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Jurassic World Dominion Review

bigger why do they always have to go,bigger,Nostalgia has become such a common,device that it could basically be media,currency at this point but there are,some movies where it just works Jurassic,world Dominion is one such flick,combining this generations Heroes with,those of the 90s with a surprising,amount of success now Dominion is far,from a perfect movie but how low of a,rating can you really give a film that,had you grinning from ear to ear from,start to finish you comment or what,[Music],lets get the weaker points out of the,way before we dive into all the reasons,this movie kind of rules Michael,jokinos score isnt anything to write,home about anything that makes your ears,perk up here is going to be thanks to,riffs on John Williamss original score,there are some odd character beats where,it kind of seems like neither Chris,Pratt nor Bryce Dallas Howard really,wanted to be on set that day and the,character of Maisie while admirably,performed by Isabella sermon blue you,had a baby thats impossible,mostly just plays as a lack of faith in,the audience to find empathy without a,human counterpart to the dinosaurs while,none of these are insignificant flaws,Dominion still manages to play with Dino,DNA in a way that keeps you excited and,marks some improvements from previous,entries most notably is the character of,Claire Deering,bad bro,shes given Breakneck character changes,between Jurassic world and Fallen,Kingdom none of which are earned in,Dominion we get several moments that,retroactively acknowledge the woman who,allowed Iceland new blar to fall and the,woman she wants to be now that she sees,the dinosaurs as actual living beings,those living beings by and large look,pretty great too Dominion does seem to,lean heavier on VFX than past entries,and there are a couple rough-looking,atrossoraptors,these new Rafters are meant to play as,more form than function though their,existence in the story is solely as,quick moving foils to Owen Claire and,Kayla,thats another plane right not exactly,action wise everything else is thrilling,Raptor chases Dino on dino fighting and,the return of fan favorites like blue,Rexy and the dilophosaurus and dont,worry those atrocoraptors are the only,dinosaurs that look a little funky,Dominion may be leaning heavily into,Nostalgia but its newcomers are all,impressive introductions to the,franchise Mamadou athy rules as New,Edition Ramsay Cole and I couldnt be,more here for dewanda Weisss cargo,pilot Kayla Watts oh nobodys afraid of,heights and blues baby beta listen was,this baby dino created solely with the,intention of selling toys probably is,she an incredibly cute new addition to,the Jurassic Park Dino Pantheon yes you,can put her plush right next to your,baby Yoda and Baby Groot toys beta and,the atrocoraptors arent the only new,prehistoric players either,foreign,new bio threat is introduced that ends,up ultimately competing with the,dinosaurs for the biggest current threat,to Humanitys survival as a species Sam,Neal Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum all,make their homecoming as doctors Alan,Grant Ellie Sattler and Ian Malcolm,respectively and said return is as,delightful as one would expect after,missing them together on screen for,nearly 30 years,a baby Raptor I made a promise we would,bring her home you made a promise,to a dinosaur yeah more importantly,though is the fact that their presence,in the Jurassic world franchise isnt,shoehorned the films writers ensure,that their paths cross in very organic,ways that easily justifies everyones,presence in the story Jurassic world,Dominion doesnt tie any bows on the,fact that dinosaurs are now an,ever-present challenge in our world nor,does it believe in its audiences,intelligence enough to explore that,complicated of a story thats a,warranted frustration with the,continuation of the franchise but,Dominion still has enough going on to,keep it both exciting and fun for,audiences,his carnivore the world has ever seen,the films successful marriage of,Hardcore Nostalgia and new challenges,Works in its favor and I cant wait to,see what the franchise does next,see,while Jurassic world Dominion is most,certainly an imperfect addition to the,Jurassic Park franchise it manages to,introduce an impressive marriage between,ever-present Nostalgia and the,constantly evolving challenges of having,prehistoric creatures roaming free in,our world characters new and old keep,the film flying high even if some of the,Claire known stuff makes the plains,engines better now and then dont move,for more dinosaur goodness check out our,Jurassic world story so far and catch,the cast of the film trying to identify,Dino cries in our dinosaur quiz,Dilophosaurus whos going like this and,spits at you yes it is,and for everything else stick with IGN

Jurassic World Dominion – Movie Review

all right a franchise that should have,been extinct and has now come back ill,give it that the parallels between the,subject matter in this movie and the,franchise and the fact the franchises,always being resurrected should have,been left in the past is kind of,profound probably unintentionally so but,profound anyhow lets talk about it,[Music],so jurassic world dominion is the third,jurassic world movie or the sixth,jurassic movie depending on how you want,to look at it jurassic park and jurassic,world is kind of like lord of the rings,in the hobbit you can see them as two,trilogies in and of themselves you can,see this one six part saga funny enough,with the jurassic movies though there is,a consistent diminishing of quality as,it goes on but in jurassic world,dominion its essentially two movies,been fused into one i actually looked up,is this directed by two different people,because there are moments where the shot,is kind of brilliant and the action,sequence is framed up its pretty,intense and other shots where its just,choppy as im like this is two,different people also the plot itself is,two different plots fused into one movie,on one hand you have the old band,getting back together ian malcolm alan,grant ellie sattler and dogson is,working with the you know the rival,company of injen and hes doing very,nefarious things a super rich big,organization amassing wealth off of a,global epidemic weve never seen that,before not in our world,anu anyhow so you have the old man gets,back together to try to find dirt on,that organization but also what do you,do with bryce dallas howard chris pratt,and the clone girl from the previous,movie she gets kidnapped so now they got,to go after her so you see how it feels,like two different movies though they,both do tie into the same organization i,feel like in the jurassic park movies,there was a concept where its its,essentially executed like a disaster,movie i mean the first jurassic park,movie is a few different genres went,splat and fused together and were,talking as 10 out of 10 for every genre,it hits its a masterpiece and its a,complete and total classic but they had,the concept of,executing it like a disaster movie but,when the disaster becomes normalized,thats when jurassic park dies and in,the jurassic world movies will the,disasters become normalized its no,longer oh if dinosaurs get out there,theres a super scary thing we cant let,that happen we gotta escape the,dinosaurs well now in this world theres,dinosaur black markets and well,dinosaurs are just out there theyre,coexisting with people theyre,coexisting with nature as we know it,these two worlds been fused together,its just kind of people are just,rolling with it imagine the movie san,andreas im picking a disaster movie at,random out of my head san andreas it is,lets say san andreas got a sequel but,it wasnt a disaster movie anymore it,was a kidnapping movie and its just,people navigating this messed up,coastline that happened in the previous,movie its just it changes the dynamic,which is essentially me saying jurassic,world dominion its a kidnapping movie,where the parents got to get the,kidnapped kid back oh side note there,are dinosaurs in that world that adds a,complication and now were navigating,this inferior and far more boring,version of the jurassic park world i,will say this there were moments of,tension that actually did land with me,in this movie i mean it comes from a,shitty part of the real world or as real,as twitter can make it its the backlash,that chris pratt gets from,his religious beliefs i guess im not on,twitter thats how it came across to me,but the point is in terms of twitter,hollywood chris pratts religious,beliefs not really what they did all,this is to say when chris pratt was,running from dinosaurs i was like is,this the moment they kill him off is,this some i dont know so that actually,led to some tension in this movie i,never knew if he was going to live and,that was it was surprising not every day,i can watch a dinosaur chase a lead and,not know if the leads going to make it,uh rest of the movie quite boring but,im just going to say its way too long,because theres two movies wrapped into,one it also like jurassic park three has,hit that grade b mark where its like,this is just,this is monster movie cheese but the,grade b cheese like all these huge bugs,are on fire and theyre flying and they,just remain on fire for the longest time,im like how long can you bugs be on,fire and live also how long can your,wings be on fire and function in the end,im sure ive seen worse movies that,feel like two movies fused into one,doesnt mean i gave a about this,one its kind of fun seeing the old band,back together thats kind of the point,of having them in here but in the end,the movie is a forgettable monster movie,that lost anything that made it special,in the first place well actually i gotta,say credit where credits dude the last,it wasnt called the last act it was,like the last part of the last act,theres some fun dino action in there,they commit to their grade b monster,movie dip shittery but you know some fun,dino stuff too a little too late though,kind of feels like the last mile of a,100 mile trip its like whoa we just hit,a race track better late than never glad,you woke up and came out to play but,its kind of weird im done at this,point in the end im not going to,remember this movie not in t-minus one,day yep already forgot all right so,jurassic world dominion have you seen it,what did you think about it whatever you,thought comment below let me know do you,like the other jurassic world movies but,not this one how does it compare to the,other ones im asking for science for,data and as always if you like what,youve seen here and you want to see,more click right here to see more yeah, it punch,[Music],you

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Everything Wrong With Jurassic World Dominion in 22 Minutes or Less

join the CinemaSins team in Nashville,for sin week 2023 every year we release,extra videos for our sin club members,and hold live panels with our friends,and fans in person tickets to sin week,are available at a discounted rate for,the month of December space is limited,so head to cinemasins.com cineweek to,reserve your spot today the link is in,the description,[Music],thank you,Comcast in case you confused it with,your mom C which is 80 miles west of you,for making this movie Id like to take a,moment to acknowledge the parent legal,guardian or Sid from Toy Story who is,currently filming this kids traumatic,escape from three tiny dinosaurs instead,of putting the camera down and helping,them with every confrontation we learn,more about this frightening new reality,to be fair though this particular Dino,is actually just minding his own,business and simply crossing the road if,I was a reporter Id be going after the,car manufacturer that thinks its okay,for their car to wildly over steer just,because you had to perform an emergency,stop after the devastating eruption of,Isla newblars long dormant volcano,previously on what we hope would be the,biggest disappointment of this new,Trilogy the U.S Congress awarded Soul,collection rights to the global giant,bios and genetics sure why not theres,no way giving a monopoly to a single,company could possibly lead to anything,problematic for all those Jurassic Park,fans that found it unfair we never got,to follow up on how Louis Dodson is,doing youre in luck weve got dots in,here Datsun no one cares where he hopes,to study the dinosaurs ancient immune,systems for Unique pharmaceutical,properties the first two movies really,did the whole evil military thinks,dinosaurs will make great soldiers thing,to death so Im glad were moving on I,just wish we were moving on to something,more interesting than big Pharma like,the stock market or politics or maybe,actually showing the characters fighting,dinosaurs in populated cities like the,last movie Promise man if we could just,watch the movie with these prehistoric,birds cue the winged serpenting the city,it would have been so much better its a,good thing Claire paid attention to the,dodging dinosaurs and steering the,dinosaurs to combat the bad guys who are,chasing you portions of her driving,lessons are you saving these dinosaurs,because they need us,or are you saving them to absolve,yourself speaking of which Claire is one,of the main reasons dinosaurs are,walking freely amongst the Earths,population even if they couldnt find a,way to put her in jail wouldnt she at,least be on house arrest or something,Ive never ranched a dinosaur before but,unfairly confident mistakes are being,made here Owen does his hand thing in a,Jurassic world movie cliche,lucky for Owen this dinosaur understands,English also picturing Chris Pratt,petting what is probably an adult,wearing a green suit and maybe some,tennis balls almost makes this movie,worth watching I said almost wait after,all that hoopla they only caught one,dinosaur the other guys with Owen are,less like City Slickers and more like,City Slackers am I right oh goody weve,got another group of people that want,the dinosaurs for nefarious purposes,remember when the main villains in the,original Jurassic Park were some of the,dinosaurs we actually enjoyed that movie,letting a child be in charge of any,activity that requires the use of an ax,were going to find out shortly that,Maisie is not supposed to cross the,bridge because theres a danger of her,being discovered and captured which is,totally fair but since shes been,defying the rule off and on for the last,four years how has she not been caught,yet not to mention Owen and Claire are,out there doing all their usual,and bringing attention to themselves the,idea that they kept Maisie safe for a,few weeks is ridiculous enough so four,years feels like all the,no the dinosaur did not just say thank,you to the random little girl that came,up with the idea that I heard them to,safety because it just didnt okay what,are you burning,oh nothing just some old blankets oh,wait what sorry Im late God forbid a,character ever arrives exactly when they,intended or you know just says hi or,something listen to something else I,found a girl youve been after once,again I have to ask how are they just,now finding Maisie mind you BD Wong,wants her for research purposes and,maybe that didnt occur to him until,recently but her not being discovered by,someone makes no sense youre telling me,it was easier to track down a specific,Velociraptor over a human girl whose,picture has been posted all over the,news for the past four years this movie,could have easily dropped the Jurassic,world titling and just been called the,Locust and other than a few character,names nothing would have to have been,changed I feel like Jeff Goldblum while,Im watching this wondering around on,whether or not there will be dinosaurs,in this dinosaur movie thanks for coming,wasnt sure who to call it the actual,greeting Lord during received from the,casting director somehow makes it into,the script weve been looking into the,impact of industrial farming on the,environment of course you have its as,if biosin created this specific,situation because they really wanted Ali,Sadler to be in this movie Grant,youre going to want to see this this,ends up being about Ellie paying Allen a,visit why wouldnt you just say Grant,someone is here to see you who says,youre going to want to see this,regarding a visitor showing up this,student must be a huge fan of Legacy,sequels has Alan Grant ever poured a jug,of tea before because theres almost as,much tea coming out on the side of the,glass as there is going into the glass,and Mark its over,of course it is look those paint by,number coloring books can be fun for,even adults but not when all the numbers,are already painted for you thats a,locust call me an optimist but I thought,it would take more than six movies to,exhaust The Well of over 700 discovered,species of dinosaurs before we resorted,to making a Jurassic movie about larger,than average Locus none of the crops,theyre eating,are bios and Seed I mean it would not,Shock me that they want to control the,worlds food supply so the Crux of this,movie is the biosine used dinosaur genes,to engineer big locusts that wipe out,all the grain that isnt specifically,made by biosin but isnt that gonna look,mine suspicious oh sketchy that it,looked at the only company with,exclusive rights to catch dinosaurs also,seems to be the only company whose seeds,arent affected by the locus with,dinosaur DNA I need to go to their,sanctuary and get DNA from another Locus,there why whats wrong with this Locus,surely this will have all kinds of funky,Dino DNA in it and combining that with,the fact that its only leaving bios and,seeds alone would be at least enough for,a search warrant right but I need a,witness no you dont this movie seems to,think it means the old gang back,together and maybe it does but you Dr,Sattler dont need from an allen were,about to find out that Ian Malcolm Plus,at least one other spy is already trying,to expose biosin so Bears your witness I,got an invite,from their in-house philosopher putting,aside the fact that I havent got a clue,what an in-house philosopher is supposed,to be cant believe that Ian Malcolm,would be naive enough to believe that a,pharmaceutical company experimenting,with Dinosaurs would be hiring him as,anything other than a token gesture to,say hey look at us we arent doing,anything shady take the word of the guy,who hated the first Jurassic Park even,after three of these movies were the one,pulling this kind of I still,find the fact that these tactics always,work some of the nonsensiest nonsense to,ever nonsense,Owen,dont keep me here on my about kids,luckily for the BIOS and lackeys Maisie,decided to go on an angry bike ride,today what was their plan if she didnt,show up here so after Macy stormed off,Claire decided to hea

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How Jurassic World Dominion Should Have Ended

Easy there. Easy.,See what Im doing with my hand here.,This means calm down.,I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!,I DON’T KNOW YOU!,Also, I weigh like 4 tons.,So this rope ain’t gonna hold me…,Oh, dang.,(distant plumberlike screaming),Why do we dig?,Because theres truth in these rocks.,Of course now, there is actual truth.,Living and breathing all over the earth.,It almost makes you wonder.,Why am I even here?,Theres truth in the sky too!,Uh oh! Time for my move!,Does that mean anything to you?,Uhhhh nope…,Let them out!,WHA-?! YOU SHOT THEM!,Yes.,Wha-,Because we have guns.,Did you think we wouldnt use them?,But but.,GOTCHA!,Now go on! Git out of here!,Hehe. Well you’re saved!,Ummm…,THERE’S MORE!?,Dont move.,Yeah, that doesnt exactly work on me.,Now now who could have guessed,that everyone else would get uhhhh eaten except me?,Thats. Thats chaos.,Now here I am uhhh talking to myself.,Oh now I wouldnt say that…,Coming in for a landing.,You cant land in here.,I don’t have a choice. The valley’s not safe.,THE DINOSAURS AREN’T IN THE VALLEY!,Woah!,That was close.,So youre going to land somewhere else, right?,No it’ll be fine.,Im just going to land here.,NO WAIT!!,HUZZAH! YEEAAAHHH!,That was sick as the children say.,Hehehehe yeah…,You know old bean the way we work together,It almost made me forget that we’re two very aggressive species in a very small enclosed area!,Yep.,Okay I’m gonna eat you now.,Yes, I know.,Hey Blue!,Blue?,Look who I found!,I’M BACK MOMMA!!,MOMMA?,Momma!,There you are!,Well this is awkward…,Dude!,What!?,You had another baby?,I-,I made a promise.,I thought you were just saying that so I wouldnt kill you.,I didnt think you were actually going to do it.,Im sorry Beta.,Looks like you got repla-,A SISTER!!,Thanks Momma!,I love you!,I mean us.,I mean me?,Man this is again too weird.,Dun dun dun,Click Subscribe,World Dominion!,No one wanted a story about bugs!,There you go little dinosaur!,Okay! Thats all for now.,Thank you again for watching.,Be sure to like, subscribe, watch some more videos.,And as always, we hope to see you next time.,Bye!

Jurassic World: Dominion – An Absolute Dumpster Fire

well i cant say i expected anything,better i mean when your sequel trilogy,begins with a commentary on the greedy,pursuit of bigger and grander versions,of old ideas ultimately leading to,disaster then where the [ __ ] can you,possibly go from there,bigger,scarier um,cooler i believe is the word that you,used in your memo the jurassic world,movies have been on a downward spiral of,creativity since the first one hit,theaters back in 2015 its massive,financial success basically guaranteeing,sequels that the story absolutely,couldnt justify you thought dinosaurs,were cool well how about dinosaurs mixed,with exploding volcanoes you thought a,dinosaur that could understand security,protocols and turn itself invisible was,cool then how about laser-guided,dinosaurs honestly its hard to believe,that something that was once special and,intelligent and thought-provoking could,become something so [ __ ] farcical so,anyway given the series track record not,to mention a trailer that seemed to,promise more of what weve been seeing,for the past two movies i wasnt exactly,expecting great things from jurassic,world to minion but holy [ __ ] even i,didnt expect it to be this bad this,movie is basically a master class in how,not to write a movie screenplay its a,muddled convoluted unfocused,irredeemably [ __ ] disaster of a,script combined with shameless nostalgia,baiting cheesy emotional manipulation,apathetic performances and ridiculous,attempts at high-minded philosophy in,short its basically like the last two,jurassic world movies only even bigger,and even dumber the plot centers around,well a [ __ ] ton of things since the,events of the last movie dinosaurs have,spread out to colonize the entire planet,where they now struggle to coexist with,humans and find their place in the food,chain because you know people would,allow raptors and t-rexes to just freely,roam the countryside a black market in,unsanctioned breeding has also sprung up,which clear and a pair of absolute,planks of wood are working to expose one,facility at a time interestingly enough,daniela pineda is only in this movie for,about four minutes but dont worry shes,always got cowboy bebop to fall back on,[Laughter],shes also busy hiding out with owen in,the woods at the earths end of nowhere,and together theyre helping to raise,maisy the cloned granddaughter of not,john hammond from fallen kingdom but,from now on were just gonna call her,the girl thats the key to everything,because thats exactly her function in,this story anyway claires struggling to,develop a bond with the girl thats the,key to everything probably because they,both have about as much personality as a,packet of uncooked ramen noodles but,then it all goes wrong when evil,rednecks working for evil corporation,kidnapped the girl thats the key to,everything and beta oh yeah blue the,raptor has a kid named beta now a fact,which you can comfortably put out of,your head because it means [ __ ] off for,the rest of the story anyway so claire,and owens mission now is to go on a,crazy international adventure to track,down beta and the girl thats the key to,everything meanwhile ellie sattler is,investigating reports of giant locusts,destroying crops across the midwest only,to discover that they were genetically,engineered by evil corporation wow who,could have predicted that obviously evil,corporation would be doing secret evil,stuff so she recruits alan grant because,the writers couldnt think of any other,way to work him into the story and,together the infiltrate evo corporation,headquarters where ian malcolm also,happens to be working because the,writers couldnt think of any other way,to work him into the story either how,convenient that the three original cast,members are able to reunite in such a,quick and efficient manner but dont,worry because convenience is the name of,the game in this movie so naturally both,groups end up literally running into,each other at the evil corporations,headquarters where they have to work,together to fend off deadly dinosaurs,rescue the girl thats the key to,everything take down the bad guys,disable the security systems to allow,them to escape rescue beta expose the,illegal dinosaur trade and stop the,giant locusts before they eat the entire,world as youve probably guessed theres,quite a bit going on in this movie and,thats not even counting all the [ __ ],subplots such as dinosaurs and humans,learning to coexist girl thats the key,to everything uncovering the truth about,her origins alan and ellie rebuilding,their relationship while infiltrating,evil corporation headquarters to prove,that theyre evil jeff goldblum being,jeff goldblum claire trying to establish,a maternal relationship with the girl,thats the key to everything the,potential to use genetic engineering to,cure the worlds diseases retconning an,entirely new character into the lore of,jurassic park that everyone conveniently,forgot about until now and this is one,of those shitty modern movie tropes that,really boils my pace not only did the,previous movie wreck on in a [ __ ],new character that was apparently,business partners with john hammond but,everyone else conveniently forgot about,but this movie even retcons that adding,in a new legacy character that was part,of the dinosaur cloning project that was,apparently more brilliant and more,talented and more wise and more ethical,than everyone else despite being half,their age because of course she [ __ ],was truly this paragon of human,intellectual virtue was just too,beautiful for this cruel world the best,way to describe dominion is that the,writers took the ideas for three or four,completely different movies and just,jammed them all together into one,massive overstuffed film and the end,result is a confused unfocused,convoluted mess of different ideas,disjointed storylines and superfluous,characters none of which are able to,come together into anything resembling a,cohesive narrative it also means that,none of the subplots get anywhere near,the time or attention they actually,needs take the killer locust plague for,example this feels like the kind of huge,existential threat that should be,gradually built up over the course of,the story before being revealed as the,devious end game behind all of the,villains actions instead its literally,spelled out to the audience within the,first 10 minutes so that we know exactly,whos behind it and why whats even,weirder is that its not even presented,as an intentional goal that the bad guys,are pursuing the antagonist seems just,as surprised as anyone else that its,happening like its some kind of,unintended byproduct of a different plan,and when hes informed that the locusts,are raging out of control and,threatening the worlds food supply his,reaction is basically nah itll be fine,its all treated with such a blasey,attitude and revisited so infrequently,that i honestly found myself forgetting,that it was even happening its supposed,to be a ticking clock counting down to,the collapse of human civilization but,instead is treated like some unpleasant,chore to be attended to at a later date,theres absolutely no sense of urgency,or time scale to it and the result is,that it becomes just another forgotten,plot point lost in the swirling,maelstrom of nonsense while im talking,about the antagonist though ive got to,give special mention to this guy as,literally the single worst villain in,the entire series,dadson,dadson weve got dads in here yeah,remember dogson remember how he was,basically a meme from the first movie,just some anonymous underling there to,act as a point of contact for nedry well,now hes presented as some kind of steve,jobs elon musk figure overseeing a,multi-billion dollar empire the problem,is that the guys an absolute black hole,of charisma presented as more of a,gullible forgetful and competent stooge,than any kind of threat to anyone,honestly when he was first introduced he,was so [ __ ] clueless and ineffectual,that i assumed he was there as s

Jurassic World: Dominion – Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to the angry joe show,and our jurassic world dominion review,fresh out of the theater,and um oh my god,this thing was such it was long were,talking two and a half two hours 37,minutes,and it is getting panned by critics its,currently a 36 percent on rotten,tomatoes are we here um to tell you that,the audience score will be higher,probably because the annie score is,always on what happens it is a series of,uh,[ __ ] action sequences with a,the most contrived plot ever like,okay if yall remember my last uh,jurassic world first jurassic world i,liked second jurassic world you guys,didnt like and i did my best to defend,it but even i was sliding i did six out,of 10 on that one these boys did four,out of 10 on that one each,and i was excited uh i think the reason,why i like that i was excited about the,idea of the dinosaurs going into the,real world,and my god this is one of those movies,that uh its gonna divide people if you,want to just simply be entertained,uh,i guess there are some sequences here,that are all right but there were not,enough for me,if you you have to turn your brain off,and im talking off off,and for some of you your brain doesnt,work anyway suspension of disbelief has,been completely obliterated this is,contrivance the film this is coincidence,the film at a point i just started,counting like oh how the characters are,like just so happen to be in the same,spot you also have to do this and that,and after a certain i lost count at like,19. cinema sans and all these other,youtube channels are gonna have a,[ __ ] field day with how stupid and,the,things that happened,um and it is its uh but okay now that,we got that out of the way um,this is exactly,what i was like okay are they gonna,[ __ ] do it,yes they put dinosaurs in the real world,however we dont spend too much time,with the dinosaurs in the real world i,mean he [ __ ],does some uh [ __ ] herding of some,animals like on horseback and then but,then we basically go back to the same,formula that weve had before its lets,go to an island this time it is a biosin,island and we do,essentially the same [ __ ] formula,chasing goes after chase england but,there are um,it does have dinosaurs in in kind of the,real world with this black market and,all these subplots that really go,nowhere um,and god it is so messy so bloated,so contrived,but here and there sprinkled here and,there there are some good uh sequences,theres a future action sequences some,few charming things yes exactly um and i,personally loved to see the entire cast,back does that mean its a good movie no,uh its not a good movie uh i feel like,they did the same thing remember we,didnt brought back sarah connor but it,was not a good move and you were,amazing thats how i feel but this one i,i at this point you know i am one of,those that i love my movie to be,entertaining i do just you know some,people want to just sit in this theater,and be entertained and that was the,person to my left who was just [ __ ],enjoying it and then they did this but,no nobody else in the theater club there,were a few other there was like some,kids,never it never erupted,if you if you just want to be,entertained and you want to see the old,cast this is going to have that for you,if you want a story that makes sense and,you would like it to be believable,this is absolute utter garbage it is,literally is just,forcing things to you know the feeling,like they feel like theyre making it up,as they go along thats the feeling that,you get here and then the only time you,you get some semblance is when they redo,the first film oh theres a t-rex,theres t-rex you know how the films,gonna end theres a t-rex and theres a,new theres a new dinosaur whats gonna,happen at the end whats whats gonna,happen at the end if you got the t-rex,and you got a new dinosaur exactly you,know its just but its like but weve,we did that uh uh four times five time i,dont know how many time we did this but,its like okay anyways um,this film uh the majority of the time,the characters are uh separated and,theyre off on their own missions uh and,it wasnt really until all the,characters got together that i was like,okay i guess were having a little bit,of fun now but god man,it is uh,contrived and messy in my opinion,what did,you guys think joe you hate everything,this thing was convoluted oh im a,critic right yeah i critique things ive,seen a lot of [ __ ] jurassic park,films ive seen a lot of movies in,general and you can tell the writing,is is very poor here,yeah this was just two,movies that didnt work,i didnt like this was like [ __ ],three films you know the plots i didnt,care about,it was ridiculous the editing was all,over the place,it was just a hot mess this is colin,trevorrow who came back after he started,it all in uh,in the jurassic world,wonderful he ended it,and this and the marketing said this is,the last film now if in the far future,they want to restart the jurassic park,franchise and somebody else will play,with the toys,maybe 20 years from now thats fine but,this is the last one uh dinosaurs are,now living alongside humans around the,world which makes no [ __ ] sense would,completely obliterate all the [ __ ],you know,a little bit you see a little bit but,they dont really focus on it the foods,the ecosystem is so delicate for the way,the species that we have now just,dinosaurs coming in and wrecking,everything and they literally have,[ __ ] you know flying dinosaurs in,cities like there would just be chaos,and people get eaten all the [ __ ],time but okay as youre going to work,yeah its part of life now okay fine and,cute little kids are playing with like,literally dangerous dangerous [ __ ],dinosaurs all right yeah why not okay uh,alex alex what did you think i thought,this movie looked insanely stupid uh in,the trailers i thought that the last,movie was insanely stupid i didnt,review the first one with you but i,didnt like it uh even even jurassic,world was like they i see where they,were going with it but it just it didnt,work its not steven spielberg its,someone trying to pretend to be steven,spielberg who is nowhere near as,talented as steven spielberg theyre,using john williams music its not john,williams doing the music for this,theyre just taking his stuff theyre,taking better assets from better movies,trying to paste it on their pile of [ __ ],and i just feel like doctoring and,malcolm its one big pile of [ __ ] yeah,thats what this whole series is,the trilogy is terrible weaponizing,dinosaurs was probably the stupidest,thing they could have possibly have done,and they went dumber in this movie yeah,it is [ __ ] dumber theres two movies,he said it right theres two movies here,theres the old guard who their movie is,about grasshoppers,no no no not even [ __ ] kidding yeah,their movie is about grasshoppers,were going for dinosaurs the old people,that we love,dino dna shoved in grasshoppers and then,the other people they do stupid [ __ ] the,entire time not really to do with,dinosaurs thats a kidnapping plot they,had to do the clone uh the,girl clone player in our jurassic park,movie i have a grasshopper plot and a,stolen child plot,none of it works,uh world spanning fast theres even fast,and furious type elements here its like,[ __ ] all the dinosaurs now were [ __ ],special agents and were going out and,like [ __ ] claire and and whos the,guy,oh and our goddamn elite special forces,theyre theyre getting hooked up with,like the french cia and theyre on like,theyre trying to theyre theyre,handling this sting operations like,youre a [ __ ] dude youre just a dude,that does this,thats your dinosaurs are unleashed in,this underground okay well hold on well,get well do that in spoilers but there,are little dinosaurs danger is,everywhere except for our characters,that have plot arm right yeah dinosaurs,are plot number two dinosaurs in this no,one shoots a dinosaur ever not once in,this entire movie yeah i dont think,with guns no i cant think a si

Jurassic World Dominion — How a Movie Ruined Itself | Anatomy Of A Failure

this video about to buy ridge wallet,used code filamento to save 10 with free,international shipping,but mainly hes exploiting your,enchantment,with these you dont care you know,exactly what youre doing but you wont,stop you cant,is there an actual concern here or you,just there is no passion there is no,vision there is no aggression there is,no mindset nothing is there what the,hell,[Music],after years and years of waiting,jurassic world dominion finally lives up,to the title of this franchise reboot in,that at long last were exploring the,topic of dinosaurs inhabiting the world,with humans except oh wait in this movie,apple and ceo tim cook have bought the,dinosaurs and taken them to this remote,nature reserve meaning that once again,were in a park well maybe next time,super smart snarky comments aside though,there is a lot of good stuff here in the,plotline led by chris pratt and bryce,dallas howard where they go on this,journey of necessity to get back their,kidnapped mcgovern daughter for example,as is always most important in these big,blockbusters there are sequences youve,never seen before to justify the price,of admission like this manta sequence,which i really applaud the filmmakers,for we get a hand-to-hand combat scene,with dinosaurs mixing up the dynamics,we get a born-like rooftop footage scene,with dinosaurs mixing up the dynamics,jesus christ thats jason bourne we get,an urban mortar chase scene with,weaponized raptors mixing up the,dynamics i mean theres even a guy who,gets in on a,scooter not only is this super exciting,but youve never seen it before so,overall i can safely say that jurassic,world dominion is a pretty damn good,move stop the cow,what do you mean stop though,oh right yeah so unfortunately in,addition to the chris pratt plotline,there is also another bloodline starring,legacy characters from the original,movie where essentially theyre trying,to prove that apple is using juiced up,locus to eat all the corn,and not only is this plotline not,entertaining its also so boring to,watch that doing so feels like work to a,point where this movie should be free,you know i paid 12 dollars to get to,watch this and then i get paid back 12,dollars for also having to watch this in,other words jurassic world dominion is,an under 2 hour movie that the legacy,plot line bloats up into a two and a,half hour snore fest almost like a,malignant tumor destroying its healthy,host,and so today what i thought would be,useful to do is to compare these two,plot lines from beginning to end to see,what it is that makes the second one not,good whats missing what should be,missing and so and so on heres how to,know that your plot line isnt strong,enough to be included in your movie and,should be cut out like a tumor heres,how jurassic world dominion for no,reason destroyed itself,[Music],the first main issue with the legacy,plot line is that its completely,untouched by the drama created by the,movie setting as an opposite example of,this for comparison if you look at the,chris pratt storyline you can,immediately find drama in many different,forms theres internal conflict with the,genetically altered girl struggling with,not being able to live her life because,of what she is you sure you didnt go,past the bridge why cant i have any,freedom because you cant,which then manifests as external,conflict with the girl lashing out,against her quote unquote parents,responsible for keeping her safe im not,angry,how would i know what people do the only,people ive spoken to in the past four,years are you both you cant keep me,here youre not my mother,there are moments of danger and,opposition with information mixed in,baby thats impossible,theres an underlying antagonistic force,pushing against us theres a problem,that requires urgent action to be solved,theres a sense of challenge where the,characters need to overcome this wall,that directly concerns them overall,there is drama whether that drama is,good or not thats up to you but the,point is that its there there is some,level of narrative and cinematic value,in what were watching can we start over,i know claire there are people out there,wholl do anything to find me whereas in,the legacy storyline for the longest,time theres nothing essentially we get,this scene of this buffed up locus,attacking some random kids at a farm,and then afterwards the doctor from the,first movie ellie sattler shows up to,see whats going on and is there any,kind of danger or hostility to getting,that information no the logos are,already gone and the farming lady just,explains it thats the benefits,didnt meet that we are independent they,use biosensing you caught a live one,after that ellie goes to see another,doctor from the original movie alan,grant to get his help and is there any,kind of underlying conflict here between,them to add drama to this interaction,no they just nicely talk about their,lives and how they never ended up,banging well funny straight up so,somebodys got to pay for all this,average articles soil science,regenerative farming how are you kids,amazing grown its shocking theyre both,in college can you believe that and mark,its over oh i was already here its,okay im back to me,my work no its thats great thats good,and then they look at one of the locusts,which again is already in a cage and has,no other role in the scene other than,being a source of discussion then they,need to get into the remote apple,facility to prove that theyre behind,the longest attack not because it,somehow concerns them personally but,because they might as well why not which,isnt much of a challenge anyway because,theyve already been invited and thus in,the scenes that follow there is no kind,of opposition either they hang around in,an airport petting dinosaurs as theyre,waiting for their ride they hang around,in a plane talking about dangerous,dinosaurs that they dont actually have,to worry about and then they hang around,watching lectures and talking with apple,ceo team cook and so on and so on would,you mind if we um,uh just it would mean a lot,if do you want to um oh great thank you,so much,thats good thats good thanks,im sure you get the idea but the point,is that these scenes are so void of any,kind of dramatic value that they,ultimately carry no value whatsoever,its as if the movie expects us to be,entertained just because you know its,the characters from the original,[Music],you said,oh yeah,its like get over yourself you dont,have a han solo here and even if you did,its not the character that creates the,value but rather the drama that you can,mine with the character i mean the,reason jeff goldblum has immediately,much more value than the other two is,because at least when hes on screen,something is actually happening and so,because there is no drama prior to that,whatsoever you could have just deleted,all this boring loitering from the,script that weighs down the whole thing,and instead begun with jeff goldblum,having infiltrated the apple facility,because of the longest attacks as a,result nothing of value would have been,lost just the opposite you would have,saved minutes upon minutes of screen,time you would have saved millions upon,billions of dollars worth of shooting,days and most of all you would have,saved my nerves,[Music],the second issue with the legacy plot,line is that when there finally is some,drama and challenge its way too,relatively easy to take seriously as an,obvious example the stuff that the,characters in the other plotline need to,go through is quite noteworthy they need,to find out whether daughter was taken,which involves dodging t-rexes and,outrunning weaponized raptors,they need to fly into the apple facility,which involves getting attacked by bird,dinosaurs as well as crash landing and,dealing with a water dinosaur,as well as parachuting down and,surviving a freddy krueger dinosaur by,hiding in murky water,safe to say the level of challenge is at,a point where most of the audience,would not survive,[Mus

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