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Karnan Tamil Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Quick Gun Rangan | Mari Selvaraj | Dhanush | Rajisha

hello and welcome to film companion,south in this episode we are going to be,talking about,mari salvarajs karnan which stars,sannesh and rajisa bhijian,the best of screenwriters cannot imagine,something,like the mahavata because there are so,many subplots so many plots so many,characters and one of the richest and,most fascinating characters is that of,karna because hes actually born,a demigod hes the son of a queen,and a god surya so hes actually a,demigod but then hes abandoned by his,mother,and hes raised by people from the,oppressed communities so no wonder hes,often seen as an outsider as a tragic,figure,and he never gets what he wants you know,because he keeps giving things away but,he never gets what he really wants,he doesnt get his mother he doesnt get,his brothers and he doesnt get the,woman he supposedly loved in some,versions of the mahabharata who was,dropped,now my favorite filmic version of the,mahabharata is sham benegals kalyup,which is,just brilliant it sets it amongst two,industrial warring families,and shashika could place the karna,character but i think what most of us,tamil viewers know,are manitobans an unofficial biopic of,karna,with the kunti duryodhana karnataki,characters all,in there but placing the karna making,karna the hero of the story rather than,the traditional arjuna,and the other one of course is the,actual biopic of karna which is,karnan made by vr panthu which shivaji,nation in the 1960s,now there are some minor callbacks to,some of these earlier films and i dont,even know if its intentional,like one scene that strongly reminded me,of third party was the sun shining in,the background,as a mother was rocking her child you,know so you strongly get this,mother sun god father and child,dynamic happening in the same frame even,though this child,in that dolly is not actually karnan and,theres another scene where characters,are wearing,from paddock t-shirt but what mari,salvaraj does with the karna story is,actually something amazing,he retains both the heroism of the,character and the tragedy of the,character,now if youve heard santosh narendra,modi song,there is this line that says kawasaki,like kundalini,so its like its almost like he may not,have the traditional kawasaki,that we associate karnan with but he had,a sword and he fought with it thats the,kind of sense that he got so i went in,thinking it would be a rousing,story of karan saving his community with,a sword,well it is kind of that story but it is,also,a story of the tragedy of that community,so there are,spoilers ahead we want im going to,start with the first scene where well,see a little girl dying shes in the,middle of the road and there are buses,passing by the buses dont stop,that is one of the many many symbols and,metaphors in this film,the village where karnans community,lives they have no bus stop of their own,so they have to hitch rides from people,passing,by or with vehicles passing by and one,of the things that that emerges as a,theme is,the fact that there is no bus stop kanan,actually says this the fact that there,is no bus stops,makes these people stay there it doesnt,allow them to travel long distances,and thats where the others want and,that is the dominant cast they want to,keep this community contained in that,village and not kind of spread their,wings,now while speaking into film components,of marissa alvarez said that kagnan was,a lifestyle movie,and while i didnt fully understand it,then i think i get it now the first half,of the film,is dedicated to the lifestyle of this,community the way they live,its about the games they play its,about the death ceremonies its about,the customs and rituals,its about how much joy the dominant,community of the neighboring dominant,community derives from oppressing this,community,and its especially about how the people,that died,transform into gods like small gods i,dont know what the word is in,english for it but you know the native,village gods,now even as this lifestyle movie is,unfolding around us we begin to get the,arc of transformation of karma,at first hes the kind of guy who said,who sees an eagle taking away a chicken,and,he sees people around him wailing and,like saying that oh god this equal has,taken away the chicken,and he says this happens every day why,do we have to make such a big fuss about,it but this is actually a metaphor right,its about the powerful,praying on the powerless on a daily,basis but at that point conor doesnt,seem to bother about it,but as the atrocities against his,community increase his anger also begins,to increase,a girl is humiliated there is an unfair,kabaddi match,a conductor humiliates his village and,therefore humiliates danush himself that,is the current character himself,and all of this builds and builds and,builds until we get a spectacular,intermission moment,this also involves a bus and there is,action and its all staged,beautifully but this is very unlike the,usual intermission moment that we get in,the movies which leave us on a high,this one leaves us with mixed feelings,even though dhanush that is the karnal,character technically wins,technically takes charge of the moment,and finally his anger is unleashed to,its fullest,this doesnt feel like a rousing moment,at all like i mentioned earlier,we are left with mixed feelings during,this moment so in one way mari,salvarajs second film,is very different from his first film,now pariah peramal was all about,lets have a discussion lets talk,current is about,these guys are pressing us lets kill,them and yet both films are similar in,one way they are not celebratory films,they are not about the fact that one,community is one over the other,in fact at the very end when we get a,celebratory dance,dhanush is almost the current character,is almost forced into it,and hes dancing with actual tears in,his eyes,its a very mixed kind of happiness that,the film even ends with,and we get to the second half so karnan,slash dhanushs anger has been unleashed,and now he becomes,a literal pariram peramar that is a god,sitting on a horse a savior sitting on a,horse again this could be a symbol,because in the olden days during the war,days it was shakti as mostly that sat on,horses and,burrowed into war most of the others,most of the lower communities were foot,soldiers,and if he became really really angry at,the end of the first half here his anger,really wakes up his village his,community,and this is where the film really,differs from paragraphy now telepathy,was a very closed character drama,so the conflict was really a one-on-one,conflict between,the arjuna character and the covenant,character so that was the relationship,drama that was happening here,here even if karna is fighting even if,karen is a savior,he is inseparable from his community so,its the whole community that gets,involved in the war that mahdi salvaraj,stages in the second half which is the,equivalent of the kurukshetra war,so on the one side we have members of,conors community convince village,and on the other side we have the police,force which represents,government which represents politics,which represents uh,society and the leader of the cops,brilliantly played by ngati the,cinematographer,is the krishna character i mean he is,literally named kannabiran,now there is an inevitable comparison,thats going to happen when a director,makes a movie,as powerful as unique and singular as,parier impermanent you want to know what,the second movie is whether its going,to measure up,i think i found paria repair much more,powerful because it is the story of a,single mans angst,and his the anger that boiled inside him,like lava was the driving force of the,movie,here because its a story of a community,and because karnan is never,separated from his community there are,many characters and the screenplay,doesnt manage to do justice to all of,them,like some characters really really stand,out like i mentioned the kanabiran,character i actually wished he had been,introdu

A Masterpiece From Tamil Nadu That Will Leave You In Tears | Karnan Review | Dhanush, Mari Selvaraj

you remember there used to be a time,where we would step into the theater to,watch a movie,we had not seen any glimpses of it but,as an outing with friends or family,there would just be a plan to watch a,movie,there was no chatter about the film its,premise or even a glimpse of the trailer,unless you were lucky to watch it in the,theater itself there is a lost,charm that comes with stepping into the,theater expecting particular beats of,the film,this time as i stepped into the mari,salvaraj tamil project karnan starring,dhanush,i was somehow transported to the time,where i simply surrendered,the teaser of karnan is an example of,two things one the conviction of a,director with a storyline and two,cherishing the essence of the film to be,experienced in the theater itself,i have to confess on how much of a,refreshing change this was,to just know that you will be taken on a,compelling and thought-provoking journey,without doing your research or homework,expecting a film to pan out a particular,way social media that way has developed,into a double-edged sword where the,beauty of what the film tries to offer,in the theater goes away while we,already have an expectation of how,things will transpire,i fell in love with marie salvarajs,heartbreaking story perum perumal,it is a film that if you havent seen,already is available on amazon prime,video,and before you watch karnan it will not,only bring you an essence of silvarajs,brilliant work,but will provide you context as well to,the world of karnan,its characters and several flashing,images a commentary on individuals from,underprivileged sections of society that,dare to change what society has,structured as their destiny,to simply love and dream is a threat to,the men and women that sit in the rivery,towers,this movie comes right from the heart,and trust me such hard-hitting films are,tough to come by,when it was announced that silvaraj was,going to do a film with dhanush i was,more excited than skeptical,you might be surprised with this,statement but whenever a talented,director,in the hindi film industry does well,with his medium budget projects,and has to scale with a star 9 out of 10,times it turns out to be a wreck,because the story has to assimilate and,fit the mould of the image of the star,dhanush in the tamil film industry is a,beautiful synergy of art and commerce,his involvement in the project raises,the scale of it but the core of the,premise doesnt constantly have to,adjust to his star value,mari salvaraj not only gets provided a,beautiful platform and scale with,dhanush where he can creatively express,himself,and shoot the sequences as he intended,something that was not the reality with,his first film due to the limited budget,but his story of karnan never gets taken,for granted,the film focuses in the village of,pudiakalam considered a wasteland for,some but home for others,this is a very eccentric group of people,that are strong-headed but loving and,supportive for one another,they understand and are pragmatic,towards the structure of society and,inequalities that come with it they,acknowledge the unfair treatment and,animosity that exists with our,neighboring village,there is a simmering anger within them,and they are on the edge,when i see the atrocities committed,towards the marginalized sections of,society especially in this film i im,always reminded of the iconic joker,dialogue,that says nobody thinks what its like,to be the other guy,you think men like thomas wayne men at,ease,ever think what its like to be a guy,like me to be anybody but themselves,they dont they think well all sit,there and take it like good little boys,that we want werewolf and go wild karnan,is said to be loosely inspired from the,unfortunate events that took place in,1999,after labourers of the tea states of,march towards the collectorate as the,teaser provides you only glimpses of,what to expect in the film,i would do exactly that and stop myself,here i realized how important it is to,integrate this into my work,that movie reviews are of the film and,not about it,what struck me the most about karnan is,the ability to say so much with its,visuals,while perum perumal was a commentary on,the structure of society and the bias,that exists with caste,and the labels we put on them karnan is,a combination of that,set in a natural landscape animals form,a huge part of the world of karnan,either contributing to symbolism that,provides a commentary on the existence,of humans or act as bystanders to the,chaos that ensues,the dynamic between the predator and,prey as denoted by an eagle and a,helpless chick,an equation that more or less is the,essence of the film a donkeys front,legs bound by a rope so that it doesnt,escape,more or less a mirror image of the,existence of marginalized sections of,society,they can move but they still find,themselves in shackles,the film successfully creates parallels,and analogies with mahabharata and king,arthur,it provides a compelling take on what is,destiny and the reality that exists in,wanting change,for a community that has always found,themselves in an uphill battle,it like mary salvarajs previous film,also made me check my privilege,on the differences we understand but,cant get past,i mean the privilege to love itself with,freedom we try to project our own,sensibilities on how couples should be,portrayed on screen,not understanding the spectrum of people,in this country and the dynamic they,and generations before them shared there,will be several images of the god that,the village prays to and the masked,presence that act as a conscience,and humble reminder to the population to,exactly know the horror they have,sustained,karnan has so many references that i,would love to explore and dive deep with,all of you,but it is definitely something to,experience i dont think i have taken,down so many notes as the running,minutes carried on,you might wonder whether two hours and,40 minutes dragged the narrative of,kanan and there is a debate around that,i personally did not feel as if i was,being taken somewhere which was familiar,territory i mean sure there are glimpses,of the horror that was showcased in,battery marans,or the character arc of one reaching his,boiling point through his other film,asuran,but i was totally hooked in this film,santosh narayanans music and mari,salvaraj and,bhartis lyrics made me introspect about,us as humans the cast of this film,is stupendous in so many ways lal who,plays karnans elder guardian of swots,is so convincing in his role,his boundless love for karnan while,still being a child at heart,was so beautiful to see natarajan,subramaniam plays the wretched cop in,the film that causes mayhem,and acts as the perfect antagonist for,covenant to face out of all the,supporting characters as well,yogi babu as a man constantly had,loggerheads with karnan and rajesh,vijayan arnans love interest assimilate,perfectly in the film,a special mention to the little kid who,plays peru ram as well a reference you,will get,if you see silvarajs filmography i mean,what can i say about dhanush which,already hasnt been shared,his ability to stand out in every film,and make it unique,is a testament to his talent he,possesses such boundless energy and,reigns that i feel like he is the,perfect example that young actors should,aspire for,a man who communicates through film and,doesnt simply feature in projects for,entertainment,anyway the original intention of art,dhanushas karnan is the perfect vessel,to tell this story,an image of hope and an image of,defiance and a role in a film that will,be remembered for many years,i found myself weeping in the conclusion,of this film and im not one to get,easily swayed by stories like this i,dont know what it is but any sequence,with a cute grandmother in tamil movies,absolutely breaks me down,karnan is a masterpiece according to me,i know the current predicament we find,ourselves in,it is infeasible for a lot of you to,watch it in theaters but w

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Karnan (2021) – Movie Review | Tamil Masterpiece | Mari Selvaraj | Dhanush

[Musik],[Musik],servus freunde mein name ist jimmy page,im kanon ist brutal language action,drama denn just released den cinema for,peace now available for everyone to,stream und amazon prime minister second,feature film bei marie server watch the,first one person with enough to,establish one of the most powerful and,unique user sind in diesem sinne des,wortes ins studio kamen ist nach liszt,einem oder master piece for me,da muss es wirklich schicken,tour-de-france-gewinner standing ovation,von atv innovativen rating marisol,valles first film per email is one of my,favorite 15 riis entließ expecting you,looking forward to think sinnes next one,er hat social message in motion hat,racing music des fußes traditionelle,symbol ein großteil in many aspekte,simulator regierung personal data,research and control of everything you,once again the movie star power girls,dont stop the prospect of the moving on,the ground to various interchange,barrymore charakter bei den aim of cars,and credit suisse elements at creating,the handling of whats coming den ex two,hours and forty managing director,kalypso viel ist angry young men von,smallville rupert of tamil nadu einer,suite von lady gaga los ist usd sowie,center stories lose links von der leyen,tina ti 5 julian khol am gestrigen 12,600 policeman,heinze leiter und die andere politisch,parts of society in krems emotion tour,de force said to make your blood bowl,eine gewisse characters plattes bowling,for sure charakter hus council on the,edge constantly exploding in liesing auf,sofort online unter null schirme cabrio,films battis performten swan ist,outstanding der frustration die endlos,engadin justice of the world is living,in the beginning at super in tempzin bei,castings someone like you schwester,protagonist karriere und per email and,dangerous gekostet keinen kompromiss t,mobile kostet elements sollten,expectations and character and,storytelling conventions et studio,genauso wie chains and integrated into,the movie in great way and think and,success in der 3,der riese big balou starb bevor der,mobil beginn zentrale kern und der ist,sollten die porträt das kann er in,marseille afrika keine rosen one thing,for small village ergänzt equities von,waging social community and reprocessing,police forces der astronomie the kitchen,ist jetzt dessen simple hero world of er,in wittstock protagonist can easily,overkamp stick kann dann ist als einer,der feder eines mittelstädten ist happy,with the strength of the film to pick,des tragens einer konfrontation mit der,villagers were especially die ongoing,pensions betrieben kam ein yogi boost,charakter whois net eka megi verdorben,dass firmen die zum modell hero workshop,mobile koste village diana charakters,playstation controllers will kann ist,dass manche baut kann also dass willie,the universe justice and think about,standing tall dignity about being human,in indien cultural and university,der look forward to save the children to,college der nato zu den underdogs story,and one of the more thing and racing on,some reason memory-effekt blend of,action jobcenter strong in sowieso who,is on the water times and social,dramatik hätte wäre ich schon froh and,even westerntanz stuhl treffens ist das,sind für uns beide indien epic martha,bereich werde sehr viel text elements,von american western source samurai film,von akira kurosawa semmel kur schnellem,internet zu addthis wonderful,kombination auf listen angeles in der,beginnen kann ist gutes jean philippe,courtois barry king alex hat studie denn,der ist das recurring images of the gods,tattoo von ottfried fischer native,traditions of tamil nadu to consider,young girls and women who have lost,airlines before getting married se co,in dieses wort hätten lukas ist eine,firma die crucial moment sowie kennt sie,das gerade system motivation der,riesenbecker sections in augsburg gibt,es transporte elementen something that,war ich selber roger die houston texans,first film ist the picture of animals,the world of the world full of animals,birds chaos px stoxx catch the weight of,lights of the frames shared with them,but even money shorts im reaction shots,of just animals weiß denn dass du das,traditionsblatt monceau der aus uster,cymbals airline of time is this very,clean straight forward batman test,negativ,marius ebert straße treffe job in empel,feines teams ein auto entgegen dass dies,absolut performance des volkskongresses,von black stay together for easy to,differ jetzt baut der checkliste people,of the witcher liwingen dass ecclestone,november society beide gastsystem bei,people and power bleibt ihr wille just,dont drink too much for the swell ende,das internet ist absolutely amazing,ziehen bevor die interviews,basta positiven folgen,jetzt macht er erst ging vor but even,the small things in extremo connectu die,o2 world ist die night der ziehen bevor,die interviews realized ins semester vor,dem altar facing the floor is the world,bringt die erstemission auf das village,career center pleite frust an zum müsli,der dynamic of cars family stories,transportierte roger schawinski roger,partie especially des super strong band,swing kammern und lars charakter jemand,an fortschrittlicher dancing with the,stars racing recently for performance in,dem areal am lenker schriller hellen in,den kanon historikers charakter ist die,situation der humanity the story of,canada an funktionen die playstation ein,all in ones are coming together,beautifully der camera work by thinius,war es fantastisch wisconsin jackson,position of materials and very close to,the ground films hat schon epic and yet,internet feeling that silva ok ist,pfiffig in der sony epic sie,konsistenter kathrin zeller characters,and places working to the end and leave,the theme entfiel auf den moment enduro,firmen den musical karriere,personalkosten post bei santos narayanan,mit lyrics written by you go barati und,mavic selber roger federer ist perfekt,harting fusion of classical and modern,element so leicht imperial und personal,der heydt ließ zu montagefirma very much,like music videos bei der seychellen,tabs highlights bringing the emotions to,the building point der film making ist,die genter use of images im bild sein,musical moving 3kunden keeper felix und,saberi bruder firmen bei emotions as the,new instructions of the date of course,some of the elements a very familiar der,bdl police officer die obsession,socially an the privilege die sphinx,address to move is constantly patient,filter movie so live so emotional und,heftig so epic and yet internet marius,selber rod has proven dediziertes der,cant wait to see what next so in,germany,was für ein unglaubliches brett kann ist,ein modernes meisterwerk das ein mit,seinen themen bildern und tönen,emotional einfach oben auf color line,out of time wird,what is your favorite film with you can,eat me up und twitter instagram leder,boxen und page und simply red der jimmy,page p future die swisscom ihr songs ab,[Musik]

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Karnan | What To Watch with Anupama Chopra | Dhanush | Mari Selvaraj | Film Companion

Like Mari Selvaraj’s first film, Pariyerum Perumal, Karnan also begins with a horrific death.,The opening credits roll on a black screen against sounds of a busy road –,cars, bicycles, trucks and ambulance.,The road runs by Podiyankulam, a small fictional village in Tamil Nadu,,but traffic rarely stops there.,The village and its people are merely a blur in the scenery.,There is no bus stop.,So even when a sick little girl or, later, a pregnant woman, wait to be transported, no one halts to help.,DOP Theni Eswar gives us a god’s-eye view of the traffic plying.,The world is indifferent to the tragedy unfolding. The road isn’t merely a way out.,It’s a symbol of everything that the people of Podiyankulam don’t have –,opportunity, freedom, respect, dignity.,Karnan is a powerful call to arms.,The cycle of oppression is broken through horrific violence, which begins when a little boy throws a stone.,That act, stemming from rage and frustration, puts into motion events that lead to destruction and murder,,but eventually to a phoenix-like rebirth.,Selvaraj, who has also written the story, demonstrates that sometimes, violence is the answer.,The boy reminded me of other young boys,,whose act of stone-throwing announces that they aren’t willing to be subjugated anymore –,Jabya in Nagraj Manjule’s Fandry and the little boy in Shyam Benegal’s Ankur –,both brilliant debut films,and, like Karnan, stories about the tyranny of the caste system.,But before we get there, Selvaraj immerses us into the rhythms and life of Podiyankulam.,He doesn’t want us to simply view these characters through generic labels of marginalized or Dalit.,He wants us to see them as human beings.,So there is a young girl who aspires to go to college;,Karnan’s family – his older unmarried sister, his constantly wailing mother,,his largely ineffectual father – is clearly established;,as is Draupadi, who loves Karnan without hesitation or coyness.,These names aren’t incidental.,Selvaraj reimagines the Mahabharat, so that Karna is no longer a good man on the wrong side.,He is a hero who leads his people to wreck a system that is rigged against them.,The village head, a wise man who backs Karnan’s aggression, is named Dhuryodhanan.,It is these names that get under the skin of the investigating police officer Kannabiran, played superbly by Natty.,He is appalled that these people, who don’t even have a bus stop,,have the audacity to give themselves these regal names.,Selvaraj skillfully dissects how the caste system works,,so it isn’t enough that the ones at the bottom stay servile and impoverished.,They can’t be allowed even a sliver of ambition or aspiration.,Kannabiran sets out to show the people of Podiyankulam their place in the world.,Selvaraj and Eswar seamlessly mix tonalities, moving from naturalistic textures to myth-making.,They even include a thread of magical realism, which is the weakest link in the film.,From the onset, Karnan is established as a savior, shot in silhouettes and low angles.,Right after the opening titles, composer Santhosh Narayanan’s terrific song Kanda Vara Sollunga,,which means if you see him, do tell him to come, shows us the entire village waiting for Karnan to return.,We understand his significance through the eyes of the villagers who are waiting desperately for him.,Karnan is every inch the liberator of his people.,But there is no flashiness in the way Dhanush plays him.,The character is very much rooted in the milieu.,Dhanush’s ability to combine everyman with hero is remarkable.,The others – Lal, Rajisha Vijayan, Laxmi Priyaa Chandramouli and Yogi Babu – are also solid.,And Selvaraj’s frames aren’t just filled by people.,His gaze also takes in animals – pigs, dogs, a horse, an elephant, birds and even fish.,A donkey with bound feet becomes a running metaphor for the people of Podiyankulam.,He hobbles everywhere until Karnan sets him free.,The symbolism is heavy-handed and at two-and-a-half hours, Karnan seems over-stretched.,But Selvaraj successfully converts his seething rage into blazing cinema.,You can watch Karnan on Amazon Prime Video.

Karnan | Ghar Se Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Dhanush | Tamil Movie | Amazon Prime Video

Arey too much symbolism is there, how I’l be able to unpack alllll of this.,Kyun? Shrek mein jab baith kar 600 easter egg dhoondh saktey hain, Lion king mein Shakspearen,allegories nikal aati hain, toh why not this?,Hello. Amazon Prime is streaming Mari Selvaraj’s Karnan joh please zara iss weekend time nikaal,kar dekhein. And if youre anyting like me, toh film dekhne ke poore ek din baad ka time,bhi nikaal kar rakhein, kyunki cinematographer Theni Eshwar’s visuals combined with Santosh,Narayanan’s score will keep reappearing in your head and heart as soon as you close,your eyes, up to atleast 36 hours if not more after watching the film.,Karnan tells the story of Karna in his small village in Tamil Nadu. He’s a young man,,now able and old enough to question various unfair societal norms, jinki wajah se, his,village has been punished for decades, and is banished away from development that the,rest of the country is allowed to participate in, in the mid-90s.,Accha humko, Dilli Bombay etc mein, poore desh ki history, politics, yeh sab schools,mein sikhaate nahi hai. We might know ki Rosa Parks ka local buses ke kya relationship tha,,and what that meant to the American civil rights movement, kyunki yeh jaankari humein,aur nahi toh filmon se, ya America popular culture se mili hai.,Lekin, local buses have been in the centre of political turmoil in many parts of India,as well, which becomes the trigger to the the central conflict of caste oppression portrayed,here in Karnan. Its the, its the trigger.,This is why need movies btw, to widely spread relatively untold stories in the most effective,manner and save them for posterity. Something Mari Selvaraj recognizes btw, Dhanush is seen,wearing a Rajnikant t-shirt for a significant amount of time.,Political leaders, cops, and general louts from the neighboring village have not allowed,Karna’s village to have a bus stop of its own, and people from Karna’s village have,to travel to the neighboring village to be able to take buses to schools, colleges, jobs,,hospitals, the outside world in general, which when they attempt to do, they are harassed,,beaten up, and sent back, for no reason except to satisfy egos of the men from neighboring,villages, ie. their oppressors.,Amidst this, Karna accepts an implied clarion call and begins to gradually push back and,plan small acts of revenge, by sheer brute force of his invincible youth. His village,is divided between his supporters and nay-sayers, but event after event eventually force everyone,to not have an option except rally behind Karna, as he seeks justice, revenge, and long,denied dignity.,Mari Selvaraj uses many names from the Mahabharat, distributing them to very interesting, assorted,characters. The village pramukh is named Duryodhan, Karna’s love interest is Draupadi, the evil,cop is named Kannapiran which I am to understand means Krishna. Karna himself invokes Narsimha,,the half man half lion god from Indian mythology, as you see him sleep always in the doorway,of his house, half in half out, an incarnation that must be born to rid the world of evil,overlords and narcistic, big headed kings.,The attention to detail in the movie is a thing to behold. After creating a whole entire,village from scratch, Mari Selvaraj fills it with living, breathing characters, stories,,subplots, and apalogues, maaney folk stories with animals, there’s fish, an elephant,,a donkey, a horse and many many Kanni dogs, the local Tamil Nadu indie breed.,All of this fills the scenery, but none of it towards making the viewer comfortable,,ulta every single thing in every single frame, is intended to wake us up from our snug and,secure reveries.,Selvaraj doesn’t even wait to get INTO the film or the landscape at all. The opening,credits play out like a highly produced, music video. Men and women are invoking Karna, as,an artist draws his face on a wall in a cave using only a lit, flaming torch, as if to,say we’ve forcefully delegated some citizens of this country to continue to live in pre-historic,times.,Cut to, a visceral image of a young girl, wearing the brightest, most festive pink clothes,,slowly dying in the street, frothing at the mouth, as vehicle upon vehicle refuses to,stop by and help.,Mari Selvaraj’s comments on oppression and how one is forced to fight it, are layered,and manifold. While there is Karna’s raw, untamed anger, there’s also talk of how,anger only multiplies as generations replace each other and have more means. Many children are prominent members,of the film’s cast, on the front foot, participating in the action, and its delightful.,Karnan is deeply, deeply steeped in Tamil culture. Its songs, dance, music, families,,festivals, goddesses, superstitions, professions. There’s a gut-wrenching song, picturized,on the incredible actor Lal, performed by Tamil musician Deva, which talks of Lal’s,character Yeama Raja losing his wife to cholera, and its just…its devastating, hits different,in the current scenario, and its so so effective.,We’re living through a pandemic, jiska villages mein kya asar padd raha hai, abhi tak humein,poori tarah pata nahi kyunki jitna bhi hum digital india ka dhol peet lein, gaaon mein,smart phones aur Internet pohonch nahi hain. Shayad ek din, iss par bhi film baney, where,instead of celebrating the govt for doing their jobs and making toilets for people,,a film maker dares to take long hard look at people and towns we’ve conveniently forgotten,,or are deliberately looking away from, as carnage unfolds.,I will point out though. I wish actor Rajisha Vijayan who plays Draupadi had a more realized,,more important character arc. The love story which develops between her and Karna, while,very sweet, didn’t quite evolve into a devotion, or a strong relationship which then had to,be sacrificed at the altar of justice, making us feel that much strongly about Karna’s,fight.,The director has gone on record to say he doesn’t attribute his script to any one,incident in particular, but life as he’s observed it. I paraphrase. But im just glad,,and frankly thankful, we get to see the story of Karna, through Selvaraj’s eyes.,Watch Karnan on Amazon Prime Video.,Acha before you go, iss video ke neechey na ek MERCH SHELF hai,itna bada jahaan pe all my T-shirts and all my cute designs are all there.,So check it out, khareed lo t-shirt. Indian Rupees mein hai, Dollars nahi pay karne padengey, dont worry about it.,And SUBSCRIBE to my channel.

Karnan (2021) – MOVIE REVIEW!! | Mari Selvaraj | Dhanush

i am sweetie you call me sweetie,[Applause],hi welcome back to our student direction,you need some corbin im ready,link follows on instagram twitter juice,content some patreon,[Music],and uh today were doing a movie review,a film that came out this year what its,a 2021,tamil film uh kind of not not kind of,tamil film,car nan i almost said tamil film canada,um,uh not to be confused with karna and,barbarian thats true do you like that,one garnet,garden the barbarian conan its conan,right it was called conan,yeah i like conan in the barbarian you,like that what was it,um death was that one um,death to me ming uh,its hes like oh oh,flash yeah wow it was let him save every,one of us,yeah anyways random sorry sorry stuff,pops into my head yeah uh yeah so it,came out in,2021 it actually came out in theaters in,india obviously before all the lockdown,stuff happened,it dropped on uh on amazon i believe a,week ago,uh and so this is a new uh tamil film,starring,directed and written by uh mari,salvaraz forgive me if im,mispronouncing that and obviously,starring danush,uh theres a couple of vagina yogi babu,uh and then these two i think yeah gori,kishan and lakshmi prince yeah theres a,lot of chandra,a lot of people in this film um so,obviously we cant say them all but um,so if you havent watched it go watch it,come back if you dont like to be,spoiled,uh it came out a while ago so i think,were fine just doing the spoiler review,right now,um but rick your initial thoughts please,uh,my ultimately i,sorry for dance fans i didnt like it,ultimately,visually the cinematography,especially at the outset of the film,yeah for sure and then several spots,throughout,stunning yeah absolutely i mean by far,the best thing about this is if you just,want to watch,some gorgeous cinematography and if you,have a lifetime of,understanding the symbolism and,mythology and the metaphors that,are a part of the story that come from,and ill i always butcher the name of,the,sanskrit text this the longest poem in,the world the mahabrasia,i i always ruin it yeah if you have a if,you have a,framework for that i bet you will like,this 10 times more than someone who does,it yeah for sure,and i i it it is for me and ill talk,more about this,it falls victim if i can use that word i,guess,to the same uh problems that,the christian film industry has in that,the christian film industry will,incorporate things,from the bible and because theyve,incorporated things from the bible,the people in the industry consider it,to be meritorious when theres other,aspects of it artistically,that fall short and they dont hear you,when you say but,guys cant you do what mel gibson does,because he doesnt miss the artistic,aspects of this,and still does the stuff that you are,holding up as meritorious and they,the basic the basic thing i think,happened with this for me is the,its not just lost in translation its,the accentuation,of that and the mythology and the,metaphor and the symbolism,when some of the other aspects,artistically for me fell short yeah,yeah overall i did enjoy it i do have,problems with it probably similar,problems that you had with it,um that uh artistically uh i did have,some issues but overall i actually,really enjoyed it,especially obviously the cinematography,and editing was absolutely,gorgeous uh i think i actually enjoyed,most of the acting i think one of the,problems with some of the,acting is more of the fact that it was,non it was sync sound,as opposed to um that what is it called,i dont know what the technical term i,know me too im losing my,brain right now what is it,sorry kim when they actually take the,audio from,onset yeah uh which is obviously very,common for here i,i dont like ripping films too much,because i know theres entire industries,in south thats just how they do it,right and i cant just rip every single,film for it right i think,that was that was probably some of the,issues i had with some of the acting is,because,its just so jarring sometimes when you,can see their mouth and its,moving and its a different emotional,tone than what they gave,yeah there were other there were other,sound things as well and more than that,the sound issue i had was uh by the time,we reached the big battle sequence,all of the striking sounds no matter how,far away they were from camera,no matter if it was a stick or a hand,the striking sounds were,uniform they were the same sound level,and they were the same sound itself,yeah so uh yeah yeah um so but overall i,actually did enjoy it and i i did really,and you know i did he see some of those,things that,he saw at the end i did enjoy the last,bit part especially,of the fight scene it was this was a,very like mythological style,it wasnt like obviously more of realism,in terms of the,story of it even though it wasnt as,visually,carrying of this theme it seemed to be,like reminiscent in the same way of like,bahubali yeah it is,i yeah so and i did i noticed dinosh,actually had i think a uh,um um uh,rotten comp shirt on actually oh i,missed that,uh and i actually think it was thought,about the uh well then that would have,been that would be because we understand,that theres parallels and its,interesting that we just saw that,yeah this because its the same story,same similar story um but i did enjoy,that obviously you know it was like its,great,it was a mythological style of a,story where obviously hes the hero,theres a ton of symbolism,some obviously more obvious than others,sure some obviously we there was no way,wed be able to get,right being not in that culture right um,but there i did enjoy a lot of that uh,i thought a lot of the actual fight was,pretty good obviously there was some,stunt work that was a little cheesy,obviously at times but and also this did,remind me sometimes of,almost a western sometimes a little bit,even the music,behind it sometimes which reminded me of,which music was really good obviously,musical numbers and with the new stuff,we were always going to be great but i,thought the overall,the overall score was excellent yeah for,sure yeah uh yeah and so i could see a,lot of that lets talk about the acting,i thought danush actually did,quite well it was very similar to his,other role that weve seen uh in vara,chennai yeah and so id love to see,uh something even more different from,him yeah,i get the feeling watching him that,theres a that theres that this kind of,a film,doesnt really give him uh,the kind of thing that would expand what,he can do yeah thats being adequately,to coin the phrase you tell hes a,really talented actor you can tell again,and i,learned what im singing ive actually,enjoyed him both on this and in bada,chennai i just,i know when like theres a role out,there where like he could have,sunk his teeth into and he could be like,fapha level at times i,i can tell he has that level of talent,in him its just obviously,these two roles were just very similar,to me yeah uh,of those two but obviously hes a a,laundry list of,roles that weve yeah yeah id like to,see brand new to him i would like to see,more from that i think the main,message of this uh the film overall,well there was a ton of messages,actually yeah but um,the fact that it was a it was a small uh,village who was being obviously,oppressed,by the neighboring villages by the,police by the overall,system and theyve basically overcome,that,uh and theyve had to fight for it right,actually right its like a,brave heart just a thousand stories like,that,where somebody the little guy is a,little guy is is,overcoming yeah all the obstacles and,obviously this village is a,incredibly passionate tight-knit village,they have their problems with each other,but theyre all very,communal and uh they they will,support each other yeah if anything from,the outside,does happen yeah uh and so i i did enjoy,a lot of that some of the there were,some moments that were,it happens in a lot of films that weve,seen in indian cinema its just some of,the over top over-the-top-ness,sometimes

Karnan Movie Review | Dhanush , Mari Selvaraj | Santhosh Narayanan | Tamil Movies | THYVIEW

hello all welcome to thai view here is,our non-speller review of the film,karnan directed by mari selaraj first,things first cinema sustainable night,experience shepard,i absolutely loved it man water tight,script wonderful world building stunning,visuals back with extraordinary,performances,its definitely one of the best films of,2021,is,is impact was just but as a filmmaker,and a storyteller,is on whole another level,of subtext visual mentors,streaming on amazon prime thats the,review guys my review my transfer today,please subscribe to our channel and,click the bell icon for more updates,signing off team live,you

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