1. Non-Vegan Couple Try JUST Egg & Give An Honest Review
  2. Is JUST Egg Healthy?
  3. Tasting Most Popular Vegan Egg Products (Some of these are BAD)
  4. I tried Plant Based Eggs! Just Egg Honest Review!
  6. Just Egg is the best Vegan egg i have tried to date
  7. JUST EGG – The Vegan Egg JUST Scramble

Non-Vegan Couple Try JUST Egg & Give An Honest Review

okay were gonna try honestly Im not,probably not the best person to try this,because I dont actually dont really,really know what X tastes like hey,everyone its me Hollys endeavouring,your persevere as always its Saturday,morning here in our humble abode and mr.,hallease has bought just egg why did you,buy it oh no its like a brain parasite,that took over and sick yeah you know,what lets try that and let me make,biscuits I dont know if you all know,this but Im allergic to eggs so I think,thats why he bought this to see well so,there was a recent study that came out,and it was like put everybody in an,uproar that Oh eggs are really bad for,you like if you have more than two eggs,in a day that it increases your risk of,cardiovascular disease but I mean its,always like eggs are high in cholesterol,like its always been a thing whatever,governing body was like oh yeah you know,you can just have eggs its okay,whatevers in the egg is fine but most,cardiologists were saying no you should,cut down on the eggs so they have a lot,of cholesterol so now theyre just no,chickens are coming home to roost,[Music],we picked up just egg from sprouts which,recording this video was the only place,we could actually find it their other,product though just Mayo is available at,h-e-b the instructions for just egg are,pretty simple you scramble it the way,you would a regular egg when Im,preparing eggs for mr. hallease I,usually use butter salt and pepper and,honestly it scrambled the same way with,a similar consistency,[Music],I will say though that I felt the need,to cook it down a little longer than a,traditional egg so depending on your,stovetop add a few minutes extra to your,general cook time,[Music],so mr. melis made biscuits,[Music],thats him doing air quotes around me,saying the word biscuits they are a,biscuit like a situation theyre,gluten-free were trying to have like a,full breakfast situation to try out the,just eggs for yall Im gonna eat it,because mr. hallease does all the,cooking anyway and Im always just,grateful that someone else is doing it,so ho there you go Tim you choose very,because it is a bean like it theres a,flavor there,its bean I think its like legumes I,guess,[Music],now I see what the texture is there it,is slightly beanie like very planty,yeah like chlorophyll like like the,inside of a plant but its got a little,bit of a taste like polenta I dont know,it looks it looks exactly like eggs like,it looks like eggs but it doesnt taste,like eggs in the sandwich I cant taste,like it doesnt taste like it did on its,own it just tastes like Im getting the,sausage Im getting the sausage and,getting the biscuit,Im getting the salt and the butter a,little bit Im not getting the same,plane to this so it tastes like a,biscuit egg sausage biscuit situation,its a lot less egg board but I mean the,experience is smart apparently if youre,into making an egg sausage biscuit,situation this will work pretty well I,also feel like this would probably be,pretty cool for omelets maybe Ill do,that next time let me know in the,comments below if you want to see me try,to make an omelet with Jesse,[Music]

Is JUST Egg Healthy?

hey its mike here and today just eggs,are they healthy,how do they compare to eggs that popped,out of a chicken,we are going to do a deep investigation,moderately deep were going to go down,the whole,ingredients list were going to,definitely do this justice or,as they would probably market it just,ice all right lets hop right into it,because it goes without saying that just,egg is hopping off i feel like theres a,lot of hype around it right now,i know people who buy it by the case so,that they,dont miss it being sold out at their,local store which is pretty amazing,the other day in hopes of enticing my,family to eat maybe a little bit less,eggs and also out of curiosity i decided,to see if i could make,a just egg omelette and once i got the,non-stick pan right,very very realistic looking and i,unfortunately took an instagram story,which disappeared,stupid me but lets just say people were,impressed,not only was it highly convincing in,look and texture and taste it also,didnt have,any of the gross mucilaginousness that,you have with that egg before you mix it,together,and you dont even have to crack an egg,open and mix it this is,way more convenient you just go squeeze,but you know me im all about whole,foods and i,dont generally advocate for processed,foods so i was like im going to take a,deep dive and look at this,and see if there are any real health,risks to any of these ingredients,lets just hop right into that,ingredients list on that nutrition facts,label,right off the bat you can see how,dangerous it is by its first ingredient,dihydrogen oxide actually thats just,water,obviously theres not a lot of water in,there i wouldnt rely on just,egg for my hydration oh man,imagine if it became like the new,gatorade the new like electrolytes and,football teams instead of having water,boys had just egg boys,anyway all right lets get to the main,non-water ingredient because its in,list of what percentage of volume it is,and,we have mung bean protein isolate,the company says that they use this not,just because mung beans are,very eco-friendly sustainable but also,because,it had the properties needed to recreate,that eggy foamy texture,from forbes quote just mung bean protein,isolate has,that custardy gelatin property as well,as the ability to thicken emulsify and,bind in foods like waffles pancakes,omelets,and blah blah blah im a fan of mung,beans in general but were talking about,an isolated product from it its an,isolated protein and when im talking,about isolated protein,im curious about one thing usually and,that is does it boost,igf-1 you got it maybe you did maybe you,did,the concern here is fueling cancer and,animal protein is effective,at raising igf-1 plant protein in,general whole plant foods,ive never seen them do it in any,studies but if you take,isolated soy protein for example and you,eat a lot of it in one sitting,so youre able to reach that four gram,of,leucine mark that ive talked about in,the past then it appears you can raise,igf-1 so it is possible,logically since theres only five grams,of protein in a serving here which is,very comparable to an egg,youre not gonna reach four grams of,leucine which is a one,of a ton of different amino acids in,there,but you might think you know what if,somebody just for kicks what if somebody,decided to just,eat a whole one of these would that,maybe be a concern to find the answer,first i had to find the amino acid,profile which was not easy,you cant just type this into,chronometer but i found a comparison,directly to,casein which is in chronometer and it,has about,25 percent less leucine per gram of,total protein as,casein so we can take that 40 grams of,protein in the whole bottle and were,around,three grams of leucine so itd be a,stretch to be concerned about the,protein here at all especially in the,amount that people are supposed to eat,which is normally what youre concerned,about i also think some other credit,needs to be given here in the mung bean,area because i was once,at an asian restaurant and they had,these patties,that looked so much like they were egg,and i kept on being like,are those vegan theyre like yeah and i,was like are you gaslighting me because,those look exactly like eggs,but look here is a recipe its a korean,mung bean patty that does not contain,eggs yet,looks quite like it could be an omelet,all right the next ingredient on the,list is expeller pressed canola oil,oh well you know my views on oil im so,hyper critical of anything oil related,no i just like to have a level-headed,view as to,which oils and how much oil and,including oil in your diet a lot can,lead to potential heart issues for,vegans especially because some somewhat,junkier vegans tend to slam down the oil,and were gonna do a whole fat,comparison here with,chicken eggs and just eggs but its,worth noting that i do view canola oil,as one of the healthier oils that are,out there,a because they are higher in omega-3s,pretty much one of the only oils out,there,that has a reasonable amount of omega-3s,in them it also unlike coconut oil,has no saturated fat and this brings me,to that,comparison of fat and cholesterol,between,lets just say youre doing a three egg,omelet so between three,just eggs and three chicken eggs,straight from the cloaca,so for our three eggs we have 4.9 grams,of saturated fat that is quite a bit of,saturated fat and get,this 560 milligrams of cholesterol,that is an absurd amount of cholesterol,you do not want to be eating that and,finally,virtually no omega-3s basically no,omega-3s at all,now for three egg equivalents from just,egg were talking of course theres zero,saturated fat,and zero cholesterol but quite a bit of,those omega-3s this is pretty big you,know 1.2 grams,or 77 of your daily value very notable,and it does not say that on the,nutrition facts because they have not,put omega-3s back there,i calculated that just for you youre,welcome,and in terms of whats in eggs,obviously for just eggs you arent gonna,have to worry about,findings like these this study showing,that really dangerous relationship,between egg consumption and carotid,plaque now that exponential relationship,certainly is not going to exist with,just eggs so if you were to just,overnight switch all of the,chicken eggs that are currently being,consumed in the u.s to,just eggs you would probably see a,massive heart a disease,based improvement in terms of public,health heart the disease,now lets hit up my concerns for canola,oil the production,process can sometimes lead to a notable,amount of trans fats in terms of canola,oil especially those really industrial,canola oils,but looking to the label we see zero,grams of trans fat which,right away we know that this is good,its not going to be really high,the only potential concern if youre,still concerned here would be that the,fda,allows you to say zero grams per serving,if the serving is under 0.5 grams its,like worst case possible scenario if,youre eating three of these,servings youre getting up to like 1.2,grams of trans fat,highly unlikely though next are a few,ingredients that i am just happy about,you know,simple things like some onion in there,some,carrots for some coloring and tumeric,it says extract i dont know how much of,the good effects of turmeric are removed,if at all from this but the fact that,its turmeric in there at all,is awesome if you watch my channel you,know the,plethora of benefits there are from,turmeric its probably a really small,amount,but its still a positive next up we,have jell-in gum,which creates a gel-like substance as,you would think and you might be scared,of it because you might have not heard,it,but its actually just soluble fiber and,if you watch my previous video,on megan bowen and her ibs situation you,know meta-analysis like this one shows,that,people with ibs improve from having more,soluble fiber,this is probably not enough considering,were seeing zero grams of fiber on the,nutrition facts label,but uh in theory more of it might be,healt

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hey guys its candice the edgy veg hi,im molly the gen z veg and welcome to,the hen house,good one today were gonna test out,different vegan egg products,[Music],im actually very surprised,so we have a couple different types we,have two that are like pourable,scrambled eggs we have a powder that you,mix at home and then we have an egg yolk,product theyre not all the same but,theyre similar and theyre also not,tofu scramble which is a classic but you,know you want some options exactly so,which one are you most hesitant to try,um i think im most hesitant about the,powdered was it called vegan egg because,its powdered and its also way less,yellow than the rest of them and which,one are you,most excited for,um just egg because ive tried the,folded but i dont know if ive ever had,the liquid one all right all right so,lets go through them do you want to,start on this side sure so first we have,simply eggless they also come in patty,form but we have the liquid here um,non-gmo gluten free no dairy soy or nuts,its made of lupin bean protein,concentrate which i assume is similar to,like just egg is a mung bean so i assume,theyre like a similar bean protein,lentil legume,sunflower oil natural flavors calcium,lactate xanthan gum cool beans and,chemicals all right good so then we have,just egg,the liquid the one that everyone in,canada is screaming to get their hands,on because we have the folded ones here,or had the folded ones here first and,now we have these thats nice like molly,said this is mung bean protein isolate,canola oil a bunch of like thickening,agents like gel and gum and soy lefton,carotene dehydrated onion turmeric all,right that one is super hyped for sure,this one i love the packaging it comes,in an egg carton but then its like the,bag inside so cute what are you made of,okay soy milk powder uh modified,cellulose calcium lactate black salt,nutritional yeast natural flavors,beta-carotene and then this last one is,the vague which i actually bought at the,store in bulk they have it at this box,start that i go to and its supposed to,be like a vegan egg yolk,so if youre into like dipping your,toast into egg yolk great option for you,i also really like to use it in,hollandaise it acts exactly like um a,vegan egg yolk but ive never actually,just like had it on its own so let me,get what thats made of im pretty sure,its just made out of b12 and,nutritional yeast and black salt soy,protein isolate nutritional yeast niacin,in this one and then pretty much like a,little bit of flavor and,color beta carotene and black salt,all right,which one should we start with we have,our little toasts,so we cooked the first three just in a,frying pan,the way you would normally this one we,had to blend ourselves,um and then obviously the uh the,powdered egg yolk we had to blend,ourselves but we cooked them relatively,the same way there were no instructions,on the um simply eggless or um just egg,so we just,went for it um but,they look right and then uh yeah this,guy i think we cooked for seven minutes,should we just like go from the end okay,um should we smell them like,sure uncooked i dont know if you can,smell anything oh yeah i still cant,really smell anything,i can try though oh,it smells like soaked beans yeah wet,beans what bean smell about this,it smells like nothing could have liquid,on me oh were going in unseasoned,because i think it would be unfair to,season them,it tastes like nothing at first and then,theres this like,strange flavor thats subtle strange,flavor its eggy though,the texture is really good,yeah theres kind of a weird aftertaste,maybe its because we didnt season it,at all so its like pretty bland pretty,aggressively bland im actually very,surprised i actually like the texture a,lot the texture is really good spot on,it doesnt really taste like anything,and then theres this weird aftertaste,no but if you were gonna cover it in,like,you know sauteed vegetables or like hot,sauce or ketchup or in a burrito or,something oh yeah or you could probably,also make like omelettes and whatnot,with this itll probably just taste,like whatever you cook it with yeah i,mean it looks like an egg it uh feels,like an egg it tastes like nothing so,eight out of ten yeah eight out of ten,all right just egg,oh it smells like the inside of a,pumpkin when you carve it off oh my god,thats exactly what it smells like,and this doesnt really smell like,anything at all,although i cant smell so,that tastes like an egg,and its seasoned on its own yeah they,have like onion powder or something in,it right yeah so this is already,seasoned that is not seasoned at all i,mean this is good its good i like that,mm-hmm texture is good oh,this little crispy bit you know when you,make like a scrambled egg and you have,that crispy bit on the side mm-hmm,thats like exactly like whatever the,pan,yeah thats really good mm-hmm,um yeah the mouth feel is very,eggy like that sliminess mm-hmm but its,good i like it i think i might like the,texture of the folded ones better like,the folded just egg yeah and theyre,also coming out with like a sous-vide,like those starbucks egg cups those are,new but i think they might be only in,the u.s hmm,i think i kind of like the texture of,this one,of the first one but the flavor of this,one yeah i agree yeah but im still,going to go,8.2 out of 10.,yeah i might go 8.5 well actually im,trying to think of like how i would use,this than if it was seasoned wait are we,doing it like for potential or just how,it is whatever however you like i might,go nine out of ten youre 8.2,its good its its good i would eat it,on its own i would eat in a breakfast,burrito but i dont know i think i like,your homemade one better,we should have made it like,i mean thank you um plug that video,right there here somewhere or there i,dont know do people still do this on,youtube all right i mean still like 8.2,and 9 out of 10. thats pretty good so,this one we had to make ourselves in the,blender,it was two tablespoons of powder to half,half a cup of water which makes i guess,this would be like two eggs or one egg,is this one egg sure,it smells like it might be seasoned,that texture is wild,its like really fluffy,which is good,its sort of it tastes like nothing,it tastes like nothing else so the color,is really weird mm-hmm but im going to,give it like for egg white like it as a,scrambled egg white that thats,that texture is like,spot did you see the look on my face i,was like guys both made the same piece,of the exact same its totally going to,be the thumbnail this is what i remember,like when i was eating egg whites back,in the day mm-hmm this with like spinach,in it and then like some tabasco on it,thats like a healthy mom breakfast,thats,thats thats the exact same texture,its like not overly seasoned but,theres something,yeah but texture-wise thats egg whites,scrambled egg whites for sure whoa i,wish that they were more yellow though,9.5 out of 10.,yeah i would say probably like like 9,out of 10. the um the 0.5 is taken off,from 10 because its not yellow,im,im very shocked by this,like i cant get over that um,texture wow i wonder if you can make a,souffle with that so like light and,fluffy you might be able to oh maybe all,right and then we have our bag,can i smell it out of the jar,oh it smells like nutritional yeast yeah,and this smells i dont know i cant,really smell anything,it doesnt really smell like much,oh my goodness okay up close oh wow,thats a yolk but i remember egg yolks,tasting buttery maybe people will,disagree with me but im pretty sure it,tastes like im wrong mm-hmm,oh my god,this is everything i remember i was a,runny yolk girl i feel like this might,be a little bit cheesy theres like a,cheese aftertaste its that typical like,typical nutritional yeast that like,everything that vegans make tastes like,and its buttery though,it has a buttery richness that a normal,egg yolk has,my god is so good does this have any,like nutritional benefit at all i mean,its filled with b1

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I tried Plant Based Eggs! Just Egg Honest Review!

hi guys so I want to do a first,impression video on the just a because I,have back there so I thought Id do this,like a little vlog Ive never tried it,before like on its own my best friend,made some when I was in Seattle recently,and it had like sriracha she like really,hooked it up but I want to try it by,itself so Im going to be making some,back here which is some simple salt and,pepper and some Country Crock I dont,have any vegan butter so if youre vegan,I apologize,yeah Im not vegan so I dont have any,vegan butter but I did want to try that,just you know just to see if I would,like it because I do try out like,different vegetarian / vegan recipes so,I thought that I would show you guys how,I make just eggs and this is a first,impression so I will let you guys know,how it tastes as well so Im gonna be,using the just egg made from plants,brand eggs I guess this is the only,brand that makes this um some ground,black pepper from Trader Joes and some,Trader Joes she saw and some Country,Crock original butter I have my cast,iron pan here that Im gonna turn on and,heat up I always make my eggs in a cast,iron pan just you know a family thing,weve always used these these pans were,actually passed down from my grandmother,I have so many of them so I love to make,my eggs in these so lets get water just,gonna turn my stove on to about 6 right,there a little past half just so this,can heat up I want to make sure that my,pan its actually hot so Im gonna let,it sit here and get high I seen a few,videos and a lot of people said like,heat up your pan first because this is,something that youre just going to kind,of like scramble on there so you already,want your pan to be hot you dont want,this like sitting in the pan so thats,what were gonna do were going to heat,it up then Im gonna add in the country,crock and then Im,pour this right in so my pan is already,hot Im gonna start by just putting some,butter in there and Im going to let it,just kind of simmer and then Im gonna,throw in the just egg mixture I did kind,of have the pan up a little too high and,I had turned it down so throughout this,like portion of me cooking it I did turn,it down a little bit and then I just,added some salt and pepper again I will,use a different kind of pan next time,like ass non-stick pan the cast iron pan,kind of burnt it a little when I make,regular eggs that doesnt happen so,maybe its just the consistency of this,but overall it did scramble up like eggs,so I wasnt too disappointed with how it,turned out but next time I will use a,nonstick pan so this is how it looks so,yeah I mean it came out okay okay so,were doing this taste test together,it definitely cooks up like eggs its,nice and fluffy like eggs and when you,first start to cook it it smells like,eggs a little like hmm interesting but,now that its done it doesnt exactly,smell like eggs it kind of smells a,little different so but its fluffy just,like eggs are it looks like eggs if you,have kids you could probably really fool,your kids just by looking at it but now,were gonna taste it because it kind of,smells like something else but not eggs,right now,okay,so,its tolerable I could definitely eat it,in place the bags for sure absolutely if,I wanted like like a bacon and egg,sandwich but I didnt want any eggs or,bacon I would probably take like my,coconut flakes make like a vegan BLT,style sandwich like toast them and use,that as bacon and this is like a,scrambled egg on it but I dont know it,tastes like it could be eggs but youre,awesome tastes like something else like,a hint like if it tastes like a,vegetable to be honest it tastes like,vegetables its just like okay if you,mean like a vegetable omelet and you put,vegetables in it I mean this is what it,would taste like it kind of has that,like vegetable taste like it looks like,its supposed to the egg but it just,tastes slightly different than right,its not back though honestly I could,eat this in place of eggs and be fine I,only used like a quarter of the bottle I,didnt use a lot of people Ive seen,have used half of the bottle I didnt,want to do that just cuz I wasnt sure,if I was gonna like it so I just used,like a quarter of it this just pricey,its like eight dollars like $7.99 or,something crazy like that depending on,where you get it from I notice between,six and eight dollars not even six,probably like seven and eight dollars,some people have heard its ten bucks at,some places so its very expensive to me,when you could just get eggs for three,or four bucks if youre not vegan stick,with eggs,honestly if you are this is an amazing,replacement like honestly I would highly,recommend this for someone whos vegan,or vegetarian who still wants a tank,texture who likes the egg feeling but,doesnt exactly one eggs I feel like you,could totally get away with this and,love this but its not practical if you,have a family who is like plant-based,because its super expensive so its,like unless you can afford to buy a ton,of these which is gonna cost you like,thirty dollars to buy a few of them I,wouldnt recommend getting it if you,have a family in it you know what I mean,like you need a lot of it because its,honestly you use quarter of the bottle,just to me like maybe what the,equivalent of two or three eggs so in my,opinion I would definitely get it if I,was someone who is single or maybe it,was like two of you you know I do mean,in a household and youre both,plant-based and you want to get this,because its like seven bucks but if you,have a family its just not practical,its like finance wise in my opinion,unless you can afford it if you can,afford it though its practical if you,cant then I dont know I just think,its a little expensive for it to only,be this much,this is a 12-ounce bottle a twelvemonth,bottle for 795 or 799 its not much,youre not getting much like Ill,probably get if I decide to eat this if,I wanted to eat eggs for three days,straight,this bottle would be gone so this is,maybe three days worth of breakfast here,so to be completely honest I dont,dislike it I think its actually very,good and I would definitely eat it if I,was a plant-based person who wanted to,not kind of beer off and have eggs this,is definitely something to think about,its actually very flavorful very tasty,recommend salt and pepper just for some,flavor and I actually like really liked,it I would definitely buy it again if I,ever decided to go whole plant-based but,for me I do love eggs so Ill probably,just stick to eggs but if you are a,plant-based person and you can fit this,into your budget,I actually recommend you getting it,because it is a great replacement for,eggs so thats my review were gonna,finish this because I made it another,thing that I wanted to say was I knew,next time I would definitely make it in,a nonstick pan,usually when I make eggs in my cast-iron,pan they dont stick with butter but I,guess because its like a different,consistency or something I dont know,like it kind of burned first and my pan,wasnt it was up I did put it up kind of,high but I turned it down before I put,this in there I just wanted to heat the,pan up so truthfully my pan wasnt very,very very hot it was just like medium,heat and it burned so in the future when,I make this Ill definitely make it on a,nonstick skillet and,yeah thats really it if you guys want,to see that Ill probably put it on like,my story or something because I,definitely want to do a person for,Instagram so if you dont follow me on,instagram you should Ill put it down,below not bad,all right finish it out cuz I made it so,I will talk to you guys in my next video,bye


vegan eggs if this is good they might,have change the game what are you,talking man Im a waiter for like a no.9,you search the world and you wont [ __ ],a [ __ ] like me with a swagger like my,brother so free in and [ __ ] off I am I,give you my love I give you my man up as,always huh yo some boy Tyrell and today,I got some crazy crazy special for you,on that just egg Im gonna do a review,on this and yall know yall know that,Im the plug when it comes to reviews,man Roland snapchatting me about a week,ago he was like yo yo I see they got,some vegan eggs in a store man,so shoutout to runner for telling me,about this you already know man had to,go get that so Im gonna do a review for,you guys this is just egg its a,plant-based substitute for eggs Kenny we,got some yeah,just show them what say hey theres a,lot of stuff I can you pronounce so we,got some water,mug bean protein isolate expeller press,canola oil so pretty much guys how they,get it to taste like an egg or texture,like an egg I believe its from the mug,bean protein this was about $6 nothing,like $0.99 something you guys probably,paying $6 you gotta keep in mind guys a,lot of vegan stuff isnt like its not,really popular right now even though in,the vegan community it is but as a whole,its not very popular so the price is,gonna be a little bit high once its,more in demand people start with one,botanist and other things the prices be,a little bit lower so keep that in mind,so probably go ahead and scramble it up,and just give it a taste test man just,for you guys alright so Im just another,real quick wow that smells its the most,familiar it actually smells like and,smells like the protein that I use you,know the chocolate protein it kind of,smells like that is their pea protein of,those,theres no pea protein but guess is the,mud the monk thats a bug earlier no,mung bean protein isolate,but it says I make sure you shake well,before you use it so Ill shake it up,and Ill cry then put it on now looks,like egg just put like I should be good,a little bit more,you never scrambled eggs before you,pretty much like while its cooking you,pretty much Gore on the outside and kind,of bring it all in a pressure to let it,heat up a little bit more but Im gonna,go ahead and cook this up and Im going,to show you guys what it looked like,once its finished getting scrambled,yall stay tuned,alright so the scrambling right now it,actually looks like eggs Im very,curious to know if it stays away,hopefully it tastes you know good it,really looks like eggs let me know what,you guys think down below do you think,it looks like eggs want to go ahead and,plate this up and were gonna try it,very curious so what Im gonna do is Im,gonna put it on the plate Im not gonna,add any salt and pepper yet Im gonna,give you a overall taste test of it by,itself no salt no pepper and then Im,asking salt and pepper and give you,another taste test so yall stay tuned I,know so the eggs are all scrambled,the vegan eggs that is so let me show,you guys something real quick so I use,about 40% of this and theres so much,eggs I got not very much as you see its,not as not a lot so thats one concern I,have so far and I use a lot of it and we,got a little bit so heres my honest,taste test no salt no pepper straight,out the mud Im gonna close up on this,first before I try it so it goes wrong,you know looks like it looks like a,night but no matter if I look like it,you gotta see what it tastes like,now here we go smells like the protein,that I had man,hmm,all right definitely have like an egg,texture does have much flavor now I,think it does have much flavor because,it does that in salt and pepper which,Im about to put on there right no never,really cook eggs like my day eggs I,never use just eight eggs right out of,the show always use salt and pepper so I,want to put some pepper on this and,hopefully it flavors it up a little bit,without it I will give it a ball maybe,like a 5 or 6 without salt or pepper,just in case some of you guys dont you,saw pepper but I dont put some pepper,on this cuz I know that I think its,gonna make it a lot better,mix it up a little bit hopefully man,this is the sands game got a little,pepper piece of my mom it definitely,tastes better with salt and pepper it,gives it more flavor yeah I can mess,with this so just egg with no salt no,pepper its okay this is medium its not,too bad and its not too good but its,like its alright and you ask something,pepper to it it brings a lot of flavor,rules order and so my final conclusion,so just a definitely get it if you miss,eggs or you like eggs what you want to,egg substitute I will definitely,recommend this however I dont like the,fact that it costs a lot for this its,about seven dollars for this as Safeway,is where I got this it was seven dollars,and I used about half a little more,have or a little less than half and I,got very little egg for it you know so,if youre making this for you like your,family for like family breakfast or,something like that youll definitely,the whole thing and itll be gone in a,day so and that aspect that you guys,think you know if you feel like you can,spend that extra money to get this I,would definitely do it make sure you ask,salt and pepper because if you dont,have salt and pepper you probably,disappointed because it doesnt have,much flavor if we happen that go ahead,and get this go to Safeway tell them I,sent you,and uh yeah today is your last day to,comment down below and a giveaway video,or doing a giveaway if you guys didnt,know go find that video actually Ill,put it somewhere at the top and you guys,will go ahead and click on it watch it,see what you have to do to submit and I,will pick a winner sometime this weekend,Ill do like a random name generator and,Ill pick two winners all right so go,ahead and do that I really like how you,guys were interacting on my when they,giveaway video in the comments I got,like how many like 70 some comments like,70 something like some crazy my videos,that I post besides the giveaway does,numbers like that we will grow so much,faster guys if every video I post or,most of my videos I post they get 60 70,like 70 comments my channel will grow so,much more so guyss please just,Catina support me and comment down below,like the videos because it helps me out,and its gonna help us as a community as,a channel to grow even more you know my,channel has been growing very fast,lately with all that being said dont,forget to Like comment subscribe hit,that subscribe button and I will see,yall next video what are you talking,about,[Music],what are you talking about

Just Egg is the best Vegan egg i have tried to date

you miss a egg sandwich right there just,a main ingredient is mung beans honey I,dont know,mom or bean I dont know them but if,they in here praise God for them okay,shake it up like something gonna turn,the stove oh okay this is how we can,make a good old egg sandwich yeah I,dont know where you from but when Im,from planning a good old egg sandwich,comes with two three things bread of,course uh good little mayo lettuce and,tomato salt and pepper,Oh who had a moment had a moment shake,it up shake up the juice and then we get,to just a hair cut I find it at my,grocery store bond Whole Foods um did I,see that or not and see to target but,Vaughns a whole food sprouts I know,its at those places okay check your,local listings in I dont know shake it,up all right,heat your stove up a little bit you know,have your little skillet the skillet,with a little bit of oil I use grapeseed,oil okay you use whatever your heart,desires but thats what I use just a,little bit just look it now make sure,you shake it and pour it on in there oh,[Music],Im pouring right much cuz Im gonna,make me a sandwich and made my make my,daughter one too okay very good,oh I made you dolled up it if I do,thats not business okay very good,another secret to this black so black so,uh you dont have to get in the bag this,is what I got left over when I had got,it originally some today sell it in the,shake or two but this has the egg flavor,because the just egg is good by itself,but if you want it to really taste like,egg as you look necks out all your new,Americans is eaten not a whole lot just,Im going to the soccer powder look at a,pimple okay regular salt,a bit like so okay where is my spatula,oh oh you okay you see it front you see,it yeah like a maze but its mung beans,its mung beans giving me your eighty,okay down dont let it bite you want to,get to the Pina all right but Im gonna,chop flip it like a Friday cant really,explicit message you know you a real a,because you kind of move it around you,can scramble it up if you want to with,your table dont have to go and do cuz I,oughta mess up to flip I should have,seen it in here but oh the other watch,on regular you know who see me okay but,you see how its gonna look like he is,mung beans just a company okay see there,I let it get a little too hot honey,nasty kind of stuck to the bank but a,plastic is that we doing you see there,okay and you can let this exit is just,enough for me I didnt pour as much of,that doll okay very good,oh okay,turn off that stone best foods vegan,male I didnt get over whatever kind you,want its what I like okay get your,wheat bread okay I like the artesian,wheat bread okay,you use whatever you want no Im just,your vegan bread okay this is a little,bit thicker got Mayo in the hand,hey you gotta put the may on heres,almost like when you make it to make a,sound,put your mayonnaise on the bread put,your mayonnaise on the bread okay now a,little bit of salt pepper on your braid,if you want to I said it like so like,that okay a little bit like that yes God,okay put your egg oh man,put your egg on it put your eggs on this,I know howim you gotta get it off honey,good shaming when you need them in you,have attended some difficulties there we,go what Im just gonna be good Im gonna,just grab with my fingers masterpieces,okay hey tomato Im gonna put two,tomatoes cuz thats my business and I,like to sir pinch of that pinch it out,on my tomato pepper less let me guys,have you little ears,put your lettuce on there hmm oh you,dont worry break it like that,push it down its gonna go down and see,it when I put the bread on top is yall,watching this this the best part come on,come on come on my God my god,we have an egg sandwich that what I said,we havent we have an egg Sam do you see,that do you,okay okay now let us call your father we,think hmm we have to do but you did well,we thank you for the just company they,dig it out among being came through with,us with an egg for us through the plan a,man important yeah oh look at it,my God my god yeah tell me Im not,eating eggs in a batch in the street,theres a hole hates him but it aint Oh,very very good,now hmm,gone about your business,honey have a good day but baby even you,cant have a good dont you dare go mess,up nobody elses yeah you must step,together you seize my sandwich I talk to,yall later

JUST EGG – The Vegan Egg JUST Scramble

whats going on sauce makers my name is,Mark and welcome to sauce – today were,gonna be talking about just egg so just,egg is a vegan egg replacement it is,plant-based and this is made for making,some vegan scrambles now the cool thing,about this is is its completely,plant-based and it scrambles up just,like a real egg does the texture is,insanely similar and the taste is pretty,close now this is made primarily using,mung bean proteins now that is what just,figure it out,that makes it scramble up like a real,egg this is a really cool company check,them out its the same company that does,just Mayo which is a vegan Mayo which is,its honestly one of my favourite mayose,its really good so like I said I have,the just egg I have a piece of sourdough,bread this is just a vegan bread without,any egg wash on it so its just a plain,sourdough theres some chives salt and,black pepper well Im gonna add just a,little bit of canola oil to my pan dont,need a whole lot this is a good nonstick,pan you know Im gonna scramble this and,about a medium heat I noticed that the,high heat doesnt really do it doesnt,change the way that it cooks but it does,need like a good warm to hot pan to go,in before you put in the just egg I,think its kind of neat that it comes in,this bottle like this I got a test batch,in a frozen container and then they gave,me some of these extra score bottles to,use which makes it easy when youre,making your eggs in the morning lets,just go ahead and like I said about,three eggs worth you could see how the,ends theyre already kind of started,cooking but Im just gonna scramble this,up pretty quick,and its its so impressive how fast,this thing scrambles I mean its onion,its really unbelievable Im gonna do a,little bit lower heat this is cooking,quick you can see how beautiful this is,coming out I mean its just beautiful,they add a little bit of salt here and a,little bit of black pepper Im gonna add,a few chives into it while I scramble it,I mean its just incredible its,unbelievable this is a vegan egg and,thats it thats done were gonna take,that off the heat thats done that is,just I mean its beautiful,its hard to its hard to imagine that,being vegan no more tofu scramble I mean,thats youre pretty much done so this,is it this is the vegan egg I mean its,its beautiful its its absolutely,beautiful,it smells like an egg it has the same,consistency of an egg I cant Im I,gotta try this lets try this,thats incredible hmm I am a pescetarian,which means that I eat seafood I do eat,eggs my eggs pretty regularly as you can,see in my only rice video if you watch,that one thats a fun one I had a lot of,things on that if I was a vegan and ate,a vegan diet this would be so incredibly,familiar to me,it could pass a hundred percent of an,egg replacement it was good so this,stuff here its I still dont have a,release date for it they just keep,saying coming soon,it is 45 calories per serving so about a,single egg it says 3 tablespoons which,equals about the same liquid as an egg,does two and a half grams of fat zero,grams of cholesterol so thats better I,know eggs do contain a decent amount of,cholesterol and it does have 5 grams of,protein so thats pretty good thats,thats about what you get or maybe just,a little bit more than what you get in a,regular egg as far as proteins concerned,this is going to change breakfast for a,lot of vegans I mean in vegetarians that,just want to eat less eggs I think I,know for sure Monica and I are gonna use,this the rest of this what we have left,of the just egg and when it comes out,well be switching to it this isnt an,ad this wasnt paid for they did send,this to me for free but I dont think,there was any expectations of my review,maybe they didnt ask for a review that,didnt but they just wanted me to try it,out so Im trying it out making a video,about it because I think its a pretty,freakin cool,honestly now if youre new here please,make sure you click the subscribe button,and click the little bell so that way,you get notified every time I upload a,new video and if you liked this make,sure you click the like button and leave,a comment down below let me know what,you think about just egg are you gonna,try it out when it comes out to your,market like when it comes out in your,area I would love to know it is its,worth trying I love those thanks for,watching I will catch you later

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