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swinging out the window with them things,became a routine if you got all beans,you can put 50 in some blue jeans i,served them she got the upper hand and,how that bubble bins navy blue you do,what you do to get paid ill do what i,get paid to do i knew this was going to,come,i did i knew it i i did i knew it i said,what i said in the last video because,you know you you gotta you gotta put the,negative energy out in the universe for,the positive result to happen because,gods a troll sometimes you gotta,reverse psychology the universe i said,that kanye wasnt even going to drop and,then boom he dropped you know i mean so,im not saying you got me to think but,last year i wasnt really that hype on,it because i just didnt have anything,out there you know but this time around,we got listening parties three of them,as a matter of fact ive had people that,went to the concerts that i know,personally texting me videos texting me,photos one of my literal friends went to,the concert got kicked out already,because he was too hot i dont know what,he was thinking or doing but basically,ive had to steer clear of spoilers for,this album,since it was announced ive been spoiled,so i already know baby keem is on this,record,i already know jay-z is on this record,those are two people that i know for for,sure gonna be on this album the jay-z,record really [ __ ] me up bro because i,would have loved to just listen to this,first time and not know that he was on,the record but someone really did spoil,that for me so [ __ ] you you named this,record after your mother,i really did want there to be some cover,i dont know why i saw a black i think,that were probably going to get a,change to this cover art at some point,im ready to listen to it its 27 tracks,kanye heard me say that i dont like,long albums and that deluxe is our trash,and then he went on ahead and released,an album that was an hour and 40 plus,minutes 27 tracks plenty of room to go,wrong but plenty of room to make up for,lost time as well,im sorry that was just the first thing,that came to my head i dont want to,speculate on anything as far as a,concept or a message or an idea for this,album but in my mind that chant just,calling for donda in this empty void is,almost just i dont know i know and,again i know people say oh no youre,looking too deep into it its the first,trick get the whole thing to listen hey,bro get off my wee wee let me speculate,alright get off my penis that just,sounds so reminiscent of of a kid just,you know without his mother not knowing,where to go not knowing what to do for,the remainder of his life because his,mom is gone you cant,what look man suck my dick two is jail,oh,no,its really here,yes,these guitarists oh my god why did this,this isnt supposed to sound good you,have those tracks that arent supposed,to sound good that on a technical level,if we just talk about what good music is,thats not what its supposed to sound,like and its still good,oh my god hes trying to hit me with,[Music],no you dont get the first track on the,album im sweating profusely,its 90 degrees outside the devil is,around me why does jay-z have the first,verse on the album,im with your baby when i touch back bro,oh my god,all of that red cat we going home nah,this they they they didnt have to do,that they did not have why is he doing,this,why is he doing its like hov is giving,him a baptism thats not what i mean,either all right get off my we donna im,with your baby tonight,oh my [ __ ] goodness that almost made,me cry honey step to the side real quick,let me talk to your mom like what and,jesus like moses and jesus youre not in,control of my thesis dont have to see,you to touch you this is what braille,looked like its on site,this is the first track dont have to,touch you to see you this is what,braille looks like its on site,what are you doing ah he got it he got,it bro i dont even,i just loved this constant air of,ascension around this track to me its,just consistently rising and going up,and up and up at a point we get to like,the pinnacle of what this track is,supposed to be sonically and then we,just stay there it doesnt like uh,falter or wave or it just stays um and,also i dont know what that track is,supposed to mean i dont know if he,means that the people have put me on,trial and ive done all these things for,them to judge xyz but god is the one who,has the final say-so so hes gonna you,know post my bail and then hell decide,whether or not im guilty its the first,track god breathed can you relax no he,got his hands on this i know we got a,chance on it let me know something who,you all with oh i cant this is this,track is like a seizure its like his,voice is glitching in and out of the,track too,bro,god this ate away more than i can say,[Music],yo yo yo yo,yo this drum is on my wee wee this is,very very yeezus era its very 808 and,heartbreak era i wouldnt call it,ominous but its very alarming like,vocal like this,like in the background that is amazing,for setting like the stage for what this,track is supposed to feel like its like,being unable to defeat the protagonist,because he has plot armor thats what,this track feels like hes like,protected in a way and i think thats,like what hes insinuating with this,track on this i know god breathed on,this i know god breathe thats [ __ ],whoever whoever this is ive heard him,on that other track the the trailer for,the shikari for the shakira uh kanye,trailer like a couple weeks ago i dont,know who that is it reminded me of post,malone but yall told me it wasnt him i,just forgot the name of the person yall,said it was,not too big on peoples talking okay now,they got it,[Music],this is amazing i should have breathed,on my battery because im down to eight,percent this [ __ ] by the end this is uh,fantastic bro this this is crazy rack,could have been cut a little bit shorter,but that is a cinematic experience that,is fantastic that is completely,what it feels like to just be,the main character thats what that,track feels like when you know you have,this protection or this anointing or,this this just this covering this layer,its almost like you live in a sheath,where nothing or no one can touch you i,know were gonna get to the bible verse,at some point nothing or no one formed,against me shall prosper that literally,is what that track feels like track,number four is off the grid,you know whats crazy all these tracks,are five minutes so far and ive liked,them,that never happens,oh i know i didnt,dont do this man please dont,i think thats cardi bro,[Music],bro,this is how you use drums,im sorry yall [ __ ] not doing it,right yall bout to have me acting weird,[Music],this is what i need,oh muscle spasm oh when i get excited i,use my whole body at once i dont know i,dont think my brain knows how to just,use one part of me when im trying to,get you know im saying this is the type,of energy i need cardio on all the time,[Music],you did not you did not you did not shut,the [ __ ] five yo just transition,transition this from just regular,standard you know hip-hop kind of trap,and just immediately go in the drill oh,yeah and i also knew fabio was gonna be,on here that also got spoiled for me i,just didnt know it was gonna be on this,track i didnt know we were,transitioning into a drill beat and then,having five eo go crazy,bro this is why he will keep winning as,an artist hes not afraid to work with,anybody that is why he will keep growing,as an artist because hes not afraid of,breaking a boundary pushing open a,barrier i know you could say oh fabio is,still hip-hop hes not that boundary,pushing there are plenty of artists that,wouldnt work with him not because of,something that hes done but because,they dont they dont think that they,can make a good song with him not just,him plenty of people but im just saying,that resourcefulness that forward,thinking ideology that that just keeps,you let me not restrict myself from,working with this guy or this guy or,this guy we can all ma

Kanye West – Donda Album Review

[Music],donda kanye deserves no bio because if,you dont know who the [ __ ] kanye west,is,i dont know what the [ __ ] youre doing,in life,um why you cussing man [ __ ] yeah oh,right in the intro too that is okay,with all that [ __ ] sensory,[Laughter],yeah man kanye west donda is finally,here um in its purest form ive seen a,lot of things that people have been,saying about this project you know oh,jay is not on it this persons not on,look man i dont know who the hell was,supposed to be there originally but i,know who the hell we got,draco was supposed to be on that huh,yeah yeah you saw he was mad,he been on twitter and ig all day we,dont listen to no [ __ ] kanye west in,the hood [ __ ] [ __ ] ass [ __ ] weird ass,bray [ __ ] and never call me bro,[ __ ] you time out dont call my phone,chris brown was mad too right chris,brown was gonna make you a whole [ __ ],yeah he i seen the the,twitter and instagram things with chris,breezy too but look dondas here um and,its very interesting listening to this,now that we have it versus,you know the multiple experiences um,that kanye was putting out there before,the album came out um i actually went to,two me see town and modest you know,saying we went to the first,joint and then me and my wife uh got to,enjoy the second one thats right yeah,you never did you ever oh you sent um i,posted it on ig,its,on dead in hip hops ig,yeah i remember now i dont remember now,i totally forgot i forgot all about it,yeah its a igtv so you dont follow,dinner hip hop you messing up 250 some,thousand people here we only got barely,20 000 over there so go over there we,appreciate it i think i recorded them,near an hour of that [ __ ] im saying so,you can actually you know get a really,good,first person view of it but listening to,it,now that we have it versus the,experience was definitely different,because you know the song that it starts,off with jail kanye in the experience,play that way toward the end if not the,last one on the first time and then the,second time i want to say he played it a,lot earlier than the end so for it to be,the second song on here im like oh okay,cool back thats whats up it was,surprising to see it right so sudden um,and it felt like with the whole reunion,with jay like you would make people wait,for that just a little bit but he put it,right up front so thats cool and that,quickly like dismissed any rumors 100,yeah him not being on there,like yeah man i never thought that that,was true and i think i said that on um,is the mic still on uh because i think,the question was raised because i think,it had just dropped when we had recorded,and i was just like yeah,like wow yeah that that like thats,jason hey come on like yeah you know,what im saying like like if anybody,else okay i will maybe believe it but,the fact that jay-z recorded that same,thing talking about uh you know this,might be a reunion of the throne like,how would kanye take that off right you,know especially when so many people had,unheard it i think thats that would,have been a bad business move i feel,like that track,feels like this entire album,whats that mean how airy it is um when,i listen to this project it feels like,an unfinished thought,the entire thing and i like the fact,that a lot of tracks,feel and sound like this but its like,it never came home for me and then for,me to sit here and listen to an hour and,49 minutes of kanye and it just feels,like its still not finished it doesnt,feel like that to me now it felt like,that when um when we went to the,that uh,the first thing he did here in atlanta,it definitely felt unfinished for one,year and i think it actually was,unfinished for the most part the songs,feel kind of completed here were not,counting they do feel completed im not,talking like individual songs just as a,whole as a whole album like it never hit,home for me you know what im saying,because like a lot of the beats are just,its just too much to be filled in its,very,minimalistic,on a lot of these tracks im cool with,that,but im not cool with it for 27 songs,im not cool with it for the amount of,time that it was you know because its,kind of like im listening im like okay,well wheres the soul sample wheres uh,wheres something that i could grab onto,and its just like its barely its,barely anything there no that was going,on here he sampled uh whats his name,lauren hill didnt he mm-hmm,yeah i forget what song it was but,actually like i think it was believe,what i say yeah believe what i said yeah,that was sounds good yeah that was dude,and i dont want to come in here like,like this is all bad because its not,like i think kanye has a lot of gems,here and i think mike you said this,about the first experience that he made,a lot of music that sounds like stadium,music [ __ ] that you would perform i mean,thats what i thought oh okay so you,dont feel like that now,feel like this felt like me going to,church i was i was just like im ready,to go,i was with you when you said that,this feels unfinished it felt like he,didnt really have a cohesive thought,here 100 felt like the only thing that,made this album cohesive was the fact,that a lot of the songs sounded the,[ __ ] same because it was using the,same like church organy sound and they,were very airy he switched it up here,and there but it almost felt like this,album was recorded at like three,different moments in in kanyes life for,one artist that would be fine but for,kanye it doesnt work because kanye,keeps changing his sound so much,so in one hand youll have something,that sounds like it could be from like,dark twisted fantasy then on one hand,something that might sound like jesus,then on one hand something that might,sound like life of pablo now some people,might like that variation in sound but,for me it made this album sound kind of,disjointed if it wasnt for the fact,that it was two hours long,and a lot of the song still had that,hairy church sound,yeah now i agree with you um and and i,was i guess i was a little surprised at,how much gospel um,he used in it,yeah coming off of jesus king maybe the,features possibly i dont know i guess i,just expected,different than what we really got at the,experience you know im saying because,there were so many rumors of it changing,so much that i thought that it would,have been a little bit more different,than what we heard and it just felt like,what we heard just more makes it,mastered like it didnt feel raw and,uncut just felt like a more finished,version of what we heard and i thought,again with all of the rumors and,everything that it would have been a,little bit more different and more,varied throughout like i agree with my,like it just jail felt like every other,song on here,you know what im saying what that made,me feel i felt through almost all of,these joints on here now again thats,not to say that a lot of the features,are dope like pop smoke was dope as [ __ ],oh yeah that smokes right that [ __ ] was,hot was yall track finished like was it,mixed and mastered like mine was it it,sounded it sounded weird,on spotify because because it was weird,like i mean when we heard it live it was,fine but on here so your headphones,didnt sound good or in the car it,didnt sound like this like a couple,days ago,interesting,it didnt sound like that it was just,like it was like it was uh,not mixed or something like it was it,came in really lower than the other,songs it was weird,it was super weird yes so it must it,must have been he must have been doing,them update things when i was listening,to it or something because yeah it,didnt sound like that again i dont,want to come off like,negative nancy because theyre again,there are joints like the pop smoke the,j joint i cant think of something i,like off the grid um i remember liking,that when um i think we heard it in in,at the place,at the party it was off the grid and i,think praise god with uh baby keem and,travis scott i remember people really,liking that when that came more because,the wa

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Donda Album Review | The Joe Budden Podcast

go ahead getting that easy i know its,been a lot of drake kanye kendrick these,last few paws thats what it is though,weve been waiting for,the big dogs the big dogs get mad that,like when the big dogs come and they get,the recognition and the attention that,they deserve why do people get mad like,oh youre talking about drake and kind,yeah so some people are saying that you,are,creating or fabricating a situation,thats not there,thats what theyre saying thats what,theyre doing thats funny maybe,thats fun yeah,were not were not saying were not oh,no im saying whats your problem whats,the problem,there were going to keep doing that,we aint not stopping that part,thats the fun,this board is just sit on our hands and,wait for the album to come out no hey,sometimes when i want to turn up the fun,level i hit the participants with my,theories,yo,this happening,come on hey come on,what yall doing i know makeup wont,give it to me,im a kid,i hit them [ __ ] you got it,back,no i aint in carjacking i hate kanye,but this is fun this is whats gonna,happen so here we are,put it out lucian fam im surprised,im coming here to tell the truth im,not getting loud im not screaming when,ice get here ice is not here right now,cause i just dont give a [ __ ] about,this [ __ ],im surprised drake aint released,another laughing video,well he gave you the laughing video,hey when kanye dropped i had a laugh,when the babys manager said something,might have laughed when soulja boy said,something out of laugh i ought to put,that laughing video at every,at every step like a youtube ad,i had to put that [ __ ] in as many places,as i could have been crying now stop,because this is not right,thats [ __ ] up whats going on man,lucian hit the button,yeah yo drake,oh man why they did that,[Laughter],but he says hes not ready,why lucian did that man,lets get right to it drake told him to,you really think he did that,no,oh,why would he say that then,what thats who did what thats what,yeah it does oh do i think who did what,do we think that uh it was released on,accident or without kanyes permission,yeah you do,yeah [ __ ] though that wasnt released on,his permission they might have uploaded,the wrong file or something,fam you really believe that yes,talk me out of it,that was,if that wasnt what was supposed to,happen i could definitely see it being,you know you picked the wrong folder two,folders yeah that said you picked the,wrong one i could definitely see that,thats that happens kind of,often often not often but somewhat often,okay,i can see that but you think they,purposely did that against his wishes,or hes lying,yeah,thats my stance i dont think they,purposely did that to,arguably i dont think i dont i dont,think that the sunday date was agreed,upon by all parties thats my thats my,statement see i thought he went on a,church route and released it on sunday,welcome to the job,like that was my stance oh [ __ ] that,makes sense like its a gospel slash,hip-hop album he had the whole kanye,church,thing that was planned thats what i,thought like to be,uh not go with the traditional friday,tuesday release im gonna do my [ __ ] on,sunday because its gospel thats what i,thought i thought so too,and that makes sense to me,i dont think they went against arguably,the biggest artist on the planet and,released this [ __ ] without him hes,arguably,hes top five artists on the planet yeah,who kanye yeah absolutely why wouldnt,they go against them,no they would go again they wouldnt go,against him they would you said they,wouldnt,i dont think they would just,disrespectfully go against what that,[ __ ] wishes was,i dont think sweden i think that again,he may upload the wrong folder and he,may have had,they may have agreed you know were,putting out this sunday and kanye may,woke up saturday or at 9 00 p.m and said,nah i actually did that i want to push,that to next week and that didnt get,relayed to before they said no tired of,your [ __ ] and for me to subscribe to,what yall are saying means,that,id have to stop thinking what i thought,weeks ago which was,universal aint letting them to drop on,the same day theyre just not letting it,happen,kanyes whole team and stance and,maneuvering said i want to drop the same,day,that to me seemed like honest honest,talk,he aint never lied,in rant mode here to my knowledge hed,just be talking it may sound crazy buddy,just go,i want to drive with drake that was us,saying no you dont,no you dont,so i could roll with what yall saying,hey it was the wrong file it was the,wrong folder cool i could i could do,that or if im def jam or universal and,i was never letting you drop with you,drake actually im getting mad that you,keep inserting drake you keep you keep,pissing drake off see when drake is,doing that little laughing and all the,little [ __ ] thats really just for the,people update your dog tell your man,chill out dog,dog,somebody tell your man stop playing,somebody now do i think that anybody,could control kanye of course not but,no i think that def jam universal,saw that happening won,maybe didnt have all the information of,when kanye wanted to drop,maybe not all of it in real time,as evidenced by that hold the baby,debacle with the clearance and the mix,up,clearly everybodys not on the same page,and i could see them looking looking at,apple a little funny,but yall keep having these concerts,yall keep yall getting yall and made,12 million 13 million whatever,hey dawg check this out,this is going out,enough is enough so what what was the,baby debacle explain that to me,the baby put a verse on jail we heard,that in the at the chicago at the,chicago livestream when the album came,out there was no the baby verse,kanye posted a text thread saying uh,with him being told that uh the manager,is not cl the babys manager is not,clearing the verse for him,so when the manager woke up,well the text director said were,calling around nobodys answering the,phone but mind you time differences its,late but when the manager woke up he,posted and said this is cap,why would i not clear this,we did it,and i and when you hear the babys verse,you know he want that verse out of,course thats the verse he wants and he,got busy he apologized he got his [ __ ],off,he addressed that was his address they,gonna clear that so,they fixed that,they fixed it but,kanye had to do some digging he came,back and he said yo,that was universal telling again that,was universal that didnt want the baby,on there,that tell,he said that i know i just im not im,not wrong,and if thats true,because i could see that a couple weeks,ago we sat up here and said we know the,baby offended somebody higher up that,you probably dont know dont see who,happens to be,yeah you said that so all of that sounds,believable to me,to me so they fixed it they did a,re-upload the album wasnt available,than it was and the baby is there now,yeah on his own version,not with jay-z,that was telling him a little weird that,was telling me too,okay kanye who does nothing but put,everybody together oh no or hell but he,did that with a bunch of the songs hes,got the part two later with all the,extra verses on it but even with him,throughout his career hell take,somebody thats odd,like and he brags about it i took yeah,put them with freeway ill take you know,what i mean like this guy thats the,super hood hood hood hip-hop dude and,put him with somebody thats on a earthy,eclectic flow so i dont understand why,he wouldnt put both of them on the same,joint it must be something im sure,there was some problems,there might be some some some political,[ __ ] that we dont know about i think,that theres mad politics behind this,and,has been for a while but i do think a,lot of it was,picking the wrong folder because when,you send people like a,file transfer sometimes it lumps them,all together so you dont even see that,there was another one there you grabbed,the first one,and hes changing [ __ ] every other day,on this [ __ ],nothing nothing about how kany

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DONDA – Kanye West – Album Review

after months of white-knuckle,tight-lipped blue balls kanye finally,dropped donda is probably his most,ambitious and hyped album ever this is,the first project after separating from,his wife plus with album themed around,his late mom donda the expectations for,this record have been really high so,lets get into the good the bad and the,weird of kanyes donda first impressions,matter a lot with an album i listened to,this album for the first time in the car,on a road trip to wyoming from the east,coast so i was ready to be pretty,emotional just driving across the plains,at midnight listening to a new kanye,record but honestly it really didnt,connect with me the first few times i,played the album through this is a,pretty long album the full track list is,1 hour 50 minutes but even with the,bonus tracks removed its still 90,minutes long thats half an hour longer,than the life of pablo which is probably,known as kanyes biggest record so yeah,kanye has always made longer albums but,i do think theres an upper limit to,just how long one can be and still hold,our attention regardless of how good it,is looking deeper into that i dont,think there are necessarily too many,songs on donda maybe if i were doing my,own track list i would have removed two,or three but i think the reason it felt,so long is because the songs feel long,like half of the songs on this album,just have extra sections that make them,feel dragged out and i want to skip,those when they get to the halfway point,i mean songs like god breathed off the,grid pure souls come to life why are,these tracks five or six minutes long,theyre great tracks but they drag on,and i feel like theres no real,incentive to finish them plus the,presence of a few songs like heaven and,hell 24 junior they just dont really,feel finished they either have,repetitive instrumentals or lyrics and,its hard to place what sets them apart,from other songs on the album i was,honestly pretty pissed at donda on the,first few listens the dragging length,repetitive sounds kind of impromptu,songwriting from kanye plus relatively,subdued production i was convinced that,kanye had finally gone off the deep end,and forgotten how to make a good record,but listening to it the next few days i,started to realize just how detailed and,beautiful the album really is yeah its,not a meticulously crafted cinematic,experience in music form like kanye is,known for doing but i genuinely started,to feel so much while listening to this,album kanyes ability to harness and,speak to our most basic human emotions,with music its strong on this album it,shows itself in a deep profound way and,i felt myself starting to love a lot of,the songs on donda now that doesnt mean,i think the albums perfect not at all,lets get into that im going to start,with dondas high points and for me what,stood out the most is actually the,features these are some of the best,features ive ever heard kanye was able,to harness a lot of the featured artist,talents in a way that ive never heard,before it was like this ethereal,atmosphere of so many different artists,just appreciating life and music,together in a way ive never heard on,off the grid cardi brought out his best,energy while five year old foreign had,probably his hardest verse ever the,weeknd sounds angelic on hurricane while,little babies verse is oddly peaceful,and beautiful the line about walking on,the bridge throwing my sins over the,water it just hit me hard versus from,travis and baby keem werent quite as,thoughtful but there are still some of,the best travis and keem verses ive,heard in a while the features on jonah,vori and dirk voris feature is probably,the most touching thing ive heard in a,long time and yeah dirks is great too,hes reflecting about the people hes,lost in life but i cant get over voris,chorus its just one of the most raw and,emotional musical moments ive heard,ever jonah is probably my favorite song,off the entire record because of that,and yeah you go through the entirety of,donda and the features are just really,strong moon with dawn oliver and kid,cuddy pure souls with rowdy rich keep my,spirit alive with west side gun conway,the machine even jail part two with the,baby is a pretty great track and there,are more im not even getting into,overall i cant help but admire how well,kanye made use of his collaborators like,he genuinely did an amazing job curating,an overarching theme a sense of awe for,life and family and friends and the,beauty of music and bringing all of,these artists together for one common,cause it just worked really well im,gonna be playing these songs for a long,time and honestly thats probably my,biggest positive note theres a lot to,love about donda but to be honest its a,pretty inconsistent album outside the,features which i already talked about,being amazing i did love how kanye,backed off a little on the overtly,evangelical interpretations of,christianity which were kind of hard to,swallow on jesuss king i love the,production on some of the songs like,hurricane 24 new again pure souls and,the gospel flavored sounds are nice,overall but the production really isnt,the main focal point of this record and,i think its going to be hard to go,further without acknowledging where,donda failed what were dondas low,points i think the one major low point,that describes and umbrellas over the,projects flaws as a whole is a lack of,direction i really think kanye had a,theme and concept for donda but,somewhere along the way he lost it,originally this record was supposed to,be about his mom but clearly this,version of it is not i mean its,definitely themed around positivity,sentimentality religious rebirth it has,those themes but the only remnants of it,being about donda are the name and the,intro track obviously we dont know why,donda isnt the focus anymore but we do,know kanye removed a number of vocal,samples of his mom providing spiritual,and life guidance over the course of,working on and performing early versions,of the record it definitely feels maybe,a little aimless without the presence or,influence of kanyes mom in the music,and one other thing i wasnt really a,huge fan of on donda was kanyes,performances i mean i already praised,how he directed the featured artists and,while the features being good doesnt,necessarily mean kanye was bad there are,honestly a lot of bars from kanye that,just kind of fall flat theyre not,terrible its just a lot of them maybe,arent memorable or they dont feel like,he really planned them too well yeah he,has some amazing touching verses like,the ones on pure souls and lord i need,you but there are also multiple songs,where it feels like hes more or less,rambling and i would honestly be,completely indifferent if those songs,just werent on the record even in his,best verses kanyes lyrics sound,nonchalant sometimes theyre amazing,some of his best but a lot of the time i,think hes just writing these down off,the top of his head and not putting a,whole lot of time into quality control,like i said this is kanyes longest,album by a huge margin and i dont care,how good it is 110 minutes is too long,for every song to be top notch one other,thing i was really confused by the weird,bizarre pop smoke tribute thats,literally just an mp3 of the song ripped,off youtube and processed with some,shitty audacity plug-in its one of the,weirdest things ive ever heard on a rap,album let alone one from kanye i dont,understand how that got through in all,donda is a pretty powerful and humbling,listening experience kanye coordinated,some of the most popular artists around,to come together and create just a raw,sense of community while showcasing some,of his best and weakest songwriting at,the same time but looking back at what,kanyes been doing for the last few,projects theres just something so,genuine and basic and down-to-earth,about donda youre comparing it to,kanyes last decade of musical output,dark twisted fantasy yeezus life of,pablo yay kids see ghosts and finally,j

Kanye West – Donda 2 v2.22.22 REVIEW

hi everyone bring the knee back tano,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review of this new,project from yay donda to the,2222,live miami experience version obviously,this thing is intended to be some sort,of sequel to the project ea dropped last,year named after and in tribute to his,mother which underwent a very polarizing,and chaotic rollout with a series of,live listening parties performances with,a range of guests featured on the,projects tracks now over the course of,these multiple live events the material,on donda was sort of evolving before our,ears the release date was getting pushed,back again and,again and eventually we were given this,over 100 minute project that was despite,all of the chaos surrounding it one of,kanyes better records in a while yes it,was kind of a mess all over the place a,little out of control but still featured,some of the most uniquely stark,production of any yay project and some,breathtakingly beautiful moments as well,it even conveyed a stronger sense of,spirituality than yays last record did,jesus king so the album was released the,reviews came out it seemed like a moment,of closure even the drake beef that,coincided with the drop of the album was,brought to a finish but the story,continued with a deluxe version of this,record which wasnt too much longer but,completely obliterated,any semblance of flow in the original,track list and the donda saga could have,easily ended there but as we made it,through the holidays and the new year we,eventually got the announcement that,there would be a sequel to the album,attached to the ambitiously close,release date of 2 22 22. now knowing,kanyes history with release dates i,think even his most hardcore fans were,knowing,theres no way thats going to [ __ ],happen we were never going to get a,project as huge and as conceptual and is,fully realized even with his flaws as,donda in this amount of time so the 2 22,22 date came and it was met with a live,stream an experience a performance with,a range of guests featured on the record,just like with the original donda album,rollout but this time with cooler,staging and visuals and outfits but uh,way more technical issues which,completely derailed the show to the,point where it was kind of an,embarrassment for everyone involved but,honestly not as embarrassing as,everything that led up to the live show,day after day kanye posting on instagram,about his rocky relationship with now x,kim kardashian in a way if im being,frank here that was pretty manipulative,and borderline abusive with threats,toward pete davidson and sharing,personal texts publicly now despite a,sort of apology from yay for causing,this commotion and sharing kims texts,publicly the [ __ ] has not stopped he,just dropped a music video for the song,easy the track where he threatens to,kick pete davidsons ass which oddly,this track hasnt made it onto this,version of the album maybe because its,more finished than almost everything,else here i dont really know the,philosophy behind it honestly but its,its kind of absent from this current,cycle and in recent court news uh he is,also trying to make all the instagram,posts he has you know put up in relation,to all of this inadmissible in court his,lawyers have also said they want kims,citation of these instagram posts to be,met with proof that he posted them,despite there being literally a [ __ ],picture of him with a notepad a date on,it saying my account is not hacked im a,drama channel now,i am just a drama channel so this 2 22,22,live performance happened and for a,moment,seemingly there was no album no donda 2.,where was it what happened i also have,to say there was a bit of disinformation,at first about how and where this,project would be available to fans,because multiple publications accurately,reported out of the gate that this thing,would only be available on the stem,player which many fans rightfully so,given that its two hundred dollars uh,were not very happy about and when i,say the stem player im talking about,this little thing over here uh this bit,of uh technology that yay released last,year that had the original donda record,on it and you can kind of like pull the,tracks apart into stems and listen to,separate bits of them in isolation now,in response to this there was like some,pushback on,this narrative almost a correction to,the story saying oh no youre going to,be able to listen to this everywhere and,maybe down the road that will uh be the,case uh but as of right now as far as i,know as as of me shooting this video you,need this thing to hear donda two as it,currently stands which i think is a,little slimy given the current state of,the project which we will get into very,soon so like i said for a moment after,the live experience seemingly there was,no dawn to two but,very shortly yay made available several,tracks from the performance which you,could download onto the stem player and,just days later uh pretty much the rest,of the songs the material followed and,just as a general comment before i get,into the meat of the record uh,it sounds unfinished as hell i mean its,most likely going to be subject to,updates at some point in the near future,but i guess this is the price of,getting a yay project in on time with a,totally absurd uh release date attached,to it but again this thing doesnt sound,complete and that was already kind of,apparent from the live experience,performance multiple tracks from that,show were really short repetitive not,really filled out with too many details,very understructured and multiple verses,and vocal passages from yay felt,completely ad-libbed where hes just,vaguely flowing and vocalizing over the,beat with little to no lyrics to offer,which is a blessing and a curse because,yeah it does make these songs again,sound very unfinished but during the,moments where yay really has something,clear and focused to say hes often,forcing listeners to buy into the gaslit,fantasy that his family is being torn,away from him like on the opening track,true love where yay has a very sloppily,delivered verse where he goes as far as,to depict his kids,digging a tunnel from their moms house,to him because i guess over there its,such hell and they have to escape also,drops a line where he vocalizes being,unhappy that theyre wearing nike they,are your children,wearing clothes,can they just exist send some yeezys to,kids that cant afford shoes instead of,expecting us to,shed a tear over the sight of a brand,name that you personally have beef with,like sadly yay is not going to let us,move through this project without,subjecting us to the worst elements of,his egoism and a series of extreme,narrative manipulations that portray his,current situation as something that is,purely being forced upon him and is no,way connected to any of his behavior,which makes it tough to focus just,purely on the material the musical,material and art of this project because,its so deeply hindered by the chaos it,was born out of like the song broken,road which does feature a gorgeous chord,progression and a haunting chorus from,don toliver the lo-fi and simple rhythms,on the beat feel akin to many of the,more minimal and stark moments on the,original donda but yay offers merely a,single verse on this track and the whole,thing just kind of trails off before it,even hits two minutes get lost is a,pretty cool musical monologue from yay,that is a lot like those auto-tuned,rants that he used to go on with some,very strong melodic phrasing theres,something very eerie about the minimal,presentation to it especially with,some bars and lines sticking out such as,do i still cross your mind if not then,never mind but i still wanted more,development to this track either that or,reinforcement from the songs surrounding,it but thats not really here either is,everything while it does kind of,reinforce a greater narrative feels very,loosely connected and doesnt come,together in any sort of grand,presentation in the w


kanye west has just dropped his new,album donda and this is a massive moment,for the hip-hop community because at one,point no one really thought that this,was going to be coming out and the day,im so happy man i mean after all these,[ __ ] delays its about time that its,here and 27 songs man twenty a lot of a,lot of music to eat on guys so listen,this is gonna be our review reaction of,kanye wests tenth studio album donda,and were actually gonna be diving into,the album deeper once more content comes,out so if you have not already please,subscribe and donda is actually sounding,really [ __ ] good off of a first,listen so lou and i obviously were only,able to listen to the album twice so,what were your first expectations and,how are you approaching this review i,just knew that going into this i had to,forget about the whole marketing and the,whole roll off for the album and just,focus on the music and thats exactly,how were gonna tackle this review,because thats all that [ __ ] matters,at the end of the day forget all the,gimmicks forget all the drama and all,the publicity involved with this its,about the music with connie its about,the art so the way that we actually,review albums on the channel is a bit,different guys so we actually have,different categories so we start off,with artist performance then we move,into content then we go into features,then we have production we have replay,value and then an overall rating and we,have a score card that you guys can,follow through with us and let us know,your ratings for each in the comments,and not only that but instead of using,you know numerical values and giving,albums tens or nines we actually give,you guys um you know our feelings in,terms of words so we have bad then it,moves on to mid then good then amazing,and perfect so for each category well,be delivering those scores so right off,the bat man i mean in terms of the,artists performance,what did you think and going into this,did you expect this album to sound very,similar to the listening parties okay so,to start off with your question about,the artist performance lets start there,um i was impressed i was genuinely,impressed because i felt as if on,jesuss king,kanye could have done a lot more as far,as as far as his performance um i,understand that it was a gospel album,and there was a different vibe to it but,um i wanted to hear a lot more rapping,from kanye on jesus king and this is,something that i wanted to see on dante,in which i got as far as you know the,overall listening experience with kanye,um i do feel as if theres a bit of,blemishes i dont feel as if um it was,all the way there on lets say an album,like you saw like the life of pablo or,my beautiful doctors at fantasy where,hes giving you some of his best,wrapping of his career i feel as if in,certain instances there was room for,improvement but overall i really did,enjoy his performance on this and i find,that he also,let artists have their shine on certain,songs so example like ill go to jail,with you know jay-z and you know francis,and the lights like,i find it was great the way that he,started off the track and then also let,you know jay-z come in here and then the,whole point of the song is actually you,know well ill get that ill get to that,in the content so how about you how did,you feel about you know his overall i,think the biggest hurdle that he,overcame here and i have to salute him,for is the fact that hes [ __ ],swearing on this album like he made,again sort of a gospel album but he,managed to do it his own way and to,really keep um i would say a hip-hop,type of delivery overall while sticking,somewhat in the gospel realm so he kind,of broke the boundaries of what a his uh,what a hip-hop gospel album could be not,only that but i did enjoy the fact that,you did get hyped cadences from him on,songs like off the grid but you also got,more mellowed out performances on songs,like 24. super diverse,yeah it was a good balance between his,cadences i did enjoy that apart from,that i do feel like his singing,sometimes was off key,um that was kind of something that you,know bothered me at certain times um but,overall i mean some of his most personal,writing i think that we did get one of,his best verses in years on a song like,jesus lord where we actually get a solid,rhyme scheme from him but apart from,that,the reason why i think it wasnt his,greatest artist performance on an album,is the fact that if you look at the,hooks on songs like off the grid or,junior remote control,its some of the easiest of his entire,career like straight up its just its a,lot of repetition and,nothing thats too moving or you know,inspiring to me at least yeah and as a,kanye fan you know you kind of have to,sit through this and kind of give it an,honest reception because again this is,off of the first listen so we got to,give this more thought but i did notice,that too was sometimes i felt as if he,could do more but you know going on to a,strong point in the artists performance,i love the way he carried believe what i,say this was something that i really,wanted to see make this track list,because it was kind of like,kanye didnt necessarily go all out with,the rapping where he was spazzing off,but he carried that production,beautifully because it was really about,his melody its really about his,harmonies like he was going into this,verse being super honest and i loved how,clear his voice was on this song like,sometimes the deliveries did get a bit,unclear at certain points but and some,people like believe what i say this is a,track that is going to make my my,rotation for the rest of the year so i,think right off the bat the artists,performance was really good you know,there was a lot of strong points um for,kanye within the album but there was,also room for improvement on certain,aspects so going into this you know you,guys leave your um rating for yourself,it was definitely hard for us to choose,between good or amazing its kind of in,the middle spot where its kind of great,but,yeah it doesnt get really the amazing,score but overall its still very,enjoyable lets now move into the,content because i mean once we got word,that this album was going to be named,dondo you automatically have these,expectations that its going to be this,concept album thats super personal to,kanye because he struggled with the loss,of his mother you know since you know,she passed away back in 2007 so to see,him devote this whole album to her is,super inspiring and very touching and,personal i would say and he does manage,to captivate,these emotions of,wanting to be reconnected with his,mother very well and whats amazing too,is that if you go for example,on the song jail he kanye raps i know,god is in all of us and thats really,poignant because on the rest of the,album you get pretty much every feature,talking about god and then you also get,travis scott and jay-z for example,speaking to donda spiritually about,kanye so to me those aspects were,[ __ ] phenomenal and thats something,i really enjoyed what about you yeah i,want to take it to jail actually this is,where i was going to start with the,content because um the point of the song,is actually really [ __ ] sick and it,actually starts with kanyes chorus,where hes kind of saying like you know,uh im gonna probably end up in jail,tonight and then after that you know,gods gonna put up my bail and that,whole that whole thing signifies how you,know hes not perfect in his road to,salvation hes not perfect as a,christian but at the end of the day he,knows that god will forgive him for his,sins and this is a theme that he heavily,tackles within this whole album not only,that but you also get some of the most,um introspective kanye lets say verses,that youve gotten in years so im gonna,take it to jesuss lord i want to read,you out a little bit of,some bars that he had put down here,youve been down so much you dont even,know whats upstairs suicidal thoughts,got you wondering whats up t

Kanye West Donda Album “Review”

what did i tell you what did i tell you,i knew this [ __ ] wasnt dropping i told,yall too,but yall wouldnt believe me yall are,still blind off of hope making you,forget who this [ __ ] is,hes kanye west aka i dont drop,[ __ ] and those comments saying oh this,didnt age well,oh youre taking an l if he does drop,shut the [ __ ],up you look im right whos the idiot,now,ive been knowing this [ __ ] wasnt gonna,drop even during the live stream i knew,it was gonna drop,which thanks for 28k peak viewers very,appreciate it,but before i talk about my thoughts on,the album lets first talk about how,this [ __ ] arrived,two hours late but after an hour waiting,i had to go pick up my brother from work,but since i was streaming i wanted to,hurry back up and,i [ __ ] drove too fast out of my,driveway and i [ __ ] hit a tree,and i [ __ ] hit my moms car but i,still rushed back home just to find out,that this [ __ ] still,hasnt come out yet what the [ __ ] were,you doing kanye,you owe me a new car but anyways was the,album worth the wait,uh yeah i guess,it wasnt bad i dont know the names of,the songs because he didnt show it but,the opening track had me,floating that was like top five opening,tracks from,any kanye west album man that i love,that opening track,and honestly that was my favorite track,on the album and no child left behind,was also a spiritual miracle masterpiece,hes done miracles on me,that [ __ ] had me creaming there was also,a lot of features on this thing,travis he he was actually really good i,actually liked his verse,playbird cardi was just played by cardi,jay-z dropping bars on the last track,that was like,that was very unexpected feature his,feature was my second favorite,but my favorite feature was the baby,keem feature man,that [ __ ] was good i i love that [ __ ],that [ __ ] had me hype as [ __ ] but loki,there was so many features on this album,that it felt like there was more,features than kanye himself like there,was this pop smoke song that i dont,even think connie was even on,and hurricane was on there but it was,way worse than the leak,he auto-tuned the [ __ ] out of that song,so much so that it dont even sound good,anymore and,thats all the music i remember im,sorry i only listened to it once during,the live stream,and i cant listen to it back because,the video got blocked,im not that good at writing reviews im,not no [ __ ] anthony fantano,overall its a good album but i,definitely think it needs more work,especially in the mixing its like a 7,out of 10.,wasnt it worth crashing my car no,but no ill rank this above,jesuss king but definitely lower than,everything else in conclusion i told you,so suck my nuts,decent seven fortnite balls im gay i,like boys,i kidnap autistic kids little moses,watching,t-rex im edp big kanye west,me lemon pepper shrimp bro aint no way,casket poop

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