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  2. Nike KD 14 Performance Review From The Inside Out – 3 Most Important Design Decisions
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  7. Nike KD 14 Performance Review!

Nike KD 14 Performance Review

[Laughter],theyve been played in,[Music],hey whats good guys my name is chris,welcome back to the,officialwheretesters.com youtube channel,today we got the performance review on,these,bad boys right here and i cannot,emphasize bad boys,enough these are fantastic this is the,kd-14 lets get right into it the,traction on these guys is just amazing i,had,no issues indoors or outdoors and yes,im able to play them both now,isnt that awesome i cannot believe it,anyways these guys right here like i,said are fantastic indoors outdoors i,have zero complaints with them i just,think that this is awesome,they work very similarly to last years,model which is the,kd-13 those things were just uber grippy,the rubber feels the same the traction,is similar there are some,similarities between the two but this,one just feels,just good man i have no complaints like,its one of those things where,the attraction to me is the foundation,of a performance basketball sneaker so,if you dont have that aspect of the,shoe you cant even move on if youre,slipping around,on whatever court that youre playing on,it doesnt even matter how good the,cushion is it doesnt matter how good,the fit might be,because the traction not working means,that you cant play at your potential,best so,when you start at the foundation and it,rocks its great now much like the,traction the cushion,again fantastic i know that some people,are trying to downplay this setup right,here acting like its some sort of,takedown or,lesser version of last years model,simply because they took out the double,stack zoom unit and i got to say,those people are wrong man they probably,never even tried these things on these,are,crazy and im not trying to like be like,oh theyre crazy like its not like that,its not like a lebron or it might be,too much cushion for some people this is,the best,balance of everything there is still the,full length zoom strobel which is,pretty much just what you need if every,shoe had that from the nike jordan,lineup,i think that wed all be unhappy i dont,know why they havent been doing that,but whatever,and then if that wasnt enough okay,which for some people apparently its,not they want that second,zoom unit which is something that you,probably wouldnt be able to feel that,much because its usually housed within,the foam midsole,again that was removed and instead they,use kushland kushlan,is underrated ive been saying this ive,been on this platform for 12 years okay,yeah so its a long time yes im old,blah blah blah okay but kushlan has been,used in jordan brand products and,certain nike products for,about a decade now and every time they,have used it its always been great and,ive always been like why dont they use,this enough,i just feel like i always miss the use,of cush lawn and just now starting in,about 2020 weve been getting a lot of,kushland products,most notably in the pro tro line for the,kobe stuff which we probably wont be,able to see,anytime soon after this which is a,bummer,but the way that everything feels is,like a springy,marshmallow yes marshmallows can be,springy because i think that if it was,just,the cush lawn then i think that it would,be too much mush but because the zoom,air is in there it gives you a little,pop back,underneath your foot which is awesome so,you know the marshmallow rises,now the materials on these guys much,like the gt cuts,are nothing that i like i will say that,the gt cuts i like more,theyre just a little softer however the,upper on these guys is a little more,supportive so,i dont dislike it from a performance,standpoint i do prefer,leather suede nubucks things like that,yes for performance i know,outdated whatever im from the 90s we,were built ford tough but as far as,performance is concerned this stuff,works and it works exceptionally well,its fairly breathable on top of that,thankfully,because uh you know its a lot of,plastic and stuff you cant really see,it but it is,you can see kind of the orange little,hits thats where youre getting some,airflow and thats throughout the shoe a,little bit now as far as fit is,concerned thats going to be the weird,part for a lot of people a lot of people,like to go up half a size and kds i tend,to go true to size which is what ive,been doing the last few years,these guys i didnt even have that,option size 9 was mysteriously gone when,they launched,inconceivable it was the only size that,was gone inconceivable,which i think is really weird its,really fishy but i ended up with a nine,and a half i was a little concerned when,i first,took them out there because usually when,you try them on for casual use which is,what we do with our initial impression,we just put them on were like oh yeah,they fit true to size whatever so i was,like yeah they fit,fine for that but when i start moving,around and start running around,cutting jumping whatever is it going to,be a little bit too loose because i like,my shoes to be really,snug and these guys right here were,perfect it felt,like it was just made for me so im not,going to say for sure with 100 certainty,that you should go up half a size,but if you can try them on in store that,would be the best option especially if,youre a wide footer because if i can,get away with a half a size,up when i like my shoes to be,suffocating then thats pretty much a,good sign or indication that most people,might be cool,with a half a size up the lockdown i,thought was going to be compromised,again due to me not getting the size,that i typically like to wear,that was not the case because of the,upper its its all like a shell its a,fuse shell and everything like that its,very i dont want to say its stiff,because it breaks in well but its it,maintains its shape really well so,theres not a lot of stretch the lock,down in the heel was great i had no,issues whatsoever,all of this stuff is fantastic the strap,is the only thing where its just like,if,if we cant get these straps to stay,down they shouldnt be on the shoe they,just shouldnt and thats what this is,it looks cool i like the strap as far as,the visual aesthetic goes but as far as,performance if we cannot get it to stay,down,why is it on there id like to know now,the support is pretty much standard for,what you would expect in most nike,basketball products you do have a little,torsion plate right there,it does its job pretty well we also have,this little guy right there its very,similar to the torsion plate and that is,just kind of like a plate to make sure,that you stay on the footbed and that,does a really good job what im really,surprised with though is how wide these,guys are and you can see that when you,wear them like when you look down youre,just like damn its kind of puffy they,look like a marshmallow but they dont,feel like a marshmallow as far as like,maneuverability and things like that,like you feel like you are just,cradled in comfort nice stable outrigger,area,its awesome and like i was saying,earlier the heel lockdown is perfect the,strap is kind of useless you could cut,that thing off and the performance would,be the same,so overall like i was saying earlier in,the video these guys right here so far,are my favorite shoe to play in in 2021,i have not played in a ton of them,because basketball courts just started,opening back up as far as indoors are,concerned,outdoors i have played in plenty of,shoes its just that not all of them,ive loved these guys right here i,absolutely love no matter the setting,however we did this in the,gt cut performance review and were,gonna do it again were gonna ask our,discord community which if you would,like to join a link will be down below,in the description box but were gonna,go in there and were gonna fish around,for some questions,and see if they have anything that,theyd like me to elaborate on that i,might not have covered earlier in the,review,so with that being said what do we got,that boy john doe,wants to know can i drop 49 17 and 10 in,48 minutes in them,its highly possible weve seen it,happen the

Nike KD 14 Performance Review From The Inside Out – 3 Most Important Design Decisions

hey whats up zach here and these are,the three most important design elements,in the kd14 that are going to make or,break your buying decision,and the first and probably most,important design element has got to be,how the upper support systems interact,with the midsole now the kd-14 has a lot,of parts that work in concert with each,other but what makes the shoe function,the way it does in large part has to do,with the medial and lateral support,systems combined with that cushlon foam,and because cushlon is made with more,rubber elements it is pretty soft that,combined with the full length air zoom,strobel makes the shoe ridiculously,comfortable underfoot believes it prone,to buckling under you especially when,all your body weight is on one limb but,in the kd-14s case theres actually a,bridge here in the midsole that runs,from the rearfoot all the way to the,start of the forefoot which number one,distributes weight more evenly across,the shoe when pushing off or landing but,number two it discourages it from,rolling when going side to side which,makes it a nice choice for somebody,whos worried about ankle sprains and on,the other side of the shoe or medial,side going from the midsole to the,uppers is this dorsal retention strap,which stops your foot from compressing,the foam too much and therefore over,pronating too much in the shoe however,if you want this strap to work properly,you actually have to pull it forward a,little bit when youre pulling it down,because nike made this strap in the,shape of a scythe theres not as much,velcro where you really need it to make,the strap work properly so you do have,to kind of give it a little bit of,english when youre pulling it down and,in addition to this retention strap,because the uppers are thicker and more,maximalist combined with the zoom and,stabilizing elements wearing these is,like bowling with bumpers its just,really hard to get caught wrong footed,in these however you do have to watch,out for the durability in these uppers,because on the upper durability test the,dremel 10 seconds highest grit sandpaper,the dremel really bites right through,that multi-layer mesh even though it is,a lot of layers of it the dremel is,still biting right through it so if you,are a toe dragger or slider just watch,out on an outdoor surface now a great,example of all these elements working,together is in the jump height test,because the foam is softer they,shouldnt store as much energy however,because of the zoom and lateral bridge i,still got 29 centimeters of jump height,on average not nearly as efficient an,energy return as something as stiff as,the jordan 36 but with just how well all,these elements are engineered together,you get a lot of benefits out of this,shoe plus a still above average jump,height and that brings me to the second,most important design decision which is,the outsole tread and the differences in,grip between the kd-14s and other,basketball shoes because even though,these dont have the push-off force of a,shoe like the zoom freak 3 because the,outsole was made mostly of wider right,angles and linear patterns it grips and,melds into the court so much more,intimately than the regenerative pattern,or shallow quasi-herringbone patterns of,some other hoop shoes and if you look at,the suicide test 14.80 seconds even on a,more slick outdoor court it just shows,you that these shoes although not the,most aerodynamic and fast in a straight,line are wicked quick when cutting and,turning and on the outsole durability,test the dremel 10 seconds highest grit,sandpaper about two millimeters of,damage which is pretty standard among,basketball shoes weve seen this year,however the tread depth is just a little,bit deeper so these shoes are still,going to last a little bit longer just,because you got more tread between you,and the ground and the other great thing,about that increased tread depth as well,is that more width between the treads is,that these shoes will grip better on an,outdoor court which may have a little,more debris or dirt or leaves or dew on,it just because it can grip better,versus some other shoes with more,shallow tread depth where as soon as,theres a little bit of dew on the,ground dirt or debris youre going to be,hydroplaning like crazy and the third,most important design choice in the,kd-14s of course is their fit because,although the kd-14 is a lot more,comfortable than some other basketball,shoes and a little more supportive too,they actually do fit a little bit short,here in the forefoot because at least me,being somebody with a little bit of an,in-flared foot typically my toes dont,go as far in the toe box as some others,with a straight and even my toes were,right up to the toe box in these shoes,so if you are somebody with longer toes,and a wider foot i definitely would go,up a half size and the other pretty,interesting thing about the fit of the,kd14s is people that are worried about,midfoot or ankle spraining as well as,people worried about over pronating or,flat foot pain both can kind of find,something they like in these shoes and,just as a bonus tip on the kd-14s these,are probably one of the better shoes to,play on multiple surfaces or for,multiple sports because there are a lot,of people in the community that like to,use basketball shoes to play pickleball,or outdoor indoor tennis and the kd14 is,one of those shoes that really crosses,the sports really well so if you are,looking for one shoe for multiple sports,this is a great option but with all that,being said if youre somebody that puts,top priority on push-off force jump,height or straight line speed these,actually might not be the optimal shoe,for you the kd-14s are much better for,side to side speed grip when going side,to side stability when going side to,side or in a crowd its kind of like,formula one cars the kd14 is a more like,a car that gets speed around corners,versus some other shoes like the zoom,freak 3 which gets more speed in a,straight line but of course id love to,know your thoughts are you someone that,likes the features of the kd14 or are,you looking for a shoe more with,straight line speed little more bouncy,and stiff let me know in the comments,down below and remember the kd-14 is a,basketball shoe kind of on one end of,the spectrum there are basketball shoes,on the complete opposite end of the,spectrum more pure performance based,kind of like the jordan 36 so if you,want to see the complete tear down and,performance review of the jordan 36 make,sure you click into this video up above,and subscribe down below respect your,rubber and foam ill see in the next,video

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Nike KD 14 Performance Review! Best Shoe Out RIGHT NOW?!

yo what up guys im sammy and welcome,back to the soul brothers channel,and this is my performance review of the,nike kd14,so this is kevin durants 14th signature,shoe with nike and this shoe is going,for 150 bucks,so if you guys do want a cop ill leave,a link in the description box uh sadly,at the time of filming this video only,this colorway is available,and i think this colorway is pretty bad,its,actually kind of horrendous but you know,well have to see like should you cop so,anyways lets get to start off with,the traciones and it is freaking top,tier its incredible,its amazing whatever you guys want to,call it its really really freaking good,right,so i played on a lot of surfaces so i,played on outdoor court a couple of,times,and then i got a gym membership and i,played on a really really dirty court,super dusty and very dirty on the 24,hour fitness court which they dont,really clean,and then i i didnt really play on it,though i was just more like kind of,shooting around,even though i wasnt allowed to so take,that with a grain of salt but it was,biting on that really dirty floor which,is a good thing and then i was playing,on the new court like i found a new gym,uh the basketball court is open there,and its super clean they keep the cords,its extremely clean theres no dirt no,dust and it was biting insanely well on,that surface so i mean,yeah bite youre not gonna have any,issues whatever surface youre playing,on,uh it was amazing right and on dust i,really didnt have to wipe,you know but again take that with a,grain of salt because i didnt have like,full runs or anything,but from what i was seeing it was just a,really really good bite overall,maybe youd probably have to wipe every,once in a while,but um thats probably about it so,traction is topped here and like,if you look at the outsole pattern it,looks really weird its just,a variety of lines like curvy lines and,theyre super long,and it feels like it wouldnt be very,durable and its actually,um kind of durable right its not as bad,as i thought it would be,but you definitely shouldnt be like,maning this,ball shoe on outdoor court right uh like,especially here in the forefoot,and like where the ball of my foot is,with the highway area it is kind of,fraying off it is kind of ripping off,a little bit but again like i said i,didnt play outdoors that much i feel,like i played outdoors maybe like,three or four times so durability not,the best but like the occasional use you,should be okay,but like i said this traction is top,tier its its freaking amazing,all right moving on to the heel to toe,transition super smooth as well,you have a nice curve shape a very,rounded shape as well as an exposed,midsole,this midsole is cushioned so it,compresses a lot there it doesnt feel,clunky or anything at all here in the,heel in the forefoot it also feels very,nice you know you have a nice curved,shape,as well as a lot and a lot of forefoot,flex so when youre running on the court,it feels ultra smooth,feels very very fluid and the shoe,doesnt feel clunky at all,all right moving on to the the,cushioning setup its easily like my,favorite cushioning setup,uh right now yeah easily right so we,have a full-length kushland midsole,which is super nice you know it does,bottom out pretty quickly so just watch,out for that but for some for the most,part its still,quite soft here in the heel and then you,have a,full length zoom strobe unit right,underneath your foot,and thats super bouncy right so you get,a nice quick bounce,and then you have a nice soft midsole,which feels really really nice so when,youre playing and running and whatnot,you get that nice bounce from the zoom,struble but then when youre landing,hard you get,extra impact protection from this,kushland midsole it just feels,really really good i love it i dont,think its too much or anything you know,its just the right amount for me i feel,like like it doesnt feel laggy it feels,fast,i felt responsive in it core feel is,still pretty good and i just like how it,feels overall,i feel like if they made the cushion a,little bit thicker it would have been a,little too much,maybe a little too soft and i feel like,it would have been a little bit,laggy at that point but they thinned it,out and they just did a great job right,so impact protection,amazing bounce super bouncy court feel,very good court feel and just a really,nice and comfortable underfoot,cushioning as well you can feel the zoom,struggle when youre walking around,if you want to walk around and uh wear,this shoe casually you definitely can,super comfortable so i absolutely love,this cushioning setup,all of you guys have to try it all right,moving on to the materials,so we have like a its a little bit of a,screen mesh with some kind of like,cheap felt material overlays for like,this leopard print colorway,but overall its really really thin you,know so it feels great on foot,its soft it conforms to your foot it,feels minimal,and it stays really really thin,throughout this entire upper coming back,here into the ankle area we have a good,amount of padding so that feels good on,ankle and then for the tongue we have an,average amount of padding i would say as,well,the strap is kind of annoying though the,strap i mean its probably just for,design,purposes and i do like how it looks with,this nike swoosh on the side but,lacing up your shoe is annoying you know,it kind of just gets in the way i wish,they would have made it so that like,when you open up the strap it would just,stay like this and just not be in the,way but it just,it doesnt it goes like that so you kind,of have to like keep it out of the way,when youre tying your shoes,not a huge deal but its kind of,annoying and also another thing that i,hate about the strap,or i guess just this velcro is that this,is velcro this is the part that,messes up your laces so it sticks to,your laces and just ruins it,so i wish they would have switched you,know the velcro i wish this,velcro piece was on the actual strap and,then the softer,velcro was here so that the laces,wouldnt get stuck to it and get messed,up,uh of course that has nothing to do with,performance and its not,its not a huge deal but something to,note there it was just something that i,felt was kind of annoying but the,overall materials feel great,you know super minimal on foot i love,how it feels here in the forefoot,and here in the mid foot coming up here,into the tongue and ankle area you have,a little bit of padding which improves,the comfort,alright moving on to the fit the fit is,perfect for me i love how katies fit,so i went true to size and it fits,pretty much exactly the same as the kd13,so,very very very snug right so here in the,toe box i cant even curl my toes up,thats how snug this shoe fits so i mean,if youve tried the kd-13 and you know,what size you are in that,pretty much go the same exact size here,in the kd-14,so like i said true to size length im,good uh super snug here in the toe box,and width wise it is quite narrow so if,you have a wide foot,probably go up a full size but for me it,fits,like a glove i absolutely love it all,right moving on to the support and,lockdown,so uh this midfoot strap like as you,guys all know i dont really like straps,all too much that go just,one way but here in the mid foot if you,tighten the strap,like pretty tight you can feel the strap,tightening,and improving the lock down a little bit,here in the mid foot which i kind of,like,and also i love the design of the strap,going this way,onto the lateral side of the shoe,because some shoes like the kyrie 2,would go the opposite way right so if it,went the opposite way for example,like the kyrie 2 when i i guess run i,guess im a little clumsy or something,but when i run,it goes like this right and it hits the,strap and this strap,would come undone a good amount for me,when im playing in the kyrie 2. so,i guess thats a good thing that made,that they made it go to the lateral side,but i seriously think the shoe wou


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Nike KD 14 vs Nike KD 15! Whats Better?!

yo what up guys im sammy and welcome,back to the so brothers channel and this,is my versus video between the nike kd14,and the nike kd15 so both of these shoes,are amazing performers i absolutely love,the kd14 its actually one of my,favorite shoes to play in like of all,time thats how good it is thats how,much i like it right and the kd15 uh if,you guys do want to watch the,performance review uh itll be well i,try to leave it in the description box,but the kd15 also is amazing the tech is,very similar as well and the price is,exactly the same its going for 150,bucks but the kd-14 i saw some colorways,going for like 110 to maybe like 130,dollars right so it is on sale because,it is an older shoe but the kd 15 is not,out yet unfortunately its on nike.com,but it says coming soon uh so this volt,colorway i believe is coming out on the,30th and then theres another colorway,coming out on the 25th uh but if you,dont want to wait you guys can always,get it on like goat or stockx so if you,guys do want to cop either of these,shoes i try to leave in the link in the,description box lets get start off with,the track shiones right both of these,are top tier performers amazing stop on,a clean court youre not gonna have any,problems at all so yeah i mean youre,gonna stop on a dime it feels like,youre playing on glue all the good,stuff so there is the performance on the,clean court on the dusty court also,theyre both absolutely amazing kd14,very minimal dust pickup and also its a,very easy and very slight one you just,go boom and youre good to go right same,thing with the kd-15 a very minimal dust,pickup and also a very easy wipe right,and theyre both extremely different,patterns as you guys can see but the,rubber compound they use is really,really good so if youre playing on a,dusty court theyre both extremely good,but i would actually say the kd14 picks,up just a tiny bit less dust but thats,just me nitpicking of course i am doing,a comparison video and a versus video so,i do have to mention that but like i,said uh if youre playing on a dusty,court with the kd15 youre still to have,a very very good time just the kd14 is,just a tiny bit better right as far as,the durability goes i feel like the kd14,is just going to be a little bit better,for outdoor use uh if you actually feel,these lines the rubber is actually quite,hard,and i guess the grooves are a little bit,deeper as well i mean if you feel this,part its super soft right so that,definitely does suck but the lines the,rubber is a little bit harder the kd15,however this pattern is just,really really soft right its easily,moved with my fingers and this this,entire outsole as you guys can see,so uh as far as durability goes i feel,like its gonna be a little bit better,for the kd14 however i dont recommend,playing on outer court in either of,these shoes so as far as the overall,performance goes the kd14 is just a tiny,bit better but theyre both extremely,extremely good,[Music],so moving on to the heel-to-toe,transition so here in the kd-14 in the,heel we have a nice curved shape and a,fully exposed midsole as you guys can,see right so you have nice compression,its super soft here in the heel and,then we have a nice curved shape in the,forefoot and a lot of forefoot flex so,heel to toe transition super smooth same,thing here in the kd-15 but like i said,it is a versus video and its a,comparison and the kd-15 is just a tiny,bit,its not clunky right the kd-15,definitely is not clunky but,uh,its caged here in the back of the heel,so it doesnt allow the cushion to,compress as much in the heel so it feels,just a tiny bit stiffer,um like i said its not clunky or,anything its just i feel like i like,the kd14 just a little bit better,because it is smoother uh also uh,theres still like pretty good,compression here in the heel and then,here in the forefoot we have a nice,curve shape and a lot of forefoot flex,right so theyre both very very smooth,uh and when youre doing heel dominant,strides down the court youre gonna feel,really really good in both of the shoes,its just the kd-15 is a little bit like,stiffer in the heel because of the,caging right also we have,a midfield chain plate in both of the,shoes its just a different design but,they both have good torsional support,as far as the cushioning setup goes so,the kd 15 we were bamboozled right as,far as the leaks go they said it was,going to be react and i was super,excited because i love react and its,not react um its actually kushlan uh so,shout out to the soul squad for telling,me,so its weird right so when i check,nikes site on the volt colorway,the tech specs it just says foam like,soft foam but then,on the other color its like a navy,color in that colorway for the tech,specs it says its cushion which is,weird i dont know why they would do,that so i like i apologize for that but,anyways im just gonna tell you how it,feels it still feels a little bit,stiffer than the kd-14 right and the,overall like foam feels a little bit,stiffer and theres not as much,compression in the heel,and also because of this cage right so,because of that it feels a little bit,more responsive than the kg14 however in,my personal opinion i absolutely loved,how the compression felt in the heel,because i like a softer film in in the,heel right so for me i like the kd-14,just a little bit better in the heel but,i do know some people that thought the,kd-14 was a little too soft and a little,too mushy,and if you felt that in the kd-14 the,kd15 definitely does a good job and,makes it a little bit more stiff and a,little bit more responsive theres still,nice compression though and still feels,soft but its just not as soft as the,kd14 so just keep that in mind,everything else about the cushioning,setup is very very similar right so both,of these shoes are using full length,zoom strobing units which is really,bouncy theres a lot of compression,right underneath your foot the insole is,also exactly the same theyre using like,a styrofoam,like insole which i dont think is great,i wish they would use like a foam insole,like an ortholite,by the way insole is the same uh cord,fuel theyre both exactly the same as,well they both have good cord fuel i,mean its not terrible and its not,amazing right so something amazing as,far as court feel goes would be like the,hard in volume six or,um like the pg-6 right these are a,little bit higher up off the ground,because of the zoom struggle units but,i mean you still have good cord feel so,i have no issues with that impact,protection also is amazing especially on,heel strikes i really had no issues with,that my feet really never hurt at all on,hard impacts right but of course,inherently for me playing in full length,zoom strobing is my feet do hurt,if i play in it for a prolonged time,right so after like a couple games like,two three four games im good to go im,fine but if i play for a couple of hours,uh my feet really do start to hurt as,opposed to like you know if im playing,like the hard ends or the pg6 and thats,just how zoom struggle is for me,personally uh its happened all the way,since like the kd-12 you know and i feel,like a lot of you guys have said the,same thing when you play in zoom,struggle units like the full length one,uh your feet start to hurt a little bit,as well so do keep that in mind but its,a very similar cushioning setup its,just a little bit more responsive here,in the kd 15. all right moving on to the,materials they both feel extremely,similar as well on foot right so here in,the toe box theyre both extremely soft,right uh like it moves very easily,with the movement of your foot i would,actually say the kd 15 is a little bit,softer,uh the kde 14 feels a little bit more,supportive but theyre both,the same thickness and as far as the,quality goes i definitely like the kd 15,better you know the kd14 had this like,really cheap feeling overlay over this,like screen mesh which i dont think,felt like good for quality uh the mesh,material here in the k

Nike KD 14 Performance Review!

[Music],so,uh,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],these women excite me,[Music],yo whats going on everybody its your,boy nelly now from hope and live we have,a big time sneaker review for yall,today man,we have the nike kd14s this,right here is a pretty crazy and [ __ ],looking shoe i dont know yall can view,that,as a good way or a bad way but to me,i think theyre pretty sick initially,when i first saw images of these i,wasnt really feeling them,but until i finally got them in hand and,also,seeing them on foot these actually look,pretty tight,people at the gym be complimenting on,how sick these are when i be hooping in,them,first thing you guys might notice is the,midfoot strap at first glance when i saw,the strap it quickly reminded me of the,strap of the kd force,and when i found out that the design of,the strap,is actually a subtle nod to the kd4s,along with inspirations of the design of,the grim,reaper scythe of the nike check right,here,you know the swoosh looks like a you,know grim reaper,sight because you guys know katies,nickname is actually the slim reaper,where hell be striking and slicing,through all his opponents on the court,the kd-14 was designed to help a,versatile and relentless player like,katie dominate on the court,and these actually did help me,dominate on the court not saying im kd,but i did drop some buckets hooping in,the kd-14s,heres a sneak peek on a video coming up,soon,some of the things that i did in the,kd-14s,[Music],wow,no way yall better make sure to stay,tuned for that video,cause its gonna be crazy also on the,medial side of the strap theres a cage,that is inspired,by the air presto on this colorway it,seems to have a tiger print on top of a,visible bottom layer of the upper,other colorways seem to have different,graphics and designs that will invoke,art,music and more in the future and the,images of those future colorways look,pretty dope too,following up with the kd13s which was a,pretty good performance hoop shoot,lets see if the kd-14s will be better,or worse,lets find out as always were going to,start off with the traction the kd-14,has grooves and ridges in the sole to,help provide multi-directional traction,and court feel,the traction wasnt very good in the,beginning during the breaking period,it was very very bad on the court that i,was on,i would say at that time the court was,like mildly dusty,but your boy was slipping but after,breaking them in for a few days and,playing on multiple different surfaces,the traction actually you know develops,to be really really well,it grips pretty hard the grooves are,pretty deep but they are a bit soft be,careful on using these outdoors as they,dont hold up that well there are,certain areas on the outsole that share,the same oval patterns as the kd-13s,and ive got to say the traction pattern,on the kd-14 works pretty well,moving on to the materials the kd-14 has,a multi-layer mesh in the upper that is,lightweight and dimensional with a,broken in feel,theres added thickness and strategic,areas that help keep your foot in place,by reducing small movements,it also has a soft tongue and cushiony,collar to enhance all-around comfort,the materials on the kd14s feel a lot,better than the kd13s in my opinion,although they are a little bit more,bulky and heavier,as far as feel and comfort when it comes,to performance they do feel better,besides the fact that the upper do feel,like a velvety felt,the materials on these i would say do,not make the shoe very breathable,but i would say the materials do feel,very flexible as for support and,lockdown it has a hook and loop strap,that wraps over the top of the laces for,support and a secure fit,there is also a stiff piece on the outer,edge that provides midfoot stability,support is great on this shoe with the,combination of the strap,you know the two midfoot pieces on the,side but my favorite part of the shoe,when it comes to the support is how wide,the base of the outsole is,uh you know it gives me a lot of great,stability you know having,also very flat and a wide base you know,it gives you a lot of support when it,comes to stability,these components play a huge factor when,it comes to great support for the shoe,lockdown was solid with the help of the,easy lacing system and the midfoot strap,i didnt really have any issues there,overall the support and lockdown is good,on these the shoe does not feel,wobbly at all where you wont have to,worry about tipping over in these,for cushion the kd14 has a full length,air zoom stroble unit that is stitched,directly to the upper giving you,ultimate responsiveness,it also has a cushion foam that adds a,soft comfortable sensation,the cushion feels great on the kd-14 it,feels low to the ground where youre,getting good core fit while also having,enough spring to give you some of that,energy back,the cushion is stitched directly under,the upper so you definitely feel it,right there on your foot,and need i say that they are responsive,while having good impact protection the,kush line is extremely soft,where your foot sinks directly onto the,air stroble unit which feels,very very good last but not least heel,to toe transitioning also feels very,good in these,as far as comfort and size fit goes the,kd14s run true to size they might feel a,little bit snug right out of,the box but after a few wears and,breaking them in they fit perfect,comfort wise they feel pretty good its,nicely wrapped around your foot,and did i already mention how great the,cushioning feels,you already heard me say in the last you,know segment but the cushion on these,feel really good,the inside of the upper feels really,nice overall comfort,pretty solid as far as price goes the,nike kd14 retails for 150,same price as last years models no,increase no decrease,i would say youre getting a pretty good,you know performance hoop shoe,with the amount of tech that the kd14,has 150 dollars,pretty solid man kd arguably,arguably our arguable argue,arguably sorry guys man early in the,morning,your boy hasnt slept yet still grinding,out these videos for you guys man,anyways as i was saying kd arguably,top two player in the league right now,top two yall can say whoever you guys,want for the other one,but im gonna say hes top two so as a,top two player in the nba 150,for his signature shoe and with the,amount of tech that youre getting,i would say solid man solid,and for my overall rating im gonna give,the nike kd14s a score of,4.5 out of five yes that is a pretty,high score,um but the shoe really backs it up when,it comes to you know,tech and how well it performs on the,court the only con,is that the shoe does take time to break,in as far as the traction goes,and the fit but overall i would say you,know every aspect of the shoe does,really well,it does its job as far as you know,performing for you,on the court i do believe that the kd14s,is slightly better than the kd13s last,year,i think materials are enhanced are a,little better,although they dont feel the greatest on,the outside,as youre touching it you know you might,think its some like cheap velvet felt,thing,but as far as everything else goes,attraction is pretty good after breaking,them in,in the beginning you might have some,issues in terms of slippage materials on,the inside like i said it feels really,good,uh support and lockdown are solid youre,good on that,cushion is just amazing they feel great,you got low to the ground you know core,feel while also getting super,great responsiveness and impact,protection uh,and overall just feels really really,good as far as you know comfort of the,shoe,the only thing that i do dislike about,the shoe is how bulky it is,uh where if you were to compare it to,you know last years model the kd13s or,you know just other,you know hoop shoes that are more like,you know slim and,you know not as bulky where theyre more,sleek because the bulkiness,kind of limits your movements as far as,you know being,able to move with a nice flow its not,saying that youre not able to

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