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  2. Kardia Mobile Review – ECG (EKG) Machine – smartphone connected
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KardiaMobile Personal EKG Monitors Review

[Applause],hey everyone,leo bond here im back again today for,the best buy canada blog,and this time ive got uh i guess you,could say a double review you could,maybe even say a triple review,because ive got two cardia mobile ekg,monitors and also ive got a carrying,pod for one of them,so the first monitor that ive got here,is called the cardia mobile,personal ekg monitor and the second one,is called the alive core,cardio mobile 6l portable ekg monitor,and both monitors are very portable very,thin,you can take them anywhere you go and,they both provide a whole lot of useful,information about your heart,and how its behaving at any given time,and its very easy to,run a test with one of these monitors,theyre actually both a little bit,different because,the alive core one it does have six,leads,so there is a little bit more ways for,it to collect information,but its all pretty straightforward,stuff and ill actually show you here in,the video what it looks like to,just use the cardia mobile personal ekg,monitor,where you just put one hand or a finger,from different hands,on each of the electrodes and basically,if youve got the cardia mobile app,all set up and running and ready to go,it will start automatically,a 30 second test it will tell you things,like your,current heart rate it can detect,arterial,fibrillation tachycardia bradycardia,a bunch of words i cant really,pronounce if you have,or are concerned that you may have heart,issues something like this would be very,useful to have,now in my own testing uh everything came,up normal as far as,rhythm issues and that sort of thing and,all i can really go by,to know if its really working properly,is my heart rate,uh which seemed to be very accurate,based on other,uh monitors and stuff that ive used in,the past and i kind of know what my,resting heart rate typically is,so they seem to work great so a lot of,potential for these things to give you,some potentially life-saving information,theres even a way that you can email a,file to your doctor,so some really useful stuff there and of,course,the little carrying pod that i have here,it only works with the cardia mobile,personal ekg monitor not the alive core,one,but there are other carry cases for,those as well,so pretty good little devices here im,actually quite impressed with them,uh i dont know that i personally need,this sort of thing myself but im sure,there are a lot of people out there,that will need them and that would get a,lot of good use out of them,and if youd like to learn more about,them i do have more details,in my complete written review over at,the best buy canada blog so,do go ahead and check that out if you,havent been there already,anyway thats all im going to say here,in the video i would like to thank you,all for watching,do join us again for the next one and,subscribe to the channel,thanks for watching,[Applause]

Kardia Mobile Review – ECG (EKG) Machine – smartphone connected

[Music],hi this is Tristan from heart monitor,Connie Kay and this is a very short,video review of the cardia mobile cardi,mobile is this innovative slimline,product here which is believe it or not,an ECG or if in America is an EKG ECG,sensor the most important thing to know,about the cardia mobile is that it is,medically approved so its in the UK,its been through nice assessment and,its come out as a medically approved,device which means if you take the,readings from this and present them to,your GP or your doctor then they have to,take them seriously if you take heart,rate from a wrist watch type like the,Garmin or the polo or TomTom or similar,then they are not medically approved,devices and they dont take ECG chases,this does okay Im just going to go,through what you get and how it works,and within a couple of minutes youll,have a full understanding of this great,product so lets have a look at the app,its very easy to install this I have an,Android phone so this is from Google,Play Store also available on the Apple,Store for iOS devices once its,installed and youve been through the,initial setup then its simple to use,theres a few features weve got the,record now record now for my resting,heart rate this recording hours to do a,nice ECG EKG trace this is just to do a,resting heart rate which is just a,useful indicator of your general health,and fitness you do take your resting,heart rate every morning before,a cup of tea or coffee or breakfast its,a good indicator of your if its,elevated maybe youre tired stressed,over trained if your athlete so its a,its a its a useful thing to measure,the device is also compatible with,certain on one blood-pressure meters,which I dont have,you can just take a recording of your,weight and also if you want to just let,your friend take their ECG reading,without messing up your recordings then,you can just do a guest EKG to take the,recording is really simple the device,itself does come with a little holder,now this has got some 3m tape on the,back of it which you can attach to the,back of your smartphone because the,easiest way to tape the recording is,with this on the back of your phone and,then press record so Im not sticking it,on the back were gonna hold it loosely,press record,has to have 30 seconds so it has to have,a good clean reading for 30 seconds and,what is looking for the signs of atrial,fibrillation or AF thats what this,device is all about ECG is all about,looking for atrial fibrillation okay,there is my recording and pleased to say,that it shows a normal reading now the,great thing here I can if I was,concerned I can send this to the team,the cardia and have a review currently,thats at five pounds alternatively I,can send the PDF of the trace by email,to maybe my GP and I can add some,personal notes as well so if we effort,if I dont feel particularly well or Im,on some medication or change my,medication you can put a note there and,to save it,just take that theres a journal feature,at the bottom which lets say go through,your latest readings,and insights gives you a review of the,readings that youve taken so as I say,currently none are showing any AF or,atrial fibrillation so I dont have any,concerns there theyre all normal and,none were unreadable so this is the,cardia mobile its an ECG EKG monitor,Im not medically qualified and I cant,pass a medical judgment on it however,again Ill stress the important thing is,the people are nice in the UK who have,to authorize any medical devices or,medications have approved this device on,my website I have put a link to the,website about that and if you have any,concerns about your heart rate or your,concern of a family history of atrial,fibrillation or you believe for one,reason or another that you may have AF,and you want to do some obviously the,first thing you have to do is go to your,doctor but if you just want to have the,peace of mind of doing these tests at,home or even if you just for the sake of,interest you want to do it then I you,know this is a great product super easy,to use just install the app within less,than five minutes Ive taken my first,reading so its a card your mobile ECG,sensor and Im giving it a solid five,out of five for ease of use value for,money accuracy and most importantly,support its a very well supported,product so well done alive core cardio,mobile gets the thumbs up for me and,five out of five stars,you

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AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L ECG/ EKG Device for Atrial Fibrillation- A Doctors Review

the card in mobile 6l EKG recording,device is this worth your money,my name is dr. manaan and his my review,of the cardia mobile 6l,[Music],well the answer is potentially yes it,depends on why you are buying it are you,using it to screen yourself from high,related problems or are you using it,because you actually have symptoms and,you need to diagnose this in this review,lets take a look at what makes this,device unique and whether its right for,you just a heads up youll hear me use,the terms at ECG and EKG interchangeably,these terms refer to the trace of your,heart that this device generates they,are one in the same thing so different,parts of the world refer to the trace in,different terms in the USA its more,common to use a term EKG so first off,lets start with the way it actually,works it measures about the size of your,part and it picks up electrical signals,that come off from the heart all across,the body and it does that through three,plates so that two plates of the,frontier and the one plate in the back,it then sends a high frequency sound,transmission to your mobile phone and,the mobile phone then picks up the trace,of your heart and I have to say I think,setting this up has been an absolute,breeze and it must be one of the,highlights of using this little device,cardia have made this device incredibly,intuitive to use you set up your account,the app asks for your name your height,your sex and then youre pretty much,good to go,you can also connect the app to services,like Google fit where data such as your,weight and an automatic calculation of,your body mass index ascend it also,allows you to put in your blood pressure,manually theres a section on the app to,type in your medications and just as a,reminder to yourself that medication,part is a little hidden miss and more on,this later using the actual device I,think is where the cardio device shines,it is very clear and what its trying to,help you to achieve to tell you whether,your heart is currently in atrial,fibrillation or not and maybe we should,just take a moment to talk about atrial,fibrillation because its this term,thats thrown around by so many medical,devices companies and it can be a little,bit confusing so lets talk through that,so your heart is the greatest band in,the world and Ill explain exactly why,so the heart is basically composed of,four chambers you have two at the top,and two at the bottom blood goes into,one chamber into the next chamber and,then out the other way and it does the,same on the other side and through doing,that the blood is coordinated to move,through each of those chambers and it,circulates around the body now to make,sure that that all happens without any,problems were going to assume that,there is a musician in each of those,chambers now the top two are called,atria hence the term atrial fibrillation,and in the top right well thats where,our conduct is gonna be hes going to,tell our band how to play the music how,fast to play how quickly to play so he,has a really important role and he sits,in the top right there now each of these,three other bat members theyre gonna be,playing some awesome music but they are,only going to be playing awesome music,or how conductor is in form so the,musical notes depict the heart beating,and rhythm and actually on the trace,what you see are those spikes and those,spikes correlate to the heart,contracting now if that music is playing,really well then that blood will flow,all the right way all around the heart,in exactly the right rate and exactly,the right rhythm so thats harmony in,the heart with a great band but,sometimes things can go wrong and the,conductor isnt quite on form hes,sending all sorts of signals in,fibrillation to our band members and,they are really confused so all of the,sudden that music sounds awful and you,can now see just with the Lions to give,you an idea the beating is all over the,place theres no rhythm,theres no set rate and then that can,cause the blood clots to form and then,those clots can in some cases travel up,to the brain and cause a stroke and,thats a basic description of a,tribulation so using your devices as,simple as opening up the app making sure,that you selected the six lead ECG or,the single lead ECG putting two fingers,suggest here either side and holding it,really,still for 30 seconds for the device to,eventually show up the trace now the,sick cells claim to fame is that it can,take six different leads of the heart,but what does that actually mean so,lets talk through that so the term lead,is actually slightly confusing one but,for the purposes of this I want you to,understand a lead to be of view its a,viewer snapshot of one part of the heart,itself and the more different views you,get the more information about the heart,you get so when you have six different,views or six different leads then you,get a much greater idea of exactly how,the heart is meeting then if you were to,only look at it from one side for the 60,DCG it tells you to touch your knee or,your ankle and I found that a little bit,buggy,well my knee was rarely picking up the,trace properly but on the ankle that was,totally fine I wonder whether its,actually related to Harry Harry legs and,so if youve got Harry knees and Harry,ankles you might have a problem unless,you wax them so once the trace is done,it will tell you whether youve got a,normal rhythm or whether its atrial,fibrillation you have to interpret the,normal rhythm finding with a little bit,of caution kardia have not explained to,what extent the app is accurate with,picking up on the very subtle things,sometimes that might indicate an,abnormal rhythm so this highlights one,of the most important aspects of using,devices like this if you have symptoms,always consult with a trained healthcare,professional and do not take this,devices findings as gospel,although the devices focuses on helping,to diagnose edge fibrillation I think,the trace itself can give a trained,healthcare professional a lot of useful,data and a lot more than I had initially,realized just by looking at the box on,the outside cardia does let you send,your ECG to a trained physiologist or a,physician for a charge but frankly if I,was worried about some heart related,symptoms I would want to consult,directly with a trained healthcare,professional and they might need to,examine you have a listen to your heart,check your vitals and so many times,diagnosing heart rate,problems is taking the whole person into,account with multiple different factors,its not just the ECG or EKG alone a,really neat feature of the app is that,it allows you to email a,password-protected version of the ECG to,your own physician of choice which is a,nice little touch there is also a,premium service and this currently,allows you to store your data in the,cloud it covers you for replacement,devices should you lose it though not in,all countries and it will trace your,medication and also give you a,personalized monthly heart health report,one of the least impressive features of,the premium package is medication,tracking it felt cumbersome to use and,at the moment its really targeted,towards the US pharmaceutical market,from what I can tell for other users,around the world you might find it hard,to find your medications on car DEAs,list because the terminology used for,medicines is a little bit different so a,good example of this would be in the UK,we might refer to a certain medication,as paracetamol or Cal Poly for children,but actually in the United States is,called acetaminophen and it doesnt,matter which way you try to search it on,car DEAs list you dont find the,medication that you want and thats a,little bit disappointing actually so is,this little device worth your money well,as part of routine health screening Im,not convinced that this device is as,much benefit to your health as it,advertises to be although eight remember,elation is one of the most common,abnormal sustained rhythms its overall,prevalence fo

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KardiaMobile 6L Review

hey everybody how are you doing I hope,youre all doing well I just wanted to,make it quick informational video about,my new product that I have which I,already love a page with a fit but it is,a cardio mobile 6l I have my own now and,I really have enjoyed the product just,outside of the box and I just wanted to,make sure you guys saw a little bit of a,instructional video about how it works,what it would be like if you had one,because I really think that this is the,best product for somebody for who has,each of the bunch and they can really,help a lot of people who have it and if,you have a car you most excel at home,and if you have found it beneficial who,few comments on underneath this video so,you could let other people know how much,it has helped them if youre really,interested in one going to click the,link on this video to get it go ahead,and get your own now the Cardinal will,six out this is the box that it comes in,you open it up youll get a quick sort,of a activation instructional guide over,here and this is the actual device,itself to see it right here it is about,the size of a finger a little bit bigger,than a finger its still small enough,that easily fit inside of a wallet or in,a purse very easy to carry around the,case you have any sudden symptoms first,thing when you get this you go through,the little how-to guide here and Ill,show you how to pair this device with,your phone,basically you download the cardia app,and did app through bluetooth and,connects to this sensor here which is,how you would absolutely transmit your,signals over to your phone and after,Ive kind of show you a little bit of,how it works most Im going to show you,additional part of how it looks like on,your phone because the actually the,traces of how it works and how it might,be useful for yourself as well now who,do I think would be most beneficial for,the cardia mobile itself I think,personally its most beneficial for,people who have proximal afib or not a,native all the time personally if youre,an afib all the time its probably not,the best tool for you before the grand,majority of people have a physical and,goes it can be a very good tool to have,one if you having symptoms you can check,this,if youre a Fed or if youre whether in,normal rhythm and it can be especially,useful for people who have subtle,symptoms and not 100% sure if youre in,afib or not this will give you give a,good distinguish feature for a lot of,people it can also be good for people,who are dont really feel or know that,theyre into it in case you want to try,to track your afib you know if you have,done heart monitors in the past and it,shows that you have had high percent a,Fed and you want to see if its,progressive you want to catch it before,it starts getting worse this can be a,really useful thing do it tracing every,day if you start noticing that in your,and they feel a lot more frequently now,there may be a perfect time to go talk,with your doctor see if their changes,needed in either your medication whether,youre a candidate for certain types of,procedures or so definitely can be,useful for tracking of H and as well for,people who have set of symptoms as well,the device itself you saw it is about,size a little bit of ginger it has two,electrodes right here heres one heres,the other one,and then theres our third one on the,back this is how we get the entire six,leads and having six leads look means,looking at your heart from six different,angles it really allows your doctor to,see a little bit better whats going on,and it improves the quality of the data,thats given to your doctor so again Im,going to show you a little bit of a,holic its position and then Ill show,you how it looks like on your phone as,well and so let me see if I can position,this a little bit you guys can see me,want to back up a little bit here so if,you guys can just see me as here when,Im sitting down in the chair so these,first two electrodes right here theyre,where your thumbs would go and you put,them on your thumb just like that now,the bottom electrode this year the,bottom would theyre socially draw,attention to your leg Im wearing some,shorts today you can have it touch your,knee like this or even the top of your,leg if you werent wearing something,clothing covering it does have a touch,ear skin so you can easily have it touch,the top of your knee like that if youre,wearing pants you can also have it on,your ankle just like that as well they,do recommend that you have it on your,left leg and why is that most likely,because they want to mimic very crucial,angles that are similar to what weve,done in an EKG is that our doctors,office is if you had an EKG,a doctors office you see that theres,multiple sticky that they have because,they want to look at the electrical,signal of the heart in multiple,different angles and some of the key,angles are angles that go this way the,heart thats on this side and the normal,input goes from the top to the bottom,kind of this way so you want to make,sure you catch an angles going that way,which would involve using your left leg,not necessarily your right leg your left,leg into the crucial portion but it can,be on your knee and it can be also be on,your leg device also has some sensors on,it and youll see it when Im showing,the part on my phone it can actually,give you a little bit of feedback you,should be touching your leg generally I,have a good contact with the electrodes,but if you press too hard it can,actually affect the quality of the,signal and itll kind of give you a,feedback – so you are touching it too,much so you would hold this for about 30,seconds and theres a vice immediate,interpretation and what it sees whether,that you are in normal rhythm whether,youre in afib another great thing about,the 6l is that sometimes device gives,inconclusive readings it may say,something other than normal rhythm for,afib I can say that youre just,tachycardic that means that your heart,rate is going fast but it doesnt quite,fit the normal parameters or what if the,device itself would call a foot,it can also get unclassified reading,meaning it you cant quite tell you for,sure what it is but the important thing,is that with the multiple angles and the,quality images at this device is your,doctor should easily be able to tell you,one of the signal is that normal or not,so lets go ahead and start a Tracy and,Im going to show you on my phone what,happens when you actually started,tracing and again if you had a cardio,global 6l and you found it great,put a comment underneath this video and,if youre interested in getting one,yourself going to click the link of this,video so this is your home screen then,you start off with I already formed an,account on my,cardiac app and in order to start,reading an EKG you go ahead and press,record your EKG so Im gonna go ahead,and put my fingers and on the electrode,and touch it to my left leg push down a,little bit till it starts seeing,initializing and there is my heartbeat,and youve seen it in six different,angles I might be moving around a little,bit because Im trying to talk during,the video but in general as still as you,can be will provide the device to,provide the most cleanest tracing,possible so that your doctor can see,whats going on and in general this six,lead is very impressive I mean the,quality of the interpreting of the,tracing is so good even if the machine,is unable to tell you exactly what is,going on your doctor should be able to,know what is happening so Id ask you if,youve recorded this EKG yes it was me,and there was my current tracing came,back as normal but it also has all these,different features it allows a clinician,review which you can have a cardiologist,which is contracted by kardea to review,the EKG more importantly you can share,it as a PDF and you would have to put in,your password there but then it will,come in as a PDF which you can either,save just like you see right here nice,beautiful tracing of the the tracing,that I

The Evolution of Smartphone ECG: Kardia Review

[Music],hey this is dr bertolo meschko the,medical futurist,smartphone connected ecgs have been,maybe the flagship devices and,technologies of the whole the digital,health revolution almost a decade ago i,was in california giving a talk and i,met the founder of the company back then,called a live core dr david albert and,he showed me this extraordinary device,the 3d printed,iphone bracket,that could serve like a two-channel,simple ecg you just put your phone in a,bracket you hold it like this and on the,application it could record an ecg my,mind was blown away because like two or,three years before that i was working at,the clinic and i had to do ecgs on,patients with the big cart the rolling,cart and i got the results on paper like,everyone else in the healthcare,ecosystem but seeing the same thing,happening with this device in this size,and this convenience plus seeing the,results in an application blew my mind,away so since then i have been watching,the evolution of a live core now called,cardia quite closely not not just,because i have been excited about,smartphone connected ecgs but i use,cardio as the example for what a startup,should do in the medical space they,should stick to the rules of evidence,based medicine and cardia alive core has,been,included in more than 60 studies,peer-reviewed papers and this is crucial,people if you can if you have the best,invention in digital health today but,you cannot prove its efficiency its,safety through peer-reviewed studies we,are doomed nobody in healthcare is,allowed to use that so thats why cardio,is such a flagship example from that,device they went on creating this one,a thing as a small thin device that you,can just glue to the back of your,smartphone it was around 20 15 16. then,they had an even smaller thinner,iteration and i think that was the point,when they started providing analysis,through the application so not just we,could record these cgs on our phones but,the application analyzed the results,using artificial narrow intelligence and,then they had the fourth iteration about,two and a half three years ago and now,here is their newest iteration they were,kind enough to send me one to test the,cardia care it says the words only heart,health membership that offers instant,detection of the six most common,arrhythmias,so they dont just focus anymore on,atrial fibrillation afib as we know it,which elevates the risk for having,stroke but now they can detect six types,of arrhythmias its a pretty good thing,to do the unpacking part of this video,is quite simple as there are only two,things in the package one cardio mobile,cardig ecg and one quick start guide,so what we see here,is like a business card,thats,how thin it has become like from these,iterations and from these sizes you can,see how the evolution,has been progressing this is just a,business card with one power button and,then i have to hold these two metal,parts to do an ecg,what shall we do now lets do an ecg,you open the app you click on record,your ecg,you hold two metal parts on the card and,it does record your ecg for 30 seconds,just look how calm i am by shooting a,video a heart rate of 61 and then of,course the algorithm analyzes my results,detecting six types of arrhythmias im,fine,[Music],if you like this video please subscribe,below you will get notified about all,the videos become of it plus please,check out thedigitalhealthcourse.com,the platform where you can learn all the,things around digital health and the,future of healthcare,[Music],you

AliveCor KardiaMobile Card Review

[Applause],hi everyone im john lin the founder and,chief editor at healthcare it today im,excited to bring you another product,review now many of you in the industry,have probably heard of alive core they,were the ones that put that massive case,on your cell phone to do an ecg reading,well at the time it was so innovative in,fact many peoples lives were even saved,by using that but it was a little bit,clunky well then they came out with the,cardio mobile that was an improvement on,the previous iteration but it was still,pretty thick it could slide into your,pocket easily but it was a little bit,awkward as well,but now they have the cardio mobile card,this is a powerful card and it fits,right in your wallet look at it its,just like a credit card size and it does,the same single lead ecg its also,similar to the cardio mobile 6l that you,might be familiar with but thats a six,lead ecg this is only a single lead ecg,now let me show you how it works all you,do is push the power button on the front,as you push the power button on the,front the led light will turn on and you,can sync it with your phone,then once its synced with your phone,you just put your fingers right here on,the on these sensors and youll see it,starts to read it right away,its not about the pressure you put,either its really just having your,fingers on there its really simple to,do and after 30 seconds it will have a,full single lead ecg read and whats,powerful is this is actually uploading,to cardiacare cardiac care is their,subscription service from a live core,that allows you to have store all of,these ecg readings it also gets you,access to other heart health information,and also will connect you to a real,cardiologist as part of an annual,subscription you can have four,cardiology reads from a real,cardiologist that looks at across all of,the ecg data youve recorded over the,year these reads can detect six,different arrhythmias and many other,heart health conditions so its a,powerful solution that will get better,over time,plus if you want to see this is an fda,cleared device well include links in,the show notes with more details and the,studies behind this device now youre,probably asking yourselves how much does,this cost well its only 149 dollars and,that includes one year of cardiac care,to be able to access those readings from,the cardiologists thats a powerful,solution at only 149 dollars plus after,that year its only 99 dollars to renew,for the year so if youre looking for,something to do ecg readings i know it,comes on the apple watch it comes on a,number of different solutions but this,is a great solution for those that maybe,have an android and cant afford or,cant afford an apple watch so check it,out at alivecore.com and be sure to,check out all the other reviews at,healthcareitday.com,[Music],you

KardiaMobile Single Lead Personal EKG Device by AliveCor : Unboxing, Test and Review

hey everybody i got here is uh a live,core cardia mobile,its a,single load ekg,machine reader whatever you want to call,it,and you need a,phone for it to to read while youre,youre i forgot forget how to call this,now i took a class by the way a long,long time ago,and i dont remember,oh what a visa anyway this is if the fda,cleared mobile akg,fits in your pocket detect af,iv or normal rhythm for 30 seconds,lets unbox this one and the upc code is,right here,ill put it in the description too,lets see whats inside,and on the box you see heart,health,at your fingertips,real time detection it takes normal,sinus rhythm,arterial fibrillation,bradycardia and,tachycardia wow lets see whats going,to pronounce it connect,connect with your doctor send unlimited,ekgs with press of a button,peace of mind take the akg anywhere at,any time,so,slide,so this thing works with apple,ios or google,see whats in here,this is it,one piece,uh if you want to stick it somewhere or,you dont need that,should i read the manual,how do i take it out i dont know all,right there just pop out,all right heres uh whats inside,theres a,manual,which im probably not going to read,another one,just like a quick,a quick uh,manual,quick guide,so lets take this out to them,there it goes here it slides here,notice it just snap in,snap in all right so,let me download the app,and lets get started,so im loading up the cardia app its i,gotta under the,android here so,once its done im gonna launch it and,while its doing that let me show you,something,oh by the way if youre wondering where,the battery is is in the back right here,yeah,put this back here again,f should be done,there it is,open it up,im gonna create an account come on i,dont want my info,all right i gotta do this offline,a character code,do you receive a code,from a doctor with,are you good enough,disconnect,how to record hold the tag mobile close,to your phone,press your hands,you see moisten your fingers,very close,all right so i have to uh,i have to sit like this on a chair,to get a proper reading,so im gonna do that and see if it works,do it,record,dtg,what does it,say allow access,allow,touch electrodes to start okay so,two fingers,did,home recorded homer record just akg,no it was a guess,im a guest,so heres my,ekgs,and i forget how to read it no radio,abnormalities,abnormality sometimes,no rhythm abnormality is detected with,your ekg,karya does not check your heart if you,have a heart attack,cardia does not check for heart attacks,so you can either download,so you have choices to download pdf,notif,notify inner circle initial review view,history,you can add notes,so im going to try one more time,how do you start again click it down,all right lets start again,no i dont want to upgrade,all right start again,record,so two fingers here,and ill stay quiet,seems to be working,yeah normal,can you do landscape lets do landscape,lets see if i do like this,i dont think it matters lets see,its still gonna it doesnt it doesnt,show the long way,oh well,so this is the,guardian mobile uh akg reader,and uh we get this for free by the way,our insurance covered this one,which is good you know we dont pay for,this i dont know the retail cost,ill ill search it and ill put it in,the description below or maybe on this,video,right,this is the cardio mobile affordable uh,akg reader it works with your phone with,bluetooth,and uh,and uh if you like this video please,like and subscribe,and make a comment below,if you dont like it make a comment,below alright thats it,thank you for watching and i hope to see,you next time goodbye,i

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