1. Kate (2021) Netflix Movie Review
  2. Kate (2021) Netflix Movie Review
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  4. Kate – Movie Review
  5. Kate – Movie Review
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Kate (2021) Netflix Movie Review

i see mary elizabeth winston i think sky,high i dont know why thats where my,brain goes but i love that movie,hes super strong what is up netflix,fans welcome back to my channel kate is,the brand new movie dropping on the,platform on september 10th today were,going to talk about it spoiler free in,this video so if you guys enjoy this,review let me know and did you enjoy,kate so meticulous and naturally skilled,kate is the perfect specimen of a finely,tuned assassin at the height of her game,but when she uncharacteristically blows,an assignment targeting a member of the,yakuza in tokyo she quickly discovers,she has been poisoned a brutally slow,execution that gives her less than 24,hours to exact revenge on her killers,and kate played by mary elizabeth,winstead is uh suffering from a,deteriorating body as this movie,progresses but at the beginning of the,movie she starts to form this bond with,the teenage girl of one of her past,victims but like all movies in this vein,there are secrets between the two and,that are,very integral as to the development of,where their relationship goes and where,this story goes in general you also have,someone like a woody harrelson he plays,someone very close to kate those the,stars of note here but lets start with,kate herself and the fact that mary,elizabeth winstead i mean if youre,dying to watch this film and it isnt,the highest of recommendations from me,but she is the reason to watch this,movie not only is she believable as this,action hero but she is incredible when,it comes to her physicality we know she,can act weve seen it before i saw it in,sky high hes super strong i need to,shut up about that movie but her,physicality is great it looked like she,did most of her stunts and thats really,impressive and like i always say weve,seen,these john wick-esque movies before we,got gunpowder milkshake earlier this,year movies like atomic blonde and,plenty others that im sure im,forgetting at protege came out recently,i didnt get to see that film at least,yet but theyre all extremely similar,feeling but what works for the movies at,the end of the day if its handled,correctly and not all of them have done,that are the action scenes right as long,as you have decent cinematography and,solid choreography then you can give us,entertainment and this movie does that,for sure i like the backdrop of the,yakuza fighting in tokyo you get some uh,incredible looking neon feeling set,pieces and then the fight scenes,themselves choreography wise,are really impressive so from that,standpoint and looking at her,physicality within her performance but,then her actual performance not,necessarily certain things about the,character that could have been fleshed,out better but her performance is,solid and then you look at the,supporting cast here woody harrelson who,plays a character that weve seen before,and,my big issue with this character is the,fact that you could kind of see where,that was going to go so if you have a,hunch at the beginning of the movie i,dont know what it is because im not,watching the movie with you but youre,probably right so know that youre smart,but then you have the character of annie,who i will admit at the beginning of,this movie just wasnt working all that,well for me i get it the goal of this,character is to come across as annoying,and i do not put this on the performance,i put it more so on the writing but,there is an arc to be had with this,character where you learn a lot you,learn your lesson,and then at the end of the movie youre,faced with repercussions from your,actions absolutely but there also should,be something more there you should learn,something at the end of the day and i,just dont know if this character was,able to do that she showcases a lot of,pain because of her backstory which,plays an integral part to the story as a,whole but it feels like her development,doesnt really go anywhere when you hit,certain moments in that third act and,its almost like they forget certain,things theyre setting up for her at the,beginning later on in the movie so i,just had a lot of problems again not,with the chemistry necessarily not,really with the relationship uh some of,the back and forth felt a bit forced but,i put that on the script more so than i,put that on the actual acting,that character and that character is a,heavy focus of the film so if youre not,invested there well then it may not,necessarily work for you and then you,have the investment in,kate and kate is entertaining i liked,aspects of her backstory but they keep,trying to throw flashbacks at us and,flashbacks work absolutely but and im,gonna do it im gonna make the,comparison like i know everyone and,their grandmother is in their reviews,but you look at a movie like john wick,and the way that it handled that,backstory not only that backstory but,building up lore,with this world that made us want,another film in the universe and then,you look at kate and the world itself is,interesting but the world building is,not all the way there so i wasnt really,invested in the lore of where kate came,from as much as the movie wanted me to,be and then you get this showdown this,battle of sorts at the end and the turns,that certain characters take later on,but certain things about characters like,the flashbacks throughout the movie they,feel thrown in so by the time you get to,the end theres not a lot of emotional,investment theres enjoyment right i,love throwing on an action movie and you,know seeing some of those fight scenes,play out sure thats fun thats,entertaining and i love mary elizabeth,winston but the story was my main,problem here and the story and just,wasnt that compelling oh and i also,cant forget there is a car chase in,this film and i dont want to be too,harsh because ive seen worse looking,car chases cgi and whatnot but,it didnt look great and ill leave it,at that so before i give you guys my,score i want to say thank you so much,for watching this video if you enjoyed,it be sure to drop your thumbs up down,below kate features the atmosphere and,lead performance necessary to start a,franchise but the story itself feels too,underdeveloped to get invested in my,score is a 47 percent just the way that,it all came together uh theres,entertainment like i said but uh mary,elizabeth winstead shes clearly the,highlight here so what is your favorite,performance from her i really liked her,as huntress and birds of prey and also,guess what sky high hes super strong,im not going to shut up about that let,me know your thoughts and comments down,below are you watching kate on netflix,this weekend uh its definitely not the,worst watch but were gonna be covering,everything else coming later today,lucifer season six were going to talk,about it ill see you soon

Kate (2021) Netflix Movie Review

ive been looking forward to seeing kate,the violent action thriller starring,mary elizabeth winstead ever since i saw,the teaser trailer ive now watched it,should you,[Music],[Applause],after shes poisoned a ruthless criminal,operative has less than 24 hours to,exact revenge on her enemies and in the,process forms an unexpected bond with,the daughter of one of her past victims,so mary elizabeth winstead is in the,title role shes a trained killer who,feels that shes reached the end of her,career and she wants to retire after she,finishes her final job she becomes,poisoned and then she goes on this,revenge spree to take out those,responsible if you want ultra violent,and some insane kills youre going to,enjoy a lot of this the special effects,that are used for wounds and deaths are,impressive and really gory now while i,was a little shocked at first by the,violence it does fit with the tone of,the story so its paired well with the,narrative i had fun with one of the,opening action sequences because it has,a bit of a speed racer feel with anime,flare there are bright neon colors,everywhere as we go on a chase through,the city i thought it was pretty,exciting way to introduce a lot of the,action but i really wanted it to go on,longer because of the poison the,deadline gives a great deal of urgency,to kates actions and i like how her,condition gives her nothing to lose,which then in turn makes a deadly,assassin all the more dangerous shes,got something like five hours before she,succumbs so the bulk of the story takes,place in the span of just one night i,mentioned this is ultraviolet and i,enjoyed the camera work especially,during the fight scenes now while not,all of the choreography was convincing,the camera work was still impressive the,fights are stylistic and intense but,there are moments where the characters,movements feel slowed down just in order,to allow them to complete all their,moves now the soundtrack is great,theres a mix of pop and rock and a lot,of the time its female lead vocals,which side note if youve ever seen a,metal band with a female lead singer,its often just really amazing now the,story progression is pretty predictable,but as long as the action was happening,i was having mild fun as a feature of,this particular story we know that at,some point there will be the reckoning,of feelings that you know some truths,will have to be laid out and of course,people will be devastated by what they,learn its meant to bring some humanity,to a character with wonky morals so in,that area its a little predictable but,then there are other elements that i,just didnt see coming and for a story,with a built-in time constraint theres,a portion of this that loses a lot of,its urgency the pacing slows down for a,dramatic effect but it does lessen the,overall impact just a bit in the process,i like the heart that is infused into,the narrative theres a motion that,comes into play its just a natural,course of the story but i didnt ever,feel fully sympathetic towards kate i,mean really shes an anti-hero so at the,end of the day shes a bad person who,happens to have a redemptive moment and,i do appreciate that quest for,redemption its a humanizing journey,that can endear the character to us if,the story allows and in this it works to,a degree were given the opportunity to,see growth and change in kate which i,think is needed so that she doesnt,become one of the people that shes,fighting against now you may hear,comparisons like kate is the female john,wick and i can see that from the action,angle and the fact that shes a trained,killer but this isnt the first time,that weve seen a woman kicking butt in,a film i think more so if this was going,to be compared to john wick it would be,in the stylism of the environments and,the action but also that being said if,youre a fan of the john wick series,dont go in expecting to have the same,level of everything in this i mean there,are some similarities but john wick is,just more now in addition to mary,elizabeth winstead woody harrelson has a,role in this hes her handler slash,mentor and he works to a varying degree,within the story at first hes not on,screen much and then when he is hes,just sort of there i didnt get a sense,of power from him or threat control or,even really influence and maybe thats,how the character is written or maybe,its in the directing but however it is,hes just not a powerful presence in the,narrative even though he is integral in,a way to the story miku martin now plays,ani a young girl that kates sort of,befriends and thats not entirely,accurate but im not really sure the,best way to classify their relationship,without spoiling it all so im just,going to go with befriends anya snarky,and spunky and i like the addition of,her to the story i dont think her,character is unique but i did enjoy the,performance especially her timing and,her chemistry with kate this is,basically just a revenge story that will,make you ready for a bit of the old,ultra violence now once kate begins her,journey we can see the trajectory of the,story and it doesnt really ever veer,away from that i think the biggest risk,the film takes is giving the main,character a time limit on her life with,seemingly you know no hope for survival,i appreciate what the film is doing and,the quest we go on along with kate now i,think winstead was a great choice for,the character and she certainly brings,the hurt when it comes to the action i,do wish however that the story itself,would have been more engaging like i,said before when the action is happening,ive invested in having a good time when,the story pauses in the attempt for,quieter emotion it only sort of works,but we still feel the shift in pace i,had some fun while watching and its,relatively short run time of an hour and,46 minutes does go by fairly quickly i,just dont think its memorable and its,not enough to have me coming back for,more theres sex but no nudity a lot of,profanity and a massive helping of crazy,and bloody violence i give kate two and,a half out of five couches whats your,go-to action film if you want to get the,adrenaline pumping or maybe you have a,guilty pleasure action movie thats all,fluff but still a ton of fun either way,let me know what you like to watch in,the comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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The Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie With NO SOUL – Holiday in the Sun

– In the 2001 direct to DVD movie Holiday in the Sun,,teen icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen,star as Madison and Alex Stewart.,But dont worry because those two slightly fictionalized,names are basically as deep as either,of them are willing to go in terms,of portraying a fully developed character.,The rest of this movie is essentially a sizzle reel,,letting you know what fun activities you can do,at the Atlantis Bahamas resort location,,where it was filmed.,Making it all feel extremely lazy,,corporate and counterproductive.,Because for every two minute sequence,I have to sit through watching people go down,this hotels water slide is another two minutes,that I spend thinking about how crusty the duvet covers,probably are over there. I promise Im not snobby.,I just think and say a lot of snobby things.,And yet I still wont be the most insufferable thing,on the screen.,When we review Holiday in the Suns convoluted,,nothing burger story, incomprehensible dialogue,,and a cast of 21 year olds lusting after 15 year olds.,Meanwhile, Im over here just hoping,for more swimsuit scenes with the dad.,So, as you can see, its all,kind of a mess, here on another,”Megan Fox Plays the Mean Girl”,installment of Clip Breakdown,(film static) (upbeat music),Thanks to the sponsor of todays video Casetify.,Casetify makes the best phone cases Ive ever used.,And they come in all these amazing designs,with military grade drop protection.,Their impact and ultra impact cases are even made,with 65% recycled and plant-based materials.,Im trying to focus a lot more on the plastic,and waste that I put into landfills.,And Im so happy that Casetify joins me in that venture.,For example, if youre upgrading to the new iPhone 13,,or just switching out your cases,,you dont actually have to throw them away.,You can send them back to Casetify,through their Re-Casetify program,,recycling your phone case from them or any other brand,while also earning a special discount,on your next Casetify order.,But that doesnt mean youre skimping on drop protection.,The ultra impact cases feature CHI tech 2.0 technology,with drop protection of up to 9.8 feet,,5G and wireless charging compatible.,Its so much fun choosing from their curated selection,of prints and designs.,This little fruit sticker one,,Im always touching and scratching.,This personalized mirrored one for a quick nose, hair check.,They even feature defense-ify,,a special coating that kills 99% of germs and microbes.,And you know that plastic is nontoxic and non-hazardous.,Casetify makes an incredible gift for friends and family.,So if you want to check out this brand for yourself,,go to casetify.com/nickdiramio to save 15% on your order.,Oop. (case drops),Lets go back into the sweet swimmy waters of The Bahamas.,Hello, television viewers. My name is Nick.,Thank you so much for joining me once again on my channel,for another installment of Clip Breakdown.,This is the playlist where we dive in,to our favorite movies, TV movies,,and other such content here on the web.,And we separate them out into clips,,like a little tropical cocktails,that you get to taste and say, “Oh,,Im wasting away again in Margaritaville.”,And waste away you will at the Atlantis Resort,where this movie takes place.,I remember watching Holiday in the Sun,very clearly as a child,,but then also I forgot a lot of this awful (bleep) as well.,So Im on island time starting now.,We meet up with our main characters who seem to live in,,what is it, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois.,Sorry, to me all states that begin,with an I are exactly the same.,(upbeat music),Yes. Hip hip to you too Weezer.,Lovely day to be an asteroid crashing,into the United States. Isnt it?,Now some of you might not have been born yet,,but as you see, there was a time in the early thousands,when all of the United States was covered,in amber waves of grain.,In fact, that reminds me of a very special song,about this great country of ours.,And it goes a little something like this.,♪ Im telling you to loosen up my buttons, babe, ♪,♪ Loosen up my buttons, babe ♪,Sorry, I forgot about whatever dirt road song,I was discussing previously.,My cornfield tis of thee? Doesnt matter.,When my brain registers that its time to go into show mode,,I pretty much make up my own set list on the spot.,(Nick harmonizing),- And we breathe it in and reduce it,,oxidizing sugar and forming water.,Photosynthesis is what?,- If I wanted a sugar daddy, yes,,I probably could go ahead and get one because-,- [Teacher] Photosynthesis is what?,- Sickening.,- Theres something very familiar about the beginning,of this movie. So we gotta get into it.,- Respiration is energy releasing.,(whimsical music),- Madison, is there an American Eagle campaign photo shoot,happening in your microscope?,Because the school rents those from a third-party vendor.,Also, I can not let this review go on one second longer,without saying that Holiday in the Sun walked,on its bloody hobbled direct to DVD stumps,,so that High School Musical 2 could run,in its store-bought sequined ballet flats.,This is basically the same way,High School Musical 2 starts,,where theyre like summer, summer, summer.,I mean, I guess its just a cliche thing to be dreaming,about summer vacation.,Come to think of it, we see that a lot, but you just wait.,I know that the people who made High School Musical,were like, “Oh, lets take Holiday in the Sun,and adapt to that.” It feels exactly the same.,- Are you dreaming what I was dreaming?,- Winter break in Hawaii?,- Their classmate on the other side is like,,”Im dreaming about paying for community college,without joining the military, but I like your bucket hat,that costs the same as one associates degree.”,The rest of this scene kind of plays out,like the weird tail end of a dream,once your alarm starts going off in real life.,Because the building is on fire,,and youre inhaling toxic smoke.,All of a sudden the girls get called,to the principals office and everyones like,,”Ooh, principals.”,So then they leave the classroom and.,- Oh, Katherine. – Hey, guys.,- Were on our way over to the principals office.,- No, youre not. Youre coming with me.,- Wait, did Mary-Kate and Ashley just get kidnapped,from their school by one of the power lesbians,from Sex in the City.,I dont know whats happening either girls,,but just do whatever gender bent 007 says,,and maybe shell buy you a pair of Gucci loafers.,This woman who we never see again,,and I assume is like part of the other in universe movies,that they did at this time.,Like I think Madison and Alex Stewart,have gone on lots of movies and this is one of them.,And that Elizabeth character is like the dads assistant.,It was really confusing to me.,As a standalone movie, Im like, what?,So shes like, “No, youre not going to the principals.,Youre going to this private jet with your dadad.”,- Come on guys, we gotta go.,- Okay. – Hurry up.,Buckle up.,Hey, buckle up because were next for take off. Okay?,- Yeah, you already said buckle up in the wide shot, dad.,Why do we need to wear our seatbelts so badly?,Cant you just like, choose not to crash the plane?,Whatever, seatbelts on children,,your dad is the kind of white guy wealthy,that makes him think he can pilot a jet.,Which I think is how Harrison Ford keeps legally crashing,into all of these school buildings and such.,Again, this intro, this whole setup is so bewildering to me.,I need them to give you all of the details,before I teared into them.,The girls are like talking about this plan,to go on a school trip to Hawaii.,And that is for nothing.,- No were not going to Hawaii today girls.,Im taking you to Atlantis.,- As in the lost continent?,- No, the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas.,- Thats right.,I spent $50,000 gassing up this private plane,so we could fly to a value resort,that advertises a buffet where kids eat free.,In case any of you OG Holiday in the Sun viewers,happen to forget, this movie is essentially,a feature length commercial for Atlantis Resort.,Which as

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Kate – Movie Review

my wife woke up at four in the morning,because she heard the sounds of me,crying at the edge of the bed i was just,sitting there keeled over she put a hand,on my shoulder and said sweetie what is,it whats wrong i acknowledged the hand,touch out of the corner of my eye and,shrugged it away i was still upset,nothing you wouldnt understand,she touched the side of my chin and,turned it towards her and said,try me i flicked a speck of the salty,discharge coming from my eye and said,you know what lindsay im just so sick,and tired of there being no strong,female leads on netflix when are we,gonna get a film when a 90 pound woman,fights an entire fleet of bad guys im,so sick of all these male driven movies,i want a woman doing it and no im not,talking about jolt or gunpowder,milkshake or atomic blonde or the other,45 movies that have come out in the last,two years alone no i want something else,thats exactly the same as those she put,her finger to my lips and said shh,she grabbed the controller turned on the,tv and greeting me on the netflix app,right on the home page was a film called,kate and i said is this it,is this the one and she just nodded and,smiled,she laid back down on her pillow,shut her eyes drifted off into a,peaceful slumber thinking all the while,as she always does,why the hell am i still married to this,jackass lets talk about kate,these movies are a dime a dozen right,well so is a guy like me reviewing films,on youtube i was still willing to give,it a chance and i expect you will do the,same by subscribing right now to this,channel and doing me that same service,kate stars mary elizabeth winstead as a,character named vanessa im sorry kate,howd it go there joining her is woody,harrelson as varric her instructor her,mentor her dad her mom her coach her,everything really he picked her up when,she was just a youngling trained her out,to be an assassin where have i heard,this story before wheres this plot come,from besides literally every movie,thats been coming out lately heres the,deal though and this is gonna blow your,drawers right off your penis i actually,liked kate i didnt love it its generic,as all hell,it does the same formulate crap youve,seen a million times including the twist,reveal in the final act that everyone,sees coming right away mary elizabeth,winstead is a beast in this though she,sells the performance just like john,wick himself keanu reeves does the,action is of course very wickish as well,a lot of knife stabby stuff a lot of gun,foo going on a lot of people getting,flipped theres a ton of action in this,choreography wise its solid if not a,little too slow i am believing mary,elizabeth winstead in this role far more,than these other skinny ive,been seeing lately shes very physical,too i just think they needed to speed,things up a tiny bit theres a lot of,instances where things are almost in,slow motion kind of like you can tell,theyre going through their,choreographed motions the first half of,kate is actually really strong its,pretty fantastic and its not until the,hour mark the 45 minute mark where,things really start to slow down and it,becomes a little bit of a chore to,finish mostly because you know exactly,where the storys going we have our,standard you know girl raised to be an,assassin shes the best of the best sort,of a thing until she unfortunately lets,her guard down and is poisoned theres,poison running through her system at a,rapid pace giving her only 24 hours to,live which is a fantastic song and,essentially the plot of every other,jason statham movie from transporter 3,to crank 1 and 2. it follows that,playbook things move quick she doesnt,have time for a lot of questions shes,killing people left and right its rated,r for sure but not for the swearing i,dont i dont think i really noticed any,swearing in it a lot of violence though,and theres a couple of those john,wickish kills where you see the knife,like go through the mouth and out the,eye things that make you flinch for a,second or you know when they do the shot,where theyre like holding on and youre,flinching with the character like no,theyre not gonna do it are they oh yeah,they are we have the neon few city,streets of japan so the cinematography,is really good here actually i really,dug it and the directors not afraid,thankfully to do a couple of creative,camera shots we get some of the longer,ones where the camera starts out way,back and we zoom in on the character and,then we move around them and up the,shaft of a gun and youre thinking how,did they shoot this that was that was,good,usually i dont think that in a netflix,movie i know exactly how theyre done,and thats usually why theyre awful,after a string of these pathetic,attempts at the action hero genre kate,gets it right and thats because mary,elizabeth winsteads all in its because,the director is not afraid to do a,couple creative things its because the,choreographys solid the visuals are,interesting we got some cool music,throughout the yakuza gang is a good,foil for our hero and then theres ani,the young girl whos parentless much,like kate was growing up so theres a,little bit of bonding there she feels,like she needs to protect this girl and,the girl thankfully isnt annoying shes,actually really good in this i i liked,their dynamic together i like the whole,protector angle and it adds an,interesting layer to the hero scenes,because not only does kate have to worry,about herself but also protecting that,girl the movie is very fresh on netflix,as of this review so you might not have,seen it yet if you have though please,let me know in the comments below like,the video if you had a good time and,make sure to subscribe if you havent,and i hope to see you around

Kate – Movie Review

this video is sponsored by ben q the,multinational electronics company this,is the e-reading led computer monitor,lamp i had no idea something like this,existed until a few months ago its an,interesting device something i didnt,expect to be anything special but it,genuinely surprised me instead of using,a table lamp this device attaches to the,top of your monitor and gives you,precision glare-free gaming it doesnt,take up any desk space since its locked,onto your monitor the lamp helps to,enhance immersion and focus especially,if you like to game with the lights off,it also makes for just a great little,light for your workspace,the 500 lux a luminescence to the desk,surface ensures that you see everything,in front of your screen clearly it has,auto dimming using a built-in ambient,light sensor that adjusts the brightness,level throughout the day for an,eye-healthy workspace it also has hue,adjustment warm light for relaxing cool,light for work efficiency the light,works with almost any monitor including,curved ones,if youre looking for a new light for,your desk i recommend checking out the,screen bar from benq,kates a movie released on netflix and,honestly its one of their better ones,theres been such an influx of,mediocrity through their original,programming it made me hesitant to check,this one out however the concept,intrigued me and i decided to give it a,go at first i thought this was another,movie that wasnt produced by netflix,but rather picked up for distribution,after the fact i was wrong it was,actually bought by them back in 2017 and,shot in 2019. the movie is about a hit,woman kate played by mary elizabeth,winstead who gets poisoned and only has,24 hours to live she then spends that,time trying to find out who killed her,while killing as many bad guys as,possible in the process,i like this one a lot the movie takes,place in japan and they use that to,their full advantage the bright lights,the neon coloring and the narrow streets,all make this look unique even if the,story isnt entirely the most original,the first thing i thought of was doa,from 1949 where a guys been poisoned,and only has a few days to find out who,killed him the look of the film is what,helped push it over the top for me i was,enjoying the plot but the way it was,presented made me smile it had a bit of,a cyberpunk vibe even though it wasnt i,thought mary elizabeth winstead was,great the actress did a terrific job i,really liked her character i also liked,how it never felt too ridiculous,she wasnt taking on these six foot tall,football players she was taking on guys,not too much bigger than she was and,almost always took them down using a,weapon it wasnt the usual trope of an,80-pound woman taking on an army of,ex-wrestlers as such it never pulled me,out of the movie thinking it was too,ridiculous,not to say it was entirely believable i,mean heres a woman whos dying but,still can beat up 10 guys but in the,context of the movie it was fine she,didnt get out of this unscathed she was,thrown through walls shot stabbed and,was an absolute mess by the end she,really took a beating kates mentor was,woody harrelson who was good as always,oh and bandmaid was in the movie that,was unexpected the choreography was,quite good i was worried that this was,gonna go all quick cut shaky cam but no,there were lots of long takes and very,little shake,not john wick long but way longer than,something like taken three there were a,few odd choices with the camera movement,but again nothing that ruins the movie,there was only one in particular where,the camera flipped over and i thought,that wasnt necessary but that was it,apparently winstead had a background of,dance and that helped to make her,movements that much more fluid the plot,in the film i wont spoil it was at,times predictable and at other times,unexpected i thought there was something,going one way and then when they almost,did it there was a change and it didnt,happen i was pleasantly surprised with,that the movie also had a little bit of,the professional vibe it even has an,every one,moment i also love that there was a,definitive ending there was a point,where i thought they might cut the film,short and leave it open but that didnt,happen,while im sure if they tried really hard,they could make a sequel hell they made,a sequel to alien 3 after ripley jumped,in molten metal but in a movie like this,that isnt science fiction it would be,more difficult what im trying to say is,as much as i like this i dont want a,sequel we got a wonderful little,self-contained story everything was,covered here and i dont need another,one or,an extended tv series to fill in all the,blanks and questions no one ever asked,its a solid entertaining film it gets,in we see some butt kicking and it gets,out also i was pretty sad by the end not,grave of the fireflies sad but sad at,the inevitable it was all headed in that,direction and even though you know its,coming you cant help feeling mournful,kate was a good crime noir revenge movie,i could see some folks not getting into,this but it totally worked for me ill,definitely be watching this again,[Music],you

KATE: Movie Review – Worst Movie Of The Year?!

whats up geeks and gamers mike and i,are back once again with another movie,review and today were going to be,talking about the new netflix original,called kate,this film stars woody harrelson,and uh whats her name mary,mary elizabeth,you swine instead and you uncultured,swine,i dont care about mary winstead who,cares about her,i do her shes amazing shes all right,shes not that great um,but,in this movie she decided to just go all,in on the just horrific,acting,um,i guess arena with the man himself woody,harrelson it was a complete train wreck,but before we get into all of that and,kind of give my thoughts about that i,want to hear from mike,mike what are your thoughts,about the movie,kate,listen you uncultured swine,mary elizabeth winstead was in scott,pilgrim versus the world she was in sky,high,um she was also in yes i am looking on a,list to make sure i have a livery or die,hard,[Laughter],abraham lincoln vampire hunter hey,listen,you know what i dont need you to hate,on her oh man,okay that was a pretty good movie that,was a pretty yeah there you go boom yeah,there you go proven wrong you know what,you know that pilgrim was a good movie,too but something were not wrong about,is um her acting in this movie is trash,yeah everyones movies,is ass,it sucks ass it blows ass it is ass,smells like ass,um,yeah its just ass man its just ass man,and you know i want to say like oh the,cinematography was good because like,theres like a,i dont know they try to go for like a,japanese like neon punk kind of like,vibe but some of the time like its,there and then other parts of the movie,its just not its just,yeah it tries to go for like gritty,realism,um and you like the beginning um,like,the the first like 20 minutes of the,movie both me and you agreed like we,were kind of interested we were like oh,this is kind of fun and stuff like that,and then theres like this really weird,all cgi car chase yeah that,like changes the whole thing and then i,dont know yeah the premise of them go,ahead i was just gonna say it really,felt like right after that car chase,they were just kind of like well we got,that cool thing out of the way lets,just who cares about the rest of the,movie yeah the rest of you go down here,the premise is that mary elizabeth,winstead is an assassin who was raised,by woody harrelson to be like a really,good assassin so it feels very similar,to the protege but no offense to my man,woody hes not as cool as samuel jackson,um and mary elizabeth winstead is not,maggie q so you do not have the same,kind of like connection you dont really,feel like theyre friends you kind of,just feel like willy is there for the,paycheck and mary is trying her best to,carry this movie thats yeah what it,feels like from the get-go,um but shes an assassin who kills,somebody and then finds out that shes,been poisoned and she has like less than,24 hours to live and decides to kill,everybody that may have poisoned her and,if the concept of it was just like this,balls to the wall i have nothing to live,for im just going all out im murdering,everybody and just,blood and blood will spill in the,streets tonight because i got screwed so,everybodys getting screwed,i think this movie would have been a,million times better that is not what,this movie is it is not it tries to be a,little bit but theres theres a girl in,it who shes like rescues and saves and,then her and the girl kind of have like,a theyre supposed to be like friends,and shes trying to protect his little,girl,and the movie is just all over the place,um and at the same time its only an,hour and 45 minutes this movie felt like,it was like two and a half oh my,goodness dude it just drowned oh my,goodness theres even one yeah,theres just this one part where it,really felt like the movie was kind of,building up like a climax and stuff and,it was just yeah like okay this is the,big moment of the movie and then theres,like literally like another like,20 to 25 minutes after that where the,movie just keeps on going and going and,its like what are we doing yeah,we both were like what is going on why,is this movie not over yet um,it tries to like do like a one-two punch,reveal of like oh by the way,did you guess this and youre like yeah,i guessed it because,its cliche and tired and,not surprising at all um like i said,willie harrelson is in this and i love,woody harrelson but he,there are moments in the movie where it,literally feels like hes reading off,cue cards like hell deliver a line this,is not an actual line in the movie but,itll be like,hey kate youre finally,here,mm-hmm and then hell just stand there,and youre like what,like,and or hell hell keep talking and hes,like yeah you know the,guy,is doing the thing and youre like but,why are you talking like that it feels,like hes reading they just took the,first take theyre like listen we got,woody harrelson yeah we dont want to,pay him any extra money do the first,take he gives you and then let him go,yep it literally felt like that like you,could actually tell thats pretty much,exactly what they were doing in this,movie like it woody harrelson put no,effort into this whatsoever,and hes in like only two locations in,the whole movie yeah exactly you can,tell they didnt want to be have him on,a bunch of different sets so hes in,like two locations in the movie yeah i,think elizabeth mary elizabeth winston,had a lot of,opportunity but the script is so bad and,so stunted and the story is so awful,that she didnt really get a chance to,shine and then the moments,where she does like really try,they come off as disingenuous and like,an actor is trying their hardest to do,well theres like a scene where she like,gets into a fight with a guy,and,for some reason,like the fights kind of difficult but,then she just like loses their mind and,like shoots the guy like 18 times after,he dies and like screams and shes like,like what was that all about yeah and,then they just kind of move on from it,and then also you think with this movie,kind of similar to the movie cranked,with jason statham youd think you have,less than 24 hours to live get your ass,moving there are multiple times in this,movie where she is sitting down eating,dinner,where shes drinking like pop drinking,soda,um shes just chilling and having,conversations with people and they kind,of explain this off like she has in the,beginning of the movie she gets these,five like adrenaline shots that are,supposed to help her stay alive,and she just like injects them every so,often shes like now i have more time to,live and youre like oh okay but why are,you wasting it standing here talking to,people yeah exactly speaking of soda,theres also this really weird thing in,the movie about,woody harrelson gives her like this,lemon soda im guessing theyre a,sponsor because this movie is set in,japan they really make it a point to,remind you theyre in japan a lot and,then theres like this soda that she,wants like lemon drop,bomb soda or something like that lemon,balm soda or whatever it is and,woody harrelson gives her some of it in,the beginning of the movie and then,nothing about it and then later in the,movie she wants some like a vending,machine and they dont have it and she,gets really upset about it and then,nothing yeah for most of the movie,until the very end where shes like,sitting in the back of this car and,shes dying and this person is like,helping her and the person like pulls,out a soda and starts drinking it and,she like stops she just like stares at,him shes like,and he like looks over like,why after you staring at me like that,and hes like,oh the soda and he gives it to her and,she drinks it thats it theres nothing,else about it theres no flashback to,let you know oh this is like a great,memory of mine she just really wanted,this freaking soda and if she didnt get,it yeah,yeah i mean yeah theres theres a lot,of really awful pacing in this movie too,yeah theres a lot of weird,scenes where people are just like,staring at each other f

Netflix FAILS in Japan again! Japanese REJECT Netflixs Kate and call it OFFENSIVE trash!

[Music],[Music],so netflix is in trouble again with this,movie kate that they just released i,think this just came out like last week,its not that old,basically looks like crank,if youve never seen that thats,actually a really good movie,its basically,your standard jason stato movie,fast-paced action its exactly what kate,is trying to do,except unlike that movie,uh with jason this movie stars a 90,pound woman taking down 200 pound men,which is you know the standard you know,thats usually how it works so a woman,of that stature can usually,one punch men sure,sure,basically the movies not going over,very well uh you can kind of get an idea,from this that its basically jason,stadiums crank its being accused of,just being not original im surprised i,really am surprised that critics are,giving this movie a hard time,for the main reason that it stars a,strong woman,and usually,when that happens theyll throw,theyll throw,plot,dialogue all that in the garbage and,theyll say okay well its progressive,we gotta find reasons to give it a good,score but maybe because theres so many,movies with this formula now,that theyre finally being honest,sometimes,uh one of the few times by the way that,critics and audiences agree,that the movie is trash,very very very very rare nowadays but,anyway uh check this out,i found some people complaining about,this movie,uh no ones getting a break on this,uh you have this right here from salon,netflix is tokyo set action flick kate,tries to critique imperialism by,ultimately relying on it,and then theres this one you can see,white women on twitter dont like it,kate was accused of anti-asian violence,now its netflixs number one movie is,the thrillers twist enough to redeem it,so you have a white woman,going around in japan basically,uh taking down,asian people,naturally this isnt going to go very,well on twitter youre not allowed,to make a movie like this oh bad guys,must always be of the caucasian color or,youre going to have a problem,naturally,twitter did not like this at all and,they are going after the movie,[Laughter],netflix thought they were being,progressive oh no no no,oh you still rely on imperialism,apparently,and you cant have this lady going,around beat people up in japan,how dare you,by the way,speaking of japan,what do they think about the movie,well they dont like it at all,they think,they think the movie,is a pile of,what a story mark and considering that,they actually want to,grab this market,this is nothing short of on yet another,netflix disaster,and,something for us to laugh at so lets,take a look at what theyre saying about,kate,because some of these are rather funny,in the japanese polite way,so,these are all critics from japan,okay this is their,this is their media you also have some,reviewers like regular people they have,some of their quotes but lets just go,through a couple of these,uh from cinema drake kates concept does,closely resemble quentin tarantinos,2003 film kill bill,but here is a movie that clearly display,clearly displays the lack of progression,in the depiction of japan over the last,18 years this is truly a japanese,stereotype extravaganza,as sought up by a foreigner,this review to be fair likes it right,here,saying they enjoyed the blend of the,japanese and western styles,uh a movie today too gives it a three,out of ten though half baked spy action,uh when japan appears in hollywood,movies it quickly becomes cyberpunk its,as though a bit of blade runner had been,added to reality and this type of movie,is already on the way of becoming a,genre called wrong about japan,heres another one,uh critiquing the way the radiation is,reused as used in the movie,uh the first problem i had was that it,doesnt seem like touching a person who,has been exposed to radiation exposes,one radiation because kate who has been,exposed to radiation physically touches,a number of people and they dont seem,to get exposed for the time being,however whats puzzling is what would,happen if all the blood and whatnot,thats getting all over the place all,the japanese music that was picked for,the film was just an awful choice the,music in the movie is so effing uncool,uh the reason that the radiation is a,big thing here in case you dont know is,japans had to deal with this kind of,stuff quite a bit,after world war ii,with the with the bombs that were,dropped on them and also dont forget,when fukushima melted down so theyve,had theyve had a few experiences with,dealing with this stuff so,theyre going to like naturally,take a big look at that so,i think that thats worth pointing out,uh heres heres something from ega.com,this is an average user review so these,are all user reviews right here,im guessing this uh is like rotten,tomatoes would be my guess,uh looking at this you get the feeling,that japan hasnt changed in the past 20,years,heres another one this is nothing more,than foreigners delusions of japans,underworld society and underground,underground culture,there is zero character depth,uh then theres a couple of reviews,liking it like this one says it felt,like an anime brought to life,recommended to those who like john,wicks style action,uh this one says this movie is how japan,is seen by foreign countries there are a,lot of movies set in tokyo made by,foreigners but i wonder if there arent,better places the story wasnt so,complicated and easy to understand it,was pretty interesting the action was,also cool,then youve got this one tokyo is the,setting and im glad there was on,location photography in tokyo,and then theres one more scathing,review right here before we end the,video,uh this was like blade runner meets,tokyo drift meets the professional its,a movie that goes along with the,developments and elements youve seen,before and they give it a two out of,five that actually sound kind of nice,and then you see they really didnt care,for it too much uh so,some uh more forgiving reviews down,there but for the most part it doesnt,seem like they care for it and given,that theyre trying to break into this,country,it looks like theyre going to have to,try a little bit harder,number one,the woke stuffs not going to fly over,there,they dont like that stuff,so itll be interesting to see if their,original programming will,be welcomed over there at all its,something to look at,uh but like i said you know woke white,twitter they dont like it either,and critics and audiences seem to agree,that the movie is so yet another,disaster,for netflix uh i would love to see,netflix just hit rock bottom so,uh you know that way they wouldnt have,a choice cuties would have to go away,because that platform would go away,itself i would imagine though that wont,completely happen because someone will,buy netflix,and take in their catalog,but at least uh bad decisions will lead,to uh,you know bad outcomes anyway thats,pretty much it let me know what you guys,think about all this in the comments,below also if you would please like,subscribe share the video make sure,youre still subscribed hit that,notification bell ill see you guys on,the next one,peace,also if you want to help support the,channel check out my teespring store,theres a link in the description you,can find some merchandise in there that,you might want to check out,also make sure to follow me over on,twitch,i do watch parties play video games over,there theyre always fun,follow me over there and come hang out,also make sure you subscribe to,yellowflash my other channel theres a,link to that in the description as well,i do a lot of live streams over there,that i dont do on this channel usually,smaller,and a little bit more personal so make,sure you follow me over there and,sign up

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