tuning in to this,unboxing of the,june smart oven here on our keys life,channel if you already havent,subscribed to channel make sure you do,so,before this video ends and if you like,this video smash that like button,and ring that bell so you get notified,of our future videos so again this,giant monstrosity of a box sitting in,front of me is the june,smart oven and were going to unbox it,right now as soon as we get out of this,massive box were going to put on the,kitchen counter,and get it fired up and take a look at,it im super excited about this because,youve been following our channel,you know ive basically purchased and,tested,every smart oven on the market and were,gonna be doing a lot more cool kitchen,gadgets,biohacking some tech stuff super cool,stuff so be sure to subscribe,but without further ado lets um,open this box up and see whats in it,im gonna have to stand up for this,holy cow wow it says its heavy,it says its 55 pounds and says it,should be two people,so we might cut away for a second and,actually get this thing out,um get rid of the packaging material,and lets see here it says the june,premium package because i did go with,the,highest level option i always want to,make sure i do that when i purchase,things,to make sure that you know we we are,able to test and look at everything,possible,so again this is june premium package,its 55 pounds and it says,two people should be carrying this um,lets see,im as strong as two people right,so im gonna throw this on the sofa,behind me its basically a box in a box,and were gonna get this giant,monstrosity of it box out of here,im just gonna walk by,so now that we have our box within a box,i feel like we can,start this video over one more time hi,guys all right so lets open the second,box,its funny so when you do get this,expect a box inside a box,and if youre gift wrapping it for your,loved one maybe take out the outside box,and save yourself a couple square feet,of wrapping paper,but here we go okay so now were in some,june branded boxes,this looks pretty nice im gonna turn it,so you guys can see,inside as soon as you open it up theres,some june branding in the styrofoam,there is an accessory box and theres a,power cord,power cord might be connected to the,oven i think yeah because its not like,a computer or printer where it actually,gets disconnected so,were gonna take that power cord and,flip it to the side lets get the,accessory box out of here,like tight in there,and uh you know why dont we look at the,accessories first real quick before we,take the actual oven out,so inside the accessories box is the,manual,yes lets read that none of us actually,ever read a manual but uh,well set it aside for now weve got a,rack,like a standard oven rack that looks,probably sized,specifically for the june oven nice,stainless steel there um i wonder if,theres anything in this box or its,just,oh yes it is its the thermometer probe,so dont throw this away it feels like,theres nothing in it its super light,but if youre looking at this on the,down cam or um facing me,this has a what likely might be a,proprietary thermometer,its got some braided metal wire on it,and what really looks like a 3.5,millimeter,you know audio jack connector and this,is your smart probe that gets,stuck stuck stroke,no not there it gets stuck in the food,if youre making some chicken or,something other nature again were going,to be testing out some of these things,uh later on today and so there you go so,dont throw away this little white box,just be very careful because it seems,like its nothing in there,and um later on in this same box,is a its almost like a,its a smaller rack and its got some,like feet on it so,dont know exactly what the purpose of,this particular one is maybe for,dehydrating,maybe for um like cooking something on,this tray thats that seems to be more,like it because so later on in this box,theres like multiple layers to this,cake right youve got,a pan it has this super like,smooth like non-stick coating on it its,light gray unlike the brava oven which,weve also unboxed on this channel,but it has a similar like super smooth,non-stick coating in this,cool light gray color and this rack that,we just,unboxed a second ago sits right in it so,it can sit and it actually has some feet,so,theres about a half an inch of depth so,maybe if youre cooking something,that has some grease falling off of it,or something of that nature it can drip,straight through and these handles that,you,like lift it off so thats how that,works there and again well figure out,exactly what kind of cooking wed be,doing with that,continue to unbox this layers and layers,of cake here,and wow wow,so many okay theres something inside,the styrofoam,this looks like a its another tray it,seems like the same size as the,the larger ones but its got this mesh,like grill on it almost if you will this,might be for air frying or dehydrating,im not sure again but like i said,unboxing it with you for the first time,its also nice stainless steel feels,like super high quality,and its really shiny here in the lights,so i like that,and it looks like theres not one but,two of those,so literally two of these which is again,really cool,i im damn curious to see what those are,used for like whether its going to be,for dehydrating or something,and i think we might be making our way,towards the bottom of this stack,whoa three of them theres a third one,right here one two three,so that were gonna have to look at how,that works,more cardboard and its like the,never-ending box of,of uh surprises here and finally for,our last little package here we have a,basically a metal this is really solid,like really heavy,stainless steel its got a nice brush,finish on it,and it is um its really thick my guess,is this either sits at the bottom of the,oven or its an actual just a tray that,you can,bake stuff or cook stuff maybe some,cookies or something on it but again,were gonna figure out,all of that those are like the uh lets,count together weve got that one tray,weve got these three mesh trays thats,four,weve got the pan with the insert thats,five and six,weve got the rack thats seven and the,thermometer thats eight different,things,that come in this accessory box right,here off the top,i did purchase the premium version so,theres a second box,thats sitting to my left im not sure,if you guys can see it in frame right,now or not but were going to open that,up next,thats shipped separately but it came,with this whole setup so were gonna,find out whats in that,but uh yeah lets why dont we grab that,next actually and see what comes with it,okay cool all right guys were back um i,grabbed,the june accessories box this is a,separate box its about you know,like six inches tall and a couple a foot,or two wide and,you know you can see it right here its,in front of me this is a separate box,that shipped,outside of that giant box that we just,started opening on the oven it says june,accessories on it,lets find out whats in this because,again it already came with a bunch of,accessories that you saw,and um this this box looks,really familiar here so,its another probe it is a june,stainless steel probe,so we have it this is fascinating we,have the,original thermometer probe that came,with it but you get an upgraded,fully stainless steel one with even a,stainless steel connector its that same,3.5 millimeter,its got that metal braid wire on it so,i guess if you purchase the upgraded,package you get a stainless steel one,in addition to the one that comes with,it which has a bunch of plastic,components,you get an additional tray here very,similar to the one we just unboxed a,minute ago,that super smooth coating on there and,uh just like,that one it looks like were gonna have,multiple layers of stuff going on and,he

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Equipment Review: Smart Ovens

(upbeat music),- Smart countertop ovens use advanced technology,to take over cooking for you, or guide you step-by-step,,while promising to replace a bunch of other appliances.,From air fryers, to slow cookers, toasters, to dehydrators,,indoor grills to sous vide, pizza ovens and more.,Now, this sounds like a tall order,,and each oven takes a different approach.,So are any of these worth buying?,We tested five smart ovens.,Now, in every oven, we made four standard foods,to compare how they performed,,and how easy they were to use and clean.,We roasted chicken, baked biscuits, made toast,,and barbecued ribs.,So let me introduce you to the five ovens we tested.,First up, the June Smart Oven.,It uses radiant heat from six quartz heating elements,to cook food.,Now this updated model includes some new abilities,and new accessories.,The basic oven costs about $600.,Next, Tovala. This compact oven uses steam,,in combination with regular radiant oven heat.,It also has an optional meal-kit plan,for dinners designed to cook in about 20 minutes,after you scan the code on the package.,Tovala costs about $300.,Next, Brava. It cooks using powerful infrared lights,on the top, and bottom of the oven.,Its cool feature is that it lets you cook,up to three different ingredients, like salmon, green beans,,and potatoes, to each ingredients perfect done-ness,,on the same baking sheet at the same time.,This oven runs about $1,000 for its baseline model.,Now heres the Panasonic HomeChef Four-in-One,countertop multi-oven.,It can air fry, bake, roast, broil, and microwave.,Its the only oven we tested without its own app.,This is also the only smart oven that has a trim kit,,so you can install it as a wall oven in your kitchen.,It costs around $530.,And finally, we have the Anova Precision Oven,,which uses radiant heat and steam,from the big tank along one side.,You can set the percentage of steam to be used,,and you can customize how it cooks.,Steam cookings designed to keep food moist as it cooks.,Its especially helpful for baking,,like bread, cake and biscuits,,so they come out tall and moist, with a crisp crust.,This ovens priced around $600.,Okay, so thats the theory of how all these work.,Heres what happened in real life.,The Anova, Ive gotta be honest, it was a pain.,Everything took forever to cook.,And the results were not worth the wait.,Chicken and ribs were still a bit wet and rubbery,after hours and hours of cooking.,The only exceptional foods we made were cake and biscuits.,But I really cant see buying a $600 oven,to make slightly better biscuits and cake.,The app was not very intuitive to use.,And escaping steam bleached the wooden countertop,under this oven.,Its not my favorite smart oven, and its not recommended.,Brava is another story.,It made a few things exceptionally well,,including great roast chicken.,And that trick of cooking different foods at once?,Fantastic idea, and it does work.,But, you have to follow a million rules for success,,including cutting all of the pieces of food, very specific,,small and uniform sizes.,And keeping each food in its own zone on the tray.,And not putting too skimpy a layer,,and not too piled up, et cetera, et cetera.,Gonna be honest, this oven was just too fussy and bossy.,And by the way, never open this oven while its cooking,,or youre gonna damage your eyes.,So naturally, theres also no window,to watch whats happening.,You can check progress on the little video screen on top.,The Panasonic HomeChef was okay.,It was basically a very big microwave oven,with some extended capabilities.,It defrosted ground turkey really well.,Biscuits baked decently, and it air-fried okay.,But it couldnt make toast.,We had to use the broil function instead,,and then watch it like a hawk.,Roast chicken had a very specific program,,where you had to enter the weight of the chicken,,down to the ounce.,And it was supposed to cook automatically.,Well, it smelled amazing,,but it overcooked that chicken badly. Not so smart.,And we actually really like Tovala.,It functioned well as a countertop oven.,And its programmed recipes also worked.,Both the oven, and its app were intuitive to use,,and the oven only took a cup of tap water to generate steam.,Not the gallon or more of distilled water,that you need for the Anova.,But its major flaw was that its a little bit small.,We could only fit half a rack of barbecued ribs.,A whole four-pound chicken barely squeezed in.,This oven is best for one, or two people.,Its also pretty affordable. So we chose it as our best buy.,And that brings us to our favorite by a landslide.,The June oven just continues to astonish us,with its abilities.,It actually makes cooking easier and simpler,and more reliable.,Now here are some of the things we really love about it.,First, the app and the display,are exact mirrors of each other,,giving you full control and the ability to monitor progress,with either one at any time.,Its display always tells you whats happening,,in multiple ways, with graphics, words and numbers.,And theres a big, clear window,,so you can actually just watch.,Plus theres a camera inside the top of the oven,so you can even check progress by video on the app,from another room.,The app notifies you whats going on,,and it pings you again when its finished.,And it gives you graphs of food and oven temperatures,so you can get as nerdy as you want.,It even saves video history and cooking details,of the last 10 things you made, so you can check back.,What else can it do?,It can identify hundreds of foods in seconds.,So if I put a slice of bread in to make toast, boom.,It asks if its this or that.,It gives instructions for where,to put the rack, and other tips.,If you decide to add time,to get the right done-ness for you,,it asks if you wanna save your preferences for next time.,For more complex foods like meat, poultry or fish,,theres an attached temperature probe,that lets the oven keep track of done-ness.,so food never overcooks.,A new cast iron pizza stone and grill pan,made gorgeous pizza and grilled chicken breasts.,The air fryer baskets worked really well.,Ribs came out fall-apart tender,,and a whole chicken on a bed of vegetables,roasted to perfection.,On the other hand,,if youre interested in super convenience,,it can also recognize and cook many packaged foods,from Trader Joes and Whole Foods.,Now, with this oven, we could just as easily,manually cook our own recipes, use pre-programmed settings,,or follow the step-by-step guided recipes on the June app,,which were well designed and nice and clear.,The oven was easy to keep clean,and all the accessories were sturdy and well made.,Plus, because the June is Internet connected,,the company releases periodic software updates,,keeping the oven improving and adding features over time.,You know, to be honest, I cant even get into all the things,this oven can do.,Youre just gonna have to explore for yourself.,But the bottom line is,,we found it was actually relaxing to work with this oven.,Because we quickly learned to trust it,and its cooking results.,And thats why June is our new favorite smart oven.

June Oven Steak Test

okay so heres the stake test Ive got,these giant stakes and I stuck the probe,in there I plugged it in wheres the,door immediately gives me beef steak or,lamb as options were going to do our,steak I dont know medium yeah lets do,medium steak will need to be turned over,cook stick on middle rack use roasting,rack and food thermometer so I did all,of those things you cant really see it,anymore,but its in there with the roasting rack,in the food decoder press the button,high power broiling medium steak food,temp 39 degrees and I dont know what,those three little things on the bottom,like also its at 17 minutes or more,this I thought the other day that meant,that you could slide over when I try to,do that it just asked me if I want to,cancel so maybe thats the progress it,might be three stages cook it and then,flip it and then cook it then flip it,some more but anyway there there goes,the light is on the steak is baking or,in this case broiling I have my doubts,but well find out so I think it went,for about ten or twelve minutes or so,maybe 15 out of 17 that was originally,on here and then it shot up to 35,minutes,I think the convection fans and back,started up so I think this is the,and the intelligence thing here it were,its realizing that this steak is not,heating up that quickly right eat it how,does it know how thick it is,does it use the weight sensor Im not,entirely sure but clearly these these,crazy big steaks were going to take,more than 17 this side even so certainly,smells good in here and I think you can,see its sizzling sizzling on the top,the video from the webcam though is,terrible you might be able to see there,how very close that is to the top so,this is the middle rack position here,there is actually a top rack position,lower oxygen but because this meat is,quite thick and you know its its on,the tray and then its on the rack there,its really very close to the camera and,very close to the broilers,so all you get is this sort of top-down,view of just the very center of the meat,thats okay the webcam is not the most,important aspect of this oven but its,interesting that they didnt didnt,really compensate for that in the design,because they could have used a fisheye,wide-angle camera or something like that,anyway Ill be back in a while and see,how the state continues to cook its got,a notification to turn the steak over,also my watch so Im going to go ahead,and do that now its a very loud the,fans have started to make quite a quite,a humming noise but anyway I want to get,this turned over as quickly as possible,okay I did as I was told I did find this,step a little bit confusing and exactly,how the oven wants me to relate to it,in order to turn it said turned over on,the screen and it was counting down now,you know would normally this would not,be a complicated process with a regular,oven but theres so much software here,there are instructions there you know I,dont want to I dont want to confuse it,so a lot of questions you know I open,the door do it the probe here is plugged,in to the side other things you see that,wire there but I had had to flip the,steaks over so I opened the door in,order to pull that out and move it over,to the counter where I could handle it,I had to unplug the probe is that a,problem,I dont know then should I have closed,the door again if I closed the door,before I put the meat back in will I,think that I finished turning it over so,I just left the door open and then I,took it over to the other side of the,kitchen flipped everything put the probe,back in plugged it back in close the,door and then on the screen and said,cancel cooking so it got confused there,somehow and Im really not sure if its,working correctly its its still,counting down and I noticed that this,second thing is illuminated now there so,maybe its moved on to the second,phase of cooking I suppose itd be nice,if they had a manual but they dont and,I do notice that it is no longer,broiling so that the top broil elements,are not on which leads me to wonder how,can I brown my steak evenly it had a,good 20 minutes or so of intensely,broiling the top and now it is roasting,which is fine but maybe that last step,there will be broiling again or – in,order to finish the top because the I,will say it looked great the top of the,steak was beautifully brown when I,flipped over of course the bottom is,this looks like a cadaver so well see,how that comes out but yeah so there we,go,steak continuing to ate AHA guessed,correctly so with six and a half minutes,to go or so its turned into its turn to,high power broiling and switched modes,here so that will get the top done so I,guess this is getting close smells great,well just finish the little musical,tones went off and its a steak is ready,cooked to 135 its gone up to 136 now so,I should probably take it out and let it,rest and then were going to have dinner,hoorah okay theres what they look like,straight out of the machine and I am,going to not take a long video because I,dont want to screw these up so heres,the steak from the Jun intelligent oven,I press the button for medium Ive,already sort of gone into it here but,well you wont be able to see this on,the camera the I would say until I cut,it a minute ago its its got a little,grayer but it was a little pink on the,inside I would say that was actually,cooked to medium it stopped at 135 and,and its actually pretty good so I think,Ill with embroil and then roast and,then broiled thing anyway were gonna,stop making a video now and finish,eating

June Oven Premium Review – Part 1 – The AmazingRibs.com Virtual Showroom

welcome to the,amazingribs.com virtual showroom this is,part one a walk-around and inspection of,the june oven premium with me max good,you can read part two an in-depth review,of all the strengths and weaknesses,after running temperature tests and,cooking on it on amazingribs.com at the,link in this video this cooker was sent,to us by the manufacturer please note,that we dont charge to review products,when were done testing manufacturers,sometimes pick them up sometimes we give,them to fire departments or charities,but we never sell them,heres the june oven no its not just,some table top toaster oven june is,smart,it claims to cook over under sideways,down in every mode except microwave,smoke and steam,i removed the shelf,we have two burners on the bottom,four on top,[Music],theres a camera planted up here between,two led lights,two convection fans in the back,and a meat probe input on the side,this crumb tray slides in at the bottom,to catch crumbs and drippings,heres a non-stick pan,comes with a rack too,the food temperature probe plugs into,the side,when its time to cook june gives you,plenty of options,use their programs,[Music],bake with the bottom burners,roast from the bottom and top,[Music],reheat,using the timer or thermometer,and more,or use junes smartphone app which also,lets you control and monitor cooking via,wi-fi,or,just toss food inside,and let junes camera eye figure out,what to do with it,were being healthy with the wheat bread,ha it sees the bread is medium size and,two slices start toasting here we go,june says its done,[Music],and it is,nice toasty bread,this thing sure is interesting june has,an extensive library of guided recipes,too,all right june lets see just how smart,you are,part two of our review is a hands-on,detailed report on amazingribs.com,at the link in the video,for more virtual showroom videos cooking,demonstrations and everything you need,to know about outdoor cooking please,subscribe to our email newsletter,smokesignals,subscribe to our youtube channel and,follow us on facebook be sure to check,out meatheads amazing rubs and sauce,or best of all,try a free 30-day trial membership in,our pit master club,because,amazingribs.com is the biggest baddest,barbecue website,in the universe

Is the $600 Smart Toaster Oven Worth It? | Epicurious

whoa,hi im vincent and im a product design,engineer,one second,thats better,this is a 600 toaster oven marketed as,one of the best in the world and this is,a hundred dollar toaster oven with all,the standard basic features im gonna be,testing these out breaking down why,theyre designed the way they are not,necessarily to say that one is better,than the other but to examine variation,and toaster oven technology in general,this is tried and tested toaster ovens,ill be doing a series of tests today to,see how each oven holds up through a,wide array of uses but before that lets,talk about how toaster ovens work in,general traditionally heating elements,are made up of a metal alloy thats,coiled up this causes high resistance so,when electricity runs through those,coils the elements heat up both these,ovens use more modern heating elements,made from quartz quartz elements heat,using infrared radiation just like the,sun the black decker has two heating,elements on top and two on the bottom,while the june oven has four elements on,top and two on the bottom first im,testing toast im going to be putting,six slices of white bread in each,toaster were looking for even heating,across the entire surface of the toast,this is a good way of creating a thermal,map so we can show where there are hot,spots or cold spots when i say thermal,map think about how the aliens see,things in the movie predator something,like that but you know with toast,lets do this im going for a medium,brown toast here so on the blackened,decker im going to use the toe setting,at level 5 out of 7. as for the june it,has a camera and smart functionality you,can see that once i close the door the,camera automatically recognizes that im,trying to make toast im going to go,ahead and use the touch screen select,the white bread setting its going to,walk me through some tips here its,telling me to use the wire rack put the,bread directly onto the shelf in the,middle shelf position and its telling,me that its going to take five and a,half minutes to toast to spread if i,want it to get really fancy i can use,the june app to set my toast from,anywhere in the world,the blackened decker didnt tell me how,much time it would take but it lasted,for about six minutes,[Music],okay our toast is done lets check them,out,i like the results that the black decker,gave me fairly even medium brown toast,with just a few cool spots on the outer,edges the june was a little bit lighter,than i would have wanted while the left,and the right show even more heat loss,at the edges but i did have the option,to continue cooking after the fact im,flipping the toast to see how it toasted,on the bottom on the black indecker i,could see that the rear elements didnt,do such a good job toasting and on the,june im seeing actually more,consistency across the bottom of the,toast you do have a bit of a cold spot,but generally better distribution across,all the pieces of bread ultimately even,toasting is going to come down to even,heat distribution from the heating,elements in each of these toasters,although the june has more heating,elements than the blackened decker this,test shows that neither has perfect heat,distribution on the top or the bottom,which means youll have to experiment,with other settings such as cook time to,get your desired outcome,because the june is a smart device you,can adjust the settings and it will,remember your settings for future use,regardless if youre going to be buying,a 100 toaster oven or a 600 toaster oven,these appliances are going to take a bit,of tinkering youre going to have to,learn how to adjust your settings to get,what you want even with the smartest,oven in the world thats a fact,next up the baking test typically when,you bake youre only heating from the,bottom of the food but now were going,to be using the convection function on,both of these ovens convection is the,use of airflow to distribute heat simply,said that means that both of these ovens,have fans in them the blacken decker has,a single fan in the rear while the june,oven has two fans today were going to,be baking sugar cookies this is,store-bought dough and we have six,cookies for each tray ideally were,looking for a lightly brown cookie with,crispy edges but not overly burnt lets,bake some cookies the black decker has a,dedicated cookie button but for my test,im actually going to use the bake,function because the cookie setting,doesnt turn on the convection fan and i,know using the convection fans is going,to give me a better result so i set the,toaster to bake at 350 degrees for 12,minutes the blackened decker also has a,pre-heat period so im going to wait for,it to preheat before i put the cookies,inside for the june i wanted to use one,of the smart programs but it actually,didnt include a program for sugar,cookies so i found a program for,chocolate chip cookies that i thought,would be close enough i told it that i,was working with store-bought cookie,dough at room temperature and it was off,to the races,about eight minutes in on the,blackendecker i noticed that the cookies,at the back of the tray were browning,faster than the ones at the front of the,tray so i opened the oven and flipped it,just so i could see if i get some even,eating,[Music],lets see how they did the june cookies,are lighter in general the rear cookies,are a bit darker than the front cookies,the blackened decker a pretty even,result across all the cookies if i,hadnt been watching and just used a,preset i think it would have been pretty,different results so lets talk about,heat loss here especially on the black,decker halfway through cooking those,cookies i knew that we were getting some,heat loss through the front of the oven,and that makes sense because the front,of the oven is just a thin plate of,glass so while the convection feature in,the black decker gives you the benefit,of distributing the heat it doesnt make,up for the fact that you have no,insulation properties in the front of,the seven you still see the science of,this heat loss in the june the front,side is still a little bit lighter than,the rear but its much less apparent,because the dune has a much thicker door,with double planes of glass with that,said the dune isnt perfect there are,these vents here to allow that heated,air to escape if those vent wheels,werent here you might be causing a,pressure vessel your door might explode,and youd have more problems than not,baked cookies but now the real cookie,test oh theyre stuck oh my gosh so,whats nice about the june,its a non-stick tray,so they come kind of right off,theyre both really good i like the,drink cookies better this ones almost,like wafer because its so thin for the,black and decor id probably try maybe,the amount of time id have to adjust,just to get it to be a little bit,lighter in color this is the nature of,baking it requires your time and,attention to get the results that you,want in the end you can get similar,results with either of these machines,itll just take a little bit more time,and energy with the black decker but if,youre fine with that thats okay as for,the june its a pretty hands-off process,you can set it and forget it i think,there really is a value at the time,savings that i would have with something,like the gym but is it 600 worth of time,savings thats a tougher question next,lets test the roasting function by,roasting were talking about heating,something at a very high temperature for,a long period of time were going to be,roasting whole chickens these are two,pretty standard chickens that you can,find at the supermarket theyre between,three and four pounds were looking for,results that you would get in a standard,oven a chicken thats cooked all the way,through moist on the inside with a nice,crispy exterior were going to be,roasting the chickens at 350 degrees,until the internal temperature reaches,165 degrees this is a great test because,itll show us how efficient these ovens,are and whether or not they can actual

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